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Wouter Bos

Chair of VU Medical Center’s of directors

‘I’m more at ease now that I’m no longer under the magnifying glass’ Mobility Special

How the Smart City is transforming

ACCENTURE Priority on employee well-being ORAM ON ZUIDASDOK PROJECT ‘For businesses, 15 years is an eternity’ HILL & KNOWLTON About reputation and public opinion

Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

The way it ought to be ‘Now, this is exactly the way things ought to be in

hospital setting and plans for the medical

Zuidas’, Klaas de Boer, Zuidas municipal director,

centre. As everybody who works or lives in Zuidas

said to me as we both stood stirring our pots.

will remember, VUmc was hit by some serious

Soup, fish wraps, crostini – we made them all

flooding last year. Bos told us what went through

during the Italian Cooking workshop at Restaurant

his mind when he got a disturbing call on his way

NINE. From the Phisage beauty salon in the WTC,

to the hospital. He was a lovely interviewee who

Zuidas’ own Ruth Jansen drummed up an eager

was very candid about his work and aspirations.

group of participants for the Saturday evening workshop. And it was a smashing success.

Also in this issue, you can read all about mobility

Aside from honing our cookery skills, there was

in our special feature, we give you a peak inside

ample time for everyone to chat over a glass of

the Hello Zuidas goodie bags that were handed

tasty red Italian vino. And this afternoon proved

out and tell you about a third bike facility to be

once again that it’s not all work and no play

built in Zuidas under the park in front of Freshfields.

here in Zuidas.

In short, it’s another edition packed with interesting and entertaining articles!

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Featured on this first cover of 2016 is Wouter Bos. Two years into his tenure as director of VUmc,

All the best wishes for a fabulous New Year,

Zuidas is scheduled for

he told us about his transition from politics to the

and happy reading!

the 29 th of February

Since the last edition of Art Zuid, we’ve been able to admire Frank Stella’s star-shaped sculpture made of galvanized steel and its mirror image in wood on George Gershwinplein. At Zuidas’ request, Art Zuid has been able to extend the loan of this artwork. Now, lights pick out the two distinctive stars after dark. As the days draw in, what better excuse to detour past the square as you walk or cycle from work? Meanwhile, our crowdfunding campaign has kicked off and we’re calling on the entire Zuidas community to help fund the insurance, so this artwork can stay with us a little longer. If you or your organization wish to contribute, please contact us at Olivier Otten, managing director Hello Zuidas







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With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



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UNDER CONSTRUCTION CAN YOU SLIDE A BUILDING TO A DIFFERENT SPOT? Sure! Here in Zuidas we’ve seen it happen. On De Boelelaan, the new Children’s Campus is taking shape. Now, the first section that was completed in 2014 and pushed to the location of the second section. Albèrt Duyst, assigned to be the city’s project manager, explains: ‘The national authorities have stipulated that the Children’s Campus has to enrol 323 children within a five year period. In order to accommodate current pupils, the construction was split up in two phases. The building was moved into position along steel tracks over a period of two days. This is a unique process for a school. But then, the Children’s Campus is a unique project in Zuidas!’

ALL BUILDING WORKS ON A SINGLE MAP In order to meet calls from Prinses Irenebuurt residents for more clarity on construction plans in the district’s northern zone, The City of Amsterdam has launched a pilot map showing the locations of works as well as the types of disruptions and noise that can be expected. Janneke den Ouden, Zuidas stakeholder manager, says:


‘Every building project comes with disruptions and is bound

New premises are under development now that the old district

to cause some noise. That’s unfortunate, of course,

court building can no longer compete with modern standards.

but at least we can make an effort to inform people about

The winning contractor presented a standout sustainable

building developments. Apart from organizing regular

concept, in which the structure can be rebuilt to serve as a

meetings for residents, we’ll soon have a map on

temporary court building at another location. As one section We’ve already started on the northern

is being torn down, the court will continue to go about its

zone, but our plan is to extend this pilot to all of Zuidas,

business as usual, thanks to the temporary relocation of

including Zuidasdok.’

workspaces to nearby office buildings. Specific facilities such as courtrooms, cells, interrogation rooms as well as the staff restaurant will be accommodated in a temporary structure,

To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website:

next door to the old listed E&F buildings on Frederik Roeskestraat. Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive

To minimize the cost and material use for these facilities,

the Zuidas Newsletter, on If you have any tips

the tender emphasized smart solutions for dismantling and

for the editorial team, email them to:

re-using the temporary building.

Text Romy Lange


Wouter Bos, chair of VU Medical Center’s board of directors


‘I’m more at ease now that I’m no longer under the magnifying glass’ Wouter Bos is a familiar face in politics, having served for many years as Dutch labour party (PvdA) chairman and political leader, minister of Finance and deputy prime minister in the Balkenende IV government. Almost six years ago, he decided it was time for a change. Now he’s charting a new course, as chair of VU University Medical Center Amsterdam’s (VUmc) board of directors. We talked with Wouter Bos about his career and the direction he has chosen. You yourself took two degrees at Vrije Universiteit. Has the

always trump everything else, especially when you’re a cabinet

university changed much in the intervening years?

minister. You might even say it’s a cannibalistic job. KPMG was

‘A lot of it was still familiar to me. Some of the lecture halls have

a lot more even-keeled. What makes a huge difference in terms

remained the same, and I even run into people I remember from

of stress levels is that you’re no longer subject to the constant

my own student days. When I arrived just over two years ago,

scrutiny of the public; you’re no longer put under the magnifying

it sort of felt like coming home , and that was a nice feeling.

glass. That has put me more at ease. But neither am I the type

I closed off this chapter when I was 25, and 25 years later I find

to work from nine to five. I like to exert myself.’

myself returning. Some parts of the university building are just as dark and dingy as they were back then, which I think is awful

The university and VUmc are working hard on

really. Fortunately, it’s all being renovated now, floor by floor.

developing a ‘Knowledge Quarter’. What is this exactly?

Suddenly it’s become light, cheerful and modern, and that’s a

‘The Knowledge Quarter is being developed as a centre of

wonderful thing to witness.

learning, education and research for traditional residents of Zuidas, as well as for university and hospital staff. This idea

What lessons did you take with you from

of an integral whole, where everything is concentrated on

your career in politics?

one single location, can also be found in other cities abroad.

‘One thing you often have to deal with, of course, is public

It can really galvanize a community. Lots of international

interest. It’s never simply a matter of what you personally think

researchers come here to work as part of our teams on global

is important; you continually have to reconcile the various interests

advances. And there’s also a whole spectrum of businesses,

of different groups, who each have their own agenda. You’ve always

services and restaurants to be found here. We’re the knowledge

got to try to bring all of that together in a consolidated effort.

segment within this quarter. This vision seems to be bearing

And the way to do that, to orchestrate decisions and build support,

fruit, but to fully extend it and put all our plans into action will

is something I learned a lot about during my spell in The Hague.

take lots of time and money.’

As luck would have it, it comes in awfully handy in any function in society, not least in a hospital organization like VUmc. All the

According to VUmc, we smoke and drink too much

doctors know their own disciplines far better than I do, so it

and take too little exercise. You’ve responded by

doesn’t make much sense for me to go telling them what they

setting up the Human Health & Life Sciences

should be doing, based purely on my hierarchical position.

programme. What is this programme about?

That won’t work. You need to build support by bringing people

‘The university and VUmc both have a wealth of knowledge, and by

around to your way of thinking and giving everyone a part to

bringing all that knowledge together we can extend the frontiers

play. Managing professionals is a specialization in itself, but what

of our current understanding. When you put doctors alongside

I learned in government has certainly helped.’

biologists, and bring in mathematicians who can model systems, or sociologists working on lifestyle, a much broader perspective

You left politics in 2010 to spend more time with your

opens up. Take the link between lifestyle and cancer, for example.

family. Later that year, you joined KPMG as a partner.

You can’t examine it properly as long as you stay within the

What was your objective at the time?

bounds of the university or VUmc, but once both disciplines are

‘I was at KPMG for four days a week, and consultancy work is

allowed to feed into each other, you can. It is really an umbrella

something that you can plan around – more so than in politics.

concept testifying to how much more we can achieve if we all

In politics, your job naturally takes priority. National interests

work together. The AMC-UvA is also involved in the programme.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


With the hospital turning 50, 2016 is a major

Incredibly, though, none occurred. We’re lucky to be fully up

anniversary year for VUmc. What are you going

and running again and everyone is determined to learn from the

to do to mark the occasion?

situation. And now we’re sharing our insights and experiences.’

‘First of all, we’re going to celebrate with a festive new year’s reception, a big staff party, additional conferences and an

What goals do you have for the hospital in the next years?

anniversary book as a gift to our employees. We intend to harness

‘When I started here, the supervisory board entrusted me with

the added attention generated by this anniversary to raise funds

two tasks. VUmc had just emerged from a troubled period in

for scientific research at VUmc. This anniversary year’s main

which some unpleasant incidents happened, like the one with

objective is to connect with organizations and individuals

the Eyeworks TV producer, which really took the wind out of

who see the importance of our research and who want to help

people’s sails. My first task therefore was to ensure transparency

back it financially. There are some wonderful people around

and to see to it that our staff recover their pride. We’re well on

who are already doing just that and we are keen to create more

our way to achieving that goal. My second task is to supervise

opportunities like these, because their funds enable us to pursue

the successful alliance of the AMC-UvA and VUmc. This merger

worthwhile research. Former colleagues of mine who’ve also

is especially important for research. It’s a slow process, and a

ended up in Zuidas can expect a phone call from me shortly!’

learning process at that, because there’s so much a huge merger like this entails. However, I am fully confident that we’ll succeed.’

In September there was a burst water main that caused parts of the hospital to flood. It got so bad that patients even had to be evacuated. What were your

• Born in Vlaardingen in 1963.

first thoughts when it happened?

• Worked for Royal Dutch Shell from 1988 until 1998.

‘On getting the first report, I assumed it couldn’t be all that

• Elected into the Dutch Lower House for the PvdA

serious, but when I arrived on the scene and found everything

was cordoned off, it became clear to me that the situation

• Appointed state secretary of Finance in the second

was bad indeed. We worked through the night to get a handle

on things. It had never occurred to anyone that this could

• Elected party leader of the PvdA in 2002.

happen, that we’d even have to shut down the hospital.

• Appointed minister of Finance and deputy prime

There was no plan for an event like this, nor was there any

minister in the fourth Balkenende government

possibility to prepare such a plan, though we had arranged

in 2006.

for certain people to take up certain roles, should we find our-

• Announced his departure from politics in 2010 and

selves in an emergency situation. Because we have those solid

arrangements in place, this hospital is able to deal with unex-

• Chair of the board of VU University Medical

pected situations. What happened was very unpleasant for all

concerned, and it could easily have resulted in serious accidents.


(labour party) in 1998. Kok government in 2000.

became a partner at KPMG. Center Amsterdam since 2013.

Property SOURCE: PROPERTYNL.COM Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:

Zuidas: towers to top 100 metres Zuidas - Over the next few years, we can expect Zuidas to scale new heights. Though the current building cap is 75 metres, the municipal authority is involved in talks with several parties regarding office and residential blocks to rise upwards of 100 metres, so Amsterdam


Alderman Eric van der Burgh (whose portfolios include

Motel One opens

Spatial Planning, Land Management and the Zuid

Zuidas - Motel One Amsterdam, developed by COD,

district) revealed in an interview with PropertyNL.

has officially opened its doors. Daniel Müller (Motel One

The raising of the cap is possible thanks to the

management board), Klaas de Boer (Zuidas municipal

installation of a second radar facility on the site of

director) and Gert-Wim Bos (COD director) did the

the former Soesterberg airfield, which is being co-

honours. This marks the German budget designer chain’s

financed by the municipality. This means traffic around

first hotel in the Netherlands. The 320-room hotel is

Schiphol can be tracked from two radar positions,

located opposite the RAI exhibition and convention

rendering the current building restrictions obsolete.

centre. Realized by property developer COD, Motel One

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Amsterdam’s design by the ZZDP architectural firm was

has yet to greenlight this aspect of the building plans.

awarded a BREEAM **** Excellent rating.

G&S sells Gershwin Townhouses

Regus Amsterdam to expand at Atrium

Zuidas - G&S Vastgoed has concluded the sale of six full

The Regus Business Center at the Atrium in Zuidas

Gershwin Townhouses in Zuidas, at prices starting from

is poised for a large expansion. As part of major

€ 1.1 million (incl. transaction costs). The townhouses

renovations by building owner Icon Real Estate,

are fully finished and fitted with luxury kitchens and

the Regus Business Center, which currently occupies

multiple bathrooms. With a minimum floor area of 220 m2,

the third floor, will be doubled in size and redesigned

each house has three floors, plus a basement that opens

as Regus’ flagship high-end business centre. From

onto two private parking spaces in the underground car

April 2016, Regus will be creating an additional 2,900

park. Gershwin is a fast-growing residential neighbourhood

m2 accommodating new offices and a business lounge

adjoining Beethovenstraat. The townhouses are part of

on the fourth floor of towers I and II. The expansion

the development of Plot 1A, where construction of the

will enable Regus to meet the growing demand for

500 Beethovenstraat office block is also underway.

full-service flexible workspaces in Zuidas. The oldest

Both projects were designed by the architectural firm

building in Zuidas, the Atrium, will be adding a

Felix Claus Dick van Wageningen Architecten (formerly

North and a South tower, offering a total of 22,000 m2

Claus en Kaan Architecten). The Gershwin Townhouses are

of additional floor space, a new restaurant,

expected to be completed by mid-2016. G&S is also buil-

extensive meeting and conference facilities

ding 900 Mahler, a residential tower with a private rooftop

as well as a fitness club.

swimming pool, which will also be delivered by mid-2016.

Telesto office pavilions break ground Zuidas - In November Heilijgers Bouw broke ground for the Telesto office pavilions, being built on Frederik Roeskestraat for project developer Peva Vastgoed. Completion is scheduled for late 2016. Totalling 1,955 m2, which are distributed across three separate office pavilions, connected by an underground car park, Telesto was designed by Forum architects & planners in Tilburg. The project feeds into a wider quality impetus encompassing the entire street, which is being repurposed with a mixture of housing, offices, schools, services and greenery.

Photography Lotte de Graaf



ORAM on Zuidasdok project: ‘For businesses, 15 years feels like forever’ Kees Noorman, director of ORAM



As a business association representing some 600 companies in the Amsterdam area, ORAM has been following the development of Zuidas with a keen eye. Leading its agenda last year was the tender for the main Zuidasdok building contract. ORAM’s concern, says Director Kees Noorman, is ‘how we can continue to foster and attract business in a location that is dominated by a complex of building works’. ORAM was among the founders of the Hello Zuidas foundation,

At ORAM’s prompting, an area budget has been created that

dedicated to promotion of the district and local life, and the

will make it possible to intervene immediately, should unforeseen

Green Business Club Zuidas, which brings government and

consequences of the project ever impinge on the local quality

industry together to work on the location’s sustainable develop-

of life.

ment. The association endorses the aims of the government agencies behind the development of Zuidasdok – namely, to make


Zuidas more attractive and accessible, while facilitating

When it comes to gridlock situations, there are steps employers

economic and demographic growth – but it also sees a few

themselves can take, too. In late September, ORAM and VNO-

obstacles that need to be overcome along the way.

NCW Metropool Amsterdam presented an employers’ initiative (‘BREIKERS’, read more on page 50) with measures to improve


employee mobility regionally. ‘Employers can get support

As the representative of the Zuidas business community,

and co-financing for everything, ranging from parking perils

ORAM sought out the Zuidasdok project organization to

to carbon reduction’, Noorman says. ‘Whatever it takes to

discuss plans for the area. ‘A construction period of 15 years

encourage effective commuting choices.’ Willingness to leave

is perceived differently. People working in the offices in Zuidas

the car at home is still scant, ‘but the longer it takes to drive to

will have a different view than those working in the construction

work, the more attractive public transport or cycling will be’.

pit, or the people sitting around the project manager’s conference table’, Noorman explains. ‘The same goes for ten minutes’

Noorman is quick to emphasize that good-quality commuting

extra travel time on the motorway or the racket of construction

alternatives will be a must. ORAM is calling for a rail link

on your doorstep. With disruptions day in, day out, tenants will

between Amsterdam’s Lelylaan and Zuid stations, a ‘south-west

simply leave. For businesses, 15 years feels like forever.’

arc’ that would offer commuters from Haarlem and other larger North Holland municipalities an alternative to taking the car.


Curbing through traffic on the A10 motorway could also beat

At the moment, the project’s commissioning partners are

back the duration and length of rush hour queues. ‘A regional

engaged in a ‘competitive dialogue’ with two consortia,

perspective on traffic and transport is essential’, says Noorman,

and mum’s the word while they negotiate. ORAM isn’t entirely

‘to make and keep Zuidas accessible. But the business commu-

pleased with this form of procurement, Noorman admits.

nity can’t do it alone; structural measures

‘We did our best to indicate in advance the issues our members

need to be taken by the authorities’.

are concerned about: locations becoming difficult to access and the nuisance of the works.’ ORAM demanded a number of


access requirements, but only a few of them were incorporated in the specs. ‘Some are included in the set of criteria for which

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and

tenderers can score points, but there’s no guarantee that the

public transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad

highest scoring bid will do full justice to these aspects.’

area. Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and moved underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be

Wishes regarding low-noise and vibration methods have been

upgraded to serve as a future-proof public transport hub

honoured. ‘There are fixed requirements for low-nuisance

for train, tram, bus and metro services. Zuidasdok feeds

construction.’ The Gustav Mahlerplein transformation is offering

into the continued development of Zuidas as a prime

a first taste of how this plays out in practice and, according to

residential, working and recreational location. For further

Noorman, neighbouring businesses are satisfied so far. ‘As a

information, visit

test run for the big works, this approach has set minds at ease.’

Text Eric Burgers | Photography Lotte de Graaf



The design of Zuidas defines its quality of life How you decorate your house defines its character. With certain

If we were to liken Zuidas to a village, we’d need a market

people, the interior design and its ambiance seem utterly lacking

square, a town hall, a school, a library, a church, a pub, a GP,

in that quarter. Character is what you make it, some would say.

a local savings bank, as well as a sports club and theatre

That’s true enough, yet character may also be the quality that

sponsored by said bank. This is a tidy human yardstick for

makes or breaks a space. Trading candlelight for strip-lighting

quality of life. When developing any residential area, the spatial

won’t do much for your romantic dinner; that’s for sure.

zoning plan should always cover the following basics: economical, political, societal, social, religious, educational, care, cultural as

Similarly, the design and décor of Zuidas to a large extent define

well as its level of hospitality. Anyone interested in getting a

the quality of life here. It already possesses many of the elements

tidy overview of all of Zuidas is welcome to drop by the Zuidas

that are needed to imbue a place with character, but a few of

Development Office in the WTC tower, where you’ll find a scale

those are still missing. We have one of the largest stations in the

model of the district. It’s a bit like Madurodam (for all you newly

Netherlands, one bike basement in place and another on the

arrived expats: to get to Madurodam, head to the Keukenhof

way, we have Greenwheels by Audi, we have student flats,

and then continue south).

homes and penthouses, we have some very modest shops, and we have offices. Lots of offices. The owners of these

So who’d like to guess about what’s still missing from the

offices are mostly based far away in Germany and Switzerland,

design of our little village of Zuidas? Quality of life is what the

and their concern is chiefly with the return on their investment.

people who come here make it. But the quality and variety

As a result, the interests of good spatial design are mainly borne

of the people who come to our ‘village’ will be significantly

by the government and by folks like you and me. After all, for the

influenced by its design.

owners, the local ambiance is only indirectly relevant to profit.

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.

Ruben van Zwieten


Finance SOURCE: HET FINANCIEELE DAGBLAD Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:


Compliance officers complain of excessive regulation

Jorritsma to champion female executives

Zuidas - The sharp increase in regulatory pressure,

Zuidas - Former Almere mayor Annemarie Jorritsma has

particularly in the financial sector, is putting a squeeze

been appointed head of, a database for

on operational efficiency. Among Dutch compliance

talented women, which was set up by Dutch Education

officers, there is a general consensus that the plethora

Minister Jet Bussemaker, according to a report by ANP.

of new rules instated since the crisis is threatening to

In her new role, Jorritsma will strive towards promoting

overshoot their mark. ‘We’ve seen a huge increase in

opportunities for women in the top tiers of business,

regulatory pressure in the financial sector’, says Geert

meeting with management board chairs and other key

Vermeulen, who formerly worked as a compliance officer

corporate figures to discuss possible incentives. When it

with insurance brokerage Aon and is now director of the

comes to gender equality in management positions,

Dutch national compliance institute and a corporate

the Netherlands still lag behind when compared to

adviser on legal and regulatory compliance issues.

other European countries.

Seeking clients for the Big Four: young with growth potential preferred

Corporate Holland lacks clout in Europe

Zuidas - Like many large companies, the big accountancy

tanks wield immense influence. Spanning the

firms are working hard to get their share of the start-up pie.

spectrum from conservative to progressive-minded,

This calls for a new profit model. The Big Four firms have to

together these think tanks foster debates and in-depth

go in search of new companies. It’s possible that ten years

consideration of issues, and give them legitimacy.

from now a chunk of their current business – the large

Brussels also harbours a lively culture of think tanks.

corporations – won’t be around anymore. Of the candidates

But the Netherlands are conspicuously absent from the

still ranked on the prestigious Fortune 500 list of American

think tank arena. Whatever we want – or don’t want –

companies in the early noughties, more than half have since

from the EU, won’t matter much as long as we have

taken a tumble or been taken over. Filing in to take their

no pull in the relevant political debates in Brussels.

place are relative newcomers such as Google and Facebook.

And until Dutch industry decides to fund a considerable

Large accountancy firms are therefore developing programmes

role in the discussion, this is not going to happen.

Zuidas - In Washington, corporate-funded think

enabling them to key into these young entrepreneurs, hoping they’ll choose one of the Big Four once they have grown big and strong themselves.

Paul Polman greenest Dutch CEO Zuidas - Dutch radio station BNR has named Unilever’s Paul Polman the ‘greenest’ CEO in the Dutch corporate sector. The business broadcaster asked nature and environmental federations, including WNF, Greenpeace, Natuur en Milieu, and Natuurmonumenten, to present shortlists of the country’s top three most environmentally-conscious chief executives. Polman’s name rated high across the board. Environmental organizations also noted that many Dutch companies are far ahead of the national government in the implementation of green measures.

Photography Ingrid Arnou



Got a minute? ELIAN INEKE, ZUIDASDOK ‘For the years to come we may expect lots of construction works around Amsterdam Zuid station. These works will require the removal of many of the above-ground bicycle racks in the vicinity. An underground facility at the Vijfhoek park, offering parking spaces for 3,500 bikes, was among the alternatives investigated in recent months. On 24 November 2015, Amsterdam’s Municipal Executive approved plans for this bike park underneath Vijfhoek. The final decision will be made by the Amsterdam municipal council on 20 January 2016. Meanwhile, some of the groundwork has started up. We decided to get the inside scope on the new bike park from those involved!’

MARC NAHAR, PRORAIL ‘It’s a huge puzzle to design a working system for parking bikes around Amsterdam Zuid. In our capacity as the city’s biggest train station after Amsterdam’s CS, we need to provide parking spaces for 11,000 bikes. At the same time, we have to ensure we don’t detract from the quality of the surroundings. To be honest, that would be unavoidable with above-ground facilities. Four levels of bikes stacked one atop the other would just be too much. Zuid station and its neighbourhood deserve an elegant solution and we’re happy to help finance it.’

MARIANNE VAN DORT, FRESHFIELDS ‘Our firm made a concious choice for this location at Vijfhoek. It’s a nice setting for visitors. Our conference rooms overlook the park and our staff like to go there during their lunch breaks, so they may enjoy the sunshine. So from the outset, we felt it was important that we should take part in the discussions concerning the bike park. Gradually our enthusiasm for a sustainable, underground option grew. This will ensure the Vijfhoek remains green. Of course, once the construction of the bike park kicks off, we’ll have to deal with the nuisance for a while, but the results will be worth it.’


What do you think of this piece of art? Let us know via #transportbandzuidas


OLIVIER OTTEN, HELLO ZUIDAS ‘This underground bike park will be very valuable in our consultations with local employers, supporting our push to further reduce car use in Zuidas. If you’ve got a bike, quick parking won’t be any problem at all, but it’s a different story if you’ve got a car. We’ll have three large bicycle parks in Zuidas, underneath Zuidplein, Mahlerplein and Vijfhoek. The electronic signs indicating how many spaces are left in each facility will be linked together, so when you come cycling in, you can see at a glance where parking spaces are still available. In the end, our aim is to make things as easy as possible for cyclists.’

CHRIS VAN GENT, DESIGNER OF THE BIKE PARK ‘Vijhoek is a special place. There’s room for children to play, and for local office workers to have their lunch. I’m very pleased none of these aspects will be lost in the process. That’s all thanks to the decision to create the facility below ground. Unfortunately, the trees on Vijfhoek can’t be put back, but lovely new trees will replace them. Safety also plays a crucial role in the construction plans. We’ll have good lighting along the cycle paths and the exit will be on the station side of the cycle path, to keep train travellers and cyclists out of each other’s way. It’s more expensive, but the payback is considerable.’

WOUTER HAVER, DUTCH CYCLISTS’ UNION ‘For us, the main thing was to get a parking facility on this location, as close to the station as possible, because it would be a pointless exercise if rail users would have to walk for miles to get to their bikes. Vijfhoek is a perfect spot in that respect. We could also have lived with an above-ground solution, but underground is much better, obviously. During the course of the meetings that took place over the past months, you could see a real shift in perspectives. This solution may serve as a model for lots of other places where bike parking has become an issue.’

Text Romy Lange in cooperation with Zuidas, Gemeente Amsterdam | Photography Davien Hulsman


ZUIDAS CROWNE PLAZA AWARDED PRESTIGIOUS INTERNATIONAL PRIZE IN LONDON Every year, the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) organizes the Star Award Gala, to give recognition to IHG hotels and employees for their exceptional performance and their contributions to the local community in which they take part. This year’s winners are among the best IHG hotels and staff in Europe. In the Dutch capital, the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam – South business hotel – was presented with the prestigious Best European Crowne Plaza Hotel of the Year Award and the IHG Green Engage Award. Hello Zuidas is pleased to congratulate Crowne Plaza on this distinction! GEORGE GERSHWINLAAN 101, AMSTERDAM | T +31 (0)20 504 3666 | INFO.AMSPC@IHG.COM | WWW.CROWNEPLAZA.IHG.COM

Paul Kok

Reputation and public opinion

Public opinion is becoming increasingly influential in business practice, to the point that it defines board agendas. Staff also worry whether their organization is capable of making decisions that take adequate account of public opinion. Public opinion may have an impact on a company’s decision-making processes or be felt in the public’s reaction to decisions after they were made and made public. In situations where public opinion has not been given enough weight, a company may suffer serious damage to its reputation. Resultant measures, such as crisis management, lawsuits, public surveys, agreements with regulators, media relations, and advertising may be inevitable and result in a costly affair. Employees view themselves as having a share in

This is an extremely sensitive issue, which has

public opinion, and experience disappointment when

already led to the precipitated downfall of other

decisions are made without any consideration as

commercial initiatives. Public response to the

to what the public may think. Naturally, that puts

announcement by various banks that they

a strain on their loyalty to the organization.

intended to make more use of customer data, clearly proved different from what was anticipated.

Boardroom decisions should respect and recognize the importance of public opinion, alongside control,

In many cases, public opinion on any issue is

finance, management and legal aspects. Apart from

already common knowledge, thanks to the

these four dimensions, public opinion clearly

abundant attention from both regular and social

deserves to be considered as a fifth factor in

media. Take for instance issues such as mobility,

executive decision-making.

remuneration of managers, bonuses, compliance, and corporate social responsibility.

Paul Kok Strategy director

A recent survey, conducted by the Dutch payment traffic platform (Platform Betalingsverkeer),

It is of crucial importance that the constellation


revealed that two-thirds of the 1,259 respondents

of people involved in decision-making within an

Strategies B.V.

are against the use of bank payment data for

organization will be prepared to give due

commercial purposes – 55-66% even objected

consideration to what the public think, and that

strongly against such practices.

they are duly supported in this process.

Text Paul Kok


Accenture’s renovation: priority on employee well-being One of the world’s largest consulting firms, Accenture has occupied four floors in the ITO Tower at the Zuidas for years now. Recently, the Accenture office underwent a major renovation, designed and coordinated by CBRE, a real estate company active worldwide. The result is a working environment that fully reflects Accenture’s progressive character. Hello Zuidas met with Accenture’s Dave Cohen, Change & Communications Lead and CBRE Creative Director Ramon Beijen to learn more.



‘Accenture has always been progressive; it’s part

It was eight years ago that Accenture moved into

of our DNA. We just love being pioneers’, Cohen

the ITO Tower. From the outset, it was a state-of-

explains. ‘That’s borne out on various fronts,

the-art workplace. No closed-off, windowless

such as the emphasis we’ve placed for years now

cubicles here, but open spaces and novel concepts

on a healthy work-life balance among our staff,

like desk cycles. Nevertheless, Accenture felt it

that half of our Dutch Leadership Team are

was time to modernize.

women and our focus on an inclusive workforce.’

Dave Cohen & Ramon Beijen

HIGH PERFORMANCE Accenture is led by a commitment to high

areas set apart. We modelled it on a city; a place

performance, and staff is expected to meet

that you travel to and congregate. To begin with,

correspondingly high standards. ‘But if you

we created an extroverted space, turning it outside

want your employees to work at their peak

in, as it were. For example, we brought all the closed

ability, you also have to give them a great deal’,

and semi-closed offices towards the centre of the

Cohen believes. ‘The majority of our colleagues

spaces, thereby opening up access to the windows

work at our clients side, but when they’re at

and views. Besides that, we also created lots of

the office it’s got to be a place where they can

different meeting areas, each with its own character

achieve their full potential.’

and use of materials, as well as spaces where people can withdraw to concentrate. Like the


Zen Garden, which is an oasis of calm with lots

It was clear fairly early on that Accenture wanted to

of green, a plush carpet and bean bags.’

stay in the ITO Tower. ‘ITO is a good fit for us’, Cohen says. ‘The building is fabulous, greatly located and


has a great terrace out on the 16th floor – the best

Accenture has been named Best Employer of the

terrace in Amsterdam.’ CBRE was engaged to design

year by the Dutch NRC newspaper for the second

a new working environment and to coordinate the

year running, based on an independent survey

renovations. The premise for the project was

on good employership among professionals with

‘from an office space to a meeting place’. ‘For our

a university degree. So is this a title Accenture

team, it was a wonderful opportunity to work for a

hopes to hold onto? ‘Absolutely’, Cohen affirms.

progressive company like Accenture’, says Beijen,

‘The well-being of our employees is always our

who produced the design with his team.

first priority. And a pleasant and inspiring working environment is a part of that.’

OUTSIDE IN It took a lot of hard work. Having started in late October, just over three months later the reno-

Gustav Mahlerplein 90

vations are now finished, ‘We’ve done a variety


of things to genuinely turn it into a meeting place

Tel. (+31) (0)20 493 8383

for employees and clients alike’, Beijen explains.

‘It’s a space that’s inviting, with lots of different

Text Sanne Offringa | Photography Jesse Kraal en Wouter van Ierssel



Entrecôte Salad

Chef Arjan Kappert

Veluwe duck breast

Zuidas restaurant à Deauville’s delectable winter menu If you think these dishes look delicious, just wait until you taste them! This winter, à Deauville is serving up a varied menu of seasonal dishes. The editorial team of Hello Zuidas love these three creations by Chef Arjan Kappert:

• Prawns – Paleta Iberico Bellota, avocado, purple shiso and chive cream.

• Salad – thinly-sliced entrecôte, remoulade, garden cress, pecans and violet potato crisps. • Veluwe duck breast – caponata, parmasan polenta and Madeira sauce. Located in the Atrium building, à Deauville offers you an inviting ambiance, in a stylish interior. Restaurant Manager

Restaurant à Deauville

Freddy Potters makes it his daily mission to perfect the

Strawinskylaan 3003 (The Atrium)

à Deauville experience.

020-5400227 | 06-30933671

An excellent choice for a business lunch or dinner.

Text Romy Lange | Photography Lotte de Graaf


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

ONCE A MONTH BASIC BOOKKEEPING EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH ZUIDAS DRINKS @ à DEAUVILLE Every first Friday of the month, we want you to head down to the bar at à Deauville in The New Atrium for ‘Zuidas Drinks’, which will also feature live music or a DJ. The first edition will be on 8 January, with a DJ spinning the grooves. Come enjoy a drink and share a toast to the new year!

Some people have a hard time sorting out their personal finances, don’t know how or where to begin. Are you a bookkeeping whiz and would you like to help out your less financially savvy fellows? Green Business Club Zuidas is linking volunteers from Zuidas to a bookkeeping project (Administratie op Orde) run by Puur Zuid, which already includes staff from Loyens & Loeff and APG. Sessions take place once a month, usually every first Wednesday morning, at PuurZuid on Hygiëaplein 8-10, 2nd floor. To sign up, send an email to Eline Kik:

THROUGH SUNDAY 31 JANUARY 2016 SKATING @ GELDERLANDPLEIN True to tradition, Gelderlandplein is once again open for skating! Kids can find their feet on the ice, while parents may enjoy a spot of shopping. The 100m2 ice skating rink is located in the shopping centre’s main plaza. Open MondaySaturday.




FOR TWO TENNERS @ BOELETUIN Every Thursday the Boeletuin serves a special menu for only € 20. You can find Thursday’s menu posted on Facebook every Tuesday, or you can sign up to have it sent to your inbox. Enjoy good food in good company! Reservations accepted until Wednesday evening.

@ CLUBSPORTIVE From January, Clubsportive will be offering a whole new fitness concept: HIITBOX. This is a newly fitted space where you complete a special circuit as part of a short but intense training session. Perfect for losing some flab quickly, to build up muscle tone, or to improve overall fitness. HIIT BOX classes are offered several times daily.


ENTROPICAL @ GLAZEN HUIS Established in 2015, Entropical is an art research project, currently comprising four works that explore the value and dynamism of materials exchange in systems of the natural world, which are juxtaposed with the abstract value of algorithms and their computation. Between the dynamics of commons and the new enclosures, Entropical contrasts material production and use-value creation with new paradigms of intangible capital in knowledge-based economies. More info:

JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2016 Next magazine will be published @ 29th of February. Send your agenda to before 25th of January.

THROUGH FEBRUARY 2016 SPECIAL MENU @ RESTAURANT HET BOSCH Het Bosch, located on the waterfront of Nieuwe Meer, will host a celebration in 2016, when this stellar restaurant, led by host and chef Ferry van Houten, turns 35! To mark this special occasion, Het Bosch has put together a fabulous three-and-a-half-coursemenu for Friday and Saturday evenings, served for € 35, untill the end of February. On Fridays and Saturdays we also have a DJ playing a weekend mix.

MONDAY 4 JANUARY & 1 FEBRUARY 2016 PUB QUIZ @ THE BASKET It’s a new year, providing new opportunities! Eight edge-of-your-seat rounds, with music clips, photos and questions to which you’re sure you know the answer... if only you could remember! It’s the place to be on the VU campus. Suspect you may be the next Einstein of VU? Register your team (5 max.) now and show your stuff! Register on 020 – 2050966 or via

WEDNESDAY 6 JANUARY 2016 SPEED DATING @ FITCH & SHUI Single and in search of a date? On 6 January, Fitch & Shui will be hosting another evening of speed dating at the WTC. You may meet a new person every five minutes. After each speed date you can indicate whether or not you’re interested. This time we’re matching heteros aged 25-38. The dating starts at 7:30pm. More info:

FRIDAY 8 JANUARY 2016 NEW YEAR’S THROUGH 12 MARCH 2016 WHAT? WORK HOME APART TOGETHER @ ING HOUSE Home life and working life are two defining facets of modern existence. The exhibition WHAT? Work, Home, Apart,Together by Arcam, Amsterdam’s centre for architecture, is about their place in the city and how they fit together. The top floor of the former ING House, renamed INFINITY in 2015, provides a stunning backdrop for this first-ever show about the Dutch home and working culture.

TUESDAY 5 JANUARY AND 2 & 14 FEBRUARI 2016 MEETING POINT @ AMSTERDAMSE BOS Feel like enjoying the outdoors and meeting new people on your day off? During three consecutive Sundays, you’re welcome to come to the Amsterdamse Bos shop at 1pm and pick up a guide for a walk of approximately 7 km., which you can take on your own. Afterwards, come in and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Price: € 1.50. Don’t miss our special Valentine’s Day Meeting Point!

FRIDAY ROAST @ THE ROAST ROOM Time: 5pm till 7:30pm On 8 January THE ROAST ROOM will be organizing a special edition of Friday-afternoon drinks, with the WARSTEINER FRIDAY ROASTTOAST. The perfect way to end the working week and to toast the new year with your colleagues and friends. Enjoy drinks with artisanal bites, prepared by THE ROAST ROOM, fantastic cocktails, ice-cold Warsteiner beer and a DJ mixing the music. Happy Hour: 5pm till 6pm -


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

TUESDAY 12 & 26 JANUARY 2016 BUSINESS ENGLISH @ TAALCENTRUM-VU Want to be sure of using correct English in your email and telephone communication with international business clients? Taalcentrum-VU’s Business English workshop will have you speaking more fluent English in only three hours. From 9am to 12 noon.

THURSDAY 14 JANUARY & 4 FEBRUARY BAM GUIDED BUILDING SITE HOURS @ GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN Curious about how the underground bike park at Gustav Mahlerplein is taking shape? Through May 2016, BAM will be organizing monthly guided tours of the bike park and the ABN AMRO pavilion. Open to all interested members of the public. The tours last from 3:30pm to 5pm. To sign up, go to:

THURSDAY 21 JANUARY 2016 GROTE MENSEN DINER @ DE NIEUWE POORT Every third Thursday of the month, De Nieuwe Poort welcomes a wide range of guests – such as asylum-seekers, secondary school pupils from Slotervaart, people who have a disadvantage on the labour market, seniors and working professionals – to join up for dinner and discussion. Together, we tackle the big question: who is actually helping whom? Contribution for the evening is left to your own discretion.


MONDAY 18 JANUARY 2016 VU COACH CAFÉ THURSDAY 14 & 28 JANUARY 2016 WEB EDITING & SEO COURSE @ TAALCENTRUM-VU This course is meant for everyone who writes or edits web content, with lots of useful advice and tips for guiding visitors to your site and directing them to the right pages. The course lasts two full days, from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Register now on:


@ VU Are you a recent grad, still finding your feet in the job market? On 18 January, VU Amsterdam is organizing another Coach Café, with professional coaches who can help you pinpoint your talents and how to harness them into doing something that makes you happy. Join fellow seekers to get professional advice on career quandaries. The evening starts at 7pm and closes off with drinks at 10pm. Participation is € 21.50.

THE NEW YEAR @ WTC AMSTERDAM This winter’s lunchtime concerts start off with dances by the ATMO string quartet on 26 January. The group will perform waltzes, polkas and marches. On 18 February, world champion art whistler Geert Chatrou takes the stage, accompanied by Esther Steenberger on classical guitar and Örzse Adam on viola. Chatrou, who uses nothing but his lips as an instrument, got his start when his sister-in-law entered him in a contest by way of a practical joke. Since then he went on to become a professional whistler, performing all over the world.

JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2016 Next magazine will be published @ 29th of February. Send your agenda to before 25th of January.


WEDNESDAY 27 JANUARY 2016 VU ORCHESTRA @ CONCERTGEBOUW BOUW On 27 January the VU Orchestra will play a concert of Russian masterpieces, opening with the Festive Overture by Shostakovich, followed by Prokofiev’s Scythian Suite and concluding with Stravinsky’s Le sacre du printemps. The VU Orchestra is one of the country’s largest student orchestras, having grown from a small chamber orchestra into a huge symphony orchestra over the course of 50 years. The concert starts at 8:15pm. For tickets, go to:

THURSDAY 28 THROUGH SUNDAY 31 JANUARY 2016 JUMPING AMSTERDAM @ RAI This four-day international event brings equestrian sports enthusiasts together to enjoy a variety of races on a fair, featuring 60 vendors and good food and drinks. Café Bolle Jan and a host of Amsterdam artists will supply entertainment into the wee hours. For tickets, go to:

@ DE NIEUWE POORT On Valentine’s Day, De Nieuwe Poort will be matchmaking across the generations. Studies show that young professionals are feeling an increasing need to escape the office rat race every now and again, but aren’t sure how. The experiences and memories of an older generation may offer a perfect opening, creating a bridge with seniors who feel lonely occasionally. Enjoy an afternoon full of inspiration and good company. From 12 noon to 6pm. Register on:

MONDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2016 HELLO ZUIDAS THURSDAY 28 JANUARY 2016 ZUIDAS RACE EXPERIENCE @ à DEAUVILLE Ever fancied racing the Circuit de Monaco? Well, here’s your chance! à Deauville restaurant is introducing the Zuidas Race Experience, a new event where you can race in a simulator. Register with your team of up to four members. The winner takes an all-inclusive VIP package for four to the TT Circuit Assen. The event starts at 5pm. To get in on the racing action, sign up now on:

FRIDAY 29 JANUARY 2016 OPEN DAY @ RIETVELD ACADEMIE Ever considered enrolling on a course at the Rietveld Academie, or are you perhaps curious to take a peek behind the scenes? On 29 January, during ‘Fourteen Departments to Explore’, the Rietveld Academie will open its doors to the public. Visitors can take a look around to see all of the art academy’s departments and talk with students and teaching staff. From 10am to 6pm.

MEMBERS MEETING NOVOTEL AMSTERDAM CITY Do you have concerns about the accessibility of Zuidas when work starts on Zuidasdok? Want to help us think about solutions? Then come to our semi-annual members meeting. Representatives from the municipality, NS and GVB will also be on hand to answer questions. Hello Zuidas will be organizing the discussion. Register before 11 February, by sending an email to servicepoint@ The meeting is from 3:30pm to 6:30pm and is meant for Hello Zuidas members only.


Welcome to Rosarium and Parkers Winebar & Restaurant: An elegant event venue with a culinary touch, within the serenity of the Amstelpark Rosarium has several Parkrooms that form the ideal location for any kind of meeting, for groups from two persons to eight hundred guests. This is the ideal place for your company meetings, conferences, seminars, showcases and lectures. Each room provides natural daylight and an adjacent terrace beyond its swinging double doors. Have a toast afterwards at Rosarium’s culinary pride, Parker’s Winebar & Restaurant, where you can choose from 16 quality wines to celebrate a successful meeting, or top it off with an exquisite dinner.

The #1 agency for world-class translations legal • financial • scientific • culture • real estate • business

020 – 598 64 20 |

ROSARIUM Europaboulevard Amstelpark 1 1083 HZ Amsterdam CONTACT +31 (0)20 6 444 085


On sustainability: news from Zuidas! RAIN OR SHINE, GET ON YOUR BIKE! The Green Business Club Zuidas presents this winter’s fashion

now on leave meat off the menu on Mondays. And after a spell

must-have: the rain poncho! Fully biodegradable and ready

of getting used to it, everyone is on board. ‘As a firm, it’s a good

to wear, they’re available in this season’s hottest shade –

thing that we pay attention to this’, says Arno Krikke, junior

transparent. In early November, GBC Zuidas handed out

civil-law notary at Van Doorne. ‘Some people had to adjust

the rain ponchos at Zuidplein to encourage people to cycle,

to the idea at first, but after all, it’s one day a week. That still

now and through the winter. As well as curbing CO2 emissions,

leaves the other four working days, and there are good alterna-

reducing pressure on public transport capacity and keeping

tives on offer.’

Zuidas accessible, a brisk bike ride to work will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed. So, rain or shine, get on your bike!

DONATION DRIVE On 10 November, Zuidas Cares, a charity


founded by young professionals,

On 22 September 2014, Zuidas became

ten days collecting clothes, shoes,

the first Meatless Monday landmark

blankets, toiletries and other practical

in the Netherlands. Since then,

items to help refugees staying in refugee camps.

several companies have introduced meat-

Over 11,000 items were donated as a result! Zuidas Cares

free days of their own. Opting out of meat one day a week

believes that the Zuidas community of businesses and

considerably reduces our carbon footprint, while also saving on

residents has the power and organizational talent to help

water and fossil fuels. In other words: this small change makes

those in need. And we couldn’t agree more! There’s still plenty

a big difference.Van Doorne is one of the companies that from

you can do to help: find out how on

launched a Donation Drive. They spent

Would you like to making Zuidas more sustainable? Find out how at Send your news on sustainability to

Text Maartje Oome




Goody Bags from Hello Zuidas! Intro goodie bags: To ring in the holidays, Hello Zuidas passed out goody bags in Zuidas before Christmas! The bags are made of banana leaves. Inside were lots of fun surprises compliments of local businesses. Take a peak!



Unicucine kitchens – Chance to win a Quooker

We’ re giving out a store voucher: everyone who hands it in at our

shop will be entered in our draw to win a Quooker valued at € 1,050.

HB Hairstylers – Introductory set + 10-20% discount on products Beauti ul hair begins with high-quality products. We’ re o introductory set o

Het Zwarte Fietsenplan – Simson puncture kit + discount voucher

We’ re handing out a Simson puncture repair kit with a

discount voucher to get your tyre patched

our exclusive salon products.

MultiCopy – Notepad

or just € 2.50.

Our goody is a notepad specially designed

you by the WTC team. Per ect your notes!

Phisage Beauty & Wellness – John Masters Organic samples

We work exclusively with the highest quality products.

En joy a € 50 gi t voucher

some sample sizes of John Masters Organic.

any o

Distinctly Different & Amsterdam Shoeshine & Repair – Jar of shoe cream + discount voucher We’ re giving you a jar o

We’ ve also included a voucher


or jotting down

SLFMD Tailoring – € 50 gift voucher

T o get you acquainted with our range, we’ re including

or SL MD to use on

our tailoring services. What better gi t to give,

than one you know you ’ d love to receive

Wineboutique – 10% discount

Our gi t is a voucher

our best

shoe cream, including instructions

ering an

on all o

or use.

to get a taste o

or a discount

or a 10% discount

our wines, giving you the chance our latest selection.

on our in-shop shoe shining service.

The Tailormates – Get measured for a custom shirt

Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas – Toothpaste

Use our voucher to en joy a generous discount

A tingly clean mouth and good oral hygiene are important, not only


on a custom-tailored men ’ s or ladies ’ shirt.

or your teeth,

or your overall health. T he

T his is our way o

irst step

inviting everyone to experience

the Netherlands ’ number one bespoke specialist.

is cleaning your teeth with the new toothpaste we’ ve included in this goody bag.

Cosmo Hairstyling – discount voucher + free touch-up

VU Boekhandel – Short story by Toni Coppers

We’ ve included two vouchers. One

In addition to business and management books, we also carry

touch-up on dry hair

novels, magazines and gi t items. T o introduce you to VU

the other for a 25% discount on a colour treatment.

Boekhandel, we’ re giving you a short story by T oni Coppers.

Gentlemen’s Place – € 25 voucher

T he goody bag includes a € 25 voucher, so you can get acquainted with Gentlemen ’ s Place. Bring your signi icant

other and

ind out

or yoursel

ashions can be productive and

that shopping

or men ’ s

un at the same time!

MultiCopy Amsterdam WTC Strawinskylaan 49

Phisage Beauty & Wellness Strawinskylaan 71

SLFMD Zuidplein 30

Distinctly Different Strawinskylaan 43

HB Hairstylers WTC Strawinskylaan 71

The Tailormates George Gershwinlaan 4

Unicucine George Gershwinplein 6

Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas Strawinskylaan 227

Text Fleur Venner | Photography Marnix van de Poll & Mieke Verberkt

or a 15 minute

or a classy, styled look,

Rob Peetoom Hair + Make-up Zuidas – Redken samples + complimentary INGEbrows Treatment or Redken product

Receive an INGEbrows treatment or a Redken

& beard wash

or men

ace, body

ree with any hair treatment at Rob Peetoom. In the

goody bag you ’ ll also

ind Redken and Kérastase samples.

Rob Peetoom Hair + Make-up Zuidas George Gershwinlaan 526-538 Cosmo Hairstyling Amsterdam Zuidas George Gershwinlaan 530 Het Zwarte Fietsenplan Zuidas Gustav Mahlerplein 118

Wineboutique Wine & Spirits Zuidplein 20 VU Boekhandel De Boelelaan 1150 Gentlemen’s Place Arnold Schönberglaan 7


Justina & Sjoerd van den Broele

Tineke Griffioen, Marie Therese, Wendy van den Berg & Marieke van Blokland

Douglas Grobbe & Coby Schavemaker


Marleen van Leeuwen, Kim Nordmann, Barbara Pohlman & Susan Nordmann

Henriette Grobbe

Corine Steendijk & Jolanda Kers

Ruth Jansen & Ingrid Gacci

Joke Roelvink


Right: Dorte Mamber

• More than 40 people took part in the workshop. • All of them have links with Zuidas. • They prepared a large variety of dishes. • Their creations were served out on long tables to be shared and savoured by guests. • The evening was a smashing success, thanks also to Ruth Jansen of Phisage Beauty & Wellness. • The next workshop will feature Indonesian cuisine.

Femke Kaspers, Joram Bosver & Laura Ziliute

Hilde & Klaas de Boer

Romy Lange & Boris Lange

Anne Perdijk & Liesbeth Rijnbeek

Ruben Kaatee

Photography Sascha Esmail


Peter Reinders, managing partner Lexence

Lexence: ‘A building that revitalizes your organization’ Lexence got the new year off to a brilliant start. On the very first business day of 2016 the law and notary firm relocated its 125-plus professionals to the Infinity building – the former head office of ING bank. The firm’s managing partner, Peter Reinders, gave Hello Zuidas a grand tour of the new premises. ‘This building is going to revitalize the quality of our work and our ambitions.’



Lexence started in 1992 with a team of five. Today, more than

Before Lexence moved into its new headquarters, the offices got a

20 years later, the firm employs 125 people. For years, Lexence

complete makeover. The firm wanted the transparent quality that

had its offices on Peter van Anrooystraat, conveniently close

defines the building’s exterior to be carried through into the interior

to the district court. Every few years it would add another

design. However, Reinders is quick to stress that ‘It’s not all just

floor to the lease, until Lexence occupied the whole building.

big open spaces. People still prefer to work in their own offices.

‘That building gave us so much’, Reinders emphasizes.

But those offices now consist mostly of glass. We’ve also added

‘Incredible growth, for one thing – and not just in terms of staff.’

a fair share of open spaces though. The third floor, for example,

But when Lexence got the opportunity to move into the former

which we’ve dubbed our “client plaza”. Reception is there,

ING ‘shoe’, Reinders didn’t have to think twice.

alongside various conference rooms, workspaces, a coffee bar and our knowledge centre. Clients can sit down with their laptops


for a couple of hours and use our facilities. And this space opens

‘The notion of repurposing an existing location, and one that’s

up to the floors above, so there’s full scope for interaction.’

very sustainable to boot, really appealed to us’, Reinders explains. ‘It’s an iconic building with a fantastic, transparent appeal. A building like that flips a switch in your organization and


makes you grow. Not only in terms of size – because, after all,

Amstelveenseweg 500, Amsterdam

growth is never an end in itself – but I think this step will also

Tel. (+31) (0)20 5736 736

spur us to become even better in what we stand for: service,

efficiency and quality.’

Text Sanne Offringa | Photography Davien Hulsman


Jessika van Veen, CEO of Regus Nederland

Cutting-edge, innovative workplace concepts Productive, any time, any place, smart time-keeping, fewer financial risks, a better work-life balance, a wider business network… No matter what working professionals in the Netherlands want, Regus has the right workplace solution for everyone: from independent contractors and ambitious start-ups to mobile workers and corporates. At present, Regus has 2,600 locations spread across 106 countries, and the company is still growing. Hello Zuidas Magazine spoke to Jessika van Veen, CEO of Regus Nederland since May 2015.


for long periods, for a week at a time, or just for a few hours

People no longer come every day to the office to work. There is

or temporary teams, as well as for international corporations.

an ever-increasing demand for flexwork and employers are

It happens a lot that because of fast expansion international

responding accordingly. Van Veen explains, “Our research

companies reach out to us to start their business in The

shows that 45% of business professionals in the Netherlands

Netherlands in one of our 82 locations .”

or via memberships. We provide workplaces for top executives

work at least half the week from a variety of different places rather than from a permanent base.” Multinationals and


corporates are also offering their employees flexwork solutions;

Regus will soon be opening its fourth location, in Amsterdam

by being more agile and offering workplaces nearer to home

Viñoly, in Zuidas. There are already two Regus locations and

or at easily accessible addresses, they can respond faster to

one Spaces (a brand of Regus) location in Zuidas. “We already

the market, save on unused office space, stay closer to the

have excellent locations in Zuidas, in the WTC and the Atrium.

client, and attract and retain top talent.

These are good-looking, robust, corporate locations. We are now adding Amsterdam Viñoly, a location that really reflects the


‘new world of work’ and which features wide, open-plan spaces

Van Veen explains that Regus is responding to the growing

and a huge business lounge at a very central location in Zuidas.”

trend towards flexwork by being as flexible and as diverse as possible itself, “You can rent Regus group office space solutions

Text Sanne Offringa


Gassan 121 turns 10 Developed by Gassan and patented worldwide, the Gassan

for the quality and authenticity of the cut, the name

121 cut will be celebrating its tenth anniversary! This unique

of which is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the Gassan 121.

cut was introduced during the Millionaire Fair at RAI

As the worldwide patent holder of this unique cut, Gassan

Amsterdam in 2005.

Diamonds is celebrating this ten-year anniversary with several special collectors’ pieces. Together with the jewellers

For more than 400 years, diamond cutters have been perfecting

Schaffrath, Gassan has created an exclusive necklace and

their craftsmanship. At family-owned Gassan Diamonds,

earrings in 18-karat rose, yellow and white gold.

the quest to perfect the brilliant cut diamond, also known as the Amsterdam Cut, has resulted in the breathtaking Gassan

Set with a stunning Gassan 121 in the centre, the Liberté mount

121: a diamond with 121 facets that will be celebrating its tenth

is the focal point of the necklace and its design. Each piece in

anniversary this year.

this contemporary-style collection is crafted from 18 karat gold and features a spectacular Gassan 121, set in a unique mount

Years of research went into the design of the new, breathtaking

that leaves the diamond completely free and mobile within

diamond cut, which features 121 facets for superior reflection.

the jewellery. This revolutionary setting system is patented

Compared to the traditional brilliant cut, the Gassan 121 has

Schaffrath. The necklace’s design is inspired by the 48

16 additional facets on top and 48 more on the bottom,

additional facets cut into the pavilion (bottom) of the original

producing an unrivalled brilliance. In other words: perfect beauty.

brilliant cut that served as the basis for the Gassan 121.

According to a report by the WTOCD (part of the High Council of Diamonds in Antwerp), the additional facets enhance the light and dark contrasts within the diamond, giving the Gassan


121 its spectacular appearance.

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175 1011 LN Amsterdam


+31 (0)20 622 5333

With its 121 cut, Gassan Diamonds has added a fifth ‘C’ to the 4

C’s of diamond quality: Confidence. The C of Confidence stands


Kenneth Goedhart & Janneke den Ouden

Hans Versteegen & Bart van Eijck

Left Freddy Potters & right Rein Aarts

HELLO ZUIDAS CHRISTMAS RECEPTION 15 December @ De Nieuwe Poort • More than 100 people attended the drinks reception. • De Nieuwe Poort was decorated in style. • Ruben van Zwieten gave a short speech. • Everyone had a good time and business cards were exchanged all around. • All who attended went home with a Hello Zuidas goody bag. • Another Hello Zuidas Members Meeting is scheduled for February.

De Nieuwe Poort

Bob Oostelbos & Sasja Albersen

Joost Coulier & Menno Ploeger

Saskia Gagestein & Heleen Blackstone

Jan Heeren, Barbara Buddingh & Cintha van Heeswijck

Kirsten van den Hul & Olivier Otten


Eline Hoogendijk, Michelle de Vos, Katja van der Vet & Harry Puts

Nanette Kraaikamp & Angela Nijland

Left Jeroen de Roever

Rein Aarts, Sebastiaan Capel & Gerard Bakker

Photography Jesse Kraal

HIIT BOX the latest trend from the US! At Clubsportive, we want to stay on the cutting edge and

the whole circuit. The HIIT BOX instructor will keep you

let our members experience the latest trends in fitness.

motivated and rev up your energy throughout the workout

HIIT BOX is a new space in our club that’s especially

session. After repeating the circuit several times, you wind

equipped for HIIT circuit training – short for High Intensity

up the workout with a cool-down. HIIT BOX is an intense

Interval Training which is currently all the rage in the US.

full body workout that’s challenging, effective and varied.

HIIT workouts are short but intense, giving you a full body workout in only 45 minutes, which includes a warm-up,

HIIT BOX classes are offered several times daily.

and a stretching and cool-down session. HIIT is the perfect way to quickly lose some flab, to build up muscle-tone or to improve your overall fitness level. Clubsportive - Zuidas So what’s a typical HIIT session like? You work out with a

Gustav Mahlerlaan 16

small group of eight people and warm up together. First of all,

1082 LS Amsterdam

an introduction is given of the series of exercises, consisting of

+ 31 (0)20 661 7808

a mixture of elements like punch bags, ropes, kettlebells and

sandbags. Then the workout kicks off and you work through




How the Smart City is transforming the way we live, work and travel Urbanization challenges municipalities to keep the city livable

Besides an ambitious building program, mobility has already

and agreeable with limited resources. Of course Amsterdam,

increased by developments such as workplace flexibility

and Zuidas, are also struggling with the competing claims on

and open-plan offices. At one local bank, a building designed

public space. Zuidas is becoming more of an urban centre.

to facilitate 3,500 people now employs 6,000. Due to flexible

In addition to offices, residential buildings are now shooting up

working hours, this often works just fine, except on those

all over Zuidas. Over the next 15 years, the number of homes in

days when all staff members are expected to come in to the

Zuidas is set to multiply from the current 1,000 or so, to as much

office. Intensification of urban space seems insurmountable,

as 8,000. Office floor space will double when compared to 2010

but should we just resign ourselves to crowded streets,

and facilities like schools, child day-care and retail shops won’t

congested roads and packed trains? Additional infrastructure

be far behind.

can reduce some of the pressure. Zuidasdok, for example, is a major infra project that will relieve motorway congestion.



SELF-DRIVING CARS The advent of self-driving cars is still a long way off. But when they do come, they will surely enable us to make more flexible and efficient use of space in Zuidas. That’s because a car that doesn’t require a driver can be designed in a totally different way. People who have to travel a lot for meetings could have an autonomous car that doubles as a mobile office, which collects them and drops them off at home on the way back. Self-driving cars also have potential for carpooling schemes. One could think of a system of on-demand vehicles that could drive themselves from one customer to the next. Angela Nijland, mobility project leader at Hello Zuidas “I live in the north quarter of Amsterdam, which is still a fair distance from Zuidas, but I cycle to work every day. It’s a distance of roughly ten kilometres. Often, I like to pick a different route. I might ride along the canals, or if I’m in a rush, opt for a route that has the fewest traffic lights. I rarely go by car, even though I can park for free. Often, driving to work just ends up taking longer.” Above is an impression of Daklaan, a possible future addition to the Zuidas bicycle network. Spatial and financial feasibility studies are currently underway, and the municipality of Amsterdam and the Zuidasdok project team are working out several different scenarios to choose from. Artist Impression: CIID/ Cees van Giessen

E-BIKES Scooters and bikes have also been evolving, and distinctions between the two are blurring. Electric bikes (aka e-bikes) have become a hot item, and they’re surprisingly fast, too! The so-called high-speed pedelecs can achieve upwards of 45 kph, putting them in the league of scooters. Electric bikes are

But our ever-expanding infrastructure is coming with a mounting

great for covering long distances with little effort. Though you

price tag that will be increasingly difficult to afford.

won’t arrive with every hair perfectly in place, the small motor prevents the cyclist from breaking a sweat. Two-wheeled transport


is becoming increasingly attractive in busy areas. Bicycles grant

In the future, ICT may enable us to make more efficient use

you more flexibility and besides, there are more routes to choose

of existing infrastructure. This will start with an expanding

from. Cycling is also a good way to keep fit, and a commute that

group of people who are able to work flexible hours. ICT could

doubles as a workout is a convenient timesaver.

enable them to avoid peak times on roads and railways. And in the even more distant future, we can expect to see

Marja Cino, office manager at Hello Zuidas

the boundaries between cars, bikes and pedestrians become

“My working hours are structured in such a way that I can

increasingly fluid. Smart city technology will enable us to

commute outside rush hours. I live in Heemskerk, so I cycle to

coordinate urban processes and make maximum use of a

the station and take the train from there. From station Zuid

short supply of space. Parking spaces that are vacant at certain

I travel by metro. By avoiding rush hours, I can help to relieve

times may be used as roads, and the direction of motorway

pressure on station and train capacity. If you want things

lanes may be changed to meet current demand. In other words,

to change, the best place to start is with changing yourself!”

there are ways to leverage our short supply of space in Zuidas.

Text Angela Nijland in cooperation with Romy Lange



MOBILITY = ENERGY When we think of infrastructure, we mostly think of roads and railways, but looking ahead to the future of mobility in Zuidas, the infrastructure of energy will also play a crucial part. Now that the use of electric vehicles is on the rise, the number of charging stations will increase. One good example of efficient dual mobility and energy use is tapping the car as a battery, thus turning parked cars into a functional part of the urban energy system. Imagine cars that collect solar energy as they sit around Zuidas. This is known as intelligent charging. EY is already brainstorming about the possibilities. Caroline Beelen, development manager at G&S Vastgoed “I traded in my car for a bicycle and Car2Go subscription, which I got through my employer. Cycling or car-sharing is a sustainable way of using the available forms of transport . Another plus is that I’m much more flexible in traffic!”

CO2 EMISSIONS Modern-day commuting is responsible for a hefty share of CO2 emissions. To get from A to B, one needs energy. Various energy, such as a bike path in Krommenie, which is paved with

Mobility will also be one of the topics at the Hello Zuidas Members Meeting.

solar panels. This SolaRoad already supplies energy to the

The accessibility of Zuidas is under pressure. In just under

streetlights, and eventually it will be used to charge e-bikes, too.

two years, work will begin on the construction of Zuidasdok.

On the ‘road of the future’, heat released by tyre friction could

Are you concerned about Zuidas accessibility and do you

applied to things like district heating. Clearly, there’s a wealth of

want to help us with finding solutions? Then join us at the

smart and savvy ideas!

semi-annual Members Meeting at the Novotel Amsterdam.

experiments are underway with roads that actually generate

Representatives from the municipality, NS and GVB will also Hans Schoorl, control services coordinator at VU Amsterdam

be on hand to answer questions. Hello Zuidas will be organi-

“Even though I live in Volendam, I still cycle to work every day.

zing the discussion, and we’ll round off with a drinks party.

That’s a very conscious choice. In this way, I am able to combine commuting with cardio training and as a result I’m in good shape. My bike ride also gives me the time to puzzle over things that are bothering me and get some headspace. I can recommend it to everyone!”


When: Monday 15 February 2016, from 3:30pm Register before 11 February by sending an email to (members only)


Get your business mobility moving! The economy is on the upswing again. That’s great news for your business, but inevitably this also entails more hassle for you and your staff. Gridlock: it’s back in full force, with traffic jams in the region gone up 70% this past November, as compared to the previous year. And the outlook for next year isn’t much better, with a forecast 45% increase in travel delays. To top it off, work on the A10 motorway will exacerbate congestion even more!



Lots of companies already offer employees a good range

Interested to learn how you can effectively influence travel

of options for when and how to commute to work.

behaviour and achieve this win-win situation? Come to

But that’s not to say employees are fully aware of these

ALD Automotive’s Mobility Experience Centre in Hoofddorp,

possibilities, or are actually willing to make use of them.

which is scheduled for Wednesday 17 February from 3pm to

A common case in point is the distribution of public

6pm. Syndesmo and Breinbereiders will tell you

transport passes among personnel, who then tend to

everything there is to know about ‘Mobility and

use them only intermittently.

the functioning of the brain’. This session is free of charge and offers a wealth of insights.

‘Changing the way you travel means you’ve got to adjust your own internal autopilot. It’s useful to understand what this means to you personally, and, more importantly, what it entails for the organization’

‘It’s refreshing and inspiring to discover how other employers are influencing travel behaviour’, said one participant.

REGISTER NOW! Register with Syndesmo by sending an email to:

– Jacintha Moesker, Policy & Innovation Specialist at Enexis

Syndesmo gets your mobility moving. They’ve already


advised companies like Siemens, Robeco, Alliander,

By shifting your focus from facilities to influencing the travel

Enexis and Albron modernize their mobility policies.

behaviour of your staff, you can create a win-win situation. Employees will forego the car more often and opt instead for

030 – 25 23 929

facilities in which you’ve invested, such as a bicycle scheme,

public transport passes or car-sharing. Plus, this also benefits

your accessibility and environmental objectives.



Never stop discussing the relationship between quality and functionality Angela Nijland & Ruud Bergh

Ruud Bergh was the long-time director of the SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company). He has a near 40-year career in area development. The sheer size of the Schiphol grounds requires a major focus on accessibility and infrastructure, as Ruud well knows. The last three years Ruud has been active as Chairman of the “Taskforce Bereikbaarheid Zuidas” (Zuidas Accessibility Taskforce). Angela Nijland is Board Secretary of the Taskforce and the Mobility project leader at the Hello Zuidas foundation. Therefore she is closely involved in all local mobility issues. We talked with Ruud and Angela about their views on mobility developments in Zuidas. Why is it crucial for companies to join the discussion

How and when people get in and out of Zuidas cannot be

about accessibility in Zuidas?

steered by the authorities. Local employers and employees

Ruud: ‘Zuidas is an area in transformation. Alongside new offices,

decide when and how they commute from home to the office

many residential buildings will be constructed. During the same

and back. The Taskforce addresses our Zuidas Tragedy of the

period the area will also be affected by the realization of Zuidasdok.

Commons: our individual preference to go by car, which leads to

All those developments will put a strain on accessibility.

our collective problem of jammed traffic.’

Engaging companies taps into a bigger flow of ideas on how to

Angela: ‘Employers can facilitate certain alternatives to boost

keep the area accessible. The government is responsible

accessibility. For example, by creating workplace flexibility.

for adequate infrastructure, but people who live in or near Zuidas,

By enabling staff to start and leave work before or after rush hour,

or work at local businesses are the ones that make use of it.

they can also help reduce road congestion. This is something in



the Taskforce is a sparring partner in thinking about area development. We’re still awaiting the North-South metro line, along with the expansion of Amsterdam Zuid station and the underground rerouting of the motorway. Each of these projects have a major impact on mobility. In 10 to 15 years, we’ll be able to see a clear relationship between area quality and functionality. It’s crucial that we continue to discuss this relationship, and the Taskforce is an excellent body for that discussion.’ Angela: ‘The Taskforce has already committed to the “Beter Benutten” programme, in which the national and regional authorities and business community have teamed up to improve road, rail and waterway access to the country’s busiest regions. This ties in very well with the aims we’re pursuing in the Taskforce. This programme combines all sorts of initiatives focussed on bike and public transport. As the Taskforce we focus on employers. We discuss alternatives in terms of mobility and we offer a mobility scan that gives companies an added push to start shaping their mobility policies.’ Which companies join forces in the Taskforce? Ruud: ‘The Taskforce is constituted by companies like ABN AMRO, Amsterdam RAI, CBRE/ WTC Amsterdam, ORAM, VU Amsterdam and VUmc. These companies work alongside the municipality and the Zuidasdok project organization. The Taskforce is adding new members. Large companies which organizations can be a major help.’

like Deloitte, AkzoNobel, Houthoff Buruma and Accenture

Ruud: ‘In the Taskforce we share knowledge and expertise

will join us in 2016.’

concerning mobility policy.’ Have steps already been taken, or it is still too early? What is the added value of having a Taskforce?

Angela: ‘The Taskforce proved to be helpful in creating an early

Ruud: ‘The Taskforce was set up to articulate the shared goals of

encounter between municipality and businesses, therefore plans

companies, developers and national and municipal authorities.

change for the better. Together with the municipality the Taskforce

The Taskforce meets monthly to discuss the impact of develop-

is commissioning a range of traffic studies and complementary

ment of Zuidas on accessibility. The Taskforce advises local

research to monitor and analyze the accessibility of the area.

government in an early phase about development plans and

The results of those studies form the basis of our working plan.’

helps prioritize accessibility measures, like new infrastructure.’ Angela: ‘The Taskforce applies a covenant under which participants have to commit to a set of agreements relating to mobility. We make sure that issues raised during the meetings also be

If you want to know more about the Mobility Taskforce

followed up. Both sides – companies as well as the municipality –

Zuidas, please contact Angela at

really have to join forces to come up with solutions.’

or 020-333.74.41

Ruud: ‘Aside from advising about practical measures,

Text Romy Lange in cooperation with Fleur Venner | Photography Wouter van Ierssel




Amsterdam business community invests in accessible and economically strong region The Amsterdam metropolitan area has to deal with the

this represents an enormous expense for employers.

biggest traffic congestion of any region in the Netherlands.

Despite efforts made to improve infrastructure in the region,

With the economy improving and infrastructural projects

businesses in and around Amsterdam have to be aware that

in the works, traffic demand on motorways and junctions in

their accessibility – at least in the short term – will not improve

the region, including Zuidas, are set to increase further in

without additional effort. BREIKERS can help them implement

the years ahead.

targeted measures that will contribute to more effective commuting by their employees.

That’s precisely why the employers’ organizations VNO-NCW Metropool Amsterdam and ORAM have decided to join forces

What do you mean by ‘effective commuting’?

and start a new initiative, called BREIKERS. BREIKERS’

What it doesn’t mean is that people have to stop using their

primary objective is to build and maintain an accessible

cars. That wouldn’t be realistic. Rather, it means employees

and economically strong region. Henk Markerink, CEO of

should start thinking about the smartest way to get to their job.

Amsterdam Arena, is heading the project and explains its

Whether by car, train or bike. Or by working at home.

plans for the future. Why this initiative, and why now? The average person working in this region spends around 55 hours a year stuck in traffic jams. Needless to say,


‘BREIKERS wants to help companies get ahead of the game’


‘Mobility and accessibility will always be essential for an economically strong region’ Henk Markerink, CEO of Amsterdam Arena

What can BREIKERS do for employers? BREIKERS doesn’t tell companies what measures they should

far as the construction of new offices and infrastructure goes.

and shouldn’t take. We’re here to support companies that already

People who commute to Zuidas will have to deal with some

have plans to promote effective commuting. We want to help them

delays in the least. We can help businesses by co-financing

get ahead of the game. In a smart way – by connecting them with

their plans for effective commuting. And we can share solutions

experts in mobility and behaviour and by sharing knowledge

that have already proved successful in other regions.

and best practices through an online portal. Also, we can cofinance specific measures they want to implement through

What would make BREIKERS a success?

the BREIKERS mobility fund. Companies that are just getting

In the next two years we want to work with at least 400

started can request an analysis and some advice on their

regional companies in order to boost effective commuting

current situation. Above all, we ensure their issues and ideas

among their employees. But, that said, we’re in for the long

are shared with relevant local stakeholders. We connect

run. Mobility and accessibility will always be essential to an

everyone involved, from the municipality of Amsterdam and

economically strong region. It’s up to the business community

Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management

to actively take part in this effort, now and in the future.

(Rijkswaterstaat) to the province of Noord-Holland. What can BREIKERS do for companies in Zuidas?

Want to learn more about BREIKERS?

Zuidas is facing some very dynamic and challenging years, as




Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new members COMPANY RBAN SALAD SECTOR SALAD BAR NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 35 Link with Zuidas: Following the success of our salad bar in Amsterdam Zuidoost (near Bijlmer Arena station) in early 2016, we’ll be opening a new location in Zuidas and at Utrecht Central Station. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As a business operating in Zuidas, we feel it’s important to be part of the community. We see this as a way to help make Zuidas a great place to live and work.

COMPANY OVG REAL ESTATE SECTOR REAL ESTATE, INVESTMENTS NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 40 Link with Zuidas: OVG Real Estate is the developer of the world’s most sustainable office building – The Edge – right here in Zuidas, where it also has its own offices. Besides, OVG Real Estate is the owner of Olympic Plaza on Frederik Roeskestraat and was recently selected by the Municipality of Amsterdam to develop Ravel on Plot P15. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As part of the Zuidas community, it’s important to us to keep abreast of area developments, and we want to use our membership to contribute to a pleasant working and living environment in Zuidas.

COMPANY GENTLEMEN’S PLACE SECTOR MEN’S FASHION NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 4 Link with Zuidas: Gentlemen’s Place opened in Zuidas in October 2015, on Arnold Schönberglaan. Customers can schedule an appointment at Gentlemen’s Place 24/7. We offer personalized advice served up with a drink from our in-store open bar, and we deliver free of charge throughout Zuidas. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: This is a valuable network consisting of active employers and members, and Gentlemen’s Place is eager to support the shared goal of raising Zuidas to an even higher level!

COMPANY ZUIDASDOK SECTOR PUBLIC-SECTOR ORGANIZATION NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 70 Link with Zuidas: The Zuidasdok project is working to maximize access to Zuidas by road and rail by widening the A10 motorway and redirecting part of it underground, modernizing Amsterdam Zuid station into a train, tram, bus and metro transport hub and by redesigning public spaces. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Zuidasdok is a long-term project in Zuidas. Building in XXXXXX

this centre of international business is particularly challenging, because the area has to retain its appeal during construction works. Good relations with local businesses and residents are important to us, and


being a member of Hello Zuidas will enable us to build that relationship together.


Link with Zuidas: We’ve been established on the fringes of Zuidas on De Boelelaan for ten years and are now moving to a location in the heart of Zand by the Vivaldi quarter. Many of our clients are also based in


Zuidas, so we’re sure to feel at home in no time. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: There are still lots of changes ahead for Zuidas. With our experience as an area user, and based on our professional expertise, we feel we can make a worthwhile contribution to the district’s development as an attractive residential and work location.





Hello Zuidas

Everywhere you turn in Zuidas, there are opportunities to add more life and colour to the area. The municipality of Amsterdam

of life is something you create with fellow players in the field,

has surveyed these opportunities and is working out plans to

not while sitting at a desk.

connect people and resources in and around Zuidas to tap this potential in the coming years. Local as well as market

Residents, visitors, employees, employers, the municipality,

parties in Zuidas are being approached via various channels

local higher education institutions and hospitals are all stake-

to help invest in this effort.

holders and can all play an active and proactive role in this programme. Leef Zuidas is what we make it.

This new programme, called Leef Zuidas (Zuidas Life), is set to grease the wheels of a wide array of projects aimed at the

All suggestions, ideas and partners are welcome!

development of area activities, initiatives and facilities. Quality



MEMO BOARD MOTEL ONE, A SUSTAINABLE FIRST IN HOLLAND The German Motel One chain has opened its first Dutch location in Zuidas. The hotel scores high marks for sustainability, having been awarded a BREEAM Excellent certificate for features including rooftop solar collectors and heating boilers. ZZDP architects and Cradle of Development (COD) were responsible for the building’s realization.

MARTINE GRÜNDEMAN OF G&S NAMED REAL ESTATE WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2015 At the autumn meeting of DWIRE, Martine Gründeman, head of commerce at G&S Vastgoed, was named Real Estate Woman of the Year 2015. This award is presented to women working in the real estate sector, who have made an exceptional or creative contribution to the Dutch property market. The jury lauded Martine for her creativity, determination and dedication to results.

NEW PRINSES IRENESTRAAT BRIDGE OPEN! Following various works in Beatrixpark, including the removal and relocation of trees and the installation of cables and pipes, the Prinses Irene bridge has finally opened. The works started in early 2015 and the bridge was completed in late November. Flower bulbs, shrubbery and perennials are still being planted to make sure the park looks its best come springtime.

RAVEL RESIDENCE NOMINATED FOR ZUIDERKERK PRIZE Each year, the municipality of Amsterdam awards the Zuiderkerk Prize to the architect and commissioning client of the best residential building project. The judging criteria include the architecture, urban building, its materialization, programme and sustainability. Other nominees are Blok 0 by Atelier PUUUR and De Tandwielenfabriek. Ravel Residence opened in 2015 and is a modern building complex of independent student flats with private kitchens and bathrooms.

MARCH/APRIL ISSUE OF HELLO ZUIDAS: PROPERTY SPECIAL The March/April issue of Hello Zuidas will include a special feature on Property. If you would like to contribute, send an email to:


E-mail your memo’s to

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Hello Zuidas #23


Hello Zuidas #23