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Lyuda Kravchuk

Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Services at EY

Turning disruption into opportunity





A FRESH START That moment after the last summer day arrives with

Circl’s recently appointed director, Merijn van den

a feeling, much like the first of January, of starting

Bergh, and BAM’s commercial affairs and planning

afresh. After a couple of months of relative quiet

development manager Rutger Sypkens were proud

in Zuidas, everyone returns from some well-

to tell us about this fabulous new venue.

deserved R&R, at their desks and raring to go. The cover of this issue features Lyuda Kravchuk.

And last but not least... I, too, will be making a fresh

She too made a fresh start, five years ago when she

start. After working at ASEGA Media & Communication

moved from Ukraine to settle in Holland. Now Lyuda

for five years, I have decided to blaze a new and

is senior manager of Transaction Advisory Services

independent trail as Zuidas Publishers. Under this

at EY. She loves living and working in Amsterdam,

new name I will continue to publish Hello Zuidas

where she also plays an active role in the local expat

magazine, and will remain its editor-in-chief. In other

community, and it was fascinating to get her take

words, I'm looking forward to exciting times and I

on life here in Zuidas.

can’t wait to get started!

After months of construction at Gustav Mahlerplein,

Happy reading!

this location is also ready for a fresh start, with the official opening of Circl. This pavilion adjoining

Romy Lange

ABN AMRO is set to become a new hotspot for

Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

everyone living and working in and around Zuidas.

With the days gradually drawing in again, I hope that you too can look back on a wonderful summer. It’s been a beautiful season to be outdoors and recharge for the second half of 2017. One of the highlights that I’m looking forward to is our biannual members’ meeting at the close of September. This is always an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted and catch up with each other – and also, of course, to tackle topics that are important to Zuidas. On the agenda at the next meeting will be ways to enliven the district, a topic on which everyone is sure to have an opinion. What makes Zuidas come alive for you? Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas



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Three experts discuss road safety in Zuidas

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With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. •5


#TRENDING TOPICS Nanet Beumer @NBeumer Werken er alleen mannen op de Zuidas in Amsterdam? #dtv • Evelien Veenhuizen @itsevelien Vandaag filmen we leerlingen van #calvijncollegeamsterdam en zuidassers tijdens het jaarlijkse straatvoetbaltoernooi #zuidas • Martin Kooiman @serverloos Dagje Zuidas Amsterdam, van WTC tot cafe. Van hardware tot Azure oplossing. Trots op onze klanten die sneller overal volledig kunnen werken. • Niels Andeweg @nielsandeweg Hoe mooier


de mensen en hoe duurder de pakken, hoe verdachter het product dat ze verkopen..#Zuidas #lunchloopje #slangenolie #bigfinance • Elles Piets @EllesPiets Wijntjes op de Zuidas, omdat


het donderdag is en omdat het kan! #wijnisfijn • Bruid in STYLE @BruidsSTYLEWeer n gezellige


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For employees of companies

de Zuidas, bij de @ThingsConAMS #IoT #meetup “Internet of #Bicycles” bij @CycleSpaceAMS •

who are member of Hello Zuidas,

Sebastiaan Capel @sebastiaancapel @hellozuidas meets @artzuid op de Zuidas. Met bewoners

it is possible to join our LinkedIn

en ondernemers genieten van de kunstwerken olv deskundige vrijwilligers #kunstinzuid •

group or link to Hello Zuidas

Zuidas Amsterdam @ZuidasAmsterdam Met MAAS blijft Zuidas bereikbaar #zuidas • Lex van

as a contact.

Marion @KarlXIVJohan Veelbelovend nhow! #zuidas • Handel NL @HandelNL BAM gaat

Hello Zuidas has an iPad app

weer bouwen op Zuidas • Iryna Savenko @IrynaSavenko Summer in #Amsterdam #Zuidas

that allows you to flip through

#travel #business • New Purpose @NewPurposeNL Photos speak louder than words! Today

the magazine.

getting some awesome new portfolio pics. #photoshoot #highres #portfolio #zuidas • Zuidas

Amsterdam @ZuidasAmsterdam Geen bodemloze put hier bij de bouw van het Rai hotel.

Free WIFI Hello Zuidas on

#Zuidas ^Thomsy • Rob Oud @roboud Van piramides naar ecosystemen aldus Rutger van Zuidas

Mahlerplein & Zuidplein

ondersteund door #blockchain @cadcompany • GBCZuidas @GBCZuidas Groene oase op het dak van Breevast, geopend door @AbdeluhebChoho weer 1900 m2 dichterbij ambitie 25000m2 in Zuidas • CycleSpace @CycleSpace We’re working on a Bike to Work program, not only in Gelderland but in September also at Zuidas! Do you already cycle to work? • Moduplus @Moduplus CIRCL | Green Pavilion , opening soon. A meeting place based in the Zuidas district. #circulardesign #moduplus Corso Como • Trattoria @CorsoComoWTC More ITALIAN TAKEOVER on the Zuidas! Corso Como no longer exists, and is now named Che Buono. Follow us on Facebook.. • Jochem Nijs @jooch5 Omgekeerd logo ABN. What’s up with that? #zuidas #abnamro • Vastgoedmarkt @vastgoedmarktnl Google breidt uit tot 5.000 m2 op Zuidas

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Turning disruption into opportunity Lyuda Kravchuk, Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Services at EY

Five years ago, with Ukraine in the midst of a political and economic crisis, Lyuda Kravchuk took ownership of her dreams and turned the disruption to her opportunity. Having worked for EY in Kyiv before, Lyuda continues her career aspirations at EY Netherlands in Zuidas. Today, Amsterdam tops her list of favorite cities and she loves living and working here. She’s also actively involved in the city’s expat community, and says that integrating in the Netherlands has never been a problem for her. We talked with Lyuda about her work at EY and life as an expat in Amsterdam. 'Six years ago, I had no idea that I’d wind up in the Netherlands. Life is unpredictable, and brings you to the most unexpected places. Unexpected to extent you learn to own and enjoy the changes ahead of you.' Can you tell us something about your job at EY? ‘As senior manager of Transaction Advisory Services at EY’s Amsterdam

have a rigid hierarchy, that’s not true of EY. At EY we have a culture of

office, I’m part of the Transaction Support team. I help corporate as well

open communication with the leaders; an open-door policy where you

as private equity clients with the assessment of companies they plan

can simply walk into your team leader’s office to discuss topics that

to acquire or sell, whether it be in the Netherlands or in other countries

interest or concern you. That’s the same at both EY Ukraine and EY

around the world. Our clients’ aim is to allocate capital in most efficient

Netherlands. That openness really motivates and inspires me.'

way possible, and I help them derive maximum value from transactions by minimizing risks, assessing acquisition opportunities and maxi-

What do you think of Amsterdam, and of Zuidas in particular?

mizing value upon disposal. Mainly I perform due diligence, assess

‘Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities anywhere. I love the ambiance

carve-outs and assist with sales and purchase agreements.’

of the place, with its beautiful canals that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the uniform brick houses. I can walk or cycle through

How long have you been with EY in Zuidas, and what led

the city endlessly and still discover new, hidden places. Amsterdam has

you to come here?

activities that cater to every taste, from opera and ballet to trance

'I have been here for more than five years now. Before coming to the

parties, and from world-class art and history museums to the Artis

Netherlands, I worked at EY Kyiv – which by the way is the official

zoo. You can go barbequeing in Vondelpark or spending a day at

Ukrainian transliteration, as opposed to the commonly used ‘Kiev’.

Blijburg beach in the north or you can rent a boat and have a

In 2012, Ukraine was in economic and political crisis, provoked by

pleasant evening out on the canals. If Amsterdam is the Venice of

the 2008 global financial crisis. Investors were steering clear of

the north, I think it is also fair to call Venice the Amsterdam of the

Ukraine and I had to make a choice: either change careers or move

south! Zuidas is a very vibrant part of the city – you could call it the

to a country with a healthier investment climate. Because I really

Manhattan of Amsterdam. It has lively bars and restaurants where

enjoy my job, I went for the latter option and soon found an opening

I like to take business partners or colleagues for lunch or dinner, or

at EY Amsterdam. It was a win-win situation for everyone – I got to

where I like to go to relax after work. The proximity of the airport

continue doing what I love and EY was able to fill a vacancy as it is

and good connections with other parts of the city attract lots of

challenging to find an expert with the same level of experience locally.'

businesses, and the ambitious plans for new office buildings and fancy apartment complexes are making it that much more attractive,

Do you see many differences between EY Netherlands

also as a place to live. Plus, all the thought that’s going into reducing

and EY Ukraine?

the environmental footprint sets a great example for other business

‘Actually no, I don’t, despite what you might expect. EY is a global

districts around the world.’

company and the methodologies, tools and systems are the identical all over the world. We attend the same trainings and have lots of

What is your experience with the Amsterdam expat community?

opportunities for networking and exchanging knowledge. EY’s goal

‘It is quite extensive really, as I have lots of expats among my friends

is to deliver seamless high-quality services to clients, irrespective

and colleagues. Also, I’ve been an ambassador of a global expat

of location – whether that’s Ukraine, the Netherlands, the USA,

organization, for nearly three years. Through volunteering with that

Thailand or Peru. I work with other EY offices all over the globe, and it’s

organization allowed me to meet a lot of expats and also Dutchies,

amazing really how EY’s commitment to quality enables us to under-

who got involved with the community while living or travelling

stand each other. Also, whereas other companies in Ukraine tend to

abroad. It’s an opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman • Makeup Rob Peetoom


each other. Beyond that, expat communities let you ‘travel the world’

possibilities for tourism, Ukraine has immense economic potential.

by meeting people from around the globe, learning about various

As a Ukrainian, I feel that my mission is to spread the word about my

cultures and mentalities, finding business partners and of course

beautiful country and the wonderful people of Ukraine. So, for now,

exchanging travel tips!’

my plan is to stay here in Amsterdam, my second home.’

Was it difficult to get accustomed to life in the Netherlands?

How do you keep in touch with your family?

‘People often ask me that question... No, it was not difficult at all.

‘Fortunately, modern technology makes it easy and cheap to keep

Having studied and worked in the US and Canada, I was already used

in touch. I use different VOIP services: Skype, Viber and WhatsApp.

to living abroad, to adjusting to cultural differences and communicating

My family comes to visit me in Amsterdam from time to time and I

with various cultures. When I moved here, I also learned about the

return to the Ukraine once or twice a year. I have a twin sister who

cultural dimensions model developed by Geert Hofstede, a Dutch

currently lives in Zürich and we visit each other a lot, since it’s only

social psychologist who used to work at IBM. This model ranks cultural

an hour’s flight away.’

differences on six dimensions – power distance, individualism vs. collectivism, uncertainty avoidance index, masculinity vs. femininity,

What do you think about the image of the ‘Big 4’?

long-term orientation vs. short-term orientation, indulgence vs.

‘I am very proud to work in this industry. I know people at all the Big 4

restraint – and by applying this model, I became very aware of the

companies, in various service lines, and they are all very professional,

cultural differences between the Netherlands and Ukraine. I think

hardworking, intelligent and interesting people. You could say that

you should always stay true to yourself, but adjusting to the local

the Big 4 are a kind of ‘school’ from which many future CFOs and

culture and customs helps you to integrate faster. When in Rome,

executives ‘graduate’.’

do as the Romans do!’

Can you tell us anything about EY’s plans for the future? What are your plans for the future? Will you stay in Amsterdam,

‘EY is closely monitoring current global megatrends – the transformative

or might you return to Ukraine?

trends shaping society through their impact on businesses, economies,

‘There is a saying: if you want to make God laugh, tell him about

industries and communities. Take for example, the way that technology

your plans. Six years ago, I had no idea that I would wind up in the

and robotics are changing the role of human labour, how access to

Netherlands. Life is unpredictable, and brings you to the most

information is changing consumer behaviour, and how A.I. and data

unexpected places. I do feel a very deep connection to the Ukraine.

analytics are changing decision-making processes. By accumulating

It’s my country, and I feel a lot of pain when I see the conflict that’s

expertise about these megatrends and other disruptive forces, EY aims

still going on there. I believe Ukraine has a great future. It is one of the

to inspire its employees, clients and other stakeholders to think

largest European countries, about the size of Germany geographically,

ahead and to seek better solutions, so we can turn disruption into

with a population of 45 million. With an abundance of educated,

opportunity. In our fast-paced environment, only those who are

talented people, natural resources, farmland, rich history and huge

alert will survive and thrive.’

10 •

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A10 S108




















SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER 2O17 The summer may be over, but construction works in Zuidas are not.

Read on for a rundown of the most important works scheduled for this autumn.

FRED. ROESKESTRAAT Activities have been ongoing for some time on Fred. Roeskestraat (1), and will continue for a while longer in order to complete the new road layout. On Prinses Irenestraat (2) the work is largely finished, but the installation of a high-voltage electrical cable, scheduled for 11 to 24 September, is bound to cause some traffic disruptions. At the intersection with Henriëtte Bosmansstraat the roadway will be narrowed.

EXPANSION OF THE WTC The expansion of the WTC (3) will require rerouting of bicycle traffic in the period ahead. Among other things, sheet pile walls have to be vibrated into the ground, and these activities will affect the area for several years to come. With the Gershwin Brothers (4) now nearing completion, the redesign of George Gershwinlaan is slated to wrap up in October.

12 •






























































































































Zuidas is thriving and growing! In the years to come we can expect a beehive of activity when it comes to construction and road works. PIET KRANENBERGPAD

At present, work is under way on the tram line. This summer, Municipal

At the far western end of Zuidas, Piet Kranenbergpad (5) is being

Transport Authority (GVB) engineers will be tackling the tracks on

renewed, along which the museum tram and a bike lane currently

Beethovenstraat between the tram stops on Prinses Irenestraat and

run underneath the A10 motorway. The bicycle lane is set to be

Strawinskylaan. One of those engineers is Franco Ekelhof, who considered

repaved. Additionally, a new pavement will be added for pedestrians.

an interview with Hello Zuidas all in a day’s work: ‘Last week it was the

Last but not least, October will see the start of construction on the

AT5 TV crew!’

Hourglass building (6) and Van der Valk hotel (7). ‘We’re working on renewing the tracks. At the moment we’re removing the old trackbed. It’s important that people who live and work around here experience as

Everyone is invited to come take a look in the construction pit for the future underground bike shelter at Vijfhoek. Protective gear will be provided. Please register by sending an email to:

little inconvenience as possible, so tram

More infO • • 0800-5065 zuidas • @zuidasamsterdam

• 13

5 services are running as usual. There

just ignore our warnings – but, hey, that’s

down. That said, I have no desire to move.

are two safety officers stationed here all

Amsterdam for you, haha. There’s always

The big city is fun and all, but not for

day to monitor the trams, and they will

something going on here. Just last week

seven days a week. At the end of the day

stop the drivers until we’re off the tracks.

I was interviewed by a TV crew from AT5,

I’m happy to escape back to the relative

Safety comes first, of course.’

and now there’s you! If I had to choose a

tranquillity of Ede. I happen to live in a

‘I love my job. The interaction with people,

different job, I would go for the restaurant

very peaceful spot, just outside of town,

especially. There’s always people wanting

business. I certainly couldn’t see myself

in the woods. I like to keep my evenings

to know how the work is getting along

sitting in an office in Zuidas.’

free, and if the weather is nice I sit out in

or exactly what we’re doing. It can be a

‘I drive from Ede to Amsterdam every

the garden. On moments like these, the

nuisance when people decide to cross

day. The commute back is pretty rough;

bustle of Amsterdam feels like a million

here, even though it’s not allowed. They

the traffic jams every day really wear you

miles away.’

Text Kika Samsom • Photography Davien Hulsman


Hello-Bike for business

Get Zuidas cycling again



For almost half a year Marietta De Zorzi has been living in Summertime,

simply dump their rubbish next to the

an apartment complex on Gustav Mahlerlaan. A few months ago she became

waste containers. Or you’ll find old bikes

a member of its tenants’ association.

abandoned right outside the entrance.’ Convinced that this sort of negligence


with a living room, two bedrooms and

would not happen if people knew each

With nearly 200 rental apartments,

a storage closet. Our neighbour across

other better, Marietta decided to become

Summertime encompasses a duo of

the hall has one big open space.’

a member of the Summertime tenants’

eight story buildings. From amidst the

After six months of living here, Marietta

association. The idea, she says, is to

riot of flowers on her balcony, Marietta

is still every bit as much in love with

forge a better community. ‘For instance,

De Zorzi points out the giants that back

Summertime and Zuidas as she was at

we could plant an ecoroof. Or we could

onto the complex. ‘Look’, she enthuses,

the outset. ‘When I ride home from work

clean up litter from the planted strip

‘back there you can see the Viñoly

I’m enfolded in a totally different vibe

around Summertime, and of course have

building, which is nearly 100 metres

– there’s a buzz of activity, it’s modern

a drink together afterwards. That creates

in height, and Intermezzo in front of it.

and there are new things happening

a strong social fabric.’ Marietta’s wish list

In misty weather the buildings acquire

every day. Take the new Circl pavilion

doesn’t end there, though. ‘A small local

these lovely colours.’ From the moment

at ABN AMRO, for instance. It’s stunning

park would be lovely.’ Another wish –

she saw her new flat in its finished state,

to look at, and that really energizes me.’

a supermarket on Mahlerlaan – was granted in early September. Marietta plans to

it felt like a perfect fit. ‘The light is wonderful, and there’s a sense of


grow old in Zuidas. ‘The presence of a lift

freedom because our flat is situated

Now Marietta wants to invest some of that

means we can easily come and go, and

on a corner. All the residents could

energy in Summertime. ‘I’ve noticed that

we have everything we need close by:

decide on the layout of their own flats.

not everybody who lives here is equally

a hospital, Schiphol, the Concertgebouw

We opted for an open-plan kitchen

respectful of the building. Some people

and Beatrixpark.’

Text Robert Niessen• Photography Davien Hulsman

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MINUTE? Zuidas is burgeoning with activity as thousands of cars, cyclists and pedestrians converge on the district every day. By extension, traffic safety is also a growing concern. Widespread construction works are already underway, but we’ll have to wait quite a few years more before Zuidas will be completely renewed. Time to conduct a survey on pinch points in need of resolving. We staked out four local intersections to poll people who live, work or study here about traffic in and around Zuidas. CAROLINE VAN MEERBEECK (STRAWINSKYLAAN) ‘Each day is different, but people tend to drive fast and carelessly. Before this new situation I used to come here often, and compared to a few years ago the situation has already improved, although I’m still extra careful. There are still some improvements to be made. The instalment of some traffic lights would be welcome, because cars tend not to come to a complete stop at zebra crossings. As a pedestrian, I’m a lot more careful at this intersection than I am at other places.’

JAN VISÉE (BEETHOVENSTRAAT) ‘The double lanes are pretty confusing. You have to be familiar with the area to know that traffic comes from the left, especially since there are no traffic lights. The situation is unclear for all road users. I’ve already witnessed several occasions where motorists thought they could just drive right along, only to stumble quite unexpectedly upon a crosswalk. It scares them, too. Theoretically it would be easy to solve the problem by installing traffic lights, and possibly a zebra crossing. Even then cars often won’t stop, but it will at least alert people to the dangers.’

16 •


MICHIEL VAN MOURIK (MAHLERPLEIN) ‘When I started working in Zuidas ten years ago, there was nothing here. Now, with all this new local activity, the traffic routing seems totally improvised. Basically, it’s a mess. Just now I was riding my scooter and almost had an accident as I tried to turn left. Because the bicycle path runs in front of the walkway, motorists tend not to stop until they reach the zebra crossing, making it quite a challenge for people on bikes and scooters. They could solve things by switching the paths around. Everything is different here now, so the road layout should be adjusted as well.’

ANINDYA KATERIAMALIA AND MARIA KOROHAMA (BOELELAAN) ‘We regularly see students cross the street while ignoring the red light. When people are rushed, they just seem to zone out completely. A couple months ago a girl got involved in a serious accident while crossing at this intersection. Apparently she was wearing ear buds, listening to music. She didn’t watch the traffic lights and was hit. That’s really scary – things can go wrong before you know it. Not that we feel unsafe here, but that’s mostly because we always watch out carefully and don’t cross when the lights are red.’

Text Celine Boute • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 17

PROPERTY Source: Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

ARCADIS TO DESIGN THE BEACON IN ZUIDAS Zuidas - Arcadis architecture subsidiary CallisonRTKL has been contracted to design The Beacon, a new multifunctional complex in Zuidas, clustering office, retail and residential space, in collaboration with Powerhouse Company. Arcadis will also be the building’s first tenant, leasing 3,000 m2 on the top floors of the twenty-storey tower. The building, which will be developed by G&S Vastgoed, will connect to a six-storey podium containing apartments, a restaurant and shops.

18 •




Zuidas - LeasePlan Corporation and Union Investment

Zuidas - The municipality of Amsterdam is poised to permit

Real Estate have signed a lease for 4,000 m2 worth of office

construction of more new office buildings in a bid to stimulate

space in UNStudio in Amsterdam. LeasePlan Corporation

economic growth. The economic development memorandum

will be renting the 15th to 18th floors of the office block at

(Ruimte voor de Economie van Morgen) based on the city’s

354-360 Gustav Mahlerlaan, marking its move from Almere

residential development vision for 2025 (Koers 2025) names

to Zuidas. The company’s Dutch division will remain in

Sloterdijk, the Arena neighbourhood, Duivendrecht, Sixhaven

Almere. LeasePlan Corporation chose UNStudio for both

(north), Marineterrein (city centre) and the Zuidas-Schiphol

its appeal and flexible layout options. The owner plans

airport corridor as likely locations in its plans to build 50,000

to remodel the building’s ground floor interior for

new residential units by 2025.


THE NETHERLANDS MAKE ROOM FOR EUROPEAN MEDICINES AGENCY IN ZUIDAS Zuidas - The Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency has offered the European Medicines Agency (EMA) a brand-new office building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas, which is next door to the EY tower. The city has two plots available in the Vivaldi subdistrict just north of Domenico Scarlattilaan, which can accommodate up to 50,000 m2 in office floorage. Under a twenty-year lease, the rent per m2 will be between € 300 and € 320.

BAM WONEN READY TO BREAK GROUND FOR THE GEORGE AND THE GUSTAV Zuidas - BAM Wonen is ready to start construction of The George and The Gustav, two new residential buildings in Zuidas. In the wake of Summertime, Op Zuid and Gustav Mahlerplein, this latest project will see BAM Wonen deliver 191 luxury studios, apartments and penthouses, complete with underground car parks and gardens. With the contract between Zuidschans CV and BAM Wonen being inked at the end of last June, BAM Wonen will break ground this autumn to have The George and The Gustav ready for tenancy halfway through 2020. The apartment buildings will be situated on Gustav Mahlerlaan and George Gershwinlaan and offer high-end homes for both first-timers and buyers at the top of the property ladder.

• 19

COMPETITION LAWYERS We are C-law, we are competition lawyers. We provide our clients with advice and assistance in actions and lawsuits related to competition law, state aid law and consumer law. Competition and consumers are the prime focus of our legal practice.





Onderwijsboulevard 225

Barbara Strozzilaan 101-201

5223 DE ’s-Hertogenbosch

1083 HN Amsterdam

+31 (0)73 2020044

+31 (0)20 2402400


New Zuidas Guide to Announce Streets that are NOT Under Construction Zuidas is growing - you can tell because of all

Of course Zuidas needs construction,

weeks! We must flip them to the other side.

the ‘Detour’ signs. We wanted to offer a guide

and every detour means progress: faster

We have to be fair to both sides of the brick.’

to getting around the detours, but - let’s be

internet cables, better bike lanes, the biggest

honest - most of you just bike through them

underground bike parking garage. And each

And how perfect that this year’s ArtZuid

anyway. Instead, we offer a guide of gratitude

project is apparently planned so that - once

Sculpture Route gave prominent placement

- to all (well, some) of the streets that are

a street is finished for two weeks - it’s then

to a construction-themed exhibit. On the

NOT construction zones. Unfortunately,

ripped up again. Yes, we must accommodate

Apollolaan - just outside the Amsterdam

by the time of publication, many of these

traffic; but we must also accommodate

Hilton - was a sculpture depicting a dump-

streets will again be construction zones.

‘The Brick Flippers.’ The Brick Flippers are

truck container, completely buried in the

employed by the city to pull the bricks up from

gravel it was meant to contain. This is the

It’s hard not to encounter road construction

one side of the road and replace them on the

theme of construction in Zuidas. It may

in the Netherlands. Indeed, the Dutch term

other side. The code of the Brick Flippers:

seem like chaos, grown out of control.

for ‘Road Closed’ is ‘de straat is open,’

‘Some bricks have been face down for two

But actually, it’s a work of art.

literally ‘the street is open.’ It’s like a quote from Dutch football guru Johan Cruyff: ‘Only when a street is closed to traffic can it be truly open.’

Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump in the ‘Netherlands Second’ video from ‘Zondag Met Lubach.’ Shapiro came to Amsterdam to work with Boom Chicago comedy theater and never left. Along the way he has hosted ‘Comedy Central News.’ He has written 2 books on Dutch culture, including How to Be Dutch: the Quiz. As host of ‘United States of Europe,’ Shapiro offers a ‘Daily Show’ for the EU. Making fun of Europe, the American way.

Photography Davien Hulsman

FINANCE Source: Het Financieele Dagblad Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: Photography Lotte de Graaf

ASIAN INVESTORS BET € 100M ON SURGING DUTCH OFFICE PROPERTY MARKET Zuidas - Two Asian investors have placed a combined € 100 million in offices at station locations in the Netherlands through a.s.r. real estate investment’s ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund. One of the two investors is the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, one of the largest banks in Japan; the name of the other has not been released as yet. This is yet another sign that the Dutch office property market is on a rebound and has finally shaken off its stagnant image. In fact, according to British asset manager Standard Life Investments, the Dutch office property market is currently the hottest real estate sector on the Continent.





Zuidas - Starting a fast-food chain in the Netherlands requires

Zuidas - Amsterdam is proving to be popular with high

guts and, if at all possible, a uncharted niche, given that the

frequency traders, driven by Brexit to put down roots else-

market for dime-a-dozen hamburgers, chicken wings and

where in Europe. At least five firms specialized in this branch

chips is fairly well saturated by American giants such as

of exchange trades have either relocated to Amsterdam,

McDonald’s, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

or plan to do so in the near term. This event marks the first

Meanwhile, Taco Bell and Five Guys, yet another burger chain,

coup for the lobby to lure financial companies from the

are also banging on the gates. In spite of all the competition,

City to the Dutch capital. Only last month, the VNO-NCW

Joost Leendertse and Roel Bloemen recently decided to take

employers’ federation warned that the Netherlands’ strict

the plunge, by opening The Barn in Zuidas, the first outlet

bonus caps would likely repel merchant banks looking to

of their new 100% organic fast-food chain. This month will

relocate after the Brexit vote, expecting London banks to

see the opening of a second location at the Hoog Catharijne

favour Frankfurt, Dublin and Paris instead.

shopping centre in Utrecht. By the end of next year, The Barn is expected to have expanded to eight locations.

22 •

BUSINESS SECTOR JOB GROWTH TAKING FLIGHT Zuidas - Economic growth is translating into increasingly stronger job growth in the business sector, according to figures published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). They show that, in 2016, 7,280 companies were experiencing fast-paced expansion in employment, amounting to the highest rate since CBS began publishing these listings in 2010. For its analysis CBS uses a specially developed metric which defines fast-paced job growth as a 10% or more increase in the company workforce over at least three consecutive years. To be included in the rating, companies also have to have at least ten employees.

BRITISH INVESTOR PAYS MILLIONS FOR OFFICE SPACE IN ZUIDAS Zuidas - British Tristan Capital Partners has acquired 18,000 m2 worth of office floorage, spread over eight buildings along Europaboulevard and Van Nijenrodeweg. Building tenants include contractor Hillen & Roosen, PR agency Hill & Knowlton and fitness gym Basic-Fit. A portion of the property is currently vacant and being remodelled. Promoted by Tristan Capital Partners as ‘office space in an emerging business property market, just a short walk from Zuidas’, the investor is targeting smaller tenants, such as tech startups and IT businesses, given that the rents are less than half of what one could expect to pay in Zuidas proper. There, the average rent per square metre is now up to € 375.

• 23

your dentist might be just around the corner book now a free first consultation

visit us and register online at or call 020 - 66 23 071 Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 1082 MA Amsterdam

dentists tandartsen op de Zuidas

17077 Vd Veer Adv_185x127,5_O4.indd 1

15-06-17 13:23

Discover one of Meetables unique locations, only a 10-minute walk from the Zuidas. Vergaderlocatie ZUID RaphaĂŤlplein 27 1077 PX Amsterdam Have a look at for more inspiring and unique Meetables locations in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam.

Information and reservations: 020-2011190 | |


Ellen Zoon, Henneke Nieboer & Froukje Weg

Judith van Laarhoven, Inge van Baardwijk & Jelmer Peterson

Ruben Kaatee, Rogier van Weeghel, Daan de Klok & Janti Rabelink

Maxim van Acker, Bart Stocker, Geert-Jan Schraven

Johan Alebregtse & Bas Korteweg

ZUIDAS CULINARY SUMMERFEST Friday 30 June 2017 @ Zuidplein • Visitors thronged to Zuidplein for this favourite yearly festival. • On the square, a host of stalls served up delicious food and drinks. • Various artists and DJs provided the music. • The party went on into the wee hours. Frank Hoks, Marije Harms & Brian McDonald

Gijs van Velzen (WTC), Bianca Haanstra & Marit Bouwer

Kim den Otten & Carmen Hörster

Simone Drost, Nynke Schipper & Eva Govers

Mariska Roodenijs & Merel Hees

Photography Lotte de Graaf

• 25




Zuidas is evolving at an incredible pace. Anyone now taking a stroll across Mahlerplein would have a hard time picturing the area as it was only two years ago. And now, with the arrival of Circl, this wind-swept square has transformed into the coolest hotspot in the district. We caught up with Circl’s newly appointed director, Merijn van den Bergh, and Rutger Sypkens, commercial affairs and development manager at BAM in Amsterdam, who were both eager to tell us all about the close collaboration.

26 •


and pollution. The Netherlands are begin-


ning to take a lead in circular thinking and

At Circl you can grab a drink and a bite to eat

circular business models, which I see as a

at the restaurant or rooftop bar and take part

natural development. It’s a marvellous thing

in all kinds of activities. It’s also a place where

that we are achieving this here of all places,

all are welcome to join in the discussion on a

in the heart of Zuidas. Together we are also

range of societal issues – such as the circular

keen to learn from the energy consumption

economy. ‘The current relationship we have

and maintance cost of Circl the coming years.’

to our Earth is finite. Already we’re using up

Van den Bergh emphasizes, ‘A sustainable

to 50 per cent more of our natural resources

environment requires all of us to work together.’

than are actually available. Earth Overshoot Day is coming earlier each year, which is the point in the year that our consumption of things like natural resources and food exceeds what the Earth is able to produce in one year.

‘The current relationship we have to our Earth is finite.’

Moreover, the quantity of waste we produce

ABOUT CIRCL Circl is a place to work, meet other

exceeds what can be processed in a year.


people and enjoy drinks or dinner,

The switch to a more sustainable way of life


and is also host to a variety of lectures.

can and must be accelerated. There’s no

‘Two years ago, we agreed to embark

It is open to everyone, because every-

other option’, says Van den Bergh.

on this new challenge with ABN AMRO,

one can help make the difference.

‘We'll have to change.’

to develop a structure that deviates from

The key is connectivity, where every-

the traditional marble pavilion, by building

thing of value begins. Circl is broad,


it from Dutch wood. Moreover, the structure

inclusive and progressive; it’s not

Meeting, getting acquainted and working

is entirely based on circular principles,’

about making choices, but about em-

together are the ideas driving Circl.

Sypkens explains. ‘We are thrilled with

bracing alternatives – new connections,

The building itself is the result of an extensive

the result.’ Van den Bergh agrees. ‘At first,

new solutions and new values.

collaboration with the design and building

people mostly just came here to work.

It’s about making a change by acting

contractor, BAM, and Architekten CIE, Traject

Now we’re also seeing an increasing number

today in order to secure tomorrow.

and Donkergroen. Sypkens says, ‘Designing

of local residents. That enhances the

and building this circular pavilion was a huge

quality of life immensely; you can feel

learning experience for all of us, and we want

it already.’ Circl is open seven days a week

to share the knowledge we’ve gained with

to local professionals, residents and the

everyone. Obviously, we’re all against waste

general public.

Text Romy Lange • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 27

“GOUDEN” HORECA-ONDERNEMER GEZOCHT! In de populaire Amsterdamse Houthaven wordt een schitterend project gerealiseerd: Frame Amsterdam. De luxe appartementen van deze “gouden toren” waren snel uitverkocht en nu zijn we op zoek naar een passende invulling voor een commerciële ruimte op de begane grond. Met een oppervlakte van circa 550 m2 (BVO) leent het zich uitstekend voor de invulling van een aantrekkelijk horeca-concept. Laagdrempelig, waarbij verblijven en ontmoeten centraal staan. Een huiskamer voor de buurt op een prachtige plek aan het IJ…

Voor meer informatie zie: Verhuur/verkoop: Lenneke den Haan Etienne van Unen T: 020 – 540 55 55

Ben jij op zoek naar een ge weldige ‘thuishaven’? Dan zijn we op zoek naar jou!

Frame Amsterdam is een ontwikkeling van:

We are happy to welcome you to shop as a VIP with 10% additional savings. Visit our Information Centre to enjoy your special benefits. For more information go to



READY FOR A CHALLENGE? Then strap on your running shoes for the 42nd edition of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, to be held this year on 15 October. For more information:

Photography Jelmer Jeuring (TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2016, Zuidas)

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Saturday 9 September

Monday to Friday



@ Amsterdamse Bos

@ The AkzoNobel Art Space

A sports event for parents and their

The AkzoNobel Art Foundation

children is scheduled to take place

recently made some exciting changes to its Culture of Colors exhibition at the Art Space. Located on the ground floor of the AkzoNobel Center, the Art Space is open to the public on Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. Come have a look and be inspired! More info: www.artfoundation.

in September. The goal is for the 5-8 September

teams to complete 10 assignments.


The fastest team and the first to

FILM FESTIVAL 2017 @ VU Amsterdam

complete every challenge becomes the XRACE champion! The race starts

Enjoy four evenings of the latest world

at the Boswinkel shop and information

cinema at a unique open air location

centre at 2 p.m. The Mini XRACE starts

with a panoramic view of Amsterdam.

at 1:30 and ends at 4:00 p.m.

The On the Roof Film Festival is on the roof of VU Amsterdam every evening from 5 to 8 September. For more info and tickets, visit

Saturday 2 September LA LEAGUE FINALS @ Olympic Stadium The finals of Plan Nederland’s latest

Monday 11 September & 9 October

initiative are sure to be nothing short

PUB QUIZ @ The Basket

of amazing. This wonderful event has

Every second Monday of the month

been organized in cooperation with the Johan Cruyff Foundation, Women

Thursday 7 September & 5 October

it’s pub quiz time at The Basket!

Win, SportsGen, the Olympic Stadium


Eight rounds that keep you on the

and the Dutch women’s premier

@ Crowne Plaza

edge of your seat, with music clips,

league. The goal is to get lots of girls

Amsterdam – South

pictures and questions to which

in the Netherlands and in developing

Feel like jazzing up your Thursday

you're bound to know the answer...

countries interested in playing

evenings in Zuidas? Every first

It’s the place to be on the VU campus.

football, with the loving support of

Thursday of the month, Crowne Plaza

Register your team (5 max) by phone

their fathers. Come and show your

Amsterdam – South hosts live music.

on +31 (0)20-205 0966 or send an

support for these talented and strong

Enjoy jazz and blues tunes, while the

email to

young ladies and the Rocky and Yes-R

barman mixes your favourite cocktails

for a chance to show your stuff and


at the Manhattan Lounge – Bar.

win great prizes!

30 •


Our next issue will be published @ October 30. Send your agenda to before September 25.

Friday 15 September Wednesday 13


until Sunday 24 September



@ Company Webcast

@ Bostheater

Internal communication is a key factor

Borderland is performed by eight

to the success of every organization.

artists. These performers playfully

Getting everybody on the same wave-

and freely portray the many sides of

length is crucial. Our experts take you

human nature in a wonderful display

through the 10 steps of putting together

of both the beautiful aspects of

a successful webinar on internal

modern, 21st century society and its

communication, free of charge.

darker underbelly. A spectacularly

Learn valuable solutions in a format

bold and modern show for all ages

that fits conveniently into any schedule.

to enjoy.

Monday 18 September BUITENVELDERTSEGRACHT OPENING @ De Boelelaan 1105 Join us in the celebrating the grand opening of Buitenveldertsegracht, a brand-new Amsterdam canal, during a mini festival with food trucks and music. With the completion of this waterway along Buitenveldertselaan, VU Amsterdam and Zuidas will be able to enjoy yet another beautiful spot to meet, relax and hang out. It also serves a valuable purpose in draining local rainwater, keeping feet in Zuidas dry! All are welcome on Monday 18 September starting from 3:30 pm.

Thursday 21 September Friday 15 September


Thursday 14 September & 12 October





@ De Nieuwe Poort

@ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

On 21 September the Atrium will be

Visit the Career Coach Café for a

Depression is a widespread condition

transformed into a stylish fair with

personal consultation and advice

nowadays: one in five women and

stands, workshops and a wide range

from an experienced career coach.

one in ten men suffer from the mood

of activities, as part of a live event

The first step towards or within a job

disorder. Specialists and the general

hosted by the Lifestyle Business Club,

is to explore where your talents lie.

public continue to have questions

the largest online platform for women

Be sure to bring along your CV for

about this disorder. Studying how

who run businesses in the lifestyle,

a professional check. Consultation

depression is portrayed in novels,

fashion, beauty, health, interior

hours take place every second

movies and autobiographies will

decoration, media and PR sectors.

Thursday of the month from 1 pm

hopefully provide a new way of

Find out about all the latest trends and

to 2 pm at De Nieuwe Poort.

looking at these questions.

get tips on entrepreneurship, beauty,

Please register using the form.

fashion, health, food and lifestyle!

@ Atrium Zuidas

• 31



Friday 29 September Friday 29 September RYDER CUP GOLF @ Golfclub Houtrak The annual golfing event returns to Golfclub Houtrak, with two teams – WTC Amsterdam and WTC Schiphol – vying for the Ryder Cup. Golf enthusiasts are warmly welcomed to either defend or to beat last year’s rankings.

ZUIDASCUP @ Amsterdam Football Club (AFC) This year marks the 16th edition of the ZuidasCup. The teams kick off on Friday afternoon 29 September to do battle for a place in the finals. Who among them will be able to end CBRE’s twoyear winning streak and lift the coveted trophy? ZuidasCup is the football tournament for companies, organizations and sports associations in the Zuidas district. Participation is open to teams of 10 members max (coaches included). It’s the football event of the year, so what are you waiting for? Register now by sending an email to:

Every Thursday in October GIN & TONIC THURSDAY @ Ox & Bucks, WTC Zuidas From 5 pm After all the September bubbly, this October Ox & Bucks is ready for a drink that packs a bit more punch. Get ready for Gin & Tonic Thursdays! For the entire month, every Thursday evening the beloved G&T will be taking the spotlight, providing the perfect pick-me-up after a long working day. Drop by with colleagues to sample the wide array of gin and tonics Ox & Bucks has on offer!

Friday 29 September AMSTERDAM NIGHT

Saturday 30 September

Monday 2 October




@ Ox & Bucks, WTC Zuidas

@ Rotisserie (Roast Room)


Starts at 5 pm

It’s time for the third edition of the

@ The Basket

Calling all Amsterdam! Come celebrate

Côte de Boeuf Night! All evening till

On 2 October The Basket will be hosting

our city every Friday evening at Ox

2 am Roast Room chefs will be grilling

the Amsterdam Championships of

& Bucks. Expect lots of Dutch gezellig-

dry aged côtes de boeuf to perfection,

Loopin’ Louie – aka Stef Stuntpiloot

heid, and feel free to sing along to

while the wine flows freely and guest

– the quintessential board game of

the best home-grown music in the

DJs spin all the best tunes. Book your

Dutch student houses all across the

company of fun-loving people,

table between 6 pm and 2 am at the

country. Show what you learnt at

hailing from the best city on Earth!

first-floor Rotisserie and then join the

uni and sign up your team of two at

Drinks are up on Friday 29 September!

party downstairs at THE ROAST BAR.

32 •


Our next issue will be published @ October 30. Send your agenda to before September 25.

Wednesday 11 October

Friday 20 and Saturday 21 October


Sunday 15 October



@ Circl What is your experience with coming out at work? This conference and networking event features a programme of inspiring speakers, centred around the theme of diversity and inclusion. The conference will be held at the Circl pavilion at 10 Gustav Mahlerlaan in Zuidas from 3:30 zpm to 6 pm, and will be followed by a networking reception.

@ Olympic Stadium

MARTIN GARRIX SOLO SHOWS @ RAI This year’s Amsterdam Dance Event

Ready for a challenge? Then strap

on Friday 20 October features Martin

on your running shoes for the 42nd

Garrix with his 18+ show for one

edition of the TCS Amsterdam

whole night of the greatest and most

Marathon, to be held this year on 15

danceable hits mixed by the best

October. Starting and finishing at the

DJ in the world. Garrix will also give

iconic Olympic Stadium, this specta-

a unique All Ages show on Saturday

cular event is sure to get you on your

21 October, which is especially for

feet. Some 45,000 runners from 100

under-18s. After last year’s incredible

different countries are expected to

success, this is one event you don’t

take part. Runners and supporters

want to miss!

alike are welcome to join the fun!



Sunday 15 October


PURE MARKET Wednesday 18 October

@ Amsterdamse Bos

@ Van Gogh Museum

Pure Market’s last day at Amsterdamse


TopJobs invites you to a special

Bos is scheduled for Sunday the 15

Workout for every body

viewing of the exhibition The Dutch


of October. This is your last chance

Clubsportive opens its doors and

in Paris, featured at the Van Gogh

to talk to product creators and

invites everyone to join in the workout

Museum on Friday 27 October. Is your

manufacturers and ask them every-

of the month. All are welcome on 18

company in search of personal

thing you need to know about their

October from 8 pm to 9 pm. This

assistants, executive assistants,

pure products. The market also offers

challenging group class is for beginners

management assistants, office mana-

a wide range of unique and special

and gym pros alike! Afterwards, take a

gers, HR support, team assistants or

refreshing dive in our pool or unwind JOIN NOW AND GET YOUR in the spa. Sign up now! Send an free of charge between 11:00 a.m. EXCLUSIVE OFFER email to: and 6:00 p.m. products. You can visit the market

receptionists? Then register for this event by sending an email to:

• 33 Gustav Mahlerlaan 24


Three experts discuss road safety in Zuidas Zuidas continues to grow ever busier and more popular. What is the impact on the safety on local roads? What can we do to contribute to traďŹƒc safety? Read on to learn three expert opinions.

34 •


ERIK VOLKERINK, TRAFFIC SAFETY ADVISER, AMSTERDAM POLICE As part of the Amsterdam police department’s traffic safety team, Erik Volkerink is in charge of advising on traffic management in the


city’s Zuid district. ‘Among other things,


my job with the police involves overseeing



road safety in municipal traffic plans.

René Riemersma advises the Zuid city


We assess all traffic-related decisions and

district on traffic and transport issues.


plans on compliance with traffic safety

‘There are many new parts of Zuidas with

The SWOV is the Dutch Institute for Road

legislation and national guidelines. We are

streets that are still awaiting development.

Safety Research, which aims to find answers

closely involved in everything that goes on

Once a street layout proposal has been

to questions that traffic management

in Zuidas. I myself am part of a consultation

submitted to the city’s Central Traffic

professionals face daily. Dr Letty Aarts is

committee that meets fortnightly to discuss

Committee, representatives for our district

vice-head of its Human Factors Department.

the situation on De Boelelaan. I’m especially

do a separate check to make sure all the

‘Though we were not involved in studying

concerned with the safety of more vulnerable

pieces of the puzzle fit. There’s always a

the specific situation in Zuidas, what you often

road users, like pedestrians and cyclists.

degree of tension between the design

see in busy areas like this, where there is lots

Do they have a clear overview of traffic?

and the traffic engineering side. As traffic

of road work, is that the reality is different

Are the signs right and visible? Naturally,

engineers we want everything to be struc-

from what people expect. For example,

everyone taking part in traffic has to take

tured as clearly as possible, whereas the

in caseroads are suddenly blocked off.

responsibility for their own safety. All over

designers come at it from a different,

And because this situation is continually

Amsterdam we’re noticing that people will

more aesthetic angle. On Gustav Mahlerlaan,

changing, people can no longer see the

rather pay attention to their smart phones

for example, the bicycle paths are black,

forest for the trees. Therefore, the municipal

than to what is going on on the road. In Zuidas

like the road. As traffic engineers, we advocate

and road authorities need to provide road

in particular, we see lots of motorists who

uniformity and recognizability by providing

users with clear signals. After all, what seems

treat their cars like they’re mobile offices,

bicycle paths with red pavement. It’s impor-

logical to the department of public works,

making phone calls or even working on their

tant that the road landscape tallies with the

may be less evident to motorists and cyclists.

laptops while they’re behind the wheel.

expectations of road users, because that will

For road users, in turn, it’s important to stay

That’s terribly dangerous! You have got to

minimize the chance of accidents. Of course,

calm in situations like these and to moderate

be switched on to your surroundings at all

there’s no such thing as a fail-safe road

your speed, giving yourself enough time and

times – especially here in Zuidas, where the

system. Participating in traffic will always

space to gauge the situation and take the

circumstances are changing all the time,

entail some risks, but we will try to limit

right decisions.’

traffic wise.’

them as much as possible.’’

Text Kika Samsom

• 35

SHORT-SKI WITH COLLEAGUES? WENS BUSINESS EVENTS the wintersport specialist Summer 2007 • Name & concept of ‘Wens Business Events’ conceived in Indonesia (Gili Islands, Lombok) Name written down in the sand • First groups booked their short-ski in september 2007

SUMMER 2017… • Over 220 companies book their annual skiing trip through Wens Business Events • Groups travelling from 15 until 400 persons • Office with 10 enthousastic wintersports lovers • Free use of efficient online registration-system • Wens Business Events is thé shortski provider

We are proud to work for these Zuidas-based companies: RABOBANK • PWC• ABN AMRO • DELOITTE ACCENTURE • VUMC • CBRE • NAUTA DUTILH and many more

wens business events 035 8200235


Lisa Peters & Sanna Ouazzani

Jannis & Caroline

GRACHTENFESTIVAL CONCERT Wednesday 16 August @ CIRCL • For the first time, CIRCL hosted a Grachtenfestival concert. • Everyone was in the mood for music, never mind the rain! • Intercontinental Ensemble gave a superb performance. • The concert was very well-attended. Martin & Marina Woods

Daan & Lisanne

Jelmer Jeuring, Marja Cino & Jelmer Peterson

Eline Korndewal

Photography Davien Hulsman

• 37



Anti-takeover measures, necessity or hindrance? Recently the news has been filled once

Yet, in the eyes of some companies, existing

call for additional safeguards is under-

more with stories of foreign multinationals

anti-takeover measures don’t go far enough.

standable, and should not necessarily be

and so-called activist shareholders who

There are now calls for a [one]-year waiting

dismissed as an unwelcome crimp on the

have set their sights on Dutch companies

or cooling off period and a statutory right to

free market.

(like AkzoNobel and Unilever). A question

issue preference shares and people are also

often arising in these cases is whether steps

looking at the ways in which listed companies

should be taken to bar this kind of takeover

in other countries are protecting themselves.

of Dutch companies. Many people feel that protective measures are indeed wanted.

Introduction of extensive new anti-takeover

For a variety of reasons, incidentally,

measures could take the shine off the Dutch

but that’s a topic for a different article.

market for investors and bring in the return of the ‘Dutch discount’ (undervaluation of

Quite a number of listed companies have

listed companies because of their protective

already armed themselves to fend off hostile

structure) – and this is a source of concern

takeovers, for example through measures

for investors . The "Dutch discount" would

such as (i) issuing shares to a friendly

jeopardize the value of their shares, which

foundation, thereby giving the foundation

is why several large investors have lobbied

a majority share in the company, (ii) issuing

with the informateur (the person appointed

With each issue, we’ll be giving a voice to

priority shares, which empowers the foun-

to lead the formation of the new coalition

someone in the legal profession. He or

dation to appoint directors, or (iii) issuing

government) to set aside the possibility of

she will offer us a glimpse of their work,

depositary receipts for shares, thus reser-

new legal protections for companies.

as well as their point of view on a particular area of the law, and on how it relates

ving voting rights attached to the shares for

to Zuidas.

the foundation. Constructions of this type

The debate on the desirability of anti-

work – one needs only witness ASMI, KPN and

takeover measures will certainly not be

Mylan. Among the less pre-structured but

settled overnight. However, at a time when

also effective options would be the more or

many governments are prioritizing domestic

Jeroen Louwers

less ad hoc sale of crown jewels or entering

interests and are less inclined to seek out

Partner – Lawyer

into commitments that will make the

cooperation, taken alongside the ongoing

Taylor Wessing

company less attractive.

rise of new economies, corporate Holland’s

38 •






Among Holland’s Top 50 law firms, an overwhelming majority of the public companies saw


revenues increase throughout 2016, according to figures registered with the Chamber of

A new professional association has recently

Commerce. Leading the pack is AKD: after several years of watching revenues tumble,

joined the Dutch legal landscape: VJP

now the tide has turned, with AKD recording an increase of more than 15% in the 2015-2016

(Vereniging Jonge Procesadvocaten) was

financial year. Having just closed the books on 2016-2017, AKD reports that this trend has largely

established on 6 July 2017 by young litigation

continued. Of the five largest law firms in the Netherlands, only NautaDutilh and Houthoff

lawyers from AKD, CMS, De Brauw Blackstone

Buruma posted turnover growth, by 4.5% and 6.2%, respectively. At De Brauw Blackstone

Westbroek, Lexence, Linklaters, Loyens & Loeff

Westbroek, Loyens & Loeff and Stibbe, revenues dipped slightly. The largest employer among

and Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn.

Dutch law firms, De Brauw, commented that ‘the volatility in international markets led

‘We hope to reach 100 members by October,’

revenues to come in slightly lower (€ 2.9 million) in 2016, compared to the strong year in 2015’.

they say. The association was the product of a brainstorming session in which the eight


freshly installed board members took part.

DLA Piper was among those hit by the massive ransomware cyberattack in late June.

Initially not all of them were acquainted.

Email and telephone systems across all DLA Piper locations were taken offline as a precaution,

‘But we all shared a sense that there should

and the Amsterdam and Brussels offices likewise could not be reached by phone for a week.

be an organization who would bring together

The ‘Petya’ ransomware attack crippled a slew of multinationals worldwide. The Port of

litigators who were only just starting out

Rotterdam was also affected by the hack. Infected computers displayed a message stating

in their careers,’ explains board member

that the machine’s files had been encrypted and demanding payment of $300 worth of

Brigitta Jakic. ‘There’s the Dutch Association

bitcoin to unlock them.

for Procedural Law (NVvP), of course, but their average age is higher.’

• 39

Ground leases in Amsterdam Amsterdam is overhauling its ground lease system and introducing perpetual leaseholds for the entire municipality. Under the continuous ground lease system that applied until now, ground rents were fixed for a specific term, such as 50 years, or had to be paid annually. With land values having gone up in the recent period, ground rents are likely to do the same. The municipality has now decided to remove this element of uncertainty. Upon switching to a perpetual leasehold, the ground rent will be calculated only once more, with the municipality determining the land value at the time of transfer. Leaseholders currently have until 2020 to buy out their ground rent in perpetuity under the conditions applicable in 2017. You can opt to buy out the rent all at once, or pay an annual sum in perpetuity.

De Hypotheker’s Thomas van Splunteren explains: ‘This option may be of interest to certain home owners in Amsterdam. They can finance the lump sum payment by increasing their mortgage. We advise everyone to have this calculated by an expert so that you know exactly how it will affect you.'

Amsterdam Zuidas WTC De Hypotheker Amsterdam Zuidas WTC

WTC Toren B Level 14, Strawinskylaan 1427

(020) 662 1411

Available for immediate rent in the Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam South Area Vesteda lets various appartments in the Churchilllaan, Jekerstraat, Maasstraat and Waalstraat.

Register free of charge now! • luxury 2 and 3 room apartments • renovated with full kitchen and bathroom

• laminate floors and balcony RATES from € 1650 per month, excl. service cost*

* Your gross income must be at least 3½ or 4 times the basic rent. Apartment sharing is not permitted.


NDI ICT Solutions


Another step was to make our processes,

An increasing number of customers want a

of a select group of IT organizations in

which were already solid in themselves,

guarantee that their IT – and their IT provider

the Netherlands to hold an ISO 27001

measurable and controllable. The official

– is proven to be safe. Not only for their own

certificate, providing a guarantee that it

audit showed that our cloud services and

peace of mind and business operations,

meets the most stringent of international

processes meet the strict international

but also because it is required by agencies like

standards for data and information

security standard – made up of 114 controls

the Netherlands Authority for the Financial

security. At their office in Amsterdam’s

in total – as prescribed by ISO.’

Markets, under the Data Leaks Reporting

WTC, company director Chris van Hattum

Obligation Act, and by accountants.’

explained what makes this certification

How long will the certification be valid?

so valuable.

‘It’s issued for two years, but in order to get recertified, you have to provide proof of

What do you need to get this level

continuous improvement over that period.’

of certification?

‘More and more companies want a guarantee that their IT – and their IT provider – is proven safe.’

‘It was a process that took nearly a year.

How do customers benefit from

Basically, NDI supplies ICT services to many

this certification?

organizations that work with sensitive data,

‘Going into it we had some concerns that

What makes data security so important?

such as financial information and personal

certification might delay our services, but in

‘When the Netherlands and the rest of the world

data. To get the ISO 27001 stamp of approval,

fact exactly the opposite has happened.

were attacked earlier this year by two aggres-

we had to further optimize our service

Because our processes have been even

sive computer viruses, Wildfire and WannaCry,


further refined and improved, we’re actually

none of our customers were affected. Attacks

able to support our customers more efficiently

like these are only going to multiply as time goes

Awareness was one of the key pillars –

with their queries, projects and technical

on. Our job is to make sure that data are kept

being fully attuned to the sensitivity of

malfunctions. Unfortunately, even ISO can’t

safe and that our customers’ software is always

the information we work with every day.

guarantee a life free of malfunctions...!

up to date so hackers don’t stand a chance.’

Text Ronne Theunis • Photography Davien Hulsman

• 41


FOOD COLLECTION FOR THE FOOD BANK AMSTERDAM SOUTH Monday Oct 9th till Friday Oct 13th This fall Green Business Club Zuidas organizes the sixth

During this years food collection week GBC Zuidas wants

edition of the Zuidas Food collection. The opening lunch

to draw attention to food waste and how to prevent this.

event will take place on Oct 9th from 11:30 tot 14:00 pm at

Check out the GBC Zuidas website for details on events and

the Circl pavilion on the Gustav Mahlerplein. Alderman


Abdeluheb Choho will be there to officially start the food collection week. Check for the designated food collection

Want to partake in the food collection or join the opening

area in your building, or make your contribution at the

lunch? Send an e-mail to

opening lunch. PLEASE DONATE • olive oil • cornflakes

• canned fish/sausages /vegetables

• instant coffee

• fruit syrup

• peanut butter

• washing detergent

• jam

and other preservatives

• shampoo/shower gel please no products that are expired or have been opened

42 •


SUSTAINABILITY NEWS DUTCH GREEN BUILDING WEEK If the Netherlands aim to achieve the targets of the Paris climate agreement, our real estate needs to start implementing more sustainable measures. How we can tackle this challenge together will be the topic of the upcoming Dutch Green Building Week, an event organized annually by the Dutch Green Building Council. Circl in Zuidas will be hosting this year’s DGBW conference, which will feature such champions of sustainability as Ed Nijpels and Jan Terlouw, as well as chairwoman of the Dutch Architects Federation (BNA) Nathalie de Vries. The DGBW will run from 25 to 29 September; the conference will take place on 28 September. In honour of the DGBW, Green Business Club Zuidas will be giving a guided tour of the most beautiful green rooftops in Zuidas on Wednesday 27 September, running from 3 pm to 5 pm. For more information, see:

ASK ME ANYTHING! There was one gentleman, aged 93, who had been to the RAI’s International Motor Show no fewer than 31 times in his life. Another had once conducted surveys at the exit. But the conference and event centre wasn’t the only topic of discussion: conversations ran the gamut from kids to work to home and more, during the first Vraag-maar-raak (‘ask me anything’) lunch, which was hosted at the RAI. Attended by ten elderly locals and ten employees of RAI Amsterdam, the lunch was set up by GBC Zuidas in association with Dynamo and the municipality of Amsterdam, as part of an initiative to help seniors feel less isolated. According to a recent study, 80,000 people in Amsterdam alone suffer from extreme loneliness (source: GGD, 2017). Would your company like to host the next lunch for your staff and seniors? Send an email to:

WATCH YOUR WASTE Company restaurants in the Netherlands throw away an estimated € 1 billion's worth of food each year. Accenture and company caterer ISS decided to join forces with Wastewatchers, a start-up specialized in reducing food waste. Boudewijn Hamersma, who is in charge of innovation at Accenture Workplace, explains: ‘Wastewatchers offers a tool that gives you insight in what people are consuming and when, so you can adapt your product range to match. The tool brings together a myriad of data: day of the week, season, the number of staff present. Company restaurants can use these data to plan what they need to prepare at which time. In this way, staff will work more effectively, because they're supplying to actual demand. That leads to less waste and saves a lot of money.’ In cooperation with Wastewatchers, Green Business Club Zuidas is organizing a pilot for its participants to reduce food waste at their company restaurant. The kick off for this pilot will be during the GBC Zuidas Collectionweek for the Amsterdam Food Bank from 9 to 13 October.

Maartje Oome is communications advisor for Green Business Club Zuidas, a district organization in which businesses cooperate in launching sustainable initiatives and achieving sustainability goals. She is also the editor-in-chief of the Zuidas Sustainability Report. As the contributing editor of the sustainability page in Hello Zuidas magazine, she reports on interesting new trends on the sustainability front in Zuidas. Got hot news on green developments in Zuidas? Send an email to

Text Maartje Oome

• 43



VANAF € 39.900 OF € 299 FINANCIAL LEASE PER MAAND * De ultieme sport sedan is nu nog aantrekkelijker. Ontdek de Jaguar XE Pro Edition en ga de weg op met een volledig uitgeruste Jaguar. Geniet elke dag van oogstrelend design, ongeëvenaard rijplezier, efficiënt brandstofverbruik en lage CO2-emissies vanaf 99 g/km. Ook de 3 jaar gratis onderhoud zal u zeker aanspreken. Allemaal kenmerken die de XE Pro Edition tot uw perfecte zakenpartner maken.

Kimman Amsterdam Kollenbergweg 74, 020 696 49 49, Haarlem Schipholweg 5, 023 533 90 69,

Min./max. gecombineerd verbruik: 3,8-6,3 l/100 km, resp. 26,3-15,9 km/l, CO 2-uitstoot resp. 99-144 g/km. Consumentenprijs incl. BTW, BPM, registratiekosten, recyclingbijdrage en kosten rijklaar maken. * Financial Lease via Jaguar Financial Services, handelsnaam van FCA Capital Nederland B.V. Voor de complete berekening kijk op Actie is geldig tot 30 juni 2017. Wijzigingen en typefouten voorbehouden.


Malu Hilverink, Jordi Groot & Rosanne van Veldhuisen

Martin van Nirop & Erik Maitimo

Niels de Wilde, Marjolein de Jong & Bjorn van Gelder

Rosalan Akperov & Naima

Kees Dean & Wilfried Brussee

Iris Lambregts, Yanti Rabelink, Maartje Smallenbroek & Lars Vermeulen


Nayton Craig & Roger Wiersma

Thursday 13 July 2017 @ StrandZuid jetty • The Hello Zuidas members’ boat cruise has become an annual summertime tradition. • The lovely weather put everyone in a sunny mood. • From StrandZuid the boat set sail for the Amstel river. • The Blue Boat Company catered for another enjoyable outing! Diana van den Broek & Arjen Erenst

Rose-Ann Lum Chou & Florien van den Berg

Geertje, Rick, Romy, Marion

Marin van Nierop & Olivier Otten

Photography Lotte de Graaf

Alira & Mathieu

Lande Granpré Moliere & Hans Augustines

• 45

Moving Beyond to Ach!ve Ambitions Starting on 14 August 2017 we have a new address: Parnassusweg 727, 1077 DG Amsterdam

Moving Beyond to Achieve Ambitions On 14 August 2017, JLL and their sub-

their new home will embody a happy, positive

sightlines, while also promoting a feeling of

sidiary Tétris moved into a new office

environment – a place so nurturing that

togetherness. To add to this sense of flow

at 727 Parnassusweg. They invite you

everyone misses it when they’re not there.

and warmth, there are very few right angles

to come by and say hello! JLL’s new home, which boasts ample communal space and an open layout, encapsulates the company’s new brand promise to ‘Achieve Ambitions’ and serves as a physical reflection of what JLL is like: confident, collaborative and curious.

– everything is curved and organic.

‘With Tétris, JLL had the amazing advantage of having their own in-house team of experts to guide the entire design and construction process.’

These aesthetic principles are echoed in the various shared spaces, which include a coffee corner, collaboration areas with nooks and flexible seating, a glass-walled boardroom, agile meeting spaces for spurof-the-moment discussions, a restaurant and bar, and the stunning ‘South Axperience’ area, which features stepped seating and

With Tétris, a full-service design, fit-out and refurbishment specialist, JLL had the amazing

Spanning the 8th and 9th floors and awash

panoramic views of the cityscape of Zuidas

advantage of having their own in-house team

in natural white and wood tones, JLL’s new

– a fitting reflection of our core ambition.

of experts to guide the entire design and

home revolves around the design concept

construction process. Working together,

of ‘the city within’. This concept comes to

they created a space that promotes face-

life as one wanders through the different


to-face communication and activity-based

‘neighbourhoods’ – clusters of naturally lit,

• Total floor area: 2,000 m2

working, enhancing collaboration and helping

open workspaces, each named after a district

• 25 kilometres of data cabling

to better achieve their own ambitions as

of Amsterdam. Mimicking Amsterdam’s

• Design period: 16 weeks,

well as those of their clients. In addition,

seamless flow as well as its egalitarian

JLL’s people were able to share their own

nature, each neighbourhood workspace

ambitions and preferences during the design

cluster connects to the surrounding space

totalling 455 project management

process, by offering feedback through surveys

through open walkways, demarcated by


and discussions. In this way they made sure

low walls or glass partitions, that offer clear

totalling 265 hours of design work • Construction period: 14 weeks,

• 47


ZUIDAS ARCHITECTURE Acta Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004

Architect Benthem Crouwel Architects

Floor area 23,150 m2,

Building owner VU Amsterdam

of which 18,000 m2 in use by ACTA

Completed in August 2010

Main user Academic Centre

Height approx. 58 m

for Dentistry Amsterdam

Floors 13

48 •


Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering

and the University of Amsterdam are trained

work in architecture. As the district

to be future dentists and dental specialists.

matures into an international quarter

The lower part of the building is made up of

of Amsterdam, buildings in Zuidas are

a horizontal section with seven storeys that

shooting up right and left. Amidst these

contain the clinical spaces as well as rooms

modern skyscrapers, it may be difficult

used for care and teaching, as well as offices

to imagine that only around 20 years

wich are mainly situated at the side of the


ago this stretch of land connecting the

building facing the street. The structural

• The University of Amsterdam leases 55%

residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and

layout looks ultra modern, with a light and

of the ACTA Building, where activities

Buitenveldert consisted mostly of tennis

spacious interior evoking a clinical setting

range far beyond patient care alone.

courts and football pitches. In this series

and the superabundance of clean, smooth,

It also accommodates research and

we zoom in on the architecture of Zuidas.

white surfaces and shapes, offering clear clues

specialized degree programmes,

This time, we take a closer look at the

as to the building’s main users. Ascend to

and has become a popular venue to

ACTA Building.

the seventh floor and you’ll find a restaurant for staff and students, while the eigth floor

host big dentistry conferences. • In their first three years at ACTA,


houses an examination room. A few floors

dentistry students hone their skills on


above that one will find the location of ACTA’s

specially-made dolls.

By now the ACTA Building has staked a

specialist research labs. From the exterior

definitive claim on Gustav Mahlerlaan.

this section of the building appears to float

Bridging the characteristic high-rises of

and is juxtaposed with the horizontal low

the Zuidas district with the older blocks

rise by the use of darker, contrasting colours.

printed with a special graphic pattern of

of the VU campus, the ACTA Building is

This creates a striking counterpoint as well as a

lines to create a so-called moiré effect,

home to the Academic Centre for Dentistry

more emphatic silhouette against the skyline.

causing the building’s appearance to

Amsterdam. Within its glass-plated walls,

And the fabulous views on the neighbour-

change depending on the angle of the

dentistry students from both VU Amsterdam

hood from up high are a definite bonus!

viewer and weather conditions.

Text Eefje van den Akker • Photography ACTA Communicatie

• Currently the 9th and 10th floors are not being used and are left vacant • The glass panels encasing the façades are

• 49


SALE STARTING SOON: 96 STUDIOS The Gustav, the unique hotspot on the Zuidas. The sale of 96 stylish studios will soon begin. The studios have a living area of 32 m² to 50 m². With a rooftop garden, meeting places, and a courtyard garden as extensions of your living room. Curious? Check, sign up, and perhaps your new life will begin here.


Hello Zuidas welcomes

the following new members COMPANY ZUIDAS PUBLISHERS • SECTOR MEDIA & COMMUNICATION Link with Zuidas: As from 1 September, Zuidas Publishers will be the new publisher of Hello Zuidas magazine, under the direction of Romy Lange. Zuidas Publishers also works with other customers in and outside Zuidas and is specialized in magazines and other communication formats. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Zuidas continues to grow rapidly each year, and the Hello Zuidas Foundation plays a vital role in making that happen. The Foundation has set out specific ambitions and Zuidas Publishers supports those ambitions – as well as publishing this fantastic magazine every two months, of course! COMPANY ROSARIUM AMSTELPARK • SECTOR HOSPITALITY, EVENTS & RESTAURANT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 25 Link with Zuidas: Rosarium & Parker’s restaurant is a premier event location, just a stone’s throw from Zuidas, tucked away in the tranquil green surroundings of Amstelpark. Since 1973 we have been hosting presentations and dinners for 35-350 guests. We have plenty of parking space out front and are located just off the ring road and near the RAI station. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: The convergence of education, working and living here is creating big changes. Hello Zuidas enables Rosarium to keep abreast of developments and to contribute in turn through our active membership. COMPANY RIALTO • SECTOR FILM • NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 24 (18 FTE) Link with Zuidas: From September 2019 Rialto will be operating and programming RIALTO VU, a fourtheatre cinema in VU Amsterdam’s new University Building, now under construction at 1111 Boelelaan. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas does a great job of uniting users and businesses in the Zuidas district. Rialto will be bringing new activities to the VU campus and to residents and users of Zuidas, and is eager to forge strong ties with all area stakeholders. COMPANY HTEL SERVICED APARTMENTS • SECTOR HOSPITALITY, APARTMENT HOTEL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 22 Link with Zuidas: Htel offers short and extended stay solutions for employees who are posted to Zuidas. Conveniently located, we offer luxurious and comfortable serviced apartments with 5-star hotel services that offer a home-away-from-home ambiance. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Being a member of Hello Zuidas makes us part of a strong platform. We benefit from connections with potential customers and are able to enhance relationships with existing ones. Also, being a member keeps us informed about the latest developments, and enables us to contribute to these developments as well. COMPANY AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL • SECTOR EDUCATION NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 140 Link with Zuidas: We became members because we want to be a part of the community around us. Our students often use facilities in Zuidas for their activities.




Hello Zuidas

• 51

Ricoh is specialized in providing document-related services, advice, software and equipment for companies worldwide. It offers solutions keyed to fit your requirements and keep pace


with your business. And with its excellent network, Ricoh guarantees

Complete your stay with a delicious dinner at restaurant De Kersentuin and have a good night sleep in one of our 124 relaxing guest rooms!

support whenever you need it.

Ricoh offers the following: • Printing/scanning solutions • Unified communications • Document management

• Workspace management

• Digital invoice processing

• Repro/Production Print

• Office Supplies

Paasheuvelweg 25 1105 BP Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 7630840 - 020 570 5655 -

TAKE YOUR BUSINESS EVENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL 6 meeting rooms featuring natural daylight GEORGE GERSHWINLAAN 101, 1082 MT AMSTERDAM

CONTACT US: +31 (0)20 504 3666

Hello Zuidas welcomes

the following new members COMPANY DOPPIO ESPRESSO AMSTERDAM ZUIDAS • SECTOR CAFÉ-RESTAURANT, ESPRESSO BAR • NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 10 Link with Zuidas: In 2007 we were struck by inspiration at an espresso bar in Sydney’s financial district. Ten years later, we jumped at the chance to open a Doppio Espresso in Zuidas. The culture in Zuidas matches with our own core values – to be professional, welcoming, honest and focused. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas organizes a range of activities through which to connect with the companies and people that shape and define Zuidas every day. We want to contribute to that with our own specialization and products. COMPANY ATRIUM MEETING CENTRE • SECTOR MEETING ROOMS, BUSINESS EVENTS NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 5 Link with Zuidas: The Atrium Meeting Centre is located in the Atrium business complex at the heart of Zuidas in Amsterdam and offers superior, state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Like Hello Zuidas, we believe in the power of promoting Zuidas, in networking, connecting with the community and taking part in its successful events, and we want to contribute to that. COMPANY VAN DIJK & TEN CATE VASTGOEDADVISEURS B.V. • SECTOR REAL ESTATE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 9 Link with Zuidas: Located at the edge of Zuidas Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Van Dijk & Ten Cate Vastgoedadviseurs B.V. is a dynamic commercial property agent that is familiar with the ins and outs of the market and knows how to close a deal. Our office at the edge of Zuidas in Buitenveldert houses nine people, and we have many customers and contacts who are based or active in Zuidas. We want to contribute to promote the growth and economic development of Amsterdam in general and Zuidas in particular. COMPANY CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK (EUROPE) S.A. AMSTERDAM BRANCH SECTOR BANKING • NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 20 Link with Zuidas: CCB (EU) Amsterdam is based in the Viñoly tower on Gustav Mahlerplein, right next to many other international financial institutions and companies. Zuidas is a convenient location for our customers and partners. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas pursues projects keyed to sustainability and aimed at stimulating local activity and accessibility. As a Chinese bank based in Zuidas, we believe it’s important to contribute to those aims while integrating in the local community at the same time. COMPANY ROCYCLE • SECTOR FITNESS • NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 40 Link with Zuidas: Rocycle is located on Gustav Mahlerlaan. We provide a fun, high-intensity, all-over body workout for those craving a boost before, during or after their working day. During the weekends we are also open to residents in the morning. Come and join our bicycle party! Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas is a great channel for joining an ever-growing community. At Rocycle we love getting to know our customers on a one-on-one basis and networking with our community is part of that!




Hello Zuidas

• 53

Discussing figures or closing a deal in a crowded office? Not necessarily! How about impressing your business partners with an outstanding lunch or dinner at Serre?

You can leave your tie at home

Information Serre is located on the ground floor of the hotel, at the right side of the lobby. Michelins Bib Gourmand 3-course menu: €37,Opening hours Lunch & Dinner 10 am – 10 pm Contact Ferdinand Bolstraat 333 +31 (0)20 6787 111

This contemporary brasserie is situated in the middle of the trendy district ‘De Pijp’ – close to the RAI and Zuidas – which makes it easily accessible. While overlooking the water you get a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of your office. Serre is a place where you can leave your tie at home, while still being ensured of a representative ambiance. You can order classic culinary creations that are served with a cheeky twist and unique taste. The recognizable Okura-quality is reflected in the smooth-running, friendly service. In a relaxed atmosphere our team is happy to explain the specialties of the menu and the wine menu, and adapt them easily to your wishes. Serre has been awarded a Bib Gourmand by Michelin, for offering an excellent value for money and quality cuisine.



Location Registration Date Time

CIRCL (Mahler Square) Monday September 18 12 – 14 p.m.

• 55

AMSTERDAM VENTURE STUDIOS ON VU CAMPUS On 29 September Amsterdam’s universities will celebrate the unveiling of Amsterdam Venture Studios. With campus locations at VU and citywide, this is the next generation of university incubators, set to open up new venues for students, researchers and alumni to kick-start their ideas and grow new ventures. Through Amsterdam Venture Studios, VU Amsterdam is helping to build new science – based businesses – and to create even more job opportunities in Zuidas.

VU CAMPUS HOUSES • Venture Studios; an incubator environment for science and technology-based startups, for example Lumicks – winner of the Young StartupAward – Optics 11 and OPNT. Through training, mentoring and access to networks of knowledge institutions, ideas can grow into new innovative companies. • The first Demonstrator Lab of Amsterdam. A facility for students and researchers of different Amsterdam

Amstel Campus (HVA) Amsterdams Science Park (UvA)

VU Campus


knowledge institutions, where ideas are transformed into tangible customer added value. A prime example is SciToDate, a daily scientific recommendation engine. • Entrepreneurship education, courses and facilities, such as case studies, mentor pool and linking students to startups, help students and researchers to start and run a company.

Learn more at Jessica van Gendt, Incubator manager, VU Campus. Contact details: +31 (0)20 598 9905,

MEMO BOARD ZUIDAS TO GET NEW MIXED-USE TOWER Zuidas is expected to welcome another new property in 2021 in the shapeof a mixed-use tower. This building is to be developed next to the Noma House office building on Parnassusweg. The tower, named The Beacon, is being designed by CallisonRTKL. Arcadis


will take charge of the local details, while

YOUNG 100’

Powerhouse Company will be responsible

Eline Kik, programme director of

for the architecture of the structure’s podium

Green Business Club (GBC) Zuidas

and residential section. True to its name,

and director of GBC NL, has been

the building promises to be a stunning,

ranked among the Sustainable

sustainable and multifunctional development

Young 100 of 2017, a list of 100

with offices, shops, housing and a restaurant.

leading figures in sustainability around the Netherlands, which is compiled by an expert jury. GBC is


a nationwide impact organization

With all the works surrounding Zuidasdok, it is crucial to have a

that initiates and carries out sustain-

solid plan to be able to cope with access issues in and around

ability projects at the local level.

Zuidas. That plan is called MAAS, short for ‘Mobility As A Service’.

In Zuidas over 35 companies are

The focus is on getting from A to B as fast, inventively and cheaply

members, and by joining their

as possible. An app will plot out the best route and transit options,

efforts they have already made great

ranging from train and car to shared bikes. To guarantee its success,

strides in sustainable energy, mobility,

MAAS needs the input of local staffers and employers. Is your

green space, circularity as well as

company committed to keeping Zuidas accessible? Get in touch

social projects.

with Finn van Leeuwen at:

KISS PESKY OFFICE ACHES GOODBYE! Many of us sit and suffer through aches and pains, reaching for painkillers as a quick fix whenever necessary. While it may get us through the day, we tend not to take action to fix the underlying causes. The Health and Therapy Centre in WTC is specialized in osteopathy, homoeopathy and acupuncture. They treat a variety of work-related conditions and issues arising from a busy lifestyle, such as neck and back problems, headaches, digestive and respiratory issues as well as burnouts.

CALLING ALL GO-GETTERS! You’re not afraid of a little challenge. You’re willing to scale the highest heights. And you see variety as the spice of life. Then War Child’s Kili-Challenge is perfect for you. Your mission: to climb the Kilimanjaro and raise as much money as possible to help children in conflict areas. Join the Kili-Challenge and help kids in conflict areas to feel safe again. For more information, visit:

• 57

ATRIUM MEETING CENTRE The ideal location for your next business event • Highly accessible location • 12 elegant meeting rooms • For groups from 2 up to 80 people • Comfortable furniture • State-of-the-art equipment • World-class services

The #1 Zuidas translation agency 020 - 598 64 20 |

MEE TING CENTRE PAR T II We are currently extending our meeting centre facilities with additional meeting rooms and an auditorium with a capacity up to 135 people. We hope to meet you soon at the Atrium Meeting Centre! w e t +31 (0) 20 540 02 05

David Lenahan (owner fit20 Zuidas)

Exercise during work hours can be very effective, if done correctly!

• • • • •



100+ studios Operational in 5 countries 10.000+ satisfied customers 1.000.000+ training sessions performed Inhouse studios at Ahold-Delhaize (5), Randstad, Robeco, Yokogawa

In 2013 fit20 Zuidas was the 19th studio of a Dutch startup fitness concept that was about to change the fitness landscape. Since then fit20 has taken the fitness community by storm with more than 100 studios, international expansion and several inhouse studios at renowned companies like Ahold, Randstad and Robeco.

Fit20 Zuidas • WTC Amsterdam • • 020 820 36 77 •

Members Hello Zuidas • September 2017 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78.

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COLOFON FOUNDATION HELLO ZUIDAS Strawinskylaan 61, 1077 XW – Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 Our goal With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media & Communication Gustav Mahlerplein 2 (Viñoly Tower, Zuidas) 1082 MA – Amsterdam Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 799 7413 • +31 (0) 13 545 3298 • Editor-in-chief Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales Bob Oostelbos Sales executives Romy Lange, Odette van der Veeken, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer Mieke Verberkt • IMAGEAU Translation Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors Romy Lange, Kika Samsom, Celine Boute, Greg Shapiro, Jeroen Louwers, Ronne Theunis, Eefje van den Akker, Robert Niessen, Jos Moerkamp & Maartje Oome Photography Davien Hulsman & Lotte de Graaf Editorial advisory board Sasja Albersen, Kenneth Goedhart, Olivier Otten, Jelmer Jeuring & Bob Oostelbos Thanks to Lyuda Kravchuk (EY), Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), Kroonenberg Groep, Maarsen Groep, Property NL, Greg Shapiro, Zuidasdok, Financieele Dagblad, PropertyNL,, Jones Lang Lasalle, Rob Peetoom, Taylor Wessing, NDI ICT & ACTA Printed by Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition 20.000 copies Circulation It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency Six times a year (bi-monthly) Copyright © 2017 ASEGA Media & Communication. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

All future editions of Hello Zuidas magazine will be published by Zuidas Publishers.

Hello Zuidas #33  
Hello Zuidas #33