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Winfred Knibbeler, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

‘Clients appreciate our Dutch no-nonsense approach and international fire power’ Living in Zuidas Special

Zuidas now residential hotspot

IMPORTANT ZUIDASDOK NEWS! Zuidas takes the plunge RUBEN VAN ZWIETEN Slow down, summer’s here! MOBILITY Bike concept holds special potential for Zuidas




Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Zuidas takes the plunge In late 2017 the infrastructure of Zuidas will be undergoing a

voice has already achieved wins in terms of caps on noise and

full-scale metamorphosis. Amsterdam’s municipal council has

vibrations, while aspects of interim access and local image are

given the green light for the city’s contribution to the project,

still being hashed out. But we should also realize that Zuidas

better known as Zuidasdok. With passenger flows through

will be getting a lot in return. No Japanese subway scenarios

Amsterdam Zuid station expected to triple by 2030 and many

here, with so-called people pushers to pack passengers into

more motorists and cyclists making their way into Zuidas, drastic

trains. Nor will Zuidas be closed off to car traffic like London

measures are needed if we want to keep the area accessible.

City. What’s more, by sinking the A10 underground, local air quality will improve and noise decibels will fall. It will also free

Of course, a drastic metamorphosis means drastic works.

up space for more housing and, therefore, open the way for

It means scaling up Amsterdam Zuid station and adding lanes

Zuidas to redefine itself as a true urban centre. That’s what’s

to the existing motorway; it means building an additional

called a win-win situation.

north-south pedestrian tunnel and creating lots more public green zones. To make all this possible, part of the A10 will have

It’s up to us to make the best of things during the construction

to be rerouted below ground. In other words, it means that

period ahead. With the city office already having prioritized

Zuidasdok marks a huge investment in the area. In fact,

communication to area residents, at least there will be no

the total budget tallies up to some 1.6 billion euros for works

unpleasant surprises. But if, in spite of all this, you feel the need

slated to span at least ten years.

to vent, you have a standing invitation to drop by our office for coffee and a chat.

And although businesses up and down Zuidas have had their say in the project, they continue to voice their displeasure about


the disruptions these works are sure to bring. That critical

The next issue of Hello Zuidas is scheduled for the 1st of September

Coming summer, much of Zuidas goes on holiday. But the district itself is undergoing major work. There’s the construction of a water main and a canal, the rerouting of cables and pipelines, and Zuid station is laying the groundwork for the North-South line, resulting in temporarily narrowed, diverted and blocked cycle paths. Most eye-catching will be the redevelopment of Mahlerplein, slated to start in mid-August. Building contractor BAM will be taking pains to minimize the impact on area users. Sheet pile walls and piles for the underground bike park will be pressed instead of drilled into the ground, and sand and concrete will be moved to and fro four metres above the square via an elevated conveyor belt. If you’d like to share your thoughts on the renovation of Mahlerplein, visit: Olivier Otten, Managing Director of Hello Zuidas






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With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



Trending topics Willem de Vocht @Willem_deVocht #voetbal met #leerlingen en #young professionals op de @ZuidasAmsterdam @hellozuidas @ZoZuidas @fcutrecht | Theo Capel @TheoCapelnr1 Voorzitter Stadsdeel Zuid & Cricketer @sebastiaancapel wijdt jeu de boulesbaan in @hellozuidas. Onderhands bowlen? | Menno Ploeger @mennoploeger RvT vergadering @hellozuidas met een prachtig uitzicht over de bouwactiviteiten op de Zuidas. | Hello Zuidas @hellozuidas Booming #Zuidas opening #Cosmo Hairstyling opent fantastisch nieuw concept aan de Mahlerlaan #beleving #meewaarde | Hello Zuidas @hellozuidas Zuidas heeft er een pareltje bij! De Boelentuin is open! #tuinieren #mushrooms #rust #koffie gewoon wandelen #groen | Adformatie @adformatie Edelman verhuist op Zuidas naar ‘s werelds duurzaamste kantoorgebouw The Edge | Sebastiaan Capel @sebastiaancapel Amtrium van RAI is meest duurzame congreslocatie. Amsterdam en Zuid heeft ook al meest duurzame kantoor met The Edge van Deloitte op Zuidas | Arjan Bol @arjan_bol Ook mijn #tallnonfatlatte bij #starbucks op de zuidas kan ik #contactloos Betalen met mijn #maestro betaalpas! #blij | Taalblik @ArnoLantman Amsterdammers worstelen in nieuwe wijken met de keuze van het juiste voorzetsel: in IJburg, op IJburg, in Zuidas, op de Zuidas. | DFT @dft Jongste partner ooit leidt Norton Rose Fulbright Amsterdam #advocaten #Zuidas | Dick Berlijn @DickBerlijn @WassiliBertoen opent het seminar #digitallyDrivenBoard in The Edge op de Zuidas | Floor Basten PhD @BlanchefleurX Wie weet nog dat Ito vroeger de opleiding voor behangers was? #ZuidAs #Amsterdam | Rolf Uhlhorn @RolfUhlhorn De Zuidas wordt flink opgewaardeerd met het Dok, station Zuid kan uitbreiden; twee enkelvoudige feiten die op zich al veel waard zijn. | Suzanne van Triest @SuzannevTriest Vanmorgen weer zoals vanouds start van de dag met afspraken op de Zuidas inclusief Bocca koffie. Altijd prima! | NRC Cultuur @nrccultuur Beeldenroute @artzuid dit jaar samengesteld door #RudiFuchs: „Beelden zijn geil, want je kunt ze vastpakken” | GBCZuidas @GBCZuidas De Boeletuin op #Zuidas vandaag officieel geopend. Fijne lunchplek! @VUamsterdam | Domeco @DomecoVastgoed Sinds @postnl weg is op @WTCAmsterdam kom je gezellig allerlei mensen uit het gebouw tegen in deze rij #beeth #fail

Hello Zuidas @hellozuidas Hello Zuidas meets @tasteamsterdam een super mooi culinair event! kernteam wint titel #masterchef @NovotelAdamCity

YOU CAN FIND HELLO ZUIDAS ON THESE ONLINE PLATFORMS @HelloZuidas @hellozuidas For employees of companies that are member of Hello Zuidas, it is possible to join our LinkedIn group or link to Hello Zuidas as a contact. Hello Zuidas has an iPad app that allows you to flip through the magazine. FREEWIFI Hello Zuidas on Mahlerplein & Zuidplein



UNDER CONSTRUCTION SUMMER WORKS 2015 During the summer of 2015, various construction and road works will take place, requiring traffic restrictions and road detours. The chosen timeslot is deliberate: ‘The work involved will inevitably disrupt the road use and that is why we decided to combine the execution of assorted works during the calmer summer period’ explains area director Frans Taselaar. ‘Concentrating and combining activities during the summer have proven successful in the past. We will work intensively from June through August for eight consecutive weeks in. The works mentioned will take place on the Parnassusweg, Beethovenstraat, Amstelveenseweg, Van der Boechorststraat and Buitenveldertselaan. Details of all of the works in Zuidas can be found on our website and Twitter feed @ZuidasAmsterdam.



From 2017 onwards, the North/South metro service will transport

by Restaurant As. Recently, the restaurant opened its

tens of thousands more passengers in and out of Zuidas. To ensure

new outdoor terrace. According to Déborah Schilperoort,

a speedy, safe and comfortable transport for the stream of visitors,

sommelier and business manager, ‘The park didn’t have

Amsterdam Zuid station is being prepared during these summer

locations for people to sit and enjoy a drink on warm

months for the opening of the new metro line. According to interim

summer evenings. The restaurant terrace located along the

Amsterdam Zuid station project manager Michel Crolla, ‘As from

cycle path route is for dining, whereas this new terrace is

28 June onwards, metro services between the Amsterdam Zuid and

perfect for drinks. It also offers a menu of small bites and a

RAI stations will be suspended for seven weeks, to allow connec-

selection of fine wines and premium beers’. The drinks terrace

tion of the new North/South line to the existing metro network

looks out over the newly created pond and has a lovely view of

system. Besides, the station itself will undergo construction work.

the park. Come and enjoy warm summer evenings on the new

The stairways need to be broadened, which means that the lift

outdoor terrace at Restaurant As from 1 June.

Beatrixpark is a thriving location, which is clearly highlighted

must be moved. Additionally, the AKO store has already been relocated to the south side of the station, and the Burger King has closed down. Furthermore, one gateway area will be installed,

To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website:

to allow travellers to switch quickly between metro lines without Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive

having to check in or out. Last but not least, we will be installing a

the Zuidas Newsletter, on If you have any tips

long cover over the North/South line platform to provide shelter

for the editorial team, email them to:

in bad weather. For further info:


Winfred Knibbeler, managing partner at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer


‘Clients appreciate our Dutch no-nonsense approach and international fire power’ The Hello Zuidas Foundation is pleased to welcome the distinguished law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer as a new member. Instead of looking out from one of Zuidas’ familiar office towers, the company’s premises open onto the green lawn along Strawinskylaan. Though the building has a slightly mysterious air on the outside, inside Hello Zuidas met with a warm and friendly reception. We sat down to have a talk with the firm’s managing partner Winfred Knibbeler, an expert on competition law with a portfolio of high-profile cases. Knibbeler expanded on his practice, the firm and on being part of the Zuidas community. You joined Freshfields almost 15 years ago.

highly experienced. If the company should want to engage an

How did that collaboration come about?

outside law firm, there has to be a clear benefit to be had from it.

The firm opened its office in the Netherlands around 15 years

Plus, these days, the position of the general counsel within

ago. That was quite an unusual step: Freshfields is one of the

organizations is stronger, as opposed to its position in the past,

most prominent law firms worldwide but was a newcomer in

when a legal department wielded less authority. And beyond that,

the Netherlands and the move garnered lots of publicity.

there are other developments of course. Accountancy firms are

At the time, the firm was seeking a partner in my field of

trying to secure more engagements in the middle market – and I

expertise, competition law, which is one of Freshfields’ focus

expect they will, too. What we’re also seeing is lots of specialized

areas and an important practice area in London, Brussels and

niche firms that are very good at what they do. That’s a new

Germany. I was working as a junior partner at a prestigious

development compared to what it was like a few years ago.

firm in Zuidas, but I decided to transfer nonetheless, since I felt attracted to the international dimension and strong reputation

Boekel recently appointed a CEO who doesn’t

of the competition group in Brussels. That was a drastic

come from a law background. Could you see this

decision and one I thought about long and hard, but never

happening at Freshfields as well?

regretted. These days, the firm is thriving and firmly rooted

I think that would be a tricky call. I understand what drove

in the Netherlands.

Boekel’s decision but, in the case of our firm, it’s always a matter of people with a successful practice seeking to combine

You mentioned that Freshfields is active in both the

that with a management role. Even our global managing

Dutch and the international market. Is there a clear

partner in London remains active for clients as much as possible.

division, in your view?

I think that’s crucial, because it keeps you alert to what’s really

Basically, our strategy has always been that we don’t want to be

important to clients. It also helps to have people choose your

the restaurant catering for tourists. In other words, we’ve always

side whenever there are tough decisions to be made. After all,

sought to work for prominent Dutch clients, alongside international

the trouble with managing a professional organization is that

players. And we’ve achieved that goal very successfully.

individual partners need some autonomy but at the same time,

We support several major Dutch companies in the energy sector,

have to keep an eye on the interests of the firm as an institution.

as well as companies in the telecom and financial sectors.

That makes it difficult for an outsider to rally enough support for

These clients have been engaging our services for years now.

decisions. At large international offices, management positions

What appeals to them, I think, is our quintessentially Dutch

will continue to be held by people who remain active in practice.

no-nonsense approach combined with international know-how and fire power. Larger Dutch companies in particular recognize

Have you worked on any interesting cases lately that

these qualities as valuable assets.

you can share with us? An exciting case that we’re working on right now, is the appeal

How would you characterize the Dutch landscape for

of the European Commission’s prohibition of the UPS-TNT

law firms nowadays? Are there any notable trends?

deal. The EC prohibited the takeover of TNT by UPS, a large US

Yes, I think that at the top end we’re seeing a trend towards

shipping company, and we’re contesting this decision with the

increased specialization. Nowadays, most large companies

European Court of Justice. So this is a major case against the

have very capable legal departments, with expert staff who are

European Commission. On the whole, a fair share of our lawsuits

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Winfred Knibbeler

are conducted before the European courts. That adds a whole

friends to come take a look here. Events like this offer a different

further dimension, as you’re basically conducting proceedings

perspective on a work environment. We are also a happy

before a foreign court. Many of these are big cartel cases or

sponsor of the Stedelijk Museum.

state aid cases. My practice is often part of a broader team, including Amsterdam corporate lawyers, finance, tax or our

Freshfields recently became a member of the Hello

litigation experts. As a team we also advised in the merger

Zuidas Foundation, and kicked off its membership

between Ziggo and UPC. The EC was involved there as well,

with a wonderful ARTZUID event! Is it important to

and it was quite a gripping process. Having worked in the cable

you to promote a sense of community in Zuidas?

sector for more than ten years now, this was an exciting case to

Organizing an event like this is an opportunity for companies

take on. Everyone was satisfied in the end, but it took a full year to

to get acquainted with Freshfields, and vice versa. For us,

get there. We also represented ABN AMRO during the financial

it’s important to join in the discussion about where Zuidas is

crisis and the complex separation process of the bank in three

headed. What’s more, I feel it’s our responsibility to do so.

separate parts. Fortunately they came out relatively unscathed.

We are strongly committed to the Zuidas community and I look forward to the challenge of contributing to its growth.

Freshfields doesn’t occupy one of the big local towers,

We all have various shared interests and a need to feel at home

and the building is quite unusual, architecturally.

here. If we all join hands, there’s no end to what we can achieve.

It has an element of mystery, even!

And this was a perfect moment to get involved.

It’s true that there’s something mysterious about the façade. It was designed in 2005 by the English architect David Chipperfield; a man whose uniform, incidentally, is black!

• Winfred Knibbeler has been a partner at Freshfields

The architectural design is highly original. That’s especially

evident in the façade. But you have to be careful and take the

• Knibbeler was appointed managing partner of the firm’s

mystery only so far. When Freshfields first started out here,

the staff came from all kinds of different offices and cultures.

• Knibbeler has been involved in a large number of

We made a point of creating a fresh, new, pleasant and friendly

high-profile cartel and abuse of dominance cases in

office environment. That’s also an important factor when

the Netherlands. He has a substantial litigation practice,

you’re recruiting new people – assessing if they fit in with

specialized particularly in the TMT and energy sectors,

the group. When we started out here, we came up with the

as well as in Dutch public procurement.

slogan: ‘Excellent and not too serious’, and we’ve managed to

• Knibbeler (b. 1967) was listed in the Global Competition

uphold that. It describes an approach we all believe in. At the

Law Review’s ‘40 under 40’ in 2004, and as one of

moment we’re also working to become more accessible to the

the ten best competition lawyers under the age

community. This has led to initiatives like the Fresh-Top event,

of 40 worldwide.

where we invite our younger staff members to bring along their


since 2000, where he is in charge of competition practice. Amsterdam office in 2011.



Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to:



ZUIDAS - Property developer G&S Vastgoed has sold


the last remaining unit in 900 Mahler, part of the

ZUIDAS - The German company HIH Global Invest has

development of plots 14 and 16 in the Gershwin area of

purchased 500 Beethovenstraat from G&S Vastgoed.

Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. The luxury residential

The building offers around 6,000 m2 in office space,

tower totals 22 floors plus an underground car park.

including approx. 400 m2 for commercial use on the ground

As the first residential tower to go up in Zuidas after

floor, plus 60 parking spaces. Spencer Stuart International

the crisis, sales of the building’s 127 residential units

has already signed a lease for 2,100 m2 upon delivery,

began in March 2014. The apartments and penthouses

which is slated for the second half of 2016. Another 3,500 m2

vary in size from 80 to 280 m2 and occupy floors 9-22,

in office space are currently still up for lease. Construction

with pension investor Syntrus Achmea Real Estate

recently reached its highest point at 400 Beethovenstraat,

& Finance leasing the units below.

which is being built on the same site by G&S Vastgoed.



ZUIDAS - A consortium joining COD, the NH Hotel Group

m2 as well as 28 parking spaces in The Edge to German

and OMA/Rem Koolhaas has been granted the tender for

consumer goods giant Henkel. OVG Real Estate

Amsterdam’s biggest hotel, to be built next to Amsterdam

completed the office building in October of last year.

RAI. Property developer COD has teamed up with

Henkel will be joining current tenants Deloitte, AKD,

Being Development for the project. With 650 rooms,

Sandvik, Salesforce and Edelman. With its innovative

Nhow Amsterdam RAI will be the biggest hotel throughout

technology and favourable location in Zuidas,

the Benelux, and the fourth largest in the high-end,

The Edge beat out competing locations for Henkel’s

design-savvy Nhow chain after Rotterdam, Milan and

global supply chain office in Amsterdam. As an

Berlin. Nhow is one of four chains in the NH Hotel Group,

international operator, Henkel’s choice was also

which operates 375 hotels worldwide. The building, rising

greatly motivated by Zuidas’ proximity to Schiphol.

ZUIDAS - OVG Real Estate has agreed to lease 3,300

25 stories and spanning a total area of 32,000 m , will also 2

have a two-level car park with 250 spaces underground.

EDELMAN RELOCATES TO THE EDGE ZUIDAS - In June, Edelman relocated to new premises


on Gustav Mahlerlaan in The Edge: the most sustainable

ZUIDAS - The Dutch Central Government Real Estate

sustainability, The Edge incorporates many smart

Agency has renewed the Amsterdam District Court’s lease

features in the form of applied innovations and tech-

on Strawinskyhuis on behalf of the State of the Netherlands.

nologies. For instance, workers can adjust temperature

OVG Real Estate and the State of the Netherlands have

and light intensity at their individual workstations using

inked a long-term lease for approx. 7,300 m in office

an app or smartphone. Building managers can then use

space in Strawinskyhuis on Prinses Irenestraat 39 in Zuidas.

this information to regulate temperatures in different

This means the Amsterdam District Court will stay on at

parts of the building and to schedule cleaning activities.


office building in the world. Aside from its top rating for

Strawinskyhuis until the completion of its new premises on Parnassusweg. The Amsterdam District Court is the building’s main lessor, with other occupants including Klein Binnenkade Notarissen.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


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Slow down, summer’s here! Summer is usually a time when the pace shifts down to a lower

a nap. It’s a time to seal the deal and celebrate the good things

gear. On the squares north and south of the station, people flock

in life. But let’s not get carried away: Madrid’s own Zuidas has

outdoors to have their lunch on outdoor terraces and benches,

got just as many professionals working straight through their

or they perch on the edges of planters, if need be. Summer lunch

lunch hours. Nonetheless, the difference in pace between

hours can be stretched out just a little longer compared to the

northern and southern Europe is food for thought. Could there

rest of the year. After all, your supervisor is having a three-week

be a link between the debt crises in Spain, Portugal, Italy and

holiday with his family at the other end of the world. Clients are

Greece and the ‘mañana, mañana, but today a good lunch’

also in less of a rush. And the young bloods? They’d be foolish to

mentality? Do economies in southern Europe operate on

expend their valuable leave during the summer slow-down.

a definition of efficiency and productivity that is different from that of their northern counterparts?

It’s no bad thing to change pace over the course of the year. When time slows down, new ideas rise to the surface,

Whatever the case may be, this summer I’ll be making a point

missing links are revealed and alliances are forged.

of using my lunch breaks to engage with good friends and

Suddenly, there’s space to reflect on the past and envision

interesting acquaintances for just that little bit longer. I intend

the future: What were my successes, what needs improving,

to pose my questions at a different pace, one that shifts us

what should I zoom in on?

down to a deeper level. I‘ll be taking my time in looking for answers to questions to which we may never find answers at all.

In southern climes, where our summertime weather is the daily

All in all, changing pace just might open up productive new

norm, lunch is literally a break in the day. It is usually enjoyed

horizons in your personal life and – perhaps – in your business

with a glass of wine or beer. Perhaps it will even be followed by

life, too.

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.



Got a minute? Travellers choose Zuidas Not only is Zuidas an appealing location to work, study and live – it’s also ideal for travellers, with Schiphol just a few minutes away if you go by train or car. It also has plenty of hotels to choose from. Hello Zuidas wanted to know how travellers feel about staying in Zuidas.

TINA AND PAUL FROM OSLO (NORWAY), STAYING AT NOVOTEL HOTEL Tina: ‘We’re here for a four-day international medical conference. Everyone who’s attending is staying at this hotel. Ordinarily I tend to prefer boutique hotels, but for this particular conference it’s the perfect place. I’ve been to Amsterdam before, and Zuidas is clearly the modern quarter of the city.’ Paul: ‘The trouble with conferences is that you hardly set foot outside the hotel. This is my first time in Amsterdam and I have yet to see the sights, even though I‘ve been here for four days now. On the day we arrived, we had lunch in the Negen Straatjes neighbourhood, which is located in the city centre, but that was about it.’

MR VAN EIJSDEN (THE NETHERLANDS), STAYING AT CROWNE PLAZA Van Eijsden: ‘I’ve been travelling to Zuidas regularly for five years now and have stayed at this hotel for the last three. The transformations here have been incredible! My employer is based in Zuidas, so I’ve got to be here a lot for work. Parking is easy at Crowne Plaza and the hotel always makes me feel at home. Because I’m a regular guest here, I’m on friendly terms with the kitchen and staff. It would nice if there were more shops, or maybe a cinema, which might attract a different mix of people to Zuidas. It’s still fairly quiet here during weekends. The area could do with some more life!’


Want to join in the discussion? Send an email to:

PUBLIC SPACE PHILIPP AND VICTORIA FROM STUTTGART (GERMANY), STAYING AT HOLIDAY INN Philipp: ‘We’re here for only two days to see Amsterdam; it’s been on our list of places to discover for a while now. We stumbled upon the Holiday Inn while searching online and are definitely satisfied with what we got. The hotel is in perfect shape and serves a good breakfast. I’d love to visit Amsterdam again sometime.’ Victoria: ‘The hotel is great! We’ve not looked around Zuidas itself, but the location is ideal. And with the tram across the street, it takes us only a few minutes to get to the city centre.’

PERRY AND STEF FROM CAMBRIDGE (ENGLAND), STAYING AT CITIZENM Perry: ‘The first time we stayed at a citizenM hotel was when we were in Glasgow. We liked it there so much that we didn’t have to think twice about where to book in Amsterdam. The location is great: near the tram, trains and airport.’ Stef: ‘This is our first time in Amsterdam. We’re staying for four days. It’s a lot quieter than the city centre, but that’s exactly how we want it. And besides, the city centre is just a couple of tram stops away.’

MANFREUD AND MATHILDE FROM DUISBURG (GERMANY), STAYING AT NH AMSTERDAM ZUID Manfreud: ‘We’re on holiday with a group of friends, doing a cycling tour of the Netherlands. This hotel was part of the package. We were here for one night and it was a very pleasant stay.’ Mathilde: ‘We cycled from Amersfoort to Zuidas, but didn’t get a chance to see much of the sights here, as we’re already heading out again for Zandvoort. But we’ve been to Amsterdam before and so have been able to play the tourist here already!’

FRISO FROM EDE (NETHERLANDS), STAYING AT QBIC HOTEL ‘I work as a freelancer and got together with colleagues last night, to celebrate the midpoint of filming a new TV series. Knowing the party would last well into the small hours, I got a hotel via A room here was just fifty euros, so that clinched it for me. The room looks just like it does in the pictures, and I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve actually lived in Amsterdam for years, and in Zaandam as well. Zuidas is an attractive commercial hub, and has some good restaurants around. But if you’re looking for nightlife, you’d better head for the city centre.’

Text Floortje Osnabrug | Photography Jesse Kraal



Mahlerplein bicycle park ready in one year Rozanne Kraak & Hetty Messchaert



In the run-up to the Zuidasdok project, Gustav Mahlerplein is gearing up for a major renovation set to start in mid-August. Reopening in spring 2016, the new square will offer a park-like setting. Underground, works will continue through the summer to create a water reservoir and a bicycle storage facility for 3,000 bikes. Project contractor BAM will make every effort to minimize disruptions. The City of Amsterdam granted the contract for the redevelop-

was important to harmonize the site’s image with that of

ment of the square and construction of an underground bike park

Zuidas’, explains Rozanne, ‘considering it will be taking up a big

to BAM in 2014. The contractor’s proposal won on the merits

part of the square.’ For those interested to know more, BAM will

of its ability to guarantee minimal inconvenience, says Rozanne

be hosting monthly guided tours and fortnightly consultation

Kraak, Zuidasdok project area manager. ‘BAM’s proposal utilizes

hours at the site hut from September. There is also a telephone

less disruptive building methods and keeps the existing pedestrian

number and a special app for urgent queries, to which BAM

and cycle routes along the ITO tower open for almost the entire

will respond within one working day. ‘Furthermore’, Hetty says,

duration of the works.’ Access to all area cafés, restaurants and

‘I’ll be here to discuss community concerns with the project team

outdoor terraces will also be assured. What’s more, there will be

and find fitting solutions. And, if need be, to call a time-out’.

no construction traffic on Gustav Mahlerplein during the morning and evening rush hours or during lunch hours. For further information, see:


After the site barriers go up in August, BAM will bring out the heavy equipment. ‘By using a pressing system to install sheetpile walls and by drilling the piles instead of driving them into the

ABN AMRO building a pavilion

ground, we can prevent vibration and significantly reduce the

ABN AMRO is expanding on its existing premises, with blue-

noise’, explains BAM’s area manager Hetty Messchaert. For the

prints for a pavilion on Gustav Mahlerplein that will serve as

construction itself, BAM will use what’s known as the “wall/roof

its new entrance, and can also be used as a meeting facility.

method”, first erecting the walls and then adding the roof.

In addition, it will house a new catering etablissement. Meeting and

Aboveground construction is set to take six months, after which

conference rooms will be created underground and the rooftop will

work will continue on the bike park below ground. This approach

be turned into a public terrace. Construction of the pavilion is set to

means the contractor will immediately be able to start landscaping

coincide with that of the bicycle parking facility.

the square and condensing the building site. ‘In February 2016 we’ll reduce the perimeter of our activities to around a quarter of the site.’ Concrete and soil will be transported by air via a four-metre high conveyor belt between the building site and work area. ‘That way, we can have fewer lorries driving on

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and

and off the site.’ The work area, where lorries will be loading,

public transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad

unloading and turning, will be set up on Spoorslagsloot,

area. Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and

between the A10 motorway and the ABN AMRO headquarters.

moved underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be upgraded to serve as a future-proof public transport hub for


train, tram, bus and metro services. Zuidasdok feeds into

Local perception of the project among residents and visitors

the continued development of Zuidas as a prime residential,

has also been given due consideration. This is manifested in

working and recreational location. For further information,

details like the finishing of the conveyor belt and a site fence


wrap, that offers an impression of the square as it will look when completed, both above and below ground. ‘We felt it

Text Eric Burgers | Photography Julie Blik


Finance Source: Het Financieele Dagblad

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:



ZUIDAS - Amsterdam RAI is reaping the benefits of

ZUIDAS - Engineering and consultancy firm Arcadis has

an international orientation emphasizing cross-border

raised € 170m in financing, according to information

events. Last year the expo and conference organization

released by the listed company before the start of trading

pulled in record profits. It also made a significant

on 11 May. Arcadis raised € 70m in bonds with a maturity

injection into the city and regional economy,

of five years and € 100m with a maturity of seven years

thanks to increased spending by foreign visitors and

from European and Asian investors. Though only seeking

exhibitors, said RAI’s managing director Hans Bakker,

€ 100m at the initial launch, strong investor demand,

when commenting on the publication of the

along with fourfold oversubscription, led Arcadis to

organization’s annual report on 12 May. Bakker,

increase this amount to € 170m. The sum was raised on

who has been at the helm of Amsterdam RAI since

the ‘Schuldschein’ market, which subject to German law.

2002, dubbed 2014 ‘a fantastic year’.




ZUIDAS - The number of women working in senior

& Wakefield is set to be sold to competitor DTZ,

management positions has increased slightly, with their

whose majority owner is TPG Capital. The two parties

share on company boards and the next two tiers down

announced the sale on 11 May. The merged entity will

reaching 20.9% in 2014, compared to 19.8% in the

operate under the Cushman & Wakefield name. With

previous year. However, major corporations are still a far

an annual turnover of around $ 5.5b, the new company

cry from reaching the targeted 30% legislated in 2013.

will rival CBRE and JLL, two American giants whose

These figures have been presented in an annual report

respective earnings of $ 9b and $ 5b per annum have

that was published by the Talent to the Top monitoring

put them in a class of their own – until now. Last year,

committee at the end of May. The survey was conducted

Cushman & Wakefield achieved a net profit of $ 61.6m

among 251 predominately larger companies that have

on turnover of $ 2.85b.

ZUIDAS - In a $ 2b deal, property consultant Cushman

committed themselves to an active diversity policy and together employ a workforce of around 700,000. Chairwoman Gerdi Verbeet believes the climate is improving, but not fast enough.

EY: EUROPETOP INVESTMENT DESTINATION ZUIDAS - Europe has climbed back to top the ranks of best investment destinations worldwide. International companies are convinced that Europe has finally beaten the recession and regained the path to sustainable growth, according to the ‘European attractiveness survey 2015’, published by accounting and advisory services firm EY. For the report, EY polled more than 800 companies about their crossborder activities.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


Team Berlitz

Berlitz Schools of Languages Helping the World Communicate The Berlitz Schools of Languages’ Total Immersion® programme offers a uniquely targeted approach to learning a new language. This intensive course enables anyone to master a new language within a very short time-span. Classes follow the Berlitz method and are taught solely in the target language. This accelerates the learning process and better equips learners to apply it in practice: ‘Language is a practical skill, and proficiency only comes with repeated use.’



Conversation is at the core of all Berlitz language courses.

Most people enrolled in the language institute’s intensive

‘Our courses emphasize the practical aspects of communication:

courses are international business professionals. ‘Expats come

speaking and active listening’, explains Leendert-Jan Verhappen.

here looking to get a basic handle on the Dutch language’,

‘Instruction is targeted to meet each individual’s needs to

says Mario García de León Recio. How quickly they become

ensure maximum effect. During the intake interview, we look at

conversant in Dutch differs from one person to another.

to what purpose you will be using the language and then design

One factor, according to Mario, is one’s native language.

a training programme around it. We offer a tailored approach

‘A German or Swede will usually pick up Dutch much more

and find what works best for you, whether that’s one-on-one

easily than someone from Japan or Italy.’ Background factors

tutoring or traditional classroom instruction.’

aside, however, the Berlitz method is proven effective for all


language learners. ‘Anyone can master the basics of a language


and carry on a conversation in it within two to three weeks.’

Apart from language courses, Berlitz also offers supplementary instruction focused on intercultural skills. Mario explains,


‘Language is essential to effective international communication,

Besides expats, Berlitz also gets a large number of Dutch people

but it’s not enough. Every country has its own customs.

who want to learn or brush up on a language to help them do

To achieve your international business aims, you have to know

business abroad. According to Leendert-Jan, ‘Some are true

the rules for doing business in that particular country and under-

beginners, but most already have a rudimentary grasp of the

stand how to apply them.’ Berlitz not only lowers the language

language and want to work on specific skills.’ Most popular

barrier, it also narrows the cultural divide in cross-border business.

are English, German, Spanish and French, but more ‘exotic’

‘It’s like we say in our motto: Helping the World Communicate.’

languages like Polish and Russian are offered too. ‘Thanks to our international network and collaboration with instructors around the globe, the possibilities we can offer are endless’, continues

Berlitz Schools of Languages

Mario. Another benefit of that extensive instructor network is

Weerdestein 205, 1083 GN Amsterdam

that Berlitz never has waiting lists. ‘Whatever language you wish

020 622 1375 |

to learn, we guarantee you can start within two weeks.’

Text Christine Spanjaard | Photography Jesse Kraal


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

EVERY FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH Live Music at the Manhattan Lounge Bar @ Crowne Plaza Every first Thursday of the month, Crowne Plaza hosts live music at its Manhattan Lounge Bar. The music starts at 5:30pm and ends at around 8:30pm. Address: George Gershwinlaan 101. Further info:



GET LOST - art route 2015 @ Zuidas The worlds of art and business meet in this first edition of the GET LOST - art route, for which seven organizations have commissioned eight artists to produce works that will be displayed in public spaces. The artists, who have been selected and financed by their business patrons, will spend the coming months shaping their creations. After the event’s close, the organizations involved in the project have the first right of purchase to the artworks. But first these works will go on display this summer as part of the GET LOST - art route 2015. So lose yourself on an art trail through Zuidas, with GET LOST! Further info:

Green Business Challenge closing gala Over the past four months, two groups of nine young Zuidas professionals have been rigging up their own sustainability projects: Zuidas Car Sharing and Improof. Zuidas Car Sharing seeks to double the number of Audi Shared Fleet bookings, while also assessing how to optimize car-sharing services offered in Zuidas. Improof is dedicated to upping the sustainability quotient of three Zuidas rooftops, working in partnership with Amsterdam Rooftop Solutions. Today marks the deadline for delivering the targeted results. During the closing gala, the two teams and organizations will present their achievements of the past months to a broad audience. Further info:


JULY & AUGUST 2015 Three-course dinner for €22.50 @ Corso Como The site of the old Nooon café has been fully revamped into an Italian trattoria: Corso Como has officially come to Zuidas! To celebrate, guests may enjoy a delicious three-course Italian meal for just € 22.50, all through July and August.


ARTZUID @ Zuidas and beyond This year, the fourth edition of Amsterdam’s biennial sculpture route will be beautifying the city from 22 May to 22 September. ARTZUID 2015 was put together by Rudi Fuchs, art historian and former director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and curator Maarten Bertheux. Three artworks will be on display in Zuidas at Zuidplein, Gustav Mahlerplein and Gershwinplein. Route details, a map as well as the catalogue are available at the ARTZUID pavilion on Minervalaan 1, which also has a small café. Further info:

FRIDAY 10 JULY 2015 Free Friday Night Run @ Olympic Stadium Every second Friday of the month, the Phanos canteen at the Olympic Stadium marks the start and finish of the Free Friday Night Run. Open to all, from competitive athletes to recreational joggers, the Free Friday Night Run is a chance to train at your own pace, under the supervision of an experienced runner. Groups range from 9, 10, 11, 12 to 13 km per hour. For less experienced runners there’ll also be a 40-minute group run that stays at under 9 km per hour. For further info, visit:

JULY - AUGUST 2015 Next magazine will be published @ 1st of September. Send your agenda to before July 27th.



A Day at the Park @ Amsterdamse Bos On Saturday 11 July, the A Day at the Park festival returns to Land van Bosse at the Amsterdamse Bos with a wide mix of cool and cutting-edge artists. Get into the rhythm of summer with leading DJs and live acts performing on several stages! For details, visit:

ORAM Summer Drinks @ Hortus Botanicus 5pm-7pm As the major professional network  for greater Amsterdam, ORAM is dedicated to forging a strong business climate, effective lobbies and inspiring encounters. With 600 active members, ORAM is a highly diverse network that sets up over 50 events each year, including business lunches, networking drinks and knowledge sessions. Further info:

FRIDAY 17 JULY 2015 Das-Experiment @ Old School Amsterdam Das-Experiment is an evening packed with performances, music and creativity, where artists both famous and new will brave the stage to share with you their latest creative endeavours! Join us on the evening of Friday the 17th for the second edition of this event. Come early and you can also grab a bite at the restaurant. Weather permitting, as many of the acts as possible will be performing outdoors. For further info, visit:

21 JULY THROUGH 5 SEPTEMBER 2015 Performance of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING @ Amsterdam Forest theatre This summer the BosTheater will be staging one of Shakespeare’s richest comic plays: Much Ado About Nothing. For director Ingejan Ligthart Schenk, whose theatrical roots lie in Groningen, Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy that’s both breezy and biting and full of contrasts, juxtaposing impassioned romance with barbaric psychological violence. The play opens on 24 July 2015 at 9:30pm.


1 - 5 SEPTEMBER 2015

Four-day National Track & Field Championships @ Olympic Stadium The ASICS Dutch Track & Field Championships will kick off on Thursday 30 July at Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium, with a line-up of events running through Sunday 2 August. The former two-day tournament has now been extended to span a full four days, enabling more athletes to take part, as per the Dutch track and field federation. For further info, visit:

On The Roof Film Festival @ VU University Amsterdam This year’s On the Roof Film Festival will be held from Monday 1 through Friday 5 September on the roof of VU University Amsterdam. Enjoy five days of the latest world cinema and exciting pre-screening discussions with scientists and guest speakers, set against a spectacular panorama of the city from the 16th floor. The festival programme starts every evening at 8:15pm. All are welcome to attend.





The TOEIC® tests,

the world’s most popular

English assessments for the workforce

• 14,000 organisations use the TOEIC tests • 7 million tests administered annually • 4 skills measured Sessions available in the World Trade Center Amsterdam. L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

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L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

Copyright © 2014 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries, used under licence.

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For more information and registration:

Grachtenfestival Zuidas 2015 programme

TUESDAY 18 AUGUST Starts at 5:30pm Van Amsterdam Duo Private concert hosted by Hello Zuidas at Loyens & Loeff This year Hello Zuidas will once again host a private concert at Loyens & Loeff. The programme will last around 30 minutes and be followed by drinks. Members of Hello Zuidas can register to attend by sending an email to:

MONDAY 17 AUGUST 12:30pm-1.30pm Neutral Ground Brass Band Roof of the Ravel Residence student complex, corner of De Boelelaan and Antonio Vivaldistraat The Neutral Ground Brass Band comprises eight passionate musicians representing an array of nationalities and musical backgrounds. Band leader Bernhard Holliger was inspired to form the group after a trip to New Orleans. The rooftop of Ravel Residence is the ideal setting for Neutral Ground. Be prepared to be blown away – not by the wind, but by the swinging sounds of this energetic eight-piece ensemble.

TUESDAY 18 AUGUST 12:30pm-1.30pm Van Amsterdam Duo 1000 Mahler Chanel’s new international headquarters in 1000 Mahler, on the corner of Parnassusweg and Mahlerlaan, provides the backdrop for the Van Amsterdam Duo. Made up of Vincent van Amsterdam and his sister, violinist Jeanine van Amsterdam, the Van Amsterdam Duo perform a programme reminiscent of Russia. You too will be swept away by the siblings’ harmonious play and presentation.

TUESDAY 18 AUGUST Starts at 8pm Fay Claassen and Sanne Huybregts Hilton Hotel Tonight, the garden of the Hilton sets the stage for smooth, sultry jazz, featuring two jazz divas and accompaniment by Cor Bakker. Fay Claassen hardly needs an introduction, having performed to great acclaim far beyond her native Netherlands. She’s received rave reviews and already has five CDs to her name. Joining her is emerging jazz talent Sanne Huijbregts. Get ready for a musical jazz expedition with two jazz vocalists who sing their hearts out.

THURSDAY 20 AUGUST 5pm-6pm Dividivi3 Terrace at Fitch & Shui Dividivi3 is made up of Rieneke Brink (flute), Paloma de Beer (oboe) and Jesse Faber (clarinet). They play a chiefly classical repertoire, with occasional forays into other musical styles. As most of the selected pieces were not originally composed for their instruments, the ensemble creates its own arrangements. In their capable hands, works for piano or strings are effortlessly transposed for Dividivi3’s brass trio.





Tony Wijntuin

Bike concept holds special potential for Zuidas Zuidas is moving ahead full speed – on all fronts. It’s a place where people are building, working and living; where people are constantly on the move from A to B. Hardly surprising then, that accessibility and mobility are major local concerns. Tony Wijntuin of WYNE Strategy & Innovation thinks beyond the standard formulae and believes bikes hold special potential for Zuidas. In 2009, following a successful career with Schiphol Group,

and paid lockers. Integrated with this would be a bike shop

Tony founded WYNE Strategy & Innovation. Enhancing people’s

offering the latest bikes and gadgets, as well as good coffee!’

perception of retail, dining and services at high-traffic locations

Integrated concepts of this kind already exist in cities like

like shopping centres, university campuses, public transport

Copenhagen and London.

hubs and Zuidas, for instance, is an exciting challenge’, Tony says. He has travelled widely and regularly draws


inspiration for his own ideas from major cities all around the

Tony considers Zuidas’ location as its most important asset.

world. ‘My favourite city is London. Every time I visit, I see

‘Zuidas is a fabulous place where a mix of target groups,

innovative retail and dining concepts.’

each with their own needs, wishes and requirements, all come together. The district commercial real estate manager


Saskia Rill and I have been working together on thinking up

Cycling is big in Zuidas because it’s fast and convenient,

plans for Zuidas. We’d both like to see a bigger concentration

and predictions are that the number of cyclists here will only

of facilities for residents, differentiating Zuidas as a dynamic

grow. ‘But for that to happen, we’ll have to facilitate them.

urban residential centre. Innovation shouldn’t be an end in

What I’m envisioning is an overarching concept for bike

itself, yet an area like this calls for something distinctive.

commuters, with a special “cycle shop” that offers parking,

I’d love to see a cool concept store here, one that combines

hire and repair services, as well as showers, changing rooms

dining and shopping. Or a trendsetting home store.’

Text Katja Tremio | Photography Stephen Klesel & Lyban D. Ismaël


Rudi Fuchs

Jan Olthof & Anneke de Jong

Kenneth Goedhart & Eline Hoogendijk

Atrium Freshfields

ARTZUID GUIDED TOUR FOR HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBERS Thursday 28 May @ Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer • Around 130 members took part in the guided tour of ARTZUID. • Participants gathered at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer for a lecture by Rudi Fuchs. • A number of ARTZUID volunteers acted as tour guides. • The guided tours finished at Gershwinplein, where drinks and snacks awaited the guests. • A pétanque pitch was also inaugurated on the square that evening! Photos on the following page. `Zenith´

Nicoline Turnhout & Xavier Giesen

Marleen Munniksma & Jacqueline Shaya

Michael Berendsen & Pauline Bottema-Sanders

Members Hello Zuidas

Taco Postma & Ton Schaap


Heleen Huart & Daisy van Riemsdijk

Tessa Erich & Anouk Roemelé

Right: Sebastiaan Capel

Right: Wilma van Leeuwen

Atrium Freshfields


Like us on Facebook & find more photos in our gallery Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Send an email to:

Distinctly Different did some last-minute shoe-polishing before the race

Beau van Erven Dorens proved himself a worthy successor of Jort Kelder

There was a strong media presence

The minimum heel height was 11cm!

SUITS&STILETTOS RUN & OPENING OF PÉTANQUE PITCH Wednesday 20 May & Thursday 28 May @ Gustav Mahlerplein & Gershwinplein • The Suits&Stilettos Run is an annual event promoting Zuidas. • TV presenter Beau van Erven Dorens hosted this year’s event. • With men in suits and women on heels, the competition was staggering! • The pétanque pitch officially opened the following week. • This is a joint initiative of Hello Zuidas, Crowne Plaza and Bolenius. • Pétanque balls can be picked up at Crowne Plaza or Bolenius. • Pétanque makes for great lunch break entertainment! All of the gentlemen put in their best effort

The ladies’ heat was equally fierce

NH Hotels was at the ready with tasty drinks and nibbles

And we have a winner!

More prizes...

Are red dresses a thing in Zuidas?

Even more sports and games in Zuidas

Luc Kusters and Xavier Giesen presented two sets of balls on behalf of Veuve Clicquot

Zuidas residents were also well-represented

Photography Rienk Toorman & Lotte de Graaf

Be careful and do not to fall!

Xavier Giesen, Sandra Thesing, Luc Kusters and Sebastiaan Capel



Martine Gründemann & Jet Happel

Zuidas: high-end living and working Imagine a high-quality urban centre with spaces not only for working, but also for living. It has been one of Zuidas’ ambitions ever since its inception. And now, with the realization of residential buildings like 900 Mahler, that ambition is about to be fulfilled. ‘Zuidas will be the metropolitan heart of Amsterdam; a location offering premium residential spaces and the best jobs in the country.’

900 MAHLER According to Martine Gründemann and Jet Happel of G&S

sold a year before completion.’ Martine continues, ‘We set the bar

Vastgoed, residential Zuidas is on the eve of a watershed.

very high at 900 Mahler, developing high-end residences with a

Already a desirable location to work, Zuidas is in the midst of

cosmopolitan appeal. We expressly didn’t want to sell shell units,

transforming into a place where people like to live as well as

but to let buyers design the apartments entirely according to their

work. ‘Its popularity is growing fast, and anyone hoping to land a

own taste and wishes.’ ‘As a result, says Jet, ‘each apartment

apartment here will have to stay right on top of the local housing

looks totally different from the next’. Jet and Martine both stress

market’, explains Jet. ‘At 900 Mahler, all the units were already

that this makes 900 Mahler ‘a unique spot in Amsterdam.



Living this high up, at a location where living and working are


integrally blended, and with apartments that are finished to a high

G&S Vastgoed, an established name for more than 35 years,

level and come complete with outdoor space and a car park –

has been an active developer of both offices and residential spaces

all these elements put 900 Mahler in a class of its own.’

in Zuidas, and continues to be a prominent presence in the area. ‘At the moment we’ve got projects at several locations’, Martine


says. ‘We have two office blocks and an underground car park

Slated for delivery in mid-2016, 900 Mahler is one of

going up on Beethovenstraat, alongside six distinctive townhouses

several construction sites in Zuidas – almost all of which

that will be released for sale in mid-June. At the other end of Gustav

are being developed for residential use, so Martine informs

Mahlerlaan, work continues on the 900 Mahler rresidential tower

us. Once finished, these new buildings will put an end to the

whereas the office block at 1000 Mahlerlaan has just recently

imbalance between office and residential space. ‘From the

reached completion.’ And just across the A10, G&S Vastgoed is

very outset, Zuidas was envisioned to evolve into a mixed-

working on the redevelopment of The New Atrium.

use location. That’s precisely what makes it so appealing and so unique. Whereas now people still comment on the distinct drop in activity here during weekends, within the next two years the

G&S Vastgoed

number of residents will have grown substantially and it will

Kantoorgebouw SOM1, Gustav Mahlerlaan 34

be just as vibrant during weekends as on any other day.’

T 020 673 37 79,

‘That trend is already being reflected in the development

of commercial spaces’, adds Jet Happel. ‘And with the

900 Mahler

underground infrastructure and Amsterdam Zuid Station’s


expansion in the works, local access will only get better.’

Text Christine Spanjaard



Villa’s vanaf 230 m2 woonoppervlakte Schrijf je nu in op Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie Eefje Voogd Makelaardij — 020 305 05 60 Broersma Nieuwbouw — 020 305 97 88



Michiel van Alfen


Zuidas now residential hotspot Compare Zuidas today to one hundred years ago, and it’s obvious that local housing construction is booming. 900 Mahler is nearing completion, residents have settled into their new flats in OPZUID, student housing has made its debut and there’s still plenty of construction in the works. There’s a varied range to choose from, too, with penthouses, urban villas, studios, single family units, owner-occupieds and rentals – in short, something to suit everyone. The location has lots to offer as well: Zuidas has excellent connections and is at the heart of the ever-popular Amsterdam Zuid district. Spanning some 270 hectares, Zuidas covers a large area, and with a total of 8,000-9,000 new residential units to be added by 2040 (combined with underground infrastructure), it’s also one of Amsterdam’s largest residential locations. In this special edition of Hello Zuidas you can read all about local residents’ experiences and see what’s available!

MICHIEL VAN ALFEN, FORMER OFFICE MANAGER/PERSONAL ASSISTANT OF THE HELLO ZUIDAS FOUNDATION Will be moving from Amsterdam city centre to the residential block at 900 Mahler in mid-2016 Why did you want to move to Zuidas?

Construction of 900 Mahler is now underway.

‘I’ve been living in the same noisy house in the city centre of

What are you most looking forward to?

Amsterdam for 30 years now and I’ve just had enough. It’s too

‘I’ll be moving into a bespoke unit that’s been laid out to my

noisy and crowded. When I started looking for something else,

exact specifications. And the prospect of living just a stone’s

one of my business acquaintances from the Zuidas Amsterdam

throw from all those parks and green spaces is fantastic.

Development Office tipped me off about this project, which was

The Amsterdam Forest, Beatrixpark and Amstelpark are all

just getting off the ground. I was immediately enthusiastic about

very close by. Since the construction started, I’ve been going

the plans, which included lots of features that perfectly chimed

over every fortnight to take a look. It’s a bit like seeing a child

in with my own wishes. I was looking for something bigger,

come into being. My apartment will be on the 13th floor and

something that did not require any DIY, and had some form

will be fitted with all the latest technology.’

of outdoor space, and I also wanted to be closer to the parks.’

Text Christine Spanjaard | Photography Julie Blik



Hans & Evaline Weijel


The motorway and the rail and metro stations are practically

‘As soon as I heard about OPZUID, I had a strong feeling

on your doorstep. The daytime business vibe here is fun too.

that this would be the dream home we’d been searching for.

There are lots of young people around and everyone is very

However, construction hadn’t started yet, so we only had a

friendly. And it has a very cosmopolitan feel as well. Not just

plot of grass and some blueprints to go on. We bought it as

because of all the expats, but also because we’ve got a hotel

a shell and did the whole interior decoration by ourselves,

next door.

including the walls. In other words, we could turn it into something truly unique. Never in a million years could we hope to

How do you think the neighbourhood could be improved?

find anything like it again. But, of course, we’re no longer looking!’

‘It’s pretty quiet during the weekends. Of course, that will change once all the other residential blocks are finished.

How do you like living in Zuidas?

The presence of more people will liven things up and attract

‘When our children left home, we both wanted to move to

more shops to the area as well. It would be nice if the

Amsterdam, back to our roots. Here in Zuidas you have the

restaurants were open during the weekends and if there

bustle of city life, only without the gridlock and parking hassles.

would be people sitting out on the terraces.’


new apartments in Oud-Zuid

rted! a t s ction u r t s Con

• 67 apartments for sale • 110 apartments for rent in the private sector • generously sized living areas from 60 m2 to 120 m2 • 3 penthouses with a living area of 200 m2 • each apartment has its own private outdoor area • beautifully designed and landscaped courtyard including a pond • within walking distance of the charming bustling Oud-Zuid district • near metro, train, tram and bus station • within a few minutes on the ringweg Zuid/A10

ed new in a t equipp g n i n en liv oder ine: artm Imag gious ap every m g the n ti ly pres bsolute hile havi tre a n with nience w l old ce . e u conv wonderf e corner est h s t b ’ city around nes the our i right ed comb o make y rfect r F s pe d t De worl h for the e. o w t is of tru ate w ome ultim to live c e plac

this project is being developed by:

together with:

more information:

Fris Woningmakelaars Amsterdam

020 - 301 77 15


Nathalie Lam and her children

NATHALIE LAM, BRAND DIRECTOR AT PHILIPS, AND HER CHILDREN RUBEN AND LELE NIJHUIS Living in New Amsterdam since 2012 How do you like living in New Amsterdam? ‘We enjoy the luxury of it; it’s like living in a hotel. The building

where we lived before. We’re friendly with the neighbours and

has a cosmopolitan feel. It closely resembles living in Manhattan,

other people in the building. And every year around Christmas

I think. The entrance downstairs is always manned by a porter

time there’s a drinks party, which is a fun occasion.’

and the building also has various facilities for residents, like a swimming pool and a gym. But what probably impressed me

How child-friendly is Zuidas?

most, was the view from the huge picture windows. Our flat is

‘Lots of people assume that this isn’t such a great spot to raise

south-facing and situated on the 18th floor, which means we

kids, but I don’t agree. My children love it here. The school is

get lots of light in our living room. And we even have a view

nearby, less than ten minutes by bike. And there are cycle paths

over Schiphol from here. People who don’t know the area

all the way, so I don’t have to worry about safety. They can also

imagine that people in Zuidas live a very anonymous life,

go swimming or to the gym on their own. Even if they go in the

but actually it sometimes feels more like a village to me.

evening, I can rest easy, knowing all amenities are right here in

Not so different really from the Oud-Zuid district,

the building.’


The secret of success…

…starts at a comfortable home

for short, medium or long term apartments throughout The Netherlands

New Amsterdam – Amsterdam

New Orleans – Rotterdam

La Fenêtre – Den Haag

Hartje Gent – Eindhoven

corporate housing factory +31 (0)88 11 69 500 | |


Victor & Midzy Tiller

VICTOR TILLER, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF AN IT COMPANY, AND MIDZY TILLER, DENTIST Bought a flat in OPZUID in late 2013 and moved in last summer Why did you move here? ‘We’d been working out at Club Sportive several times a week

Sniekers, an estate agent at Lunshof, who had advised us in the

for years, so we were aware of the local construction activities.

purchase of our previous house. Because he was well acquainted

I was actually looking for a place for our daughter, who was

with both neighbourhoods and houses, we had a clear picture

leaving for university – just like her brother did a few years earlier.

of the risks. Obviously there were plenty of factors that argued

Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the brochure and came across

against it, but we knew we were doing the right thing.’

this particular building. It looked so stunning that we decided to check out the Open House event. Three days later, we had become

How do you like living in Zuidas?

the new owners. People told us we were crazy: the housing

‘We are very happy. We’ve got a ground-floor flat, which of

market was still in a slump and our old house wasn’t even

course is a rarity around here. As soon as we get home, we throw

on the market yet. But we’re the type of people who act on

open the terrace doors, which makes us feel like feel like we’re on

emotion, and this felt right. We were also fortunate to have good,

holiday. Plus the location is perfect. In a matter of minutes you

knowledgeable people at hand to advise and assist us. As fate

can find yourself in the heart of city life, or be outdoors and

would have it, during the Open House event we ran into Dick

wander away along the Amstel River.’


4 Ground Floor Dwellings


4 very spacious ground floor dwellings (2 corner dwellings, 2 non-corner dwellings) • 116 m2 -167 m2 Freehold property • Spacious south-facing terrace • Private street level entrance • Waterfront & green surroundings Location De Klencke 85 - 107 Amsterdam 020 - 301 77 15 020 - 664 77 76

THE #1 ZUIDAS TRANSLATION COMPANY Provider of key translations in Hello Zuidas magazine 020 – 598 64 20 |





Green Business Challeng

Sustainability news from around the district! BOELETUIN CELEBRATES REOPENING On Thursday 21 May the Boeletuin toasted its official reopening

the Zuidas Green Business Club, that joined up with the

with champagne, fresh strawberries and an abundance of sun.

Zuidas Amsterdam municipal authority to sponsor the project.

The Boeletuin is a green oasis in the heart of Zuidas, with small

Marleen acquired the remaining funds for the project from

garden patches, inviting looking picnic tables and the Boeletuin

her own crowdfunding campaign. You can find Containing

Kantine as the go-to place for lunch and drinks. Now that VU

Mushrooms in the white container at the back of the Boeletuin.

University Amsterdam will not start developing the site until

Interested to find out more? Visit:

mid-2017, everyone in the Knowledge Quarter (university which offers beer, wine and pizza fresh from the wood-fired oven,


for just a little longer. For further info, visit

This year the Zuidas Green Business Club organized the

and surrounds) will be able to enjoy this outdoor hotspot,

second edition of its Green Business Challenge. Nine young


professionals from local GBC members took on the challenge

Recently added to the list of Zuidas enterprises: an oyster

of four months. Among them was the Improof team,

mushroom farm inside a shipping container, a.k.a. ‘Containing

dedicated to upping the sustainability quotient of three

Mushrooms’. The mushrooms are grown on coffee grounds that

Zuidas rooftops, for which it joined forces with partners

Marleen Sijpestijn – the mind behind the initiative – collects from

including Amsterdam Rooftop Solutions. The two teams put in

local businesses. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, making them

a tremendous effort to rise to the challenge. Their outstanding

a fertile medium for these tasty fungi. Containing Mushrooms

results were presented during the closing gala on 2 July.

kicked off on 10 June during the Programme Board meeting of

To read more, visit:

Text Maartje Oome, Zuidas Green Business Club

to get a sustainable project up and running within the space


Art is thriving in Zuidas 1 ZENITH Artist Mimmo Paladino Location Gustav Mahlerplein Part of ARTZUID Sculpture Route

5 STILE DI VITA Artist Martin Kähler Location Provast Beheer Part of GET LOST - art route

9 SPIRIT LEVEL Artist Bram de Jonghe Location G&S Vastgoed and ICON Part of GET LOST - art route


2 HEART OF TREES Artist Jaune Plensa Location Zuidplein Part of ARTZUID Sculpture Route

6 THE HORSE IS BACK Artist Suat Ögüt Location Amsterdam District Court Part of GET LOST - art route

10 OVER AND UNDER Artist Hanae Wilke Location Green square at Strawinskyhuis Part of GET LOST - art route

There’s an abundance of art to be found in Zuidas this July and August. The first edition of the GET LOST - art route passes through the heart of Zuidas, and we’ll also be hosting three works in the ARTZUID Sculpture Route! Use this map to plan your own aesthetic tour of Zuidas.

3 INFLATED STAR AND WOODEN STAR Artist Frank Stella Location Gershwinplein Part of ARTZUID Sculpture Route


Artist Lennart Lahuis Location Parnassusweg, Zuidas Part of GET LOST - art route

11 FLORA Artist Alice Ronchi Location Strawinskyhuis Part of GET LOST - art route

4 OPEN TYPE Artist Jenny Lindblom Location Gerrit Rietveld Academie Part of GET LOST - art route

8 MI CASA ES TU CASA Artist Aimée Zito Lema Location Courtyard The New Atrium Part of GET LOST - art route

1 2 CONSTRUCTION FENCE Artist Pipsqueak was Here, two artists. Location G. Mahlerlaan 900 Part of Look for Art

Text Floortje Osnabrug

HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES THE FOLLOWING NEW MEMBERS Company: Mahler (subsidiary of Hutten Catering) Sector: Restaurant Number of employees: 10 Link with Zuidas: We are located in The Edge, in the Knowledge Quarter. Mahler is not just for people working in The Edge – we’re open to everyone! Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As one of the first occupants of the Knowledge Quarter, we want to cooperate with all Hello Zuidas members in building sound partnerships with businesses in this part of Zuidas and across the existing network. Company: KinderRijk Sector: Child day-care Number of employees: 450 Link with Zuidas: KinderRijk has two locations in Zuidas: on Antonio Vivaldistraat and on Van der Boechorststraat. KinderRijk offers high-quality day care for children aged 0 to 12 and is highly committed to sustainability! Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: KinderRijk sees membership as offering a unique opportunity to generate local visibility for our two day-care centres and to connect with nearby businesses and residents. Company: Student Experience Sector: Real estate/student housing Number of employees: 10 Link with Zuidas: Student Experience gives a new definition to the development, building and management of student housing. Our Ravel Residence student complex comprises 800 independent residential units. The complex offers first-rate facilities and is a place where students can live, relax, study, work and hang out together. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Being the manager of a complex for 800 local students, Student Experience is keen to share its knowledge and to be a part of the outstanding Hello Zuidas network. We have introduced a new target group to Zuidas that is sure to enliven the area. Company: FYSIOMED Sector: Sports and health Number of employees: 60 Link with Zuidas: Fysiomed is a medical sports centre which recently opened on IJsbaanpad, within quick and easy distance of everyone living and working in Zuidas. Our services are aimed at busy working people, amongst others! Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: By becoming a part of this wonderful circle of companies, we may use our expertise to make a real contribution to the health and fitness of all Hello Zuidas partners’ employees. Company: Wave International B.V. Sector: Retail franchise Number of employees: 23 Link with Zuidas: We recently opened a Cosmo Hairstyling salon for men and women in Zuidas on Gustav Mahlerlaan, and look forward to welcoming lots of ladies and gentlemen here! Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As a member of the Foundation, we hope to build a position in the area and to get acquainted with other businesses based here.




Hello Zuidas


Memo board CORSO COMO NOW OPEN Corso Como (formerly Nooon) is a new Italian trattoria in Zuidas and the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner or drinks. Corso Como’s open kitchen is a real eye-catcher where you may watch the preparation of our fresh-made Italian piadinas, finger food, pizzas, pastas, salads and fish and meat dishes. Our selections of wine, water and beer are all straight from Italy, and are served alongside classic grappa and limoncello, of course! Got to work late? Why not treat yourself to one of Corso Como’s tasty meals to go?

PLAY PÉTANQUE IN ZUIDAS ON YOUR LUNCH BREAK Zuidas’ first pétanque pitch has just opened on Gershwinplein, with District Council Chair Sebastiaan Capel throwing the first ball. Until late September, the square is also the endpoint of the ArtZuid art route, which starts off at the Hilton Hotel. Already dubbed the ‘village square’ of Zuidas by locals, Gershwinplein is set to attract even more people with the addition of two pétanque pitches.

MAYOR VAN DER LAAN OPENS RAI AMTRIUM In June, RAI Amsterdam celebrated the opening of its new multifunctional expo and conference building, the Amtrium. Amsterdam Mayor Van der Laan did the official honours. The Amtrium is a third-generation expo centre, bringing together spaces for trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences and offices. It also has two restaurants and features an innovative greenhouse for city farming. Even before the official opening, the building had already become the first conference centre in Europe to obtain the DGBC’s BREEAM-NL Excellent label.

VU THIRD IN SUSTAINABUL RANKING VU University Amsterdam has placed third in SustainaBul, a ranking that scores Dutch academic and applied sciences universities on sustainability. As the number two academic institution on the list, VU also took the prize for ‘most improved’. This is the third year that VU has taken part in the ranking, which assessed a total of 21 institutions – 13 academic universities and 8 universities of applied sciences. Maximum points were awarded for aspects including integration of sustainability in the curriculum and distinctive and interdisciplinary research. VU also earned top marks for communication and transparency.

NEVER LOSE YOUR LUGGAGE AGAIN! Eighty per cent of air travellers worry about their luggage en route. But those worries are now a thing of the past, with eTag & eTrack. eTag is an electronic luggage label that lets you check in your bags from home so you can bypass all the airport queues. And by using eTrack, both you and the airline know exactly where your suitcase is at all times. Travel stress-free, with eTag and eTrack! For more info visit:

FACILITIES SPECIAL The September/October issue of Hello Zuidas will include a special feature on local facilities. If you would like to contribute to this special feature, send an email to:


E-mail your memo’s to

Members Hello Zuidas – July 2015

If your company isn’t on this list, please contact

COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Parnassusweg 819, 9 th floor - 1082 LZ - Amsterdam (UN Studio-gebouw, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 820 3976 - +31 (0) 13 545 3298 - Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Mieke Verberkt | Imageau Translation: Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Romy Lange, Milou Peeters, Ruben van Zwieten, Floortje Osnabrug, Myrna van Gils, Eric Burgers, PropertyNL, Christine Spanjaard, Katja Tremio & Maartje Oome Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde, Ingrid Arnou, Jesse Kraal, Julie Blik, Rienk Toorman, Lotte de Graaf, Stephen Klesel & Lyban D. Ismaël Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Jeannette Driessen, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk & Bob Oostelbos Interns: Floortje Osnabrug & Myrna van Gils Thanks to: Winfred Knibbeler, Gemeente Amsterdam (Zuidas), PropertyNL, Ruben van Zwieten, Berlitz, Tony Wijntuin, G&S Vastgoed, Michiel van Alfen, Hans & Evaline Weijel, Nathalie Lam & her children, Victor & Midzy Tiller, Maartje Oome & Kroonenberg Groep Printed by: Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly) Copyright: © 2015 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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88. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 89. Markit 90. MBO College Zuid 91. Mech Make & Take 92. Miles Building 93. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 94. Nationale Postcode Loterij 95. NDI ICT Solutions 96. NEWNRG 97. NH Amsterdam Zuid 98. Nijkerk Holding 99. NL Real Estate 100. Novotel Amsterdam City 101. NS 102. Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken 103. NVD Beveiligingsgroep 104. Oliver’s 105. Openbare Bibliotheek A’dam 106. ORAM 107. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 108. Partou Kinderopvang 109. Pathé 110. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 111. Platform Beter Benutten 112. Pit4Business 113. Property NL B.V. 114. Puramis Consultancy 115. Qbic Hotels 116. Q-Park Nederland 117. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid 118. Ravel Residence 119. RBS 120. Regus 121. Restaurant Nine 122. RGA International Reinsurance 123. Ronald McDonald Huis VUmc 124. RoyalCast 125. RSM Erasmus University 126. Russell Reynolds Associates 127. Schiphol Real Estate 128. SCOR Global Life SE 129. Season-Flowers 130. Securitas 131. SLA 132. SLFMD Tailoring 133. SMC Fysiomed 134. Spaces 135. Stadsdeel Zuid 136. Stage Entertainment 137. Stibbe 138. St.Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion A’dam 139. Sushi Time 140. Symphony’s 141. Taalcentrum - VU 142. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 143. The Bank of New York Mellon 144. The Basket 145. The Change Agent 146. The Office Operators 147. The Oyster Club 148. The TailorMates 149. Ticketpoint 150. TopJobs Consultants 151. Transcore Management 152. TREC 153. Treftpunt-PRISM 154. Trigion 155. Triple Ace 156. Unicucine 157. Valid Express 158. VimpelCom 159. Visser Communicatie 160. VitalPeople 161. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 162. VU Connected 163. VU Medisch Centrum 164. Wagamama 165. Webster University 166. Wieringen Prins 167. Wineboutique & Spirits 168. WTC Amsterdam 169. WTC A’dam Business Club 170. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 171. Your Assistant 172. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 173. 174. Zuidschans


Imagine‌ Living in a luxurious five-star apartment at Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam. Enjoying the outdoors on your spacious terrace with a fantastic view of the city. In addition, you have access to a personal assistant and the exclusive fitness center.

If you would like to receive further information or take a tour, you are welcome to contact:

at +31 20 573 38 44 or

at +31 20 305 26 62 or

Hello Zuidas #20  

Hello Zuidas #20

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