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The Hebrew letter VAV meaning nail is applied to Taurus in the Kabbalah.


Vav means peg or nail.

CRATER (The Cup). The two--Al Ches (a), which means the Cup, and (b)--determine the bottom of the Cup.

Taurus provides the nail in the foot of the Messiah. The brass (now said to mean bronze)represents the nail Coming from the word Nephish meaning the serpent hissing. Star: El Nath in the Foot of Auruga Elnath is a star in Auruga and also in Taurus meaning slain.


3 And this is the offering which ye shall take of them; gold, and silver, and brass,


Hence above in this mannerthe man who volunteers the heart, the center broken in the midst gift offering. To receive the gold colored sky silver price (redemption) and brass( the serpent hiss) win. The sacrifice in connection to receive of the gold colored sky, the silver price of the bonze fetter. The coin

3. Auruga/ Silver money price for redemption, Auruga represents the second pasrt of the soul…the nefshemah.This is the animal self. Auruga is joined with the Ox.. When an Ox gores a man ,thirty pieces of silver is paid. When Zechariah said “weigh me my price…thiry pieces of silver” He was doubtless speaking of this picture of the Messiah Taurus/Nail of Hissing serpent

Y;shua had a nail in his foot like the ”Good Sheppherd” in heaven. Whenan ox gores a man 30 pieces of silver is paid.

Exodus Exposition - by Karin Anderson  
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