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magazine #7. may/june 2013

Cintha van Heeswijck, ARTZUID

Linking the Rijksmuseum with the city’s business district In-house legal services by Halsten

Distinguishing business model

Sustainability & networking Launch 1st sustainability report Zuidas!

KIRSTEN VAN DEN HUL “Supporting sustainability is one thing, being sustainable is quite another.”

Recruitment special “People leave managers, not organizations”


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Land Rover Experience Centre Kimman B.V. Kollenbergweg 74, Amsterdam

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Adv_A4_LocalRoots_v2.indd 1

27-08-12 11:43

Adv_A4_LocalRoots_v2.indd 1

27-08-12 11:43

Adv_A4_LocalRoots_v2.indd 1

27-08-12 11:43

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Zuidas looks even better in the sunshine After a month of greyness and the shortest possible

And now that the fine weather is with us once again,

walks to fetch lunch or to a meeting, the time is finally

there’s no longer any reason to avoid putting on our

right to make a proper move outside. And like most

running shoes either. The Hello Zuidas editorial team

people and places, Zuidas looks better with a little

will be joining in the Zuidas Run and most of us are

colour in its cheeks. The sidewalk cafés have opened

going for the 10 miles competition. Are you planning to

and we can once again enjoy a beer with our

be there on June 2? Hello Zuidas will be at the finishing

colleagues after work on Friday. Winter seemed to

line to congratulate you personally on completing

last forever.

the Run.

From May 22, Zuidas will also be home to something

I’m also proud to present our recruitment special in

rather special: it becomes a part of the ARTZUID

this issue, in which companies such as Kempen & Co

sculpture walk. What better excuse do you need for a

and Greenberg Nielsen share their personal expe-

lunchtime stroll around the district and to the

riences and explain all about their new strategies.

managing director of this great initiative, gives us the

I hope you will enjoy this new edition of Hello Zuidas.


low-down in our cover story. I truly admire the amount

The magazine has now been in existence for a full

The next issue

of work she puts in to make this into a fantastic and

year and we are looking forward to going from

of Hello Zuidas

all-encompassing event.

strength to strength in the next one.

is scheduled for

Minervalaan and Apollolaan? Cintha van Heeswijck,

July 2nd.

Since 2005, there have not been so few vacant properties as there are at the moment. According to property broker Jones Lang LaSalle, the vacancy rate was just 7.9% at the end of last year – which is good news for housing and commercial property owners. About 30% of Zuidas offices are occupied by international companies. These new customers often start off using flexible accommodation, such as that offered by the likes of Spaces, TOO, Regus and the WTC, before moving on to their own designated floors. New arrivals are not simply a positive development for the office vacancy rate. They are also a boon to the legal, financial and recruitment companies in Zuidas that are ready to serve them as soon as they arrive.





AND BELGIUM AND WE ARE STILL EXPANDING More and more clients discover the advantages of our product. Flexible lease contracts that link with your plans perfectly. Fully equipped highquality work stations with personal service. Whatever kind of office space you’re looking for, The Office Operators always have a fitting

solution for you. So, should you decide never to sign a long-term agreement again, please contact The Office Operators for a customized solution. Please call +31 20 700 55 55 or visit


Index 08. Cintha van Heeswijck (ARTZUID) “We like the idea of linking the Rijksmuseum with the city’s business district” 12. Property 14. Trending Topics 15. Column: Kirsten van den Hul Going green 19. Hello Zuidas – Public Space Keep Zuidas tidy 20. Finance 23. Valid Express Valid Express provides a place for the chronically ill and disabled 24. Dentists in Zuidas: Van de Veer Lunchtime: a good moment to visit the dentist 26. Hello Zuidas – Sustainability Sustainability & networking go together 28. Agenda Hello Zuidas 32. Legal – Halsten Legal Department Halsten offers in-house legal services

35. Hello Zuidas – Public Space Tree nursery: a place for greenery to flourish 38. Hello You 41. Phisage A beautiful alliance 42. Hello Zuidas – Mobility - Accessibility, sustainability and burning calories - Of course you can eat cake. Just get on your bike as well 45. Talent Celebrating 75 years of the Beatrixpark 46. Special : Recruitment - 48. Greenberg Nielsen - 50. Greenberg Nielsen – Jobs - 53. Kempen & Co 55. Dienst Zuidas Summer road works in Zuidas 56. Hello Zuidas – New members 57. Memo board

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.,,,


ARTZUID: a bridge between the Rijksmuseum and Zuidas The 2013 edition of the hugely successful ARTZUID festival will start off on May 22. International human rights lawyer Cintha van Heeswijck is director of the biennial sculpture route which she has been organizing for the third time. Henk van Os, curator of ARTZUID and a former director of the Rijksmuseum, will once again be helping her turn the area around the Minervalaan into an inspiring art environment. ‘We liked the idea of linking the Rijksmuseum, Museumplein, the Cornelis Schuyt area, the Beethovenstraat and the area around the Apollolaan with the city’s business district. The enthusiasm of the people in Zuidas is inspiring. They want to do all they can to improve the quality of life in the area,’ Van Heeswijck says. Engagement

Amsterdam,’ she says. The Rabobank has been

The theme of this year’s ARTZUID is Engagement.

appointed special project sponsor for the educa-

The word has more than one connotation but in

tional programme and Van Heeswijck is counting

this particular context it translates into a focus on

on the renewed support of lots of schools. But all

non-Western artists. ‘I wanted to include artists

this doesn’t begin to cover the costs, she says.

from developing countries as well as artists from

ARTZUID depends largely on the support given by

western countries,’ says Van Heeswijck. ‘Some of

businesses. ‘Business doesn’t end at the front door

them are becoming quite well-known, but there

of the office, it forms part of a neighbourhood and

are still many artists who are struggling because

what goes on there,’ she says. ‘ARTZUID attracts

they lack the resources to pay for transportation,

lots of visitors and serves as a good networking

or the modes of communication needed to intro-

event. Last year one of the sponsors told me:

duce themselves to a wider audience.’ Van

“I have known this business contact for 15 years

Heeswijck began by looking for sponsors for 14

but when we went on a guided tour of ARTZUID

artists. ‘Sponsorship costs ¤ 5000 and we’re still

together, I suddenly saw a whole new side to him”.’

four sponsors short of our goal,’ she says. This sort of thing matters to companies and this is


Cultural enterprise

why they want to contribute, Van Heeswijck says.

From the start Van Heeswijck has been the driving

The rest of the money comes in the shape of

force behind ARTZUID. ‘This year, for the first

donations and from the sale of catalogues, guided

time, the local city council has given us a

tours, the children’s studio and coffee and tea

¤ 100,000 subsidy. The council is beginning to

sales. ‘Our local volunteers play an enormously

understand that we have the potential of develop-

important role in this event,’ she adds. ‘You could

ing into a major tourist attraction for the city of

call us a cultural enterprise but unfortunately,

Henk van Os & Cintha van Heeswijck

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Mart Engelen


being entrepreneurial is very difficult in the current

vacant and we are very grateful for being able

economic climate.’

to use it to show Ai Weiwei’s work,’ says Van Heeswijck. ‘It’s a wonderful space and it’s perfect


for this particular artwork. It’s a great pity the

The idea for ARTZUID came from the Sonsbeek

artist himself won’t be here, as he is not permitted

district sculpture exhibition in Arnhem.

to travel abroad. He is an artist as well as an activist

Van Heeswijck grew up in the area and thought

who wants to draw the world’s attention to the

a similar exhibition would be just perfect for

human rights situation in his country and the Chinese

Amsterdam Zuid. ‘I always loved the idea of having

government doesn’t like it. I admire his persistence.’

sculptures lining the streets,’ she said. ‘Lots of other people gave their support and six months

Favourite work

later we established the ArtZuid Foundation.

Of course Van Heeswijck has her favourites among

We wanted to liven up the neighbourhood, put

the works on display. ‘I like the wall hanging by

the spotlight on Berlage’s Plan Zuid, create new

Abdoulaye Konate which will also be found in the

meeting places and open up the neighbourhood

Kunstkapel.’ she says.

to the surrounding areas. ARTZUID is essentially an initiative by the neighborhood and it shows:

Forever 2003 Ai Weiwei; courtesy of More Gallery Giswil Switzerland

we have lots of local people offering their services as volunteers.’

Zuidas ARTZUID’s starting point is the Minervalaan, which connects the part of the city designed by Berlage to the new Zuidas business district. ‘We want to emphasise the link between the two with our sculptures,’ Van Heeswijck says. German artist Martin Pfeifle has been invited to exhibit on the Zuidplein with an installation meant to change our perception of the existing space. The same location will also host an enormous helicopter by the Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Lê. ‘Dinh Q. Lê is a young artist trying to come to terms with his country’s violent past,’ says Van Heeswijck. ‘He asks the younger generation to be more understanding of the way the older generation is coping with its wartime experiences.’ The windy Gustav Mahlerplein has been chosen to host an exhibit, consisting of 942 flags, by Pascale Marthine Tayou. The Gershwinplein

ARTZUID will run from May 22nd until

will be given over to Koen Vanmechelen and his

September 22nd when Berlage’s broad

Cosmopolitan Chicken project, which, says Van

avenues and the streets of Zuidas will be

Heeswijck, represents a plea for globalisation

lined with top quality international artworks.

and a multicultural society. For more information about ARTZUID


Ai Weiwei

go to Businesses wishing

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei will be

to become sponsors or wanting to book

represented through his work Forever Bicycles

a guided tour can do so via

at the Kunstkapel in Zuidas. ‘This space has been

Join @HelloZuidas in the Twitter conversation about ArtZuid via #ArtZuid2013



word je natuurlijk niet zomaar’ Op donderdag 13 juni weet Gustav Mahler niet wat hem overkomt:


allemaal splinternieuwe Volvo’s op ‘zijn’ plein! De V70, hét Estatesucces, de V60 incl. de 285 pk sterke V60 Plug-In Hybrid (7% bijtelling), de lease-darling V40 en de stoer-elegante XC60. Stuk voor stuk powered by Bangarage! Niet zomaar de hofleverancier van de Zuidas, misschien wel de meest ambitieuze hotspot van Nederland.

We zien u graag op 13 juni op het Gustav Mahlerplein!





Amsterdam Zuidoost - Kollenbergweg 15, 020 452 20 20 Amstelveen - Grutterij 7-9, 020 347 26 26 Mijdrecht - Communicatieweg 9, 0297 28 14 95



Property Source: & Corporate Housing Factory Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to

Amsterdam multi-functional locations in demand ZUIDAS - Investors in Amsterdam property are increasingly on the look-out for multi-functional locations, such as Zuidas, the city centre, and central parts of Zuidoost, according to property consultancy Savills. So far this year, Savills has recorded six transactions in these areas,

Union Investment AkzoNobel headquarters

compared to seven in 2012 as a whole. Zuidas vacancy rate hits the lowest level in eight years

ZUIDAS - German property investor Union Investment intends to buy the AkzoNobel headquarters in Zuidas

The vacancy rate in Zuidas offices has fallen to 7.9%,

which are currently being developed on the Beethoven-

its lowest level since 2005, according to the latest issue

straat. Financial details were not disclosed, but industry

of the Zuidas Office Monitor produced by Jones Lang

sources put the price at 造80m. The building has 15,216

LaSalle on behalf of Dienst Zuidas. This is well below

square metres of office accommodation and parking

the Amsterdam average of 15%. The vacancy rate has

space for 74 cars. It will be completed in 2015 and

benefited from the fact that few companies leave Zuidas

will come complete with a Breeam Excellent green

once established there and there is a steady stream of

building certificate.

new arrivals, Jones Lang LaSalle said.




International interest in Dutch property on the rise ZUIDAS - Venture capital groups in particular are taking a greater interest in investing in the Dutch property market according to insiders at the Mipim property event in Cannes, which took place earlier this year. Locations such as Zuidas are proving to be particular draw. One Dutch consultant told ‘an increasing number of players are becoming aware that a perfectly good office block may be bought for a more than reasonable price – as much as 10 times the rent.’ PropertyNL

Zuidas 22nd most expensive office location in the world

Vesteda Corporate Housing becomes Corporate Housing Factory ZUIDAS - Corporate Housing Factory, a new joint venture

ZUIDAS - Zuidas occupies the 22nd place in the latest

in the field of serviced housing, has taken over the

Cushman & Wakefield research into the world’s most

corporate housing activities of Vesteda. The new

expensive office locations, as it was last year.

partnership will continue to operate the three Vesteda

The maximum rent for a Zuidas location amounts to

corporate housing locations - New Amsterdam (Zuidas),

¤ 360 per square metre and has been the same for years,

New Orleans (Rotterdam), and La Fenetre (The Hague)

C&W says. London’s West End has the most expensive

- and is looking toward expanding its operations in the

office accommodation in the world.

near future.


Photography: Veronika Bačová

Corporate Housing Factory


Trending topics Eric Carbijn @Carbijn1h Laatste dag van de week van de duurzaamheid aan de ZuidAs. Na gisteren al flink wat aanmeldingen voor #slimmemeter... Annelies Köhnen @Bookyleze4h Vandaag weer een dagje werken op de #Zuidas. Ik ga maar met de trein, want ik betaalde vorige week ¤ 36 voor de parkeergarage! Adam Doyce Transue  @StudioTransue2h Today Beatrixpark will be finished! Completely blends in all new designs of Zuidas and its 1:500 presentation. Dienst Zuidas @DienstZuidas23h Duurzaamheidsverslag Zuidas inspireert Rotterdam om ook aan de slag te gaan! #Zuidas #Rotterdam #Duurzaamheid Boekel De Nerée @BoekelDeNeree is dit jaar weer partner van de Zuidas Run #ZAR13 #BDN VU Connected @VUconnected10 Apr Morgen 14 uur wordt de #slimeten tuin geopend op de Amsterdamse Zuidas. Toegang is gratis! Kom ook! twan huys @twanhuijs Diederik Samsom vanavond in College Tour: “brievenbussen op de Zuidas moeten dicht.” Ellen Breemans @Ellen_Breemans Super leuk dit, steun van m’n stamkroeg in het WTC #blauweengel AT5 @AT5 Er hebben sinds 2005 niet zo weinig kantoren leeggestaan op de Zuidas Pauline Westendorp @paulinewes16m Het is droog ... Koffie op #Zuidas #greenbusinessclub #gbc #zuiderlichtnu is er voor daklozen #wkkippen voor de koffie  @consultancy_nl3h #Zuidas gaat bereikbaarheid fors verbeteren, @TwynstraGudde dingt met #ingenieurs mee naar megacontract Hello Zuidas @hellozuidas De foto’s van de Burenborrel @CrownePlaza staan online! Kijk snel op ! #Zuidas #HelloZuidas Sasja van As @SNVAW Film opnemen voor ING visie advocatenkantoren richting 2025 #zuidas Jaap de Vries @JaapJDeVries Wie heeft dat nou weer verzonnen? #Zuidas 3 bouwlagen, groen, parkeerplaats, kade #DeBoelegracht niet openbaar. Ai Amsterdam  @ailoveamsterdam Vanmiddag grote #vrimibo van #ING op de #Zuidas. Komt allen. #gratisbier #lalala FD Nieuws @FD_Nieuws Minister schrapt voor ¤ 670 mln aan infrastructurele projecten, bezuinigt onder meer op treinen naar de #Zuidas Adam Doyce Transue @StudioTransue New Zuidas 1:1000 maquette. New design for A10, Beatrixpark, 3x pavilions, Stibbe, Geert Grote School Karissa Williams @kdogwilliams113 Got an interview at Dicky’s on Thursday and I’m going to accept the opening for a waitress at my current job. Time to make money:) Alexander Draaijer @adraaijer21h @brechtjedeleij Uber HQ zit naast ons kantoor in Amsterdam nabij WTC. Top gasten, top oplossing Contact Garuda @ContactGaruda22h Dear @fahmi_ishfah untuk di Eropa kami ada di Amsterdam. WTC Tower B-8th Floor, ( 31-20 ) 5502600. Marja Terpstra @terpmar22h Succes! “@SpotDogJohn: Vanmiddag weer inspiratiedag hoe maak je #jeugdzorg #transparant vanuit #spotdog en #yorneo in WTC #amsterdam” Marja de Wever @marjadew Zoek je een baan? Wij zijn een grote beleggingsfondsenaanbieder in het WTC (Amsterdam). Je vindt de vacature iGaming Business  @iGamingBusiness The second @GamingInHolland Business Drinks are happening tonight at the WTC Amsterdam, Cafe Blauwe Engel. RSVP here Bert Wiekens @ Bert_Wiekens Vandaag bijeenkomst “sillent road” WTC Amsterdam hoop niet dat het te stil wordt Kirsten van den Hul @thechangeagent Klaar voor Verborgen Talentenmarkt in WTC Amsterdam. Powered by @VUconnected, @TANS_NL en @theNUC, met oa Wouter Bos. vastgoedwereld  @vastgoedwereld4h AM tekent erfpachtaanbieding 75 woningen Zuidas Cp Amsterdam South  @ CrownePlaza_STH12 Apr Sweet opening of our “Heart of the House’’ @CrownePlaza_STH #zuidas #amsterdam Linda Weeling  @diedadei Wat een vrolijk personeel bij #hema op de #zuidas - heel fijn om de dag met een lach te beginnen!




Going green Recently, I got a call from the Hello Zuidas organisation.

later, I am proud to say I have kept my promise.

‘Would you like to host the presentation of our first

But of course, there is more to going green than tofu and

sustainability report?’ they asked me. ‘Sure!’ I said. ‘I’d

veggie burgers. Take my clothes, for example. How green

love to!’ After all, who wouldn’t support sustainability?

are they? My vintage Volvo? My trips around the world? I’m afraid I am leaving a carbon footprint that’s way bigger

As I was going through the report, I was pleasantly

than my (undoubtably not-so-green) designer shoes.

surprised to read about all the initiatives being taken to make Zuidas into a more sustainable environment.

Fortunately, times are changing. A trendwatcher told

Solar energy, electric cars, you name it. I have to admit,

me recently, sustainability is actually becoming more

I was impressed. And it got me thinking: how sustainable

and more mainstream, making it a whole lot easier for

am I?

wannabe-greens like myself. Brands are offering their customers the opportunity to track the origins of

Let’s be honest. Supporting sustainability is one thing,

each and every product: how far it travelled, what the

being sustainable is quite another.

producers were paid, all available online.

My first ever step towards sustainability was becoming a

And it is not just consumers who are becoming more

vegetarian at the age of four. I remember the moment like

aware of green issues. Job seekers are becoming

it were yesterday. I was in daycare, having a sandwich,

more likely to let their decision depend on their future

when my classmate Olof asked me: ‘Do you realise you

employer’s sustainability standards as well. So employers,

are eating a cow?’ I was shocked. Eating a cow? No way! I

if you want to attract the next generation of game

decided to confront my mother when I got home. When

changers, you know what to do. Go green!

she confirmed what Olof had told me, I told her I would never eat a dead animal again. More than thirty years

Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”. For more information, visit or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.


Zuidas Concert When: June 26th | Where: Zuidplein | Time: 4.30pm - 9pm Come and enjoy a free open air concert performed by the VU Orchestra, while feasting on culinary delights and drinks provided by Zuidas restaurants. The VU Orchestra, which has more than a 100 members, will perform works by Ernö Dohnányi (1877-1960) and Sergei Prokofiev (18911953). This will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues, neighbours and friends. We look forward to seeing you there. Do you work for a Hello Zuidas participant? Free coins for the first 100 registrations at

Culinary partners: Bolenius, WTCafé de Blauwe Engel, Bagels & Beans, Caffè Belmondo, Crowne Plaza, Eetwinkel Zwaan, Hello Sushi, Koetjes & Kalfjes, Mech Make & Take, Novotel, Sushi Time, Symphony’s, Nooon, NH Musica Sponsored by: WTC Amsterdam Business Club, Dienst Zuidas, Stadsdeel Zuid, VU University & Hello Zuidas


& Culinary

Photography: Miryam Faken





EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AT RSM The business we work in can be unpredictable – and that means challenges for you and your organisation. Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) – the top-ranked business school of the prestigious Erasmus University – is dedicated to

finding innovative solutions for individuals and companies. We offer two-day to two-year programmes to cater to the sustainable success of young executives to senior managers.



Are you based in Amsterdam? Do you have executive education

Parttime Master Bedrijfskunde is a top sport! On 23 May

needs? We serve companies and business professionals’ needs

Jim Svenoy, alumnus and three time Olympian, can tell you why.


Our challenge to you:

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u Customised Programmes

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The business school that thinks and lives in the future

public space

Keep Zuidas tidy We always say that Zuidas is the best place to work in the Netherlands and there are all sorts of facts and figures to back this up. Some 92% of the office space is rented out, you can be at Schiphol airport within six minutes by train and at least three out of 10 offices are rented to international companies who prefer Zuidas to anywhere else.

6.7 You probably already know these facts. But did you know the average score given to Zuidas outdoor spaces is 6.7 out of 10? This figure is based on the situation in the district’s streets, squares and green places as they looked last winter and comes from an independent inspection, commissioned by Amsterdam business organisation ORAM. Inspectors combed the district looking for litter, and checked the quality and maintenance of planting and pavements. They made notes of any problems occurring, and drew up a detailed report, plus the all-important final score.

Fifth place The report and the final score allow Dienst Zuidas and Hello Zuidas to determine whether they are meeting the quality standards required of a top international business location. Hello Zuidas is involved in talks with those responsible for outdoor maintenance to discuss possible improvements. Council officials can also use the information to better steer their cleaning, maintenance and gardening staff. The Zuidas score of 6.7 puts the district in fifth place in the ranking of 18 different business locations. Nevertheless, to be included in the Champions League of European business locations will require a higher score. This means a new challenge not only for the maintenance teams but for everyone who uses Zuidas outdoor spaces. Together, we can ensure Zuidas is not only the most attractive, but also the cleanest and most tidy place to work in Amsterdam as well. Everyone can lend a hand in thisby making sure not to leave any empty cups, packaging, cigarette buds et cetera behind. But then, that is something we are sure you are doing already.

Text: Ewout Doorman • Photography: Veronika Bačová



Source: Holland Financial Centre & Rotterdam School of Management

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to

Holland Financial Days in China ZUIDAS - Holland Financial Centre, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a large number of HFC participants, held two specialist Holland Financial Days in China at the beginning of May. The events focused specifically on CFOs and advisors based in China and took place in Shanghai and Beijing. Holland Financial Day is a seminar that focuses on the exceptional qualities of the Netherlands as a location for doing business, and on the financial services provided by companies operating from the Netherlands. Holland Financial Centre

Trade mission to Brazil ZUIDAS - Amsterdam’s deputy mayor Carolien Gehrels

Journalists learning about real estate financing

will head a trade mission to Brazil between 23 and 29

ZUIDAS - Some 25 financial journalists have taken part in

June. Holland Financial Centre has been closely involved

a master class on real estate financing, organised by the

in the planning. One of the mission’s objectives is to

Duisenburg School of Finance. The March event was a

promote the Netherlands as an attractive place in which

rare opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the

to invest and set up a business. During the trade mission,

world of real estate financing. Key questions asked during

participants will have the opportunity to visit companies

the gathering focused on measures to speed up the

and invite their business contacts to attend seminars

recovery of the market for both housing and commercial

and networking events. Would your organisation be

property. Journalists also looked at potential solutions for

interested in taking part in the trade mission to the

office and retail locations hit by the decline in demand.

growth markets of South America?

The master class series is aimed at offering journalists

For more information please contact Koen Advokaat at

the opportunity to hone their knowledge of current Holland Financial Centre


financial issues. Holland Financial Centre

Accountants need to know more than keeping track of money ZUIDAS - In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, role of accountants within firms is evolving accordingly.

Continuous education for finance professionals

They are increasingly expected to play an important role

ZUIDAS - If anything positive came out of the credit crisis

as business advisers for firms in addition to providing

it’s that it provided us with a lot of educational material on

basic accounting services.

management and ethics in banking for use in the class-

traditional revenue models need to be re-evaluated. The

room. This ranges from books such as Andrew Sorkin’s Hence the success of accountants is not only

‘ Too Big To Fail ‘ to documentaries like ‘The Inside Job’. 

dependent on a thorough understanding of accountancy,

but a broader understanding of general management

The regulatory and political scrutiny of banks has resulted

disciplines is needed.

in an additional source of knowledge on the functioning of banks during the crisis. These are investigative reports by

Therefore the Rotterdam School of Management,

regulators and lawmakers that provide a fascinating

Erasmus University, has developed the RSM Diploma

insight into the workings of banks in the run up to and

in Business Management for Accountants, a three year

during the credit crisis.

program (start date 27 May or 20 June) to transform accountants into business partners by providing insights

We believe this practical material is crucial for the

into the latest developments in management.

education of managers inside and outside of finance. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Photography: Veronika Bačová Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


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Valid Express provides a place for the chronically ill and disabled Whether it’s asthma, deafness, kidney disease, an artificial hip, a burn-out, the loss of a limb or HIV, PostNL’s courier service Valid Express only employs people with a chronic illness or physical disability. Nicolette Mak was inspired to set up the company by her brother who suffers from a muscle disease. ‘He was declared unfit for work and didn’t work for ten years,’ she says. ‘But he was so motivated to get back into the workplace and be independent that I started this business.’

Nicolette Mak & Sanne Beekhuis

Opportunities for growth


Valid Express employs eighty couriers and has important clients

The people who work for Valid Express are all highly motivated.

in Zuidas, such as law firms Boekel De Nerée and De Brauw

Mak and Beekhuis say they prove chronic illness or a physical

Blackstone Westbroek. Being taken over by PostNL has brought

disability need not stand in the way of work. ‘We note that our

more stability to Valid Express and ensured its future.

couriers try harder. These people are so happy to work and be

‘It’s wonderful when mainstream companies take over social

busy that they hardly ever call in sick’, says Mak. Beekhuis agrees.

companies. It provides lots of opportunities for growth,’ says Mak.

‘They will only do so when they really are ill, and not because of

‘When Valid Express was taken over, Sanne Beekhuis succeeded

some trifling thing. It’s very disappointing for people to be

me as manager but I’m still very much involved with the running

declared unfit to do a job after having spent years in the work-

of the company.’ Beekhuis says her next step will be to generate

place,’ she says. ‘Many find themselves in a void. With Valid

further growth by bringing in new clients and taking on more

Express we try to fill that void as best we can.’

couriers to serve them. ‘Then we’ll be well on our way,’ she states.

•V  alid is the most sustainable courier service in the Netherlands. Eco-friendly driving also keeps the costs down. • I ts strength lies in its client communication. The company uses Track and Trace but can also be reached directly for inquiries concerning the whereabouts of a package. • Find out more at Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


Lunchtime: a good moment to visit the dentist It’s not what you might expect in the middle of a busy financial district like Zuidas, but there it is, in bold letters on a glass front: Dentists in Zuidas: Van de Veer. Behind the gleaming facade is the tastefully decorated practice headed by Ilse van de Veer. At the end of 2011, she took over from her father Gerard van de Veer who, after 38 years on the Apollolaan, called it a day. The decision to up sticks and move to Zuidas wasn’t an easy one. ‘It was a big step but we’re doing much better than expected. Our client base has doubled since we moved here,’ says Van de Veer.


Ilse van de Veer

Personal touch

More work

The practice on Amsterdam’s leafy Apollolaan was famous for

In addition, Van de Veer expects a peak in the number of

individual focus given to each patient. Ilse van de Veer intends

appointments in the next few months. ‘The decision to allow

to continue this personal touch in her practice in Zuidas.

dentists to set their own fees last year caused a backlash,’

‘Over 70 percent of the people who come here need personal

says Van de Veer. ‘That was a difficult period for us. People

attention,’ Van de Veer says. ‘We try to combine good service,

postponed their check-ups and now need more work done.

customer friendliness and advice on treatments and insurance.’

Fortunately fixed fees are back and things have quietened down.’

Van de Veer also focuses on curbing costs. ‘We want to spend

But money will never be more important than the patient, she

the money wisely by working with the patient. We avoid

says. ‘There’s no such thing as a five-minute check-up here and

unnecessary x-rays and take time to discuss the patient’s

the patients appreciate that. Patients value good care and this

medical and dental history with him or her.’

in turn makes me feel valued as a dentist.’

Dentist and entrepreneur

Maintaining quality

Van de Veer has worked hard to establish her practice in Zuidas.

Van de Veer invests in innovation and training and quality

‘I approach companies, go to networking drinks parties and try

registration. With two locations in Amsterdam there are

to explain what it is I’m trying to achieve. Zuidas is an exciting

no immediate plans to extend the practice any further.

location with an exciting future. I’m very interested in what it will

‘The opportunities are there, but it would be unwise to want

look like 10 years from now.’ The growth of Zuidas is reflected in

too much too soon,’ she says. ‘We are growing but it’s early

the number of patients Van de Veer is treating. Her client base

days. We are trying to focus on the Zuidas practice so we can

has doubled in the space of one year. ‘We think we will have to

maintain quality.’

organise evening shifts to be able to treat everybody,’ she says. Dental practice Van de Veer Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116, 1082 MA Amsterdam 020 - 66 23 071 Text: Merel Hurkmans • Photography: Soraya Lezaar



Sustainability The presentation of the first Zuidas sustainability report took place in front of a packed auditorium at Symphony’s on Tuesday April 2. Initiated by Dienst Zuidas, Hello Zuidas and the Green Business Club, the report is a joint effort by Zuidas businesses and the local authorities, which gives it a special twist.

Increase awareness Kirsten van den Hul, who chaired the proceedings, led the guests through a number of challenging statements. First up was Hello Zuidas director Olivier Otten. Van den Hul asked him to state his sustainability ambitions for 2013. Otten said he hoped the report would increase awareness of the importance of sustainability for Zuidas as a whole and that each business will do what it can to promote green thinking on its own patch.

Statement: The user determines the quality of public spaces Olivier Otten: We want to involve the users of public spaces. One of the ways we’re doing this is by collaborating with the Dienst Zuidas on the amenities planned for ZuidasDok. At the end of 2012, Hello Zuidas conducted a poll among Hello Zuidas participants to find out what it is they want.

Statement: People who live within a 7.5 kilometre radius of their place of work, or have good public transport links with Zuidas, should be banned from coming to work by car. This controversial statement led a number of people in the audience to argue that the car is an economic necessity. In a reaction Ingeborg Baltussen, managing director of traffic advice organisation Verkeer Advies, pointed out that cars aren’t faster than bikes, both reaching an average speed of 15 kilometres per hour. The challenge, she said, is to persuade staff to ask themselves a question: ‘do I need my car to see this client or will my bike do just as well?’ ‘It’s a matter of making people aware that they have a choice,’ Balthussen said. In Zuidas 32 percent of people use the car to come to work the number of people opting for public transport or a bike is increasing. Although the car will remain an important mode of transport, some businesses in Zuidas are discussing the possibility of setting up bike and car-share schemes. This makes Zuidas into an example of good practice for other business districts, Balthussen said, adding that Verkeer advies will use its expertise to help them realise their ambitions.



networking go together

Statement: My company is more energy efficient than my neighbour’s Green Business Club chairman Timo Huisman emphasised the need for measuring energy use, which provides the data on which to base an energy efficiency programme. Some 75 percent of the participants in the report provided data concerning energy use. Huisman urged businesses which failed to participate this year to do so on this occasion. Measures to moderate energy use offer many opportunities for quick wins, often up to as much as 30 percent, he pointed out. The presentation was rounded off with a short speech by Wabe van Enk, head of property news group In this speech, he may have cast a satirical eye on the development of Zuidas, but he also called Zuidas the most sustainable location in the Netherlands. As a thank you, he was presented with the first copy of the report.

From left to right: Olivier Otten, Ingeborg Baltussen, Kirsten van den Hul, Robert Dijckmeester, Timo Huisman, Wabe van Enk

Text: Jeannette Driessen & Marjolein van Lingen • Photography: William Maanders


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam May – June 14

Thursday May 16

Haute Couture - The polaroids

The Encounter, Zingeving

of Cathleen Naundorf


Gallery Look for Art is pleased to

Every third Thursday of the month,

present the fabulous Haute Couture

Zingeving Zuidas hosts a get-together

fashion photography of Cathleen

for young professionals, the elderly,

Naundorf. Naundorf’s reputation is

refugees, youngsters and people with

such that she was given access to

a history of psychiatric problems. The

the archives of international fashion

elderly and young professionals will

houses Chanel, Dior, Gaultier,

discuss the theme: ‘monarchy versus

Lacroix, Elie Saab, Valentino and

republic’. The refugees will practice

Philip Treacy. She was given free rein

their Dutch with young professionals,

to photograph their most stunning

while others may talk about business,

gowns and hats in her own,

how to write a cv or prepare for an

characteristic and cinematic style.

interview. Afterwards, we will get

An exhibition not to be missed.

together for a simple meal. Sign up

Look for Art Gallery Amsterdam


Gustav Mahlerlaan 525

Thomaskerk, Prinses Irenestraat 36, 200 m from the WTC, 5.30pm 7.30pm

Thursday May 16 Water – Green Business Club Zuidas The Green Business Club Zuidas is organizing its first meeting on the theme of ‘water’, focusing on water in

May 14 - May 19

Thursday May 16

Musical ‘Charlie and Seven

Seminar Deterink Attorneys

Shades of Blue’

and Notaries

The fourth year students of the

On May 16 Deterink Attorneys and

Frank Sanders’ Akademie musical

Notaries will organize a seminar (in

theatre school present Charlie and

Dutch) covering various procurement

Seven Shades of Blue (in Dutch).

law subjects. You are all cordially

Tickets from ¤12 can be bought

invited to attend.


For more information on the location,

Frank Sanders Produktiehuis

programme and subjects, please refer

Boulevard Theater, MBO College


Zuid, Europaboulevard 13,



Participation is free of charge.


a sustainable urban environment. The discussion will involve officials from the city’s water authority Waternet, Deloitte and Dienst Zuidas and will also take a look at the Amsterdam Rainproof programme. If you are interested in water-related issues and would like to get to know the GBC, send an email 15.00 – 17.00

may - june 2013 Next magazine will be published @ 2nd of July. Send your agenda to before the 10th of June.

May 22 – September 22 ARTZUID International Sculpture Route Zuidas is taking part in the ARTZUID sculpture route for the second time

Sunday May 26

this year. The Zuidplein, Gustav

75 Years of the Beatrixpark

May 24 - 26

Mahlerplein and Gershwinplein will be

The 75th anniversary of the Beatrix

Ladies European Tour

home to works by internationally-

park in Amsterdam Zuid will be

visits Amsterdam

known artists such as Dinh Q. Le,

celebrated on Sunday, May 26, with a

Some of the world’s best women

Martin Pfeifler, El Anatsui and Mario

focus on ecology, art, culture and

golfers will be playing in the Deloitte

Merz. The chapel in the Prinses

children’s activities. The park was

Ladies Open from May 24-26.

Irenestraat is hosting work by Chinese

opened in 1938, the year Princess

The tournament will take place at

artist Ai Weiwei and the hall of the

Beatrix was born, and has grown

The International, a stunning

ITO tower will also form part of the

from a bare sandy stretch of ground

championship course near Schiphol

walk. Download the route and app

into a green oasis bordering the A10

Airport and marks the first time


ring road.

Amsterdam has hosted a tournament

in the Ladies European Tour.

12.00 – 18.00

Tuesday May 28 Spring concert with the Fin d’Siècle trio Three musicians who have earned their stripes in a number of different

Friday May 24

ensembles come together for a spring

Thursday May 23

Meet your Neighbours @

concert: Karin Leutscher (flute), Örzse


the gallery

Adam (viola) and Eva Tebbe (harp).

To help get ready for the big Zuidas-

Galerie Modern invites you to mingle

The combination of these three

Run a week later, Zuidas will be home

with friends and meet new people

different instruments results in a rich

to the fifth edition of the Suits & Heels

while enjoying the finest contempo-

and varied palette of sound.

Run. This event will be hosted by none

rary works of art. All Zuidas workers

The lunch concert takes place from

other than television presenter Jort

and residents are welcome to come

12.30pm - 1.30pm in the Central Hall


and enjoy a drink and a barbecue from

of World Trade Center Amsterdam



Zuidas, Mahlerplein

For more information,

12.30pm onwards



Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam Thursday May 30 PIXAR comes to Amsterdam The international exhibition Pixar: 25 Years of Animation opens its doors to the public on Thursday May 30th 2013 at Amsterdam EXPO. This exhibition features over 500 pieces of art selected from the archives of Pixar Animation Studios in California. Visitors will be taken on a fascinating

Saturday June 1 Open Bottle Day @ Beethovensstraat Everyone is welcome to come and taste a selection of fine wines at wine trading group De Logie. 1pm - 5.30pm

Sunday June 2 ZuidasRun 2013 Once again, the Gustav Mahler square will be teeming with enthusiastic teams and individual runners intent on making this a sporting and social networking day to remember -

tour through the design process

not least because they will do their

behind some of the most successful

utmost to present the VUmc Cancer

animation titles ever released, such

Center Amsterdam and children’s

as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E

cancer charity Stichting Semmy with

and Up.

a sizeable cheque. The aim this year is

Amsterdam EXPO, Gustav Mahler-

to have 4,000 runners. If you would

laan 24. Information and tickets:

like to join in, support various

Saturday June 1

charities, network with Zuidas folk and have a good work out, don’t hesitate

Jazz @ the Lake! – Het Bosch

to register at

May and June 2013

This small-scale but unique festival

Gustav Mahlerplein

RSM Executive Education

Jazz @ the Lake features live perfor-

activities offered in Amsterdam

mances from various national and

Open Programmes

international jazz, soul, funk and pop

May 17: The Strategy Consultants’

artists. Last year the event turned out

Approach to Problem Solving, a

to be such a success that the Het

three-day programme.

Bosch restaurant and marina will be

June 3: Business Management and

hosting the second edition. The full

Leadership, 10-day programme with

line up still had to be finalised at

two-day modules covering Leadership,

press time but Rilan, the Bombardiers,

Strategy, Marketing, Finance and

Sabrina Starke and Candy Dulfer

Sunday June 2

Business Improvement Plan.

have already been confirmed.

Pure Markt

June 20: Business Management for

Enjoy and buy delicious and healthy

Accountants, PE-points programme

local and seasonal food and drink

during the Zuidas run at the Pure Markt. 11am - 6pm, Gershwinplein


may - june 2013 Next magazine will be published @ 2nd of July. Send your agenda to before the 10th of June.

Friday June 7 Street football tournament Zingeving Zuidas The fifth edition of this street football tournament will take place on June 7, featuring teams of Zuidas workers and youngsters from the Calvijn Met Junior College in Slotervaart. Make sure to join in with a group of colleagues. And even if you don’t play, come and cheer the teams on! Contact for details.

Thursday June 26 Zuidas Culinair & Concert Zuidas cafes and restaurants as well as the VU Orchestra are pleased to host the fifth Zuidas Culinair &

Friday June 21

Concert event. This year, the Zuidplein

Midsummer Night Dinner

will be transformed into a concert hall

What better moment for a celebratory

combining with a culinary event. The

dinner in the SLIM ETEN garden than

concert will begin at 17.30 with

the longest day of the year? The menu

performances of music by Ernö

includes a luxury barbecue with vege-

Dohnányi (1877-1960) and Sergei

tables from the garden, prepared by

Prokofiev (1891-1953) and will end

top chef Luc Kosters from restaurant

with a jam session. Come and have a

Bolenius. Kosters will tell you about

drink and enjoy the music. Zuidplein,

each course and guest speakers will

5.30pm - 9pm

take you on a journey into the wonderful world of food, movement and memory. To complete the evening, an acoustic band will play atmospheric music and you can enjoy a stroll through the garden, which will be lit by torches. Slim Eten Tuin Luxe BBQ

Thursday June 13

Dr. L. Alma Schoolwerktuin


Gustav Mahlerlaan 3005

Today the Gustav Mahlerplein is being

turned over to cars as Amsterdam Volvo dealership Bangarage unveils its Volvo’s 2014 model updates. The cars on show include the V70 Estate, the V60 Plug-In Hybrid (7% lease car tax!), the V40, that has already established itself as the company car driver’s favourite, and, of course, the tough but elegant XC60. We look forward to seeing you there!

May until June 21 2013 Amsterdam Trees Furniture-maker Crisow van Schulz is the man behind Stadshout – city wood – an initiative to make beautiful things from trees that once dominated a street or square but have now been chopped down. Check out the collection on the Zuidplein.



Halsten offers in-house legal services

Sietske Zwierink & Bas Groot



Halsten Legal Department was officially launched at the beginning of April. The company, which has offices in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, offers advice and acts as a self-contained legal department for either companies without their own in-house staff or companies with in-house staff requiring efficient, next-door support. The company was formed by Bas Groot, founder of Ratio Legal and Sietske Zwierink of Yourturn. ‘Joining forces has enabled us to expand our field of operations, strengthen our network and our client list, and accelerate our business,’ says Zwierink.

In-house expertise

together with our clients, examine all the variables

Companies without their own legal departments

and come up with the best option. By variables I

usually refer legal questions on an individual

mean the level and type of work, the length of time

basis to an external lawyer, and senior staff often

it will take, the required response time, the source

have their own advisors who work at different

of the question, et cetera.’

law firms, says Groot. ‘This is not only inefficient, it also means the expertise remains outside the

Point of contact

company,’ he says. ‘So there is no question of any

Once Halsten is brought in, a senior counsel

synergy or knowledge transfer between legal

will be designated as point of contact. ‘He or she

experts in different fields. Moreover, there is no

will advise on all legal questions and tackle all

improvement in the handling of legal matters

operational aspects with the rest of the team,’ says

within the company. Halsten offers a structural

Zwierink. ‘If necessary, they will bring in specialists

solution for such situations.’

from our network of existing legal advisors or coordinate with the advisers or law firms with


whom the companies are already working.’

Halsten has set up its own flexible cover for companies which do have their own in-house

Legal team

legal team, but who also require help with specific

Halsten’s team is made up of senior and junior

projects. ‘This means for example that senior staff

counsels together with paralegals. ‘Because our

can be freed up to work on larger projects, or to

counsels work with our clients in a structural

ensure the smooth flow of continual processes,’

fashion, they know the companies through and

says Zwierink. ‘We can also take care of

through,’ says Groot. ‘This means they can offer

replacement staff or handle things on a case

added value quickly and efficiently, which we

by case basis when permanent staff are absent.’

consider to be crucial.’

Part of the process

More information?

Halsten notes that an increasing number of

Contact Sietske Zwierink (06 46748006) or Bas

companies are aware of the importance of having

Groot (06 50646978) or check out

an in-house legal department. ‘This is especially

P.O. box 79059 • 085 4885970

true when legal issues arise more frequently and become part of the corporate process,’ says Groot. ‘In that case, it may be sensible to find a structural solution rather than an ad hoc approach. We work

Photography: William Maanders



Time is  running out...

...rush to  register before  May 22 nd

De Business Run van Nederland June 2, 2013

public space

Tree nursery: a place for greenery to flourish Zuidas has a reputation as a place where talent can flourish, not least due to the presence of VU University Amsterdam and the range of internships and traineeships offered by Zuidas companies. But the news that the Zuidas is also home to a place where trees can flourish will come as a surprise to many. This tree nursery is located on the east side of Zuidas, between Europaboulevard and the old Regional Training Centre (ROC) on Gaasterlandstraat.

A nursery is born Jan Willem Obbink of engineering firm IngenieursBureau Amsterdam was present at the birth of this initiative: “The idea of creating a tree nursery was born back in 2011, during a cycle tour of Zuidas with residents. People were quick to identify the ideal spot, on a vacant lot next to the RAI Conference Centre. It’s wonderful to think that, in years to come, the trees that are growing here will eventually be planted somewhere in Zuidas. But even now, everyone is welcome to come along and have a look at the young trees.”

Vacant land put to good use André Hoek of horticultural firm Hoek Hoveniers is very enthusiastic about the tree nursery: “It’s a beautiful piece of land and giving a stretch of wasteland a new lease of life in this way is a unique project. The cultivation of 250 trees goes hand in hand with experiencing the joys of nature. It puts people back in touch with greenery. The children have great fun playing here and all the while the trees of the future are growing steadily. Here we let nature do its work!”

Project gathers momentum Since the first meeting in the nursery during National Tree Day, when children from the neighborhood planted the last trees, the project has been gathering momentum. Jaap Smit of consultancy firm Cobra Boomadviseurs reveals: “We can tell from the number of ‘likes’ on our Facebook page, but also from the comments we receive on our website. Everyone wants to be kept informed of all the activities at the nursery.”

On Saturday, 11 May you are cordially invited to attend to the start-up meeting. At the nursery, we will tell you all about the trees and explain how greenery influences our surroundings. For more information, please go to You can also e-mail Jaap Smit at

Text: Marjolein van Lingen • Photography: Ethel van Kesteren


food, fashion

Symphony’s Symphony’s is a bar, self-service restaurant and brasserie with a wonderful terrace where you can lunch outside. Our menu includes fresh club sandwiches and filled rolls, delicious salads and weekly fish and pasta specials. If you’d like to take away a sandwich or salad to eat in the sun or at your desk, then our extensive self-service restaurant is the place to be. In the evening, we are open on request for private dining, receptions and parties up to 300 people. We are located on the ground floor of the Symphony office complex on the George Gershwinplein, next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Symphony’s George Gershwinlaan 22-28 1082 MT Amsterdam (020) 646 47 03

WWW.MICYS.NL | ByDanie Vintage Store | Charly | LouLou WWW.MICYS.NL ByDanie Vintage Store | Charly | LouLou | Imitch (Laren)


Fitness concept fit20 opens studio in WTC Amsterdam Get in shape in just 20 minutes of exercise per week Employees of the Zuidas no longer have to work-out several times per week at a gym to stay healthy and in shape. fit20 is a 20 minute work-out in which each exercise is performed in slow motion at a high intensity and always under supervision of a personal trainer. As the work-out is conducted in an air conditioned studio you will not sweat which means showering and changing outfits is not necessary. After 20 minutes you are ready and on your way to your next business meeting. To book your free training session or for more information: (020) 820 36 77

u | Imitch (Laren)

Presentation of the Zuidas sustainability report Tuesday April 2, 3.30pm Symphony - Symphony’s • 130 people attended the presentation. • The report was presented by Hello Zuidas, Dienst Zuidas and the Green Business Club. • Kirsten van den Hul chaired the gathering, and generated a lively public discussion. • PropertyNL’s Wabe van Enk combined a serious message with a hilarious column. • The meeting ended with a drinks party at Symphony’s.

Like us on Facebook & find more photos in our gallery


Photography: William Maanders

Moot court and drinks, organised by the Jonge Balie Thursday, April 11 De Balie/Brasserie Klokspijs • The moot court competition is an annual event in the Amsterdam court district. • 12 law firms took part in the competition, nine of which are located in Zuidas. • The jury included Germ Kemper, head of the Amsterdam Bar Association and Herman van der Meer, president of the Amsterdam court of appeal. • Jan Ortgies, from Allen & Overy, won the first prize • The event ended with a diner and drinks.

Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Send an email to: Photography: William Maanders & Nadia Abdelmalik


The most modern dentist is at Zuidas Register online at: or call: 020 - 66 23 071

Gustav Mahlerplein Zuid 116 1082 MA Amsterdam

dentists tandartsen op de Zuidas

dentists tandartsen op de Zuidas

Book online & receive Book online & receive Book online & receive free admission

free freeat admission admission Spa Zuiver at Spa Zuiver at Spa Zuiver

Hello A’dam Global Housing is the address for HR Managers when it comes to guiding expats through their new habitat. As their ‘best friend in town’ we help them find their way from housing to work

Book, fly & relax Book, Book, fly fly & & relax relax \

WTC Amsterdam

020-662 1504

*WTC 1 voucher per booker Amsterdam Amsterdam *WTC 1 voucher per booker

020-662 1504 020-662 1504

* 1 voucher per booker



permits, airline tickets and everything they need to feel at home in a new city like Amsterdam. Welcome! visit our website or send us an e-mail

A beautiful alliance Cosmetic doctor Denise Eijsman & beautician Ruth Jansen

Ruth Jansen’s lifestyle salon Phisage Beauty & Wellness is located at the central hall of the World Trade Center. Clients come to her tranquil salon for a wide range of relaxation and beauty treatments. But the salon has great ambitions. Phisage Beauty & Wellness will be joining forces with Breda-based clinic De Baronie in offering minor cosmetic surgery as well as classic beauty treatments. Please contact Phisage for an initial

High quality care

Total treatment

Ruth Jansen and Anand Ramparichan, manager of

Working with De Baronie allows Jansen

the De Baronie clinic, are in a good mood, sitting

to expand her product range. ‘The aim

in the Grand Cafe of the WTC. They have

is to have a surgeon from De Baronie in

ambitious and far-reaching plans with their

Amsterdam for one up to two days a week,’

alliance. The aim is to offer high quality care to

says Ramparichan. ‘This means Ruth will be

everyone who wants it. De Baronie is a hyper-

able to continue with her treatments, while

modern medical clinic and has invested a lot in

giving clients the option of, say, a botox session,

innovative cosmetic surgery. Jansen and

when the doctor is at the salon.’

Ramparichan want to bring those advances to Amsterdam. ‘Beauty comes from within,’ says

The surgeons at De Baronie have a wealth of

Jansen. ‘My customised facials and the skincare

experience in cosmetic surgery and the clinic

products from Paula’s Choice can delay the aging

also uses all the latest features and treatments

process for skin, but my treatments can only

that will, of course, now be available to

go so far.’

customers in Amsterdam.

Tekst: Merel Hurkmans

consultation free of charge. Phisage Beauty & Wellness WTC Amsterdam Strawinskylaan 25 Tel: 0648 205 512 Medisch Centrum de Baronie Nieuweweg 83-85 4811 LW Breda



Accessibility, sustainability and burning calories Encouraging commuters to leave their cars and go green is not exactly child’s play. So why not make a game of it?

Challenge ‘Traffic congestion is costly and a huge challenge for governments and companies alike,’ says Sander Buningh, a consultant at DTV Consultants. ‘But a tool to organise and improve the way we commute can bring a lot of benefits for individual travellers, companies and society at large.’ The challenge to stimulate changes in the way we commute led DTV and bureau Organiq to create an online game for companies. The game, From5to4, challenges players to commute in the most sustainable way and compete against each other for the greenest credentials.

From5to4 ‘From5to4 is simple and fun,’ says Buningh. ‘You play in teams and record how each member travels to and from work, competing with the other teams. The website shows how much energy you have saved and how many calories you have burned. You can win prizes as well.’ Marc Vervoort, Hello Zuidas mobility project manager from Verkeer advies, is enthusiastic about the game: ’It fits in with the Zuidas strategy of encouraging people to leave their cars at home. We’ve started to encourage bike and car-sharing and ‘From5to4 is a useful way to help everyone come up with alternative ways of getting to work.’

Innovation Award In the first year some 1,000 people from 10 different companies joined in, scoring an average 21% reduction in rush hour commuting by car. The game won the Innovation Award for Smart Mobility at the traffic management trade event Intertraffic Amsterdam last year. Now the European Commission intends to roll out the game in six countries. ‘There is still a lot to learn about changing behaviour through gamification, so we are working closely with Amsterdam’s VU University,’ says Buningh. ‘The research results will be published in June and fully integrated into the Zuidas game.’ Contact Sander Buningh via and Marc Vervoort at 06 - 14 00 35 61 for Car and bike sharing.


Text: Sander Buningh


Of course you can eat cake. Just get on your bike as well We all know bikes are the ideal mode of transport and keep us fit at the same time. But too many of us still tend to jump in the car rather than cycle. So here are a few fun facts to encourage you to get on your bike. Let’s say you live seven kilometers from work and you cycle there and back twice a week. In one year you will: • Save ¤ 200 in petrol • Be responsible for 300 fewer kilos of CO2 emissions • Burn 20,000 calories – and that represents 70 fabulous cakes And if you cycle to work four times a week,

Did you know: • Thursday May 30 is national cycle-to-work day. • 38% of the people who work in Zuidas live in Amsterdam and could cycle to work. • Electric bikes and mopeds are a green alternative for people who live 15 to 25 kilometers from work. • That you can combine public transport with the special OV bike service which is also available at the Zuid and RAI railway stations. • Your boss can give you a bike valued at up to ¤749 through the company bike scheme • Business trips by bike qualify for a 19 cents a kilometre tax break. • Zuidas employers are boosting the use of bikes though bike and car-sharing projects.

you can shed four or five kilos of fat as well (but don’t eat the cakes). If you want to know more about the benefits of cycling, check out the fietscalculator on the cycling union website If you want to know more about cycling in Zuidas, contact the mobility project manager at the Hello Zuidas office via or phone 06 - 14 00 35 61. You can also find more information on the traffic advice website Share your green travel methods from and to the Zuidas with @HelloZuidas via #ZuidasMobility

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Planning a business function or

staff party? Dinner for two or drinks for 250? We will make your event a memorable one! Oliver's is also available for private events on select dates


From left to right: Bryan Otten, Lisa Lorié, Linda Tielemans

Celebrating 75 years of the Beatrixpark The big park nearest to Zuidas is the Beatrixpark, which this year celebrates its 75th anniversary. The festivities are being organised by ambitious students at the Zuidas vocational education college MBO College Zuid. Flowburo

ensuring the planning is as smooth as possible and giving

MBO College Zuid, a new location of ROC van Amsterdam,

them enough room to make mistakes, and to solve them.’

operates its own events company called flowburo where

The Beatrixpark celebrations will have the theme Green and

students can build up experience in organising events and

Orange – to mark its royal name. ‘The aim is to put the park back

activities under the supervision of qualified project leaders.

on the map in this neighbourhood,’ says Lorié. ‘We are trying to

The Beatrix park celebrations will be one of flowburo’s biggest

organise as many events as possible which include companies

events to date. Students Bryan Otten and Lisa Lorié, both

and organisations in Amsterdam Zuid.’

studying to become cultural event organisers, have been involved with the Beatrixpark celebrations for a few months

Diverse public

now. ‘We were thrown in at the deep end,’ says Otten. ‘But it

So far, the celebrations will include workshops and a royal

is fantastic to watch things taking shape.’

playground for children. There will be music and a stage for young talents. Even dog lovers will be catered for with a

Green and Orange

special dog run. ‘We are expecting an extremely diverse public,’

The students are supported by flowburo project leaders Irheen

says Otten. ‘We’ve tried to put together a varied programme

de Vries and Linda Tielemans. ‘The flowburo is a place where

that will get everyone, from young to old age, to join in. And we

students can put into practice what they have learned in the

also hope to bring together all the different people who live

classroom,’ says Tielemans. ‘We try to help the students by

and work here.’

Text: Merel Hurkmans • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel



Recruitment With thanks to:

• Greenberg Nielsen • Kempen & Co • ETS Global • Manpower


All around the world, organizations and individuals meet each other because there are mutual benefits for exchange relationships. Organizations want to survive. Therefore they need people to do the work that has to be done. They search for talent by offering work and a related salary. Individuals want to have a good life and they search for jobs by seeking opportunities to perform, to develop and to earn money. Recruitment is the search for these two sides of the coin. From the organizational perspective, the search for talent is key and from the individual perspective the search for work is the main focus. People leave managers, not organizations. Therefore, managers are magnets of talent. Or they’re not. In other words, the standards and criteria in the selection process of managers are indicators for the quality of new hires. Managing returns on labour relationships forms the primary job of line managers. This could be vitalized by effective risk management activities and talent management strategies. This is a fulltime job and could be facilitated by attracting people from the HR-department. Those who want to be recruited for this particular field of work require humility, stewardship, and leadership. By Prof. dr. Lidewey E.C. van der Sluis Prof. dr. Lidewey E.C. van der Sluis is Full Professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit and holds the chair Strategic Talent Management. She is also Director of the Nyenrode Center for Leadership & Management Development. Next to that, she is an extraordinary professor at North-West University in Vanderbijlpark, Zuid-Afrika. Lidewey van der Sluis is member of the Supervisory Board of ROC Leiden and Hogeschool Inholland and board member of the Tempo-Team Foundation.

Recruiting employees with the right English-language skills to represent companies around the world is critical. HR managers need trusted tools to effectively select optimal talent. With over 6 million tests administered worldwide each year, the TOEIC® test is the de facto standard for recruitment in the global workplace. Valid decisions are made daily in the business world, thanks to the reliable information provided by a TOEIC score. Similarly for the academic world, ETS has developed a reliable, valid English language proficiency assessment: the TOEFL iBT® test. This test is aimed at individuals who want to study at an academic level in English, at home or abroad. Our test center at the WTC accommodates both tests. For more information:



Opening up the market The Greenberg Nielsen recruitment agency started doing business in Zuidas two years ago. Sharing a background in finance recruitment, directors Bouke van der Weide and Emiel de Sévrèn Jacquet came up with a new strategy that combines competitive pricing, high quality and a placement guarantee of at least six months. ‘The standard recruitment fees have stayed the same since the 1980’s, while technology has made our work easier and more transparent. Greenberg Nielsen offers a more realistic pricing, while maintaining a high standard of quality.’

A top player within two years With 20 employees, offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht (opening in 2013), their strategy proved to be succesfull. ‘Thanks to experienced consultants, clear procedures and competitive pricing, Greenberg Nielsen has taken only two years to become one of the top three major players in the Netherlands,’ says De Sévrèn Jacquet. ‘We brought in lower fees because we could see the market was changing. Other recruitment agencies charge 25 or 30 percent of the gross yearly salary, whereas our rate is between 17.5 and 20 percent. We feel that the new developments in recruitment no longer warrant the high fees of the past.’

Finance recruitment Greenberg Nielsen’s core business is and will remain finance recruitment. De Sévrèn Jacquet: ‘Many recruitment agencies want to do it all, from sales, marketing, finance, IT to healthcare and more. Specialists are turning into generalists and that is not what we’re about. Our quality lies in our expertise in a single area. Clients need specialists, especially now. It’s a strategy that companies appreciate and which makes for enduring business relationships.’



Bouke van der Weide & Emiel de Sévrèn Jacquet

Preliminary stage

Zuidas drinks party The Zuidas Business Borrel is a Greenberg Nielsen initiative. This networking drinks party is held every three months in a different location in Zuidas. It’s a popular event that has resulted in a large number of enduring business contacts. Visit to find out when the next event will take place.

The consulants at Greenberg Nielsen are all very experienced and often have a background in finance. They invest much time and energy in the preliminary stage of the recruitment procedure. ‘When we take on the recruitment for a certain function, we guarantee results,’ De Sévrèn Jacquet points out. ‘If the client’s expectations and salary offer for a certain profile are unrealistic and non-negotiable, we won’t do business with him or her. That is what has made us one of the most successful agencies around.’

Crisis and competitiveness Greenberg Nielsen knows the financial crisis is prompting companies to cast a very critical eye on costs, while insisting on quality at the same time. ‘Our strategy is to do a perfect job at a competitive price. That is the basis for our success,’ says De Sévrèn Jacquet. ‘Our clients know they are getting a fair deal. The fee is such that it doesn’t pay for them to take on the timeconsuming procedure of recruiting the right candidates for whatever vacancy they have to fill. British and American recruitment agencies charge a fee

Greenberg Nielsen WTC, F tower, 3rd floor  • Strawinskylaan 381  1077 XX Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 333 78 88 •    

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel

ranging from 15 to 20 percent. We offer a lower fee because it is a realistic reflection of the costs of our services. By adopting similar percentages in the Netherlands, we are breaking open the market.’






Forecasting Manager, Corio – Utrecht As the leader of the company-wide financial planning, you will play a critical role within the management of Corio, supporting strategic decision-making, monitoring key business metrics and actively participating in tax and financial planning. The Forecasting Manager is the sparring partner for headquarter management, providing quality analysis, generating insights into business activities and aggregating these into financial plans. The ideal candidate has a minimum of five years’ experience, has advanced analytical skills and is a strong communicator. If you are interested, you can contact Jos Haelermans on 020-3337888 or

Inter-company Accountant NBC Universal - Amsterdam

Group Financial Analyst GrandVision – Amsterdam

As an inter-company accountant within NBCUniversal you

The Group Financial Analyst within GrandVision will

will work for a world-leading media and entertainment

work in an international, ambitious organisation that

company. The inter-company accountant will have a wide

operates in a highly competitive and dynamic market.

range of responsibilities and will be dealing with international

You will be part of the group reporting team, consisting of

intra/intercompany activities. Within a team of five inter-

four financial analysts, and will report directly to the group

company accountants, you will be the first point of contact

manager. The Group Financial Analyst has a key role

regarding inter-company compliance, controlling and

in the preparation of consolidated financial results and is

processes. You have to be able to build a strong relationship

responsible for analysing and benchmarking the financial

with the finance, controlling and operation departments and

results. The ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s or Master’s

the HQ in the US. You will be involved in diverse projects to

degree, at least five years relevant work experience

improve processes and expected to have a pro-active attitude

and the right drive and ambition to make a career

regarding the improvement of management reporting. The

within GrandVision.

ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree, a minimum of two

If you are interested, you can contact Wijnand Berendes on

years’ experience, and is an excellent communicator with an

020-3337888 or

absolute drive to make a difference within the organisation. If you are interested, you can contact Gideon Leendertse on 020-3337888 or

International Business Controller – SHV – Utrecht

Assistant Controller JTI - Hilversum JTI is a leading and growing company, operating in 120 countries worldwide. The Assistant Controller reports directly to the Entity Controller and is an important sparring

SHV is a privately held company with a long-term focus in

partner for several departments, including tax, treasury, the

which integrity and loyalty are key aspects. SHV is currently

SSC and the headquarters in Switzerland. Within JTI, you will

recruiting an International Business Controller with three to

have an important role concerning budgeting, monthly

five years’ work experience who enjoys the challenge of

reporting, analysis of the balance sheet and P&L, and

thinking out of the box. You will be responsible for a number

cashflow reporting. As Assistant Controller, you will be

of selected business units for which you will perform the

challenged to develop yourself and encouraged to pro-

financial processes and procedures by setting up business

actively improve processes and procedures. The ideal

trends analysis and monthly reports. The International

candidate candidate has Bachelor/Master’s degree in

Business Controller will provide the Executive Board of

finance or economics, three to four years of relevant

Directors and senior staff with input for, and will advise them

experience and the right drive and ambition to make an

on, business strategy and commercial decisions.

(international) career within JTI.

If you are interested, you can contact Gideon Leendertse on

If you are interested, you can contact Bouke van der Weide on

020-3337888 or

020-3337888 or

Photography: Veronika Bačová


Finance ManpowerGroup™ Manpower has shifted from the Zuidas, but we were not really gone! We are now located at the flagship office in the center of Amsterdam but will certainly still meet you at the Zuidas.

Anne Visser Finance Manpower 06 - 20 97 97 12

You know us for office/commercial positions but now together with our sister company Experis we can also help you with your finance positions of all professional levels. Together we can advise you with a broader range of employee solutions and provide you with the professional talent you need.

Danielle Emsbroek Finance Experis 06 - 15 05 00 35

We look forward to telling you more about us. See you at the Zuidas!

Listening. Learning. Leading.

Do you need to assess your

English language proficiency for academic or business purposes?

A TOEIC® and TOEFL® test centre is now open in the WTC - Amsterdam “Borrel” – June 6th from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. To mark the opening of this Test Centre, we will be holding a presentation/information evening followed by drinks and snacks! If you are interested in attending, please contact: f o r p r o f e s s i o n a l s o n ly

For more information on the TOEIC® and TOEFL® tests, please visit: Copyright © 2013 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, ETS logo, TOEIC and TOEFL are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and used under license.


Passion & Performance

Luuk Cummins, Portfolio Manager at Kempen & Co: ‘The Kempen & Co Merchant Banking Traineeship gave me what I was looking for. I learned a lot, and I learned it fast.’

I believe that the first years are crucial for the rest of your career. Making the right choices is, therefore, essential. The Kempen & Co Merchant Banking Traineeship was the perfect fit, as Kempen & Co is a relatively small firm and the people who work here are passionate, striving for the best and, most importantly, willing to share their knowledge. I preferred a traineeship over a junior starting position, as there is a large gap between academic finance and professional practice. Rotating between the different business units of a merchant bank Shock Although I knew there would be a slight gap would give me the unique opportunity to experience the practical side of finance in all between memorizing correlation formulas at university and making million euro investment its forms and choose the field of work I liked decisions, I was not prepared for the mindbest. boggling experiences of the first few weeks. The intensity, both in pace and profundity,

time to time. Although they kept reassuring me that feedback is not meant personally and it is the only way to get the best results, it sure felt personal. On the other hand, I got what I wanted: I learned a lot, and I learned it very fast.

Career opportunities

was unlike anything I had ever experienced

Have you ever been on a plane?

Kempen & Co offers challenging career opportunities to courageous and ambitious finance professionals with a common sense view and the ability to stand their ground at boardroom level. Interested? We offer internships, start positions and traineeships. For further details, please visit

before. But before long, I realized that this

During my second month at Capital Manage-

was exactly what I was looking for. Within a

ment, I got to understand the full extent of

month I learned more about finance than I

‘being given lots of responsibility right from

did during a year at university. Rather than

the start’. One moment I was asked if I had

slow down for me, my colleagues encouraged

ever been on an aeroplane, the next moment

Kempen & Co is a Dutch merchant bank providing financial services in asset management, securities broking, private equity and corporate finance. Our clients include institutional investors, companies, financial institutions, (semi)public institutions, foundations and high net-worth individual clients.

me to catch up. Their support boosted my

I was in a meeting face to face with the CEO

enthusiasm for the next two years of the

and CFO of Air France-KLM, asking them


questions about the future of the company

Contact For more information, please contact: Mariët Oosterveld, Recruiter Kempen & Co, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. T. +31 (0)20-3489 464 E-mail:

and making a decision about whether or not


to participate in their upcoming bond issue. I

Everybody shares the same vision, whether

found this very illustrative of working at Kem-

they are focusing on commercial activities

pen & Co; you are expected to take respon-

at Securities or analytical challenges at

sibility, move out of your comfort zone, learn

Investments, or whether they are meeting

fast and feel the satisfaction afterwards.

deadlines at Corporate Finance or feeling

Name: Title: Degree: Education:

the never ending market buzz at Capital Management. Passion and performance are deeply embedded in the company’s culture and actually presented quite a challenge from


Luuk Cummins (26) Portfolio Manager MSc Financial Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam Soccer, Behavioral (Economics), Friends & Family


Map with dates and alternative routes

corporate housing factory In our previous life we were called Vesteda Corporate Housing. Now we are called corporate housing factory bv as we want to expand our business to help and serve you more! With our new identity we have opened up for more real estate owners to bring their portfolios in contact with our (international) clients. With our knowledge, service levels and the same team behind it, you can (still) experience corporate housing the way we think it should be. With a variety of avors we can make you or your employee’s stay throughout the Netherlands an unforgettable one.

Our serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments, combined with services and facilities regarding comfort, sport and relaxation. Ideal for a temporary stay for you and/ or your employees.

As corporate housing factory bv has its own furniture packages we are able to (partly) furnish your apartment or house with a variety of designer furniture in an instant.

If you are a real estate investor who has a chance to not directly sell or rent out his property and is looking for the perfect in between solution, contact us to discuss all possibilities we offer.

properties available across the Netherlands +31 (0)88 11 69 500 |

Summer road works in Zuidas Everyone who lives or works in Zuidas is well aware that the district is still evolving. These changes require an integrated approach, both above and below ground. During the summer months, several major road projects will be tackled and this will inevitably lead to serious disruption to traffic. Dienst Zuidas has opted for a ‘short, sharp shock’ method, during the summer because there is less traffic. Jeroen van der Linden, Zuidas district manager, and Cees Bruijns, Zuidas public works project leader, outline the main things to watch out for. The junction Boelelaan/Buitenveldertselaan This busy junction will be closed from Friday, June

Work affecting the Boelelaan between the Amstelveenseweg and the Van der Boechorsstraat

21st at 8pm, to Monday, August 19th , at 6pm.

Work is currently underway on expanding the

The work involves placing pipes under the

southern side of the Boelelaan from two to three

Boelelaan in preparation for a canal on the western

lanes. The entire southern section of the road will

side of the Buitenveldertselaan. The pipes will link

be closed from Friday, July 12th, at 8pm, to

the waterways to ensure a continuous water flow.

Monday, July 15th, at 6am. Dienst Zuidas advises residents and visitors to Zuidas to travel by public

Diversion route:

transport, by bike or to access the district from

Buitenveldertselaan > Van Nijenrodeweg >

the eastern side.

Amstelveenseweg, or vice versa. For more specific information about road

Junction Amstelveenseweg/A10 Zuid (exit S108)

works, check or send an email to:

The S108 slip roads will be tackled to ensure better traffic flow. From 8pm, July 5th, the southern slip

Please note: This information is subject to change.

roads will be partially closed on three consecutive weekends. The right-hand lane in the direction of Amsterdam city centre will be extended and the junction with the Amstelveenseweg will undergo adjustments. From July 26th the northern slip roads will be tackled over three consecutive weekends and a third lane will be added in the direction of Amstelveen. This work will also involve partial closure of the junction. A diversion will be in operation and motorists are advised to use the S109 exit. Diversion routes will be indicated on-site.

Jeroen van der Linden & Cees Bruijns

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: William Maanders


Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new participants

Company: Deterink Advocaten en Notarissen

Company: TopJobs Consultants BV

Sector: Legal services

Sector: Recruitment of management support staff and Pas

Number of staff: 106 in total, of whom seven are in Amsterdam

Number of staff: Five

Connection to Zuidas: Accessible to clients from the

Connection to Zuidas: Our office is on the Boelelaan,

Amsterdam region and our international clients.

which is officially part of Zuidas. Many of our clients have

Why join Hello Zuidas?: As a new Zuidas company, we think

offices in Zuidas and lots of our candidates work here as well.

it is important to be directly involved in the district and with

Why join Hello Zuidas?: We like the magazine because

all the companies located here. By joining Hello Zuidas we

it keeps us up-to-date with everything that is happening.

hope we can contribute in our own way to the Hello Zuidas

Joining the foundation itself was the next logical step.

plans and keep up-to-date with developments.

Company: NH Hoteles Amsterdam Company: Global Housing

Sector: Hotel

Sector: Housing services

Number of staff: 60 (NH Musica)

Number of staff: Four

Connection to Zuidas: One of our hotels, the ultramodern

Connection to Zuidas: Lots of clients in the WTC.

NH Musica, is at the heart of the Zuidas, just a stone’s throw

Why join Hello Zuidas?: We believe Zuidas has a great

from the World Trade Centre.

future and we want to be part of it. It is also an excellent

Why join Hello Zuidas?: We work a lot with Zuidas companies.

way of keeping on top of everything that is going on.

We hope this alliance will strengthen our position in Zuidas and expand our business.

Company: NMC-Nijsse International Executive Search BV

Company: Oranje-Nassau Energie BV

Sector: Executive search

Sector: Oil and gas industry

Number of staff: Eight

Number of staff: 46

Connection to Zuidas: Our office is in Zuidas on the Boelelaan

Connection to Zuidas: We are based here.

and we have lots of clients and candidates who work in Zuidas.

Why join Hello Zuidas?: We support its aims; to ensure

Why join Hello Zuidas?: To be involved in future developments

Zuidas is a safe, clean, accessible and dynamic place

and improvements in Zuidas. It’s a good place to network and

to live and work.

organises interesting seminars and other activities.


Memo board The WTC’s new website offers tenants the opportunity to post their job opportunities in an exclusive setting, and free of charge. The vacancies target a specific market: ambitious and talented people who want to forge a career in the dynamic surroundings of the WTC. Potential candidates can search according to type of job, sector, career level and educational requirements.

Women, be proud of yourselves

Not to be missed!

On 8 March, RBS organised a joyful celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2013 across our Dutch offices. IWD celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. And yes, International Men’s Day does exist as well! At the Gustav Mahlerlaan, male colleagues were challenged to polish their nails for the ‘Women of Tomorrow’ charity. In total, the nail polishing session raised ¤ 1,300 for the charity within two hours – a super achievement.

On Thursday, June 13, car dealership Bangarage will show off the latest Volvo models on the Gustav Mahlerplein.

NGAGE You can now keep up to date with Hello Zuidas news and information via the big screen near the station.

And we have a winner…. Nathalie Delorme and Chris Oosting have won a lunch for 2 persons at Oliver’s, simply by ‘liking’ our Facebook page! Congratulations Nathalie and Chris! We hope you’ll have a great meal! Would you also like to win a prize? Simply go to and ‘like’ the page.

Like and Win Carré Win a morning or afternoon session (incl. drinks) in the boardroom of the royal theatre Carré The boardroom has a stunning view over the Amstel canal and is perfectly suited for exclusive meetings or private dinners for up to 12 people. The boardroom is equipped with every modern office requirement, including WiFi and a presentation screen. And you can combine your meeting with a delicious lunch or a tour through the theatre itself. Like the Hello Zuidas Facebook page and ( you could win this fantastic prize.

E-mail your memo’s to


Participants Hello Zuidas – May 2013 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact 1. ABN Amro 2. Accendium​ 3. Accenture 4. Akzo Nobel​ 5. Alvarez & Marsal Benelux 6. Amsterdam EXPO 7. Amsterdam in Business​ 8. Amsterdam RAI​ 9. APG 10. Arcadis 11. ASEGA Media 12. AVIS Autoverhuur 13. Bagels & Beans 14. Baker & McKenzie 15. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi 16. Beheer Brouwershoff 17. Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam​ 18. Bereikbaarheidsmakelaar Verkeer advies 19. BLUSH Beauty & Skin Clinic 20. Boekel De Nerée 21. Bolenius​ 22. Breevast 23. CBRE B.V.​ 24. citizenM 25. Cofely 26. College-Club 27. Corporate Housing Factory 28. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South​ 29. De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek 30. Deterink Advocaten en Notarissen 31. Dienst Zuidas Amsterdam 32. DTZ Zadelhoff, Agency Amsterdam 33. Duisenberg School of Finance 34. Eefje Voogd Makelaardij 35. Eetwinkel Zwaan 36. Ernst & Young 37. Expatcenter Amsterdam 38. Fortron B.V. 39. G&S Vastgoed 40. Galerie Modern​ 41. Gerrit Rietveld Academie 42. Global Housing 43. Greenberg Nielsen​​ 44. Green Business Club Zuidas 45. Gustavino B.V.​ 46. HAB International Accountants & Consultants 47. HB Hairstylers 48. Hello Sushi 49. Hestia Kinderopvang 50. Het Amsterdamse Bos​ 51. Holiday Inn Amsterdam 52. Holland Financial Centre 53. Holland Interplan B.V.​ 54. Houthoff Buruma​ 55. ILFC Aviation Services (Europe)​ 56. IMC Financial Markets Amsterdam 57. ING Rayon Amsterdam Zuid West 58. JCDecaux Nederland B.V. 59. Kardan​ 60. Kempen & Co​ 61. Koetjes en Kalfjes 62. Linklaters 63. Loyens & Loeff 64. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 65 Markit 66. MBO College Zuid 67. Mech Make & Take 68. Miles Building​

69. Mood for Real Estate 70. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 71. My Best Team Ever​ 72. NDI ICT Solutions​ 73. NEWNRG 74. NH Musica 75. Nick & Delano 76. Nijkerk Holding 77. NL Real Estate 78. NMC Nijsse 79. Novotel Amsterdam City 80. NS Station Zuid​ 81. Oliver’s 82. Ontspits 83. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam 84. ORAM 85. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 86. Pathé 87. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 88. Property NL B.V. 89. Puramis Consultancy 90. Qbic Hotels 91. Q-Park Nederland 92. Rabobank Amsterdam Markt Zuid 93. RBS 94. Regus 95. RGA International Reinsurance Company 96. RSM Erasmus University 97. Russell Reynolds Associates 98. SANTOS LUXURY 99. Schiphol Real Estate 100. Season-Flowers 101. Securitas 102. SINGAZ Holding 103. SLFMD Tailoring 104. Spaces 105. Stadsdeel Zuid 106. Stibbe 107. Sushi Time 108. Symphony’s 109. Tandartsenpraktijk Van De Veer 110. TAXI-E 111. The Bank of New York Mellon 112. TPEX 113. The Change Agent 114. The Office Operators 115. TopJobs Consultants 116. Transcore Management 117. TREC 118. Triple Ace 119. Valid Express 120. Vimpelcom 121. Visser Communicatie 122. Voxius 123. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 124. VU Connected 125. VU Medisch Centrum 126. Wagamama 127. World Trade Center Amsterdam 128. WTC Amsterdam Business Club 129. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 130. Your Assistant 131. Zingeving Zuidas 132. 133. Zuidschans 134. ZuidasRun

Colophon Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL + 31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, worldrenowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Parnassusweg 819, 9th floor - 1082 LZ - Amsterdam (UN Studio-gebouw, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 820 3976 - + 31 (0) 13 545 3298 - Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Jilles Mermans Translation: Zuidas Text and Translations Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Sander Buningh, Ewout Doorman, Jeannette Driessen, Eline Hoogendijk, Kirsten van den Hul, Merel Hurkmans, Romy Lange, Marjolein van Lingen, Chartia Plet Photography: Nadia Abdelmalik, Veronika Bacova, Camiel Donders, Wouter van Ierssel, Ethel van Kesteren, William Maanders Interns: Elaine Morre, Renske Siersema, Eline Verhoeven Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Jeannette Driessen, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk Thanks to: ARTZUID, Cintha van Heeswijck, Hilton Amsterdam, Bangarage, Rabobank, Regus, Phisage, Van de Veer tandartsen, Halsten Legal Department, Stichting Zuidas Run, Valid Express, MBO College Zuid, Kempen & Co, TPEX, PropertyNL, Jeannette Driessen, Holland Financial Centre, Sabine Schmitz du Moulin, Boris Lange, The Office Operators, Dienst Zuidas, Kimman BV, Verkeer advies, Rotterdam School of Management, Greenberg Nielsen Printed by: Drukkerij Gianotten Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly)* (*four times in 2013) Copyright: © 2013 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

Your defence consists of trackers.

Now all you need is a striker who can score goals.

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TelePresence is the highest quality standard in video conferencing with a result that matches the experience of real life meetings. High definition video, no time delays and easy-to-use services. We can connect to international public locations in 5-star hotels and other WTC’s in the world, but also to your regular video conferencing systems at your other offices worldwide. This will reduce cost and time of traveling and optimizes the efficiency for you and your teams.

For more information: TPEX International Strawinskylaan 77 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)88 1269 300

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Triple-Ace Strawinskylaan 77 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20 575 33 00 Strawinskylaan 41 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20 662 15 04

Spaces Barbara Strozzilaan 201 1083 HN Amsterdam +31 (0)20 240 2400

Hello Zuidas #7  

Hello Zuidas #7

Hello Zuidas #7  

Hello Zuidas #7