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Mark van Rijt

Managing director of Facility Management ABN AMRO

‘We want the new pavilion to be an inspirational meeting place’ SPORT SPECIAL


BUILDING ZUIDAS Know your neighbour! RUBEN VAN ZWIETEN Zuidas: high-trust or low-trust society? WEBSTER UNIVERSITY ‘It’s time companies recognize the dangers of cybercrime’

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Business is b(l)ooming in Zuidas Midway through April, the three eggs of the

We'll also be introducing a new section, titled

peregrine falcon atop the ABN AMRO tower

Building Zuidas, featuring all the latest construction

hatched. For weeks, everyone in our editorial

news and offering locals a forum to discuss a wide

team had one eye trained on the webcam so

range of topics. This time, we invited two Google

as not to miss out on any developments.

employees to explain what made them kick the

Our eyes were on the falcon, basking in the

habit of taking the car in favour of commuting to

sunshine. What a perfect way to kick off

Zuidas by train.

this spring! With this 25th issue, Hello Zuidas Magazine celeThe falcon is a marvellous symbol that testifies to

brates four fantastic years! Making this magazine is

ABN AMRO’s active commitment to sustainability

as exciting as ever, as Zuidas continues to expand

and a circular economy. Another initiative that

and evolve. With Zuidasdok on the way, a new

speaks to the bank’s vision is the Pavilion on

residential tower rising between ABN AMRO and

Gustav Mahlerplein, where work is quickly

the football pitches, and the expansion of the VU


progressing. Managing Director of Facility

campus, there are still plenty of changes in store.

The next issue of Hello

Management Mark van Rijt gives us the inside story in this issue’s cover interview.

Zuidas is scheduled for

Wishing you a wonderful spring, and happy reading!

the 27th of June.

Ever wonder how sustainability fits into the development of Zuidas? Curious about the myriad efforts being put into local energy, waste separation, mobility, water, green space, construction and the community? Since 2012, the Green Business Club, Hello Zuidas and the Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office have been reporting on annual sustainability developments, covering everything from small initiatives to large sustainable construction projects. Looking back over the past five years, clear trends are starting to emerge. Want to learn more? Pick up a copy of the 2015 Zuidas Sustainability Report from the Hello Zuidas/Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office in the WTC Amsterdam or the Green Business Club in Old School, or access the digital version on their websites. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


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28 With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.





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“The internal collaboration with startups we’re involved with is a wonderful initiative”

Mark van Rijt, managing director of Facility Management ABN AMRO


‘We want the new pavilion to be an inspirational meeting place’ - Mark van Rijt, managing director of Facility Management ABN AMRO ABN AMRO has great ambitions when it comes to sustainable real estate. Recently, energy-saving measures at its headquarters on Gustav Mahlerplein even earned the bank an extremely prestigious BREEAM Award for sustainability in London. What is more, the company is making one billion euros available to help its real estate clients finance their own energy transitions. At present, the bank is in the midst of the construction of a sustainable pavilion on Gustav Mahlerplein. Mark van Rijt, who joined ABN AMRO in 1996 and was appointed managing director of Facility Management a year and a half ago, sat down with us to explain plans for the new pavilion and the vision guiding the bank. You’ve been working at ABN AMRO for more

deal and meet lots of people. And the people I work with travel

than 20 years now. What first brought you here?

along with me, which creates a great dynamic. We have a shared

‘After obtaining my degree in engineering management, I decided

goal for facilities that we’re working towards, and the key to

to apply for a job at a place where I had absolutely no interest in

achieving it is making connections. I like to compare it to the

working. However, I’d be able to gain work experience and ulti-

old Electro matching game: I know where we want to take facility

mately make a strong pitch for a job that I did want at some other

management and I know the route that the bank has mapped out.

company. ABN AMRO was not where my ambitions lay, so it

So it’s all about getting those two things to stay connected.’

seemed like a good place to start. But when I began working here in 1996, I was instantly won over by the bank’s professional

Can you give an example of such a connection?

ethic. Everything was so well structured and organized that I

‘Late last year we opened the first energy-neutral branch of

changed my opinion almost immediately; I realized that there

our bank in the Netherlands, which is located in Alkmaar.

was a great deal I could learn here. Until 2013, I served in various

Naturally, that’s a wonderful accomplishment, but my first concern

posts, and so I got acquainted with almost every department

was, ‘What’s the added value for our clients?’ We built a

within the bank. After Eindhoven I did a stint at ABN AMRO in

business case and presented the report to clients who also have

Antwerp, where I was in charge of the diamonds and jewellery

money in real estate. We’ve released this report not under copy-

division. Antwerp is really the centre of the universe where

right, but under the right to copy. That’s because we want to show

diamonds are concerned, and I found it fascinating. I spent two

our clients precisely what we’ve chosen to do – and, perhaps even

years working there and loved every minute of it. Then this

more importantly– not do. This engenders collaboration between

facility manager job opened up. It struck me as an exciting

the commerce side on the one hand, and the facility division on

challenge to finally test my mettle at the head office.’

the other. And that’s precisely the link we’re after. This will enable us to accelerate the drive towards sustainability.’

And what do you think of working at the head office? ‘It’s terrific! The dynamic ambiance here really appeals to me.

Can you tell us something about the pavilion

There is such a wide variety of departments and people, all under

that ABN AMRO is building?

one roof. I love the mix of cultures and all the possibilities available

‘We’re expanding the head office with a pavilion right across from

here. We have an innovation centre within the bank, for example,

the main entrance on the square. It will be a large building,

and the internal collaboration with startups we’re involved with

both above and below ground. We want this new building to be

is a wonderful initiative. Working abroad or in one of the branch

an inspirational meeting place for our colleagues, clients and

offices, you only ever have a limited view of the bank, but here

people living and working in Zuidas. The ground floor will cater

at the head office you see it all come together.’

to informal meetings. On the roof we’re creating a rooftop garden and terrace that are open to the public, and in the basement

What does a typical working day look like for you?

we’ll have meeting and conference spaces for ABN AMRO

‘I opted out of a fixed office since I’ve got to be all over the building

itself. To bridge the gap between the pavilion and our existing

on any given day. Plus I commute between the head office and

premises, we’re creating a courtyard garden, where everyone is

our other locations in Amsterdam. I get to hear and see a great

welcome. Ideally, this new initiative will add another facet to the

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


The new ABN AMRO pavilion

bank’s identity. I think there’s still a bit of a mismatch between

transport or bike. We’re also noticing a surge in traffic and an

how the public view the bank and what ABN AMRO is really

increase of congestion on the roadways.’

about. Steps are still needed on a number of fronts, of course, but I think we can be proud of how far we’ve come, and should

Congestion will only get worse with the closure

let the world know it. Again, it’s like the Electro game for ways

of De Boelelaan, and of course Zuidasdok.

to connect with each other. Like in the game, the pavilion is the

‘True, but it might also be a blessing in disguise. If traffic gets

lamp that will signal connections are being made.’

so backed up that people can’t go home till after eight in the evening, they might start weighing other options. Cycling or

On 8 March ABN AMRO won a BREEAM Award,

taking the train will start to look a good deal more attractive.

an international award for the most sustainable

And that could help cut CO2 emissions.’

buildings throughout the world. Now the bank wants to dramatically cut CO2 emissions at its offices.

In March you had a peregrine falcon nesting on the

Can you tell us how this will be achieved?

roof. This is a bird that returns every year and even

‘We’re taking measures to make our buildings more sustainable

has its own webcam. It has been getting a lot of views

and are reviewing our mobility policies. Large shares of CO2

at our editorial office! What led the bank to set this

emissions derive from commuting, so that’s something the

up? Is it about PR, or sending some sort of message?

bank aims to reduce. We have done an e-bike pilot and are

‘It’s not a PR stunt, and there’s no special message either.

now designating parking spaces for bikes. At the reception,

In 2008 urban ecologist Martin Melchers asked us to install the

staff can get train tickets for the journey from this office to the

nest box because of the A-tower’s location, which was particularly

one on Foppingadreef. The percentage of our staff members

favourable for the peregrine falcon– frequently spotted in Zuidas –

who decide to travel by public transport is substantially higher

to build its nest. The first time a falcon nested successfully was

than the national average: that figure is 10-11% nationally,

in 2013. Its hatchlings, one of whom was called Frits (once saved

compared to 30% at ABN AMRO. That’s a sizeable difference.’

by employees after a fall), attracted a lot of attention, and the instalment of a livestream webcam made the falcons’ popularity

Have employees at ABN AMRO experienced

soar. As far as sustainability goes, it's obviously a great symbol

any difficulties getting into Zuidas by car,

for the bank.’

and parking here? ‘We lease quite a few parking spaces around Zuidas. But farther

Have you got anything else you’d like to share

away residential construction is encroaching on many of the

with readers of Hello Zuidas?

spaces we used to have and which are now being allotted to

‘I think we’ve got some wonderful initiatives here in Zuidas. It’s not

residents. Either people have to find a parking space that is

just the buildings, but also the way we interact with each other.

miles away from their office, or they have to pay through their

I hope that our pavilion will contribute to this development and

noses for one closer by. There’s certainly a financial imperative

that we can shape it into a distinctive meeting place that will

to get as many people as possible to commute by public

help to forge even more connections in Zuidas in the future.’














Construction works July and August










































1. ATRIUM It won’t have escaped anyone’s notice that the Atrium building on VAN NIJENRODEWEG



the corner of Strawinskylaan and Parnassusweg is currently being expanded. Two new towers are being built, including an underground

CONSTRUCTION AREA 1 DE BOELELAAN WEST (Intersection Van der Boechorststraat)



(From Beethovenstraat till Europaboulevard)

(via s108)

DE BOELELAAN the OOSTwork is being carried out Gustav car park. To minimize disruptions, usingMahlerlaan and VUmc

quieter building methods. The cycling path along Parnassusweg up to

DIVERSION 2 VUmc and Van der Boechorststraat (via s108)

DIVERSION 3 VU and Zuidas Ce (via s109)

Strawinskylaan will be closed until the end of December, but cyclists can still use the opposite side of Parnassusweg. Signs have been posted to indicate crossings. Work on the towers and underground car park is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

2. DE BOELELAAN EAST Construction works along De Boelelaan East got underway in March. Over the next two years, the section of the street from Beethovenstraat up to Europaboulevard will receive a complete overhaul, though all of the buildings will remain accessible. Traffic on the roads, however, will be significantly hampered during this period. As of September 2016, De Boelelaan East will be narrowed from four car lanes to two. Part of the traffic will be diverted.





Know your neighbour













With several major construction projects coming our way in the years ahead, it’s time to say ‘hello’ to our new neighbours: the builders of Zuidas! Alongside suits and buckled shoes, we’ll be seeing plenty of orange vests and helmets. But who exactly are all these guys (and gals) who will be sharing our turf over the next few years?


We asked some local professionals to describe how they imagine the lives of these site workers.














mute I’m away from home 12 hours a day, and on occasion,

I think builders put in really

if there’s still work left to be finished, we have to return

long, hard days, working in all

on Saturdays .

for lunch, but I expect they take a packed lunch from

For lunch we normally eat a packed sandwich or chips.

home. At weekends, builders wear basic denim or

Salads are a rarity, except maybe if you’re on a diet.

cords. And in their free time, I guess they play tennis or football, and go out to support their teams.


We start work at 7am, rain or shine. Because of my com-

kinds of weather. I often eat out



Lots of us do go to our football clubs during weekends, though it’s mostly to support our teams from the side-


lines. The building sector is ageing, so we’re not exactly





Access to Zuidas

A sewage pumping station was recently installed near The Edge, the office tower occupied by Deloitte. The next step will be to

spring chickens anymore. I think the business people will be disappointed about the number of beers we consume. Weekends, for me, are mostly a time to recharge, go to the football club and to the shops with my wife.

I can see the builders working from my desk. It looks like a

The ‘preconceptions’ are pretty spot on! I’m disappointed

Road access to Zuidas will be restricted temporarily

heavy job, with lots of hauling

though about the negative image that people in general tend

in connection with works on De Boelelaan (first West,

and hard labour. Lunch mostly consists of fast food like

to have of builders. That’s bound to change over the coming

lay a pipeline underneath the intersection of De Boelelaan and

then East). A number of diversions will direct traffic

chips or pizza; I never really see them eating salads.

years, however, as the ageing workforce creates shortages.

DETOUR CYCLISTS Van der Boechorststraat, AND PEDESTRIANS in order to connect this facility with

along alternative routes, but delays will be inevitable

Weekends are spent at the pub over a beer, or maybe

the sewer south of De Boelelaan. This project will be carried

at these locations and drivers are advised to plan

with family, but I think they mostly drink lots of beer.

out in July and August. The intersection will be closed to all car

accordingly. For information about diversions and news

traffic for two full months, and to trams for the duration of one

about the works, check the Amsterdam/Zuidas website:

week. Please check the GVB website ( for further For advice on traveling and

details and updates. The road will remain open to cyclists and

mobility, employers may also visit:

Because we often work in the same teams over long periods, there’s a real sense of solidarity. We’re a true family, and that makes the job enjoyable.

pedestrians. The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam building, VUmc


and other buildings will remain accessible as usual.

A builder’s working day, I believe, consists of getting up early and heading off to the site in your van, smoking a cigarette along the way, after which he’ll work hard, all day. Around four at the latest he’ll call it a day and grab a beer, and after a 40-hour working week it’s time for


the weekend. On Saturdays he may borrow the company van to earn some extra cash from doing odd jobs. A builder is a real family man, but he also makes time for his football club on Sundays.

Text Odette van der Veeken

Text Mandy Govers | Photography Lotte de Graaf & Jalisa Oudenaarde

Leen van Antoog




Got a minute? In and around Zuidas are a myriad of towers, both historical

Google’s Olivier and Danielle are leaving their cars to cool their wheels

and new, that define the Amsterdam skyline. The public rarely get a chance to admire the view from these skyscrapers, but on Saturday 19 March, the fourth edition of the Open Tower Day Amsterdam, a handful opened their doors to

Olivier van Arkel and Danielle Koens

the public. Hello Zuidas was on the scene to report on the view from the five participating towers in Zuidas.

Danielle Koens and Olivier van Arkel were fed up with the traffic jams, the endless hunts for a parking space and the long journeys. Both work at Google in the Vinoly Tower and both, as it happens, live in The Hague. ‘It’s actually typically Dutch to persist in taking the car to work’, says Danielle. ‘We stick out like a sore thumb compared to


international cities like London, New York and Shanghai.’

We meet Rikke and Toine with their sons Toon (31/2) and Claas (71/2) on the roof of Ravel Residence. Rikke: ‘Toine rents


an office at Spaces. When the kids visit him there, they’re always

For a long time, driving was Danielle’s commuting option of

could look into ways of encouraging employees to opt

fascinated by the orange basketball pitch on the roof of

choice for the journey between her home in The Hague and

for some other means of transport apart from the car.

Ravel Residence. They’ve asked repeatedly to play basketball

Amsterdam. Until she finally had enough: ‘I noticed that the

What’s the easiest way for people to get from A to B?

there, and we promised to take them as soon as the complex

motorways were getting massively busier. I tried avoiding rush

And have they got company cars or bikes that people

was finished – never realizing that the building would only be

hours for a while, but between 4pm and 7pm it’s basically

can use to get to appointments? Google gives us a mobility

accessible to residents and their guests! When I heard that

impossible to get out. At a certain point my working days

allowance. What you do with it is up to you! Now we can

Ravel Residence took part in the Open Tower Day, I leapt at

got shorter and I had to change something, so I decided to

simply claim the expenses whenever we take an electric

the chance to finally take the boys to the basketball pitch.

switch to traveling by train.’ ‘There were definite withdrawal

car to get to a meeting, for instance. And, provided there

At long last, they can enjoy shooting some hoops here.

symptoms those first few days’, Olivier admits. ‘The train

is a good connection, lots of Google staff are now opting

It’s also great for them to get to see Toine’s office from

took some getting used to! After a while though I was

for public transport to commute to and from work.’

a totally different perspective.’

completely converted, and now I love being able to commute this way. I can get a head start on reading and answering my emails, so it’s time spent productively –

One of the aims of the Zuidasdok project is to


and that, to me, is a big bonus.’

maximize public transport access to Zuidas and the

Paul (31) and Nena (28) live in Utrecht and made a special trip

northern Randstad area. Amsterdam Zuid station

to Amsterdam to attend the Open Tower Day. Nena: ‘We thought


will be upgraded to serve as a future-proof public

it would be fun to explore the inside of the towers for a change.

As both Olivier and Danielle have noted, there’s no financial

transport hub for train, tram, bus and metro services.

Normally, you only see them when driving past.’ Paul: ‘I studied

advantage to trading in your car for the train, and that’s a

Zuidasdok feeds into the continued development

urban planning and work at a municipal project office, so I find

definite drawback. ‘We both pay around € 350 each month

of Zuidas as a prime residential, working and

all of the urban development taking place here really fascinating.

to take the train, which doesn’t make it more attractive than

recreational location. For further information,

Plus, the international character makes this area unique;

commuting by car’, explains Danielle. ‘There’s definitely


Utrecht hasn’t got that particular vibe. The whole ambiance here

some room for improvement’, Olivier concurs. ‘Employers

Text Romy Lange | Photography Davien Hulsman

is totally different, and it’s fun to get a taste of it here today.’


For more info or questions, send an email to


ABN AMRO Eline and son Marnix (12). Eline: ‘We live in Amsterdam, so we often see these buildings from different vantage points in the city. We’ve been planning to go to Zuidas together and take a look for a while now, because Marnix can’t get enough of skyscrapers. Now that the towers are also open, this the perfect occasion to visit.’ Marnix is particularly impressed by the spectacular view: ‘The view from the ABN AMRO tower is awesome!’

CROWNE PLAZA Erik (39): ‘I live in the Eurocenter building in Zuidas, and can see the towers from my balcony. When I heard that five buildings around Zuidas would be opening their doors on the occasion of the Open Tower Day, I was definitely curious. This was my chance to get a reverse perspective and take some pictures of my own flat from these buildings. The views never cease to impress me. I always celebrate New Year’s Eve on the roof of Eurocenter, so I get to see all the fireworks in full, but this view is just slightly different. It’s a great event!’

MOTEL ONE Suzanne (24) came to the Open Tower Day out of professional interest: ‘I work in construction, so that’s one of the reasons I’m here. But I also love the opportunity to get a look behind the scenes in places where you wouldn’t normally go, like the Motel One. I live nearby and regularly cycle past these buildings, so naturally my curiosity was piqued. The view from these buildings is wonderful. The city is relatively small, and from here you can see how it all fits together. You can identify all sorts of things and structures, which is pretty cool. And of course, everything looks different from up high.’

Text Odette van der Veeken | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Property SOURCE: PROPERTYNL.COM Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features property news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

ING Real Estate finances Atrium redevelopment

Minister seals Zuidasdok construction

Zuidas - ING Real Estate Finance has issued a five-year

Schultz van Haegen has signed the Zuidasdok route plan,

loan to Icon Real Estate for the refinancing of the Atrium

which encompasses the widening of the A10 south motor-

office building in Zuidas. One of the first office blocks in

way and the expansion and modernization of Amsterdam

Zuidas, the Atrium complex is to be redeveloped in two

Zuid Station. The vast construction project will commence

phases, spanning renovation of the existing building as

in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district in 2017 and take at least

well as new construction. Renovation of the existing

ten years. A sum of € 1.9 billion has been budgeted for

34,000 m started in July 2014 and will be finished in

the works. The motorway will be extended to a total of

the second quarter of 2016. Work on two new towers

eight lanes for through traffic and four lanes for local

started in April 2016, with the nine-storey North Tower

traffic. At Amsterdam Zuid the motorway will be rerouted

scheduled to offer 8,000 m2 in floor space, and the

underground, giving the station room to grow as a major

South Tower offering 14,000 m .

public transport hub.




Zuidas - Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment

Two international BREEAM Awards for The Edge Zuidas - The Edge has been named the winner of the international BREEAM Award in the New Offices category by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). In addition to this award, the developer OVG Real Estate and PLP Architecture were presented with a Your BREEAM Award. According to BREEAM standards, the 40,000 m2 tower in Zuidas is the most sustainable office building in the world. never before used in an office building were key factors in

Gershwin Brothers breaks ground

the judges’ decision. Other nominated buildings were

Zuidas - Work has begun

Noda (Paris), Torsplan (Stockholm), Greendale (Moscow)

on the Gershwin Brothers

and White Collar Factory (London).Â

project in Zuidas, set to

Its integration of smart technologies and of innovations

furnish 159 rental apartments spread across two separate

Find an office in Zuidas online

residential blocks with

Zuidas - Zuidasoffices has launched an e-platform that

shared underground parking.

enables office seekers to find suitable space in Zuidas.

Named after the brothers

The platform provides information on location, buildings,

George and Ira Gershwin,

tenants, accessibility and facilities, with an overview of the

the project's development is

spaces available in all of the buildings. Users can search for,

a joint initiative of Maarsen

compare and book office spaces. Furthermore, the website

Groep and Beheer Brouwers-

provides train schedules and routes, and offers information

hoff and feeds into their

about tailors, restaurants, hotels and more, alongside a local

ambitions to transform Zuidas

guided tour service. See:

into a bustling urban centre.

Photography Ingrid Arnou



Zuidas: high-trust or low-trust society? How would you rate Zuidas: are we a high-trust or a low-trust

Zuidas, with its fierce buildings, is a place characterized by

society? Ever since the recent attacks at Brussels airport,

hard steel. On the one hand, it flashes with a certain beauty –

we've all grown more fearful of public spaces. Days afterwards,

a sense of ambition and dynamic urbanity – but on the other

you could clearly sense that fearfulness at Amsterdam Zuid

hand, it embodies something of the hard forces in the perception

Station. Sometimes the line between trust and fear is very fine

of many people. Fortunately, the gentle waves of greenery

indeed. But what are the ingredients that instil trust, or spark fear?

rippling across spaces like Gustav Mahlerplein are a vast improvement. And yet, Zuidas still exudes the hard forces of

Roughly speaking, there are two types of forces at work in the

commercial aggression. Notwithstanding all its useful and

arena of trust and fear: hard forces and soft forces. The hard forces,

necessary facets, an environment like this all too easily breeds a

consisting of Kalashnikovs, bombs and explosive belts, are beaten

low-trust society. Whereas what's needed now, more than ever,

back with fighter jets, drones and counter-terrorism units.

is for trust to prevail over fear. Zuidas must not go the way of places

That's what you may call low-trust reality. The soft forces, made up

like Singapore, whose CEO-styled prime minister famously said,

of dialogue, discussion, fraternity, rapprochement and good faith

'poetry is a luxury we cannot afford'. It's a terrible shame that in

in a fresh start, by contrast, seem very remote. High-trust reality

the zoning plan for this district the local authorities adamantly

has assumed the appearance, in fact, of a far-off utopia.

refuse to include a designation for social, cultural and communityrelated activities that could buttress its soft forces. Because now,

The battle between hard and soft forces equals the eternal

more than ever – and especially in Zuidas – we are choosing

struggle between hate and love, enmity and friendship,

trust over fear. With green spaces, interaction and inspiration

alienation and connectedness, prose and poetry, commercial

we are softly nudging Zuidas from a low-trust towards a

aggression and human compassion.

high-trust society.

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.

Ruben van Zwieten


The road to a sustainable and bustling VU Campus Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has a clear vision and strong set of ambitions in the field of sustainability. To achieve them, the VU grounds are undergoing a complete overhaul to create a new, green campus. The project has three strategic aims, one of which is to increase activity and enhance the quality of life on the university campus, where nearly 30,000 people come daily to work and study. This will encompass the development of a sustainable VU campus, contributing to sustainable area development, improving the natural environment and fostering a blend of residential facilities and urban amenities. So how will these plans take shape over the years ahead? Hello Zuidas talked to Franc van Nunen, director campus development, and Willem Verduyn, real estate manager at VU Corporate Real Estate and Facilities (FCO), who is also the newly appointed board member of the Green Business Club Zuidas.


We couldn’t be happier, but it also made us realize that we had

Years ago, VU’s main building was located in the very heart of

to think about transitioning from what used to be a relatively

Amsterdam. But as the student body got bigger and space got

closed and largely independent campus to one that’s far more

tighter, the university traded the city centre for a new campus on

integrated with the area and everything that is happening here.

De Boelelaan in the 1960s. ‘Up until around 2005, many people

We want to make ourselves more visible to the outside world

felt that the university was located on the fringes of the city’,

and increase our accessibility, both now and in the future.

Franc says. ‘But given the pace of city development since then,

Lots of people simply pass by the campus, but everyone is

we now find ourselves back in the thick of the urban structure.

welcome to use our facilities or grab a coffee here.’


Franc van Nunen & Willem Verduyn

A SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS One step on the way to creating a sustainable campus for research and education was the foundation of the Green Office in October of last year. This is a sustainability platform run by and for students and staff who are committed to a greener, more eco-friendly university. ‘It has already given rise to a


number of fantastic sustainable projects’, says Willem.

Apart from creating a sustainable campus, VU Amsterdam

‘For instance, take Join The Pipe, an initiative to install drinking

is also keen to contribute to sustainable area development,

fountains all around the campus, where students can get

as attested by its recent signing of the Sustainability Ambition

drinking water and which has led to a drop in purchases of

Statement of the Zuidas Green Business Club.

bottled water. Other examples are the creation of a rooftop garden and a recently unveiled charging point on the campus square, where people can charge their electronic devices using solar energy.’

‘We feel we’re an integral part of Zuidas.’

‘Lots of people simply pass by, but everyone is welcome to use our facilities.’ ‘We’re one of 25 organizations to have signed the statement, underscoring our commitment to sustainability efforts

Water and energy are two key components of the plans for

not only on campus, but also across the entire Zuidas district’,

greening the VU campus. VU Amsterdam and VU Medical Center

explains Willem. ‘We feel that we’re an integral part of Zuidas

have also jointly signed a water storage and management

and therefore also believe it’s important to be an active local

agreement with Waternet. ‘This stems from our deep-seated

player. It’s wonderful to be a part of the whole community here.

awareness that as a major occupant in an area undergoing

Apart from the social dimensions, our main concerns are

massive development, we have a serious responsibility to bear’,

mobility and the green quality of the area. Thousands and

explains Franc. ‘Besides, we’re also renewing our energy master

thousands of visitors come here every day, so it’s crucial that

plan, which involves upgrading the capacity of the existing power

transport to and from the area is structured as sustainably as

station to guarantee a reliable, affordable, sustainable and

possible. And we are also working actively on water storage.

environmentally friendly on-campus energy supply for the

One concern is to prevent flooding during heavy downpours.

next 15 years.’

These are responsibilities that we all share here in Zuidas.’

Text Romy Lange & Odette van der Veeken



Emile Govaert, Real Estate Manager WTC Amsterdam

Zuidas mobility test: the speed e-bike! The next few years will see the launch of a number of large-scale infrastructure projects, starting with works on De Boelelaan, followed by the construction of Zuidasdok. These projects can’t help but affect car traffic into Zuidas, which will make alternative transport options increasingly attractive. In the months to come, we’ll be zooming in on those alternatives in this section – starting, in this issue, with the speed e-bike. Emile Govaert lives and works in Zuidas. He test-cycled a Stomer ST1 speed e-bike to get to work and other appointments in and around Amsterdam.


How do you get to work?

So what is the verdict?

‘I live and work here in Zuidas and walk back and

‘I loved it! The bike goes amazingly fast; you whizz

forth every day. To cover longer distances I normally

by everybody you pass in the city. If you put a bit

use a scooter, but this week I took the speed

of muscle into it you’ll soon be doing 40 kilome-

e-bike instead. So far I’ve made a lot of trips into

tres an hour, and I think it could go even faster.

the city centre.’

You’ll make your appointments in no time.’


SPEED E-BIKE TEST Speed e-bikes, also known as speed pedelecs, are electric bikes with pedal assistance. A strong motor (400-800 watt) enables them to achieve speeds of up to around 45 kph, and a fully charged battery is sufficient for distances of up to 40 km. This makes speed e-bikes perfect vehicles for commuting and a great alternative to taking the car when traveling moderate distances. In a test conducted by the Dutch Automobile Association (ANWB), What are the pros and cons?

using a Stromer ST2 to get from Utrecht to Putten,

‘I can’t really think of any cons, but you do have to be

the bike even beat the train by ten minutes!

more alert to some things. Since riding a scooter, I’m used to certain traffic situations. This bike goes

The distance you can cover on a speed e-bike

at around the same speed, and you’ve got to take

depends on the brand, battery capacity and

extra care when turning corners. Plenty of people

pedal-assist level. Speed e-bikes currently come

are racing like mad in Amsterdam, so no one will

under moped legislation, but from 1 January 2017

give you a second glance when you speed by.

will officially fall under motorbike law.

Those are things to consider. Also, this bike is

For more information, visit the website of the

tempting for would-be thieves. As long as you

ANWB ( or the Dutch Cyclist’s

can park it in a bike shed, though, that’s not an

Union (

issue. A big plus is that this bike is ideal for commuting. Even though it comes with a hefty price tag, it’s good value for money. Leasing is

Seeking e-bike testers!

also an option, though companies may also be

For our next issue, we’re looking for you!

willing to consider covering part of the cost for

Do you usually take the car to work or do you

employees who want to buy one.’

have a long bike commute? Want to try out an e-bike for a week? Then join the Hello

The bicycle used for this one-week test was supplied

Zuidas e-bike test! Interested? Contact us

by QicQ Amsterdam. For more information, visit

via or send an email to

Text Angela Nijland | Photography Davien Hulsman






GELDERLANDPLEIN new, improved & better than ever! Here in Zuidas we have witnessed the recent and dramatic

additional parking spaces along with 90 minutes’ free parking

metamorphosis of Gelderlandplein. The plaza’s familiar

make Gelderlandplein accessible to everyone. Where else do

selection of shops has been augmented with the luxury of top

you find that these days?

brands, the welcoming ambiance of cosy cafés and terraces, and a wealth of new culinary and cultural treats. Art and music set the tone for the shopping centre’s modern vibe. According to Lesley Bamberger, director of Kroonenberg Groep (owner of the renewed Gelderlandplein), today’s shoppers are looking for an immersive experience that appeals to all the senses. ‘Consumers want “more and better” and that’s

‘Consumers want “more and better” and that’s precisely what the brand-new Gelderlandplein offers’

precisely what the brand-new Gelderlandplein has to offer, with a selection that’s supremely suited for Zuidas.’


Fancy making a beeline from your desk to Gelderlandplein?

A 7,000 m2 expansion allows room for a unique retail range,

Hop on a Gelderlandplein number 461 bus and enjoy your

featuring a special mix of local and international shops.

free ride! The Gelderlandplein bus runs Monday to Friday from

New additions are Mango, IKKS, Marqt, Sissy Boy, Bever,

7:45am to 7:30pm, Saturdays from 10:45am to 6:30pm and

Costes and McGregor, which include flagship stores. There’s also

Sundays from 11:45am to 5:15pm. For details, download the

plenty to tempt shoppers’ taste buds, with new eateries like

Gelderlandplein bus app.

Le Pain Quotidien, Takumi Burger & Lobster, Tanuki, Saigon and Grizzl. All alongside old standards like the prize-winning menswear shop Rick Moorman and the spacious Albert Heijn XL.

Gelderlandplein Van Leijenberghlaan 43


1082 GC Amsterdam

With at least four million visitors annually, the number of people

attracted to Gelderlandplein is growing every day. About 200


Finance SOURCE: HET FINANCIEELE DAGBLAD Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

Conspicuous wage gap between CEO and CFO


Zuidas - The two-man team found at the helm of a

ABN AMRO invests €1B in sustainable real estate

growing number of enterprises turns out to be anything

Zuidas - ABN AMRO is making € 1 billion available to its

but equal when it comes to remuneration. At the major

commercial real estate clients so as to enable them to green

listed companies, the base salary of the CEO averages

their property portfolios, so the bank announced in late

one and a half times that of the CFOs. The differences

March. As part of this initiative, ABN AMRO has developed

become even more striking when variable remuneration is

an application that provides property owners with a picture

added, since chief executives normally enjoy a higher

of energy-saving options, as well as their potential CO2-

percentage of bonus pay and performance shares.

reductions and cost recovery periods. By extending funds,

At Heineken, Philips and Wolters Kluwer, a CEO whose

the bank hopes to lower the threshold to energy-saving

performance is up to par can earn twice as much as his or

measures, which have proved to be cost-effective and may

her financial right hand, while at Vopak and Aalberts

boost individual properties’ energy classifications by at

Industries the gap is narrower by 1.3 times as much.

least two increments.

Post-bankruptcy job prospects diverge widely Zuidas - According to a study conducted by Statistics

Schiphol building new terminal and pier for 14M passengers

Netherlands, almost half of the people who find themselves

Zuidas - Schiphol Group shareholders have greenlit the

out of work when their employer goes bankrupt have a hard

construction of a new pier and a terminal at Schiphol,

time finding new employment. Among employees who had

required to allow further growth in the airport’s capacity.

a permanent contract until their company was declared

The Dutch government, the municipalities of Amsterdam

insolvent in 2013, just over half had found a new position

and Rotterdam and Aéroports de Paris have inked an

by 1 January 2014, or else after an average of six months

agreement for the development of a terminal that

after their compulsory redundancy. Those who have been

will open in 2023 and is expected to welcome some 14

less fortunate in re-entering the workforce face stark

million travellers annually. Last year a record-setting

odds. On 1 July 2015, after an average of two years,

58.2 million people travelled via Schiphol, and the

those who had returned to work had inched up only

airport expects a further 60 million travelers this year,

slightly, to approximately two-thirds of the total number.

according to President and CEO Jos Nijhuis. This year marks the airport’s 100th anniversary.

‘Peg City bonuses to performance on gender targets’ Zuidas - A British government-commissioned report compiled under the direction of Virgin Money CEO Jayne-Anna Gadhia is calling for a portion of the bonuses paid to banking and financial sector executives in the United Kingdom to be pegged to the number of women employed in senior-level positions. Though it imposes no legal imperative, the report’s conclusions have already been endorsed by Britain’s four biggest banks: HSBC, Barclays, RBS and Lloyds.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


De Nieuwe Poort Unique inspirational oasis in Zuidas Poetry-inscribed walls, a golden calf, a piano, a guitar softly strumming in the background... Welcome to De Nieuwe Poort: a meeting place for interaction and inspiration in Zuidas. Meet with clients, friends or colleagues at the bar or restaurant, or drop by anytime for a spot of coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hello Zuidas talked with Carmen Snijders, hostess and location manager at De Nieuwe Poort, and Antoinette Beijen, head of communication and programming, to get an inside view of this one-of-a-kind initiative now entering its third year in Zuidas.


who are at a disadvantage on the job market, for example

‘Zuidas is a place where people work incredibly hard and

refugees, ex-offenders, workforce re-entrants and people with

are passionate about what they do’, explains Antoinette.

physical or mental disabilities. And we also offer positions for

‘Yet, these days it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

school pupils and trainees, such as our restaurant traineeship

And that’s a shame. Staying inspired and connected with

under former Michelin-star chef Marcel Johannes.’

others is vital to your work life. Great things can come out of those interactions.’ That’s the idea underpinning De Nieuwe


Poort in Zuidas, where everyone is invited to come and enjoy

‘In addition to the bar and restaurant, we offer a varied programme

the friendly ambiance and experience special encounters.

of inspiring activities, which are aimed at broadening and

‘Our activities bring all layers of society together.’

enriching peoples’ perspectives, with a definite social imperative’, Antoinette adds. ‘We want to bring all layers of society together. Our lectures, for instance, address dilemmas facing society. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live; whether you’re interested in a particular topic or have an opinion


and want to exchange views and discuss a theme with other

‘De Nieuwe Poort is a sociable place’, says Carmen, ‘and that’s

people – this is the place to be. We also organize social events

being reflected in the people who work here. We hire people

like the Big Ideas Dinner (Grote Mensen Ontmoetingsdiner) that


Antoinette Beijen, head of communication and programming & Carmen Snijders, hostess and location manager at De Nieuwe Poort

brings together refugees, ex-inmates, kids, students, locals and professionals of all ages. Another great example is the street foot-

Pop-up Remembrance Day monument on 4 May

ball tournament for vocational secondary school pupils and Zuidas

On 4 May, a pop-up Remembrance Day monument will be

professionals, or our Valentine’s Day get-together for seniors.’

erected on the steps opposite De Nieuwe Poort. From 11am to 11pm people can leave flowers and pay their respects

‘It’s worth emphasizing that we organize all of these activities

to Dutch war victims. At 8pm there will be two minutes of

ourselves’, says Carmen. ‘De Nieuwe Poort has become a success

silence at the monument, followed by a short Remembrance

thanks to the energy that lots of people have invested, but we

speech by Bettine Siertsema. Everyone is welcome to attend

have to work very hard for every penny. In fact, we’re looking

the ceremony and to enjoy drinks and snacks catered by

forward to opening another location at the Groothandelsgebouw

Marcel Johannes at De Nieuwe Poort.

in Rotterdam. The opening will take place on 13 May. On occasion of the opening Mr. Aboutaleb will elaborate on his pamphlet

De Nieuwe Poort

Droom & Daad (Dream & Dead), after which he will participate

Claude Debussylaan 2

in a discussion with Yvonne Zonderop and Ruben van Zwieten.’

Viñoly Zuidas 1082 MD Amsterdam

In other words, De Nieuwe Poort is a culturally and socially

+31 (0)20 337 69 19 |

engaged hotspot welcoming everyone. With an excellent

restaurant, an inspirational programme of events, and opportunities for a better future, it’s a genuine oasis in Zuidas.

Text Romy Lange & Odette van der Veeken | Photography Davien Hulsman


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam


EVERY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY DRINKS & DINNER @ BAUT ZUIDAS from 5pm Want to kick off the weekend in style? Every Thursday and Friday from 5pm, BAUT bar & bistro is your go-to hotspot with DJs, friendly faces and always a few special drinks on the menu. Featuring DJs Mike van Duuren, Sven Prinsen and plenty more.

@ COMPANY WEBCAST Ever thought of putting yourself in front of the camera and finding out what a professional webinar studio might do for your organization? Then take a free peak inside the world of webinars by partaking in our studio experience! During a one-hour session, we’ll create an Internet TV broadcast and show you everything a professional webinar studio has to offer. Register at:

9 MAY AND 13 JUNE 2016 PUB QUIZ & BBQ @ THE BASKET Eight spine-chilling rounds! Featuring music clips, pictures and questions to which you know you know the answer... if only you could remember! It’s the place to be on the VU campus. And to get your team spirit sizzling, come early for the pre-quiz BBQ. Register your team (5 max.) now and show your stuff! Phone us on 020-205 0966, or send an email to:

EVERY SUNDAY YOGA AND BREAKFAST ON THE GOAT FARM @ AMSTERDAMSE BOS Come to the Ridammerhoeve goat farm every Sunday to do yoga at 9am, followed by a delicious organic, farm-fresh breakfast. While the world around you is awakening and the morning dew is still clinging to the meadows of the Amsterdamse Bos, you renew your sense of peace and serenity through yoga. Afterwards, a fresh and tasty organic breakfast will keep you feeling relaxed and vigorous. yoga_op__zondagmorgen




@ OLYMPIC STADIUM Following a spectacular edition at the NDSM wharf, the culinary festival Amsterdam Kookt! is now coming to Amsterdam Zuid! From 5 through 8 May, the square around the Olympic Stadium will be transformed into a bustling open-air restaurant. And on Liberation Day, we'll celebrate with a special musical bonanza of live acts!

@ AMSTERDAM RAI Attracting over 2,000 visitors and more than 100 organizations annually, the BCF Career Event has been Europe’s largest and leading career fair for graduates in the fields of life sciences, chemistry, food and pharma for over ten years. The BCF Career Event is the ideal spot for job-seekers and students planning a first or next career step.

MAY - JUNE 2016 Next magazine will be published @ 27th of June. Send your agenda to before 23th of May.

10, 11 & 12 MAY AND 17, 18 & 19 JUNE 2016 BACCHUS WINE FESTIVAL @ AMSTERDAMSE BOS The Netherlands have outdoor festivals down to an art, and the Bacchus wine festival upholds the tradition with an event dedicated to fine wines and fabulous food. Collaboration with the best wine merchants from Amsterdam and surroundings puts more than 250 wines in the spotlights, set against the backdrop of the Amsterdamse Bos. For info, see:

SUNDAY 15 MAY & 17 JUNE 2016 PURE MARKET @ AMSTERDAMSE BOS Come and enjoy delicious artisan food and other unique products at the Pure Market on Sunday 15 May and 17 June. A variety of producers will be offering their wares outside the Amsterdamse Bos shop. These are the first editions to be held in the Amsterdamse Bos.

WEDNESDAY 18 MAY 2016 WTC BUSINESS CLUB EVENT @ AMSTELPARK TENNIS CLUB, AMSTERDAMSE BOS On 18 May, club members are invited to sign up for an expert tennis coaching session with the Netherlands’ former number one doubles player Jacco Eltingh. This event will be followed by networking and drinks. Players of all levels are welcome, but please note that places are limited. Members only!

WEDNESDAY 11 MAY 2016 SPEED DATING FOR AGES 25-38 @ FITCH & SHUI Feel like a fun evening out, and a date with 15-20 other singles? Try speed dating with Fitch & Shui! Over the course of the evening you’ll meet a new person every four minutes. After each speed date you may indicate your interest on the dating card with a simple yes or no. At the end of the evening we’ll collect your dating card and within 24 hours you’ll receive a matching email containing the email addresses of singles with whom you made a connection! Sign up at:

16-31 MAY 2016 MOUNT ZUIDAS ART PROJECT @ WTC Artist Silvan Laan’s temporary art project Mount Zuidas presents the city as an alpine habitat. By combining cutting-edge GPS tracking and virtual reality technologies, he gives everybody a chance to don the feathers of a peregrine falcon and soar high above Amsterdam. Experience this virtual falcon flight in the lobby of Tower H at the WTC, Zuidplein 142. For details or to book a virtual flight, visit:

WEDNESDAY 25 MAY 2016 NETWORKING & DRINKS @ TRIPLE ACE WTC AMSTERDAM Asiancliq is hosting an evening of networking and drinks at Triple Ace in the WTC Amsterdam. Triple Ace is the premier professional meeting place in Amsterdam’s financial centre. There’s no better place in Zuidas to expand your business network! The event will be held at Fitch & Shui, where guests may enjoy genuine Italian coffee and organic antipasti.


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam



PIGALLE44 @ WTC AMSTERDAM CENTRAL HALL On 26 May, the swinging sounds of Pigalle44 will ring in the summer months in the WTC Amsterdam’s Central Hall. This well-known gypsy swing band, made up of two vintage guitars and a bass, will be joined by special guest Gert Wantenaar on button accordeon, giving a French twist to a gypsy jazz programme of musettes and chansons.

@ CLUBSPORTIVE Kickstart your workday! Start your morning with a high-intensity interval training in our HIIT BOX and feel fit all day long. A HIIT workout is short and intense: in only 30 minutes you'll get a full-body workout, including a warm-up and cool-down. Join us for a free trial lesson on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 7:30-8:00am.

THURSDAY 2 JUNE 2016 LIVE MUSIC @ MANHATTAN LOUNGE-BAR Experience the spirit of a cocktail bar with LIVE music to heighten the atmosphere. Ask our bartender to prepare you one of our signature cocktails and enjoy them with our famous Manhattan Burger or with other specialities. A great occasion to meet up with friends or colleagues! More info:

MONDAY 30 MAY 2016 ACCESS EUROPE PUBLIC MEETING @ DE NIEUWE POORT On 1 January of this year the Netherlands took over the EU Presidency from Luxembourg for the duration of the first half of 2016. De Nieuwe Poort is taking this opportunity to collaborate with ACCESS EUROPE on a series of four public events, to discuss topics that will be of interest to both the science sector and the Zuidas business community. The fourth meeting will take place on Monday 30 May. The topic: ‘Ask not what Europe can do for you but what YOU can do for Europe'. Admission is free of charge, but please register in advance:




& ASEGA MEDIA CRUISE @ STRANDZUID PIER 5:00-6:30pm On 1 June, ASEGA Media & Communication and the Hello Zuidas foundation will be organizing a Spring Cruise for invited guests. This special excursion will offer our guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the Amsterdam Zuid business network. To take part, please send an email to, before 20 May. Departure from the pier at Strandzuid (Europaplein 22, between Amsterdam RAI and Beatrixpark).

@ AMSTELPARK Every year, tens of thousands of funloving foodies come to Amsterdam’s Amstelpark for a serving of inspiration, good times and of course the latest and greatest in delectable dishes and drinks. Naturally, the crème de la crème of Amsterdam’s culinary scene will be turning out for this event, where you can once more look forward to exciting signature dishes, test your skills under the expert guidance of star chefs, and enjoy infectious beats by the best DJs, while sipping the coolest drinks.

MAY - JUNE 2016 Next magazine will be published @ 27th of June. Send your agenda to before 23th of May.


SATURDAY 4 JUNE 2016 THE FLYING DUTCH FESTIVAL AMSTERDAM @ OLYMPIC STADIUM The Flying Dutch bring the greatest Dutch DJs to their fans! This second edition of The Flying Dutch presents ten of the best Dutch DJs at a single festival spanning Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. The ten DJs will be flown from city to city between 12 noon and 11pm on Saturday 4 June to perform one-hour shows in each of the three cities.

GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN 12:00-01:00pm Around lunchtime, the Suits & Stilettos Run, the warm-up for the Zuidas Run, brings professionals from nearly all the major offices in Zuidas away from their desks to strut their athletic stuff in their smartest attire: men in suits, ladies in heels. SUNDAY 12 JUNE 2016 ZUIDAS RUN

7-9 JUNE 2016 PROVADA @ AMSTERDAM RAI PROVADA is the leading annual event for the property sector. This 2016 edition will once more be hosted at the Amsterdam RAI. On 7-9 June, developers, investors, consultants, financiers, housing associations, end users and municipal authorities will come together in a professional setting to share their plans, ideas and visions. With more than 300 exhibitors and over 22,000 visitors, PROVADA is one of the largest property events in all of Europe. For tickets, visit:

FRIDAY 24 JUNE 2016 ZUIDAS CULINAIR ZOMERFEEST @ ZUIDPLEIN This year’s Cuisine & Concert festival will once more be bringing a wide array of food stands to Zuidplein. All are welcome from 5pm. Wicked Jazz Sounds will get the event off to a sizzling start on the Zuidas stage, followed by various DJs. De Blauwe Engel will keep the party going into wee hours with artists including Ruby van Urk, Lange Frans and DJ Theo.

GERSHWINPLEIN Themed Battle of the Professions, this year’s Zuidas Run will see bankers, consultants and lawyers vie for the race title. For this 2016 edition, everyone is invited to ‘join the battle and fight for your profession!’ In previous years, consultants and bankers carried the day. Which profession will be first to cross the finish line this year? Most companies in Zuidas are represented in the race, with employees normally running as a team to raise money for a charitable cause. But you don’t have to work in Zuidas to take part! Everyone is invited to enter the 4 and 10-mile runs. There are also Kids Runs for children aged 6 and under (1.5 lap) and ages 7-11 (2.5 lap). Runners can also sign up with colleagues, business associates, friends or family for the 5 x 2-mile team relay race. To register, visit:


KPN & NDI: support for all ICT needs RenĂŠ Schenk, Director of business partner organization at KPN and Chris van Hattum, Director of NDI ICT Solutions

You'll find NDI ICT Solutions right at the top of the escalators from the main entrance, occupying a spacious first-floor office in the WTC. Following a merger with telecom provider Partners in Telecom a little over three years ago, NDI now offers customers top level service thanks to the combined expertise of two companies. At the time of the merger, Partners in Telecom had been in partnership with KPN for almost 15 years. This alliance has been successfully extended under the flag of NDI. Hello Zuidas talked to Chris van Hattum, Directer of NDI ICT Solutions, and RenĂŠ Schenk, Director of business partner organization at KPN.


PERSONAL SERVICE According to René, partnering with NDI was seen

want, plays a key part in this process. It’s about

as a logical step for KPN. ‘We know that our

providing clarity on their needs and ensuring you're

customers really appreciate being able to go to

always true to your agreements. On every occasion,

a physical location so they can explain their

our customers have to leave with the feeling they’ve

needs and get advice from someone in person.

gotten solid advice and made the right choice.

And people appreciate friendly service and having

This has enabled us to keep customer satisfaction

their problems resolved on the spot. That’s precisely

extremely high and to build up enduring relationships

what NDI in Zuidas offers.’ ‘We’re close to our

between suppliers, consultants and customers.

customers, both literally and figuratively’, says Chris.

The fact that we’ve been partners for more than

‘In many cases, we’re basically an extension of the

15 years is now testimonial to the reliability of

organization in terms of the services we provide.

their advice to customers.’

We take over all or at least part of ICT operations, which makes it important to be in direct communi-


cation. Unless you’re a copy shop, these days it’s

‘One of the main reasons organizations go in search

a rare thing to be able to simply drop by for advice

of a supplier is support’, Chris explains, ‘so they

or to go over something together, especially in a

don’t have to deal with all the fuss and bother.

business setting.’

Customers want problems fixed quickly and

‘Customers want problems fixed quickly and without wasting time’

without wasting time. Naturally, they want to use their time efficiently, doing what they’re good at – their core business. NDI knows the whole market and strives to find the best possible solution for each customer. When it comes to customer support, every organization is different. But whether they're big or small, we take stock


of their needs so we can tailor our services as

René adds, ‘At KPN, our goal is to be able to

precisely as possible. We know that reliability,

NDI ICT Solutions

continue serving our customers for as long as they’ll

availability and personal service are paramount in

Strawinskylaan 203

let us. That means their confidence in our services

today’s market, and that’s exactly what NDI offers.’

088 088 43 00

and products has to be high. Giving our customers clear and comprehensible advice so they can ulti-

Want to find out more? Drop by any time to find out

mately make an informed decision about what they

what NDI can do for you!

Text Odette van der Veeken | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde





+31 (0) 20 333 7888


Hadassa Voet & Rob Voet

Indra Rooijens & Nanette Kraaijkamp

Mir Haring & Louis Haring

Rashna Kadier & Natasja Zak

MEET & GREET FOR ZUIDAS RESIDENTS 11 April @ De Nieuwe Poort • Everyone living in the residential towers in Zuidas was invited • Around 50 residents attended • This was the first meet & greet event held • There are plans to hold the event twice a year • In 2030, some 15,000 people will be living in Zuidas • Residents were welcomed by Amsterdam-Zuid board committee chair Sebastiaan Capel Natascha Reijers, Sammy Ilahi & Maikel Mulder

Eline Hoogendijk & Map de Maar

Jurgen de Ridder & Thijs van Ofwegen

Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde

Jeanette Driessen & Janneke den Ouden

Karim el Mortadi, John Andringa, Frank van Baardwijk & Nana Kereselidze

Marleen Munniksma & Elodie Luinge

Jolijn Remmelink & Erik Landman

Mohammed Ajouaij

Peter Vroom, Suzanne Klomp & Claudine van Munster

Cisca Griffioenn & Jeanette Bloem


‘It’s high time companies start to recognize the dangers of cybercrime’

Thomas Johnson, programme leader Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is a fairly new phenomenon, and well on the way to becoming a huge problem. In the Netherlands as well as all over the world, industry and government have to be constantly on their guard against attacks by Internet criminals. Now is the time for organizations to arm themselves against this trend and to step up the security level of their systems. In August, Webster University will be offering a Master’s programme in Cybersecurity. We talked to Thomas Johnson, the programme leader.

CYBERCRIME Dr. Johnson explains, ‘It’s high time companies and public

how cybercriminals operate. This means we can also simulate

agencies start to recognize the dangers of cybercrime and the

cyber-attacks so that our students are fully equipped to protect

huge consequences it may entail. One attack is all it takes:

their current and future employers from Internet crime.’

all of your company and customer data could suddenly become public knowledge. Companies need to get up to speed on this


issue so they can effectively block cyber-attacks. That’s why


Webster University developed this Cybersecurity degree pro-

• Associate Vice President and Chief of Strategic Initiatives

gramme. I’m delighted to say that, from August, the programme

• Member of the Board of Directors of the SANS

will be offered in the Netherlands as well.

Technology Institute • Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors


of the California Sciences Institute

It is a very flexible programme. There are multiple enrolment dates throughout the year and the courses can either be taken


offline at Webster’s Leiden campus and its Amsterdam location

• A member of the Electronic Crime Task Force,

in the WTC, or online. That makes it easy to fit around a full-

US Secret Service

time job. Another option is to follow the MS programme in

• A member of the FBI Infraguard programme

St. Louis in the USA. A background in IT is not required.

• Adviser to the Judicial Council of California on the

‘This programme is also relevant for managers’, Dr. Johnson

Court Technology Task Force

says. ‘Anyone heading a team needs to know what is happening on this front.’


Webster University Amsterdam

Webster University has a reputation for academic excellence.

Strawinskylaan 57

The degree in Cybercrime meets those same high standards.

Tower D, Level 2

‘We work exclusively with extremely experienced people. All of

+31 (0)20 379 56 97

our lecturers have professional experience and know exactly

Text Odette van der Veeken | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde



Sustainability News 40.

SUSTAINABILITY 2015 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT The fourth annual Zuidas Sustainability Report was presented in AkzoNobel’s new building on 13 April. Compiled by Hello Zuidas, the Green Business Club Zuidas and the Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office, the 2015 Sustainability Report provides an overview of sustainable developments in Zuidas over the past year, with sections on Energy, Buildings, Water & Greenery, Community, Public Space, Mobility and Waste. With more businesses than ever submitting sustainable initiatives this year, there's no argument that Zuidas is serious about sustainability. If you would like to receive a copy of the report, send an email to:

RISE AND SHINE AT THE CEO BREAKFAST On 5 April approximately 25 CEOs sat down together for the third edition of the Green Business Club Zuidas CEO breakfast at ABN AMRO. Among the topics up for discussion were the provisional results of the 2015-2020 Sustainability Ambition Statement, which was signed at last year’s CEO breakfast. Alderman Pieter Litjens offered his vision on Smart Cities and the role that the Zuidas business community could play. Manon van Beek, CEO of Accenture Nederland, gave her personal slant on sustainable energy in Zuidas, and described her ambitions for long-term energy projects that will yield significant energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions. To conclude the meeting Irene Flotman, COO of CBRE, gave a presentation on the Happy Fences project. Happy Fences are green site barriers that purify the air, while adding some verdant appeal to construction sites. CBRE is sponsoring this project. Each year, GBC Zuidas sets up the CEO breakfast to get local top executives involved in sustainable projects throughout Zuidas.

MAKING SUSTAINABLE IMPACT WITH THE GREEN BUSINESS CHALLENGE From 24 September 2016, ambitious young professionals will once again be invited to take on the Green Business Challenge – that is, to set up a concrete sustainable project in Zuidas within the space of five months. Participants will receive guidance from professional coaches and may call on the knowledge and expertise of companies in Zuidas, while expanding their own networks in the process. Joining as a knowledge partner this year is Circle Economy, an organization that helps employers to implement circularity in their operations. Past projects to have come out of the Green Business Challenge include Plastic Challenge, Meatless Monday and ImpROOF, all of which have made a lasting impact in Zuidas. Members of the GBC Zuidas receive a discount on participation. For details, visit

Would you like to make Zuidas more sustainable? Find out how at Send your news on sustainability to

Text Maartje Oome


TerrAs at Beatrixpark. A new terrace for lunch & drinks, or sundowners at the waterside.

Sunset Zuidas Special at the Zaanse Golf Club! Work in Zuidas? Enjoy a special Sunset Zuidas rate at the Zaanse Golf Club during the summer months (May through September), with three 18-hole games for a green fee of just € 65 per person. Come play a round after work with colleagues, clients, friends or on your own, a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Zuidas! The special rate applies from 4pm. To avoid disappointment, consult our tee closures before your arrival on We look forward to seeing you at the Zaanse Golf Club!

Zuiderweg 68, Wijdewormer | +31 (0)299 438 199

More info:

The #1 Zuidas translation agency legal • financial • scientific • culture • real estate • business | 020 – 598 64 20 |


Mobility Survey: How do you travel to Zuidas? One of the hallmarks of Zuidas is that we always strive to ensure

Zuidas accessible now and in the future. Please complete our

good access by car, public transportation and bike, even in the

mobility survey (Mobiliteitsonderzoek 2015/2016) online at

midst of all the area development. And there is plenty of that, or scan the QR-code below to be

happening in Zuidas! In addition to offices, lots of housing and

automatically redirected.

facilities are being built, including schools, child daycare and shops, which are part of the fabric of any urban neighbourhood. Public transport is also set to get a boost when the North-South

For further information, send an email to Trajan,

metro line opens shortly. With interest in – and traffic to –

the research agency, at or

Zuidas expected to increase, we feel it’s important to monitor

to Hello Zuidas at

accessibility and your satisfaction with access to Zuidas. Organizations joined in the Taskforce Bereikbaarheid Zuidas. How do you travel to Zuidas? By bike, car or public transport? What are your reasons for choosing this mode of transportation?

ABN AMRO, VU, VUmc, RAI, Accenture, Houthoff Buruma, Akzo Nobel, Deloitte, OVG Real Estate,

Every year, the Taskforce Bereikbaarheid Zuidas conducts an

CBRE/WTC, ORAM, municipality of Amsterdam,

online survey to learn about the commuting habits of employers

Zuidasdok project team.

and employees in Zuidas. Your input is vital to help us keep

Text Angela Nijland



Zuidas Architecture Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering architecture. As it matures into an international quarter of Amsterdam, buildings are shooting up right and left. Amidst all these modern skyscrapers, it can be difficult to imagine that only 20 years ago this stretch of land connecting the residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenveldert consisted mostly of tennis courts and football pitches. In the previous issue, Hello Zuidas inaugurated a series about the architecture of Zuidas. In this one, we take a closer look at the Vivaldi I & Vivaldi II buildings.


Centre, Spaces Zuidas offers business and net-


working opportunities as well as creative inspiration.

Spaces offers the right office space to suit the needs


of all professionals in a dynamic environment.


Located in Amsterdam’s financial district, Spaces


Zuidas has excellent transport links from the RAI

Twitter leases an office from Spaces Zuidas,

train station and is easy to reach by car. Next door

from which the Twitter team sells ad space to

to the RAI theatre and Convention and Exhibitions

Dutch organizations. The company is keen to tap


VIVALDI I & VIVALDI II Address: Barbara Strozzilaan 101 Client: ING Real Estate Investment Management Main user: Spaces Architect: Architecten van Mourik Completed: 1994 Height: Vivaldi I: 37m - Vivaldi II: 46m Floors: Vivaldi I: 8 - Vivaldi II: 12  Floor area: approx. 16,954 m2 Main user and tenants: Spaces, which leases offices to PayPal, Twitter, Dropbox, HBO, Parship and many others. Number of people working in the building: 1,500 Number of electric charging points in the car park: 6

into this country’s ‘mature market’. According to

Activities at its Amsterdam office are focused

the latest figures, more than three million Dutch

mainly on the Benelux market. Over 400 million

people are active on Twitter.

people around the globe already share files through Dropbox, and in the Netherlands almost half of all


Internet users have Dropbox installed. The storage

PayPal is an online payment system originally set up

service also has more than 150,000 paying business

to facilitate payments between personal digital

customers worldwide.

assistants. These days, PayPal is an intermediary  for online and mobile payments between people,


online vendors and webshops. Payments can be

• These icons of the 1990s got a much-needed facelift in 2008,

effected by bank transfer, credit card or from a

after Ernst & Young moved out.

personal PayPal account. Cash can also be trans-

• Architecten van Mourik enhanced the towers’ lease-appeal by creating

ferred to private bank accounts.

transparency in the entrances and by streamlining the interiors. • Spaces has leased offices in the buildings since 2010.


• Spaces Zuidas renters party harder than Student Experience residents:

Dropbox opened an office in Amsterdam in

last summer, students even contacted Spaces to complain about

February. This is the storage provider’s fourth

the ruckus outside!

location, after London, Dublin and Paris.

Text Romy Lange | Photography Piet Grouls


Refocus and get your mobility moving Want to cut costs, reduce your CO2 footprint or solve parking woes? The key to success lies in adapting employee travel habits. Syndesmo helps you get your mobility moving.

030 - 2523929



Christiaan Huijg, director of WTC Amsterdam

Cycle from Heerhugowaard to Zuidas

Christiaan Huijg, director of WTC Amsterdam, has resolved to cycle from his home in Heerhugowaard to his job in Zuidas once a week. His first two-wheeled commute was on 6 April. We wanted to find out what motivated his decision. What made you decide to start cycling to Zuidas?

but it doubles as a workout. Compared to public transport,

Last year I gave myself a racing bike for my birthday. Since then,

the difference isn’t even all that big. That takes around an hour

I’ve been cycling comparable distances. A good friend and

and 45 minutes on average, one way.

workout buddy of mine cycles to Amsterdam Sloterdijk every week. That planted the idea to try cycling to the WTC Amsterdam sometime. Besides that, I’m also a member of the Taskforce Bereikbaarheid Zuidas and Green Business Club, which have

“It takes me two hours altogether because we’ve got to take the ferry”

established that Zuidas will be significantly less accessible to motorists in the years ahead due to the construction of

Would you recommend it to other people?

ZuidasDok from 2018 and various road works before that.

Definitely. It’s been better than I expected. I was a bit concerned

The Task Force is working to curb car traffic. To do my bit,

about the cycle home, with your legs still tired from the morning,

I decided to cycle in to work on a regular basis.

but that hasn’t been a problem. If I lived closer to Zuidas (and didn’t have to take the ferry), I’d cycle in a lot more.

How long does it take you?

Especially when the weather is fine, it’s a terrific combination

The ride is an hour and a half, depending on the weather.

of commuting and cardio.

It takes me two hours altogether because we’ve got to take the ferry. That’s around twice the time it takes by car, so it’s long,

Text Angela Nijland | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde

* Tip: Christiaan used the ‘Fietsplanner’ app to plan his route.




FITNESS FACTS & TRENDS 2016 • 53% of Dutch people play sports or work out on a weekly basis • 70% of Dutch people play sports or work out on a monthly basis • 31% of Dutch people are members

PERSONAL TRAINERS In 2016 a huge number of people turn to personal trainers who are fully certified and know precisely what’s what. And who, more importantly, can motivate you to go the extra mile and won’t stand for lame excuses!

of a sports club • Dutch men spend more time on fitness


activities than women: men spend an average

This year, yoga is as popular as ever. Through a combination of specific

of 1.7 hours a week; women 1.1 hours.

exercises, it restores balance to both body and mind. Yoga is about

• The number of people who made a resolution to devote more time to fitness activities in

staying fit and optimizing your breathing, with controlled exertion followed by total relaxation.

2016 rose to 13%, compared to 2015 – from 37% to 50%.

HIIT HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a workout that alternates

The top 5 most popular ways to get in shape

brief intervals of all-out exertion with brief intervals of rest. It improves

in 2016 are:

fitness, boosts metabolism and burns fat, all in a minimum of time – a

• 43% working out

HIIT session usually lasts only 15-20 minutes.

• 26% running/jogging • 22% hiking/walking


• 17% swimming (water polo not included)

We spend a large share of our days at work, so a well-organized and

• 15% cycling/bicycle touring

ergonomically sound workspace is vital. Growing awareness about the

(incl. mountain biking and hand cycling)

importance of employee health is also having an overall positive effect on productivity.



BATTLE OF THE PROFESSIONS @ ZUIDAS RUN Theme of this year’s Zuidas Run is the Battle of the Professions, in which professionals from different sectors will vie against each other for the title. For this 2016 edition, everyone is invited to ‘join the battle and fight for your profession!’ Which profession will be the first to cross the finish line this year? Below, we take a look at what various companies are doing to prepare themselves for the run...

ACCENTURE TRAINEE TEAM The first thing we did after deciding to sign up for the run, was to draw up a training schedule. We exercise three times a week, doing one distance run and two shorter loops. We use a group app to encourage and motivate each other and keep everyone up to date. It’s been good fun joining up to train for an event and to have a shared goal, and it’s certainly a good form of team building. We’re very excited to see how we’ll do and whether maybe on this occasion the trainees will lead the pack in Zuidas!

BOEKEL TEAM Boekel has always been an athletic firm. We’ve got company hockey and football teams, set up table tennis tournaments and have an annual bowling battle at KNIJN. Apart from that, we also regularly take part in a variety of running events like the Berlin half marathon and the Dam tot Damloop. So naturally we’re signing up for the Battle of the Professions, too. Our motto is ‘to each their own’ – everybody runs in whatever group best suits their pace. Right before


the race we’ll hold a practice run in the Amsterdamse Bos,

Team spirit and excellence are two of our core values, and

and afterwards we sit down to have beer and "bitterballen"

they are also reflected in our athletic endeavours. We train

together. It’s great to see how this run fosters interaction

together and encourage each other to strive for an out-

among all the different departments and between lawyers

standing result. But the most important thing is to have fun

and non-lawyers. Work hard, sport hard!

together. To gear up for the run, we’ve scheduled several training sessions to ensure our team is in top shape by the time we get to the starting line. Sports play an important role in our company. Aside from the Zuidas Run, we also take bootcamp classes together and participate in the Zuidas hockey and football matches. Playing sports together is enjoyable and it helps to build mutual trust. Plus, it boosts and extends one's ability to focus, alongside a positive mind-set at times when things aren’t going your way!

Text Odette van der Veeken


‘This is an easy-going club where everyone is welcome to join’

Mark Metgod, Maria Busscher & Piet Nieuwenhuizen

Beat your colleagues with a Zuidas hole in one! What could be a more pleasant way to recharge after a busy

at present and would love to add a Zuidas membership’,

working day than relaxing in the outdoors within easy distance

Maria Busscher, Manager Sales & Events explains. ‘Business clinics,

of Zuidas? A mere 20 minutes’ ride puts you on the green of

barbecues, practise lessons with colleagues – you name it,

the Zaanse Golf Club. Haven’t got a golf license yet? Now is

we can do it. We can even host your meeting here!’

the perfect time to team up with friends or colleagues and get qualified. ‘Golf is a fantastic sport to boost your fitness,


maintain your muscle tone and socialize with your friends and

Want to get acquainted with this friendly golf club? Drop by any

colleagues at the same time’, says Club golf pro Mark Metgod.

time! Exclusively for people who work in Zuidas, the Zaanse Golf Club will be offering a special Sunset Zuidas rate that gets


you three 18-hole games for € 65 from 4pm until sunset. ‘I’d be

At the Zaanse Golf Club, you can play golf till the sun goes down.

delighted to tee off with golfers from Zuidas, individual players

No need to hurry through the course! ‘This is an easy-going

as well as groups’, says Club golf pro Mark Metgod. ‘We also

club where everyone is welcome to join’, says long-time Zaanse

have a special Zuidas evening in the works, but I’m not at liberty

golfer Piet Nieuwenhuizen. ‘We’ve got around 500 members

to give away the details yet!’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde




Get re-energized @ Clubsportive Clubsportive offers you a way to escape from stressful situations

to our corporate fitness program. Numerous studies have shown

at work and reload your energy. We are a club with a large play-

that corporate fitness leads to healthier staff. Corporate Fitness

ground of functional- and group training. From strength training

from Clubsportive offers attractive membership discounts for

and body sculpting to functional training and core conditioning,

companies who need these healthy employees. Interested?

you’ll move better and feel stronger. Our classes bring innovative

Feel free to contact us at 020-6617808 or visit our website.

fusion workouts.

Be welcome, pay a visit and get a free day pass. We would love to meet you.

Do you want to work in an energetic team, with increased productivity during your workday and higher stress resistance? A happy workplace also needs energized employees! So bring your colleagues to enjoy a sport session together.

Clubsportive - Zuidas Gustav Mahlerlaan 16

Get your early morning workout or group session with us. Our doors

1082 LS Amsterdam

open, at workdays, at 7 a.m. Besides fun, it will increase interaction

+31 (0)20 661 7808

and communication between you and your colleagues. Make sure

your colleagues won’t have an excuse and connect your company



family has a story, welcome to ours’

Chefs & C o.

is a catering shop on

S cheldeplein

that serves up the most delicious dishes in

Z uidas. O rder

from a changing daily menu

prepared using fresh, seasonal products .

Working G ive

late or craving a good meal?

us a ring on

+31 (0)20-233 9100 or surf to w w w.chefs -

Chefs & Co. | Scheldeplein 20 |


Business travels

Reward programmes


Business trips

Working visits


Team building

Kickoff sessions Study tours

Group travels

OnYvaTous! Your partner for business events in the inspiring French Riviera, a mere 2-hour flight from Amsterdam. Make your event phenomenal with sunny weather and beaches that guarantee an effective and extraordinary business trip. Visit | |

travel_onyva |

travel_onyvatous |

onyva tous

We als o provid e catering ser vices to off ice s for lunch and parties !


Frank Folkers & Wijkje Stegen

Maarten Koning, Joris Kurk & Kasper Spaan

Piet Schalkwijk & Christiaan Huijg

PRESENTATION OF THE ZUIDAS SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 13 April @ AkzoNobel • The Zuidas Sustainability Report is published by Amsterdam’s Zuidas District Office, Zuidas Green Business Club and Hello Zuidas each year • The report outlines sustainable activities and initiatives that have taken place in Zuidas • The presentation of the report was attended by more than 200 people • The report is available on the Hello Zuidas website

Sander Bon & Kasper Hesp

Rene Wentink & Jacobs Verduijn

Bob Oostelbos, Barbara Budding, Cintha van Heeswijck & Frank Steijn

Merel Laroy & Eline Kik

Patrick Brinkhof & Marcel Reith

Reina van Grondelle, Bas Boeker & Elian Ineke

Anouk Bokslag & Eva vd Meij

Koos Weits, Erik Maitimo & Daan Hoogenboom

Marjolijn Krul & Wendeline Besier

Willem Verheijen, Guido Frenken & Olivier Otten

Photography Wouter van Ierssel

Franziska Schaadt & Mark Zuyderwijk


Hello Zuidas welcomes COMPANY ASEGA LEGAL SECTOR CONSULTANCY NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 6 Link with Zuidas: ASEGA Legal helps law firms stand out in the areas of new business, client management, content and strategy. Zuidas is the perfect location to serve our clients in the Amsterdam area, in addition to our Rotterdam and Tilburg offices. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Our Amsterdam office is located on Gustav Mahlerplein, at the heart of Zuidas. We want to be an integral part of the community and stay up to date with what is happening.

COMPANY ELEMENT HOTEL AMSTERDAM SECTOR HOTEL/RESTAURANT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 35 Link with Zuidas: Most of our patrons are local and spend a lot of time at venues in Zuidas when they’re not in the office. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Because the foundation is a great initiative and the magazine is a fun, informative publication for our guests and a good way to reach potential new guests in Zuidas.

COMPANY BACKWERK ZUIDAS SECTOR SANDWICH BAR NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 10-15 Link with Zuidas: Our shop on Claude Debussylaan is in the heart of bustling Zuidas. Every day, we serve a large and growing number of local residents and employees our delicious fresh sandwiches, savoury and sweet snacks, wraps and salads. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Our sandwich bar puts us directly in touch with everyone living and working here in Zuidas. We believe that working together makes everyone stronger, and that is why we want to be a part of Hello Zuidas.

COMPANY BRISTOL GLOBAL MOBILITY EUROPE BV SECTOR EMPLOYEE MOBILITY / RELOCATION AND ASSIGNMENT MANAGEMENT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES AMSTERDAM: 2 - GLOBAL: 100 Link with Zuidas: Bristol Global Mobility’s choice voor ‘de Zuidas’ was easy ; it’s convenience, international workforce, gateway to Europe, and excellent public transport and airport connections. The Zuidas atmosphere and stimulating environment suits Bristol GM like a glove. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We fully support the pillars of Hello Zuidas: Public space, mobility, community and sustainability. Besides that it’s a great networking opportunity for us to connect with both suppliers and potential clients. Bristol GM can offer added value with their services for international companies and individuals.

COMPANY TAX CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL B.V. SECTOR BUSINESS SERVICES NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 12 Link with Zuidas: Many of the clients we advise on international taxation, mergers and acquisitions, payroll and expat matters are based here in Zuidas. To better cater for these clients, TAXci opened a location in the WTC Amsterdam. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: TAXci is an organization with a social conscience and an interest in what is happening around us. Hello Zuidas keeps us up to date on developments in Zuidas.





Hello Zuidas

the following new members COMPANY SAVILLS SECTOR REAL ESTATE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 80 Link with Zuidas: Savills is a global real estate services provider with 700 offices and 30,000 employees across more than 60 countries. Savills Nederland is based in Zuidas, with an office on the top floor of the Viñoly building. Zuidas is a prime international location, and we are proud to be working and offering our services here. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: In Zuidas, Savills is active in letting, tenant representation, investments, property management, valuation and project management. We are our client’s eyes and ears in this sector. Because of that, it is also crucial to be thoroughly familiar with the area, the buildings, and the people behind them. Active membership of a community like Hello Zuidas is very valuable in that respect.

COMPANY WORLDEYE HOSPITAL GROUP SECTOR HEALTHCARE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 25 Link with Zuidas: With 23 clinics, we are the largest eye hospital group in the world. Zuidas offers a perfect starting position for us, as the most international location in the Netherlands. It's just brimming with energy, innovation and talent. First-class eye care for all fits right in. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas connects people. That revolves around building up trust, familiarity and experiences. Hello Zuidas is a great way for us to integrate as a new arrival here and introduce ourselves to others. We’re looking forward to our first event!

COMPANY BOUWINVEST (INVESTOR IN RIVERS AND SUMMERTIME) SECTOR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 140 Link with Zuidas: We are an investor in Zuidas. At present we are investing in the Rivers and Summertime residential complexes and are the largest investor in the neighbouring stadium district. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As an investor in Zuidas, we are keen to make Zuidas appealing to residential tenants. We believe that membership in Hello Zuidas is one way we can achieve that.

COMPANY FAM. ADVOCATEN SECTOR LEGAL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 5 Link with Zuidas: Office tenant in the WTC building Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: On 1 October 2015 we opened a family and succession law practice and mediation office in Zuidas. Given all the current developments and upcoming changes, Hello Zuidas is important to us. We would also like to meet other tenants.

COMPANY VU UNIVERSITY PRESS SECTOR PUBLISHING NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 5 Link with Zuidas: VU University Press has been established as an independent publisher at VU Amsterdam since 1981. We publish work by academic scientists and scholars (VU Amsterdam) and medical scientists (VUmc), and a fair amount by specialists in Zuidas too. Our main subjects areas include religious studies, medicine, economics and diversity. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: The concentration of enterprise and creativity in Zuidas is a wellspring of new knowledge and ideas, which publication can sometimes disseminate further. VU University Press has the requisite expertise and experience in house, in both print and digital publishing.


MEMO BOARD ABN AMRO PROVIDES € 1BN TO FACILITATE CLIENTS’ ENERGY TRANSITIONS As of March of this year, ABN AMRO is supporting its commercial real estate clients in making their property portfolios more sustainable. Using an online application, clients can gain insight into their individual energy-conservation options, including potential reduction of CO2 emissions and cost-recovery periods. ABN AMRO puts aside € 1 billion in financing to facilitate the necessary investments and will act as a liaison between partners. Clients can use the application to calculate the investment, costrecovery period and CO2 emissions reduction of specific measures (such as insulation, LED lighting and solar panels), all of which are proven cost-effective and will improve a property’s energy classification by at least two increments. ABN AMRO will provides financing for the measures, and puts clients in touch with various partners including Philips, Siemens, Bosch, Unica and Engie.

CHEFS & CO. OFFERING TEAM-BUILDING WORKSHOPS You think your company could use a boost in the team-building department? Try a cookery workshop at Chefs & Co. in Rivierenbuurt. After an introduction to various products and dishes, it’s time to don aprons and get cooking as a team, under the supervision of a knowledgeable chef. You will be preparing several dishes, and afterwards sit down to enjoy them together. With wines suited to each course, you can toast to a productive evening!

FASHION WEEK OWNER HANS VAN DER LINDEN SETS SIGHTS ON ZUIDAS Owner Hans van der Linden wants to move Fashion Week, normally held at Amsterdam’s Westergasterrein, to Zuidas. Van der Linden stated this in an interview on Zuidas FM. The food and beverage entrepreneur was candid about the Fashion Week and the new possibilities he envisions for this event in Zuidas. ‘An “axis” [i.e. Zuidas literally translates to south axis, ed.] needs to have something revolving around it. We’ve got the axis, but there’s not much revolving to speak of. Good restaurants, joint initiatives among local businesses and a dose of culture would go a long way.’ Van der Linden would be open to relocating the Fashion Week to Amsterdam’s Financial Mile. ‘The Fashion Week could make a marvellous splash here; it’s a great fit with the area.’

MEET ZUIDAS GARDEN DESIGNER ERWIN STAM Luxurious, liveable and timeless. Those three words sum up Erwin Stam’s gardens. A veritable garden magician, he can transform any outdoor space into a paradise – from rooftop terraces to poolside gardens and from restaurant patios to a complete courtyard oasis. These days, Erwin is spending a fair amount of time in Zuidas as he oversees the design of the courtyard garden at the luxury Intermezzo apartment building. ‘This will be a warm and spacious garden filled with multi-stemmed shrubs and stone slabs. There will be lots of visible planting to provide maximum privacy, yet not so much as to make one feel isolated.’ Interested to learn more about Erwin’s work? Visit


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Hello Zuidas #25  

Hello Zuidas #25

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