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Robin Chadha, citizenM

One weekend only: see a different side of Zuidas during Amsterdam Hotel Night

Smart Travel 2014


In search of an even more accessible Zuidas

ZUIDASDOK A solid plan for a complex case BUSINESS WALK OF FAME ‘This project has the potential to snowball’ OUR NEW COLUMNIST RUBEN VAN ZWIETEN A Fresh Start

Imagine‌ Living in a luxurious five-star apartment at Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam. Enjoying the outdoors on your spacious balcony with a fantastic view of the city. In addition, you have access to a personal assistant and the exclusive fitness center.

If you would like to receive further information or take a tour, you are welcome to contact:

at +31 20 573 38 44 or

at +31 20 305 26 62 or

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Huge buildings grow from small stones Most readers of this magazine spend time in

residential complex comprising 144 apartments,

Zuidas every day, where they are right at the heart

one of which boasts a roof terrace 300 m2 in

of developments in this area. Because they see

size. I’m curious to see who will be taking up

everything change gradually, the sight of another

residence there! From our editorial office, we have

new tower comes as no great shock. But the people

also watched the 1000 Mahler building emerge,

who visit Zuidas only on occasion , tell me they’re

where fashion brand Chanel will be setting up its

astounded by the speed at which this area is

international headquarters.

growing. Every time they visit, new offices and residential buildings have been built.

On 17 & 18 January, Amsterdam will be holding its annual Hotel Night. This year Zuidas will

I would like to take this opportunity to

also be participating. This special weekend

congratulate Deloitte and lawyers’ firm AKD

Amsterdam residents will have an opportunity

advocaten & notarissen on moving into The Edge:

to take a holiday in their own city. Our cover

the world’s most sustainable building. Thanks to

features Robin Chadha, Chief Marketing Officer

its use of smart technology, this office building

at hotel citizenM, who tells us all about the

– covering an area of some 40,000 m2 – has

event and the activities associated with it.

achieved a sustainability score of 98.36%, the

You can also find out more about Hotel Night


highest ever awarded by Building Research

in this magazine’s agenda.

The next issue of

Establishment (BRE). In December, pile-driving started for the building of ‘Intermezzo’, a new

Hello Zuidas is scheduled

I would like to wish everyone a prosperous 2015!

for the 2nd of March

How often would you stay in a hotel that’s situated in your own city? Only when you’ve lost your keys, perhaps... But now there’s a very good reason to book a room close to home: the Amsterdam Hotel Night on 17-18 January. And Zuidas is also taking part. Ice-skate at the Crowne Plaza, dine at Bolenius and dance at citizenM, or enjoy concerts in boardrooms and model homes featuring the luminaries who gave their names to Zuidas’ squares and streets. Experience a different side of Zuidas. Afterwards, you can go home, or, better still, enjoy the luxury to be had at a bargain at the Crowne Plaza, citizenM or the Hilton. In any case, my best wishes for a happy new year! Olivier Otten, Managing Director of Hello Zuidas








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With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



Trending topics AkzoNobel Nederland @AkzoNobelNL De bouw van ons nieuwe kantoor aan de Zuidas in Amsterdam ligt op schema; het bekleden van de gevel vordert | CBRE Nederland @CBRENederland  Wederom nieuwe huurder voor Atrium op de #Zuidas #kantoorruimte Susan Sjouwerman @MarijeSusan Ik heb de engste (glazen!) lift van de Zuidas weer getrotseerd. Applausje voor mezelf! | Sebastiaan Capel @sebastiaancapel Opening Kindercampus. De Zuidas kan wel wat stoepkrijt gebruiken! Dan wordt het steeds meer echt Amsterdams | Martijn van Dalen @MGvanDalen Het meest duurzame kantoor: The Edge (@DeloitteNL) Amsterdam (Zuidas): je zal er maar werken :-) | Bart Vink D66 @bartlvink ‘MenD advocaten verhuist haar Amsterdamse kantoor naar de Zuidas’ Jan Hattink @JanHattink Mooie preek van de Ruben van Zwieten van Zingeving op Zuidas tijdens de controllerslunch, zo wil je wel naar de kerk! | GBCZuidas @GBCZuidas Aannemen van personeel met een arbeidsbeperking goed voor werknemer én werkgever Manhattan Lounge Bar @Manhattan_STH The Orange Twist: with Teqqqquila, Cointreau, Orange Juice and grenadine. By Tanja. #zuidas | Saskia Rill @SaskiaRill Nieuwe schoenmaker op #zuidas, in WTC. Moeten je schoenen gepoetst, gemaakt etc, loop binnen! jeff @jeffreywbu Ik wil een echte @albertheijn op de ZuidAs! Er wonen ook mensen hoor. | harry de winter @harrydewintertv #Amsterdamzuid mooi antropologisch beeld kleine vrouwtjes van zuidas bankers in te grote #rangerovers waar ze niet in en uit kunnen stappen | Cycling Professor @fietsprofessor @adamfietst Grote meerderheid van werknemers Zuidas woont al binnen fietsafstand, aldus Zuidas zelf | the glutenfree child @glutenfreeABC did you know that @wagamama_uk knows all about #GlutenFree? #wagamama #Amsterdam #AmsterdamZuid | Erica Pool @ikachan Kom 15 januari netwerken tijdens @LSBclub event in @WTCAmsterdam bij Fitch&Shui en maak kans op @MetsoMaru koffer! | Marjanneke Grobben @Marjannekeg Het blijft leuk om langs de varkentjes van de Bofkont Universiteit te rijden op de zuidas #Amsterdam | Ronnie Zijp @RonnieAmsterdam Amsterdam #Zuidas bouw kavel 10 gaat binnenkort van start huur en koop. Mooie vormgeving | Ravel Residence @RavelResidence Wethouder Ivens en @DienstZuidas op werkbezoek. Zich laten informeren over concept en bekijken model #studentenwoning Kindergarden @KindergardenNL De kinderen van de #Zuidas in #Amsterdam maakten van lege petflessen een jetpack. Dat is pas stoer! #wereldwijs | AFC jeugd @AFCjeugd Gloednieuw complex voor #AFC in de Zuidas vanaf 2018 gereed

YOU CAN FIND HELLO ZUIDAS ON THESE ONLINE PLATFORMS @HelloZuidas For employees of companies that are member of Hello Zuidas, it is possible to join our LinkedIn group or link to Hello Zuidas as a contact. Hello Zuidas has an iPad app that allows you to flip through the magazine. FREEWIFI Hello Zuidas on Mahlerplein & Zuidplein



UNDER CONSTRUCTION FRED. ROESKESTRAAT MAKEOVER Home to Loyens & Loeff, the Handel Amsterdam pavilions, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Buitenveldert graveyard and the Geert Groote College, Fred. Roeskestraat is gearing up for some big changes. Zuidas Development Office Works Project Leader Patrick van den Elshout explains, ‘The first major modification will be rerouting the water mains to make way for the works at Zuidasdok. This will have considerable impact at street level. April will see work starting on a block of around 180 owner-occupied and rental housing units and a new pavilion. That will shift the street’s focus on education activities towards a mixture of housing, office space and schools, thus making the area much more dynamic. A final makeover, planned for 2016, will give the street a Zuidas-worthy look.’

CHARITY LOTTERIES COME TO ZUIDAS To accommodate its growing organization, Goede Doelen Loterijen is moving from Van Eeghenstraat to Zuidas. The charity lotteries company will be moving into the Winterthur premises on Prinses Irenestraat, on the corner of Beethovenstraat. Though the move is still two years down the road, Real Estate Project Leader Esther Wubben is already looking forward to the many benefits it will bring.


‘The building really appeals to us, because we can give

Zuidas is coming into its own as a dynamic city district.

it a sustainable makeover. The skeleton and interior will

Construction is continuing apace. Among the new residential

basically remain the same, but it will get a new “shell” that

developments is Gershwin, comprising four residential blocks

reflects our corporate image and will be slightly elevated.

between Boelelaan and Gustav Mahlerlaan. According to

The great location and accessibility are also a big plus!’

Zuidas Development Office Works Project Leader Jorrit Meijer, the plans entail ‘several new tower blocks with owner-occupied and rental homes on Gustav Mahlerlaan, including publicsector rental units, so the area will cater for all target groups.

To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website:

To liven things up, we’re building several playgrounds alongside Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive

the towers and the ground floors will feature a supermarket and

the Zuidas Newsletter, on If you have any tips

other amenities. Though conceived as a whole, each tower also

for the editorial team, email them to:

has its own character’.


Robin Chadha, chief marketing officer at citizenM


One weekend only see a different side of Zuidas during Amsterdam Hotel Night Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, London, Glasgow, New York – citizenM hotels are taking the world by storm. As the chain’s chief marketing officer, Robin Chadha is constantly working on innovating and modernizing the brand. He spoke to Hello Zuidas about the hotel chain’s expansion and ambitions, and about its participation in the 2015 Amsterdam Hotel Night. ‘It’s an event where residents can get a taste of a wide array of hotels throughout this city’, he enthusiastically explains. ‘We’ll be transforming our lobby that weekend to host a fabulous party. It’ll be the place to be!’ The Hotel Night is taking place in the weekend of

come, so they could also share their experiences with us. Our hotel

17-18 January and will be a big event for Zuidas.

is great for tourists, but even more so for business travellers.

Why did the hotel decide to take part? For several years now, we’ve had good connections with

Your father is Rattan Chadha, founder and former

Vincent van Dijk, who came up with the idea. He wrote a book

CEO of the Mexx clothing company and chairman

titled ‘Amsterdam Sleeps’, for which he spent every night in a

of the citizenM hotel chain. Have asked him to

different hotel in Amsterdam, 365 in all. In this book he listed his

advise you?

personal experiences. Because he ultimately felt most at home

Definitely! We’re very close and I set great store by his opinion.

at citizenM, he subsequently spent more than six months living

He has good ideas, but our views do differ occasionally, of course.

at that hotel while completing his book. We also hosted the book

Sometimes he’s got a brilliant idea, other times the ideas come

launch. The whole idea behind the Hotel Night is to let residents

from me. This is a company where we all work together as a

get acquainted with hotels in Amsterdam – after all, how often

team and everyone’s an equal. We have meetings once a month,

do you book a hotel room in your own city? We liked the initiative

where we discuss everything, down to the smallest of details.

and have thrown ourselves into it.

Currently, we’re focusing on stimulating the senses. At this stage everything looks well-presented and engaging, but we also want

Why is it important that hotels in Zuidas take part

to develop a recognizable aromatic and auditory experience.

in this event?

We’ve already launched a sonic identity and now we’re working

I think it’s important that every hotel in Amsterdam takes part.

out the fragrance. Innovation is crucial for citizenM.

The weekend will give locals a chance to experience what the city has to offer hotel-wise, and at a great price too. Besides

This hotel opened in Zuidas in 2009. Do you see

accommodation, lots of hotels are also organizing special

more Zuidas professionals here, or are you more

activities in honour of the occasion. We’ve teamed up with

focused on tourists?

Music Discovery to host a 22TRACKS party in the lobby of

It’s a mix of both. The majority of our guests are here on

citizenM, with various Amsterdam DJ’s coming to spin for us.

business, but we also get couples and people of all ages.

It will be an amazing evening of great beats, bites and cocktails!

Basically, our target group is very diverse, but that’s also what makes citizenM so great. People feel comfortable coming in,

Who do you expect will come to citizenM on Hotel

and of course everyone is welcome. That said, I’d estimate 75%

Night? Lots of Amsterdam natives?

stay here for work and 25% are here on holiday. Obviously, this

Obviously we can’t know in advance, but we’re hoping for a good

varies, depending of the location one’s at. At an airport, say,

mix of people. I’d love it if a few of our Zuidas colleagues were to

your target group is different from the one in the city centre.

Text Romy Lange & Anouk van Dijk | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Robin Chadha

The chain has hotels in Amsterdam, Rotterdam,

or just sit down to read a good book. We want to ensure that

London, Glasgow, New York and Paris. Are there plans

everything is as comfortable as possible for today’s traveller.

for further expansion? What’s the ultimate objective? We certainly have plans to expand. The objective is to create a

What role does Hello Zuidas play for citizenM?

brand that people recognize the world over. At the moment we

I think it’s great that we have this magazine and besides, I feel

have seven hotels, plus eight in the works, with another three

it’s so important for Zuidas – it really feeds into the sense of

to open in London, three in Paris, one in New York and two in

a Zuidas community. There are so many different companies

Asia. We’re currently weighing up the options for Hong Kong,

and people here, and they all want to feel connected with each

Shanghai and Beijing. Plus, we’re looking to expand towards

other. Hello Zuidas achieves just that. I love the magazine and

North America. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston,

think it’s fulfilling a crucial need.

Washington and Miami are all interesting markets for us. By 2017, we aim to have 15 hotels in operation. But we’d rather not be pinned down on definite numbers, as you never know

Amsterdam Hotel Night

what opportunities the future may hold. We’re looking for a

The Amsterdam Hotel Night is taking place over the weekend of

model for rapid growth. With Mexx, we opened one shop a

17-18 January, when a myriad of Amsterdam hotels will be opening

week. Things progress a bit slower in the hotel business –

their doors and offering great discounts on rooms. What’s more,

there are so many factors involved! 2014 was a very good

all weekend, many hotels will be organizing special events. If you’re

year for us. With citizenM’s opening in Rotterdam, New York

keen to experience the city from a fresh perspective, book a stay

and Paris, we’ve every reason to be proud.

in one of the many hotels taking part in the Amsterdam Hotel Night. With special rates to tempt you to take a mini-holiday close

What sets this hotel apart?

to home, there is also a wide range of special creative, cultural

CitizenM is different because we’re developers; we own the

and culinary activities to enjoy from Saturday through Sunday

property and we manage the hotels ourselves. At most hotels,

afternoon. Many of the participating hotels will be featuring

these two elements are separate from each other. Our vision

dinners, followed by rooftop terrace parties, chic suite parties

makes things more complicated sometimes, but it also gives us

and cocktail parties. Or how about visiting a special organic

the freedom to grow faster and tap into opportunities. And the

evening market? On Sunday, the programme includes yoga

difference for guests is that we work to make them feel at home.

classes and brunches.

That’s a missing ingredient in lots of hotels. Plus, we’re very

For tickets to the citizenM party and full details,

flexible. If you’re jet-lagged and want breakfast at 10pm, it’s no

visit the website:

problem. Our lobby also offers a cosy spot to get some work done


Will your company be our new member in 2015? Hello Zuidas is always looking for organizations to become involved in the development of Zuidas. We strive for a prime location, lively community, great accessibility, high quality public space and a sustainable environment. Do you share our objectives? Become engaged as a new member company of Hello Zuidas. You will be noticed! For more information call +31 (0)20 333 7441 or send an e-mail to




Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to

ATRIUM EXPANSION MAY SPAN 25,000 M2 ZUIDAS - It turns out that the municipal zoning plan


for the Atrium expansion provides not for 20,000 m2,

ZUIDAS - Owner Kroonenberg Groep has sealed new

but 25,000 m . According to the municipality of

long-term lease agreements with retailers Pauw, Lincherie

Amsterdam, the zoning plan currently being

and Ruby for spaces at the Gelderlandplein shopping centre

hammered out, incorporates adequate legal

at the south end of Zuidas. The shopping centre is currently


provisions for the existing Atrium complex and car park, plus new developments including a 25,000 m office expansion and catering and retail spaces totalling a maximum of 5,000 m . 2


undergoing a radical facelift, for which Kroonenberg Groep 2

has teamed up with Multi Vastgoed and design firm Rijnboutt, with work now well into Phase 2.

ZUIDAS - Schiphol has revealed it will be building not just


one new pier, but three. According to airport President &

ZUIDAS - Project developer Peva Vastgoed and the

CEO Jos Nijhuis, there is space for two further piers with

Amsterdam Municipal Zuidas Development Office

ten aircraft stands each, in addition to the new South

have signed a long-term lease for the development of

Terminal. On top of the â‚Ź 500 million being invested in the

three separate office pavilions on Frederik

South Terminal, Schiphol will be putting a similar amount

Roeskestraat. Telesto is a new-build project totalling

into the expansion of its existing piers and terminals.

1,955 m2 LFA, divided across three separate office

The new piers will be built at the current site of cargo

pavilions that will be connected by an underground car

handling operations, with cargo flights slated to move to

park. Frederik Roeskestraat is on the northwest end of


Zuidas, between Amstel-veenseweg and the law


courts, and bordered by the A10 motorway to the south. The project feeds into a wider quality impetus


which is being repurposed with a mixture of housing,

ZUIDAS - The national government and Amsterdam

office space, schools, services and amenities.

for the street, known as the green lung of Zuidas,

metro region have reached agreement on the new Airport Planning Decree, removing the threat of high-rise building restrictions for Zuidas. Provided the municipal council approves the agreement, all building projects within the Zuidas spatial high-rise building framework will be exempted from further assessment for compliance with the new Decree. According to Nul20, this will serve to secure the future development of Zuidas.

Photography Michel Kievits



Got a minute? How do you travel to Zuidas? By bike, car or public

transport? And why? Is driving really all that convenient, or would cycling to work actually save time? Hello Zuidas wants to find out what made you choose your preferred mode of commuting. We’ll be using this information to design further mobility solutions keyed to the travel habits of Zuidas commuters, in order to maximize area accessibility. We took to the streets to put the question to you.

DIANNE PRINS (35), WORKS AT ABN AMRO ‘Since I live only ten minutes away, I always cycle to work. Cycling means I don’t have to worry about anything, and the route is good too. Parking is never a problem, though I have a feeling I always arrive just in time. When it’s raining, cycling is less pleasant, in which case I’ll walk. I never travel by public transport.

MARCEL BROUWER (45) & AALT LEUSINK (58) BOTH WORK AT BANK OF TOKYO Aalt: ‘We both come to work by train. I travel from Punthorst, which is two hours by train, but I always have something with me to keep me occupied during the trip.’ Marcel: ‘I live in Almere, which is 50 minutes by train. Commuting by train is convenient, as you don’t have to deal with traffic queues and parking, which is too expensive anyway. It’s also great that the station is on my office doorstep, so I can walk to work. Sure, there’ll disruptions every now and then, but in general it’s not that bad.’


Want to join in the discussion? Send an email to:

MOBILITY CHARLOTTE VERBRAAK (24), WORKS AT CBRE ‘Every day, I take the train from Utrecht to Amsterdam Zuid station. It’s a good connection and the commute takes only twenty minutes. As I live close to the station in Utrecht, this is perfect for me. I have tried driving in, but instead of twenty minutes it takes me two whole hours. It’s gridlock all the way! So commuting by car is simply a no-go for me.’

ERIK PRANGER (51), WORKS AT ABN AMRO & CATHARINA SINKE (56), WORKS AT ERNST & YOUNG Catharina: ‘We both go to work by public transport. I live in Amsterdam, so I take the bus or the metro. Driving might be slightly faster, but I don’t want to travel by car. I prefer the bus to the metro, as the metro tends to be so crowded. Cycling would probably be quite OK too.’ Erik: ‘I live in Alkmaar and take the train and metro into Zuidas every day. Driving would be a faster way to travel for me too, but I’d only drive to work if I had a lease car, which I don’t.’

SJORS LOEFFEN (28), SECONDED BY PWC TO A CLIENT AT WTC AMSTERDAM ‘I often have to visit clients for my work, which makes it convenient for me to take the car. As I live in Utrecht, I can get here in half an hour if I leave early. You do have to get in before the rush hour, otherwise you’re stuck. I could take the train too, if I wanted to, but I prefer the comfort of my car. Though I have to admit, I’ve never actually tried taking the train.’

DAAN KRAMER SCHIPPERS (28), WORKS AT INDEPENDIUM ‘I live in Amsterdam and travel to work by metro, which works best for me. I’ll take the car occasionally, but that means sitting in traffic jams and hunting for a parking space. The metro is fast and easy. It can be crowded, but in that case I’ll just wait for the next one. I live in the north of Amsterdam, wich is too far off to cycle to work, and impractical into the bargain, because I have to cross by ferry.

Text Romy Lange & Anouk van Dijk | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


Available Retail, F&B and







Services Spaces @ Zuidas I have been the manager for Retail, F&B and Services here in Zuidas since 2014.My job involves assisting business owners who want to relocate to Zuidas and helping rental property owners and agents to find suitable commercial tenants who also meet local needs. This area has changed vastly over the last few years. From having just one restaurant, Zuidas has since become a bona fide culinary hotspot. And yet there is so much more to come. The residential market has exploded, and with the opening of Amsterdam EXPO and various schools and training centres, the area currently attracts a bigger mix of people than just the regular crowd with suits and briefcases. Besides 25 restaurants and cafés, we now have multiple sports and wellness facilities, dentists, clothing shops for men and women and all sorts of other retailers. Are you a specialist retailer and interested in doing business in Zuidas? You can find a full listing of all available commercial spaces on:

1 WTCAmsterdam

4 UN Studio


Gustav Mahlerlaan 320/ Parnassusweg 801

111 m

270 m2


Emile Govaert (WTC Amsterdam)

Mees Besselaar (DTZ)

+ 31 20 575 30 77

+31 (0)20 5711423 Riens van der Waals (Cushman & Wakefield)

2 NEW AMSTERDAM Claude Debussylaan 33-35 +31 (0)20 800 20 58

700 m2 Mans Vroom (CBRE) Roel de Both (Cushman & Wakefield)

+31 (20) 800 2053

+31 (0)20 626 26 91

5 400 Beethoven 3 Miles Building George Gershwinplein 2

Corner Gustav Mahlerlaan & Beethovenstraat 250 m2

Basement: 95 m2 Ground floor: 130 m2

Lodewijk Buijs (CBRE)

First floor: 95 m2

+31 (0)20 626 26 91

Feiko Witteveen (Brickstone Retail) +31 20 8202393



Flexible Office Space | Meeting Rooms | Flex Space | Virtual Office UN Studio | Parnassusweg 819 | Amsterdam Zuidas | | +31 (0)20 700 5555 Amsterdam | Arnhem | Breda | Brussels | Eindhoven | Hoofddorp | Maastricht | Rotterdam | Schiphol | Utrecht

A fresh start Every day, some 40,000 souls make their way from rail

Observe the comings and goings in the station of any southern

platform 1 or 2 to their desks and back. Heads bowed over the

European business district and you may notice a distinctly

black tips of our polished shoes or gazes locked on the infinite

different pace at the start and end of the day. Chatting groups

stretch of track, we try to act as if we’re not actually sprinting

drift towards the platforms. Are people in those countries less

for the train; spurred on – possibly – by a mix of aversion for

concerned with the punctuality of trains? Perhaps they simply

authority and longing for the comforts of home?

count on their being delayed. After all, so are they.

When witnessing the great hoards exiting the station in the

At Zuidas, by contrast, there’s a single dominant pace.

first weeks of the new year, you’d almost think they must all be

The Zuidas Run isn’t just an once-yearly event. We’re all

riding the energy that comes from starting something new.

running year-round, and at championship level. From the

A new year, a fresh start. All target counters are back to zero.

platform to our desks, from one meeting, one client, one phone

All ambitions are once more Zuidas-sky high. For a brief

call to the next, from ‘hello’ to ‘goodbye’ and from our desks back

moment, we’re all allowed a clean slate. As though past

to the platform. Year by year, Zuidas grows more comfortable

deceptions and results no longer matter. But despite all

and familiar. Until one day we simply shrug and say: It’s just

good intentions, that little extra mile we go on our recharged

like home.

batteries turns out to be just the standard extra mile needed to survive the new year in the competitive Zuidas arena.

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.



Zuidasdok: a solid plan for a complex case The scale and components of the Zuidasdok project have gained definite shape. Substantial improvements have been made to the preferred solution chosen in 2012, which have now been submitted to the relevant regional and national authorities. Project director Hans Versteegen explains what’s in store. In June 2012, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the

procedure providing for the A10 expansion’, says Hans

Environment, the Amsterdam urban region, the province of

Versteegen. ‘And similarly on a municipal zoning plan for the

Noord-Holland and the municipality of Amsterdam – the four

public space and public transport station. In 2015, a draft plan

commissioning parties – decided on the preferred solution for

for the motorway, draft zoning plan and environmental impact

Zuidasdok, setting out the project scope in concrete terms.

assessment for the project will become available. We’ve also

‘We set straight to work on integrating this solution into

been laying the groundwork for the project procurement.

the spatial plans, including the central government planning

In 2015 we’ll be putting it out to tender and conducting



Hans Versteegen

the selection procedure with building contractors. The project

with a bicycle park wasn’t part of the initial plan either.

will then be awarded to the party with the best offer in 2016.’

All of these elements add value.’



Zuidasdok is being developed with a view to capacity require-

‘The current plan surpasses what we had two years ago.

ments in 2030. At the time this plan was chosen, there was

That’s all thanks to excellent collaboration between all the parties

still uncertainty surrounding the robustness of the public

involved. Claiming more space for infrastructure means you’re

transport station and, subsequently, the road network

left with less for other functions, and vice versa. Where there are

capacity. ‘New forecasts signalled a sharp rise in public

diverging interests at stake, everyone has to

transport users and 30% more motorists than accounted for

be willing to make concessions. And we’ve

in the plan’, Versteegen explains. It was therefore decided to

succeeded. The result is a solid plan for a

have the new Amstelveen line terminate at Amsterdam

complex case’, Versteegen concludes.

Zuid station. ‘We’ve dealt with these issues as they come up, without having any extra funds set aside to do so.’ One spatial solution is the construction of the Britten passage,

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and public

a north-south walkway that keeps the station more compact

transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad area.

and simplifies transfers between the Amstelveen and

Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and moved

North/South lines. ‘We’ve also been working with the NS

underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be upgraded to

on a plan to widen the Minerva passage and to add good

serve as a future-proof public transport hub for train, tram, bus and

cross-district connections, which many parties in Zuidas

metro services. Zuidasdok feeds into the continued development

have been pushing for.’ To accommodate heavier road traffic,

of Zuidas as a prime residential, working and recreational

additional lanes can be created along the A10 for local traffic.

location. For further information, visit

‘The present solution for the redesign of Gustav Mahlerplein

Text Eric Burgers | Photography Marc Dorleijn & Wouter van Ierssel


Finance Source: Het Financieele Dagblad

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to



ZUIDAS - This year’s automotive market is pegged to be

ZUIDAS - The Fair Bank Guide, a Dutch initiative that

driven by business buyers, according to ABN AMRO’s

scores banks on their social and sustainability policies

Autoretail sector forecast,which was published in

and behaviour, is expanding beyond Dutch borders.

December 2014. The forecast presumes that the large

From this year, it will enlarge its focus to include

fleet of lease cars purchased in 2011 and 2012 will be up

banks in Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, France, Sweden and

for replacement over the next two years.

Belgium. The expansion was announced in a brochure issued on the occasion of the organization’s 50th anniversary and has been made possible with support from a Swedish development agency.




ZUIDAS - In a recent report, the tax world’s ‘Big Four’ of

developing preventive policies to reduce excessive

PwC, EY, Deloitte and KPMG warn that high taxes on labour

work stress and forestall the risk of burnouts.

are making it tempting for companies to automate and

A survey by this magazine revealed that many AEX

robotize processes, whilst low levies on raw materials are

companies are starting to take an active interest in

leading to pollution and waste, even where materials are

employee health, in response to the skyrocketing costs

scarce. Flipping the balance could be an impetus for both

of sick leave connected with psychological complaints.

sustainability and employment, marking a key step on the

New regulations mean employers are now more likely

road to a circular economy in which goods are reused

to have to foot the bill for such leave. At the same time,

wherever possible. The report was presented to represen-

there is a growing awareness in company board-rooms,

tatives of the European Commission, multinationals and

that intervention is essential to ensure the long-term

Sustainability Director Koen de Snoo at the Ministry for

employability of staff in the aftermath of six years of

Infrastructure & the Environment in The Hague in

crisis and countless efficiency measures. Leading

December 2014.

companies, including Heineken, Accenture, ASML,

ZUIDAS - More and more large companies are

Shell, EY and automotive importer Pon, have all expanded their staff with full-time ‘health managers’,


tasked with medical examinations and helping

ZUIDAS - For each hour of work, Dutch employers pay out

employees to modify their lifestyles through

an average of € 33.10 in labour costs. This spans all expenses

participation in sports and a healthier diet.

related to having personnel in employment, including wages, national insurance contributions, overtime and severance pay, holiday pay, paid sick leave and holiday leave and training costs. Statistics Netherlands used figures from 2012 to arrive at this average, though differences between sectors are substantial. Labour costs are the highest in the mining industry, where the average is € 58.20 per worked hour, owing chiefly to relatively high wages, with employees averaging a gross hourly pay of € 36.40. This is 70% higher than the average hourly pay of € 21.20 across all sectors. Special bonuses further comprise 17% of labour costs, compared to the national average of 10%.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


YOUR NH HOTEL NEAR ZUIDAS HAS A NEW NAME: NH AMSTERDAM ZUID What doesn’t change is our commitment to connect to your needs. Therefore, you can continue to count on the services you have become accustomed to, such as a shuttle service between NH Amsterdam Zuid and Zuidas, wonderful beds, excellent breakfast, and free Wi-Fi. For reservations: +31 (0)20 70 18 042 Over 375 hotels in 28 countries

NH Amsterdam Zuid (formerly known as NH Musica) Van Leijenberghlaan 221, 1082 GG Amsterdam

Oya Yavuz en Frauke Groenevelt

Zuidas parents can count on Oya’s Childcare

Stimulating children’s development, making parents’ lives easier and qualified staff are three core values at Oya’s Childcare. Founders Oya Yavuz and Frauke Groenevelt both decided to trade in their briefcases and open a day care centre in Zuidas. Catering for parents with busy schedules, they have opted for a flexible approach and lots of personal attention for the children. ‘It‘s not easy to combine a career with high quality childcare, as we know from first-hand experience. But now we’ve filled in that gap.’


business trip or need to work a night shift, they can count on us

‘Everyone wants what’s best for their little ones, and if you have

as well. If need be, we take care of their children 24/7.’

to rely on a daycare centre, it’s absolutely crucial that it feels right and safe’, Oya explains. Frauke chimes in, ‘We missed that


when our own children were in day-care and so we decided

‘We’ve set up a whole range of programmes, involving

we could do better’. Oya: ‘By offering flexible hours, expert

music, language and creativity to encourage the children’s

supervision over developing children and by freeing up parents

development’, Frauke says. ‘On our web portal, parents can

so they can spend more time with their children, we are able to

check out the daily programme and see photos of their children

make a difference in their lives.’

throughout the day’, Oya explains. ‘Parents love it, and it enables them to get a complete picture of everything that’s

‘It‘s not easy to have a career without fully flexible childcare’

happening in their child’s life at that moment.’ ‘Beyond that, parents can also make use of our digital portal to communicate with us at any moment in time and make last minute changes to their childcare needs. We can take care of these things, which is


a blessing for parents’, Frauke adds.

‘We noticed that lots of day-care centres usually close their doors by early evening’, Oya says. ‘But if you’re a parent

Oya’s Childcare | for your little miracle

working at a law office in Zuidas, that can be tough one to

IJsbaanpad 8

swing, so we’re open until the last child is picked up, and so

+31 20 705 80 40

if parents have to work late, we’re set up to help out in any

way we can.’ Frauke continues, ‘Plus, if parents have to go on a

Text Romy Lange & Anouk van Dijk | Photography William Maanders



Klaas de Boer, Lucille Werner, Eberhard van der Laan & Henk Schiffmacher.

Business Walk of Fame In early December, Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, TV presenter Lucille Werner and Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office Director Klaas de Boer came together in Zuidas to present the Business Walk of Fame Awards. The Business Walk of Fame is a promenade of paving stones along Claude Debussylaan, featuring stars for employers who have opened up jobs for people with a disability. The stones were designed by the Netherlands’ leading tattoo artist, Henk Schiffmacher.



In his speech at the unveiling ceremony, the mayor expressed

Most accessible employer, large company

his admiration for the project: ‘Lucille, you have encouraged

Nominees: Beter/ABN AMRO, Leaseplan and Shell Nederland

businesses to open up access to the job market, and for that

Winner: Leaseplan Nederland

I would like to extend a massive compliment. This project has

Most accessible employer, SME

the potential to snowball and is certain to be a great success!’

Nominees: De Verbinding, Imotions and Bouwhuis Tuinen Winner: Imotions BV


Creativity award

Klaas de Boer also expressed his delight with the initiative.

Nominees: IBM, Tence inzetbureau and UMC Utrecht

‘We’re so pleased that Zuidas was chosen to be the location

Winner: UMC Utrecht

for the Business Walk of Fame. There are some 700 companies

Incentive award

based here, and they’re really starting to gel into a community.

Nominees: Tax and Customs Administration Apeldoorn,

Claude Debussylaan is long enough to accommodate plenty

DSM and Ziggo

more stars over the years ahead!’

Winner: Ziggo



Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde



Harry Vlaardingerbroek & Tim Sluiter

Deloitte’s new Amsterdam office among the most sustainable buildings worldwide This past November, Deloitte and the Amsterdam branch of AKD relocated to a new office building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. Named ‘The Edge’ on account of its distinctive contours, it has been nominated as the world’s most sustainable building. Hello Zuidas sat down with Harry Vlaardingerbroek, senior manager in charge of company real estate policy at Deloitte, and Tim Sluiter, project manager The Edge.


which is considerably more than the 700 m2 we had in Sloterdijk,

‘The chief incentive for this relocation came from the merger

and as a consequence, teams will no longer have to divide

of our two Amsterdam branches, in Sloterdijk and Amstelveen’,

themselves over different floors.’

explains Vlaardingerbroek. ‘At The Edge, we’ve been able to bring 2,100 employees together under one roof. This will really


help to boost collaboration both within and across our various

When Deloitte decided to relocate in 2005, it didn’t take long

teams. The new premises has floor areas of 2,500 to 4,000 m , 2


for the company to settle its choice on Zuidas. ‘Zuidas is the


Netherlands’ “Financial Mile”, Sluiter explains. ‘Many of our

‘thus avoiding the need for electric heating. And all of the office

customers are also established here. Accessibility was also a key

spaces are fitted with LED lighting. Plus, in each room, staff can

factor: our new office is easy to reach by train, car, metro and tram.’

regulate the temperature and light by themselves. Finally, we have

In addition, The Edge is situated near VU University Amsterdam.

sensors to make sure that the lights and heating are switched off

‘That was a conscious decision as well’, says Vlaardingerbroek.

or turned down automatically when there’s no one there.’

‘We work closely with VU in various domains. Plus, the area around VU is undergoing massive development. There’s still


a lot set to happen in this corner of Zuidas.’

‘The well-being of our staff is one of our top priorities. That’s a facet of sustainability too’, Sluiter emphasizes.


‘The new building is keyed to interaction and collaboration.

‘Right from the onset of this project, sustainability was a major

It is intended to be a building with lots of daylight and open

priority’, Sluiter says. ‘What’s more, as the project progressed,

spaces, where people may feel at home. Judging from the

everyone involved became increasingly obsessed about it.

initial feedback we got since the relocation, we’ve achieved just

Ultimately, our excellent relationship with OVG Project-

that. We want The Edge to foster an activity-based approach

ontwikkeling and G&S Bouw enabled us to achieve not only

towards working. Instead of having a fixed desk, each day

our initial target of a BREEAM Excellent certificate, but also

employees select where-ever they want to work, based on what

the promise of a BREEAM Outstanding certificate, which we’ll

they’ll be doing. They can choose from single-person offices,

be receiving shortly. And that makes The Edge the most

team rooms, various meeting and conference rooms,

sustainable building in the world.’ During the making of this

as well as lounge areas.’

issue, it became apparent that the Edge had indeed won the desired BREEAM certificate mentioned above. Deloitte – Amsterdam office Vlaardingerbroek continues, ‘The Edge is sustainable in all

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

respects, including location. The large north-facing glass atrium

1081 LA Amsterdam

provides lots of daylight, even in winter’– but never too much.’

Solar panels have been installed on the building’s south side.

+31 88 288 28 88

‘The atrium is heated with air from the offices,’ Sluiter adds,

Text Sanne Offringa | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde & Ronald Tilleman


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

DAILY Giants of the Ice Age now open! Come face to face with a mammoth and discover the fascinating world of Ice Age humans. Now on view at Amsterdam EXPO: the largest travelling exhibition ever created about the Ice Age:Giants of the Ice Age. Location: Gustav Mahlerlaan 24 For ticket sales and info, see

EVERY SUNDAY Restaurant As Every Sunday from 12 noon until 9pm, we present a special menu featuring salad, soup, pasta, wood-fired pizza, a regional dish, Dutch cheeses and cake.

THURSDAY, 8 JANUARY New Year’s toast WTC Conference Center 4.30pm - 7.30pm On 8 January, the WTC Amsterdam Business Club will be toasting the new year, with guest speaker Professor Bas ter Weel from the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) presenting forecasts and expectations for the new year. To register, send an email to:

EVERY FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH The Basket Pubquiz Join us every first Monday of the month for the Basket Pubquiz! Suspect you may be VU’s next Einstein? Register your team (5 max.) now and show your stuff! Send us your team name, captain’s name and number of team members, and we’ll send you a rundown of the quiz programme. On quiz nights, we also serve a special Pubquiz dish for € 8.50. Any questions? Phone us on: +31(0)20 205 0966 or send an email to: Space is limited, so don’t wait: fill out the form on this page and join us for a chance to win great prizes!




9-course Supper & Sound Tasting menu Het Bosch Every Friday and Saturday Het Bosch serves a 9-course Supper & Sound ‘Tasting Menu’ priced around € 65 per person. Enjoy a special menu selected by our Master Chef Willem Pieter van Dreumel and sommelier Danny van Houten, accompanied by the soulful stylings of DJ Ike Sofunky for a perfect evening. For reservations, visit:

Young Financials Dialogen De Nieuwe Poort This discussion series for and by a new generation of finance professionals is aimed at translating core values into concrete actions. Keynote speaker for the evening will be Piet Hein Donner, vice-president of the Council of State. Admission is free of charge. For details and to register, phone: +31(0)20 337 6919 or send an email to:

JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2015 Next magazine will be published @ 2nd of March. Send your agenda to before the 26th of January.


THURSDAY, 15 JANUARY Lifestyle Business Event Fitch & Shui WTC 5pm - 9pm Get the new year off to a great start and come to the Lifestyle Business Event on 15 January at Fitch & Shui in WTC. Expand you network and meet fellow business owners with a passion for lifestyle, beauty, fashion, PR and media. Admission: Early bird: € 10,- incl. goodie bag / Presale: € 15,- via:

Alumni New Year’scelebration Rotterdam School of Management 5pm Join your alma mater and fellow alumni in toasting the New Year! In 2015, the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University is celebrating its 45th anniversary – with 45 years of teaching business administration in the Netherlands. Dean Steef van de Velde and the Alumni Relations team look forward to greeting you in person. There will be a cash bar at The College Hotel. For further info, send an email to: Irene Kroon at

MONDAY, 26 JANUARY VU Orchestra concert Concertgebouw Amsterdam 8.15pm The VU Orchestra will be playing Mahler’s Symphony No. 6 in A minor (Tragic Symphony).


MONDAY, 19 JANUARY ARTZUID 2015 information evening De Nieuwe Poort (Claude Debussylaan 2-8) 6pm - 8pm ARTZUID is a popular biennial international sculpture route that brings the streets of Amsterdam’s Zuid district to life. ARTZUID will be back in 2015, from 22 May through 22 September. Interested in being part of a high-powered professional network, building name-recognition and marketing directly to a huge number of visitors? Come to the information evening to learn more!

Spotlight on ZuidasDok Huis van de Wijk café, MFC Binnenhof, A.J. Ernstraat 112 6pm - 9.30pm With the draft ZuidasDok Master Plan up before the municipal council in 2014, the residents’ platform has invited ZuidasDok Site Manager Martijn Overmulder to present the Master Plan to area residents. He will tell us when key political decisions will be made, talk about the environmental impact assessment procedure and explain how residents and partners will be involved. Join us at 6pm for bowls of traditional pea soup and rolls. Reservations recommended as places are limited. Send an email to: bpz@wocbuitenveldert, or phone: +31(0)20 644 9936.

THURSDAY, 29 JANUARY Green Business Challenge 2nd edition kick-off Young professionals, ranging from lawyers to consultants and from bankers to project developers, are taking the challenge to put their sustainable ideals to work in Zuidas. During the initial training days, the group will work on formulating a mission. At the end of these two days, the teams will have a clear outline of their project and the impact they want to achieve over the next four months. Each team will be supervised by a coach. Following the official kick-off, they’ll get to work!


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

THURSDAY, 29 JANUARY TO FRIDAY, 30 JANUARY Free Winter Course Duisenberg school of finance will be hosting a free Winter Course on 29 and 30 January 2015, with specialist ‘powerclasses’ on different aspects of finance. Interested in further specializing your knowledge by studying at Duisenberg school of finance? Find out about what we have to offer and sign up for our Winter Course on:

THURSDAY, 5 FEBRUARY AND THURSDAY, 19 FEBRUARY Business English 9.30am - 4.30pm Do you want to ensure that your professional correspondence with international business contacts is accurate and professional? Join us for our two-day Business English course in February, designed specifically to improve your practical language skills. You will learn to recognize and avoid Dunglish, use effective politeness strategies and speak English more fluently. Find out more and register at


THURSDAY, 5 FEBRUARY Lecture by Michiel Nijhoff, library and information centre team leader Buitenveldert Library 120 years of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: its history, its collection, its scandals and its famous directors. When the Stedelijk Museum opened its doors in 1895, it housed a diverse assortment of collections, from period rooms to weapons. So how did it evolve into the Stedelijk as we know it today – the Netherlands’ largest museum for modern and contemporary art and design? Take a trip through time, featuring eccentric directors, the odd scandal and spectacular acquisitions. Admission: € 5 / free for library card holders.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16 2015 Hello Zuidas Members Meeting (invitation only) Novotel Amsterdam City, Europaboulevard 3.30 - 5.30pm Through the support of its many members, Hello Zuidas will celebrate its third anniversary on February 16 in the Novotel with a meeting and drinks. During high tea, Hello Zuidas will present an update and forecast of its plans. Views on urban development of Zuidas play a key role on the agenda. We are interested in your opinion! Registration:

THURSDAY, 12 FEBRUARY Young Financials Dialogen: Ambitious De Nieuwe Poort X Ambitious 4.30pm What do our customers want, how can we provide it and how should we create value for them? Introduction by Michiel Muller, quintessential Dutch entrepreneur (Tango, Route Mobiel) Admission: free

Sunny Zuidas

Take a holiday in Zuidas during the Amsterdam Hotel Night.

Get cosy in Zuidas this winter, whether you fancy sipping hot cocoa at the festive ice-skating rink or in one of the spectacular boardrooms scattered around this office jungle. On this year’s Hotel Night on 17 January, you can see a whole new side of Zuidas.

AMSTERDAM HOTEL NIGHT The Hotel Night gives Amsterdam residents a chance to experience their city as a tourist – to see the places they live and work from a different angle, or to discover unknown urban parts. This marks the first year that Zuidas will also be taking part in this popular event. As well as offering special rates on a luxurious night’s sleep at the likes of Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South and citizenM Amsterdam, Zuidas will also be organizing an extensive holiday programme, spotlighting musical and culinary delights.

SATURDAY, 17 JANUARY 2015 Classical Tunes Various locations Mahler, Britten, Gershwin, Debussy, Schönberg and the Netherlands’ own Peter Schat have all given their names to Zuidas’ streets and squares. On this year’s Hotel Night, various boardrooms and model homes will provide the backdrop for special concerts. Uber will provide transport between locations. Reservations required. See

HOTEL NIGHT DINNER Get your gourmet fix on the Hotel Night at Bolenius – named the best veg restaurant of 2015. With its modern, tasteful interior, the menu is a ‘New Amsterdam’ mix of local ingredients and classic herbs. Reservations required. See

SKATING IN ZUIDAS Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South Strap on you skates at the Manhattan Winter Terrace! As part of the Hotel Night, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South is opening an ice-skating rink where families can enjoy fun on the ice and sip hot cocoa or wine on its heated winter terrace.For times, see

22TRACKS | AMSTERDAM NIGHT LOUNGE citizenM Amsterdam City Dance the night away at citizenM’s. The trendsetting hotel has teamed up with Music Discovery Service to organize 22TRACKS – an evening filled with smooth beats by Amsterdam’s top DJs, delicious bites and sublime cocktails. Cap your sunny Zuidas holiday in style! For the full programme, reservations and tickets, see



Edith Krab & Michel Schapers

In search of an even more accessible Zuidas

From 24 to 28 November 2014, Zuidas celebrated Sustainable Mobility Week, with a wide range of activities designed to encourage ‘Smart Travel’ among Zuidas employers and employees. The Smart Travel programme centres on getting people to travel outside rush hours and to opt for public transport or the bike whenever possible, with the objective of keeping Zuidas accessible and making maximum use of the local infrastructure and parking capacity. On 25 November, Zuidas hosted the Smart Travel 2014 -> 2040 symposium in honour of Sustainable Mobility Week.


ABN AMRO’s standard scheme provides employees with

Held at WTC Amsterdam, the symposium offered Zuidas

their travel expenses, while Accenture has a plan that

employers the opportunity to get acquainted with and to discuss

enables employees to choose the way they want to travel

ways to foster sustainable mobility. The symposium was set

to work on a quarterly basis. The company adjusts their

up to get companies established at Zuidas to encourage their

reimbursements accordingly.

an annual public transport pass, instead of reimbursing

employees to commute by bike and/or public transport as much as possible. As well as providing inspiration, the symposium

The afternoon session focused on building a vision for Zuidas

promoted various activities scheduled for the following week.

mobility in 2040. According to Erik Verhoef of VU University Amsterdam, concepts like rush hour avoidance could work very

Speakers from leading companies such as ABN AMRO and

well in the Netherlands, provided the remuneration model be

Accenture offered examples of how to introduce sustainable

adapted to make it possible to trade rights to drive during rush

mobility schemes within an organization. For example,

hour. According to Geert Kloppenburg of Urgenda, a transition



Jan Bert Dijkstra

Olivier Otten, Ron Hofman & Frans Loman

will be crucial to achieving smart travel by 2040. But, he added,

to work. WTC Amsterdam Managing Director Christiaan Huijg

that transition is already well underway.

set the example by leaving his car at home for the week and opting for the train instead. ‘My experiences in taking public

Between sessions, mobility service providers and Zuidas-based

transport from the north of Holland haven’t always been great,

businesses had a chance to get acquainted during speed dating

so I’d like to see how it will work out over a longer period.

sessions and the information fair. For NS Business Card and

I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised.’

Bough Bike, it was the perfect opportunity to do business. The world’s first wooden electronic bike – the E-Bough Bike, designed by Jan Gunneweg – garnered plenty of interest, as did other mobility products and activities, such as a discount

Amsterdam businesses and

offer for new Audi/Greenwheels Shared Fleet members and

municipalities take the initiative

the launch of the Electric Taxi Challenge, spurring Zuidas

The symposium and Sustainable Mobility

employers to choose electric taxis.

Week were jointly organized by the Zuidas Accessibility Task Force (VU University Amsterdam, WTC Amsterdam,


ORAM and the municipality of Amsterdam), Hello Zuidas

The Sustainable Mobility Week was organized to encourage

and the Green Business Club.

people working at Zuidas to change the way they commute

Text Koos Weits | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


u yo

r fo E S w N no E O up SS gn LE FAR Si L I 2 TR



KUNG FU FIT IWKA Wing Tjun is an extremely effective and healthy Kung Fu style for men and women of all ages. Come join us for a unique and challenging experience. Meet fellow students in a positive environment and let our certified and highly motivated instructors help you reach your full potential!

IWKA Wing Tjun Kung Fu Benefits • Less Stress • More Energy • Weight Control

• Discipline • Improved Condition • Focus • Self-Defense • Self-Confidence • Improved Performance

Visit to schedule a free trial lesson!

“The gym became too monotonous. Here I work on my condition and I also learn to defend myself. The classes are addictive!!” Ruud Feltkamp, actor

“A little piece of China in the heart of Amsterdam”

Da Costastraat 6-8 1053 ZB Amsterdam Telephone 020 612 27 58

Joren Huijten

A quick lap through Central Park in the heart of Zuidas Need to get back in shape after the holidays? Zuidas’ own Clubsportive is a luxury fitness club that positively makes you long to get back in shape. Hello Zuidas met General Manager Joren Huijten in the club’s welcoming lounge.

QUALITY ‘Quality is our catchphrase’, Joren says. ‘All our

of the power of positive energy. ‘Our staff play a key

equipment comes from Technogym, which is

role’, Joren continues. ‘They create an atmosphere

the most exclusive brand around.’ With a spring

where everyone feels totally comfortable.’

in his step, he guides us to the cardio machines. They feature built-in screens, so besides watching


TV, you can make use of various apps and check

Clubsportive keeps up with all the latest fitness

your email and Facebook page, and to top it all

trends. ‘Currently, that includes Insanity and H.I.I.T.,

off, you could also open a programme that has

both of which centre on high-impact interval training

you pounding the pavement of a far-off cityscape.

and are hugely popular. Naturally, we offer them

In the blink of an eye, you could be doing laps

both. But we also have hot yoga and pilates,

through Central Park, right here in Zuidas.

for example, with a great space for classes.’ Clubsportive’s quick lunchtime sessions are another

‘Obviously, the most important thing is to improve the vitality of your employees’

feature, offering a great way to make good on your fitness resolutions during your lunch break.

COMPANY BENEFITS According to Joren, employers realize the value of having a fit workforce: clear and energetic


minds, less illness, higher productivity and greater

‘Our club encourages everyone to strive for their

ability to cope with stress, not to mention upbeat

Gustav Mahlerlaan 16

personal fitness goals’, Joren explains. ‘That’s why

attitudes and a positive working environment!


our slogan reads “Every body has a story”.

Clubsportive offers attractive discounts for

Whether you’re 16 or 85, slim or portly, petite or

company memberships, on top of the tax benefits.

tall, whether you’re a die-hard or you haven’t hit the

Countless studies have shown that company

gym in years, we’re here to put you on track to getting

fitness programmes result in healthier employees.

a healthy physique.’ Clubsportive is a firm advocate

And what employer wouldn’t want that?

Text Jori Spitz | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


A new generation of Childcare.


Please call or email us to make an appointment to have a look around. 020 7058040 • ,-VEDDQSDGr&9$PVWHUGDP

All information is available in English and Dutch at

OYA-FLYER_kikkerbekje_PRINT_ENG_0820.indd 1

20-08-14 17:05

VERKOOPBIJEENKOMST zaterdag 7 februari 2015 op locatie 14.00 - 16.00 uur

Ruime benedenwoningen

Luxe appartementen

50 Terraswoningen bij de Zuidas


Betaalbare lofts

Eigen grond • Groot zonneterras met vrij uitzicht • Ligging aan water en groen Locatie De Klencke 85 - 107 Amsterdam 020 - 301 77 15 020 - 664 77 76

On 15 October Dennis van de Water (b. 1984) won the Rooilijn photography competition at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Rooilijn had issued a call for young photographers to aim their lenses on Zuidas. As a freelance photographer, Dennis van de Water's images revolve around his job at Cyclotron VU, a radiopharmacy company based at the VU University Amsterdam campus in Zuidas. He often takes his camera along to shoot photos in the mornings after finishing his night shift or on breaks during the night.

Together, we make this area come alive Hello Zuidas would like to thank all the members who have contributed towards turning Zuidas into a vibrant place during 2014. In close cooperation with these partners, we’ve been able to organize


a dynamic mix of music events, art exhibitions, sports activities, events with culinary delights, as well as cultural and social projects. Your feedback on these programmes is always appreciated. In the year ahead, we will see the return of a number of familiar events, alongside new projects such as the Amsterdam Hotel Night and the Tulip Festival. On page 41 you can find a list with a few of major events coming to Zuidas in 2015. Mark the dates in your diary and get ready for another dynamic year!



On the roofff






Selection of events in Zuidas in 2015 Amsterdam Hotel Night: 17-18 January Open Tower Day: March 2015 Amsterdam Tulip Festival: 17 April - 5 May


ArtZuid: 22 May - 22 September ZuidasRun: 21 June Zuidas Cuisine & Concert meets Summerfest: 26 June Grachtenfestival Amsterdam: 14-23 August On The Roof Film Festival: Early September Members who organize activities year-round All hotels and restaurants! Amsterdam EXPO, see De Nieuwe Poort, Zuidas Green Business Club, see Amsterdamse Bos, see ASEGA Media and NGAGE, see Friends of Beatrixpark, see

Zuidas Run

Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office, see Sportas, see Amsterdam Zuid district, see Many thanks and let’s meet again in 2015!





Michael Berendsen, Jouke Baaima, Christiaan Huijg & Evert Middelbeek

Iris Collewijn, Renske de Wijs & Clarissa Werst

Ibrahim Deraz & Kirsten van den Hul

HELLO ZUIDAS END-OF-YEAR NETWORKING EVENT Thursday, 11 December from 5pm to 7.30pm @ Amsterdam EXPO • Around 150 guests attended the networking reception • Everyone had a chance to admire the Giants of the Ice Age exhibition • The reception venue was decked out in style • The networking event was a smashing success, with everyone enjoying the opportunity to chat and exchange business cards • The exhibition is open to the public and on view through 1 March Erik Delmee, Olivier Otten & Koos Hugen

Erik Maitimo, Rob Kuipers & Renny Kootstra

Ton Boon, Susanne de Roy van Zuidewijn, Barend de Roy van Zuidewijn & Monique Maarsen

Rakesh Mahabier & Michiel van Alfen

Gaitrie Goercharn, Aalt Leusink & Joost Goudsmit

Dorine van der Schalk & Jeroen de Roever

Rachel Imambaks & Eline Hoogendijk

Rudy de Vries & Nicole de Vries-Noach

Mark van Rijt & Dick Lussing

Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde

Nicole Turnhout – Ammerlaan & Bob Oostelbos

Maxwell Vaughan & Mark Boesveld



The right solution for your building

Fortron has become a known and trusted name in Zuidas. As a company specialized in façades, we ensure that your building exterior projects the right professional image. Because we are always looking for ways to better serve you, we'd like to introduce our new National Accounts Manager Jeroen van Drongelen. Jeroen is your first point of contact for all queries regarding façade management. With extensive experience in the facilities sector, he can advise you on a wide range of issues surrounding façade maintenance. Phone us on +31(0)34 249 0600 to schedule an appointment!


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After 20 y ear you would s, this is what have paid extra by doing bus iness with ab instead of De Hypoth ank eker:

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Christiaan Huijg & Tim Wille

Jan Bert Dijkstra

SMART TRAVEL 2014 -> 2040 SYMPOSIUM Tuesday, 25 November from 10am to 3pm @ WTC Amsterdam • What can the Zuidas community do to improve accessibility? And what can be done to encourage the use of public transport and bikes? These were among the topics of the day. • The symposium was organized by the Zuidas Accessibility Task Force (ABN AMRO, Amsterdam RAI, VU, VUmc, WTC Amsterdam, ORAM, Goldstar BV and the Zuidas Development Office) in cooperation with Hello Zuidas and the Green Business Club Zuidas. • A key conclusion was that Zuidas must find alternatives to car use during rush hours, as it simply cannot accommodate any more cars and roads.

Josja van der Veer & Jan Bert Dijkstra

Jeroen Slot, Geert Kloppenburg & Erik Verhoef

Photography Wouter van Ierssel

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Talent in Zuidas


Dennis van de Water (b. 1984) won the Rooilijn photography competition at Pakhuis de Zwijger on 15 October. Rooilijn had issued a call for young photographers to aim their lenses on Zuidas. What strikes the photographer’s eye whilst walking around Zuidas? And what mysteries lie waiting to be revealed?

AKING YOUR CAREER TO EXCEPTIONAL PLACES If you are looking for a company that pays close attention to the development and well-being of its people, look no further. We believe that our people will flourish by offering them opportunities to improve their knowledge & experience and by stimulating a healthy life style. Our growing business offers more than sufficient space for personal entrepreneurship. Moreover you will have the chance to work with the best people in real estate. Interested? Please visit our website to read more.


Jos Smit & Chrisoula Papadopoulou

Webster University in Amsterdam and Leiden The renowned American Webster University has campuses around the world, from Vienna to Bangkok, and, from 1983, in Leiden. Webster University has another branch at Amsterdam WTC, offering an ideal solution for working professionals who want to add an international dimension to their career. Hello Zuidas met with Chrisoula Papadopoulou, Head of Webster University’s Department of Business & Management, and Jos Smit, Senior Business and Financial Analyst at Bredero Shaw and one of Webster University 2,000 (and counting) alumni.


environment in which students become familiar with the customs

With a range of BA, BS, MA and MBA programmes, Webster

asset for our students if they go into international business’.

University the Netherlands is the only accredited American

Webster University offers professionals excellent preparation

university in the Netherlands, and furthermore boasts excellent

for the international corporate world. ‘Our alumni are not only

connections with American multinationals. Its highly flexible

incredibly talented, but also have the flexibility to work in

degree programmes make a perfect fit for young professionals,

international settings involving lots of travel, as well as relocations

Papadopoulou points out. Smit agrees: ‘Courses are taught in

along with their families’, Papadopoulou concludes.

of other cultures’, Papadopoulou explains, ‘which is a great

the evenings from 6pm to 10pm, which makes it possible to study alongside your job. And if you ever have to go abroad

To learn more about Webster University the Netherlands,

for work unexpectedly, you can choose another time in which

phone +31 71 516 8000 or send an email to

to take the course. I once even took a course at the Webster campus in Shanghai when I had to be there for my work.’ Webster Amsterdam

Webster Leiden


Strawinskylaan 57

Boomarkt 1

The majority of students at Webster University the Netherlands

Tower D Level 2

2311 EA Leiden

come from other countries. ‘That has fostered a very international

Text Sanne Offringa | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


VISIT US IN AMSTERDAM RSM AMSTERDAM OFFICE Viñoly Building, 1st floor, Claude Debussylaan 46 1082 MD Amsterdam

BUSINESS WAS USUAL You can make a difference in today’s new world of business. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) offers you and your company a broad portfolio of executive programmes, taught by world-class faculty. Consistently ranked among Europe’s top business schools, RSM educates many influential business leaders. Explore the latest business insights. Boost your leadership skills. Gain a forward-thinking and innovative mindset. Fuel your future at RSM in Rotterdam or Amsterdam!


Accredited by



Zuidas is home to an expanding pool of talent



1 Amsterdam International Community School Prinses Irenestraat 59 2 Acta

Europap lein

Europa plein


Twen t estraat

Montfe rlandstr aat

Sallan dstraa

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We e rdestein eld ijk



Zeela ndstraat

7 MBO College Zuid Europaboulevard 13 8 RSM Erasmus Universiteit Claude Debussylaan 46

3 Berlitz School of Languages BV Weerdestein 205

9 St. Nicolaas Lyceum Beethovenplein 2 10 Vrije Universiteit

Fred. Roeskestraat 82

De Boelelaan 1105

5 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Fred. Roeskestraat 96

11 Webster University StrawinskyLaan 57, Tower D LeveL 2

6 ETS Global World Trade Center Strawinskylaan 929 Tower B, 9th floor

Westerwo ldestraat

Gelres tr aat


Graaf schap-

Eu ropa-


Zuid-Hol l andstraa t

Rond eel

Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004

4 Geert Groote School


Klencke horst


Van Nijenrodeweg


Zuidas is growing all the time! Just check out some of the names below. Valkenstein


Am st

Van Nijenrodeweg


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n vl

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Sijpeste in





Buitenvelde r laan

Noord h ollandt aa s tr







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Van d. Boechorstst r.



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Tommaso Albinoni-


Willem van Wel dammelaan




hof stein

Ol d enaller

Van der Boech orststraat

Willem van Weldammelaan

weg Warmelo




Peter Sc hatstraat

Leonard Ber nsteinstraat

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g dewe eg n ro dew ij e n ro n N ij e Va an N V te rys Be

Van Nije n rodew eg

Van Nijenro deweg Van Nijenrodew eg




Bosbaan w eg






Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark

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C ro nenburg

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Europa b oulevard








Enze r inck

Europaboulevard Europaboulevard




kamp kamp Enzerinck



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Honingen Hof van Groenen

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Arent Janszoon Ernststraat










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Ulenpas Gelde rland-


Holy Olden-

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Are nt Janszoon Ernstst raat










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burg Cannen-

H erinkhave

Buitenveldertseln .


Matenesse-h .


Van Leijenberghlaan


Arent Janszoon Ernststraat



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Sc hokkers pad



Overijss elweg

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Buitenvelderts e laan

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Oldam bt-



De Klencke


Boeier spad






M. A. Walpurgislaan




Bar o niestraat

Bet u w estraat



Groningenstraat Ennemaborg



George Gershwinplein

De Boe lelaan


Bo el


s t ra


Gaffe laarspad

Van der Boech orststraat

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Pr amenpad

Presiden t Kennedy laan

Gaaste rlandst

Domenico Scarlattilaan



ave nw

De Boelelaan


Zuidelijke Wandelwe g

George G ershwinlaan



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Gustav Mahlerplein




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Antonio Vivaldi-

laa n

Gusta v Mahlerlaan


e lt

President Kennedyla an

Zu id

B ee

B enjamin


Aaron Coplandstraat

Debu ssy-





A10 A10

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Amstelveensew eg

Jac hth

Jolle n p a d

Parna ssus-

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sjesp ad


Arnold Sch önberglaan



Uiterwaa rden-

Pres. Kenne dylaan

b oule vard

t Christian Neefestraa


Cla ud

Europ a-

Beethov enstraa t




Pr e sident Ke n nedylaan

tra a t Beeth ovens


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Prinses Ir e nestraat


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um Be ina st ra t

Stra winskyla an Stra w inskyla an




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Prinses Margrietstr aat


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eg Parna ssusw Pa r nassusw eg

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Dirk Sc häf e r straat

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Johannes Worpstraat

H . Bosmanss tr.

at P eter van Anrooystra

Zuider Amstelkanaal

Pr . Marijkes traat

nSta dio ple in



. Henri Zagwijn str

io h Sta d

Wille m Pijperstr aat


io n g

IJs baa


m pisc

oorn D . Ap peld

O ly

12 Hogeschool Inholland Amsterdam Boelelaan 1109 51.


Mario García de León

Berlitz Language and communication training programmes in Zuidas With a reputation spanning over 130 years and the founding of more than 550 language centres in over 70 countries, Berlitz truly is ‘a Global Education Company’. Berlitz specializes in language and communication training for individuals and businesses. A few years ago, the company relocated its Amsterdam branch from the city centre to the Netherlands’ ‘Financial Mile’: Zuidas. Hello Zuidas met with Berlitz Language Center Director Mario García de León over coffee.



Garcia de Leon explains, ‘we offer instruction

As one of the company’s four language centres

the classroom and online. Our instructors are

in the Netherlands, Berlitz’s Zuidas branch is

all native speakers who have a background in

ideally located. It has been providing training

business. We are able to include business jargon,

programmes for major companies including

if desired, and we also have the flexibility to adapt

Google, AkzoNobel and Accenture for a few years

our programmes to meet any specific additional

now. As well as language and communication

needs. For example, we recently set up an

programmes, Berlitz also offers cultural training

intensive individual German course for an

designed for international organizations that

ING HR business partner who’d just heard she’d

want to prepare their staff to work abroad.

be moving to Germany in only two weeks’ time.’

in almost every conceivable language, both in


APK-KEURING (MOT TEST) ‘As from 2015, we’ll be offering all Zuidas

time for a language training: before, during or after

employers – not just our current clients – our own

work? Would you prefer training programmes

version of the Dutch automotive APK-keuring,

that are offered jointly to multiple businesses

free of charge’, Garcia de Leon continues.

with the same needs, and if so, would you prefer

‘In other words, a periodic inspection of their staff’s

them to be offered in a separate or shared training

language skills level, for which we’ve developed

space? Are you looking for preparatory courses

a special audit. The results will be presented

condensed into a few weeks, or would you rather

live online, to be watched by the company

have them spread out over several months?

management. This enables organizations to see to what extent their employees possess the

‘We can cater for all’, Garcia de Leon stresses.

required language proficiencies, so they can

‘We can fully adapt our training programmes to

arrange for refresher training in time if necessary.

meet the requirements of each and every client.

This service, I’d like to emphasize, is free of

Hopefully, this survey will help give us a clear

charge and free of obligation for companies.’

picture of those requirements. A good intake meeting is very important as well.


By listening and picking up on the client’s specific

Berlitz has even more big plans for 2015. ‘In order

and make sure everyone knows what to expect.’

needs, you can put together a custom package

to gain a clear picture of local companies’ language and communication training needs, we’re going to be conducting a large-scale survey in Zuidas’, Garcia de Leon says. ‘The results will be made available to everyone. Not only will it enable us to tailor training programmes to companies’ needs,

Berlitz Schools of Languages B.V.

it will also allow them to check out whether other

Amsterdam | Berlitz The Netherlands

companies are running up against similar problems

Weerdestein 205a

in that field.’

1083 GN Amsterdam Tel.: +31(0)20 622 1375

Survey questions will include: what languages

would you like to learn? What would be the best

Text Sanne Offringa | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Forgot the Christmas hampers? Save the day with a bottle of bubbly! | +31 20 2170922


AND RECEIVE A GIFTVOUCHER! If you book your meeting in the period from January to June 2015 and it has a value of at least € 4000, you will receive a LaDress giftvoucher to the value of € 250! Our Banquet Sales Manager, Bas Plomp, will be happy to help you organise your event. Please call us on + 31 (0)20 5705655 or send an email to

Dijsselhofplantsoen 7, 1077 BJ Amsterdam T +31(0)20 570 56 00

HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES THE FOLLOWING NEW MEMBERS Company: Ronald McDonald Huis, VUmc Sector: Charity Number of employees: 3 paid, around 90 voluntary Link with Zuidas: As part of an international, professional organization, we fit in well with the identity of companies in Zuidas. Plus, our location is just a short walk away. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We would like to help companies in Zuidas shape their CSR policies. Our work is tangible and aimed at bringing people closer together, just as we enable parents to stay close to their child. After all, sick children can’t do without their parents. Company: Pit4Business Sector: Organizational consulting Number of employees: 1 Link with Zuidas: TI chose this location because it’s an inspiring environment – dynamic, diverse and results-driven – precisely the setting where Pit4Business help companies to optimize their results. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: To keep up with what’s happening in Zuidas and connect with other companies based here. Company: Colliers International Real Estate BV Sector: Real estate (full-service advisory) Number of employees: 70 Link with Zuidas: As a fast-growing international real estate advisor, we offer full-service solutions for Zuidas tenants and office occupants. We have expert knowledge on the latest area developments, office vacancies, lease prices and incentives. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We are in contact with many Zuidas occupants; know what they like, dislike and what could be further improved. By sharing these insights with Hello Zuidas, we can contribute to creating a better Zuidas for all local building owners and users. Company: Eden McCallum Sector: Strategy consulting Number of employees: 8 Link with Zuidas: We have been based in Zuidas since our 2008 launch in the Netherlands. Our location has to be easily accessible for both clients and consultants and to have all the important amenities within easy reach. Zuidas provides the ideal solution. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We already enjoy the benefits of being part of this thriving community. By becoming a member of Hello Zuidas, we can participate even more fully, getting better acquainted with our neighbours and encouraging them to get to know us. Company: Deloitte Sector: Financial services Number of employees: 4,800 Link with Zuidas: Zuidas is the Netherlands’ financial and commercial centre, with a location that’s perfectly situated for our clients and relations in both the Netherlands and abroad. With Deloitte’s wide network of international relations, that’s ideal. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Deloitte is keen to forge good, strong ties with other organizations in Zuidas. The management, safety and quality of life here concern all of us. Company: Bilfinger Real Estate Sector: Real estate management Number of employees: 100 Link with Zuidas: Bilfinger Real Estate manages office properties in and around Zuidas for various owners. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We consider it our responsibility to go beyond management of the properties themselves, and feel it’s important to be part of Hello Zuidas to keep informed on issues of local interest.



088 0884300


yo ur “N DI he lps yo u with eve ryt hin g reg ard ing ho ne mobil e tel ep ho ny . Du e to th e ma ny tel ep icu lt prov ide rs an d su bsc rip tio ns , it can be d iff ca l to de cid e w h at th e bes t an d mo st eco no mi an a lys e op tio n is for yo u. W e c hec k yo ur invoic es, rep ort yo ur ca llin g be h avi or an d da ta us age an d u.” ba ck on w hic h su bsc rip tio n is bes t for yo

w w w.n d i. n l

Memo board ART IN ZUIDAS If you would like to see this work of art on Gustav Mahlerplein in March 2015, contact the artist at

HEADHUNTER NMC-NIJSSE BECOMES BOYDEN Boyden, a global leader in retained executive search and talent advisory services with more than 70 offices in over 40 countries, announced that NMC-Nijsse International has joined the firm, continuing Boyden’s expansion as a global leader with an office in Zuidas. ‘Joining Boyden brings about immediate benefits for our clients and candidates. Boyden’s expertise, knowledge and global reach will strengthen our position as a premier strategic advisor,’ says Managing Partner Joost Goudsmit.

MOBEAZY BRINGS INNOVATIVE ‘SHARED MOBILITY’ CONCEPT TO ZUIDAS Newly opened at Spaces Zuidas, Mobeazy offers mobility services for tenants and members by means of a special mobility card. The service includes use of public transport as well as electric car sharing, e-scooters and e-bikes that are available for use on location. Mobeazy is a great option for employees who don’t have a lease car, but do have to travel for work a few times a month. To learn more, visit:

AMSTERDAM MUSEUM ON THE MOVE: INNOVATIVE MOBILE EXHIBITION Amsterdam Museum on the move is a unique new exhibition concept offering companies and office buildings a chance to display art treasures from the Amsterdam Museum collection for their own staff and business relations. The museum is currently looking for companies in Zuidas that would like to host a display. If your company is interested, and if you would like to learn more, contact Denise de Boer at:

YOUR PERSONAL PATH TO PHYSICAL & MENTAL SUCCESS? On 12-15 January, Eimeren’s Results Coach Javier Morata will be offering half-hour one-on-one coaching consultations free of charge. Javier helps people discover their personal path to success, both physical and mental. As a results coach, he goes in search of what prevents people from doing what they need to do, in order to accomplish their goals. Javier Morata offers his Transform Yourself coaching programme at Clubsportive in Zuidas. Interested? Get in touch and go to:

PROPERTY SPECIAL The March/April issue of Hello Zuidas will include a special feature on Property. If you’d like to contribute to this topic in our magazine, please feel free to contact us at:

E-mail your memo’s to


The TOEIC® tests,

the world’s most popular

English assessments for the workforce

• 14,000 organisations use the TOEIC tests • 7 million tests administered annually • 4 skills measured Sessions available in the World Trade Center Amsterdam. L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

Copyright © 2014 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries, used under licence.

AP ZUIDAS 185 x 127,5mm.indd 1


We Enjoy

sur les petits docs type A5

L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

sur doc type A4

For more information and registration:

02/06/14 17:44

being human and genuinely being fulfilled by what we do, through a common desire to interact with people at all levels, both externally and internally.

Brush up your business English. Check p. 32 for dates & further information. 020 – 598 64 20 |


Members Hello Zuidas – January 2015

If your company isn’t on this list, please contact

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83. Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. 84. Markit 85. MBO College Zuid 86. Mech Make & Take 87. Miles Building 88. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 89. NDI ICT Solutions 90. NEWNRG 91. NH Amsterdam Zuid 92. Nijkerk Holding 93. NL Real Estate 94. Novotel Amsterdam City 95. NS 96. NVB 97. NVD Beveiligingsgroep 98. Oliver’s 99. Openbare Bibliotheek A’dam 100. ORAM 101. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 102. Partou Kinderopvang 103. Pathé 104. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 105. Platform Beter Benutten 106. Pit4Business 107. Property NL B.V. 108. Puramis Consultancy 109. Qbic Hotels 110. Q-Park Nederland 111. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid 112. RBS 113. Regus 114. Restaurant Nine 115. RGA International Reinsurance Co. 116. Ronald McDonald Huis VUmc 117. RSM Erasmus University 118. Russell Reynolds Associates 119. Schiphol Real Estate 120. SCOR Global Life SE 121. Season-Flowers 122. Securitas 123. SINGAZ 124. SLA 125. SLFMD Tailoring 126. Spaces 127. Stadsdeel Zuid 128. Stage Entertainment 129. Stibbe 130. St.Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion A’dam 131. Stichting Promotie Sportas Amsterdam 132. Stichting ZuidasRun 133. Sushi Time 134. Symphony’s 135. Taalcentrum - VU 136. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 137. The Bank of New York Mellon 138. The Basket 139. The Change Agent 140. The Office Operators 141. The Oyster Club 142. The TailorMates 143. Ticketpoint 144. TopJobs Consultants 145. Transcore Management 146. TREC 147. Triple Ace 148. Unicucine 149. Valid Express 150. VimpelCom 151. Visser Communicatie 152. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 153. VU Connected 154. VU Medisch Centrum 155. Wagamama 156. Webster University 157. Wieringen Prins 158. Wineboutique & Spirits 159. WTC Amsterdam 160. WTC A’dam Business Club 161. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 162. Your Assistant 163. 164, Zuidschans



Your partner in finance recruitment for 2015 WTC, F tower, 3rd floor, Strawinskylaan 381 • +31 (0) 20 333 7888 •

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Hello Zuidas #17  

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