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magazine #1. May/june 2012

Felix van der Houwen & Maurits van Oranje

“Warn us as soon as we turn into real grownups.� Timo Huisman

Sustainable real estate on zuidas Kisten van den Hul

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Entrepreneurship at Zuidas

Dynamic Business center To be in business and to conduct it with success you have to do business where the professionals are. This is one reason so many emerging entrepreneurs and established professionals feel comfortable choosing a business setting within World Trade Center Amsterdam, one of the world’s premier locations for international commerce. A world-class dynamic business location with amenities suitable to a truly global clientele. World Trade Center Amsterdam offers a range of business spaces for groups from one to hundreds in sustainably operated facilities.

Zuidas is developing at a fast pace. Already there are many hotspots. As an entrepreneur, you now have a fine chance for joining in. Open a shop, a restaurant or a café on Amsterdam’s number one location. You’ll have plenty of opportunities in your entrepreneurship to rent out a premium

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quality shop premises on the up and coming George Gershwinplein. On this location, offices, hotels and housing are well represented.


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You are looking at something special: the very first issue of Hello Zuidas. This magazine offers you everything you need to know and what is nice to know about Zuidas.

But you could also align with Zuidas facility managers, marketers, communication officers and HR through Hello Zuidas.

Exactly who or what is Hello Zuidas? Since the first of January, corporations, educational institutions shops, restaurants, hotels and the city council of Amsterdam have unified their forces in the further development and promotion of Zuidas. Our values are cosmopolitan, typical Amsterdam and ambitious.

Did you know that every week there is a variety of events taking place on Zuidas, which you may attend for free? Would you also like to come and have a taste of the Zuidas atmosphere? Come and see the Suits and Stiletto’s Run on May 16th, followed by a party hosted by VRIJ on the Gustav Mahlerplein, starting at 04.00 PM.

Hello Zuidas operates as an area director and coordinator to achieve a prime location for all parties. We are focused on the following four pillars: sustainability, livelihood, accessibility and clean/safe. We are joined in our efforts by 96 participants. Has your organisation not yet been listed on page 38, and would you like to become involved in Zuidas as well? Please, feel free to join us!

On Wednesday the 27th of June, Zuidas aims to tickle all of your senses: come and have a taste of what our restaurants have to offer at Zuidas Culinair. This will take place on the Gershwinplein, while guests will be enjoying the VU Orchestra’s annual Open Air Concert. The evening will be closed off by the European Championships Semi Finals, featured on a large video screen.

As a participant, you are invited to contribute to the news about and the developments of Zuidas. You can do so by means of this magazine, social media (Facebook, Linkedin and on Twitter), as well as our website

The Rietveld Academy will open its doors on Friday the 6th of July, to host a special meeting. (Hello Zuidas participants only)

p.s. Our next issue of Hello Zuidas is scheduled for July 2nd, with an introduction written by Suzanne de Rijk, our media partner ASEGA Media’s editor- in-chief.

Looking forward to meeting you live or online !


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Index 08. Felix van der Houwen & Maurits van Oranje Helping companies to catalyse growth 12. Property 15. Column: Rik Siere Are you listening to me? 17. Trending Topics 19. Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South More than just a hotel 20. Agenda Zuidas 25. Hello YOU 27. NDI ICT Solutions Stay connected at the Zuidas

28. Accessibility of Zuidas Roadworks Amstelveenseweg 30. Sustainable real estate on Zuidas Timo Huisman about vision, voluntariness and cooperation 33. Hello WORLD 34. Life & Style 36. Behind the Scenes 37. Column: Kirsten van den Hul Goodbye New York, Hello Zuidas 38. Colophon & Overview participants Hello Zuidas

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.,,,


Helping companies to catalyse growth

“Having your office at WTC may help with the deal flow”

“We fly radio controlled helicopters between the towers every now and then”, (Prince) Maurits van Oranje tells us, while pointing from a window on the fifth floor of the World Trade Center (WTC) on the Zuidas. “Not everyone was amused by that, I guess, but well... A little fun is necessary. We often tell our co-workers: ‘warn us as soon as we turn into real grownups.’ Because at that point, we will no longer be able to do this kind of work. As soon as we start taking ourselves and each other too seriously, we’ve reached the end of this company’s life-cycle.”

The Source Together with Felix van der Houwen and Michel van Honk, Maurits van Oranje is the owner of The Source, a company that helps other companies execute their growth strategies. “But we are not consultants”, van der Houwen says. “Consultancy comprises merely 10 % of our job; first and foremost, we are doers. We actively assist with research, write propositions and positioning, prepare sales pitches, company marketing plans, the rewriting of contracts, negotiations on behalf of the client, distribution strategy and roll out, you name it – any tool that’s essential to growth.”

Unique business model “Pay-per-hour is not our thing,” Van Oranje adds. “Our business model aims for success. Therefore we largely depend on what we call ‘result fees’. Aside from that – as ‘no cure no pay’ is synonymous for ‘no commitment’ – we receive a monthly commitment fee, which is only a fraction of what one would normally pay for the amount of hours put in. If necessary, we can also hire other companies from our network, against relatively low costs, that will also participate in a project’s success. In case of failure, the financial risk one runs as an entrepreneur is much less than it would be when hooking up with an expensive consultancy firm. And once again: consultants, we’re not.”

Hustle and bustle on the Zuidas Aside from radio controlled helicopters making an interesting outline against the gleaming towers, the WTC, according to Van Oranje and Van der Houwen, is first and foremost a building where it’s fun to be, that has a good feel to it and where there is a lot of hustle and bustle going on. “It’s easily accessible by trains and tram, and parking here is no problem,” Maurits says. “This building is a triple A location. The crisis wreaking havoc elsewhere in office real estate, is hardly noticeable here. Another perk is that there are excellent catering facilities in this building. Without them the ambiance would have been less pleasant.”

Deal flow Because the WTC is a melting pot of activity, there is a much bigger chance of running into a potential client, so Van Oranje tells us. “A year and a half ago I accidently ran into someone, who is now working with us. Having your office at the WTC may help with the deal flow. It’s also very convenient in case you need a dentist; he is never far off.”

Maurits van Oranje (left) & Felix van der Houwen


Text: Henk Willem Smits • Photography: William Maanders


Accessibility of Zuidas

Out of the box

What could still be improved, however, is the connection to the freeway. “Between five and five-thirty PM there’s hardly any possibility getting on the freeway at all”, van der Houwen says. “More than 25 years ago the Municipality of Amsterdam made a promise that the WTC would get its own off-ramp. It still isn’t there.“

Among the companies that were assisted by Van Oranje and his associates, are Payroll Works and Trikke Europe, producer of electric mobility. “But there are many names we cannot mention here, we almost always work with NDA’s”, Van der Houwen says. The one thing he ís able to mention, is the ‘Heimweewinkel’ of the Telegraaf Media Groep. The website of De Telegraaf (The Netherland’s biggest newspaper) has millions of hits a day from abroad. For these visitors we set up a web-shop from which they may order products that aren’t readily available in other countries, such as chocolate sprinkles (Dutch: hagelslag) and liquorice. It is a typical example of what we’re about. Companies tend to get stuck in their own profession, in what they have been doing for years. We help them to look beyond that towards what other branches have to offer them, to think out-of-the-box and grow.”

Famous face Being a prince, Maurits has a face that is well known in the Netherlands. “Yes, I do get stared at every now and then, but it doesn’t affect me all that much anymore. I mostly get stares from passersby, not from the people who work here. In my job, does it help that I’m a prince? Yes and no. Doors might open more easily for me. But once you’re in and you have little to tell, you’re out on your ear just as quickly. It might have helped me about thirty years ago, whereas now my title may scare people off. They’ll wonder if they want to be associated with me/us. I sometimes have the idea that I have to prove myself even harder in order to succeed.”

Electric Mobility The Source was also hired by the government to stimulate the introduction of electric mobility. In recent years, van Oranje has made various public appearances as the in his capacity as chairman of the “Formula E” initiative, which promotes the growth of electric mobility. “It’s not as if I want to showcase myself in the limelight as the ‘eco prince’. It is part of the job, but I prefer to remain in the background. The principal aim of what we were doing here, was to work with the government and a number of companies in deciding what was needed to swiftly and successfully introduce electric driving in the Netherlands, and consequently, to convert these ideas into action. Amongst others you’d have to consider

infrastructure, legislation and the requirements made by the Government Road Transport Agency. Electric driving has simply become a necessity, because air quality in Amsterdam these days is not much better than it is in Mexico City or Shanghai. If we are able to turn the Netherlands into a leading nation when it comes to electric driving, it might also become more attractive for greentech companies to establish themselves here thus stimulate economic growth. The ambition is to establish an appealing Dutch business climate towards this industry in order to attract companies such as Tesla (American producer of electric sports cars) to set up their European branch right here.

Electric mobility



Property Source:

From now on, every edition of Hello Zuidas will feature the latest property news, concerning Zuidas as well as other areas. Send us your property news to

Zuidas based ABN Amro and NIBC to finance deal High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Zuidas: make way for cars ZUIDAS - In the years to come, the expected increase of car traffic and need for parking space will be taken into account during the developments in Zuidas. Such is the expectation among market parties, now that one of the greatest owners in the area, CBRE Global Investors and the Municipality of Amsterdam, have come to an agreement over monitoring and guaranteeing accessibility by car.

ZUIDAS - At the takeover of High Tech Campus Eindhoven by Marcel Boekhoorn (among others), aside from NIBC and JP Morgan, both ABN Amro and Wells Fargo were involved as financing parties. This was reported by law firm Clifford Chance. In this transaction, they acted as advisors for the Dutch financing parties. Clifford Chance declined to comment on the exact risk distribution of the loans involved, or their amount.

Buy the Empire State Building? Green light for expansion of Atrium Zuidas ZUIDAS – Avestus Capital Partners, the Irish owner of Atrium Amsterdam, has seen real possibilities for expanding their Zuidas building in the near future, with a maximum space up to 25,000 square metres. On the market rumours abound, that the old plans to expand the Atrium may be revived, now that the ZuidasDOK is said to continue. The demolition of the car park along the A10, partly owned by Avestus, means that the eagerly expected expansion of the Atrium (consisting at this moment of over 34,000 square metres) may actually be realised at the side of the Parnassusweg.


NEW YORK - Investors will soon be able to own a piece of one of New York’s greatest views, as the owners of the Empire State Building filed today to list it on the New York Stock Exchange. Manhattan’s most famous landmark, which reigned as the world’s tallest building for over four decades, is among those New York properties included in a new real estate investment trust that is being floated to investors. The Malkin family who owns the tower, filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission saying they hoped to raise as much as $US1 billion in an initial public offering for the company, Empire State Realty Trust. BofA, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs were named as the underwriters of the offering. But surely, the name alone will guarantee the sale of this building to be hugely successful.

Deka buys office building The Rock on Zuidas ZUIDAS – 24 story building The Rock on the Amsterdam Zuidas has been sold to Deka Immobilien GmbH, who acted in this transaction on behalf of the WestInvest Interselect property fund. Selling party is Evans Randall. According to the land registry office, the transaction amounts to €131,87 mln. In 2007, Evans Randall bought it for the amount of €165 mln. from Mahler4; a consortium consisting of property developers ASR Vastgoed Ontwikkeling, ING Real Estate Development and G&S Vastgoed. In 2009 The Rock was completed. The Rock is situated at the heart of the Amsterdam Zuidas, right next to NS station Amsterdam Zuid. It is a stone’s throw away from the city centre of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. Since its completion, the building has housed the main office of law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek (24,500 square metres) and telecom provider VimpelCom (4,800 square metres). Within a few months, a new lunchroom concept by B&B (300 square metres) is expected to open its doors here. The Rock was designed by the well known Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat and consists of circa 29,600 square metres of premium quality office, archive and commercial space, equally divided over 24 stories. WestInvestInterSelect is a pan-European open property fund with a total portfolio of over a 100 buildings and a total volume of over € 5 billion. About 10 % of its portfolio has been invested in the Netherlands, and comprises, amongst others: the Adam Smith Building (Amsterdam), Mövenpick (Amsterdam) and the Muzentoren (The Hague). Jones Lang La Salle, CBRE and Loyens & Loeff acted as advisors for Evans Randall. Deka Immobilien GmbH was advised during the purchase by Baker McKenzie.

Photo: The Rock, Zuidas • Photography: William Maanders


Are you listening to me? An efficient and sustainable meeting with a view of the city of Amsterdam

Make your co-worker happy

We all pretend to listen

Whenever I enter the Zuidas area, I wonder what offices look like behind the facades. Especially the funny facades, like the one with the big crack (Boekel de Nerée), the wooden panels (Kempen & Co) or the huge crosses (Ernst & Young). Do you happen to work there? Do you enjoy your work place? I hope you do. But if you don’t, you cannot blame the architects. Much more important is the way you relate to your co-workers. Would you like to improve on that? Then start with something you do every day.

The Zuidas provides work for 30.000 professionals of 35 nationalities. That can make listening into a dangerous exercise. Listening in a foreign language requires extra interaction, a mixture of written and oral information and time to explore each other’s vocabulary. Don’t make the mistake of believing you are understood, when you are not. Isn’t pretending to listen something we all do? Yes, but it is very irritating and it may ruin the working environment.

Top 10 irritating listening habits Most of the time you spend in your office is spent on listening. It takes around 45% of your communication time. The remainder is spent on speaking (30%), reading (16%) and writing (9%). But the time for a genuine eye–to-eye with the people around us is getting less and less; life on The Zuidas is busy and most of us don’t take the time to sit down, drop everything and really listen.”

The American researcher Kittie Watson, listed the 10 worst listening habits. Now read and think about the last time it happened to you. 1. Interrupting me when I am talking. 2. Not looking at me when I’m talking. 3. Rushing me and making me feel that I’m wasting your time. 4. Showing interest in something other than our conversation. 5. Getting ahead of me and finishing my thoughts. 6. Not responding to my requests. 7. Saying, “Yes, but...” as if you’ve already made up your mind. 8. Topping my story with “That reminds me...” 9. Forgetting what we talked about previously. 10. Asking too many questions about details.

Try this today Listening is a key skill in our ability to resolve conflicts and to connect with other people. Wouldn’t you think we could use some more? How often do you listen at your best, putting your own thoughts and feelings on hold to give attention solely to listening? Try this today. Make a list of listening habits in others that irritate you. If you are guilty of any of these yourself, work on them one at a time to erase them. Eliminate your irritating listening habits and make your co-workers happy!

Find out which package suits you best wiFi included

Rik Siere

Rik Siere lives, dines, works and studies at the Zuidas

t +31 20 549 17 22 Photography: William Maanders

P.S. I look forward listening to your reaction. Mail me at


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€ 298,–


More than just a hotel


What do We offer you?

On the 15th of December, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South, Zuidas‘ most centrally

• Largest Art Gallery in Holland (800m2)

situated hotel, officially opened its doors. We had a talk with Ingrid van Veen, the hotel’s

• Flexible Artlease-system (kunstuitleen)

General Manager.

• Large variable collection with more then 50 artists • Free artwork trial on location • Art for Individuals and Companies • Commissioned Artworks • Art Advice • Exhibitions

Claude Debussylaan 33 1082 MC AMSTERDAM

+ 31 (0)20 221 81 36 + 31 (0)6 47 266 179

Like & Win

Monday - Friday: 12:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Saturday: 12:00 AM - 17:00 PM

A good start

More than just a hotel

“Since we opened four months ago, we are now able to speak of a good start. Of course, the hotel is ideally situated, being within easy reach from Station Zuid and Schiphol Airport, and with the RAI being just around the corner. We receive quite a few international guests here. Guests often tend to think that the city centre is a long way away from here. But appearances can be deceiving: from Station Zuid it’s only a ten minute’s distance to the Museumplein. You’re there before you know it!”

“But we offer more than that: six conference rooms, including one executive board room, and a wide terrace that can be booked for barbecue parties, drinks and receptions by everyone who wishes to do so. Of course we also have a fitness room. Moreover, the hotel has an excellent restaurant, that is also accessible to outside guests and is one of the few catering establishments that is opened all week.”

Four Stars Deluxe “Crowne Plaza Amsterdam is a hotel with a four star rating, but we call it Four Stars Deluxe. We aim for an upmarket status, knowing there was a demand for that. Ours is a sound, extended product, perfectly suited for customers from the world of business. Crowne Plaza has a ‘Sleep Advantage’ predicate, meaning that we make sure that the beds are of excellent comfort. They are premium quality beds. To those guests who wish for a little more luxury, we offer the Club Rooms. And our ‘quiet zone’ is ideally suited to those would like a little more peace and quiet.”

Ingrid van Veen

Lively Gershwinplein “In Zuidas, the Gustav Mahlerplein and the Zuidplein are lively places. Our goal is to turn the Gershwinplein into a charming, bustling environment. It’s an intimate square, which is sort of sheltered, situated near the edge of the water. We are hoping for a beautiful summer to provide us, along with the other business on the square, with quite a few weeks of nicely filled terraces.”

General Manager

Crowne Plaza Amsterdam – South George Gershwinlaan 101, 1082 MT Amsterdam | +31 (0) 20 - 504 36 66 Like heLLo zuidas on facebook and Win a dinner @gustavino. *Menu Gustavino (3 course dinner) and a Glas of Prosecco for two Persons **June 1st the winner will be drawn aMonG the likes on our facebookPaGe Text: Karin Starreveld • Photography: William Maanders


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

Launch of Magazine Hello Zuidas Tuesday 8th of May, 9 AM Fitch & Shui, World Trade Center Amsterdam Being a real Zuidas citizen, you don’t want to miss out on the launch of this area’s very first magazine! Champagne! And at the time you read this, the magazine has been launched!

Musical Chairs Tuesday, 8th of May, 12.00 PM to 01.00 PM, Central Hall World Trade Center Amsterdam As part of, and to promote the Zuidas Run, WTC Amsterdam organises a game of musical chairs. Its purpose is simple: accompanied by some feel good Music, Fit & Fruitig will get everyone on their feet. During four rounds of 10 to 15 minutes each, three lifestyle coaches, as well as the promo girl, will invite 10 to 15 contestants at a time, to join in a hilarious game of musical chairs. During every round, one person has the chance to win the first prize: three life style workshops in Fit & Fruitig’s lifestyle studio, worth € 165,Anyone who is employed at the WTC Amsterdam in Zuidas is allowed to join in the Zuidas Run free of charge. Do you work at the WTC and would you like to join in? Sign up on and then click on the WTC logo.


Philosophy on the Zuidas, featuring Willem Middelkoop: Permanent Crisis? Thursday 10th of May, 4:00 PM 5:30 PM at Grand Café Bright City Willem Middelkoop makes predictions on the economy which actually come true! He thoroughly analyzes scenario’s both on financial and social consequences. Ad Verbrugge, philosopher at the VU, will discuss the following question with him: what should we be prepared for, should the crisis turn out to be a permanent one?

Suits & Stilettos Run – Zuidas Join in or watch us run! Wednesday 16 th of May, 12.30 PM Suits and stilettos run Zuidas on the Gustav Mahlerplein. A good foretaste of what’s to come: THE Zuidas run on the 10th of June 2012. The 16th of May will see the fourth edition of the Suits & Stiletto’s Run on the Zuidas. The fourth edition promises to be even bigger and more successful than its forerunners. Except for a red hot Suits and Stiletto’s Run taking place this year, there will also be a big party for the entire Zuidas community. The Stichting Zuidas Run and VRIJ jointly present the VRIJ Zuidas Suits and Stiletto’s Special! On the 16th of May, the day before Ascension Day, Jort Kelder kicks off with the already infamous Suits and Stiletto’s Run. After the prize giving ceremony, the DJ will take over, so that the VRIJ Zuidas Suits and Stiletto’s Run may start for real. Thousands of Zuidas inhabitants will launch into the long weekend with a scintillating gathering on the Gustav Mahlerplein. The VRIJ Zuidas Suits and Stiletto’s Special, as well as the Zuidas Run, have committed themselves to lend support to the VUmc Cancer Centre’s ‘Fit ondanks Kanker’ (Fit Despite Cancer) project.

MAY - JUNE 2012 Next magazine will be published @2nd of July. Mail us your agenda. Deadline: June 10th. Email:

Discover and taste NonnaPepa! Wednesday 16th of May, 11.30 AM -01.00PM citizenM – Prinses Irenestraat 30 A tasting of NonnaPepa Pastas, such as tagliatelle, fusilli, gnocchi, cannelloni, sorrentini... CitizenM says: “Leave your wallet at the office, just bring a big smile!” Please confirm before the 1st of May. Mail to:

Viola Romantica Free Luncheon Concerto Tuesday 22nd of May, 12.30 PM Main Hall, World Trade Center Amsterdam Örzse Adam, organiser of the WTC concerts, will present a romantic and passionate bill, featuring the pianist Vaughan Schlepp. They will play pieces dating from the 19th century on historically authentic instruments. Vaughan will play his beautiful Érard 1840’piano and Orsze will play her Italian viola, which was made in 1820. The deep singing voice of the viola, and the velvety sound of the Erard will lead you back to the ambiance of 19th century drawing rooms.

Literature on the Zuidas, featuring Agnes Jongerius Thursday 24th of May, 7.30 PM – 09.00 PM, Grand Café Bright City In Literature on the Zuidas, Elsbeth Etty interviews the Netherlands’ most powerful woman : FNV chairwoman Agnes Jongerius. Jongerius talks about her fascination for Thomas More’s work Utopia.

BCF Career Event Thursday 24th of May, 10.00 AM – 04.00 PM, Amsterdam RAI, Europaplein Carreerevent for life, sciences, chemics, food and pharma. Organized by Hyphen Projects. For registration (deadline 15th of May) check online.

Post your pictures of these events on


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

MAY - JUNE 2012 Next magazine will be published @2nd of July. Mail us your agenda. Deadline: June 10th. Email:

India / Pakistan Cuisine – Grand Opening

SUMMER Party – WTCafé de Blauwe Engel

Friday 25th of May, 03.00 PM Grand Café Bright City Two weeks of India and Pakistan experience in Amsterdam Bright City, Claude Debussylaan 2 - 8 Amsterdam. Warm buffet Euro 15,50; a variety of ten dishes

Friday 29th of June, 06.00 PM A big summer party with famous artists. Beverages and music for everybody!

Humour and Forgery in visual arts Thursday 7th of June, 11.00 PM Public Library, Buitenveldert

Taste of Amsterdam

Zuidas Run 2012

31 May - 3rd June Fine dining will be transported to Amstelpark with Taste of Amsterdam for four days of summer eating, drinking and entertainment. 12 of the city’s best restaurants will be dishing up their finest in an unbeatable alfresco gourmet feast, while a huge range of producers and exhibitors provide a bounty of the best food and beverages, ensuring that guests sample and shop for a range of produce in the laid back atmosphere of a boutique food market. For more information: check

Sunday 10th of June. All Day. Already the fourth edition of the Zuidas Run! Jurists, bankers, officials and consultants will determine who will be the winner of Holland’s great Business Run.

Meeting of Hello Zuidas, participants only Friday 6th of July, 11.00 AM-02.00 PM, Rietveld Academy First participants’ meeting of Hello Zuidas, at/near the Rietveld Academy. During lunch (starting at 12.00 PM), Hello Zuidas will present the results from the first six months and will discuss their plans for the next six months. Before and after the meeting, participants will be allowed to view works displayed by final year’s students.

Current exposition BodyWorlds Expo Zuidas

Culinary Zuidas & VU Open Air Concert Wednesday 27th of June, 4.30 PM, Gershwinplein While enjoying a fantastic open air concert, given by the VU Orchestra, guests may feast on culinary delights, consisting of a great variety of foods and drinks, provided by various Zuidas restaurants. Followed, at 8.30 PM, by a live screening of the European Championships’ Semi Finals, featured on big screens.


On display until 17th of June 2012 Gustav Mahlerlaan 24, Zuidas BODY WORLDS & the Story of the Heart, on display in EXPO Zuidas. The exposition shows human bodies that have been prepared according to the plastination method, invented by scientist and anatomist Gunther von Hagens. With a collection displaying over two hundred authentic human specimens, BODY WORLDS & The Story of the Heart highlights the human heart in all its aspects. © Gunther von Hagens, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany,

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Today our current economic system is in crisis. We are standing on the crossroads: repairing the system or shifting towards a radically new reality? To answer this question Amsterdam Bright City launched the Leaders for Economic Change Programme in November 2011. The goal of the programme is to enable 30 selected ambitious students and young professionals to co-create the world of tomorrow.

Opening of Dentist’s Office Van de Veer, Gustav Mahlerplein Wednesday, 11th of April, 5.30 PM, Restaurant Bolenius • Warm welcome by Ilse van der Veer, owner/proprietor • Dentist’s office wrapped up in red sash • Welcome! Frederieke Leeflang (Boekel de Nerée) cuts sash • Champagne • Many people from Zuidas present • Pleasant family business • Wonderful, modern interior design

For 5 months participants attended challenging training modules facilitated by today’s leaders: captains of industry, innovative entrepreneurs and renowned scientists. At the Economic Exchange Conference on March 16, they presented their visions and an action plan for a new economy was co-created with the visitors. According the participants, leadership in sustainability means adopting the three principles of sustainability as your own:

Now it is time set this vision and action plan into motion. You can read all the visions and the action plan on the website of Amsterdam Bright City.

Leaders for Economic Change

mutualism cyclicity diversity Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Mail us:


Text: Suzanne de Rijk • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel



Stay connected at the Zuidas


In the WTC you’ll find NDI ICT Solutions; a company that takes care of one of the greatest pillars underneath the daily activities on Zuidas. “ICT has become indispensible, but you won’t notice that until a problem arises”, says manager Chris van Hattum. “In a manner of speaking, we ‘re the plumbers of the 21st Century.”

By establishing their main office on the Zuidas, NDI has made themselves indispensible to a great number of people. Van Hattum: “We increase mobility and provide companies with services where computers, phones and iPads work together seamlessly. In that way, companies will be able to work at any place and at any time with the device of their choice And when they lose their phone or iPad, we make sure that these are replaced within a couple of hours, with all email, telephone numbers and important apps pre-installed.” From offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, ‘t Gooi – and soon from The Hague as well – the company provides ICT services to more than 600 business clients.

Van Hattum watches Zuidas grow. “We have been in the WTC for ten years now and the increase of the number of high-end business is truly unheard of. The arrival of an increasing number of multinationals is a positive contribution to the area as well. And it’s a opportunity for us, of course”, the ICT company’s manager says, laughing. The fact that at NDI about twenty languages are spoken - from Russian and Croatian to Spanish and Italian – is of course a plus-point for many foreign companies. Van Hattum: “In this way, foreign companies are able to transfer their ICT- issues to us completely. To them that means one less thing to worry about.”

Van Hattum’s message is clear: “We provide comfort. We relieve companies of ICT issues, so that they may be able to concentrate on what really matters to them.” However, in order to be able to do so, his company must be reachable at all times. That is why NDI not only has a telephone servicedesk, but also a walk in office, set in the main hall of the WTC. Van Hattum: “Because we are positioned literally at the heart of Zuidas, and do business with hundreds of companies on the Zuidas, we know each building like the backs of our hands.” Moreover, the company is an official Apple business to business reseller, which makes it easier to integrate software and applications. “The era where companies could only work with either Apple computers or Windows PC’s, is well and truly a thing of the past. We can get all your software and hardware to work together.”

De Audi A6 hybrid. De volgende stap op weg naar emissievrije elektrische mobiliteit. Klaar voor de toekomst - Audi heeft de dynamische en zuinige 2.0 TFSI-motor gecombineerd met een krachtige elektromotor. Het resultaat is een hybride auto met een dynamisch rijgedrag, een krachtige acceleratie en een uitzonderlijk laag brandstofverbruik. Bovendien zorgt Audi’s innovatieve ultralichte bouwwijze voor nog meer efficiency en wendbaarheid. Door de geavanceerde lithium-ion batterij is de Audi A6 hybrid in staat om tot 100 km/u* zich volledig elektrisch voort te bewegen. Efficiency is standaard op elke Audi. De nieuwe Audi A6 hybrid staat vanaf heden bij ons in de showroom.

‘We know the building you work in’

Gemiddeld brandstofverbruik 6,2 l/100 km (16,1 km/l), CO2-uitstoot 145 g/km. * over een beperkte afstand

NDI ICT Solutions

Audi Centrum Amsterdam Keienbergweg 121, 1101 GG Amsterdam Zuidoost, Tel.: 020 - 564 64 64 Bouwerij 61, 1185 XW Amstelveen, Tel.: 020 - 426 61 42

Strawinskylaan 51, 1077 XW Amsterdam | +31 (0) 88 - 088 43 00 |

Text: Frank van Bergen • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


What is the accessibility of Zuidas like at this moment? Erik: “It is easily accessible! Zuidas can be reached by train and metro from two stations. And of course it’s accessible by car, bus, tram and bicycle as well. Even Schiphol Airport is right around the corner. Public transport, motorways, cycle tracks and foot paths are used extensively. When it comes to Zuidas, the Amstelveenseweg is one of the most important access roads. And because many people get there by car, and the greater part of through traffic uses this road, the road clogs up during rush hours. In the years to come, hard infrastructural work is going to be done in order to optimize Zuidas’ accessibility.

Erik Maitimo (left) & Jeroen van der Linden (right)

Roadworks Amstelsveenseweg Zuidas is developing. Offices, homes and facilities are being built. Refurbishment of public spaces, roads, cycle tracks and foot paths are part of this development. Amstelveenseweg is one of the main access roads to the Zuidas. In recent years, traffic on this road has greatly increased. In order to improve the free flow of traffic, the intersection of the Amstelveenseweg and the Boelelaan will be adjusted as of June 11th.

Where will the roadworks planned during this summer take place? Jeroen: “On the Amstelveenseweg, between the A10 ring road and the Van Nijenrodeweg. The intersection of Amstelveenseweg and the Boelenlaan, is being adjusted by adding and lengthening traffic lanes. Aside from that, there is the construction of the new VUmc building, for which another access road will be required. The carrying out of these activities will be combined, and will continue up to October. Erik: ”Work will be of short duration, but intense. Water pipes and cables will have to be rerouted as well. If various activities can be combined, it will eventually reduce the nuisance.”

What alternative means of travel do you recommend during these roadworks? “As I always say: it is up to everyone individually to look for a solution. It’s a matter of ‘give a little, take a little’, so things will work themselves out. Adapt your habits to the situation, choose well by efficient planning. For example: make sure you have read your email at home, in the early morning, then drop your kids of at school and go to work when traffic jams have dwindled. Did you know traffic is at its worst on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Why not cycle to work on both these days? Perhaps there’s a bus stop nearby. Tram 5 and metro 51 are also good alternatives. What do we receive in return? Jeroen: “Something good! Eventually we’ll create a better traffic flow on these crossroads. Longer right or left turn lanes, better signposting, and no maintenance work at all for the time being. In the years to come, there will be a lot of further developments in Zuidas; these activities are merely the start of everything.

Information about roadworks Amstelveenseweg Environmental manager: Jeroen van der Linden +31 (0) 6 551 701 60

Hello Zuidas Foundation Accessibility and mobility Erik Maitimo

Will there be any hindrance to those wishing to reach Zuidas by this road? Jeroen: “Yes, there may be. Of course we will try to restrict it to a minimum. The Amstelveenseweg in the direction from North to South will remain opened and accessible. We have carefully set out a diversion route, by way of the Buitenveldertselaan. This will be clearly indicated. Motorists will quickly try to look for another route, for example via the Europaboulevard. Cyclists will ride along the west side of the Amstelveenseweg.” Erik: “It is up to us to clearly inform those involved about everything that is about to happen. That way, everyone will be made aware of the situation, and employers will be stimulated to look for alternatives or their employees, so things will run smoothly!”

How to cope with the roadworks? Jeroen van der Linden, environmental manager of Dienst Zuidas and Erik Maitimo, senior consultant with Verkeer advies and also working for the Hello Zuidas Foundation, where he is responsible for accessibility – one of its cornerstones – are speaking on the subject.


‘Adapt your habits to the situation, choose well by efficient planning’ Text: Suzanne de Rijk • Photography: William Maanders • Graphic: Dienst Zuidas


Sustainable real estate on Zuidas:

vision, voluntariness and cooperation With Zuidas, the government strives for a rating in the top 10 of sustainable city centres in Europe. Area management bureau Hello Zuidas, who also represents inhabitants and the business sector, subscribes to this objective and has defined “sustainability” as one of the cornerstones of its policy. Sustainability is a broad concept. One needs only to consider the life cycle of real estate: designing, construction, property management, use and either re-use or demolition. From a legal point of view, I will focus on a number of remarkable aspects of sustainability. At this moment, it is primarily environmental law that provides regulations for sustainable construction and use. The regulations governing sustainability in construction cannot be enshrined in spatial decisionmaking. Moreover, municipalities are not allowed to stipulate stricter regulations than those ensuing from the 2012 Buildings Decree, not even where sustainability is concerned. This Buildings Decree came into effect on the 1st of April and comprises – aside from regulations on energy saving – a new, be it summary, department of Environment. Possibilities for the municipalities to stimulate sustainability in a more forcible manner are limited and mainly consist of tax incentives and subsidies for market parties. Herein lies a ‘fair task ’ for inhabitants of Zuidas, to act on their own initiative and voluntarily. The so called circle (of blame) investor- developer/ constructor-user has already been broken and now calls for green real estate, even at higher initial costs. Contracts include arrangements on self-imposed labels for new developed property, based on green rating systems, such as the Building Research


Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM-NL). This method as well as the government set great value on underground thermal energy storage (Dutch: warmte – koudeopslag: WKO). This material tends to be both technically and legally complex: which party has ownership of the WKO, is the WKO connected to more than one building, does it have sufficient capacity, what is the fall back scenario in case of breakdowns, et cetera? That is another reason for the need for standardisation of WKO contracts and specialised Energy Service Companies. Ultimate profit is to be gained from ‘green’ behaviour by users of the buildings. Aside from that, a sustainable approach on a regional level is desirable. Project bureau Zuidas will have a quick scan BREEAM-NL Regional Development carried out. Companies on Zuidas will jointly develop initiatives under the flag of Hello Zuidas and Green Business Club, having as their key objectives: energy, mobility, people and (sharing of) knowledge. Their approach is to come up with ‘best practices’, which other inhabitants of Zuidas and beyond will not be able to ignore. They cannot be legally enforced, but they will set a good example that is bound to be followed by others.

Timo Huisman works as a lawyer for Loyens & Loeff N.V. He is specialised in the area of commercial and social real estate, with a focus on area and project development and civil construction law (building contracts and dispute resolution). He participates in the teams of Project Development and Energy, in which Loyens & Loeff N.V. have combined relevant knowledge and expertise from lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax consultants. An early trend setter for sustainable design and construction, is the Forum building from 2001, in which Loyens & Loeff N.V. have their office. This building is multifunctional in use, makes use of durable materials and uses underground energy storage and other energy saving techniques. Loyens & Loeff N.V. is a founding partner of Hello Zuidas and Green Business Club Zuidas.

Text: Timo Huisman • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel



With Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, the RAI Convention Center and the city centre only minutes away by public transport, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-South is one of the best situated hotels. Crowne Plaza has excelent facilities for businessmeetings

For reservations:




There’s no place like Zuidas, but if you have some spare time….


Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - South George Gershwinlaan 101, Amsterdam , 1082 MT, Netherlands Hotel Front Desk: +31-20-504 36 66 Hotel Fax: +31-20-504 36 26

Shibuya Crossing - Tokyo

Livening things up (Leven in de brouwerij) Jazz- René van Beeck After rounding off his pre-university school and two years of preliminary training, René van Beeck (1968) studied the classical trumpet at the Royal Academy of Music in Amsterdam, following that with studying the double bass at the Jazz department of the Royal Academy of Music in The Hague. Aside from being a musician – he plays double bass, flugelhorn and sings – his activities include organising jazz-festivals, concerts and jamsessions on various locations, predominantly in Amsterdam and The Hague. One of his great successes was “Jazz op Zondagmiddag” (Jazz on a Sunday

afternoon) at the Mediacafé Plantage (B&W) in Amsterdam. He was also the co-organiser of the Panorama Jazz Night, on the renovated pier of Scheveningen. Every Monday, from September 2000 up to December 2001 he acted as the organiser of “Hotel Arena Monday Night Jazz Club”: informal concerts, followed by Jamsessions, featuring renowned musicians and up and coming talents from the jazz world. René plays with a great number of various musicians, including the young and talented singer/ pianist from Italy, Francesca Tandoi.

Take the crowd you have in Amsterdam on Queensday, add the amount of visitors of the Gay Pride and those of an average day at Lowlands Festival, and you have the approximate amount of pedestrians passing Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo every 3 minutes…

Hotel Marina Bay Sands - Singapore. Stay in the most spectacular hotel in Singapore! Take a swim in the infinity pool on the rooftop with an amazing view over the city. You feel like you’re in heaven! This hotel also has a casino, Skypark, museum and shopping Centre.

Where to watch René play in Amsterdam: MONDAY from 8.30 PM @ TUESDAY from 7.30 PM @ THURSDAY from 7.15 @ FRIDAY from 7.00 PM @ Café Luxembourg SUNDAY from 5.30 PM @

Chocolate Hills, Bohol – Philippines These extraordinary hills are to be found on the small island Bohol in the Philippines. The hills remind you of big chocolate hills up to 50 meters high that stretches over 50 square meters – for chocolate lovers a pretty sight! Legend also says that the hills are the lost tears of the strong giant Arogo. Romantically in love with Aloya, she unfortunately died in the palm of his hands and his tears dropped to the earth turning into these hills.

René van Beeck, Powered by :


Biolite Campstove Royal Goedewaagen Holland Vaas

There you are, tramping around in nature, when you suddenly find the battery of your phone or gps is dead. Enter the Biolite Campstove, to put an end to those troubles. It cooks, burns and charges your electronic devices off grid. All you have left to do is pitch your tent. € 100,-

Unlike some politicians, Sander Alblas and Royal Goedewaagen do know how to express our pride in all things Dutch in a positive way. Full or empty, the Holland Vaas will be the eye-catcher in every room. Guaranteed to turn every bunch of flowers into a glamorous bouquet, but ultimately suited for tulips. € 99,-

Betty Bogaers Jewelry Travelteq Travel Towel Nothing feels quite as good as linen. Especially when it is Irish linen, made into a 3 square metre beach blanket. Travelteq also developed a towel just like it. Besides, a Travel Towel has two pockets, done in counter colours. Soak up the sun without a care in the world! € 95,-


Betty Bogaers is a young label that aims its arrows at the arrive group of jewellery designers in the Netherlands. Sheis set out to make a difference with a refined collection of handmade jewellery.Take for example the ‘Indian Feather’ earring: every single feather is being carved by hand. A work of precision, and that is exactly what makes her jewellery stand out: a very close attention to details, without being overly decorated. See more of her jewellery at

NDC Made by Hand

Capi Europe

Helo TC


Nom de code (code word) is the name Arnoud Zannier and Enrique Corbi gave to their exclusive brand of shoes/ shoe brand. Because they think that products should speak for themselves. Now that spring is in the air, these shoes with their Mediterranean look will be the hit of this season! € 125,-

This jar has a lovely structure, designed by the artist Paul Odekerke. Capi Nature comprises a collection inspired by nature’s shapes and rhythms. The jar is available in various sizes and in ice-white and terrazzo black finishes. € 119,-

Be master of the sky in your office with the HELO TC, the touch-controlled helicopter that is steered/ controlled with your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad. Download the free HELO TC app on your iOS-device, stick your device into HELO TC’s FlightDeck and you’re ready to take off. Victor Charlie Charlie. € 40,-

After years of experiments with other forms of resistance, technicians finally agree on one thing: only water is good enough to meet with the specific demands of a good rowing machine. The WaterRower combines all the advantages of real water with a design that is not only stunningly beautiful, but exceptionally functional as well. € 1499,-


Goodbye New York, Hello Zuidas

Who are you? Jan Schouten, maintenance employee at Stadsdeel Zuid, Rayon Zuid. What does your day look like? I work from 7.15 AM to 04.00 PM. Every morning I empty dustbins, we get rid of cigarette stubs and use the road sweeper to clean everything up.

Behind the Scenes Every Issue will feature a story on people behind the scenes in the area of Zuidas. In this first issue, the spotlight is on Jan.

What do you like about your job? Although I mainly work on my own, the thing I like best is meeting other people. What do you consider special about working in Zuidas? We have recently purchased a vacuum cleaner, to be used especially for cigarette stubs. See, you don’t get rid of them using the road sweeper, because it can’t get into the gaps between the cobbles. I’m going to try out the new vacuum cleaner today. It will take some time getting acquainted with it, because you have to steer this thing with one hand, while working the vacuuming switch with the other.

‘a lap of honour behind the road sweeper’ What’s the score of the ORAM rating?* This winter it was a 6.6. Better than it was last winter. Any hints or tips to the Zuidas users for creating a better environment? On Sunny days, things get really busy. People will have their lunch on the square. I like it; there’s a great atmosphere. Though it’s no use trying to clean up at times like these, I like to keep it as tidy as possible; by kindly asking people (with a wink and a smile) to take their paper bags, their wallets and their telephone with them when they go. Because we all have to cooperate in keeping this area clean. Jan is a true veteran in his trade. This is apparent from the tongue-in-cheek way in which he keeps the taxi parking space next to Wagamama clean; he asks the taxi to run a lap of honour behind the road sweeper; in that way, Jan is able to clean the place up and everyone ends up back where they have to be.

‘Being crazy is normal enough’ It’s never easy saying goodbye to my favorite city in the world. The city that never sleeps, where finding a cab is as hard as finding someone who knows why on earth they call it the Big Apple. I heard at least a dozen different theories. Some say it was jazz musicians from the South, who moved to New York looking for their big break through, who introduced the term. Others claim it referred to the horse races or even to a brothel with a madam named Eve, but most people I asked simply said they had no idea. Whatever the origin, a Big Apple it is, and don’t we all love to take a bite. “There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York, these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you” sings Alicia Keys. And she’s right. There is nothing you can’t do in this city that was built on ambition and optimism, where the sky is the limit and being unique is considered a plus. Quite refreshing, coming from the low lands, where being normal is considered crazy enough.

Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”. For more information, visit or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.

*ORAM rating= KBB ratings: the supervision on the quality of industrial areas. There are Did you take notice of something in Zuidas public space? Contact our Servicepoint at


a lot of industrial areas throughout the city of Amsterdam. Maintenance of these areas is handled by the district in which this area is situated. For the companies within this district the quality of industrial area maintenance is of vital importance.

Text: Koos Weits, Amber van Stijn • Photography: Koos Weits

I remember having a professor at Amsterdam University, who as a matter of principle did not give his students a 10 out of 10, not even for a flawless exam. When I asked him why, he said: “Nobody is perfect”. Maybe it is due to our Calvinist cultural heritage, or maybe it’s simply because our landscape is so flat, but I never understood why “tall trees catch much wind” as the saying goes. That’s why I love New York, where thinking big is in the city’s DNA. The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Tower, Brooklyn Bridge. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Schiphol Airport. Please remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop.” The captain wakes me up from my day dreams. “Welcome home,” smiles the customs officer. I’m homesick already. But only 6 minutes later, I look up to a skyline that makes me feel right at home again. It may not be the Apple, but the big lights and tall buildings surely inspire me: the sky is the limit and being crazy is normal enough. Hello Zuidas!

Text: Kirsten van den Hul


Participants Hello Zuidas – April 2012 If your company isn’t on this list, please contact

ABN Amro Accendium Accenture Akzo Nobel Amsterdam Bright City Amsterdam in Business Amsterdam RAI APG Arcadis AVIS Autoverhuur Baker & McKenzie Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Beheer Brouwershoff Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam Bereikbaarheidsmakelaar Verkeer advies BLUSH Beauty & Skin Clinic Bolenius Breevast CBRE B.V. citizenM Cofely Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Dienst Zuidas Amsterdam DTZ Zadelhoff, Agency Amsterdam Duisenberg School of Finance Ernst & Young Accountants LLP Expatcenter Amsterdam G&S Vastgoed Galerie Modern Gerrit Rietveld Academie Green Business Club Zuidas Gustavino B.V. HAB International Accountants & Consultants HB Hairstylers Hello Sushi Hestia Kinderopvang Het Amsterdamse Bos Holiday Inn Amsterdam Holland Financial Centre Holland Interplan B.V. Houthoff Buruma ILFC Aviation Services (Europe) IMC Financial Markets Amsterdam ING Rayon Amsterdam Zuid West JCDecaux Nederland B.V. Kardan Kempen & Co Koetjes en Kalfjes Linklaters Loyens & Loeff Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V.


Miles Building Mood for Real Estate MultiCopy Nederland B.V. My Best Team Ever NDI ICT Solutions NEWNRG Nick & Delano NL Real Estate Novotel Amsterdam City NS Oliver’s Ontspits Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam ORAM Pathé Phisage Beauty & Wellness Property NL B.V. Qbic Hotels Q-Park Nederland Rabobank Amsterdam Markt Zuid RBS Russell Reynolds Associates SANTOS LUXURY Schiphol Real Estate Season-Flowers SLFMD Tailoring Stadsdeel Zuid Star Meal Stibbe Sushi Time Tandartsenpraktijk Van De Veer TAXI-E TPEX Transcore Management Triple Ace Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam VU Medisch Centrum World Trade Center Amsterdam WTC Amsterdam Business Club WTCafé De Blauwe Engel Your Assistant Zingeving Zuidas Zuidschans

Colophon Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL + 31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Olympisch Stadion 2 – 1076 DE – Amsterdam, NL Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE - Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 617 1451 - + 31 (0) 13 545 3298 -

Editor-in-chief: Suzanne de Rijk Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executive: Karin Starreveld Art Director & Graphic Designer: Jilles Mermans Final Editor: Jan van Teeffelen Translation: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk, Koos Weits, Amber van Stijn, Rik Siere, Eric Snackey, Frank van Bergen, Kirsten van den Hul, Timo Huisman, Henk Willem Smits Photography: William Maanders, Wouter van Ierssel Interns: Thierry Verhoogt, Joey van Koningsbruggen Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Jeannette Driessen, Olivier Otten Thanks to: PropertyNL, Jeannette Driessen, Maurits van Oranje, Felix van der Houwen, Erik Maitimo, Lisa Brans, Jesse Gosse Printed by: Drukkerij Gianotten

Chances are, you’re no stranger to luxury. Chances are, you take time off to spend for yourself. Chances are, when it comes to personal attention, you take no chances. Luxury for most is a privilege that results from intelligence and effort. At Phisage Beauty & Wellness I recognise that it is a privilege you have earned.


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Phisage Beauty & Wellness

Hotspot for meetings, gastronomy and Hospitality.

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i am sure our services will add value to your business. that is why i would like to share some characteristics of our hotel with you: Smart location: At the heart of Oud-Zuid; close to Centre, RAI, Zuidas, Schiphol.

Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at

Pretty rooms: 78 Rooms, equipped with everything you may expect. Event ready: Executive boardrooms, party spaces, support facilities. Great food: Our Brasserie Lairesse is one of the culinary secrets of Oud-Zuid.

Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s the only and free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies on Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam South and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly)* (*four times in 2012 )

Nice vibe: Cosy, quiet, relaxed, friendly, family-like and surrounded by art. Right size: Big enough for business, small enough to feel at home. Very affordable: Always finding a way to fit in your budget. These are just a few of our competencies and qualities. Feel free to get in touch with me for a first, informal visit. Let’s explore win-wins!

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De Business Run van Nederland emB memphis Hotel De Lairessestraat 87 1071 NX Amsterdam Telephone: +31 (0) 20 673 31 41

Reservations: +31 (0) 20 676 58 51 Fax: +31 (0) 20 673 73 12 E-mail: Website:

10 juni 2012

4 6 T E R RA C E A PA RT M E NT S • 4 1 m ²

T O 1 8 7 m ² • OW N PA R K I N G P LA C E

We are pleased and proud to announce that the sale of OPZUID is in full progress.

OPZUID means beautiful, pleasant, elegant and cultivated living in much sought-after, highly commended Amsterdam South. OPZUID includes very spacious double ground-floor homes with a residential surface area of 150m². These chic homes are 100% ready to be moved into. The ceilings are almost three metres high; the walls are stuccoed and painted. There are many different lay-out variants, so your ideal home is definitely among them. Of course, the homes include a luxurious kitchen and bathroom, and the terrace is adjacent to a beautiful enclosed garden. These double ground-floor homes even come at prices from €550,000, with no additional costs for the buyer, exclusive of parking costs; the ground rent has been bought off. Visit our website or contact one of our real estate agents for further information. Lunshof Makelaardij Keizer Karelweg 342 1181 RJ Amstelveen 020-345 83 45

Eefje Voogd Makelaardij Parnassusweg 201 1077 DG Amsterdam 020-305 05 60

Hello Zuidas #1  

Hello Zuidas

Hello Zuidas #1  

Hello Zuidas