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Mirjam de Blécourt, Baker & McKenzie

‘Women need to come out from behind closed doors to get the top jobs’ MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS SPECIAL:

Wim Holterman: cause for optimism in 2014

HELLO ZUIDAS MEETING Zuidas under construction: keeping it attractive together KIRSTEN VAN DEN HUL There’s no such thing as a free lunch CAMPUS VU UNIVERSITY-VUMC Strengthening the connection between the university and the Zuidas business centre

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Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

A feeling of recognition in Zuidas There may be an awful lot of people in Zuidas, but

enormous amounts of energy and puts her

I never cease to be amazed by how many of them

heart and soul into her work, her family and

seem to recognise each other. This familiarity was

other projects such as the Amsterdam City

really apparent during the first YIP drinks party.

Swim. I would like to recognise something

YIP is a new network in the area for young profes-

of her in myself at a later date: her enthusiasm,

sionals up to the age of 30. Whenever a new

her travel bug and her strong family ties. It was

initiative is launched, there is always that period

a very special conversation.

of waiting to see if it will take off. Happily, the turnout was great, lots of different companies

I would also like to draw your attention to our

were represented and people quickly got talking

special focus this month. It’s a recognisable

via speed-dating sessions. This age group is

subject for many Zuidas companies - namely

keen to get to know each other. They seem to

mergers and acquisitions. In Zuidas, the number

click immediately. They are young, work hard in

of facilitated M&As is by far the highest when

Zuidas and organise their free time the same

compared to the rest of the Netherlands. In this

way. You can check out the photos on the Hello

special section, companies active in M&A and a

You pages.

professor at the Duisenberg School of Finance


have their say.

The next issue

For this edition I interviewed Mirjam de Blécourt (a partner at Baker & McKenzie) for our cover

of Hello Zuidas Enjoy reading this brand new edition of Hello Zuidas. .

story. It was an inspiring meeting. She has

What have Sammy Davis Junior and Zuidas got in common? Nothing, you might think, but the arrival of Joop van den Ende’s theatre company in Zuidas is about to change all that. The company’s new location in the former Sotheby’s auction house not only offers office space, but also five rehearsal studios and a theatre. The theatre will open next Autumn with the musical ‘From Sammy with Love’, featuring the life of the world-famous entertainer. A theatre is a welcome addition to leisure services on offer in Zuidas. Now all we need is a cinema! I, for one, can’t wait. Olivier Otten, managing director Hello Zuidas

is scheduled for May 6th.


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26. Agenda Hello Zuidas 30. VU University ‘Room to grow’ 32. Hello You 34. Recruitment – Greenberg Nielsen 39. Hello Zuidas – Public Space Play with fire in the Almatuin 40. Special: Mergers & Acquisitions - 42. Alvarez & Marsal - 44. Deterink Attorneys and Notaries 47. Talent – Webster University 49. Hello Zuidas: new members 50. Memo board

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



News Flashes

INFORMATION FAIR ZUIDAS: ALL THE INS & OUTS Have a quick stroll around Zuidas and you will see the area is developing rapidly. Brand new offices and homes have sprung up and other projects are being finished at top speed. Would you like to know more about what is going to happen next? On Thursday May 15, Dienst Zuidas and project organisation Zuidasdok are organising an information fair where you can find out all about the latest developments. Go to for the opening hours.

BEATRIX PARK GETS MAKE-OVER A meadow for sunbathers and a water feature are some of the elements in the refurbishment plans for the southern part of the Beatrix park. Pupils at the adjacent St. Nicholaas Lyceum were involved in the design of the park’s make-over. ‘We are delighted with the extension of the park,’ says school head Hans van Rooijen. ‘Our pupils were happy to be involved in the planning. They wanted a place to play games and to lounge about on near the school and now they will have one. It’s great,’ says Van Rooijen.

STYLISH TOWN HOUSES Six town houses are currently being built on the corner of Gershwinlaan, Beethovenstraat and Boelelaan. The projected completion date is mid2016. ‘The Gershwin town houses will be adding a new and high-end product to Zuidas,’ says G&S Real Estate’s Jet Happel. ‘The houses, designed by Claus & Kaan Architects, have the same architectural signature as the adjacent office building at 500 Beethovenstraat. Each house consists of three floors. Apart from a compact back garden and an ample front garden, the houses have a fine terrace and two underground parking spaces. Only the finest quality materials are being used.’ For information ring Jet Happel on 020 – 673 37 79

OPZUID: LIVING THE HIGH LIFE OPZUID is another special housing project on the Boelelaan. This apartment complex consists of 46 apartments ranging from studios and apartments to penthouses. All the apartments have been sold and will be ready for their new owners in April. ‘OPZUID is a unique project. It is small-scale and has an intimate feel because of the materials which were used and the fact that all the apartments are south-facing,’ says Dick Sniekers of Lunshof Real Estate who handled the sales. ‘The apartments all share a communal garden, living areas open onto large outdoor terraces, they have high ceilings, a lift and several parking spaces.’

If you want to know more about the district, visit the website Keep in touch with developments by subscribing to the Zuidas Newsletter via If you have tips for the editorial team, please write to


Mirjam de BlÊcourt is employment lawyer and partner at Baker & McKenzie, one of the world’s largest law firms.


‘Women need to come out from behind closed doors to get the top jobs’ Mirjam de Blécourt is employment lawyer and partner at Baker & McKenzie, the largest law firm in the world, and has been with the company for nearly 25 years. She is a major contributor to the current debate on dismissal law reform. De Blécourt is involved in various charities and is a vocal supporter of having more women in top jobs. ‘It’s not easy for women to get top managerial positions. The one thing they shouldn’t do is sit in their rooms with the doors closed, waiting to be asked,’ she says. Baker & McKenzie relocated from Leidseplein to

Spouses are invited too, so it’s a pretty impressive event.

Zuidas in 2006. Not everyone thought that was a

You find yourself in a conference room with 700 partners, there

good move. Do you now feel at home here?

are big screens and flags everywhere, everyone has a voting

I was among those who initially didn’t see the point of moving.

button and the front-row seats are taken by the executive

We were in the middle of the city and the Leidseplein area is a

committee. It’s a bit like a United Nations meeting. At meetings

fun place. Clients from abroad used to enjoy coming to our office

such as these, at global and European level, you get to know

there. Even so, I’m used to Zuidas now. It’s a pleasant location,

your colleagues well, which is highly conducive to international

where I often find myself bumping into friends and people I


went to university with. One thing that amazes me more than anything about Zuidas - and that would never have happened

You are known for your pursuit of a more balanced

had we still been located in the city centre - is how easy it is to

gender diversity in the workplace and you would

mobilise people here to support a good cause. One of the best

like to see more women in top jobs. You and Marry de

events I participated in last year was the Amsterdam City Swim

Gaay Fortman of Houthoff Buruma started a special

to raise funds for the ALS Foundation. A bunch of us from

programme to teach women how to become partners.

different Zuidas companies started training at the Bosbaan

Why was such a programme necessary?

and there was an immediate bond between us. My dream is

It’s a fact that women are having a hard time climbing the

to have our entire firm in Amsterdam join the event this year.

corporate ladder to the top jobs. Marry and I got together with

At any rate, the employment law practice group will be there,

legal training institute OSR and a number of female partners

for a very special person who also works in Zuidas.

from other law firms and started Women Around the Table. This resulted in the ORS Women Leadership Programme. What you

You have been with Baker & McKenzie since 1990.

learn isn’t really all that complicated. Women work hard,

Could you describe your career there?

are focused on content, but all too often they stay in their rooms.

I studied civil and fiscal law in Leiden. As a trainee lawyer

Networking doesn’t come naturally to them and they think

at Baker & McKenzie, I was given the opportunity to work in

putting in long hours at the office will eventually lead to a

both areas, which I did. At a certain point, though, I realised if

partnership. Women don’t like to blow their own horn by talking

I wanted to become really good at either of them, I would have

about big cases, publications or seminars. But if they don’t, no one

to choose. I ended up specialising in employment law and we

will know what they are up to or that they want to get ahead.

have a large employment department now. I worked in London

Five women were recently made partner after having completed

and New York for short periods and the colleagues I met there

the Women Leadership Programme, so it is obviously working!

have become good friends. Are more women at Baker & McKenzie making Baker & McKenzie has some 700 partners worldwide.

partner these days?

What does a partners’ meeting look like?

Of the 32 partners at Baker & McKenzie, eight are women.

Baker & McKenzie usually books the largest hotel in town.

At Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam, the aim was to have women

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde • Make-up Artist : Ruth Jansen (Phisage Beauty and Wellness)


‘One thing that amazes me more than anything about Zuidas is how easy it is to mobilise people here to support a good cause’

Mirjam de Blécourt

in 26% of the top jobs by 2013. We’d already reached that goal

explicit in a collective labour agreement. Perhaps most impor-

by 2011, so we upped the percentage.

tantly, the government did not show how this new law is going to result in more jobs, which was the point of the change in the

How do you combine a hectic job with your family

first place. The new law also puts limits on severance payments,

commitments and social activities?

but I do not expect they will be set in stone. I also expect the

I have lots of energy and I have a busy home life. We go away

unions will try to get higher payments included in company

on short trips as often as we can. Although I love the desert,

redundancy plans. In addition, many people will turn to the

my husband and two sons are keen on kite surfing, and Brazil is

courts to try and get more money. There will be an increase

the place to go for that. Family means a lot to me. My mother

in legal proceedings based on claims of unfair treatment and

died recently and it had an enormous effect on me. But times like

discrimination. This is also happening in Britain, where by law

these show you just how precious family ties really are. I also

redundancy payments are low. I also believe the dismissal

have a few very good women friends. My best friend and I

law reforms offer a golden opportunity to align the redundancy

went to secondary school together; we’ve known each other

rules for civil servants to those facing the private sector.

since we were 12. Do you have any me-time left? I do three hours of Raja Yoga every Sunday. It gives me time to reflect. I do postures, meditate and study the philosophy of yoga. That sets me up for the week ahead. It’s incredibly inspiring and calming! What major changes in the field of employment law can we expect in 2014? Employment law is set for a major shake-up in 2014 and 2015. One remarkable aspect is that the new rules will give the unions substantial power, even though their support is dwindling. Employers will only be able to deviate from the official order in which employees should be made redundant if this is made


Mirjam de Blécourt Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam Mirjam de Blécourt is employment lawyer and partner at Baker & McKenzie, one of the world’s largest law firms. She advises directors of multinationals on employment matters in a broad sense, from collective dismissals to issues involving works councils and trade unions. In both 2011 and 2012, De Blécourt was named best female employment lawyer in Europe. She is also one of the leading lawyers in the Netherlands to raise awareness for diversity and has a successful track record in developing and promoting female talent. Partly thanks to her efforts, Dutch company law now includes targets for the number of women on company boards. In addition, as advisory board member of the Female Cancer Foundation, she seeks to create awareness for the fight against cervical cancer. De Blécourt is also a board member of The Concertgebouw Fund.

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Chickens in Zuidas, what the cluck? ZUIDAS SCORES WITH A NEW HOUSING SYSTEM FOR CHICKENS There are chickens in Zuidas - 200 to be precise. These birds are housed in a special chicken coop: a miniature version of the circular coop developed by Wageningen University. It’s a perfect example of how to keep chickens in an urban environment, produce sustainable food and generate renewable energy all at the same time. WE’RE HAVING CHICKENS


Two years ago, Pauline Westendorp and Jeroen Bisscheroux

The chicken coop is situated opposite Old School. Its Rondeel

came to Dienst Zuidas with an unusual request. Westendorp and

eggs were given a three-star Better Life label by the animal

Bisscheroux are part of the ‘We’re having chickens’ movement,

protection society Dierenbescherming. For the next two years

which brings together local renewable energy initiatives

the chicken coop will become a meeting place for various events.

from Zuidas inhabitants, entrepreneurs and the local council.

Come and see for yourself!

What they had in mind were chickens. Chickens as a metaphor for energy.

Chicken coop ’t EI-land. Gaasterlandstraat 5 opposite Old School.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Dienst Zuidas was interested. Once Westendorp and Bisscheroux found out about Wageningen’s Rondeel system, things speeded up. Rondeel director Peter Koelewijn brought in environmental group Natuur & Milieu. The Zuidas system is a scaled-down version of the Rondeel housing system – an innovative way of keeping chickens, adapted to the needs

The chicken coop will be formally opened on March 13 at 11am. If you would like to be there, check out the information on

of the animals. Electricity is supplied by solar panels on the roof.


Text: Layana Mokoginta • Photography: Sander Stoepker • Artist impression: Jeroen Bisscheroux


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CONSTRUCTION STARTS ON ZUIDAS MOTEL ONE ZUIDAS - Construction work has begun on the new Motel One hotel complex opposite the RAI exhibition centre. The project, devised by property development group COD, includes a 315-room hotel, 1,100 m2 of commercial space and 50 underground parking places. The building was designed by architects group ZZDP. The Motel One company was founded in Munich in 2000 and now has some 50 hotels, most of which are in Germany.

BUYERS COME FORWARD FOR THE EDGE ZUIDAS - Developer OVG expects to have sold its The Edge office development in Zuidas well before the October completion date. OVG is already in talks with potential buyers, says commercial director Jan Hein Tiedema. The office block will have a state of the art lighting system designed by Philips. This, along with the huge atrium and the solar panel frontage, will contribute to The Edge being the most sustainable building in continental Europe, Tiedema says.


UNION INVESTMENT BUYS STIBBE OFFICE FOR ¤54M ZUIDAS - German investment fund manager Union Investment has bought the new Stibbe office complex on Zuidas for almost ¤54m. The property, spread over nine floors, is currently under construction and is being developed by Dura Vermeer. Last March Union Investment bought the nearby new Akzo Nobel headquarters for ¤82m. That too is a Dura Vermeer project.

CLUB SPORTIVE SIGNS 10-YEAR ZUIDAS CONTRACT ZUIDAS - Fitness centre Club Sportive has extended its lease on 1,500 m2 over two floors on the Gustav Mahlerlaan in Zuidas for a further 10 years. The club is


part of the Trainmore Group which operates fitness

ZUIDAS - The pension fund of electronics giant Philips

centres in The Hague, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Eindhoven,

has sold the two landmark Symphony Offices towers to

Hilversum, Zaandam and Diemen. The Property Indica-

Deka Immobilien for ¤215m. The complex on the Gustav

tion Price is ¤235 per m2, including incentives.

Mahlerlaan includes 34,500 m2 of offices space and has 466 parking places in the underground garage.

Photography: Veronika Bačová


Your property our priority.

Your partner in commercial real estate. +31 (0)20 767 0330 |


The right solution for your building

Amsterdam Zuidas is a prestigious location and here, more than anywhere else in the Netherlands, the faรงade of your building is your calling card. We specialise in the cleaning and technical maintenance of building faรงades. Thanks to our innovative systems and 250 professional staff, we have led the way in the sector for over 35 years. Our Total Faรงade management programme ensures the right solution for your building maintenance needs.


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There’s no such thing as a free lunch I am all for cooperation. In times of budget cuts and

They always make it sound like they’re making me an

austerity in particular, co-creative concepts like bartering,

offer too good to refuse. ‘Hey Kirsten, how have you been?

sharing and partnering are what keep our economy and

Listen, we’re organising this amazing event later this

community going. In fact, the success of public-private

month and we’re looking for a host. Would you be

partnerships like Hello Zuidas depends on it. I, for one,

available? No fee, but free drinks :-)’

am a big fan of bartering. I offer something (say, a free copy of my book), the other person offers something

Or how about this one: ‘Dear Ms. Van Den Hul. Would

(say, an interview in their women’s magazine),

you be available next week to organise a workshop on

et voilá: win-win. They get an article, I get publicity.

innovation? Oh, by the way: there’s no budget. But it will

Everybody’s happy!

be a whole lot of fun!’

But lately, I have noticed a trend that worries me. A quick

The worst thing is that after replying politely and telling

survey among my self-employed colleagues confirmed my

them that being an independent professional I am

fears: we all receive an increasing amount of requests to

unfortunately unable to work without a fee, some of

host, write, organise or speak... FOR FREE. Before you start

them actually have the nerve to tell me I’m missing out

thinking I’m plain greedy, I should point out there are

on a great opportunity. Really?

projects that I would gladly volunteer for. Charities such as women’s shelters, summer schools or a fundraiser for

Tell me this: would your plumber fix your bathroom for

Syria may count on my selfless support.

free? Or would your baker supply you with free bread? So, in case you want to do business: I will glady provide

But there is a growing group of people out there who seem

you with my daily rates.

to think independent professionals have lots of time on their hands – and need nothing in return.

Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”. For more information, visit, or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.



Entrance Station Amsterdam Zuid

Zuidasdok: a focus on the living environment The popularity of Zuidas as a place to live and work means it is growing fast. The area is bustling with building activity and investment in real estate is in full flow. A number of building contracts for new office and housing complexes were signed recently. More and more travellers are finding their way to Zuidas. In order to consolidate the growth of Zuidas long-term, the A10 motorway and Amsterdam Zuid railway station will get a makeover, starting in 2017. Creating an easily-accessible metropolis and attractive living environment is key to the Zuidasdok project.



is a ‘considerable barrier’, says director of Dienst

Have you ever walked right through a dyke? That

Zuidas Klaas de Boer. Zuidasdok, however, will

is exactly what Zuidas pedestrians do every day

change all that. ‘We are going to put over a

when they use the passage which links Gustav

kilometre of the motorway underground, effec-

Mahlerplein and Zuidplein. The Minerva passage

tively halving the length of the divide.’ Apart from

goes underneath six motorway lanes and several

achieving more peace and quiet, this will help unify

train and metro tracks that were built on the dyke

the area, De Boer argues. ‘Railway underpasses

itself. This infrastructure, which cuts Zuidas in half,

will be shorter and north and south will come


Director of Dienst Zuidas Klaas de Boer

closer together. There will also be a new link for

furniture have not yet been taken, De Boer has an

pedestrians: the Brittenpassage. The new-look

idea of what the district will look like in the future.

Amsterdam Zuid station will then have two

‘Imagine the heart of Zuidas as a largely car-free

north-south connections.’

area, with lots of trees and plenty of shops and restaurants. Cultural amenities will be close at


hand, and so will schools. Well-designed public

One of the main objectives of the Zuidasdok plan

spaces are a great contribution to social safety and

is to create unity. The design of public spaces

create a pleasant urban climate. The new station

plays an important part in this. Although decisions

and the other public transport links will provide a

about greenery, paving, lighting and street

seamless connection with the surrounding city, which will further improve the vibrancy of Zuidas.’ It will be more pleasant to live on both sides of the track once the noise and rush of the motorway traffic disappears. Not only will there be less noise, the amount of exhaust fumes and air pollution will also decrease considerably. This means more opportunities for creating outside spaces, which is good news for buyers and tenants of office space and homes, De Boer concludes. ‘We are aiming to create a high-quality, attractive living environment in all its aspects.’

Air photo Zuidas

Find out more about Zuidasdok on

Text: Eric Burgers • Photography: Eric Dix, Aatjan Renders, Your Captain Luchtfotografie


Finance Source: Het Financieele Dagblad

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to

RABOBANK LOSES ANOTHER TOP EXECUTIVE ZUIDAS - Rabobank has lost yet another high-ranking official, following its role in the Libor scandal. Arjo Blok, who was partly responsible for running the department where bankers were embroiled in the interest rate fixing affair, has stepped down as head of Global Financial Markets. He will be replaced by Jasper van Wel, currently head of Structured Financial Products. Last October, chief executive Piet Moerland resigned and in November

ZUIDAS ESCAPES CONSTRUCTION RECESSION ZUIDAS - All over the Netherlands planned office

Sipko Schat, who ran the department involved in the rate fixing, also left the bank.

developments are being scrapped and existing complexes


demolished, but Zuidas is bucking the national trend,


says Dienst Zuidas director Klaas de Boer. He expects

ZUIDAS - Financial services group ING is to cut a

Zuidas could have as much as one million m2 of office

further 450 jobs - 300 in the Netherlands and 150 in

space within the next 10 years. After five years of

Belgium - as more customers switch to online banking.

stagnation, 100,000 m2 have been planned for the

ING announced the job losses at the presentation of its

next three years, taking the total to 750,000 m2. And

full year figures in mid-February. The bank booked a net

preliminary talks are already underway for new projects

profit of ¤3.2bn last year, down 22% on 2012. Excluding

next to the RBS and Atrium complexes and opposite ABN

2012’s one-off gains from divestments, net profit rose

Amro, according to De Boer.

22% to ¤3.2bn.

CRITICAL REPORT ON SNS NATIONALISATION ZUIDAS - The official report into the nationalisation of critical of both the central bank and the Ministry of


Finance. SNS was nationalised after getting into serious

ZUIDAS - Amsterdam transport alderman Eric Wiebes

financial trouble through its property finance division,

has been sworn in as the new junior finance minister.

which it bought from ABN Amro. The report, published

Wiebes, who has been closely involved in Zuidas

in January, says the central bank should never have

developments, replaces Frans Weekers, who resigned

approved the purchase, arguing that the bank was

at the beginning of February because of serious failings in

too reliant on SNS’s own risk evaluations. However,

tax office benefit payments. The junior finance minister’s

it concluded the government had no choice other than

job focuses on tax issues. It is not clear who is replacing

to nationalise the bank after it appeared to be on the

Wiebes in Amsterdam. The local election takes place

verge of collapse in January 2013.

on March 19.

financial services group SNS early last year is highly

Photography: William Maanders



Foundation director Olivier Otten outlined some of the milestones that have already been reached.

Ideas ranged from setting up a dedicated Zuidas transport service, a museum, to building a bridge to the VU University.

Zuidas under construction: keeping it attractive together The latest Hello Zuidas members’ meeting took place in the Novotel Amsterdam City and focused on the developments needed to make Zuidas an even more attractive location. ‘Hello Zuidas has been in existence for two years and I’d like to compliment the organisation on its successes so far,’ said the evening’s host Marijke Roskam of BNR Radio. ‘Zuidas is a special place, a city within a city, where development is in full swing and where there are always surprises.’




First to address the gathering was Josja van der

Foundation director Olivier Otten outlined some of

Veer, chair of the Hello Zuidas supervisory board,

the milestones that have already been reached.

who spoke about Hello Zuidas’ active involvement

‘Hello Zuidas now has 140 members and is on the

in many different projects. ‘Zuidas has a unique

up,’ he says. ‘Our magazine has helped boost our

combination of qualities,’ said Van der Veer.

profile and we have made some important

‘There is a great source of talent, it has excellent

advances over the past six months. Think, for

transport links and a unique location with lots of

example, about the free wifi in public spaces, the

green spaces. The role of Hello Zuidas is to make

way different institutions are working together to

sure this basis – the quality of the open spaces –

improve public safety, all the events which have

remains unaffected. In addition, we are working to

been organised, and the car-sharing options. We

create a global village by ensuring that additional

are also involved in concepts such as The Circular

amenities, like sports and cultural facilities,

City, in an effort to stimulate the sustainable

become the social cement between the buildings.’



Members were invited to give free rein to their entrepreneurial ambitions.

and does not cause too much nuisance.’ A special document has been put together to inspire the future project developer. ‘Some ¤1.8bn has been allocated to the project and we want to make the most of the money,’ says Pieter Klomp, the Zuidasdok project developer. ‘We have opted for a strategy which puts responsibility for both the design and the construction in the hands of a single contractor.’ The document includes creative solutions which could be used to generate added value. Entrepreneurs are also very welcome to make additional suggestions. ‘Zuidasdok is going ahead,’ Klaas de Boer, director of Dienst Zuidas.

MUSEUMS AND TULIPS Members were also invited to give free rein to


their entrepreneurial ambitions and come up with

Developments within the Zuidasdok project were

other ideas to improve the attractiveness of

next in the spotlight. ‘Zuidasdok is going ahead,’

Zuidas. These ranged from setting up a dedicated

Klaas de Boer, director of Dienst Zuidas, told the

Zuidas transport service, a museum and events

meeting. ‘Zuidasdok is a major infrastructure

based around tulips, to building a bridge to the VU

project to expand the A10 ringroad and improve

University. Otten was pleased with the enthusi-

Station Zuid. Part of the A10 will be shifted

asm. ‘It is fantastic to see all these contributions,’

underground and will expand to 2x2 and 2x4 lanes.

he said. ‘We’d like to put them all into practice.’

The public spaces will also be reorganised. We need the Zuidasdok project to ensure Zuidas is

All members were given the new Hello Zuidas

and remains the best location for international

poster map as a leaving present. Feel free to pick

business in the Netherlands. But this has to

up a copy at the Hello Zuidas Servicepoint.

happen in a way which is acceptable to everyone

Text: Milou Peeters • Photography: Jesse Kraal



Interactive tools put Zuidas within easy reach Everyone benefits from excellent transport systems, and the Green Business Club, Hello Zuidas and the Taskforce Bereikbaarheid are working together to improve access for residents and commuters. Here is a round-up of apps and games which you can use to plan your journey as efficiently as possible. Q-PARK The Q-park app guides you quickly and easily to a Q-park car park or Park & Ride location. The app uses GPS to determine where you are and to show you the way to the nearest location.

Iphone app

NS REISPLANNER XTRA This NS travel planner gives an overview of train services and problems on the line. You can also check out the facilities of each station, such as bike rental (OV-fiets). The app, which has recently been updated, shows the route you will travel and estimates how busy your train will be.

Iphone app

Android app

AVIS Avis has introduced a fast and easy to use app to rent a car. It takes just three easy steps and three minutes to rent the vehicle of your choice, wherever you are. There is an Avis branch at the WTC.


Iphone app


GVB The Amsterdam public transport company (GVB) app allows you to plan your journey by public transport nationwide. You can also check out departure and arrival times for trams, buses and the metro, plus any deviations in the route.

GREENWHEELS The Greenwheels app gives direct access to the shared fleet of six Audi Shared fleet cars stationed in Zuidas, as well as the three Greenwheels cars. You can also open the cars using the app for ultimate mobility.

Iphone app

VAN5NAAR4 The game Van5naar4 (from 5 to 4) is an online game, encouraging players to improve the way they use different transport options. The game involves teams competing with each other to see how many environment-friendly trips they can make. The premise is simple: make sure one of every five commutes is as green as can be.


NUCLEAR SECURITY SUMMIT ON MARCH 24-25 Nuclear Security Summit March 24-25 will have an impact on Zuidas access. The Nuclear Security Summit is taking place in The Hague from March 24 to March 25. The security operation surrounding the summit will have serious implications for road travel between Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Parts of the A44, A5 and A4 will be closed at times, causing long delays for commuters. The government is advising people to leave their cars behind and use public transport instead. Check before your road trip :

Text: Renny Kootstra


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

THURSDAY MARCH 6 Leidseplein meets Zuidas: Jazz & Poetry in Zuidas @ De Nieuwe Poort 6pm – 8pm It’s open mike night for poets at De Nieuwe Poort, with readings from Ronald M. Offerman, Michiel van Rooij, Aurora Guds and Robin Veen. What is the beauty of Zuidas? Is it just a stop on your way to work or something more? What does Zuidas bring to Amsterdam? Get ready for an evening of poetry, jazz, food and drinks. If you want to know more or would like to register, contact or



Opening exhibition Ivan Henriques, Symbiotic Machine Zone2Source, Amstelpark 3pm – 5pm Normal opening hours: Fri-Sun, 12pm – 5pm In cooperation with VU University scientists, Ivan Henriques developed an autonomous bio-machine, which harvests solar power by means of photosynthetic organisms which it then converts into movement in order to collect more photosynthetic organisms. For two months the Symbiotic Machine will ‘live’ in a fish tank in the Glazen Huis where it will feed on algae.

Lunchtime concert ATMOsphere:Enjoy @ Central Hall, WTC Amsterdam 12.30pm – 1.30pm Atmosphere and enjoyment are key at any performance by the ATMO string quartet. The quartet is made up of Artur Trajko on cello, Tiziana Pintus and Marielle Ponsen on violin and Örzse Adam on viola. An international bunch, the players, whose first name initials make up the name of the quartet, are from Albania, Italy, the Netherlands and Bulgaria respectively. Drift away on a medley of popular songs, chamber music, ragtime, jazz, Italian opera and film scores.

THURSDAY MARCH 7 ROOHUIS@Crowne Plaza Manhattan Lounge Bar 6pm – 9pm Enjoy an evening of ROOHUIS’ special brand of subtle and swinging jazz.



SATURDAY MARCH 8 Wine tasting – Open Flessendag@ DeLogie, Beethovenstraat 27 1pm – 5.30pm, Entrance: free Wijnhandel B.J. de Logie has prepared a selection of wines for you to taste on this month’s Open Bottle Day.


SLFMD Tailoring is taking over WTC Amsterdam! Monday 10 and Tuesday 11, SLFMD (near the entrance situated between Nooon and Fitch & Shui) will be showcasing their classic collection of business shirts. Grab your ¤50 discount and go tailor-made! On Friday March 14, from 5pm to 7.30pm, Nooon will be transformed into a SLFMD bar. Swing by to check out the spring/ summer collection, or simply unwind after a busy working day. See you there!

Oram New Members drinks party Amsterdam EXPO 3.30pm – 6pm This year the two latest ORAM members are putting their best foot forward: Amsterdam Expo is making its unique location available to members, allowing them to enjoy the exhibition ‘TITANIC: THE ARTIFACT EXHIBITION’ completely free of charge. Food and drinks are provided by Van Gans Catering. Please register asap for this unique networking event at www.oram. nl. If you know someone who might benefit from an ORAM membership, please don’t hesitate to bring them along.

MARCH - APRIL 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of May. Send your agenda to before the 6th of April.


WEDNESDAY MARCH 12 Information session Executive Master of M&A and Valuation Duisenberg school of finance 6pm – 8pm The Executive Master of M&A and Valuation has become the leading programme for M&A professionals in the Netherlands. Find out more about the unique characteristics of this programme at this informal networking reception, where staff and alumni will be happy to answer your questions. master_of_ma_and_valuation

Election debate in Buitenveldert Theme: What will be the influence of the participating citizen on a new administration in Amsterdam Zuid? Auditorium Multifunctioneel Centrum 6.30pm – 9pm Now the local ‘stadsdeel’ authority is replaced by a neighbourhood committee, many people are wondering how accessible and influential this new type of administration will be. Other issues will be discussed as well, such as the development of Zuidas, the North-South line, the fate of the VU Botanical Garden in view of the planned extension of VU Hospital and VU University and, last but not least, the consequences of Zuid’s new health care and social care structure. In short, it is important for all residents of Amsterdam Zuid to be present at this debate. Please register via, or ring 020 – 649936.

TUESDAY MARCH 18 Meeting Quality of Life VUmc Amsterdam 2.30pm – 4pm One in three people will get cancer. Fortunately, the number of people who survive the disease is increasing. VUmc CCA is doing extensive research into the quality of life of people with cancer, before, during and after treatment. It is looking into ways in which new paramedical therapies and care programmes can improve quality of life. The positive role of food, psychological support and exercise during the cancer treatment is part of the research. Professor of ‘Living with cancer’ Irma Verdonck will explain what the research entails. Physiotherapist Edwin Geleijn will explain the programme ‘Fit in spite of cancer’. For information contact

SATURDAY MARCH 15 – THURSDAY MAY 1 THURSDAY MARCH 13 First Zuidas CEO Breakfast Accenture, Amsterdam 8am – 9am Green Business Club Zuidas and Manon van Beek (Accenture Netherlands’ new Country Managing Director) are organising the first CEO breakfast in Zuidas. The sustainability ambitions CEOs have for their companies and how they see the future of Zuidas will be among the issues under discussion. For information about the programme or a guest list, please mail to, or go to

Registration Green Business Challenge Zuidas From May 21 to October 3, Green Business Club Zuidas and EyeopenerWorks are organising the Green Business Challenge in Zuidas. Young professionals, from lawyers and consultants to bankers and project developers, will be asked to come up with the best ways of making Zuidas sustainable. Leadership, creativity, relevancy and concrete results are what the challenge is about. The people who will lead Zuidas to a sustainable future are here. Let’s find out who they are. Take up the challenge! Go to for more information and register!

24 - 25 MARCH 2014 RSM Executive Education workshop: “Women in Leadership” is a two-day open enrolment programme that addresses the issues of women in business, particularly the challenges that women face when climbing the corporate ladder. ‘The climb is about women empowering other women... If you want change, you can’t do it with just one woman at the top.’


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam THURSDAY APRIL 1

THURSDAY MARCH 27 HR Breakfast Seminar & Networking Event @ Spaces Zuidas 8am – 10am, free for HR professionals What is mediation? If you work as an HR professional you will know that mediation is now an integral part of HR. Melinda Warmelink, mediator and partner at Result ADR, will be conducting a workshop in which she will explain the labour law side of mediation as well as its challenges and benefits. For additional information and registration, please contact

Presentation Sustainability Report Zuidas Old School Amsterdam 3.30pm – 5.30pm Hello Zuidas, Dienst Zuidas and Green Business Club Zuidas present the second edition of the sustainability report Zuidas. A networking drinks party will conclude the proceedings. The report addresses issues which are crucial for a vital, lively and sustainable city centre, such as mobility, public space, energy, community, water and property. Members of the Green Business Club and Hello Zuidas members are invited to register via

Members meeting Hello Zuidas (private)

THURSDAY APRIL 3 Biscuits@Crowne Plaza Manhattan Lounge Bar 9am – 4pm Acoustic pop by Biscuits, four songwriters from Utrecht and Amsterdam. For information about the band go to



Open Tower Day Zuidas 9am – 4pm Amsterdam is opening 19 of its towers, both old and modern, to visitors in what looks to become an annual event. In Zuidas ABN Amro will be opening its doors and visitors will be able to join one of three tours of the bank’s art collection, conducted by curator Danila Dahlen. The chapel on the eleventh floor of the VU building, with its great view of Zuidas and the rest of the city, will be open as well. As a musical finale to the day a special Open Tower Day concert will be performed at the Amsterdam Conservatory. For information go to

Appril Festival@ The Old School, Gaasterlandstraat 3-5, All day Appril is a festival of apps and mobile internet which runs throughout the month of April. Taking place in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, the festival includes more than a 100 workshops, lectures and drinks parties. Come and be inspired, learn new things and meet developers, marketeers, IT experts, entrepreneurs and other app lovers. The festival opens with an event focusing on mobile heros from both the Netherlands and abroad. For more information:


3 - 4 APRIL 2014 RSM Executive Education course in Amsterdam: “The Strategy Consultant’s Approach to Problem Solving” is a three-day open enrolment programme that will boost your effectiveness in finding solutions to complex and/or strategic business problems, by exposing you to a variety of best practice methods and techniques, developed by the top global management consulting firms.

MARCH - APRIL 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of May. Send your agenda to before the 6th of April.

SATURDAY APRIL 5 Expatica’s International Job Fair WTC Amsterdam 11am – 5pm Tickets: ¤12,50 (early bird rate until March 1, ¤17,50 after) After a successful first edition, Expatica’s International Job Fair returns to WTC Amsterdam. It’s the event for pursuing an international career in the Netherlands! The event will be an interactive extravaganza of companies looking to recruit internationals, workshops and networking. Visitors can chat with recruiters, get advice on writing a cv or application letter, learn about the Dutch job market, or just embrace the opportunity to mix with hundreds of like-minded internationals. Register before Saturday, March 1 to take advantage of the early bird discount. Tickets via

SUNDAY APRIL 6 Monthly stroll in the Beatrixpark Entrance Diepenbrockstraat 2pm Every first Sunday of the month the Beatrixpark yields a few of its secrets. There’s a different theme each month, so come back and be surprised all over again!

MONDAY APRIL 7 Pub quiz @ The Basket Amsterdam 7.30pm If you think you are a bit of a clever clogs, come and take part in the pub quiz @ The Basket Amsterdam. Form a team with your cleverest colleagues and prepare to do battle. Don’t miss it and register now:

THURSDAY APRIL 17 Waste management & Zuidas: it could be cleverer (and more sustainable!) Knowledge session, Best Practices & Action Plan. Stadsdeelkantoor Zuid 3pm – 5pm After initiating project groups on Energy, Mobility, Water and People, the Green Business Club Zuidas has now started one on waste management. In this initial session several companies will share their best practices and experts will be on hand to give advice on waste management, both for individual businesses and the area as a whole. At the end of the meeting a number of concrete projects will be laid down in an action plan. Please send an email to, if you would like to take part.

SUNDAY APRIL 20 Pure Markt Beatrixpark Amsterdam 11am – 6pm The Pure Markt wants visitors to become acquainted with sustainable, traditionally made food. There are 80 producers selling their wares and the organisation has made sure that there is a good balance and variety in the products on offer. The market is also a great day out for the whole family. There’s music, a merry-go-round and plenty of places to sit down and have a snack. For information and dates go to

TUESDAY APRIL 22 The lunch break Masterpreek with Marcel van Loo (EY) De Nieuwe Poort 12.40pm Want to think about something other than food during your lunch break? Marcel van Loo, country managing partner at EY, serves up 20 minutes of philosophical thought on life, leadership and competition.


Campus VU UniversityVUmc: room to grow On February 5, VU University and medical centre VUmc presented their proposals for strengthening the knowledge economy of the Amsterdam metropolitan region. These form part of a strategic overall plan called ‘Amsterdam makes it possible’ drawn up by Amsterdam City Council together with investors and other local stakeholders.

Josja van der Veer and Fokke Rakers, whose brief is to redevelop VU University and VUmc campus, advocated a joint approach from government and knowledge institutions. ‘We want to promote a content-led link between knowledge, government and businesses. Putting together recognisable, complementary profiles for the locations in the metropolitan region creates opportunities. It makes sense. Companies and other organisations will only come to Zuidas if they find what they need there. The government must do its bit to attract suitable parties, but we also need to work more closely with universities and academic institutions.’

SPACE TO GROW Van der Veer and Rakers emphasised Zuidas’ unique potential as a result of the combination of healthcare, education, research and international business. ‘Zuidas is also close to the centre of Amsterdam, while its international potential is ensured by the proximity of Schiphol Airport,’ they said. ‘Another important and unique aspect of Zuidas is the amount of physical space available for development.’

OPPORTUNITIES VU University and VUmc are investing in stateof-the-art care and educational facilities as well as the development of a unique research infrastrucJosja van der Veer: ‘We want to promote a content-led link between knowledge, government and businesses.’


ture. Van der Veer: ‘Strengthening the connection

between the university and the Zuidas business

feel. Building plans include student and guest

centre, both from an intellectual and a geographi-

accommodation, more sports and cultural facilities

cal point of view, increases the attractiveness of

and a number of restaurants and bars. Van der

the area as a place to locate. Businesses will have

Veer: ‘This will create an attractive and unique

direct access to research infrastructure, know-

living and working environment in Amsterdam,

ledge, innovation and talent. One example of such

which is crucial if we want the best scientists in

a package is the 0/2 lab building which is being

the world to come and work here.’

built for the new human health & life sciences cluster. Here VU University, VUmc and the


University of Amsterdam scientists will work

A lot of care and attention has gone into the

together on research into the prevention of

quality and design of the campus. The central

conditions such as Alzheimer’s and obesity.

campus square functions as an ‘outside living

It will be a mix of fundamental and applied

room’ and green space. There is also a direct link

medical research, which is not only socially

with the public spaces in Zuidas and the woods

relevant but interesting for businesses as well.’

of the Amsterdamse Bos (Sportas). Accessibility and sustainability are two important preconditions


for a successful development. The campus’ central

As well as new buildings, VU University and

position guarantees easy access, both by car and

VUmc plans include the refurbishment of existing

public transport. The Zuidasdok project is

complexes. Public spaces will also get a make-

expected to improve access even further.

over. At the heart of the redevelopment lies the concept of ‘the encounter’. The variety of amenities on offer gives the area a lively urban

The VU University and medical centre VUmc presented their proposals for strengthening the knowledge economy of the Amsterdam metropolitan region.


Vera Backer, Rick Louwerse, Manja Rietjens & Astrid Janssen

Sarah Bekkering, Tess Bekkering, Cheryl Heineman, Hans Faas & Thijs van der Werff

Maja Cerim, Leonie Verwer, Arjan van Niel & Robert van Schooten

FIRST YIP ZUIDAS NETWORK DRINKS Thursday, January 30 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm @ Restaurant NINE Lennaert van Vuurde & Audilla Voorn

Romy Lange, Milou Peeters & Roos Seesing

Joey Neeteson & Ruben Kaatee

Petra de Vlieger, Jorn Damhuis, Elodie de Jong & Timo van den Noort

• YIP is a new network for Young Interested Professionals up to the age of 30 who work in Zuidas • About 50 young Zuidas professionals attended • People were introduced to each other via speed dating sessions • Companies such as ABN AMRO, APG, Greenberg Nielsen, CBRE and USG Legal were represented • The first drinks party was made possible by Deterink Advocaten en Notarissen, Hello Zuidas, ASEGA Media and Restaurant NINE • If you would like your company to join YIP Zuidas, contact

Floortje Eterman, Melyssa Gilbert & Barbara Geerdink

Wesley Boone & Misja Leikin

David Kijlstra, Alex Jost, Joey Neeteson, Audilla Voorn, Melyssa Gilbert & Willem Thijssen

Cheryl Heineman & Sarah Bekkering

Tess Bekkering & Gijs Vissers

Elodie de Jong, Rick Louwerse & Robbert Arkenbout

Like us on Facebook & find more photos in our gallery Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Send an email to:


Michael Berendsen & Hans Versteegen

Jardo Zwaan & Christiaan Huijg

Josja van der Veer & Milou Peeters

Jan Peter van der Zee, Jan Heeren & Robert Dijckmeester

Bob Oostelbos, Heleen Blackstone & Sipke Feenstra

Alex Heikamp, Ghalem Reggani & Arnold van de Water

Romy Lange & Sasja Albersen

Syb Hanrath & Remco Groenhuijzen

HELLO ZUIDAS MEMBERS MEETING FEBRUARY 2014 Thursday, February 13, 3.30pm - 6.30pm @ Hotel Novotel Amsterdam City

• 1 00 member companies were represented at the six-monthly meeting

• J osja van der Veer believes Hello Zuidas contributes to Zuidas recent success

• Olivier Otten outlined the foundation’s achievements • Klaas de Boer updated everyone on the Zuidasdok project • Member companies discussed the ambitions of Zuidasdok • All members were given the Hello Zuidas’ 3D map. Extra maps are available at the Hello Zuidas WTC office.

Nathalie Delorme & Marjolein van Dommelen

Nicole Turnhout, Peter Smit & Marcel Abbringh

Marijke Roskam & Olivier Otten

Michael Meuleners & Lennart Stekelenburg

Photography: Jesse Kraal

Chris Osman & Wilrik Kok

Maikel Mulder & Paul Bokhorst

Daan Driessen & Ronald Gans



OPERATIONS CONTROLLER FACTORIES DANONE – SCHIPHOL WTC Salary: ¤ 65,000 – ¤ 80,000 + benefits As Operations Controller for the seven Danone milk factories in Europe, you will work in a highly demanding and fast changing international environment. The Operations Controller reports directly to the Finance Director Operations and is member of the Operational Management Team. As Operations Controller you will be responsible for the financial results analysis, business planning, investment business cases and consolidation and reporting. You will be actively involved in operational decisions, operational performance and the preparation of the global operations budgets. The ideal candidate has a Master degree in Finance, at least five to seven years’ of relevant working experience and the right drive and ambition to make a career within Danone (globally). A post graduate degree (RC) is considered a plus. If you are interested in this position, contact Douwe Engelsman on 020 - 333 78 88 or email


Gr ee nb er g Ni e l s e n i s t h e l e a d i n g Gr eeDu nb er g fi Ninealnsceen ri e s ctrhuei t e l er.a d i n g tch Du tch fi n a n c e r e c r u i t e r.

Salary: ¤ 45,000 – ¤ 55,000 As Corporate Management Accountant at Corbion you will work for a dynamic and ambitious organisation. You will be responsible for preparing and reporting financial data in an

Visi t ou r web s i t e a n d e x p l o r e t h e

accurate and pro-active manner. Furthermore, you will be

c h al l e ng ihng fi naavnaci el a p ave bo l es.i t i o n s w e

tool systems. The Corporate Management Accountant

Visi on r es twhee c h alt l eou ngr i web ng fisni taen caen dp oesxipt il o h ave a v a i l a b l e .

O r cal l on e o f o u r e x p e r i e n c e d O r cal l on f i na nce coensouf lot aunr t es xtpoedr iies nc cu es d s f ithe na nce ns upl tiannyt so ut ro cdai sr eceur. ss n extcoste the n ext ste p i n y o u r c a r e e r.

responsible for the design and maintenance of the reporting will work closely with and report to the Senior Corporate Management Accountant. You will be part of the Corporate Finance team and you will work in close alignment with financial people (Business Control, Financial Accounting/Administration, Tax/Treasury) and will have contact with the external auditor. This is a fantastic opportunity for high potential driven individuals ready to take a next step in their career. If you are interested in this position, contact Wesley Boone on 020 - 333 78 88

W W W. G R E E N B E R G N I E L S E N . N L W W W. G R E E N B E R G N I E L S E N . N L


or email


FINANCIAL ANALYST – MEDIQ – UTRECHT Salary: ¤ 45,000 – ¤ 55,000 As a Financial Analyst with Mediq you will work within a dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation. The Financial Analyst will report directly to the Manager Group Control and is an important sparring partner for several corporate departments and higher management. Within Mediq, you will be involved in several projects and you will fulfill a key position through the analysis of financial data and reporting of management accounting. You will be responsible for the cost analysis and budgeting of the corporate departments. The ideal candidate has a Bachelor or Master degree in accounting or economics and three to five years relevant experience within financial controlling or accountancy. You will have the right drive, energy and ambition to work in and add value to our financial corporate department. If you are interested in this position, contact Douwe Engelsman on 020 - 333 78 88 or email





Salary: Competitive remuneration + excellent fringe benefits

Salary: ¤ 45,000 – ¤ 52,000 + benefits

Yamaha Motor Europe is looking for a Country Accountant

As Junior Business Controller at CEVA Logistics you will work

who will work at their European headquarters at Schiphol-

in an international and dynamic company focussing in freight

Rijk. You will work in a professional and international

forwarding and supply chain solutions. The Junior Business

environment and have a key position in a team of

Controller reports directly to the Senior Group Business

professional accountants. The Country Accountant

Controller and will directly interact with senior management

is responsible for the day-to-day management of the financial

and stakeholders in the EMEA region. You will be challenged

and administrative functions of the countries

to play an important role in optimising current management

under his/her responsibility. The ideal candidate has

information and initiate new finance/business reports.

at least 3/4 years of experience in financial accounting

Within CEVA you will be challenged to develop yourself and

in an international environment and the drive to ensure

will be given the opportunity to continuously improve the

that financial transactions are performed and reported in

internal reporting, by actively participating in different

accordance with management policies and procedures.

multi-disciplinary projects. The ideal candidate has a Masters

You will be keen to develop and grow within the role and

degree, 0-4 years of working experience and the right drive

to take on additional challenges and responsibilities as

and ambition to make a difference within CEVA Logistics.

they occur.

If you are interested in this position,

If you are interested in this position,

contact Gideon Leendertse on 020 - 333 78 88

contact Petra de Vlieger on 020 - 333 78 88

or email

or email


WTC, F tower, 3rd floor

Tel: +31 (0)20 333 78 90

Strawinskylaan 381

1077 XX Amsterdam



Symphony’s bar | brasserie | restaurant | terras George Gershwinlaan 22-28 1082 MT Amsterdam 020 - 646 47 03

food, fashion

fabulous Studio located in WTC Amsterdam lobby Central Hall, next to Tower B E T 020 675.0201


SLFMD IS TAKING OVER! free pocket square with this voucher

2 SPECIAL EVENTS Mon. March 10th & Tues. March 11th

Tailor-made dress shirt for only €89,-* (regularly €139,-) PLUS: the chance to win a FREE SUIT** Visit SLFMD by the entrance between Nooon and Fitch & Shui or make an appt.

Fri. March 14th 17:00 - 19:30

SLFMD bar! Weʼre transforming Nooon into a SLFMD paradise: an extensive display of the SLFMD spring/summer collection and libations for all. Join us! *Choose from a select collection of fabrics Order must be placed by March 22, 2014 1 shirt p.p. ** €599,- value!

Now also available

Studio apartments Corporate housing factory now offers brand new serviced studio apartments in the apartment building New Amsterdam at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. All the services, all the equipment and comfort. Just a bit more economically designed.

corporate housing factory for more information:

14429-024-Adv Hello Zuidas2.indd 1

+31 (0)88 11 69 500 10-02-14 21:17

A BEAUTIFUL ALLIANCE Phisage Beauty & Wellness is now working together with the Bewust Gezond Institute.


CHECK OUT OUR NEW LUNCH & DINNER MENU! Restaurant & Cooking NINE Arnold Schönberglaan 9 1082 MJ Amsterdam

Diamond Micro Skin P Bewust Gezond is an institute specialising in healthcare, increasing your energy levels and also offers weight loss programmes.

How do you plan to get fit and healthy and stay that way? Phisage Normal rate € 85, - per t Beauty & Wellness

Sign up now for the informationNOW evening1intreatment one of the Triple Ace conference rooms in the WTC on Tuesday WTC Amsterdam Toren B, centrale hal 11 march from 5.30pm. course of 3 treatments € 25

Strawinskylaan 25 1077 XW Amsterdam

course of 5 treatments € 42

Phisage Beauty & Wellness WTC Amsterdam Strawinskylaan 25 Telefoon: 06 48 205 512 (Leaflet valid untill dece Email: info@phisage.nlB-tower, central hall 1077 XW Amsterdam Website:


The Almatuin, or Alma gardens.

The Almatuin organisation is renting out plots to private individuals and companies.

People who live and work in Zuidas will be given first option to rent a plot.

Play with fire in the Almatuin Since January 2014 busy city folk have been able to escape the hurly burly of Zuidas and relax in an oasis of peace and quiet – the Almatuin, or Alma gardens. The land between the VU University and ACTA dental school has been temporarily turned over to green-fingered gardening enthusiasts. MOVING ON

fish smoking oven, and fire baskets and Swedish torches provide

The school garden organisation, which teaches primary school

a blazing welcome for guests coming to receptions, promotions,

children about growing food and flowers, has moved to the

birthdays or family gatherings.

Kalfjeslaan after five decades in Zuidas. VU University will begin developing the land in October 2014. But until that time, the


Almatuin organisation is renting out plots to both private

Over the years, thousands of Amsterdam schoolchildren have

individuals and companies. People who live and work in Zuidas

marvelled at the peace and quiet of this particular piece of

will be given first option.

Zuidas. The children have gone elsewhere but the tranquility remains. There could be no greater contrast with the hectic pace


of life outside the gates and inside the office buildings. Why not

The Almatuin has room for more activities than simply growing

rent a plot or two with your colleagues and take a moment to

fruit and vegetables. The former classroom has been turned into

de-stress as you harvest your own carrots for lunch?

a meeting space which can be rented for a wide range of purposes. People using the building are also free to wander

around the gardens.

Opening hours: from sunrise to sunset

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE.. The best thing about the Almatuin is that people are actually allowed to play with fire! There is a wood-fired pizza oven and a

Text: Petra Bloemers • Photography: Anton Meester





M&A, CAUSE FOR OPTIMISM IN 2014 Zuidas is home to many important players in M&A: banks, law firms, accountancy firms, strategy consultants and, of course, the companies and private equity houses that make the acquisitions or which merge. The start of the financial and economic crisis in 2008 marked the end of the M&A boom which had been fueled by a low interest rate environment. Typical of this period was the unprecedented size of deals and the emergence of large private equity deals. Household names like Stork and VNU were taken private in this period. And like any M&A cycle, the last cycle had its fair share of failed deals, like ABN Amro’s acquisition by a consortium made up of Fortis, RBS and Santander. In recent years, M&A activity in the Netherlands has been subdued. Foreign buyers have been able to benefit from low valuation levels, like Canon which acquired Oce and Mexichem which bought Wavin. In recent years M&A activity in Europe has lagged behind the USA and Asia. Companies in Europe have focused on repairing their balance sheets and the prolonged crisis has made them wary of doing deals. Furthermore, the banking crisis has made it difficult to obtain bank financing for acquisitions. There is cause for optimism in 2014. The economic recovery in the eurozone is at last gaining momentum. Many companies now have strong balance sheets and have restored their profitability. They can now focus on growth and M&A will be a major factor in realising this. Low interest rates and healthy stock market performance will facilitate M&A activity. The increase in M&A activity will be led by corporate deals, which will increasingly be of a cross-border nature, not only in Europe but also in the US and Asia. Asia’s rise to prominence means European companies will not only buy Asian firms, but will increasingly will find themselves the target of Chinese and other Asian bidders. Wim Holterman, Programme Director Executive Master of M&A and Valuation at Duisenberg School of Finance and Partner at PwC



WHO ARE THE WINNERS OF THE M&A AWARDS (THE NETHERLANDS) 2013? The winners stand out for their excellent performance in M&A, corporate finance and private equity. Best Deal JAB - D.E. Master Blenders Best M&A Advisor Bastiaan Vaandrager - Rothschild Best M&A Director Ivo Lurvink, ING Groep Best Private Equity Manager Hugo van Berckel, CVC Capital Partners Best M&A Lawyer Arne Grimme, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Best Acquisition Finance Banker Marin Boon, Rabobank Best M&A Advisor Midmarket Onno Sloterdijk, KPMG Best Buy Out Manager Jan van der Tempel - Ampelmann Best Private Equity Manager Midmarket Remko Hilhorst - IK Investment Partners Best Deal Midmarket IK Investment Partners - Ampelmann Best Young Talent Laura de Jong - AKD Best M&A Lawyer Midmarket Herman Kaemingk, Loyens & Loeff Source: Alex van Groningen



Joop de Hoogh & Casper de Bruyn



‘Plain historical financial due diligence is yesterday’s news’ ‘The value of a conventional historical financial due diligence is limited, especially in today’s volatile market conditions,’ says managing director Joop de Hoogh of WTC-based Alvarez & Marsal (A&M). Due diligence practices need to innovate, he argues. ‘Performing a proper evaluation of future risks and opportunities in mergers and acquisitions requires integrated financial and operational expertise.’ De Hoogh, who heads Alvarez & Marsal’s transaction advisory team in Amsterdam and the European Energy team, emphasises the value of integrated expertise in M&A processes. ‘As a result of our strong financial and operational heritage, we are uniquely placed to assess, evaluate and challenge the business plans of companies through our integrated financial and operational due diligence – contrary to competitors who just cover part of the puzzle,’ says De Hoogh. ‘More than ever, an integrated approach is required to secure the potential value and manage the risks of a transaction successfully.’

THE A&M DIFFERENCE A&M’s integrated approach combines best-in-class finance, accounting and business consulting skills with deep hands-on operational expertise. A significant number of A&M’s professionals have a background with international corporations in various sectors, often at C-level positions. Direct and full access to hands-on experience is what sets A&M apart from its competitors. De Hoogh: ‘A&M is uniquely positioned, as it can provide a seamless transition from pre- to post-acquisition work, by implementing and executing the findings and recommendations of the due diligence by our experienced operational experts, who were already involved in the transaction before closing.’

GROWTH IN AMSTERDAM A&M’s transaction advisory group (‘TAG’) deals with M&A processes for corporate and private equity clients, and consists of more than 200 experienced professionals who work in multi-disciplinary teams on a global basis, from offices in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In September 2012, A&M moved into their new WTC offices at Zuidas. Prior to moving offices, A&M was active in the Benelux arena for years, working on major financial restructuring cases from their London office. In 2009, it was decided that due to the expected growth of local business, a dedicated Amsterdam office was required. Since then, the A&M Amsterdam team has grown to six managing directors and more than 20 professionals covering the entire range of services A&M offers. Joop de Hoogh: ‘We expect further growth due to the continued demand for our specialised and differentiated services’.

OUTLOOK As for 2014, De Hoogh expects a significant recovery of the M&A market. ‘As the European economy picks up pace, the M&A market is on the upswing again, and opportunities, especially in the energy sector, are plentiful. Investors are ready to get involved in investing again. There is significant capital waiting to be invested and used in order to realise the returns required by shareholders,’ says De Hoogh. ‘We’re ready to assist our clients with that.’ Contact Joop de Hoogh ( or Casper de Bruyn (

ABOUT ALVAREZ & MARSAL Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) is a global professional services firm, specialising in transaction advisory services, turnaround and restructuring, and forensic and dispute solutions. For the past three decades, A&M has set the standard for working with organisations to tackle complex business issues, boost operating performance and maximise stakeholder value. For more information, please visit us at:

Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde



Evert-Jan Osnabrugge is a corporate law partner at Deterink Attorneys and Notaries

DETERINK ATTORNEYS AND NOTARIES Parnassusweg 819 1082 LZ Amsterdam T. 020 - 820 39 84



‘As a dealmaker I focus on bringing two companies together without endangering the deal-making process’ ABOUT EVERT-JAN OSNABRUGGE

healthcare institutions and housing

Evert-Jan Osnabrugge is a corporate law

corporations. Our legal experts are active

specialist with Deterink Attorneys and Notaries.

within several specialist fields including

He has extensive experience in the field of

M&A, corporate structures, corporate finance

corporate law and M&A and has worked for

and corporate litigation.’

various renowned law firms. Osnabrugge studied at Cambridge University and in 2002 completed a postdoctorate course in ‘Financing & Securities’ at the Grotius Academy.



‘As a dealmaker I focus on bringing two companies

Deterink opened its office in Amsterdam in

buying or selling side) how to obtain the best

February 2013 to be able to serve its increasing

possible deal without endangering the deal-making

international client base from a more convenient

process. I like M&A because it’s largely a team

location. Deterink has its main office in Eindhoven

effort. You need a lot of skills and to constantly

where almost 60 lawyers and (candidate) notaries

perform to the peak of your abilities. In the

are employed. The company has wide experience

end, of course, it is only the result that counts.

in many different practice areas, including

Take the Mistubishi’s sale of Nedcar to the

corporate law, M&A, employment law, civil

VDL Groep or Geveke’s acquisition from ABN

litigation, insolvency and restructuring, intellectual

Amro by NIKKISO. In both cases we advised

property and IT, procurement and state aid, real

the purchasers, but had to cover many angles

estate and government and sports law. Corporate

involving several practice areas. We had a huge

law is one of the largest groups in the practice.

advantage in being able to rely on our specialists.

together while advising my clients (either on the

Even though we are not one of the biggest


players in the field, we have proven our ability to

‘The corporate law practice group focuses on

advise and broker deals for some of the biggest

different sub-areas within corporate law as a

companies in The Netherlands.’

whole. Our combined approach involving both attorneys and notaries has proved very effective. Our corporate law clients range from medium and large regional and national enterprises to multinationals, as well as non-profit organisations,


NEED FAST AND RELIABLE TRANSLATIONS? Forget Google, call Taalcentrum-VU! As your Zuidas neighbour, we’ll be happy to help you with translations in any language. We translate for the following sectors:



New customers in March and April 2014 will enjoy a DISCOUNT 10% introductory discount! Would you like to know more?

Visit, give us a call on 020 – 598 64 20 or send an e-mail to

Taalcentrum-VU: the number one Zuidas agency for your international communication needs.

Is your current mortgage still right for you?

De Hypotheker will find out. Visit our website for more information

De Hypotheker Amsterdam Zuidas WTC WTC Toren B Level 14 - Strawinskylaan 1427 (020) 662 14 11 Ook voor jou zoeken we, volstrekt onafhankelijk, de optimale financiële oplossing. En alles is goed geregeld.


Jean Paul van Marissing, director of Webster in the Netherlands & Giorgia Santamaria, student Webster University.

Businesses look for people with a global mindset Webster University was founded in Saint Louis, USA almost 100 years ago, to provide working women with education. Men have been able to enroll since the 1960s. In the 1980s Webster went international, opening a campus in Leiden and, more recently, a branch in Zuidas, situated in the World Trade Centre. Lawyer and former Baker & McKenzie partner Jean Paul van Marissing became the director of Webster in the Netherlands in 2010. ‘In this job I have found the best of both worlds; the teaching environment combined with business,’ he says. RUNNING A BUSINESS

months to follow courses there. A global mindset is what

Van Marissing doesn’t miss being part of a big law firm.

businesses look for nowadays, Van Marissing points out.

‘My job is really challenging. Because we’re a private university, we depend on student fees for our revenue,’ he points out.


‘This means we have to recruit and make sure our students

The students start in the Leiden campus, but many MBA

stay with us. In that sense, it really is like running a business.’

students end up in the WTC. ‘Although you can sense it’s all about business here, it’s not an industrial area and it soon


feels like home,’ says Santamaria. There are also advantages

Webster is a global operation. ‘The exchange of cultural

to studying in the WTC as an international business centre.

perspectives is really enriching,’ says Italian national and

‘All the contacts you need are literally around the corner,’ she

international relations student Giorgia Santamaria. ‘For example,

says. Indeed, Santamaria has already found her next career

when we’re discussing the Cold War, having Russians as well as

move. She’s started working at Webster as graduate admission

Americans in the classroom makes things interesting.’ To widen

coordinator and will go full time when she graduates later

her global experience, Santamaria went to Geneva for two

this year.

Text: Jori Spitz • Photography: Yorick Meijdam


Get more from every minute ACTIVE FUN AND FITNESS FOR EVERYONE

3 MONTH INITIAL MEMBERSHIP then rolling contract*

At David Lloyd Leisure we know you want to make the most of everything you do. So we’ve designed our clubs and programmes to bring all of your favourite activities under one roof. With first class facilities, a huge choice of classes from Aqua aerobics to Zumba and our expert support delivered to the highest industry standard, there is something for everyone.

To get the best out of everything you do, come into club, call 088-020 21 06 (local rate) or visit

David Lloyd Amsterdam • Overtoom 557 • 1054 LK Amsterdam

Terms and conditions apply. Facilities, fees, classes and membership contracts vary by club. Certain activities may incur additonal fees. *Monthly rolling contract after a 3 month initial commitment.


HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES THE FOLLOWING NEW MEMBERS Company: The TailorMates Sector: Menswear Connection to Zuidas: This new concept store is focused on the needs of the men who live and work in Zuidas. Zuidas is also well-placed between Amsterdam Zuid, Buitenveldert and Amstelveen, which are wealthy areas. Owner Ronald Gans’ roots are in Buitenveldert and he has watched the Zuidas development taking place. Gans still plays football at Zuidas club AFC and he has played tennis where the ABN Amro building now stands. Why join Hello Zuidas?: The aim of the shop is to breathe more life into Zuidas and ease the lives of the district’s busy businessmen. Gans would like to exchange ideas on this with other members.

Company: Euroinfra BV Sector: IT, telecom and internet

Number of staff: 5

Connection to Zuidas: Euroinfra works with companies in the Amsterdam-Schiphol region and provides wifi services for the Zuidas squares and the platforms at railway station Zuid. Why join Hello Zuidas?: Euroinfra provides international connections, Voip solutions and wifi hotspots for customers who demand high quality services. Hello Zuidas is one of our valued hotspot customers.

Company: Taalcentrum-VU Sector: business services (communication and translation)

Number of staff: 30

Connection to Zuidas: Taalcentrum-VU is a spin-off of the VU University and works with many Zuidas partners, such as Accenture, Colliers and the Zuidas Development Office. It provides translations (legal, financial and scientific), training courses in Dutch as a second language and offers a range of other courses such as business English. Why join Hello Zuidas?: Business and cooperation are important for all Zuidas companies. TaalcentrumVU works with many Zuidas partners, helping them to perfect their international communications and is eager to expand its network by joining the Hello Zuidas family.

Company: Webster University Sector: education

Number of staff: 4 in Amsterdam, 30 in Leiden

Connection to Zuidas: Webster University is the only American university operating in the Netherlands. It launched in Zuidas several years ago because it focuses on expats in the Netherlands or Dutch people who are attracted to international education. Zuidas is the right place to reach this target audience. Why join Hello Zuidas?: Hello Zuidas helps companies to expand their networks. Webster would also like to join other members in thinking about how we can best help and inspire each other.


Memo board PHISAGE BEAUTY & WELLNESS AND BEWUST GEZOND INSTITUTE Phisage Beauty & Wellness and the Bewust Gezond institute will be organising an information evening on various factors surrounding weight loss. The Bewust Gezond institute, founded by Dirk Zoutewelle, in cooperation with the University of Wageningen, Neurotherapy centre Hilversum and Cell Care. Would you like to lose weight and increase your energy level? Join us at our information evening at the WTC, on March 11, starting at 5.30pm.

For more information contact:

INDIA TOURISM MOVES TO ZUIDAS After many years on Rokin in the center of Amsterdam, the Dutch branch of India Tourism has moved to a new location in Zuidas. India Tourism can be found at IJsbaanpad 9-11, 1076 CV Amsterdam. The phone and fax numbers remain the same

TALENT SPECIAL HELLO ZUIDAS The Hello Zuidas May/June issue will be dedicated to talent. Many businesses and institutions in Zuidas have developed in-house training programmes aimed at fostering talent. They also have a dedicated budget for training employees. If your company is investing in staff and you would like to feature in this special issue, please write to:

DISCOVER THE NEW CONCEPT STORE IN ZUIDAS The TailorMates is a men’s concept clothing store like no other. No last-minute shopping here: opening hours are weekdays from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. The TailorMates is a one-stop store where business professionals and locals can order tailor-made suits and jackets. There’s fresh Italian coffee, an old-fashioned wet shave at the barber’s, and if your tablet or smartphone is playing up, they can take care of that too. The TailorMates is located on George Gershwinplein.

FREE WIFI HELLO ZUIDAS Thanks to the efforts of Visser Communicatie, Euroinfra, Amsterdam City Council and Hello Zuidas, people using the Zuidplein, Mahlerplein and the Station Zuid underpass now have access to free wifi. Visser Communicatie’s cost-effective scheme allows you to hook up to the net, whether in the public space around your office building, in the park or indoors. For information contact Hello Zuidas at:

PRINTING FIRM GIANOTTEN BECOMES GIANOTTEN PRINTED MEDIA Printing firm Gianotten, which prints titles such as Hello Zuidas Magazine and Sportas Magazine commissioned by ASEGA Media , has grown into an important player in the printed media market.In order to stay successful in an increasingly digitalised world, Gianotten has been repositioning itself. This has resulted in a new company creed: ‘add colour’. Gianotten intends to bring colour to a ‘new’ world in more ways than one.


E-mail your memo’s to


Mirjam de Blécourt, Baker & Mckenzie

‘Women need to come out from behind closed doors to get the top jobs’


Wim Holterman: cause for optimism in 2014

HELLO ZUIDAS MEETING Zuidas under construction: keeping it attractive together KIRSTEN VAN DEN HUL There’s no such thing as a free lunch CAMPUS VU UNIVERSITY-VUMC Strengthening the connection between the university and the Zuidas business centre

Members Hello Zuidas – March 2014

If your company isn’t on this list, please contact

COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL + 31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, worldrenowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Parnassusweg 819, 9th floor - 1082 LZ - Amsterdam (UN Studio-gebouw, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 820 3976 - + 31 (0) 13 545 3298 - Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Jilles Mermans Translation: Zuidas Text and Translations Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Jori Spitz, Milou Peeters, Kristen van den Hul, Romy Lange, Eric Burgers, Renny Kootstra, Petra Bloemers, Layana Mokoginta & Wim Holterman Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde, William Maanders, Veronika Bacova, Eric Dix, Aatjan Renders, Your Captain Luchtfotografie, Jesse Kraal, Anton Meester, Sander Stoepker & Yorick Meijdam Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Jeannette Driessen, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk Thanks to: Mirjam de Blécourt, Dienst Zuidas, ProperyNL, Kirsten van den Hul, Het Financieele Dagblad, Ruth Jansen (Phisage Beauty & Wellness) VU University, Webster University, The Almatuin, Chicken coop ’t Eiland, Greenberg Nielsen, Wim Holterman, Alex van Groningen, Alvarez & Marsal, Deterink Advocaten & Notarissen Printed by: Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly) Copyright: © 2014 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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ABN AMRO Accendium Accenture Akzo Nobel Alvarez & Marsal Benelux Amsterdam EXPO Amsterdam in Business Amsterdam RAI APG Arcadis ASEGA Media AVIS Autoverhuur Bagels & Beans Baker & McKenzie Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Beheer Brouwershoff Beheermaatschappij WTC Amsterdam Boekel De Nerée Bolenius Breevast CBRE B.V. citizenM Cofely Corporate Housing Factory Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South Dagelijks Lekker De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek De Nieuwe Poort Deterink Advocaten en Notarissen Dienst Zuidas Amsterdam Duisenberg School of Finance Eefje Voogd Makelaardij Eetwinkel Zwaan Ernst & Young Euroinfra Expatcenter Amsterdam Fortron B.V. G&S Vastgoed Galerie Modern Gerrit Rietveld Academie Global Housing Greenberg Nielsen Green Business Club Zuidas Greenwheels Gustavino B.V. GVB HAB International Accountants & Consultants Handelsbanken HB Hairstylers Hello Sushi Hestia Kinderopvang Het Amsterdamse Bos Holiday Inn Amsterdam Holland Interplan B.V. Houthoff Buruma ILFC Aviation Services (Europe) IMC Financial Markets Amsterdam INBO ING Rayon Amsterdam Zuid West Kardan Kempen & Co Koetjes en Kalfjes Linklaters Look For Art Gallery Loyens & Loeff Maarsen Groep Beheer B.V. Markit MBO College Zuid Mech Make & Take Miles Building MultiCopy Nederland B.V.

72. NDI ICT Solutions 73. NEWNRG 74. NH Musica 75. Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (NVB) 76. Nijkerk Holding 77. NL Real Estate 78. NMC-Nijsse International Executive Search 79. Novotel Amsterdam City 80. NS Station Zuid 81. Oliver’s 82. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam 83. ORAM 84. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 85. Pathé 86. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 87. Platform Beter Benutten 88. Poelman Advocaten 89. Property NL B.V. 90. Puramis Consultancy 91. Qbic Hotels 92. Q-Park Nederland 93. Rabobank Amsterdam Markt Zuid 94. RBS 95. Regus 96. Restaurant Nine 97. RGA International Reinsurance Company 98. RSM Erasmus University 99. Russell Reynolds Associates 100. Schiphol Real Estate 101. SCOR Global Life SE 102. Season-Flowers 103. Securitas 104. SLFMD Tailoring 105. Spaces 106. Stadsdeel Zuid 107. Stibbe 108. Stichting Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion A’dam 109. Stichting ZuidasRun 110. Sushi Time 111. Symphony’s 112. Taalcentrum - VU 113. Tandartsenpraktijk Van De Veer 114. TAXI-E 115. The Bank of New York Mellon 116. TPEX 117. The Basket 118. The Change Agent 119. The Office Operators 120. The Oyster Club 121. The TailorMates 122. TopJobs Consultants 123. Transcore Management 124. TREC 125. Triple Ace 126. Valid Express 127. Vimpelcom 128. Visser Communicatie 129. Voxius 130. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 131. VU Connected 132. VU Medisch Centrum 133. Wagamama 134. Webster University 135. Wieringen Prins 136. World Trade Center Amsterdam 137. WTC Amsterdam Business Club 138. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 139. Your Assistant 140. 141. Zuidschans



NH MUSICA IS SHIFTING INTO FULL SERVICE Guests of NH Musica enjoy free transportation to and from their office in the vicinity of the Zuidas Business District. Moreover, NH Musica is speeding ahead to full service at a low all-in-one rate for just â‚Ź 89,-. In addition to overnight accommodation, guests get breakfast, parking and high speed internet.

Care for a test drive?

Please contact NH Musica for more information T. +31 (0)20 541 4141 E.

Hello Zuidas #12  

Hello Zuidas #12

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