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Annual Report 2008-09

2008-09 Annual Report Summary Projects with MSSRF (www.mssrf.org): •

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2,000,000 yen sent for an up scaling of the Community Learning Centre at Reddiarchatram, Dindigul to 10 more village hamlets. These centers use innovative tools for increasing literacy and computer skills in villages. 700,000 yen sent for Micro Credit Banks Federation building at Kulumai, Tamil Nadu. 60,000 Rupees provided as Micro-enterprise grants to self-help groups (SHGs) to produce an innovative natural pesticide that exemplifies the pro-environment, prowomen and pro-poor approach of MSSRF. 20,000 US$ sent for improved livelihood training of the coastal artisan fishermen in Poombuhar. 150,000 yen sent for post-harvest processing training of millets and paddy by the tribal women SHGs in Kolli hills. 7 new micro credit banks launched. All micro credit banks donated so far are now in action, and Fall reporting to all donors was completed.

Projects with other organizations working with the MSSRF philosophy of “Propoor, pro-environment, pro-women”: •

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300,000 yen provided to Philippine Christian Foundation for education of children of ragpicker families in Manila. Katie Baker, our former co-chair is working with them now. (Education Initiative) 750,000 yen grant to PUKAR/URBZ (www.urbz.org) to establish Dharavi Community Cell, which will work to empower the community along the lines of MSSRF Village Knowledge Centre (Digital Bridge Initiative) Funds provided for a PC projector to NESCONN in Nepal (Education Initiative) Funded operation for one year of one Mobile Crèches to (www.mobilecreches.org) childcare centre for migrant laborers in Delhi (Education Initiative) 2,000,000 yen provided to Arpana Trust in Delhi (www.arpana.org) for micro credit loans to SHGs for building their own micro housing in Molarbandh (Micro Credit Initiative) Desks and benches provided via Armene Modi/ Ashta no Kai in a village school in Khandale near Pune. Photographs attached. (Education Initiative) 150,000 yen provided to Komazawa University Student Fund (under the guidance of Prof. Yuko Nishimura) for training of village people in Kovalam to build eco-san toilets (Education Initiative)

Most of the projects have been personally visited by board members Kylie, Lindy or Geeta. Further details are on our website www.asiainitiatives.org. All this would not have been possible without your support. We look forward to your continued partnership this year. We still need to fund 6 more micro credit banks for self-help groups at MSSRF. We also welcome your feedback and ideas, so please do write.


Annual Report 2008-09


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2008-09 annual report  

2008-09 annual report