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Sietske van ’t Hooft Partner at Loyens & Loeff

‘Our new premises will be a place where talent is given full scope to thrive’ Recruitment Special

Five far-reaching trends driving tomorrow’s healthy workplace

MEMBERS MEETING Living in Zuidas NEW ITEM! Legal news MOBILITY Hello Zuidas City Bike!

Odette van der Veeken Editorial & sales coordinator o.vanderveeken@asega.nl

‘The most wonderful time of the year’ This issue finds us at the end of another year. A year

In this issue, you can read a recap of the Members

in which a lot has happened in Zuidas. Apart from

Meeting which convened last September at the

the wonderful fact that our own Editor-in-Chief Romy

900 Mahler building, with ‘Living in Zuidas’ as its

recently gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl

central theme. It made for a fascinating discussion,

– delegating responsibility to Kiki Dröge and me in

and I must admit I’m eager to see what the future

her absence – Zuidas has been growing in leaps and

holds. What will this place be like in ten years’

bounds. Throughout the district, new housing has

time? How many people will be living in Zuidas?

been built, roads have been improved and rerouted,

And what will it be like to live here? Will it be even

new restaurants and shops have opened their doors,

more of a miniature Manhattan?

and its people have put in a fair amount of hard work, meetings, breaks and toasts.

Soon the holidays will be upon us and we’ll be saying farewell to another year. It has been an

All in all, we can look back on a terrific year.

honour and an inspiration to work with all of you

We’ve had brainstorms and dialogues about

over the past months. Romy will return to her job

various issues, such as accessibility in Zuidas,

at the start of the new year, but I’ll remain actively

living in Zuidas, facilities, sustainability and

engaged in all the goings-on in Zuidas. As the place

greenery in Zuidas. And that’s because we feel

where I work every day, Zuidas has come to claim

invested in this area, and we’re proud of Zuidas

a special place in my heart. I look forward to

and want to make it even better. What’s more:

meeting again soon. For now, I wish you a

we’re achieving that, together.

wonderful holiday season and all the best!

P.S. The next issue of Hello Zuidas is scheduled for the 2nd of January.

For a while it was the burning question that went all around Zuidas: who would be succeeding Klaas de Boer? An insider from the municipal council? Or someone from outside Amsterdam? Another man? Or would it be a woman this time? An urban planner? An economist? An architect? Now, the cat’s out of the bag. David van Traa, currently director of the Expatcenter Amsterdam, will be stepping into Klaas de Boer’s shoes. With a background in organizational psychology, the former mayoral speechwriter was also the NL-NY quadricentennial project leader. And now this Zuidas resident will be taking the lead at the municipal office. We are immensely grateful to Klaas and look forward to working with David, wishing him a successful time at the helm. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


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With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



#Trending topics SEBASTIAAN CAPEL @SEBASTIAANCAPEL Wonen op Zuidas:wat is nodig en hoe ziet toekomst eruit? Uitstekende sessie door @hellozuidas. Meer bewoners betekent iig meer levendigheid • ZUIDAS RUN @ZUIDASRUN Vandaag neemt een team van toplopers van de Zuidas deel aan de #damtotdam2016. Succes! • EWALD ENGELEN @EWALDENG het leukste op die verrekte #zuidas zijn de varkens • HERMAN VAN IPEREN @ZIDOUTA De Mahlerlaan is de meest stedelijk straat van Amsterdam geworden. #Zuidas • BACKWERK ZUIDAS @BACKWERK_ZUIDAS En de #picknick kan beginnen! #zuidas picknick in the #beatrixpark! • NATASJA ŻAK @NATASJAZAK Gemeente Amsterdam zit klaar voor bewoners op #zuidas iedere dinsdag 16-17 #inloopspreekuur @market33 • WILLEM DE VOCHT @WILLEM_DEVOCHT Nieuwe foodmarket #market33 op @hellozuidas met alle windstreken vertegenwoordigd #zuidas #food • ELLEN SASSEN @ELLENSASSEN Lunchtime at Zuidas. #thisimperfectlife #market33 #zuidas #amsterdam #vietnamesefood #zuidwtc • ERA CONTOUR @ERACONTOUR BOUW #intermezzo #zuidas #Amsterdam schiet aardig op! Super uitzicht vanaf de 20e etage, nog 4 te gaan! • PAULINE WESTENDORP @PAULINEWES @hellozuidas #membersmeeting in prachtig penthouse . #wonen op #zuidas steeds aantrekkelijker ! Wat een uitzicht! • MARC VAN VOORST @MARCVANVOORST Amsterdam, NherBij gister geopende market 33 ah eten. Goed voor de ontwikkeling op de Zuidas! • ZUIDASNIEUWS @ZUIDASNIEUWS David van Traa nieuwe directeur #Zuidas via @parool • WILLEM DE HORDE @WILLEMDEHORDE David van Traa nieuwe directeur #Zuidas - Proficiat en veel succes ! • NIEL SLOB @NIELSLOB Kappersstoel uit circulaire school renovatie krijgt tweede leven op re-born kantoor. #CircularEconomy #Zuidas • GEDOOGBELEID @GEDOOGBELEID Ochtendwandeling zuidas amsterdam. #zuidas #weekend #gustavmahler #amsterdam #stadswandeling • LAURA PLASMEIJER @LAURAPLASMEIJER De verkoop van Xavier is vorige week gestart. Vandaag veel enthousiaste mensen op informatiebijeenkomst! #Xavier #zuidas #Zuidschans @Waal • AMSTERDAM UPDATE @UPDATEAMSTERDAM #Amsterdam Meer sociale woningbouw in yuppenwijk Zuidas • GEDOOGBELEID @GEDOOGBELEID_ Next tower #Gershwin Zuidas finishing #searcharchitects #summertime #zuidas • REINIE MELISSANT @REINIEMELISSANT Boeiende uitleg van prof De Groot over de ontwikkeling van de Zuidas Amsterdam. • BARRON INVEST @BarronInvestCom JLL: Kantorenmarkt trekt sterk aan, Zuidas blijft nummer één • SVEN HEINEN @MAKELAARHEINEN Postcodeloterij en Koffietijd samen in nieuw pand op Zuidas • KITTY BERTELS @KITTYBERTELS Back at work! Ff wennen weer na 9 maanden. @ ABN AMRO Gustav Mahlerlaan Amsterdam





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Waldo Kapoen & Sietske van ’t Hooft

Loyens & Loeff on the move

‘Our new premises will be a place where talent is given full scope to thrive’ These are exciting times for Sietske van ’t Hooft. The Loyens & Loeff lawyer was made partner in January and has recently been working on planning the company’s move to a new prime spot. In 2020, the law firm will be relocating to the stunning Hourglass building in Zuidas. Joined by fellow Loyens & Loeff partner and tax consultant Waldo Kapoen, she told Hello Zuidas about the firm’s ambitious relocation plans: ‘We want our new premises to be a place where talent is given full scope to thrive.’ You both started your careers at Loyens & Loeff and know

Sounds great! So what do you do to achieve that?

the firm inside-out. What sets Loyens & Loeff apart

Waldo: ‘In the months ahead we’ll be asking everyone around us

from other firms?

for their input. What issues do people see in the organization?

Sietske: ‘For me it’s been 11 years – spent in Tokyo and New York

How do they envision the future? We want to approach this

City, and recently in Amsterdam. There’s a vast amount of freedom

relocation in such a way that everyone can contribute, instead of

within this firm to put forward your own ideas and to carry them

just dictating how things are going to be. We want to get the

out. You don’t need to be a partner or to have worked here for

whole organization involved.’

ten years to be able to do that.’

Sietske: ‘We’ve only just announced our approach within the firm,

Waldo: ‘I started out here in 1986, it was my first job. What sets

so I’m very curious what people will suggest. I’ve got extremely

this firm apart from others, is a healthy confidence in its own ability.

high expectations of our talented staff and hope we’ll be bowled

We’re not an organization with lots of rules and red tape; quite the

over by their ideas. Real out-of-the-box ideas that will make your

reverse in fact. There’s room to take initiative and develop your

jaw drop!’

own projects, big or small, and ranging from junior to senior level.’ Zuidas is building on a massive scale over the next Why are you relocating from Frederik Roeskestraat?

ten years. Disruptions will be inevitable at your new

Waldo: ‘In a word: space. Over the last year and a half I’ve been

premises. What’s your take on that?

involved in the selection process, which started out with assessing

Waldo: ‘Often, the initial reaction tends to be, “not in my backyard”.

if we could stay at this location. After all, it's a lovely building.

People want everything to be better, but they don’t want to deal

It has such a beautiful entrance. But it lacks flexibility and room

with the hassle. But that’s not how it works, of course. We’re taking

to expand. And then one day we came across this stunning

the long view. What’s happening now is just a millisecond on the

new-build location in a prime spot in Zuidas. Opportunities like

bigger clock, and ultimately the whole area will benefit from the

this don’t come around often. Over the next four years we’ll have

change. Hourglass will be situated at a beautiful and lively square

plenty of time to lay out the building in such a way as to suit our

just seconds from a major railway station. Sure, there will be incon-

needs, and I’m enjoying that immensely.’

veniences, but we’ve got nothing but praise for these plans. We are fully confident that the Amsterdam municipality will do its best

Both of you are on the relocation committee.

to limit it. It’s an amazing project and I am definitely in favour of it.’

What are the plans for the new office?

Sietske: ‘All the changes that are taking place will benefit us in

Sietske, ‘Everything has to revolve around the people. Our firm is

the long run. It’s an investment in the future.’

privileged in that it has lots of talented individuals. We want to foster that in an inspiring building where people truly feel at home

Zuidas is sometimes called a ‘miniature Manhattan’.

and where they have the freedom to develop to their full potential.

You have both worked for Loyens & Loeff in New York

My motto is, “work hard, play harder”. We put in long hours at the

City. Is it an apt comparison?

office. Wouldn’t it be great to have a nice spot to enjoy a healthy

Sietske laughs: ‘I wouldn’t go quite that far, but there are similarities,

dinner and relax for a couple of minutes? The work-life balance is

sure. Zuidas, like Manhattan, is a very internationally oriented

important. We all love our jobs and work hard, but you need a

place with people from all different countries; people with lot

counterweight. That also keeps you feeling inspired and energized.’

of ambitions and talent, and that will generate a certain energy.

Text Kika Samsom & Odette van der Veeken | Photography Davien Hulsman | Make-up artist Ruth Jansen, Phisage Beauty & Wellness


Personally, Zuidas reminds me more of Canary Wharf in London, which has a similar concentration of heavyweights in one place.’ Waldo: ‘Zuidas is an incredibly dynamic location. It’s like Manhattan, Madurodam-style. All those big players put together inject a certain dynamism into the place that works like a magnet.’ As well as being partners, you are both involved in

The Hourglass building

the relocation. How do you ensure the right balance between work and private life?

You were recently named partner, Sietske, and Waldo

Sietske: ‘Working out is very important to me. Boxing, in particular.

is on the committee that assesses nominees. So what

And making beautiful trips to places that are totally different.

makes a good partner?

As to switching my phone off... I do try, and I’m getting better at

Sietske: ‘You’ve got to be an all-rounder. It goes beyond advising

it. Obviously, you always want to be there for clients, but society

clients; you’re also involved in training other people, our premises,

is changing. With the arrival of the iPhone and Blackberry a few

things like that. You work alongside intelligent, ambitious people

years ago, it became a foregone conclusion that you’d be available

all across the world and are constantly challenged and pushed to

24/7. But now, balance is becoming increasingly important.

hone yourself. It can be tough at times, but above all it’s exciting.’

If there’s no rush, that call can wait till tomorrow.’

Waldo: ‘A partner is an expert in his/her field – that goes without

Waldo: ‘I don’t have a problem disconnecting... I like relaxing

saying. But it’s also about confidence. You’ve got to give people

with Netflix or sitting in the garden. Good communication with

the sense that they can confide in you. You also have to be able

clients is key, though. Make sure that you understand each other

to make the most of the potential around you. To enjoy opening

and things will run smoothly.’

doors for young people and nurturing talent. That’s definitely something we’ll be able to do more at the new office.’

Sietske, you co-authored the publication Building in the Netherlands. What were your findings? Sietske: ‘The book consist of contributions about legal and

The Hourglass building...

economic aspects of real estate finance. It was written in connec-

• Will have a floor area of approximately 35,000 m2

tion with the third edition of a real estate conference, which is

• Will rise 80 metres

organized every four years. The first edition was held during the

• Apart from being the new Loyens & Loeff headquarters,

huge bubble – the sky was the limit. The second conference was

will also accommodate a 115-unit apartment hotel,

at the height of the crisis where the whole real estate market had

a restaurant (open to the public) on the 15th floor

locked down. This year, the outlook is more optimistic. I discussed

and shops at street level

what, in my observation at least, has changed over time. For one

• Is slated to start its construction mid-2017

thing, there’s a bigger focus on structuring the transaction. There is

• Will be completed by 2020

also a bigger focus on documentation. In the past you could get

• Is being developed by Sax Vastgoed VOF, an alliance

away with a short contract; now agreements might number over

300 pages. Transactions are more complex now, and impossible

• Has been designed by architect Diederik Dam

between Maarsen Groep and Beheer Brouwershoff

to navigate without an adviser.’


Artist impression Dam & Partners Architecten













































Construction works in November and December PARNASSUSWEG



























A10 S108






















































Over the next two years the P15 car park will be phased out to create room for further growth in Zuidas, making way for construction of the Valley residential block and ARENT JANSZOON ERNSTSTRAAT


relieving pressure along the eastern section of De Boelelaan and Strawinskylaan during the works. Located off the intersection of Beethovenstraat and De Boelelaan, P15 is a car park which is open to the public outside RAI events. From 1 November 2016, 301 of the total of 413 spaces will disappear, when construction work starts. The remainder will close in the course of 2018. Alternative public parking is available on Europaboulevard and in the RAI’s multi-storey car parks. However, this could also be the perfect time to switch to cycling or public transport!

2. DE BOELELAAN Through the end of 2017, motorists on the eastern section of De Boelelaan between Beethovenstraat and Europaboulevard will face delays due to road works. Those driving to Zuidas during the morning rush hour are advised to take the s108 exit. This phase will also involve work on the intersection of Antonio Vivaldistraat and De Boelelaan, requiring closure of Antonio Vivaldistraat. During this time, traffic will be diverted via Tommaso Albinonistraat. An extra exit via Spoorslag will be open on weekdays from 4pm to 7pm for people who live or work on Antonio Vivaldistraat, Tommaso Albinonistraat, Barbara Strozzilaan or Domico Scarlattilaan. For background information: www.amsterdam.nl/boelelaan.








RAI Parkeergarage

P Werkterrein RAI Hotel











With all the works planned in and around Zuidas during the next few years, two totally different worlds will be intersecting all over the district: the world of the orange-vested builders and that of the businessmen and -women











in their freshly pressed suits. It’s a perfect recipe for some surprising encounters! This time, we headed to the DE KLENCKE

recently renewed Beatrixpark (now kitted out in brand-new fitness equipment) and talked with Piet Grandiek,


contractor at KWS, and Marleen Munniksma, president of Vereniging Vrienden van het Beatrixpark.


Access to Zuidas

In September 2016, work started on the reprofiling of Strawinsky-

With both De Boelelaan East and Strawinskylaan under

Piet Grandiek: ‘In the past year KWS has been working on

Marleen Munniksma: ‘One could describe the park friends

laan. Construction work is set to change the road layout,

construction, access to Zuidas will be more restricted than

rerouting the roads and paths in and around Beatrixpark.

association as the conscience of Zuidas. Plans sometimes

enlarge the tram and bus stops and enable the addition of a

usual. Commuters should plan for diversions, delays and

Now it’s picture perfect! This is the prettiest park in

shape up differently in practice, and in some cases green

sidetrack for the Amstelveen line.This particular line is slated to

additional travel time, especially during rush hours,

Amsterdam, if you ask me, and it is also incredibly busy.

areas are lost. We keep an eye on things and try to maintain

terminate on Strawinskylaan for a period of eight years at most,

and would do well to use alternatives, such as travelling by

The biggest challenge was to get all the stakeholders on the

a measure of balance. Beatrixpark is a neighbourhood park

starting from 2020. With completion scheduled for spring 2017,

public transportation or bike. Another option is to park

same page, from local businesses and residents to the

and everyone appreciates the lively atmosphere and the

the work will be split up into four phases. There will be some

the car outside Zuidas and continue by public transport.

company building the new AkzoNobel and Stibbe offices.

fact it’s kept clean. The jewel of the park is the medicinal

disruptions in the form of noise and diversions, which will vary

To find a convenient Park & Ride, see the website:

To achieve that, we closely cooperated with the municipality.

herb garden, the Artsenijhof, which the municipality was

depending on the phase. Every effort will be made to minimize

www.amsterdam.nl/penr. For advice on travelling and

We did our best to minimize disruptions, for example by not

threatening to dig up after years of neglect. Fortunately,

obstructions to the multi-storey car parks on Strawinskylaan,

mobility, employers may also visit: www.wijzijnbreikers.nl.

starting work until after 7am and by avoiding to work during

the garden was restored to its full glory by an active group

but temporary closures may still occur. ‘From November 21 all

school examination periods. The door of our site hut in the

of volunteers. The municipality is also very pleased with

Connexxion bus stops will temporarily move to Gustav Mahlerlaan,

park was always open, so anybody could pop in for a question

the results. Public works always entail inconvenience,

next to Gustav Mahlerplein. During the works GVB buses and

or a chat. And whenever bicycle traffic was forced to wait,

but this past year everything was very well managed

tram line 5 will continue to stop on Strawinskylaan as usual.

we took care to explain the reason of the delay to the first

and complaints were down to a minimum. And the bridge

person in the queue. This way any brief holdup is readily accep-

with LED lighting looks lovely after dark! I have nothing

ted, which in my experience isn’t always the case otherwise.

but praise for the builders. Given that a lot of them aren’t

In the end, it’s all down to mutual understanding. Marleen

from Amsterdam, I wanted to be sure they got to know a

Munniksma knows that as well. She came to visit during a

bit about the park and brought books for the whole crew.

break and brought us books about the history of Beatrixpark.

I spent a lovely morning chatting with Piet. I admit that I did

We may not all be huge readers, but everyone was really

feel bad for him having to make do with a lukewarm coffee

engrossed; it’s fun to learn more about your working location.’

while I got a glass of champagne for this photo!’




www.amsterdam.nl/zuidas www.zuidasdok.nl @zuidasamsterdam

Photography Davien Hulsman & Doriann Kransberg


Text Kika Samsom | Photography Wiebke Wilting



A neighbourhood in the making


Got a minute?

Zuidas is progressively becoming a residential area, with a population that is growing rapidly and which currently totals some


2,000. Eventually, the munici-

Beauty in Zuidas. Is this a concept that works? What is it

pality of Amsterdam wants

like to be in the fashion business in Zuidas? Why opt for

Zuidas to be a thriving

Zuidas in the first place? And who are the people behind

residential neighbourhood.

these businesses? We asked, they answered.

Photographer Pieter Kers has been documenting the various stages of


construction of the

Tucked away behind Baker & McKenzie and next door to

apartment buildings

restaurant Nine, you will find Adam Tasi's and Christiaan Sijnen’s

going up on De Boelelaan.

JUNE 2015

fashion boutique, which is specialized in fast, personalized style advice for busy men in Zuidas. From casual to chic and

Speaking of his photography

from jeans to suits to shoes. They even deliver complete

project, Pieter Kers says,

outfits to your office or home. But they also like to make time

‘I was born in Amsterdam

for a friendly chat. ‘Our shop has a bar, because we also want

Zuid and used to play football

to offer some respite from the rat race; that’s important to

here, so the developments

us, especially here.’ Both men enjoy doing business in Zuidas.

in Zuidas are close to my

‘That’s why we also host master classes here, so that we can

heart. While shooting

really do something meaningful and connect with people.

assignments for architectural

A sense of connection – that’s the real strength of Zuidas!’

firms, it struck me that, once filled, open spaces within the city are seldom



brought back. The process

Rafaël Anton van Wezel has been running his bespoke suit shop

is virtually irreversible,

in the lobby of the WTC in Zuidas for seven years now – a long

so the memory of open

time, by Zuidas standards. ‘This area has come alive since then.

spaces is something to

The dynamics have changed, from almost all work to work com-

be cherished.’

bined with play– relaxation, sports, dining and drinks, and fashion of course. At his old location on P.C. Hooftstraat, customers only came to shop, whereas here it’s a part of where their (working) lives unfold. ‘Customers become friends. They drop by during working hours to take a quick break and let off steam. Having a business in Zuidas is very exciting. You’re surrounded by inspiring


Photography Pieter Kers | Beeld.nu

people, and that inspires me, as well!’


For more info or questions, send an email to leef@zuidas.nl.


THE TAILORMATES How many people can claim to have grown up in Zuidas? Ronald Gans used to play tennis and football on a spot where nowadays thousands of people go to work. He witnessed a collection of nameless barren lots, football pitches and tennis courts being transformed into a bustling business hub named Zuidas. And this is precisely where he opened his bespoke suit shop two and a half years ago, on the imposing George Gershwinlaan. With a family traditionally involved in the garment and retail trade, working in this segment felt like coming home, says Ronald. He loves operating a business in Zuidas. ‘The people who come


here all have different jobs and they all have their own

‘Our home base’ is how Bas van Exter and Pieter Zwiers refer

a real personal dimension. Women have been visiting our

to their shop, which opened in the WTC two years ago.

shop more often as well. I couldn’t be more pleased!’

story. While they’re here, we get to talking, and that adds

Alongside luxury products for men, they also offer a shoe repair and shine service. Precisely this combination of products and an approach marked by craftsmanship has made them a hit in Zuidas. ‘Customers pop in to buy something for themselves, get their shoes shined while sharing some gossip, getting a bit of work done or closing their eyes for a couple of minutes, and then they’re off again. That’s Zuidas: fast, dynamic and anything but dull. It’s a challenge, because we are smack in the middle of our target group and people had to be introduced to the concept. It’s much more common in cities like London and New York. Our first customer was a Brit, so there you have it! But now lots more people know about us – here as well as outside of Zuidas. This is a


developing district, becoming more and more of a place

Guillermo Orta opened the Face Body Bar by Doctors Inc.

to relax after work, and that’s noticeable to us as retailers.

in Club Sportive in early September, together with his business

The energy here is great; there is a very sociable atmosphere.’

partner Jani van Loghem (founders Doctors Inc. Corporate). The Face Body Bar offers a range of treatments - from skin and anti-ageing treatments to body contouring and energizing infusions - that will have you feeling – and looking – refreshed and energetic. ‘There is a fantastic atmosphere in Zuidas. It’s so inspiring. Everyone has ambitions and there’s a ton of things going on. And this is only the beginning!’ Initially, men used to come to the clinic only at their wife’s or girlfriend’s urging, whereas nowadays Guillermo sees a growing number of men visit of their own accord. ‘The treatments take little time and are easy to fit in before, during or after work, which them perfect for the hard-working men around here.’

Text & photography Kiki Dröge




Living in Zuidas

HELLO ZUIDAS Living in Zuidas was the central topic of the Members Meeting that took place in the 900 Mahler tower on 19 September. With several ‘Living in Zuidas experts’ from the district to moderate, a myriad of related issues were tackled. Against the backdrop of a ‘shell-phase’ penthouse, this sky-high meeting generated plenty of animated discussions!



Zuidas is still hardly perceived as a residential

Public spaces could do with a dose of playfulness.

area, as the discussion made clear. People mostly

The Funenpark in Amsterdam Oost is a good example

associate the district with work, offices and com-

of this. Zuidas is still an open space, which makes

panies, and think that after hours it is an empty and

it feel cold and uninviting. This, combined with all

deserted place. Yet, when asked what makes Zuidas

of the offices, gives the district a very corporate

attractive, keywords mentioned included good

look. More residents would make the area feel

accessibility and connections, diversity, space,

safer; there would be more people keeping an

urban ambiance and image. Currently there are some

eye on things.

2,000 people living in Zuidas. One day, this figure that living in Zuidas is expensive and meant for


a privileged few. Hardly anyone is aware of the

Zuidas continues to be too quiet, especially in the

fact that the district also has social housing and is

evenings and weekends. Facilities and amenities

home to some 800 students. What’s more, a major

are key to making the neighbourhood a liveable and

housing survey reveals that a large proportion of

attractive place to be. There is a need for more green

local residents consists of couples and families with

spaces, as well as for more facilities for children,

children. Facts and figures like these provide good

and there should be a greater investment in culture

angles for positioning Zuidas as a residential area.

– in events, a museum (permanent or pop-up) or a

will have risen to 15,000. People tend to think

cinema. At the same time, the tranquillity of Zuidas


could be a benefit or an added attraction for residents.

As for the buildings themselves, the variations in

They can always head for the bustle of Amsterdam

height are perceived as a positive feature that create

when they feel the need arise. Keywords in this con-

a cosmopolitan ambiance and set the district apart

text are perception and inspiration: being pleasantly

from the rest of Amsterdam. Nonetheless, the district

surprised is what matters. People want to build a

still lacks a bit of the ‘wow factor’ that you get in cities

local community and create a feeling of home

like London and Paris. Most consider Mahlerplein to

– they want to feel connected to the neighbourhood.

be very attractive.

A big supermarket would also be a plus. The fact that this is a place where people go to meet also


gives it a friendly feel.

People view a short commute to work as important, because it frees up time (for leisure). This makes it


appealing to both live and work in Zuidas. The inter-

In years to come, various construction works will

action between residents and people who work here

have their impact on the accessibility of Zuidas.

can be viewed as a positive feature, because it injects

To alleviate congestion, additional bicycle racks

more life into the area. However, residential Zuidas

are being installed. This measure, combined with

could be more closely interwoven with its professional

public transport, should solve the problem to

counterpart. That could be achieved, for example,

certain extent. As such, the situation is not

by integrating housing at street level and with

perceived as a major issue. Overall, people rate

We wish to thank

public spaces. Seeing people going about their

Zuidas as having very good accessibility,

Nedstede Real Estate,

lives will spark interaction.

thanks also to its proximity to Schiphol airport.

G&S and à Deauville.

Text Kiki Dröge | Photography JDVF



Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features property news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: hellozuidas@asega.nl.

Amsterdam to open new sports complex in Zuidas

JLL: ‘Zuidas in need of new office accommodation’

Zuidas - From 2019, Amsterdam’s most senior football

Zuidas - Zuidas has once more proved to be a leading location

club, AFC, will have five modern synthetic pitches to

for business, with office vacancies declining to a historic low

play on in Zuidas, alongside a brand-new clubhouse

of 4.4% over the first six months of 2016. This result was

and spectator stands. All five pitches will have artificial

published in real estate consultancy JLL’s latest quarterly

lighting for evening matches at the Zuidas sports park,

office occupancy report to the Zuidas Development Office.

and an underground car park beneath the easternmost

Transactions are coming under noticeable pressure, due to

pitch will be shared by AFC. New housing, offices and

the shrinking office supply, the agency observes, which calls

facilities are planned in close proximity to the complex,

for a rapid expansion of local office space. At the end of 2015,

including the multifunctional and architecturally

the vacancy rate in Zuidas was still 7.2%. The current low

stunning Valley building. With Mahlerlaan to be

rate is mostly attributable to the Dutch Financial Mile’s

extended east, the sports complex will occupy the

popularity as a business location, with limited availability

area immediately north of the extension.

resulting in fewer transactions. Numerous new offices are currently in development in order to meet this increasing demand for prime office real estate in Zuidas.


New WTC tower Zuidas - CBRE Global Investors and the municipality of

BPD North-West moving into Amsterdam’s Burgerweeshuis

Amsterdam have reached an agreement on plans to expand

Zuidas - In the fourth quarter of 2017, BPD’s North-West

the Amsterdam World Trade Center with 32,000 m² GFA,

Netherlands division, currently based in Haarlem, will be

intended for offices and facilities. The parties signed a partner-

moving into offices located at the converted former

ship agreement last September. The WTC Amsterdam

orphanage on Amsterdam’s IJsbaanpad. The lease for

expansion feeds into the Strawinsky urban development

approximately 3,000 m² was signed with the real estate

plan and will consist of a new tower on the corner of

arm of Cor van Zadelhoff, Beheer Brouwershoff. Built in

Beethovenstraat and Strawinskylaan, designed by the

the 1960s, the orphanage is a listed national monument

renowned London-based architectural firm PLP Architecture.

that was designed by Aldo van Eyk, a pioneer of the

Construction is scheduled to start mid-2018 and to be

architectural movement known as Structuralism.

completed by 2020. During the expansion, the adjacent

Van Eyk, whose pupils included Herman Hertzberger,

office tower, containing 17,000 m2 GFA, will also be

also designed the Court of Audits in The Hague and

refurbished. WTC Amsterdam is the flagship of the CBRE

the Sonsbeek pavilion in Arnhem.

Dutch Office Fund (CBRE DOF) and totals approximately 125,000 m² LFA worth of offices and facilities.

Vastned relocating from Rotterdam to Zuidas Zuidas - This November, real estate firm Vastned will be trading in Rotterdam for Zuidas, where it has agreed to lease 639 m² in the OfficiaI building at De Boelelaan 7 from Stichting Spoorwegpensioenfonds. Van Dijk & Ten Cate Vastgoedadviseurs advised on the transaction.

Photography Lotte de Graaf



Work hard, live slow! Twenty years ago, few could have imagined this would one day

Back in Zuidas, an automated female voice greets me in the foyer.

become a landscape of skyscrapers, let alone that it would turn

My friend has given me his spare key, so I can let myself in and

into a desirable residential location. It seems to go against the

get dinner started. In Singapore, robot chefs are, apparently,

very grain of ‘Dutchness’ to make your home on the 14 or the

the latest thing. If you were to object that your beloved’s tendency

25th floor of a building. Nevertheless, 900 Mahler was recently

to cook everything to a crisp is precisely one of his or her most

completed, and other residential towers like Xavier are hot on its

endearing qualities, fear not: this, too, can be pre-programmed!

heels. (Obviously, the names of towers in our composers’ district

After passing through a second set of doors, I find myself face

will not win any prizes for being original.)

to face with a very respectable looking older man in a black tie,


seated behind a white desk. My disconcerted expression betrays Not long ago, a good friend of mine moved into the Symphony

the fact that I don’t live here. He asks who I’m visiting and,

residential tower. The atmosphere, in a word, is ‘Singaporean’.

after a brief internal debate (I’ve got keys, after all), I disclose

In Singapore, everything is streamlined and automated. It’s a

my friend’s name, which the doorman appears to recognize.

country whose founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, once said:

We exchange a few pleasantries and he introduces himself.

‘Poetry is a luxury we cannot afford.’

Though the doorman doesn’t exactly radiate the efficiency of the receptionists at ABN AMRO, he does have something of the unhurried quality you might expect in a residential area. The humans of Zuidas are not the robots of Singapore. But how do we imprint our humanity and poetry on all these rigid expanses of concrete and steel? Somehow, we’ll have to find a way. Because when you work hard, you definitely want to live slow...

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.

Ruben van Zwieten


Marjolein de Jong, Account Executive

Hotel Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South

‘Like stepping into another world’ Looking for a stylish spot to celebrate Christmas or to bring

is a breeding ground for young potential. Of the twelve trainees

a toast to the New Year with colleagues? Then look no further

who started alongside me, eight are still working within IHG.

and opt for the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South. This winter,

You’ll be given every possibility to grow. Plus, as a business district,

the Zuidas-based hotel will once more be transforming its

Zuidas is a brilliant place to develop professionally. I studied at

outdoor terrace into a winter wonderland. Open from late

the Hotelschool and honestly didn’t expect to continue working

November through the end of January, it’s the perfect venue

in the hotel sector, but I love it here. No two days are alike.’

for memorable Christmas drinks, a reception or a party. Leading the way to the hotel’s water-side terrace, Account Executive

Would you like to have your office party

Marjolein de Jong paints an enthusiastic picture: ‘The terrace will

at the Crowne Plaza winter terrace?

be totally decked out in Scandinavian style, featuring everything

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South has put together festive

from reindeer and snow to warm blankets. It will be like stepping

Holiday Packages for groups of ten or more. Choose from

briefly into another world – a world that’s inviting, cosy and warm.

‘Jingle Bell Rocks’ with tasty Christmas cocktails and

There will be patio heaters too, of course. We can host around

a deluxe spread of hors d’oeuvres including salmon,

80 guests on the winter terrace, and it can also be booked for

herring caviar and pheasant, or ‘Sparkling New Year’

private events.’

featuring champagne cocktails and elegant appetizers.


Hotel Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South

Marjolein has been working at Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South

George Gershwinlaan 101

for a year and a half now, having started out as a sales and marke-

+31 (0)20 504 36 16

ting trainee. These days, being an account executive, she regularly


sits down with major corporations. For her, it has proved a golden


opportunity. ‘Like so many companies in Zuidas, Crowne Plaza

Text Kika Samsom | Photography Davien Hulsman



Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to: hellozuidas@asega.nl.


Deloitte posts 20% rise in earnings

EY acquires OC&C Benelux

Zuidas - The Dutch office of accounting and consultancy

Zuidas - Accounting and consultancy firm EY Nederland

firm Deloitte recorded returns of € 785m over the

has taken over the Benelux arm of the Rotterdam-based

2015/2016 financial year (ending 30 June), which means

company OC&C Strategy Consultants. According to EY,

a 20% rise compared to the previous financial year.

the acquisition has already been finalized, but no financial

All of the company’s service divisions contributed to

details have been released as yet. This is EY’s third recent

the rapid increase. Risk Advisory posted the fastest

acquisition, following I3 and Montesquieu. According to EY

growth, most notably within Cyber Risk and Technology

Board Chairman Coen Boogaart, the consultancy firm aims

Enabled Services, which saw earnings jump 43% to as

to ‘expand its leading market position and maximize clients’

much as € 113m.

international growth potential’.

RBS urges 3,000 corporate clients to switch banks

ABN AMRO to scrap up to 1,375 more jobs

Zuidas - British bank Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) wants

affect as much as a quarter of support staff. The bank

to give some 3,000 of its corporate clients the boot. A little

has announced plans to cut up to 1,375 jobs in a variety

over 18 months ago, the bank announced plans to move

of areas; from catering services to risk management,

most of its services back to its British home market.

employing some 5,000 people. Too many, says ABN

Following that, a group of clients received a letter urging

AMRO, which is facing increased pressure on profits

them to make haste in finding another bank for payment

due to new competition, more red tape and the low

processing, commercial financing and other services.

interest rate. The cuts are expected to yield approximately

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Dutch division, once the corporate

€ 200m in cost savings, said Board Chairman Gerrit

division of ABN AMRO, is being almost completely dismantled,

Zalm during the presentation of the midterm figures in

leaving only a small group of around 15 relationship managers.

August. Currently, these outlays are costing the bank

All other operations will relocate to London. The actions

€ 800m a year.

Zuidas - A new reorganization at ABN AMRO is set to

by RBS have forced professional 'clients' ranging from the Dutch government to major corporations like Shell, and totalling some 7,000 organizations in 32 countries to go in search of a new banker.

Vesteda gets heavy competition in housing acquisitions Zuidas - Even with increasing rental earnings and decreasing financing costs, residential real estate investor Vesteda saw its 2016 first half-year returns fall 2.3%, relative to the previous year. The difference resulted from a significant increase in the firm’s net assets, up to € 2.8b. Last year, Vesteda raised € 600m from foreign investors to invest in rental housing.

Photography Lotte de Graaf



Zuidas mobility test raincoats! All the upcoming infrastructure projects will inevitably affect car traffic into Zuidas, making alternative transport options more attractive than ever. In the months ahead, we’ll be zooming in on those alternatives in this section, this time aiming our spotlight at raincoats for more travelling comfort by bike.

THE NETHERLANDS’ NUMBER ONE WEATHERING THE ELEMENTS Sure, autumn is lovely and cycling is healthy, but when you commute by bike daily, you may find yourself battling the elements every now and then. Like many of you, the editorial team of Hello Zuidas also pedals in to work every day, rain or




shine. That’s why we decided to test three different raincoats,


to help you stay dry, comfy and cycling all winter long. It’s a


win-win situation!


TO MORE THAN 300,000


TO MORE THAN 300,000


BOUND A10 IN 2030




Model Trench Coat Classic

Model SEQ Urban Coat

Price € 329.00

Price € 119.95

Fabric Viscose

Fabric Polyester

Colour Brown/beige

Colour Black





Hood Yes, detachable

Hood Yes

Suitability for long cycle rides

Suitability for long cycle rides

Added bonus The coat comes with a handy, stylish travel

Added bonus This coat does double duty as a poncho,

pouch, so you can easily take it along wherever you go.

with a front that folds out to keep your hands and arms covered. Ideal for cycling!

ABOUT THE WATERDICHT RAINCOAT This full-length waterproof ladies’ coat is best described as the


ultimate marriage between fashion and function. Understated

AGU’s SEQ Urban Coat is a fully lined ladies’ raincoat with

chic is the signature style of Waterdicht Amsterdam. Their

a fitted and über-fashionable silhouette. Its design is so

Trench Coat Classic, designed in Amsterdam and made in

unique that it even won the Red Dot Design Award.

Portugal, uses high-quality, breathable, waterproof fabric that

The polyester fabric ensures this coat is waterproof and

keeps you fully protected from the elements. The taped seams

windproof. All in all, it’s the perfect protection against

ensure that not a drop of water gets through this raincoat.

the Dutch weather, and it's stylish to boot!

RAINS Model Urban Coat

So if it’s dry when you head out, but the forecast says rain

Price € 95.00

on the ride home, no biggie – simply slip Rains in your bag.

Fabric 50% polyester and 50% PU leather


Colour Green

This Rains label raincoat is a stylish, contemporary take on


the classic ladies’ trench coat. The fabric is fine, soft and


lightweight and dries quickly, and the fit is light and flowing,

Hood Yes

giving it a fashionably modern, yet sporty look. The coat

Suitability for long cycle rides

also has ventilation eyelets on the underside of the sleeves.

Added bonus This coat is made of

As a brand, Rains is committed to the environment, and

thin material that is easy to fold up.

most of the collection is made from recycled material.

Text Kiki Dröge | Photography Davien Hulsman



City Bike! Over the past few months, Hello Zuidas has been exploring possibilities for a Zuidas shared bike fleet. Shared bike schemes are popping up all over the world and are proving to be a big success in many cities. An area like Zuidas, where accessibility is a top priority and a multitude of traffic flows converge, is the perfect location to pilot a shared bike scheme. The specific accessibility challenges in Zuidas require an examination of various transport modes, as well as a way to link them, so as to facilitate a seamless commute from home to the office doorstep. The Zuidas shared bike fleet will be a flexible pre- and post-transport option and render the ideal mobility solution for the daily commute into and out of Zuidas.


infrastructure. As such, the project will serve to

Hello Zuidas has set out the scheme’s scope

explore how shared bikes can be a benefit to a

and approach in an invitation to tender (see:

location like Zuidas and to Amsterdam as a whole.

www.hellozuidas.com) and invited market parties

The pilot is being made possible by a subsidy by

specialized in bike sharing and mobility services

the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

to come up with a project plan. Several locations have been defined on which Zuidas City Bikes


need to be available in order to connect the fringes

The next step will be to select the most promising

of Zuidas to its centre. Initially, the project will start

bid and then to set out on the road to success

on four locations: Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam

armed with a bicycle and service that keys into

Zuid Station, VU Amsterdam and Gelderlandplein.

the needs and lifestyles of local professionals.

Ultimately, the Zuidas bikes can also be a launching

Hello Zuidas City Bike!

pad for a shared bike fleet serving an ever wider area; there is certainly abundant interest in initiating

Is your company interested in bike sharing?

a scheme of this kind in Amsterdam – a city famous

Send an email to: green@hellozuidas.com.

for its bike-friendly culture and great cycling

Text Willeke Adriaanse | Photography Lotte de Graaf | Bike design Basten Leijh


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

EVERY TUESDAY SHINY SHOES @ WTC 11:30am-1pm Every Tuesday around lunchtime, the pros from Amsterdam Shoeshine will be stationed at the bottom of the escalators in the central hall. They’ll polish your shoes to a high shine between 11:30am and 1pm! Too busy to take a seat in the shoe shine chair? Drop off your shoes for a shine or repair at the WTC shop. www.amsterdamshoeshine.com

SUNDAY 6 NOVEMBER 2016 RUN FOR THE HUNGER PROJECT @ OLYMPIC STADIUM This year marks the tenth edition of the Run for The Hunger Project, with 5 and 10 km events for individuals and teams of six, starting and finishing at Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium. Money raised by this charity run will go to support The Hunger Project Benin. www.runforthehungerproject.nl


SUNDAY 6 NOVEMBER SATURDAY 31 DECEMBER 2016 'SPENT' BY DOVE BRADSHAW @ HET GLAZEN HUIS, AMSTELPARK Zone2Source will be capping its fourth year as an art, nature and tech platform in Amsterdam’s Amstelpark, with an exhibition by Dove Bradshaw (New York, b. 1949), whose art has been exploring the relationship between nature and culture since 1969. This is the first time her work will be shown in the Netherlands. www.zone2source.net

MONDAY 7 NOVEMBER AND MONDAY 12 DECEMBER 2016 PUB QUIZ @ THE BASKET 7:30pm Eight rounds that keep you on the edge of your seat with music clips, pictures and questions to which you know you know the answer... if only you could remember! Who will take the season’s trophy in December? Register your team (5 max.) now and show your stuff! amsterdam@thebasket.nl

THURSDAY 17 NOVEMBER 2016 LUNCHTIME LECTURE @ WTC BUSINESS CLUB Your new robot colleague! Are robots going to take away your job? Will you be left sitting at home with a guaranteed basic income? According to Gerard Smit, CTO at IBM, this image of the future might be closer than you think. This lunchtime lecture will be about artificial intelligence and its job market implications. www.wtcamsterdambusinessclub.com

FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER 2016 NIGHT OF THE BIBLE @ THOMASKERK 7:30pm On Friday 18 November the Thomaskerk will be celebrating the ‘Night of the Bible’, with four speakers offering their views on God in the Netherlands, illustrated by timeless stories from the Bible. Speakers include Inez van Oord and Huub Oosterhuis, with moderators Wilfred Scholten (NCRV) and Evert Jan de Weijer (Thomaskerk’s minister). www.thomasopen.nl

NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2016 Our next issue will be published @ 2 of January. Send your agenda to hellozuidas@asega.nl before 28th of November. nd


SUNDAY 20 SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER 2016 PAN @ AMSTERDAM RAI PAN Amsterdam is the modern-day fair for art, antiques and design, with thousands of art objects to tempt and inspire. Spanning classical antiquity, old masters, photography, contemporary art, antiques, furniture and objects, PAN is the perfect place to compare works, get informed and make your own discoveries. www.pan.nl

TUESDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2016 ORAM AUTUMN FORUM @ RAI AMSTERDAM 4:30-7pm Every autumn, ORAM organizes a forum on a current topic in Amsterdam, inviting prominent speakers to explore new trends and local issues affecting the business community. Afterwards, expand your network over drinks with other business owners, politicians and city officials. www.oram.nl

@ WTC 12:30-1:30pm String quartets from the American New World influenced by Native American and African American spirituals by Dvorak, Foote and Griffes. Maarten van Veen, artistic director of the Hortus Festival, brings his programme for the August festival to the Central Hall of WTC Amsterdam for this lunchtime performance by the Hortus Ensemble. www.musixforyou.com

SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2016 LANDELIJKE PUBLIEKSDAG GEZONDHEIDSZORG M/V @ VUMC AMSTERDAM 10am-5pm VUmc and Zus & Zorg are organizing the first-ever public day spotlighting differences in healthcare for men and women. This nationwide event seeks to raise awareness about conditions such as cardiovascular disease, menopause, depression, migraines, rheumatism and pelvic floor problems, as well as highlight lifestyle matters like exercise, nutrition and personal care. www.zusonline.nl

FRIDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2016 FREE WEBINAR @ COMPANY WEBCAST 3-4pm A webinar gives you the undivided attention of your key target audience for an average of exactly 57 minutes. To get your message across successfully, you need interaction and good content. This free online session teaches you how to turn webinars into your organization’s most powerful calling card. www.companywebcast.nl

THURSDAY 24 SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER 2016 AMSTERDAM ART WEEKEND On 24-27 November the Amsterdam Art Weekend will be transforming the Dutch capital into the premier international hotspot for cuttingedge contemporary art. Want to get a sneak peak of the 100 exhibitions? Check them out at www.FRAEMd.com.


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

THURSDAY 1 DECEMBER 2016 BNR ZAKENDOEN LIVE @ REGUS AMSTERDAM ATRIUM 10am-12pm On Thursday 1 December BNR news radio’s business show BNR Zakendoen will be airing live from the refurbished Regus Amsterdam Atrium in Zuidas. Join the business community at Regus, the world’s largest flexible workspace provider, and take part in the live broadcast. Register by sending an email to amsterdam.atrium@regus.com.

THURSDAY 1 DECEMBER 2016 POP-CULT! & PROSECCO @ CAFFÈ BELMONDO 5-7pm Indulge in high-end entertainment, sparkling prosecco, cocktails and delicious food during Pop-Cult! & Prosecco at Caffè Belmondo. Bringing you jazz, world music and cabaret produced by Once Upon a Tale I Events. For our monthly programme, see www.caffèbelmondo.nl or like us on Facebook: Pop-Cult & Prosecco.


THURSDAY 8 MONDAY 12 DECEMBER 2016 MASTERS OF LXRY 2016 @ AMSTERDAM RAI For this year’s special 15th-anniversary edition Masters of LXRY will be celebrating on a sensational scale. Masters of LXRY is the most prestigious lifestyle event in Europe, bringing together the worlds of art, interior design, photography, fashion, design, gastronomy, jewellery, watches, boats, cars and much more. Order tickets at www.lxry.nl.

MONDAY 12 DECEMBER 2016 (MEMBERS ONLY) HELLO ZUIDAS SPARKLING CHRISTMAS EVENT @ GUSTAVINO 5-7pm Hello Zuidas will be ringing out the year with our members basking in the warm glow of the interactive artwork Social Sparkles, which is lighting up Mahlerplein during the dark days of December. Join us for drinks and bites at Gustavino. This year’s party will be themed ‘Sparkles for Emma’ to support the AMC Emma children’s hospital.

WEDNESDAY 14 DECEMBER 2016 THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS 2016 @ THOMASKERK 8:30pm A tradition that was nine years in the making, in the week before Christmas Ruben van Zwieten brings Zuidas the Story of Christmas. Not the familiar tale of the baby Jesus, but an engaged and engaging personal vision on life here and now. Interwoven with music and followed by drinks at De Nieuwe Poort. www.denieuwepoort.org

THURSDAY 15 DECEMBER 2016 CHRISTMAS MARKET @ WTC 11:30am-6pm Get into the holiday spirit with the WTC traditional Christmas market, coming to the central hall from 11:30am to 6pm on December 15 – just in time to snap up some last minute Christmas goodies! Sing along with the seasonal music, enjoy a drink and sample holiday treats. It’s a true Christmas experience! www.mywtcamsterdam.com

Sparkles for Emma This December, Hello Zuidas will be bringing a stunning

The Sparkles Christmas party being held on Monday 12 December

interactive light artwork to Gustav Mahlerplein in Zuidas.

at Gustavino on Mahlerplein for all Hello Zuidas members will

Created by studio Toer, Social Sparkles will be helping to

be entirely devoted to the Emma children’s hospital.

raise awareness and money for the AMC Emma children’s hospital. Donations will benefit the new neonatal intensive care unit for prematurely born babies and infants with serious

Social Sparkles is a joint initiative of the Amsterdam

illnesses. By giving these children the best possible medical

Light Festival, RBS, Hello Zuidas, Amsterdam Zuidas and

treatment and care, we hope to give them the chance of a

the AMC Emma children’s hospital support foundation.

good life. Over the long term, the AMC neonatal IC and VUmc

Please show your support and make a donation to:

aim to become a leading, world-class centre of expertise.

IBAN: NL 67 ABNA 0546 9312 35

Hello Zuidas is eager to support this ambition and is calling


on the Zuidas community to donate to ‘Sparkles for Emma’.

In the name of: Stichting Steun Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC, stating ‘Sparkles for Emma’.

We are delighted to be hosting this light artwork and hope that everyone living and working in Zuidas will appreciate this scintillating gesture, and that they will show their generous support to the Emma children’s hospital. Want to pitch in or

On behalf of the Emma children’s hospital,

organize an activity? Send an email to: steunemma@amc.nl.

thank you for your generosity!



Zuidas Architecture Amidst all the tower blocks and skyscrapers in Zuidas, OpZuid is refreshingly different. The small-scale complex with a handful of homes has an unusual, almost foreign flavour.


that seems miles away from the imposing office

Situated between Gershwinlaan and De Boelelaan,

setting outside.

OpZuid is an expansive green oasis amidst the urban grid of Amsterdam’s financial district. The two


symmetrical blocks enclose a green courtyard

OpZuid’s 46 residences come in all shapes and sizes,

garden, their terraced design opening out to the

from studios to city flats to spacious penthouses.

sun and to the Boelegracht running alongside.

With its symmetrical staggered blocks resembling

Connecting the two buildings are several extended

a staircase, the building itself is not typically Dutch.

balconies that interrupt the formal exterior shell of

The blocks are connected to each other by ‘floating’

the north façade. The courtyard garden is a world

balconies, and defining elements like the masonry

unto itself. All the trees here are maples, while the

relief in yellow stone, sand-coloured concrete edges,

planting of small shrubs beneath spans hues ranging

high ceilings, transparent entrances and a wealth

from white to light yellow.

of glass lend the building a Mediterranean aura. Integrated planters line all of the façade edges in the


Along the courtyard’s perimeter, you'll find

courtyard, creating a green wall that contrasts with

private patios belonging to the ground-floor flats,

the more formal Zuidas-facing façade. Green roofs

set off by green hedges. The large planted patios

(which are not accessible) have been created on the

and awnings around the enclosed garden create

rooftops. Landscape architect Niek Roozen designed

a pleasant, verdant residential environment

the spacious courtyard garden.


OPZUID OpZuid is pa rt of Amster dam’s munic urban deve lopment ma ipal sterplan a rated by Cl s elaboaus and Ka an Architec It was desi ten. gned by 'die derendirrix tuur & sted architecenbouw'. Th e project pr a series of ovides for high, stepp ed buildin towards th gs oriented e south. Th e staggered is articula design them ted fully on e façade, whic the buildin g’s south h reinforc es the urba and lends n an excitin g tension to structure the mass. Project loca tion: Amster dam Start date : November 2011 End date: Au gust 2014 Client(s) : Zu idschans Client sect or: Size: 6,100 2 Commercial m Type: Apart ments Text Kiki Dröge | Photography Arthur Bagen

View from the roof terrace

The Double, Valkenburgerstraat 136 L

€ 1.500.000,- k.k.

This Penthouse is situated on own ground and has a living surface of approx 171 m2. The roof terrace of approx 95 m2 has a magnificant view over the hart of the centre of Amsterdam. The Penthouse is at walking distance of De Amstel. In the building you have the availability of using the Fitness, Welness and Spa. The building is also provided with an elevator and a concierge. The Penthouse is only to be bought including 2 parking spaces; purchase price of € 100.000,- k.k. Leasehold costs € 3.360,- per year (with a yearly indexing).

MTH Makelaars Jacob Obrechtstraat 39 1071 KG Amsterdam

020 573 60 00 info@mthmakelaars.nl www.mthmakelaars.nl

Wessel Ruijmgaart

Did you know that recently Bilderberg

De Kersentuin

Garden Hotel also

Casual dining with a touch of class

refurbished all of its conference and meeting rooms? What better reason to book your next meeting here, followed by a

In the heart of the Amsterdam Zuid district,

personal appreciation for their work. It is wonderful

delicious meal at

situated in the Bilderberg Garden Hotel on

to be able to convey to our guests at the table how

De Kersentuin!

Apollolaan, restaurant De Kersentuin is a local

passionate we are about what we do.’

institution that goes back more than 35 years. A year and a half ago, the restaurant set out in a new direction. The interior got a fresh new look, with round booths, high and low tables, as well as a prominent chef’s table with a prime view of the kitchen. Chef Stefan van Sprang, who boasts two Michelin stars, stands at the helm as

‘It’s wonderful to be able to convey to our guests how passionate we are about

signature chef, while Wessel Ruijmgaart,

what we do’

who previously worked as sous-chef at restaurant Aan de Poel in Amstelveen, has been charged with the restaurant’s daily supervision. Curious to learn more, we met with Chef Wessel.

MENU De Kersentuin’s menu is a blend of pure products


and Stefan van Sprang’s signature dishes. All are

According to Wessel, ‘The Kersentuin had become

served in the form of small plates, Wessel explains.

a bit outdated, and we’ve transformed it into a hip

‘I was given charge of De Kersentuin with the aim

new spot with a youthful vibe. This is partly due to

to turn it into a “light” version of restaurant Aan de


the décor, but also to the way in which we welcome

Poel. That means the basic concept and our passion

De Kersentuin

our guests. Our cooks will come to your table to

for service are the same, but the setting is more laid

Dijsselhofplantsoen 7

pour the dressing and to elaborate on their dishes.

back. We run a restaurant where you can feel com-

+31 (0)20 570 56 66

To us, creating that interaction between our guests

fortable wearing jeans and sneakers. Our small plates


and staff is essential. It’s part of offering excellent

are all served within a price range between 15 and

service. Moreover, I feel it’s important that our

20 euros and guests can mix and match various

young cooks are able to experience the customers’

dishes to create their own menu for lunch or dinner.’

Text Odette van der Veeken | Photography Davien Hulsman



Sustainability News 38.


2016 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT In spring 2017 Hello Zuidas, the Green Business Club Zuidas along with the Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office will be publishing the 2016 Sustainability Report, the only report of its kind to feature an entire office location in the Netherlands. With sections on mobility, public space, buildings, energy, water & green and community, the report is currently in the works while the editing team is busy collecting sustainable initiatives from this past year. Did your company implement sustainable measures or projects in 2016? Send your case, along with some high resolution images, to Editor-in-Chief Maartje Oome: Maartje@greenbusinessclub.nl.

EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK The national Green Business Club knowledgebase offers all this and more, bringing together the full range of projects carried out by the five Dutch GBCs to date, which comes complete with detailed descriptions, business cases, tips, tools, contact details, images and results. Setting up an account is easy and gives companies and other GBCs access to a wealth of information and proven projects. The knowledgebase has been online since 29 September at: www.gbckennisbank.nl.

REUSE YOUR OWN WASTE This past year, RAI Amsterdam – already a well-established pioneer in recycling– took another step towards its 100% recycling target. Materials from various divisions of the event and conference complex are now being reused to make new products, or converted with a view to generating energy. Used envelopes were recently recycled into writing pads, whereas old work uniforms were sewn up into iPad covers, bags and pouffes. According to Production Manager Josieke Moens, this is only the beginning: ‘Next year we will be focusing on paper and swill, and we’re also working out a business case for our own composting machine so we can start processing waste from local company restaurants. Of course you can leave recycling to waste collection companies, but it’s more sustainable to reuse your waste products yourself.’

Would you like to make Zuidas more sustainable? Find out how at: www.greenbusinessclub.nl. Send your news on sustainability to maartje@greenbusinessclub.nl. Your contribution may well be published in this magazine or in our Zuidas Sustainability Report 2016.

Text Maartje Oome | Photography RAI Amsterdam



OLYMPIC AMSTERDAM ICONIC AND HISTORIC AREA The Olympic Amsterdam: a new destination connecting innovation, sports and mobility. The two Citroën buildings, along with the Olympic Stadium, form three of Amsterdam’s iconic landmarks. This famous triptych, designed by Dutch architect Jan Wils, represents a rich sports heritage and the spirit of a pioneering mobility industry. The original Citroën buildings were built in 1931 and 1962 consecutively as modern multidisciplinary headquarters, which have inspired a vision for today. A vision in which they give rise to a new thriving urban area,


where the development of mobility, sports and innovative

Stadionplein is being completely redeveloped. Already,

ideas are intertwined with the rest of the city, and for

the metamorphosis is visibly taking shape. With Albert Heijn,

a vibrant destination, in which modern offices,

FEBO, STACH and Vlaamsch Broodhuys all recently having

retail concepts, lifestyle brands, restaurants and

opened their doors, soon to be joined by a hotel and culinary

outdoor art form a seamless blend with an inviting

hotspot Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal, the area is bustling with

new public space.

life. New tenants have moved into their apartments.


FUTURE The redevelopment of the North Building, now known as The Olympic 1962, and the South Building, now dubbed The Olympic 1931, will be completed in 2018. The former Citroën building will be converted to accommodate a


mixture of offices and eateries, but will also offer spaces

The Olympic Amsterdam in the south of Amsterdam is a

for cultural initiatives. In the next two years, The Olympic

new gateway to the city centre and serves as a true magnet

Amsterdam is set to become a new destination, a place

for Amsterdam. The location will spark fresh connections

where kids play basketball, runners may stop for coffee

that ‘are greater than the sum of its parts’. Rooted in the original

after hitting the trails in the Amsterdamse Bos, where pro-

Olympic spirit, the starting point of this new ‘green mile’ connects

fessionals may book a culinary business lunch (with plenty

the exciting mixed-living development being built in and around

of parking space!) and where a fleet of electric rental bikes

Stadionplein, Amsterdamse Bos and the business district of

will offer every customer a smooth ride into the city.

Zuidas. Locals, visitors, artists, travellers and entrepreneurs from far and wide are all invited to come and experience this inspirational business hub and its urban neighbourhood.

Bas Jochims, Bouwinvest:

'The Olympic Amsterdam has all the requirements of becoming a fabulous location in Amsterdam where there’s always something going on. It’s sure to become popular with city locals, with events keyed to appeal to a diverse crowd. Above all, it will be a lovely spot for the neighbourhood and its residents, offering a unique blend of easy access, history, architecture and reputation. Guided by our motto A‘ im higher’, Bouwinvest will be pulling out all the stops to maximize the full potential of this location.' Curious? Has your curiosity been whetted by these exciting plans? Don’t despair, spaces are still available! For more information, visit www.theolympic.amsterdam. Apartments: www.wonenophetstadionplein.nl.

Text Kiki Dröge | Artist impressions WAX Architectural Visualizations


Team Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South ended on 2nd place

Joost Boelaars, Annebet Beerman, Susanne de Vos, Arjan Bol & Jerry Koenst

A beautiful day to play the game!

Eline Hoogendijk

JEU DE BOLENIUS 1 September @ George Gershwinplein • Bolenius Restaurant and champagne house Veuve Clicquot teamed up to organize this pétanque tournament. • Referees from the ‘Les Bohémiens de Pétanque’ club in Osdorp had things well in hand. • MasterCard were the afternoon’s champions, winning a dinner for three and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne. • Feel like throwing a few balls? Pétanque sets can be hired free of charge any time at Bolenius Restaurant and Hotel Crowne Plaza.

Marjolein de Jong

Tim Maathuis, Kimberley Fehrenbach & Karlin van Diggele



Family Gardiner

The referee takes things very seriously

Ivo Meyerburg, Rene van der Leeuw, Sjacco Schouten, Anice Amrani & Hans-Werner Hitge

It was fun for all ages!

Willeke Adriaanse

Wilko Hoogendoorn, Thijs van de Schijndel & Natalia Alvarez Pereiro

Photography Lotte de Graaf

Culture and corporate governance determine future success The Dutch corporate environment is currently developing a new and updated Corporate Governance Code under the supervision of a national committee (Van Manen

Tanno Massar, Strategy Director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Committee). Expected to be finalized in the coming months, it will give corporate staff a new governance code to live by.

culture through an internal audit by their external accountant.

Most companies will apply the code as a mandatory rule;

Initially, the development of the tone at the top and an internal

those that do not will have to explain why.

code of conduct will be a matter for executive committees and supervisory boards. To be able to identify how a company’s

Of particular interest in the revised code is its new focus on culture.

culture has to be redirected, the company first needs to know

In these times of technological revolution, rapid changes in

where it is coming from, which requires a thorough understanding

consumer behaviour, as well as evolving roles of corporations in

of the corporate culture as it currently exists. This then helps

society, a strong corporate culture is an added driver for success.

to discover and define potential gaps or blind spots in the corporate culture, as well as the effects of incidents that have


taken place in years past. The result will form the starting point

A remarkable addition to the new code is a set of principles on

for developing a corporate culture programme. Our experience

‘culture’; part of the chapter on ‘Effectiveness of governance

in this field has taught us that the steps needed to develop a

and supervision’. Corporate culture: what exactly does it entail?

practical programme are not necessarily complicated, but they

In essence, these principles provide that a corporation’s executives

are of great value.

should foster common values that will contribute to long-term value creation. They are intended to define an internal code of

In our view, customer orientation should be the central focus

conduct, develop the right tone at the top, demonstrate best

of every corporate culture programme, whatever the company.

practices and hold others in the corporation to the same standards.

Value creation entails creating value for clients and customers.

Furthermore, corporations should work to embed these measures

A corporation’s common values and codes should guarantee

in corporate culture, and arrange for a whistleblower policy,

that it remains customer-centred. This basic premise will help

which they should publish on their website.

integrate the tone at the top and spread the desired culture throughout the corporation. When implemented successfully,

But what, you may be wondering, are these ‘common values’?

culture will form an important facet of your company’s

Basically there are two, according to the code: openness and

attractiveness as an employer to future recruits and, as a result,

approachability. The purpose of these two values is to facilitate

will determine the future success of your company.

opposition, stimulate dialogue and offer challenges.


Hill+Knowlton Strategies

It will be interesting to see how corporations shape and embed

Weerdestein 20

governance in order to meet the code’s new principles on culture.

+31 (0)20 404 4707

They cannot be taken lightly, as executives and non-executives


alike will be obligated to report on their corporate governance





LAW FIRMS TAP INTO FLEXIBLE PERSONNEL POOL Large as well as smaller law offices are discovering the benefits of the ‘flexible shell’, according to a survey of major law firms in the Netherlands, conducted by Advocatie Magazine. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek’s ‘Flexpool’ of 110 people contains both lawyers and other professionals, while Allen & Overy’s ‘Peerpoint’ currently consists of 20 flexible contractors. Even smaller firms like Rutgers & Posch have built up a database of flexi staffers, with 25-30 professionals to supplement their 35 permanent lawyers whenever necessary. Houthoff Buruma’s flexible workforce consists of an ‘ad hoc number’ of lawyers, while AKD uses an external agency to tap into a flexible pool of around 500 lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax specialists. NautaDutilh’s executive board chairman Erik Geerling reports sourcing from ‘a large network of senior independent contractors with reputable track records’.



Software developer ISDC has been taken over by British rival Endava,

DLA Piper has appointed Lamin Khadar as pro bono

that is seeking to expand its business in the end-to-end market for IT

associate for Continental Europa at its Amsterdam office.

projects; CMS and Stibbe advised on the legal aspects. Two large

‘This marks the first time in the Dutch law sector that a

natural sausage packaging suppliers, De Winter Natuurdarmen and the

lawyer is being appointed specifically to pursue European

Van Hessen group, have joined forces; the latter advised by Simmons

pro bono work full time’, the law firm said in a press release.

& Simmons. Credit insurance, surety and debt collection specialist

The Dutch native, Khadar, has several years’ experience

Atradius acquired a 55% share in Graydon Holding, a business data

as a pro bono legal consultant for European NGOs. He is

exchange company. A team from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

also a lecturer in Public Interest Law, as well as a member of

provided legal guidance. Lastly, Office Depot, a producer and supplier

various research projects in the field. Most recently he was

of office furniture and solutions, announced the sale of its European

director of the EU Public Interest Law Clinic, an initiative

activities to AURELIUS Group. Stibbe will advise in the sale.

of the New York University Law School and HEC Paris.



Zuidas firms? As a Zuidas firm, we were asked to contribute by

The second reason was a logistical one.

With each issue,

writing a column for the new legal section of this

Our client base is becoming increasingly

we’ll be giving a voice

magazine. Sure, no problem, we said. But, wait a

internationally varied, and therefore our firm

to someone in the legal

minute: Zuidas firm? Any time a journalist writes

moves along, with acquisitions in China,

profession. He or she

a piece about our office and sends us the text for

arbitrages in Southeast Asia, enforcement cases

will offer us a glimpse

review, the first thing we strike through is any

in the States, offices in Brussels, Frankfurt,

into their work as well

reference to us as a ‘Zuidas firm’. Sure, our firm is

London, New York, Shanghai and Singapore,

as their vision on a

located in Zuidas. And we love it here. But what

and a European Best Friends network to boot.

particular area of the

is a Zuidas firm, really? There are even law offices

It is a great convenience to be able to get

law, and on how it

around boasting on their websites that they’re not

from the office to the check-in desk at Schiphol

relates to Zuidas.

a Zuidas firm. Now, I’m not going to fall into the

within a quarter of an hour. For us, but also

trap of defining what a Zuidas firm is in this column

for our clients, who in other countries often

– lawyers would like nothing better, you know –

spend hours travelling from the airport to

but it’s an interesting question nonetheless.

appointments by taxi or public transport.

So why are we located in Zuidas? Back in 2009,

And then there is the diversity. I can see you

there were two main reasons. One was logistical,

smirk: Diversity? In Zuidas? The international

one cultural. Up until then, we had offices in

mix of people and cultures here is unique and

The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

matches well with the 24 different nationalities

Three different offices, three different cultures.

represented within our own firm. Those are

We wanted to change that, so in 2002 we closed

nationalities, cultures and customs that you

the offices in Rotterdam and in 2008 we did the

can learn a lot from, and that our clients

same with our office in The Hague. From the

appreciate greatly.

Geert Potjewijd is Managing Partner at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

moment we all moved into The Rock together, back in 2009, the different cultures realigned. As a whole we became more close-knit, more united, and interpersonal communication improved as well. Here at The Rock, we all experience a definite ‘De Brauw feeling’.

Geert wijd Potje 45.





Five far-reaching trends driving tomorrow’s healthy workplace By 2040 the workplace will look very different. The lines between home and work will have become blurred and people’s working lives will be characterized by an increase of autonomy and free choice. This workplace will be the product of influences that are already at play. CBRE has examined burgeoning workplace wellness trends and identifies five far-reaching demographic and social developments driving it. It also provides recommendations on how companies can respond.



People have a longer life-span and are able to work longer as a

For most people, stress is seen as a common ingredient of the

consequence. After the age of 50, we tend to put a higher value

working week. It is also a major cause of burnouts and depression.

on non-financial factors, such as flexible work, than on money and

One major contributor is the ‘always on- culture’ propelled by

titles. CBRE’s 2011 joint survey in cooperation with CoreNet Global

digital technologies. An increasing number of companies are

identified the workplace measures needed to accommodate an

taking further steps to combat the pressures of remaining

ageing workforce. It recommends that employers put programmes

connected, by advising employees and training managers

in place that offer greater flexibility towards supporting a range

on how to recognize stress and to take action to alleviate it.

of non-conventional working patterns.


Technology is making it easier for people to manage their health,

Worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980, and the

stronger. It’s quite possible that these tracking technologies will

factors workplace absenteeism and sickness presenteeism

one day be blended into the workplace. Progressive employers

alone represent as much as two per cent of GDP in both the

use the data they generate to create supportive and desirable

UK and US. The cost of doing nothing has become too big a

workplaces, increasing productivity and reducing sickness

burden for companies, creating a growing financial incentive

presenteeism. The challenge will be to persuade employees

to promote a healthy lifestyle, with schemes encouraging

to overcome their concerns about privacy and security and

exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

to show the benefits of adopting these technologies.


CBRE believes that healthy and happy people make up the

Developing a focus on wellness makes sense from a talent

foundation of an organization’s economic success, and that an

perspective. In a 2014 study with CoreNet Global, CBRE showed

optimal working environment contributes to the health and

that 80 per cent of all employees agree that a company’s

wellness of employees. In a unique scientific study linking business

wellness offering will be crucial in recruiting and retaining

with science, the University of Twente and VU Amsterdam

them over the next ten years. And, perhaps surprisingly,

combined forces to run an extensive experiment at CBRE’s

employees are looking for standard benefits, such as healthy

headquarters in Amsterdam, exploring the relationship between

food options. As such programmes become more common,

workplace health and wellness and the performance of employees.

for example by using apps that help us get fitter, faster and

expectations will rise. Smart employers are starting to think about wellness now, while expectations and delivery costs

For more information about this study and wellness in the workplace,

are still relatively low.

visit: www.cbre.nl.

Source CBRE



TopJobs Consultants

Specialists in support staff recruitment and selection

Annejet Remmelzwaal, Susan Verschuren & Anne Drost

With 43 years of experience, TopJobs is the leading name in support staff recruitment and selection. Since 2012 it has been part of the Angela Mortimer Group, and with a young new management team recently appointed, the recruitment office is geared up for the next phase of its growth ambitions.

STRONG TEAM As of September, the management of TopJobs

working closely with their sister offices in Brussels,

Consultants consists of Anne Drost, Annejet

Paris and London. ‘Apart from sharing knowledge’,

Remmelzwaal and Susan Verschuren. With extensive

Anne explains, ‘we can also tap into each other’s

knowledge and experience of this organization,

networks, which enables us to recruit and select

the three are ready to take the helm. ‘We’ve been

candidates across country borders.’

entrusted with this fantastic opportunity’, says Anne. ‘Together, we are a strong team,


ready to take TopJobs to the next level.’

TopJobs can furnish candidates for both temporary

‘A good match is about more than filling a vacancy’

and permanent positions, and offers various options within each category. Susan explains, ‘Temporary hires can go on our payroll, or companies can choose from a pool of highly qualified independent professionals who work on a freelance basis.


We assess what a company is looking for and

TopJobs is a trusted provider of executive support

then advise on the best option.’

staff, supplying personnel for positions, including


PA to the board, office manager, team assistant,



junior secretary, receptionist, marketing assistant

TopJobs is committed to customer care and

+31 (0)20-6690304

and HR officer. ‘We cater to the whole spectrum

takes the time to forge good relationships with its


of the market, from sole traders to big multi-

clients. According to Susan, ‘Making a good match


nationals in diverse sectors’, continues Annejet.

between a candidate and a company is about more

Since becoming part of the global Angela Mortimer

than filling a vacancy. We search for someone who

Group, TopJobs’ consultants have also been

is genuinely well matched to the organization.’

Text Christine Spanjaard | Photography Davien Hulsman


Putting quality first for more than 100 years, ‘t Vloerenhuis is the leading flooring specialist in Amsterdam and the metro region. ‘t Vloerenhuis is a recognized expert in fitting traditional parquet, as well as in parquet renovation and restoration. 't Vloerenhuis Parnassusweg 216 1076 AV Amsterdam

Contact +31 (0)20 662 65 21 info@vloerenhuis.nl


Erik Maitimo & Annelinda van Bijck van Eck

Frank Bakker & Tess de Jong

A lot to discuss about

Natasha Sangers en Kaley Vermijs

Mark Vermeulen & Elroy Kromheer

MEMBERS MEETING 19 September @ 900 Mahler • Topic: Living in Zuidas • A high-level lunch in an apartment that is still in its ‘shell’ phase • 13 inspiring table chairpersons • Population of Zuidas in 2016: approx. 2,000 • Total residential units planned: 15,000

Diana Uneputty, Bart Luijk, Arjen Buijserd & Florien van den Berg

Eva Hekkenberg & Louise de Hullu

Leonie Schumacher

Han van der Klauw & Judith Wintraecken

During lunch

Kirsten van den Hul & Rachel Imambaks

Laurens Visser & Onno Hoff

Mascha Langelaan & Eline van Mierlo

Kaylee Zournas, Megan Engels & Ewoud Tenhaeff

Photography Davien Hulsman

Thanks to à Deauville


CULINARY DELIGHTS DURING THE HOLIDAYS AT DE KERSENTUIN Celebrate Christmas and enjoy various menus during lunch and dinner. Finish your Christmas evening with a luxury overnight stay at our 5* hotel: Bilderberg Garden Hotel May we take your reservation? Contact Lucie Ludema on +31 (0)20 570 56 55 or via garden.banquet@bilderberg.nl for requests and reservations www.dekersentuin.nl Dijsselhofplantsoen 7 1077BJ Amsterdam

GENERAL COUNSEL NETHERLANDS General Counsel Netherlands is a fast growing professional knowledge network for General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers and other executive lawyers of companies and organizations in the Netherlands. Our Partners are professional executives who support our common goal - helping successful General Counsel to grow and operate efficiently. More info on how to become a Partner in 2017 and/or advertise in the General Counsel NL Magazine (publication December 2016) see www.generalcounsel.nl or info@generalcounsel.nl


Eberhard van der Laan:

‘Thanks to Adam Helpt, companies are enabled to find projects that really suit them’

Marco Vonck, coordinator Adam Helpt

Adam Helpt

Matching companies with volunteer projects Adam Helpt is an organization that connects companies to volunteer projects. Founded in 2015 as a partnership between voluntary organizations Serve the City, Burennetwerk and Present, Adam Helpt is a business network for companies that are committed to Amsterdam and its inhabitants. Hello Zuidas met up with its proud coordinator, Marco Vonck: ‘By gathering three organizations under this one umbrella, we’ll be able to draw on a huge amount of experience and a vast network in and around Amsterdam. Basically, our aim is to cooperate with companies in making Amsterdam into an even more beautiful place to be.



Voluntary work is a perfect way to get to know other people in a

Asked about his favourite experience, Marco tells us about the

friendly and informal setting, while lending a helping hand in the

time he and KLM CEO Pieter Elbers and Amsterdam Mayor

community at the same time. Marco: ‘It’s great to see everyone get

Eberhard van der Laan made pancakes for the city’s homeless.

involved, from ladies in smart business suits and heels to tattooed

‘There are some 1,000 homeless people in Amsterdam.

dudes in vests and old sneakers. Everybody doing the same thing

On Bilderdijkstraat there’s a walk-in centre where they can get

and just having fun together, all hierarchy momentarily forgotten.

something to eat and drink. One afternoon the three of us came

This way, you create a win-win situation, which is a wonderful

over to make pancakes for lunch. People were so appreciative,

thing to witness.’

and that’s what makes it so rewarding!’

VOLUNTEERING 2.0 Whereas other voluntary organizations present companies with

Want Adam Helpt to find the perfect project for your

a predefined activity, Adam Helpt offers companies the possibility

company, just like they did for Atradius, AkzoNobel,

to discuss options for target groups and activities with Marco

Deloitte and Philips? Get in touch with Marco Vonck.

beforehand. ‘We always start off by looking at what a company actually wants. One might want to get their hands dirty,

Adam Helpt

while another may be more interested in a social project.

Nieuwe Herengracht 18

Our invariable goal is to create a perfect match between

+31 (0)20 820 23 56

a company and a project. Working with three foundations


provides us with a wide scope in Amsterdam and enables us


to set up a whole range of activities for diverse target groups.’

Text Odette van der Veeken | Photography Davien Hulsman & Marijke Romkes


Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new members COMPANY 900 MAHLER SECTOR REAL ESTATE Link with Zuidas: 900 Mahler is a landmark in Zuidas; a residential tower with apartments to rent and buy, slated for completion in 2016. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas brings people and organizations together. In September, 900 Mahler had the pleasure of Hello Zuidas at the highest level: the tower’s penthouse.

COMPANY FINANCIAL OFFICES SECTOR BUSINESS CENTRE FOR COMPANIES WITH FINANCIAL ROOTS NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 3 Link with Zuidas: Financial Offices is the new name of the former Holland Financial Center. We are located on the 25th, 26th and 27th floors of the Symphony Office Building, which stands out as one of the most impressive locations in Zuidas. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We – Salóme Willemsen and Arnoud Hoogendoorn – became the new owners in early 2016, so that makes us new inhabitants of Zuidas. Hello Zuidas keeps us informed about the latest local developments and we thought it would be a good thing to become a member.

COMPANY XAVIER SECTOR REAL ESTATE Link with Zuidas: Xavier is a new residential tower on Gustav Maherlaan, opposite ABN AMRO, on which construction started in 2016. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas is a thriving initiative that has stepped up the level of connections and activities in Zuidas.

COMPANY SPINE HEALTH INCOMPANY SECTOR HEALTHCARE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 4 Link with Zuidas: Lots of neck and back pain and related problems originate from prolonged sitting – which, sadly, is all too common in office districts like Zuidas. Many people never seek help, although that may be partly due to lack of time. We offer immediate and proper care for symptoms of prolonged sitting and other neck and back problems, using innovative solutions. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Since we are located in Zuidas, our main target group is people who work for companies in and around this area. Becoming part of Hello Zuidas feels like a logical step.

COMPANY ST. NICOLAASLYCEUM SECTOR SECONDARY EDUCATION NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 90 Link with Zuidas: The Nicolaaslyceum was here before Zuidas was built and it serves as a gateway between the park and Zuidas. As such, it’s a beautiful symbol: education as the gateway to an international knowledge and business centre and a burgeoning residential neighbourhood. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We feel it is essential to instil knowledge and understanding of different cultures, standards and values in our students. By cooperating with our ‘neighbours’, our students may connect to international and Dutch companies, giving those organizations (idem) a chance to meet their future employees.





Hello Zuidas


A GILDED EVENING Thursday 8 September saw the fifth Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam’s exclusive P.C. Hooftstraat. At Gassan Boutique we were given the chance to admire stunning jewellery by Danish designer Ole Lynggaard, alongside a colourful collection of Choices by DL, and dazzling pearl pieces by Italian jeweller Utopia. Finger food and hip tunes helped to make the Vogue soiree complete. To mark the 85th anniversary of Reverso, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutique and Gassan treated everyone to fashionable cocktails. Dutch Vogue editor-in-chief Karin Swerink was among the guests at Gassan Boutique, where she gave an interview to LXRY TV. Visitors to Vogue Fashion’s Night Out could also pose as a GASSAN Magazine cover model. From among the entries, Maureen Powel was the delighted winner of a GASSAN 121 diamond. It was a truly brilliant evening at Gassan Boutique! Gassan Boutique P.C. Hooftstraat 84, 1071CB Amsterdam +31 (0)20 210 59 00 - boutique@gassanpc.nl


MEMO BOARD BABY NEWS Hurray! On 27 August 2016 Hello Zuidas’ own Editor-in-Chief Romy Lange and her partner Ruben Kaatee welcomed into the world their newborn daughter Valentine Kaatee. The family is doing well and enjoying this special time together. Baby Valentine has even experienced her first Zuidas event as a guest at the picnic in Beatrixpark. Congratulations!

GRACHTENFESTIVAL The 19th edition of Amsterdam’s Grachtenfestival was another musical hit, with ensembles also striking up in Zuidas. Fabulous concerts were hosted in unusual locations, such as the construction site of the future Summertime building. The Hello Zuidas members meeting at Loyens & Loeff was a great success as well! Did you get out to enjoy the musical performances?



The lucky winner in Season

National Sustainability Day on 10 October has seen the

Flowers’ ultra-hip hanging

launch of a new carpooling app called Toogethr, offering a

plant giveaway in Zuidas

simple and easy way in finding fellow commuters to travel

is Stella Agency. The prize,

with. Not only is it fun to use, it’s also very useful, for it will

which consists of Season

help cutting down on gridlock and freeing up parking space,

Flowers injecting their

so everyone will get from A to B faster.

office with some verdant colour, is sure to put some spring in their step this winter.

MARKET 33 Market 33 recently celebrated its grand opening in Zuidas. Market 33, that will bring a range of local food stands together under one roof, has a mission to surprise and delight its guests with healthy meals, great flavours and fresh ingredients.


E-mail your memo’s to hellozuidas@asega.nl

MEMBERS HELLO ZUIDAS NOVEMBER 2016 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact servicepoint@hellozuidas.com 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53.

900 Mahler (Syntrus Achmea) ABN AMRO Accendium Accenture Adaptics À Deauville AkzoNobel Alvarez & Marsal Benelux Amsterdam in Business Amsterdam RAI Amsterdamse Bos APG Arcadis Art Zuid ASEGA Legal ASEGA Media Asunaro Holland Interplan AVIS BackWERK Zuidas Bagels & Beans Baker & McKenzie Bambou Beheermij WTC Amsterdam Being Development Big Brothers Big Sisters A’dam Bilfinger Real Estate Blue Boat Company BOEKEL Bolenius Bouwens& Boyden Global Executive Search Breevast Broersma Nieuwbouw Bristol Global Mobility Europe Bushwick Caffè Belmondo CBRE B.V. citizenM Clubsportive Colliers International Consultants Corporate Housing Factory Cosmo Hairstyling Crowne Plaza A’dam South D&B The Facility Group De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek De Hypotheker Deloitte De Nieuwe Poort Distinctly Different Domeco Development B.V. Edelman Eden McCallum Eefje Voogd Makelaardij

54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105.

Eigen Haard Element Hotel ENGIE Euro CCP Euroinfra Expatcenter Amsterdam EY Fam. Advocaten Financial Offices Fortron B.V. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Fris Makelaars G&S Vastgoed Gentlemen’s Place Gerrit Rietveld Academie Global Housing Grand Café Mahler Greenberg Nielsen Green Business Club Greenwheels Gustavino B.V. GVB HAB Int. Accountants & Consultants Hago Nederland B.V. Handelsbanken HB Hairstylers Health & Therapy Centre Hestia Kinderopvang Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal Het Zwarte Fietsenplan Holiday Inn Amsterdam Houthoff Buruma INBO ING Rayon A’dam Zuid West Ingeborg Douwes Centrum JLL Kardan Kempen & Co Kenko Kitchen KinderRijk Dagopvang Koetjes en Kalfjes Legal Issues Lexence Liander Loyens & Loeff Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. Made in May Markit Market 33 MBO College Zuid Mech Make & Take Miles Building

106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158.

Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. Multicopy A’dam WTC Nationale Postcode Loterij NDI ICT Solutions Nederlandse Ver. van Banken Nedstede Real Estate NEWNRG NH Amsterdam Zuid Nicolaas Lyceum Nijkerk Holding NL Real Estate Novotel Amsterdam City NS NVD Beveiligingsgroep Oliver’s Openbare Bibliotheek ORAM Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. OVG Real Estate Partou Kinderopvang Pathé Phisage Beauty & Wellness Platform Beter Benutten Pit4Business PRISM Amsterdam Projectorganisatie Zuidasdok Property NL B.V. Provast Puramis Consultancy Qbic Hotels Q-Park Nederland Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid Ravel Residence Regus Restaurant Nine RGA International Reinsurance Rivers Rob Peetoom Ronald McDonald Huis VUmc RoyalCast RSM Erasmus University Russell Reynolds Associates Savills Amsterdam SCOR Global Life SE Season-Flowers Securitas SLFMD Tailoring SMC Fysiomed Spaces Speak Easy Spine Health Incompany Spirit Hosting & Promotions

159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205.

Stadsdeel Zuid Stage Entertainment Stella Agency & Academy Stibbe St. Olympisch Stadion A’dam Summertime Sushi Time Symphony’s Taalcentrum - VU Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer Taylor Wessing Tax Consultants International The Bank of New York Mellon The Basket The Change Agent The Harbour Club Café The Office Operators The TailorMates Thomaskerk Amsterdam TopJobs Consultants TREC Trigion Triple Ace Urban Salad Valid Express Vesteda VimpelCom Visser Communicatie Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam VU Medisch Centrum VU University Press Wagamama Webster University Wieringen Prins Wineboutique & Spirits Wintertaling Wonam Worldeye Amsterdam WTC Amsterdam WTC A’dam Business Club WTCafé De Blauwe Engel Xavier (Syntrus Achmea) Your Assistant Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam ZuidasTravel.nl Zuidschans Zwaan II

COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 - servicepoint@hellozuidas.com www.hellozuidas.com www.facebook.com/hellozuidas www.twitter.com/hellozuidas Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media & Communication: Gustav Mahlerplein 2 – 1082 MA – Amsterdam (Viñoly Tower, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 799 7413 | +31 (0) 13 545 3298 info@asega.nl - www.asega.nl

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