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The Midwest Show Horse Directory is published annually by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan (ASHAM), a non-profit corporation, and is distributed to all members and to Saddlebred farms in Michigan, Ohio, Canada, as well as numerous shows across the Midwest. Magazine Committee: Sena Bowling, Lauren Greenwald, and Cassidy Dolby The Purpose of the Association shall be to promote interest in, and in the best interests of, the American Saddlebred Horse in the state of Michigan and elsewhere, through education of the virtues of this breed and improvement of the quality of the breed; support and promotion of exhibitions and shows; encouragement and assistance of owners of the breed in the care and training thereof; stimulation, promotion, and encouragement of the interest of young people in the breed; cooperation with other organizations and individuals; promote and improve general equestrian activities; dissemination of cooperation, enjoyment, and good sportsmanship among members of the Association and others.

The Midwest Show Horse Directory has no subscribers and has been published by a non-profit corporation as a club project. ASHAM is not responsible for errors or omissions. Copy and artwork are reproduced to the best of our ability and no guarantee is made to advertisers. Articles are accepted on a space available basis at the discretion of the Magazine Committee. All advertising must be paid in advance.

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Welcome to the Second Annual Midwest Show Horse Directory! After over thirty years of producing The Michigan Saddlebred Magazine, the Board of Directors of ASHAM made the decision to expand beyond the borders of Michigan to produce a publication that would become the “go to” source for information on horse shows, stables, suppliers, and vendors of all things related. The inaugural issue was a beautiful and informative publication that we are all proud of and that now reaches far and wide in the Midwest. We are also proud that 2019 again saw the annual ASHAM Charity Horse Show be a successful and enjoyable horse show. Thanks to the many generous sponsors, this horse show saw a profit. This enabled ASHAM to continue to make a sizeable donation to our charity OATS Therapeutic Riding Center. It is gratifying to see the many OATS riders participating in the UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup classes as well as the Academy classes offered at the horse show. ASHAM hosted several Girl Scout Badge Days as well as continuing to promote the American Saddlebred at 4H competitions in the past year. Plans are in the works to continue with these and other promotional activities throughout the state. The goals of the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan are to increase exposure to and education about the American Saddlebred, promote amateur sportsmanship, continue with charitable donations and continue the success and growth of the ASHAM Charity Horse Show. We all know the American Saddlebred is an amazing breed. Let’s make sure the rest of the world knows! My goals as president are to increase activities that showcase the versatility of this premier show horse breed, increase membership, and encourage more youth involvement. An ongoing goal is to expand and grow the ASHAM Fall Charity Horse Show. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable year whether it be in the show ring, on the trail riding or driving, or just enjoying your horse!


OUR MISSION Devoted to promoting amateur horsemanship and competition along with responsible breeding and training for the American Saddlebred


Vice President:



Pat VanSickle


Deb Harris


Dr. William Edgar

Margaret Chaaban


Holly Armstrong mrfsaddlebreds@gmail.com

Gayle Biederman gbiederman@chs-mi.com

Sena Bowling senabowling@aol.com

Cassidy Dolby cassidydolby@gmail.com

Lauren Greenwald lmgreenwald@hotmail.com

Jennifer Gulati whoaptrot@hotmail.com

Colette Hicks mhicks0810@gmail.com

Katie Hicks kmhicks1@charter.net

Jodi Higdon trainerjdh@aol.com

Jake Reed twohawks34@gmail.com

Pamela Specht pamelaspecht@gmail.com

Courtney Stefanik courtnwi@gmail.com

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Statement of Purpose Message from President Officers and Directors ASHAM Highpoint Awards Offered 2019 ASHA High Point Award Winners 2019 ASHA State Pleasure Horse Awards 2019 ASHA Region 6 High Point Champions 2019 ASHA National High Point Champions ASHAM Awards Banquet 2019: November 23, 2019 From the Desk of Marty Schaeffel: Every Day Is Different Right Now 2020 Horse Show Dates What IS the Monarch Show Series? 2019 ASHAM Charity Efforts 2019 ASHAM Members Receiving World’s Champion Titles 2020 UPHA National Conference ASHA Recap Remembering Reedannland: The End of an Era Membership Directory Farm Directory Vendor Directory


WC First In Line (C a l l Me R i ngo x Miss A l le y O op)


Presented by Dr. Amie Rowe

he Midwest Show Horse Directory is proud to present on it’s 2020 cover, World’s Champion First In Line and Dr. Amie Rowe. After many successful seasons showing exceptional gaited horses such as the powerhouse RWC You Can Kall Me Lucky, Amie decided to shift gears in 2019. While shopping in January, she fell in love with a charismatic, bold moving 5 year old gelding at Grey Ridge Farm. A breakout star in the 2018 season, First In Line was crowned Reserve World’s Champion of Champions Junior Fine Harness. However, it was when Amie took the lines that the pair became a force to be reckoned with in the Ama-teur Fine Harness ranks. After big wins at Syracuse International and Lexington Junior League horse shows, they were poised and ready for the challenge of the green shavings. The elegant, big going bay gelding and his beautiful driver commanded the ring on Monday Night in Freedom Hall and were unanimously crowned the Amateur Ladies Fine Harness World’s Champions. Both horse and driver won their first World’s Championships together, making the night even more special.The pair ended 2019 with a Reserve National Championship in the Amateur Harness division as well as with many year end accolades. This duo eagerly awaits the 2020 season, once again ready to challenge the best of the best.

World’s Champion Amateur Ladies Fine Harness Amateur Fine Harness All American Champion People’s Choice Reserve Amateur Fine Harness Saddle Horse Report Amateur Fine Harness Highpoint Top Ten


Open Five-Gaited Championship

Amateur Five-Gaited Championship

Amateur Three-Gaited Championship

Herbert Pedersen Perpetual Trophy David H. Bedell Perpetual Trophy

Frances Shook Perpetual Trophy

Lee Shipman Perpetual Trophy

You Can Kall Me Lucky

Callaway’s Born A Winner

Coffee Lace

Presented by Sena Bowling

Presented by Alexandra Wingfield

Owned by Wes & Sena Bowling

Owned by Alexandra Wingfield

Amateur Fine Harness Championship

Three-Gaited Park Championship

Eleanor Pedersen Perpetual Memorial Trophy

Gwendolyn Higdon Perpetual Memorial Trophy

Larry Schultz Perpetual Memorial Trophy

The Rush Hour

Crystal Creek’s New Generation

Platinum’s Moon Over Pluto

Presented by Kamryn Smith Owned by Brian & Deborah Harris/Kamryn Smith

Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving Championship

Presented by Dr. J R Gallagher

Presented by Gabby Hayes

Presented by Sherry Frankel

Owned by Dr. J R Gallagher

Owned by Holly Armstrong

Owned by SGF Winning Ways Farm

Open Park Pleasure Championship

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Championship

Morgan Hunter Pleasure Championship

The Bess Yet Perpetual Memorial Trophy

Ellen Rees Perpetual Trophy

Elizabeth Hensler Perpetual Trophy

Gothic’s Hells Bells

Kalarama’s McSuper

On The Verge

Presented by Marchia Belcher

Presented by Mallory Lawrence

Presented by Alexis Baikie

Owned by South Pointe Farm LLC

Owned by Mallory Lawrence

Owned by Christine Monteith

Equitation Championship

Western Pleasure Championship

Mary Ellen Finnest Perpetual Trophy

Patricia and Robert Weber Perpetual Trophy

Ella Sworm

Cloverleaf I Am Legend

Riding Timely Caper

Presented by Jennifer Gulati Owned by Jennifer Gulati


ASHAM ANNUAL HIGH POINT AWARDS OFFERED Five-Gaited, Open Five-Gaited, Amateur Five-Gaited, Jr. Exhibitor Three-Gaited, Open Three-Gaited, Amateur Three-Gaited, Jr. Exhibitor Fine Harness, Open Fine Harness, Amateur Three-Gaited Park, Open Three-Gaited Park, Amateur Three-Gaited Park Pleasure, Open Three-Gaited Park Pleasure, Amateur COTB Open English Pleasure COTB Amateur Pleasure COTB Saddleseat Jr. Ex. COTB Hunter Pleasure COTB Western Pleasure

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Three-Gaited Show Pleasure, Adult Three-Gaited Show Pleasure, Jr. Exhibitor Show Pleasure Driving Three-Gaited Country Pleasure, Adult Three–Gaited Country Pleasure, Jr. Exhibitor Country Pleasure Driving ASB Hunter Country Pleasure, Adult ASB Hunter Country Pleasure, Jr. Exhibitor ASB Western Country Pleasure Saddleseat Equitation 14-17 Saddleseat Equitation 13 & Under Walk/Trot Equitation, Any Seat Lead Line Equitation Hackney Pleasure Pony Driving Hackney Roadster Pony Driving Open Parade Horse


Adult Country Hunter Pleasure

Champion:You Can Kall Me Lucky – Wes & Sena Bowling

Champion: Meritage Into The Dream- Erin Tribble Reserve Champion: Cloverleaf I Am Legend - Jennifer Gulati

Amateur Five-Gaited Champion: Rosewood’s Once Upon A Time – Jason & Courtney Stefanik

Junior Exhibitor Country Hunter Pleasure

Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited

Champion:Treasure Isle - Mallory Lawrence Reserve Champion: Superior Brilliance - Alyssa Ethington

Champion: Coffee Lace – Brian & Deborah Harris/ Kamryn Smith

Country Western Pleasure

Open Three-Gaited Park Champion:Dice O’Mighty – Alexis Fenger Reserve Champion: Paddyngton’s Mark Of Distinction – Holly Armstrong

Champion: Cloverleaf I Am Legend - Jennifer Gulati Reserve Champion: Superior Brilliance - Alyssa Ethington

Saddleseat Equitation 14-17

Amateur Three-Gaited Park

Champion: Ella Sworm Reserve Champion: Mallory Lawrence

Champion:Takes Blue To Tango – Kelly Norris Reserve Champion: Gotcha First – Jenna Chaaban

Saddleseat Equitation 13 & Under

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure

Champion: Ella Sworm

Champion: Hotter Than Blue – Mackinzie Newton Reserve Champion:Tick Tock McGlaughlin – SGF Winning Ways Farm

Hunt Seat Equitation

Open Park Pleasure

Champion: Mallory Lawrence Reserve Champion:Alyssa Ethington

Champion:Thunder Crackin’ - Lauren Greenwald Reserve Champion: Far Away Sassy Cat - Kaitlin Goggins

Walk & Trot 11 & Under Hunt Seat Champion: Indian Creek Quantico

Adult Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Champion: Step It Up A Notch - Gayle Biederman Reserve Champion: Mystic Starlight - SGF Winning Ways Farm

Western Seat Equitation

Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure

COTB Open Saddleseat

Champion: Kalarama’s McSuper– Mallory Lawrence Reserve Champion:Victor’s Legacy - Jodi Hall

Champion: Coventry’s Too Fast Too Furious - SGF Winning Ways Farm Reserve Champion:The Rush Hour- Holly Armstrong

Adult Three-Gaited Country Pleasure

COTB Junior Exhibitor

Champion: Callaway’s Blue Ginger - Nancy Merlo Reserve Champion: Demon Blizzard - Sara Ressler

Champion: Superior Brilliance - Alyssa Ethington Reserve Champion:The Ballroom Blitz- Jodi Hall

Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Country Pleasure

COTB Huntseat

Champion: Superior Brilliance- Alyssa Ethington Reserve Champion: Paddyngton’s Flashpoint- Holly Armstrong

Champion: Mertiage Into The Dream- Erin Tribble Reserve Champion: My Barritz- Jake Reed

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Driving

COTB Western

Champion: Kalarama’s McSuper - Mallory Lawrence

Champion: Superior Brilliance- Alyssa Ethington Reserve Champion:VictorVictorious - Dr. Beverly Costinew

Champion:Alyssa Ethington

Hackney Pleasure Pony Driving Champion: Reedann’s Liberace- Jacqueline Hawkes Reserve Champion: Crystal Creek New Generation - SGF Winning Ways Farm

Open Parade Champion:The Rush Hour - Holly Armstrong

Roadster Pony Champion: Regal’s Special Effect LF - SGF Winning Ways Farm Reserve Champion: Hopes and Dreams -Katherine Hicks

2019 ASHAM AC ADEMY HIGH POINT AWARD WINNERS Walk/Trot/Canter Horsemanship/Equitation Adult

Walk/Trot/Canter Pleasure Adult

Champion: HeidiYoumans

Champion: HeidiYoumans

Walk/Trot/Canter Horsemanship/Equitation 14-17

Walk/Trot/Canter Pleasure 14-17

Champion: Emma Rockwell Reserve Champion:Allison Marchi

Champion:Allison Marchi Reserve Champion: Curtis Desota

Walk/Trot/Canter Horsemanship/Equitation 13 & Under

Walk/Trot/Canter Pleasure 13 & Under

Champion: Sophie Zalac Reserve Champion: Isabella Sigsby

Champion: Sophie Zalac Reserve Champion: Isabella Sigsby

Walk and Trot Horsemanship/Equitation 11-13

Walk and Trot Pleasure 11-13

Champion: Chandler Willey Reserve Champion: Kennedy Crist

Champion: Chandler Willey Reserve Champion: Kennedy Crist

Walk and Trot Horsemanship/Equitation 10 & Under

Walk and Trot Pleasure 9-10

Champion: Morgan Toronjo Reserve Champion: Olivia Hawkins

Champion: Morgan Toronjo Reserve Champion: Olivia Hawkins

Walk and Trot Horsemanship/Equitation 8 & Under

Walk and Trot Pleasure 8 & Under

Champion:Addie Lee Reserve Champion: Olivia Konet

Champion: Olivia Konet Reserve Champion: Marek Sutherland

2019 ASHA STATE PLEASURE HORSE AWARDS Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Adult

Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor

Step It Up A Notch Owned and Ridden By: Gayle Biederman

Kalarama’s McSuper Owned and Ridden By: Mallory Lawrence

Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Adult

Show Pleasure Driving

Callaway’s Blue Ginger Owned By: Nancy Merlo

Kalarama’s McSuper Owned and Driven By: Mallory Lawrence

Western Country Pleasure

Hunter Country Pleasure

Cloverleaf I Am Legend Owned and Ridden By: Jennifer Gulati

Meritage Into the Dream Owned and Ridden By: Erin Tribble

2019 ASHA REGION 6 HIGH POINT CHAMPIONS Three-Gaited Amateur Park

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Combined

Takes Blue To Tango– Kelly Norris

Tick Tock McGlaughlin– Sherry Frankel (SGF Winning Ways Farm)

2019 ASHA NATIONAL HIGH POINT CHAMPIONS Open English Pleasure CH Coventry’s Too Fast Too Furious– Lauren Greenwald Owned by: Sherry Frankel (SGF Winning Ways Farms)


Photos by : Sher r y Fran kel and Jen Gu l at i


Mark Your Calendars for Next Year’s Banquet: January 16, 2021 at Coyote Preserve Golf Course

Welcome to 2020: The Year of COVID-19


Every Day Is Different Right Now


s we wake up each day to a new and different reality, we hope that this current pandemic will end as swiftly and painlessly as possible. It is the most fluid situation any of us have faced. But this too shall pass. There is one very clear and observable trend. Local, state, and the federal government are all trending towards minimizing social interaction. President Trump said yesterday that we should be in groups of less than ten people, as has the CDC. Restaurants and bars are moving towards no inperson dining, only carry out. We, as an association, want to do what we can to protect the health and welfare of our members and employees. We have taken steps to help our staff work and function remotely, however possible. We have formed a committee to look at how we can help our members during this time. We will recommend following the mandates given to us by all governmental agencies. They are changing daily it seems so it is hard to keep up. We also will follow the guidance of our national governing body. We are obligated to do that. Life has suddenly changed as we once knew it. President Trump said he anticipates this lasting into the summer at his press briefing yesterday. This is a very rare set of circumstances we are facing. Maybe only happens once in a lifetime. We are Americans. We have been through multiple wars and rebounded. We went through the Great Depression and the 2008 Recession, and we

Published March 17, 2020

rebounded to greater heights than ever. We went through the horrific Spanish flu 100 years ago, and we rebounded. That is what Americans do. And we will rebound from this too. The medical community and government seem to be swiftly moving toward greater social distancing in order to eradicate this virus. That continues to provide short term hardships for everyone. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. We are a very special community of friends and participants. But one thing is certain, as Americans and horse people, we have seen adversity many times, and we have survived it. And so I say again, this too shall pass. We will continue to try and provide regular updates and guidance as we receive it from government agencies and USEF. We will get through this. If this crisis defines us, it will define us as resilient Americans. Marty Schaeffel, ASHA President

2020 HORSE SHOW DATES IASHA Spring Warm Up March 20-22, 2020 Cloverdale, IN

MHSA Summer Show August 21-23, 2020 Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason, MI

Blue Ribbon Classic Horse Show April 3-4, 2020 Champions Center, Springfield, OH

World’s Championship Horse Show August 22-29, 2020 Kentucky State Fairgrounds, Louisville, KY

Kentucky Spring Premier April 9-11, 2020 Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

All American Horse Classic September 9-12, 2020 Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN

MJMHA Classic April 17-19, 2020 Ingham County Fairgrounds, Mason, MI

Michigan Morgan Horse Breeder’s Futurity Horse Show September 11-13, 2020 Michigan State University Pavilion, Lansing, MI

River Ridge Charity Horse Show April 22-25, 2020 Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, OH Heartland Classic Horse Show May 8-10, 2020 Champions Center, Springfield, OH Madison Classic Horse Show May 21-24, 2020 Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI Indianapolis Charity Horse Show May 27-30, 2020 Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN Rock Creek Horse Show June 2-6, 2020 Rock Creek Riding Club, Louisville, KY Midwest Charity Horse Show June 9-13, 2020 Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL Brown County Charity Horse Show June 11-13, 2020 Brown Country Fairgrounds, Georgetown, OH Syracuse International Horse Show June 24-27, 2020 New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show July 6-11, 2020 Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY Crystal Horse Show July 30-31, 2020 Michigan State University Pavilion, East Lansing, MI Dayton Horse Show August 5-8, 2020 Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, OH

***Horse show names containing an

Springfield Charity Horse Show September 11-13, 2020 Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, OH St. Louis National Charity September 23-26, 2020 St. Louis, MO Kentucky Fall Classic September 30-October 3, 2020 Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY ASHAM Fall Charity October 8-10, 2020 Michigan State University Pavilion, East Lansing, MI Mid–America Mane Event Horse Show October 15-18, 2020 Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, IL Heartland Spooktacular October 23-25, 2020 Champions Center, Springfield, OH BOOtacular October 29-November 1, 2020 Michigan State University Pavilion, East Lansing, MI American Royal National Championships November 9-14, 2020 American Royal Complex, Kansas City, MO UPHA Chapter 20 Holiday Luncheon and Tour of Meadowbrook Hall December 6, 2020 Meadowbrook Hall, Rochester, MI ASHAM Annual Awards Banquet January 16, 2020 Coyote Preserve Golf Course

are ASHAM Highpoint approved shows

***Shows listed in red were cancelled/rescheduled in lieu of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

What IS the Monarch Show Series? In 2019, a group of concerned American Saddlebred enthusiasts began discussions about taking a proactive approach to combat issues that were plaguing the American Saddlebred industry. These issues include a steady decline in ASB registration and transfers; in bridging the gap between academy participation and horse ownership; young professionals leaving the industry for more secure employment opportunities; professionals and owners alike feeling left behind by the industry’s focus on elite levels of competition...the list goes on . Out of these discussions, a vision was formed to network mainstream horse shows across the country and offer a “Crown Jewel” competition for this core market. This concept resulted in the new Monarch Show Series National Championship that will be held in the Coliseum of Champions on the Illinois State Fairgrounds October 1-4, 2020. In order to qualify to show at the Monarch Show Series National Championship, the SAME horse/rider combination must have shown in the division which they are competing in at least three (3) horse shows in the Monarch Series Network. Open Breed classes offered at the Monarch Show Series National Championship do not require prior qualification and are not considered Monarch Show Series National Championships. Check the website below for the Monarch Show Series National Championship tentative schedule, class list, network of horse shows, how to enroll your horse show and much more!

w w w.monarchs er i es .c om

Join the excitement on October 1-4, 2020.

October 8 -10th,,2020

Judge: John Warner

A Star Show and a Monarch Series Show

2019 ASHAM CHARITY EFFORTS For the 7th consecutive year, ASHAM was proud to select O.A.T.S. (Offering Alternative Therapy with Smiles) as our charity partner for the 2019 Fall Horse Show. Through the support of our generous sponsors, ASHAM was able to supply all stalls and bedding for the O.A.T.S. horses. As entries have grown, multiple divisions have been added to the show’s program so every rider is able to compete. This year’s UPHA Exceptional Rider class was filled with competitors not only from O.A.T.S. but several other barns too. As well as qualifying for the National Championship Finals at the American Royal, this gave the students from all over a sense of community. ASHAM is proud to continue our partnership with the O.A.T.S. organization by not only hosting these rider’s specific classes, but also through generous monetary donations to their program. We consider their attendance at our Fall Charity Horse Show as one of the many highlights of the horse show and look forward to their return at the 2020 show. O.A.T.S. has always strived to keep program costs low, making contributions from those outside of the organization critical to their present and future operations. Here are ways you can help: monetary donations, volunteer, donate your horse or pony, sponsor an O.A.T.S. horse, or donate items for fundraising raffles and silent auctions. Contact O.A.T.S. at (248) 620-1775 or visit their website at http://www.oatshrh.org


WCC Alexus Texus

WC Noble Charm

driven by Elizabeth Scoggin

presented by Sena Bowling

World’s Champion of Champions Amateur Road Pony World’s Champion Amateur Road Pony50” and under

Ladies Five-Gaited Gelding Division II World’s Champion

Owned by Scoggin LLC Cindy Scoggin Elizabeth Scoggin Trained by Harper Stables

Owned by Hagerman Farms LLC Jocelyn Hagerman Trained by Taylor Creek Stables

WC First In Line

WCC CH Callaway’s Aperitif

Amateur Ladies Fine Harness Division II World’s Champion

Reserve World’s Champion of Champion Open Park Reserve World’s Champion Open Park Mares

Owned by Saddlebred Rowe LLC Dr. Amie Rowe Trained by Taylor Creek Stables

Owned by SGF Winning Ways Farm Sherry Frankel Trained by Taylor Creek Stables

driven by Dr. Amie Rowe

presented by Lauren Greenwald

RWC Coffee Lace

presented by Kamryn Smith Reserve World’s Champion Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited 13 and Under Division I Owned by Brian and Deborah Harris and Kamryn Smith Trained by Taylor Creek Stables

2019 Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Award is proudly presented to...

Pebbles does it all! She teaches the newest beginners from their first lesson all the way to the experienced show riders!! A former show horse herself, she still competes with her riders at academy shows across the country. Pebbles is well loved by all members of the Silver Lake Stables and Taylor Creek Stables Family!

Congrats Pebbles!!

2019 Francis Dodge Sportsmanship Award is proudly presented to...

This award is brand new to ASHAM in 2019. It is given in honor of Frances Dodge and awarded to a current amateur ASHAM member who exhibits exceptional sportsmanship both in and out of the show ring. This individual must also help to promote the American Saddlebred and/or Hackney Pony in the state of Michigan and volunteer their time to the association at various events. In its inaugural year, Cindy Scoggin was nominated by the ASHAM board as the recipient. Cindy always is the first person to greet others at shows with a smile and positive attitude. In addition to being an exhibitor and owner, she has been instrumental in the production of the ASHAM Fall Charity Horse Show as well as promotion of the American Saddlebred and Hackney Pony as a whole. We could not think of anyone more deserving of this coveted award.


July 30th - July 31st, 2020 Classes offered for Saddlebred, Morgan, Hackney, Carriage Horses, as well as open Classes for all breeds. A Star Show for Morgans Star Show for Saddlebreds Part of the Monarch Series Show.

Judges: Brooke Jacobs & Todd Trushel


201 – 4th Ave SW, Suite 3, New Prague, MN 56071 Office: 952-758-2872 Dana: 952-250-5280 AppointmentsUSA@gmail.com

SAVE THE DATE UPHA Chapter 20 Christmas Luncheon and Tour at Meadowbrook Hall

December 6th, 2020

Become a member a at uphaonline.com


ASHAM proudly recognizes its member, Hannah Hicks, for winning the AHHS Junior Exhibitor of the Year Award. Hannah began her journey with the Hackney breed two years ago, after seeing how much her mother and sister loved the breed. It did not take long for her to fall in love with this wonderful breed. After her first year showing Hannah decided she wanted to do more to help promote the breed. Using her graphic arts skills learned at school, she created the campaign “Ask Me About the Hackney.” At local shows Hannah taught kids, who had never worked with Hackney ponies before, how to complete the youth medallion showmanship pattern. She also encouraged another junior exhibitor who had never shown a Hackney pony before to show her pony, while she participated with a pony that she had never shown before. Hannah works hard to encourage others to fall in love with the Hackney like she has every day.


ASHAM is proud to recognize the Tall Tails Youth Club for winning the ASHA Youth Club of the Year in 2019. They received this award at the ASHA Youth Conference in Lexington, Kentucky this past February. This Grand Blanc based Youth Club is led by Jodi Hall and Brian Buckler out of Executive Farms. This dedicated Youth Club also won Outstanding Achievement In Membership and History. 2019 marks the third time that Tall Tails Youth Club received this prestigious award, also winning in 2011 and 2015. ASHAM is proud of this Michigan based organization and looks forward to the many wonderful things they plan to do in the upcoming years!

20 2 0 U PHA





t was a great time to be in Lexington, Kentucky, this past week for the UPHA National Conference. Since the collec-tive gathering of the UPHA, AHHA, AMHA, ARHPA, and ASHA started in 2015, last week’s proved to be one of the best ones yet with an unprecedented agenda of engaging and enriching sessions that served over 600 attendees. The ASHA focused our efforts last week on continuing to foster positive relationship development and progress on behalf of our membership. We are proud of the reception each of our sessions received and appreciative of the use-ful feedback from attendees that will help us get better in the future. ASHA extends our deepest gratitude to the UPHA Planning Committee, volunteers, and ASHA staff that dedicate an enormous amount of time and effort to make this event a success every year. For those that could not be with us at the National Conference, we provide the following recap.

free by current UPHA Professional Members who are not on track to be judges. Both our leadership and facilitators believe this can be an excellent tool for industry professionals looking to strengthen their ability to articulate to clients and the newcomers they are introducing to showing the American Saddlebred.

Licensed Officials Education Last week’s ASHA Judges Clinic set a completely new precedent for attendance and new applicants. It was refreshing and encour-aging to have 30 new applicants perusing their first USEF Licensed Judges accreditation alongside the 40 previous licensed judges.

In this year’s meeting, all agenda items received unanimous approval from the board. Executive leadership for 2020 established Marty Schaffel as President, James Nichols as Vice President, Allen Bosworth as Treasurer, and Owen Weaver as Secretary. Also, the board voted to enact an idle by-law that identifies and creates a succession plan for executive leadership of the board. The board also heard and approved proposals to take advantage of bylaws that create room for three honorary appointed board members that contribute valuable perspectives from membership but do not have voting privileges.The three honorary board members approved for 2020 are Amy Dix-Rocks, Joe O’Brien, and Chris Shubert. The board looks forward to having these individuals’ professional expertise and American Saddlebred experience at the table to help us in the upcoming year. In closing, the board voted to approve the 2020 annual budget and the first horse show grant to the Silicon Valley Horse Show in California.

The ASHA Judges Clinic is for anyone needing to get educational hours, start the licensing process, or interested in learning more about judging standards for Saddlebred, Hackney, Roadster, and Equitation classes. The clinics are facilitated by Fran Crumpler and Melissa Moore. ASHA took over licensed officials education in the spring of 2019 and has since hosted two clinics to rave reviews and growing interest. Because of the interest in and value of this educational forum to better understand the judging standards, ASHA is opening up future clinics to be audited for

For more information and future clinic dates, check out our Licensed Officials page. ASHA Board of Directors Meeting While the National Conference is a great time to engage with members, it also proves to be an advantageous time to hold one of the two in-person board meetings for the ASHA Board of Directors. ASHA held its first of two sessions on Wednesday before many of the conference activities commencing to introduce oncoming members and create a dialog that both closes out and starts the new term with positivity and progress.

Annual Membership Meeting Each year during the National Conference, the participating affiliate associations hold annual membership meetings.The ASHA uses this opportunity to both highlight key accomplishments and shares the major new initiatives for the upcoming year. This year Lead-ership presented a president’s report, executive director’s report, treasurer’s report, ASR report, USEF rule proposals update, and nominating committee procedures. Paul and Dorothy Gillenwater Family Award- Bandy, Wilson, Mattson Family Wing Commander Medal- Helen Rich & Ali DeGray ASHA Awards Luncheon Presentation A special thank you to our leadership, staff, volunteers, Richfield Video Productions and the UPHA Conference planning committee that all work together to make this great event possible! One advancement made for 2020 was the 36-page full-color ASHA 2019 Annual Report we developed for meeting attendees to re-view and follow along with the presentation given by the interim executive

director, David Mount. 2019 has been a year of significant progress. The report takes members through the past year, starting with the goals set at the 2019 National Conference in Palm Springs. It outlines ASHA’s accomplishments in leadership, partnerships, member benefits, competition support, marketing and promotions, youth activities, and industry services initiatives.The 2019 ASHA Annual Report is available for your viewing here. In addition to the Annual Report, President Marty Schaffel and Treasurer Allen Bosworth took the stage to update membership and review the directional mission currently driving the ASHA to continued progress, accountability, and positivity. Schaffel’s President Report spoke to the last six months with him at the helm focusing on communications, transparency, and partnership. He also touched on the threats facing all equine endeavors with declining registrations and horse shows, but how we can combat these challenges by following a mantra, he followed in business, “You can be successful if you are willing to help enough other people be successful.” The President’s Report was highlighted by the guest appearance of Mercer Springs Farm Matriarch, the formidable, Sandra Lilly. Lilly implored all in attendance to celebrate the positive things happening

in our community and direct our energy into building a robust future hand in hand for the betterment of the American Saddlebred. Schaffel echoed these sentiments with a final take away that we will continue to make every effort to stand arm in arm to look out and work towards strengthening the ASHA and the American Saddlebred community. Bosworth translated the financial summary into layman’s terms and break down the fiscal philosophy currently at work to make “ASHA a business that operates as a business.” The overall take away was that ASHA in 2020 would be operating on a flat budget and continue to modernize business practices and policies. ASR Registrar Lisa Duncan and USEF Board Member member Judy Werner also gave their reports to the membership. Duncan high-lighted the last year of statistics on foal registrations, stallions reporting, transfers completed, the 2020 First Time Breeders Pro-gram, online registrations, and the Half Saddlebred Registry. Werner gave an update on current USEF Saddlebred rule proposals currently being reviewed and considered. She took the time to explain how rule proposals come to fruition and that just because a rule was proposed does not make it enforceable, nor does it mean that it will eventually be passed. We thank Richfield Video Productions for being on hand to record the meeting and will be sharing the video as soon as it becomes available. Continuing Education Since the early spring of 2019, ASHA has worked to create support resources for our members to strengthen areas of their equine endeavors, from promotion to barn business management.To continue this mission to provide value to ASHA members, we brought three educational sessions to the National Conference this year. We are incredibly grateful for the support of Independent Equine Agents for making these sessions possible.

Leading the ASHA Continuing Education Sessions were Elisabeth McMillan from EquestrianProfessional. com and Chad Mendell from Equiseen Marketing. These two equine industry leaders provided over five hours of enrichment content to ASHA members and conference attendees in the areas of marketing and business planning. Mendell broke down the importance of “don’t make me think” when it comes to your website, social media, and service advertising. He meticulously went through website organization, social advertising, and the tips and tricks to making social media posts work for you. McMillian, who also mentors our ASHA Professional Development Grant recipients, led both a presentation and workshop to help guide attendees through four areas focus to succeed more in your equine business. Attendees learned how to approach their business and personal goals with increased awareness and self-understanding to assure that every facet of your business is working optimally for you. Each of these sessions was captured by Richfield Video Productions and will be made available shortly. In addition to the two guest speakers, ASHA’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Jessica Cushing, prepared and presented a basic digital marketing resource workshop to the Riding Program Council on Wednesday. Cushing produced a resource guide with step-by-step processes for how to make economic digital marketing resources work for you. The manual is available here and is meant to accompany the hands-on direction of a facilitator there to support and instruct attendees through their first designs and video creations.The ASHA looks forward to expanding this manual and more to assist more members in helping #sharethesaddlebred and growing their barn communities. A special thank you to our leadership, staff, volunteers, Richfield Video Productions and the UPHA Conference planning committee that all work together to make this great event possible!

ASHA Awards ASHA was proud to honor over 100 members in attendance at the National Conference. From our annual ASHA Major Awards to National High Point Champions, we took the time to celebrate equestrians from all regions and disciplines last week. Over 200 guests joined us to celebrate these accomplishments at the ASHA Awards Luncheon! It is humbling to see the vast array of accomplished American Saddlebreds and members succeeding in the show ring and beyond in 2019.

ASHA Horse of the Year - CH The Daily Lottery ASHA Major Award Video Presentations Lifetime Achievement Award - Jimmy & Helen Robertson Breeder Hall of Fame & Meritorious Service Award - Singing Hills Stables Breeder of the Year Award - Julie Behrends-Jones C.J. Cronan & Lurline Roth Sportsmanship Awards - Kenny & Ceil Wheeler Frank Ogletree Youth Award - Devin Sell Gordon Jenkins International Award - Victoria Gillenwater Paul and Dorothy Gillenwater Family Award - Bandy, Wilson, Mattson Family Wing Commander Medal - Helen Rich & Ali DeGray ASHA Awards Luncheon Presentation





By: Kim Skipton for ASHA

any of us are preparing for the upcoming Reedannland Sale. Whether we attend in person, watch online, place a phone bid, or just reminisce about the many greats that have come from the breeding program at Reedannland, we all want to be a part of this historical moment in time. At 10:00 am on Saturday, March 7, the era of Reedannland will come to an end. Robert-son Equine Sales will be handling the once in a lifetime sale in Norwalk, Iowa. Buyers will have a rare opportunity to acquire top consignments from one of the most iconic Saddlebred operations in history. The sale includes broodmares, show prospects, breeding stallions and yearlings bred by Dr. Alan R. Raun. Many of the horses are second and third generation Reedannland breeding stock with the bloodlines of WGC sire RWC CH The Talk Of The Town, WCC sire Phi Slama Jama, WCC sire The Mystery Writer, and WC sire The County Treasure most prevalent. Let’s take a look back at the Reedannland breeding program and some of the wonderful horses that have emerged from it. It will suffice to say, there were hundreds bred at Reedannland, including some of the greatest show horses in our breed. The first horse on record as being bred by the Rauns or Reedannland is actually listed as being bred by Mrs. Alan Raun. Foaled in 1968, The Grand Finale was the last horse sired by the great Genius Bourbon King. Though she is listed as breeder on just a few, Dotty Raun obviously had a good eye for selecting top breeding stallions to breed to early on! In 1971, the first top show horse bred by Dr. Alan R. Raun was foaled. This horse came close to giving Dr. Raun his first world’s grand champion as a breeder. Originally named Reedann’s Commander, history buffs will remember him as CH Shivaree. Dr. Raun owned him until 1976 when he sold him to the Feeler family. Under the direction of trainer Dick Obenauf, CH Shivaree was the 1977

Three-Gaited Over 15.2 Reserve World’s Champion. He returned in 1978 to earn the titles Three-Gaited Over 15.2 World’s Champion as well as Three-Gaited Reserve World’s Grand Champion. It would take until 1999 for Dr. Raun to breed the horse he called the culmination of his years as a breeder, 2008 Five-Gaited World’s Grand Champion CH Breaking News. The versatile gelding with the huge heart won world’s champion titles in juvenile, amateur and open, and showed until he was 14. He was sired by Dr. Raun’s own stallion RWC CH The Talk Of The Town (by WGC sire WGC CH Yorktown) and out of a daughter of WGC sire WCC CH Caramac. His second dam was also by CH Yorktown, making CH Breaking News a perfect example of the line breeding often utilized by Dr. Raun. CH The Talk Of The Town had been lightly bred by his former owner Jean McLean Davis, siring two reserve world’s champions. Under Dr. Raun’s guidance, he sired his first world’s champion, the 1996 Junior Five-Gaited Mare World’s Champion Reedann’s Country Talk, with Raun listed as breeder. Dr. Raun bred several horses that he either sent to George Knight for training, or sold to George or one of his customers, that went on to great fame. The first was the home bred CH Reedann’s Box Seat, that was sired by another of Raun’s stallions, WGC sire Stonewall’s

Main Event. George sold him to the Adler family for Melody Adler and the pair won world’s championship titles in the juvenile three-gaited division. Another George selected from Dr. Raun’s breeding program for the Adlers was CH Jane Doe. The mare was out of one of Dr. Raun’s mares that he chose to breed to the outside stallion WGC CH Buck Rogers. This Raun bred mare had been a world’s champion in the ThreeYear-Old Three-Gaited Futurity for Dr. Raun before winning the Junior Three-Gaited World’s Champion of Champion titles for George. Later George had the Adlers buy yet another Raun bred mare, this time it was RWC Intoxicating Conversation (BHF), a daughter of Dr. Raun’s own CH The Talk Of The Town. Another Knight/ Raun collaboration was a mare that stole Doc’s heart, WC CH Jaunty Janette. George bought her himself from Reedannland in early 1998 and sold her to Vicky Byrd a month or so later. The mare and Vicky would go on to win multiple world’s championship titles in the ladies/ amateur division. CH Jaunty Janette was also by Raun’s stallion CH The Talk Of The Town and Dr. Raun always listed her as his most favorite home bred horse be-sides CH Breaking News. A great breeder needs top stallions, great mares, and the knowledge of how to cross them - Dr. Raun had all three. Some of the stallions he stood at stud are WGC sire Stonewall’s Main Event, WGC sire RWC CH The Talk Of

The Town, WCC sire Phi Slama Jama, WC sire Copper Town, WCC sire The Mystery Writer, and WC sire The County Treasure. He owned Hall of Fame broodmares Bourbon ‘N Coke and Yorkshire Pudding, and he bred Hall of Fame broodmares Soft Spoken and Clari-Phi, as well as Positively Peggy (dam of WCC CH Break On Through), Lady Phi (dam of WC Man On The Move and WC Isn’t She Something), City Talk (dam of WC Mister Hyde), Winsdown It’s About Time (dam of WCC Vegas Moon and RWC It’s No Wonder), Twin Cities (dam of RWC Nitty Gritty Blues), etc. Other show ring winners in the long list of horses bred by Dr. Raun include WCC CH Courageous Flower, WCC CH Fight Night, WCC CH Mystery Magic, WC The Gun Moll, WC CH Town Rose, WC Chere Peridot, WC Reedann’s Phor-sythia, and so many more. The last horse on record as being bred by Dr. Alan R. Raun was foaled May 30, 2019. Reedann’s The Good Doctor is a product of pure Reedannland breeding as he is by the young Reedannland bred stallion Reedann’s Meant To Be and out of a mare by Reedann’s Top Gun (a son of Stonewall’s Main Event). Buyers at the this Saturday’s sale will have a chance to bid on this horse as well as his sire., along with nearly 60 other products of the genius of Dr. Raun. The era of Reedannland may be over but the legacy will continue for many years to come.

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