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Manon van Beek, Accenture

‘Innovative ideas and collaboration grow from connecting with other people!’

Mobility Special

Working together to keep Zuidas accessible

GOT A MINUTE? Zuidas welcomes student residents! RUBEN VAN ZWIETEN Are we truly that cosmopolitan? ZUIDASDOK Helping everyone find their way around



Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Opinionated on Zuidas There are certain topics and people who come

Why not relax on the outdoor terrace at Symphony’s

up on the news fairly regularly on which

one sunny afternoon, or enjoy drinks with the

everyone has a definite opinion. Zuidas is one

Thursday-afternoon crowd at Dicky’s. Talk to

such topic. Either you think Zuidas is fabulous,

a local and ask them how they like living here.

or you see it as a ‘one-dimensional’, ‘monocultural world’. Obviously, we’re all entitled to our own

This month’s cover features Manon van Beek,

opinions. But I do wonder if the people who

country managing director at Accenture.

proclaim their judgement of Zuidas have actually

In the midst of March’s major power disruption

been here more than three times. Because while

in Noord-Holland, she kindly met with me

it may not be love at first sight in some cases,

to discuss some highly relevant themes.

perhaps they just need a bit more time to

Manon is enthusiastic about what she believes in

get acquainted.

and looks at how things fit into the bigger picture. Also in this issue, you’ll find our special feature

This month, Hello Zuidas is celebrating its third

on mobility. How do your employees commute

year in print. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve

to work? Are there things you could change?

achieved. The past years have witnessed huge

We hope these stories will inspire you.

transformations here at Zuidas, and the end is

P.S. The next issue of

not yet in sight. My advice is: don’t fear what

As spring blooms all over Zuidas, I hope you’ll

Hello Zuidas is scheduled

you don’t know - just get to know it.

enjoy reading this latest issue!

for the 29 th of June

How do you feel about the squares in Zuidas? In my view, they’re doing precisely what they are meant to do: offering a pleasant spot to chat, benches and terraces to sit on, as well as a wide mix of restaurants and cafés. In August, Mahlerplein will be overhauled to make way for a new underground bike shed. We’ll also be getting a new and more enclosed public square. Now that the tulips have gone, ArtZuid is soon to colour Zuidas with fabulous artworks, while sports enthusiasts can get set for the Zuidas Run on 21 June. If you feel like playing petanque, go the Gershwinplein. And if you love good music, food and drink, join us at Zuidas Culinair Zomerfeest on Zuidplein on 26 June. So that’s your summer ‘squared’ away! Olivier Otten, Managing Director of Hello Zuidas


Join our team at Hello Zuidas

offices and services and amenities. Preparations for


the Zuidasdok engineering project are also in full

A top-class location like Zuidas deserves top-quality

swing. All this means there’s a lot of work to be

public spaces. The Hello Zuidas Safety Platform and

done on the infrastructural front. Hello Zuidas

Management Consultation Committee bring together

is the area management organization for Zuidas.

public and private parties to promote shared interests

We connect public and private parties. Our mission

and safeguard quality throughout the Zuidas district.

centres on promoting local events and activities

Are you interested in projects involving public space,

and ensuring good access, high-quality public

safety and sustainability? Have you recently completed

spaces and sustainable development.

your professional/academic Bachelor’s degree and do

Zuidas is developing in a fast pace, with new homes,

you possess outstanding social skills and writing ability? If your answer is yes, then we would love to hear from you.

MOBILITY PROJECT LEADER (36 HOURS/WEEK) Accessibility is crucial to Zuidas’ development as a

Interested in one of our job vacancies? Please see our

residential and working environment. We are currently

website for details and email your covering letter and

seeking a Mobility Project Leader for the ‘Optimizing

CV ASAP to, for the

Use’ programme run jointly by Hello Zuidas, the Zuidas

attention of Olivier Otten.

Green Business Club and the Zuidas Accessibility Task Force. If you have a background in mobility management at professional/academic Bachelor’s level plus at least five years’ work experience, and if you enjoy being the linking pin within an organization, then we’d like to meet you.


Photography Ingrid Arnou





Index 06. Trending Topics 07. Under Construction 08. Manon van Beek - Accenture ‘Innovative ideas and collaboration grow from connecting with other people, starting here in Zuidas!’ 12. Property 15. Column - Ruben van Zwieten Are we truly that cosmopolitan? 17. Zuidasdok Keeping Zuidas on the move in future 18. Hello Zuidas | Public Space Got a minute? 21. ARTZUID in Zuidas 22. Finance 24. A week in the life of De Nieuwe Poort 27. MA in Psychology: Emphasis in Counseling Psychology

28. Hello Zuidas | Agenda 32. Hello Zuidas | Sustainability Our ambition: to make Zuidas the most sustainable location in the world 34. Storytelling moves business 36. Hello You 38. Hello Zuidas | Sustainability Zuidas: leading sustainable location nationwide 40. Special: Mobility 42. Alexandra van Huffelen Amsterdam Public Transport Company (GVB) 44. Audi shared fleet - comfortable and sustainable rides 47. ‘A world in transition’ 48. The high-speed E-bike is hot 50. Hello Zuidas | New Members 51. An unexpected angle! 53. Memo board

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



Trending topics Dorine vd Schalk @dorinevdschalk Vanmiddag genoten van de Amsterdamse grachten tijdens een netwerk boottocht georganiseerd door @hellozuidas | GBCZuidas @GBCZuidas Eerste exemplaar Duurzaamheidsverslag zuidas 2014 overhandigd aan A Choho! #Zuidasduurzaam | Daniel van der Ree @danielvanderree Een Delftse professor die op de voorpagina van het @parool beweert dat je ‘op de Zuidas toch niet kan wonen’. Man man man. | Peter van Rheenen @PetervanRheenen Opentorendag @zuidas was leuk. Dank aan @arcadisnl, @Deloitte en @VUamsterdam | CUBE architecten @CUBEarchitecten Mooie kaart van de Zuidas met een prominente plek voor een groene Sportas. @SportasAMS @hellozuidas | Duurzaam Vandaag @DuurzaamToday CEO’s tekenen AmbitieverklaringDuurzaamheid Zuidas | NRC Q @nrcqnl Advocaten? Bankiers? Nee Duitsers zijn de baas op de Amsterdamse Zuidas Stefan Slijkerman @SLIJKERMANS Vrijmibo op de Zuidas @TheTailormates 1 jarig bestaan. | Parkeer24 @PARKEER24 Aan de A10 en Zuidas #Amsterdam wordt een nieuwe multifunctioneel #parkeergebouw gerealiseerd. | Sebastiaan Capel @sebastiaancapel Bewoonster “ik heb heel bewust gekozen voor zuidas, zo goed bereikbaar en de energie hier pept je helemaal op, je zit middenin de wereld | Zuidas Amsterdam @ZuidasAmsterdam De studentenwoningen @RavelResidence zijn klaar! Zuidas krijgt er momenteel elke dag 60 bewoners bij #woneninzuidas | Aniek Zweers @AniekZweers Onderweg @DeNieuwePoort in #zuidas voor de #meesterpreek van mijn tante @NagelTanja. Op naar een zonnige & bijzondere lunchbreak. | Redactie PropertyNL @PropertyNL Kwart van de ruimte die RBS gaat achterlaten in UNStudio #Zuidas is al in juni opzegbaar | Zuidas Run @zuidasrun NIEUW: 5 x 2 EM Team estafetteloop. Een korte afstand dwars door de Zuidas. Schrijf je in op: | Raja Felgata  @RajaFelgata Onze #kleurrijke100 borrel was weer te gek! #zuidas #Friends | De Nieuwe Poort @DeNieuwePoort @jorisluyendijk WAS HERE | Jasmijn @jasmijn_t  Frietjes op de zuidas lalalalala | Lennart Salemink @lennartsalemink  Aan de Zuidas wordt weer volop gebouwd, en niet alleen aan kantoren gelukkig. | Olga Mulder @olga_mulder Wijnproeverij op de Zuidas... Geslaagde opdracht, met 6 mooie wijnen en bijpassende hapjes. Santé! | MarcS_NBA @MarcS_NBA Hehe, eindelijk op kantoor. Dikke file bij de RAI, richting het universum van de #zuidas | @Spacemakersnl Gebouwen op de Amsterdamse Zuidas zijn 20 procent energiezuiniger dan elders | Saskia Rill @SaskiaRill  Cosmo opent binnenkort op Zuidas! | rajae @rajae  On my way to a breakfast meeting with a group of amazing creative minds/do’ers at de Zuidas #PowerOfArtHouse | Start People @startpeople Vandaag geven wij 100 VMBO leerlingen sollicitatietraining op de Zuidas Amsterdam samen met #JINC | Ton Bruijnis @tonbruijnis Zoekt er nog iemand een #lift van #Amsterdam Zuid / #zuidas naar #Utrecht? Ik ga binnen 15 min rijden.

YOU CAN FIND HELLO ZUIDAS ON THESE ONLINE PLATFORMS @HelloZuidas @hellozuidas For employees of companies that are member of Hello Zuidas, it is possible to join our LinkedIn group or link to Hello Zuidas as a contact. Hello Zuidas has an iPad app that allows you to flip through the magazine. FREEWIFI Hello Zuidas on Mahlerplein & Zuidplein



UNDER CONSTRUCTION TREES TAKE FINAL TRIP In the 1960s four plane trees were planted in Amsterdam Zuid. The trees, that were repeatedly relocated over the years, graced Gustav Mahlerplein from 2009. Now they have been replanted on their final location on Van Nijenrodeweg. Their removal was necessary to make way for the construction of a bicycle parking facility underneath Gustav Mahlerplein and the redesign of the square, set to commence this summer. According to project operator Werner Ketelaar, the replanting was a tricky business: ‘The trees are very heavy. To remove them, we had to rip up part of the pavement. Then we had to crop the crowns so they could pass under tram lines, traffic lights and viaducts during transport.’

TEMPORARY COURTHOUSE Next quarter will see the start of construction of a temporary new courthouse by the DPCP consortium, led by Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling and cepezedprojects, at the Parnascomplex. Erik Tuijp, Accommodations programme manager


for the Amsterdam District Court: ‘The existing court

Frederik Roeskestraat is diversifying day by day. Already it was

building dates from 1976 and has become obsolete.

home to Loyens & Loeff, the Handel Amsterdam pavilions, the

Moreover, it has insufficient courtrooms and the layout is

Buitenveldert cemetery and schools such as the Gerrit Rietveld

not up to modern energy and efficiency standards either’.

Academie and Geert Groote College, and now a beautiful new

From 2016 this temporary building plus the existing

apartment building will also be coming to this street. Project

Towers E and F will accommodate Amsterdam’s district

implementation manager Hanno de Groot: ‘Construction of

court for around five years. After that, the court will be

De Fred will start in May. This is a new apartment complex

able to move into its new headquarters.

being developed by Provast and it will consist of 177 rental and owner-occupied apartments, along with an indoor car park and an underground bike shed. De Fred will be situated between

To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website:

The British School and the Geert Groote College.’ The new Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive

apartment complex is set to transform Frederik Roeskestraat

the Zuidas Newsletter, on If you have any tips

into a lively street with a mix of housing, office space, schools,

for the editorial team, email them to:

services and amenities.


Manon van Beek, country managing director Accenture


‘Innovative ideas and collaboration grow from connecting with other people, starting here in Zuidas!’ Innovation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and corporate vitality are core themes at Accenture, a multinational organizational consulting firm. It is now almost two years since Manon van Beek took on the role of the company’s country managing director for the Netherlands. Having worked at Accenture for nearly twenty years, she was ready to test her mettle as head of the organization. Van Beek is a fervent supporter of the firm’s themes and has plenty to say about them. For instance, she explains why Accenture initiated the annual Zuidas Run in June and has chosen to be its main sponsor. On a Friday afternoon during a massive power cut in the province of Noord-Holland, we met up with Manon to talk about her work and her outlook on Accenture. Lots of people are probably aware that Accenture

18 months ago can still spark new initiatives. Also, when I

Nederland is headquartered in Zuidas, but may

started out as country managing director, I organized a breakfast

not know what Accenture does. Could you describe

for CEOs in Zuidas. This has laid the foundation for initiatives concer-

what kind of company you are?

ning sustainability that we’re now implementing together. For me,

Accenture is a management consulting, technology services and

this is a hugely important theme. Our dialogue about how to tackle

outsourcing company. We help businesses and government

issues surrounding innovation and sustainability has recently resulted

bodies to improve their performance. We offer three types of

in a joint Zuidas ambition statement, which we have all signed.

services. First of all, we give advice to companies, for instance based on trends and developments in other countries and sectors,

Accenture is a pioneer in innovation. Is that because

to help them recalibrate their business strategy. Second, Accenture

you’re a firm that operates worldwide?

helps effect transformations based on strategies, processes and

It certainly helps. Last year I picked up a great quote – from a child

technologies. In this case, we can either complete the implemen-

– that really intrigued me: “everything is possible and everything is

tation work ourselves, or the company can choose to implement

already there, it’s just that some things haven’t occurred yet. I firmly

a particular competence or process itself – though naturally

believe that many innovations already exist in other countries,

we’ll still provide support with training, to ensure a successful

continents or sectors. Sometimes, you have to connect to different

transfer. Our third service is Business Process Outsourcing.

parts of the world or connect companies from different industries to

Here we agree to manage the competence, part of the process

achieve new insights. We can make huge strides in innovation here

or the entire process on behalf of our clients. In general,

in the Netherlands by paying attention to other countries. We may

because we carry out and manage numerous implementation

even learn from other sectors. One can learn a lot from observation.

projects and business processes for our clients, we have a solid

Small start-ups, for example, can be extremely innovative while

foundation of knowledge and experience on which to base our

many Zuidas companies have the power to accelerate the execution

advice, so that closes the loop.

of these new ideas. Accenture is active in many sectors internationally, and I think that one of our key roles is to create connections,

You have been the country managing director at

and accelerate advances through such connections. Since we are

Accenture for almost two years. Are there extensive

already up to speed with these developments, it makes sense that

ties with other organizations in Zuidas?

we should also be leading them. But in order to achieve these goals,

I believe that every collaborative endeavour or innovative idea

we also need other companies on our side: you simply cannot tackle

grows from genuinely connecting with other people. I grew up

major issues and transformations on your own. Collaboration is a

in the Brabant region, where it’s considered polite to introduce

genuine necessity.

yourself to all of the neighbours. That’s also something I’ve taught my children. In keeping with this, when I was appointed country

By being the main sponsor of the Zuidas Run,

managing director, I introduced myself to other directors in Zuidas.

Accenture is demonstrating its commitment to employee

That generated many positive reactions, which – in turn –

vitality. Is that the only reason for backing this event?

resulted in some amazing conversations. Almost two years

In 2007 we relocated from Apollolaan to Zuidas. We set up the

down the road, I’ve found that connections with people I met

Zuidas Run as a friendly way to connect with fellow organizations

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde | Make-up artist Christel Mijers


Manon van Beek

here. Basically, we saw it as a fun, active way to get acquainted

without saying that our roof is home to a great many solar panels!

and get involved in the local community. We never anticipated

But all that is just the beginning.

that it would become such a big success. This event has enabled us to make positive connections with other companies

Where will Zuidas and Accenture be at five years

locally and to make our own contribution to the Zuidas

from now?

community. The Zuidas Run is also about corporate vitality

It would be great if you could walk out of the Zuid railway station

and connecting with each other, and that’s one of the three

and be greeted by a Sunflower Solar System in the mornings.

major themes under which we want to engage with the

That’s a solar panel in the shape of a sunflower. Beneath the

community. The second theme centres on our Skills to

flower would be a statement saying: ‘Together, companies in

Succeed programme, in which we help people to develop

Zuidas supply 120% sustainable energy’, because by then we will

the skills they need to enter the job market or start their

be producing more sustainable energy than we actually need.

own business. That way we address subjects such as youth

Apart from that, I’d like to see State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma

unemployment or the Participation Act. Our third key theme

come over for a return visit, so that we can show her how we’re

is sustainability, which spans everything from electric

fulfilling the terms of the Participation Act and that we have

transportation to energy supply.

taken it to the next level by employing even more talented individuals, simply by focusing on their talents – rather than on

What are your goals with regard to sustainability

their handicaps or restrictions. Looking at the area as a whole,

and the Skills to Succeed programme?

I envision Zuidas as an exemplary business centre within an

We’re active in lots of different sectors with clients

ecosystem consisting of other companies and residents.

embarking on major changes. Eventually, I think corporate

I’m eager to join forces with other companies in Zuidas to

social responsibility will simply become an inherent part of

make that happen.

doing business. There are a number of themes that we consider priorities for Accenture, but also for corporate Holland. Themes like fair food, health and well-being or smart

• Manon van Beek is country managing director at

manufacturing. Very often, we make a conscious choice to

partner with NGOs and client platforms. This creates a triangle

• Van Beek combines her role as head of Accenture in the

that gives an idea impact, as well as enriching and reinforcing the

Netherlands with that of Utilities practice leader for Strategy

relationship with clients. As far as sustainability is concerned,

in Europe, Latin America and Africa (since March 2015).

sustainable mobility is one major priority for us. Our employees

• Van Beek joined Accenture in 1996, starting her career

are given a flexible budget that they can use as they see fit.

There is growing interest in electric transport at Accenture.

• She lives in Naarden with her partner and

We are also considering whether we actually have to travel at

Accenture Nederland.

in the strategy practice. their two children.

all. Why not work from home, or at a client’s office? And it goes


Want to take part in the Zuidas Run on 12 June? Register now at!

GREAT HAIR HAS ARRIVED at Zuidas Amsterdam

Opening: 8th of May Please present this ad to enjoy a

FREE COSMO TOUCH-UP Perfectly styled in just 15 minutes VALID ON 11 & 12 of may

Book online @ - Gustav Mahlerlaan - Amsterdam



Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to:

60,000 M2 IN OFFICES BEING BUILT IN ZUIDAS ZUIDAS - Six office buildings are currently going up in


Zuidas. Totalling 60,000 m2, the new properties will

ZUIDAS - In June, the Zuidas project office will announce

expand Zuidas office stock by nine percent, according

which developer has been selected to break ground in the

to figures published in the mid-year Zuidas Office

plot opposite ABN AMRO, situated next to the A10

Monitor, which is conducted by Jones Lang Lasalle for

motorway in Zuidas. According to reports, only OVG and

the City of Amsterdam. Following a long hiatus in

G&S are left. The plot, designated as P15 in the municipal

property deliveries, 2014 saw the completion of no

registers, accommodates a total floor area of 60,000 m2.

less than two office towers –The Edge (36,000 m2)

Both developers claim they already found a tenant for

and Handel (2,200 m2) – increasing local office space

the space.

around by six per cent, to 695,900 m . 2




board has signed off on two spectacular pavilions designed

ZUIDAS - The reorganization of RBS in the Netherlands,

for the bank by architect Pi de Bruijn and to be built on

leading to the loss of 650 jobs, will also derive the

Gustav Mahlerplein. The square adjoins ABN AMRO’s

UNStudio building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas of its

head office and is already being opened up for the

principle occupant. The British merchant bank moved

construction of an underground bike shed later this year.

into the top half of the 85-metre high tower in 2011,

Building permission for the pavilions has not yet been

which is named for the design agency UNStudio, part

granted. Pi de Bruijn, who was involved in the initial urban

of Ben van Berkel’s architectural firm United Networks.

plan for the Zuidas district and who was also a vocal critic

RBS leases approximately 10,000 m2 between the 12th

of the ABN AMRO office tower, has conceived structures

and 20th storeys, as well as a private entrance. Around

featuring green grassy roofs. The pavilions will house

a quarter of the space is terminable from 1 June of this

public spaces and flexible workstations.

year, according to market sources. This concerns the 12th and 13th levels, adding up to just under 2,500 m2. The remaining office space is under a longer lease, for


which RBS itself will have to find a new tenant.

ZUIDAS - Brouwershoff and Maarsen Groep have obtained permission to start construction of Noma House in Zuidas without prelets – a rare concession in this post-crisis economy. With 11 storeys enclosing an interior courtyard and large rooftop terraces on the first and eighth levels, the building will have office floors ranging from 1,250 m2 to just over 1,400 m2. Noma House is being developed on the corner of Mahlerlaan and Parnassusweg, opposite the UNStudio Tower.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


We service the global mobility industry ...locally

short, medium and long term stays throughout The Netherlands

corporate housing factory +31 (0)88 11 69 500 | | 14644-024-Adv Hello Zuidas-2.indd 1

09-10-14 11:32

Drinks with colleagues boring ?

Come and have a drink on the Amstel!


And if you are still bored, at least you’ll have something to look at!

A Stadhouderskade 30 P 1071 ZD Amsterdam T +31 (0) 20 679 13 70

Are we truly that cosmopolitan? We like to call Zuidas a cosmopolitan hotspot. But how

However, we humans benefit from connecting with such

cosmopolitan are we Dutch folk really? When World Cup fever

others, who have different forms of cultural expression that can

takes us, we’re in no doubt about what flag and colour we belong

inspire one to gain fresh perspectives on people and society.

to. So then where do we stand outside championship football

Be that as it may, there are many Dutch people who claim to

season? I get a strong sense that we Dutch have to work

have no interest in looking beyond their circle of long-time

pretty hard to feel connected to people of other nationalities.

friends. Or else we might say, ‘Hey, you should come over to

Even when those other nationalities have been living in the

my place sometime’. But does it ever really happen? And when

Netherlands for ages. And, please, let’s not brush aside these

in company, are we prepared to switch to speaking English to

human beings with the label of ‘expats’. Let’s ditch the e-word!

make sure no one feels left out of the conversation?

In many countries – this one included – nationalistic parties

International connectedness is a universal value.

are garnering growing support. National interests must come

Human connectedness is not dictated by the colour

first, so they declare. We humans naturally seek out creatures

of our skin, the nationality in our passports, the place

like ourselves. People who understand us, who speak the same

of our birth or a language. Our fellow human beings defy such

language, literally and figuratively speaking. And yet,it is only

categories by their very uniqueness. In Zuidas, international

when we actively seek to interact with the other that we truly

collaboration is daily routine. So let Zuidas be a shining

unlock our full potential as human beings. But the other is

example for the rest of this country. A model of fellowship

other; in a word: different, strange. He – or she – is not like ‘me’.

across all borders and boundaries – starting right here at home!

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.



Keeping Zuidas on the move in future Remco Bentum & Niels van den Brink

As Zuidas expands and develops, it continues to attract increasing volumes of traffic. By car, train, bike and on foot, these volumes are only set to grow. To improve access to and through Zuidas, the Amsterdam Zuid station and A10 south motorway are about to get a massive overhaul in the Zuidasdok project. Planning how to keep traffic flowing during the works is now a key priority.



Every day, some 70,000 people travel through Amsterdam Zuid,

accessibility consultant for the Zuidasdok project. ‘But things

says Remco Bentum, project leader of the Zuidasdok planning

can always be better. The fewer cars, the less potential for

study. Even more trains will be calling here in future and it

delays – especially during the construction phase. It’s not as

will be the end of the line for the new Noord/Zuid metro line.

if we’re facing ten years of total gridlock, but it’s unavoidable

‘The journey to and from Amsterdam city centre will be easier

that access to Zuidas will see some disruptions.’ The project

and a lot quicker. With the A10 moving underground, we can

organisation is taking all possible steps to minimize such

create a compact, well-organized station designed for efficient

problems, for example by requiring that the contractor disrupt

travel. And that’s crucial, because by 2030 the number of visitors

normal traffic conditions as little as possible. ‘Smart planning

is expected to be three times what it is now.’ In the future station,

and smart building – that’s the strategy.’ For example,

tram and bus stops will be located closer to the metro platforms

says Van den Brink, by creating just enough space for the tunnel

to allow easy transfers, and broader platforms, and a second

works so that all traffic lanes can remain open, albeit narrowed,

underpass – the Britten passageway – will improve station access

on workdays. And by encouraging the use of alternative

and user convenience. ‘To accommodate increasing bike traffic

transportation. ‘For instance, by making use of bike park

to the station, we’re also adding a huge number of bike parking

information systems. It’s all about making

spaces, going from 6,500 to 11,000.’

sure everyone will continue to find their way around Zuidas once this temporary


situation is in place.’

Growing traffic volumes on the A10 south are leading to bottlenecks into Zuidas and greater Amsterdam. Expansion into a six-lane motorway in both directions will create additional

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and

capacity, while separating through traffic from local traffic will

public transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad

improve flows and manage traffic more safely. ‘The A10 south

area. Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and

is a key link in the regional road network’, Remco explains.

moved underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be

‘These measures will relieve backups caused by factors like

upgraded to serve as a future-proof public transport hub for

traffic slowing for exits during rush hour and will speed flows

train, tram, bus and metro services. Zuidasdok feeds into

on the ring road and other arterial roads.’

the continued development of Zuidas as a prime residential, working and recreational location. For further information,



In terms of traffic management, Zuidas has a fairly good spread between car, public transport and bike use, says Niels van den Brink,

Text Eric Burgers | Photography Jesse Kraal



Got a minute? Zuidas welcomes student residents!

With the opening of the Ravel Residence in March, Zuidas welcomed another student hall of residence. The new occupants are moved in and exploring the neighbourhood. Hello Zuidas headed out to talk to the first residents of this spectacular complex. How do they like living here and how do they like Zuidas?

NAURES ALSALEM (23), DENTAL HYGIENE STUDENT AT INHOLLAND, AND SJOERD VENEMA (22), ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS STUDENT AT THE UVA Naures: ‘Sjoerd and I live across from each other. We’ve both just moved in. Before this I roomed in Hoofddorp, but this is much more convenient for going to school. There are lots of facilities nearby. Whether I’ll stay in Zuidas after graduating? No idea!’ Sjoerd: ‘This is my first time living in a student residence and I love it. Zuidas is great, and the view from the roof at night is amazing. I can’t wait to discover all that Zuidas has to offer!’

ROMY VERHOEVEN (19), NURSING STUDENT AT THE SLOTERVAART HOSPITAL ‘I feel totally at home here already. The building insulation is very good: you don’t hear your neighbours. I’ve not explored Zuidas yet, but the neighbourhood is perfect. There are shops at the RAI and everything is close by. What I do miss, is outdoor terraces – the scene here is all business. I might stay on in Zuidas after graduating, or else maybe in Westerpark, which also seems like a nice area to live.


Want to join in the discussion? Send an email to:

PUBLIC SPACE DJEREMY HOEBEE (23), INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT STUDENT AT THE AUAS ‘I’ve only just moved in and it’s great. Before this I spent a year in Indonesia. I love travelling. I’ve met other residents of this hall via a group on Facebook, and now we often meet up or go out together in the evenings. Today was my first time walking around Zuidas, so I have yet to discover the local hotspots.’

ANNA WATERMAN (21), COMMUNICATION SCIENCE STUDENT AT VU ‘Zuidas is super! Before this, I lived at home with my parents in Soest. Around 20 of us have already gone out and now we plan to meet for dinner or whatever in the evenings. Zuidas is really the business heart of Amsterdam and it’s very quiet. I like that. I haven’t been here long enough to miss anything specifically. But I have discovered the sandwiches at Mech!’

ALEXA VOLLMAR (26), STUDENT AT HOTELSCHOOL THE HAGUE ‘There’s such a great atmosphere here! I’m from Switzerland originally and have been living in Amsterdam for a year and a half now. And before that , I lived in Amsterdam West. I’ve not seen much of Zuidas yet. It’s mostly a financial district, and I do miss having lively pubs and cafés nearby. After graduating I definitely want to stay in Amsterdam, but preferably in the city centre.’

MAX VAN DER WIEL (23) CULTURAL, ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT MA STUDENT AT VU ‘I like living here. Before this I lived in Rotterdam. Zuidas is great, but it’s still very much a financial district. There are some similarities with Rotterdam – the skyscrapers for one. If I can find a job in Amsterdam, I would definitely consider staying in Zuidas. It’s quieter and more attractive than the city centre.’

Text Floortje Osnabrug | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


Herengracht 581 - Amsterdam € 6.750.000,- k.k.

Molenweg 25 - Heelweg € 1.950.000,- k.k.

Bentveldsduinweg 3 - Aerdenhout € 4.900.000,- k.k.

Beekhuizenseweg 69 - Velp € 2.500.000,- k.k.

Vijzelweg 1 - Eext € 1.595.000,- k.k.

Bekslaan 36 - Vogelenzang € 1.995.000,- k.k.

Rhienderinklaan 3 - Warnsveld € 1.195.000,- k.k.

Lokkershofweg 1 - Noordwelle € 2.490.000,- k.k.

Veurseweg 125 - Voorschoten € 2.350.000,- k.k.

Gemaalweg 19 - ’s-Hertogenbosch € 3.500.000,- k.k.

Kralingseweg 347 - Rotterdam € 5.250.000,- k.k.

Puerto Seijas, Moraira Teulada, Spain € 4.250.000,- .k.k.

’s-Gravenweg 228 - Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel € 2.150.000,- k.k.

Noldijk 165 - Barendrecht € 1.399.000,- k.k.

Wilhelminakade - Rotterdam € 191.500,- tot € 3.442.000,- v.o.n.

’s-Gravenweg 331 - Capelle aan den IJssel € 1.395.000,- k.k.

Huizerweg 23 + 25 - Blaricum € 4.750.000,- k.k.

H.W. Iordensweg 27 - Twello Prijs op aanvraag

Keizersgracht 43 - Amsterdam € 2.850.000,- k.k.

Beijsterveld 73 - Amsterdam € 1.495.000,- k.k.

• Amsterdam • Rotterdam • Aerdenhout • Gorssel • Hoofdkantoor


Carla van den Brink makelaardij Hulstkamp makelaardij Makelaarskantoor Aerdenhout & Omstreken Christie’s International Real Estate | R365 Christie’s International Real Estate | R365

020-6717 272 010-22 508 22 023-5245 250 0575-492 722 020-2610 430

Mimmo Paladino

Frank Stella

Jaume Plensa

ARTZUID in Zuidas This year the fourth edition of Amsterdam’s biennial sculpture route will be beautifying the city from 22 May to 22 September. With a programme put together by Rudi Fuchs, art historian and former director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and curator Maarten Bertheux, ARTZUID 2015 will also be contributing three artworks to Zuidas’ Zuidplein, Gustav Mahlerplein and Gershwinplein. Jaume Plensa (b. 1955) is a native of Barcelona.

Frank Stella (b. 1936) made his name in the 1960s

Like many artists from Catalonia, his visual work

with his basic explorations of the visual possibilities

is closely tied to poetry. Many of his figures are

of paintings. By extending the linear patterns of a

composed of words and letters, moulding the

painted surface into its edges, he would transform

figure from a voice. Heart of Trees is a group of

the traditional rectangular frame into a ‘shaped

eight figures, seated in relaxed poses with their

canvas’. The American artist’s Inflated Star and

arms clasped around trees. Each figure is clad in

Wooden Star is a recent work and represents a

letters. Amidst their architectonic surroundings,

further stage in his development. In it, Stella plays

the sculptures seem to wish to keep watch

with space by juxtaposing the outlines of an open

over nature.

star shape with the rounded forms of a solid star. The twin shapes seem to both repel and

Mimmo Paladino (b. 1948) studied at the art

attract each other, creating a dynamic tension.

academy of Benevento in his native Italy from 1964

Displayed on Gershwinplein, the sculpture makes

to 1968 and took part in Documenta in Kassel

for a stunning landmark.

in 1982. His work spans sculpture, drawing, painting and various printing techniques. Zenith is

Members only: Zuidas and Hello Zuidas will be opening ARTZUID

a sculpture of a majestic horse with a geometric

on 28 May. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer will host a reception from

form, known in mathematics as a dodecahedron.

3:30pm, where guests will be welcomed by the office’s managing

The horse symbolizes vitality, power, endurance

director, Winfred Knibbeler. Followed by a lecture by curator Rudi Fuchs

and triumph. Cast in bronze, the sculpture is

and guided tour departing from Minervalaan. Afterwards, join us to

evocative of an illustration. This horse, with its

toast the opening with drinks on Gershwinplein from 5:30pm.

noble bearing, will stand guard over Gustav

Email us at:

Mahlerplein in Zuidas.

Text Romy Lange


Finance Source: Het Financieele Dagblad

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

LAWYERS DISPLACE ACCOUNTANTS ZUIDAS - Forensic accountants are complaining about


lawyers encroaching in their domain. They contend that

ZUIDAS - The Deloitte accountancy firm has won

lawyers lack the requisite expertise and are chiefly

the most recent round in the battle for businesses

concerned with serving their own clients’ interests, and

required to switch accountants, enabling it to close

even go so far as to withhold information. According to

the long-standing gap with the other ‘Big Four’ of

the FD, fraud investigators at large accountancy firms

professional services firms (EY, KPMG, PwC).

intend to raise this issue with the Netherlands Institute

According to Deloitte’s own figures, on the basis of

of Chartered Accountants (NBA). A growing share of

the sum total of companies, the firm’s market share

law firms are also offering audit services. De Brauw,

of AEX and AMX funds has gone up from 30% to

for example, has been carrying out an increasing number

36%, thus overtaking KPMG as market leader.

of due diligence procedures on bribery, embezzlement

As from 1 January 2013, listed companies and financial

and other abuse practices. Most recently it has led

institutions have been obligated to switch accountants

inquiries at SBM Offshore, Ordina, Philips and Imtech.

every eight years as part of Dutch legislation, which is aimed at improving audit precision and quality.




ZUIDAS - Upcoming reforms to the tax system need to be

ZUIDAS - According to the International Monetary

keyed to generating more jobs. This was the message of

Fund (IMF), economies are seeing an upswing in the

employer and employee representatives during a hearing at

developed world, but to nowhere near the levels as

the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Finance on the

they were pre-crisis. Likewise, emerging countries

Dutch cabinet’s promised revision of the tax system.

are having to contend with depressed growth.

Parliamentary finance specialists spoke to representatives

These findings are presented in a section of its

of the social partners and tax researchers and practitioners

midterm World Economic Outlook (WEO) published

about the new tax system. Employer organizations called

in April. The report further emphasizes the need

for a reduction in taxes on citizens and businesses and

for governments to take measures, including a

warned that merely shifting the financial burden will not

reinforcement of their potential growth, in order

lead to new jobs. Accordingly, Cees Oudshoorn of the

to avoid running into a budgetary impasse.

Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) and the entrepreneurs’ organization MKB-Nederland and Hans Biesheuvel of the ONL entrepreneurs’ organization both opposed raising VAT income as a way to finance a reduction in labour costs.

BOEKEL DE NERÉE NOW BOEKEL ZUIDAS - Law firm Boekel de Nerée has changed its name to Boekel. The name ‘De Nerée’ has already been stripped from the company’s office in Zuidas. In its new guise, Boekel will specialize exclusively in corporate real estate, with a focus on litigation. A new CEO, Marien Glerum, has been appointed from 1 July.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


Chef Marcel Johannes’ kitchen

A week in the life of De Nieuwe Poort A year and a half after opening on Claude Debussylaan, social enterprise De Nieuwe Poort has evolved from start-up to full-fledged enterprise. A centre for interaction and inspiration in the heart of Zuidas, here you’ll find bankers and students, young professionals and seniors all mingling together.



A bleary-eyed consultant gratefully accepts a takeaway

‘De Nieuwe Poort is a social enterprise built around a

coffee. Not just any coffee, mind you, but ‘fair-chain’ coffee.

healthy business model and focused on improving the world’,

At De Nieuwe Poort, everything comes with a story. From the

explains Jeroen de Roever. As managing director, Jeroen

poems written on the pillars to the proverbs on the toilet walls,

succeeded founder Ruben van Zwieten in January, so Ruben

not to mention the reading table that invites you ‘to slow down

can focus more on the philosophy behind the organization.

without your computer’. It’s a bona fide centre for interaction

Having earned his spurs in international business (including at

and inspiration, true to De Nieuwe Poort’s mission. Chef Marcel

ATPI Group), Jeroen’s mission is to guide De Nieuwe Poort to

Johannes’ kitchen likewise has a tale to tell: it doubles as a training

further growth. And not just as a state-of-the-art conference

institute for people with a troubled past, giving them a fresh start

and catering venue, he says, but also ‘as a setting for high-level

under Marcel’s tutelage. Marcel himself arrives around ten.

dialogue about rules-based and principles-based enterprise,

‘I’m working on the new menu. I’m still debating whether to do a

ethics, technology, disruption and other issues at the

sabayon with the sautéed halibut.’ The menu deadline is Friday.

crossroads of community and business’.


Lunchtime Concert Audience Lunch Break Lecture

The reading table that invites you ‘to slow down without your computer’

Ruben van Zwieten & Esther Albers

Lunch hour

12:40PM Esther Albers is holding a Lunch Break Lecture. As a member

It was all about stepping outside your comfort zone and self-

of the De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek management team,

renewal. Inspired, the participants continue the discussion

she speaks about the fast-changing world in which lawyers

with each other. With full evening programs held every month,

have to forge a new path, while also fostering soft skills like

the Table of XII offers a personal development pathway from

vulnerability. Fellow legal practitioners, local residents and

homo economicus to homo universalis.

lunch lecture regulars have converged from the surrounding towers to crowd into the top-floor space. ‘Such an honour’,


Esther exclaims as she joins Ruben for a photo.

At the café-restaurant Jazz pianist Loran Witteveen has just arrived to play from noon to 2pm. It’s a treat for the lunchtime


crowd as well as a great spot for the prize-winning musician

Today marks the first Lunchtime Concert to be hosted in

to practise his craft.

the café-restaurant. Day-trippers, lawyers from Boekel and strategists from Accenture sit shoulder to shoulder around the


stage as three conservatory students play Bach and Piazzolla.

A group of ABN AMRO employees and a cohort of VU

The music is lovely, the concert a success.

researchers jointly rise from their lunch tables. It’s back to work upstairs. The lunch hour rush has ebbed and in Marcel’s kitchen


all is quiet. ‘I’ve decided’, he exclaims. ‘Halibut with sabayon it is!’

It’s another edition of the ‘Table of XII’, and participants fill all the rooms. Decision-makers, ambitious thirtysomethings and organizations such as De Nederlandse Bank and Accenture

De Nieuwe Poort

reflect on the evening’s plenary debate between former

Claude Debussylaan 2-8,

politician Femke Halsema, VU president Jaap Winter and

1082 MD Amsterdam

Ruben van Zwieten. ‘This is what makes it all worthwhile’,

+31 020 337 6919

says a tired but happy Ruben two hours later. The debate on life

as a permanent learning experience was open and intense.

Text Eduard van Holst Pellekaan | Photography Wouter Jansen, Sofie Simao


The TOEICÂŽ tests,

the world’s most popular

English assessments for the workforce

• 14,000 organisations use the TOEIC tests • 7 million tests administered annually • 4 skills measured Sessions available in the World Trade Center Amsterdam. L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

Copyright Š 2014 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries, used under licence.

AP ZUIDAS 185 x 127,5mm.indd 1

02/06/14 17:44

A new generation of Childcare.


Please call or email us to make an appointment to have a look around. 020 7058040 • ,-VEDDQSDGr&9$PVWHUGDP

All information is available in English and Dutch at

OYA-FLYER_kikkerbekje_PRINT_ENG_0820.indd 1

sur les petits docs type A5

L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

sur doc type A4

For more information and registration:

20-08-14 17:05

Dr. Sheetal Shah, head of the Department of Behavioral & Social Sciences

MA in Psychology: Emphasis in Counseling Psychology Webster University Leiden, founded in 1983 and the only US-accredited university in the Netherlands, offers various BA and MA programs. The two-year MA in Psychology: emphasis in Counseling Psychology, prepares counseling psychologists for advanced doctoral studies in psychology and trains students to go into professional practice. It also includes an internship.



Webster’s MA in Psychology is fully accredited by the US and

Psychology and counseling have long been associated with

recognized in many countries, drawing students from around the

mental illness and instability. But that attitude is shifting.

world. According to Dr. Sheetal Shah, head of the Department

Dr. Shah: ‘We now live in an era where everyone is looking

of Behavioral & Social Sciences, ‘This in-depth program goes

for recognition and reflection. Asking for help is no longer

beyond the theoretical foundations of counseling and psycho-

seen as something negative, in fact it has become an accepted

therapy and places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic com-

component of everyday life.’

ponent based on the scientist-practitioner model. This unique combination of theory and practice fully prepares students to go

Program starts in August. For more information, please contact

into the counseling profession.’

Webster University or visit

MULTICULTURAL PERSPECTIVE Students study various cases and do role plays, where they learn how to respond to different situations with different

Webster Amsterdam

people. ‘Learning to apply a multicultural perspective is crucial,

Strawinskylaan 57, phone: +31 (0)20 379 56 97

and that requires a specific set of skills, critical thinking and creative questioning. Take ethics for example: everyone has a

Webster Leiden

different understanding of ethics, entailing different dynamics

Boommarkt 1, phone: +31 (0) 71-516 8000

that students have to try to grasp and assimilate. They have to be able to think outside the box and adapt their own approach.’

Dr. Shah explains.

Text Mandy Tromp | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam TILL 5 JUNE 2015 Exhibition: Zuidas Underground @ WTC A modest yet unique exhibition is currently on view beneath Zuidplein, showcasing the underground world of Zuidas. The exhibit was opened on 5 March by Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office director Klaas de Boer and Amstel, Gooi en Vecht water board chairman Gerhard van den Top. Organized by Stichting Amsterdam Ondergronds, this marks the first time subterranean Zuidas has been put in the spotlights. Discover the fascinating unknown, unseen underground! Further info:

EVERY MONDAY TO FRIDAY Drinks, lunch and dinner @ Dackterraz Basket Enjoy drinks, lunch or dinner in the summer sun on Amsterdam’s coolest rooftop terrace. Dackterraz is open every weekday and situated on the roof of The Basket on the VU campus. For details, check, or drop by!


SUNDAY, 10 MAY 2015

THURSDAY, 7 MAY 2015 Biscuits @ Crowne Plaza’s Manhattan Terrace Enjoy live music evenings at the Manhattan Terrace of the Crowne Plaza hotel. Every first Thursday of the month from 6pm to 9pm. Free entry.

Mother’s Day Royal High Tea @ Parker’s Let your mother know how much she means to you by treating her to a Royal High Tea at Parker’s on her special day! Enjoy sumptuous delights specially selected by Rosarium, with a choice spread of hot and cold delicacies and luxury teas. Free drink upon arrival. For details, send an email to:

FRIDAY, 8 MAY 2015

TUESDAY, 12 MAY 2015

Free Friday Night Run @ Olympic Stadium Every second Friday of the month, the Phanos canteen at the Olympic Stadium marks the start and finish of the Free Friday Night Run. Open to all, from competitive athletes to recreational joggers, the Free Friday Night Run is a chance to train at your own pace under the supervision of an experienced runner. Groups range from 9, 10, 11, 12 to 13 km per hour. For less experienced runners there’s also a 40-minute group run that stays at under 9 km per hour. For details see:

Lunch Break Lecture by Jacques Kuyf @ De Nieuwe Poort Could you do with a mental boost during your lunch break? Join us for our Lunch Break Lectures at De Nieuwe Poort. They’re scheduled for three times a month on Tuesdays from 12:40pm until 1pm. Each lecture features a leading figure from public or corporate life giving a philosophical slant on themes such as competition, leadership, solidarity and justice. The next speaker will be Jacques Kuyf, CCO of Stage Entertainment. Further info:

MAY - JUNE 2015 Next magazine will be published @ 29th of June. Send your agenda to before May 25th.

WEDNESDAY, 20 MAY 2015 Suits & Stilettos Run @ Gustav Mahlerplein 12:30pm - 1:30pm Anyone who has personally witnessed the electrifying Suits & Stilettos Run will agree: Zuidas is all about competition! Now in its sixth edition, the Suits & Stilettos Run is a race that pits different professions against each other in an all-or-nothing 50-metre sprint. Dress code: high heels and sharp suits.



Speed dating (hetero) @ Fitch & Shui 7:30pm-10pm Being single in Zuidas... can be such a drag. But where better to speed date? Over the course of the evening you’ll be introduced to around 15 other singles, meeting a new person every five minutes. After each speed date you can indicate your interest on the matchmaking form. It’s that simple! Further info:

Opening of Brasserie Mahler @ The Edge On Monday 1 June,The Edge will celebrate the opening of its brand-new café, Brasserie Mahler. Serving lunch, dinner and drinks, Brasserie Mahler also offers an outdoor terrace where you can relax while savouring drinks and bites after a hard day’s work. It’s also the perfect spot to meet with clients. For details about the opening and to register, send an email to:

SATURDAY, 23 & SUNDAY, 24 MAY 2015 Better Event 2015 @ Amsterdam RAI Better Event 2015 is a unique health event revolving around nutrition, personal care, beauty, sports and fitness. Featuring new products, demos, workshops and lectures, Better Event zooms in on the real significance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Visit Better Event on Whitsun weekend, 23-24 May, and experience the opening event of the Amtrium, Amsterdam RAI’s latest and most sustainable venue. Further info:

THURSDAY, 28 MAY 2015 Pétanque @ Gershwinplein Ever wanted to play pétanque? Well, now you can! On 28 May, two game terrains will be opening on Gershwinplein. Sebastiaan Capel and a Zuidas resident will do the official honours. The boules are being sponsored by Veuve Cliquot. Come and test your aim! 6pm: Start at Bolenius 6:30pm: Opening of the terrains

THURSDAY, 4 JUNE 2015 Roodhuis swing band @ Crowne Plaza’s Manhattan Terrace Enjoy live music evenings at the Manhattan Terrace of the Crowne Plaza hotel. Every first Thursday of the month from 6pm to 9pm. Free entry.


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

THURSDAY, 4 JUNE 2015 Street football tournament @ Gustav Mahlerplein Every year, Zingeving Zuidas organizes a massive street football tournament that teams up lawyers, bankers and consultants from Zuidas with vocational secondary school pupils from across Amsterdam. It’s a great opportunity for companies to reach out to youngsters who tend to fall beyond their radar, and for kids to find out about a world that can seem very remote. Aside from the football matches, various other activities will be organized around the pitch as well as De Nieuwe Poort. For details see:

SUNDAY, 21 JUNE 2015


Zuidas Run @ Zuidas The Zuidas Run is an initiative that grew out of Accenture’s relocation to Zuidas 2007. Joining with 13 partners, Accenture organized the first edition of the Business Run of the Netherlands as a sports-minded social networking event for all companies in and around Zuidas, and more specifically for their employees, clients and networks. With runs measuring 4 and 10 English miles, it’s time to start training! Further info:

RSM Erasmus Business Series @ Boekel Find out how to apply storytelling in your company; learn how to enhance your impact on a personal and professional level. This series is organized by the Department of Executive Education at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Further info:

FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2015 GET LOST – art route @ Zuidas 4pm - 9pm An outdoor art route that winds its way through Zuidas, free of charge and accessible to all, GET LOST features eight public artworks made by young artists. The works were commissioned by seven organizations based in Zuidas. ‘Get lost’ in Zuidas on your own or book a guided GET LOST – art route tour on our site. Join the festive opening (12 June) of the GET LOST – art route! GET LOST brings highquality contemporary art to the Zuidas financial district, spurring viewers to ‘get lost’ between the commercial needs of the financial district and the freedom that comes with the experience of art. Further info:


WEDNESDAY, 24 JUNE 2015 Lunchtime Concert @ Concertgebouw Amsterdam In the wake of last year’s successful series, the Zuidas Green Business Club will once more be organizing an excursion to the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. The People project group and employees of GBC members will join customers of the Amsterdam Zuid food bank and Amsterdam Zuid seniors for an afternoon of music at Amsterdam’s famous concert hall on Museumplein. Further info:

THURSDAY, 25 JUNE 2015 YIP Zuidas drinks @ Hotel de L’Europe Are you 35 or younger and keen to build up your Zuidas network? And is your company looking to connect with other local players too? Become a member of YIP Zuidas! YIP Zuidas regularly organizes get-togethers for members to meet and chat over drinks. Join us on 25 June at Hotel de L’Europe, and bring your colleagues! To register or learn more about YIP Zuidas, send an email to:

Friday, 26 June 2015

Zuidas Culinair Zomerfeest

@ Zuidplein, Amsterdam Participants meeting starts at 3pm Zuidas Culinair Zomerfeest 5pm till midnight Every year we celebrate the start of summer with WTCafe de Blauwe Engel’s Zomerfeest and Zuidas Culinair. This year’s celebration will kick off with a musical performance by Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Followed by DJ Theo, Frans Duits, Quincy, Show me 90s and more! While enjoying the music, also sample the best that Zuidas restaurants and cafés have to offer. Members of Hello Zuidas can request free tokens by emailing*. MEMBERS MEETING



Before the music gets underway, please join us for the members’ meeting in the WTC Amsterdam theatre to discuss current developments in and around Zuidas. To register, send an email to: Closure date: Friday, 19 June.

Bagels & Beans, Bolenius Restaurant, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South, Eetwinkel Zwaan, Kenko Kitchen, Koetjes & Kalfjes, NH Hotels, Unicucine, Novotel Amsterdam City, Qbic Hotels, Restaurant NINE, Sushi Time, Symphony’s, The Oyster Club, Corso Como, Fitch & Shui, Wineboutique and Spirits, Wagamama, WTCafé de Blauwe Engel, De Nieuwe Poort.

Like our Facebook pages and tell us why you should win our Special Treatment package for yourself and four of your friends!

* First 150 registrants.



Alderman Choho is the city’s portfolio holder for sustain-ability, public space, services and administrative procedures.

Our ambition: to make Zuidas the most sustainable location in the world On 11 March Amsterdam’s city council unanimously adopted the Amsterdam Sustainability Agenda, unveiled by the municipal executive in December 2014. Its foremost aim is to accelerate the pace of the capital’s sustainability efforts, with initiatives revolving around green energy, air quality improvement, a circular urban economy and climate adaptation. City Alderman Abdeluheb Choho sat down with us to talk about the relationship between Amsterdam and Zuidas, and Zuidas’ sustainable energy, air quality and circular economy ambitions. What is the City of Amsterdam doing to promote

Businesses are rolling out all sorts of sustainable

green energy?

measures, but how can Zuidas effect a genuine leap

‘Amsterdam’s population is growing by 10,000 people a year,

towards area-wide initiatives?

and the number of businesses is growing as well. These are

‘The Zuidas Green Business Club is working hard to facilitate

good signs. One of the issues I’m working on is how this growth

collaboration in the Zuidas district, for example through

will impact energy supplies in the years ahead and what we can

project working groups, in which companies are tackling

do to anticipate these changes. Obviously, end users choose

these themes together. Their efforts have already paid off;

where to buy their energy, but the government still facilitates

resulting in plans for RAI to supply heating to a prospective

the whole process. Anyone wanting to get on board with green

hotel and for Deloitte to install solar panels on the roof of

energy – and that includes companies here in Zuidas – can call

VU University Amsterdam. These are great steps on the

on the government for guidance on aspects such as financing,

way to the area-wide initiatives we’re ultimately striving for.

regulations surrounding green energy, making connections,

By working together we can accomplish more – not just for

exchanging knowledge and also good commissioning practices,

one’s own company or building, but also for the enhancement

which is an area where companies can play a lasting role.’

of the image of Zuidas as a whole. How great would it be



Presentation Sustainability Report 2014

Wabe van Enk of PropertyNL delivered his short sharp commentary on a topical issue

The presentation took place in The Edge

Makers Sustainability Report

if we could boast not only the most sustainable office building worldwide, but if we could actually become the world’s most

During a meeting of leading companies and organizations

sustainable location?’

in Zuidas held on 12 March 2015, participants expressed their commitment to investing in a more sustainable

What is needed to transform Zuidas into a genuine

Zuidas. Among those in attendance was Alderman Choho:

circular economy as envisioned in Amsterdam’s

‘I think this is a good starting point from which to move

Sustainability Agenda?

forward, by intensifying collaboration and formulating

‘An area like Zuidas may become a circular economy by

further concrete objectives. Local business alliances like

thinking in terms of use rather than in terms of ownership.

the Zuidas Green Business Club are also a great model for

And that’s quite easy to achieve in locations with a high

collaborative efforts elsewhere in the city.’

density of businesses. Already, various companies are integrating sustainable developments into their own corporate philosophies. But the problem is that they mostly use the past as a benchmark. If you truly want to think in circular terms, you have to turn that around and look to the future, ask where

The 2014 Sustainability Report, which brings together the

do we want to go and what do we need to get there? The logical

sustainability results achieved by Hello Zuidas, the Green

next step is that companies join up to do this mental projection

Business Club and the City of Amsterdam (Zuidas District),

for the Zuidas district as a whole, forging their own connections

was officially presented on 2 April last year.

between different components such as energy supplies,

Visit for the integral report.

waste and car use. That in itself will provide a huge boost for scaling up these efforts.

Text Marjolein van Lingen | Photography Jesse Kraal


Nicolas Constantinesco, faculty of Executive Education at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)

Storytelling moves business Storytelling – a way of presenting the social context of business – is a powerful tool to find, create and share compelling stories to engage with stakeholders, attract new customers, and even resolve internal conflicts. Successful managers use it to give a sense of belonging to something social, establishing connections between personal and professional lives, and to give companies depth. Inspiring others through authenticity is not new. Every culture

connectivity but has decreased connectedness. Storytelling

shares stories, but what’s new is the use of storytelling in business

creates meaning. We can use it as a route to effectively convey

as a powerful tool to deliver information, influence others,

important messages.’

and build brands.

CREATING IMPACT ‘Stories humanise business,’ says business consultant Nicolas

Nicolas says a story’s impact depends on how meaningful it

Constantinesco. The storytelling expert says stories simplify

is to the storyteller. During a Stanford University graduation

the world around us. ‘We’re bombarded with data, dry facts,

speech, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs recounted how his

and media,’ he says. ‘Technology has dramatically increased

college calligraphy class triggered his appreciation for design.


He incorporated this in Apple’s user-friendly and straightforward designs. Many graduates empathised with Jobs’ uncertainty about where his ideas would lead. His story nudged them to follow their curiosity, instinct and passion.

BUILDING TRUST-BASED RELATIONSHIPS As a change and leadership coach, Nicolas helps professionals explore their career potential. ‘Successful people have clearly defined goals and recognize their accomplishments. They don’t just present a list of bullet points; they portray their paths as a coherent narrative,’ he says. In consulting, well-chosen stories about former clients can reassure new clients. ‘Personal effectiveness increases dramatically when building trust-based relationships, sharing innovative ideas, and making our points clear during management discussions,’ says Nicolas.

‘Technology has increased connectivity


but has decreased connectedness.

Find out how to apply storytelling in your company,

Storytelling creates meaning.

and professional level.

We can use it to effectively


Storytelling in Business

convey important messages.’


Thursday 25 June, 16:00-18:00,

followed by networking drinks


Boekel De Nerée (in Viñoly Building)

and learn how to enhance your impact on a personal

IMPROVING RESULTS People are often pushed and pressured into a practical mode:

For more information, visit

bringing in good results, delivering products, or making a sale. ‘Yet, people have a much greater sense of fulfilment when work provides more than just a series of transactional wins,’


says Nicolas. A story gives a sense of meaning. ‘The emotional

Viñoly Building, 1st floor

part of the brain is responsible for decision-making, which we

Claude Debussylaan 46

later rationalise with facts and figures,’ he says, adding that

1082 MD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

companies who use stories achieve better results than those

that push statistics. ‘It costs a lot of energy to compute and compare facts. It’s not fun. People are ultimately looking for something to relate to.’ Nicolas believes that with practice, anyone can use storytelling techniques in business. ‘The beauty of stories is that they form a shared heritage, they become tradable currency,’ he says. ‘When you see yourself in my story, my story becomes yours.’

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Kathelijne Wilhelmy, Janneke den Ouden & Barbara van Tol

Finn van Leeuwen, mrs. Nieuwenhuis & Robert Dijckmeester

Sigining ‘Beter Benutten’contract

2014 ZUIDAS SUSTAINABILITY REPORT PRESENTATION Tuesday, 2 February @ The Edge • • • • • •

Makers Sustainability Report 2014

Sustainability market

Alderman Abdeluheb Choho delivered the keynote speech. Visitors enjoyed a guided tour of the world’s most sustainable office building. Over 150 associates of Hello Zuidas, the Green Business Club and the Zuidas Development Office attended. After the presentation there was plenty of time to network over drinks. Visitors could meet suppliers at the sustainability market. The Edge received a BREEAM new construction certification, marked ‘Outstanding’.

Olivier Otten, Joost Brinkman, Vera Luijendijk & Abdeluheb Choho

Audience @ The Edge

Sustainability market

Sebastiaan Capel & Pieter Brommelcamp

Katelijn Wilhelmy, Luc Beyer & Koos de Looff

Left: Dorine van der Schalk

Anne Joustra, Jan-Bert Dijkstra & Ron Hofman

Pieter van Ommen & Tim van de Kimmenade

Left: Vera Luijendijk & right: Joost Brinkman


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Arjanne Verveld, Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld & Harriëtte Loeffen

Koos Weits & Tony Wijntuin

Edward Zevenbergen & Ruth Jansen

Bouke van der Weide, Berend Diekhuis & Michael Berendsen

ASEGA MEDIA & HELLO ZUIDAS NETWORKING CRUISE Tuesday, 7 April @ Amsterdam Canals • • • • • •

100 people boarded the boat at StrandZuid. Captains of the Blue Boat Company navigated the invited guests through Amsterdam’s canals. The guest list included people from various companies. Everyone enjoyed the excursion from Zuidas to the heart of Amsterdam! There was much networking and exchanging of business cards on board. The Blue Boat Company helped make it a great event! Blue Boat Company

Emile Govaerts, Kim Nordmann & Elizah Withaar

Frans van den Bliek & Patty Chen

Eline Hoogendijk & Peter Hoogendijk

Left: Joost Goudsmit & right: Ellen Vunderink

Tjitske Pitstra, Annette van der Schee, Maike Kroese & Renny Kootstra

Right: Niels de Wilde

Ruben Kaatee, Marcel van Loon & Heleen Blackstone

Ronald Koemans, Saskia Riell & Maxwell van Vaughan

Richard Vergouwen, Bart Boersma & IJsbrand Brunger

Photography Jesse Kraal

Robert Hompes & Jeroen van Drongelen



Zuidas: leading sustainable location nationwide On 2 April the 2014 Zuidas Sustainability Report was presented at The Edge, the most sustainable office building in the world. Reporting on sustainability from various angles – mobility, energy, waste and buildings – it also includes the results of a BREEAM-NL In-Use study conducted in 2014. These results reveal that buildings in Zuidas score 20% higher on energy efficiency than the Dutch average. In various spots around Zuidas new buildings are going up.

are in use for offices and 120,000 m2 for other facilities, such as

As of 2009, all new buildings have to at least qualify for

VU University Amsterdam and VU Medical Center. Across the

BREEAM-NL Excellent certification. BREEAM (Building

entire bbn database, which currently comprises around 4 million

Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)

m2 in office stock, no other location scores as high as Zuidas.

is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method

Properties in Zuidas are sustainable – achieving an average

and rating system for buildings. Yet Zuidas also has quite a

BREEAM rating of Very Good. And Zuidas scores above average

few older buildings. At present, the total of office, housing and

in almost every category, most notably energy, transportation

facilities floor space in Zuidas tallies in at around 1.7 million

and waste. These high scores are partly attributable to the large

m . In 2014, Hello Zuidas, the Zuidas Green Business Club and

share of new buildings in Zuidas, which rate higher on energy

the Zuidas Development Office commissioned bbn adviseurs

performance. Its central location for public transport services

to conduct a survey on the sustainability of the local building

and many facilities also helps. By comparison, scores for office

stock. Bbn applied the BREEAM-NL method to its 2014 Zuidas

management and use are more or less on a par with the Dutch

Sustainability Study, which surveyed owners, managers and

average. In other words, this is where Zuidas still has ground to

users of buildings in Zuidas.

gain. Initiated to feed into the wider dialogue with partners in


Zuidas about ways to improve sustainability, the Sustainability The survey results present a picture of the quality of the 820,000

Study explores current opportunities and provides practical

m of existing property space in Zuidas, of which 700,000 m2

guidance for all participants.






The number one business locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (Zuidas and Rotterdam Central District) also earn top marks for sustainability, far outranking the Dutch average. In the current performance database, Zuidas beats out every other location.

welfare & health

energy transport water



820.000 m

Rotterdam CD

430.000 m2




The Netherlands 4.000.000 m2

land use & ecology



De Groene Werkplek is een initiatief van bbn adviseurs.

Want to learn more about the 2014 Zuidas Sustainability Report and/or the BREEAM assessment report? Pick up a free copy at the Zuidas Business Club in Old School, the Hello Zuidas service point, or the reception desk of the Zuidas Development Office.

Text Bram Kortekaas | Infographic Wilrik Kok






Working together to keep Zuidas accessible Zuidas owes a significant part of its success to

being enlarged, with part of the A10 to be

excellent access, ensured by its proximity to

rerouted underground.

Schiphol, the RAI and Amsterdam Zuid stations, as well as the A10 motorway. Compared to other

With these large infrastructure projects, relief is

office locations in the Netherlands, a large share

imminent – but not just yet. In fact, the work re-

of people commute here by bike (26%) or public

quired over the next ten years will likely bring more

transport (33%). Car users currently make up

disruptions than respite. Limiting the inconvenience

around 41%.

wherever possible is therefore a major current priority. Businesses can do their share by adjusting

With the area fast expanding, the volume of

their own mobility policies to foster desirable

people travelling in and out of Zuidas is only set

commuting habits amongst staff. For example,

to grow. And that's where the challenge lies.

by offering genuinely flexible working hours and

We want to ensure commuters make maximum

flexible mobility budgets that enable staff to choose

use of existing roads, cycle paths and public

their mode of transport on a day-to-day basis.

transport. More roads are certainly not the answer. Huge investments are already being

The Zuidas Green Business Club, Hello Zuidas

made to improve local access. From 2017 the

and the Zuidas Accessibility Task Force are

North-South metro line will be running a service

working with participants to set up collective

between the north of Amsterdam and the

measures that will guarantee continued local

Amsterdam Zuid station. Rails are being adapted

access. Zuidas' Greenwheels car-sharing

to accommodate more intercity trains at

programme with Audi A1 cars is just one example,

Amsterdam Zuid. And, last but not least,

and further collective projects to maintain area

the A9 and the A10 south motorways are

accessibility are being explored.

Text Renny Kootstra | Photography Erik Bouw



Alexandra van Huffelen, managing director of Amsterdam Public Transport Company (GVB).



‘Zuidas is the city’s most important hub after Central Station’ When it comes to local accessibility, Zuidas has some tough challenges ahead – with Zuidasdok, lots of new buildings, increasing gridlock and a growing number of cars on the road, to name but a few. We discussed these and other issues with Alexandra van Huffelen, managing director of Amsterdam Public Transport Company (GVB). Following a term as alderwoman for Sustainability, City Centre and Public Spaces in Rotterdam and a career at Dutch energy provider Essent, she and her team are now tackling public transport links in Amsterdam. In June 2014 you became the new managing

the metro alone is forecast to contribute almost twice the

director of GVB. How is it going so far?

passenger volume compared to that of regular trains at

Obviously, this job is entirely different from working in city

Zuid station. So it’s crucial that we have enough space

government, but it suits me well. GVB is a great company to

and facilities for all of these passengers in Zuid. There is

work for and public transport is a key element of this city.

a whole raft of practical aspects to consider, such as planning

I’ve noticed that in Amsterdam, interaction with tram and bus

enough stops and rails to accommodate high frequencies

drivers happens on a much more personal level. They greet

of services. Also, passengers need a covered space to wait

you in true Amsterdam fashion and their attitude is more

and tickets have to be sold in a logical spot. Pedestrian routes,

humorous and colourful than in other cities. That really struck

too, have conform to logic, and should be safe and clear.

me. We’ve been operational for over a century now and form

And because the entire construction process is expected

a vital link in urban developments. It’s fascinating to be closely

to take up approximately ten years, our second priority is

involved with everything that’s happening here.

to keep passenger services running as smoothly as possible in the meantime.

Do you approach business customers differently than individual commuters? We actually work with three customer types: tourists, individuals and businesses. The first two groups are larger, but we’re committed to expanding our range of products and services to cater specifically for business travellers.

‘GVB is a great company to work for and public transport is a key element of this city’

Particularly in this part of the city, not only because it has lots of business travellers, but also to maintain accessibility in Zuidas.

Public transport has become increasingly busy

Zuidas is developing at a phenomenal pace. It’s beginning to

during rush hours. Are you looking for ways to

acquire more of a residential dimension, while the office stock is

make travelling outside rush hours more attractive?

still expanding as well. Amsterdam has a wide variety of target

That’s a key target for us. Currently, a nationwide project is

groups and we want to serve them all to the best of our ability.

underway, where we are looking at ways in which we can cooperate with universities to lure students towards a

Work is about to get underway on Zuidasdok.

more efficient use of public transport. We’ve been talking

How will this project affect GVB services?

to parties in Zuidas about launching a similar pilot in this area.

After Central Station, Zuidas is the city’s most important hub.

Basically, the idea is to adjust the timetable of students’

And of course the future North-South metro line, with the

classes so that more of them will be able to travel outside

Amstelveen service ending at Amsterdam Zuid station,

rush hours, thereby reducing the pressure on public

will only add to that. Just to give you an idea, by 2020

transport and achieving a better passenger spread.

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde



Audi shared fleet comfortable and sustainable rides Based at three locations in Zuidas, the Audi shared fleet offers local companies the comfort and convenience of an Audi A1 when and as needed. The Audi shared fleet is an initiative of the Green Business Club, WTC, Hello Zuidas, Greenwheels and Audi Netherlands, to promote collective car use and reduce CO2 emissions. For users, it’s an economical way to travel to meetings in style. Chris van Hattum, Green Business Club member and director of NDI ICT Solutions, was among the first to use the Audi shared fleet and is keen to share his enthusiasm: ‘The Audi shared fleet concept is great; a fine alternative to using private or lease cars. Mind you, parking in Zuidas can be very expensive. This concept saves on parking costs and encourages people to opt for different, more practical forms of travel.’



2. With a few clicks on his phone, he has booked an Audi A1 online.

1. Chris jumps on his bike and cycles to Zuidas.

3. Chris uses his card or mobile phone to unlock the Audi A1 and drives off to visit his customer.



Chris van Hattum oversees 60 employees, most of whom are

Greenwheels corporate members and NS Business Card

regularly on the road to visit clients. Around 20% of them use the

holders can book an Audi shared fleet car in just a few

Audi shared fleet. ‘I am a great believer of leading by example’,

clicks by using the register-reserve-collect+drive system.

says Van Hattum. ‘That also goes for sustainable development.

Billing is transparent and calculated on a per-ride, actual use

I myself have been using the Audi shared fleet since it was set

basis, as specified on the invoice.

up in 2013. It’s the perfect solution when travelling to places that are hard to reach by public transport. As a concept, it’s clearly


beginning to catch on. I not only recommend the shared fleet to

According to Van Hattum, mobility is a trending topic that

my colleagues, but to clients as well’.

should stay high on the Zuidas agenda. ‘It’s important that initiatives like the Audi shared fleet are widely promoted.


It is very economical and encourages people to opt for more

Apart from saving costs and reducing CO2 emissions, the Audi

practical travel alternatives.’

shared fleet is also easily available. Van Hattum explains, ‘You can book a car on the day itself by using the app.

Audi shared fleet

The cars are always clean and equipped with essentials like

Locations: Zuidplein/Thijs Vermeulenpad (2 cars),

navigation and Bluetooth. All you need is a card or your mobile

Arnold Schönberglaan (3 cars) and Amsterdam Zuid

phone to unlock the car. You only pay when you drive! And the

WTC station (1 car)

advanced design and technology give the Audi A1 a streamlined | +31 (0) 88-2100 100

look and feel’.

Text Mandy Tromp | Photography Jesse Kraal



Q-Park is not just a parking provider. As a mobility partner we have developed a deep understanding of the social, economic and environmental contribution that effective paid and regulated parking can bring to the urban environment. We see the Zuidas as an area that is developing strongly and rapidly. In order to bring a more lively character in the evenings and weekends as well, we will be joining efforts with a number of partners. Q-Park will be contributing in this mission by offering discount solutions and partnerships in which parking visitors will be guided directly towards gastronomy and hospitality facilities in the surrounding area. The improved Q-Park app doesn’t only lead clients to a car park, but will also route them directly to the doorstep of your business. To find out which partnerships we offer to generate more traffic to your business, visit the special Zuidas Solutions webpage.


Windows Store


Piet Zuidgeest & Cor van Vliet

'A world in transition' There’s a lot going on in Zuidas. As business continues within the office towers, work is also picking up steam outside of them. To improve access to Zuidas, the number of tracks between the Schiphol and Amsterdam-Duivendrecht railway stations is being doubled by the end of 2016 as a part of the ProRail program OVSAAL. Those working in Zuidas can’t help noticing – and being affected by – these activities. Hello Zuidas talked about the improvement works with Cor van Vliet, project manager at Combinatie Nieuwe Meer Sporen*, and Piet Zuidgeest, technical manager at Alliantie Amstelspoor*.



Some of the impressive civil works is currently concentrated

According to Zuidgeest, ‘lots of people have been curious to find out

around Amstelveenseweg. ‘There’s not much space here to

exactly what we’re doing here. That’s hardly surprising: they drive

add a viaduct for another set of tracks’, Van Vliet explains,

by every day or are residents here. We’ve already given quite a few

‘and it’s a puzzle to plan everything in such a way as to

guided tours to visitors.Residents often ask us to leave openings in

minimize disruptions of everyday life.’ ‘You also have to factor

the site fences for them to be able to see what we are working on.’

in all the rules’, Zuidgeest adds. ‘Every building spot needs

Van Vliet emphasizes that, ‘by having personal contact and showing

to be accessible to technicians, machines and materials.

respect to the neighborhood, we in turn gain respect from the

We get access permissions base on traffic plans for every

residents for the job we have to do.’ Zuidgeest sums up: ‘It’s a

construction phase.’

world in transition, and we’ve all got to make it work together.’


*Combinatie Nieuwe Meer Sporen is a joint venture of

‘Also’, Van Vliet continues, ‘when working on major arteries into

Volker Wessels –companies that work together with

the city centre, you’ve got to take turns.’ ‘If someone is working

ProRail in Alliantie Amsterdamse Waltz in the west part of

on some other building project, we can’t be working there at the

OVSAAL Zuidtak. For the east part ProRail works together

same time. We have a coordination centre which determines

in Alliantie Amstelspoor with a joint venture of BAM

where various parties may do their jobs in Zuidas without

companies. The OVSAAL program of ProRail improves

being hampered by the work of others ‘, Zuidgeest says.

the railway capacity on the Schiphol-Amsterdam-

‘All contractors and clients are consulted concerning their

Almere-Lelystad track.

activities on a weekly basis.’

Text Corinne Brouwer | Photography Jesse Kraal



‘Hop on an E-bike and leave your car at home!’ That’s Odette’s advice.

The high-speed E-bike is hot Commuting to Zuidas by bike: if Odette Oostindiën of QicQ has a say in the matter, this will soon be commonplace. Because even if you’ve got a longer distance to cover, a high-speed electric bike will get you to work in no time.

STROMER ‘Cycling is sexy!’ Odette enthuses. ‘The Stromer, the brand of

‘Thanks to the time you save by not being stuck in gridlock, an

which we’re an official dealer in the Netherlands, is an electric

electric bike ride fits into anyone’s daily schedule’, Odette explains.

bicycle that easily achieves around 42 km/hour– without breaking into a sweat! Compare it to cycling with a good


tailwind. It’s exhilarating. Especially if you opt for a Stromer

‘Hop on an E-bike and leave your car at home!’ That’s Odette’s

with a digital connection, which means you can connect your

advice. Employers may cut considerable costs by encouraging

bike with your smartphone. With the MyStromer app you can,

their staff to grab the bike instead of the car. ‘What’s more’,

amongst others, tune your bike.’ Commuting by E-bike is

Odette says, ‘the Stromer fits in well with the increasing

often faster as well, because you can skip the traffic queues.

concern for sustainability’.



HEALTH BENEFITS ‘Not long ago, I had a customer in the shop who was verging on a burnout’, Odette continues. ‘After a week he was back. He felt reborn, totally relaxed. He’d discovered an outlet for his stress, felt calmer and was able to sleep better too. That’s the effect riding an E-bike can have.’ And electric biking also burns quite a few calories: on my 30 minutes’ ride to work I burn around 200’, she says. ‘Lots of people lose weight when they start using the Stromer to get around.

Cycle on a Stromer for one week free of charge

And everyone feels more fit and relaxed.’

QicQ is looking for ten participants who work in Zuidas and would like to test-ride a Stromer for the duration of

‘Cycling is fun – and super healthy!’

one week, free of charge. If you fancy a chance to ride your own electric bike for an entire week, send an email to: The only condition is that you write a blog about your experiences on the QicQ website during the


trial week.

Electric bikes are available for buying or leasing, and the latter comes with various options. For instance, you can lease a bike for yourself, or lease one or more E-bikes with a group of people. Employers can also provide a small fleet of Stromers for their staff,

Visit, email or phone QicQ for a Stromer of your own

along with a reservation system to regulate the use of the bikes.

QicQ Pazzanistraat 41


1014 DB Amsterdam

‘The Stromer contributes to a healthy company’, Odette empha-

+31 (0)20-7052350

sizes. ‘We can even monitor the health effects on your employees.

By focusing on individual progress, you can get a bit of competition

going amongst staff. Cycling is fun – and super healthy!’

Text Corinne Brouwer | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES THE FOLLOWING NEW MEMBERS Company: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP Sector: Law firm Number of employees: Amsterdam: 166, worldwide: 5,276 Link with Zuidas: We have been a part of Zuidas since 2007, when we moved from Apollolaan into a building here (formerly De Assurantiebeurs). Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Freshfields is part of the Zuidas community and is keen to contribute to the further development of the local ambiance, accessibility and security. We look forward to collaborating with the other members, many of whom we know well. Company: RoyalCast Studio WTC Amsterdam Sector: Professional webinars & webcasts Number of employees: 40 Link with Zuidas: Webinars and webcasts for Enterprise TV. We set up press conferences, marketing webinars and internal communications for every business in Zuidas with a story to share. We offer TV quality at a fraction of the normal price and we manage the entire process from planning to production. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Everyone in Zuidas has a story to share. We enable companies to tell theirs in a way that hits home. And our studio’s right around the corner! Webinars recorded at the RoyalCast Studio take up 56 minutes on average and pack a punch. RoyalCast Studio WTC Amsterdam: for stories that deserve an audience. Company: Trigion Sector: Security Number of employees: 7,000 Link with Zuidas: One of the pillars of Hello Zuidas is the motto ‘clean, whole and safe’— precisely what Trigion stands for. Trigion wants to make the Netherlands safer, and we’ve been fulfilling this mission for a hundred years and counting. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We want to support Hello Zuidas’ commitment to a safe and pleasant living environment and can do so by joining forces with other members. Company: Eigen Haard/Django Sector: Housing association Number of employees: 600 Link with Zuidas: Eigen Haard is an active partner in various cooperative ventures, including Royaal Zuid and Django, aimed at the development and management of public housing and private sector rentals, owner-occupied homes and commercial properties. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We want to become a member in order to strengthen our position for promoting the area and to benefit our marketing and customer relations management – for instance with the government – and also to coordinate our activities with other parties who are locally active. Company: D&B The Facility Group Sector: Business services (facilities services) Number of employees: 500+ Link with Zuidas: D&B The Facility Group provides specialized services for the corporate office market and high-end multi-tenant property environments. We have a varied client portfolio, including the World Trade Center Amsterdam in Zuidas. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We feel it is important to keep informed of everything that’s happening in Zuidas, so we can adapt our services to local developments, thereby maximizing the value we provide to our customers.





Hello Zuidas

Erik Bouw

Twitter Image Erik Bouw

Twitter Image Erik Bouw

An unexpected angle! If you work in Zuidas, you’re sure to have seen

four stairways to the top of the 80-metre crane.

it: the yellow and green construction crane on

And the view from the top? In a word: stunning!

Beethovenstraat, towering over all the buildings.

‘I’ve been watching the sun come up from this

It’s been there some 18 months for the construction

spot at around seven am for the past year and

of the new offices of AkzoNobel and Stibbe.

a half now,’ Erik says. ‘It never fails to impress. No two days are the same. After working here a

When it comes to amazing views over Zuidas,

while, I started taking pictures of the view to share

crane operator Erik Bouw has a front-row seat.

on Twitter. I never expected such an enthusiastic

Tweeting as @Bouwkraan, he regularly shares his

response. I recently invested in a good camera and

photos of spectacular panoramas and has become

now photography has become a hobby of mine.’

something of a Zuidas celebrity. The editors of Hello Zuidas were keen to meet the man behind

Construction of the AkzoNobel and Stibbe offices

the photos, so we paid him a visit.

is in full swing and, after 18 months, Erik’s job is nearly finished. ‘In mid-May I’ll be done here and will move

Arriving at the building site one fine spring day,

on to a different construction site. I’ll definitely conti-

we ascended in the construction lift with Erik.

nue to take photos though!’ Want to see the latest

Stopping midway, we climbed the remaining

panoramas? Follow Erik on Twitter: @Bouwkraan.

Text & Photography Floortje Osnabrug



AND RECEIVE A GIFTVOUCHER! If you book your meeting in the period from May to June 2015 and it has a value of at least € 4000, you will receive a LaDress giftvoucher to the value of € 250! Our Banquet Sales Manager, Bas Plomp, will be happy to help you organise your event. Please call us on + 31 (0)20 5705655 or send an email to

Dijsselhofplantsoen 7, 1077 BJ Amsterdam T +31(0)20 570 56 00

Olympic Stadium Amsterdam, Meeting facilities in the iconic venue for Dutch sports The Olympic Stadium is a place of inspiration for many. It was built for the 1928 Olympic Games and was home to the city’s leading football club, AFC Ajax, for many years. It is now the location for great events and the European Athletic Championships 2016 will be held here. It is also the right place for a special meeting, presentation or press conference. There are several business arrangements available for the Inspiration Room or the 1928 Olympic Room. These packages can also be tailored according to the client’s wishes and are available on request. Every room, which is decorated with sports items, has its own unique character.

Contact us now! +31 (0)20 305 44 00 or

Memo board TOGETHER WITH THE ZUIDAS RUN, ACCENTURE ALSO SPONSORS THE WORKPLACE PRIDE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE The 9th Workplace Pride International Conference will be held at Gustav Mahlerplein on 26 June from 9am to 5pm. Afterwards you can look forward to drinks and a place at Zuidas Culinair. Workplace Pride is a foundation dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the workplace. Companies and organizations in the Netherlands often think of themselves as inclusive and liberal, but in practice this isn’t always the case. More information:

ZUIDAS RESTAURANTS: GET INVOLVED! Families losing their homes... unfortunately, it still happens all too often. It is a tragedy for everyone involved, children especially, and the cost to society is huge. StreetSmart Amsterdam offers a solution, comprised of more than 50 Amsterdam restaurateurs who have joined hands to aid families who are threatened with the loss of their homes. During the months of November and December they will be asking diners to add 1 euro to the bill to help those at risk of becoming homeless. If you’re a local restaurant owner and want to pitch in to support StreetSmart Amsterdam, send an email to, and the team will contact you.

TULIPS FROM ZUIDAS Hello Zuidas is proud to have been one of the sponsors of the Tulip Festival Amsterdam 2015, that also came to the three main squares of central Zuidas in April. By organizing and sponsoring events like the Tulip Festival, Hello Zuidas is working to contribute to dynamic public spaces in Zuidas.

DONATE YOUR OLD MOBILE PHONE TO HELP A GOOD CAUSE! Get your office involved in a good cause and collect mobile phones for Stichting Opkikker! Since 1995 this charitable foundation has been organizing fun-filled days for families with a terminally ill child. By allowing a whole family an entire day to spend together and forget their worries, they’ll be given a welcome respite from the realities of ilness. Stichting Opkikker depends on the generous contributions of corporate and private donors. This mobilecollection campaign is another way of raising funds, allowing as many families as possible to experience a wonderful, worry-free day. Interested in setting up a collection box at your office and curious to find out further details about the campaign? Visit:

LUXURIOUS LIVING IN THE GERSHWIN TOWNHOUSES Three floors spanning 230 m2, two private parking spaces, a front and back garden and your own front door opening onto a car-free private street. These are just a few of the many perks distinguishing the Townhouses in Zuidas’ up-and-coming Gershwin residential district. Enjoy living large in a prime location. For further details, contact G&S Vastgoed or visit:

LIVING IN ZUIDAS SPECIAL The July/August issue of Hello Zuidas will include a special feature on Living in Zuidas. If you would like to contribute to this special feature, send an email to:

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Imagine‌ Living in a luxurious five-star apartment at Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam. Enjoying the outdoors on your spacious terrace with a fantastic view of the city. In addition, you have access to a personal assistant and the exclusive fitness center.

If you would like to receive further information or take a tour, you are welcome to contact:

at +31 20 573 38 44 or

at +31 20 305 26 62 or

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Hello Zuidas #19

Hello Zuidas #19  

Hello Zuidas #19