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The Michigan Saddlebred American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan 2014 Annual Issue

ASHAM OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS — 2014 John Fenger, President 810-338-4352

Sena Bowling 248-459-0059

Kim Makimaa 810-287-4861

Leah Sworm, Vice President 989-288-4564

Margaret Chaaban 810-588-6621

Cindy Scoggin 248-540-7666

Dr. William Edgar, Treasurer 810-629-1278

Kelli Coates 810-275-4275

Pamela Specht 810-577-6795

Lindsey-Anne Gawthrop, Secretary 248-890-6461

Angie DuBois 810-814-3788

Stephanie Steele 313-550-1217

Holly Armstrong 810-599-0747

Jennifer Gulati 586-206-0487

Sara Ressler 248-922-0148

Gayle Biederman 810-659-380

Tiffany Kelley 810-735-4473

Amie Rowe 248-520-1531

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The Michigan Saddlebred Magazine is published annually by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan (ASHAM), a non-profit corporation, and is distributed to all members and to Saddlebred farms in Michigan, Ohio, Canada, as well as other states as supplies permit. Magazine Committee: Sena Bowling and Lauren Greenwald The Purpose of the Association shall be to promote interest in, and in the best interests of, the American Saddlebred Horse in the state of Michigan and elsewhere, through education of the virtues of this breed and improvement of the quality of the breed; support and promotion of exhibitions and shows; encouragement and assistance of owners of the breed in the care and training there of; stimulation, promotion, and encouragement of the interest of young people in the breed; cooperation with other organizations and individuals; promote and improve general equestrian activities; dissemination of cooperation, enjoyment, and good sportsmanship among members of the Association and others. (Article II, By-Laws) The Michigan Saddlebred Magazine has no subscribers and is published by a non-profit corporation as a club project. Approximately 500 copies are distributed. ASHAM is not responsible for errors or omissions. Copy and artwork are reproduced to the best of our ability and no guarantee is made to advertisers. Articles are accepted on a space available basis at the discretion of the Magazine Committee. Photos will be returned if specified with a return address provided on the back of the photo/ The front, back, front inside, and back inside covers are auctioned off each year at the Awards banquet. A 50% down payment is to be made at the time of the bid with the balance due by February 1st/. All advertising must be paid in advance.

The ASHAM By-Laws are available for viewing in their entirety on website 2014


A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Members and Friends, Don’t look now, but it’s Show Time! We are very excited to announce that for 2014, the ASHAM Charity Fall Horse Show is now a point approved show for Mid-America Horse Show Assoc. and the Illinois Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Assoc. We are looking forward to all the new riders from out of state. The ASHAM Charity Fall Horse Show date this year is October 9th11th and is located once again, in the heated Michigan State University Pavilion in East Lansing, Michigan. Therefore, no matter what the weather is outside, we will all be very comfortable and assured to have a fabulous horse show. We will still have the same great stabling we have always had! We enjoyed beautiful weather at our 2013 Show. We were up many more horses from past years, and feel 2014 will be even bigger. We rented lighting for the outside warm-up ring and had many favorable comments. The exhibitor parties were exceptional and our hospitality for exhibitors was second to none! The ASHAM show’s success would not be possible without everyone who worked so hard and donated their time to make all our events run smoothly. It was great to see so many people pulling together for a common goal. I personally would like to give a special thanks to “Cindy Scoggin” for all her hard work managing the show. You made this show great! Thank you again to everyone involved! In preparing for our 2014 ASHAM Charity Fall Show, we need to keep in mind the importance of our sponsorship program. Please find the sponsorship form on the website and remember your generous contributions are how we are able to provide all the fun “extras” at our show! Please indicate the class or classes you wish to sponsor w/your contribution, even a small pledge is greatly appreciated! The Summer Sizzler Show on May 17th, under the direction of Leah Sworm, is a great fund

raising event for our show as well. This is an academy type show at the MSU upper barn. The monies we will raise from this horse show will work toward making our Fall Charity even better. The sponsorships and the Sizzler Show will allow us to make our ASHAM show the most “exhibitor friendly” show of the season. Thursday afternoon we will be offering free subs, chips and pop for our incoming exhibitors. We also have complimentary donuts and coffee every morning. In addition, don’t forget our ever popular Exhibitor Fiesta Party Thursday evening after the classes, Friday night’s Afterglow Party, and our Exhibitor’s Lunch Saturday. With all that in store, be sure to attend this year for great competition, camaraderie, parties and overall a wonderful time. You will be glad you did! “O.A.T.S.’ riders were a class act at ASHAM in 2013.” We are very happy to be sponsoring O.A.T.S again this year and offering classes for the UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup. Last year’s class was so heartwarming, watching so many smiles from all the riders that participated. We are looking forward to having them all back again. As always, I have enjoyed serving on the board of ASHAM and this year as your President. I appreciate the help and support I have received over the years. Being a part of ASHAM has been a great honor to me. I have met so many great people and have made so many new friends as well. I enjoy being with everyone from all the Michigan barns and think of you all as friends. I am looking forward to working with so many wonderful board members this year. We have a great team with new faces ready to promote our amazing breed. Please continue to support ASHAM and of course, our beautiful Saddlebred Horses! I’ll see you all at the shows this year. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Our Mission

Devoted to promoting amateur horsemanship and competition along with responsible breeding and training of the American Saddlebred.



On our cover… Tom Sworm Stables is excited to be a part of the Michigan Saddlebred industry. With the long and rich history of Saddlebreds in Michigan, to the current and exciting things happening in the state, we are proud to call this our home. This history is not always easy to live up to, since the past includes Dodge Stables and the infamous Wing Commander, but everyone who is involved with Saddlebreds is working hard to have the future be as bright as the past. Starting with the ASHAM Fall Charity Horse Show, which is growing by leaps and bounds under the steady management of Cindy Scoggin. It has truly become one of the favorite shows of the season on everyone’s schedule. The camaraderie and hospitality is second to none. The academy programs at many barns are large and getting larger; which are supported by the MAP Academy Shows all winter and summer. Congratulations to Holly Armstrong and Paddynton’s Mark of Distinction on becoming a Breyer Horse! Very cool. Be it the time spent with family and friends, or working hard for a certain goal and achieving it, to just watching the beauty of these animals, there are so many things that make being a part of showing horses so worthwhile. We look forward to being here and participating for many years to come. We would like to take this time to wish everyone a fun, safe, and rewarding 2014 show season! Tom, Leah, Mark, and Ella

TABLE OF CONTENTS Officer and Directors/Statement of Purpose………………………….1

2013 Perpetual Trophy Winners………………………………………...43


Wing Commander 70th Birthday……………………………………….64




Front Cover Story– Tom Sworm Stables……………………………...3


ASHAM Annual High Point Awards Offered…………………………..4

ASHAM Annual Awards Banquet……………………………………….76

Rule Governing Scoring of the High Point Awards……………………4

Star Flyte Stonewall Award……………………………………………..78











ASHAM Charity Efforts and UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup…….40




ASHAM Membership Directory………………………………………….83



ASHAM ANN U A L H I G H P O I N T A WAR D S O FFE R E D Winnings for these High Point Awards will be accumulated for all ASHAM Members according to the rules set forth by the ASHAM Board of Directors. Open Five-Gaited Amateur Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor Five-Gaited Open Three-Gaited Amateur Three-Gaited Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Open Park Horse Amateur Park Horse Open Fine Harness Amateur Fine Harness Adult Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited Show Pleasure Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Show Pleasure Driving

Country Pleasure Driving Open Parade Horse Country Pleasure Hunt Seat Adult Country Pleasure Hunt Seat Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure Western Saddle Seat Equitation 13 and Under Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17 Lead Line Equitation Walk and Trot Equitation Any Seat Challenge Of The Breed Open English Pleasure Challenge Of the Breeds Amateur Pleasure Challenge Of The Breeds Junior Exhibitor Pleasure Challenge Of the Breeds Saddle Seat Pleasure Walk and Trot 11 and Under Challenge Of the Breeds Hunt Seat Walk and Jog 11 and Under Walk and Trot Any Seat

Rules Governing Scoring for High Point Awards Basic Premise of the Point System:

The basic premise of the point system requires that all exhibitors competing for a given championship be afforded an equal opportunity to show. Classes which do not meet requirement will not count. A. Regular Points: All classes fully comply with the championship specifications, which are open to all will be counted as regular points B. Double Points: All Championship or Stake classes that provide at least one qualifying class, will be awarded double points C. All ribbon winners will receive one point for every ribbon winner that places below them D. Point Table: Placing 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Regular Points 10 8 6 4 2 1 Double Points 20 16 12 8 4 2 E. Special Consideration for Equitation: All classes, except championships, must be divided by age in accordance with the championship specifications. (Further division by age is acceptable as long as the division is within the age group specified for the championship.) Classes divided will be awarded Regular Points. F. Winnings to Count: Winning at all Michigan shows offering a Saddlebred Division will count provided that the owner of the horse or Equitation rider is a member of ASHAM, in good standing, at the time points are won. G. Minimum Earnings: To qualify for Champion or Reserve Champion the entrant must have earned points at no fewer than two shows. Where no Champion is qualified, no Reserve Champion will be awarded. Where a point count results in a tie, the award will be made to the contestant having more blue ribbons. If this fails to break the tie, the award will be made to the contestant having earned points at the most shows. 4



Open Five Gaited

Country Pleasure Hunt Seat Junior Exhibitor

CH: Mien Lalique– Bill and Julie Edgar

CH: Paddyngton’s Burning Desire– Olivia Byrd

RCH: Designed To Be Beautiful– Meadowland Farm

RCH: Paddyngton’s Hot Wings– Paddy Bates

Open Three Gaited

Country Pleasure Western

CH: My Sweet E Motion– Michaela Kratofil

CH: Casually Elegant– Donna Spears

RCH: I’m Bewitched– Sharon O’Connor

RCH: Paddyngton’s Burning Desire– Olivia Byrd


Walk & Trot Any Seat

CH: Timely Caper– Tiffany Kelley

CH: Carmen Gonzales

RCH: Two-Punch– Norine & Ashley Smith

RCH: Isabella Wild

Adult Three Gaited Show Pleasure

Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & Under

CH: Treasure Isle– Bill Edgar

CH: Nicole Rodriquez

RCH: A Bay Asset– Norine Smith

Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17

Junior Exhibitor Three Gaited Show Pleasure

CH: Alexis Fenger RCH: Megan Reilly

CH: Perfectas Perimo– Chaaban Family

Challenge Of The Breeds Open English Pleasure

RCH: Let It Ride– Meadowland Farm

CH: How The West Was Won– Paddy Bates

Five Gaited Show Pleasure

Challenge Of The Breeds Adult Amateur Pleasure

CH: I Am Fearless– Nicole Rodriquez

CH: Caramac’s Casanova– Taylor Creek Stables

RCH: Cloverleaf Lady Bird– Tiffani Earehart

RCH: Photo In The Park– Chaaban Family

Adult Three Gaited Country Pleasure

Challenge Of The Breeds Junior Exhibitor Pleasure

CH: Callaway’s Big Deal– Taylor Creek Stables

CH: CH At First Sight– Heather Reilly

RCH: Harlem’s Easter Lily– Meadowland Farm

RCH: Winning Vote– Alyssa Ethington

Junior Exhibitor Country Pleasure

Challenge Of The Breeds Saddle Seat Pleasure Walk and Trot 11 and

CH: Blues Dancer– Megan Reilly


RCH: Callaway’s Time to Dance- Kim Makimaa

CH: Coventry’s Too Fast Too Furious– Hagerman Farms LLC

Country Pleasure Hunt Seat Adult

RCH: Winnign Vote– Alyssa Ethington

CH: Casual Elegant– Donna Spears

Challenge Of The Breeds Hunt Seat Walk and Jog 11 and Under

RCH: Chardonnay’s Stormchaser– Nancy Merlo

CH: Nemours Courageous– Caren Earehart RCH: My Genie In A Bottle– Tom Sworm Stables



2013 ASHAM ACADEMY HIGH POINT AWARDS Academy Pleasure Performance WTC 14-17

Academy Pleasure Performance W/T 8 and Under

CH: Allie Okopny

CH: Avery Haviland

RCH: Claire Kaiding

RCH: Ella Sworm

Academy Pleasure Performance WTC 13 and Under

Academy W/T 11-13

CH: Taryn Swayze

CH: Avery Cotter

Academy WTC 14– 17

RCH: Makayla Sheroski

CH: Allie Okopny

Academy W/T 9-10

RCH: Claire Kaiding

CH: Madison Austin

Academy WTC 13 and Under

RCH: Talia Swayze

CH: Taryn Swayze

Academy W/T 8 and Under

Academy Pleasure Performance W/T 11-13

CH: Avery Haviland

CH: Avery Cotter

RCH: Ella Sworm

RCH: Isabella Sheroski Academy Pleasure Performance W/T 9-10 CH: Madison Austin RCH: Talia Swayze



2014 CALENDAR OF ASHAM High Point Approved Horse Shows MJMHA Classic Horse Show

Crystal Horse Show

April 25th-27th Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason, MI

July 25th-26th Shiawasee County Fairgrounds, Shiawasee, MI

Heartland Classic

Springfield Charity

May 9th-11th Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, OH

September 26th-28th Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, OH

Summer Sizzler (Academy Only)

ASHAM Fall Charity

October 9th-11th Michigan State University Pavilion, Lansing MI

May 17th Michigan State University upper barn, Lansing MI

Welcome to Summer Horse Show

ASHAM High Point Awards Banquet

June 20th-22nd Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason, MI

January 10th, 2015

Twin Rivers

June 26th-28th Delaware County Fairgrounds, Delaware, OH

2014 Calendar of Possible Out-of-State Horse Shows Kentucky Spring Premier Horse Show

Midwest Charity Horse Show

Dayton Horse Show

April 10th-13th

June 10th-14th

July 30th-August 2nd

Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL

Dayton, OH

River Ridge Charity

Pink Ribbon Classic Charity Show

Kentucky State Fair World’s

April 24th-27th

June 19th-22nd


Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, OH

Sunbeau Valley Farm, Ravenna, OH

August 17th-23rd Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY

Indianapolis Charity Horse Show

Syracuse International Horse Show

May 28th-31st

June 25th-28th

All American Horse Classic

Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN

New York St. Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY

September 2nd-6th Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN

Delaware Riding Club Annual Charity

Lexington Junior League Horse Show

May 31st -June 1st

July 7th-12th

Kentucky Fall Classic

Delaware, OH

Red Mile, Lexington, KY

October 2nd-4th Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Rock Creek Horse Show

Ohio State Fair

June 3rd-7th

July 16th-20th

UPHA American Royal National

Rock Creek Riding Club, Louisville, KY

Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, OH

Championships November 11 th-15th Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO





High Time Stables


was an amazing year for many horses and riders at High Time Stables. Kay VanNatta and her Norwegian Fjord, Bravehart, were blue ribbon winners nine out of nine times in Iowa for their riding and driving classes. The blue ribbons for this fantastic pair also took place here in Michigan in the ASHAM driving classes. The barn mascot, Boogie the Bumble Bee, brought lots of smiles in the costume class at ASHAM with his stinger costume. Academy riders held their own for High Time Stables, earning several first place ribbons as well. Grace McEnrue held her head high during the Come-As-You-Are any age, any seat “Pink” class and trotted right on in to first place. Also, with her first year off the lead line, Maddie Montpas came away with a blue ribbon for the Open English Pleasure 11 and under class at just six years old. Lets not forget our miniature cowboy Carter Pardee with his chaps riding lead line. His first year in the ring was very successful for this four-year-old rider. A special thanks goes out to Callaway’s Time to Dance and Dixie Dave for your experience and patience with these Academy riders. Brittany Wendt also had a wonderful show season in Michigan and in Ohio, winning the MJMHA all breed Fun Show Open Saddle Seat Equitation 13 and under class. She ended the year as a High Point reserve champion for the ASHAM Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor class. Lady Longlegs’ show seasons have come to an end in 2013. Pat Vansickle truly enjoyed showing her in several shows in Ohio and Michigan. They had a strong finish showing in the Amateur Park Division at ASHAM. Pat and Bob Vansickle look forward to a promising horse show season for 2014 presenting Corner Stone. Additionally, Stockton has also been riding Dixie Dave in the western classes. Stockton earned reserve champion for Open Western Pleasure. Adelien won the 13 and Under Western Equitation class, on top of winning reserve champion for the first time. Also, Lacy Makimaa took on a three-year-old pinto American Saddlebred Danika, as a new and adventurous project for 2014. Standing sire Supremacy’s High Time is looking forward to his 2014 breeding season. Boarding, breeding, and lessons keep us busy at High Time Stables. Thank you, Pamela Specht, for your expertise and advice that guided us to make it a spectacular 2013. We are all excited for what is in store for us in this coming year!





2013 ASHAM Charity Efforts & Introduction of UPHA Exceptional Rider Classes


n its second year as a charity event, the ASHAM horseshow was proud to select OATS (Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles) as their charity partner. ASHAM believes that having a charity partner means more than just giving money to a cause. It looks for charities that can actively partner with the association to bring value and reward to both sides. This year proved to be a wonderful partnership. OATS was founded in 1997 by Nancy Heussner to provide an avenue to assist disabled or otherwise challenged riders to learn confidence, independence, and comfort on the back of a horse. The program has been extremely successful and supports riders from all across the state of Michigan. In early 2013, Nancy tragically passed away, leaving the charity without the inspirational leader it depended upon. As they worked to identify new leadership and keep the program running, ASHAM felt called to be one avenue for that support. In return, ASHAM was able to move forward with a long-time goal to introduce UPHA Exceptional Cup classes as part of the show. These classes are for physically and mentally challenged independent riders and are sponsored by the United Professional Horseman ’s Association nationwide. ASHAM had a desire to have the qualifying classes available for these special riders, as well as Exceptional Rider classes for the Western Seat. With the participation of OATS riders, the exceptional rider classes touted a dozen entries and provided some of the most moving moments of the weekend.. Watching the riders leave the arena waving to the crowd, ribbon in hard, and sporting a huge smile brought tears to the eyes of not only their parents and trainers, but many others throughout the audience! In addition, ASHAM participants and spectators had the opportunity to honor our American veterans. A mounted military color guard presented the flags to open the Saturday evening performance. This set the stage to recognize another OATS program, Horses for Heroes, which was launched in partnership with the support of ASHAM members and General Motors. The Ride of Honor gave a chance for several of the program graduates to receive recognition not only for their military service, but also for their new connections with their equine partners. We at ASHAM feel especially proud of these concerted efforts to provide opportunities for exceptional riders here in Michigan, as well as to support a charity that does such special work for so many! Next year, ASHAM will again partner with OATS and offer UPHA Exceptional Rider Cup classes and Exceptional Rider Western seat classes. We look forward to the growth and opportunity this will provide to riders throughout the Midwest!





2013 ASHAM Horse Show Perpetual Trophy Winners

Open Five-Gaited Championship You Can Kall Me Lucky Sena Bowling for Saddlebred Rowe LLC Herbert Pedersen Perpetual Trophy David H. Bedell Perpetual Trophy

Amateur Five-Gaited Championship Callaway’s New Day Aimee Labrie for Hagerman Farms LLC Francis Shook Perpetual Trophy Sheffield/Mechling Perpetual Trophy

Open Three-Gaited Championship Tesoro Lizzie Edgar for Dr. William Edgar A.G. Brown Perpetual Trophy

Amateur Three-Gaited Championship I’m Bewitched Sharon O’Connor Lee Shipman Perpetual Trophy

Open Fine HarnessChampionship Fire By The Bay Julio Rodriguez for Frank and Katherine Vignieri Doug Seay Perpetual Trophy

Amateur Fine Harness Championship Platinum Moon Over Pluto Dr. J. R. Gallagher Eleanor Pederson Perpetual Trophy

ASB Three-Gaited Park Championship Encore Cherie Ashley Cook Fletcher for Sterling Stables LLC Gwen Higdon Perpetual Trophy

ASB Three-Gaited Show Pleasure, Junior Exhibitor Let It Ride Madeline Sheroski for Meadowland Farm Elizabeth Hensler Perpetual Trophy

ASB Western Pleasure Championship Cascata Sally Pavel Robert Webber Perpetual Trophy

Equitation Championship Nicole Rodriguez Mary Ellen Ennest Perpetual Trophy






Dodge Stables


ver 150 Saddlebred Fans from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Penn-sylvania, Canada, and more gathered at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan to celebrate Wing Commander’s 70th birthday. Meadow Brook Hall is the historic mansion built by Matilda Dodge Wilson from 1926-1929 at a cost of 4 million dollars and was the home of the Dodge family and the location of the famed Dodge Stables where Wing Commander was bred and raised. Foaled in 1943 by Anacacho Shamrock and out of the Kings Genius mare Flirtation Walk, Wing commander was trained and shown by Earl Teater to six consecutive Five-Gaited World’s Grand Champion titles from 1948-1953. Retired to stud following his 6th World Grand Champion title, Wing Commander’s impact on the Saddlebred world is truly immeasurable. Cindy Scoggin, Pam Specht, and the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan did a fabulous job of putting together this historic and much anticipated event that was sponsored by ASHAM, Michigan Horse Show Association, Great 64

Lakes Employee Benefit Services, Gerych’s Floral, Independent Equine Agents, Radon, Inc, Hensler & Associaties, Honebaked of Ohio, The Bluegrass Horseman, UPHA Chapter 20, and Key Morgans. Guests entered the mansion and were greeted by several mem-bers of the Meadow Brook Staff and shown into the Main Hall. Here there was a great harvest table filled with hors d’oeuvres in front of a warm fire and a wonderful painting by George Ford Morris of Frances Dodge on her retired show horse Pendennis. Guests were invited to wander and tour the first 3 floors of the mansion to the beautiful music of La Corda String Quartet. Followed by a strolling dinner with tables scattered throughout several

Ed Teater, Suzy Teater, Jeanette Teater, and Martin Teater

rooms, guests enjoyed the history of Frances Dodge, Dodge Stables, and of course amazing American Saddlebreds of the past. Pictures of the many champions produced by Dodge Stables were displayed throughout the mansion for guests to mar-vel at as well as a plethora of pictures and other memorabilia of the famed honoree, Wing Commander. The largest display was held in the game room, one of Mr. Wilson’s favorite rooms, and presented many items from Meadow Brook’s archives as well as several items donated for the night by Keith Cupp. Many members of the Dodge family were in attendance including Frances’ daughter Rikki Caldwell and her

Dr. Amie Rowe and Dave Bedell 2013

Wing Commander’s 70th Birthday Meadow Brook Hall—Rochester By Erin L. Shirey daughter Elizabeth as well as Frances’ son John VenLennep and his wife Julie. Ed Teater, son of Wing Commander’s trainer Earl Teater, and his wife Suzie along with Martin Teater, grandson of Earl, and his wife Jeanette made the trip from Kentucky to Michigan for the celebration. Dave Bedell, a long time Michigan Saddlebred owner who had visited the farm during its heyday and Ed Teater entertained the crowd with stories about Wing Commander and Dodge Stables. Following the muchenjoyed speeches and des-sert, guests mingled and many even took to the dance floor. The same dance floor that once had guests dancing to Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey Band. In honor of Wing Commander, ASHAM made donations to Meadow Brook Hall, The American Saddlebred Horse Association, and the American Saddlebred Museum. Happy birthday to a horse that has captivated the horse world for the past 70 years and for many more years to come.

Cindy Scoggin and Pam Specht

John Van Lennep, Rikki Van Lennep Caldwell, Julie Van Lennep, and Elizabeth Dodge Caldwell

Charlotte Elwert with Lynn Klein

Our Saddlebred Friends from Canada

George Ford Morris’s painting of Frances Dodge on Pendennis

Denny DeSimone, Jocelyn and Phil Hagerman, with Sharon O’Conner

Leah Sworm, Dr. Bill Edgar, Julie Edgar, with Tiffany and Will Kelley

Bill and Beth Oliver

Erin Shirey, Kelli Coates, and Lindsay-Anne Gawthrop





Executive Outfitters Jodi Higdon, owner • 5531 Atlas Rd. Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439 (810) 636-7000 store/barn • (810) 636-4231 fax

We carry:

NNew and Used tack and clothes for saddleseat, huntseat and western NFull line of academy cloths NMany great gift ideas

We accept: Cash, Check,

Master Card and Visa Located at Executive Farms Inc.









Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Award


n 2013, ASHAM introduced the Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Award and perpetual trophy. This award was created by ASHAM members Thomas and Stephanie Steele to honor the memory

of their beloved American Saddlebred Horse, Start Flyte Stonewall. Affectionately known as “Captain Hayface,” Star Flyte Stonewall spent the majority of his career as a lesson horse, teaching riders like Thomas and Stephanie the integrity, discipline, and dedication of horsemanship and horse ownership. After his passing, the Steeles were determined to not only honor his memory, but also acknowledge the great lesson horses that are the backbone of our riding

receive his name engraved on the base of the trophy, an

programs. This award is the first ever to recognize a

engraved stall plaque, and unlimited photo opportunities

lesson horse that has shown outstanding achievement and

with the trophy.

exemplary behavior through the ASHAM organization.

The Steeles specifically created this award as a perpetual acknowledgement, so ASHAM members can continue

Cameron Crest Stonewall of Taylor Creek Stables is the

celebrating great horses for years to come. Doesn’t your

first recipient of this noble award. “Big Bob” was chosen

favorite lesson horse deserve to be recognized? Visit www.

for his versatility among age groups and ability to teach or the ASHAM Facebook page to cast you vote

both control and assertiveness in the saddle. “Big Bob” will

for next year’s winner!

Thomas and Stephanie Steele with Star Flyte Stonewall.

Thomas and Stephanie Steele present the award to Wes and Sena Bowling.



MICHIGAN FARM DIRECTORY Chaaban Equestrian Center 10391 Hogan Road Swartz Creek, MI 48473 (810) 955 2318 meganchaaban@ www.

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Meadow Reflections Farm Holly Armstrong 1600 E. Cohoctah Rd. Howell, MI 48855 (810) 599-0747 www.

Taylor Creek Stables Wes and Sena Bowling Offering Breeding, Training, Lessons, and Sales 2156 Bach Davison, MI 48423 (248) 459–0059 (248) 459- 0875 senabowling@


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Executive Outfitters (810) 636-7000

Hartmeyer Saddlery 1 (800) 225-5519

The Wire Horse 1(877) 322-8503

Becker Brothers LLC (859) 233-0700

The Covered Wagon Saddlery 1(888) 628-1849 www.thecoveredwagonsaddlery. com



2014 Membership Application American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan Single Year, Expires November 30, 2014 [ ] Senior Member $15.00 [ ] Junior Member*** $10.00 [ ] Family Member** $25.00 (Please list family members below) Three Year Option, Expires November 30, 2016 [ ] Senior Member $40.00 [ ] Junior Member $25.00 [ ] Family Member** $70.00 (Please list family members below) Name:________________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________________ City:_________________________ State:____________________________ ZIP:___________________

Mail to: Kelli Coates 4346 W. Baldwin Rd. Grand Blanc, MI 48439 ***A Junior Member is under the age of 17 as of December 1 of the current year. **Family memberships consists of 2 parents or legal guardians and children under the age of 17. Memberships 82


ASHAM Membership Directory Holly & Ashley Armstrong 1600 E. Cohoctah Rd. Howell, MI 48855 810-599-0747

Janie Bowling 37 Fairgrounds Rd Lane 2 Booneville, KY 41314 606-593-5283

Kristin M. Arnold 16430 Park Lake Rd., #108 East Lansing, MI 48823 517-410-6800

Mark, Cassie and Jennifer Brough 8736 Peer Rd. South Lyon, MI 48178 313-450-5675

Madison Austin 7391 Perry Rd Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-922-1122

Olivia Byrd 11268 Beach Rd. Dexter, MI 48130 734-239-1707

Barbara Baker/Horses’ Haven PO Box 166 Howell, MI 48844 517-548-4880

Eddie, Margaret, & Jenna Chaaban 1801 Kriss Crossing Rd. Brighton, MI 48114 810-588-6621

Paddy Bates/Paddington Farm 2820 N. Lima Ctr. Dexter, MI 48130 734-475-8001 David H. Bedell 3119 N. Seymour Rd. Flushing, MI 48433 810-659-5393 Brianne Belanger 418 High Williamston, MI 48895 517-655-7450 Diane Berry 5381 General Square Dryden, MI 48428 810-796-2312 Lisa, Kaitlyn, Ashley, & Ty Bertl 2650 Oakley Rd. Stockbridge, MI 49285 517-515-1817 Gayle & Alexandra Biederman 3161 Wood Valley Dr. Flushing, MI 48433 810-659-9380 Wes & Sena Bowling P.O. Box 749 Davison, MI 48423 248-459-0059 Peyton & Michelle Bowling PO Box 749 Davison, MI 48423 606-272-0456

Nicole Chaaban 1801 Kriss Crossing Rd Brighton, MI 48114 Megan Chaaban 1801 Kriss Crossing Rd Brighton, MI 48114 Kelli Coates 4346 W. Baldwin Rd. Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-275-4275 Doosie Cole 7342 Clyde Rd. Howell, MI 48855 517-548-5053 Dr. Beverly Costinew 31700 W Thirteen Mile Rd #201 Farmington Hills, MI 48334 810-923-8402 Courtney Czarnik 3624 Partridge Path #7 Ann Arbor, MI 48108 810-223-5539 Catlin Daly 2248 North Henderson Davision, MI 48423 810-618-3914 Barbara DeMay 6136 Bordman Romeo, MI 48065 810-798-2183

Dana Jo Denney, Joe Boettger & Tarot Denger/Danaland Farms 12272 N. McKinley Rd Montrose, MI 48457 810-639-4598 Gianna DeSimone 9215 Ridge Rd Goodrich, MI 48438 810-730-8344 Diana Devlin 51123 Brenshire Ct. Granger, IN 46530 574-277-2168 Cassidy Dolby 14489 Oak Leaf Trail Linden, MI 48451 810-735-0157 Angie & Delaney Dubois 12049 Hoisington Rd Gaines, MI 48436 810-814-3788 David & Caren Earehart 8420 Dixboro Rd South Lyon, MI 48178 734-564-5159 Bryan Earehart 8420 Dixboro Rd South Lyon, MI 48178 248-437-1008 Tiffani Earehart 8420 Dixboro Rd South Lyon, MI 48178 248-437-1008 Lizzie Edgar 12020 White Lake Rd. Fenton, MI 48430 810-629-1278 William & Julie Edgar 12050 White Lk Rd. Fenton, MI 48430 810-629-1278 Charlotte A. Elwert 1145 Hillpointe Cir Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 248-852-6054 Alyssa Ethington 806 Boutell Dr. Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-344-9458


Alexis, John & Regina Fenger 4515 Merwin Rd. Lapeer, MI 48446 810-664-7307 Stacey, Allen, Austin & Alexa Finley 67380 Sisson Washington, MI 48995 586-709-5752 Pamela S. Flory 14388 Sunfield Hwy Sunfield, MI 48890 517-566-8780 Cathy Foster 4470 S Irish Rd Davison, MI 48423 810-210-4509 Sherry Frankel 21403 Mueschke Rd. Tomball, TX 77377 281-224-0679 Frierson, Atkinson PO Box 1122 Saluda, NC 28773 828-749-2088 Joyce Gale 18963 Gaynon Dr Clinton Twp, MI 48035 816-617-1212 Lindsey-Anne Gawthrop 100 Shorewood Ct Lake Orion, MI 48362 248-890-6461 Lauren Greenwald 119 Cambridge Dr Apt 110 Davison, MI 48423 281-224-8747 Guy & Gail Grout/Gaitway Farm 4166 Noble Road Oxford, MI 48371 248-628-5245 Michelle Grover 4206 E. Adams Rd. Clare, MI 48617 989-240-0730 Jennifer, Arvind, Aiden & Ethan Gulati 2295 Bedford Rd. Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 248-334-4751 83

ASHAM Membership Directory Lynda, Taylor & Megan Gunderson 8103 Top View Lane Pickney, MI 48169 810-231-4121

Deborah Klem 6577 Lierman Rd Imlay City, MI 48444 810-724-5406

Phil, Jocelyn, and Taylor Hagerman 15171 Pinewood Trail Linden, MI 48451 810-750-2732

Ed Knight 6361 36 Mile Rd Romeo, MI 48065 586-752-4492

Delores Hargreaves 10523 Seymour P.O. Box 425 Montrose, MI 48457 810-639-5856

Michaela Kratofil 6241 Sapphire Ct. Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-240-6536

Kelly Harrop 7499 Bridlespur Lane Delaware, OH 43015

Raymond, Cathy & Aimee Labrie 372 Fordcroft Dr Rochester Hls, MI 48309 248-340-9835

Avery Haviland 1183 E Cook Rd Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-404-1412

Rachel, Rick & Lauren Lake 5398 Simpson Rd. Owosso, MI 48867 989-723-2555

Stacey Hess 00589 CR 215 Grand Junction, MI 49056 269-353-9276

Andrew Lampen 4531 Bremer St. SW Grandville, MI 49418 616-399-8013

Jodi Higdon, Jordan & Carmen Gonzales 7137 E. Bristol Rd. Davison, MI 48423 810-938-5535 Roberta Hirshon 1015 Olivia Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104 207-233-1051 April Jacques 5060 Duffield Rd Swartz Creek, MI 48473 810-919-8810 Rena Kay Johnson 5072 Tree Hill Rd Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-695-1957 Claire Kaiding 1755 Burrus Rd Ortonville, MI 48462 248-793-3356 Tiffany Kelley 11507 Hogan Rd Gaines, MI 48436 810-735-4473 84

Mallory & Adam Lawrence 11901 Fleming Road Fowlerville, MI 48836 517-204-0960 Nikki Lerg 9709 Springborn Casco, MI 48064 586-273-7737 Heidi Madsen 11088 Jennings Rd Fenton, MI 48430 810-629-8517 Lacy Makimaa 7470 Grandwood Dr. Swartz Creek, MI 48473 810-287-4861 Camryn, Drew, Joel & Billie Mallery 6357 Dutch Rd. Goodrich, MI 48438 810-636-7810 Madison Mazza 5535 Atlas Rd Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-624-9804

David McDonald 1432 Mannheim Rd RR2 Petersburg, Ont Can N0B 2H0 519-742-1252 Maggie McElroy 8218 Portsmouth Lane Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-6061209 Nancy Merlo 8505 Terra Bella Drive Northville, MI 48168 248-866-1142 Lauren Merwin 10236 Copper Chase Granger, IN 46530 574-674-8116 Ron Merwin 10236 Copper Chase Granger, IN 46530 574-674-8116 Steven, Lindsey, & Maddie Montpas 12347 Stanley Rd Flushing, MI 48433 810-240-2202 Laurie R. Moses & Audrey Moses 3525 Squires Place Howell, MI 48855 248-467-6897 Bridjet Nothstine 11121 Beethoven Blvd Davison, MI 48423 517-256-1298 Sharon O’Connor & Kelly Walker 2219 Abby Ct Davison, MI 48423 810-599-8667 Claudia Olejnicszak 8152 Staghorn Tr Clarkston, MI 48348 248-625-4054 Beth Oliver 3001 7 Mile Rd South Lyon, MI 48178 248-437-6711 Amber Pauly 4201 Charms Ct Commerce Twp, MI 48382 248-313-9144

Barbara Pionk 2732 Laurel Oak Lane Chesterfield, MI 48047 586-725-3913 Alexis Pridgen 2378 Anchor Ct Holt, MI 48842 517-694-6084 Linda Radtke 8985 Big Creek Parkway Strongsville, OH 44149 440-826-3495 Megan Reilly 5466 Split Rail Dr. Brighton, MI 48114 810-610-4310 Michael, Luanne, & Heather Reilly 5466 Split Rail Dr. Brighton, MI 48114 810-220-0734 Sara Ressler 5985 Cuthbert White Lk, MI 48336 248-922-0148 Anne Richey 13200 Lipp Hwy Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 517-486-4464 Nicole Rodriguez 5100 Irish Road Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-695-0270 Amie Rowe 10517 Valley Creek Dr Goodrich, MI 48438 248-5201531 docamie@yahoo/com Joan Sawyer 2154 E. Maleport Dr Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 906-635-0752 Cynthia Scoggin 1036 Westwood Dr Birmingham, MI 48009 248-540-7666 Tim Shea 1925 Bartlett Rd. St. Clair, MI 48079 810-329-6392 2014

ASHAM Membership Directory Meadowland Farm/Theresa Sheroski 9111 Bristol Rd Davison, MI 48423 810-577-3774 Crystal, Madeline & Gabrielle Sheroski 1338 Wells St. Burton, MI 48529 810-922-8626 Sharon Sheroski 9111 E Bristol Rd Davison, MI 48423 810-625-1267 Erin Lynn Shirey 15311 Thornridge Dr Grand Blanc, MI 48439 248-496-1839 Don & Karen Shirey 2143 Pear Tree Lane Oakland, MI 48363 248-693-2891 Kristen Siess 1947 Brewer Rd. Leonard, MI 48367 586-292-7703 Annise N. Silvernail 20404 Fremont Livonia, MI 48152 248-444-1954 Camryn & Aidan Silverton 6274 Canter Creek Trail Grand Blanc, MI 48439 810-953-0983 Ron and Lori Skover 7571 Beard St. Avoca, MI 48006 810-324-6222

High Time Stables — Pamela Specht 12374 Stanley Rd. Flushing, MI 48433 810-577-6795 Stephanie Steele 7432 Linden Swartz Creek, MI 48473 313-550-1217 Rob, Taryn & Talia Swayze 9017 Woodridge Dr Davison, MI 48423 810-654-0792 Jill, Christopher, Samantha & Ashley Sweeney 915 Mill Pond Court Northville, MI 48167 248-719-8022

Brittany Wendt 9620 Reese Rd. Birch Run, MI 48415 989-624-8021 Tyler Wenzel 8245 Washburn Rd Goodrich, MI 48438 810-636-8456 Rob & Libby Wicker 9025 Bradway Blvd Grand Blanc, MI 48439 248-881-3122 Izzy Wild 6164 Emerald Dr Grand Blanc, MI 48439 734-516-9000

Carroll R. Wiltse 909 Hinford Lake Orion, MI 48362 248-693-9094 Mary Workinger 13007 Hunt Club Rd N Jacksonville, FL 32224 269-277-9805 Kristen Young P.O. Box 399 Dexter, MI 48130 734-904-3852 Karen Zabik 17310 Teppert Detroit, MI 48234 313-924-4855

Tom, Leah, Mark & Ella Sworm 5547 S. Byron Rd. Durand, MI 48429 989-288-4564 Casmiera, Susan & Mark Thorman 4405 East M71 Corunna, MI 48817 989-743-6281 Megan, Anne & Liz Trebilcock 5053 Prestonwood Flushing, MI 48433 810-348-7906 Keagan Tremel 4737 Stella Fenton, MI 48430 517-522-1009 Loretta Valentine 7200 Beecher Rd Flint, MI 48532 810-659-3537

Norine & Ashley Smith 50900 Fox Trail Granger, IN 46530 574-292-8653

Kay VanNatta 11352 Ely Rd Davisburg, MI 48350 248-634-9008

Donna Spears 1800 Fisk Rd Howell, MI 48843 517-410-3283

Pat VanSickle 207-759 Second Street London, Ont CAN 0 519-878-7988

Robert Vansickle RR #2, 247 McLean School Rd. St. George, ON 0 519-448-1114 2014



2014 Annual Issue American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan

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