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Jacques Kuyf, Stage Entertainment

“We feel right at home in Zuidas”


Victory Advisors and G&S Vastgoed

The new Atrium: one of a kind

HELLO ZUIDAS Colourful opportunities MAHLERPLEIN A delicate building challenge SPORTAS AND ZUIDAS A dynamic duo

O F F I C E S PA C E AVA I L A B L E Choose an office where you feel at home, and you’ll never again feel like you’re at work. Welcome to Handel Amsterdam, the most inspiring and comfortable office in Amsterdam’s Zuidas area. A new generation of companies and employees that need a unique and personal work environment. Handel Amsterdam consists of three unique pavilions, connected by a spacious corridor with shared facilities. Fully geared towards today’s new way of living and working, where flexibility, quality and transparency take precedence. The freestanding building is the result of sustainable design, and is located at a green and highly accessible location, near the dynamic Zuidas. The stylish interior, the catering facilities, and the broad offering of suitable services make Handel Amsterdam complete. Welcome home.

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Please contact us for further information and to tour the location. Dirk Dekker +31(0) 62 957 06 45

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Handel Amsterdam is developed by str. Eos All-In Real Estate B.V. in cooperation withr de Laan Being Development B.V. Exterior design by Gent&Monk Architecten BNA, the interior is designed and executed by All-in Living. ym

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From the origin of Zuidas, the prestigious Atrium has been the place of business for many nationally and internationally renowned companies. The time has now come to add a new chapter to the Atrium’s legacy. The renovation of the lobby area, outside garden, office floors, lift lobbies and sanitary facilities commenced in August 2014. From December 2014, work will be started of a new underground parking garage. The renovation of The New Atrium will be finished by 2015. After the complete renovation of the building The New Atrium will have the best of both worlds: the irreplaceable qualities of the building as is, but with fully modern technique, image and service. Where people can meet and relax under optimal conditions. A place where people are proud to invite their business partners or friends.

Please visit for more information

News of the plane disaster in Ukraine was a huge blow for Zuidas. The editorial board of Hello Zuidas extends its heartfelt sympathies to everyone affected and wishes them strength in coming to terms with a tragedy that should never have happened.

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

Zuidas, setting the scene for Stage Entertainment This edition of Hello Zuidas includes a special

talks about why Stage Entertainment has relocated

gazette insert featuring portraits of people who

to Zuidas. Their new premises houses not only

share a link with Zuidas. Working with photographer

the company’s offices but also rehearsal spaces

Eddy Bosland, artist Lies Aris has been pouring

for musical actors and actresses working hard

her heart and soul into these stories over the last

to hone new productions. Stage Entertainment’s

few months, and the result is fabulous! In the

arrival marks a real coup for Zuidas and an exciting

weeks ahead, her exhibition will also be on view at

addition to the local mix.

the Zuidas KunstKapel. This issue also includes lots of new information The gazette illustrates that Zuidas is a true melting

about local developments. Read all about the reno-

pot of professions. As well as interviews with

vation of the Atrium and how Zuidas rates on flexible

lawyers and bankers, we also meet the keeper of

working, and check out the photo feature on the

the vegetable garden. This forms a perfect segue

Jackson brothers’ recent visit.


into our story on the recent move to Zuidas of Stage Entertainment, Joop van den Ende’s live enter-

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer and

The next issue of

tainment company. Its new CCO, Jacques Kuyf,

are revved and ready to go for another year of

Hello Zuidas is scheduled

is pictured on the cover of this issue, in which he

exciting challenges!

for the 4th of November

Like many other travellers, I was stunned by the tragedy of flight M17. My first thoughts, naturally, were for the victims’ close relatives and friends. The list of the names of all the victims published in the Dutch dailies speaks volumes. Among them I found the name Antoine van Veldhuizen, the director of Expatica and with whom, as a business associate, I had become personally acquainted. All over the Netherlands, people are being mourned by their co-workers and professional relations. My particular sympathies go out to everyone who worked with John Allen, employed at Nauta Dutilh for 18 years, who died together with his family. To them, I offer my condolences and strength. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


VISIT US IN AMSTERDAM RSM AMSTERDAM OFFICE Viñoly Building, 1st floor, Claude Debussylaan 46 1082 MD Amsterdam

BUSINESS WAS USUAL You can make a difference in today’s new world of business. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) offers you and your company a broad portfolio of executive programmes, taught by world-class faculty. Consistently ranked among Europe’s top business schools, RSM educates many influential business leaders. Explore the latest business insights. Boost your leadership skills. Gain a forward-thinking and innovative mindset. Fuel your future at RSM in Rotterdam or Amsterdam!


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37. VU University New University Building 38. Hello You 41. Sportas and Zuidas A dynamic duo! 42. Hello Zuidas | Mobility New way of working making inroads 45. Hello Zuidas | Mobility Up-to-date traffic information 46. Hello Zuidas | Sustainability Just how sustainable is Zuidas? 49. Kungfu Amsterdam Wing Tjun reduces stress! 50. Special: Atrium 52. G&S Vastgoed and Victory Advisors The new Atrium: one of a kind 55. Memo board 57. Hello Zuidas | New Members

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.


YOUR NH HOTEL NEAR ZUIDAS HAS A NEW NAME: NH AMSTERDAM ZUID What doesn’t change is our commitment to connect to your needs. Therefore, you can continue to count on the services you have become accustomed to, such as a shuttle service between NH Amsterdam Zuid and Zuidas, wonderful beds, excellent breakfast, and free Wi-Fi. For reservations: +31 (0)20 70 18 042 Over 375 hotels in 28 countries

NH Amsterdam Zuid (formerly known as NH Musica) Van Leijenberghlaan 221, 1082 GG Amsterdam

News Flashes


KOP ZUIDAS GETS RESIDENTIAL Kop Zuidas is getting busier by the day, with the Old School creative hotspot, an urban chicken coop, a hotel under construction and a new residential project. Construction of the 75 mid-range rental units will start in September. AM project developer Michiel van Hoof explains, ‘We’ve been working closely with the Zuidas Development Office, Bouwinvest, Studioninedots and BAM Woningbouw Alkmaar from the outset of this project, searching for the best solutions to ensure the best possible quality. That included joint development of a framework for the building exterior to determine the overall appearance and quality, as well as consultations with the self-build association next door’.

ART IN BEATRIXPARK Artist Dirk Hakze has been touring Europe with his successful ‘The Colors of Music’, a project that has him painting in the open air to different symphonies by Gustav Mahler. Among the scheduled locations is Beatrixpark, where he will paint the 6th symphony. ‘I’ll be creating 57 separate panels on the grass to form one complete whole. Each painting stands for 1.40 minutes of music. The paintings are a visual translation of the colours I hear in the music. Everyone is welcome to drop by, put on their headphones and experience the creation of my panorama for themselves!’

INFLATABLE SPORTS HALL FOR KIDS In early September, a unique temporary sports hall catering for school children opened its doors on Gustav Mahlerlaan. ‘Zuidas is moving full speed ahead’, says Zuid board committee chair Sebastiaan Capel, ‘and with the BL46 sports complex on De Boelelaan up for demolition, we’ll soon be launching the next development phase of our SPARK kids’ campus on this site. As we want to make sure kids keep fit and active, we’ve erected this temporary inflatable sports facility next to the offices of Deloitte and AKD. Most of the kids who come here attend the Amsterdam International Community School.’

LIVING IN GERSHWIN: THE ESSENCE OF ZUIDAS With residential properties shooting up all over Zuidas, a new Gershwin building will mark another step in the area’s transformation into a dynamic urban district. In early September, work started on the construction of 58 public-sector rental flats in a large tower, designed by Inbo architects and situated next to the Miles and Django apartment buildings. According to Jorrit Meijer, construction project leader, ‘At 77 metres in height, the building will call for considerable creativity from the contractor. But putting up a tall building on a postage-stamp size plot is always a challenge. It’s set to be an attractive complex with a definite urban flair that reflects what living in Zuidas is all about’.

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‘We’re open to demonstrate our local commitment’ - Jacques Kuyf, CCO of Stage Entertainment


Stage Entertainment feels right at home in Zuidas 'We're open to demonstrate our local commitment' - Jacques Kuyf, CCO of Stage Entertainment Six months ago, Stage Entertainment moved from offices that spanned several properties on the Museumplein to one single building on De Boelelaan in Zuidas. It’s a little-known fact that this theatre production company, owned by Joop van den Ende, is a huge operation active in eight countries and with 25 of its own theatres in Europe and the US. Stage Entertainment, the market leader in musical productions in Continental Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Russia, is also active in the West End and on Broadway. With a workforce of 3,500 employees, its theatre productions pull in some 10 million visitors a year. We spoke with Jacques Kuyf, appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) upon Stage Entertainment’s relocation, who is a resident of Zuidas himself: ‘Our company is one of the heavyweights in the world and we’re looking to grow even bigger from our location on De Boelelaan.’ You started as CCO of Stage Entertainment six

Are the Netherlands important for Stage Entertainment?

months ago. How is it going so far, and what are

We produce a lot of shows for the Dutch market, and we’re

your core responsibilities in the company?

working hard here to achieve an ideal mix of cities, locations

Stage Entertainment develops and stages musicals, which other

and product types. This is our country of origin and where it

companies can also purchase for use. Within the company, I am

all started. In Germany, the market is much larger. There, we’re

responsible for the overall commercial policy. Effective coordination

based in five cities – in Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Essen and

of our own creative concepts with consumers and commercial

Oberhausen. Hamburg is incredibly important to us, with four

policy is crucial, and that’s my main focus area. I’m also

theatres. We’ve also got two theatres in Moscow, one each in

responsible for revenues generated in the eight countries where

Madrid, Milan and Paris, and we lease venues in London and

we supply our products and stage our existing top productions.

New York. It’s Joop van den Ende who got the Netherlands

It’s a challenge to be sure, but Stage Entertainment is a dynamic

hooked on musicals. He created all this as a partner in Endemol,

company and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

and it just exploded from there.

Do you have a specific long-term vision

Was this location on De Boelelaan a strategic choice?

guiding these aims?

Yes, very much so. We’ve created the heart of our company here.

At the moment, digitization is changing things for a lot of

The location is great in terms of accessibility for staff and transport

consumers and businesses. The great thing about the musical

links with Schiphol. With all public transport nearby, we’ve got

entertainment industry is that it has been around for quite a while

the world at our feet. At the Museumplein we occupied several

and has withstood the test of the Internet. People go to the theatre

buildings, and now we have the convenience of one. This property

with friends and loved ones, or when there’s something to celebrate.

meets all our requirements. Here we can combine rehearsal

They want to experience something special that can’t be delivered

studios for productions with office space for the holding company

via a monitor or screen. We want to develop products that provide

staff, which greatly improves communication between the various

the most positive experience possible for consumers. And, of course,

departments and its people. All of these advantages trump a

they pay handsomely for that product, but we’re constantly making

disparate array of unique and admittedly splendid buildings at the

huge investments in the quality of what we deliver. Because this

Museumplein. But the Museumplein is still only ten minutes away!

sector is Internet-proof, our options for expansion are wide open. At the moment, we’re exploring untapped opportunities to

You managed the FD Media Group for more than

introduce our productions in new cities and to bring more

seven years. What prompted you to make this switch?

products to cities such as Hamburg, where we will open our

Was it simply time for a new challenge?

fourth theatre this November. Our company is one of the

After seven years, your own business model gets predictable.

heavyweights in the world and we’re looking to develop this

Plus, I’m of the opinion that after a period of seven or eight

even further from our location on De Boelelaan.

years a good director should make way for someone new.

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


“The great thing about the musical entertainment industry is that it has been around for quite a while and has withstood the test of the Internet”

Jacques Kuyf

There were good people available to fill my shoes, and I feel

is growing fast now, and that’s good. It’s also pulling in more

young enough to take on a new challenge. Even though the sector

business. Life around here is lively enough for my taste, but I

is completely different, there’s a strong similarity in terms of the

also think things should be as dynamic as you can make them.

work. At the FD Media Group it revolved around making creative

Zuidas has all the right ingredients for that. My only concern is

and journalistic content relevant for consumers, and then

road access. During rush hour, this is not an easily accessible

generating commercial revenue from that. The same triangle of

area, and in my view improvements can be made.

consumer, creativity and commerce is just as important here at Stage Entertainment. The business model looks quite similar,

Stage Entertainment recently became a Hello Zuidas

even though the crux of the business is different. My background

participant. What do you hope to contribute to Zuidas?

will help to create long-term growth at Stage Entertainment.

We want our products to be the best they can be, and we want every organization here in Zuidas to learn more about our

You live in Zuidas, in one of the Symphony towers.

products. Everyone here should also be given the opportunity

What’s that like?

to enjoy top-class musical entertainment. At the same time,

Not having to make time-consuming commutes is great on so

we feel a commitment to the area and welcome the opportunity

many levels. Obviously, Stage Entertainment is just a stone’s

to share our views on local developments and other issues

throw from home for me. My partner and I have been living very

through Hello Zuidas. The connection between Hello Zuidas

happily in Symphony for three years now. We absolutely love it.

and local businesses will help us to strengthen the relationship

Zuidas is still developing, but it’s already got all the basics you

between employee associations and companies with Stage

need to feel rooted. We live up high, so the view is fantastic.

Entertainment. In playing our part here, we’re open to get

And it’s a lovely space to come home to after a busy workday.

involved in area developments. After all, this is our home.

One of my children is a student in Rotterdam and the other lives in the Gooi region, so they can easily drop by, which is another bonus.


If I have to take a flight from Schiphol, I can be on my way and


through customs in under 20 minutes. Travelling by train, of course!


What’s your opinion of the area development?


Is it moving fast enough? All the plans on the table are relevant and good, in my view. Plans are great because they create prospects, but the drawback is that they always take too long. Several residential complexes are currently going up, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. A mixed residential and working environment is best when everything is in balance. The residential stock







Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to

180 NEW APARTMENTS FOR ZUIDAS ZUIDAS - Provast and the municipality of Amsterdam


have signed an area-planning framework agreement

ZUIDAS - Following a merger between the French Klépierre and the Dutch property investor Corio (with a portfolio

for 180 apartments for let and purchase on Frederik Roeskestraat in Zuidas. The overall plan for 26,000 m


acquired a 13.6% stake in the European retail investment

with a parking garage underneath, alongside a central

conglomerate. Other major shareholders in Klépierre are the

bike shed and inner courtyard. Apartment sizes will

American Simon Property Group, with 29.4% of the shares,

range from 60 m to 120 m2. Located on the waterside,

and the French BNP Paribas bank, with 21.7%. Following the

the location is just a stone’s throw from the Olympic

acquisition, the division will be: Simon 18.5%, BNP 13.7% and

Stadium. Frederik Roeskestraat is on the north-west

APG 13.6%. Currently, APG holds a 30.6% stake in Corio.

end of Zuidas, between Amstelveenseweg and the law

Blackrock, Amundi and State Street Corporation are the other

courts, bordered by the A10 motorway to the south.

major shareholders. APG, which also manages the ABP

The project feeds into a wider quality impetus for

pension fund, has a stake in the Simon Property Group as well.

Frederik Roeskestraat, which is being repurposed with

With a portfolio of investments totalling more than € 21

a mixture of housing, office space, schools, services

billion and 182 retail centres, the new group will be Europe’s

and amenities.

largest retail property investor after Unibail Rodamco.



including Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht), Zuidas-based APG has

LFA is distributed across three blocks of varying height,

VERMILION COMING TO ZUIDAS ZUIDAS - Vermilion Oil & Gas Netherlands has concluded


an agreement with Deka Immobilien GmbH for the lease of

ZUIDAS - Commercial property sales to investors over

offices in the Symphony building at Gustav Mahlerplein 3-117

the first six months of this year almost topped the total for

in Amsterdam’s Zuidas. The lease concerns 1,100 m in

all of 2013, according to real estate agents and advisers

office space.

DTZ Zadelhoff and Colliers. According to DTZ Zadelhoff,


the first half of 2014 recorded € 4.1 billion in investments in Dutch real estate – the highest level since the first half


of 2008. More than 50% of purchases – amounting to

ZUIDAS - German open-end property fund leader Deka

€ 2.4 billion – were made by foreign investors, according

Immobilien has purchased The Edge from the developer,

to figures released by Colliers. German investors have

OVG. Acquired for a reported sum of approximately

been particularly active, with the German Deka and

€ 200 million, the property will fetch annual rental profits

Union both buying several office buildings at Zuidas.

of € 14 million. Though unwilling to discuss particulars

Most recently, that included The Edge, a new-build project

of the transaction, Deka and OVG have indicated it is the

acquired by Deka for approximately € 200 million.

largest single asset deal of the year. Situated between the VU Medical Center and the A10 motorway in Amsterdam’s Zuidas, and currently still under construction, The Edge is a new-build project comprising 40,000 m2. The entire building will be taken into use this autumn under a longterm lease to the accountancy firm Deloitte and the AKD law firm. Previously, Deka also purchased the Vinoly, The Rock and Symphony buildings at Zuidas, the latter in a € 215 million sale that marked the largest single asset deal of 2013.

Photography Ingrid Arnou



Got a minute? Public Spaces in Zuidas have been radically transformed over the last few years. More cafés and restaurants have appeared, as well as integrated landscaping. Moreover, the Zuidas Development Office is continually working to optimize available space. During a recent lunch break, Hello Zuidas staked out the two major Zuidas squares to find out what users think about the changes and the local street scene overall.

BARRY POLAK, PRODUCT TEAM MEMBER AT ABN AMRO CLEARING ‘I’m a big fan of the mobile food stands here on Gustav Mahlerplein, and Dicky’s Grand Café is my favourite place for a drink after six. Zuidas has become quite a lively spot during the week and I think there’s plenty of choice in eateries. As far as I’m concerned, a point for improvement would be the integration of water in the landscape. A fountain can really create a sense of tranquillity, for example. And the general mix of people could be shaken up a bit; more artistic types and arts-related businesses would make the scene more dynamic, so this square could become a springboard for interesting collaborations between businesses and artists.’

SANDRINE PREVOO & MUNA IBRAHIM, BOTH LAWYERS AT SIMMONS & SIMMONS ‘Zuidas is a pleasant place to work. Everything looks wellmaintained. More shops and convenience-type stores would be good though. Then you wouldn’t have to go down town after work and could just head straight home. And a few more restaurants couldn’t hurt. But apart from that, it’s really nice here.’


PUBLIC SPACE ANOUK NOORDAM, HR INTERN AT ABN AMRO ‘Today is my first day on the job, so I’m not really qualified to give an opinion yet! This has been a day filled with new experiences and lots of names to remember. But I live nearby, so I’m familiar with the area. One thing I love is how everyone here takes lunch at the same time, side by side on benches on the square. The office populations really do mingle during lunch breaks. It’s also nice to notice how clean the area is, and I think the buildings are really stunning.’

INGRID VAN BUUREN & MARJA BERENSEN, BOTH SECRETARIES AT DE BRAUW BLACKSTONE WESTBROEK ‘Zuidas is a work in progress, but the developments are very positive. The business district is getting better every day. There are more benches to sit on and to have a chat, and there are great places to eat, like the new SLA. Also lots more practical shops. The wider range to choose from is definitely a big improvement. Plus, it’s not that expensive, so you needn’t worry you’ll break the bank. Zuidas is also easy to reach, with the station within walking distance and the city centre a quick trip by public transport or bike. Even so, I wouldn’t want to live here just because of the business-like ambiance. But for expats, the new flats are ideal.’

NIELS GEUZE, CIVIL-LAW NOTARY IN TRAINING AT DE BRAUW BLACKSTONE WESTBROEK ‘Oliver’s is a great hangout on Friday afternoons, and Mech does good sandwiches at midday. I also like the shops at the station. Zuidas is coming to life more, certainly compared to the way it was. A lot of effort has gone into the ambiance, which has made it all much friendlier. Still, when looking at the new residential buildings, I personally wouldn’t want to live here. To me, Zuidas is too much connected with work and the area is too business oriented for my taste. That said, it’s great for a nice stroll during breaks!’

ANUJ BHARGAVA, BUSINESS ANALYST AT RBS ‘Zuidas is a brilliant place to work, definitely! Personally, I think eating out is a bit expensive in the places around the offices here. And some more variation in restaurants would suit me. Why not an Indian restaurant, for instance? Aside from that, a lot of work has been done to make the area greener, and that’s a great improvement. More green space is always welcome, but of course that is quite a challenge in an environment like this.’

Text Inge Melsen | Photography Wouter van Ierssel



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Love at second sight Conventional wisdom has it that you never get a second

art collection of ABN for instance, which was open to the

chance to make a first impression. However, that doesn’t quite

public on the ‘Open Towers Day’. The graduation show of

give the full story. First impressions can be awfully off the mark.

the Rietveld Academie. The Grachtenfestival with its openair concerts. And the new Old School urban hotspot with its

I, for one, have been tremendously wrong about people. One of

unexpectedly good restaurant. A vegetable garden, a roof-top

my closest friends I labelled an ‘arrogant know-it-all’ when we

film festival, a cemetery, a spa – all can be found within these

first met. And I myself have been mistaken for a ‘dumb blond’

few square kilometres.

on more than one occasion. Yes, dear readers, looks can be dangerously deceiving.

Yet what surprised me most weren’t the places, but the people of Zuidas. Not only bankers, brokers and other big bad boys in

My first impression of Zuidas was far from favourable.

suits, but also beauticians, bakers, writers and master chefs

It was a rainy day, autumn winds were blowing unfettered,

have crossed my path. That’s why I am so excited about Lies

people and buildings looked grim and grey. As I walked out of

Aris’ art project, the Zuidas Gazette, in which she shares some

Station Zuid, all I saw was unfriendly façades and angry faces.

of the stories she has captured on her urban safaris through

Everybody seemed to be in a hurry to get home or to their next

Zuidas; stories of receptionists, managers and maintenance

meeting. My prejudice was confirmed: Zuidas was all about

technicians, residents, employees and passers-by. All worlds

cold, hard cash. I felt totally out of place.

apart at first sight, but all sharing one thing in common: Zuidas.

But the more time I spent in the mysterious microcosm of

This part of town grows on you. I was not a fan at first. But now,

Zuidas, the more pleasantly surprised I became. I ran into all

whenever I have guests visiting from abroad, Zuidas is on my

sorts of unexpected gems and hidden treasures, as Zuidas

must-see list. It only goes to show that it’s never too late for

slowly but surely started unveiling its secrets. The amazing

love at second sight.

Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”. For more information, visit, or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.



Hetty Messchaert & Mehtap Karasu

Mahlerplein: a delicate building challenge 20.


Bird’s eye view of Mahlerplein

Artist’s impression of the Mahler bike parking facility

Build a first-class parking facility for 3,000 bikes and create a green landscape at Gustav Mahlerplein without interfering with day-to-day area activities: that’s the challenge BAM accepted. BAM obtained the tender this summer based on its top-quality area development plan and aim to minimize inconvenience during construction from August 2015. As a Design & Construct (D&C) contract, the tender offers

The site barriers will be beautified with art. ‘Not only because it’s

several advantages for the contracting and contracted parties

more attractive, but it also discourages people from parking their

alike. ‘In commissioning this project, we started out by surveying

bikes against it or covering it with graffiti.’

local wishes. Responses included things like turning Mahlerplein into a green meeting place, but also that construction should


be as unobtrusive as possible. We then left it to the market to

Towards the end of this year, Karasu and Messchaert will jointly

come up with the best way to translate these demands into a

visit with square users. Both value good area management

design and building plan,’ explains Amsterdam’s municipal area

during the works. Messchaert: ‘We’ll be taking a survey

manager, Mehtap Karasu. Commenting on the D&C contract,

of users’ experiences during the construction, will hold

Hetty Messchaert, BAM Civiel site manager says, ‘While brain-

consultation hours at the site hut and also organize guided

storming solutions to the set demands, you start to feel like you

tours. The greatest compliment for us would be if, at the end,

own the plan. We scoped out the location during the tender

people say “Too bad they’re

phase to get the right feel for it, which led to prioritizing things

leaving, it was actually quite fun”.

like sufficient space for terraces.’

Maybe they’ll even miss us a little after we’re gone.’

MINIMIZE INCONVENIENCE Working within a site measuring 50 x 100 metres sounds doable, but factor in intensive use of the square on all sides and the construction logistics get pretty complex. One way BAM plans

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car

to get around this is using a ground transport belt from the

and public transport access to Zuidas and the northern

construction site to the work area, ‘in the colours of the ABN

Randstad area. Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and

AMRO building for camouflage’, says Messchaert. ‘We’ll also be

moved underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be upgraded

using a pressing system for the sheet piling to prevent vibrations

to serve as a future-proof public transport hub for train, tram, bus and

and minimize noise. Actual construction will follow what’s

metro services. Zuidasdok feeds into the continued development of

known as the “wall/roof method”, which cuts the period of

Zuidas as a prime residential, working and recreational location.

above-ground work down to only six months. Basically, with a

For further information, visit

provisional construction site you can finish the underground garage whilst laying out the square and putting it back into use.’

Text Marjolein van Lingen | Photography Wouter van Ierssel | Photo impressions BAM Civiel Noordwest


Audi A3 e-tron

Can be ordered immediately at Audi Centrum Amsterdam! Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

7% additional private-use tax * Full operational lease based on 20,000 km per year, 48 months. Includes cost of Smart Home charging point (excluding installation charges) and service contract for the Smart home charging point.

Lease from €599.00* p/m





The model shown could differ from the model on offer. The prices mentioned do not include ready-to-drive charges.

Net additional private-use tax from € 98.00 p/m Power output 150kW/204pk Range 940 km Standard S tronic Audi connect-e-tron services From € 39,700.00

Jouke Baaima and Michael Berendsen

Corporate Housing Factory growing from adolescence to adulthood ‘We’ve entered the next phase’ Michael Berendsen and Jouke Baaima are the co-owners of Corporate Housing Factory and met with us to talk about the joint venture’s current growth in the field of corporate serviced housing. Previously named Vesteda Corporate Housing, the company has been established in the New Amsterdam building since 2008 and caters to international clients nationwide. Besides New Amsterdam, they are located in The Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. According to the owners, Zuidas is ideal not only as an office location, but also as a place to live for international professionals. Aside from excellent infrastructural connections, Zuidas also offers them a pleasant residential environment.

CLIENT PROFILE ‘We’re the experts in housing for professionals’, Michael

we’re growing rapidly’, Michael adds. ‘Now we’re searching for

explains. ‘Our client base consists of a wide variety of

new locations, not only in Amsterdam, but also in cities like

customers, from multinationals to universities.’ Jouke continues:

The Hague, Utrecht, Frankfurt and Brussels. Thanks to our wide

‘Within this segment we service different types of international

network, we meet demands for short term as well as long term

professionals, ranging from high-potential trainees to CEO’s

rentals with locations where international professionals can stay.

moving with their entire household.’ ‘Our homes and services

And that network further enables us to match properties to the

are tailored to cater each of these categories specifically

changing needs of our international clientèle.’

according to their needs,’ Michael says.

EXPANSIONS The world of global mobility is vast and it’s changing, thanks

Corporate Housing Factory

in part to the Internet. Today, it’s easier than ever to work at

Claude Debussylaan 235, 1082 MC Amsterdam

any place in the world. ‘That’s great for us’, says Jouke.

Phone: +31 (0)88 1169 500

‘For this market, we’ve turned booking a serviced apartment

into a super-fast process, comparable to booking a hotel room.’ ‘That’s helped us carve out a strong position in this sector and

Text Inge Melsen in collaboration with Romy Lange | Photography Wouter van Ierssel



PENSION PROVIDER APG INVESTING € 500M IN HYDROPOWER ZUIDAS – Pension provider APG is staking big on hydropower,


with plans to invest € 500 million in European power stations


announced in mid-July. The company, that manages

ZUIDAS – Paint and chemicals specialist AkzoNobel

the pensions of 4.5 million Dutch citizens, is looking at

increased its second-quarter operating result by 10%

Scandinavian stations using fast-flowing river water to

to € 353 million, and its net result by 11% to € 205

generate green energy, but also wants to build new stations

million. Turnover was down 4% at € 3.7 billion, owing

in countries such as Turkey. APG expects returns ranging

to 5% negative currency effects of the ‘unbelievably’

between 6% and 15%. ‘One real advantage is that

strong euro, according to AkzoNobel president and CEO

hydropower often doesn’t need subsidizing, whereas wind

Ton Büchner in a July press conference. Operating world-

and solar energy are frequently reliant on subsidy schemes’,

wide, the firm has production locations in China,

explains APG’s director of infrastructure Ron Boots.

the United States, India, Brazil and Europe.

Source: Het Financieele Dagblad Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to



ZUIDAS – Accounting and consultancy firm EY has acquired

ZUIDAS – Engineering firm Arcadis saw its net

The Parthenon Group, according to a report, which was

operating profits over the first half of 2014 rise 13%,

published on the website in late July.

to € 55.8 million – the highest level in the company’s

Employing some 350 people, the strategic consultancy firm

history. ‘Cost-saving measures focused on activities

has offices around the world. Last year it posted a turnover

in continental Europe over the past 18 months, as well

of $ 80 million. Headquartered in Boston, EY has offices in

as organizational changes, have played an important

London, Mumbai, San Francisco, Shanghai and Singapore.

role’, said company financial director Reinier Vree,

Financial details of the transaction are still unknown. The

commenting on the figures. Turnover in continental

Parthenon Group was established by two former employees

Europe also once more recorded growth for the first

of the Bain & Company management consulting firm in 1991.

time in five years, following in the wake of the UK, where profits were boosted by a series of investments.

BRITISH RBS FIGURES MAKE UNEXPECTED RALLY ZUIDAS – Mid-year profits at the British bank RBS were significantly higher than expected, sparking a 14% rise in the share price at the end of July. RBS estimates pre-tax profits for the first half of 2014 to a total of £ 2.7 billion (€ 3.4 billion), compared to £ 1.4 billion over the same period last year, due largely to a sharp drop in provisions for non-performing loans. RBS published the results earlier than planned because the figures were so much better than forecast.

Photography Ingrid Arnou


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coffee that changes daily. Upon request, this lunch

Symphony’s is the place to dine, drink, party and

may be served within 45 minutes.

organise a business event. Symphony’s offers an experience in which fresh produce really does


play a key part. It has an open kitchen where

Every day the frontcooking area in the self-service

the guest can see the food being prepared, and

restaurant serves up hot culinary dishes, soups,

a bar where deluxe coffee is made. Quality and

deluxe rolls, hot snacks, fresh fruit juices and

variation prevail. The aroma, customer focus and

delicious salads. The restaurant opens its doors to

ambience all ensure a first-rate experience.

everyone; local businesses can also reach discount agreements with Symphony’s for their employees.

BAR The espresso bar opens early for coffee and fresh


croissants. During the course of the afternoon the

With its magnificent auditorium and the option to

lights and music change: the espresso bar trans-

deploy all the available spaces, Symphony’s can

forms into a venue where guests can meet up and

turn your event into a truly unforgettable experience.

enjoy a drink and delicious, homemade appetizers.

Symphony’s is part of Eurest, the global forerunner

Symphony’s Zuidas

in food and support services, as are the WTC Triple


Ace conference centre and the Fitch&Shui and

Brasserie Symphony’s is an à la carte lunch

Corso Como restaurants on the far side of Station

Open 5 days a week

restaurant with a large, sunny patio. The menu

Zuid. A meeting at WTC, followed by tasty food

G. Mahlerlaan 22-28

comprises a combination of classic brasserie and

and partying at Symphony’s? A presentation at

+31 (0)20 646 4703

tasty fish dishes. At Symphony’s we naturally serve

Symphony’s, followed by Italian dining at Corso

wines that complement these dishes perfectly.

Como? The venues are round the corner from

The City Lunch is a 2 course lunch menu including

one another, and the options are countless!



Culture creating colourful opportunities for Zuidas! Eline Hoogendijk (Hello Zuidas) & Tijmen van Grootheest (President of Gerrit Rietveld Academie)

Creative final exam projects, fried grasshoppers as exotic finger food and long tables in the sunny conservatory of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie... These were just a few of the ingredients that made up Hello Zuidas Foundation participants’ meeting. Keynote speaker Sven Hoogerheide (researcher at Shinsekai Analysis) introduced the day’s theme: ‘With culture in our DNA, what are the opportunities for Zuidas?’


develop an action plan for emergencies. Other key themes are

Before putting this question to the floor, Hello Zuidas director

‘the new way of working’ and public transport, both of which are

Olivier Otten and colleague Eline Hoogendijk first presented

crucial to good accessibility. Our annual Sustainability Report

an update on the foundation. ‘We’re seeing continued growth,

sets out best practices from which other organizations may learn.’

being at 147 and counting. New participants like SLA and service providers Hago and Taalcentrum-VU are helping to boost


diversity at Zuidas, while events like the Grachtenfestival and

Next up was Sven Hoogerheide. ‘The Zuidas financial district is

On The Roofff Festival are making for a dynamic mix’, said Eline.

slowly transforming into an urban location, and that development

According to Olivier, ‘Zuidas isn’t expanding, but it is growing

is also sparking a cultural transformation. Culture is already a

taller, with lots of building activity. Safety is now a top priority.

part of the Zuidas DNA, as attested by the Amsterdam EXPO,

As the link between big businesses, the city district and the local

Stage Entertainment and Olympic Stadium. But why stop there?

police, we’ll be joining with the Safety Platform this autumn to

Zuidas still offers a wealth of cultural opportunities!



Josja van der Veer

Participants brainstormed cultural ideas for Zuidas

Participants meeting at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

DJ FemmeTastic

Olivier Otten & Ruben van Zwieten

CULTURAL INITIATIVES During the network lunch, participants had a brainstorm on cultural ideas for Zuidas, with Olivier Otten briefly discussing

‘The Zuidas financial district is slowly

this topic with several partners. Ruben van Zwieten invited

transforming into an urban location,

businesses to get acquainted with De Nieuwe Poort and

and that development is also sparking

let themselves be inspired by language, music and interaction. Josja van der Veer, head of campus development at VU

a cultural transformation’

University Amsterdam, profiled the New University Building, which offers multifunctional spaces for education, theatre, film – and business. Former student Cecile Wentges talked

Pathé cinema that’s in the pipeline. Zuidas should be a

about her thesis, which centred on building a literal bridge

destination in its own right, with a highly diverse offering

between the Rietveld Academie and Loyens & Loeff.

that extends into the cultural spectrum.’

This successful experiment effected a genuine connection between the worlds of art and law. Peter Tabernal


(Amsterdam Expo director) explained his initial scepticism

All the attendees were agreed that culture is a big bonus for

about basing the Expo in Zuidas: ‘I’d actually been looking

Zuidas. After the meeting, there was plenty of opportunity to

for a location in the city centre, but with its outstanding

network and chat, to the musical stylings of DJ FemmeTastic.

accessibility, Zuidas won out. I’m thrilled about the new

In other words: another fantastic meeting!

Text Milou Peeters | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam UNTIL SATURDAY, 13 OCTOBER Art project: The Colors of Music Beatrixpark, Prinses Irenestraat 19 Until 13 October, visual artist Dirk Hakze will be taking his ‘The Colors of Music’ musical art project to Beatrixpark, turning the classical music of Gustav Mahler’s Sixth Symphony into painting. Viewers can watch from up close as Hakze translates the music into a colourful panorama, comprised of 57 free-standing panels set up in a circle spanning 26 metres in diameter. Dirk Hakze will be working on the panorama daily and visitors can watch while listening to the music on special headphones.


EVERY TUESDAY AT LUNCHTIME The Lunch Break Lecture De Nieuwe Poort 12.40pm Free and open to the public. Take an inspiring break during your workweek for the philosophical ponderings of C-level managers. With 30 minutes of food for thought, followed by discussion and lunch at De Nieuwe Poort restaurant. 9 September: Pauline van der Meer Mohr, Executive Board president, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Heineken Drinks After Work The Oyster Club 5pm Following a hugely popular last edition, the next Friday afternoon of Drinks After Work is set to be another great send-off into the weekend. Open to all; simply register on www. Also join us afterwards for dinner! See you Friday after work @ The Oyster Club!

UNTIL 26 OCTOBER Exhibition: The Art of the Brick Amsterdam EXPO This spectacular show – proclaimed one of the world’s ten must-see exhibitions by CNN – features large-scale sculptures created entirely from LEGO® bricks. Aside from human figures, there’s also a T-Rex skeleton constructed from over 80,000 LEGO bricks extending more than six metres in length! These one-of-a-kind LEGO sculptures are the work of US artist Nathan Sawaya. The exhibition also includes a Play Zone, inviting visitors young and old to explore their creativity with the iconic bricks. Now extended until 26 October.



THURSDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER The Busquitos Manhattan Terrace at Crowne Plaza. 6pm-9pm Enjoy an evening of live music at the Manhattan Terrace every first Thursday of the month, from 6pm until 9pm. On 4 September with The Busquitos.

Street Golf Open Park Rijk For this exclusive golf tournament, Park Rijk in Schiphol-Rijk will be transformed into an 18-hole golf course. The event will be followed by a BBQ on the terrace of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Amsterdam. All proceeds to benefit the Ronald McDonald House VUmc Amsterdam. Golf: 12.30pm - 5pm BBQ: 5pm - 7.30pm For further information, please send an email to:

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of November. Send your agenda to before the 6th of October.

TUESDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER Free lunchtime concert Central Hall, WTC 12.30pm - 1.30pm A’Dam Diviso perform a classical, early Romantic repertoire featuring Beethoven, Druschetzky and Crussell.  Druschetzky (Bohemia, 1745-1819) was one of Mozart’s peers. Finland’s Crusell (1775-1838) was a famous clarinet player in his day and a prolific composer of early Romantic pieces, mainly for clarinet. The lunchtime concerts are organized by Classic For You.

THURSDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER FRIDAY, 12 SEPTEMBER Exhibit: Where There’s Smoke OLD SCHOOL Where There’s Smoke is the title of a new exhibit at OLD SCHOOL, the cultural hotspot at Kop Zuidas, with a special opening from 5pm-8pm on 12 September. Enclosed with this issue of Hello Zuidas is a newspaper about the exhibit, which will feature frame stories, portraits and a narrative installation about lives in Zuidas. After the opening, Where There’s Smoke will be on view every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in September during the opening hours of the OLD SCHOOL terrace, noon - 5pm.

Inspiration Session MultiCopy | The Communication Company 3.30pm - 6pm With the summer holiday over, it’s time for new energy, new goals and new opportunities! During the Inspiration Session, guest speakers share their successes and answer burning questions like: How can you differentiate yourself from competitors? How do you get noticed? How do you find opportunities? The result: more sales power! Visit: amsterdam-wtc




Welcome back Ibiza party Fitch & Shui Ring in the new working year with the ‘Welcome back Ibiza party’ at Fitch & Shui, with Boj Tieman, Stijn Heemskerk and Merijn Tummler. From 5.30pm, join your colleagues for great music and tasty tropical cocktails, and stretch out your summer just a little longer!

YIP Zuidas in-house drinks On 18 September, YIP Zuidas will be holding its fourth drinks get-together. Short for Young Interested People, YIP is a network for professionals aged 30 and under at Zuidas. Want to meet other people from businesses across Zuidas over informal drinks? Send an email to See you soon!

Track the Talent Lots of youngsters with plenty of talent but little schooling have trouble finding a job: the gap between them and the world of business is just too big. For seven years now, business professionals have been mentoring these kids on how to find and keep the right job. We’re searching for sponsors and go-getters who want to get their company involved in expanding working opportunities for these kids in Amsterdam! For further information, visit:


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

27 SEPTEMBER & 25 OCTOBER 22 & 24 SEPTEMBER Sustainability in Zuidas Gustav Mahlerplein Nine young professionals, two teams. The place: Zuidas. The challenge: to develop a sustainable local initiative in just two months. Monday, 22 September (11am-2pm) will landmark the first Meatless Monday in the Netherlands. On Wednesday, 24 September (12am-4pm) the Plastic Challenge will be staging a closing celebration, with students from the Rietveld Academie creating art from all the plastic collected here over the week.

Guided walking tour Prinses Irene neighbourhood Meet Van Eesteren and discover the Prinses Irene neighbourhood. Join two local residents for a walk along highlights of reconstruction era architecture, such as St. Thomas’ Church, recently placed on the municipal heritage list. Still unknown even to many Amsterdam natives, this neighbourhood links Berlage’s district plan for southern Amsterdam to Van Eesteren’s Buitenveldert. The walking tour will be from 1pm to 2.30pm. For further information and to register, visit: 



ZuidasCup 2014 SC Buitenveldert On Friday, 26 September, businesses, organizations and sports clubs from Zuidas will be facing off in the ZuidasCup 2014. Join in the fun and raise a toast to Team Buitenveldert, and stay for drinks and food to follow! PROGRAMME 2pm: Games kick-off 5pm: Finals 5.30pm: Award ceremony and drinks 6.30pm: BBQ

Race under ABN AMRO ABN AMRO head quarters on Gustav Mahlerlaan Last year, dozens of companies and kids enjoyed two fast and fun-filled days during the Emma Race 2013. This year will be even bigger, with more teams, a 1,250-metre go-kart course and more money to fund the Emma’s construction of a new sports and rehabilitation centre for young patients and their parents. On 3 October, the parking garage underneath the ABN AMRO will be converted into a professional go-kart course. Business teams can race the course for an hour as they compete to set individual and team records. Teams must consist of six people, with a € 2,500 registration fee per team. All proceeds will benefit the AMC-UvA Emma children’s hospital support foundation and will be used to fund scientific research, training and improving hospital facilities for sick children. Registration is open through 19 September. For further information and to register for the race, go to:


FRIDAY, 3 OCTOBER Erasmus University’s Leadership Summit Rotterdam School of Management Big data: what’s in it for me? Big data changes the way we approach business and leadership. It has an impact on individuals, society, business and governance. But how do leaders manage ethical boundaries and challenges? What is the value of big data? Join us at the 6th RSM Leadership Summit @Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek Rotterdam. For more information and registration go to:

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of November. Send your agenda to before the 6th of October.

FRIDAY, 17 OCTOBER 11 & 12 OCTOBER Tailoring event SLFMD We know it can be tough: you want something that’s one-of-a-kind, but only have a small piece of fabric as a guide. Schedule an appointment and come take a look at our fabrics! Spanning the complete autumn/ winter 2014 collection with more than 100 samples, SLFMD takes the guesswork out of tailoring.

Large-scale lunch Gustav Mahlerplein 12.30pm-2.00pm To help spread the word about the Food Bank fundraising campaign on 13-17 October, the Green Business Club Zuidas will be organizing a large lunch. 100 special guests have been invited, including customers of the Amsterdam Zuid Food Bank and staff of Green Business Club Zuidas participants involved in the campaign. Catering will be provided by Resto VanHarte. Interested in attending the lunch, or want to learn more? Send an email to:

THURSDAY, 16 OCTOBER Open day Webster University Amsterdam How do we fit a century of academic excellence and a global perspective into every classroom and every course? Webster offers a balance of arts, sciences and professional undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, both on campus and online. Programme: 6pm - 6.30pm: Introduction 6.30pm - 7pm: Presentation of business courses and how Webster works From 7pm: Q&A and discussion Please register via: or 020-3795697, WTC Amsterdam Tower D, Level 2

SUNDAY, 19 OCTOBER TCS Amsterdam Marathon On 19 October, the city will be hosting the 39th edition of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. Participants will be running to raise funds for cancer research, with all proceeds once more to benefit the VUmc CCA. This year’s fundraising target is a revolutionary super-resolution microscope to facilitate improved research. To register for this run, send an email to: or visit:

TUESDAY, 28 OCTOBER VU-PRO Education Fair VU University Amsterdam. 5.30pm-7.30pm Are you an HR adviser or team manager and want to learn what VU can offer professionals like you? Find out at the free VU-PRO Education Fair on Tuesday, 28 October 2014.

FRIDAY, 31 OCTOBER Cult Shop. Art on the platform. RAI Station Platform 1/ 2 This season, artKITCHEN gallery will be exhibiting art on platform 1/2 at Amsterdam RAI. Formerly used as a work space and studio by artist Hugo Kaagman, the location will now host various exhibitions, lectures, performances and spectacular art cult films. Over the coming year, various significant periods in the history of Amsterdam will be spotlighted here. The next project will kick off on 31 October with Amsterdam Magic Centre: Provo, an exhibition tracing the history of Amsterdam’s cultural revolution. The programme will include live performances from Theo Kley’s Insectensekte, taking audiences back to the 1960s. artKITCHEN will also be offering art workshops – perfect for team days, parties, etc. For further information, please send an email to:





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Office EFG @ UNStudio Tower

Kesh Mahabier (right) with sparring partner

“We’re keen to grow and develop rapidly, and we can do that here”

‘Excellent Financial Group has what it takes’ Just under six months ago, Kesh Mahabier, director of the Excellent Financial Group (EFG), opened his own accounting company in Zuidas. With services centring on cloud-based accounts processing and consultancy, his company is taking accountancy down a whole new road. So, given all the possibilities of digitization, where do Mahabier and his associate Van der Meulen see themselves in five years? Customer service and support will always come first, says Mahabier. ‘In five years, we’ll be working from various locations in the cloud. Right now, we’re working on developing innovative potential solutions for the future.’



After having both worked in the financial sector for years

According to Mahabier, Zuidas was the most logical place to

– Mahabier in positions including controller at Imtech and

establish his company: ‘This is a singularly prestigious location

Van der Meulen at various corporations – they are pooling

in the Netherlands which has more potential than any other

their experience and know-how to partner with businesses in

location. We’re keen to grow and develop rapidly, and we can

and around Zuidas. ‘We can take over the management of a

do that here. Zuidas attracts lots of talent and I want to tap into

full accounting system including all its financial processes in

that. Obviously I’m a new kid on the block here, but we’ve got

a very short time. Because we work in the cloud as much as

what it takes to take it to the top.’

possible, we are able to keep lines of communication shorter and reduce process times. This also enables our clients to consult their accounts any time, anywhere in the world, via the

Excellent Financial Group

cloud. Van der Meulen adds, ‘When companies are just starting

Parnassusweg 819. 1082 LZ Amsterdam

out, focusing on their core business is more important than all

+31 20 21 70921

the financial details. We offer an affordable platform that is

digitized to the maximum extent.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


With ONVZ you can choose your own doctor and hospital. Maybe that is why we have been voted number one yet again. URER •







personal guidance, pay your claims right away and ensure that you never face unpleasant financial surprises following treatment. More and more people recognise the value of freedom of choice. We feel this is the most important reason why ONVZ has once again been proclaimed the health insurer with the most satisfied customers nationwide. If you would like to know more about ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar, please visit our website

ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar. Your health, Your choice.


Our top priority is making sure you get well again as quickly as possible. So we provide


With ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar, you choose which doctor and hospital you wish to go to.




ONVZ once again takes the top spot in customer survey of health insurers.





VU University Amsterdam starts construction of new University Building Work has begun at the site of the new University Building on De Boelelaan. The building will bring together academics, society and business and will furnish classrooms and research spaces for the university, with a particular emphasis on the sciences. The atrium will be a hub of activity, serving as a meeting space and offering seating areas as well as catering facilities and shops on the ground floor. The building will also have auditoriums for film showings and stage productions. Underground there will be a parking garage and bike storage facility.

KEY PROJECT CONCEPT: LET’S MEET ON CAMPUS! Sitting right alongside the campus square and opening onto

including the use of natural energy sources, energy-efficient

De Boelelaan, the building will be a defining element in the

light sources and building materials that meet the highest

landscape. It will stand as a welcoming architectural symbol

sustainability standards.

of the hospitality that VU University Amsterdam provides. Come late 2017, students will be able to meet in this inviting, lively and multifunctional environment with a diverse range of

Facts & Figures

facilities. With its transparent design, the building opens itself

• Surface area

31,000 m2

up, as it were, to the outside world. The innovative plan centres

• Total floors


on a flexible layout that can easily be adapted to the changing

• Architectural team Team V Architectuur

needs and wishes of future users.

• Contractor

Boele & van Eesteren en Visser & Smit Bouw

(both VolkerWessels companies)


• Sustainability

BREAAM Excellent, exceptionally sustainable

As a BREEAM-certified building with an Excellent rating,

building thanks to eco-roof, natural energy

the new University Building embodies our sustainability

sources, energy-efficient lighting and optimal

ambitions and vision for a green future. Guided by the belief

sustainable building materials

that plants and animals are co-users of this environment, the

• Car park

Underground garage for approx.

new building will be clad with a ‘flora and fauna roof’ designed

600 cars and 1600 bikes

to boost the local nature. The design team has integrated

• Completion

Late 2017

various sustainability principles in the building design,


Fans awaiting The Jacksons’ arrival

Jackie & Jermaine Jackson

Fans were excited to see The Jacksons

Jacky & Jermaine Jackson

THE JACKSONS VISIT ZUIDAS Wednesday, 30 July 2014 @ Memorial Statue Michael Jackson

The Jacksons pose with their youngest fan, Mudiwa

The press turned out in large numbers!

The Jacksons were clearly in a good mood

Tito Jackson

Mudiwa came to Zuidas especially for The Jacksons


• Hundreds of fans were waiting to welcome The Jacksons at the memorial statue. • Tito, Jackie, Jermaine and Marlon Jackson were in town to visit the Michael Jackson Memorial Billboard. • The Memorial Billboard features the world-famous 1977 photo of the singer in Amsterdam, taken by photographer Claude Vanheye. • The photo was displayed at Zuidas for two months to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Jackson’s death. • It was the photographer who suggested inviting the brothers. • The Jacksons capped their visit with a performance at Paradiso.

Billboard on Gustav Mahlerplein

The Jacksons commemorated their brother Michael

Tito & Jackie Jackson

The Jacksons leaving after their half-hour visit

Like us on Facebook & find more photos in our gallery Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Send an email to:

Felix van der Houwen, Lucas Smit, Michel van Honk & Nick Huurman

There was a range of bites and drinks to enjoy

The VU Orchestra provided entertainment

ZUIDAS CULINARY & CONCERT EVENT Friday, 27 June 2014 @ Zuidplein – Zuidas • The Zuidas Culinary & Concert event drew a huge turnout, with the entire square packed with people. • Zuidplein was transformed into a concert hall-cum-culinary arena. • DJ FemmeTastic opened the event and the nearly 100-strong VU Orchestra played Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade. • 17 participating Zuidas restaurants and bars presented delicious bites from oysters to roti chicken and from savoury to sweet, plus plenty of fizz. • Later in the evening, Blauwe Engel hosted performances by Wolter Kroes, DJ Theo and singer Dario.

De Buurtboer (aka ‘the neighbourhood farmer’)

The Hello Zuidas hostesses

Michael Berendsen, Emile Govaert, Marjolein Tan & Els Brouwer

Wilma Borgers & Edward Zevenbergen

Jurgen de Ridder

Emiel de Sévrèn Jacquet, Simone Sniekers & Marc Canisius

The event drew a huge turnout!

Sushi Time

Pieter van Hugten & Marcel van Loon

Brigitte Pesch & Kees Noorman

Els Brouwer & Marjolein Tan

Floris Wyers & Abram de Boer

Photography The Jacksons Romy Lange | Photography Zuidas Culinary & Concert Jesse Kraal


We Enjoy being human and genuinely being fulfilled by what we do, through a common desire to interact with people at all levels, both externally and internally.




1082 LZ AMSTERDAM +31 20 21 70921

W W W. E F G R O U P. N L

The TOEIC® tests,

the world’s most popular

English assessments for the workforce

• 14,000 organisations use the TOEIC tests • 7 million tests administered annually • 4 skills measured Sessions available in the World Trade Center Amsterdam. L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

sur les petits docs type A5

L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

Copyright © 2014 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries, used under licence.

sur doc type A4

For more information and registration:

Sportas and Zuidas: a dynamic duo on par with New York A second city centre is rapidly developing on Amsterdam’s south end, where a direct connection between the Sportas sports hub and Zuidas are forging a unique mix of sports, science and business.



Sportas covers a sizeable area, extending from the

The expanding residential area adjoining the

Olympic Stadium along De Bosbaan to the Wagener

office towers in Zuidas and the proliferation

Stadium and deep into the heart of Amsterdamse

of sports facilities for recreational and professional

Bos. This distinctive zone is defined by the rich

users in and around the neighbourhood of

history of the Olympic Stadium and the green oasis

Marathonbuurt and the Sportas combine to offer

of the woodland area – a combination that also makes

an ideally balanced environment for working,

it an ideal destination for tourists. Collaboration

living and relaxation. And with a range of parks

with Zuidas adds modern world architecture and a

inside the Sportas district, including Amstelpark

Sportas is the 150th

bustling commercial centre to the mix. These unique

and Amsterdamse Bos, the area boasts an

participant in Hello

features have earned Sportas and Zuidas a reputation

ample recreational offering for Amsterdam

Zuidas. We extend it

as the ‘twin arteries of Amsterdam’. ‘Characterized

residents and tourists alike. ‘Sportas and

a warm welcome!

by a dynamic that’s second only to New York City’

Zuidas embody Amsterdam’s ambition to

– according to Hello Zuidas Director Olivier Otten –

draw visitors to locations beyond the city

this is a hotspot that merges old and new.

centre’, says Olivier Otten.

Text Inge Melsen | Photography Mirande Phernambucq





New way of working making inroads at Zuidas In the last issue of Hello Zuidas you read about the postcode survey conducted among Zuidas professionals. One of this study's findings was that more than 80% of these employees are in the office four or even five days a week. Furthermore, the majority work the usual 9-to-5 schedule. Plenty of reasons for us to start investigating to what extent Zuidas has jumped on the flexible working bandwagon, and to what extent employers and employees are actually embracing this concept and see it as a way to improve accessibility.

WHAT IS THE NEW WAY OF WORKING ABOUT? When questioned what defines the new way of working,

presence. Often, employers are perfectly willing to make the

nearly all Zuidas professionals answered along the same lines:

leap, but certain tasks simply have to be done at the office

flexibility in workplace and in working hours. Elroy Huijsman

and during office hours. The employees surveyed indicated

of VU University Amsterdam offered the following apt

that they work from home at most one day a week on average,

definition: 'An approach to working that's task rather than

which echoes the postcode survey and studies carried out by

time-oriented.' Clearly, it's a broad concept that goes beyond

the KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis.

simply working from home.

Recently, the KiM discovered there's a natural limit to the period of time people are willing and able to work from


home, ranging from one to two days a week. If one thing is

If the results of the previous study suggested that new ways

certain, however, it's that there's still plenty of room for new

of working have yet to catch on in Zuidas, our small-scale

ways of working to expand at Zuidas.

survey showed that the vast majority of employers are fully open to this development and have often already taken


some – albeit cautious – steps in this direction. Jacqueline van

Many people see flexible working as the solution to

Huijstee, employed at Innopay, and Simon de Graaf, employed

congestion on the Dutch roadways, as flexible working hours

at TomTom and VU, both say their employers are very flexible

and working from home could alleviate rush hour build-ups.

and have actually integrated basic features of flexible working

The employees surveyed in Zuidas agree that wider-scale

already. Most frequently cited in our survey were hot desking,

implementation might improve local access. They believe it

working from home and the use of company smartphones or

could have a positive effect on parking problems and would

laptops to work from literally any location. The main reason

ease traffic flows heading for Zuidas. Sustainability was

people gave for preferring to work from home were peace

also mentioned by one person as a positive effect of flexible

and concentration. Obviously, the concept is still evolving.

working. After all, more Zuidas employees working from

One respondent was honest enough to note his manager is

home would mean less energy consumption and a reduction

still having trouble focusing on output rather than physical

in carbon emissions.

Text Inge Melsen & Renny Kootstra | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


I am your FIRST AND BEST source of up-to-date traffic information.


Check it out now on: ADAM: the smart way to make it through the rush hour! The ADAM app is brought to you by:

Amsterdam Mobile is part of the Practical Trial Amsterdam, an initiative of:


The new traffic app is smart

ADAM is the first and best source of up-to-date traffic information Working in Zuidas, you’ve probably experienced your share of traffic jams. But now there’s a solution, with ADAM, a new smartphone app developed by Amsterdam Mobile and providing the first and best source of up-to-date traffic information for rush-hour commuters in and around Amsterdam. ADAM users get customized advice on the quickest route from A to B.

THE BEST INFORMATION ADAM is the first solution to crosslink traffic management

ADAM then distributes traffic flows over various alternative

and traffic information. Drivers get personalized in-car travel

routes. As well as on-trip information, ADAM also provides

information which enables them to choose the best ride,

pre-trip information, so drivers know the best route before

while traffic lights and electronic signs are coordinated in

setting out. In-car and roadside technology furthermore

response to predicted traffic jams. The app also provides

enables this information to be updated en route. ADAM also

updates on congestion on the A10 entry and exit roads and

allows motorists to send traffic notifications, thereby aiding

metropolitan road network. The result: road users get to

fellow road users. In other words, ADAM is the smart way to

their destination faster and can count on reliable trip times.

make it through the rush hour!



ADAM is being developed as part of the Practical Trial

ADAM is a free app and will be available from October.

Amsterdam (PPA) – a large-scale trial aimed at reducing traffic

You can register now to acquire the smart traffic app and

jams in the Amsterdam region. Under Amsterdam Mobile,

automatically receive a link to download ADAM in early

ARCADIS and the VID have joined forces to provide effective

October on:

traffic-flow information for regional commuter and event traffic.


ADAM is supported by Hello Zuidas, Zuidas Accessibility

The app not only uses floating car data on individual motorists,

Task Force and Green Business Club Zuidas.

but also integrates input on their final destinations. Based on anticipated congestion levels in and around Amsterdam,



Atrium of The Edge

Just how sustainable is Zuidas? We’re going to find out! To find out just how Zuidas scores on sustainability, the Green Business Club Zuidas, Zuidas Development Office and Hello Zuidas have launched a survey to gauge the sustainable use of existing buildings and businesses at Zuidas. The survey will be carried out by bbn adviseurs, an consultancy for the property sector, in conjunction with the Dutch Green Building Council (DBGC). Hello Zuidas sat down with Joost Bennekers of bbn adviseurs to learn more.

THE SURVEY The survey will take a baseline measurement spanning energy

countless great initiatives’, says Joost. ‘With this comparative

consumption, waste, water, accessibility, indoor climate and

survey, we’ll now be able to get a good picture not only of these

reduction targets for energy, water and waste, which can then

initiatives, but of integral sustainability for area property owners,

be used to compare performance within Zuidas and some

managers and users. And that will unlock further opportunities

2,000,000 m2 in office space across the Netherlands. ‘Zuidas

for boosting local sustainability. The commissioning parties are

is already very active on the sustainability front and generating

keen on getting a better view of how Zuidas “measures up”.’



Stibbe & AkzoNobel

SUSTAINABLE ADVICE The commissioning parties are hoping to get lots of Zuidas businesses involved in the survey, so as to gain a clear picture of sustainability in Zuidas. According to bbn, that won’t be

O|2 building VU university

a problem: ‘Lots of owners and users have already jumped on the sustainability bandwagon and are looking for ways

large office buildings, comprising around 15% of Rotterdam’s

to take action. We use the BREEAM NL program that looks

entire office property stock. The survey placed a key focus on

at every dimension of sustainability in context and then

the Asset component, on which more than half of these buildings

calculates a weighted score for each, alongside scores for

achieved a two-star rating (scores above 40%), while over a quarter

the individual categories of Asset, Building Management

achieved three stars with scores topping 55%. A second round

& Occupier Management. The questionnaires are simple

is planned for 2014, with the focus now extended to Management

and straight-forward to complete, and participants can also

and Use. More than 70 buildings are set to take part.

attend the meetings and workshops we organize for support. The end product is a report on all the (anonymized) results,

Survey self-assessments will be carried out from September

to serve a benchmark, along with recommendations for

through November, with the results to be announced in late

improving sustainability. Buildings that have already done

December. These will be presented in January and compiled

self-assessments or gained certification are also invited to

in a report.

take part. For them, the added value is the benchmarking on BREEAM and energy consumption.’ Interested in registering your business or property or to take part


in this survey? Send an email to:

bbn adviseurs previously carried out a comparable survey in

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact

Rotterdam, also in collaboration with the Dutch Green Building

Koos Weits at

Council. In 2013, they assessed sustainability at 35 of the city’s

Text Koos Weits





Bookings made any time during the months of August through December 2014 with a minimum value of €4,000 will receive an iPad mini as a special thank you. For further information and terms and conditions, visit

Ben je opeens ook ondernemer.

Backed by our knowledgeable team, your event is guaranteed to be a success!

Zodra u tot een maatschap toetreedt, bent u ook ondernemer. En krijgt u meer en meer met complexe financiële vraagstukken te maken. Zowel zakelijk als privé. Dan is het goed om te weten dat ABN AMRO de bank is die uw taal spreekt. Onze preferred bankers voor vrije beroepen kunnen u uitstekend begeleiden bij uw nieuwe start. Bijvoorbeeld met adviezen over het afdekken van risico’s en uw financiering. Ga naar voor meer informatie.

Dijsselhofplantsoen 7, 1077 BJ Amsterdam +31(0)20 570 56 00

Gespecialiseerd financieel advies voor uw professie. Dat is advies anno nu.

800010168 Flyer Advocaat A5.indd 1

get ‘I could used to this view

04-12-13 12:10

Plots available in Amsterdam Living on the waterside in a detached house of your own design, surrounded by greenery – and just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam city centre... Impossible? Not at all! Announcing the exclusive release of 39 vacant plots on Sloterweg ranging from approx. 250 to 838 m2. Make the dream of a lifetime come true. Plots available for purchase from € 170.500,- incl. transaction costs, excl. ground lease.

The best of


Last phase


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Instructor Paul

'Wing Tjun reduces stress, boosts self-confidence and builds physical and mental strength' Kung Fu is the collective name for all the Chinese martial arts and combat sports. Among the 350-plus styles of Kung Fu, the best known is probably Wing Tjun. Kung Fu means ‘to acquire a special skill through hard training’. Training not only involves mastering self-defence techniques but also boosts your level of concentration and reduces stress.

WING TJUN: A SOFT INTERNAL STYLE ‘With origins going back some 2,000 years, Wing Tjun is a

students, the most important objective is personal development.’

soft internal style’, explains instructor Paul. ‘A hard external

The training takes place in a friendly environment in small

style would be something like boxing, being focused mainly

groups or during private training sessions. There are also

on pure muscular strength, force and weight. That’s also why

tailor-made trainings for corporations.

competitive boxing is classed by weight. In Wing Tjun, it doesn’t matter how big or strong your opponent is. After all, out on the

Between 29 September and the 2nd of October we will be available

street you can’t pick your opponent, so this self-defence style

with our instructors and promo team in Zuidas (Gustav Mahlerplein

uses the physical strength of the attacker. The heavier or bigger

and Zuidplein) to meet and greet and answer your questions!

they are, the easier it actually is for you to defend yourself.’

IMPROVING PERFORMANCE AND LIVING STRESS-FREE Wing Tjun trainings are intense but the movements are intuitive

‘This is a system used by the police and armed forces in 20 countries’

and participants learn how to put it into practice from day one. ‘This is a system used by the police and armed forces in 20 countries’, Paul says. ‘Students don’t come here to fight, however, but rather to build mental and physical strength. People see a growth in self-confidence, improved focus and

Interested in a trial lesson? Visit

concentration, an increase of discipline and endurance, and will

(or call +31 (0)20-6122758) to schedule an appointment.

learn to set goals and experience less stress: all useful benefits for people working in Zuidas, I’m sure! For us, and our

Text Romy Lange | Photography Wouter van Ierssel



The New

Atrium 2014 – START OF REFURBISHMENT & EXTENSION In 2014, the renovation of the Atrium has started, turning it into the New Atrium. The construction of an underground parking garage will commence before the end of 2014. Furthermore, two new towers will be built to offer approximately 20,000 m2 of additional office space.

NINETIES & 21ST CENTURY – STUDIES & REFURBISHMENT ON SMALLER SCALE Since the nineties, various building owners studied on several extension plans, of which none of them were actually realized. During the nineties and in the beginning of the 21st century, several smaller refurbishments were built, like the conference centre, the automatic door system and the restaurant plus coffee corner.

EIGHTIES – THE ATRIUM In the end of the eighties, the office complex – originally designed as a landscape-office – was totally refurbished to the Atrium complex in order to meet contemporary thoughts about how office buildings should look by adding atrium spaces, glazed roofs and an extension eastwards. Since then, the Atrium has been known for its “glazed” looks.

SEVENTIES The office complex, which was previously known as the NMB-bank, was originally designed 1976 en built end of the seventies.





The New Atrium One of a kind For decades, the Atrium has been the place of business for many leading international companies. As one of the first buildings to be built in Zuidas, it has always been popular for its unique transparency, mainly characterized by the huge open space (the ‘atrium’) that allows the sunlight to flood in, and its floors spanning up to 4,500 m2 each. Realizing the enormous potential of this building, Victory Advisors bought it in 2013 and called in G&S Vastgoed, the project developer of many of the most attractive high quality products in Zuidas, to help add a new chapter to the Atrium’s history. Hello Zuidas met with Erik Moresco of Victory Advisors and Martine Gründemann of G&S Vastgoed.


The construction of an underground parking

Erik: ‘The aim of the renovation is to modernize

garage will commence before the end of 2014.

the Atrium whilst keeping its unique character

‘The underground garage will make it possible

intact, or even to further enhance those features.’

to move current car traffic around the Atrium

The New Atrium will offer optimal conditions

below ground’, Erik explains. ‘That will then free

for people to work, meet and relax. ‘It will be a

up space for a pedestrian area with trees and

transparent and distinguished place, where people

benches; an appealing area where people can sit

will feel at home’, Martine explains.

and walk around.’ With fewer parking spaces in the new structure, there will be less car traffic



around the area as well. Furthermore, two new

The renovation of the entrance, lobby and

towers will be built to offer approximately

general area commenced in August 2014.

20,000 m2 of additional office space.


FOCUS ON HOSPITALITY As well as offering a wide range of services for tenants, including extensive meeting and conference facilities, dry cleaning and car wash services, the New Atrium will also have a large gym and a high-quality company restaurant for tenants and commercial restaurants for tenants and visitors.

SUSTAINABILITY G&S Vastgoed is highly committed to sustainability. As a founding partner of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), G&S Vastgoed was one of the

with Klaas de Boer, director of Dienst Zuidas, and

developers of the Dutch version of the BREEAM

the municipality of Amsterdam. The municipality

method, which measures the sustainability of new

organized a meeting with neighbours of the

and existing properties. The New Atrium will be

Atrium and the project developers at an early stage,

renovated in such a way that it will score high on

which has contributed to a good understanding

the sustainability scale. According to Martine,

between all parties involved.

‘The measures to be taken will not only contribute to a healthier environment, but will also reduce energy costs for tenants of the New Atrium.’

For more information, please contact G&S Vastgoed ( or Victory Advisors


( or visit

Erik Moresco emphasizes that, from the outset,

the project has benefited from strong collaboration

Text Sanne Offringa


FREE SHUTTLE NOVOTEL AMSTERDAM CITY ZUIDAS Per June 2nd 2014 we are happy to provide a daily free shuttle (Mo-Fri) running between Novotel Amsterdam City and the Zuidas

Time schedule: Mo-Fri: Departure times in the morning: • Stop Novotel Amsterdam City: 08:00 / 08:30 / 09:00 Please gather outside the hotel @ the Meeting Point Shuttle Zuidas

Mo-Thu: Departure times in the afternoon: • Novotel Amsterdam City: 17:00 / 17:30 / 18:00 / 18:30 • Stop 1 (Gustav Mahlerplein): 17:08 / 17:38 / 18:08 / 18:38 • Stop 2 (Benjamin Brittenstraat): 17:12 / 17:42 / 18:12 / 18:42 • Stop 3 (Strawinskylaan / Zuidplein): 17:18 / 17:48 / 18:18 / 18:48

Novotel Amsterdam City Europaboulevard 10 1083 AD Amsterdam Tel: +31 (0)20 541 11 23 E-mail:


Stop 3:



Prinses Irenestraat

Amsterdam Centrum

Beatrixpark RAI

Strawinskylaan / Zuidplein

Ringw eg Z u

Station Zuid

Stop 1:

Gustav Mahler Plein

Gustav Mahlerlaan

a str ven tho

Benjamin Brittenstraat

Station RAI

B ee

Stop 2:

A1 Utrecht Eindhoven





Ringw eg Z uid

Ringweg Zuid

Europaboul evard

Ringweg Zuid

De Boelelaan

De Boelelaan

250 m



Schiphol Den Haag A4

Strawinskylaan WTC WTC

Exit RAI S109


Memo board NOW OPEN... CAFFÈ BELMONDO IN UN STUDIO! Claude Debussylaan 273 After a few months of intermittent renovation, UN Studio will now finally have its own in-house Italian espresso and sandwich bar. This will be Caffè Belmondo’s second location in Zuidas. Occupying 100 m2 on the ground floor of UN Studio and with an outdoor terrace all around, this will be the perfect location for out-of-office meetings. Visit us to enjoy genuine Italian coffee in all imaginable sizes and flavours, along with various pastries and other specialities, plus a range of sandwiches and paninis made fresh to order. Also look out for the announcement of our opening celebration taking place soon!




Established in London more than 240 years ago by James Christie, the auction house today is an international organization that conducts some of the most important auctions in the world. The Christie’s brand stands for quality, while honoring the traditional values established throughout its history. For the Amsterdam area we are looking for exclusive properties that meet the standards of our national and international customers. Please call us at 0800-2070 or 020-26 10 430.

HELLO ZUIDAS CONGRATULATES MARGREET NIJHOF! During the annual European Women in Business Law Awards ceremony in London in June, Margreet Nijhof, a partner at Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam, was named the ‘Best in Transfer Pricing’. Conferred by the Euromoney Legal Media Group and the International Financial Law Review, the award recognizes exceptionally talented individuals and excellent initiatives.


FINANCE SPECIAL The November/December issue of Hello Zuidas will include a special feature on Finance. Given the breadth of this topic, we’re working to gather the widest possible range of content. Is this a theme that’s especially relevant for your company or organization? Interested in sharing your views in our magazine? Send an email to:

CORPORATE ZUIDAS RALLIES BIG BEHIND THE FOOD BANK To promote the fundraising campaign for the Food Bank being held on 13-17 October, the Green Business Club Zuidas will organize a big lunch in the centre of Gustav Mahlerplein on 17 October between 12.30pm to 2pm. 100 special guests have been invited, including customers of the Amsterdam Zuid Food Bank and staff of Green Business Club Zuidas participants involved in the campaign. Catering will be provided by Resto VanHarte. Interested in attending the lunch, or want to learn more? Send an email to:

E-mail your memo’s to


Are you keen to communicate more effectively with your international associates or colleagues abroad? Are you sometimes lost for words in English? Or worried that you’re speaking English but sounding Dutch?


FREE POWER WORKSHOP IN BUSINESS ENGLISH Only a limited number of places are available. Register now at


9.00 - 12.00 VU Campus, Amsterdam Would you like to know more? Visit, give us a call on 020 – 598 64 20 or send an e-mail to

Taalcentrum-VU: the number one Zuidas agency for your international communication needs.

Open day Webster University Amsterdam WTC & Leiden

The only American University in the Netherlands MA&MBA Our Master programs give professionals the ability to obtain a master degree alongside their current commitments. Our global focused programs develop our students in essential skills to advance or start a new career. With a vast global Alumni network, different campus locations, and the opportunity to work with faculty, staff and fellow students from all over the world, Webster University provides a truly multi-cultural learning experience. To see how Webster can help you start your new adventure, we would like to invite you to our open day. 27 September 2014 Leiden

16 October 2014 Amsterdam

11.00 – 11.30

Registration and reception

18:00 – 18:30

Introduction to Webster University

11.30 – 12.00

Introduction to Webster

18:30 – 19:00

Presentation regarding business courses and

12.00 – 13.00

Lunch info session with department heads

how Webster works

13.00 – 13.15



Onwards – Q&A, Discussions



Please register

Please register / 071-5168000 / 020-3795697

Webster Leiden

Webster WTC Amsterdam

Boommarkt 1

Strawinskylaan 57

2311 EA Leiden

Tower D, Level 2 1077 XW Amsterdam

HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES THE FOLLOWING NEW MEMBERS Company: NVD Beveiligingsgroep Sector: Facilities services and ICT Number of employees: 350 Link with Zuidas: NVD Beveiligingsgroep has various clients who are Hello Zuidas members. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: NVD builds partnerships for a safe residential, working and living environment. As a Hello Zuidas member, we can contribute our knowledge to boost general safety and thereby enhance effectiveness and help cut costs. Company: Being Development Sector: Real estate development Number of employees: Flexible per project Link with Zuidas: We developed the HANDEL AMSTERDAM office building on Frederik Roeskestraat in collaboration with All-in Real Estate and have now started work on another office next door. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We mainly want to focus on contributing to local activities and to sustainability as a way of life in Zuidas, helping to shape this into the Netherland’s iconic clean, tranquil, safe, accessible, interesting and sustainable location. Company: Stage Entertainment & Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties Sector: Live entertainment Number of employees: 165 at Zuidas and 3,000 internationally Link with Zuidas: We opened our headquarters in Zuidas last December. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Being based in Zuidas, we want to be a part of the local business and social network and events. Company: Blue Boat Company Sector: Tourism/Canal cruise company Number of employees: 25 FTEs Link with Zuidas: We have a lot to offer Zuidas, including lunches, dinners and traditional Fridayafternoon drinks on board while cruising from the new to the old city centre. And we’re closer than you might think. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We noticed that there are currently no canal cruise companies affiliated with Hello Zuidas, so we want to fill that gap and offer our services to everyone located in this new centre of Amsterdam. Company: Stichting Promotie Sportas Amsterdam Sector: Area promotion and development Number of employees: 5 Link with Zuidas: Sportas is the recreational and athletic backyard of Zuidas, where sports, science and culture come together. As a prominent location for championship sports, Sportas plays a major role in shaping Amsterdam’s international image. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We are a platform dedicated to building connections, energizing the area through shared promotional activities and by linking initiatives with and to businesses. As a key target audience, Zuidas should be involved in the development of this neighbouring area.



L I V E B U S I N E S S. L E A D B U S I N E S S. L O V E B U S I N E S S.











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Members Hello Zuidas – September 2014

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COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Parnassusweg 819, 9 th floor - 1082 LZ - Amsterdam (UN Studio-gebouw, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 820 3976 - +31 (0) 13 545 3298 - Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Mieke Verberkt | Imageau Translation: Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Romy Lange, Inge Melsen, Milou Peeters, Kristen van den Hul, Audilla Voorn, Marjolein van Lingen, Koos Weits, Renny Kootstra & Sanne Offringa. Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde, Wouter van Ierssel, Ingrid Arnou, Jesse Kraal, Romy Lange & William Maanders. Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Jeannette Driessen, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk Intern: Inge Melsen Thanks to: Jacques Kuyf, Dienst Zuidas, ProperyNL, Kirsten van den Hul, Het Financieele Dagblad, Vrije Universiteit, G&S Vastgoed, Atrium Amsterdam, Symphony’s, Corporate Housing Factory, Sportas, &Morgen, Excellent Financial Group & Kungfu Amsterdam. Printed by: Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly) Copyright: © 2014 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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ABN AMRO Accendium Accenture Akzo Nobel Alvarez & Marsal Benelux Amsterdam EXPO Amsterdam in Business Amsterdam RAI Amsterdamse Bos APG Arcadis ASEGA Media Bagels & Beans Baker & McKenzie Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Beheer Brouwershoff Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam Being Development Blue Boat Company Boekel De Nerée Bolenius Bouwens Groep Breevast Broersma Nieuwbouw Business4Bees Caffè Belmondo CBRE B.V. citizenM Cofely Corporate Housing Factory Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South Dagelijks Lekker De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek De Hypotheker De Nieuwe Poort Deterink Advocaten en Notarissen Dienst Zuidas Amsterdam Duisenberg School of Finance Eefje Voogd Makelaardij Eetwinkel Zwaan Euroinfra Expatcenter Amsterdam EY Fortron B.V. G&S Vastgoed Galerie Modern Gerrit Rietveld Academie Global Housing Greenberg Nielsen Green Business Club Zuidas Greenwheels Gustavino B.V. GVB HAB International Accountants & Consultants Hago Nederland B.V. Handelsbanken HB Hairstylers Hestia Kinderopvang Holiday Inn Amsterdam Holland Interplan B.V. Houthoff Buruma ILFC Aviation Services (Europe) INBO ING Rayon Amsterdam Zuid West Ingeborg Douwes Centrum Kardan Kempen & Co Kenko Kitchen Koetjes en Kalfjes Linklaters Loyens & Loeff Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. Markit MBO College Zuid Mech Make & Take

76. Miles Building 77. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 78. NDI ICT Solutions 79. NEWNRG 80. NH Musica 81. Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (NVB) 82. Nijkerk Holding 83. NL Real Estate 84. NMC-Nijsse International Executive Search 85. Novotel Amsterdam City 86. NVD Beveiligingsgroep 87. Oliver’s 88. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam 89. ORAM 90. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 91. Partou Kinderopvang 92. Pathé 93. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 94. Platform Beter Benutten 95. Poelman Advocaten 96. Property NL B.V. 97. Puramis Consultancy 98. Qbic Hotels 99. Q-Park Nederland 100. Rabobank Amsterdam Markt Zuid 101. RBS 102. Regus 103. Restaurant Nine 104. RGA International Reinsurance Company 105. RSM Erasmus University 106. Russell Reynolds Associates 107. Schiphol Real Estate 108. SCOR Global Life SE 109. Season-Flowers 110. Securitas 111. SINGAZ 112. SLA 113. SLFMD Tailoring 114. Spaces 115. Stadsdeel Zuid 116. Stage Entertainment 117. Stibbe 118. Stichting Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion A’dam 119. Stichting Promotie Sportas Amsterdam 120. Stichting ZuidasRun 121. Sushi Time 122. Symphony’s 123. Taalcentrum - VU 124. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 125. The Bank of New York Mellon 126. The Basket 127. The Change Agent 128. The Office Operators 129. The Oyster Club 130. The TailorMates 131. TopJobs Consultants 132. Transcore Management 133. TREC 134. Triple Ace 135. Valid Express 136. Vimpelcom 137. Visser Communicatie 138. Voxius 139. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 140. VU Connected 141. VU Medisch Centrum 142. Wagamama 143. Webster University 144. Wieringen Prins 145. World Trade Center Amsterdam 146. WTC Amsterdam Business Club 147. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 148. Your Assistant 149. 150. Zuidschans




Hello Zuidas #15  

Hello Zuidas #15

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