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Jaap Winter, VU University

‘We were the first organisation of any importance to have found Zuidas’ SPECIAL: SUSTAINABLE REAL ESTATE

ARCADIS: ‘Thinking outside the box helps turn possibilities into projects’

HELLO ZUIDAS Take a look at our new 3D map! KIRSTEN VAN DEN HUL Saying goodbye to Little Kirsten LOYENS & LOEFF Workers are less inclined to settle out of court

Imagine‌ living in a luxurious five-star apartment at Gelderlandplein with panoramic views of Amsterdam, a Personal Assistant and various in-house facilities including a fitness and wellness centre. If you would like to receive further information or take a tour, you are welcome to contact:

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Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

It is time to really get down to business With the festive season behind us, it is time to get

complex, which was influenced by the architecture

down to business. Of course, Zuidas never stops

of New York, will be a great asset to the entire

and the same applies to the Hello Zuidas editorial

district. The event was also a good excuse to focus

team. Without careful planning and tight dead-

once again on the issue of sustainable property

lines, we would never be able to produce the

development. In the special section, companies

magazine. We keep a close eye on everything

such as Arcadis and Fortron explain their views

that is going on and we are delighted to be able to

and you can read all about 0|2, the VU’s new

continue providing you with news and information

research and educational complex.

in 2014. If you would like to know where all these buildings Our cover this month features someone who has

are located, but find yourself getting a bit lost,

worked in Zuidas for 12 years and whom we regard

we’ve got the perfect solution. On pages 24 and

as a real Zuidas man. Jaap Winter began his

25 you’ll find a 3D map of Zuidas. It shows you

Zuidas career with law firm De Brauw Blackstone

exactly how to get to that meeting and lets you

Westbroek and is now president of the VU

show your clients exactly where you are as well.


Enjoy this issue and wishing you a happy

The next issue

and healthy 2014.

of Hello Zuidas

University. His ambition and experience promise great things for the future. Last month the first piles were hammered in for

is scheduled for

the 900Mahler building. I think this residential

March 4th.

What will 2014 have in store for you, your organization and Zuidas? It might be a new project, a new job or a new client. We will start the New Year by launching an open-access WiFi network on Zuid and Mahlerplein. Work on OpZuid is almost completed. The year 2014 will see the new offices of AkzoNobel, Stibbe and Nauta Dutilh well on their way to completion. Work will be starting on the new student accommodation complex on the Boelelaan. These projects are transforming building plots into streets and an empty area into a new and vibrant meeting point. But it’s not just bricks and streets that make up a city. We also aim to support the fun things in life. In February for instance, you can put your skates on in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, that has become our latest member. On behalf of Hello Zuidas, I wish you an energetic New Year! Olivier Otten, managing director Hello Zuidas

VISIT US IN AMSTERDAM RSM AMSTERDAM OFFICE Viñoly Building, 1st floor, Claude Debussylaan 46 1082 MD Amsterdam

BUSINESS WAS USUAL You can make a difference in today’s new world of business. Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) offers you and your company a broad portfolio of executive programmes, taught by world-class faculty. Consistently ranked among Europe’s top business schools, RSM educates many influential business leaders. Explore the latest business insights. Boost your leadership skills. Gain a forward-thinking and innovative mindset. Fuel your future at RSM in Rotterdam or Amsterdam!


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Index 07. News Flashes Zuidas 08. Jaap Winter, VU University ‘We were the first organisation of any importance to have found Zuidas’ 12. Property 15. Column: Kirsten van den Hul Saying goodbye to little Kirsten 17. Trending Topics 18. Finance 20. Zuidasdok The Zuidasdok is a quality impulse 23. Hello Zuidas – Mobility A new 3D map of Zuidas 26. Hello Zuidas – Mobility Corporate Car-Sharing 27. Hello Zuidas – Mobility ‘Make better use of Zuidas’

28. Agenda Hello Zuidas 32. Legal – Loyens & Loeff ‘Hermine Voûte: ‘Workers are less inclined to settle out of court’ 34. Hello Zuidas – Sustainability The challenges of water management 38. Hello You 39. The Lex van Delden bridge 42. Talent The first AmCham award 44. Special: Sustainable Real Estate - 46. ARCADIS - 48. VU University - 53. Fortron - 54. The Office Operators 57. Hello Zuidas: new participants 58. Memo board

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



NH MUSICA IS SHIFTING INTO FULL SERVICE Guests of NH Musica enjoy free transportation to and from their office in the vicinity of the Zuidas Business District. Moreover, NH Musica is speeding ahead to full service at a low all-in-one rate for just â‚Ź 89,-. In addition to overnight accommodation, guests get breakfast, parking and high speed internet.

Care for a test drive?

Please contact NH Musica for more information T. +31 (0)20 541 4141 E.


News Flashes MAJOR WORKS ON THE GUSTAV MAHLERLAAN Locals and Zuidas workers must have noticed something big is in the works around the Gustav Mahlerlaan! An office block as well as a housing complex with 127 units is currently being built on the corner of the Gustav Mahlerlaan and Buitenveldertselaan. Work on the 900 Mahler apartment block started

110 NEW RENTAL HOMES IN ZUIDAS A new housing complex named ‘Square’ is scheduled to be built in the Kop Zuidas area. ‘Square’ will comprise 110 units meant for tenants in the medium income off in November, and the project is slated for completion in 2016. Unfortunately, the noise associated with the pile driving necessary to support the complex will be around for a while. The 1,000 Mahler office development is scheduled to be completed in 2015.

A NEW BUS AND TRAM STOP A new stop for trams (16 and 24) and buses is being constructed at the corner of the Buitenveldertselaan and the De Boelelaan. Simultaneously, the surrounding space is being transformed into a mini park, so in the summer it will be a nice place to enjoy a lunchtime sandwich. The location has two trees – a sycamore and a flowering cherry – that change colours along with the seasons. The project is expected to be completed in February 2014.

range – a sector that is extremely popular at the moment. Housing construction company Wonam will start work on the project in January 2015.

‘By using a different form of investment, we are able to offer these non-rent controlled properties at cheaper rates,’ says Wonam director Carolyn van Duijvendijk. ‘The rents start off at ¤800 a month. Amsterdam has a shortage of this kind of property on offer, and a lot of people have shown themselves to be interested in the project.’

RAI EXPANSION The RAI exhibition centre is currently being

restaurant named ‘Roast’ and its comple-

expanded. The addition will consist of an

tion is scheduled for May 2015.

extra multifunctional office and conference

The construction project has to adhere to

area named AMTRIUM. Work on the

three golden rules according to RAI:

project, that is located on the corner of

• No noise

the Scheldeplein, commenced in October.

• No visual disturbances

The building will also be home to a

• Accessibility guaranteed

If you want to know more about the district visit the website If you have tips for the editorial team, email

‘VU University was the first organisation of any importance to have found Zuidas, or perhaps I should say that it was the other way around. It was herebefore the whole Zuidas development began’

Jaap Winter, president of the Vrije Universiteit (VU)


‘With all the different things I have done in the district, you could call me a real Zuidas Man’ On December 1, professor Jaap Winter succeeded René Smit as president of the Vrije Universiteit (VU University). Winter is professor of international company law at the University of Amsterdam, professor of corporate finance at Duisenberg School of Finance and, until recently, a partner in law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. In his new post, he will be able to draw on both his academic expertise and his experience as a high-level administrator. ‘VU University was the first organisation of any importance to have found Zuidas, or perhaps I should say that it was the other way around. It was here before the whole Zuidas development began. The university, with its campus and student life, brings something special to Zuidas,’ Winter says. You haven’t been at the VU University very long. How

What would you like to achieve in the next few years?

do you like your new working environment so far?

‘It’s vital that we work together so we can take informed

‘I’m very happy here. It is a great university. A lot of valuable

decisions about the changes that are in store for us. The alliance

research is carried out here and a lot goes on. This summer we

with the University of Amsterdam offers lots of scope for

had a film festival on the roof of the main building, and in spring

strengthening education and research. However, this kind of

a new sustainable roof terrace was opened. The concept of a

development is bound to have an impact on the day-to-day

campus, where educational and research facilities are within

running of the university, as well as on students, teachers,

short distance of each other, has an impact on Zuidas and that

researchers and staff. My goal here is to strengthen internal

makes it an exciting place to be.’

cohesion and make people proud of this place – although I’m sure they already are.’

What made you decide to make the move? ‘I have worked in an academic environment for a long time. I took

How do you propose to turn VU University into

my PhD in Rotterdam, became a professor in Rotterdam and then

a prestigious European university?

went on to teach in Amsterdam. This is an environment where

‘It already is. This place attracts talented people from all over

curiosity and research go hand-in-hand with educating people

the world. In 2012, more than 600 international scientists came

about the impact of scientific discoveries. It is an important and

here, as well as 1,500 international students and a few hundred

inspiring task. I look upon the job of president at VU University as

international PhD candidates. Of course there’s always room for

a special challenge.’

improvement. Our close working relationship with the University of Amsterdam will give us a chance to combine high-quality

How do you propose to meet this challenge?

education with high-quality research. All of that will make the

‘The recent reorganisation of the university’s operational

Amsterdam metropolitan area even more attractive.’

management structure and the changes to the executive board have had quite an impact. My work is to make everyone pull in

Will you have time left to teach?

the same direction. Fortunately, much has changed for the better

‘I teach international company law at the University of Amsterdam

already. We have a clear, broadly-endorsed vision on education

and I intend to continue to do so. I expect I will have time and if

that will shape our future educational goals, on our view of what

not, I will find the time. I could when I still had a busy law practice.

we want students to profit from this place and on how we

I am passionate about teaching and I would find it very strange to

safeguard educational excellence.’

suddenly stop just because I’ve become a university administrator.’

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde


You are one of the founding members of the Duisenberg School of Finance and you were, until recently, apartner in law firm de Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. Are you a real Zuidas man? ‘This will be my twelfth year in Zuidas and I have seen it grow over the years. There’s an impressive skyline, large office buildings, lots of people, shops, sports clubs, places to find some solitude and places to meet others. The dynamics of growth generate energy. The same goes for the campus developments that are taking place here. Yes, I suppose you could say I’m a Zuidas man.’ Zuidas is developing at a tremendous rate. The same is happening at VU University. Is that a coincidence or are the two connected? The two are part of the same development. VU University was the first organisation of any importance to have found Zuidas, or perhaps I should say that it was the other way around. After all, it was here before Zuidas was even thought of. But I do think that the university, with its campus and student life, brings something special to Zuidas.’ What else does VU University bring to Zuidas? ‘VU University takes an active part in the development of Zuidas, with new buildings such as the new O|2 lab and NU.VU. The latter will have multi-functional spaces where education, research and the cultural program of the Griffioen project will find a home. In four years’ time the NU.VU building will occupy a central position on the Boelelaan and the campus itself. We are a relevant player in all this. The combination of a university, a campus, housing, social activities as well as the many office buildings, make Zuidas into the lively area that it is. Here activity is not limited from nine to five. People live, work and study here.’ What do you like about Zuidas? I like The Rock, the building where I used to work. People either like it or loathe it, and that makes the building interesting in itself. It’s not just another glass and steel construction.’ Would you like to live here? I live in a house on the edge of the Vondelpark, and for me it doesn’t get much better than that. I like the energy of Zuidas and I like cycling there every morning. But I won’t be moving there. Though I’m sure it will become a popular place to live in no time at all.’


Name: Professor Jaap Winter Year of birth: 1963 Nationality: Dutch CV Jaap Winter • 2013 - today President of VU University • 2011- today Commissioner at Randstad • 2008 – today Professor at Duisenberg School of Finance • 2004 – today Professor of International Company Law at University of Amsterdam • 2003 – 2013 Partner at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek • 2005 – 2009 Member of the supervisory board at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) • 1997 -2002 Legal advisor to the board of directors at Unilever • 1991 – 1996 Lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Training PhD in Law at University of Groningen

Property Source: Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to

TAKEOVER ZUIDAS DEVELOPER COD ZUIDAS - Zuidas-based property development specialist


COD has been taken over by Borghese Real Estate. Over

ZUIDAS -Property consultancy Jones Lang LaSalle is in

the past few years, COD has been involved in various

the process of centralizing its Dutch activities by closing

projects and has several more in development. These

operations in Utrecht and The Hague, in order to focus on

include the Motel One project, that will be built opposite

both Amsterdam’s Zuidas and Rotterdam. The shift

the RAI exhibition centre, as well as several other building

stems from JLL’s strategy for the Netherlands to focus on

projects in the city centre of Amsterdam. Prior to its

both the greater Amsterdam and Randstad areas and the

takeover, COD was owned by Timeless, the Van Veggel

south of Holland.

family’s investment fund. PropertyNL



ZUIDAS IS GIVEN NEW PRIMARY SCHOOL COMPLEX ZUIDAS - The Amsterdam Zuid borough council and construction firm Verlaat’s Systeembouw have signed an agreement to develop a new school and childcare complex in Zuidas. Known as an Integraal Kindcentrum in Dutch, the complex will offer primary and after school care alongside daycare for younger children. The building has been designed by Fact Architects and Hund Falk Architecten and primarily uses natural materials in construction. The council expects the number of children of school age in Zuid to go up by 800 in the years to come, making more school development necessary. PropertyNL



ZUIDAS - In the first quarter of 2014, the Amsterdam

ZUIDAS - German banks have recently been making a

branch of property consultancy DTZ Zadelhoff is

cautious return to the Netherlands and are in line to

scheduled to move from the Apollolaan to the UNStudio

finance a number of major deals in Zuidas, according to

in Zuidas. DTZ will be leasing 1,900 square metres in

research by PropertyNL. For example, the new office for

the complex, that is owned by Union Investment Real

Nauta Dutilh, under development by G&S Vastgoed, and

Estate, spread over two floors. The company’s Apollolaan

the Ito and Som office buildings, rumoured to be on the

contract will be taken over by banking group Van

Tishman Speyer buy list, will both be sold by Hausinvest,


an investment fund operated by Commerzbank.


Photography: Veronika Bačová




Flexible Office Space | Meeting Rooms | Flex Space | Virtual Office UN Studio | Parnassusweg 819 | Amsterdam Zuidas | | +31 (0)20 700 5555 14. Amsterdam | Arnhem | Breda | Brussels | Eindhoven | Hoofddorp | Maastricht | Rotterdam | Schiphol | Utrecht

Saying goodbye to Little Kirsten Ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? Neither had I, until I

I call her Little Kirsten, that nasty little voice that makes

found out I had it. It all started while I was doing research

herself known at the most inconvenient of moments.

for my book (S)hevolution, that deals with the topic of

During an important meeting for instance, or when I am

gender balance. Why is it that so many competent women

in the middle of a speech. ‘Who the hell do you think you

say ‘no’ to promotions, to invitations from talk shows

are?’ the little voice tells me. ‘They will soon find out who

or to calls from headhunters? Are women simply less

they’re dealing with: somebody who doesn’t belong here!’

ambitious, or is there something else going on? I asked a number of recruiters, editors and other ‘gatekeepers’,

Until one day, Little Kirsten met someone who told

and they all confirmed what I’d already assumed: women,

her something that would change everything. We were

especially the talented ones, seem to be quite insecure

discussing the possibilities of a new project, and I was

when it comes to claiming professional success.

hesitant, not sure if I was the right person for the job. ‘You know what you need? You need a bigger mirror. You’ve

And then, a psychologist I interviewed told me about

outgrown the one you’re using,’ the person told me. That

Imposter Syndrome. Apparently, it is quite common

comment struck a chord. Have I not addressed the

among well-educated professional women. The psych-

General Assembly of the United Nations, published a book

ologist confessed she herself used to suffer from it. As

and travelled across the globe? Yes, I have done all that.

for the symptoms, they include always having the feeling

And more. So why was I still seeing Little Kirsten in the

you’re not good enough, being afraid of being ‘exposed’

mirror? It was then and there that I made a Big Decision.

as a fraud, and therefore always feeling obliged to work

Never again was I going to allow Little Kirsten to worm her

harder. And if something goes well, it must have been

way back into my mirror. Because you know what? I’m a

luck. Sound familiar? Well, you’re not the only one.

big girl now.

Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”. For more information, visit, or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.




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Trending topics AT5@AT5 Ben je op zoek naar een fijne sportschool? Bezoek Fitness Zuidas met deze sportieve actie! Joost Bruins@joost_bruins Bricks, people & creating the community: mooi interview met Karin Kersten in Hello Zuidas Executive Education@RSMexed RSM challenges Zuidas’ Green Business Club to be sustainable creative. Erik de Boer@ErikdBoer RT @graphinaut: Photo: Lex van Deldenbrug, Via Flickr: A newly completed canal bridge in Amsterdam Zuid #Zuidas VVD Amsterdam@VVDAmsterdam In kader van Chanoeka ontsteekt @stefandebruijn 27/11 op invitatie @joodsestudenten de Menora op #Zuidas #Amsterdam VolkerWessels@VolkerWessels RT @bewustebouwers: Kavel 14/16 op de Zuidas, onze 500ste bouwplaats, is vorige week officieel gestart. Succes @BoeleTweets en G&S.... Metro_Amsterdam@Metro_Amsterdam Parkeren rond Zuidas flink aan banden gelegd: Stadsdeel Zuid pakt parkeren rond de Zuidas aan. Dienst Zuidas@DienstZuidas Er komen 110 nieuwe woningen in Zuidas! Zojuist met trots ondertekend door Wonam en Zuidas: de grondovereenkomst. Jeanet van Antwerpen@JeanetAntwerpen “Police I smell graffity!” #graffity piece next to our office looks beautiful #Zuidas #Amsterdam Advocatie@Advocatie Een nieuwe Lunch Hotspot op de Zuidas: de Thrill Grill | Advocatie #AdvocatiePB TUBINO@tubinokokerrok Business ladies, zie ik jullie morgen of overmorgen in het World Trade Center, op de zuidas? NS online@NS_online Een rondvaart door de grachten of naar de Titanic-expo op de Zuidas. Help je ons #spoordeelduo op weg in #Amsterdam? Joost Zuurbier@TweedsJoost Wist u dat... we in #2013 bijna #800.000 #euro omgezet hebben met @BNI_Zuidas en bijna 5ton in t laatste half jaar! Dienst Zuidas@DienstZuidas Lucille Werner start Business Walk of Fame in Zuidas, welke bedrijven zullen hier een plekje krijgen? Michiel van Esch@michielvanesch Leuke tip van @hellozuidas voor fietstocht Berlage aanstaande zondag. Eline Hoogendijk@ElineAmsterdam Première Going Dutch. City marketing Nederland maar natuurlijk ook #Zuidas #investeren in # Nederland! Sebastiaan Capel@sebastiaancapel plannen voor een tijdelijke invulling van plekken op de Zuidas? Meld je bij @DienstZuidas #zuid2014 NDI@NDI_ICT Wij vinden het onze taak om de mobiele netwerkdekking aan te pakken in WTC Amsterdam. Lees hier het hele verhaal Redactie PropertyNL@PropertyNL Leegstand in WTC Amsterdam slechts 2,5% Thomas de Groot@Haodalong Crime Scene voor @KoudBloed_ @DeKring_ recht voor de @AKO_NL! @BrickHouseMe op Zuidas! Eline Hoogendijk@ElineAmsterdam De zingende kerstbomen gemist? Lunchtime nieuwe kansen #Zuidplein #Mahlerplein #Zuidas @hellozuidas Chris Buijink@ chrisbuijink Goedemorgen #zuidas: prima weer om goed wakker te worden op de fiets. Joost Zuurbier@TweedsJoost Weer een goede nuttige cursus, Salesplan Training gehad #bni met @BNI_Zuidas (@ Tomeloos) Adam Doyce Transue@StudioTransue Inspiring week! Finishing the last details for the Leidsche Rijn scale 1:200 maquette and presentations at Zuidas and for Port of Amsterdam. InboCom@ InboCom Leuk interview met #inboNL architect Rik Bakker over zijn ‘appartementen met een eigen karakter’ op de Zuidas. Ronald Huikeshoven@RonaldHuik Projectbord #OPZUID @Zuidas nu voorzien van sticker 100% verkocht. Mooi resultaat! Op naar volgdende project @Zuidas Jan Renting@janrenting Kranen bouwplaats Zuidas Amsterdam uit voorzorg platgelegd. #storm Melanie v.d. Horst@ MelanievdHorst WOW!! bedrijven Zuidas zamelen 195 kratten in. ‘Goed voor een heel jaar’ aldus Voedselbank Zuidas.

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Finance Source: Het Financieele Dagblad

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to



ZUIDAS - The government has published its plans to

profit amounting to 11% in the third quarter of this year,

tackle financial sector payment, including a 20% ceiling

due to a one-off profit of ¤101m. Third quarter net profit

on bankers’ bonuses in the Netherlands. Minister of

reached ¤390m, in comparison to ¤350m from the

Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem said he means to end the

previous year. The one-off profit stems from money

‘perverse stimuli’ of extravagant bonuses. The draft

set aside as a write-off on Greek government loans that

legislation limits financial sector bonuses to a maximum

ABN Amro managed to sell after all. Chief executive Gerrit

of 20% of the annual salary. ‘This applies to everyone

Zalm said the results are ‘satisfactory’, given the difficulties

who works in the Dutch financial sector,’ Dijsselbloem

still encumbering the Dutch economy. There are signs the

says. However, there are exceptions. For instance, people

downturn may have bottomed out, Zalm said.

ZUIDAS - Nationalised bank ABN Amro booked a net

working for Dutch institutions in other European counworking outside Europe, the ceiling amounts to 200%.


The new rules, that are opposed by the Dutch banking

ZUIDAS - The Zuidas-based investment firm Fields

association, are scheduled to come into effect in January

Group has taken a majority stake in Eurotech Group,

2015. In total, according to figures from European banking

an international supplier to the aluminium and metal

regulator EBA, 27 bankers in the Netherlands earned

processing industry. Venlo-based Eurotech has opera-

more than ¤1m last year, as opposed to ¤36m in 2011.

tions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Fields, that is

Britain led the way with 2,714 high earners, followed by

acquiring its stake from Limburg investment bank Liof,

Germany (212), France (177), Italy (109) and Spain (100).

plans to invest ‘several million euros’ in the company.

tries will have a bonus ceiling of 100%, and for those




ZUIDAS - Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem has

ZUIDAS - As part of its European expansion strategy,

reached agreement with ING on the divestment of the

British law firm Osborne Clarke is planning to open

bank’s American high-risk mortgage portfolio. In 2009,

an office in the Netherlands next year. The office will

the government gave ING a ¤10bn capital guarantee for

be based in Amsterdam and include several dozens

the mortgage portfolio. Although other state support

of lawyers, who will focus on the business market.

funds have to be repaid by 2015, no deadline was set for

Traditionally, large Dutch companies have been served

the mortgage guarantee. Recently, the situation in the US

by Dutch law firms, such as Zuidas stalwarts De Brauw

has improved to a level where the Dutch state may, in

Blackstone Westbroek, NautaDutilh, Loyens & Loeff,

theory, cancel its guarantee. The improvement would

Houthoff and Stibbe. But since the turn of the century,

mean that ING would be free to sell the portfolio and

a number of large British and American firms have

make a small profit, something ING is keen to do.

moved in. Allen & Overy, Linklaters, Clifford Chance

However, Dijsselbloem was not keen on the divestment.

and Freshfields all have their office in Amsterdam.

The minister has now agreed to the sale within a year, so long as the price remain favourable. At current rates, the Dutch government could realise a profit of ¤400m, according to a report from the Financieele Dagblad.

Photography: Veronika Bačová



Hans Versteegen, project director Zuidasdok, is standing at the location of the future A10 tunnel.

The Zuidasdok project is a quality impulse A number of major civil engineering projects will soon start off in Zuidas. The A10 ring road will be widened and a kilometer stretch of highway will be re-routed underground. Railway station Amsterdam Zuid will be redeveloped into a major public transport hub to cope with the growing number of commuters. In order to achieve all this, ProRail, Rijkswaterstaat, and Amsterdam city council have joined forces in the Zuidasdok project. Sustainability is one of the key issues.

Project director Hans Versteegen is clear about


what makes the Zuidasdok project sustainable.

The major infrastructure overhaul is needed to

‘Zuidas will be more easily accessible, the quality

create more room for motorists, public transport,

of the living environment will be improved and on

cyclists and pedestrians. It is difficult to predict

top of that, while we are not building more than

how mobility will develop in the future, so, as

necessary, we are taking future needs into

Versteegen says, it is wise to keep their options

account,’ he says. By adjusting the infrastructure

open. ‘We have to be careful that we don’t build

and building a tunnel underneath the heart of

something, only to have to demolish it later on,’

Zuidas, noise and air pollution will be reduced, so

he says. ‘At the same time, we anticipate a sharp

he points out. ‘Zuidasdok is a quality impulse.’

increase in the number of public transport users; so, for example, we leave space for a fifth and sixth railway track.’



Bicycle traffic is likewise subject to careful


consideration. ‘This project includes the

Work will begin on the project in 2017. The entire

realization of parking space for another

construction process is set to take about ten years.

8,500 bicycles, but because that number

Versteegen and his team are now making careful

could turn out to be an under-estimation of

preparations for the process. The main contractor

the capacity needed, the project includes

will be responsible for the design and the process

provision for up to 17,000,’ Versteegen says.

of implementation.

‘This form of modular development – you build according to need and keep options open for

‘We are placing a number of conditions on the

more – is as sustainable as it gets.’

project,’ he says. ‘For example, during the construction period, Zuidas has to remain accessible. Any contractor who can come up with a clever, sustainable solution has an advantage.’ Sustainable logistics are also high on the agenda. Earlier this year, the civil engineering and construction sectors agreed a ‘Green deal’, in which efficiency and energy-saving form the main points of focus. ‘For example, how do you organize construction traffic in such a way that fuel usage – and emissions – remain as low as possible?’ he says. ‘Courier company DHL is helping us develop this particular aspect of the project. This will enable us to carry out a sustainable project, using sustainable methods.’

Text: Eric Burgers • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel & Veronika Bačova & Your Captain Luchtfotografie


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Gloria Font

A new 3D map of Zuidas It is easy to get to Zuidas by car, train, metro or bicycle. But finding your way around Zuidas can be much more of a challenge. Maps are helpful in establishing where you are, but they also tend to be somewhat abstract, particularly if you are new to the area and don’t know the landmarks. This is one of the reasons why Hello Zuidas asked landscape architect Gloria Font to design a new map of Zuidas: a 3D map that brings the area to life and illustrates the connections between Zuidas and the Amsterdam city centre. PLAYFUL AND COLOURFUL

see how quickly you can get to the Dam Square in the city

The map is bright and colourful, displaying the information in a

centre, or to Schiphol Airport. I’ve also included the shops,

crisp and easily recognisable manner. The user is able to

restaurants, cafes and facilities in Zuidas, like the Amsterdam

recognise the various Zuidas landmarks, but may also see how

EXPO and the VU Medical Centre. All in all, the map gives you

many parks there are within walking distance and where the

an impression of just how much is going on.’

nearest canal or pond can be found. Zuidas is the main focus of the map, but it also highlights its closeness to the city centre and

The map will be published on and will also be

how far one has to travel to various places.

available as a poster. It can even be custom-made on request;

highlighting, for instance, the way to a specific office or hotel.


And do feel free to make suggestions!

‘I wanted to show how close Zuidas actually is to other parts of Amsterdam,’ says designer Gloria Font. ‘I included bicycle paths

A ‘making of’ video is available on

and public transport routes as well as motorways, so you can

Turn the page to see Gloria’s map!







Zuidas corporate car-sharing kicks off The Greenwheels car-sharing company and Audi Nederland have launched the first corporate fleet-sharing scheme in the Netherlands. Companies joining the scheme have six Audis at their disposal for business travel. The program, launched by Minister of Transport Melanie Schultz van Haegen, allows companies in Zuidas to improve accessibility and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.



Go to


1. You can register with your NS-Business Card or a Greenwheels

When you get to the office by public transport or bike,

card. If you don’t have either of these cards, you can put up a

you’re free to make use of the shared-fleet scheme to get

request for one by following the easy steps given on the page.

to business meetings.

2. Reservations for a car can be made up to five minutes before it is needed. 3. Once you’ve returned from your trip, leave the car in the place where you picked it up.

All in service All-inclusive service against low costs. No long-term contracts involved. Make use of the service whenever you need it.

If you have any questions, please visit


or telephone 088 - 210 01 00.

You pay only for the use of the car. No extra costs involved.


MOBILITY From left to right: Timo Huisman (Green Business Club), Olivier Otten (Hello Zuidas) and Ruud Bergh (Zuidas accessibility taskforce) sign the agreement. They are joined by Rudy Stroink, chief executive of the Beter Benutten agency at the Amsterdam metropolitan authority and Jan-Bert Dijkstra of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Photo: Arjen Vos

Make better use of Zuidas Zuidas platform Beter Benutten (make better use of Zuidas) is a joint venture of local government and industry that is set up in order to stimulate efforts towards improving the business district’s accessibility. The signing ceremony took place on November 12 and marked

The platform will also bring to attention successful games and

the formal launch of the alliance between the Ministry of

apps that influence Zuidas traffic flows. Additionally, in the near

Infrastructure and the Environment, the Amsterdam regional

future, the shortage of car parking facilities in Zuidas will be

authority, Amsterdam City Council and the private sector.

examined to make sure that the current parking capacity is

The new platform means the start of an intensive alliance

being properly utilized.

between local businesses encompassing Hello Zuidas, the Green Business Club and the Zuidas accessibility taskforce. All three organizations take as their starting point that all users

A mobility team has been set up for the

of Zuidas share responsibility for the accessibility of the district.

project, and is headed by Renny Kootstra.

In order to achieve this goal, they are working on a broad

She previously worked on issues involving

package of measures.

accessibility for VNO-NCW Metropool Amsterdam as well as the mobility

One option at their disposal is the stimulation of car sharing,

consultancy Verkeer advies. You can contact

combined with an NS Business Card. This scheme has now been

her via

launched in Zuidas and is open to everyone. Read more about

Photo: Michel Porro Photography

the program on


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

FRIDAY JANUARY 10 EVERY SUNDAY Lobster Sunday at The Oyster Club, Olympisch Stadion 35 12 noon to 11pm Every Sunday a whole lobster for only ¤24.90! From 12 noon till 11pm. We offer you a whole lobster boiled, char grilled or au gratin. For reservations go to or call 020 - 570 84 00.

New Year’s party @ Restaurant NINE Start: 5pm, Entrance: free Ring in the New Year with friends and colleagues at our New Year’s party@NINE. Early birds will be welcomed with a glass of prosecco and ‘oliebollen’. NINE is proud to present a performance by singer Simone Breukink ( who will kick off the festivities with some jazzy numbers. Our DJ will wind up the evening with some up-tempo music. See you@Nine!

MONDAY JANUARY 13 Monthly Pub Quiz The Basket, VU Campus, Start: 12.30pm The first 2014 edition of the monthly pub quiz already promises to be a battle of intellectual giants. Students and other Zuidas eggheads are very welcome to show their willingness to compete via

EVERY DAY Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition @ Amsterdam Expo 9am – 6pm (9pm on Fridays) daily Tickets: ¤16 Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition tells the world-famous story of the ‘unsinkable’ luxury liner and its 2,228 passengers. What started out as a fairy-tale voyage ended in the most dramatic shipwreck in history. Now, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition allows you to relive the legend of the Titanic. The authentic artifacts retrieved from the wreck offer a glimpse into the life on board and are testament to the splendor of a by-gone era.


WEDNESDAY JANUARY 15 Mobility Lab Van Doorne, Jachthavenweg 121, 3pm – 5pm The first hour of this Mobility Lab meeting will be dedicated to the car-sharing project launched on October 17 by Minister of Transport Melanie Schulz van Haegen. Greenwheels and Dutch Rail representatives will be on hand to explain how the scheme works and how much it will cost. They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. This particular Green Business Club Zuidas meeting is also open to non-members. Please register via

JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of March. Send your agenda to before the 6th of February.


WEDNESDAY JANUARY 15 Care Training Fair 2014 VUmc, Amsterdam, 1.30pm – 3.30pm This event is your chance to find out about health and social care training opportunities. Students and trainers alike will be present to advise you on what would be right for you. The students in particular will be able to give you an insider’s view of the course work and traineeships involved. Come to the training market and find out what the VUmc can do for you! opleidingsmarkt2014/

THURSDAY JANUARY 16 citizenM says: come over and explore our new bar! 5.30pm – 8pm Come to the Zuidas Borrel @citizenM on January 16 and enjoy a drink and a snack with lots of other lovely Zuidas citizens! Save the date and come and celebrate life! *If you can’t make it, swing by for a drink any other afternoon of the week!

RSM HR Business Networking Event Conference centre and Fitch & Shui WTC Rotterdam School of Management, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam, 3pm – 6pm This event will be an exploration into the reasons why organisations strive for cultural diversity. Also, we will try to explain how HR professionals have taken this issue as an opportunity to create and present the added value of HR. Speakers attending this event will be: Heiko Hutmacher, Board of Management, Human Resources, Metro AG and Dirk van Dierendonck, Associate Professor Organizational Behavior, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.


THURSDAY JANUARY 16 WTC Amsterdam Business Club New Year’s drinks party Conference centre and Fitch & Shui WTC Amsterdam, Start: 4.30pm WTC Amsterdam Business Club invites its members to raise a glass to 2014 at its New Year’s drinks party. Guest speaker will be fashion designer Mart Visser, who will talk about entrepreneurship, the importance of teamwork and relying on one’s own intuition and capacity for hard work. And of course he will also speak of his passion for fabrics, fashion and putting all women on a pedestal! Drinks will be served afterwards at Fitch & Shui.

Baritones in Concert (Diner Chantant) Wyndham Apollo Hotel, Start: 6pm The Wyndham Apollo Hotel presents an operatic intermezzo by Marco Bakker, Henk van Twillert and Tjako van Schie, followed by the inspired culinary creations of LaSirène’s chef Jeroen Bruinsma. Costs of the Evening Concert plus Wine and Dine are ¤75 a person. Reservations only. Reservations can be made by phone: 020-570572, or by email: or


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam /Gustav Holst


olv Daan Admiraal



Concert VU Orchestra Letzte Lieder /Richard Strauss Koninklijk Vier Concertgebouw, Amsterdam Sopraan Deirdre Angenent Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe /Franz Liszt Start: 8.15pm, Tickets: ¤20 ( ¤16 for CJP 25 , 20.15 card holders, Students, 65+) 27 , 20.15 A concert by the VU Orchestra, led by WWW.VU-ORKEST.NL conductor Daan Admiraal, is the perfect occasion for a company outing, for instance if you wish to celebrate the New Year. Treat your staff to the atmospheric ambiance of the Concertgebouw and enjoy the warm and poetic tones of the Vier Letzte Lieder and the stirring violence of The Planets. For corporate booking rates, inquire at For additional information, go to JANUARI JANUARI

Philharmonie, Haarlem €15 | €12,50 (65+, student, CJP) |

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam €20 | €16 (65+, Student, CJP) |

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 4 Time for the Financial Revolution, Part 1 Duisenberg School of Finance, 4pm – 6pm If you are under 35, ambitious and have a job or a special preference for the financial sector, the Duisenberg School of Finance, the Dutch Banking Association and VU University invite you to discuss desired values and behaviour within the industry. Are you ready to make a difference? Sign up for (one of ) three gatherings via

Time for the Financial Revolution, Part 2 VU Main Building – Auditorium, 4pm – 6pm The Duisenberg School of Finance, the Dutch banking Association and VU Connected invite young professionals to take part in a discussion about tomorrow’s banking culture. This is the second of three public brainstorming sessions led by the Argumentenfabriek, during which you are invited to offer your suggestions for change. The results of the project will be presented to financial sector leaders. financielerevolutie-sessie2

FROM SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1 The coolest skating rink in the Netherlands! Olympic Stadium, 8.30am - 11pm daily From February 1 to March 2 , the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam will be turned into the Coolest Skating Rink in the country, with a unique skating ambiance in a historic setting. Watch live coverage of the skating events at the Sochi winter Olympics while enjoying a drink and a snack at the warm and cosy restaurant. So put on your skates and come to the Olympic Stadium. More info on


TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11 Lunchtime concert New European Folk Central Hall WTC, Amsterdam, 12:30pm Get in the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day with the February 11 lunchtime concert in the Central Hall, where multi-instrumentalist Zoli Soos and his cross-over band Vinsky will be creating a melodious atmosphere. The group will perform music composed by Soos, whose Hungarian background shines through in both the vocals and the music.

JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 4th of March. Send your agenda to before the 6th of February.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13 Closed meeting for members of Hello Zuidas Novotel Amsterdam City, Europaboulevard 10 3.30pm – 5.30pm Thanks to the support of its many participants, Hello Zuidas will be celebrating its second anniversary on February 13. During a special high tea, the Hello Zuidas organization will present an update of its plans and inform you of its future projects, including the Zuidasdok. We look forward to hearing your opinion. Please register at

Participants meeting Hello Zuidas (private)

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 18 SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15 Valentine’s event De Nieuwe Poort, 1pm – 5pm The Nieuwe Poort will be setting up a creative Valentine’s Day by coupling senior with young Zuidas professionals. The day starts with a proper dating show! Then, around a hundred one-time couples will hit the town for a jolly outing. At the end of the day everyone will be expected back at the Nieuwe Poort for snacks and drinks and a report on the day’s proceedings.

Debate Maatschappij in de Maak, Amsterdam Academic Alliance VU Main Building – Auditorium 5.30pm – 7.30pm, Admission free. On February 18, university chairs of the board Louise Gunning (UvA) and Jaap Winter (VU) will front a debate about the merits of academic alliances. More information

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 18 The lunch break Master Meesterpreek with Dick Sluimers (APG Group) De Nieuwe Poort, 12.40pm Want to think about something other than food during your lunch break? Then come to the Nieuwe Poort, for half an hour of philosophical ponderings on important themes such as competition, leadership, connectivity and justice.



‘There’s more to life than making money in a big Zuidas office building’

Hermine Voûte, partner at Loyens & Loeff



Hermine Voûte has been a partner at Loyens & Loeff (formerly Loeff Claeys Verbeke) since 1997 and heads the firm’s wage tax and employment law practice group. She chose to study law because she wanted to become a hands-on professional. She has never had cause to regret her decision: ‘Being a lawyer is what suits me best,’ she says. You started at Loeff Claeys Verbeke in

terms of employment. All big employers have

Rotterdam in 1988. In 2000 the firm

been downgrading their pension schemes.

merged with Loyens and Volkmaars

Negotiations about the terms of employment

and became Loyens & Loeff. Did this

are limited to the basics now. Expensive lease

change things?

cars are no longer a subject.’

‘I felt as if I had joined a different firm, although that probably had as much to do with me as with

You are a member of the diversity com-

the merger. I had been the youngest partner until

mittee of the Dutch Bar Association and

then and it was mainly the senior partners who

initiated a diversity council at Loyens &

dealt with things. After the merger I stood on my

Loeff. Why do you think diversity matters?

own two feet. I had more room to move. For a time

‘I believe diversity leads to better results.

I was the only partner specialized in employment

We need a mix of people of different backgrounds

law. This meant I was responsible for a large group

and, of course, both sexes. Men and women are

of people, for the development and quality of the

intellectual equals; one is not superior to the other.

practice and for carving out my own position.’

They do have different core qualities and that is why a good mix is important. I’m definitely in favor of more women in top positions. However, if you

‘There is much more talk of adjusting workers’ terms of employment’

want to become a partner, you simply have to be the best, regardless of background or sex.’ What is your personal goal for the future? ‘After working here for 25 years, there’s a danger of feeling a bit jaded. I want to make sure I can continue to do things that give me energy.

In 2009 you predicted (in magazine

And apart from working for our clients, I also

Vrij Nederland) that the worst of the

want to give something back to society. There’s

crisis was yet to come, bringing more

more to life than making money in a big Zuidas

redundancies in its wake. You were right.

office building.’

Are we past the worst now? ‘I think the New Year will bring more large-scale

Hermine Voûte studied law at the University of

reorganizations, but not many. Then things will

Leiden. In 1988 she became a lawyer at Loeff Claeys

calm down. My experience is that in a crisis

Verbeke and was made a partner in 1997. In 2000

reorganizations tend to happen slowly and then

the firm merged to become Loyens & Loeff. She is

rumble on for some time afterwards.’

head of the firm’s wage tax and employment law practice group. She also teaches at Radboud

What has been the effect of the crisis on

University in Nijmegen. Voûte is a member of the

issues connected with employment law

supervisory board of the Eye Film Institute, Right to

and redundancy regulations?

Play and CliniClowns. From 2007 to 2012 she was

‘There has been an increase in legal procedures.

deputy dean of the Dutch Bar Association. Her

Workers are less inclined to settle out of court.

area of expertise is employment law.

There is much more talk of adjusting workers’

Text: Jori Spitz • Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde



The challenges of water management Have you ever noticed anything odd when driving underneath the A10 ring road? As you travel over a distance of about 100 meters or so, you actually dive down for about 1.5 metres below sea level. This is because the area south of the A10 is a so called ‘polder’ – an area of land that was once under water. The ‘polder’ makes up one of the basic principles of the Dutch water management system, but not all elements are as obvious to the naked eye. The Amstelveenseweg, for instance, is also a dyke that stops water of the Nieuwe Meer from flowing into the ‘polder’. These dykes and waterways make up the main structure of the water system. However, Zuidas has also adopted a number of creative and innovative solutions that, in their own way, contribute to the water management of the whole city. After all, water flows on, regardless of its (administrative) borders.




Climate experts say that in the future we are going to have

Water has the power to link elements in the existing public

more short and intense rain showers. The increase in economic

spaces. When buildings and public areas are designed with

activity also means an increase of buildings and pavements.

the principals of water management in mind, the spatial

‘If we wish to keep dry feet, we will have to implement a number

qualities of public spaces in relation to the way it they are used

of measures,’ says Anja Wanningen, water manager at the

will be greatly improved. For example, when water is temporar-

Zuidas Amsterdam Development Office. ‘These measures

ily stored within a building or in its surrounding area, water will

involve the management of rain water, its temporary storage,

be cleverly re-used, which also means an improvement to the

and its consequent discharge. All of these procedures are to

users’ living climate.

be executed in close cooperation with Amsterdam City Council, the water authorities, the provincial authorities and


private organizations.’

• that water in low lying areas is collected in a drainage canal (by way of a pumping station) and is then released into a river,

The aim is to come up with sustainable solutions and integral water management systems. On the one hand, this means

lake or the sea. • by 2030, ponds, canals and other sources of water covering

raising people’s awareness of the importance of water

the equivalent of 22 football fields will have been removed in

management, and on the other, making sure that space is used

Zuidas and then replaced by other water features – such as a

properly to prevent water problems from occurring. For instance, buildings are now being fitted with water storage systems that

new canal or lake. • by storing water temporarily on top of a building or at

are installed on their roofs, while the newly constructed

ground level, the water authorities may win time to deal

Boelegracht is one of several canals that are used for the

with the excess.

discharge of water. Research is also being carried out to see if areas of planting can be designed so as to release water more slowly.

Text: Willem Jonathan Kok


One of the first things you notice about people is their smile. When you meet someone with a bright, healthy smile, it catches your attention. Whether looking for a new job or searching for new love, a whiter smile is now a real investment on many levels.

food, fashion

Smiling Bar offers you the most advanced teeth whitening system from USA and provides you with a natural white smile without pain and without damage. Brighten up your smile and feel better about yourself from head to toe!

SMILING BAR Parnassusweg 9 • 06 - 436 214 96 •


Wijnhandel B. J. is well is known its authentic chamWijnhandel B.deJ.Logie de Logie well for known for itswines, authentic wines,and champagnes and spirits wine fromcountries: the European wine pagnes spirits from the European France, Italy, countries France,Our Italy, Spain and Germany. Our In motto: Spain and Germany. motto: craftsmanship and service. our craftsmanship andfind service. famous attractive shop, you’ll famousBesides chateaux the and grand cruschâteaux alongside and grand crus you will especially find our own discoveries discoveries of our own. in our atmospheric shop. We wines that meet highour standards, made by wineWeonly onlyimport import wines that our meet high standards made by producers we know wellmethods and how they work. In growers we knowthat and whose working we’re familiar with. addition, we especially select on character: both Additionally, selection on character is our first priority: boththe the origin origin ofthe thewine wine well as thestyle individual style of be itsrecognizable. maker of andasthe individual of its maker must must be recognizable. Each bottle has to have something Each bottle should be unique; with its own personality, and a good unique, its own personality. And of course, a good priceprice-quality ratio as an added bonus. quality ratio.


Symphony’s bar | brasserie | restaurant | terras George Gershwinlaan 22-28 1082 MT Amsterdam 020 - 646 47 03

Beethovenstraat 27, 1077 HM Amsterdam


GET IN SHAPE WITH FIT20 (located in WTC) Just 20 minutes of exercise a week Employees of the Zuidas no longer have to work-out several times a week at a gym to stay healthy and in shape. fit20 is a 20 minute work-out in which each exercise is performed in slow motion at a high intensity and always under supervision of a personal trainer. As the work-out is conducted in an air conditioned studio, you will not sweat which means showering and changing outfits is not necessary. After 20 minutes you are ready and on your way to your next business meeting. To book your free training session or for more information: 020 - 820 36 77

Singing Christmas tree Nadjajazz welcomed the guests

Everyone was handed a glass of champagne on arrival

Emiel de Sevren Jacquet

Renny Kootstra & en Kirsten van den Hul

Right: Sandra Poorthuis

Right: Joost Goudsmit

Erwin van der Hilst & Edwin Nieuwenhuijs & Arnold van de Water

Left: Emile Govaert, middle: Jolijn Besemer

Titanic Exhibition

Romy Lange & Koos Weits

Jeannette Driessen & Bob Oostelbos

Alex van der Zwan & Rachel Coenraad

Heleen Blackstone & Andrew Troostwijk

Marjolein van Dommelen & Nathalie Delorme

Eline Hoogendijk & Olivier Otten

Like us on Facebook & find more photos in our gallery Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Send an email to:


Evert Verhagen & Milou Peeters

Saskia Augustin & Alex Jost & Renny Kootstra

MEMBERS NETWORKING DRINKS PARTY Thursday December 12 from 5p.m. to 7.30p.m.@ Amsterdam EXPO

Peter Tabernal

• S ome 150 guests attended •T  he guests were welcomed by a singing Christmas tree • E veryone was invited to visit the new show Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

•O  liver Otten (managing director of Hello Zuidas) and Peter Tabernal (CEO of Amsterdam EXPO) both gave a short speech

• E veryone was busy networking and exchanging business cards •T  he exhibition is open to the public until May 11, 2014 •H  ello Zuidas will set up a members’ meeting at the Novotel on February 13

Ghalem Regagni & Claudette Blauwendraat

Right : Danielle Weelink

Koos Weits & Annelinda van Eck & Menno Ploeger

Ewout Doorman & Anton Reijlink

Right: Casper Klap

Klaas de Boer & Douglass Grobbe

Left: Christine Dunsmore

Inge Janssen & Frederijk Haentjes

Robert Hompes & Tinus van Duren

Join @HelloZuidas in the Twitter conversation about carsharing via #sharedfleet Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde


rk Pa he re !€ 0

19 m p/

Parking at Eigen Haard! or (020) 6 801 801



Doing international business? Taalcentrum-VU can help! Willy Brandt once said: ‘If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.’ It goes without saying that you communicate with your international partners in their own language. Because when your website, brochures and proposals are in your business partner’s language, you magnify your chances of striking a deal*. And you’ll really make an impression if your employees use a foreign language effectively in e-mails, conference calls and presentations. Need help dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s? Let Taalcentrum-VU give you a helping hand.



We provide translations in any language for the legal, financial,

We are a successful spin-off venture of VU University

scientific, cultural and real estate sectors. We work for Zuidas

Amsterdam. For a quarter of a century, our language and

companies and for agencies and institutes nationwide. Our

communication experts have been providing translations,

clients include Colliers, Delta Lloyd, het Financieele Dagblad,

training courses, copywriting and editing services. You can

TNO, Ballast Nedam, Artis Royal Zoo, the Rijksmuseum and

rely on us for unparalleled quality, agility and efficiency.

many others.


See for detailed information about

Taalcentrum-VU also provides language and communication

our services and products. Interested in learning what we

courses in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

can do for you? We’ll be happy to drop by to get acquainted.

Accenture has chosen us for Business English courses for their

Just give us a call on 020 - 598 64 20 or send us an e-mail:

Dutch employees, and Dutch courses for their international





First AmCham-United Young Professionals award goes to Mounia Benabdallah The American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (AmCham) has presented the first AmCham-United Young Professionals Award to Mounia Benabdallah. Benabdallah is a lawyer and tax expert with Baker & McKenzie and was given the award by the American consul general Randy Berry. The ceremony took place in the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam last November.

Mounia Benabdallah (center) with Members of the Jury and second and third prize winners. From left to right: Hans Reus (Russell Reynolds Associates), Patrick Mikkelsen (AmCham), Bart Sebastiaan de Vreugd (Rabobank), Leonard Grijpma (ABN AMRO), award winner Mounia, Jim Mueller (United Airlines), Ivo Nederpelt (Winkelman Van Hessen), Randy Berry (U.S. Consul General).



Debate with Members of the Jury – left to right: Randy Berry (U.S. Consul General), Hans Reus (Russell Reynolds Associates), Jim Mueller (United Airlines), moderator Hollis Kurman.


setting up investment structures for (American)

The AmCham-United Young Professionals Award

multinationals with operations in the Netherlands.

is presented to a young professional (such as a

In November 2012, Benabdallah was sent to Baker

manager or consultant) aged between 25 and 35,

& MacKenzie’s New York office, where she helped

from an AmCham member company, who has

set up a Dutch desk to assist US clients with their

shown strong commitment towards improving the

investments and business in the Netherlands.

relationship between the Netherlands and the United States. The 15 finalists were asked to write


an essay about their views on what the trans-

AmCham has represented the interests of

Atlantic bond will look like in 2020 and what it

American companies doing business in the

should look like.

Netherlands and Dutch firms with major interests in the US, since 1961. The organization has about


400 members. These include US companies such

Mounia Benabdallah has worked for Baker &

as Coca Cola, Nike, Starbucks, United Airlines,

McKenzie as a lawyer and tax specialist since

Tesla, eBay and Google, and Dutch firms like

2006. She focuses primarily on providing taxation

Heineken, Randstad, ABN Amro, Rabobank,

advice to listed and privately-held international

ING and Ahold.

companies. Additionally, she regularly helps

Text: Elke Roelant • Photography: Carel Voges



Thermal energy systems: a success story that should not be taken for granted Thermal energy systems that supply hot and cold air are considerably different from the traditional central heating boiler and air conditioning apparatus. Thermal energy systems can only function optimally when there is a balance between a building’s need for heat and its need for cool air. This forms a challenge to designers and operators alike. Almost 75% of the thermal energy systems in use throughout the Netherlands and Zuidas do not work as well as anticipated.

THE NIEUWE MEER AS A NATURAL AIR CONDITIONER Eleven heavy users of energy in Zuidas make use of the cold water from the depths of the nearby Nieuwe Meer to keep their offices cool in summer and warm in winter. The cold water is pumped from a depth of up to 200 metres into a special plant, and is distributed via the Zuidas cold water loop. This way of cooling the air temperature decreases the emission level of carbon dioxide by as much as 75% , when compared with traditional air conditioning.



ELECTRICITY Wind turbinesUSAGE 186,024 MWh


17 x (5 MW)

During summer, warm air can be cooled with relatively cold water from a reservoir deep underground. During winter, the warm water is used to heat


up cold air. In other words, the winter chill is used to cool things down in summer and the summer heat is used to warm things up in winter. In theory,


it’s a perfect concept. However, while the system might seem easy to explain

Photovoltaic solar panels

and calculate, it is difficult to put it into practice. A report published at the end of 2013 entitled ‘Thermal Energy Systems, value for money’ highlights the difficulties.

Wind turbines

500 hectares

17 x (5 MW)

MONITORING The mechanical engineering sector has taken up the challenge. Performances are being measured and compared with forecasts. Constant monitoring is necessary in order to follow and steer the process and this has already led

Photovoltaic solar panels

to improvements and, thus, financial savings.

500 hectares

POSITIVE AND LESS POSITIVE EXPERIENCES Participants of the Green Business Club Zuidas have had both positive and less positive experiences with thermal energy storage for climate control systems. The exchange of expertise about the various systems has led to improvements, and this is an ongoing process. Considerable attention was paid to the subject in the Dutch Green Building Week in 2012. Experience shows that thermal energy storage can deliver value for money but that this


should not be taken for granted. In February, the Green Business Club Zuidas plans to set up an extra meeting about thermal energy systems. Find out more on:


Text: Nic Frederiks














‘Thinking outside the box helps turn possibilities into projects’ In January, engineering and consultancy firm ARCADIS celebrated its 125th anniversary. From the modest beginnings of what was originally called the Nederlandse Heidemaatschappij, ARCADIS became an international player with a 22,000-strong workforce spread around the globe. The company headquarters are located in Zuidas. On December 4, ARCADIS presented its new strategy that is aimed at closer cooperation between European countries. Hello Zuidas talked to Erik Blokhuis, head of the company’s building division. Why is it important to have an international outlook?

well. You need to be able to find each other quickly, in different

‘If we are to offer the best expertise possible, we will have to

countries as well as in different sectors.’

look beyond our own borders. An ARCADIS office situated abroad may well have a specific kind of expertise we lack at

How do you go about this?

home. This goes for all the sectors that make up the company,

‘It is essential to let our networks run through the quickest

from finance, environment and development to water, mobility

possible means of communication. We are also planning a

and buildings. The requirements of many of our clients are not

management reshuffle, which means that many of the

limited to one specific sector. They cut through business lines as

managers will end up in new positions within the company.

The headquarters of ARCADIS is in the Symphony building in Zuidas


Erik Blokhuis, head of ARCADIS building division.

SPECIAL As a consequence, we will improve our overall knowledge

energy-saving techniques in the areas of insulation and the

of where the expertise lies, which in turn will enable us to

electrical installations.’

act more efficiently.’ ARCADIS also works in Zuidas. Which of the projects What is going to change in the area of sustainable

is closest to your heart?

real estate?

‘The VU University campus is a great example of what the switch

‘Big cities are still consuming vast amounts of energy, but over

from a one-sided approach to a multi-sided one can achieve.

time they will turn into sources of energy. Solar panels alone

Different parties wanted different things for the building. By

could make a big difference. There are many possibilities for

combining our efforts, we are now in the process of building a

reducing CO2, such as green roofs which are becoming more

completely sustainable lab: the 0|2 building. It is a symbiosis of

popular. There is a lot we can do, really. And even relatively

quality, science, business and innovation. It is only by thinking out

simple solutions can have a big impact. For instance, the Sint

of the box that such possibilities actually turn into real projects.’

Nicolaas Lyceum school building near Zuidas was positioned in such a way as to maximize the use of sunlight and thus to

What do you see as the main challenge for the

save energy.’

coming years? ‘Europe is rich in assets and poor on cash. It is not always

You were involved in the renovation of the Rijksmuseum.

necessary to put up new buildings. The challenge is to make

Does sustainability play a role in the refurbishment of

better use of the buildings that are already there. That is what

historic buildings?

we should focus on in the next few years. The Netherlands

‘Absolutely. It’s obvious that we couldn’t put solar panels on the

and Europe will have to excel at this, if we want prosperity

roof of the museum, but much has been achieved by using

and economic growth to continue.’ • Gustav Mahlerplein 97-103, 1082 MS Amsterdam • 020 - 201 10 11

‘There are many possibilities for reducing CO2, such as green roofs which are becoming more popular’

Text: Jori Spitz • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel


A PHENOMENAL VIEW A S PA C I O U S T E R R A C E & SMART LIVING — A PA R T M E N T S F O R S A L E Contact us for fur ther information


Eefje Voogd Makelaardij + 31 (0)20 305 05 60 Broersma Nieuwbouw Makelaardij + 31 (0)20 305 97 88

W W W. 9 0 0 M A H L E R . C O M A P R O J E C T O F G & S VA S T G O E D


New offices for Stibbe and AkzoNobel Work is underway on the new offices for AkzoNobel and Stibbe on the Beethovenstraat. These drawings illustrate what the buildings will look like when they are finished. If all goes according to plan, the offices will be completed in 2016. Stibbe has opted for a distinctive detached property with a flexible interior. The new complex on the edge of the Beatrix park is nine storeys high and will have total floor space of 14,500 square metres. The building has been awarded a BREEAM Excellent certificate for its sustainability standards. AkzoNobel’s 17,500 square metre complex is also aiming high in terms of its green credentials. The paints and coatings group and building company Dura Vermeer are aiming to achieve BREEAM Excellent certification as well.



Scientists get together to solve important societal issues Work on the 0|2 building, the VU university’s new laboratory complex, is continuing apace. As of 2016, this will be the place where VU, UvA and VUmc join forces to do research into important societal issues in the domain of Human Health & Life Sciences. ‘Bringing together researchers from different areas of expertise and different research institutions is an essential step towards solving complex societal issues,’ says Hubertus Irth, dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the VU. 50.

Hubertus Irth, dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the VU


‘In a way science is not so different from sports. If you want the best people, you will have to offer them the means to do the job.’ DIVISION ACCORDING TO THEMES

vital role in science. In Human Health & Life Sciences the step

The lay-out of the building is designed around themes of research

from science towards real life is very important. But there’s also

(e.g. Human Health & Life Sciences), rather than research

room for fundamental research.’ Irth says room must also be

disciplines, which is a first for the Netherlands. ‘In order to deal

made for scientists who do research that is not directly focused

with major societal issues, modern science needs to work with

on the human body. ‘Sometimes a discovery is made by chance.

several disciplines at the same time,’ says Irth. ‘If you want to

You need both practical and very creative minds.’

research the treatment of a certain illness, for instance, you will need chemists who create medical molecules, ICT specialists


to interpret data and biologists to ascertain how chemical

The 13-story building with its DNA-like structure will be erected

molecules behave within the body.’Irth is convinced that it will

next to the ACTA Tower. The 0|2 Building will be fitted out with

be of enormous benefit to have several diciplines united under

state-of-the-art research facilities. The building is an important

one roof. ‘By getting people from various disciplines to team up

step in the development of the VU Campus and Irth is convinced

from day one, cooperation and communication between these

it will be a strong magnet for talent. ‘In a way science is not so

disciplines will become a matter of course.’

different from sports. If you want the best people, you will have to offer them the means to do the job. Infrastructure is an


essential factor. If you don’t have a state of the art lab, you can’t

The alliance formed by the universities forms another special

compete,’ he says. The development of the VU Campus also

feature of the drive toward academic innovation. It’s also a good

brings some welcome diversity to Zuidas. ‘Having a scientific

way for Amsterdam to show its scientific credentials to a wider

centre of excellence situated in a district full of banks, financial

world. ‘The arena for exact science has become extremely

institutions, insurers and company headquarters, will create a

competitive and research is often costly,’ says Irth. ‘It makes

more comprehensive picture,’ Irth says. ‘It will strengthen

use of equipment that is highly expensive. We are convinced that

Amsterdam’s position as a knowledge economy.’

cooperation in this field is of vital importance, if Amsterdam wishes to make its mark in European science.’

SUSTAINABILITY FACTS 0|2: APPLIED AND FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH The labs will be used for applied medical research. There is often a clear objective for the type of research carried out, but, states Irth, ‘the element of unpredictability will always play a

Text: Jori Spitz • Photography: Wouter van Ierssel • Artist impressions: EGM Architecten

• The building’s air conditioning will be based on cold water from the Nieuwe Meer. • The complex will also be fitted with a living roof planted with sedum.


+31 (0)88 11 69 500

13395-024-Adv ENG 190 x 127.indd 1

RAI AMTRIUM DESIGN AWARDED FOUR STARS BY BREEAM-NL NEW CONSTRUCTION RAI Amtrium design awarded four stars by BREEAM-NL New Construction. The design of RAI Amtrium, Amsterdam RAI’s new conference, meeting and office building, has received a four-star New Construction Design Certificate (Excellent) from BREEAM-NL. BREEAM-NL is the assessment method of choice in the Netherlands for determining the sustainability of buildings. This is the first time that a conference centre in the Netherlands has been measured against this key benchmark. RAI Amtrium will be fully operational on 1 May 2015.

29-11-13 16:32

Prestigious EarthCheck Gold certification In November 2013 Amsterdam RAI has become the first exhibition and congress centre in Europe (and the second in the world) to achieve the prestigious EarthCheck Gold status.

CITY FARMING Perhaps the most extraordinary feature of the building is its vertical greenhouse for city farming. This allows crops to be grown at the Amtrium for use in the RAI canteen as well as a quality restaurant outside the complex. In addition, the greenhouse also serves as an air filter in combination with the building’s ground source heat pump. The use of sustainable materials, the quality systems and the clustering of facilities make the Amtrium a role model for the next generation of conference centres.


Keeping up appearances in Zuidas There is something special about every building in Zuidas. Every residential tower or office block comes with its own distinct architecture that makes it stand out from the crowd. But how do you make sure a building retains its appeal? This question led Fortron to develop a special service to ensure building exteriors remain attractive to look at, while keeping costs low. ‘Zuidas is the business A-location for the Netherlands. Therefore, it is important to keep facades of buildings looking presentable,’ Fortron’s commercial director Robert Hompes says. ‘This is also in the interest of the tenants and residents of these buildings. Making sure exteriors of these buildings look good and providing proper technical maintenance is in our genes.’

Fortron’s multi-purpose brush

Commercial director Robert Hompes & Tinus van Duren, manager national accounts


windows and other parts of the facade. ‘This brush has helped in

Fortron has a number of clients in Zuidas, such as the WTC,

cutting costs and it also improves the appearance of a building’s

Kempen & Co and the Ito tower. ‘Our staff wash the windows on

exterior,’ says Hompes.

the exterior at least four times a year. However, it would be a waste to limit them to doing just that,’ says Hompes. ‘Therefore,

’While the windows are being washed, the water used for

we have trained them to check other aspects of exterior

washing is collected by us,’ says Van Duren. ‘The water will then

maintenance at the same time.’

be filtered and used again, which makes it an extremely sustainable working method. We are always prepared to invest

The wind, the proximity to the railway, the A10 ring road and air

in innovation and sustainability.’

traffic all have their impact on Zuidas buildings, says Tinus van Duren, manager national accounts. ‘The first check is called a “quick scan”. Then, we make an assessment of the building’s condition, following the NEN 2767 requirements. This assessment contains a detailed survey of the current state of the building and the maintenance that is required. Because we do everything in one go, it will save a lot of money in the long run.’


T. 045 - 522 38 00


Nijverheidsstraat 9

F. 045-522 84 70

When it comes to cleaning glass and facades, Fortron makes

6433 JZ Hoensbroek


use of the latest innovations. For example, the company has


developed its own multi-purpose brush, that is suitable for both

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Nicole Pak


SPECIAL The Office Operators • +31 (0)20 - 700 55 55 • •

TOP SERVICE IN ZUIDAS! The Office Operators (TOO) have been providing flexible office space on the 9th floor of the UN Studio Tower since 2012. Service is the key to the Office Operators’ business and clients are king on the 9th floor, which also happens to be home to the editorial staff of Hello Zuidas. We talked to four of TOO’s operators.

MARTJE FEENSTRA-STATEMA, OPERATIONS DIRECTOR Providing excellent service is very

What are the red dresses meant to convey?

important to TOO. Why?

The Office Operators can be recognised by the red

We strive to be the best in the field and offer

dresses, we’re a team -we stand out in the crowd,

added value to each and every client. We aim to

at the reception and the throughout the building.

feel part of every company that knocks on our door

Red is also the colour of the company logo,

and we endeavour to support our clients as best

but it’s the recognition that is the most important

we can. The client manages their business and we

element, so that our clients can easily find us when

manage the rest!

they need us!

HELEEN BLACKSTONE, CENTRE MANAGER At TOO you aim to exceed the clients’

Do you plan to expand in Zuidas?

expectations. Can you give me an example?

We certainly do, we are planning to open a large

We allow the client to concentrate completely on

Meeting Centre on the ground floor and the

running their own business. We endeavour to create

mezzanine of the UNStudio Tower in the near

the perfect working space and provide exceptional

future. There will be restaurants, bars, conference

services. If the client finds himself with a stain on his

rooms, meeting rooms, reception rooms, flexible

suit just before he is about to attend an important

working spaces and much more. In short: it will be

meeting, he can count on us to find him another suit.

the new hotspot for business meetings in Zuidas!

Should a client be in a hurry to catch a flight and the taxi is late, we take them to the airport ourselves!



‘We want to feel part of every company that knocks on our door and we want to support our clients as best we can’


What is your input where service

the level of service you provide?

is concerned?

Business clients consider it crucial that their guests

I aim to make work easy for clients and sometimes it’s

are welcomed and cared for in a professional

the small details that matter - like serving my client a

and warm manner. They also find it important to

fresh cup of coffee in his office when. A cool break –

see someone at the reception desk, or that there is

a popsicle when its 35 degrees outside! As The Office

someone there to arrange meetings, to help out

Operators we aim to distinguish ourselves from the

with presentations and lunches. We regularly

competition by our services, from the Box Office or

receive compliments on our high level of service,

boardroom to the Call TOO Service. With one push of

and the fact that the client doesn’t have to worry

a button you can order a mineral water and snacks,

about the side issues means we are doing our job.

have someone collect your dry cleaning, take your shoes to be mended and much more!

HILDA COMELLO, ASSISTANT CENTRE MANAGER What does an Assistant Centre Manager do?

Do you think you can really make

I take responsibility when the Centre Manager is

a difference on the work floor?

absent. I maintain the operations in the centre and

I certainly hope so! I’m a perfectionist and always

make sure everything runs smoothly. Seeing happy

try to do my best, I try to inspire the team to do

clients means I am doing my job well! I also train

the same, always with the client as the centre

new staff; we have a Too policy of guidelines and

point. We are definitely a team here at UN, and not

standards to maintain at all times, so there is always

a group of individuals, for us the word ‘no’ doesn’t

a challenge. Aside from my operational responsibili-

exist, it’s just another challenge for us to provide

ties, I have to think commercially so you have to be

that special service for the client! Together we

a ‘jack of all trades’ to be able to wear the red dress!

aim to make every day a perfect day!

Text: Romy Lange • Photography: Yorick Meijdam


Childbirth Preparation Courses Especially for Zuidas residents: course options six days a week

Early bird course: Lunch time course: Evening course: (Saturdays:

07.30 Hours 12.30 Hours 19.30 Hours 11.00 Hours)

Four sessions of one hour, including one for partners. MENSENDIECK KLINIEK VAN NIJENRODE van Nijenrodeweg 762, Amsterdam

SERVICEPOINT HELLO ZUIDAS Company facility managers, but employees and residents too, can contact our service desk in the WTC Amsterdam, visit our website at, mail us at or call us at 020-333 74 41 to report complaints or give ideas concerning cleanliness and safety. Hello Zuidas will make sure all reports are treated quickly and adequately.

NINE is the place for lunch, dinner, drinks, a meeting or cookery workshop in 2014. For more information, email or visit the website CHECK OUT OUR NEW LUNCH MENU! Restaurant & Cooking NINE Arnold Schรถnberglaan 9 1082 MJ Amsterdam

HELLO ZUIDAS WELCOMES THE FOLLOWING NEW PARTICIPANTS Company: Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken Sector: Banking Number of staff: 57 Connection to Zuidas: After many years in the old city centre, our office moved to the Gustav Mahlerplein. The advantages of this move are obvious: excellent accessibility, dynamic surroundings, lots of business transactions. A number of our members reside here as well. Why join Hello Zuidas?: We feel a connection with Zuidas. We like the community that is developing here. Quite a few of our staff participated in the Zuidas Run and the street football tournament. Activities like these, along with the Hello Zuidas magazine, strengthen the Zuidas community spirit. We feel that’s important.

Company: Olympic Stadium Amsterdam Sector: Events Number of staff: 9 Connection to Zuidas: Sportas and Zuidas converge both at the Amstelveenseweg and the Amsterdamse Bos and at VU university and ING. The connection between the two is not a coincidence. Competition is at the heart of both sport and business. Businesses like a challenge; so do we. It’s all in the game: taking risks, turning things up a notch or two. Why join Hello Zuidas?: Olympic Stadium director Hans Lubberding: ‘The promotion of the Olympic area has been scaled up to include the whole of Sportas. It’s a transformation that brings together sports, businesses, media, science, culture and entertainment. We think now is a good time to connect with our neighbours in Zuidas!’

Company: Beter Benutten is not a company. It is a joint program set up by national government, the regional authorities and businesses. Sector: Mobility Connection to Zuidas: Beter Benutten focuses on improving accessibility and combating the worst congestion hotspots in the region, by adjusting the slip roads and exits on the A10 and promoting car-sharing schemes, smart parking, etc. Why join Hello Zuidas?: Beter Benutten became a Hello Zuidas member because we think good traffic flow is essential to the economic development of the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

Company: The Oyster Club Sector: Hospitality Number of staff: 30 Connection to Zuidas: The Oyster Club is the perfect venue for lunches, dinners and private seminars, thanks to its perfect location at the Olympic Stadium in Zuidas. Why join Hello Zuidas?: We wanted to strengthen our contacts with the other Hello Zuidas members and continue to let them experience the best we have to offer.

Company: Greenwheels Sector: Car-sharing Connection to Zuidas: Audi and several of its partners launched the shared-fleet program to improve mobility around Zuidas. Staff working for affiliated businesses in Zuidas may use the corporate shared fleet for business-related transport. Why join Hello Zuidas?: We hope that together we can make a success of the Audi shared-fleet project.

Company: Inbo Sector: Urban strategy, architecture, civil engineering Number of staff: 120 (60 of whom work in Kop Zuidas) Connection to Zuidas: Inbo has been involved in the architectural and civil engineering side of Zuidas development for years. This is why we jumped at the chance to establish a temporary office for our Amsterdam branch at the Old School complex in Kop Zuidas. Why join Hello Zuidas?: The 900 Mahler residential tower, that was designed by us, is in the process of being built. It’s our visiting card as well as an invitation: living in Zuidas is becoming ever more popular and that also makes it an attractive place to work. Old School may seem to be a little out of the way, but the place as well as the people radiate energy.


Memo board FOLLOW THE STIBBE AND AKZONOBEL OFFICE DEVELOPMENTS AS THEY HAPPEN Curious about progress on the new Stibbe and AkzoNobel offices? You may follow developments live via the webcam

NEW NOVOTEL RESTAURANT CONCEPT At the end of 2013, the Novotel Amsterdam City will launch its new restaurant concept URBN. The concept, in which guests are free to choose as well as personalize their dishes, is available from two up to two-hundred guests. Find out more about this new way of dining, or check our options for a business lunch, dinner or party by contacting 020 541 11 23.

CEO ME! Curious how your CEO conquered his or her position in the boardroom? Authors Mirjam van Immerzeel and Willemijn van Benthem spill the beans in their bestselling book CEO me! (now in its third edition). CEO me! is an in-depth look at companies, careers and leadership in the Netherlands. The book contains interviews with Dutch CEOs, members of advisory boards, head hunters and boardroom whisperers. Check out for the latest news and opinions about leadership, ambition and diversity.

VISIT TITANIC: THE ARTIFACT EXHIBITION IN AMSTERDAM EXPO FOR FREE! We’ve another great Share, Like & Win campaign on our Facebook page. Hello Zuidas has 5x2 free tickets for Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Amsterdam EXPO to give away. Like the Hello Zuidas Facebook page (, share it and who knows, maybe you and a friend will win tickets for this great exhibition. The names of the winners will be published on January 13th.

NEW MANAGER FOR SYMPHONY’S Gies Buyserd is the new general manager at Symphony’s. He will replace Corinne de Groot, who has moved to Rabobank’s head office in Utrecht. Gies has already worked at Symphony’s for two years and we wish him the best of luck in his new job.

ART IN ZUIDAS G&S Vastgoed, the Look for Art Gallery and artist duo Pipsqueak was here!!! have selected 16 works of art to exhibit on hoardings at the 900 Mahler location. You can see the entire collection from the Boelelaan.


E-mail your memo’s to

Participants Hello Zuidas – January 2014

If your company isn’t on this list, please contact

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75. NDI ICT Solutions 76. NEWNRG 77. NH Musica 78. Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (NVB) 79. Nijkerk Holding 80. Nine 81. NL Real Estate 82. NMC-Nijsse International Executive Search 83. Novotel Amsterdam City 84. NS Station Zuid 85. Oliver’s 86. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam 87. ORAM 88. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 89. Pathé 90. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 91. Platform Beter Benutten 92. Poelman Advocaten 93. Property NL B.V. 94. Puramis Consultancy 95. Qbic Hotels 96. Q-Park Nederland 97. Rabobank Amsterdam Markt Zuid 98. RBS 99. Regus 100. Restaurant Nine 101. RGA International Reinsurance Company 102. RSM Erasmus University 103. Russell Reynolds Associates 104. Schiphol Real Estate 105. SCOR Global Life SE 106. Season-Flowers 107. Securitas 108. SINGAZ Holding 109. SLFMD Tailoring 110. Spaces 111. Stadsdeel Zuid 112. Stibbe 113. Stichting Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion A’dam 114. Stichting ZuidasRun 115. Sushi Time 116. Symphony’s 117. Tandartsenpraktijk Van De Veer 118. TAXI-E 119. The Bank of New York Mellon 120. TPEX 121. The Basket 122. The Change Agent 123. The Office Operators 124. The Oyster Club 125. The TailorMates 126. TopJobs Consultants 127. Transcore Management 128. TREC 129. Triple Ace 130. Valid Express 131. Vimpelcom 132. Visser Communicatie 133. Voxius 134. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 135. VU Connected 136. VU Medisch Centrum 137. Wagamama 138. Wieringen Prins 139. World Trade Center Amsterdam 140. WTC Amsterdam Business Club 141. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 142. Your Assistant 143. 144. Zuidschans


Amsterdam Office WTC, F tower, 3rd floor

Gr e e n b e r g N ie lse n is t h e le a d in g D u t ch f in a n ce r e cr u it e r.

Strawinskylaan 381 1077 XX Amsterdam

Visit o u r w e b sit e a n d e xp lo r e t h e

T: +31 (0) 20 333 7888

ch a lle n g in g f in a n ce p o sit io n s w e h a ve a va ila b le . Or ca ll o n e o f o u r e xp e r ie n ce d f in a n ce co n su lt a n t s t o d iscu ss t h e n e xt st e p in yo u r ca r e e r.

W W W. G R E E N B E R G N I E L S E N . N L

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