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Paul Gerla

CEO at Kempen & Co

“It’s in our DNA to keep building the bank from one generation to the next” Living in Zuidas special

Zuidas: one of the biggest residential building locations citywide

SURPRISING ENCOUNTERS G&S Vastgoed & Sterk Heiwerken RUBEN VAN ZWIETEN Diversity shortage in Zuidas GOT A MINUTE…? How Zuidas stays safe, clean and attractive

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Refreshed or wiped out? With the weather heating up, the media start

2. Touch base with your colleagues

reporting that about 75 % of us working people

Talk to your manager about your holiday plans well

are stressed out when going on their holidays.

in advance and make clear arrangements about who

Not me, I’m happy to say! Everyone here in

can fill in for you during your absence. Also be sure

Zuidas, who has put in a hard year’s work deserves

to update your colleagues about the current status

to enjoy a week or two of sunshine stress-free.

of projects, any agreements and deadlines, as well

To ensure that you do, I’m going to share a few tips.

as your main contacts. Clear communication will prevent any nasty surprises.

1. Don’t get on your flight coming straight from the office.

3. Bye-bye WiFi

This is probably the most vital tip: if your last day of

WiFi is everywhere, and it can be tempting to take a

work is on a Friday, don’t fly or drive off on your

quick glance at your work inbox. But with your phone

holiday until Sunday at the earliest. That way,

alerting you to each new incoming message, before

you can wind down on Friday evening and have

you know it you’ll be working as usual. Seek out WiFi-

all of Saturday to pack and get organized. Back at

free spots like the beach or mountains, or simply

the office on a Monday? Then Saturday morning

turn your WiFi off. It’s healthy to take a mental break


is the perfect time to return home. It’s not a waste

from work and not be available every now and then!

The next issue of Hello

of valuable vacation time; it gives you a chance to recalibrate so you can start the week refreshed!

Take these tips, and your summer will be off to a good start!

Zuidas is scheduled for the 29 th of August

Thinking of staying in Zuidas this summer? You might be interested to know that Europe’s top athletes will be gathering at the Olympic Stadium for the European Athletics Championships. And you can do some training of your own on the new outdoor fitness equipment in Beatrixpark, or swim in Clubsportive’s new pool. Starting on 12 July, Mahlerplein will host a three-day cycling extravaganza, where you can pedal for charity in a mini-velodrome, admire stunt acts, spread a picnic blanket, test-drive a new (e-)bike, ride an architecture route on your bicycle, and much more. In August, the Grachtenfestival will feature several concerts on lovely locations throughout Zuidas. Whether you’re staying in Amsterdam or heading abroad, I wish you a wonderful summer. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


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47 With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



#Trending topics RUTGER DE QUAY @RUTGER_ “Het volgende station is Amsterdam-Zuid” Meisje tegen moeder in de trein: “Mama, hier praten ze allemaal net zo gek zoals op tv, toch?” • SASKIA RILL @SASKIARILL Werkoverleg #zuidas #market33. Nieuw foodcourt. Binnenkort open. Welkom! • BACKWERK ZUIDAS @BACKWERK_ZUIDAS We’re now open, start off the day with a Freshly brewed #coffee #togo at Backwerk #Zuidas #earlybird • MARK CATCHLOVE @MARKCATCHLOVE An idea is not a good idea if you can’t explain it to your mother or children #BCOconference #zuidas • TATEHINDLE @TATEHINDLE Environmental & technical innovation underpins The Edge office design in Zuidas district, Amsterdam @BCOconference • CHRIS BUIJINK @CHRISBUIJINK Zonnige #zuidas: bij #DickysGrandCafé afscheid Kirsi Rautiainen van @bankensector. Thx Kirsi! • MICHAEL DAVIS] @THEMPD #zuidas crazy district in #Amsterdam where every building is different and the Dutch are very relaxed @OfficeAndy • ERIK DE VRIES @EMDVRIES Bouw parkeergarage @RAI_Amsterdam in één woord indrukwekkend! Realisatie door Aan de Stegge Twello & @carparksNL. • MARKKOSTER @MARKKOSTER Daar zijn we weer met @zuidasfm. Met Chris Luken, Kim Kötter & met een bizarre zwembadoorlog aan de Zuidas. • MARIA ANNE VAN DIJK @MARIAANNE_VD ‘Duurzaam clubhuis’ van de #zuidas: verbindingsplek #circulareconomy. In april 2017 af! @ABNAMRO #duurzaamindialoog • DELETE WAXING @DELETE_WAXING Delete Zuidas is officieel open! En iedereen heeft het gehoord! • ARJAN DE KOK @ARJANDEKOK Interessante meeting op de Zuidas bij de NVB over de bankensector ECB en hypotheken @bankensector • THE TAILORMATES @THETAILORMATES The TailorMates on the road: today @MichaelPageNL #maatpak#zuidas#tailormates#travelingtailormates • JAAP HAK @JAAPHAK Heijmans bouwt nieuwe rechtbank Amsterdam De grootste rechtbank van Nederland komt aan Amsterdamse Zuidas • GH4RTW @GH4RTW Unfortunately the Stars from #FrankStrella are being removed from #Zuidas • JOUKE JAN KONING @JOUKEKONING Ik kom toch langzaam steeds hogerop; shoot op de 17e verdieping van ABN Amro op de zuidas • JAAP LODDERS @JAAPLODDERS Op werkbezoek in the Edge op de Zuidas. Het meest duurzame gebouw van Europa. • EDGAR NIJMAN @PRIMAHOOR Vanmiddag superdeluxe lunch aan de zuidas met witte wijn enzo. Dus nu maar weer gewoon sla, magnetronbak en bier! • PARQUETTEUR MARCEL  @MARCELLUIKEN  Zuidas Lijkt Manhattan wel • DOROTHE HOLLAND @DOROTHEHOLLAND   #Tndtmonitor2015 Presentatie Monitor @ABNAMRO zuidas: “Diversiteit is geen vrouwending, is juist n mannending” Quote @Josnijhuis #Schiphol





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Paul Gerla, CEO at Kempen & Co


‘It’s in our DNA to keep building the bank from one generation to the next’ As a newly-minted econometrics graduate from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Paul Gerla went to work for Shell at the age of 22. For the next 17 years, he traveled the world for this multinational company - going from Colombia to Malaysia. Gerla genuinely enjoyed all the learning it brought; still, by the time he was 38, with a growing family thrown into the mix, he was ready for a change of career and a return to the Netherlands. When he became acquainted with the Dutch merchant bank Kempen & Co, he knew that it was a venture to which he could devote himself heart and soul. He became part of a group of committed professionals who were working to expand the reach and reputation of the bank. And that is precisely what they did. In an interview with Hello Zuidas, Gerla talks about his position as Kempen’s CEO, his views on Zuidas, and the vision driving the bank. Could you tell us something about the bank’s history?

expectations is to devote lots of time to building a strong

Kempen & Co was started back in 1903 by Mr. Kempen and his

culture among our employees, and that’s an aspect I really like.

associate Martin de Lange (hence the ‘Co’). De Lange eventually took over the business, and his son in turn succeeded him. If you

As a bank, what challenges are you up against?

look at our history, you can see that it’s fundamentally rooted in

At a company like Kempen, the challenges are massive.

our DNA to keep building the bank from one generation to the next,

All around us the markets are constantly changing. The world is

and that really appeals to me. We’ve had our office in Zuidas since

a highly competitive place. There’s never a dull moment, really.

2002. These are our headquarters, employing up to 500 people,

And there are so many fascinating issues to be tackled. The pension

but we also have offices in Edinburgh, London and New York.

sector has been turned upside down. Whereas society was once community-driven, there is now more emphasis on the individual.

What are the bank’s areas of specialization?

The question is how do you, as a business, respond to these

Kempen is active in Merchant Banking and in Asset Management

developments? It is my belief that there are plenty of opportunities

(Kempen Capital Management). Kempen Capital Management is

for an agile bank like Kempen.

our specialist asset manager, having a sharp focus and a clear investment philosophy, catering for two core activities. Firstly, we excel in a number of asset classes: small caps, property, high-dividend equities, fixed-income securities and funds of hedge funds. Secondly, we offer institutional clients a fiduciary service that provides them with a fully comprehensive asset management solution, based on their own specific needs. These clients include

‘The trick is getting strong individuals to put their heads together and create something great’

both domestic and international institutional investors, such as pension funds, family offices and insurance companies. Our Merchant Banking arm (Kempen Corporate Finance and

What does a typical working day look like for you?

Kempen Securities) offers specialist services in areas such as

My alarm goes off at a quarter to six. Since I live in The Hague,

securities, mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions

I have to commute to Zuidas. I arrive at half past seven, ahead

and finance advice to institutional investors, companies,

of the rush hour. During the day I’ll have visits with clients,

financial institutions and semi-public and public entities.

activities with staff and meetings with the Kempen or Van

Merchant Banking has adopted a niche strategy and, in addition

Lanschot management team. I regularly try to have walking

to acquiring a substantial share of the Benelux market, has evolved

meetings with staff and clients at the Beatrixpark, one of the most

into one of the international market leaders in life sciences and

beautiful parks in Amsterdam. My schedule is full most evenings

healthcare, financial institutions and fintech, and European property.

as well, with engagements here in Zuidas or elsewhere in the Netherlands. I’m on the board of the Dutch Fund and Asset

What is the vision driving the bank?

Management Association (DUFAS), a body that represents

For me, the motto says it all: From Good to Great. We constantly

all asset managers in the Netherlands, and I am also on the

strive to inspire our staff. Our strategy for fulfilling clients’

supervisory board of the Spaarne Gasthuis. So I’m always busy!

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Sports are also important to me. The Romans knew what they

breathing and heartbeat. I rarely have any physical complaints

were talking about, with their maxim ‘a healthy mind in a healthy

and when I do, I generally recover fairly quickly.

body’. Keeping fit is a must for me, and we also try to promote that mentality among the staff. For example, we sponsor the

What is Kempen’s view of current developments

Amsterdam student rowing club Nereus, and a hockey club,

in Zuidas?

Pinoké, and have been taking part in the Dam tot Damloop

I’ve worked here for almost 12 years and am really impressed by

and Zuidas Run for years.

the developments. Everybody who works here, I think, is proud of this location and enjoys working here. It’s also crucial for us

What is Kempen’s relationship with Van Lanschot?

to be close to Schiphol. We receive lots of visitors from abroad,

In 2007 the private bank Van Lanschot bought Kempen & Co.

and it’s a genuine advantage for them to be able to take the train

Our core activities cooperate in many areas and draw from the

and be at our office in no time. However, this is also a source of

strong foundations of the group. Private Banking and Asset

concern, because with all the activities planned – like Zuidasdok

Management, for example, share the same in-house investment

– we want to be sure clients will continue to be able to reach us

philosophy and process. This enables private clients to benefit

easily. Clearly it is not in anybody’s interest for Zuidas to be closed

from the same specialist expertise as some of the biggest investors

off for years, but we did sign for a long renewal on our lease,

in the world. The Merchant Bank provides solutions to Private

in spite of these large-scale works.

Banking clients, such as notes or certificates based on an index, or an equity. Furthermore we can attract and retain talented professionals by enabling career steps between our core activities. Paul Gerla What do you do to unwind or to recharge your

• Paul Gerla (born 1966) was appointed in late 2004 to

battery for another working week?

the Management board of Kempen Capital Management,

All sorts of things. For starters, I spend time at home with

a division of Kempen & Co. Since 1 January 2009 he has

my family. I’ve got one son who is 12, and another who’s 19.

been a member of the management board of Kempen & Co

Apart from that, I work out a lot, get together with friends in

and has been chair since March 2015.

the evening for a good laugh, and I recently got involved in the

• Gerla has a degree in econometrics, obtained at

Holland Festival. I got to meet people from totally different

sectors there, which has served to expand my horizon. And it also

• Besides Kempen, Gerla is on the board of the

helps to focus your mind on something else. It’s important to

Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association

listen to yourself and take a break every now and then. I recently

(DUFAS), on the supervisory board of the

participated in Kempen’s vitality programme. Since then I’ve

Spaarne Gasthuis and on the Holland Festival

been using a seven-minute workout app every morning as well

board of governors.

as a mindfulness app which trains you to synchronize your


Erasmus University Rotterdam.













Construction works July and August










































1. NEW BICYCLE PARKING FACILITY AT GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN Beneath Gustav Mahlerplein, in the heart of Zuidas, work on a new bicycle parking facility is VAN NIJENRODEWEG



well on its way. The facility is a part of the larger Zuidasdok project, which also encompasses the construction of additional lanes and a tunnel for the A10 south motorway, as well as

CONSTRUCTION AREA 1 DE BOELELAAN WEST (Intersection Van der Boechorststraat)



(From Beethovenstraat till Europaboulevard)

(via s108)

DE Zuid BOELELAAN OOST Plans for Zuidasdok will result Gustav Mahlerlaan VUmc expansion of Amsterdam station. in theand loss of 1,400

aboveground bike parking spaces located at the south entrance to Amsterdam Zuid station,

DIVERSION 2 VUmc and Van der Boechorststraat (via s108)

DIVERSION 3 VU and Zuidas Ce (via s109)

but this will be amply compensated by the 3,000 spaces to become available once the new underground bike park opens. Work is now entering the final phase, and as of this summer Zuidas cyclists will be able to park their wheels in the secure facility. The official opening will be held on Thursday 14 July at 9:30am, with Amsterdam Alderman for Traffic and Transport Pieter Litjens doing the honours.

2. DE BOELELAAN EAST Construction works along De Boelelaan East got underway in March. Over the next two years, the section from Beethovenstraat up to Europaboulevard will receive a complete overhaul, though all of the buildings will remain accessible. Traffic on the roads, however, will be significantly hampered during this period. As of September 2016, De Boelelaan East will be narrowed from four car lanes to two. Part of the traffic will be diverted.
































Feico Born & Ivo Taal



Access to Zuidas

Zuidas is gearing up for a huge challenge in the period ahead. Even as it continues to thrive and grow with more

With both De Boelelaan West and East under construction,

offices, residential housing and facilities bringing ever more activity to the district, all that growth also means


access to Zuidas will be more restricted than usual.

Zuidas will be chock-a-block with construction works for the next decade or so. Disruptions will be unavoidable for

A sewage pumping station was recently installed near The Edge,

Commuters should plan for diversions, delays and

those who live, work and do business in Zuidas. Over the next few years, two very different types of people will be

the office tower occupied by Deloitte. The next step will be to

additional travel time, especially during rush hours,

interacting a good deal here in Zuidas: the builders in their bright orange vests, and the businessmen and -women

lay a pipeline underneath the intersection of De Boelelaan and

and would do well to use alternatives, such as travelling

in their freshly pressed suits. As dissimilar as they are, they are also equally dependent on each other. It’s a perfect

DETOUR CYCLISTS Van der Boechorststraat, AND PEDESTRIANS in order to connect this facility with

by public transport or bike. Another option is to park

recipe for some interesting encounters. In this issue we feature Ivo Taal, development manager at G&S Vastgoed,

the sewer south of De Boelelaan. This project will be carried

the car outside Zuidas and continue the journey by

and Feico Born, pile driving supervisor at Sterk Heiwerken.

out in July and August. The intersection will be closed to all car

using public transport. To find a convenient Park & Ride,

traffic for two full months, and to trams for the duration of one

see the website: Employers

Ivo Taal: ‘From August 2015 I’ve been working for G&S on

the plans on paper are now literally taking shape. That fills

week. Please check the GVB website ( for further

can also get travel and mobility advice for their staff

one of the first buildings to go up in Zuidas: the Atrium.

me with admiration. Every week they have advanced a

details and updates. The road will remain open to cyclists and

from the website

In 2015 we began work on the renovation of the Atrium

bit further.’

pedestrians. The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam building,

and the construction of a new car park around the building.

VUmc and other buildings will remain accessible as usual.

This spring, we got started on the new towers. Altogether,

Feico Born: ‘Currently we’re installing the steel sheet pile

it’s a huge and complex project, combining every facet of

walls for the car park beneath the Atrium. As the pile

reconstruction and new building. I’m the main liaison for

driving supervisor, I’m in charge of all the works happening

all the various stakeholders, including the municipality,

underneath the crane. Working at the Atrium constitutes

local interest groups, consultants, existing and future tenants

a special challenge, because the space is extremely limited.

as well as the building contractors. My work involves meeting

I go all over for my job, and it’s nice to be outdoors too.

up with project leaders and senior managers and holding

Sitting in an office all day like the professionals here in

weekly sessions on building progress, but there’s also time

Zuidas wouldn’t be my cup of tea. My team’s work invariably

left to stop for a chat at the site hut. It’s an honour to be

consists of laying the foundation for a project; we’re never

able to give one of the oldest buildings in Zuidas a new

around for the end result. But occasionally we do drive

lease of life. Thanks to Feico and the rest of the team,

past later on to see how it turned out.’


Text Kika Samsom | Photography Wiebke Wilting




‘ The most sustainable mile is the mile not driven’

Got a minute? How does Zuidas manage to stay this safe, clean and attractive? It’s all thanks to a few heroes. Hello Zuidas

Lysbeth van Silfhout, Mobility Mix project leader at ABN AMRO

talked to the people responsible for managing our local public space.

The municipality of Amsterdam is making a distinct

a lease car who only come into the office sporadically,

effort to guarantee a continuously high level of access

regardless of where they live, are being encouraged under

to Zuidas. On the one hand this is achieved through

the new policy to take the train instead, for which we give


investments in infrastructure and underground parking,

them public transport tickets. That way, they can park

Ali El Bazi is a member of the management and maintenance

and on the other by getting employers to survey options

at a Park & Ride station near their home. Beyond that,

team that keeps Zuidas clean. ‘I’ve been working in Zuidas

for curbing car traffic. In an interview with Hello Zuidas,

we’re working to make it as easy as possible for people

for two years now and have gotten to know the residents

Lysbeth van Silfhout, Mobility Mix project leader at

to work from home or on one of our other locations.’

during that time. They know when I’m here and they come to me when they have a question. People really count on

ABN AMRO, told us what the bank does to cut down on car commuting to Zuidas, seeking various alternatives:


you, and that’s important. Every day I go to work with a

from e-bikes to teleworking, and from extra charging

‘We also see huge potential in e-bikes. The advent of

smile on my face. I’ve got great colleagues, I work in a

stations to lockers and showers.

electric cycling considerably extends the distance people

beautiful setting, I’m outdoors all day and get to talk to

can cover by bike. Last year we did a pilot with a high-

people. What more could one wish for?’


speed e-bike. Participants rated it an 8 out of 10 –

‘Our transport policy centres on sustainability. ABN AMRO

even during rainy weather! Alongside our standard bike

intends to be fully climate neutral by 2020, and lease cars

scheme, we’ve now got one for e-bikes, too. And we are


currently account for the largest share of our carbon emissions.

currently installing extra charging stations, lockers and

Together with his 21-member team, Zuidas District Manager

So car mileage is what we aim to cut down on. The most

showers for bike and e-bike commuters.’

Peter Smit keeps the district clean, safe and in good repair. ‘There’s a lot of development going on here, obviously. We assess

sustainable mile, after all, is the mile not driven. Naturally

the feasibility of managing the new facilities, and the costs

this issue is also tied to the accessibility challenges in Zuidas, where our main office is based. Gridlock in traffic

One of the aims of the Zuidasdok project is to

involved. The new Gustav Mahlerplein, for example, has to be

and limited parking availability are forcing us to develop

maximize public transport access to Zuidas and the

swept and mowed by hand. Aside from that, I’m responsible for

more attractive alternatives.’

northern Randstad area. Amsterdam Zuid station

issuing all permits for works in public areas. Everyone planning

will be upgraded to serve as a future-proof public

such works has to apply for a permit from the municipal


transport hub for train, tram, bus and metro services.

authorities. Our aim is to guarantee the highest possible level

‘For one thing, we’ve rearranged our public transport

Zuidasdok feeds into the continued development

of liveability, accessibility and safety during all these activities,

season pass scheme for employees who don’t have a lease

of Zuidas as a prime residential, working and

which can be quite a challenge. Zuidas is never at rest, so there

car. Before, you had to request a pass, now you get one as a

recreational location. For further information,

never is a lull in my job either. When the VU hospital flooded

standard. Employees can opt out if they want. This strategy


recently, due to a burst water main, I dropped everything I was

is working: a full 67% tend to keep the pass. Employees with

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Wouter van Ierssel

doing at that moment. All my energies were focused out there.’


For more info or questions, send an email to


MORNING RUSH HOUR Vadim Povoroznik is in charge of the bicycle park underneath Zuidplein. His employer is Pantar, a work placement and training company for the Amsterdam region. ‘This is one of the busiest locations in Amsterdam, and that’s what makes it so much fun. During the morning rush hour, it’s absolute chaos. On Tuesday mornings, around 2,700 people arrive between 8am and 9am to park their bikes. In their hurry, people occasionally forget to take out the keys. We put them in a safe place. Sometimes, people thank us by giving us biscuits or cakes. There’s always time for a little chitchat, of course. There are lots of people I see every day – I even know what time their trains leave!’

HAPPY Green Officer Herman Huisen is responsible for green spaces throughout Amsterdam Zuid. ‘I check whether contractors adhere by the rules. Whether the tree drip line – the area around tree trunks – isn’t choked with weeds, for example, in which case I signal the contractor to take action. That way I make sure everything stays tidy. Greenery is vital to public spaces; it makes people happy! Soon we’ll be putting up flower planters and hanging baskets on bridges and lanterns around Amsterdam Zuid. Colourful tulips will totally transform any ordinary square.’

SEE AND BE SEEN Community police officers Margriet de Vries and Marcel de Weerd have witnessed Zuidas’ evolution at first hand in recent years. ‘Zuidas is developing fast’, says Margriet. ‘More and more people are moving here, and there’s construction activity almost daily. That entails a distinct set of problems, but it’s also what makes our work so diverse and exciting. We never know in advance what the day will have in store’. ‘Our motto’, says Marcel, ‘is “see and be seen”. As community police officers, our network is a crucial factor in what we do. We keep in touch with everyone so as to keep all things running smoothly, from the district office to Hello Zuidas and from retailers to residents. Colleagues sometimes jokingly refer to us as the “walkie-talkies” because we always try to talk things out and come up with solutions together. People really appreciate that.’

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde and Wouter van Ierssel


Property SOURCE: PROPERTYNL.COM Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features property news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

Klaas de Boer to leave Zuidas Development Office

Tribes relocating to ITO Tower

Zuidas - This year on 31 December, and at the age

lease for the ITO tower in Zuidas for a total space of

of 66, Klaas de Boer will step down as director of

3,017m2. After The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht,

the Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office.

Eindhoven and Brussels, this is Tribes’ sixth location.

Recruitment for his successor is expected to start

Situated on Gustav Mahlerplein, the ITO tower

this summer. Provided a suitable candidate can be

(totalling 34,000m2) has the Houthoff Buruma law

appointed in the autumn, De Boer will have around two

firm as its main tenant. With this latest transaction,

months to complete the handover, he told PropertyNL.

the tower is now fully occupied.

Familiarly known as Mr. Zuidas, De Boer has held the post from 14 September 2009. After one renewal, he feels the time has come to give up his term of office. ‘I’m nearing 70 and consider this a good time to say goodbye’, said De Boer.


Zuidas - Union Investment and Tribes have inked a new

NACH consortium building new court house Zuidas - The Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency

Holland Financial Center in Symphony building

has selected the NACH (New Amsterdam Court House)

Zuidas - The top three stories of Symphony feature

consortium to build the new premises for the district court

as the new headquarters of Financial Offices,

of Amsterdam. Initiated by Macquarie Capital, ABT, DVP,

a corporate centre for financial sector enterprises.

Kaan Architecten, Bium and the building firm MJ de Nijs

Financial Offices has purchased a total of 2,000m2 in

& Zonen, the consortium has been expanded to include

the Symphony building, located on Gustav Mahlerplein

Heijmans and Facilicom. The contract concerns a Design,

109-115. The previous owner was the Holland Financial

Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate (DBFMO) project

Center. Initiators of the new Financial Offices are

for a time span of thirty years and a total value of € 235

Salóme Willemsen and Arnoud Hoogendoorn.

million. The definitive awarding of the contract took place

Financial Offices offers furnished office spaces

on 10 May 2016. The new Amsterdam district court house

complete with all services, including ICT, telephony,

will span 52,000m GFA (with 9,000m2 for parking) on the

security, cleaning and administrative support.


site of the old complex on Parnassusweg 200 in Zuidas.

LaSalle IM acquires Euro Center II Zuidas - LaSalle Investment Management has acquired Euro Center II from the Philips Pension Fund in Zuidas for its Encore+ fund. A purchase sum of € 41 million has been registered with the Land Registry Office for the 14-storey building with an LFA of more than 11,000m2 on Barbara Strozzilaan 374. Current tenants of the building, part of the Euro Center complex, include JCDecaux, Pathé Theaters, Fonterra, Gemalto and Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Photography Ingrid Arnou



Diversity shortage in Zuidas Baut in Zuidas currently features a fantastic display of photos by

We’re heading for a future in which the job market will

Peter Boer. The photos are about you and me. About our uniform-

increasingly be split between winners and losers. On which side

like clothes. About the way we walk in formation as we traverse

of the dividing line will you fall? For children with equal IQs,

the squares of Zuidas during our lunch breaks. About our homo-

educational attainment is more than ever predicated on the

geneity, in short. Or, if you like, about our lack of diversity.

level achieved by their parents. We are living in a society where people are equal, but opportunities are not. Never before have

All of the photos were shot from above. In these bird’s-eye views,

kids with vocational training been so ill-equipped for employment,

the atmosphere of quality, prosperity and success is palpable.

to say nothing of the big share of the working population with

Looking at these people, there’s a part of you that pities our

permanent physical limitations or intellectual disabilities.

herd-like behaviour. Another part easily recognizes the conquering heroes of the job market; the service professionals who mostly

To top it all off, there’s digitization. But this trend poses just

earn a far above average wage, enjoy cushy fringe benefits

as much of a threat to our jobs, as it is considered a well-paid

and can afford the more than occasional splurge. They stand

service for professionals. Much of our work can quite easily be

in stark contrast to the thousands of people forced out of their

turned into an automated activity. Whatever else it may bring

jobs at the V&D warehouse chain, of whom only a fractional

us, technology will unquestionably widen the rift between the

percentage have managed to find new jobs.

job market winners and the job market losers. A word to the winners among us: let’s not forget to look behind us at those who have lost out – including the colleagues who have dropped out of our midst. And let us dedicate ourselves anew to the time-honoured corporate social responsibility schemes that bring the disadvantaged back into the fold. Helping more of these people – especially them – to find work, would certainly do the diversity on the Zuidas streets a world of good.

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.

Ruben van Zwieten


Henriette van Eeghen, Elsemieke Bergema & Jet Happel

Race to benefit Emma children’s hospital AMC support fund

G&S Vastgoed rallies for little ones On 14 October 2016 G&S Vastgoed will be organizing Emma’s Fund Racing, a special racing event at the Zandvoort circuit to raise money for the Emma children’s hospital support fund. Proceeds will go to the Intensive Care Neonatology department at the Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC, the children’s hospital Amsterdam. The department, which specializes in providing nursing care for prematurely born babies and ill newborns, is in need of renovation. G&S Vastgoed communications representative Jet Happel first

director Henriette van Eeghen was so inspiring, we immediately

heard about the Emma support foundation at an event in Zuidas:

knew we had to get involved. G&S Vastgoed is committed to

‘The Emma children’s hospital seeks to give the littlest ones the

a high quality of life in Amsterdam. Our projects respond to

best possible chance of a full life later on. The Emma support

specific needs within the city, whether for residential, office or

foundation helps to raise the necessary funds. The enthusiasm

leisure space, or accommodation for education, culture or care.

and passion conveyed by the Emma support foundation’s

This initiative is a perfect fit.’



in ten don’t make it… For parents, it’s very tough emotionally to

Jet and her colleague Elsemieke Bergema, who is responsible

sit in a ward where there’s no privacy. That’s why we’re raising

for the organization of the event, were invited to experience

money to build a whole new department with separate family

a day at the IC Neonatology department, so they could see for

rooms. Each child will get its own room with enough space

themselves why the money for renovation is so urgently needed.

to accommodate the parents. They will even be able to

‘The Emma children’s hospital is a wonderful place for children

stay the night. Thanks to the support of organizations like

and their parents; everything you see here testifies to that.

G&S Vastgoed, we may gather the funds needed for extras;

They’ve literally thought of every detail – from a cinema to a

for special features, like sofa beds for parents, that will surely

secondary school. But compared to the IC Neonatology

make a big difference.’

department, the contrast in their respective situations becomes glaringly apparent. The three wards are packed with incubators and equipment, resulting in a huge shortage of space and no

Emma Fund Race

privacy for parents whatsoever.’

On Friday 14 October, G&S Vastgoed will be teaming up with Stotsy and Catapult to host the Emma Fund Race.

“Our projects respond to specific needs within the city, whether for residential, office or leisure space, or accommodation for education, culture or care”

For a € 2,750 contribution, 60 business teams, made up of four members each, can experience an afternoon of speed and competition on the Zandvoort racing circuit. On Saturday 15 October, children from the AMC-UvA Emma children’s hospital will be given free rein of the circuit along with their parents and siblings. It’s sure to be an unforgettable day, brimful of surprises and the simple and carefree enjoyment of feeling like a kid. Want to enter your business team in the Emma Fund Race or make an alternative contribution? Go to:


G&S Vastgoed

Henriette van Eeghen, the Emma children’s hospital foundation

Gustav Mahlerlaan 34

support fund director, affirms this, saying, ‘Sometimes, space is

1082 MC Amsterdam

so tight that parents can barely squeeze in, even though that

+31 (0)20 673 37 79

sense of parental presence is precisely what these infants need. The babies here are literally fighting for their lives; almost one

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Milan Hofmans



Sustainability News 22.

SUSTAINABILITY INVESTING IN SOLAR ENERGY TOGETHER Tapping into sustainable energy sources is not only carbonefficient, but highly cost-efficient as well. At NUON, four employees came up with a great system to get their colleagues involved in sustainable energy production, while sharing in the financial profits at the same time. The ZonSamen subscription model allows employees to co-invest in solar panels, which are to be installed on their own company rooftop. This has resulted in 1,300 solar panels on the roofs of the NUON headquarters and its auxiliary buildings, and the energy generated is used on-site. The participating employees made a joint investment in sustainable energy by buying bonds through ZonSamen, and via tax benefits they profit from individual investments.

WASTELESS WEEKS AT VU AMSTERDAM During May, VU Green Office – the sustainability platform run by and for the benefit of VU Amsterdam students – organized the WasteLESS Weeks to draw attention to waste recycling and reduction, and the problem of food waste in particular. The initiative featured a range of events and activities spotlighting waste. GO VU’s Ankie Petersen explains, ‘Waste separation and reduction is an issue that deserves to be highlighted at organizations, our own university, and in the daily life of our students. Therefore, following the WasteLESS Weeks, Green Office and VU Amsterdam will continue their efforts towards making lasting improvements on this front. Our action plan is outlined on the GO VU website’

ZUIDAS PAIRS UP WITH SENIORS On 29 June, seniors living in Amsterdam Zuid and clients of the district food bank gathered with people working in Zuidas for the annual lunch concert excursion to Amsterdam’s famous Concertgebouw. Spearheaded by GBC Zuidas, the initiative is meant to raise awareness about loneliness among seniors and people in straitened circumstances, who rely on food bank assistance. ‘After my husband passed away, I went to concerts on my own a few times’, one older participant related, ‘but during the intermission I’d be standing all by myself, and because of that I eventually stopped going. Now I’m acquainted with lots of people. This lady sitting next to me lives in the flat next door.’

Would you like to make Zuidas more sustainable? Find out how at Send your news on sustainability to

Text Maartje Oome | Photography Nuon/Jorrit Lousberg (Investing in solar together) (WasteLESS Weeks)


Finance SOURCE: HET FINANCIEELE DAGBLAD Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

High regulatory expenses depress ABN AMRO Q1 earnings

Van Lanschot valued at more than € 750m

Zuidas - Quarterly profits are down across the Dutch

in Van Lanschot, analysts have estimated the Den Bosch-

banking sector following a rise in regulatory costs. In the

based private bank’s total worth at € 750 million up to

wake of ING’s reported 30% drop in performance,

€ 1.1 billion, according to a report prepared for clients of

ABN AMRO has also blamed its lower first-quarter

UBS and Kepler Cheuvreux, which was shared with the

earnings on the hike in statutory charges for super-

Dutch FD newspaper. UBS is one of the banks – the others

vision. The bank posted net profits of € 475 million

being Van Lanschot subsidiary Kempen and Goldman

over the first three months of 2016, amounting to a

Sachs – assisting Delta Lloyd in the sale of its 30% share

13% decrease, relative to the same period last year.

in Van Lanschot. The Dutch insurer has opted against a

ABN AMRO’s contributions in connection with the

private sale to a few large players; Van Lanschot prefers

European Resolution Fund, which provides a safety

to aim for greater liquidity of the shares.

net for failing banks, along with the European deposit guarantee scheme totalled € 98 million in this first quarter. Over the whole of 2016 the banks expect to pay € 270 million in statutory charges.


Zuidas - In the run-up to a limited public offering of shares

Lower financing costs put Kardan back in the black

Companies still failing to get a handle on new digital technologies

Zuidas - A substantial decrease in financing costs has helped

Zuidas - Even though the economy is digitizing at an

Kardan achieve higher earnings over the first quarter of

unheard of pace, there is still an unabated pressure on

2016, so the Euronext-listed Israeli investment company

productivity. How is this possible? This question was

reported on 26 May. ‘Financing costs and sharp devaluation

posed by the Conference Board, an American corporate

of the Chinese yuan had a major effect on our performance’,

think tank, in its recently published report, Navigating

said Ariel Hasson, who succeeded Shouky Oren as Kardan’s

the New Economy. The ‘paradox of the new digital

CEO on 15 April 2016, following the latter’s four year’s term

economy’, according to the report, is that while many

with the company. During the first three months of this

companies are investing heavily – and perhaps even

year, Kardan posted a net profit of € 1.9 million, compared

over-investing – in ICT, they are still ill-equipped to

to a loss of € 7.6 million in the same period last year.

harness the latest digital possibilities. According to

According to Kardan, these results were largely

the Conference Board, the stage of successful

attributable to ‘significantly’ lower borrowing costs,

implementation of new technological findings and

thanks to the weak Israeli shekel relative to the euro.

innovations is still to come.

Compared to last year, its first quarter turnover this year was down from € 39.0 million to € 31.6 million.

Flexible workforce continues to grow Zuidas - The number of people working under flexible employment contracts in the Netherlands continues to grow, reaching 1.7 million – one quarter of the total Dutch workforce – during the first quarter of 2016. This is up from 1.6 million two years ago, according to figures published by Statistics Netherlands. Flexible contracts are on the rise across all age brackets, with the largest growth among youth under 25.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


Gassan Boutique’s one-year P.C. Hooftstraat anniversary draws a crowd! On 19 May the Gassan Boutique celebrated its one-year

With the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum,

anniversary in Amsterdam’s most fashionable shopping

Concertgebouw and Vondelpark all within easy strolling

street, drawing quite the crowd.

distance, the district is an economic powerhouse not only for Amsterdam, but also for the country as a whole.

Inside the chic and stylish boutique, which blends international elegance with the intimate ambiance of a family firm, various

The redesign of the capital’s most exclusive shopping street

collections were displayed in tastefully designed presentations

has created more space for pedestrians, while enhancing

that shone a spotlight on each individual watch and piece

its appeal with broader pavements, more greenery,

of jewellery.

benches and bike facilities.

“The cocktails and conversation flowed

Many famous and faithful Museum Quarter customers, hoteliers and retailers were in attendance, including Oger Lusink and

into the early hours on the country’s most

Museum Quarter retailers’ association president Hugo Lint. The cocktails and conversation flowed into the early hours on

prestigious retail street, the one and only

the country’s most prestigious retail street, the one and only P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam.

P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam” Gassan Boutique’s anniversary celebration also coincided with

Gassan Boutique

the rebranding of Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter and redesign of

P.C. Hooftstraat 84

P.C. Hooftstraat. Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter, which radiates

1071 CB Amsterdam

from Museumplein, is one of the world’s leading tourist attractions

+31 (0)20-210 5900

and brings together the height of fashion, design, hospitality and


a millennium’s worth of art, all within a single square mile.

Photography Lotte de Graaf




12-14 JULY 2016 /// 11AM-2PM This summer, Zuidas will set the scene for a new three-day cycling festival. On 12, 13 and 14 July, ‘Zuidas Fietst’ will take Gustav Mahlerplein by storm. As the big infra projects proliferate, bikes will become an increasingly attractive transport option. What’s more, cycling is fun, environmentally friendly and healthy. During this three-day event, Mahlerplein will come alive around lunchtime with a variety of cycling activities, a bike market, music, daily guided architectural tours and the opening celebration of the brand-new underground bike park! For the full programme, see:




Zuidas Fietst starts at 11am

Come to a huge picnic in the park

At 9:30am Amsterdam Alderman

with a bike market, fun promos,

from 11:30am to 2pm, where

for Traffic and Transport

bike stunts, a knowledge exchange

Mahlerplein restaurateurs will

PieterLitjens will officially open

and the kick-off of the cycling track

provide their guests with a special

Gustav Mahlerplein’s new

where races will be

bicycle-themed lunch. There will

underground bike parking facility.

organized for charity.

also be a special sneak preview of

All are welcome to attend. After the

the Grachtenfestival. And don’t

opening ceremony, visitors can

forget to bring your bike so it may be

hit their pedals for charity on the

engraved by Amsterdam’s municipal

cycling track. And for the real

bike engraving team! Check out

daredevils among us, try taking,

a spin on the stunt bike!

for an early-bird picnic deal.

Photography Wiebke Wilting


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

THROUGH 14 AUGUST 2016 MAGNETOCEPTIA EVERY MONDAY IN JULY & AUGUST 2016 PIZZA SPECIAL @ CORSO COMO Every Monday evening, during the months of July and August at Zuidas’ you can enjoy tasty pizzas at the Italian trattoria Corso Como in the WTC building, for only € 9.50. The open-plan kitchen is a real eye-catcher, offering a view of fresh Italian cookery in full flow. In addition to pizzas, Corso Como also offers a varied menu for lunch, dinner and drinks.

EVERY DAY Open, weather permitting LUNCH OR DRINKS @ TERRAS IN THE NEW AND IMPROVED BEATRIXPARK 11:30AM-7:30PM A ‘vegetarian board’ of specially selected dishes serves as your basis for a healthful lunch, supplemented to order with fish or meat and bread fresh from our own bakery. All ingredients come from local farms and producers. Local, honest and pure! For questions or group bookings, call us: +31 (0)20 6440100. Or visit us at:

EXHIBITION @ GLAZEN HUIS AMSTELPARK Magnetoceptia consists of a series of sound performances and installations revolving around self-made antennaed suits that render electromagnetic fields audible to the human ear. The presentations situate the works in a new context in which elements of the production location – sound, video, materials – are drawn into the performance to form a new universe. For more info, see:


EVERY FRIDAY FROM 5PM IN JULY & AUGUST FRIDAY AFTERNOON DRINKS @ GUSTAVINO Cap every working week with Friday afternoon drinks at Gustavino from 5pm.You are invited to order a bottle of wine and get a plate of nibbles on the house.


FROM MID-JULY 2016 FIRST OUTDOOR FITNESS PARK @ BEATRIXPARK Get your daily workout at the Outdoor Fitness Park in Beatrixpark: a perfect spot to loosen up during your lunch break. The Outdoor Fitness Park is open 24/7 and will have its official opening ceremony in September.

FRIDAY TOAST&ROAST @ THE ROAST ROOM from 4pm Every first Friday of the month THE ROAST ROOM puts its own special spin on Friday post-work drinks: the Warsteiner FRIDAY TOAST&ROAST. It’s the perfect way to round off the working week and bring a toast to the first weekend of the month. Enjoy drinks with artisanal bites prepared by THE ROAST ROOM, fantastic cocktails, ice-cold Warsteiner beer and a DJ mixing the music.

JULY - AUGUST 2016 Next magazine will be published @ 29th of August. Send your agenda to before 25th of July.

MONDAY 4 JULY 2016 10 STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL WEBINAR @ COMPANY WEBCAST 3-4pm For an organization to succeed, everybody has to be working towards the same purpose. Good internal communication is key. Webinars are an ideal medium for getting that communication across effectively. But what’s actually involved in creating a good webinar? This free webinar covers all the essential basics. Sign up on:

6-10 JULY 2016 EUROPEAN ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS @ OLYMPIC STADIUM Support your favourite athletes as they go for European gold at the European Athletics Championships. Here’s your chance to see Dutch champion sprinter Dafne Schippers! There’s also plenty to see and do around the stadium. Tickets start at € 10 and are offered for sale at: On 7 July, members of WTC AMSTERDAM BUSINESS CLUB are invited to a special VIP evening. For info, see:

THURSDAY 7 JULY THURSDAY 4 AUGUST 2016 JAZZ AT THE SOUTHAZZ @ DE NIEUWE POORT 5-8pm Enjoy an evening of jazz every first Thursday of the month at De Nieuwe Poort. Chat with friends over drinks under the ambient lighting of one of our round tables while a live jazz band plays in the background. Modern musicians take you back to the classic jazz age with the likes of Parker, Davis and Gillespie. You’ll be feeling smooth and mellow in no time! Admission is free.

FRIDAY 15 JULY 2016 THE COMMON LINNETS @ BOSTHEATER, AMSTERDAMSE BOS Catch the The Common Linnets on stage at the Bostheater, Amsterdamse Bos, on Friday 15 July. Band members Ilse DeLange, JB Meijers, Jake Etheridge and Matthew Crosby play a signature mix of country and modern Americana. A huge hit at all the big festivals, this is a chance to experience the band like never before, in the intimate setting of this outdoor theatre. Tickets for sale on:

TUESDAY 12 TILL THURSDAY 14 JULY 2016 ZUIDAS FIETST (ZUIDAS IS CYCLING) This summer, Zuidas will set the scene for a new three-day cycling festival. As the big infra projects proliferate, bicycles will become an increasingly attractive transport option. During this three-day event, Mahlerplein will come alive at lunchtime with a variety of cycling activities, a bike market, music, daily guided architectural tours and the opening celebration of the brand-new underground bike park! For the full programme, see:

SATURDAY 16 JULY 2016 A DAY AT THE PARK @ AMSTERDAMSE BOS Set in Amsterdam’s most attractive green surrounds, ‘A Day at the Park’ is an annual festival revolving around all the beautiful things in life. You’ll be treated to the best in electronic music (and other styles), theatre, entertainment, gorgeous wines and gastronomic cuisine, all in the Amsterdamse Bos. For info, see:


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam



@ ST NICOLAASKLOOSTER In midsummer ARTZUID will be organizing a six-week art camp for kids aged 6-18. Under the direction of artist Maria Hovius, they’ll team up with friends to develop their creative potential as budding artists. Your child will gain inspiration from and acquaint itself with a variety of materials, forms, contours, colours and techniques. This will result in a creation of their very own design. All of the artworks will be displayed during an exhibition that will be on view for the entire summer. For more info, see:

@ FITCH & SHUI from 7:30pm In search of other great singles? Try speed dating with Fitch & Shui! This evening is reserved specifically for lesbians between the ages of 25 and 40. Meet a new person every four minutes and indicate your interest after each speed date with a simple yes or no on the dating card. Want to enjoy a fun evening while dating fabulous women? Register now on:

FRIDAY 26 AUGUST 2016 OPENING OF PALACE RUIN BY JAMES BECKETT @ MAHLERPLEIN 5-7pm Artist James Beckett’s smokewreathed Palace Ruin on Gustav Mahlerplein in Zuidas is conceived as a fragment of Amsterdam’s very own ‘crystal palace’ (Paleis voor Volksvlijt, 1864) that was destroyed by fire in 1929. The art project will be inaugurated with a lecture and concert. Every Friday in September and also on 7 October, a mix of architecture lectures and music performances will be staged in the Palace Ruin. For further info about the project, and the schedule of events, see:

22-24 AUGUST 2016 FUTURE OF EVENTS WEDNESDAY 20 JULY 2016 BEATS, BALLS & BUSINESS @ AMSTELBORGH GOLF CLUB Expand your network with entrepreneurs from the Amsterdam region on the 9-hole green, then enjoy drinks and a dinner buffet, while a DJ spins his beats in the background. The Company Golf Club rounds out the programme with a special guest speaker who will shed an instructive light on a topic of current interest. Regardless of your handicap or networking success, you’ll be guaranteed an elucidating afternoon. Register on:


@ RAI AMSTERDAM Future of Events is a conference, exhibition and career centre for event professionals, all brought together in one energized space. The event provides professionals with the tools to develop their personal and professional competence in the form of new techniques, creative ideas and innovations, so as to turn their future events into game-changing happenings. The conference features a unique line-up of inspirational speakers and interactive workshops that will challenge event creators on both a professional and a personal level. Tickets for sale on:

WEDNESDAY 31 AUGUST 2016 FREE WEBINAR @ COMPANY WEBCAST 11am - 12pm On 31 August, Company Webcast will be offering a free online webinar on how to set up a webinar of your own. Webinars have become increasingly popular, but how do you ensure yours is effective? It’s not that easy. In fact, when organizing a webinar, a lot can go pear-shaped. This step-by-step webinar explains where to begin and what pitfalls to expect when putting together your own webinar. Sign up on:

Grachtenfestival 16 - 18 August 2016

The upcoming edition of the Grachtenfestival will be well represented in Zuidas, with concerts held in local parks, premises and plazas where you can delight in the harmonies of the country’s biggest classical music festival.

JULY - AUGUST 2016 Next TUESDAY 16magazine AUGUST will be published @ 29th of August. Send your agenda to before 25th of July. LATOEN IN BEATRIXPARK @ BEETHOVENPLEIN 2 12:30-1:30pm (square to the rear of the Nicolaas Lyceum, Stibbe & AkzoNobel) Latoen is a ten-piece brass ensemble plus percussion. With a cross-cutting programme created especially for this year’s Grachtenfestival, they’ll be performing near the park in a tucked-away corner amidst the stunning architecture of Zuidas.




QUARTET @ LOYENS & LOEFF Starts at 5:30pm This year, Hello Zuidas will once again host a private concert at Loyens & Loeff. Since its formation in 2014, the Ardemus Quartet has played across the Netherlands and Europe, including performances in Amsterdam at the Holland Festival, SAX14 Festival at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ and in the Recital Hall at The Concertgebouw. This 30minute concert will be followed by drinks. Hello Zuidas members who wish to attend may register via:

ON STAGE @ ALACE RUIN ART PROJECT GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN 5-6pm Pelgrim Brass consists of five ambitious brass players from Rotterdam. The quintet puts together unique programmes perfectly pitched to every location they play and this time it will be made up of music from the period 1887-1929, featuring composers Mahler, Robert Fuchs (Mahler’s teacher), Brahms and other contemporaries. Don’t miss this unique concert, tailor-made for a special location in the heart of Zuidas.

@ SUMMERTIME, GUSTAV MAHLERLAAN 637 Noota Saxofoon Duo is a young, international saxophone duo made up of Marijke Schröer from the Netherlands and David Cristóbal Litago from Spain. Noota’s credits include concerts in the Casa de Cultura in Villalgordo del Jucar, Spain, the Bethaniënklooster in Amsterdam and the Oosterpoort in Groningen. Take a peek inside the Summertime residential tower in Zuidas and enjoy the sounds of summer!


Untitled 2016 There are not many opportunities to witness what actually happens when people visit an exhibition. Historically, exhibition spaces have been regarded as a locus for the exchange of ideas and emotions. In his work, Tomo Savic-Gecan concentrates on expanding the perception and experiences of exhibition viewers. Here in Zuidas, the artist has constructed a white space that manifests physical changes in response to the experiences of visitors to the Van Abbemuseum collections in Eindhoven. Savic-Gecan uses sensors to measure the bodily impact of viewing the displays and then translates those measurements to the physical exhibition space. His work is on view on Zuidplein.

This project was developed in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum /// Photography Marc Dorleijn



Zuidas mobility test the e-bike! The next few years will see the launch of a number of largescale infrastructure projects, starting with works on De Boelelaan, to be followed by the construction of Zuidasdok. These projects can’t help but affect car traffic into Zuidas, which will make alternative transport options increasingly attractive. In the months to come, we’ll be zooming in on those alternatives in this section. In this Martine Gründemann, director at G&S Vastgoed

issue: the e-bike.

Martine Gründemann, director at G&S Vastgoed, test-cycled a

simple phone calls, and that’s not possible when riding this bike.

Kalkhoff Tasman Benelux for the duration of one week.

You’ve got to stay fully focused because of the speed, and the rushing wind whistling in your ears. Though I’ve heard there are

How do you normally commute to work?

special headphones made to tackle that particular problem.

‘By car, which I have done for quite a few years now, and I’ve been

But apart from that, you could say I’m a fan! The e-bike afforded

working in Zuidas since 2004. On a standard bike it takes me forty

a fast and smooth ride and shifting gears also went very

minutes to get from my home on Borneokade to here, so I’m much

smoothly. You don’t hear the motor at all. Starting up from the

faster taking the car.’

traffic lights, I even overtook scooters. I’ve already made up my mind to buy one. With an e-bike, all of Amsterdam is within a

How did you like the e-bike?

thirty minute cycle’s reach. I can even keep up with my husband

‘It was fantastic! In fact, can I just keep it?! Commuting by e-bike

on his VanMoof. I’d recommend trying it to everybody.

was even faster than driving, and having a bike is also convenient

I’ve certainly been won over!’

for daytime appointments in the city. Besides, it’s wonderful to be outdoors after a long, hard day; it frees you mind. That said, I got to trial the bike during one of the loveliest weeks of this year so far.’

“Commuting by e-bike was even faster than driving”

What are the pros and cons? ‘I never would have chosen this bike on appearance alone –

The bicycle used for this one-week test was supplied by Hans

looks do matter! Also, I tend to use my car time to make

Struijk Fietsen. For more information, visit


Text Kika Samsom | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


The 2016 national e-bike test The Dutch Cyclist’s Union teamed up with the Telegraaf newspaper, the Dutch consumers’ association and several dozen volunteers to test e-bikes in three price categories. The overall winner was the Kalkhoff Tasman Benelux, with the best cost-quality ratio of all bikes tested.

WINNER E-BIKES UP TO € 2,000 The Qwic Premium N7.1 at € 1,999. Good ride characteristics and powerful pedal assistance. Testers praised the bike’s responsiveness and stability. They gave good marks for the pedal assistance on both hills and flat areas, though initial acceleration was deemed to be too strong.

WINNER E-BIKES BETWEEN € 2,000 AND € 2,500 Kalkhoff Tasman Benelux at € 2,399. This bike scored well on all fronts. Testers gave high marks for the bike’s responsiveness, stability and comfort and were also positive about the pedal assistance. This bike was the overall winner.

WINNER E-BIKES € 2,500 AND UP BSP E-volt Urban EC10 at € 2,599. Testers raved about the stable ride and responsiveness, thanks to the bike’s rigid frame and broad tyres. Good assistance from STEPS system. Drawbacks are the weight and the fine-tuning.



Zuidas Architecture Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering architecture. As it matures into an international quarter of Amsterdam, buildings are shooting up right and left. Amidst all these modern skyscrapers, it may be difficult to imagine that just about 20 years ago this stretch of land connecting the residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenveldert consisted mostly of tennis courts and football pitches. In this new series we zoom in on the architecture of Zuidas. This time we take a closer look at the Infinity building: an architectural tour-de-force also fondly known as ‘the shoe’ and ‘the iron’. Who could fail to notice this striking glass-fronted building along Amsterdam’s A10 ring road?


includes flexible work stations, conference spaces

Lexence advocaten & notarissen

and virtual offices. The company’s business

Lexence offers law and civil-law notary services and

centre is based at Infinity.

is specialized in providing expert legal assistance for real estate and corporate law solutions.


Lexence leases almost 5,000m across seven floors.

CartoniConcepts designs, fabricates and supplies


a diverse array of cardboard furniture and


The Office Operators

products, all of which are a 100% recyclable and

The Office Operators (TOO) offers full-service

created by a variety of designers, from famous

office solutions and leases flexible office spaces

names to budding talents. CartoniConcepts is also

throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. As well

the dealer of the award-winning VouwWow chair

as fully fitted office premises, TOO’s portfolio

and Flexiblelove Sofa.


INFINITY Address: Amstelveenseweg 500 Client: ING Main user: Lexence advocaten & notarissen and The Office Operators, leasing offices to various tenants. Architect: MVSA Architects Completed: 2002 Height: 48m Floors: 10 Floor area: approx. 20,000m2

FACTS • The former ‘ING House’ was officially opened by His Royal Highness

Prince Willem-Alexander, then the Dutch crown prince, in 2002.

• In 2014, ING moved out, though the company remained the owner

of the building, currently leasing it to various tenants.

• Following extensive renovations, the building got a new lease of life as

the multi-tenant Infinity office tower.

• Infinity is founded on 16 piles. • The tower’s design is highly attuned to nature, boasting no fewer than

six courtyard gardens, created by landscape architect Michael van Gessel.

Text Kika Samsom | Photography The Office Operators


200 MEMBERS! We are proud to have 200 member organizations on board! Thank you for being part of our mission. Together we will continue to promote Zuidas as an attractive Amsterdam city district. We strive for an international and sustainable appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.

Do you want more information about a Hello Zuidas Membership? Please call + 31 (0)20 3337441 or send an email to

Sunset Zuidas Special at the Zaanse Golf Club! Work in Zuidas? Enjoy a special Sunset Zuidas rate at the Zaanse Golf Club during the summer months (through September), with three 18-hole games for a green fee of just ₏ 65 per person. Come play a round after work with colleagues, clients, friends or on your own, a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Zuidas! The special rate applies from 4pm. To avoid disappointment, consult our tee closures before your arrival on We look forward to seeing you at the Zaanse Golf Club!

Zuiderweg 68, Wijdewormer | +31 (0)299 438 199

New ruin in Zuidas From 15 August to 15 October, Zuidas will boast another impressive building. Not another office block, but a ruin. On Gustav Mahlerplein, artist James Beckett will be reconstructing a fragment of Amsterdam’s own ‘crystal palace’, the Paleis voor Volksvlijt that went up in flames in 1929. In an old photo of the structure after attempts to douse the fire, we see what’s left of one side of the building, surrounded by the haze of smoke and rumble. This photo was Beckett’s inspiration for the art project Palace Ruin (working title).


burned remains of the palace will now be

Beckett: ‘Palace Ruin is a reconstruction of this

standing amidst its legacy!’

original fragment of the Paleis voor Volksvlijt the photo exactly. The sculpture will be blackened


and even emit puffs of smoke. To get all the details

‘I read a lot about the history of industrialization

right, I consulted the city archives and talked to

and came across the story of this palace one day.

experts about how fire affects architecture.’

It was a building with a cultural purpose,

scaled down to half the actual size. I’m reproducing

hosting concerts, exhibitions and operas,

James Beckett


conceived to offer people an outlet in a fast-

‘I thought it would be an interesting juxt-

in the ruin, in association with TAAK, on Friday

aposition to create a ruin in an area so manifestly

afternoons. These events will shine a modern

For the full cultural

focused on the future. Also, in its day the palace

light on the idea behind the old palace. The concerts

programme, visit

represented a visionary application of the new

will encompass everything, from early twentieth-

architecture of steel and glass. Essentially, it was

century classical music to experimental black

a precursor of the high-rises in Zuidas. So the

metal to a Tuba/drone trio.’

industrializing society. To reflect that function, I’ll be organizing lectures and musical performances


Ebe Treffers

Olaf Vogelaar

Flip Kerkhoven & Jan Peter Balkenende

Coen van Oostrom & Pi de Bruin

Wendy Verschoor & Robert Lodder


Ralph de Munnik & Cor van Zadelhoff

Dick van Hal

PROVADA 7, 8 & 9 June @ Amsterdam RAI • PROVADA is the premier annual trade fair for the real estate sector. During the three-day event, a diverse range of real estate players gathered at the RAI to share their plans, ideas and visions. • More than twenty Zuidas-based companies had stands at PROVADA, including Savills, CBRE and PropertyNL. • Former Prime Minister and current EY partner Prof Jan Peter Balkenende opened the 12th edition of PROVADA. • Each day had a different focus: Smart Cities on 7 June, Game Changers on 8 June and Business Innovation on 9 June.

Clive Pritchard

Jeroen de Bruijn

Lesley Bamberger

Stef Blok, Peter Keur & Wabe van Enk

Peter van Bosse

Daan Hoogenboom

Jaap van Rhijn

Jeroen Lokerse

Photography PropertyNL

Robert Bakker, Hugo Bruijn, Louise Landman & Thijs Schouten

Odette van der Veeken & Willeke Adriaanse

Douwe Engelsman & Floris Boesveldt

Robert Jan Schouten & Tommy Tilborghs

ZUIDAS RUN 12 June @ George Gershwinplein • Upwards of 2,200 professionals gathered at the starting line. • Altogether, 233 companies signed up to run. • The accountancy sector contributed a mere 3% of the race participants, compared to 53% from the consultancy sector. • The average age of the runners was 33. • NH Hotels catered a finger-licking Zuidas Run BBQ.

Team Accenture

Lisa, Olivier & Jasper

Patrick Korsuize & Rens van der Plas

Pim Hilbers, Rutger Rozendaal, Dico van Dissel & Thomas v. Dop

Maarten Brood & Nazim Keser

Bas Lamphen, Robert Jan Bosecke & Mark Bakker

Team Daan Auctions

Hakim Khalafi, Elisabeth van Rompuy & Sergio Duarte

Kelly Lubbers, Jurrgen de Ridder & Annelou van Sluis

Joris Roelants & Paul schim van der Loeff

Willem Jan Graaf, Joan School & Joost Galen

Photography Fenna Beckers



Living in Zuidas Where once Zuidas was predominantly known as Amsterdam’s financial centre, these days an increasing number of people call this district home. In fact, Zuidas has become one of the biggest residential building locations throughout the city. With a total of 8,000 to 9,000 new units slated for development in the period up to 2040, Zuidas has joined the ranks of IJburg, the Amstel quarter and the IJ embankments. Hello Zuidas talked to three current and Vladimir Zdravkovic


future residents. as you’d expect. When my wife moved to the Netherlands, I remained in Paris for another two years because of my work. Friends said I was mad, but actually it was very easy: you can be in Zuidas in no time, and the train stops on your doorstep!


For my son this is also a great neighbourhood. There are at

‘We came here from Serbia and before that moved around a

least ten other kids his age in the building.’

lot for our work, including Italy and France. But the Netherlands are my favourite! People are very open minded and the country is welcoming to foreigners, and that makes it wonderful to live here. In 2008 we’d been living in Rotterdam for a while. Then I got a good job offer in Paris, so we moved there.

‘When an opportunity opened up for her at ABN AMRO in Zuidas, we didn’t have to think twice’

However, my wife had absolutely no luck finding work in France, despite her strong CV. When an opportunity opened up for her at ABN AMRO in Zuidas, we didn’t have to think twice.’

WHAT COULD BE IMPROVED? ‘We’d love a swimming pool! But I’ve heard they’re working


on that over at Clubsportive, across the street. Some more

‘As a neighbourhood, Zuidas is without equal. Everything is

local shops would be nice too, a good baker and an Italian deli,

clean, new and well organized. Also, accessibility is fantastic,

for example.’

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde



Peter Vroom

Nana Kereselidze





‘I live just outside Purmerend and had been looking for a place

‘Before, we lived in the Oud-Zuid district, which has lots of old

in Amsterdam for a while. I looked in Oost and IJburg, but neither

homes. While an old building has its charms, new buildings appeal

really felt right. Then I heard about 900Mahler, a luxury

to me more. We just fell in love with this stunning building. It feels

Manhattan-style tower. My interest was piqued straight away!

like you’re living in Manhattan, right in the heart of Amsterdam.

I love city life and often spend time in Dubai and Singapore.

It’s a unique mix, for sure. And the view is breathtaking.

Skyscrapers appeal to me especially, and this location captures

It’s endlessly fascinating; every day is different from the last.’

that ambiance. The view from my flat on the 16 floor is to th

die for – you can see all the way to Ouderkerk and Schiphol.’

‘I love city life and often spend time in Dubai and Singapore’

‘While an old building has its charms, new appeals to me more’ WHAT IS IT LIKE TO LIVE IN ZUIDAS? ‘It’s brilliant! Everything is so close by. It’s a mere five minutes


by train to Schiphol. Before, I never took the train anywhere,

‘I’ve watched the building rise from the ground up. Lately,

pass. Beyond that, it’s a safe neighbourhood with a bustling,

it’s really gone fast. The whole neighbourhood is evolving,

international vibe.’

but I’ve been completely converted. I’ve even got a season rail

as well. At first, this was mostly a place where people worked, but now more and more people are choosing to live here,


which livens up the neighbourhood a lot. There’s a fantastic

‘On weekdays Zuidas is busy, but it shuts down during the

fitness club at the Olympic Stadium, and on my scooter I can

weekend. More restaurants could open their doors during

reach the city centre in minutes. I’ve also got a boat berthed

weekends. But it’s not that big a deal, since you can be in the

in Amsterdam. I can’t wait to come and live here!’

centre in minutes.’

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde



Roy Klemann

Yaphet Ahmed

ROY KLEMANN (23) & YAPHET AHMED (21) DENTISTRY STUDENTS, BOTH IN THEIR SECOND YEAR. BUILDING RAVEL RESIDENCE WHY DID YOU MOVE? Roy: I’m from Alkmaar originally and moved to Amsterdam for University. I wanted a new-build and luxury apartment, and I definitely found that here. Yaphet: We’re both very busy with our studies and have to be at ACTA a lot, so that makes it nice to be close to VU Amsterdam.

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO LIVE IN ZUIDAS? Roy: Great. You don’t necessarily notice that you’re living in the middle of a business district. There are plenty of other students here too. I like the fact that it’s quiet, but I wouldn’t want to stay indefinitely. Yaphet: It’s good. The modern vibe and the buildings here really appeal to me, and with this skyline you don’t feel like you’re living outside the city.

WHAT COULD BE IMPROVED? Roy: I miss the busy street scene and the sense that you’re really in Amsterdam. Yaphet: I would like to cook more with other students in this building. We are neighbours, so I think it’s important to build a good relationship!

Text & Photography Odette van der Veeken & Lisa Bloemenkamp



Jouke Baaima and Michael Berendsen from


SPECIAL helping to find a temporary home in the Netherlands As the ease, frequency and distance of travel have grown, the world has steadily become smaller. Thanks to the internet, we can work literally anywhere we please. Today’s professionals think nothing of relocating abroad for short projects or longer stays, or simply to get a taste of living in a different country. Demand for comfortable, short-stay apartments is growing among these globe-trotting professionals, also known as ‘expats’. is meeting this growing demand with a carefully selected range of apartments throughout the Netherlands, collected on its reliable web platform. Enjoy hotel-quality service with the feeling of home. The platform is the brainchild of Jouke Baaima and Michael

start their search. Our website makes it easy to find the perfect

Berendsen of Corporate Housing Factory. Offering temporary stay

apartment – simply make your selection, book it, and you’re good

residential accommodations for international professionals,

to go. But we’re more than just a web platform. Tenants can

Corporate Housing Factory has a portfolio of 150 luxury apart-

always contact our service desk by phone or email. We can assist

ments in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven.

with anything they might need and we have a large database of

‘With a growing number of expats locating to the Netherlands

local knowledge at our disposal. For instance, if you’d like to live

temporarily, our own apartments were no longer sufficient to

near an international school, we can help arrange it. Our motto

meet the growing demand from professionals at our corporate

sums it up: Thinking globally, acting locally.’

accounts’, explains Michael. ‘We wanted to refer them to partners who could guarantee the same high level of service, and that’s how came into being.’


‘We’ve both experienced what it’s like to be an expat and we know how important it is to feel at home while you’re in another country’ provides a platform for providers of furnished and serviced housing throughout the Netherlands.


Partners are carefully selected and guarantee the comforts of

With up and running for several months

home, combined with the high-quality service of a good hotel.

now, Jouke has received very enthusiastic responses from clients

Tenants are assured a personal welcome upon arrival, including all

and partners alike. ‘For our clients, it saves lots of time,

amenities and utilities such as gas, water, electricity and internet

because our selection matches their needs. Our partners

access, as well as weekly cleaning. ‘We’ve both experienced

appreciate how we standardize processes for them. They also

what it’s like to be an expat and we know how important it is

appreciate having a better idea of who is living in their apartments.’

to feel at home while you’re in another country’, Jouke says.

Recently, the platform also inked a global contract with a large

‘Living in a hotel room is not ideal. After a long working day,

partner. ‘They are a major supplier of short-stay apartments

it’s often much nicer to be able to walk through the door of

for multinationals worldwide. With locations in 86 countries,

your own apartment.’

they specifically selected us to handle all requests for the Netherlands. We’re immensely proud of this partnership.’

THINKING GLOBALLY, ACTING LOCALLY offers international businesses a onestop reliable platform for booking short-stay residences in

the Netherlands. ‘There is a big market for temporary houses,

+31(0)20 723 3490

apartments and rooms, which can be overwhelming for

organizations’, Michael continues. ‘We want to be where they

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde



Gershwin Brothers

Zuidas welcomes new residents George and Ira Gershwin As of March, work on the Gershwin Brothers has been in progress on the corner of De Boelelaan and Parnassusweg. This residential project, named after George and Ira Gershwin, consists of two apartment buildings and is the result of a municipal push to build more mid-range rental housing in Amsterdam. These days, over 2,000 people call Zuidas home, and the new metro district is buzzing with energy. By 2030, plans for Zuidas envision a full-fledged residential centre where some 13,000 people will enjoy high-scale living. When building in an urban environment, the demands of

The plans for the Gershwin Brothers are basically similar,

ensuring maximum quality come with a few specific challenges.

but built up in a different way to give each its own identity.

According to the architect who thought up the design,

Ira consists of 75 rental apartments (ranging from 55 to 100 m2)

Adriaan Mout of LEVS architecten, these challenges

around a communal courtyard, all done in red-brown brick.

contributed to a fantastic blueprint for Gershwin Brothers.

George presents a lighter façade and apart from 84 rental

‘Working out designs with so many preconditions is like a kind

apartments (55-90 m2) also offers over 900m2 in ground-floor

of algebra. Relying on a multitude of studies, we were able to

commercial space, including a stretch of two-storey frontage

create these spectacular buildings that meet all those conditi-

and a large terrace area along Boelegracht. The mixture of

ons and will be a pleasure to live in. The floor-to-ceiling height

residential and prime outdoor spaces plus amenities will

of over three metres makes for a splendid setting, and the

make the Gershwin Brothers a valuable addition to Zuidas

outdoor spaces, oriented for maximum sun exposure,

for residents and other area users.

will function as the green lungs for both buildings’.

When building in an urban environment, the demands of ensuring maximum quality come

Gershwin Brothers is an initiative of Maarsen Groep and Beheer Brouwershoff and is slated for completion in the fourth quarter of 2017. Apartments will be released for rental around spring 2017, but those who are interested may register on

with a few specific challenges 53.


‘t Vloerenhuis

Eric van Es, Andres van Es and Michiel van Beek

greater Amsterdam’s flooring specialist One doesn’t buy a new wood floor every day. That is why

heating and cooling as well as moisture levels. First, we always

‘t Vloerenhuis on Parnassusweg offers every customer the

pay a visit to our customer to inspect the sub-floor and measure

royal treatment, from the first viewing to service long after

the moisture content. Good preparation is essential when you

the purchase, so as to guarantee our customers a floor

want to avoid problems later on.’

they will love for years to come. This outstanding service has made ‘t Vloerenhuis the leading flooring specialist in Amsterdam and the metro region. At the spacious showroom on Parnassusweg in Amsterdam, Andrea and Eric van Es told Hello Zuidas about their company: ‘My granddad started the business a 100 years ago’, Eric says, ‘So it’s a genuine family business. A lot has changed during that century, of course, but not our dedication to our work. Our aim

“Our aim is to make sure that all our customers continue to love their wooden floor for years to come”

is to make sure that all our customers will continue to love their wooden floor for years to come. Our service goes far beyond simply


supplying a gorgeous floor. We take plenty of time to help each

‘t Vloerenhuis offers a vast selection, from parquet to hard-

customer and have the floor expertly fitted by our own professional

wood, as well as laminates and vinyls. Aside from fitting new

floorers – some of whom have been working here for over twenty

floors, ‘t Vloerenhuis also offers expertise on the maintenance,

years. On top of that, we give our customers maintenance advice

renovation and restoration of existing floors.

so as to ensure a long life span for their new floor.’


‘t Vloerenhuis

Andrea and Eric have many customers in Zuidas. ‘Currently, we’ve

Parnassusweg 216, 1076 AV Amsterdam

had lots of people from 900Mahler’, according to Andrea. ‘In newly

+31 (0)20 662 65 21 |

built apartments, it’s crucial to factor in features like sub-floor

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Refocus and get your mobility moving Want to cut costs, reduce your CO2 footprint or solve parking woes? The key to success lies in adapting employee travel habits. Syndesmo helps you get your mobility moving.

030 - 2523929

The #1 Zuidas translation agency

ENJOY SUMMER AT DE KERSENTUIN Come join us for lunch and dinner or have a bite and cocktail in our bar and terrace * De Kersentuin is closed from 27th of July until 7th of August

legal • financial • scientific • culture • real estate • business 020 – 598 64 20 |

May we take your reservation?

Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new members COMPANY PROVAST SECTOR PROJECT DEVELOPMENT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 20 Link with Zuidas: Provast is working with Commerz Real on the redevelopment of the former Akzo and Stibbe office blocks in Zuidas, better known as the Twin Towers. Provast is also developing 110 rental housing and 67 owner-occupied units at Frederik Roeskestraat. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Provast specializes in integrated area development activities, predominantly located in the Randstad area. Public transport locations are the future, but sustainable development of such locations hinges on good collaboration among various stakeholders. That is why Provast has joined Hello Zuidas.

COMPANY MARKET 33 – THE URBAN FOOD COURT SECTOR FOOD & DRINKS NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 3 Link with Zuidas: Zuidas is rapidly transforming into an area where people not only work, but also live and play. Market 33 is a friendly meeting place for professionals, residents and people just passing by, with ten passionate food entrepreneurs and an enthusiastic staff. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas promotes the district’s international appeal and high-quality working and living conditions. Market 33 fits in seamlessly with this objective and offers a great service to both professionals and residents. Together, we can turn Zuidas into an even more attractive place.

COMPANY STELLA AGENCY SECTOR HOSPITALITY, EVENT & FRONT OFFICE SERVICES NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 8 Link with Zuidas: Stella Agency and Zuidas are a perfect match. Stella is an expanding international hostess agency that provides high-profile clients with beautiful, talented front-office representatives for short and long-term assignments around the world. Our Amsterdam office is based in the international setting of the WTC building. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As a member, we benefit from getting involved, staying up-to-date and being a part of the Zuidas community. Let’s meet up to do business!

COMPANY VESTEDA SECTOR REAL ESTATE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 200 Link with Zuidas: Our head office is located in Zuidas. We are currently occupying the SOM2 building, but soon we will be moving to De Boel on De Boelelaan. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As the owner of the New Amsterdam and De Boel buildings, Vesteda wants to become a full-fledged member of the professional community in Zuidas. Hello Zuidas makes up the nexus of that community, so we want to be part of it.

COMPANY CLUBSPORTIVE SECTOR HEALTH & FITNESS NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 40-50 Link with Zuidas: Energy, speed, positive energy and striving for a higher goal. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As one of the early adaptors in Zuidas, it is only natural that we become members of Hello Zuidas too.




Hello Zuidas





Could your office use a bit of greenery? State us your reasons for a chance


to win ultra-hip hanging plants valued at € 110, and installed by Season Flowers (based in Zuidas), to give your office some green flair! They’ve already worked their magic at the Hello Zuidas editorial office, and it looks fabulous! For more information, visit:

ZUIDAS: EUROPE’S MOST SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS AND RESIDENTIAL LOCATION IN 2020? Zuidas has the ambition to be Europe’s most sustainable business and residential location in 2020. And we are well on our way towards fulfilling it! Research reveals that buildings in Zuidas are 20% more energy efficient than the Dutch average, thanks to new bike facilities, underground thermal energy storage (UTES) and solar panels. Five buildings may claim the honour of being Zuidas’ most sustainable buildings – now also contending to head the European top list: 1. The Edge 2. ABN AMRO 3. NoMA House 4. Kavel P15 Ravel 5. Motel One.

TUNED IN YET TO ZUIDASFM? Did you know Zuidas has its very own radio station? ZuidasFM is made by Zuidas, for Zuidas, with discussions ranging from interesting and serious interviews to the latest local gossip. Take a break from work with a daily dose of fun, information and entertainment. Got something to share? Input is welcomed at

WEPARC WeParc is a new valet parking service that carries as its motto that parking in Amsterdam Zuid/WTC need not be stressful or expensive. Our app enables users to request a driver, who will pick up their car, park it in one of our secured lots and return it whenever, wherever. The cost is € 35 all-in for a full day of parking. Monthly subscriptions are also available. Join now at or get in touch with us directly at

OPEN TOWER DAY TO CELEBRATE FIFTH YEAR IN 2017 Open Tower Day has been a huge hit. In Zuidas alone, more than 2,000 visitors came to explore the five towers that, during one day, were opened to the public. Next year’s edition will be set to celebrate the event’s five-year anniversary. Interested in signing up your tower for 2017 and/or sponsoring this tip-top event? Send an email to the Open The Doors foundation, free of obligations, at:


E-mail your memo’s to

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Hello Zuidas #26  
Hello Zuidas #26