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magazine #2. july/august 2012

Douglas Grobbe

“Zuidas is moving towards The City and La Defense” Pieter Riemer

Trading in RMB benefits Chinese and European companies

Kirsten van den hul ‘More briefcases than handbags on Zuidas’ Better accessibility of Zuidas Eye-catching cool cars are the solution Some spare time? Check our Zuidas agenda

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Lidy klein Gunnewiek Director Grachtenfestival

Goosebumps on the Zuidas! If you’re spending the summer in Amsterdam,

wonderful performance of the Viooltrio with

make sure you don’t miss the Grachtenfestival in

Rosanne Philippens. The combination of the music

August! From 10 through 19 August 2012, the old

with the amazing panoramic views is something I’ll

city centre, the Northern district of the city and the

not forget for a very long time; the Zuidas from a

South of Amsterdam will be the unique backdrops

completely different perspective. And the

for a 10-day festival of classical music in numerous

performance of Else Sterk on the ‘Vliegende

remarkable locations.

Vleugel’ (or ‘flying grand piano’) also left a lasting

The theme of the 15th edition of the Grachtenfesti-

impression. The passionate pianist playing on

val, or ‘canal festival’, is love in its many forms.

the grand piano on wheels amidst the high-rise

This year’s festival offers a varied and extensive

buildings gave me goosebumps on that early

musical programme, including a number of jubilee

Monday morning last summer. Unfortunately,

activities, such as a special opera performance in

there were no amplifiers for the music last year,

the gardens of the Amsterdam Hilton hotel. In

but that’s all set to change this year. And I have no

addition to special locations and unique produc-

doubt at all that virtuoso pianist Marton Oei will

tions and programmes, the Grachtenfestival also

give us fresh goosebumps this year! You can find

traditionally provides a stage for young talented

the full programme for the festival on our website:

artistes, giving them the opportunity to take the

next step in their musical careers. I would like to thank our partners in the Zuidas In 2011, the Grachtenfestival presented its first

area for their generous contributions. Together we

performances in the Zuidas district. And it was a

have the perfect ingredients for a great summer at

big success, both for us and for our audiences.

the Zuidas. All we need now is the right weather…..

Concert performances in model apartments in various residential projects and in other striking locations showed that the Zuidas is about a lot

We hope to see you in August.

p.s. The next issue of Hello Zuidas is scheduled for September 4th.

more than work! I distinctly remember the


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Index 08. Douglas Grobbe Farewell to an inspirational Zuidas man 12. Property 15. Column: Kirsten van den Hul Suits and stilettos 16. Finance 19. Trending Topics 20. Agenda Zuidas 24. Hello YOU 26. Karlijn van Lammeren (Accenture) Incorporating customer experience

28. RenĂŠ Witzel (JCDecaux) Eye-catching cool cars are the solution 30. Pieter Riemer (Linklaters) Trading in RMB benefits Chinese and European companies 32. Behind the scenes 34. Recruitment 36. Behind the Scenes 37. Memo Board Short messages from Zuidas 38. Colophon & Overview participants Hello Zuidas

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.,,,


Farewell to an inspirational Zuidas man Douglas Grobbe is every inch a Zuidas man. He’s a director at ABN AMRO and has countless secondary positions in the area, including the chairmanship of the Hello Zuidas Foundation. On the 1st August, Grobbe is leaving ABN AMRO after 37 years with the bank and he can finally enjoy his retirement. Oddly enough, he’s not as enthusiastic as you might think. “I’m good at building things up, but winding down is not really my thing.” we were suddenly confronted with the global credit crisis and the Dutch property fraud affair hit

Thirty-seven years with the bank

the headlines. This area obviously felt the effects

After spending a year studying landscape

of that, and everything ground to a halt. A lot of

architecture and completing his two-year stint of

prospective shareholders withdrew from the

military service, Grobbe decided it was time to

Zuidas Dok project (a combination of urban

make some money. “I applied for a job with

development and improvements to the total

AMRO Bank 37 years ago and that was that, really.

infrastructure of Amsterdam’s Zuidas area and the

I ended up in the dealing room and stayed there

northern part of the Randstad urban conurbation),

for the next 20 years. The dealing room is actually

which created a kind of vacuum. That made public

a huge marketplace, with 550 people sitting in

players think the entire project was heading for

one big space. It’s the beating heart of the

disaster. In the end, Dirk Jan van den Berg,

organisation, where all the money and securities

Chairman of the Board of Directors at technical

trading takes place. If anything happens around

university TU Delft, got things rolling again, and

the world, the dealers know about it first and that’s

the politicians in The Hague began to appreciate

pretty exciting.”

the potential of this project again. Then of course we had a high-profile crisis at ABN AMRO. It’s

The next step forward

great to see that the bank has found itself again in

Grobbe has been involved in the Zuidas district

a new role. I find it very encouraging to see

since day one. When he looks around today,

positive things happening here again and Hello

he sees that the area has become much more

Zuidas is a great example of that. At a certain

cohesive in recent years. “Of course we’ve had

point, we simply put our shoulders to the wheel

quiet periods during the development of the area.

and got things moving again.”

For instance, we were in a very positive phase and everyone was moving along nicely, when in 2007

An identity all of its own Lots of people see the Zuidas district as a village with its own separate identity, an identity that’s far from Dutch. When Grobbe walks between the


Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel

office buildings on dark winter evenings, it can feel

The Zuidas district is moving in the same

a bit like Manhattan. “It is not really Amsterdam-


like, but as far as the city itself is concerned it’s supposed to be. I ask myself if that’s really

Zuidas dome

necessary. It can also have its own identity and

It was decided last year that the Zuidas district

simply be what it is. We don’t necessarily need

had to be bigger, livelier and more attractive and

all the fringe elements of Amsterdam here.

everybody involved has gone all out to achieve

More and more people will eventually live in the

that. Grobbe sees a lot of very clear improvements.

Zuidas and that will be very important for the

“It’s become a lot more lively and fun here

area. You can see that in the City of London and

recently. All there was here at first of course was

La Defense in Paris. La Defense was an area

lots of concrete, steel and glass, and there wasn’t

where nobody lived at one point. It was horrible.

an awful lot to enjoy. Now we have restaurants

If you walked around there at night, it felt

and terraces where people can meet. In June we

completely dead. Now they’ve built apartment

will have the VU open-air concert and Zuidas

complexes and the area now feels very grand.

Culinair and we’ve already had the Zuidas Run.


“It’s heartening to see positive things happening here again and Hello Zuidas is a great example of that. At a certain point, we simply put our shoulders to the wheel and got things moving again.”

We have lots of fun events now, but we could do

Saying farewell

with even more. One of my ideas was a Zuidas

At the end of July, Grobbe’s working life at ABN

dome on the Gustav Mahler square. The idea was

AMRO will draw to an end and he’ll finally be able

to have a giant glass dome that could be used to

to his retirement. Or will he? “I’m good at building

hold all kinds of events. It’s not much fun on the

things up, but winding down is not really my thing.

Zuidas if it’s very windy. But if we had that dome,

Obviously, my alarm will still go off on the 1st of

we could organise markets, for instance, or host

August, but rather than getting up and going to

lectures. We’ve already talked to architects about

work this time I’ll turn it off and turn over. Of

this idea, so you never know, it might still happen

course, I’ll be doing other things. For instance,

at some point.”

I’ll be travelling, playing sports and developing projects for young people. I think Hello Zuidas is

The problem of liveability

an amazing initiative, so maybe I’ll stay involved

Grobbe believes there is still a lot of room for

in that. It’s become a successful business,

improvement at the Zuidas. One thing he can get

involving more than 100 companies, and

very wound up about is the way bikes and mopeds

the local city council.”

are left scattered all over the place. “For one reason another, we’ve simply been unable to solve

Creating a legacy

this problem. We’ve held extensive talks with the

“It has been wonderful to help develop this area.

local council and we were supposed to get a major

I’ll be able to show my grandchildren something

bike parking facility. Now, apparently we’re

concrete that I’ve worked on. That’s why I’ve

supposed to solve the problem by enforcing the

always envied architects. They create something

rules, and that’s not likely to make anybody happy.

tangible. I don’t have an uncontrollable urge to

The infrastructure is not as good as it could be yet,

create a legacy, but it’s nice to be able to say

either, but that’s the Dutch way. First we build

you have.”

something and then we start to think about how people are supposed to get there.


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Property Source:

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Hotel chains expand in Zuidas ZUIDAS – The Amsterdam market is attracting a lot of interest from the hotel sector, according to the latest Amsterdam Hotel Market View published by property

Deka outsources property management of Viñoly to DTZ

consultancy CBRE during the recent Provada real estate

ZUIDAS – German property investor Deka Immobilien

growth in expansion projects from major hotel chains.

has outsourced the management of the Viñoly office

Recent contracts included the redevelopment of two

building in the Zuidas district to DTZ Zadelhoff Property

office buildings in the southern Amsterdam area of

Management. The office building on Gustav Mahlerplein

Buitenveldert and in the city’s western Sloterdijk area into

has some 30,000 m2 of office space and is part of the

a Holiday Inn Express and a Golden Tulip hotel respec-

Amsterdam Zuidas district’s Mahler 4 complex.

tively. Developer COD is currently working on plans for a

conference. The first months of 2012 showed continued

Motel One hotel in Kop Zuidas, the most easterly part of The Viñoly was the first building in Europe designed by

the Zuidas district

South American architect Rafael Viñoly. The building’s most striking features include the staircases carved into mullions. At 95 metres, it is also one of the tallest

AM to develop 250 homes in Amsterdam’s Kop Zuidas area

buildings in the Zuidas district, with tenants ranging from

ZUIDAS – Property developer AM has signed a contact

Dutch law firm Boekel de Nerée to Google, Mitsubishi

with Amsterdam city council’s Zuidas office to develop

and Savills.

around 250 homes in Kop Zuidas, the most easterly

the façade and the prominent vertical aluminium

section of the Zuidas district. The contract, signed at the Provada property trade fair in Amsterdam in June, includes the phased development of the area across from the RAI conference centre. At the Provada trade fair, AM and Bouwfonds Property Development also announced the launch of the construction of the OPZUID residential project, also in the Zuidas district. This involves the development of 46 terraced homes with a view of the Boelegracht canal. The apartments went on sale at the end of last year and have been sold in sufficient numbers for construction to begin.


Schroder Investment signs lease for WTC Amsterdam office ZUIDAS – The World Trade Center Amsterdam has signed a multi-year lease contract with Schroder Investment Management Benelux (Schroders) for around 660 m2 of office and archive space in Tower A of the World Trade Center (WTC) at Strawinskylaan 521 in Amsterdam. Schroders is taking over office space currently occupied by the WTC Amsterdam management company, which is moving to new offices in Tower D. The new lease has reduced the vacant space in the Amsterdam World Trade Center to 2.25%, which means the WTC currently has some 2,600 m2 of space still available. Schroder Investment Management Benelux is an asset management company which has had offices in Amsterdam for several years and is now moving its main office to the Zuidas from the Amsterdam Zuid-Oost area in the south-eastern part of the city.

Zuidas launches innovation in building tenders ZUIDAS – In the glory days of the property boom, project tenders could be remarkably vague affairs. But local councils are now demonstrating unknown levels of openness in an effort to get projects off the ground in today’s difficult economic conditions. And they have little choice as they search for market players still able and willing to make investments. Even the Netherlands’ top location , the Zuidas, is faced with this dilemma and launched a new innovative approach at this year’s Provada property trade fair at Amsterdam’s RAI conference centre in June. As part of this novel approach, the Zuidas department of the Amsterdam city council invited market players to contribute their ideas for the development of a 10,000 m2 multi-tenant building in Kop Zuidas, the most easterly part of the Zuidas area, across from the RAI conference centre, even before the actual tender process is launched. In the good old days, the market would have jumped at the chance to participate in this development (right next to the motorway and adjacent to the RAI railway and metro station), but in the current climate Zuidas has pulled out all the stops and produced full-colour brochures for the project. The city council is keen to gauge market interest in a multi-tenant building in the Kop Zuidas location and assess whether the proposed land price of € 1,250 per square metre is feasible. The council is reportedly in talks with leading developers such as G & S Vastgoed, Bouwfonds MAB, COD and OVG. One key issue in these talks is likely to be whether the proposed start of construction in late 2013 or early 2014 is realistic.

Photography: William Maanders


Entrepreneurship at Zuidas Zuidas is developing at a fast pace. Already there are many hotspots. As an entrepreneur, you now have a fine chance for joining in. Open a shop, a restaurant or a café on Amsterdam’s number one location. You’ll have plenty of opportunities in your entrepreneurship to rent out a premium quality shop premises on the up and coming George Gershwinplein. On this location, offices, hotels and housing are well represented.

For more information, see or call +31 (0) 20 8202393

Suits and stilettos “Zuidas, isn’t that where all the guys in suits go?”,

boosting American gross domestic product (GDP)

a friend asked me the other day. “Yes”, I replied.

by as much as 9%, Eurozone GDP by 13% and

“There are plenty of guys in suits. There are girls in

Japanese GDP by 16%.

suits too, by the way. And students in sneakers, senior citizens with walkers, fashion designers,

It’s a fact: diversity works. Companies with women

K1 fighters and tourists. There are construction

on their boards and in senior management

workers, teachers, dentists, doctors, public

positions perform better. Not surprising, in a world

servants and even a few artists. Zuidas has it all!”

where women account for 85% of all consumer

But come to think of it, my friend did have a point.

purchases. Diversity is the key to a real win-win

A random lunch break in the Zuidas area reveals

situation: more equal participation and better

more ties than heels, more trousers than skirts,

results. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

more briefcases than handbags.

But rest assured, change is on its way. Over the past two decades, girls have been catching up.

Quite a shame, really. Not that I have anything

A recent study by The Hague Center for Strategic

against guys in suits (quite the contrary, I have to

Studies even labelled the situation “alarming”:

say). But a few more women would not hurt. After

only 10 % of all working men under 25 have an

all, there is a direct link between increased female

academic degree, while more than half of all

participation and economic growth. Research by

university graduates are female. So who knows?

Goldman Sachs found that closing the gap

A lunch break in the Zuidas area 20 years from

between male and female employment rates

now may reveal more stilettos than suits.

would have a huge impact on the global economy,

‘More ties than heels, more trousers than skirts’

Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”. For more information, visit or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.

Text: Kirsten van den Hul • Photography: William Maanders


Finance Source: Holland Financial Centre

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Amsterdam drops to 57th in Mercer Cost of Living Survey 2012

March 2012

March 2011















accommodation. The Japanese capital Tokyo is now the





world’s most expensive city for expatriates, while Karachi





is the cheapest. At number four in the global ranking,





Moscow remains the most expensive city in Europe for





expatriates. Geneva is next in fifth and Zurich is sixth, up





one place from last year. The next European city in the



Hong kong

Hong kong

ranking, Bern, rose two places from last year to 14,




















United kingdom



St. Petersburg






Top 60 cities: Cost of living ranking





The Mercer international basket compares the cost of





over 200 items, including rental accommodation.





Base City: New York, US





Amsterdam dropped seven places to 57th in the Mercer’s 2012 Worldwide Cost of Living survey, based on the comparison of over 200 items, including the cost of rental

following the strengthening of the Swiss franc against the US dollar.


The Netherlands and Turkey celebrate 400 years of diplomatic relations Holland Olympic Welcome Party

Exactly 400 years ago, in 1612, the Dutch Republic’s first

On Friday 27th July, the opening day of the 2012 Olympics,

envoy to the Ottoman Empire, Cornelis Haga, submitted

the Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, and

his letter of credence to the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I in

representatives from Zuidas-based Holland Financial

Istanbul. This year, several activities and events have been

Centre and employment agency Randstad will host a

organised to celebrate the 400th anniversary of diplomatic

‘Holland Olympic Welcome Party’ on the clipper Stad

relations between the Netherlands and Turkey.

Amsterdam. During the London Olympics, the famous clipper will be moored at Millwall Cutting, Canary Wharf,

Turkey is becoming an increasingly important trading

close to London’s South Quay tube station.

partner for the Netherlands. Trading volumes between the two nations have doubled over the past ten years, and are

The Stad Amsterdam is a vessel with an extraordinary

expected to continue to expand. The city of Amsterdam

history and in 2009-2010 the clipper sailed the globe

and several financial services companies decided that the

recreating Charles Darwin’s famous Voyage of the Beagle.

jubilee year provided an excellent opportunity to market and promote Dutch financial services in Turkey.

The ‘Holland Olympic Welcome Party’ is a networking

From 14 to 17 October 2012, the Mayor of Amsterdam,

event and the organisers have invited senior Dutch

Eberhard van der Laan, will visit Istanbul with a commercial

executives working in London’s financial services industry.

delegation. Early plans include a Holland Financial Day that

They play an important role in marketing the Netherlands

will focus on promoting the Netherlands as a place of

as an attractive business and financial hub.

business in the areas of retirement management, finance & sustainability, financial logistics and as a trading venue. The programme will be fully geared to the location and the

Dutch expertise in China

guests expected to attend.

Seven Chinese provinces and cities have been selected for pilot projects involving carbon emission trading. Holland Financial Centre, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation’s Agentschap NL will be looking at how Dutch expertise in the area of carbon emission trading can be exported to China.

Photography: William Maanders


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Trending topics Maaike Kouwenhoven@Sjanies Darwin Recruitment! Dus keer weer terug naar de Zuidas! Helemaal blij, haha!! de Architect@deArchitectNL Het startsein is gegeven voor de bouw van appartementencomplex OPZUID op de Zuidas in Amsterdam. Lex Boot@Lex_Boot Nog één afspraak en dan richting Zuidas voor ontmoeting @NeerhofBram over wervelingen vd Geest en ons leven Hello Zuidas@hellozuidas 25th of June @TEDxAms live on Zuidas with report from Binnenhof. 13pm - 15pm @wtc Zuidplein #zuidas #amsterdam Joris van den Berg@jorisvdberg Eten op de Zuidas, ben benieuwd wat er gecoket wordt... Joost van Kuppeveld@jvkupLeuk om weer ns op de Zuidas te zijn. 40 & Perfect@40andperfect nog even naar het tuintje van bolenius #interview #chefsmagazine #augustus #zuidas Annemerel@annemerelcom Gisteravond verrassend lekker gegeten bij #bolenius op de Amsterdamse zuidas. Leuke combinaties, goede wijn, fijne mensen Corien Wortmann@Corien_Wortmann Aangekomen op de Zuidas. Wordt hele toer om rol ECB, Eurocrisis en toekomstperspectief in een speech van 20 minuten te vatten Mirjam van der Veer@MirjamvdVeer @LMAangeenbrug Top dat je erbij bent! Ik ben erg benieuwd naar het project op de Zuidas. Kun je de laptop evt. meenemen donderdag eCommerce Partner BV@ecpnl Een #inventieve oplossing van #Nuon! #Mileu-bewust koelen.#Zuidas heeft het! Darryl Vriesde@darryldarryl laatste dag #BODYWORLDS @ Zuidas, echt indrukwekkend al die opgezette mensen Dienst Zuidas@DienstZuidas Een bezoeker krijgt uitleg bij de infoborden over de zelfbouwkavels. #Zuidas #zelfbouw kees-jan dijkstra@KeesJD Leestip: Zo Zuidas-column #FD over kantoorgedrag.Dek je preventief in met cc tje collega’s. “10 lagen bilbedekking tegen baggerstromen shit ekeberkers@mariekeberkers Haal sport niet naar de stad, maar stad naar de sport, aldus Vincent Kompier @ stad-forum debat ‘Zuidas in beweging’ Amsterdam Nieuws@Amsterdam_nws Werk aan de weg in Zuidas: Vanaf nu tot 31 oktober zijn er wegwerkzaamheden op de Amstelveenseweg kees van der hoeven@kavander @rutno Wat heb je toch met die Zuidas? Of moet ik je wellicht voorstellen aan de directie daar? Klaas de Boer, slimme jaargenoot uit Delft. Eelco Wynia@eelcowynia De Zuidas #020 Kon. BAM Groep nv@BAMGroep_NL Dienst Zuidas, AM en COD tekenen overeenkomst woningontwikkeling Kop Zuidas Accenture Community@AccentureNL Get impressions of the ‘Zuidas Run 2012’ here CP Amsterdam South@CrownePlaza_STH Zuidas Culinaire! #delicious food and great #music by the @VUOrkest ! See you there on the 27th of June! Esther@esther_305 Woensdag zag ik Ruud Gullit op de Zuidas. Misschien ging hij toen wel naar zijn advocaat!!1! Dat was achteraf dus gewoon BREKEND. Manou Burghout@ManouBurghout Goedemorgen lieve Tweeps. Vandaag de Zuidas verblijden met mijn aanwezigheid :-) Wie ga jij verblijden? Fijne dag!



Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam Dutch still life in plastic by Richard Kuiper

Zuidas ‘borrel’

21 June – 15 August 2012

Look for Art:

Time: 17:00 hrs

Gustav Mahlerlaan 525, Zuidas

Location: Nooon, Zuidplein,


WTC-G tower

Daily between 11:00 – 18:00 hrs

The Zuidas Business Borrel (business

5 July 2012

drinks) will be held on 5 July 2012 and

Wiener Wald

will include live music, great wines,

From 3 July onwards, the BosTheater

Gerrit Rietveld Academy

snacks and the popular summer drink

theatre company will be kicking off

4 – 8 July 2012

Monte Scroppino.The Zuidas Business

its latest summer production at the

Graduation Show 2012

Borrel is a quarterly event.

Amsterdam Bos open-air theatre:

Wiener Wald, or Vienna Woods. This famous bitter-sweet tale about love is based on a play by AustroHungarian playwright Ödön von Horváth, with music inspired by composers such as the king of the Viennese waltz Johan Strauss. On 13 and 20 July at 12.30hrs, the BosTheater will be giving sneak previews of the show at lunchtime on the Gustav Mahlerplein.

Zuidas Architectural walk

architecture of the Zuidas district.

6 July, 27 July, 3, 10 and

The Zuidas master plan was based on a

24 August 2012

dynamic combination of living and

working. Office skyscrapers such

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours.

as the Erick van Egeraat tower and the

Minimum of 10 participants.

Viñoly tower are a perfect complement

Time: 14:00 hrs.

to the combined residential and office

Cost: 12.50 pp.

towers Amsterdam Symphony by archi-

To sign up, call +31 (6) 2432 4666

tect Pi de Bruijn and New Amsterdam.

or +31 (6) 2432 4655 Other dates are possible for groups. An art historian from the cultural tour operator Walk2Art will take you on a tour of the daring and varied


july - august 2012 Next magazine will be published @4th of September. Mail us your agenda. Deadline: August 10th. Email:

Hello Zuidas participants meeting 6 July 2012, 12:00 – 14:00 hrs The first exclusive meeting for Hello Zuidas participants at the Rietveld Academy. During lunch, which starts at 12:00 hrs, Hello Zuidas will present its results from the first six months of this year and discuss its plans for the next six months. Before and after the meeting, participants will be able to view works by the academy’s final year students. Register via

Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam Saxophone Orchestra

locations around the city. On 14 August,

Tuesday 14 August

gramme that includes Edvard Grieg’s

12 July and 6 September 2012

Holberg Suite, originally written for a

If you would you like to help come up

13:00 hrs

string ensemble.

with the perfect design for a new

Virtuoso saxophonist Arno Bornkamp’s

Programme: Handel and Grieg

section of Amsterdam’s Beatrixpark,

twelve best students have united to

Amsterdam Saxophone Orchestra

then join us on 12 July and 6 September.

form the Amsterdam Saxophone

Location: Zuidplein

For more information go to

Orchestra especially for the Grachten-

Duration: one hour or call Sanne Bouwman

festival, Amsterdam’s famous 10-day

Free entry, no tickets required

on +31 (6) - 2220 5221

festival of classical music in special

Help design a new section of Beatrixpark

they will be playing the Zuidplein, both literally and figuratively, with a pro-


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

Grachtenfestival, Première: violin octet Octafilia Friday 17 August 13:00 hrs Octafilia is eight young female

Grachtenfestival, Martin Oei on the Vliegende Vleugel

on a CD of Beethoven’s Early Pastorale,

violinists, colleagues and friends.

a recently reconstructed sonata from

The Netherlands’ first ever violin octet

1792. Oei will be performing the world

saw the light in 2011 and they will be

Thursday 16 August

premiere of the work on 21 October of

giving their première performance at

this year at Amsterdam’s Concert-

this year’s Grachtenfestival. The octet

13:00 hrs

gebouw. For the Zuidas part of the

plays music from baroque to romantic,

The 16-year-old piano virtuoso Martin

Grachtenfestival, he will be giving an

from melodious to virtuoso.

Oei gave his Grachtenfestival debut

open-air performance of music by

Your chance to discover the unique

performance in 2008. He will be

Schubert, Liszt and Chopin, this time

sound of eight violins. Don’t miss it!

performing for the third time at this

on the now famous Vliegende Vleugel,

Programme: Telemann, Lachner,

year’s festival of music on Amsterdam’s

or Grand piano on wheels.

Françaix, Bacewics and Lutoslawski

canals, and the Zuidas district of course!

Location: Gustav Mahlerplein, the entrance


Martin Oei is fascinated by historical

to station Amsterdam Zuid

Location: ITO tower, entrance hall,

instruments and regularly plays

Duration: One hour

Gustav Mahlerplein

Sébastien Erard grand pianos and

Free entry, no tickets required

Duration: one hour

pianofortes. He is currently working


Free entry, no tickets required

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Grachtenfestival, Dutch Trombone Ensemble

Repertoire for Grachtenfestival at

Friday 17 August

• W.A. Mozart - Alla bella Despinetta

the Zuidas: from ‘Così fan tutte’

13:00 hrs

• A. Piazzolla - Chiquilin de Bachin

The Dutch Trombone Ensemble is a very

• M. Nightingale - Turning back

young troupe – founded in december 2011 – of talented and ambitious trombone players aged between 19 and 24. They are all students from the famous trombone class at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam music academy. One of their goals is to increase the amount of

the clock • M. De Falla - Scènes from El amor brujo • A. Piazzolla/S. Verhelst - Tango y Seduccion • G. Bassman - I’m getting sentimental over you

Zuidas Cup 2012 Friday 28 September SC Buitenveldert Would you and your colleagues like to compete in the 11th edition of the Zuidas football tournament?

sheet music available for trombone

For more information, email us at

ensembles by adding their own

arrangements for the instrument.

prgramme grachtenfestival amsterdam Zuid Gustav Mahlerplein

Lunch concert Vliegende Vleugel - Martin Oei

Thursday 16 August at 13:00

ITO tower

Lunch concert Octafilia

Friday 17 August at 13:00


Lunch concert Amsterdam Saxophone Orchestra

Tuesday 14 August at 13:00

Wyndham Apollo Hotel

Hotel garden and terrace series, Wyndham Sunday 12 August at 15:00 and 17:00 Apollo Hotel

Hilton Amsterdam

Nozze Don Così – The Mozart and Da Ponte Trilogy

Saturday 11 August, Monday 13/14 August at 20:00

Marie Heinekenplein

Ricciotti ensemble

Friday 17 August at 17:00

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Hotel garden and terrace series, Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Sunday 12 August at 15:00 and 17:00

Vondelpark open-air theatre

Finalists Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concours

Sunday 12 August at 12:00


LAUNCH MAGAZINE HELLO ZUIDAS Tuesday, 8th of May, 9.00AM Fitch & Shui • More than 100 visitors • Incrowd Zuidas • Jacques Kuyf (CEO FD Media Groep) & Chazia Mourali (Tv personality) received the first copy • Goodybags • 20.000 copies • Cool promoteams • Champagne


Photography: Max Thijssen

ZUIDASRUN Sunday, 10th of June, 11.00AM • 2.500 runners •@ the finish flowers of Season Flowers, in cooperation with Hello Zuidas. • Winner 10 EM Men: Jelte Brontsema , Winner 10 EM Ladies: Anja van ’t Schip. • Winner 4 EM Men: Erwin Meijer, Winner 4 EM Ladies: Sandra van Doorn •Winner business team 10 EM: Accenture, Winner business team 4 EM: Eni International • Winners Kids Run: Camiel Theunissen & Amber Huijg • € 22.000,- for charity

Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Mail us:

Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


Incorporating customer experience As I checked in at Schiphol for a morning flight to Chicago recently, I knew it would be one of those days full of new customer experiences. I love observing nice, original or even disappointing customer experiences because it’s the field I work in, and airlines are great for this because they’re are very conscious of the experience they offer their customers.

If we’re to believe all the tweets and articles on customer experience, service levels in the Netherlands leave a lot to be desired. Is this

know your customer thoroughly and to act on

because of our high expectations? Are we too

that knowledge. And it’s no longer enough to

critical, or are we simply unwilling to pay for higher

simply gather regular client data; you also have to

service levels? In the US, for example, a tip of 20%

know what drives your customers, what they think

is customary, while in the Netherlands very few

and believe. But even then this information only

people tip more than 10%. In fact, if we could

has any real power if it is combined and used in

choose to pay more for additional service, most

the right way and at the right time. That’s how you

of us would decline. Nevertheless, I do see many

realise the right customer experience consistently.

examples of excellent customer experience here in

In reality, only 7% of large companies are

the Netherlands. After all, many companies have

customer-centric, according to New Temkin Group

now realised that this is a way to differentiate

Research. I am not surprised. Because while most

themselves from their competitors. Everybody is

companies set ambitious goals, actually realising a

searching for the right balance, of course, but how

customer-centric organisation is quite complex

far do you have to go to please a client? What do

and demands a lot of persistence.

you have to do to make a client an ambassador for your organisation and promote you to friends and

Strategic goal

family or even on twitter, facebook or blogs?

First and foremost, customer centricity must be an integral part of the organisation’s strategy.

Customer centricity

A customer strategy determines how an organisa-

Many organisations struggle with these kinds of

tion treats its customers. It states how customers

questions. Customer centricity is a common

are segmented, what channel mix is used for each

strategic goal, but what does it mean? When are

segment, and what products are offered through

you successful at it? The only correct answer is

these channels and at what service level. This can

that a customer is central only when that customer

be fairly challenging for organisations that are also

feels he or she is central. Not everyone expects or wants the same thing, so this experience differs per individual. The route to success therefore is to


Text: Karlijn van Lammeren • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel

looking to reduce costs. The two are often

generates positive word of mouth, which can

considered incompatible since cost reductions

attract new customers and increase revenues.

tend to impact service departments. This is why I would argue that cost reduction can never be a

It’s true that incorporating customer centricity into

goal in itself. Organisations should be aiming

the DNA of your organisation takes a lot of time

to increase profits instead, something they can

and effort. However, every individual employee

do by increasing turnover or lowering costs.

can make a difference very quickly by putting the

By placing the customer at the heart of its

customer at the centre of what they do and by

operations, an organisation can quickly increase

aiming to realise what really helps their customers,

customer satisfaction, something that has an

rather than rigidly sticking to procedures. In the

obvious positive impact on profitability. This

end, neither your customers, nor your employees

increases loyalty and retention, which can also

will be happy if there’s too much red tape for the

reduce operating costs. And satisfied customers

sake of red tape.

Karlijn is a manager at Accenture Management Consulting, specializing in the area of customer service strategy. She has a wide knowledge of and experience with multi-channel strategy and execution. Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with approximately 236,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.


Car sharing: “Our scheme works just fine!” When JCDecaux’s rental contract for its offices in inaccessible Diemen ended, the outdoor advertising firm started looking for a way to get people out of their cars. And they found the perfect solution in Zuidas!


The company’s new offices, across from the RAI

Managing director René Witzel gets straight to the

rail and metro station, are in a fantastic location in

point. In Diemen, the buses ran every half hour and

terms of public transport. “We look out over a

the office was difficult to reach by tram or metro.

tram terminus, plus you can get here easily by

So of course everybody came to work by (lease)

train or metro and the new North-South metro

car, with the odd person coming by bike. Those

will also be stopping outside our front door

cars then sat in the car park all day doing nothing.

in the future,” René Witzel says. This made it a lot

“So we started looking for a more efficient form of

easier to come up with an attractive scheme to

car sharing.”

discourage people from commuting in their own or lease cars.



Staying independent

“In Diemen, you could park private cars for free in

Bureau Zuidas recently approached Witzel to ask

our own parking spots. Now we have to park on

whether JCDecaux would like to take part in ABN

the street and pay for it ourselves. Or walk from

AMRO’s car-sharing scheme. “But our scheme

miles away, where parking is free. And you have to

works fine. I’d rather remain in control. I don’t

pay a fee to park lease cars in the parking garage.

really like the idea of having to take others into

In our scheme, any employee who gives up their

account in terms of planning and the like. Plus, I’d

lease car gets half of the lease fee added to their

probably pick a different kind of car. Because I

gross salary. And in exchange, we’ve acquired

firmly believe that people will only think it’s fun to

some very eye-catching pool cars,” Witzel says.

drive a pool car if it’s a really nice-looking car.”

“We have three Mini Convertibles, one ordinary Mini, a Ford SMax, a Range Rover, a small van and an electric scooter, although there are no charging points for that yet. As soon as they’re installed, we’ll buy a couple of electric cars,” he adds.

Cool cars “The fact that the cars are pretty cool models really does help. Our salespeople think it’s great to drive around in a Mini convertible. We have a sort

Erik Maitimo, senior consultant at business mobility adviser is very enthusiastic about the JCDecaux initiative: “This shows you once again that there are fun and practical commuting alternatives for employees. And that’s doubly true if you’re based at a public transport hub like the Zuidas. The JCDecaux car-sharing scheme makes a great contribution to the accessibility of this top location.”

of ongoing fight about who can take which car. The pool cars are used so much, in fact, that we’ll have to buy a few more.” Virtually all of the 50 management, sales and support staff now come to the Zuidas by public transport. Everybody gets their travel costs reimbursed in full in line with the government’s public transport allowance scheme. “Our CFO lives in Muiden and he now comes to work every day by train. Even he gave up his lease car,” Witzel says proudly.

JCDecaux is one of the world’s best-known outdoor advertising companies. The French company provides street furniture in exchange for the use of advertising space on that furniture. ‘Abri’ – the French word for shelter - is a word now commonly used in Dutch to refer to a bus or tram stop, possibly thanks to JCDecaux. Amsterdam has some 2,000 objects – with hundreds of these in the Zuidas district – displaying JCDecaux advertising. JCDecaux also provides all the waste paper bins in the Zuidas District.

Text: Sabine Zurel • Photography: William Maanders


Linklaters puts Chinese renminbi on map as currency On 16 April this year, Linklaters’ Amsterdam office teamed up with Chinese Bank ICBC, the world’s largest bank, for a successful seminar about the liberalisation of the Chinese currency, the Renminbi (RMB). Pieter Riemer, a partner at the global law firm based in Amsterdam, says the subject is very topical, as the speed of change with regard to the RMB is phenomenal. The Netherlands, alongside other European countries, is making substantial inroads into China; the Netherlands is China’s second-largest trading partner in Europe after Germany. Chinese companies are also very interested in Europe, which is why ICBC recently opened a branch in Amsterdam.

Doing business with China easier “The Chinese currency is important to any company doing business in and with China”, explains Riemer. “To put it simply, if you can pay Chinese companies in RMB or receive your payments in RMB, it creates flexibility for your Chinese business partners and gives you a competitive edge. Unsurprisingly, Dutch companies have been quick to acknowledge this advantage.”

Access to the RMB as a currency It was not until 2009 that the Chinese government undertook an RMB pilot scheme to internationalise

“We are very Dutch by being international.”

the currency. The successful launch of the scheme galvanised the creation of an offshore pool of RMB in Hong Kong which led to Hong Kong becoming the global settlement centre for offshore RMB transactions. Agreements between China and Hong Kong have made it possible to use RMB for trading purposes since 2010 without the Chinese authorities really easing capital controls. At the same time, China substantially increased the maximum amount which international fund managers were allowed to invest in the China onshore


capital markets. “Trading in RMB benefits Chinese

A broader view of the world

companies as it reduces transaction costs

Getting involved in the liberalisation of the RMB

while minimising the chance of exchange rate

is typical for Linklaters. Riemer says it is a

fluctuations impacting margins”, says Riemer.

clear demonstration of Linklaters’ view of the Netherlands and the world. “Linklaters has a global

Offshore bonds

reach, which also means that wherever we are,

One way to obtain RMB in Hong Kong is to issue

diversity is important to us. If you look at our

offshore RMB bonds. Linklaters has played a

people you will find that we have a very varied

leading role in pioneering these instruments in

team, and that goes for our Amsterdam office too.

Hong Kong. The placement of RMB bonds gives

As a firm, we give our employees a broad view

companies access to RMB outside of mainland

of the world, which they appreciate enormously.

China. Offshore RMB pools are now also created

At the same time, this approach makes us very

outside Hong Kong, which makes it even easier

Dutch. That is something people don’t always

to gain access to the currency. London is now well

realise. A Dutchman is by definition international.”

on the road to becoming an offshore settlement centre for RMB thanks to agreements with Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Linklaters is providing advice on the issuance of RMB bonds from its Amsterdam office. According to Riemer, Dutch companies see the advantages of settling their trades in RMB and in getting direct access to the currency.

More offshore hubs Riemer says the financial centres in Western Europe are monitoring the developments around the liberalisation of the RMB closely. “And that certainly includes Germany. After all, Germany has a huge industrial sector and extensive ties with China. The ties between the United States of America and China are even more substantial. The USA is not only China’s biggest trading partner, China’s foreign exchange reserves are mainly composed of US dollars, which makes the US and China very dependent on each other”, says Riemer.

Logical move Riemer does not expect the developments around the liberalisation of the RMB to have a huge impact on the US dollar in the short term. “The question is, of course, whether the RMB will eventually be fully liberalised. China is not expected to embark on a “big bang” type of policy reform and the liberalisation of the RMB is therefore likely to be gradual. China’s recent move to increase the bandwidth of the conversion rate between the RMB and the US dollar is understandable. The Chinese government is pragmatic and realises that it has much to gain from further liberalisation.”

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


Behind the scenes

Making room for nature among the office skyscrapers Plans to make the Zuidas area greener have been in the making for quite some time. Green space enhances an area’s overall quality and helps create a more pleasant – and healthier - working environment. The Zuidas organisation has several short-term and long-term plans to create enough space for nature in the overall design of the Zuidas area. We talked to Bart van Eijk about the green Zuidas.

‘It is important to give the city’s ecology a boost in the area’

Bird and insect boxes Van Eijk says there’s no need to turn the Zuidas into a nature reserve, but it is important to give the city’s ecology a boost in the area. “We have installed insect and bee boxes, and last year we also built habitats for birds, butterflies and bats.

Green tram stop

Those boxes are distributed across 50 locations

“At the moment, the local council is planting new

around the Zuidas area. This year, we will look

trees along De Boelelaan to give that part of the

at how many of these boxes have been occupied

area the cachet of an avenue. We did the same on

and whether we can add more.”

the Europaboulevard and that looks great now,” says Bart van Eijk, the manager responsible for

Tree nursery

water and green areas in the Zuidas district.

There are plans to plant a lot more trees in the

“We plan to develop the tram terminus near the

Zuidas area and to make sure they are not all

VU University’s main building, where tram lines 16

young trees, the organisers have set up a special

and 24 converge, as a green leisure space, a mini

nursery on a vacant lot. “This will give the trees

park where you can sit down during a break or for

time to grow so they are sturdy trees by the time

your lunch. So it will be a very green tram stop,

we plant them around the Zuidas area. In the

with special flora such as cherry trees.”

future, people will also be able to take a walk around the nursery or even sit down there for a picnic. So we’ll be making the most of the green in the area.”

Did you take notice of something in Zuidas public space? Contact our Servicepoint at


Text: Romy Lange • Photography: William Maanders

All-out for a cleaner, more accessible Zuidas! An area with 30,000 workers, a station

Enforcing bike rules

(Amsterdam Zuid) that processes 70,000 people

The growing inconvenience caused by ‘wrongly’

each day, in which 20,000 students go to

parked bicycles around Station Zuid has increased

university (VU) and with a conference centre

the need for the enforcement of the bike parking

(RAI) that sees two million visitors each year

rules in the Zuidas centre. Bikes are frequently

requires a little extra care and attention. That’s

parked in front of offices, next to the flower beds

why Hello Zuidas, the Zuidas Amsterdam

or against lampposts. The Zuidas organisation is

Development Office and the Amsterdam Zuid

planning to deploy parking supervisors to prevent

local council are working together to create

this. It will also be adding hundreds of new

a clean and safe environment.

bike-parking spots.

Top international location

Taking Zuidas to an 8!

Each day, the Zuidas makes every possible effort

All of these measures are aimed at improving the

to clean the district’s public spaces, such as

management of the Zuidas district. The targeted

the Gustav Mahlerplein and the area inside and

performance levels are combined in a Service Level

around Station Zuid. The organisation already

Agreement (SLA), and are supposed to result in a

clears up all the rubbish in the area and is now

cleaner and more accessible area. These perfor-

focusing on maintaining the green sections and

mance levels are measured on a scale of one to 10,

flower beds and enforcing bike-parking rules.

and right now the target is a score of six. The

The Zuidas conducts an evaluation every quarter

Amsterdam Zuid local council will be working hard

to identify possible improvements. “We are

to improve that score. Paul Slettenhaar, chairman

confident this will lead to an even cleaner and

of the Zuid local council: “Our people will be doing

more accessible area” says Zuidas director Klaas

their utmost to improve quality and turn that six

de Boer. “The Zuidas is a top international location,

into an eight!”

so we want immaculate public spaces.”

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: William Maanders



Senior Recruitment Consultant – Greenberg Nielsen – Amsterdam & Rotterdam


(Senior) Business Analyst – The Walt Disney Company Benelux – Hoofddorp Salary: approx. € 55,000

Salary: € 45.000 - € 65.000 + bonus + car

As senior Business Analyst at Walt Disney Benelux you will

As Senior Recruitment Consultant with Greenberg Nielsen

be working for one of the world’s strongest brands and

you will work in an ambitious and fast growing environment

operating in an extremely dynamic and ambitious environ-

located in the WTC in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. You will

ment. The (Senior) Business Analyst has wide-ranging and

be an important sparring partner for midsized and large

challenging responsibilities. You draw up strategic plans,

companies to determine their recruitment strategy in a

market and competition analyses, and report to senior

rapidly changing labor market. As Senior Recruitment

management. Together with the senior management, you will

Consultant with Greenberg Nielsen, your challenges and

focus on optimising the three operating areas Media, Retail

responsibilities vary from the search to the best professionals

and Out of Home and report to the CFO. This is a pivotal role,

in the market, acquire new business and to gain in-depth

making you highly visible within the organisation and in

knowledge of clients. With Greenberg Nielsen, you will

which you will be challenged to develop continuously.

receive a competitive base salary, leasecar and a lucrative

At Walt Disney, you will have many responsibilities and you

bonus scheme that rewards performances well.

will be part of a close-knit, loyal team.

International real estate Investment Company - Financial Controller (RA) region Rotterdam/The Hague

Financial Control Manager – Danone – Schiphol Salary: € 70,000 - € 80,000 + bonus As Financial Control Manager at Danone, you will be working

Salary: approx. € 80,000

in an ambitious and fast-growing organisation. The Financial

On behalf of the holding company of a leading real estate

Control Manager reports directly to the Finance Manager

investment company, we are looking for an ambitious

and is a key sparring partner for internal and external

Financial Controller (Chartered Accountant). You will be

stakeholders, such as the Financial Directors of the

responsible for reliable and exhaustive financial reports.

International Business Units, the Consolidation team in Paris

To be successful in this organisation, the Financial Controller

and Business Control. Within the Danone Baby & Medical

should be critical, naturally curious and someone who strives

Division, you will play a key role in streamlining the financial

for high-quality performance. The company’s culture is

reporting from the various countries. The Financial Control

rapidly changing from reactive to proactive, and as a financial

Manager acts as an advisor to the financial management of

expert you are comfortable with that. You like to work

Danone’s 80 business units with regard to financial reporting

in a team. As Financial Controller, you report directly to -

and AO/IC. At Danone, you will be encouraged to develop a

and work closely with – the Head of Financial Control.

broad range of skills and you will be closely involved in

The company is based in The Hague.

initiating efficiency projects.

For more information on these vacancies

Photography: William Maanders

Greenberg Nielsen WTC, H tower, 4th floor Zuidplein 36 1077 XV Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0) 20 799 7979


Hotspot for meetings, gastronomy and Hospitality. i am sure our services will add value to your business. that is why i would like to share some characteristics of our hotel with you: Smart location: At the heart of Oud-Zuid; close to Centre, RAI, Zuidas, Schiphol.

Right size: Big enough for business, small enough to feel at home.

Pretty rooms: 78 Rooms, equipped with everything you may expect.

Very affordable: Always finding a way to fit in your budget.

Event ready: Executive boardrooms, party spaces, support facilities.

These are just a few of our competencies and qualities. Feel free to get in touch with me for a first, informal visit. Let’s explore win-wins!

Great food: Our Brasserie Lairesse is one of the culinary secrets of Oud-Zuid. Nice vibe: Cosy, quiet, relaxed, friendly, family-like and surrounded by art.

emB memphis Hotel De Lairessestraat 87 1071 NX Amsterdam Telephone: +31 (0) 20 673 31 41

Reservations: +31 (0) 20 676 58 51 Fax: +31 (0) 20 673 73 12 E-mail: Website:

spinning 28 sept.


frans otten stadium

amsterdam - o ly m p i c a r e a -

julia spins for olivia

and you?

Hello Zuidas motivates everyone to participate in this unique event!

sign up now! >>

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Memo board And we have a winner… Stijn Markusse has won a dinner at restaurant Gustavino! All he had to do was like the Hello Zuidas fanpage. Check page 18 for the new action.

Internship @magazine Hello Zuidas Hello Zuidas magazine is looking for an intern from this September. Are you motivated, smart and eager to learn? And your education is in

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English. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine will also

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be distributed by our promo team. They will stand in front of buildings of Zuidas and at the entries of the railwaystation Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam RAI. Place a picture of them on our if you see them!

Forgotten vegetables

Best picture wins a price…

Earlier this year, VU Connected started the project ‘Slim Eten’ (eat sensibly). By eating sensibly and improve our mental performance. The aim of

Dropping off your business card pays off!

this project is sharing knowledge. As part of the

Rashpal Hullait, Managing Director of The Hackett

project, in June the Zuidas hosted a culinary

Group, won a two night stay at the new CitizenM

competition in which rival cooks came up with

London Bankside. He won it just by dropping off

great recipes using ‘forgotten’ vegetables. On the

his business card at CitizenM Amsterdam South.

making sure we get enough exercise, we can also

8th of June, Anja Annink emerged as the winner in the final, held in Zuidas restaurant Bolenius. You can find the winning recipe and read about forgotten vegetables at

OPZUID On Friday, 13 July, a sale event will take place at From left to right: Jaap Seidell (food scientist at Amsterdam’s VU university, the VUmc hospital and Windesheim), Luc Kusters (head chef at Bolenius), Onno Kleyn (culinary journalist at the Volkskrant) and winner Anja Annink.

E-mail your memo’s to

the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South at the Zuidas. Everyone is invited in the Times Square Hall between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.


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With Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, the RAI Convention Center and the city centre only minutes away by public transport, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South is one of the best situated hotels. AMSTERDAM COURT


Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South George Gershwinlaan 101, Amsterdam , 1082 MT, Netherlands Hotel Front Desk: +31-20-504 36 66 Hotel Fax: +31-20-504 36 26


SpaciouS amSterdam town



For reservations:



houSeS and apartmentS located Between the rai and the river amStel Your home worth more upon completion! Yes, if you join the ‘Kop van Zuidas’ construction group. There is still room for a few participants. Impression buildingsize; building has to be designed yet.

reference images

project information: • High-quality appartments ranging from 95 m2 to 300 m2 (± 50 units) • High ceilings, large outdoor areas, personalised floor plans • Estimated construction price € 3,000 per m2 (non-profit) • Focus on sustainability and environment: energy-neutral apartment complex, resulting in very low energy costs • Live in your new apartment in the second quarter of 2014 • Perfect, family friendly location a stone’s throw from Amsterdam’s Rivierenbuurt neighbourhood and easy access to the A10 ring road and public transpoprt (plots H1 & H2) • Designed by Blauw Architecten in cooperation with Upfrnt For more information, check out or email

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Telepresence Exchange International

Connecting the world... From WTC Amsterdam to: Your customers 65 public boardrooms Your vendors Your colleagues Anywhere in the world Without travelling

TelePresence is the highest quality standard in video conferencing with a result that matches the experience of real life meetings. High definition video, no time delays and easy-to-use services. We can connect to international public locations in 5-star hotels and other WTC’s in the world, but also to your regular video conferencing systems at your other offices worldwide. This will reduce cost and time of traveling and optimizes the efficiency for you and your teams.

For more information: TPEX International Claude Debussylaan 2-8 1082 MD Amsterdam +31 (0)88 1269 300

For bookings: Triple-Ace Strawinskylaan 77 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20 575 33 00 Strawinskylaan 41 1077 XW Amsterdam +31 (0)20 662 15 04

Hello Zuidas #2  

Hello Zuidas, 2nd edition

Hello Zuidas #2  

Hello Zuidas, 2nd edition