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Hester Alberdingk Thijm

Director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation

‘AkzoNobel gives us free rein to play an active part in the art world’ Property Special

Commercial real estate market back in the saddle

ZUIDASDOK AND THE NOORD/ZUID LINE Different spectrum of factors SUSTAINABILITY How to improve your BREEAM NL score MOBILITY Making a case for a Zuidas City Bike

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Zuidas as a Human City With AkzoNobel opening up its art collection to the

Only in Zuidas could this have been achieved in

public at its new premises, Zuidas is maturing as a

such a short timespan and with so little disruption!

Human City. In a Human City, the functions of living, working, nature, culture and sustainability all come

With the profusion of construction cranes and

together, as Hester Alberdingk Thijm explains in this

building works in this area, real estate continues to

month’s cover story. Zuidas is well on its way!

be a theme that defines Zuidas. This issue features

AkzoNobel has an immensely active art foundation,

a special focus on this topic, with interviews and

and I would recommend everybody to take a look at

stories that are interesting and fun to read – and

the innovative way this company is showcasing

bring you up to speed on everything happening

itself to its neighbours and fellow businesses.

here in Zuidas.

With a fresh flock of residents will be moving into

Besides this featured topic, we also bring you news

new apartments on Gustav Mahlerlaan and with

about sustainability and mobility and our extensive

our beloved Gustav Mahlerplein reopening for

calendar of events.

use, Zuidas is in the midst of a metamorphosis. During this issue’s interview with the construction

I’m curious to hear readers’ views on Zuidas

company BAM, we admired the view of the square

as a Human City. Please feel free to email me


from the top of the Viñoly Tower. The transforma-

your thoughts!

The next issue of Hello

tion that has taken place behind those colourful partitions these past few months is amazing.

Happy reading!

Zuidas is scheduled for the 2nd of May

Living or working up high, you get a wide perspective over the city. Nothing tops a 25th-floor panoramic view of Schiphol, The Hague, the dunes along the coast and the procession of cruise ships that dock at Amsterdam every year. Aside from distant landmarks, there’s also plenty worth looking at close by, with all the building sites in Zuidas offering endlessly fascinating beehives of activity. An example would be Mahlerplein, where we can already enjoy part of the new square as work finishes up on the bike park underground. When ABN AMRO, Arcadis, Motel One, Ravel Residence and Crowne Plaza will open their doors on 19 March in honour of Open Tower Day, you too can take a look from up high at how Zuidas is unfolding. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


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06. Trending Topics 07. Under Construction 08. Hester Alberdingk Thijm ‘AkzoNobel gives us free rein to play an active part in the art world’ 14. Property 17. Column - Ruben van Zwieten Zuidas: Commercial pearl on the A10 and city of love that never sleeps 18. Hello Zuidas | Public Space Got a minute? 20. Zuidasdok and the Noord/Zuid Line Different spectrum of factors 22. Finance 24. Hello Zuidas | Members Meeting How can we keep Zuidas attractive and accessible? 26. Zuidas Architecture 29. Hello You 30. Hello Zuidas | Agenda 34. Hello Zuidas | Sustainability How to improve your BREEAM NL score and more news 37. Hello You 38. Hello Zuidas | Mobility Making a case for a Zuidas City Bike 40. Property Special 42. Vesteda: De Boel Apartments for the young professional 44. G&S Vastgoed & UNStudio: ‘We’re good troubleshooters’ 47. Regus opens fourth location in Netherlands’ Financial Mile 48. Multifunctional car park near heart of the RAI 50. BAM underscores importance of circular economy 53. Hello Zuidas | New Members 55. Zuidas Underground 57. Memoboard

42 With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



#Trending topics SEBASTIAAN CAPEL @SEBASTIAANCAPEL De Essential Art Space van @akzonobel aan de Zuidas is openbaar, prachtige toevoeging aan deze wijk en stad als geheel #kunstinzuid • ZUIDAS AMSTERDAM @ZUIDASAMSTERDAM Goed nieuws voor fietsers! Ook de gemeenteraad is akkoord met 3e #fietsparkeergarage onder de Vijfhoek in #Zuidas. • RODGER SCHOESTER @RODGERSCHOESTER Vandaag leuk bezoekje aan #Rondeel kippenboerderij, gewoon gelegen aan de Zuidas! #horecava • THOMAS SCHLIJPER @SCHLIJPER The beautiful New York style tower ‘900 Mahler’ is about to be finished. #Amsterdam #Zuidas • BAM MAHLERPLEIN @BAMMAHLERPLEIN De 1e boom is op #mahlerplein geplaatst. • REIN AARTS @REIN_AARTS Puntjes op de i voor ontbijtsessie morgen #quantifiedself @Deloitte @hellozuidas @Colliers 45 deelnmrs benieuwd! • COBOUW @COBOUWNL Gershwin blok 12 en 11 hebben hun hoogste punt bereikt aan de Amsterdamse Zuidas. #bouwfoto • LOTTE VAN ZUYLEN @LVZUYLEN Lieve Zuidas, waarom heb jij van die onmogelijke tegeltjes waar echt geen enkele vrouw met hakken kan lopen? • MARC VAN VOORST  @MARCVANVOORST @ZuidasAmsterdam hoe realistisch is het dat gebouwen op de Zuidas naar 210 meter gaan? En wanneer wordt ad bouw vd eerste daarvan begonnen? • CHRIS VAN HENEGOUWEN @CVHENE @ZuidasAmsterdam 'In Zuidas' klinkt niet, moet 'op de Zuidas' blijven. • KAJSA OLLONGREN @KAJSAOLLONGREN Kunst en de Zuidas: dat gaat goed samen • ADVOCAAT VD DUIVEL @ADVOCAATVDUIVEL Zo nu maar eens in Damsko kijken of dat Baut Zuidas een beetje leuk geheralloceerd is. Als er maar bubbels zijn. • ELINE HOOGENDIJK @ELINEAMSTERDAM Wat een prachtige salon van @RobPeetoom in #Zuidas. Zon schijnt binnen, heel gezellig druk! #verwennen #hair #Mahlerlaan • JOOST BREMMER @JOOSTBREMMER @kooswurzer wanneer ben je in de buurt van de Zuidas? @KimbsIT en jij hebben nog een lunch tegoed! #drukdrukdruk • VASTGOEDMARKT @VASTGOEDMARKTNL  Loyens & Loeff naar kantoor Zuiderhof II op Zuidas • ANOOK CLÉONNE @ANOOKCLEONNE Wat gebeurt er als je gaat stoepkrijten op de #ZuidAs? Dát vertel ik vanavond bij #Rotary #Diemen, #artmakesme • JOS VELDHUIZEN @DRJOSSI My office yesterday was at Amsterdam Zuidas: Workshop Courageous Conversations with DSM managers. Was great fun! • MILA VERDONK  @MILABOUWENSE Bij Google op de Zuidas voor #contech bijeenkomst. Het was mooi @ingridtappin! • ARIE @ARIEVD Leuk artikel in @hellozuidas over gave work space van @Regus_NL op de Zuidas. Daar wil je wel een #werkplek ... • IBRAHIM WIJBENGA  @IBRAHIMWIJBENGA  Enorm goed gegeten gisteren in restaurant Bolenius aan de Amsterdamse Zuidas.Een aanrader.

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN: GREEN HOTSPOT Though construction of the bike parking facility below Gustav Mahlerplein is still in full swing, it’s hardly noticeable aboveground. There are no big lorries bearing mountains of sand on and off the site, there is no drilling of foundation piles, and people can walk freely across the square. According to Zuidas/Zuidasdok Communication Adviser Anica Kortland, ‘The contractor, BAM, chose a method that will ensure the least disruption. When excavating, for example, all of the soil was transported off the site by means of a conveyor belt. And instead of drilling piles into the ground, they’re being screwed in, and the sheet pile walls are being vibrated in


instead of driven.’

Zuidas is developing before our very eyes! To ensure continuing access to both existing and new buildings,

Trees and bulbs

the east end of De Boelelaan is set to get a big facelift.

As the work continues underground to get the bike facility

Amsterdam Municipal Project Manager for De Boelelaan

ready to open this summer, on the square we will once again

East, Anne Bijlmer, explains, ‘The works are essential

be able to enjoy the spring sunshine during our lunch and coffee

to keep Zuidas accessible, particularly now as we gear

breaks. ‘Starting from March, the whole area will be transformed

up for the construction of Zuidasdok. To improve traffic

to look like a park. We’re installing 23 large trees in stone

flows, the road will get double lanes on both sides,

containers, with broad edges for seating, and in the autumn

with extra turning lanes at junctions. Of course, all this

we’ll be planting thousands of bulbs in the containers, so we

requires a major overhaul. During the works, one lane

can look forward to a sea of flowers in the spring of 2017.’

will remain open in each direction, but we do advise all road users to seek alternatives during rush hours, for example by making use of the diversions, or by taking public transport or their bike instead.’ Green thoroughfare Work has already started, with the road slated to reopen fully by the end of 2017. Aside from functionality, the renovation will also bring aesthetic improvements. ‘We’ll be planting rows of trees along both sides of De Boelelaan to create a green thoroughfare that will ultimately run all the way to VU Amsterdam.’

To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website: Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive the Zuidas Newsletter, on If you have any tips for the editorial team, send an email to

Text Milou Peeters


Hester Alberdingk Thijm, director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Painting: Anton Henning, interieur No 188 (2003). Statue: Stephan Balkenhol, Man met Gorilla (Man with Gorilla) (1997).


‘AkzoNobel gives us free rein to play an active part in the art world’

- Hester Alberdingk Thijm

This January, after a big relocation, AkzoNobel officially opened its doors to the general public. On the ground floor of its new offices on Beethovenstraat, the company has inaugurated the Essential Art Space, a place where staff, clients and art lovers can come together. The first exhibition to be organized is titled Culture of Colors. For this month’s feature, Hello Zuidas talked to Hester Alberdingk Thijm, who has been director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation for the last 20 years. She explained what makes the Essential Art Space special and why this initiative is a natural fit for AkzoNobel. ‘The exhibition space is a kind of calling card for the company, of course, but it entails so much more. It’s a form of public engagement.’ As director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation, you have

It’s unusual that this space is open to the public.

quite a unique job. How did you end up at AkzoNobel?

What inspired AkzoNobel to launch this initiative?

After my studies I was at KLM for a long time and I got to see

This is a splendid way to let people become acquainted with art

the world. That really shaped me into who I am. Travelling exposed

and with AkzoNobel, and that’s what motivated the decision. It’s a

me to a great variety of different cultures, and in the process I

kind of calling card for the company, of course, but it entails so much

developed a good eye for art. After KLM I was involved in a project

more than that. It’s a form of public engagement; we’re sharing

to establish the Beurs van Berlage [Amsterdam’s historic exchange

some of our expertise. Everyone is welcome to come in and look

building, ed.], which was an empty landmark at the time, as the

around. We want this concept to unfold naturally. If you’re meeting

Netherlands’ first unsubsidised public cultural centre. From there I

with a colleague or a client, you can grab a fresh cup of coffee

joined the management team of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

and sit in a corner to chat and imagine you’re in a completely

in Rotterdam. And after that I came to AkzoNobel, where my job

different world – and that’s precisely what we intended. At the

was to set up an independent foundation, dedicated to using the

same time, you can immerse yourself in the overall scope of

corporate art collection for more than mere decoration, and to

the exhibition and get acquainted with AkzoNobel as a company.

find ways to integrate it in the company’s professional activities.

This concept is totally new. The Netherlands have 55 registered

That was 20 years ago, but to be honest it feels more like two!

corporate art collections, but they’re all locked behind closed doors. We decided to do something different, and it has been

Can you tell us something about the AkzoNobel

well received. People immediately started calling in to ask if they

Art Foundation?

could book tables for lunch, and no sooner had we said “yes”

New developments and innovations for the future are a constant

than AkzoNobel employers started asking about dinner as well.

focus at AkzoNobel. They also play an important role in the Art

That’s marvellous of course. All this is possible because AkzoNobel

Foundation, which is a seperate foundation under our CEO Ton

gives us free rein to play an active part in the art world.

Büchner. We don’t buy a work simply because it looks nice on the wall; we collect around specific themes and seek out work that

What response have you had from locals and people

ispioneering. Instead of falling back on Van Goghs, we look at what

who work here? Is the exhibition attracting visitors?

artists are doing now and where art might be headed in the future.

It’s the first time there has been a unanimously positive response,

We’ve always displayed our collection as you would an exhibition;

and that’s brilliant. We’re showing these works in hopes of

connected, for example, by an overarching theme – something

inspiring employees and sparking off new ideas. A pleasant

that’s instantly recognizable even to people who aren’t used to

working environment is so important, and that’s borne out by

looking at art – or focusing on an artist’s oeuvre. But now, on the

this new building. The other day, I overheard someone saying

ground floor of this new building, we can share our collection with

that it does not just feel like a new building; it feels like a whole

the general public, in what we’ve named the Essential Art Space.

new company. That’s a compliment in the highest order. It’s a

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde | Make-up artist Ruth Jansen, Phisage


Artwork: Aisling Hedgecock Paradise Love Bar (2006)

wonderful development that companies are opening up their

Akzo is currently active in 80 countries! Our interest in art forms

art collections to the public, and we can certainly set an

a natural extension of our core business.

example in Europe, by creating a beautiful synthesis between home and work life, green spaces and culture and sustainability.

Akzo had a new office built on Beethovenstraat.

When you bring all these facets together, you get a ‘human city’.

What motivated this choice, as opposed to renewing

Human Cities initiatives are a major focus at AkzoNobel, and that’s

the old lease?

precisely what Zuidas needs to become.

Our old office in Zuidas was intended as a temporary location from the outset. But the economic crisis threw a spanner in the works

You have chosen to showcase new and sometimes

and the process ended up taking nine years. In the end, our outlays

unknown artistic talents. Why?

at this new building will be lower than if we’d continued to lease,

It’s about shaping the heritage of the future. AkzoNobel has been

so this was the more financially sound option, as well as being

ranked number one on the influential Dow Jones Sustainability

more sustainable. And reducing our ecological footprint is a

Index (DJSI) for the fourth consecutive year. Art is something

priority for AkzoNobel.

that endures as well, so we consider it an intrinsic part of our sociocultural responsibility. We also take a greater interest in

What are your plans for the Art Foundation in 2016?

artists, by watching closely how they develop and shift gears,

This year we focus on taking new steps; in any case to

and then by trying each year to purchase their best work.

get a handle on the public side of things, what could be

The best way to support artists is by buying their work,

improved, and who we may invite. We’ll be doing our best

but also by promoting and stimulating them through publications,

to connect people with art, and will be working hard on

presentations and subsidies. That’s the essence of what

future exhibitions.

we do, making the difference for art and artists. The name AkzoNobel will be familiar to many,

Culture of Colors

but people may not know exactly what the company

Culture of Colors is the title of AkzoNobel’s first exhibition,

does. Could you describe AkzoNobel’s business?

dedicated to 20 years of collecting, to contemporary masters

Our main business consists of paints and coatings. On top of

and emerging talents and, above all, to colour. The exhibition

that we’re a global producer of speciality chemicals, such as

unveils the various layers of the collection in a reflection on

road salt. We manufacture essential ingredients which are used

art, nature, sustainable developments and the myriad ways

24/7 in products such as shampoo in the morning, to the fizz in

in which colour plays into these themes. Colour forms the

your champagne. AkzoNobel supplies the basic ingredients for

literal and figurative link, which will be explored in a series

a variety of everyday products. Sustainability is one of our key

of displays at the new Art Space.

values, and we’re constantly investing in sustainable innovations.


Wednesday 13 April 2016 Presentation Zuidas Sustainability Report Green Business Club Zuidas, the Amsterdam Zuidas District Office and Hello Zuidas have teamed up once again to compile the annual Zuidas Sustainability Report, summing up all the sustainable developments and initiatives of 2015. This fourth edition will be presented on 13 April at 3.30pm at the new premises of AkzoNobel on Beethovenstraat, where guests can also take the opportunity to admire AkzoNobel’s fabulous contemporary art collection. Afterwards there will be drinks at Baut. For information or to attend, send an email to: Photography: GROUP A, Frank Hanswijk

Property SOURCE: PROPERTYNL.COM Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features property news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

NoMA House breaks ground in Zuidas

COD and NH sign lease for RAI hotel

Zuidas - Developers Maarsen Groep and Beheer

Zuidas - A 25-year lease has been inked for the future Nhow

Brouwershoff have started construction on North of

Amsterdam RAI hotel to be operated by the NH Hotel Group,

Mahler, a 12-storey office tower offering 16,500 m

as part of its cutting-edge Nhow concept. The iconic new


in office space on the corner of Parnassusweg and

building, designed by OMA (Rem Koolhaas), will feature 650

Gustav Mahlerlaan. The project represents a crucial first

rooms, a first-class restaurant and bar on the top floor, as well

step in the extension of Zuidas along Parnassusweg.

as a TV studio, parking facilities for 200 vehicles, a retail

With construction expected to take up at least 18

and food area on the ground floor and a wellness centre on

months, NoMA House is scheduled for delivery in

the 10th floor. The parking, wellness and retail/food facilities

November 2017. Designed by Dam & Partners

will be leased separately. COD and Being Development have

Architecten, features such as its sustainable use of

signed on for the development of this highly sustainable

Amsterdam district heating have already earned the

building and Pleijsier Bouw will be responsible for its

building a BREEAM-NL Excellent design certificate.

construction. With work slated to commence in August 2016, the hotel will be completed by the end of 2018.


Zuidas seeks to partner with VU Amsterdam and VUmc

Van der Valk opens luxury hotel in Zuidas

Zuidas - More than ever, companies in Zuidas are keen to

a hotel in Zuidas, confirms project initiator Freek

join forces with VU Amsterdam and VU Medical Center

van der Valk. As the latest in its new ‘Exclusief’ line,

to attract knowledge-based businesses, including startups.

the hotel will offer 245 rooms, plus conference spaces,

This is one of the ambitions of the new Zuidas Vision 2015,

in a building designed by Wiel Arets Architects.

which was recently released for consultation. As an

Amsterdam’s Van der Valk Exclusief hotel will rise over

established international business centre noted for its

20 metres in height, with rooms across seven floors.

sustainable office stock, Zuidas is also expanding on the

According to Freek van der Valk, Wiel Arets Architects

residential front, with more than 7,000 units to be built

has produced an eye-catching design that will offer a

over the period through 2030, for a total of around 13,000

memorable entrance to Zuidas’ east side. The munici-

new residents. In the Zuidas Vision, Amsterdam Alderman

pality of Amsterdam has complimented Van der Valk’s

Eric van der Burg describes Zuidas as ‘a district where people

initiative for augmenting existing local amenities and

can live, work and enjoy their leisure time, especially after

providing further impetus for area development.

Zuidas - The Van der Valk group has plans to open

the A10 motorway goes underground. It will be a true slice of Amsterdam, with lots of cyclists and shops and a neighbourhood cinema. Yet we must not ignore the disruptions that all these construction projects will bring. Every effort will be made to minimize the inconvenience to an acceptable level’.

Lexence and The Office Operators to lease in former ING House Zuidas - The Lexence law firm and The Office Operators (TOO) have both signed long-term leases for office space in the Infinity building, which will make them the first two market parties to have set their sights on this office location. Situated along the perimeter of Zuidas, the Infinity building – formerly ING House – was designed by MVSA Architects and is currently managed by CBRE Global Investors.

Photography Ingrid Arnou



Zuidas: Commercial pearl on the A10 and city of love that never sleeps Zuidas is maturing to claim a real place on the map. Zuidas is like a

and capable companies and people. Our image would get a huge

pregnant woman; its girth gradually expanding. But we who give

boost if we could only give shape to the many existing initiatives

this location its spark of life have yet to conceive of an apt epithet

of love and compassion in the same way that this area itself is

or slogan for the budding town of Zuidas. Where New York is

growing, and kindle even more initiatives in the process. Let’s take

‘the city that never sleeps’ and Rotterdam is ‘the black pearl on the

as our example the foundation launched earlier this year by the

Meuse’, the Dutch monikers tacked onto Amsterdam’s Zuidas tend

country’s greatest living entrepreneur, Frits Goldschmeding,

to have a negative flavour, mostly associated with greed. Of course,

whose initiative (rooted back in his beginnings in business)

all the world’s major office districts are sure to inspire some qualms

proves once and for all that solid enterprise can arise from

about the local dominant drivers. And granted, a lot does revolve

love and compassion. Zuidas as a whole is also capable of

around financial clout, influence, ambition, enterprise and cele-

this; we can be a location that simultaneously serves diverse

brating the finer things in life. Yet we also have a hand in shaping

interests in life.

conceptions of Zuidas ourselves. So what can we do to mould these overly negative perceptions into something more positive?

Now that Zuidas is expanding its buildings and facilities with ever more realistic, pragmatic and commercial ingenuity,

U2’s Bono once praised the Netherlands for striking the perfect

maybe it should start polishing up its image for smart,

balance between idealism and realism, between conviction and

enterprising benevolence too. Maybe, one of these days,

pragmatism. To me, that’s the crux of commerce. Money, after all,

Zuidas could even outshine Paris as the epithetic ‘city of love’.

is just another means of expressing value. Deep down, everybody

Better yet, let’s outdo them all. Zuidas: ‘commercial pearl

knows full well what’s truly valuable. Zuidas has so many talented

on the A10 and city of love that never sleeps’.

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.

Ruben van Zwieten



Got a minute? In 2015 Amsterdam’s Zuidas district drew up an area activity plan for the period running up to 2020. Titled Leef Zuidas 2015-2020 (‘Zuidas Alive’), it aims to make sure Zuidas continues to be a pleasant neighbourhood as well as an attractive environment for residential, commercial and leisure activities. These efforts are based on five key themes that are linked, in turn, to the new Zuidas Vision, which sets out a path for the district’s development as a unique international urban centre within greater Amsterdam. We talked to locals about two of these themes: Zuidas as a bustling residential neighbourhood and International & ambitious.

VINCENT TRIESSCHIJN, ABN AMRO ‘Zuidas basically has everything you need. Besides lots of restaurants, there’s also practical venues like a dry cleaner. The wide range of eating facilities is an aspect I especially like. If you’ve got a lunch meeting, you can easily find a spot outside the office. But it would take a lot for me to move here. It’s still very much a financial centre, I think; not enough trees and parks. A theatre or a museum would make a nice addition, think of something like the Hermitage. If things were to pick up during weekends, it would be more attractive to come here outside working hours. Beyond this, the only problem left is the infrastructure – but they’re already


working hard on that!’

‘To me, Zuidas is a real business centre: clean-cut and modern. I live near Vondelpark, which is close by but totally different. Zuidas lacks an inviting atmosphere. There are cosy bistros to be found, though they wouldn’t really fit in here either. Zuidas already has a pretty international feel, I think. That definitely goes for where I work; I have lots of contact with people from outside the Netherlands. You notice that international visitors and staff tend to gravitate towards each other, instead of mixing with the Dutch. When I lived abroad for six months, I did the same. Personally, I don’t think we need any special facilities for international visitors – they have no problem finding each other! I love working here and there are plenty of shops to visit during breaks or after work.’


For more info or questions, send an email to


ADRIAN DE LANG, AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL ‘I go to school in Zuidas and I do notice that it’s an international part of town. The WTC undoubtedly brings in lots of different nationalities too. Being a student, I probably have different interests compared to most of the businesspeople here. I think it would be nice if there were a few places where you could just grab a snack, like a frozen yoghurt shop or a Burger King like there used to be. And it would be more fun if there were a couple of playgrounds with football pitches, which would attract kids to hang out here more often outside school and office hours.’

MELISSA MARTOKO, MICHAEL BAILEY ASSOCIATES ‘I’ve been commuting to Zuidas for six years now and it definitely has an international ambiance. That’s probably mostly owed to the companies here, who are attracting a lot of different nationalities. To me, Zuidas is really a business centre, a commercial centre. A cinema or museum would be out of place here –they wouldn’t be places you’d want to visit during your lunch break. The fact that I work here is also the main reason why I wouldn’t want to live here; I prefer to keep my work and private life separate. Considering I’m never in Zuidas over the weekend, I don’t really feel like there’s anything missing in terms of facilities; I come here purely for work. Although, it would be convenient if there were more options for a quick and easy meal.’

FREDDY POTTERS, À DEAUVILLE ‘I try to be in Zuidas as much as possible to stay up to date on everything happening here. I’m also eager to meet people who work here, since a good network is crucial for my job. Zuidas is basically a village, and a newcomer does well to introduce himself to the neighbours. Though I don’t live here, I feel very much at home. If there were to be more activity on weekends it might be interesting to move here with my family one day. At the moment though, not much is open during weekends. Presently, à Deauville isn’t open on Saturdays or Sundays either; there would have to be a steady pedestrian flow first. Who knows, maybe the North-South metro line will open the floodgates, but that’s still a long way off.’

Text Loes Ariaens | Photography Davien Hulsman



Remco Bentum

Zuidasdok and the Noord/Zuid Line: Different spectrum of factors With A10 motorway traffic and the use of train and metro continuing to grow over the coming years, the Zuidasdok project will be expanding the capacity of both the A10 South and Amsterdam Zuid station. Approximately one kilometre of the motorway will be rerouted to pass underneath the centre of Zuidas. That made us wonder: what’s being done to prevent the sort of subsidence issues seen with the Noord/Zuid Metro Line (North/South Metro Line)? With the subsidence of buildings along the construction route of the


Noord/Zuid Metro Line still fresh in our memories, businesses may be

Another difference with the Noord/Zuid Metro Line is that the

concerned about similar scenarios occurring during the excavation

A10 tunnel is being excavated instead of drilled, and won’t be as

of the A10 tunnel. ‘We understand their concern’, Remco Bentum,

deep; the floor of the A10 tunnel will be higher than the bottom

Zuidasdok planning procedure project leader assures us. ‘And for

of the foundation piles. ‘We’ll also monitor the area closely

that very reason we did a thorough soil survey. We looked at the

throughout the works’, Remco continues, ‘so any vibrations or

soil conditions and subsurface. Also, one should remember that the

possible shifts can be noted and acted on immediately.

houses affected by the Noord/Zuid Metro Line were considerably

Zuidasdok is a project that involves an altogether different

older, and were founded on piles that were shorter and less solid

spectrum of factors than the Noord/Zuid Metro Line.’

than the adjacent buildings here in Zuidas.’



Zuidasdok Noord/Zuid Line

Silty sand layer Sea level -11 m

Holocene First sand layer Allerød Second sand layer

Sea level -25 m

Eemian clay Third sand layer Intermediate sand layer

Sea level -42 m

Glacial clay

MORE DISRUPTIONS? So with two big jobs ahead – renovating the station and the A10 –

Remco answers. ‘Construction is slated to

will the level of local disruptions also be doubled? ‘During the

start in late 2017 and will take around ten

preparatory phase we looked into all possible measures to minimize

years, till 2028. Although our goal is to

disruptions of every kind. For instance, the contractor is expected

finish before then and to complete parts

to make use of quiet building methods wherever possible, such as

of the project at an earlier stage.’

pressing instead of driving sheet piles walls into the ground and keeping the construction sites tidy. Accessibility for commuters and motorists is another big point of concern, and things like road closures are all planned in coordination with the surrounding neighbourhoods. The amount of disruption will certainly not

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and

be doubled, but people who live and work here will be affected

public transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad

to some extent in the years to come. Some inconvenience will

area. Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and

be unavoidable, and things won’t always work out exactly as

moved underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be

planned. On the other hand, some areas are affected more than

upgraded to serve as a future-proof public transport hub

others and not all the works will be taking place at the same

for train, tram, bus and metro services. Zuidasdok feeds

time. The disruptions will lessen as construction progresses.’

into the continued development of Zuidas as a prime residential, working and recreational location. For further


information, visit

Clearly, all of this work will take time, but how much, exactly? ‘We expect to get the final go-ahead for the plans this summer’,

Text Katja Tremio | Photography Davien Hulsman


Finance SOURCE: HET FINANCIEELE DAGBLAD Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

Stock market spotlight: Kempen’s new top picks

Gerard van Olphen, the new CEO of APG Group

Zuidas - Kempen & Co has added Altice, ASM Inter-

Zuidas - Gerard van Olphen, former executive board chair

national, BAM Groep, Corbion, IMCD, TKH Group

at SNS Reaal, has been appointed the new CEO of APG

and Vopak to its list of top funds in the Benelux, so the

Group, the pension administrator for the ABP pension

merchant bank announced in January. According to

fund. Commended as an ‘exceptionally knowledgeable and

its analysts, the recent fall in share prices presents an

experienced executive officer’ in an APG press release,

opportune moment to invest in Altice: after posting an

Van Olphen’s appointment will last for a term of four years

all time high in June, this fund has seen a 60% drop

and he’ll have his work cut out for him. The ABP investor

in value. ASM International is also looking particularly

is suffering under the low interest rate, which leaves the

attractive now, according to Kempen, with 2015 having

pension fund facing a negative funding rate and a potential

put heavy pressure on its share prices. Analysts advise

inability to meet its pension commitments over the long

buying ASMI shares now, ahead of the next upsurge.

term. Debate is ongoing in the Dutch pensions industry over the need for structural reforms, which would spell the end of guaranteed minimum returns.


UWV predicts further job market recovery in 2016

Accountants mend their ways

Zuidas - In its labour forecast, which was presented on 29

mending their ways, by laying the foundations for

January, the Dutch national UWV Employee Insurance

a better and more independent system of audits,

Agency released new figures for 2016. It predicts that

says Michiel Werkhoven, chair of the Dutch disciplinary

economic growth will fuel a further upswing this year,

court for accountants. ‘The sector is turning over a

generating 102,000 new jobs, compared to 56,000 in

new leaf. Particularly in statutory audits of large

2015. Adding independent professionals to the tally

companies, we’re seeing a concerted effort to change

pushes this figure up to 129,000. An additional 49,000

the mindset. I have real faith in these improvements.’

vacancies will bring this total to 859,000 in 2016, a third

Werkhoven gives most of the credit for this change

higher than when the economy was at its lowest in 2013.

to the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets

The UWV also expects a slight decline in the number

(AFM) and the recent debate concerning the profession.

Zuidas - Dutch accountants are making strides in

of unemployment benefits paid out in 2016, by 16,000 (-4%) to 430,000.

Deloitte: foreign buyers snapping up Dutch businesses Zuidas -Last year, more than 600 Dutch companies and divisions were sold, over half of them to foreign buyers, according to Deloitte in its annual worldwide mergers and acquisitions index. The accounting and consultancy firm’s trend report, titled 2016: Opportunities amidst divergence, was published in January.

Photography Ingrid Arnou



Hello Zuidas Members Meeting:

Together we can keep Zuidas accessible Kees Noorman, Alexandra van Huffelen, Pieter Litjens, Sebastiaan de Wilde & Olivier Otten

On 15 February it was time once more for a Hello Zuidas Members Meeting. This time we focussed on accessibility during the development of Zuidasdok. As always, the meeting was closed off in celebratory style. Zuidas director Olivier Otten opened the Hello Zuidas Members

Zuidas business representative Kees Noorman, director of ORAM,

Meeting. Many representatives of the 186 member organizations

GVB director Alexandra van Huffelen and NS Development

were present. This year Hello Zuidas welcomed twenty new

director Sebastiaan de Wilde.

members, amongst them are Jones Lang Lasalle, Savills and Lexence. Besides celebrating the fourth birthday of Hello Zuidas,


a large number of the Members came to discuss the future

Pieter Litjens, Amsterdam alderman for Traffic and Transport,

accessibility of Zuidas. “The economy is picking up. Also Zuidas

lent an ear to these concerns. He stressed the importance of

is developing in a fast rate. It is expected to generate more

Zuidasdok and gave his assurance that, alongside necessary

traffic. Alongside a number of large scale infrastructure

mobility measures, communication with Zuidas residents,

projects get underway. More congestion in Zuidas is a very

employees and visitors, is a priority. “Complaints are to be

likely scenario, so now is the time to think about possible

taken very serious.”

solutions. Besides communication, measures from builders and from Zuidas employers are therefore of great


importance,” stated Olivier Otten. Moderator Erik Peekel

It’s going to be an enormous challenge to keep Zuidas accessible

interviewed the keyspeakers alderman Pieter Litjens,

during the construction period. Achieving that will be an



Olivier Otten (managing director Hello Zuidas)

Alexandra van Huffelen gave us the scoop: a new travel product called ‘I Travel’

Pieter Litjens (Amsterdam alderman)

Hello Zuidas members listened attentively

admirable feat, but until then it’s a definite source of concern.

service,” stated Alexandra. According to Sebastiaan de Wilde,

“One of the primary concerns is that construction traffic will

Development director at the Dutch Railways (NS), the key-word

cause extreme congestion during rush hours,” said Kees

is ‘quality’. Besides maintaining train services, NS will also make

Noorman. Employers can do more to facilitate their employees

sure the station area retains its appeal with shops and clear and

on their way to Zuidas. “ORAM and Hello Zuidas can help

attractive signposting. The Amsterdam Zuid train station is getting

with a fund and mobility advice for businesses.”

more and more popular. “One of our concerns is how to accommodate the growing numbers of passengers in a safe way from


and towards the narrow railway platforms,” said Sebastian.

Alexandra van Huffelen, director of Amsterdam’s Municipal Transport Authority (GVB), described her ambition to get more


Zuidas commuters to opt for public transport over taking the car

The meeting’s breakout sessions yielded various solutions for

to work. Aside from offering attractive transport alternatives,

accessibility. Hello Zuidas will be taking this input on board in

the GVB gave us the scoop: a new travel product called ‘I Travel’

its plans for a Shared Bike system (see also p 38), and is looking

which can be used to pay for various services. “We are keen to

into a Zuidas Ticket that would facilitate Park and Rides to

develop more products in collaboration with Zuidas Businesses.

Zuidas. Hello Zuidas and BREIKERS offer mobility scans and

A successful Zuidas example is the Gelderlandplein shuttle

mobility advice to Zuidas businesses.

Text Angela Nijland | Photography Wouter van Ierssel



Zuidas Architecture Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering architecture. As it matures into an international district of Amsterdam, buildings are shooting up right and left. Amidst all these modern skyscrapers it can be hard to imagine that just 20 years ago this stretch of land connecting the residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenveldert consisted mostly of tennis courts and football pitches. In this issue, Hello Zuidas inaugurates a series about the architecture of Zuidas, starting with Baker & McKenzie House.



employees, including 4,365 lawyers on a full-time

Baker & McKenzie

equivalent basis, divided over 77 offices across

Baker & McKenzie, founded in 1949, is a leading

47 countries. Its Amsterdam office employs some

multinational law firm headquartered in Chicago.

200 lawyers, tax specialists and civil-law notaries.

As of August 2015, it ranked as the largest

In 2006 Baker & McKenzie moved from premises

international law firm in the world, with 11,500

on Leidseplein to Zuidas.


BAKER & MCKENZIE HOUSE Part of the Mahler 4 complex, around 300 people work in this building. Address: Claude Debussylaan 54, Amsterdam Client: Estrade Projecten Main user: Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam Architect: Michael Graves & Associates Completed: 2006 Project manager: JHK Architecten Main contractor: G&S Bouw Design engineer: Van Rossum Height: 30 metres Floors: 8 Floor area: approx. 11,000 m2


Aside from the restaurant, NINE also has a

Oliver’s is one of the most popular restaurants in

cooking studio offering regular culinary workshops,

Zuidas. If you want to grab a table for lunch,

on themes ranging from Arabic to Italian cuisine.

booking ahead is recommended. The menu features a regularly changing selection of healthy dishes.

Gentlemen’s Place

Oliver’s is also a Friday hotspot for post-work

Step inside Gentlemen’s Place and discover the

drinks, and is famous for its classic Oktoberfest.

simplicity of their shopping concept, inspiring you to find the look that fits your spirit with a selection


of full outfits. Browse, choose and try them on in

NINE is a modern restaurant with a warm and

the spacious fitting rooms. And Gentlemen’s Place

inviting ambiance. The emphasis lies on organic and

knows it’s just as important to look stylish on those

local ingredients, alongside international products,

days when you’re not suited up – going for an effort-

prepared and presented with contemporary flair.

lessly relaxed look in your own signature style.

Text Romy Lange | Photography Bart van Hoek (



40% of companies will cease to exist in 10 years. What are the challenges in your field?

WHAT IS TALX? The Amsterdam Leadership Xchange (TALX) is the premier conference and interactive inspiration platform for business leaders looking to be inspired by distinguished innovation and technology experts from the Netherlands and around the world.

Limited tickets


Attend panel discussions on cutting-edge topics including: • The disruption of the legal sector • The impact of big data • The future of the banking industry • The influence of technology on healthcare • The future of payments

(excl. VAT)

For the full programme and to order tickets go to Only a limited number of tickets are available for each panel session.

TALX The Amsterdam Leadership Xchange 21 & 22 April 2016 RAI AMSTERDAM Tel. 020 7239 777

Hans Verstegen & Josja van der Veer

Chris van Hattum & Willem Verheijen

Eline Kik & Willem Verduyn

Frans Loman & Isabel van de Geer

HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBERS MEETING 15 February @ Novotel Amsterdam • More than 150 people attended the Members Meeting. • Access to Zuidas was a central topic on the agenda, with discussion of concerns as well as solutions. • Alderman Pieter Litjens inspired Zuidas employers and employees. • The quality and image of Zuidas will be safeguarded throughout the works. • Hello Zuidas Members got productive in breakout sessions. • Alongside constructive dialogue, there was also plenty of time for chitchat over drinks.

Jan van den Bosch, Koos Weits & Rein Aarts

Sandra Christiaan, Jeannette Driessen & Roos Li

Edward Zevenbergen & Wijnand Bruning

Bas van Vliet, Paul van Bokhorst & Maarten de Jong

Christiaan Huijg & Olivier Otten

Mariet de Haas & Peter Smit

Peter Loyenga, Vincent Elsing & Rik Hoogendoorn

Nathalie Delorme & Frank Folkers

Robert Jan ter Kuile, Jules van de Ven & Alexandra van Huffelen

Nick de Sonnaville & Maxwell Vaughan

Pauline Bottema, Emile Govaert & Frits Candel

Photography Wouter van Ierssel


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

MONDAY 12 MARCH & MONDAY 18 APRIL 2016 SINGING WORKSHOP MONDAY TO FRIDAY LUNCH, DRINKS AND DINNER @ DACKTERRAZ THE BASKET Enjoy lunch, drinks or dinner while soaking up the rays on Amsterdam’s coolest rooftop terrace. Located on top of The Basket, ‘t Dackterraz is open Monday to Friday, weather permitting, and it is the perfect spot for a hearty lunch or refreshing drinks! For more information, visit:, or drop by!

EVERY SUNDAY BRUNCH & LIVE MUSIC @ OLD SCHOOL RESTAURANT As of this year, the Old School restaurant in Amsterdam will be open every Sunday from 11am. You can enjoy a traditional brunch with live music by jazz students from Amsterdam’s conservatory and others. Children are always welcome! Book your table by calling: 020-6615929.


EVERY FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH A WALK IN THE WOODS @ AMSTERDAM FOREST Hit the trails at Amsterdam Forest every first Tuesday of the month, for an unguided walk of approximately 7 km. For € 1.50 (per person) you buy yourself a route description as well as a coffee or tea afterwards. Route starts at the Amsterdam Forest shop. For information and reservations:

@ DE NIEUWE POORT Looking for a way to unwind after a busy day? How about a singing workshop, led by vocalist Mieke Manschot? You’ll sing a mixture of pop, classical and jazz music, either in canon or polyphony, but always together with fellow singers. No talent required: come in to have fun and discover your voice! Costs: € 10. Time: 6pm to 7pm. See



APART TOGETHER @ ING HOUSE Home life and working life are two defining facets of modern existence. This exhibition explores how they fit together and what their role in the city amounts to. The top floor of the former ING House, renamed INFINITY in 2015, provides a stunning backdrop for this first-ever show about Dutch home and working culture. See

@ THE BASKET Eight rounds of edge-of-your-seat excitement, with music clips, pictures and questions to which you know you know the answer... if only you could remember! It’s the place to be on the VU campus. Suspect you may be the next Einstein of VU Amsterdam? Register your team (5 max.) now and show your stuff! Register on 020-2050966 or via

MARCH - APRIL 2016 Next magazine will be published @ 2nd of May. Send your agenda to before 28 of March.

MONDAY 14 MARCH 2016 YOUR WEBINAR IN THE BAG @ COMPANY WEBCAST Webinars are becoming increasingly popular, but setting one up isn’t exactly a piece of cake. In this free 60-minute webinar we give you the low-down on what it takes to set up a successful webinar in 12 easy steps. Starts at 3pm. Register on

MONDAY 14 & MONDAY 28 MARCH 2016 ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION @ TAALCENTRUM-VU You routinely have to speak English at the office, but are not quite satisfied with your pronunciation. This course hones your speaking skills through a mixture of interactive exercises with your fellow course participants and focuses on your foremost pronunciation foibles. The workshop is led by Dr. Laura Rupp, VU Amsterdam lecturer in English Linguistics.

16-20 MARCH 2016 HISWA AMSTERDAM 14-18 MARCH 2016 MINDFUL LUNCH BREAK FREE TRYOUT @ CLUBSPORTIVE Business life is demanding: high workloads, fast-paced change and a diversity of tasks. How do you stay centred? Through daily mind training with Mindfulbizz! Come try out our lunch sessions FOR FREE for a first taste of mindfulness, or subcribe to our 8-week course, starting March 2016. No Clubsportive membership required. Daily 12:30-12:50pm, Dutch/English. mindfulbizz?trk=top_nav_home

BOAT SHOW @ RAI The HISWA is the perfect kickoff to the boating season, with a wide range of boats up to 10 metres in length and a full range of parts and accessories for any and every type of boat and water enthusiast. Apart from a host of exhibitors to fill you in on the latest trends and exciting innovations, there’s also a jam-packed programme of interactive workshops, inspiring talks, demonstrations galore, fun water action and more.



@ FITCH & SHUI Single and in search of a date? On 15 March Fitch & Shui will be hosting another evening of speed dating at the WTC. Meet a new person every five minutes. After each speed date you can indicate whether or not you’re interested. This time we’re coupling gay men aged 25-40. The dating starts at 7:30pm. For more information, see

CONFERENCE @ VU AMSTERDAM More and more people are connected by the World Wide Web. What impact does this have on our lives? Get the latest insights from VU scientists about online marketing, robots, digital heritage and religion, hacking and intelligent computers. Time: 12:30-5:30pm. Register now and join the debate about the future of our online world:


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam


SATURDAY 19 MARCH 2016 OPEN TOWER DAY Come to the fourth Open Tower Day in Amsterdam from 10am to 4pm, when 19 historic and modern towers throughout the city open their doors to the public. This year’s event will be opened by Zuidas Programme Manager Eline Hoogendijk at the Beurs van Berlage. Open Tower Day is packed with visitor activities in and around the towers, including guided art tours, music, and a photo and film competition! The bell tower of the Oude Kerk will bring the day to a sonorous close at 4pm. You can visit these towers in Zuidas: ABN AMRO, Crowne Plaza, MotelOne, Symphony & Ravel Recidence. For the latest information, see

TUESDAY 22 MARCH 2016 DISCUSSION ON THE PARTICIPATION ACT @ KLARENBEEK CARE FARM A new spring, a new beginning! How is your company doing on the Participation Act? ORAM and Cordaan will sit down with employers and a council representative to discuss how companies can get to grips with the new law. For managing directors, HR directors and 99vanAmsterdam network members. From 3:30pm to 6:15pm.


WEDNESDAY 23 MARCH 2016 STORY OF EASTER @ THOMASKERK 8:30pm Join Ruben van Zwieten for the seventh annual Story of Easter, in a telling that links his reading of the Biblical story to modern life. Literal or symbolic, it’s a narrative that offers new perspectives and inspiration for our lives today. Advance registration appreciated. Admission is free; collection at the door.  Location: Thomaskerk. See

@ FITCH & SHUI Single and in search of a date? On 29 March Fitch & Shui is hosting another evening of speed dating at the WTC. Meet a new person every five minutes. After each speed date you can indicate whether or not you’re interested. This time we’re coupling lesbians aged 25-40. The dating starts at 7:30pm. More information, see

THURSDAY 31 MARCH & THURSDAY 28 APRIL LUNCH CONCERT @ DE NIEUWE POORT Log out & tune in at lunchtime, with classical concert-calibre performances that last only as long as your average lunch break. What better way to decompress than by immersing yourself in marvellous music? The next edition features Itzel Mendez on oboe, Marco Danesi on clarinet and Joe Qiu on bassoon. Time: 12:40-1:00pm. See

MARCH - APRIL 2016 Next magazine will be published @ 2nd of May. Send your agenda to before 28 of March.

WEDNESDAY 13 APRIL 2016 PRESENTATION ZUIDAS 1-30 APRIL 2016 TULIP FESTIVAL @ PLAATS The second annual Tulip Festival will be hosted by a selection of Amsterdam’s public hotspots, including a few in the Zuid district. As usual, public spaces are freely accessible; at museums regular admission rates apply. Be beguiled by the riot of colours and varieties and get inspired to plant some tulips of your own.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT @ AKZONOBEL Green Business Club Zuidas, the Amsterdam Zuidas District Office and Hello Zuidas have teamed up once again to compile the annual Zuidas Sustainability Report, summing up all the sustainable developments and initiatives of 2015. This fourth edition will be presented on 13 April at 3.30pm at the new premises of AkzoNobel on Beethovenstraat, where guests can also take the opportunity to admire AkzoNobel’s fabulous contemporary art collection. Afterwards there will be drinks at Baut. For information or to attend, send an email to:

THURSDAY 21 APRIL & FRIDAY 22 APRIL 2016 THE AMSTERDAM LEADERSHIP XCHANGE (TALX) @ RAI CONVENTION CENTRE Learn all about how disruptive technology affects your business and how you can stay ahead of the game, at the biggest ever disruption event in the Netherlands. Tickets are available for 20 high-level discussions led by international business innovators at the TALX Xperience Centre. Book your tickets at:

TUESDAY 5 APRIL 2016 LUNCH BREAK LECTURE @ DE NIEUWE POORT 12:40-1:00pm Could you use a mental boost during your lunch break? Why not grab a Lunch Break Lecture? On Tuesday afternoons, a leading figure from public or corporate life will offer a philosophical slant on themes such as competition, leadership, solidarity and justice. This month, Marieke Bax, supervisory board member at VastNed and co-founder of the Talent to the Top gender diversity platform, will be sharing her story. See


THURSDAY 21 APRIL 2016 SECRETARY’S DAY FACILITY SQUARE For this year’s Secretary’s Day on 21 April, Triple Ace has planned a special treat. It’s still a secret for now, but here’s a hint: make sure your secretaries head over to Facility Square around lunchtime!

@ ACCENTURE Facebook, Airbnb, Uber – much as they’re a part of everyday life, they still create big headaches for employers. In which sector will we see the next disruptor emerge, and how can your business prepare for such an event? This two-day course offers an introduction to Accenture’s organizational culture, its people, and its specialisms.



Sustainability News


SUSTAINABILITY HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR BREEAM NL (IN-USE) SCORE On Friday 19 February GBC Zuidas and the Dutch Green Building Council organized a knowledge session about BREEAM-NL (In-Use) certifications. A large share of the buildings in the district obtained high sustainability ratings when they were originally built, but the question now is whether there is scope for further improvement. ABN AMRO, for instance, employed BREEAM-NL In-Use to upgrade its existing Gustav Mahlerlaan premises and made so many improvements that their existing building has now been nominated for the global BREEAM Awards. The knowledge session also explained how GBC Zuidas projects can raise buildings’ BREEAM scores through measures such as green and blue roofs, waste separation and car sharing. In an extensive BREEAM-NL (In-Use) survey conducted last year, Zuidas was named the Netherlands’ most sustainable top location. By keeping companies up to date about BREEAM-NL In Use, we aim to keep and live up to that title!

GREEN BUSINESS CLUB ZUIDAS TURNS FIVE On 29 March 2016 Green Business Club Zuidas will cap its fifth year. Much has been achieved in this period: GBC Zuidas has gone from an idea floated by a handful of passionate initiators to a robust 30-member organization. On 21 January there was a reception held at Mason Street to celebrate this anniversary. ABN AMRO, the Zuidas project office and Oram originally pitched the idea for GBC, sensing there was a need for more collaborative sustainability efforts. Other organizations soon joined. Annelinda van Dijck - van Eck of Vesteda was one of those enthusiastic ‘newbies’ and has now been an adviser to the GBC Zuidas board for three years. ‘I’m proud that GBC Zuidas has been able to make a visible and tangible impact’, she says. Michiel Burggraaff (Cofely) & Eline Kik (GBC Zuidas

‘The commitment demonstrated by everybody involved proves that sustainability isn’t just for show, but is intrinsically valued by our members.’

SUSTAINABLE HEATING AND COOLING IN ZUIDAS Many buildings in Zuidas have heating and cooling systems that use either sustainable district heating or underground thermal energy storage (UTES). The city’s heating network uses residual heat from the Diemen and VU Amsterdam power stations, and its cooling network runs on cooling water from Nieuwe Meer. UTES is a local system in which heat and cold are pumped underground on-site and pumped up again as needed. There are several UTES stores in Zuidas, at the new AkzoNobel and Stibbe buildings, The Edge, underneath Gustav Mahlerplein, at RAI Amsterdam and in Beatrixpark. Hompe Taselaar is currently working on a UTES master plan for the northern end of Zuidas. Apart from offering significant energy savings, UTES systems, like district heating, also facilitated a substantial cut in CO2 emissions. The RAI is one of the latest participants to switch to district heating, which will reduce its annual CO2 emissions by roughly 1,500 tonnes, or 50%, compared to the emissions from the gas boilers it used previously.

Peter Smink (Nuon) & Hans Bakker (RAI)

Would you like to making Zuidas more sustainable? Find out how at Send your news on sustainability to

Text Maartje Oome


Waldy Brewster & Felix Verhagen

Arthur & Ingrid Goos

Jesse, Geert & Arjan

Barbara & Renate

BAUT ZUIDAS GRAND OPENING 15 January @ BAUT Zuidas • The grand opening drew a big crowd. • BAUT Zuidas is a temporary pop-up restaurant. • The restaurant was rigged up in two weeks. • Every Thursday and Friday DJs will spin grooves at the bar & bistro. • The big open fireplace in the centre was hot. • The restaurant is also a showcase for artworks. • The evening was a resounding success. Walter, Peter, Jip & Jochem

Chislaine Haagsma & Michael Wolf

Deborah Durlacher & Scarlett Rachamim

Herbert Verweij & Dorus Kloters

Irma, Paul & Vivien

Marieke ’t Hart & Sandra Koning

Maarten Truijers & Eric Twiss

Photography Davien Hulsman

Jimmy, Barbara & Johan

Datevik, Demi & Bas

Inge Brouwer, Eline Nauta & Geesje van der Meer



Making a case for a Zuidas City Bike 38.


The vibrant Zuidas district has over 100,000 people coming and going through Amsterdam Zuid station every weekday. With approximately 700 companies established in the area and the residential population having grown to 1,800 in 2015, Zuidas has become a real transport hub. But although these figures are set to rise and there are a number of large-scale infrastructure projects lying ahead, regional accessibility is about to become a major challenge. Ample reason therefore, to explore the possibility of a shared bike fleet in Zuidas.

PERFECT CYCLING CONDITIONS Cycling is a clean, healthy and easy way to get around, whether you

the logos of businesses investing in the scheme can be an

go to a business meeting or pick up groceries after work. With the

attractive marketing tool, while also showcasing a company’s

construction of two additional underground bike facilities and

green ambitions.

the impending Zuidasdok project – which includes plans for a possible east-west cycling route to the area (Dakpad) – it makes

To reduce pressure on area accessibility, commuters to and

sense to look into the possibilities of increasing bicycle use in

from Zuidas need to be offered a variety of transport options.

the district. After all, many destinations in Amsterdam and

A Zuidas bike sharing scheme that is convenient and user-friendly

Amstelveen are within cycling distance of Zuidas.

could make a pivotal contribution in helping to keep Zuidas green, healthy and accessible.

ZUIDAS CITY BIKE SHARING SURVEY Bicycle sharing schemes have been popping up in many cities


around the world, and are on the rise in the Netherlands as well.

The Zuidas City Bike concept was one of the topics discussed

With the aim to explore if such a scheme could work in the Zuidas

at the Hello Zuidas Members Meeting. If you have ideas for

district, Hello Zuidas surveyed a group of local employees,

a potentially successful bike sharing scheme, please send an

asking for their views on a ‘Zuidas City Bike’ system. Almost 60%

email to: Hello Zuidas will continue

of the interviewees said they would be interested in using shared

to explore the potential for bike sharing in Zuidas and develop

bikes if they were available, for instance to get to business

the business case for a Zuidas City Bike. We will also be meeting

meetings or to go on lunch breaks. The survey participants

with key stakeholders to identify potential partnerships, so we

were also asked to rate the importance of certain aspects of

can make such a scheme into a success.

a bike sharing service. Their answers show that accessibility The bikes should be on hand and easy to book. When asked


about their preferred type of bicycle, the majority favoured

We also asked participants which target groups they thought

a solid city bike, whereas e-bikes proved much less popular.

would use a bike sharing scheme in Zuidas. This was a multiple-

This short survey demonstrated that there is potential for a

choice question. Each option is included in the pie chart below,

Zuidas bike sharing scheme, which could either connect specific

which shows the responses in absolute figures.

and proximity of the bicycles is considered very important.

locations in the area such as the RAI and Zuid station, or could be made available from one central location, as is the case with public transport bikes (OV-fiets).

Public transport users



A Zuidas City Bike could furthermore be an opportunity for

People who work in Zuidas

private investors to contribute to a greener district. A prime


example of this is New York City’s very successful Citi Bike

Infrequent OV-fiets users

Local visitors

system, named after its sponsor, Citibank. Bicycles that bear

Text Willeke Adriaanse





Commercial real estate market back in the saddle PROPERTY SPECIAL ALL SYSTEMS GO


It’s all systems go on the real estate market. In 2015 the

Last year Zuidas posted relatively few investment transactions.

volume of commercial real estate investments in the

With most prominent office buildings already traded in 2014,

Netherlands experienced continued growth to reach

investors have shifted their focus. They looked, for example,

€ 11.6 billion, representing a 10.5% per annum increase,

for alternatives elsewhere in Amsterdam, but also for

the highest level since 2007. Investments in retail property

properties in other major Dutch including like The Hague and

even set a new record at just under € 2.8 billion. Office,

Rotterdam. At Zuidas, the new year kicked off with the sale

industrial and hotels likewise recorded year-on-year

of NoMA House, a new development on the corner of Gustav

investment growth. For this issue, international real estate

Mahlerlaan and Parnassusweg. Construction of this modern,

consultant CBRE has summed up trends in the Dutch property

sustainable office block will provide an additional 14,000 m2

market and Zuidas in particular.

of office stock set to be completed in October 2017.


Further construction and renovation projects abound in Zuidas.

CBRE anticipates another strong year for real estate

Though there are too many to mention here, the extensive

investments in 2016. Market conditions are favourable,

renovation of the existing Atrium building into The New

the Dutch economy is outpacing its European peers,

Atrium is a prime example. With the finishing touches being

and employment and business investments are both

made to the existing building as we speak, delivery of the

on an upswing. Following a period of muted/subdued activity,

two additional new office towers is expected in 2017.

Dutch commercial property investors are back in buying

Tenants of The New Atrium will enjoy a range of added

mode, with the market experiencing an influx of new capital.

services and facilities, including a coffee corner, a restaurant,

Foreign investors from Asia and elsewhere are also actively

a conference centre and a gym, alongside the privilege of

pursuing purchases, driving increasing diversity on the real

leasing in a much more sustainable building. On the opposite

estate investment market.

side of Amsterdam Zuid station, renovation of Officia III has just finished. That Zuidas is a genuine hotspot is attested by


the fact that this building’s 6,500 m2 were renovated on

Absorption of vacancy saw a strong increase across

spec and were already fully leased before completion.

various sectors in 2015. Demand for new office space was high at Zuidas too. In 2015, 44% more office space


was leased, marking the highest level since 2012.

Zuidas continues to be a magnet for Dutch and international

Historically, the Netherlands’ Financial Mile has been

organizations. Moreover, once located here, tenants seem

characterized by low vacancy rates, with 9% district-

reluctant to leave Zuidas. The lion’s share of leases is renewed,

wide and just 4% in the heart of Zuidas last year.

either for the same or an adjusted amount of floor space.




De Boel is the perfect residential location for young professionals.

Comfortable and affordable housing in Zuidas

De Boel - apartments for the young professional Imagine starting out on your career while looking for an affordable, comfortable home at the established Zuidas location. An impossible task? Not any more, thanks to an apartment complex called De Boel. In early May, 144 fully renovated apartments plus ten penthouses will be delivered at this prime location. It’s a sustainable and inspiring place offering all the pleasures of today’s urban lifestyle. With splendid views of the Zuidas itself, De Boel is the perfect


residential location for young professionals. CEO of Vesteda

With 144 apartments averaging 70 square metres at the

Gertjan van der Baan highlights some of the perks: ‘When you

reasonable starting rent of € 1,015 a month, these homes form

live in De Boel, the city centre of Amsterdam is just a bike ride

a tempting prospect for young professionals. They are the

away. You can enjoy a run in Amstelpark or Beatrixpark,

residents Gertjan has in mind: ‘With these homes we aim

and thanks to the Amsterdam Zuid station, there's a direct

to provide added value for the people who work in Zuidas.

connection to Schiphol Airport right on your doorstep.’

What we have in mind with this building is a melting pot of



144 fully renovated apartments will be delivered.

Gertjan van der Baan, CEO Vesteda

young and ambitious people who value the convenience of living close to their jobs and the city’s hotspots.’ In addition to the standard apartments, De Boel also offers ten penthouses averaging 108 square metres, at monthly rents starting from € 1,525.

STRONG LOGO What was once a typical Amsterdam apartment building has undergone a complete metamorphosis, both inside and out. ‘The penthouses are luxurious, we have increased the number of balconies and the complex has been given an entire stylish makeover’, says Gertjan. ‘We are particularly proud of the giant bull on the side of the building created by the famous international artist Victor Ash. Who knows, we may have created the future Zuidas logo!’

SUSTAINABLE LIVING Not only is De Boel a great location and a pleasant place to live, it is also a good choice for those residents who value sustainability. As Gertjan explains: ‘Breathing new life into an apartment building that dates back to 1963 is a sustainable thing to do. And we made the conscious decision to redevelop a location nearby a public transport hub. But the icing on the cake is our rooftop garden, which is open to all residents: a terrace with a


view with lots of greenery and a facility for collecting rainwater.

The value of sustainable homes will endure over time. Of that

I am sure.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Davien Hulsman



‘We’re good troubleshooters; we enjoy the challenge of a complex task’ 44.


400 Beethovenstraat

Ben van Berkel, Founder UNStudio

As a young graphic designer, Ben van Berkel quickly found himself gravitating towards architecture. From there he developed fast, and today his company, UNStudio, already boasts more than 50 big-time projects worldwide. Two of them can be found right here in Zuidas: the UNStudio Tower and the stunning 400 Beethovenstraat. Rising above the corner of Gustav Mahlerlaan and Beethovenstraat, the building 400 Beethovenstraat was developed in partnership with G&S Vastgoed. By now, we’ve all been impressed by this new eye-catcher, where everything revolves around the concept of ‘coming home’. Ben van Berkel gave us the inside story.


hand, we’re good troubleshooters; we enjoy the challenge of a complex task.

I’ve become increasingly interested in the new flexible working look like actual office buildings. You’ve got to think more about


how you can build informal work areas into the design and

Looking at our work, you’ll certainly notice commonalities,

how to exploit extra-high spaces to create greater flexibility.

but I believe in the need for continually reinventing myself.

Here, all of the levels are connected by staircases, so people

We do like to take a step back every five or six years and think

can bypass the elevators. Many people feel uncomfortable in

about how we might change the style. Those discussions come

elevators, and this way we’ve incorporated health into the

up regularly here at the office. Though I’m not rigid in my style,

architecture. The silhouette of the building is very much defined

people do tend to instantly recognize UNStudio buildings.

environment. These days, office buildings no longer have to

by the terraces we’ve created on the exterior. That’s also a blue blocks are like modern bricks, which form such a typical


feature of Amsterdam.

We’ve worked with G&S on several projects now, and the colla-

contemporary trend – to provide good outdoor space. And the

boration has always been great. We’ve gotten to know each other


well. G&S likes to amp things up, but they are straightforward in

We didn’t know when we started on the design, but as soon

with. In the end, it all comes down to creating something you

as it was announced, there was lots of consultation, of course.

can feel proud of.

how they deal with things. And their team is a pleasure to work

We certainly took their ideas about the building on board. They were very much taken with the design’s outdoor spaces.

• 400 Beethovenstraat is a development of G&S Vastgoed • 400 Beethovenstraat will house the offices of NautaDutilh


• It has 14 floors

For sure, but that’s true of any building you design. Height was

• It offers parking for approx. 130 cars

something we had to consider, for example, and we sought to

• Outdoor space on almost every floor

harmonize the lines of the façade with the elevations in the

• A BREEAM Excellent rating will be awarded upon

Beethovenstraat. Fortunately, building is less complex in Zuidas

the building’s completion mid-2016

• The surface area is 14,770 m2

than in the centre of Amsterdam. That’s a plus. On the other

Text Romy Lange


CREATIVE STREETWISE ENGAGED That’s our motto. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij is a real estate agent dedicated to special properties, unique people and one-of-a-kind clients. For them, we’re happy to go the extra mile, to go above and beyond the usual service. We give every project all we’ve got, and in return we get a wealth of inspiration for innovative services, offers and new ideas. Contact us with no obligation to learn what we can do for you.

Certified real estate agents/appraisers specialized in project consultancy, sale/lease of new-build projects and existing development, and appraisals.

EEFJE VOOGD MAKELAARDIJ BV Parnassusweg 201 - 1077 DG Amsterdam | T 020 - 30 50 560 | |

Jessika van Veen

Regus opens fourth location in Netherlands’ Financial Mile

Regus recently opened a fourth location in Zuidas: Regus

suit the character of the building and prospective clients.

Amsterdam Viñoly. The new centre responds to the growing

Take the Atrium for example, which is a prestigious and

demand for flexible office space and co-working spaces in

imposing building. That stately, corporate character is reflected

the business heart of the Netherlands. Jessika van Veen,

in our business centre. By contrast, the Viñoly tower is

managing director of Regus Nederland since April 2015,

transparent and suffused with light.’ On the ground floor of

took Hello Zuidas on a tour of Regus Amsterdam Viñoly.

the Viñoly tower is a large co-working lounge, offering varied types of open workspaces. Its look and feel is unique and unlike


any of Regus’ other locations in the Netherlands. Offices of all

Regus is a global provider of flexible workspaces, with over 3,000

sizes are located on the upper floors. ‘We cater to every need,

locations in 120 countries. Zuidas is proof of the company’s

expanding to accommodate our clients as they grow.’

growth; it already was home to two Regus centres, at Amsterdam WTC and Amsterdam Atrium, as well as a Regus Spaces location,


all of which have high occupancy. ‘Now we’ve added Regus

‘Whether we’re in a historic building or a brand-new property,

Amsterdam Viñoly’, says Van Veen. ‘We’ve noted growing

we make sure every Regus location offers the same high level

demand from a wide diversity of clients in Zuidas’, she continues.

of quality and service’, Van Veen emphasizes. ‘Our job is to

‘Start-ups that work closely with the big corporate companies

enable our clients in Zuidas to focus on their business.’

and want to be located nearby, for example, or companies that were leasing premises but have decided to opt for greater flexibility and convenience. And international businesses that quickly want to establish a presence in Zuidas are also interested.’

Regus Nederland T +31 (0)800 020 2000


T +31 (0)20 491 9595

Van Veen explains that each of the four locations in Zuidas has

a distinct identity. ‘The interiors are all carefully designed to

Text Sanne Offringa | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde



The new P4 parking building will enable the RAI to offer on-premises parking during all events.

Multifunctional car park near heart of the RAI From August 2016, visitors to the international RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre will have a new multifunctional car park at their disposal. The new P4 parking building will enable the RAI to offer on-premises parking during all events. Aside from the additional 1,000 parking spaces, the multifunctional building’s first floor can also serve as an extra hall, effectively adding 2,500 m2 of exhibition space!


catching spiral-shaped ramps, the building represents both a

From this summer, the RAI will have its own brand-new,

practical and an aesthetic asset. ‘The new complex will be built

sustainable car park, designed by Mels Crouwel of Benthem

between hall 8 and 9’, says Business Development Manager

Crouwel Architects. With its clean rectangular lines and eye-

Berend Bouwman. ‘The double-storied first floor connects this



Long-term functionality was an important design criterion for the RAI

Wim Braakman & Berend Bouwman

part of the building to the other exhibition floors. During events,

directed to an off-site car park. ‘Soon that will be a thing of the

it may be used for parking or, with a few simple adjustments,

past’, says Wim. ‘What’s more, we’ll now be able to offer other

be converted to an additional hall.’ Traffic Management

organizations that extra bit of flexibility when they need more

Manager Wim Braakman, who is also a member of the

parking capacity themselves. EY, HP and Okura have already

Accessibility Task Force (Taskforce Bereikbaarheid Zuidas),

signed up to our subscription pool, and we’re happy to welcome

adds, ‘this provides us with a 2,500 m extension and also

other companies in Zuidas.' RAI Amsterdam now offers motor

enables us to offer visitors parking facilities on the RAI premises.’

vehicle pool subscription. 'Our motor vehicle pool subscription


is designed around the fact that not every employee comes the


office by car every day. This provides more flexibility in the use of

Long-term functionality was an important design criterion for the

the needed park facilities and it is a more economical solution

RAI. Berend explains, ‘because the spaces are multifunctional,

as it prevents paying costs for spaces that are not used. The pool

in time the parking levels should be suited to be converted into

subscription offers you the opportunity to have more users than

offices, for example. The RAI complex also uses sustainable

reserved parking spaces.

energy systems, including district heating and heat and cold storage, while building aboveground offers the advantage of a

RAI Amsterdam facts and figures

natural ventilation system – the wind. Plus, the new car park

• An additional 1,000 parking spaces will make for a total

will offer another 20 charging stations for electric cars, on top

of the 28 the RAI already has on offer.’

• Once completed, the P4 facility will increase parking

of 4,000. capacity to 98%.


• Some 600 cars are parked at the RAI on a daily basis.

Ever since 1992, the IBC, short for International Broadcasting

• During the annual home fair, the RAI directs 6,000

Conference, is anually held at the RAI. ‘We’ve enjoyed a wonderful

professional partnership with the IBC for more than 20 years

• The parking building will be 30 metres high, with 7

now’, says Wim. ‘We value this relationship, which is why we

levels accommodating 1,000 cars. Each level has a

kicked off construction after their last edition this past September.

height of 3.6 m, with the exception of the first level,

We will ensure it’s finished before they return this September.’

which is 7.2 m in height.

According to Berend, ‘our contractor had never experienced this

• The building will have two entrances and two exits,

before! But to us it was only logical’.

with access both from the grounds (A10 parallel road)

and from P1. Pedestrians can enter and exit the building


on the north side, which is connected to the RAI

The RAI takes up a unique spot in Amsterdam, organizing and

pedestrian zone.

hosting large scale events like the major annual home fair

• License plates are scanned at the P4 building

(Huishoudbeurs), ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) and PLMA.

They also host the hospitality sector fair (Horecava) and

• The P4 is built to the latest

international conferences like the European Breast Cancer

cars to on and off-site parking.

to promote traffic flows on the A10 motorway. ESPA standards.

Conference. At the moment, when parking is short, visitors are

Text Romy Lange



BAM Commercial & Plandevelopment Affairs Manager for the Amsterdam Area Rutger Sypkens

BAM: not just any construction company

BAM underscores importance of circular economy And this hasn’t gone unnoticed. The construction company has even obtained the highest possible rating for circular enterprise in a comparative study on waste reduction and reuse, conducted by the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) that looked at 52 Dutch listed companies. For BAM it was less a surprise than an affirmation that the company is on the right path. Since its reorganization in 2015, BAM’s operating companies have

to monitor the project’s potential impact on the environment,

been active in two business lines: Construction & Real Estate and

local companies and residents, and all other relevant parties.’

Infra. Sustainability and collaboration are key themes companywide. As BAM Commercial & Plandevelopment Affairs Manager for


the Amsterdam Area Rutger Sypkens explains, ‘We make a concious

A good example of BAM’s area management in action is Gustav

effort to connect with other companies, partners and local residents.

Mahlerplein in Zuidas. ‘One of the reasons we were awarded

Area management and socially responsible construction are

this contract was our area management strategy. As part of the

essential facets of all our building plans. Our objective is not only to

construction of the 3,000-bike underground parking facility,

deliver a high-quality building product as quickly as possible, but also

we erected a transport bridge with a moving belt four metres



ABN AMRO bank’s Pavilion


Summertime (photo by John Gundlach/Flying Holland)’

overhead. It was decorated with a painting commissioned by

concept and copying it, and that’s a development I applaud.

Hello Zuidas and used to safely transport construction materials

We’re evolving from thinking and acting out of self-interest towards

and soil to and from the construction and work site. People could

a shareconomy. For our part, we’re also working out plans to

walk underneath without having to worry about safety or dirt

develop a web based ‘marketplace’ for building materials.

and debris. Several months into the project the pit could be

These are marvellous developments.’

covered at street level, after which the work continued below ground. Disruptions from the works were minimal, which had

Projects in Zuidas

a positive effect on the surrounding area and BAM staff.’

Besides the redevelopment of Gustav Mahlerplein and the construction of the ABN AMRO Pavilion, BAM’s Zuidas CV


also includes residential projects such as:

BAM aims to be a pioneer in sustainable architecture. The con-


struction of the ABN AMRO bank’s Pavilion, set to start shortly,


is a good example. ABN AMRO is fully committed to circular

Kop Zuidas

operations for both execution as operational phase. ‘We’re very

Gelderlandplein (residential and retail project)

excited about this partnership with ABN AMRO’, Rutger says. ‘Together, we’re pioneering circular enterprise. After the upcoming

Dream project

construction summer holiday we will start construction above

BAM’s dream project is to build the Landscape House in

ground for this remountable pavilion. In effect, what this means is

the near future – for example in Zuidas. A pavilion that

that the building can be erected in one spot and later dismantled

is digitally designed and will be 3D printed to ensure

and rebuilt somewhere else. Furthermore, all of the materials are

minimal loss of time and materials, it would offer

either recycled or new materials suited for future reuse, which is

the ultimate space to exhibit and view art just

better for the environment and also financially more advantgeous.

outside the city centre.

We see an increasing number of companies being open to this

Text Romy Lange | Photography Davien Hulsman


Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new members COMPANY THE TERRACE CHAMPAGNE & OYSTER BAR SECTOR CAFÉ & BAR NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 5-10 Link with Zuidas: We’re the Netherlands' first and only exclusive lounge, champagne and oyster bar, and if there’s one place in this country where deals are sealed with a bottle of bubbly, it would be Zuidas. That's why we see Zuidas as a prime location. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As a business based in Zuidas, we want to stay up to date and to be a part of and contribute to the Zuidas community.

COMPANY LEXENCE SECTOR LEGAL SERVICES NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 125 Link with Zuidas: As of 1 January 2016, Lexence has its offices in the Infinity building (aka ‘the shoe’). Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Zuidas is a unique location. As a member, we want to do our share in creating a wonderful working and living environment.

COMPANY PRIVATE SALES AMSTERDAM SECTOR READY-TO-WEAR RETAIL & EVENTS NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 7 Link with Zuidas: Private Sales Amsterdam is a cutting-edge, innovative concept that wouldn’t be suited to a high street or business park environment, but certainly fits in with Zuidas. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We want to get involved with other companies in the area and to help make Zuidas into a dynamic place to be. We hope to get acquainted with other companies and let them get to know us.

COMPANY BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS AMSTERDAM SECTOR MENTORING ORGANIZATION NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 4 Link with Zuidas: BBBSAm is based at De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We believe it’s important to keep up with developments in Zuidas and we want to forge ties between our foundation, local companies and Zuidas residents. Our efforts are focused on stimulating civic engagement as a means of promoting Zuidas’ overall image.

COMPANY ‘T ADVOCAATJE SECTOR INDONESIAN RESTAURANT & BAR NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 5-10 Link with Zuidas: We see Zuidas as an up-and-coming hotspot and want to be a first-mover here. There was no Indonesian restaurant in Zuidas yet, and the owner has a background in law, which we think is appropriate. Aside from serving Indonesian food, we also have a great bar that’s perfect for drinks after work. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We’re eager to contribute to the Zuidas community, to stay up to date on everything that’s happening and to be a genuine part of Zuidas. Membership of Hello Zuidas offers a great way to do just that.




Hello Zuidas


Zuidas Underground In her own inimitable style, artist Sigrid van Essel

TenneT and ProRail, where the electrical power

has created a watercolour of a special Zuidas

supply for the entire Zuidas district comes together.

Zuidas Under-

location, depicting a scene both above and below

The lower section of the telecommunications tower

ground, 2015,

ground. A spot with strange, abstract buildings,

is visible in the background. The buildings are


windowless buildings, buildings whose unusual

literally filled to the rafters with state of the art

63 x 58 cm,

colours make them works of art unto themselves.

equipment and electronics aimed to keep all of

Sigrid van Essel,

The artist’s perspective can be seen from the

Zuidas powered up and humming along. In a

terminus of tram line 4, just south of RAI station.

way, they form a gigantic ‘fuse box’ for the

The watercolour depicts the buildings of Liander,

entire district.


Refocus and get your mobility moving Want to cut costs, reduce your CO2 footprint or solve parking woes? The key to success lies in adapting employee travel habits. Syndesmo helps you get your mobility moving.

030 - 2523929

MEMO BOARD BAUT POP-UP RESTAURANT POPS UP AT ZUIDAS BAUT has temporarily popped up at Zuidas, following two successful locations on Wibautstraat and Stadionplein. The restaurant is open all day, and offers a laid-back atmosphere for private encounters and business liaisons. BAUT’s new location also provides space for art, design and music. The bar and bistro, which were previously part of the restaurant, have now been given their own, unique space. You can experience BAUT in Zuidas until the end of April, when it will pop up somewhere else in the city.

HEALTHY FOOD AND QUICK DELIVERIES FROM SUSHI TIME WTC Working late? Don’t feel like cooking? Sushi Time WTC has the healthy solution. We deliver 7 days a week to your office or home between 5pm and 9pm. If your postal code ranges between 1071 and 1083, we’ll be right over with our delicious sushi, salads, sashimi and hot dishes. Order at and get a € 5 discount on your first order using the code word ‘Zuidastime’.

BLOODY MARY COCKTAILS AT THE KERSENTUIN Feel like trying something different? Go out for drinks with your colleagues at the Kersentuin! The restaurant’s trendy bar serves delectable and surprising concoctions, including Bloody Mary cocktails. Stefan van Sprang (signature chief) and Wessel Ruijmgaart (executive chef) have devised a unique menu of culinary drinks for the bar at the Kersentuin. Walk in or call us on: +31 (0)20 570 56 66, or visit:

‘PALACE RUIN’, AN ARTWORK IN ZUIDAS BY JAMES BECKETT This summer at Zuidas, James Beckett will create a smoking ‘palace ruin’. The installation consists of a fragment from Amsterdam’s ‘Palace of Industry’ (built in 1864) that practically burned down to the ground in 1929. The original Palace of Industry on Frederiksplein, the current home of De Nederlandsche Bank, was a light steel structure covered with glass and wood. Beckett’s huge steel construction on Mahlerplein will serve as a stage for lectures on architecture and music concerts throughout the summer. The project is being developed by TAAK ( For more information and bookings, please ring: 06-30702822.

ARE YOU SOMEONE’S NEW BIG BROTHER OR BIG SISTER? BBBSAM IS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! Big Brothers Big Sisters Amsterdam is a mentoring organization for kids and young people living in singleparent families at or below the poverty line. As a volunteer you get do all sorts of fun and educational activities every week, and you’ll be able to give a child or young person the attention they want and need. Sign up now and start a special friendship! See for more information.

FREE SHUTTLE TO GELDERLANDPLEIN A free shuttle service to the Gelderlandplein shopping centre is now available. Getting to the shops is once more quick and easy, thanks to an initiative by the Kroonenberg Group. Several bus stops were removed in 2014, which made it difficult for many people to go shopping at Gelderlandplein. The shuttle has two routes: one for Zuidas, and the other serving the Buitenveldert neighbourhood.

E-mail your memo’s to


mindfulbizz 14-18 March: Mindful Lunch Break FREE tryout @Clubsportive Business life is demanding: high workloads, fast-paced change and the diversity of tasks. How do you stay centred? Through daily mind training with Mindfulbizz! Come try out our lunch sessions FOR FREE for a first taste of mindfulness or subcribe to our 8-week course starting March 2016.

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COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Gustav Mahlerplein 2, 1082 MA Amsterdam (Viñoly Tower, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 799 7413 | +31 (0) 13 545 3298 -

Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Mieke Verberkt | Imageau Translation: Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Romy Lange, Ruben van Zwieten, Milou Peeters, Loes Ariaens, Katja Tremio, Angela Nijland, Maartje Oome, Willeke Adriaanse & Sanne Offringa. Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde, Ingrid Arnou, Davien Hulsman, Jesse Kraal, Wouter van Ierssel, Bart van Hoek & John Gundlach. Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Kenneth Goedhart, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk & Bob Oostelbos Thanks to: Hester Alberdingk Thijm, AkzoNobel, Ruth Jansen, Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), Kroonenberg Groep, Maarsen Groep, Gassan, Regus, Property NL, Ruben van Zwieten, Zuidasdok, Financieele Dagblad, CBRE, Vesteda, G&S Vastgoed, UNStudio, Amsterdam RAI & BAM.

Printed by: Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly) Copyright: © 2016 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.


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Hello Zuidas #24  

Hello Zuidas #24

Hello Zuidas #24  

Hello Zuidas #24


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