Aspiritech 2021 Annual Report

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2021 Annual Report

Our Vision Working together for a world that embraces neurodiversity by valuing talents, supporting challenges, and welcoming differences.

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Letter from the Founders Letters from Leadership Stepping Up & Out AREA Support Services A Home of Our Own ACE FUND General Update Financial Update Capital Campaign Donors Annual & MIND Donors Board of Directors Staff List

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A Letter From the Founders

Dear Friends,

April 2022 marked our retirement from Aspiritech, the company we poured our heart and soul into for nearly 15 years. It’s surreal to look back on this journey. We have achieved incredible milestones, worked with phenomenal staff, weathered unexpected challenges, and served as a pioneer for the neurodiversity-at-work movement. Thank you for supporting us along the way! We founded Aspiritech in 2008 with the goal of creating long-term employment for adults like our son, Oran, a college graduate who struggled to find work commensurate with his abilities. The term “neurodiverse” wasn’t in use then, there were few resources for autistic adults, and companies had little awareness or interest in learning about the strengths and abilities of autistic individuals. Plus, the country was in an economic recession. But we never stopped believing in our dream. Our endeavor drew inspiration from a Danish company that employed autistic adults in software QA testing. In the beginning, securing client business was challenging. Potential clients didn’t understand autism or our work model, and they wanted proof of concept before committing. Over time, however, Aspiritech’s work spoke for itself. Aspiritech’s staff have always been the key to our success. What sets us apart from all other STEM companies in the world is the fact that 95% of our QA Team Leads and Managers are people on the spectrum. The QA Managers are part of decision-making, and their input often reveals new perspectives. Many of our staff struggle with social interaction and sensory issues, but at Aspiritech they’ve found a place that embraces and celebrates exactly who they are. Today, Aspiritech works with dozens of clients on nearly 50 projects at a time. We’ve served (and will continue to serve) as a role model and leader for what’s possible. Aspiritech was one of the founding members of Neurowrx, a global alliance of companies collaborating to build employment opportunities for autistic individuals, and we are members of the Neurodiversity at Work Employer Roundtable alongside companies like Microsoft and SAP.


This past year brought exciting changes. In October, with the momentous help of a grant from the Coleman Foundation and other generous donors, we purchased a new building in Evanston, Illinois. Owning our own headquarters building was a longtime dream and is a wise investment in our future as it reduces our fixed-rent costs, allowing us to invest more of our earnings directly into Aspiritech’s people and programs. Also in 2021, we developed the pilot program of AREA (Aspiritech Remote Employment Academy). Through AREA, we can enhance our impact even further. Our eLearning modules create opportunities for autistic individuals around the globe to experience our vocational training program and opens the doors for remote employees beyond the Chicago area. Our neurodivergent team is truly the heart of everything Aspiritech does. Our gratitude to each of you is boundless. From you, we have learned so much. Your tenacity, commitment, and passion made (and will continue to make) Aspiritech flourish. We also look to our outstanding donors—foundations, individuals, community members—without whom none of this would have been possible. You have literally helped us keep the lights on, gave us the financial freedom to dream bigger, and encouraged us by believing in the worthiness of our mission. And we cannot forget the Board of Directors! The Board’s tireless focus, dedication, and expertise kept the wheels turning. We are so grateful for their countless hours of service and support. Aspiritech’s work is far from done. We’re excited to see the company grow and develop with Tara at the helm! Thanks to Tara, our stellar team, and a strong network of supporters, we can retire with great confidence in what the future holds. Thank you for being part of our journey. With gratitude,

Brenda Weitzberg Former Executive Director

Moshe Weitzberg Former Chief Executive Officer .


Letters from Leadership

Dear Friends,

When I reflect upon the past year for Aspiritech, one word above all others comes to mind — gratitude. I am grateful to Aspiritech’s co-founders, Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg, for having the vision and tenacity to create Aspiritech, a unique and amazing organization that offers meaningful employment and hope for the neurodiverse. I am grateful to Tara May, our new CEO, for taking on the leadership role that will bring Aspiritech into 2023 and beyond. I am grateful to our dedicated Board of Directors, who work tirelessly and with incredible passion to steer the organization forward in its mission. I am grateful to the Aspiritech team, who have evolved to be able to thrive in a hybrid format, grown and innovated even during difficult times and supported each other through it all. And most of all, I am filled with gratitude to the foundations, donors and partners who help Aspiritech fulfill its mission and reach its potential year after year. It is such a giant leap forward for Aspiritech as an organization to have “A Home of Our Own” in Evanston, made possible by the Coleman Foundation and countless others. This year also brings the launch of the Aspiritech Remote Employment and Training Academy, funded through the generosity of the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation. This entirely virtual program will allow us to train neurodivergent adults from across the country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to expand our reach and impact beyond Chicagoland. I feel so lucky to act as chair for such an incredible organization and to be working toward a better world that embraces neurodiversity in every possible way. I can’t wait to see all that is ahead for Aspiritech. Warm Regards,

Ester Stein Chair, Board of Directors


Letters from Leadership To the Aspiritech Community,

A few months ago I was taking part in an executive coaching exercise where I was asked to describe my dream job. If I had all the resources in the world, what would I do with my talent? I thought for a moment and began to describe a role where I could be CEO — because I love leadership — of an organization committed to embracing neurodiversity. A few weeks later I was connected with Aspiritech and today, here I am. It was as if I manifested my own personal dream into existence. But what I have come to understand is that truly is what Aspiritech is — the dream of so many people manifested into reality by the hard work and support of a truly aweinspiring community of so many donors and foundation partners, dedicated cofounders, a hard-working Board of Directors, and, of course, an incredible team. As part of joining Aspiritech I embarked on a listening tour to spend time with each and every single team member. Those conversations were enlightening, enjoyable, and inspiring. Many people shared stories with me about what Aspiritech means to them — a place where they can be themselves, find community, and purpose in their careers. It is that spirit I hope to carry with Aspiritech going forward. Our path forward is truly intertwined with the story of how we came to be — an organization that embraces the breadth of the human experience. The new office in Evanston thanks to the Coleman Foundation and so many others has given us a home of our own for many years to come. The Aspiritech Remote Employment and Training Academy is going to position us to onboard and employ new team members well into the future. The story of Aspiritech from inception through 2021 is what is setting us up for success going forward. The future is bright! I can’t wait to get to know all of you better and to create our path forward — together. Warmly,

Tara N. May CEO


Stepping Up and Out

The Stepping Up & Out program, which was launched in 2012 and continues to be made possible thanks to the generous support of the Grandy Foundation, brings together autistic adults from Aspiritech and the larger community. Through workshops, team building, and fun activities, SUO helps reduce isolation and enhance social experiences.

Alex Dudasik joined Aspiritech as a Software Tester (now called QA Analyst) in 2014. Today, he serves as Aspiritech’s Happiness Coordinator and as SUO Coordinator, helping to plan events and activities for neurodivergent employees and community members.


Alex has done a fantastic job pivoting the program to a hybrid model, making sure team members have a chance to gather both virtually and in person as it has become safe. Every week he facilitates a digital community with video gatherings, book clubs, Pokemon clubs, chat conversations, and much more. He has planned summer outings to the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour, Brookfield Zoo, minigolfing, and other fun events. He also plans Aspiritech’s annual summer picnic and holiday party!


Aspiritech’s Remote Employment and Training Academy is a brand-new innovative program at Aspiritech that allows new and existing employees to participate in all-digital immersive learning experiences. New team members can attend our two-week onboarding academy as preparation for becoming part of the Aspiritech team or before embarking on careers in quality assurance anywhere. AREA allowed Aspiritech to hire its very first team member on the West Coast! Existing team members can take classes to learn new skills and develop their talents in other program lines or projects. Soft skill training courses are also available to new and existing team members as well as neurodivergent members of the larger community. The AREA program is also developing its first-ever remote internship program. AREA also includes the implementation of a digital Learning Management System, which allows users to take courses online and for us to host a suite of trainings, including technical courses and more. The AREA program is made possible through a generous grant from MEAF, the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.


Support Services An important aspect of Aspiritech’s mission is our support services. Social outings, clubs, leadership training, job coaching, and an emergency fund help our employees (and in some cases, neurodivergent members of the general public) thrive. Our support staff team includes professionals with backgrounds in social work, clinical counseling, behavior therapy, community outreach, and technical support. In 2021, the support staff has assisted the Aspiritech team while working in a hybrid capacity with both team members on-site in our office locations as well as through remote interactions with our team members still working from home. They have provided virtual online meetings, support groups, and social activities for team members feeling heightened anxiety in stressful times. More than 50% of the costs of funding our support services, including technical coaches and the emergency grant ACE FUND, comes from our generous philanthropic partners. The following foundations have supported our wraparound services over the years: Barnsley Fund, Modestus Bauer Foundation, Alvin H. Baum Family Fund, Helen Brach Foundation, Fred. J. Brunner Foundation, Debicki Foundation, Finnegan Family Foundation, Julian Grace Foundation, Grandy Foundation, Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation, Health Care Foundation of Highland Park, Takiff Family Foundation, and Sweeney Family Foundation. We are also deeply grateful to the many other donors who have contributed to the success of our support services. Thank you!


Support Outreach Our support team provides a variety of important services for the team, including: Develop and implement accommodations for staff Have regular check-in meetings with team members Guided meditation groups Lunch sessions on focused topics, such as work-life balance Create a mental health library and resources Craft employee incentives and morale boosters, such as our gift card program for shout-outs Technical job coaching for staff Diversity and inclusion efforts Identity-focused groups, such as a women’s empowerment group, a group for team members 40+ years old, and a group for LGBTQIA+ team members


A Home of Our Own

One of the most exciting changes in 2021 was the purchase of our new corporate headquarters in Evanston. Thanks to our generous capital campaign donors, we now truly have “A Home of Our Own” that is specifically designed to meet the needs of our neurodivergent staff. As we continue to grow, our new building allows us to hire even more autistic adults, broaden our client base, expand our social services, and connect with a wider community of neurodivergent adults, organizations and partner companies.


We received a generous lead gift from The Coleman Foundation, which helped us turn our dream into a reality. We are proud to call The Coleman Foundation our partner as we planned and executed our capital campaign goals. Their longtime support has been foundational to our success. The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, the Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation, and so many others were integral in making this beautiful new building a part of Aspiritech’s future. You can help us continue to reach our Capital Campaign goals! We are looking to add sound clouds, private quiet focus rooms, and other features to help our autistic staff be most comfortable in their new office. To learn more or to make a gift, please contact Tara May, CEO, at or (517) 862-2893.


"I finally have a real reliable position where I can grow a career and establish a real life for myself. Aspiritech is an opportunity to raise members of our community out of an all-too-common struggle of underemployment and poverty and all the struggles that go along with it. Treating our employees with compassion and fostering our inherent talents, Aspiritech has shown a decent standard of living is attainable for neurodiverse individuals." -Joe Goodman, QA Analyst


ACE FUND ASSIST, CHANGE & EMPOWER The ACE FUND is an emergency fund for staff in need. ACE FUND grants are often pivotal to a recipient’s ability to maintain meaningful and gainful employment at Aspiritech, and thereby lead a healthy, independent life. All grant applications are reviewed anonymously by an independent committee. In 2021, the ACE FUND distributed $22,212 in emergency grants. This resource was a lifeline for many employees facing unexpected hardships, including medical bills, legal fees for life transitions, and assistance with auto repairs. Since its inception the ACE fund has distributed 62 grants totaling more than $90,000 to Aspiritech’s team members. Funded by the generous contributions of community members and foundation partners, the goal of the ACE FUND is to assist, change, and empower staff. ASSIST with transportation, housing or short-term unexpected medical, family, and other emergency expenses CHANGE the quality of life by funding programs or services incorporating fitness, health and wellness, and independent living EMPOWER through funding continuing education opportunities, advocacy programs, and navigation of resources and benefits To learn more about the ACE FUND or to make a contribution to help our team members most in need, please contact Tara May, CEO, at or (517) 862-2893.


General Update Fallout from an ongoing pandemic made 2021 a difficult year, but it was one where Aspiritech showed its tremendous resilience, the community came together to show its support, and we adapted. We thrived in a new, hybrid world. We established our new home in Evanston. We kicked off and completed our search for a new leader. And most of all, we poised ourselves for a future filled with opportunities and innovation.

STAFF UPDATES Aspiritech employs more than 120 team members, with 95% of our operations team being on the autism spectrum Approximately 53% of our staff work full-time. Nearly all of our project leads are on the autism spectrum and most developed their career path at Aspiritech Five out of our six program managers are on the autism spectrum At least 25% of our team are now certified as Section 508 Trusted Testers for accessibility compliance through DHS’s Office of Accessible Systems and Technology, or OAST


2021 Financial Report Revenue


*The organization is in the process of its annual audit; no significant changes are anticipated. **Capital revenue and expenditures are not included here.


Capital Campaign Donors The Coleman Foundation Rachelle Jervis in loving memory of The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Constance Jervis Mar-Yohana Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation Doppelt Family Gifting Fund Anonymous, The Collins and Doerrer Families In honor of Aspiritech's amazing team Ethan Kahn in honor of Anonymous Brad Cohen for his dedication The Phyllis and Perry Schwartz Foundation In Honor of Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg, Jim and Joanne Steinback Laurence and Deborah Segil Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg Bruce Deichl Michele and Don Cronin In honor of my dear daughter, Brad and Jakee Cohen Lauren Birnhak - Rita Morrin In honor of Gail Henjum and her colleagues Joyce and Jonathan Sapir Ron and Meridith Kaminski Carolyn and Ray Burton Robert and Linda Lawrence Barbara and Peter Sereda David and Karen Rappaport Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Lisa Foreman Veronica Scotto Ron Brix The Martin Geller and Lauren Schor Geller Carolyn and John Borta Anonymous Michael and Nina Blechman In loving memory of Sara and Phil Markman The Lehmann Family In honor of the Monogram Group team Dr. Robert and Linda Braun Bernadette & Vivek Chopra Mary and Clark McCain The Klaus family Michael O'Shields, in honor of Kyle Alan & Andi Berkowitz Bill and Susan Abrams Beverly and Myron Shapiro Jennifer Amdur Spitz Debicki Foundation Joann Dinneen CME Group Foundation Arieh Konigl, PhD Steven and Elise Henkels Hiral Chandrana Mike, Lauren, Lily, and Charlotte Trumpy Alexander Knapp Michael Duff and Chantal Forster Pamela Sanabria Winston Tsao Jane Bouzek Brad Cohen Susan Goldman The Stein - Belrose Family Suzanne Greenwald The Beres & Haring Family Shari Reiches The Eisenberg Family Dr. John and Jean Beckerman Rachel Loftin, in honor of Theresa Thacker Ruth Sang Benjamin Prozinski Shayna Foley Ping He and Yun Zhang Paul Guggenheim In celebration of Constance Mar-Yohana, Gail Lovinger her loving father, Marc Stuart Sadick Joan Costello Mary Jane Bunzol Julien Fradier Roberta Thomas


Thank You to Our 2021 Donors $250,000 Anonymous $85,000-$100,000 The Grandy Foundation Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation $20,000-$25,000 Fidelity Charitable Fund Fred. J. Brunner Foundation Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park Julian Grace Foundation


Commit to a monthly donation — of any size! — to become a member of our Monthly Impact Neurodiversity Society. Get started today by visiting 17

$10,000-$15,000 Anonymous Helen Brach Foundation The Coleman Foundation Modestus Bauer Foundation

William McIntosh, in honor of Condre Koepfgen and her parents, Bruce and Kristin Joanne and Jim Steinbeck

$5,000-$9,999 George Collias Dan and Connie Mayo Finnegan Family Foundation Sweeney Family Foundation Christopher and Cynthia Galvin *Drs. Hong Zhang & Xian-He Sun Christopher L. and M. Susan Gust Foundation

$1,000-$4,999 AbbVie Employment Engagement Steven and Elise Henkels Barnett Foundation Lindy Hudson Gray Benoist JP Morgan Chase *Mrs. Sharon and Dr. Robert Bielski Microsoft Corporation *Linda Bowers The Roslyn and Joseph Perlman Jim Budish Foundation, in honor of Moshe/Brenda Carolyn and Ray Burton *Maria Race, in honor of Weitzberg Emily B. and Robert Carroll, family in honor of Beverly and Myron Shapiro *David and Karen Rappaport Rachelle Jervis Chopra Patricia Sayre, in memory of Anna and Julia and Roman Eisenberg Ferdinand Golenko Matthew Epstein Trust *Drs. Deborah and Laurence Segil Nora Epstein Trust Charitable Fund Trillium Foundation *Julie and Brian Finerty Walter S. Mander Foundation Jill and Brad Gordon Family Foundation, James and Minerva Weiss Foundation in honor of Alan Berkowitz *Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg *Linda Murakishi Whitted 18

*indicates the donor is part of our Monthly Impact Neurodiversity Donor Society, MINDS

$500-$999 Abbott James and Annette Ledder, in honor of Action Electric Sales Matthew Ledder Aon Foundation *Michael Lippitz and Susan Wagner *Reva Auerbach Michael and Karyn Lutz Family Foundation Aven Charitable Fund Rae Jean and Wolfgang McKeown John Borta Rita Anne Morrin Linda and Robert Braun Veronica Norton Agnes and James Byrne Alap Patel Barbara and David Campbell Clint Pross and Amy Ecker Linda and Bob Cutler Sashi Reddi *Teri and Dennis Dudasik Shari and Stephen Reiches, in memory of Yuji and Rika Fukunaga Diane Marie Strey Gartner Chicago Laurie Richter, in honor of Brenda’s Grainger unwavering commitment Ida Kersz, in honor of Daniel Belrose Ridgewood High School District 234 Carol Keith Michelle and Larry Rivkin Condre Koepfgen Donna and Richard Rumple Beverly and Myron Shapiro Donald and Carmella Tozzo Twilio

$250-$499 Allstate Giving Campaign Ben Bielski Alan Berkowitz and Andrea Mann, in memory of Beverly Blechman Barbara and David Campbell Jay and Alicia Farrell Kurt A. and Marguerite Feichtmeir Victor and Annette Feldman *James and Kelly Hart Brenda Jansen, in honor of Daniel and Jonathan Belrose Bob and MaryBeth Jirgal

Premchand Kurup Judy and David Miller, in honor of Brad and Jakee Cohen *Michael O’Shields *Elaine Schafer Mitchell and Barbara Serota Glenn and Susan Snyder Barbara Sweeney US Cellular Benjamin and Nicole Wineman Michael and Jessica Young




James Almas Becky Back Steffi Becker *Jean and Dr. John H. Beckerman, in honor of Andrew Beckerman The Belrose Family, in honor of Daniel Belrose’s birthday Leon and Marcia Bernstein Ravi Bhagavan Anurag Bhatia Lauren Birnhak Bindy Bitterman Barbara and Ronald Blumenthal, in honor of Beverly Shapiro Jane Bouzek Mary Beth and Tom Brown Sue and Nick Bridge Lynda Canel Hiral Chandrana Sunil and Maria Chopra Vivek and Bernadette Chopra Richard Clark and Laura Whiting Clark Steven and Laura Cooley Leslie Davis Betty Dayron Ashank D. Desai *Joann Dinneen Dr. Ira and Mrs. Amy Dolnick Alex Dudasik Michael Duff and Chantal Forster Marilyn Educate Janet Freed *Steven Froehlich Harvey and Bonny Gaffen, in honor of Brenda and Moshe Jeremy and Irene Gibson Thomas and Carol Gilbert Gail and Donald Goldstein Amy Greenebaum Louis and Suzanne Greenwald Vipin Gudwani Vikram Gulati Vikas Gurugunti Jim and Kelly Hickey Paula Huffman *Vicki Jenkins Vijay Babu Kalangi Stephen and Gerry Keen Dale Kehr Ingrida Kern Vered and Israel Klinghofer Alexander Knapp Bessie Kodros Lyndsey Kokoris Arieh Konigl, PhD

Edward Koznarek Samir Kumar Andrea Landsman Barbara Levine Toby and Moshe Liebowitz Rhita Lippitz, in honor of Robin Kacyn for her dedication Marcel Lisi Barbette and Arthur Loevy Rinna and Eric Maletsky Kevin McCarthy Ronald and Patricia Miller Rob Mulsoff, in honor of Jay Farrell David Nehmadi Carolyn Nelson Network for Good Rodney and Joy Onusaitis Linda Parker, in honor of Rhys Farrell James Pellegrino and Susan Goldman Jennifer Phillips Donna Piegore, in honor of Patrick and Colin Piegore Jan Pilarski and Jay Tidmarsh Ted and Joan Podeszwa *Deborah Quinn Prakash Rane Arun Reddy Larry and Sheila Rothman, in honor of Brenda & Moshe Weitzberg and their amazing work Pamela Sanabria Cynthia Seifert Barbara and Peter Sereda, in honor of Brad Cohen and his dedication Rahul Shah Mickie Lee Shapiro Val and Raymond Sherer, in honor of Condre Koepfgen Julie Solomon Yana and Gene Sosonkin Ester Stein and Bruce Belrose Takiff Family Foundation Julie and Michael Tracy, in honor of Brenda and her incredible vision Timothy Trela Nancy and Mitch Trudell Akhil Verma Dr. Gene and Mrs. Sharyn Weiss Keren Weitzberg, PhD Melissa Wish Donald Zabelin and Barbara Sered-Zabelin Dr. Moshe and Yonatan Zamir Alan Zelinger

Under $100

Heidi Howard Anonymous Leslie Corn John Hughes Mel and Donna Alexander, Lisa Courts Lilly Jean in honor of Rick Alexander Sophie Degener Susan Jensen Debi Ardern Cheryll Ennest Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Sheryl Kalvin Michelle Bank Mitchell Esposito Alyssa and Jeremy Knobel, London Baran Kathy Feingold in honor of Brad Cohen and his Gilbert Barrios Shayna Bailey Foley dedication Richard Basofin and Joan Zahnle Gloria Forkosh Nancy Koenig Davis Celia Berdes Pai Ganesh Peter Koenig Julie Blackman Carey Garrison Lauren Krieg Lauren Blackman-Gould Janice Gilligan Harriette Kurtz Susan Blackman Richard and Bonny Goldin, Michelle Lee Ron Brix in honor of Dana Harland’s birthday Christian LesStrang Kathy Brusic Smith Richard and Bonny Goldin, Katie Levin Maryjane Bunzol in memory of Marcia Fillerman Gregory Long Suzan Caspell Teresa Goubeaud Gail Lovinger Amy Chaness Paul Guggenheim Bob Luedtke Joan Chase Sanjay Gupta Celeste Malinoski *Daniel Contreras Holly Hoffman Emily Marlow and Rob Brooks, Mindy Cooling Ellen Holtzblatt in memory of Constance Mar-Yohana Margaret McDonald Stuart Schwartz Christine Mink David Seitelman Caroline Morrell Bob Slager Stacey Neleson Rita Slager Cristine Noll, in memory of Doug S. Brown So Za Hillary Norton Ronnie Sokol Mary E. O’Shields Dana Spies Nathan Pease Brandon Stuart Matisyahu Pierce Teri Steinberg Deborah Ptak Cathy Strey Leah Rappaport Amy Sunshine Rachel Rappaport Roberta Thomas James Raynon Sam Veith Matthew Riebel Debbie Wagner Rudin Gary Ristow Michaela Walsh Sue Rochlis Cheryl Weiss Anne Ronson David Williams Melinda Rue Marsha Woodby Stuart Sadick UK Online Giving Foundation Ruth Sang

Banner Day Camp Ben Prozinski Carol’s Cookies

In-Kind Donors GiveNKind Highland Pop Nixon Peabody LLP

Louise Pearson Once Upon a Bagel Donald Schickel

Sunset Foods Brenda Weitzberg


2021 Board of Directors Aspiritech’s dedicated Board of Directors plays a critical role in our success. The Board volunteers their time tirelessly to ensure that our goal of providing meaningful employment for individuals on the autism spectrum is met. Our Board includes leaders in technology, law, healthcare, communications, and social services.

Officers Ester Stein, Director of Corporate Reimbursement, Abbott; Board Chair Michael P. Duff, Jr., Executive Director, Technology Engineering and Execution, CME Group; Vice Chair Veronica Scotto, Digital Innovation and Transformation Leader, Accenture; Secretary Alan Berkowitz, Retired; Treasurer

Board Members Vladimir Anastasov, Managing Partner at Stairway Ventures Janice Block Chaddock, Retired Global Education Executive Ron Brix, Retired from the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Vivek Chopra, Executive Chairman; Strategic Advisor; Board Member; Mentor Kyle Cramer, Diverse Partner Development at Microsoft Maureen Dunne, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Autism Angels Group Roman Eisenberg, Head of Digital Banking Technology, JP Morgan Chase Consumer and Community Banking Bud Glick Steve Henkels, Retired Senior Technology Executive Rachelle Jervis Chopra, President and CEO, Executive Service Corps Jerry Kane, Retired Business Owner Rachel Loftin, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist Benjamin Prozinski, Digital Transformation Architect David Rappaport, Rappaport Reiches Capital Management Beverly Shapiro, LCSW, Retired from JCFS Moshe Weitzberg, PhD, CEO, Aspiritech Brad Zelinger, Founder and CEO, Stride Autism Centers


"I think a lot of us could have found jobs, but there wouldn't be us. There wouldn't be this community, which I've needed." -Jacob Bielski, QA Analyst 23

24 Photos by Anne Ryan, ZR Images

Management Ann Brownell Bradley Cohen Brenda Weitzberg Jialin Yi Joan Costello Julie Finerty Justin Jungst Maxwell Huffman Michael Ashburne Moshe Weitzberg Nathan Dieck Reanin Stone Stephen Braun Tory Pena Winston Tsao

Support Team Bonny Goldin Christian Dorantes Robin Kacyn Brian Sundh Jennifer Goubeaud

QA Leads Aaron Berkowitz Anna Suiter Bradley Burton Brent Hornig Brian Tozzo Chris Coe Chris Horning Darius Koryzna Douglas Norton Eric States Faiza Alam Harvy Ackermans Ian Strahan Jake Klein Jake Sapir Jason Lehmann Joseph Vidal Kyle Verbeke Lauren Birnhak Matthew Hemauer Nora Rose Rachael Brusic Robert Dowling Samantha Sayre Vincent Tonelli

2021 Staff Other Staff

Aaron Fernando Aaron Pizarek Alaine Ross Alan Stahl Alan Sun Alexander Bowers Alexander Dudasik Alex Lopez Alicia Moore Andrew Beckerman Andrew Nelson Annie Brinkman-Muller Anthony Pease Austin Van Der Karr Brandon Johnson Brandt Schafer Brent Austin Casey Parker Christopher Newton Colin Piegore Colin Raiden-McRae Dan Auerbach Daniel Belrose David Domeier David Glass Donald Schickel Dustin Chiasson Eri Zamudio Eric Lawson Fernando Torre Santiago Gage O'Laughlin Gail Henjum Ian Race Isaac Gibson Jack Opiela Jacob Bielski Jacob Foley Jamari Briggs Jared Bunzol Jason Nelken Jason Polakoff Jeff Therens Jeremy Nixon Joe Goodmann John Colao John Collins John Cooley

Jonah Lefholtz Joseph Goldberg Joshua Buchhop Julia Opalinski Katie Levin Kyle O'Shields Leah Rappaport Lewis Concklin Matan Raff Matthew Turner Michael Bjornson Michael Frederick Misha Yunovich Mitchell Bandes Mitzi Van Der Karr Nancy Trudell Nathan Schram Nicholas Barberis Nicholas Kurek Nicholas Papageorge Oran Weitzberg Patrick Gallehugh Patrick Piegore Paul Chancey Richard Excell Rider Hallenstein Robert Educate Ryan Murawski Sam Newman Samuel Diamond Sara Koepfgen Sarah Meehan Sean Anderson Sebastian Haake Sheila Serota Theodore Mazola Timothy Ackermans Timothy Collins Timothy Kim Titus Quarles Trevor Sayre Troy Slager Tye Mortimer William Hickey Wolfgang McKeown Zachary Davidson





Aspiritech Business Office 1770 1st Street, Suite 108 Highland Park, IL 60035 Aspiritech Headquarters 939 Chicago Avenue Evanston, IL 60202 312-945-TEST (8378) Designer: Tabitha Lyon Editor: Kelsey Schagemann & Aspiritech team

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