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Kajsa Ollongren,

alderwoman for the city council of Amsterdam

‘Zuidas as a mini-Manhattan: it’s a worthwhile ambition’ Finance Special

The value of reputation

RUBEN VAN ZWIETEN Wishing you a Coca-Cola Christmas ZUIDASDOK Focusing on liveability NEW STORE Bringing stylish menswear to Zuidas




Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Zuidas from the living room ‘You mean you can walk to work???’ That’s the

and bounds at first hand, she says Zuidas has

response I get nowadays when I tell people I live

the potential to become a ‘mini-Manhattan’.

practically in Zuidas. Looking out from my living room window, you can see the logo of the World

With the opening of the new à Deauville

Trade Center Amsterdam writ large. As well as EY,

restaurant and menswear shop Gentlemen’s

the Viñoly tower (where BOEKEL is a main tenant)

Place, Zuidas boasts two new addresses that

and the new AKZO Nobel and Stibbe towers.

would fit right in in Manhattan! Men seeking a

The view is best in the evenings, when everything

business casual look will love the new outfits

is all lit up. Strolling to the office, the shops on

at Gentlemen’s Place, and à Deauville offers a

the Beethovenstraat and the excellent location

delicious spot for lunch or dinner. You can read

all make this a great place to live, and I would

more about them in this magazine.

certainly recommend moving to this side of town to anyone.

2015 was a wonderful year for Hello Zuidas, packed with inspiring encounters, and I would

This is the last issue of 2015, with Kajsa Ollongren

like to thank everyone who contributed to putting


on the cover. As alderwoman for Amsterdam,

together these issues.

The next issue of Hello

Kajsa’s responsibilities also bring her to Zuidas. Having witnessed the area developing in leaps

Zuidas is scheduled for

Here’s to getting 2016 off to a cracking start!

the 4th of January

Zuidas is growing. Inspiring retailers and restaurants are filling up local shop fronts, injecting more energy and diversity. Yet a more densely populated and multifunctional area also brings certain risks. Recently, it became clear what impact emergency situations may have on Zuidas. A power outage in Diemen had serious ramifications, a burst water main caused massive water damage at VUmc, and due to a broken power line local car parks had to be evacuated. Last year, Hello Zuidas drew up an emergency plan in collaboration with the Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region. But not until it was put into practice did it become evident how important good communication between the local fire service, police, emergency aid services and companies is for safety and quality of life in Zuidas. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


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32 With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



#Trending topics REDACTIE PROPERTYNL @PROPERTYNL Krijgen we echte wolkenkrabbers op de Zuidas? Marktpartijen willen iig hoger dan 100 m, zegt wethouder vd Burg • RONALD HUIKESHOVEN @RONALDHUIK De woningontwikkeling Summertime van AM & Bouwinvest, gaat een vernieuwend woongebouw worden aan de Zuidas. • WOUTER JAN VERHEUL @WJVERHEUL De twee hoogst scorende scripties @MCDopleiding dit jaar gaan over hoogbouw. Wonen op de Zuidas @PetervanRheenen en plintstrategie • KERNWAARDE GROEN @KERNWAARDEGROEN Door de aanhoudende vraag naar kantoorruimte op de Zuidas is het aanbod relatief laag > #JLL • LUIZ FLAVIO LEITE JR @LUIZFLAJR After a long day of work... Amsterdam Friday happy hour... @4wtc #wtc #amsterdam #amsterdamzuid • FITCH & SHUI @FITCHANDSHUI Since last week we have a new menu! Are you coming to try our new dishes? #FitchandShui #Menu #Zuidplein #WTCAmsterdam • JORIS GERRITSEN @JORIS_GERRITSEN Leuke expositie over ondergrond(s) @ZuidasAmsterdam in catacomben @WTCAmsterdam • DIETER SPILEERS @DIETERSPILEERS Het heeft wel iets, zo elke dag strak in het pak richting werk! #stationzuid #men in #suits #maatwerk #stijlvol • ZUIDAS AMSTERDAM @ZUIDASAMSTERDAM Komende weken graaft #BAM 6000 m3 aan grond (pakweg 25.000 kliko’s) af op het • HUBERTUS & BERKHOFF @HUBERTUSBERKHOF Ruim 150 buurtbewoners kwamen kennismaken met leerlingen en docenten #nieuwschoolgebouw #zuidas • GISPEN @GISPEN Nu bij uitreiking #kleurrijke100 @ABNAMRO op de zuidas. You need colorful people 2grow internationally. #supportthat! • ERWIN @ERWIN368 Terug aan de Zuidas maar nu als disturber. Met #surence_nl onderweg naar @Six_Handshakes bij abnamro in Amsterdam • ONNO PRUIS @ONNOPRUIS  Mooi vormgegeven beeld van #luchtfietserij zorgt voor mooie aanblik transportband #Zuidas • FLORIS MULDER @FLORISM   @Huib_ert Op de koffie bij een vriend. Even kijken op de Zuidas. Daarna snel terug voor de kids... • WOUTER VAN GASTEREN  @ROOSENDALER  Retweeted Nathalie Gloudemans Zoon vindt zijn werkplek op de Zuidas 020 wel bijzonder. Heel veel streepjeskostuums en mantelpakjes ; ) • PAUL VAN RUITENBEEK @RUITENB  Vanmiddag bijdrage leveren aan themamiddag integriteit #AKDadvocaten aan de Zuidas. • SPREKERSHUYS @SPREKERSHUYSNL Huysgenoot @ronblaauw opent zijn tweede hotdog restaurant op de Zuidas; The Fat Dog. Jummie! • MARTIJN | KAPTIJN @MARTIJNDEVRIJ (Te) lang geleden dat ik zoveel oprechte service heb ervaren: CoolBlue Amsterdam op de Zuidas. Dit is hoe het hoort. #zzp @Coolblue_NL





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UNDER CONSTRUCTION INTRODUCING JEROEN VAN DER LINDEN, ZUIDAS AREA COORDINATOR If you’re a regular in Zuidas, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Jeroen van der Linden. Jeroen coordinates all the measures, responsibilities and agreements connected with building projects and works in the area, and is the point of contact for any related queries in Zuidas. ‘Works in public spaces always have to deal with the four pillars of accessibility, quality of life, safety and communication’, Jeroen says. ‘These aspects play a key part in ensuring everything progresses smoothly. If a contractor fails to clean up around the building site, I’m the one who goes over and resolves the issue to make sure it doesn’t become a problem. But, fortunately, that’s a rare occurrence.’

COME HOME TO THE ZUIDELIJKE WANDELWEG! Housing stock is expanding all over Zuidas. One of the latest additions is an up-and-coming location featuring several apartment complexes, just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam RAI. Rental of 75 units in the Rivers complex and 111 in the Square building has already begun, with delivery slated for


2016. From November, the RIV residential block will begin to

As a leader in medical imaging technologies such as ultrasound

take shape on Gaasterlandpad near the Zuidelijke Wandelweg.

and MRI, VUmc is now investing in a new Imaging Center on

According to Frank Karssing, project manager at the City

Van der Boechorststraat, to combine excellence in care and

of Amsterdam, ‘RIV has a distinctive architecture featuring

research with modern, flexible facilities. Uniquely, the new

brick façades, large windows and elevated entrances.

building will bring all the latest imaging technologies together

All of the units look out over the greenest parts of Amster-

at a single location comprising of more than 18,000 m2.

dam, the Amstel river and Amstelpark. And the Zuidelijke

Currently, these disciplines are scattered across different

Wandelweg, which adjoins the site, will become a car-free

buildings. VUmc Planning Development and Real Estate

zone and will also get a makeover next spring.’

Policy Project Leader Alexander Eppens explains, ‘This will be a world-class centre for treatment and research. Particularly patients suffering from cancer, brain diseases

To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website:

and cardiovascular disease will benefit. By physically bringing Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive

these disciplines together, our new Imaging Center will foster

the Zuidas Newsletter, on If you have any tips

collaboration on all sides.’ Construction is already underway

for the editorial team, email them to:

and the doors are expected to open in 2019.

Text Romy Lange in cooperation with Fleur Venner


Kajsa Ollongren


‘Zuidas as a mini-Manhattan: it’s a worthwhile ambition’ Kajsa Ollongren feels completely at home in her function of alderwoman for the city council of Amsterdam. Following a long political career in The Hague that included terms as director of European Integration and Strategy and as deputy secretary-general of the Ministry of General Affairs, where she was a confidant of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, her portfolio now includes Economic Affairs, Airports & Seaports and Art & Culture. She also performs regular duties as the capital’s deputy mayor. Ollongren is enthusiastic about living and working in Amsterdam, and foresees strong growth for Zuidas: ‘Amsterdam has a strong attraction for people and businesses alike – more than ever, in fact – and I can definitely see Zuidas developing into a mini-Manhattan of sorts.’ You’ve lived in Amsterdam ever since you were a

Being an alderwoman, Economic Affairs is among your

student at the University of Amsterdam, and now you

responsibilities. Have we beaten the financial crisis?

work here as well. What does Amsterdam mean to you?

‘I think we need to work hard to bolster our financial sector.

‘I came here to study when I was 18. When I arrived in Amsterdam,

The crisis has dealt us some heavy blows. Though I do think

I remember thinking, this is it! Amsterdam was everything I’d been

this crisis is behind us, there is no guarantee it couldn’t come

looking for: a large and dynamic city. After graduating I continued

back in some other form. We have to remain very vigilant.

to live here, while working in The Hague. It was a long commute,

Now, we’re seeing a slow return to growth. This is encouraging,

but I didn’t mind. I also spent some time living abroad, but my

but the Netherlands are a country that’s constrained to a high

roots were always in this city. After last year’s municipal elections,

degree by global market conditions; our economy is inevitably

I had the chance to become an alderwoman for Amsterdam.

shaped by various factors, and those affect Zuidas.’

Working in my home town: a dream come true. In my current position, it’s thrilling to find how this city is changing and being

Zuidas is the Netherlands’ financial centre,

rejuvenated. Large cities like Amsterdam work like magnets:

but it is also evolving as a residential location.

young people are drawn here to study and then land a job or

Why is that important?

start up a company. I stayed in Amsterdam after my children

‘The city is growing exponentially and more and more people

were born, which wasn’t at all the norm back then. But now you

are looking for a nice apartment. Zuidas is an excellent choice –

see an increasing demand among people to live in the city.’

it’s dynamic and it’s vibrant. I live in the city centre myself, but I could easily picture myself living here. The city centre is

What’s your perspective as alderwoman

a only stone’s throw away: it takes no more than a short ride

on the development of Zuidas?

on your bike to get to Amsterdam Zuid and the city centre.

‘Zuidas is experiencing massive growth. The mayor has stressed

Zuidas also has excellent transport links and you can be at

that with the city’s increasing popularity as a place to live and

Schiphol airport within minutes. So it’s perfect in terms of

work, Amsterdam will have to expand in an upwards direction.

location and spatial layout.’

And that’s precisely what Zuidas is doing. This skyline has been built out of nothing. And that’s brilliant, because the city, like the

How important is the link between Zuidas

country and Europe as a whole, is emerging from a difficult period.

and Schiphol?

Zuidas derives much of its identity from the financial sector,

‘Amsterdam is a great location for international businesses,

and fortunately we’re seeing that equilibrium is being restored

and an increasing number of them are choosing to move to

there. It is Zuidas’ original raison d’être, as it were. But the

Zuidas. Schiphol is right around the corner and offers good

interesting thing is that nowadays it’s developing beyond that.

connections around the world, which is perfect for those

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and VUmc have to be involved

companies and definitely a point in our favour. Access to the

in this development as well. After all, VU Amsterdam has

airport is certainly a key factor for the industry sectors operating

loads of students who can go straight to work in Zuidas after

here in Zuidas, and that’s also why we’re going to see Zuidas

their graduation.’

continue to expand both as a business and residential centre.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde | Make-up artist Ruth Jansen, Phisage


Kajsa Ollongren

An increasing number of companies are moving their

Is Zuidas investing enough in art and culture?

European head offices to this area, but will Zuidas

‘We’re fortunate that local companies set up lots of art initiatives

also be able to attract the creative industry and

on their own. Recently we also had ARTZUID, featuring a number

smaller startups?

of sculptures on display in Zuidas. Zuidas is still developing and

‘Yes, absolutely. It’s not like Zuidas is all head offices and large

initiatives like these need time to grow. First you get the office

companies – there are also many smaller firms leasing offices

blocks, next come the coffee bars, and then, when you add

here. Google of course is a big outfit, but their presence also

enough residents to the mix, the art scene will emerge as

attracts smaller start-ups . The prospect of being surrounded

a matter of course.’

by so many potential customers is very attractive, naturally. Amsterdam has a number of locations which are appealing

What will Zuidas look like in ten years?

to start-ups, but Zuidas is definitely one of them.’

Will it have evolved into a kind of mini-Manhattan? ‘What really strikes me about Manhattan is that every street there

In 2011 the Volkskrant newspaper named you

is always buzzing with life. We’re getting more of that in Zuidas

the most powerful woman in the Netherlands.

too, for example with all the coffee bars like you see in New York.

Did you also feel that way at the time?

For Zuidas to become a real mini-Manhattan, however, it has to

‘I was ranked eleventh among the most powerful people nation-

grow even more and have more people living here. But it’s a great

wide. Numbers one to ten were all men. I found that rather

ambition, trying to achieve that in the next ten years.’

worrying. At the time, I was secretary-general of General Affairs, the Prime Minister’s right hand woman and top official, so I could understand why I was up there near the top of the list. But to say

Kajsa Ollongren’s CV

that I felt very powerful – no, it didn’t feel quite like that.’

• 2001-2004: director of European Integration and

Strategy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Besides alderwoman, you are also deputy mayor

• 2004-2007: deputy director-general at the Ministry

of Amsterdam. What does that entail?

‘The most important thing for a deputy mayor is to be there

• 2007-2011: deputy secretary-general of the Ministry

whenever the mayor is absent, and Mayor Eberhard van der Laan

is often away on official business. Amsterdam is a major capital,

• 2011-2014: secretary-general of the Ministry

and therefore those trips form an important component of the

mayor’s office. Not only do they help promote Amsterdam’s

• 2014-present: Amsterdam alderwoman (of Economic

business interests, but they also help attract foreign companies.

Affairs, Seaports, Airports, Holdings, Art, Culture,

Whenever he’s away, I fill in for him. Aside from that, there is

Local Media, Monuments and the City Centre

always so much going on in the city that sometimes I assume the

District), and deputy mayor of Amsterdam.

mayor’s duties when he’s got to be in another part of Amsterdam.’


of Economic Affairs. of General Affairs. of General Affairs.

Property SOURCE: PROPERTYNL.COM Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

Cyclus Property relocates to Zuidas

Regus opens in Viñoly tower

ZUIDAS - Real estate asset manager Cyclus Property

ZUIDAS - Boekel and Regus have signed a lease for offices

has moved to Zuidas, establishing its new offices

in Amsterdam’s Viñoly building, comprising a partial

in the Eurocenter II building on Barbara Strozzilaan.

contract takeover for 4,000 m2 in offices on Gustav

Since founding the company three years ago,

Mahlerplein in Zuidas. Regus is to take over Boekel’s lease

Martien van Deursen and André Halm have already

for the ground floor, first floor and second floor. The Boekel

assembled a sizeable team as well as a client portfolio

law firm will also continue to operate in the Viñoly building,

that includes SEB and Credit Suisse. Having outgrown

which offers a mix of low and high rise office spaces.

its existing premises, Cyclus Property is now leasing

The high rise houses several tenants, while the low-rise

240 m from New Zealand dairy giant Fronterra.

section will now be accommodating Regus alongside main

The contract concerns a sub-lease, with CBRE as

tenant Boekel. The Regus business centre caters for large

the letting agent and Based contracting the sublet.

and small businesses alike and will open on 1 December.



Embraer moves HQ to Zuidas

OVG and MVRDV to build in Zuidas

ZUIDAS - Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer will be

ZUIDAS - The City of Amsterdam has selected OVG

relocating its European headquarters from Paris to Zuidas.

Real Estate and MVRDV to develop plot ‘P15 Ravel’

The company is leasing 1,800 m of office space on the

in Zuidas. A multifunctional property on

first floor of the Zuiderhof II building on Jachthavenweg

Beethovenstraat, across from the ABN AMRO

109-111 in Zuidas, which is held by Patrizia Gewerbeinvest.

head office and next door to the Goed Genoeg

The building is managed by Bilfinger Real Estate, with GLL

sports park, the building will have distinctive large

Real Estate Partners being responsible for asset management.

bay windows with lots of space for greenery. Much of


it will be open to the public, with the plans envisioning public spaces flowing literally through and over the

Strong demand puts a premium on Zuidas office space

building. Combining residential housing with facilities

ZUIDAS - Availability of large office units has been

transition from office location to an attractive

limited due to strong demand for prime office space in

mixed-use residential area, asserts director Klaas

Zuidas, according to the midterm Zuidas Office Monitor,

de Boer.

and office spaces, the project will trigger Zuidas’

which was conducted by JLL for Amsterdam’s Zuidas Development Office. Compared to the first half of 2014, demand for office space has jumped 16% nationwide, with Zuidas continuing to outperform the Dutch average in the ongoing economic upswing. Despite limited availability, Zuidas let around 11,900 m2 LFA in the first half of 2015, an increase of 214% relative to the same period last year (5,600 m2 LFA). The largest lease transaction was recorded by the Internet company, which leases 2,700 m2 LFA in the recently delivered The Edge. To download the Zuidas Office Monitor, visit:

Photography Lotte de Graaf



Coca-Cola Christmas When Christmastime comes round, the Coca-Cola

see red as a metaphor for the bloodshed in so many places

commercial always springs to mind. I can even hear the

around the world and all the people who are on the run right

melody of the background jingle. From a marketing perspective,

now. In fact, this year’s Christmas, there are quite a few global

you might say: well done, Coca-Cola! But in another way,

issues and priorities to reflect on.

the image of the red truck and all the lights and the cosy living rooms is misleading. Of course, what could make you happier

A nationwide poll shows that people are content with their

than sitting around a table, eating and laughing with all

personal lives, but dissatisfied with society. So how can we

your loved ones? Feeling at home, physically and mentally?

increase our engagement with society? Let’s use this Christmas

Yet, on a micro level, the holidays can be very painful if

to make an appeal to the Zuidas community. This community

someone is missing for the first time and has left an empty

is full of ambitious, highly-talented, commercially-minded and

seat. And on a macro level, this year’s Christmas will be the

creative world citizens – surely we can think of more business-

strangest for us as world citizens.

efficient and innovative ways to approach the global challenges facing us now? It may not be easy, or even entirely possible,

The colour red symbolizes the joy and shared warmth of

but this Christmas, let’s direct our hopes and dreams towards

Christmas. Looking back on 2015, however, you could also

a more Coca-Cola reality!

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.

Ruben van Zwieten



Got a minute? Even amidst all the construction work on Gustav Mahlerplein, Bas Peeperkorn’s 20-metre tall artwork on the transport bridge has been difficult to miss. The project was commissioned by Hello Zuidas in conjunction with Zuidasdok, BAM and ABN AMRO. We caught up with the initiators at the opening.

BAS PEEPERKORN, ARTIST AND PAINTER OF THE IMAGE ON THE TRANSPORT BRIDGE ‘Cycling has become increasingly important in Zuidas, and I tried to integrate that in my work. The theme is “headwind”, which is expressed by these people cycling through the air. Painting the transport bridge was a real challenge. It’s big, it has an unusual shape and it’s set in a public space. Even though I’ve created works for public spaces before, this project was special.’

HETTY MESSCHAERT, BAM REPRESENTATIVE AND CO-SPONSOR OF THE TRANSPORT BRIDGE ‘BAM is building the bicycle park and the new pavilion for ABN AMRO. We installed the transport bridge, so people won’t be inconvenienced by the building transport and are able as usual to cross the square to their work place. Initially, the bridge was intended to be the same shade of grey as the ABN AMRO façade, but this painted version is much better. After all, it’s going to be up there for another year. It’s great how the focus of the artwork – the cyclists – reflects the function of the structure. It’s, after all, a place to park bikes.’


What do you think of this piece of art? Let us know via #transportbandzuidas


DICK LUSSING, ABN AMRO REGIONAL FACILITY SERVICES MANAGER, CO-SPONSOR AND MEMBER OF THE HELLO ZUIDAS SUPERVISORY BOARD ‘The transport bridge is a marvellous symbol of the sustainable character of the new Gustav Mahlerplein. Sustainability is also crucial to the construction of the ABN AMRO pavilion. We want to create an inspiring meeting space for visitors and residents of Gustav Mahlerplein and ABN AMRO employees. Lots of colleagues have already expressed their surprise that something as functional as a transport bridge can also be beautiful, and they’re very curious to know what it’s actually transporting.’

ELIAN INEKE, ZUIDASDOK BICYCLE PARK PROJECTMANAGER AND TRANSPORT BRIDGE CO-SPONSOR ‘Gustav Mahlerplein is a busy square, so our tender challenged contractors to present a plan that would have the least possible impact on pedestrians during construction. BAM came up with the best proposal. The artwork on the bridge symbolizes our collaboration and, for us, also embodies efforts to curb the negative impact of the construction works. As in other Zuidas and Zuidasdok projects, we intend to challenge market parties to come up with their smartest solutions. We hope that contractors and developers surprise us with creative solutions.’

OLIVIER OTTEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF HELLO ZUIDAS, INITIATOR AND PRINCIPAL SPONSOR OF THE TRANSPORT BRIDGE ‘The transport bridge is vital to reducing the impact of the works at Gustav Mahlerplein. By conveying building materials to the square at an elevation, we can minimize the inconvenience construction has on people visiting, living and working in Zuidas. And by painting the side of the bridge, we’ve been able to preserve the cosmopolitan feel of the area. Now that construction of Zuidasdok is set to start soon, this bridge is a good example of how works can be organized in a community-friendly way. It proves that clients and contractors can achieve something wonderful if they work together.’

Text Romy Lange in cooperation with Fleur Venner | Photography Lotte de Graaf



Martijn Overmulder

Zuidasdok focusing on liveability ‘To start and directing two-way traffic’ – that’s how area manager Martijn Overmulder sums up his job. For nearly three years now, the area management team has been busy informing and sounding out Zuidas residents and users about the Zuidasdok project. ‘Their input helps shape this project’s implementation.’ What does your job involve, precisely?

start in 2017. Among other things, we make sure there are clear-

‘It entails all of the groundwork needed to get the Zuidasdok

cut agreements with all of the local parties and we lend a

project up and running smoothly, with the exception of contrac-

hand in obtaining the requisite permits, land acquisitions and

tual or technical aspects. At the moment, we’re working hard

coordination of activities. From July 2012, we’ve been doing the

on-site to enable the principal contractor to get off to a flying

rounds, explaining what the project will entail and taking stock



of key issues for area users. We’ve conducted more than 300

the contracting consortia to cut noise and vibrations

meetings with local residents, businesses and agencies in Zuidas,

even further.’

and their input defines how the project will be executed.’ Can you give an idea of how you plan to guarantee Can you name one major wish?

continued access?

‘My wish is that the project will be soundly integrated into

‘It’s a precondition that the A10 motorway lanes remain open.

the existing environment. The question we hear time and

They can be narrowed to some extent, in which case the speed

again is, ‘will the area still be safe, accessible and liveable?’

limit will be capped on those stretches of roadway, from 100 to

Our answer is yes, although the Zuidasdok project will be

90 km per hour. Additional traffic information – which for example

causing disruption. But by keeping that to a minimum,

could be provided by way of an app– will help motorists

Zuidas continues to be both accessible and functional.’

determine the best travel times and routes. We’re asking businesses to encourage staff to leave the car at home during

What does that involve?

rush hours and to opt for public transport or cycling instead.

‘The building contractors will be given set parameters within

The north-south artery will remain open, and only traffic

which to work. For instance, they can’t start construction

on Beethovenstraat and Parnassusweg may face temporary

until they’ve proved the work will be carried out safely.

closures around the tunnel area. Furthermore, should it be

They also have to keep all the north-south connections

necessary to suspend train, metro or tram services, we will

operating without fail, because those are crucial to smooth

make sure those suspensions be scheduled

traffic flows. Obviously, building Zuidasdok will involve

mostly at night during weekends, or during

construction traffic through Zuidas. The trick is to find a

holiday periods. And we will make sure to

smart way to do that, on the one hand by laying down

provide alternative transport in any case.’

requirements for construction traffic, and on the other by issuing a tender that challenges contractors to structure the works in such a way as to be able to circumvent the urban road network.’

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and public transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad

What about curbing vibrations and noise?

area. Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and

‘We’ve imposed strict limitations on the noise and vibration

moved underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be

levels. Work on the tunnel shells, which will require the

upgraded to serve as a future-proof public transport hub for

deployment of heavy equipment, will take four to five years.

train, tram, bus and metro services. Zuidasdok feeds into

Since offices and hotels don’t fall under the statutory rules for

the continued development of Zuidas as a prime residential,

vibration or noise impact, we’ve drawn up additional standards,

working and recreational location. For further information,

designed specifically for these buildings in Zuidas, which are


not to be exceeded. The contractor will decide on a suitable method based on those standards. And we’re also encouraging

Text Eric Burgers | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


Tuesday 15 December 2015 5pm - 7pm

H ello Zuidas

Christmas Event

Hello Zuidas is pleased to invite you to our annual members’ year end networking event, hosted by De Nieuwe Poort. Ruben van Zwieten will give an exclusive ‘sneak preview’ of the ‘Story of Christmas’, to be told in full the next day at the Thomaskerk. Get into the Christmas spirit and take this great opportunity to extend your network. To register, send an email to: before Friday 11 December.

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Finance SOURCE: HET FINANCIEELE DAGBLAD Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

Customers trust their own bank better than banking sector as a whole

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek’s Martijn Snoep to step down as managing partner

ZUIDAS - Bank customers have greater trust in their

ZUIDAS - After having served at the head of one of the

own bank than in the sector to which it belongs,

Netherlands’ most prominent law firms for six years,

reports the first ‘Banking Trust Monitor’, which was

on 1 January 2016 Martijn Snoep will be stepping down

released in Amsterdam in late September. Chris

as managing partner of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

Buijink, chair of the Dutch Banking Association,

According to colleagues at fellow firms, Snoep was

presented the first copy to Finance Minister Jeroen

successful in this role, but now feels it is time to move on.

Dijsselbloem. On a scale of 1 to 5, customers rate

He became managing partner in 2010 and, on 1 January

the banking sector with a 2.8 on trust. When it

2016, will have served one four year term plus a two-year

comes to their own bank, the average score, at 3.2,

extension. Six years is considered a long tenure for a

is just above passing.

managing partner. As from next year, Snoep will be refocusing on his competition practice.


The Netherlands in top 5 most competitive economies

First new bank in ten years

ZUIDAS - The Netherlands has again been ranked among the

first new competitor in many years enter its ranks,

five most competitive countries in the world, according to the

with the launch of Bunq. As an IT start-up, Bunq kept

new Global Competitiveness Report published by the World

its banking ambitions shuttered until recently, but is

Economic Forum (WEF). In the last two editions the

now ready to make a start in providing consumer

Netherlands was still in eighth place out of the 140 countries

payment processing services, according to founding

listed. ‘Improved government finances and reforms in the

owner Ali Niknam. Bunq is currently trialling its

financial sector and job market have contributed significantly’,

payment service with some thousand beta users,

says Henk Volberda, professor of Strategic Management and

after which the application will be made available

Business Policy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. ‘And per-

to all consumers. They will be able to open a current

sistence was also a key factor. It’s obvious that countries like

account in around five minutes, and immediately

France, Spain and Italy were less ambitious.’ As the person

proceed to making transactions. Bunq will be the first

responsible for collecting data on the Netherlands for the

new banking services provider to enter the Dutch

WEF, Volberda also has an explanation for the country’s

market in ten years; the last bank to do so was DSB

traditionally high spot in the ranking: ‘We have a number of

Bank, and before that, Triodos, 35 years ago. The only

areas in which we simply perform well. We like to complain

other recent newcomer, although actually part of

about education, but actually we rank third worldwide.

the long-established Aegon, was Knab in 2012.

ZUIDAS - The Dutch banking sector is set to see the

And we score well on things like infrastructure and healthcare as well. Now we can add macro policy to those strengths.’

EY and Deloitte cast off years of stagnation ZUIDAS - After years of more or less stagnating turnover, the big Dutch accountancy firms are back in the black. Both EY and Deloitte recorded growth last year, with a higher turnover of 5% and 3%, respectively. Their profits also grew by 5-6%, according to the annual reports released by the two ‘Big Four’ firms for the financial year ending on 31 May (Deloitte) and 30 June (EY).

Photography Lotte de Greef


Restaurant Manager Freddy Potters

à Deauville: a little taste of France in Zuidas The French spa town of Deauville is synonymous with elegance, style, character and luxury. Made famous years ago as a favourite hangout of Hollywood stars, in the early twentieth century it attracted well-heeled Parisians who came to enjoy the scenery and relax. At à Deauville, restaurant manager Freddy has recreated that special ambience for what’s sure to become Zuidas’ latest hotspot. A man with a passion, Freddy explains: ‘Zuidas deserves a place that offers that same special atmosphere one would taste in Deauville. A place that makes everyone feel welcome.’




Upon entering the Atrium, you immediately feel the mood lift.

Freshness, variety and quality – that’s where à Deauville seeks to

The lobby has a warm, modern look and the restaurant entices

set itself apart. ‘We’ve been able to attract a stellar chef whose

you to sit down for lunch or dinner. ‘We took a good look at what

style precisely fits the image and service that we envisioned’,

was still missing in Zuidas’, says Freddy. ‘Sushi, pasta, sandwiches,

Freddy continues. ‘His risotto is phenomenal and well worth

snacks... there’s plenty of that already. But what we didn’t see was

a visit in itself! Also on the menu are a delicious Caesar salad,

a place that does good bistro food like one would find in places

steak tartar, our club sandwich and American-style steak – all the

like Manhattan, Paris or London. Our dishes are prepared with

classics. As well as à la carte dishes, à Deauville also has a counter

the signature à Deauville touch, all presented with refinement.’

that serves sandwiches and salads made to order for when

‘Zuidas deserves a place that offers that same special atmosphere you taste in Deauville’

you’re in a rush. We always aim to please, and also have plenty of options if you’d like to organize a reception or meeting here.’ à Deauville is part of Compass Group Nederland and is located in The New Atrium. The New Atrium is currently undergoing renovations to give the offices the same fresh, modern look as the restaurant. But rest assured that you can enjoy lunch or dinner


at à Deauville undisturbed!

à Deauville is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also offers a special ‘room service’. Freddy explains, ‘Everything on the menu can also be ordered for delivery to your door. That’s especially

Restaurant à Deauville

convenient for meetings or whenever you’re working late at the

Strawinskylaan 3003 (The New Atrium)

office. Naturally, all our dishes are served hot and fresh. We strive

Telephone number: 06-30933671

for perfection – everything has to be of the very best quality.


That’s also reflected in our interior and our standard of service.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Davien Hulsman


– YOU – ✓ you regard occupational health and safety services not as a cost, but as an investment in the optimization of your business operations

✓ you are ambitious when it comes to establishing the right reintegration culture and are willing to invest the necessary time and resources

✓ you expect an equal partnership with your company medical officer

✓ you expect your company medical officer to display an understanding of the organizational interests, based on their own management experience

✓ you expect your company medical officer to act in an independent and professional manner and not to allow personal opinions about personnel, organizational or labour law affairs to colour their advice

Fred van Heertum – Registered Occupational Health Physician

Your Company Doctor at WTC-Zuidas Close. Caring. Convenient. – ME – ✓ accustomed to working closely with clients and in equal partnership with all the relevant professionals: company welfare services, psychologists, occupational consultants, general practitioners, Winnock, Ciran, Skils, Cenzo, HSK and LTC

✓ focused on strategic collaboration among all disciplines with a view to achieving the best possible reintegration culture

✓ the ability to think in terms of business interests, while remaining highly attentive to individual welfare, as developed through previous management experience

Integraal Verzuim Advies

w w w.integr aalver zuimad v

Niels de Wilde

Winter terrace: a hotspot for both professionals and residents Zuidas is obtaining an increasingly residential feel, and Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South, the leading hotel for business travellers in Zuidas, is evolving in step with its surroundings. Operations Manager Natalia Alvarez Pereiro and Sales & Marketing Director Niels de Wilde talked to Hello Zuidas about the latest developments.


blankets for the guests to keep warm. And last year, our ice

‘Locals had already discovered the Crowne Plaza as a great venue

skating rink proved a big hit.’

for visiting family to stay overnight, but we were also getting more and more requests for hosting parties and receptions,


and obviously we want to keep pace with the growing demand’,

The bar staff have great fun thinking up new cocktails every day.

explains Niels de Wilde. ‘We enjoy coming up with ideas and

‘They create all the cocktails themselves and post pictures of

custommade solutions’, Alvarez Pereiro continues. ‘Whether some-

them on Instagram’, Alvarez Pereiro says. That brand of enthu-

one asks for fake snow, to name an example, or a covered

siasm is typical of all the hotel’s employees. ‘Crowne Plaza is

terrace, all-blue cocktails, or an entire spread of organic,

Zuidas’, Alvarez Pereiro emphasizes. ‘We’ve got 21 different

vegetarian hors d’oeuvres – we aim to please. We can draw on

nationalities here. The ambience is trendy yet friendly. All that

many years of experience in organizing functions of all kinds

makes us a popular hotspot for residents and international

for up to 270 people – from promotional galas to retirement

professionals alike.’

parties, and from birthdays to new year’s receptions.’


Discover the dishes, cocktails and event facilities

‘We also welcome people who simply wish to come in for a cup

of Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South:

of coffee or a lovely glass of wine. Local residents see our hotel as a

George Gershwinlaan 101, 1082 MT Amsterdam

great meeting place, and we couldn’t be more delighted with that!’

+31 (0)20 504 3666 |

As soon as the winter season comes round, the Crowne Plaza will


open its winter terrace, which will offer its guests cosy comfort


once the temperature dips. ‘On our winter terrace we will have

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam

a stand offering hot drinks and snacks, as well as braziers and

Text Corinne Brouwer | Photography Jesse Kraal


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam NOVEMBER 2015 ZUIDAS CARES @ ITO TOREN, ZUIDAS Fleeing from war and in the search for safety, an unprecedented refugee crisis is taking place in Europe. To support the Red Cross in the Netherlands and in Europe, a humanitarian and community driven initiative by individuals and companies called Zuidas Cares is launching a Winter appeal – warm clothing, jackets, trousers, hats, scarves, blankets, sheets, towels, warm shoes & socks, toiletries & feminine hygiene products. All donations will be collected at the main lobby of the ITO TOREN in November. Look for the posters that will be put up soon! For more information or to offer help:, @zuidas_cares, facebook/zuidascares

SUNDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2015 OLYMPISCH STADIONLOOP TUESDAY 3 NOVEMBER 2015 LUNCH CONCERT WITH NATHALY MASCLÉ @ WTC Enjoy the jazz stylings of singer Nathaly Masclé, pianist Jean-Louis van Damme and bassist Eric Timmerman in this lunchtime concert at the WTC. This trio has been performing together for years and have a smooth, fluid and intimate sound. 12:30pm-1:30pm.

@ OLYMPIC STADIUM Each year, Phanos and UNICEF join forces to organize the Olympisch Stadionloop. This annual running event offers three different tracks: 10km, 5km and 1km. The first two are for recreational runners and teams representing educational institutions. The 10km run also features a race and a business run. The 1km parent and child run is reserved for ages 13 and under, accompanied by parents if desired.

EVERY TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY WINTER @ BOELETUIN KANTINE The wood stove is crackling, the lamps have been hung, there are cosy nooks to sit and plenty of oldfashioned games – so every reason to visit the Boeletuin Kantine this winter! They’re open Tuesdays through Fridays for lunch and drinks, with private hire for parties and get-togethers possible daily. Every Thursday they serve a three-course meal inspired by the season, the weather and whatever looks tasty at the market. The cost is € 20 and the menu is posted on Facebook on Tuesday evening.


THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2015 TALKING FROM 4 TILL 7 NOVEMBER 2015 SHOWCASE @ SLFMD On 4-7 November the SLFMD shop will be hosting a pre-winter and holiday season special. Come in to experience the passions of SLFMD. To mark the occasion, Wineboutique & Spirits will daily be showcasing a new wine for the customer to sample, whilst trying items from the new collection.

THE HEART @ ROELOF HARTPLEIN PUBLIC LIBRARY Every third Thursday of the month, Jos Palm sits down with both famous and lesser-known guests to find out what makes their hearts beat faster. For this edition, he’ll be joined by Xandra Schutte, editor-in-chief of De Groene Amsterdammer, and poet and TV book show presenter Wim Brands. Time: 6pm-7:30pm. For details, see:

NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of January. Send your agenda to before November 23th.

SUNDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2015 POP-UP RUN FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2015 BUSINESS ENGLISH @ TAALCENTRUM-VU Want to be sure of using correct English in your email and telephone communication with international business clients? Taalcentrum-VU’s Business English workshop will have you speaking more fluent English in only three hours. From 9am to 12 noon. For details, see:

@ AMSTERDAM FOREST It’s on your marks for the Pop-Up Run! Open to everyone, the Pop-Up Run is a full-fledged race, complete with bib numbers, a fun warm-up, online results, facilities, and surprises to keep you on your toes. The best races in the prettiest parts of town! Distances of 5km and 10km. Race starts at 11am. For details, see:

TUESDAY 24 NOVEMBER 2015 LUNCH BREAK LECTURE BY INGE BRAKMAN @ DE NIEUWE POORT Take an inspiring break during your work week with a philosophical lecture by Inge Brakman, head of the Dutch Red Cross and supervisory board member at DSM. Afterwards, join the discussion at De Nieuwe Poort’s restaurant. The lecture starts at 12:40pm. For details, see:


21 TILL 29 NOVEMBER 2015 PAN AMSTERDAM @ RAI Buy art, antiques and designer items at the PAN Amsterdam art fair. All objects are vetted by more than 70 independent experts for authenticity, quality and condition. For details, see:

@ AMSTERDAM RAI ELICIUM CENTRE Amsterdam is growing fast on many fronts. By 2035, it will boast a population of 1.5 million, tourism is booming, and the smart city, smart industry and Internet of things are set to revolutionize how we live and work. According to Professor Zef Hemel, the Amsterdam metropolis will have to double in size in the next 20-30 years, not only to meet demand, but as an economic imperative – otherwise, we risk missing out. What are the steps we need to take NOW? Speakers will include Prof. Hemel and Alderman for Spatial Planning Eric van der Burg. Event for Oram members and associates. For details, see:

THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2015 WIJ KRIJGEN KIPPEN ENERGY BREAKFAST @ CHICKEN RUN (NEAR RAI) Wij Krijgen Kippen is on a mission to have Amsterdam running on 100% green energy by 2028. All locals are welcome at its fortnightly Energy Breakfasts. This time we extend a special invite to the international community. Breakfast is served at 8:30am.


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2015 TRADITIONAL TUSCAN THURSDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2015 ZUIDAS DINER @ à DEAUVILLE During one evening every season, Restaurant à Deauville organizes a special Zuidas dinner. The first will be themed Game & Wine, with a threecourse dinner featuring a glass of fine wine to accompany each course. All wines are specially selected and will be served along with an explanation of what makes them a perfect pairing. All are welcome! For details, see

COOKING WORKSHOP @ RESTAURANT NINE, CO-HOSTED BY PHISAGE BEAUTY & WELLNESS Tuscan-born and bred and passionate about cooking, FataCucina takes you on a trip through the world of traditional Tuscan recipes, known for their fresh produce, natural ingredients and simple preparation methods. Discover the secrets behind bruschetta, zucchine ripiene, pappa al pomodoro, farinata di cavolo nero, cartoccio di pesce and scaloppine, and enjoy the stories and customs of Tuscany in a friendly, informal setting, all accompanied by a tasty glass of wine. The workshop starts at 5pm with an aperitivo. Costs: € 25 per person. To register, send an email to, before 21 November. For details, see:

26 & 27 NOVEMBER 2015 SCIENCE FOR SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE @ VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is holding a special anniversary conference themed ‘Science for Sustainability: Inspiration for global change from the Desmond Tutu Programme’. Professors from VU Amsterdam and around the world will present recent findings on sustainability, with speakers to include Mpho Tutu and Rick van der Ploeg.


FRIDAY 27 NOVEMBER 2015 AFTERNOON DRINKS AND LIFESTYLE MARKET @ SPACES With the holiday season approaching, Spaces will be organizing Friday drinks with extra trimmings. A range of lifestyle brands will be showcasing and selling their products, including several from Amsterdam. The line-up includes Ace & Tate, Linja Shoes and Suits for Dudes. For details, see:

WEDNESDAY 2 DECEMBER 2015 LESBIAN SPEED DATING @ FITCH & SHUI About Love is back with another speed dating event at Fitch & Shui in December, this time for lesbians between the ages of 40 and 55. Time: 7:30pm-10pm. Register on the website:

WEDNESDAY 2 DECEMBER 2015 SINTERKLAAS @ FITCH & SHUI With the evenings getting darker, it won’t be long now before Sinterklaas (a.k.a. St. Nick) will be back spreading holiday cheer in the Netherlands. This year’s WTC Amsterdam Sinterklaas Party will be held on Wednesday 2 December at Fitch & Shui’s Free Flow Restaurant, from 3pm until 5pm. Everyone working in the building is warmly invited to bring their children and to enjoy a mix of fun activities, including a sing-along, eating pepernoten and making colourful Sinterklaas caps! Time: 3pm-5pm For details, see:

NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of January. Send your agenda to before November 23th.

THURSDAY 3 DECEMBER 2015 BUSINESS WALK OF FAME @ CLAUDE DEBUSSYLAAN The Lucille Werner Foundation is once again handing out awards to companies that invested in a diverse labour market this year. The City of Amsterdam has created a Business Walk of Fame on Claude Debussylaan to showcase the winners, on which five stars are already proudly displayed.This year, another five will be added for companies that strive for a colourful organization. Time: 10am on Claude Debussylaan. Info, see:

THURSDAY 10 DECEMBER 2015 LUNCH CONCERT WITH ERWIN TER BOGT @ WTC Get into the holiday spirit with a festive concert on 10 December. Erwin ter Bogt and his quartet will perform a medley of old time jazz, pop and Christmas favourites! Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm. For details, see:



@ RAI AMSTERDAM Europe’s biggest premium lifestyle fair is famous around the globe for being the place where the most exclusive names from the world of art, interior design and furnishings, gastronomy, jewellery, watches, boats and cars come together. Enjoy five days of fashion shows, networking receptions, live music, exclusive launches, special limited editions, stellar cuisine, wine tastings and sensational entertainment. For details, see:

CHRISTMAS @ THOMASKERK In December, De Nieuwe Poort joins with the Thomaskerk to tell ‘The Story of Christmas’. But don’t expect the traditional tale of the birth of Jesus. Instead, Ruben van Zwieten will share a personal perspective and a reflection on our lives and society, with musical interludes. Afterwards, join us for a drink at De Nieuwe Poort. Time: 8:30pm-10pm. For details, see:



CHRISTMAS EVENT @ DE NIEUWE POORT 5pm-7pm Hello Zuidas is pleased to invite you to our annual members’ year end networking event, hosted by De Nieuwe Poort. Ruben van Zwieten will give an exclusive ‘sneak preview’ of the ‘Story of Christmas’, to be told in full the next day at the Thomaskerk. Get into the Christmas spirit and take this great opportunity to extend your network. To register, send an email to: before Friday 11 December.

APART TOGETHER @ ING HOUSE Home life and working life are two defining facets of modern existence. The exhibition WHAT? Work, Home, Apart, Together at Arcam, Amsterdam’s centre for architecture, explores how they fit together and what their role in the city pertains to. The top floor of the former ING House, renamed INFINITY in 2015, provides a stunning backdrop for this first-ever show about Dutch home and working culture.



Sustainability matters in Zuidas 32.

Does your company pay enough attention to sustainability? Let us know via #sustainabilityzuidas

SUSTAINABILITY 2015 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT As 2015 draws to a close, the annual Sustainability Report’s tripartite editorial team from Hello Zuidas, Green Business Club Zuidas and Amsterdam’s Zuidas District Office is gearing up to take stock of sustainable developments in Zuidas over the past year. This team will present developments around the themes of mobility, public space, buildings, energy, waste, water and green features and community. Has your business or organization made sustainable strides in its offices or operations in 2015? Then we want to include them in the fourth edition of the Sustainability Report! Submit your best practices from 2015 to the editor-in-chief of the 2015 Sustainability Report, Maartje Oome:

VU MARKS NATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY DAY WITH OPENING OF GREEN OFFICE Friday 9 October was National Sustainability Day. Businesses, civil society organizations, local authorities and private individuals hosted thousands of activities nationwide. As the country’s most sustainable office location, naturally Zuidas got into the spirit too. Green Business Club Zuidas teamed up with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Green Office VU to create a green cycle route, taking in the sustainable highlights of Zuidas, along with a ‘Green Academy’ symposium. The highlight of the day was the official opening of the Green Office VU by Alderman for Sustainability Abdeluheb Choho. The activities organized in conjunction with National Sustainability Day attracted wide interest from local businesses, Photo: Caren Huygelen

residents and students alike.

ZUIDAS LOVES TAP WATER! Did you know that the water that comes out of taps in the Netherlands ranks among the cleanest in the world? Dutch tap water is required to meet almost four times as many quality criteria as bottled mineral water. What’s more, CO2 emissions from the production, packaging and transport of bottled water are around 300 times as high as that of tap water. Is your organization still drinking bottled water? Then it’s about time to switch to tap. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s also much cheaper and more readily available! Many Zuidas organizations have already made the switch and now serve up carafes of tap water at meetings and in the workplace – a small step that’s better for the environment as well as being more economical. According to Accenture Senior Manager Henk Jan Top, ‘Thanks to our drinking water companies, Accenture may proudly serve this product from an unsung national top sector: water!’ Would you like to contribute to making Zuidas more sustainable? Find out how at: Send your sustainability news to:

Text Maartje Oome


Know English. Know Success.

The TOEIC® tests,

the world’s most popular English assessments for the workforce • 14,000 organisations use the TOEIC tests • 7 million tests administered annually • 4 skills measured Sessions available in the World Trade Center Amsterdam. For more information and registration:

f TOEIC Tests l @ETSGlobal Copyright © 2014 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries, used under licence.

Pub TOEIC Zuidas 185x1275.indd 1

15/09/15 16:13

Award winning technology focused recruitment business opens new offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are Next Ventures a global, multi-award winning niche Large Enterprise Technology focused recruitment business with subsidiaries throughout Europe. Our new division, Next Ventures BV, recently opened its doors in the heart of Zuidas Amsterdam, to further support our expanding client base and enable our expansion in the region. Why not come visit us?

Please call us on +31655326244 Our specialist teams focus on the following technologies: SAP Business Analytics Oracle Technologies Business Intelligence Data Warehousing and Big Data SOA, Middleware, EAI & BPM Salesforce Infrastructure and Cloud eCommerce Technologies, Web and Mobile Development Software Development & Testing Embedded Software Financial Services Application Senior Appointments, Strategy & Architecture

Next Ventures BV Gustav Mahlerplein 2 1082 MA Amsterdam Netherlands Tel: +31655326244 Email:

Hans Lensvelt en Peter Derkse

Fay Goyarts en Marissa Nijhuis

Rachel Imambaks en Harry Puts

Audilla Voorn en Nanette Kraaikamp

THE DESIGN CIRCLE Thursday 1 October @ Kunstkapel • The Bernotat&Co design studio and Connecting the Dots organized an exhibition at Kunstkapel on 1-4 October • On 1 October, Hello Zuidas co-hosted an evening of drinks and bites with DJ Mulat • The Design Circle was organized in collaboration with BNO and the City of Amsterdam with support from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) • The exhibition was held to coincide with the VT home & design fair

John Jakyn en Freddy Potters

Josja van der Veer en Katja van der Vet

Paul van Bokhorst en Marjolein de Jong

Jos Kranen en Hub Bongers

Manon Funcken en Jos Smit

Maarten Olden en Rogier Arents

Kymo van Blokland en Pit-Jan Schipper

Willemijn Gribnau en Katinka Pricken

Photography Jesse Kraal

Woes van Haaften en Steijn Rootnat

Nynke de Ruiter en Erik Maitimo

Sjoerd Brel en Willem van den Tol



Harry Vlaardingerbroek, Lysbeth van Silfhout and Peter de Haan



Mobility policy in motion There’s a myriad of reasons for amending mobility policy: from improving sustainability to saving on costs, to reducing gridlock. Hello Zuidas asked three prominent Zuidas employers why they decided to renew their mobility policies and how their experiences have been so far. What was the impetus for developing a new

custom made mobility advice. People found that advice to be

mobility policy?

very helpful.’

‘For ABN, sustainability was the main impetus for recalibrating our mobility policy ’, says Lysbeth van Silfhout, Sustainable Mobility

At Akzo Nobel, Peter says, ‘Only staff members who need

Policy project leader at ABN AMRO. ‘We want to be a climate

a car for work and who live more than 10 km. from the

neutral business by 2050. Already, our buildings are virtually

office are granted a parking space. Everyone who in the past

carbon-neutral; now, 74% of our reported emissions

got a lease car as a matter of course, now gets to choose

comes from mobility.’

from three options: a sustainable option for public transport plus a travel budget, a flexible option for cash and freedom

‘At Deloitte, the call for more sustainability was triggered by

of choice, or the traditional lease car solution. The next

the relocation of two of our offices to The Edge in Zuidas’,

step, taken by 2016, will be to replace the per kilometre

explains Deloitte Chief Workplace Officer Harry Vlaardingerbroek.

reimbursement with a financially more attractive public

‘Staff from our Sloterdijk office were already accustomed

transport subscription. Apart from all that, we also still have

to using public transport, but our consultants came from a

a bicycle scheme, and all our employees get a personal

location in Amstelveen that had poor connections, and almost

mobility recommendation.’

all of them commuted by car.’ So, were there any surprises along the way? Akzo Nobel was similarly motivated by sustainability. ‘Moving to

According to Lysbeth, the bike pilot has been a runaway

a premises with limited parking capacity made it also necessary

success. ‘Lots of people signed up, and despite the inclement

to develop a new mobility policy,’ explains Peter de Haan,

weather in September, staff rated the cycling experience with

Akzo Nobel site director for Arnhem & Amsterdam.

as much as an an 8.5! That got us to think about a way to reintegrate the bike scheme.’

What was your approach? ‘Where mobility is concerned, it’s all connected’, according to

‘We were surprised at the huge number of people who commute

Lysbeth. ‘That’s why right from the outset, we opted for an

to the office by bike’, admits Harry. ‘Fortunately, we also have

integrated approach. Human Resources led the effort, but the

the means to accommodate them with a big indoor bicycle

Facility, Sustainability and Purchasing departments were also

parking shed. Due to the move, we were also grappling with

involved from the start. By conducting pilots we could quickly

a shortage of parking spaces. But, contrary to expectations,

evaluate the level of support for and utility of specific solutions.’

this didn’t prove to be a problem at all!’

Deloitte looked at the mobility needs associated with individual

‘What surprised us was that time worked in our favour’,

posts. Depending on those needs, staff could choose from a

says Peter. ‘Our staff knew about the relocation since 2013,

lease car plus an NS Business Card, a public transport travel

so many of them got used by the idea of looking for alternatives.

pass, or a cash option.’ Harry emphasizes that, ‘All staff members

Plus people realize that it is necessary to travel by public

were given a choice between several alternatives, along with

transport or bike to keep the city accesible.’

Text Angela Nijland | Photography Davien Hulsman


ROSARIUM Europaboulevard Amstelpark 1 1083 HZ Amsterdam CONTACT +31 (0)20 6 444 085

For those of you who really enjoy getting into the festive spirit, look no further than Rosarium. In the tranquil setting of the Amstelpark, yet in the heart of the cosmopolitan Amsterdam, Rosarium is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas or to count down to 2016. For our business guests, we offer various options; from a sensational Christmas party to a culinary dinner or New Years reception, where you and your colleagues or associates can reflect back on 2015 and toast to a prosperous 2016. On Christmas Day, Rosarium invites you to bring your family and friends to enjoy an unforgettable Christmas brunch.

For further details, please visit our website:







The HB Hairstylers team has been cutting and styling hair in World Trade Center Amsterdam for over 20 years, welcoming ladies and gentlemen from both inside the complex and further afield. The team prides itself on its hospitality and expertise, so you can return to your desk or head off home revitalised after a relaxing visit.




rates high on sustainable office buildings

In recent years, the Netherlands became more sustainable.

elevator schemes. Not only have these efforts earned ABN

We’re becoming more efficient in how we handle energy,

AMRO an excellent rating for its Gustav Mahlerlaan premises,

waste and natural resources, both in the workplace and

but they also led to high marks from the BREEAM sustainability jury

at home. Positive developments abound in the commercial

for another 18 ABN AMRO buildings throughout the Netherlands.

property sector as well, with a growing number of headquarters. The tower on Gustav Mahlerlaan has been


awarded with an BREEAM-NL in use Excellent certificate

Among other things, ABN AMRO is making a healthy contribution

for building management and occupier management and

to reducing carbon emissions in the Netherlands, which of

outstanding rating for asset performance. This ABN AMRO

course is good news for everyone. Bank staff themselves also

building is the first existing building in the Netherlands

benefit from a sustainable workplace: 70% of the food served

with this certification.

in the company restaurants is organic, vending machines are

buildings ‘going green’. Take, for instance, the ABN AMRO

stocked with 50% responsible snack options and bikes are


provided for staff to commute to and from different ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO has worked hard to greening its offices for

the bank’s sustainability projects too, as ABN AMRO can tap

several years now. The Dutch bank has cut down on its energy,

into its acquired knowledge to advise clients on how to green

water and paper use, switched to green power wherever

their own properties, thereby helping to speed up the momentum

possible, heavily curtailed waste, and implemented improved

towards sustainability across the entire Dutch real estate sector.

Text Lonneke Mertens | Photography Lotte de Graaf

buildings. What could be healthier? Business clients profit from





On 18 October 2015, Amsterdam hosted the largest marathon in the Netherlands and one of the biggest in Europe, with the 40th edition of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. Runners ran a new route this year that led the tens of thousands of participants through the heart of Zuidas. The former loop along Stadionweg, Marathonweg and Amstelveenseweg was replaced this year by a loop passing through Beethovenstraat to Zuidas, across Gustav Mahlerlaan and George Gerschwinlaan, and then back over Beethovenstraat.

Photography Bas Uterwijk 41.

Marija Stijovic & Muriël Krouwels

Adam Tasi, Christiaan Sijnen & Miguel Fernandez

Eelko Leeuwenburgh, Pascale de Vilder & Jelle Meinsz

GENTLEMEN’S PLACE GRAND OPENING Friday 9 October @ Arnold Schönberglaan 7 • Gentlemen’s Place is a new men’s clothing retailer • It’s a one-stop-shop for men’s casual business dress in Zuidas • The grand opening was busy and fun! • Former Dutch swimming champion Inge de Bruijn was the evening’s guest of honour • The shop also features a bona fide bar... a first for Zuidas!

Gerwin Koops & Mark Simoons

Nils Mulder & Adam Tasi

Christiaan Sijnen & Sander Caldenhove

Marcia Lammers & Remco van Oudenaarde

Robert van Meijeren & Ingmar Opreij

Edwin Kempes, Patrick van der Lelij & Kenny Kuyten


Richard Lengers & Denise Koek

Suzanna Böhre, Remke Beckers & Pascale de Vilder

Daimy & Elise Fernandez

Christiaan Sijnen & Inge de Bruijn

Photography Jesse Kraal

Bringing stylish menswear to Zuidas

Adam, Christiaan and Miguel

Picking out clothes and putting together outfits are deemed


dull chores by most men. After all, you’ve already got a busy

At Gentlemen’s Place, you can pick an entire outfit in one go.

job, so your free time is sacred! But relief is at hand, with

It’s about choosing your look, a solution that’s ideal for Zuidas.

the arrival of Gentlemen’s Place in Zuidas. With 25 fully

Christiaan: ‘It’s such a drag having to trawl through clothes racks

attired mannequins on show, you can simply point to what

in search of the right trousers or jacket. We wanted to take

you like and what you’d like to buy. Their motto says it all:

a different approach.’ ‘Our high level of service ensures that

See how you can be!

everyone goes home satisfied’, Adam says. Miguel adds, ‘We sell lots of Dutch brands like Profuomo and Greve. And obviously a


good pair of shoes and blue or white dress shirts are requisites

After years of working in professional services, Christiaan Sijnen

for any man working in this financial district!’

came to a crossroads: ‘It was on a holiday that I began to mull over the question of what I really wanted. My father was a fashion

Every month, Gentlemen’s Place organizes an event with

designer, so you could say it was in my blood!’ With fellow partners

inspirational speakers. Anyone can sign up for this event.

Miguel Fernandez and Adam Tasi, Christiaan now provides a

Go to the Gentlemen’s Place website and check the ‘events’

service that’s truly unique. Adam explains, ‘Instead of the standard

page for more information.

suit and tie, Gentleman’s Place sells complete stylish business casual outfits that are fit to wear in Zuidas.’ ‘For us, it’s also

Gentlemen’s Place

important to put people at ease’, says Miguel. ‘We have spacious

Arnold Schönberglaan 7 (behind Baker & McKenzie)

fitting rooms, and you can enjoy a coffee or a beer at our bar.

Our shop has an open and friendly atmosphere. It’s all about

customer experience.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jesse Kraal


Daphne Deckers,David Bijlsma and Richard Krajicek

Gassan opens first Rolex Boutique in Amsterdam In October the first Rolex Boutique in Amsterdam’s old city centre was officially launched by Richard Krajicek, Daphne Deckers and Gassan COO David Bijlsma. The historic diamond factory provided the backdrop to a spectacular opening ceremony.

MARKET LEADER IN THE NETHERLANDS The Rolex Boutique opened its doors on the ground floor of

watches, including both professional and classic models

Gassan Diamonds. As a leader in the Dutch market for haute

from the Oyster collection, as exhibited at Baselworld 2014.

joaillerie and haute horlogerie, Gassan has long-standing ties

The pillars of the collection are the automatic Oyster Perpetual

with Rolex. Gassan has been retailing the legendary Swiss

models – legendary timepieces that combine tradition,

watch brand at Schiphol Airport since 1970, and in 2006

prestige and technology with precision, unparalleled reliability

claimed the honour of opening the first non-Rolex-owned

and a style suited to any occasion.

Rolex Boutique at an airport outside Switzerland. The interior of the Rolex Boutique evokes strong associations


with water and the sea, expressing the essence and source

The opening of the Rolex Boutique is sure to garner the

of inspiration for the brand as made famous by Rolex’s

exclusive Swiss watch brand greater recognition in the Dutch

world-renowned Oyster – the first waterproof wristwatch –

capital. This new retail location highlights both brands’ shared

designed in 1926.

passion for precision, reliability, performance and superlative service. ‘For Gassan, welcoming this stylish Rolex Boutique is a dream come true, not to mention a testament of faith in us as a company. We could not have wished for a better compliment


from a brand like Rolex’, says Gassan President Benno Leeser.

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175, 1011 LN Amsterdam +31 (0)20 622 5333

ENTER THE WORLD OF ROLEX AT GASSAN In keeping with Rolex’s unique and distinctive style, the new |

Rolex Boutique will present an extensive range of Rolex






International Finance Following sudden worries about disappointing growth in China and some other emerging markets this year, the next big question is what all this will mean for advanced economies. Though the eurozone is probably slightly less vulnerable than the US when it comes to the negative effects of slower growth in emerging markets, on the whole, the world economy is expected to balance out over the next few quarters.

EMS DISAPPOINT AND LITTLE LATITUDE A number of emerging markets (EM) have slipped into recession, with financial conditions

• Second, recovery has been fairly broad-based in the US and Europe, making them less vulnerable. • Third, the Eurozone is probably even less

deteriorating further in the wake of capital flight.

vulnerable than the US given the euro’s falling

Despite assertions only a year or two ago that

trade-weighted exchange rate over the past

emerging economies were on the road to overtake

12 months while the dollar rose.

advanced economies in terms of stability and security. That assessment was clearly premature.

• Fourth and finally, industry is showing remarkably weak performance worldwide. Being unexpected, this decline may have

The question now is what policymakers in these

caught companies off guard, causing them

EMs can do. The answer is: not much. In many

to scramble to reduce stock. This factor is

cases there is little latitude for budget policy,

normally only temporary.

and rising inflation in some of them is impeding broader monetary policy. Yet there are also

On balance, I expect emerging economies to

major differences between these countries.

stabilise in the months ahead and gain some

An improvement of the economic climate will

growth momentum in the course of next year.

hinge to a large extent on the development of

A similar pattern is likely in advanced economies.

their exchange rates. Most EMs have seen their

In the near term, the negative effects of

currency values plunge relative to the dollar in the

emerging markets weakness can still be felt,

last 12 months (though there have been scattered

but somewhat stronger growth in the course

signs of recovery in the last fortnight). During the

of 2016 is on the cards.

Asia crisis of the late 1990s, when these currencies took a much deeper tumble (although the region was also in far worse economic shape), it took

National currencies relative to USD

around a year before this paid off in improved

Current exchange rate* 12 mos ago

competitive positions and economic activity.














So how big of a problem are lagging emerging




markets for the advanced economies?

South Africa 13.25


Number of factors are important:



• First, the EMs are much bigger than ever

South Korea 1,140

before, so it makes sense that the effect is



Source: Bloomberg * 12 Oct. 2015

proportionately greater.

Article Han de Jong (Macro Weekly 12 October, ABN Amro Economic Office)


HONG KONG CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN THE NETHERLANDS Your one-stop shop for doing business in, with and via Hong Kong Your Hong Kong network in the Netherlands Promoting bi-literal trade between the Netherlands and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region



Frédérique Demenint

Frédérique Demenint

The value of reputation

‘Lose money for the firm and I will be understanding; lose a shred of reputation for the firm and I will be ruthless.‘ This is one of the guiding principles that legendary businessman and investor Warren Buffett applies to executives and employees of the companies of which he buys stock. Looking at the results, Buffett’s investment gospel is incredibly successful, and has led to a following of almost biblical proportions. Anyone who has some management responsibility,

supervisory board members pay a fair share of their

but even those who don’t have any, will agree with

attention to protecting reputation. So then why

Buffett: a good reputation is priceless. Whether you

is it that we see so many cases in the media of

have a good or a bad reputation is fundamental to a

corporate and individual reputations in both

business’s license to operate. After all, reputation is

the public and private sectors under immense

crucial to whether customers and clients, suppliers

pressure and in some cases even compromised

and business partners, investors and employees

beyond repair?

current and future decide to do business with you. Effective, fact-based communication is a crucial

One key reason is the lack of boardroom awareness

contributor in building a good reputation.

about seemingly minor incidents and issues with

For executives and employees alike, it is not only

the potential to escalate, both inside and outside

Frédérique Demenint

much more pleasant to be well-regarded by your

companies, which may well damage a company’s

Board director and

key stake-holders; research also shows that organi-

reputation. In fact, most crisis situations stem from

Practice leader

zations with a strong reputation suffer less negative

ostensibly insignificant events caught too late, for


impact from and show quicker commercial

which there is no contingency plan and in which


recovery after crisis situations. There’s a solid

communications are subsequently badly managed.


return of investment if you ever saw one.

When it comes to reputation management, more


boardroom members should take a page from

Given the importance of a good reputation,

Buffett’s book. To govern is to look ahead. As we all

it should be safe to assume that executive and

know, Noah built his ark before it started to rain.


Het Verhaal van Kerst


Want to start your Christmas Holidays in a different and inspiring way? Minister Ruben van Zwieten gives a personal and unconventional reflection of our lives in today’s society.

Today’s 24/7 economy increases workloads at all levels. Working harder or multitasking don’t help to meet the right targets. How can employees be supported to keep their focus and priorities clear? Through Mindfulness: a form of attention/ awareness training. Scientific research shows Mindfulness improves:

December 16th | Thomaskerk

Prinses Irenestraat 36

20.30 - 22.00 | Doors open: 19.45 | Doors closed: 22.20

• resilience • concentration

• emotional reactivity • creativity

Celebratory Drinks afterwards in De Nieuwe Poort MindfulBizz offers Mindfulness in corporate settings: 8-week courses, tailored training, workshops, coaching. MindfulBizz: a network of certified trainers with roots and broad experience in business environment. Claude Debussylaan 2, Amsterdam

De Hypotheker expands its office in Zuidas Acting on the recent surge in the capital’s housing market, mortgage lender De Hypotheker decided the time was right to branch out by expanding its office at WTC Amsterdam. Having moved this branch two years ago, Thomas van Splunteren is seeing a steadily growing stream of customers coming from the Zuidas towers. ‘We have flexible opening hours, which is essential for people working in Zuidas. And we welcome everyone who wants to come in for a consultation free of obligations , from first-time buyers to home owners and expats. All our clients leaves feeling contented.’

Strawinskylaan 1427, 1027 XX Amsterdam telephone +31 (0)20 662 1411

Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new members COMPANY MADE IN MAY SECTOR CREATIVE CONSULTANCY AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 10 Link with Zuidas: Made in May is developing the basic concept for the long-term area residential quality programme – a programme made by and for the benefit of users, residents and visitors, that will also entail new local amenities. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Made in May is an socially committed company. We believe in forging strong ties with the community in which we operate. As ‘residents’ of Amstelpark at the southernmost end of Zuidas, we’re keen to connect with Hello Zuidas’ professional network.

COMPANY JLL SECTOR REAL ESTATE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 200+ Link with Zuidas: JLL is one of the largest real estate consultancies worldwide, and Zuidas is clearly the premier office location in the Netherlands. Our Dutch headquarters are based in Zuidas, in the Atrium building. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Our field of expertise means we’re involved in developments in Zuidas, changes in end users and with the parties investing in Zuidas on a daily basis. We see Hello Zuidas as a valuable organization and therefore feel, both in our role as as a tenant and as a real estate consultant, that it is of vital importance to play an active role in this organization.

COMPANY WONAM SECTOR HOUSING NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 8 Link with Zuidas: Wonam is a housing construction firm that builds mid-range private sector rental housing with private funding partners. We’re currently building a residential block designed by the LEVS architectural agency in Kop Zuidas. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Zuidas owes its vibrant and dynamic character not to bricks and mortar, but to its inhabitants. Wonam believes that its integral approach to living, working and amenities will help foster a lively and appealing climate in Zuidas.

COMPANY EUROPEAN CENTRAL COUNTERPARTY N.V. SECTOR FINANCIAL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 40 Link with Zuidas: EuroCCP N.V. plays an important role in financial infrastructure and we decided that Zuidas best matched our office requirements. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Hello Zuidas offers us an opportunity to hear first hand about any changes affecting staff safety and office accessibility that could impact our daily business.

COMPANY à DEAUVILLE SECTOR RESTAURANT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 14 Link with Zuidas: Zuidas is synonymous with high standards and offering a special experience. It’s precisely what à Deauville aims to embody. à Deauville makes guests feel at home and welcomes them with traditional hospitality. Our location in The New Atrium complements that image. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We see it as an added value; as a way to share our voice and to keep up with all the latest developments in Zuidas.




Hello Zuidas



May we take your reservation?

Geen 18, geen alcohol

A fresh, updated look and signature dishes by master chef Stefan van Sprang: Restaurant De Kersentuin has been fully refurbished and has reopened its doors!

WTC Toren H | Zuidplein 20 | 1077 XV Amsterdam 020-4705414 | | Open 10.00 - 19.00 uur

The #1 Zuidas translation agency legal • financial • scientific • culture • real estate • business | 020 – 598 64 20 |

MEMO BOARD WIN AT ROB PEETOOM’S! Enter the competition to WIN a cut and colour treatment for two at the Rob Peetoom Hair + Make-up salon in Zuidas! Tell us who you’d like to bring along and why. You might just win a haircut and/or colour treatment for two persons. You’ll be treated by one of our senior stylists at our brand-new salon. Send an email to:, and you may be our lucky winner at the Rob Peetoom salon.

SHOP FROM THE OFFICE AT CARMEN WEST Wouldn’t it be great if you could nip to the shops during your lunch break? Would you like to avoid the crowded city on Saturday afternoons? To that purpose, Eline Westerhof and Marijn Mostart started Carmen West, which, armed with a complete collection of clothing, pays office calls to busy working women, so they can treat themselves to a spot of lunch-break shopping. Interested in having Carmen West visit your office? Go to:

FIRST SKIBOOT RUN A SUCCESS! The first edition of the SkiBoot Run took off in Zuidas in early October. Not content with the challenge posed by the Suits & Stilettos Run, the organizers came up with this tougher race. Multiple teams vied for cool prizes like a ski holiday in Gerlos. Happily, there were no injuries and everyone made it across the finish line! Given the success of this first edition, Wens Business Events has already requested a permit for next year!

DONATE TO SPROUTEEN AND HELP TEENS IN AFRICA Stichting Sprouteen is a Dutch non-profit foundation run by and for the benefit of kids, to improve education for pupils in developing countries throughout Africa. It supports local projects around establishing new schools, as well as other initiatives promoting quality education. Help these children and contribute to better education in Africa. See for further info.

RON BLAAUW OPENS SECOND FAT DOG IN ZUIDAS In April 2014, top chef Ron Blaauw opened his first hot dog restaurant, The Fat Dog, on Amsterdam’s Ruysdaelkade. A second restaurant was recently opened in Zuidas, inside the ABN AMRO building. The new location is a franchise operated by OSP Zakelijke Catering.

E-mail your memo’s to


SOS Children’s Villages & ITdonations join forces to build a family home.



Your old IT equipment can open up new horizons and a wealth

and with all due care. The written-off equipment is collected,

of opportunities for children in Ivory Coast. And you can see

processed and cleaned, and the residual value is then donated.

the impact for yourself during a unique trip! To mark its 50th

ITdonations works internationally and collects equipment

anniversary in the Netherlands, SOS Children’s Villages is

both in and outside the Netherlands. It’s 100% safe, with data

building a new family house in the city of Abobo Gare to give

erasure certificates, and is fully certified.

ITdonations processes written-off IT equipment professionally

more children a loving home. Will you help us make this dream come true?

YOUR WRITTEN-OFF IT EQUIPMENT IS WORTH MONEY! Your old IT equipment can help build a family house where generations of children can grow up in a loving home:

With 460 laptops, SOS Children’s

With 299 monitors, SOS Children’s

With 100 desktops, SOS Children’s

Villages can fit windows and doors in

Villages can lay the foundations

Villages can furnish the living room

the family house

of the family house

of the family house

€ computers








For full details, see: ITdonations | Claudia Vink: - 030-248 4004 SOS Children’s Villages | Nina Jongerius: - 020-512 16 81


POS systems




Members Hello Zuidas – November 2015

If your company isn’t on this list, please contact

COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Parnassusweg 819, 9 th floor - 1082 LZ - Amsterdam (UN Studio-gebouw, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 820 3976 - +31 (0) 13 545 3298 - Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Mieke Verberkt | Imageau Translation: Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Romy Lange, Fleur Venner, Ruben van Zwieten, Eric Burgers, Corinne Brouwer, Lonneke Mertens, Frédérique Demenint, Maartje Oome & Angela Nijland Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde, Jesse Kraal, Tommy de Lange, Wouter van Ierssel, Davien Hulsman, Bas Uterwijk & Lotte de Graaf Intern: Fleur Venner Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Kenneth Goedhart, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk & Bob Oostelbos Thanks to: Kajsa Ollongren, Ruth Jansen (Phisage), Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), Gassan, Property NL, Ruben van Zwieten, Zuidasdok, Financieele Dagblad, à Deauville, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South, ABN AMRO, Gentlemen’s Place, Hill+Knowlton Strategies & SOS Kinderdorpen Printed by: Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly) Copyright: © 2015 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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94. MBO College Zuid 95. Mech Make & Take 96. Miles Building 97. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas 98. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 99. Nationale Postcode Loterij 100. NDI ICT Solutions 101. NEWNRG 102. NH Amsterdam Zuid 103. Nijkerk Holding 104. NL Real Estate 105. Novotel Amsterdam City 106. NS 107. Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken 108. NVD Beveiligingsgroep 109. Oliver’s 110. Openbare Bibliotheek A’dam 111. ORAM 112. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 113. OVG 114. Partou Kinderopvang 115. Pathé 116. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 117. Platform Beter Benutten 118. Pit4Business 119. Property NL B.V. 120. Puramis Consultancy 121. Qbic Hotels 122. Q-Park Nederland 123. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid 124. Ravel Residence 125. RBS 126. Regus 127. Restaurant Nine 128. RGA International Reinsurance 129. Rob Peetoom 130. Ronald McDonald Huis VUmc 131. RoyalCast 132. RSM Erasmus University 133. Russell Reynolds Associates 134. Schiphol Real Estate 135. SCOR Global Life SE 136. Season-Flowers 137. Securitas 138. SLA 139. SLFMD Tailoring 140. SMC Fysiomed 141. Spaces 142. Stadsdeel Zuid 143. Stage Entertainment 144. Stibbe 145. St.Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion Adam 146. Sushi Time 147. Symphony’s 148. Taalcentrum - VU 149. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 150. Taylor Wessing 151. The Bank of New York Mellon 152. The Basket 153. The Change Agent 154. The Office Operators 155. The Oyster Club 156. The TailorMates 157. Ticketpoint 158. TopJobs Consultants 159. TREC 160. Treftpunt-PRISM 161. Trigion 162. Triple Ace 163. Unicucine 164. Urban Salad 165. Valid Express 166. VimpelCom 167. Visser Communicatie 168. VitalPeople 169. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 170. VS-Therapy 171. VU Connected 172. VU Medisch Centrum 173. Wagamama 174. Webster University 175. Wieringen Prins 176. Wineboutique & Spirits 177, Wintertaling 178. Wonam 179. WTC Amsterdam 180. WTC A’dam Business Club 181. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 182. Your Assistant 183. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 184. 185. Zuidschans 186. Zwaan II


Enjoy longer! Monday to Friday open till 7 p.m. Saturday till 6 p.m.

First 1.5 hours free parking

HZ #22  

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