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Frederieke Leeflang, BOEKEL

‘The transitions have tested us and made us stronger’

Recruitment Special

Achieving more with less will be key

MUMS OF ZUIDAS They join the fight for infant health WEBSTER UNIVERSITY ‘Cybercrime hits your organization where it hurts’ THE AMTRIUM A distinctive building connecting the city with Zuidas



Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas

All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy I’m glad the summer holidays are over.

So sign up your colleagues and start training!

Even working in a corporate setting where

Also in Zuidas this autumn, De Nieuwe Poort is

people can’t take off weeks on end, the season

celebrating its second anniversary, Rob Peetoom

brings a noticeable lull to Zuidas. It’s time to stir

is opening a new salon and you’ll see nine

things up again and say farewell to those dog

distinguished mothers of Zuidas campaigning

days of summer!

for the Gezond Geboren foundation.

In a now annual tradition, Hello Zuidas

One of them is Frederieke Leeflang, featured on the

closed the summer with a wonderful concert

cover. In this issue’s interview, she tells us about the

organized as part of the Grachtenfestival on

new BOEKEL and how the law firm is redefining its

the terrace of Loyens & Loeff, getting the new

operations under CEO Marien Glerum.

season off to a resounding start. The months ahead have plenty more great events in store

Alongside articles on a wide mix of topics,

here in Zuidas. With the Suits & Stilettos Run

this issue also contains a special Recruitment

having gained a firm foothold in the Dutch

feature, including an interview with an intrepid


business calendar, a new winter version is

24-year-old entrepreneur.

The next issue of Hello

being organized this October with the first-ever SkiBoot Run.

Zuidas is scheduled for

Happy reading!

the 2nd of November

Construction never goes without inconvenience. Noise, dust and vibrations are all familiar grounds for complaint. And site barriers and building equipment don’t exactly enhance the view. In its own modest way, Hello Zuidas is doing its best to put a creative twist on the disruption. In the months ahead, everyone exiting the station on Mahlerplein will come face to face with a conveyor belt set up to remove sand from the site and supply cement for the construction of the underground bicycle park. Hello Zuidas has commissioned set designer Bas Peeperkorn to wrap it in a 2x24 metre painting of cyclists pedalling over a cloudscape. We hope this ‘packaging’ will appeal to you, and maybe even inspire you to cycle to work a bit more often. Olivier Otten, managing director of Hello Zuidas


14.OOO M2 l.f.A. Offices fOr reNt Planned start construction: Q4 2015

NoMA House is the new office building on the corner of Parnassusweg and Gustav Mahlerlaan. it has everything that today’s demanding office workers could possibly need. the building provides plenty of space to meet and co-operate and offers a comfortable and productive working environment. furthermore, NoMA House is extremely energy efficient and flexible so that new layout concepts can be easily realised when needed. the design and construction of NoMA House is based on the BreeAM excellent standard. tram 5 to Amsterdam central station stops just around the corner, and station Zuid (Amsterdam south station) is diagonally opposite the building. NoMA House is very easy to spot from all directions and marks the entrance to ZuidAs, Amsterdam’s international Business District. NoMA House is an initiative of

NoMA House is an initiative of

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06. Trending Topics 07. Under Construction 08. Frederieke Leeflang - BOEKEL ‘The transitions have tested us and made us stronger’ 12. Property 15. Column - Ruben van Zwieten Who is going to grow up in Zuidas? 16. Hello Zuidas | Public Space Got a minute? 18. Making way for Zuidasdok 20. Finance 23. Amsterdam Rivers apartments 24. Hello Zuidas | Sustainability The Amtrium 26. Mums of Zuidas join the fight for infant health! 29. Kroll Ontrack A new company in Zuidas 30. Hello Zuidas | Agenda 34. Hello You 35. ‘Cybercrime hits your organization where it hurts’ 36. Hello Zuidas | Mobility Zuidas steps up services for cyclists 39. Klik&Klaar A unique workplace solution for business 40. Hello You 41. Europe’s first university business programme for General Counsel 43. Casual dining with class at De Kersentuin on Apollolaan 44. There’s no business like snowbusiness 46. Recruitment Special 49. TopJobs 50. OTSO 53. Saro Recruitment 55. Memo board 56. Hello Zuidas | New Members

With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.



#Trending topics ARCADIS NEDERLAND @ARCADISNL Bespaar energie en geld door slim vervoersmanagement. Seminar 22 sept #Zuidas #DGBW2015 • FAMILIE BOFKONT @FAMILIEBOFKONT Hangen - zitten - liggen bij de Roze Lummels in Bofkontbos #Zuidas: • LEON BLIJD@FOODSAAM Met nieuw in het assortiment. Falafel wrap met quinoasalade, gegrilde groenten en home made humus. #zuidas #lekkeretenopstraat #foodtruck • GWEN @GWENNY Euhm.. Zeg.. Kent iemand de hakken/pakken race? Of is dit echt alleen een Zuid-As dingetje? • DENNIS HOMPES @DJHOMPES Gaan jullie ook slapen @DePolitieheli of blijven jullie nog een tijd cirkelen boven de #Zuidas #Amsterdam • ZUIDAS AMSTERDAM @ZUIDASAMSTERDAM De ZuidasCup wordt gespeeld bij @afc_amsterdam! Welk #Zuidas bedrijf kan het beste voetballen? • ZUIDAS AMSTERDAM @ZUIDASAMSTERDAM Bij participantenmeeting van @hellozuidas worden dromen voor Zuidas genoemd: fontein, rooftop bar en zwembad, strand aan de Boelegracht! • WILLEM DE VOCHT @WILLEM_DEVOCHT Bijpraten over de #bankierseed en #corporate #governance bij #Mizuho Bank in @ZuidasAmsterdam • MIRIAM BOEKHOUT @MEIBOEKHOUT Was weer even leuk om op de #Zuidas te zijn. Lekker sfeertje! • ROBIN FRANSMAN @RF_HFC Nieuwbouw Koopwoningen ZuidAs. Uitverkocht. • MB  @MBINAMSTERDAM Zodadelijk een meeting voor @StopTheTraffik_ op de zuidas! • CYNTHIA @CHEZ_CYNTHIA Fijne zomerdag allemaal! Ook als je binnen aan het werk bent. #zomer #Zuidas • ABDELHAK BELKASMI @ABDELHAKB “Before I die” wall op de Zuidas #020Zuid. Wat zou jij invullen? • GRAND CAFÉ MAHLER @MAHLERGRANDCAFE Deze Social Friday geniet je bij ons van heerlijk helder Heineken! Tot vanmiddag! #socialfriday #zuidas • JE VRIEND CHRIS @JEVRIENDCHRIS Sta ook eens stil bij al die Zuidas boys die alleen op vrijdag een spijkerbroek mogen dragen. #pantalonregime #casualfriday • THE TAILORMATES  @THETAILORMATES The TailorMates is dé specialist voor maatwerk op de Zuidas. Geen standaard pakken die we vermaken maar maatwerk volgens Italiaanse traditie • FLIP_SWITCH @FLIP_SWITCH Ik werk op de zuidas en voordat ik doodga wil ik.. mijn collega’s omleggen - Geintje... • 1001PORTAILS NL @1001PTSNL Ken je die van dat epische farmaduel op de Zuidas? (Dat ging niet door) (




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UNDER CONSTRUCTION THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE DEVELOPMENTS IN ZUIDAS Nobody who frequents Zuidas can fail to notice the work being carried out in local public spaces. The people responsible for making things run smoothly, perform an often superhuman task and mostly remain invisible into the bargain. Take for instance Peter van Oerle of Ingenieurs Bureau Amsterdam: ‘At the moment, I’m working on several projects at once. Works on the Gustav Mahlerlaan are one of them. I’m also supervising the construction of Buitenveldertsegracht alongside the VU campus, as well as the installation of drainage systems for the Van der Boechorststraat and Amstelveenseweg. Our aim is to maintain a high quality work level when we install electrical, water and gas mains. We make sure to resurface the pavement area flawlessly, without creating too much inconvenience to the public. Here in Zuidas people expect you to stick to a schedule, and rightly so.’

WORKS ON FREDERIK ROESKESTRAAT Frederik Roeskestraat is gearing up for big changes,


now that construction of the two new Zuidas office

With plans for 3,000 new bike parking spots, more green land-

locations – The Pavilion and Telesto – has recently

scaping and plenty of pleasant areas to relax, Gustav Mahlerplein

started off. Project leader Charlotte Rietdijk explains,

is on the eve of a huge makeover. According to project manager

‘Frederik Roeskestraat is known mostly for its schools.

Elian Ineke, ‘The street scenery will be totally transformed,

With its transformation into a street that is home to both

with the addition of 23 large trees and natural stone seating.

office and residential buildings, it will become a more

The construction phase is about to start up and will be completed

integrated part of Zuidas’. Major changes will coincide with

by July 2016.’ All possible measures are taken to limit disruptions.

the construction of 177 apartments, and the building of

A large part of the square will be reopened from February

a temporary entrance to the Amsterdam District Court.

onwards and the entire area will remain accessible throughout

‘It’s set to become a genuine mixed-use street,’ says Rietdijk.

all of the works. Besides this, we can suppress the noise to a minimum level by pressing in the sheet pile walls and drilling in the piles.’ ABN AMRO will expand its own premises with a new

To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website:

pavilion that opens out onto the square. The pavilion will serve Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive

as a general meeting space with a selection of restaurants open

the Zuidas Newsletter, on If you have any tips

to the public. Meeting and conference rooms will be created

for the editorial team, email them to:

sublevel and the rooftop will feature a public terrace.

Text Romy Lange


Frederieke Leeflang


‘The transitions have tested us and made us stronger’ The past few months have been a whirlwind for the BOEKEL law firm (formerly Boekel De Nerée). There was the introduction of a new performance-based remuneration model, the appointment of a CEO and the simultaneous departure of several partners and lawyers for other firms. Frederieke Leeflang, former managing partner at BOEKEL, will be stepping down from the board of directors this month to refocus on her competition law practice. The board was responsible for initiating and implementing all recent changes: ‘A law firm is a company like any other, and companies need change to stay healthy. These transitions have tested us and made us stronger. BOEKEL is back and it’s better than ever – a cohesive company with a shared vision and focus.’ BOEKEL just closed a turbulent chapter in its

thinking of leaving Zuidas. Regus just took over a part of our

history, during which you saw a host of changes.

lease contract and will share the main entrance on the Gustav

What has this period been like for you?

Mahlerplein with BOEKEL. In spite of the turbulent period and

‘Certainly not a negative one in any way. Everything that

all the changes that happened, my predominant feeling is

happened needed to happen, in my view. Changes are always

respect for all the staff members and lawyers who rallied

difficult to set into motion. For us, it entailed a long process

around BOEKEL. They put their shoulders to the wheel

leading up to the conclusion that we had to take some drastic

and kept pushing ahead.’

steps. For one thing, we have to keep pace with the modern digital world. At the same time, competition among law firms is

The firm will introduce a new remuneration model.

really fierce and we needed to restructure things to allow young

How exactly does it work?

talent more opportunities for advancement, to name an example.

‘Lots of people were dissatisfied with the old model, which was

Ideally, what you want is a mixture of youth and wisdom:

based on how long you had worked for the company. That made

expertise mixed with young talent. That’s one major step that

it difficult for younger lawyers to advance. In the new remuneration

BOEKEL has now taken.’

model, the focus lies on rewarding performance. Collaboration, quality and solidarity are all crucial factors. This particular

Was this process of change set in motion before

model is designed to be transparent and verifiable. It will set a

or after staff and partners started leaving?

bandwidth of expected performance that’s well within reach for

‘The changes were already afoot. You have to think long and

any partner delivering good work, and it provides our younger

hard about how to conquer the crisis and prepare for the future.

partners with a target. Ultimately, we should all be working

Boekel had to get its cost base and organisation in order,

from the same mindset.’

and the process to get to that point takes at least two years. And, yes, part of that process is that some of the staff and

BOEKEL has appointed Marien Glerum as CEO.

partners leave, and that new partners come on board. We used

In what way does a law firm benefit from having a CEO?

to think of a partnership as a long-term arrangement, but I see

‘I am very pleased that Marien is now appointed as CEO.

it differently now. Of course you’re loathe to part with people

Because of his background, Marien is able to give us an

who have contributed so much to the firm over so many years,

economist’s perspective on how to run an organization like ours.

but in the end it was for the best. It gave us room to change

He has acquired lots of experience working in the legal sector;

and the experience has made us stronger.’

he is well aware of the fact that it’s a professional service, which is essential. The relationships with partners are important

Did you have to deal with many questions

too. If you’ve got a board of directors that’s made up solely of prac-

from outside the company?

titioners, those relationships may fall out of balance. Whereas now,

‘Unfortunately, there were a lot of negative reports about us;

with the CEO making proposals, decision-making authority is turned

that was when the darker side of Zuidas, as we learned,

around and vested in someone capable. Incidentally, more firms

revealed itself. There was never any question that our firm was

are currently introducing this type of structure.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde | Make-up artist Ruth Jansen, Phisage


Frederieke Leeflang

You’re stepping down from BOEKEL’s board of

nanny or kindergarten is still preferable to a stressed-out parent.

directors. Why didn’t you want to renew your term?

I want to show young women that, yes, it is possible. You can hold

‘I was serving on the board while also heading my own practice.

an executive position and at the same time make a difference as

With everything that happened, it was a challenging and intense

both a woman and a mother. I’d love for this country to break out

period, and after having fulfilled a dual role for so many years,

of that part-time mentality.’

I felt it was time to refocus on my own law practice. Now that we’ve made the permanent step in appointing a CEO, there will

What will Zuidas be like in the future?

be less of a burden on lawyers serving on the board, so it will

‘I’ve always said that even in Zuidas we still have a long way to

be easier for them to continue their practice at the same time.

go. Everyone here has a part to play in that respect and embrace

And most important, a change of management is healthy.

sustainability and social involvement. BOEKEL as much as any

With Wendela Raas als my proposed successor, I know the

other company. By taking part in initiatives such as Gezond

position is in capable hands.’

Geboren [read more about this on page 26, ed.], Zuidas is starting to shoulder its social responsibility. We’ve got to take

You’ve been with BOEKEL more than 20 years now

more of an interest in smaller initiatives – and there are so many

and have climbed to the very top. However, you’ve also

of them out there! BOEKEL is one of the prominent players in

said that it is tough for Dutch women to achieve

Zuidas and we have to do more to set the example. I think

such a position, because of the pervasive part-time

Zuidas as a whole is a great concept. The area has undergone

employment culture in this country. Why is that?

tremendous changes over the years and there’s plenty more to

‘The part-time culture is definitely very strong here. As soon as

come. I’ve seen it go from a mud pit to a booming hotspot with

you become a mother, the general assumption is that you’ll

some incredible architecture. It has become a great place to

start working less. And when a woman is pregnant, the first

work. All five days of the week, mind you!’

reaction is always along the lines of, ‘So, you’ll probably want to cut down your hours now?’ I believe this is a decision every

• Frederieke Leeflang joined BOEKEL in 1994.

woman should make for herself. I don’t think it’s something

• She has been a partner at the firm since 1 January 2002.

that should be expected or assumed as a matter of course.

• Between January 1998 and March 1999, Frederieke held

If you really want to build a career, you’ve simply got to work

a temporary post at the Netherlands Authority for

full-time. And that’s by no means as difficult as people would

Consumers and Markets (ACM), where she gained

have you believe. I too collect my son from football training,

extensive experience of Dutch competition law.

yet I still work five days a week. Of course, there are times when

• The main focus of her practice is on advising and

I feel overwhelmed and wonder how I can possibly fit all of it into

representing business clients and employers’

my schedule, but it’s a choice you make. You can talk yourself

associations in legal proceedings before the ACM,

into this idea that working full time does not benefit the children

the European Commission and the civil courts.

or that your nanny isn’t up to the task, but I’m convinced that a




















hair + make-up


Property SOURCE: PROPERTYNL.COM Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:


Spring: Zuidas frontrunner in Spring Real Estate survey

Office shortage in Zuidas

ZUIDAS - Despite high vacancy levels and rock-bottom

stable over the past 12 months, but popular locations like

prices, when compared to the national average, there’s no

Zuidas, the city centre and Schiphol Airport are having a hard

such thing as a poor office location in Amsterdam.

time keeping up with demand, whereas the reverse is true at

Five locations boast absolute ‘core’ (top) status,

other locations, according to a survey conducted by real estate

with Zuidas in the lead, according to the Office Market

consultancy Colliers. In the heart of Zuidas office availability

Outlook, which is published twice a year by Spring

is especially limited, whereas options for office space abound

Real Estate. The consultancy analysed 20 office

in areas like Hoofddorp, Amsterdam Zuidoost and Amsterdam

locations in the Amsterdam region by comparing vacancy

West. In Europe, Amsterdam ranks third after Moscow and

and net rent levels there with the national average.

Paris in terms of availability of large office spaces.

ZUIDAS - Office availability in the Amsterdam region has been

OVG opens office in The Edge ZUIDAS - On 1 August property developer OVG Real Estate

Albert Heijn opens store on Gustav Mahlerlaan

opened an office at The Edge in Zuidas. Developed by OVG

ZUIDAS - Ahold has signed a lease agreement to open

itself and with Deloitte as its main tenant, the new building

a neighbourhood store on the ground floor of the

officially opened at the end of May. OVG Real Estate is leasing

Intermezzo apartment building in Zuidas. Construction

approximately 850 m in The Edge from Deka Immobilien,

of Intermezzo, offering 174 rental and owner-occupied

the German investment company that acquired the building

apartments, started in December 2014 and is slated to

last year. OVG Real Estate is currently headquartered in the

take around two and a half years. The new Albert Heijn

Las Palmas Penthouse on Rotterdam’s Wilhelmina pier,

is expected to open in early 2017.


where it will continue to maintain a smaller office in the historic building that it redeveloped in 2007. In addition to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, OVG Real Estate also has offices in Berlin.

Van der Valk hotel at the edge of Zuidas ZUIDAS - The Bavinckstaete office building has been purchased by the Dutch hotel chain Van der Valk, which will be converting it into a hotel. Located at Professor Bavincklaan 5 in Amstelveen at the edge of Zuidas, Bavinckstaete has a floor area of approximately 11,000 m2. Currently the premises are still in use as an office, but Amstelveen has already granted planning permission for a hotel, and the new owner intends to start the conversion shortly. According to the Land Registry Office, the Apeldoorn-based Van der Valk Investments paid â‚Ź 4.7 million for the office block, which offers good connections to Zuidas, downtown Amstelveen and the motorways to Utrecht, The Hague and Schiphol Airport.

Photography Ingrid Arnou




Who is going to grow up in Zuidas? In the course of any friendly conversation, people may ask you:

for barbecue parties, or simply borrowing a drill or that missing

‘so, where did you grow up?’ Briefly, images of your native city

half of a salad server. And for families, it’s all about a green,

or town, neighbourhood, street or even your childhood home,

quiet street and ample living space.

may crystallize in your mind’s eye... Let’s imagine then, that someone is born in a home somewhere in Zuidas this

Could you live in a place that has a predominantly nine-to-five

autumn. In 2035, on turning 20 and going off to university,

existence? In London’s City, you could fire a canon during the

a classmate will ask him that very question and he’ll answer:

weekends and there’d hardly be anyone to notice. In Manhattan,

‘I grew up in Zuidas. We lived on the eighth floor of the 900

skyscrapers make up a patchwork of offices and flats.

Mahler Tower. How about you?’ So how heterogeneous could Zuidas become? There’s no point Many outsiders will still perceive Zuidas as a soulless financial

in predicting the future, but you can try imagining it. Picture this

district. It’s not exactly the first location people think of when

as an everyday street scene in future Zuidas: a group of young

looking for a warm and welcoming home. And the urban

professionals, still slightly unaccustomed to wearing suits,

high-rises certainly don’t emanate any familiar ‘Dutchness’.

mill around the square; they glance at two backpacked students

Working in Zuidas is one thing, but living there?

engaged in a heated discussion, while a mother on a carrier bicycle overflowing with kids shoots past, overtaken on the

The idea of home is basically an emotion. A place either feels

left by a by a red invacar with a speedy senior behind the wheel.

like home, or it doesn’t. Dutch people want to experience a

With such an image on their minds, more people may one day

sense of community in their neighbourhood. Getting together

wish to say: actually, I was born and raised in Zuidas.

Ruben van Zwieten (b. 1983) is a minister and the founder of De Nieuwe Poort on Claude Debussylaan – a café-restaurant, workspace, cultural and social enterprise all rolled into one. With a portfolio of fitness-for-the-spirit subscriptions for employers, he coaches Dutch executives in reflecting on their lives, work and involvement with society. Besides being a member of the Dutch banking code monitoring committee and a columnist for the Dutch financial daily Financieele Dagblad, he is also a popular speaker and event chair. Ruben is married and lives in Amsterdam.

Ruben van Zwieten



Got a minute? Have you discovered the Foodtrucks yet?

Enjoy street food at various spots across Zuidas! In late June, a pilot was launched with a small fleet of Foodtrucks driving around various parts of town, Zuidas included. Their routes take them past the last stops of tram lines 16 and 24, EY and Spaces. Additionally, two Food Containers have taken on a permanent station on the VU University Amsterdam campus. Hello Zuidas talked to a few of the enterprising foodies currently serving up lunch, small bites, drinks and more! For further information, visit ondernemen/markt-straathandel/pilot-voedselwagens/

HEALTHY FOODIEZ, ELIFE AND LINDSEY’S TRUCK DRIVES AROUND THE CITY AND ZUIDAS Lindsey: ‘We use a slow juicer to cold press juices in three different colours, packed with different ingredients like ginger and spinach and combined with all sorts of fruit. We also offer protein boxes for a fitness boost. The carbohydrates we use are rice or quinoa, paired with veggies and protein in the form of beef, chicken or feta cheese.’ Elife: ‘We don’t use dressing, but can add hummus to spice up the flavour. Everything is homemade and everything is fresh. And very reasonably priced too!’

DELI LAMA, FLEUR’S TRUCK DRIVES AROUND THE CITY AND ZUIDAS Fleur: ‘My fascination with Indonesia inspired me to run a Foodtruck specializing in delicious Asian dishes. The menu changes regularly and on it you may find a variety of meals and tasty sandwiches. I love food and cooking, and I ‘ve collected lots of recipes in the course of my travels. Driving a truck took a bit of getting used to, but it’s not really all that difficult. Thanks to the built-in sat nav we can always figure out where we are.’


Want to join in the discussion? Send an email to:

PUBLIC SPACE VRIJ VOEDSEL VAN DE LAURIER, ZOË’S TRUCK DRIVES AROUND THE CITY AND ZUIDAS Zoë: ‘I started my own cooking studio 20 years ago and mainly do catering for festival staff as they rush around behind the scenes. My mission is to provide healthy nourishment for everyone. That means I cook gluten, lactose and allergen-free. I also only use socially responsible products, which is becoming important to a lot more people. Our menu includes a delicious Super Soup made with lentils and liquorice, nachos served with a green tomato salsa, and wraps. And our cheesecake is well on its way to becoming famous!’

HONEST GRILL, LODEWIJK’S CONTAINER @ THE VU CAMPUS Lodewijk: ‘This campus is a beehive of activity all day long and it’s fun to be a part of student life. Most students order my Black Angus Beef Burger, but I also grill up other things, like vegetarian bites and beef tenderloin sandwiches. Last year I ran my stand on Gustav Mahlerplein, so this is a nice change of scenery. The campus is becoming more and more of a hub for people to meet.’

STEWART & SALLY, RUTGER’S CONTAINER @ THE VU CAMPUS Rutger: ‘We sell seasonal stews and salads. Naturally, all the ingredients are fresh and we work with a diverse range of vegetables. Our soups, smoothies and wraps are popular sellers, and there’s also the option of putting together your own meal. This is our first year on the campus, and it’s been great so far! We completely refurbished the container to get this new season off to a fresh start and hope to serve lots of people from Zuidas!’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jesse Kraal



Making way for Zuidasdok Herman Groot & Charlotte Bakker



The Zuidasdok project organization has been laying the groundwork to enable the principal building contractor to get off to a flying start. A series of measures in Zuidas will make sure that the site is construction-ready and the area will be equipped for the future. Back in 2012, the Department of Public Works and Water

‘In the case of the Vijfhoek park at the top of Minervalaan,

Management (Rijkswaterstaat), ProRail and the City of

we met with the community to talk about temporary options

Amsterdam, which together form the Zuidasdok project

for parking 2,000 bikes, and the way to combine all this with

organization, already agreed that complex measures necessary

new landscaping activities. But it turns out that in the course

to facilitate the construction of Zuidasdok had to be done

of the discussion an underground bike parking facility with an

and dusted before the principal contractor goes to work in 2017.

even greater capacity would possibly be a much more effective

The project would be guided by two basic rules: the chosen

solution in the long run. Now we’re assessing the financial and

solution had to be long-term and it had to tie in with more

spatial feasibility.’

general area objectives. For Zuidas, it spells a win-win situation.


Whichever way you look at it, it’s a question of sitting down

The project preparation works for Zuidasdok span a variety of

with local agencies to see what can be done within the

subprojects both small and large. More than 20 are marked on

existing parameters. Apart from Zuidas and other municipal

project manager Herman Groot’s map, including two car parks

organizations like GVB, those agencies include the Amstel,

underneath and next to the current A10 motorway. They’ve got

Gooi en Vecht water board and grid managers Alliander and

to go, Groot explains, and in order to make that possible,

TenneT. ‘But equally important are organizations like the Society

the project organization applied to buy them. ‘We’ve already

for the Protection of Trees’, Groot says. ‘We make arrangements

acquired one car park from the owner, who’s using this as an

with them on how to replant and thereby save valuable trees or,

opportunity to expand and refurbish their office building and

in case they have to be chopped down, to compensate this with

add a new car park.’

new plantings in the area.’ By coordinating efforts at the local level, Zuidas is gaining new input from a wide range of parties.


‘And that’s when you realize that there are more attractive

Cables and pipelines to transport energy, electricity, telecom and

ways to integrate a gas reducing station

drinking water that bisect the tunnel’s trajectory, for example

within a green slope.’ You might even

under Parnassusweg and Beethovenstraat, will be rerouted.

say that Zuidasdok is a driving force

Groot: ‘The new route will run west along Amstelveenseweg

for redevelopment of the area.

and east from Antonio Vivaldistraat.’ From there, it will cut across Beatrixpark. The construction of underground infrastructure will be combined with the creation of new cycle paths so that

The aim of the Zuidasdok project is to maximize car and

the road will have to be blocked off only once. ‘We’re constantly

public transport access to Zuidas and the northern Randstad

coordinating works. Where new office buildings are planned,

area. Sections of the A10 motorway will be widened and

for example, we install empty pipelines in advance. That way,

moved underground and Amsterdam Zuid station will be

we won’t have to open up the site all over again.’

upgraded to serve as a future-proof public transport hub for train, tram, bus and metro services. Zuidasdok feeds into


the continued development of Zuidas as a prime residential,

No less of a challenge is the provision of alternative storage

working and recreational location. For further information,

for the thousands of bikes parked at and around the station.


Project manager Charlotte Bakker explains how the organization teams up with stakeholders in devising solutions.

Text Eric Burgers | Photography Wouter van Ierssel


Finance SOURCE: HET FINANCIEELE DAGBLAD Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to:


EY appoints new independent Supervisory Board

‘The Netherlands is falling behind in innovation’

ZUIDAS - Accountancy firm EY has finalized the

ZUIDAS - The Netherlands is not investing sufficiently in

membership of its new independent supervisory

research and development and is at risk of falling behind

board. Pauline van der Meer Mohr has been appointed

in international industrial markets, TNO Management

as chair; she will also continue to serve as president of

Board Chair Paul de Krom said in an interview with the FD

the executive board of Erasmus University Rotterdam

newspaper. Employing a workforce of 3,000, TNO is

until the end of this year. The other members are

the country’s largest applied research institution.

Steven van Eijk, former State Secretary of Finance,

‘R&D budgets are showing a declining trend’, said De Krom,

Monique Maarsen, managing director of the property

whereas official targets aim to increase research and

investors Maarsen Groep and Jean-Yves Jégourel,

development expenditures to 2.5% of GDP by 2020.

who is the only dependent member, appointed from

That percentage is currently down to 1.98%. ‘As a

EY’s international organization. According to a

nation, we’re investing too little in innovation. And I’m not

statement released by EY, a fifth member will likely

just saying that because investment is in TNO’s interest.

be appointed next year.

This is about the future profit model of the Netherlands.’

Asset managers keen to cash in on Chinese billions

Accountant numbers fall, rates rise

ZUIDAS - With China steadily opening up its capital market,

firms grew by several dozen percentage points this

hundreds of billions of euros will soon be flowing beyond

year, in some cases even doubling. Labour market

China’s borders. Major asset managers like BlackRock and

scarcity is pushing salaries up by as much as ten

UBS are ready to take the field, but for the time being,

per cent, according to an FD survey of the Big Four

all is quiet on the Dutch front. Only Euronext is actively

(EY, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG), BDO, Mazars and the

angling for Chinese billions. International asset managers

NBA sector association. ‘Reports of shortages sound

are hot on the scent of opportunity now that Beijing is

familiar’, affirms Jacco Euser, recruitment manager

lowering thresholds for investors. The Chinese are

at Deloitte. ‘The market is getting tougher.’ A BDO

given increasing freedom to invest beyond the country’s

spokesperson concurred that, ‘Yes, we’re seeing a

borders, while, simultaneously, restrictions for foreign

shortage too.’

ZUIDAS - Unfilled vacancies at the major accountancy

parties are eased. In July, the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, won a licence that will enable it to raise funds in China for the first time. British hedge fund giant MAN Group is another of only a handful of international firms to have secured such a licence.

New VimpelCom CEO betting on emerging markets ZUIDAS - Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ukraine, Algeria, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan... these are just a handful of VimpelCom’s key markets. Headquartered in Zuidas, the Russian-grown telecom provider’s nearest market is Italy. And that’s not changing, asserts CEO Jean-Yves Charlier. ‘Our focus is wholly on the markets where we’re already active. Emerging markets offer incredible growth potential; the pace of development is far beyond anything recently seen in the West.’

Photography Ingrid Arnou


» Digital Forensics » Electronic Discovery » Award-winning Software » Managed Document Review Services » Advanced Onsite Solutions » Expert Strategic Consultancy

Your Global Ediscovery Partner With a new Netherlands office and team in Amsterdam Zuidas, Kroll Ontrack is committed to providing exemplary service to our clients, both locally and across the world. Our Dutch team provides legal technology services to help law firms, corporate clients and government entities recover, search, analyse, produce and report data efficiently and cost-effectively. Our highly skilled legal and technical experts assist clients in multiple practice areas including litigation, internal investigations, dispute resolution, competition and regulatory cases. For more information about Kroll Ontrack and its offerings please visit: 0800 6687 225 | |

The two, three and four-room units range from 60 to 112 m2

Rental prices range from € 1,125 to € 1,600 per month

Amsterdam Rivers apartments

Feel free to rent! Rivers is a unique new building project offering 75 stunning

• Shared bike shed in the underground car park, with lift access.

private sector rental apartments in the Amsterdam-Zuid

• Several apartments open onto a gallery.

district. The two, three and four-room units range from 60

• All apartments come unfurnished.

to 112 m2. The luxury kitchens are fully fitted and equipped highest standard. All apartments have outdoor space in


the form of a garden, balcony or terrace. Rental prices

With the vtwonen interior design package, you can opt for

range from € 1,125 to € 1,600 per month, excluding service

finished delivery of your apartment in the style that suits you:

charges. The apartments have already been put up to rent

pure basic, new classic or true romance. The vtwonen interior

and delivery is expected as from the fourth quarter of 2015.

package consists of a floor and baseboards for the entire

with appliances, and the bathrooms are finished to the

apartment, and one wall painted in the colour of your choice.

CENTRAL AND WELL-CONNECTED Rivers offers an exceptional location in the heart of bustling

For further information about Rivers and subscription,

Amsterdam Zuid, adjoining the Rivierenbuurt neighbourhood


with its cosy restaurants, with excellent connections to the city centre. Bordered on one side by the cosmopolitan centre

Rivers: City life within walking distance – Great shops a block

of Zuidas, the other opens out to recreation areas like the

away – Green parks within a mile radius – Signature dining on

Amstelpark, Beatrixpark and Martin Luther Kingpark.

your doorstep – Luxury living


Interested in a viewing? Come to the open house at the Rivers

• Private storage inside the apartment.

show apartment on Gaasterlandstraat 128 in Amsterdam on

• Option to lease a parking space in the underground

Saturday 12 September, between 11am and 1pm.

car park (51 spaces for € 75,- per month).



The Amtrium at Amsterdam RAI A distinctive building connecting the city with Zuidas Officially opened by Mayor van der Laan this spring, the RAI’s Amtrium in Zuidas is a trade hall, conference centre and office complex all rolled into one, and the first conference location in all of Europe to be awarded a BREEAM Excellent rating. Amsterdam RAI Production and Building Director Jan van den Bosch explains what makes this building so special.



Jan van den Bosch

‘Several years ago we got together with the City’s Zuidas District


Office to lay down a vision plan for the development of the RAI

As the Production and Building director, Jan is in charge of

complex’, Van den Bosch explains. ‘The RAI really wanted to

Amsterdam RAI’s corporate social responsibility policy.

raise the bar with the Amtrium and decided to aim for a BREEAM

He is also a board member of the Green Business Club Zuidas.

Excellent rating. That called for us to apply a wide spectrum of

Yet his outlook on CSR is distinctly down to earth. ‘I believe

sustainability measures, from geothermal heat pumps and solar

in sustainability and doing business responsibly, but I’m not

panels – both of which this building has – to more innovative

a missionary. We’re a commercial enterprise and have to be

solutions. The Amtrium floor, for example, has a glass layer that

strategic in our investments. But in the end, that’s precisely

lets light into the level underneath. The Amtrium also boasts

what makes striving for sustainability useful and indeed

a glazed roof that affords lots of daylight, plus several novel,

necessary. Moreover, we’re not in it alone; we’re part of a wider

sustainable materials were used in the building.’

community – part of Zuidas, and part of the city of Amsterdam. We’re keen to share the knowledge we’ve acquired over the


years, and to learn from other businesses too. A building like

‘The most eye-catching and unique element, as far as sustainability

the Amtrium keys into the idea of community, because it links

goes, is the vertical greenhouse. Aside from providing greenery,

this corner of Zuidas with the rest of the city. In that respect,

we also use it to grow all sorts of herbs and vegetables.

the Amtrium is an asset not only for Amsterdam RAI, but for

Spanning five floors, the planters extend across the building’s

Zuidas as a whole.’

entire south façade. The plants in the greenhouse purify the air, while the collected heat is used to heat the building. An advanced system on the roof channels rainwater to irrigate the vegetation.

For further information about the Amtrium,

RAI kitchen staff plant, tend and harvest what’s grown in the


greenhouse and use it in the dishes prepared here.’

Text Maartje Oome


Mums of Zuidas join the fight for infant health 500 babies are born in the Netherlands every day. And every day, four infants die due to delayed growth, premature birth or congenital disorders. Other babies pull through, but face a lifetime of chronic illness or disability. Gezond Geboren is a foundation dedicated to funding and expanding scientific research that will improve healthy development before and after birth. On 9 September, these Zuidas mothers will be visiting companies and partners to raise awareness about this issue! More info visit

EEFJE VOOGD Owner Eefje Voogd estate agency ‘Recent years have seen the government forced to make heavy cuts to scientific research, yet more research and the use of new technologies are precisely what we need to reduce infant mortality. I was invited to become an ambassador right around the time that my daughter went off to live on her own. That’s one of those moments when your entire life briefly flashes before your eyes – remembering the miracle of her birth at VUmc 18 years ago, a picture of health. But being born sound and healthy is never something to be taken for granted.’

MARIJE STAMAN Tax partner, Deloitte

MARIEKE VISSER National grant and marketing director, RAI Amsterdam

‘I was drawn to the objectives of Gezond Geboren

‘I’m still fairly new to motherhood,

partly due to personal circumstances, but also because

with two children now. It’s a wonderful

I feel it’s important to enlarge the sense of social

experience, but sometimes it does hit

responsibility here in Zuidas. What we ultimately hope

me just how lucky we’ve been. No doubt

to do is raise funds for scientific research and the

that thought occurs to most parents

development of educational programmes. Anyone who wants to contribute to

every now and then. It can seem so

this cause is encouraged to contact one of the ambassadors.’

natural when things progress as they should, and yet it isn’t at all. More research into causes is crucial,

MARTINE GRÜNDEMANN, Head of commercial affairs, G&S Vastgoed

and, as a mother, I want to do my

‘In my immediate family I’ve seen the suffering that premature

whether you’re a mother or father, an

birth (and death) can cause, in this case as a consequence of indirect

aunt or an uncle, a friend or a

problems with the placenta. That’s why I feel so strongly about this

neighbour. So remember those little

cause. We expect to find lots of friends for the foundation here in

ones and, please, give generously, with

Zuidas, in the dynamic heart of the Dutch business sector.

a personal contribution or a donation

Our task as ‘Mums of Zuidas’ is to find friends for the foundation

on behalf of your organization.’

and, ultimately, to garner donations for scientific research.’

share. We all have babies in our lives,

ELINE HOOGENDIJK Project manager, Zuidas Development Office

CHRISTIANNE DE GROOT head and chair Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vumc

‘As the mother of two sons,

‘Most expectant mothers have a pregnancy

both born in perfect health, I was

and delivery free of complications and

shocked at the number of infant

return home with a healthy newborn.

mortalities and babies born with

Yet, unfortunately, complications can

illnesses or disabilities in this country

arise during the pregnancy or birth that

that might have been prevented.

may have adverse effects on the baby

But even just within my own circle of

(perinatal outcomes), from disability to death. One of the main

acquaintances I know of several cases. Something like

causes of death and mortality in the Netherlands is premature

that leaves a scar. Zuidas has lots of companies with many

birth. It occurs in five to ten per cent of pregnancies and is

talented young professionals, and I’m always delighted

among the top ten contributors to the ‘global burden of disease’.

to hear when someone in my network has had a baby!

Research into prevention and proper treatments is vital when

I’m positive that there are lots of people working in Zuidas

dealing with complicated pregnancies. However, the cause of

who will be eager to contribute to this cause.’

the complications isn’t always evident, and that’s why more research is needed.’

FREDERIEKE LEEFLANG Member of the Board of Directors, BOEKEL

pregnancy. That’s a lot for a country like the

MARIANNE VERHAARSTRIJBOS Director of fundraising institutions and sector organizations, ABN AMRO MeesPierson

Netherlands. I know from personal experience

‘If research can help to reduce

‘We take it for granted that babies will be born healthy, but every day another four babies die as a consequence of complications during the

what it’s like to be in a situation where there are

the mortality rate among newborns, then it goes without

obstacles to becoming pregnant and having a

saying that we should do all the research that’s needed.

healthy baby. I know how difficult that is. Everyone around you

I hope the foundation will enjoy a successful launch and

is getting pregnant and having bouncing babies, except you.

that this day will help it to build a name and contribute to

I received close personal supervision from my gynaecologist

its goals. We’re keen to share knowledge about the facts

Niek Exalto, Niek Exalto was the founding father instead of one of

and possibilities with other mothers and fathers in Zuidas.

them. Thanks in part to him, I ultimately had the good fortune to

As well as forging a more dynamic community, in this case

become the mother of two healthy children. Naturally, when he

it should also benefit the work being done by this foundation.’

asked me to support this initiative, I was happy to say yes.’

ILSE VAN DE VEER Dentist, Tandartsenpraktijd van de Veer ‘There’s nothing more beautiful or wonderful than the birth of a child. And there’s nothing more upsetting than the idea of losing a child. We have to do all we can to prevent needless suffering for parents. Wherever research can make a difference, we have to make sure that it does! When I was asked to support this cause, I didn’t have to think twice: I myself became a mother in early 2015, and that feeling of being emotionally dependent on something so close to me was sometimes scary. For me as a mother, it feels only natural to contribute to this worthy cause.’

Text Romy Lange


new apartments in Oud-Zuid

ed new in a t equipp g n i n en liv oder ine: artm Imag gious ap every m g the n ti ly pres bsolute hile havi tre a n with nience w l old ce . e u conv wonderf e corner est h s t b ’ city around nes the our i right ed comb o make y rfect r F s pe d t De worl h for the e. o w t is of tru ate w ome ultim to live c e plac

! s t r a t s e l a S pt.

e S 6 2 k chec

• 67 apartments for sale • 110 apartments for rent in the private sector • generously sized living areas from 60 m2 to 120 m2 • 3 penthouses with a living area of 200 m2 • each apartment has its own private outdoor area • beautifully designed and landscaped courtyard including a pond • within walking distance of the charming bustling Oud-Zuid district • near metro, train, tram and bus station • within a few minutes on the ringweg Zuid/A10

this project is being developed by:

together with:

tails e d r ite fo webs

more information:

Fris Woningmakelaars Amsterdam

020 - 301 77 15

Kroll Ontrack

a new company in Zuidas Zuidas has attracted yet another global company to open an office in the area. Our newest neighbour is legal technology company, Kroll Ontrack. Headquartered in the USA, Kroll Ontrack operates from 30 offices in 17 countries around the world and provides cutting-edge legal technologies, data recovery and computer forensics services.


professionals. We are committed to building a long-term business comprised of local experts supported by marketleading technology and international capabilities.’

The new office will form part of Kroll Ontrack’s ongoing new locations in Europe, South America and Asia over the


next 12 months.

Tina Shah, Legal Consultant, who led the initiative to open

expansion plans, which sees the company opening up various

the office, commented: ‘Amsterdam Zuidas is the ideal Zuidas’ resident international law firms and global corporations

location for us as it is within easy reach of the law firms

will benefit from Kroll Ontrack’s presence in the neighbourhood,

and large multinational corporations who are our clients.

as the company’s sophisticated ediscovery and predictive

It’s much easier for our clients to call us in when they need

coding technology is in high demand for use in compliance

support to help with regulatory or legal enquiries since

investigations, merger and acquisition preparation, and with

we are just a few doors down the road rather than in

international litigation cases and regulatory investigations

a remote location. We are delighted that our office will

involving the UK and USA.

be in such a vibrant district and look forward to becoming part of the growing Zuidas business community.’


More information:

Tim Phillips, Managing Director of Kroll

Kroll Ontrack’s Zuidas office is scheduled to open in September

Ontrack International, said: ‘The Netherlands

2015, and the company is currently recruiting for Dutch-speaking

have always been a key market for Kroll

forensics professionals and legal consultants to staff the office.

Ontrack and the new Amsterdam office

For more information about the vacancies visit:

will allow us to build a larger team of Dutch-

speaking ediscovery and digital forensics


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam


PINC SALE @ CLAUDE DEBUSSYLAAN 33 Seize your chance on the following dates at PINC! Leather Coat/Jacket Sale Friday 4 September: 11am-8pm Saturday 5 September: 11am-6pm

OF PADDLE TENNIS! The latest sports sensation has finally made it to the Netherlands, with the opening of Padel Tennis next door to the Olympic Stadium. Check in on-site with an @HelloZuidas photo to enjoy a free game of paddle tennis with your colleagues or friends. As an added incentive, even the rackets and balls are free! This offer is valid every Friday in September and October #Padel #Amsterdam. For details, visit:

Mother + Child Sale Friday 18 September: 11am-8pm Saturday 19 September: 11am-6pm Ladies Sale Friday 2 October: 11am-8pm Saturday 3 October: 11am-6pm Sunday 4 October: 11am-6pm Monday 5 October: 11am-8pm Tuesday 6 October: 11am-8pm Kids Sale Saturday 24 October: 11am-6pm Saturday 25 October: 11am-6pm Monday 26 October: 11am-8pm Ladies Sale Friday 30 October: 11am-8pm Saturday 31 October: 11am-6pm Also check PINC’s Facebook for updates:


THURSDAY 3 SEPTEMBER GET INNOVATED - YOUNG PROFESSIONAL EVENT You’ve made it onto the career ladder at a big company or renowned firm. When you started out, you were brimful of fresh and creative ideas and keen to make a difference, but now your ambitions have been swamped by heavy workloads and entrenched paths and routines. And that’s a shame, because innovation is the key to organizational growth and personal differentiation. Want to learn the value of creativity and how to apply it within your work? Sign up now for GET INNOVATED via: Further info:



DINNER OR DRINKS @ ‘T DACKTERRAZ (THE BASKET) The Basket’s refurbished rooftop terrace is now open every weekday, weather permitting. Join us at the coolest hotspot on the VU campus, on the roof of The Basket. For further info, visit:, phone +31 (0)20 20 50 966, or just come up!

TURNS TWO This September De Nieuwe Poort will be celebrating its second anniversary with a special birthday bash. Ruben van Zwieten’s Sunday Story will ring in De Nieuwe Poort’s third season, and we’ll toast to another terrific year with cake and great live music. For details, see:

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015 Next magazine will be published @ 2nd of November. Send your agenda to before September 28th.

6, 7, 8, 10 & 11 SEPTEMBER DE ONDERNEMING @ AMSTERDAM FRINGE FESTIVAL Why work for a boss when you can easily go into business for yourself? Sleepless nights, healthy startup jitters, the scent of success that’s almost... within... reach... De Onderneming is a tragicomedy about three young entrepreneurs waiting for their big break. Don’t expect just another day at the office. Performance in Dutch; for further info and tickets, visit:

WEDNESDAY 9 SEPTEMBER ‘MUMS OF ZUIDAS’ CAMPAIGN FOR GEZOND GEBOREN! Five hundred babies are born in the Netherlands every day. And every day, four infants die due to delayed growth, premature birth or congenital disorders. Other babies pull through, but face a lifetime of chronic illness or disability. Gezond Geboren is a foundation dedicated to funding and expanding scientific research that will promote healthy development before and after birth. To raise awareness about the foundation’s efforts, the ‘Mums of Zuidas’ will be visiting companies and partners on 9/9, with a campaign kick-off the very same morning at De Nieuwe Poort. To learn more, visit:

THURSDAY 10 SEPTEMBER OPEN EVENING @ PHISAGE BEAUTY & WELLNESS Phisage Beauty & Wellness has entered into an exclusive partnership with DermaClinic, directed by renowned cosmetic physician and NVC Dutch cosmetic industry association chair Catharine Meijer. Clients can now opt for rejuvenating treatments with injectables (fillers and botox), which will be carried out by an experienced physician at Phisage Beauty & Wellness. We’d be happy to tell you about the possibilities. Simply drop by any time between 5pm and 8pm for a personal consultation with DermaClinic cosmetic physician Dr Leanne Wong. To book an appointment or learn more, send an email to:

FRIDAY 11 SEPTEMBER INDIAN SUMMER PARTY @ FITCH & SHUI Starts at 5:30pm Get into the Indian Summer vibe on Friday 11 September with Fitch & Shui’s Indian Summer party, featuring DJ Atmospheric Deep along with delicious G&Ts. The party starts at 5:30pm @ Fitch & Shui. Further info:

TUESDAY 22 SEPTEMBER DGBWEEK SEMINAR @ ABN AMRO AUDITORIUM 2pm–4.30pm What steps could your business take to make its travel and transport more sustainable and efficient? Under the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), all large organizations must have a four-year plan for achieving energy-saving measures, that should be in place by December 2015. This seminar is part of the 2015 DGBWeek and will be organized by the Noordzeekanaal area environment agency, in cooperation with Arcadis, ABN AMRO, Amsterdam, Fair Transport, Capgemini and the IJmond area environment agency. It will be led by event chair Mark Bressers (Ministry of Economic Affairs). Participation is free of charge; please register on:



FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER RYDER CUP @ HOUTRAK GOLF COURSE On 25 September, the WTC Amsterdam Business Club will be teeing off in a Ryder Cup tournament against the WTC Schiphol Business Club. We are determined to win this prestigious golf title at GC Houtrak and are lining up our most competitive golfers. Want to join and swing for Zuidas? Please send an email to:

@ VUMC On Dress Red Day, 29 September 2015, WOMEN Inc. and VUmc will be organizing a day spotlighting the different healthcare needs of men and women. The main theme will be cardiovascular disease in women. Location: VUmc, Amstelzaal and Foyer, De Boelelaan 1118. For details, see:


FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER ZUIDASCUP 2015 @ AFC AMSTERDAM 1pm-6.30pm On Friday 25 September, businesses, organizations and sports clubs from Zuidas will be facing off in the 2015 ZuidasCup. Now in its 14th year, this afternoon of football for men and women is all about competition, team spirit and, of course, winning! After the finals and drinks, stay for dinner at the AFC canteen. Further info:


@ KUNSTKAPEL Daily, 1pm-9pm The Amsterdam design scene provided the impetus for the Dutch Design movement, acclaimed around the world for its uncompromising and playful character. Timed to coincide with the vtwonen & design fair, the Design Circle is a new initiative showcasing the latest creations of Amsterdam’s product and furniture designers. Drop by after work for a drink and admire one-of-a-kind pieces that put a fresh spin on furniture. For details, see:

THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER FIRST ZUIDAS SKIBOOT RUN @ GERSHWINPLEIN 4:30pm-6pm Wens Business Events presents the first-ever Zuidas SkiBoot Run! Proceeds from this special relay race will go to benefit the Ride4Kids foundation. Register your team of four for what’s sure to be a hilarious afternoon, plus a chance to win great prizes including a long weekend stay in a penthouse in Gerlos for four, your own personal Italian chef for an entire day and Peak Performance activewear. Cost of participation: € 10.- . Après-ski at De Blauwe Engel! For details and to register, go to:

THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER THE DESIGN CIRCLE COCKTAIL @ KUNSTKAPEL 5pm-9pm (invitation only) Enjoy an artful end to the working week with an evening where the world of Zuidas meets the Amsterdam design scene, accompanied by drinks, bites and a DJ. If you would like to attend, you can request tickets by email:

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015 Next magazine will be published @ 2nd of November. Send your agenda to before September 28th.


SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER MAJOR FUNDRAISING MARATHON AMSTERDAM On Sunday 18 October 2015, the 40th edition of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon will be running through Zuidas for the first time ever! Both start and finish will be at the Olympic Stadium. Runners will be regaled with various musical styles en route, with DJs, samba bands, sublime vocalists and more. Among the events is a spectacular Business Run for company teams. For details, see:

@ THE ROAST ROOM Starts at 4pm Three days of long tables, beer steins, traditional dishes fresh from our own kitchen, toe-tapping music, dirndls and lederhosen... It’s time for Oktoberfest at THE ROAST ROOM! Bring your friends or colleagues and come celebrate with us. For further info or to book one of the long tables, send an email to: info@theroastroom. nl, or phone: +31 (0)20 723 9614.

FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER RACE FOR EMMA @ ABN AMRO 3.30pm – 9pm On Friday 9 October 2015, the car park underneath the ABN AMRO headquarters on Gustav Mahlerlaan and its approaches will be converted into a professional go-kart track to raise funds for the Emma foundation. Business teams can race the circuit for an hour as they vie to set individual and team records. Watch the race live on-screen or from one of the boxes along the track. Naturally, a special prize awaits the fastest team, but most important is that you and your teammates will be supporting the AMC-UvA Emma children’s hospital fund! Further info:

12-16 OCTOBER MAJOR FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN FOR THE FOOD BANK The Green Business Club Zuidas will once again be staging a big fundraising campaign to benefit the Amsterdam Zuid Food Bank, a week ahead of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Employees of GBC Zuidas members will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. Last year’s campaign turned out to be a resounding success, resulting in more than 330 crates filled! This year, we hope to do even better. Can we count on your help? For further info, see:, or send an email to:

OCTOBER 2015 ROB PEETOOM HAIR + MAKE-UP SALON GRAND OPENING In October 2015 Rob Peetoom will be opening his most spectacular hair + make-up salon to date. Boasting 400 m2 and a unique, modern, highend location, Rob Peetoom offers a full range of treatments, from hair and make-up to brows and nails, for men and women alike. Watch out for our new services, such as treatments on location! For more information, please visit our website: or contact us at


The party drew a huge turnout!

It was a fitting way to end the summer with colleagues.

There were plenty of culinary stands to sample.

Wonderful weather, happy people.

ZUIDAS CULINARY SUMMERFEST Friday 26 June @ Zuidplein • Hello Zuidas and the Blauwe Engel WTCafe kicked off the summer with the Zuidas Culinary Summerfest. • The event drew more than 1500 visitors. • The programme opened with a concert performance by the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. • The music continued with DJ Theo, Frans Duijts and Dutch singer Quincy. • While enjoying the entertainment, visitors could sample the rich culinary array of restaurants, diners and cafés. • The party continued into the small hours.


Famous faces of Zuidas.

Same time, next year!


It all tasted equally good!

Say cheese!

Lucky devil!

There were plenty of acts to enjoy.

The sun was out in full force.

For enthusiasts!

Smile to the camera!

Veuve Cliquot is becoming a familiar feature in Zuidas.

Cosmo was on hair duty.

Like us on Facebook & find more photos in our gallery Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Send an email to:

Jean Paul van Marissing

‘Cybercrime hits your organization where it hurts’ It’s in the papers all the time: stories of hacked company computer systems and sensitive government data leaked by cybercriminals. Lots of employers assume it will never happen to them – until it does and your entire business is paralysed for days, or even weeks, on end. ‘It’s only after their houses are burgled that people start thinking about locks and alarm systems. Unfortunately, there is a similar situation as far as cybercrime is concerned’, says Jean Paul van Marissing, director and professor at Webster University the Netherlands.

CYBERCRIME NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED From mid-2016, Webster University the Netherlands

Van Marissing says. ‘Last year, Sony Pictures was

will offer a degree programme and courses in cyber-

hit hard by a cyber-attack. The attackers wanted

security. According to Van Marissing, it’s an issue

to prevent the release of a film, The Interview,

of key significance in Zuidas: ‘Here at Webster,

but as a simultaneous result, all sorts of data like

we look at relevant societal trends and aim to take

salaries and emails were made public. If you’re the

a leading role in them. Cybercrime is very relevant

company that’s being targeted, you’ve obviously

these days, and it’s a development that needs

got a big problem. Moreover, various public

to be addressed. We’ve been one of the biggest

authorities in Estonia were hacked as well.

providers of educational training to the military

The entire country was immobilized for three

since the 1980s, and that expertise, along with

whole weeks. It was a huge setback for the

our connections at the CIA and NATO, makes it

president, ministries and political parties.

possible for us to set up this programme. It has

Eventually, NATO and the EU sent people over

already been a huge success at our USA campus in

to help. In this day and age, no organization


St. Louis, and we expect many companies in Zuidas

can do without a robustly secured system.’


to be keen on training their staff as well.’

Strawinskylaan 57

Visit for more information about

Tower D Level 2


cybersecurity degree programmes and courses,

+31 (0)20 379 56 97

Past incidents involving cybercrime are prompting

or drop by the Webster University location at WTC,

more companies to adapt their internal strategies,

just beyond the lobby, inside the main building.

Text Romy Lange | Photography Wouter van Ierssel



The Zuidas Team

Zuidas steps up services for cyclists Zuidas is steadily transforming from a business district into a full-fledged neighbourhood of Amsterdam, with residences as well as offices. And, as well as in every other city neighbourhood, bicycles have become a defining feature of the local street scene. Hello Zuidas makes every effort to fill vacant retail spaces and took the initiative to interest a bike shop to the area . To better serve the biking community, a large new bicycle store and repair shop will this month be open on Gershwinplein. Zuidas welcomes this newest location of Het Zwarte Fietsenplan!


are bound to office hours, which is why our opening hours

‘We can’t wait to open our doors!’, Johan Neven of Het Zwarte

extend from 8am till 8pm. If you drop off your bike with a flat

Fietsenplan enthuses. ‘Our concept is all about innovation and

tyre in the morning, it will be ready to be collected the same

that makes us a perfect match for Zuidas. After starting out

day. And should you discover the flat tyre upon leaving the

with a small bike shop in Amsterdam Oud-West, we expanded

office in the evening, you can simply drop by to borrow one

toward several branches and now we are ready to set up shop

of our rental bikes. Customer service is very important to us’,

here.’ The store has long opening hours: ‘We realize that people

Johan explains.



‘Lots of new homes are nearing completion, which means this neighbourhood will be a lot livelier during weekends.’ COMPANY BIKES AND LEASE PLANS


As well as serving individuals, Het Zwarte Fietsenplan also offers

Cycling to Zuidas makes more sense than ever. With the

package deals for companies. ‘We have a very flexible range of

construction of the Mahler underground bike facility now

options for business customers, featuring bespoke company

underway, Zuidas will soon have 3,000 additional parking

bikes, as well as an economical lease package which includes

spaces, paired with a dynamic wayfinding system – like the

all maintenance and repairs against a fixed annual rate.’

one used at car parks – to help cyclists see at a glance where parking spaces are still available. In other words, the days

‘We can’t wait to open!’

of fruitlessly rooting around for a parking spot are over! In addition, Hello Zuidas is conferring with local companies about the benefits of personal mobility budgets and attractive bike and e-bike schemes that are on offer. We’re also


exploring customer interest in ‘local city bikes’, which could,

Het Zwarte Fietsenplan is also open at weekends, and Johan

for instance, lead to a shared e-bike fleet for Zuidas

already has visions of Zuidas as a popular shopping destination.

professionals and residents. In fact, we’re convinced there

‘Lots of new homes are nearing completion, which means

is no better or swifter way to get to Amsterdam than by

this neighbourhood will be a lot livelier during weekends.

e-bike! Our Permanent UserLab is currently brainstorming

At the moment, there is still a sharp contrast between the

about ways to improve the cycling experience and the

weekday bustle and weekend lull, but we’re hoping more shops

cycling routes to and from Zuidas. Got an idea on how

will start opening during weekends, so Zuidas will turn into a

to improve the bike infrastructure? Send an email to:

genuine recreational shopping centre.’

Text Angela Nijland in cooperation with Romy Lange | Photography Wouter van Ierssel



The right solution for your building

Amsterdam Zuidas is a prestigious location and here, more than anywhere else in the Netherlands, the façade of your building is your calling card. We specialise in the cleaning and technical maintenance of building façades. Thanks to our innovative systems and 250 professional staff, we have led the way in the sector for over 35 years. Our Total Façade Management programme ensures the right solution for your building maintenance needs.

045 - 522 38 00 | INFO@FORTRON.NL | WWW.FORTRON.NL

Welcome to Rosarium and Parkers Winebar & Restaurant: An elegant event venue with a culinary touch, within the serenity of the Amstelpark Rosarium has several Parkrooms that form the ideal location for any kind of meeting, for groups from two persons to eight hundred guests. This is the ideal place for your company meetings, conferences, seminars, showcases and lectures. Each room provides natural daylight and an adjacent terrace beyond its swinging double doors. Have a toast afterwards at Rosarium’s culinary pride, Parker’s Winebar & Restaurant, where you can choose from 16 quality wines to celebrate a successful meeting, or top it off with an exquisite dinner.

ROSARIUM Europaboulevard Amstelpark 1 1083 HZ Amsterdam CONTACT +31 (0)20 6 444 085

Klik&Klaar (Click&Go)

a unique workplace solution for business ACES Direct knows how important it is for companies to work professionally and hassle-free. And that’s precisely the inspiration behind klik&klaar. According to Jeroen Stabel, solutions manager at ACES Direct, ‘klik&klaar guarantees businesses – from sole traders to SMEs – the best hardware and most up-to-date software at a fixed low monthly rate.’ Unique for the Dutch market, this innovative concept is offered in association with HP.

ALWAYS THE LATEST IT, GUARANTEED ACES Direct’s new solution is a perfect fit with the modern

Michel Voorhout, HP PPS partner business manager at HP

ethos of flexibility and freedom over the burden of ownership.

Netherlands, explains, ‘klik&klaar is set up to be easy to use,

‘Technology is developing so rapidly these days that it’s almost

and that’s important to us. It brings the best and latest HP

a shame to buy products that could be obsolete in just a few

products within reach for startups and small businesses.’

years’, Stabel says. ‘With klik&klaar, businesses pay for product

use. This gives them the assurance that they’ll always have


a powerful IT foundation that evolves with the times; and if

With four different klik&klaar packages, subscribers can

there’s ever a problem or fault, we offer support.’

choose the one that best fits their wishes and only pay for the

applications they need. The concept is clear, transparent and

The solution incorporates everything needed to work

cost-efficient. And once they’ve chosen a klik&klaar package for

professionally: a new, top-of-the-line HP laptop or desktop,

their business, customers can almost immediately get to work

Microsoft Office 365, online backup, antivirus software.

on their fully configured laptop or desktop.

Even licence fees, upgrades, updates and maintenance are included in the monthly fee, and after two years customers can trade in their laptop or desktop for a brand-new model.

ACES Direct T +31 (0)13 762 18 00



ACES Direct is always searching for innovative solutions that

cater to customers’ needs. klik&klaar is the ultimate example.


These avid athletes took part in the Kids Run.


First to cross the finish line!

ZUIDAS RUN Sunday 21 June @ Zuidas • This year marked the seventh edition of the Zuidas Run. • Several thousand bankers, lawyers, consultants and other professionals from 150 companies laced up for the annual running and networking event. • Erwin Meijer won the four-mile race and Joost Veldkamp took first in the ten-mile track. • Among the women, consultants Moniek van Lieshout and Anja van ‘t Schip won the four and ten-mile runs, respectively. • Accenture and WTC Amsterdam are the run’s long-standing main sponsors.

Ready, set, go?

Participants could choose between a four and a ten-mile run.

There was also a relay race.

This was a fun event to do with colleagues!

The weather was perfect for running.

Everyone received a medal at the finish line.

Lots of Zuidas companies were represented at the Zuidas Run.


Recharging with refreshments after the race.

Thanks for your contributions!

It was elbow-to-elbow on Gustav Mahlerplein.

It was an active day!

Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde (left) & Wouter van Ierssel (right)

Europe’s first university business programme for General Counsel In co-operation with the knowledge network General

• Six modules of three consecutive days each;

Counsel Netherlands (GCN), Rotterdam School of

• A study trip to Silicon Valley, USA, to discover the latest

Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is starting

a part-time English-language business programme in

• Intensive support, including in formulating the GCs

autumn 2015, developed especially for General Counsel

personal strategic decision plan, which the GC can start

(GCs) and for ambitious in-house lawyers with end

using straight away.

innovations and technology for GCs;

responsibility: the internationally oriented General Counsel Executive Programme.

On Thursday September 10th from 3PM to 5PM there will be an Information Session on the GCEP on the campus of the

The number of GCs in Europe is increasing rapidly; the role is

Rotterdam School of Management /Erasmus University –

no longer restricted to large multi-nationals. A GCs role has

Bayle / J-building. If you want to attend the Information

also changed enormously in just a few years, from legal expert

Session, we kindly request you to send an email with your

to strategic counsellor and leader. This demands that lawyers

data to: More info on the programme and

update their knowledge and skills and, according to the large-

the brochure can be downloaded via the RSM website:

scale General Counsel NL Benchmark Research 2014, this is

something that GCs do indeed need. That is why RSM and


GCN joined forces to offer Europe’s first customised executive programme at university level. More information about the post-doctoral General Counsel The General Counsel Executive Programme focuses on:

Executive Programme is available in the brochure or can be

• Business: strategic management, corporate development

obtained via:

• Anne Maccotta, Learning & Development Consultant

& growth and reputation management;

• General Counsel and legal: law department management

• Dr Luca Berchicci, Adcademic Director RSM,

and corporate governance & compliance;

RSM,, +31 6 12301504

• Personal development: leadership & personal effectiveness.


The study programme is spread over 18 months and includes:, +31 6 119 9405

• 1.5 day kick-off;


The TOEIC® tests,

the world’s most popular

English assessments for the workforce • 14,000 organisations use the TOEIC tests • 7 million tests administered annually • 4 skills measured Sessions available in the World Trade Center Amsterdam. L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

Copyright © 2014 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries, used under licence.

AP ZUIDAS 185 x 127,5mm.indd 1

sur les petits docs type A5

L'AGENCE 03 28 32 12 12

sur doc type A4

For more information and registration:

02/06/14 17:44

NEVER TOO EARLY TO PLAN YOUR X-MAS DRINKS Groups & Events department Tel.: +31 20 504 3611 Fax: +31 20 504 3626


Stefan van Sprang, Wessel Ruijmgaart & Michel van Dijk

Casual dining with class at De Kersentuin on Apollolaan A fresh, updated look, with rounded booths, a prominent chef’s table offering an unobstructed view of the kitchen and signature dishes by master chef Stefan van Sprang: Restaurant De Kersentuin has been fully refurbished and is reopening its doors on Apollolaan this month, infused with a liberal dash of flair à la Stefan van Sprang. ‘I want to enable more people to experience my signature dishes and make fine dining more accessible to everyone.’

FINE DINING TO BE SAVOURED Having secured two stars for his restaurant Aan de Poel in

the team as maître d’. ‘We have been playing with the idea of

Amstelveen, chef Stefan van Sprang is now putting his stamp

reinventing De Kersentuin for a while, and now, with this new

on De Kersentuin: ‘We’ve opted for a much trendier approach.

team, we’re really going for gold. As a bar and restaurant, this is

Smaller dishes and a modern twist on the restaurant concept

set to be the new hotspot in Amsterdam Zuid, mingling locals,

make for a fine dining experience to be savoured. If you work

professionals and visitors. This will become the place to be for

in Zuidas, this is a great place to take clients for lunch or dinner

Friday afternoon drinks!’

in a setting that’s not overly formal.’ Restaurant De Kersentuin is located in the five-star Bilderberg

‘This is a great place to take clients for lunch or dinner in a setting that’s not overly formal.’

Garden Hotel. Restaurant De Kersentuin


Dijsselhofplantsoen 7

Directing the kitchen will be chef Wessel Ruijmgaart,

+31 (0)20 570 5666

Stefan’s right-hand man at Aan de Poel for the past eight years.

Wouter Rink, former manager of The Oyster Club, is joining

Text Romy Lange


Wens Business Events specializes in organizing short ski breaks for companies.

There’s no business like snowbusiness The lightning bolt of inspiration struck her during her honeymoon. Between deep sea dives and strolls along the stunning beaches of Indonesia’s Gili Islands, Jeanet van der Vlugt suddenly saw the light and made what, according to herself, has been the most important decision of her life: to start her own business. She drafted a business plan on restaurant napkins and came up with a name for her future company: Wens Business Events. The concept? Short ski breaks for the corporate market.



return trip, a long article about winter sports

After eight years at Wens Chalets, an agency that

holiday companies caught her eye. The article was

lets chalets to groups, Jeanet decided to bid her

titled ‘There is no Business like Snowbusiness’.

colleagues adieu, so she could take the plunge and

Then and there, Jeanet knew she had made the

launch her own business. During her honeymoon

right decision!

Jeanet van der Vlugt

WENS BUSINESS EVENTS Wens Business Events specializes in organizing short ski breaks for companies. It takes care of all

Wens Business Events presents the first-ever Zuidas SkiBoot Run!

the travelling details, lift passes, equipment hire and any other extras, so clients can simply relax and have a good time. Apart from trips to the snow,

Mark your diary: Don’t miss the first SkiBoot Run

Wens Business Events has since expanded to a

in Zuidas on Thursday 1st of October!

range of ‘summer and city events’. Fancy a few

Wens Business Events will be organizing the

fabulous days in New York City, or a destination

first-ever Zuidas SkiBoot Run on Gershwinplein!

closer to home, like Ghent? The sky’s the limit!

Proceeds from this special relay race will benefit the Ride4Kids foundation. Register your team of


four for what’s sure to be a hilarious afternoon,

Seven years on, what started out as a small

plus a chance to win great prizes, which include

attic office has evolved into an energetic young

a long weekend stay in a penthouse in Gerlos

company. And with a team consisting of six

for four (including Transavia flights),

women, Wens Business Events has established

your own personal Italian chef for an entire

its name alongside Wens Chalets and Wens

day, and activewear by Peak Performance.

Reizen, and has been organizing ski holidays

Cost of participation € 10.-

for as many as 185 groups this past year alone!

Time 4:30pm-6pm

W great pIrN izes

With an après-ski at De Blauwe Engel!

Think your company or department could

For details and to register, go to:

use a change of scenery? Why wait?


Text Romy Lange | Photography Jesse Kraal






Recruiters in for big challenges For the first time in three years, recruitment

this also means greater tension between them.

volumes and budgets in the Netherlands are

With the gap between budgets and appointments

set to rise. The widening gap between budgets

set to widen in 2015, recruiters must carefully

and appointments will force recruiters to

stake out the scope of their activities. It’s all about

carefully stake out the scope of their activities.

doing more with fewer resources, and that calls

Achieving more with less will be key. As ever,

for wise investments.

competition and salary are the main obstacles for recruiters to mobilize their database tools to


the fullest extent. Large and small companies

Dutch and international recruiters agree that

each have their own recruiting challenges and

sourcing qualified graduates is the core task of

need to exploit their individual competitive

every successful organization. The second

advantages. With myriad technological

priority is building up the quality of talent

developments transforming the sector,

that’s already on board. Whereas small

a dynamic and exciting future is assured.

companies often place the highest priority

to attracting top talent. This will make it crucial

on finding well-trained staff, large Dutch


employers tend to emphasize data analysis

Three years of stagnating recruitment volumes

report, SMEs are defined as companies

and budgets are finally at an end. Of course,

employing up to 500 people.

Photography John Gundlach | Source LinkedIn

in their recruitment. For the purposes of this


Looking for a different view? We believe that recruitment can be done more carefully, sincerely and with more passion. We see these aspects as essential to connect our candidates and clients. We work fast and efficiently in the fields of: • • • •

Banking & Finance Legal & Compliance Accounting & Control Marketing & Sales

Saro Recruitment. We think People.

Saro Recruitment Luxembourg Robert van den Oord 51, rue Michel Rodange L-2430 Luxembourg +352 274 063 70

Saro Recruitment Netherlands Karen van Lohuizen UP Building Piet Heinkade 55 1019 GM Amsterdam +31 202 170 996


Anouk Roemelé & Davide Mele

‘Like a GP, we know our candidates inside out’ Communications expert, project manager, organisational genius… A personal assistant is all of those things, and a little bit more. TopJobs Consultants, part of the Angela Mortimer Group, takes finding the right PA for the right employer very seriously. ‘We don’t place jobs, we match dynamics.’


International Operations. ‘And that’s about much more than

TopJobs Consultants has been a leading specialist in the recruit-

simply filling a vacancy. We look for a perfect DNA match

ment and selection of permanent and temporary roles of

between client and candidate. Matching dynamics is what we

executive support personnel since 1973, working for all kinds

call it. How do we go about it? By building long-term relation-

of employers: from one-man businesses to multinationals in

ships with the staff on our books. I often compare the work

The Netherlands including Zuidas. According to director

of our recruitment consultants with that of a GP. They know

Anouk Roemelé, the job has evolved enormously over the years.

our candidates inside out, and they know exactly what their

‘As a personal assistant, you’re an extension of the CEO.

strengths and ambitions are. That’s why candidates – and

It’s an incredibly challenging and varied job. Not a lot of people

customers – keep coming back to us for advice time and again.’

know this, but a good 90 per cent of our candidates are


university graduates.’

The Angela Mortimer Group conducts a major annual survey


of employers and personnel in the UK, the Netherlands,

Since 2012, TopJobs has been part of the Angela Mortimer

France and Belgium. Published in the Blue Book 2015,

Group, with branches in London, Paris, Brussels, New York

the results of the latest survey provide a fascinating insight into

and Hong Kong. But whichever office you visit, anywhere in

current opportunities and challenges in the field of recruitment.

the world, clients and job-hunters alike are assured the same

To receive a free copy, e-mail

dedication, drive and quality. ‘Our passion lies in creating the perfect match,’ says Davide Mele, Managing Director of

More information visit

Text Kika Samsom in cooperation with Romy Lange | Photography Jesse Kraal



Bart Naber, owner OTSO



A new job in a single swipe, with OTSO Long lead times, expensive employment agencies, overpriced ads, endless applications, and still the vacancy remains unfilled. It’s an all too familiar scenario for most companies and recruiters. But OTSO makes short work of protracted application procedures, bringing employers and job seekers together in just a few swipes. While interning at a recruitment and selection

it’s easy too. They simply download the app,

agency last year, Bart Naber (24) got to observe

register and create a personal profile listing their

the modern recruitment rigmarole from up close.

employment criteria, such as field, education level,

‘It was and is a slow, inefficient and expensive

salary and commuting distance, rounded off with

process. If you’re a job seeker, you spend all your

a powerful pitch. OTSO then filters vacancies

time and energy looking for vacancies and angling

on the basis of these criteria and presents an

for interviews. If you’re an employer, you’ve got to

overview of job openings. All that’s left is to apply

invest lots of money and effort into the quest for

to the perfect one. If impressions are positive on

the right candidate. Yet for both sides, the results

both sides, it’s a match!

often are unsatisfactory.’ Convinced there had to be a better way, the fourth-year Economics


student set to work on an alternative. The result?

OTSO can be used everywhere, Zuidas included.

An app that creates a win-win situation for

Bart: ‘Zuidas is a leading financial location, obviously.

employers and job seekers alike.

Any organization can use this tool – from big law firms to the baker around the corner. It’s especially


suited for SMEs though. It eliminates the need for

So how does it work? An employer or recruiter

overpriced ads in trade journals and offers a fast,

registers via the OTSO website, posts a vacancy

easy and inexpensive way to find staff. Plus, it’s fun!’

and then uses the dashboard in the OTSO app or website to keep track of precisely how often


it’s viewed, the matches identified and which

The initial responses have been enthusiastic,

interviews are scheduled when, for example.

with big names like Rabobank, Fuji, BAM and

‘It’s fast, efficient and many times less expensive’,

Essent already using the tool to recruit new staff.

Bart says. ‘Employers only pay a few tenners to

At the last count, there were 4,773 job seekers

post a job vacancy. You might say that OTSO is

and 163 companies registered with OTSO.

like the Airbnb of job recruitment.’ For job seekers

And more are joining every day... Happy swiping!

Text Katja Tremio | Photography Jesse Kraal



Some Numbers Worldwide, 75% of candidates regard • 48% of Dutch employers recruit

themselves as passive job seekers.

passive talent.

• According to a LinkedIn survey conducted

in August 2014, people stay with a

75% - Passive

company for a global average of

25% - Active

four years.

• 47% of leading Dutch recruiters say

employer brand is a top priority for

their company.

According to LinkedIn Executive Research

Active candidates (definition) •

Actively looking

Casually looking a few times a week

conducted in September 2014, 51% of Dutch


CEOs expect an increase in recruitment.

Passive candidates (definition)

Top executives are closely monitoring how

Reach out to personal network

much talent is employed in their company.

Open to talking to a recruiter

Completely satisfied; don’t want to move

Source LinkedIn


Karen van Lohuizen

Robert van den Oord

Big plans at Saro Recruitment The first thing that will strike you on a visit to Saro Recruitment, on the eleventh floor of the UP Office Building on Piet Heinkade, will be the impressive view of Amsterdam. But even more impressive are the firm’s growth and its ambitions. In less than a year, its team has grown from one employee to seven. And it plans to double that number in Amsterdam within another two years. The secret behind this young and dynamic recruitment agency? ‘We think people.’


the fence, that they are specialists in their own

Yes, it’s all about people at Saro Recruitment.

field,’ says Karen van Lohuizen, manager of the

Working in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the

Amsterdam office. ‘In that way they can see

agency finds intermediate and senior personnel,

themselves in the clients’ shoes, and find

both permanent and temporary, for the accounting,

them a perfect match. As for our candidates –

finance, banking, sales & marketing and legal

well, we treat them like members of our own team.

sectors. Director Robert van den Oord believes

At Saro Recruitment, everyone is given the space

devoutly in a personal approach. ‘Recruitment is

and the trust they need to grow. This forges real

a human task. A computer can match a CV to a

commitment and creates a fantastic atmosphere

vacancy, but only a good recruiter can tell whether

within the team – not just at work, but outside

a candidate really fits in with the culture of a

of the office as well.’ Despite Saro’s ambitious

company. We have a natural interest in people.

growth plans, preserving that culture remains a

Saro Recruitment

And that’s something both candidates and clients

top priority. ‘We’re growing fast and we have big

UP Building

really experience when they work with us.’

plans for the future,’ says Van Lohuizen, ‘but we’re

Piet Heinkade 55

never going to lose sight of the human factor.


After all, this remains a business of people.’

+31-20 217 09 96

BIG PLANS Within their own business, the human aspect

is vital as well. ‘It’s important to us that all our

For more information send an e-mail to

consultants have worked on the other side of

Text Kika Samsom


Your own Hello Zuidas cover During the Zuidas Run in June, people could have their very own Hello Zuidas cover made. You can see some of these unique covers here!

Check 54.more Hello Zuidas covers at

MEMO BOARD PERFECT FOR THE ZUIDAS WOMAN! Cycling to work every day through fair weather or foul, appointments to keep, kids to pick up, drinks after work... Sound familiar? The quintessential multitasking Dutch superwoman was the inspiration for VANMOOF’s new Q series ultra-sensible lightweight bike. No fuss, durable and classy to boot. The Q series is based on the traditional ‘granny bike’, beloved for its postureperfect riding position and its classic look. With its modern design and all the latest VANMOOF innovations, the Q series is a class apart from other ladies’ bikes. This Queen features bright lamps to ensure good night-time visibility and enough storage space to trade in your stilettos for comfy sneakers after a night out.

NORTH-SOUTH LINE TRACK CONNECTED TO ZUID STATION The track of the North-South metro line, which will soon be cutting straight across the city centre to link Amsterdam-Noord with Zuidas, has been connected to the ring line (50) and Amstelveen line (51) at Amsterdam Zuid station, capping a crucial phase in the construction of this contentious route. In the weeks ahead, the VIA consortium of contractors (Visser & Smit Bouw and Imtech Building Services) will complete the final finishing work around the station.

CATCH A FILM ON THE ROOF OF VU From Monday 31 August until Friday 4 September, VU University Amsterdam will be opening its roof to host the fourth edition of the On the Roof Film Festival. Enjoy five evenings of the latest world cinema at a unique open air location with a panoramic view of Amsterdam and exclusive pre-screening interviews with academics and guest speakers. This year’s programme will be fully conducted or subtitled in English. Further info:

WATCH LIVE! See what’s happening in Zuidas 24/7 on! Watch daily progress on the Sibbe and AkzoNobel towers, or check rush-hour traffic on the A10 motorway. This is a website that’s definitely worth checking out!

HELLO ZUIDAS FINANCE SPECIAL The November/December issue of Hello Zuidas will include a special feature on finance. Want to share your thoughts on this topic? Send an email to

E-mail your memo’s to



Hello Zuidas welcomes the following new members COMPANY HET ZWARTE FIETSENPLAN SECTOR BICYCLE SHOP NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 80 Link with Zuidas: Het Zwarte Fietsenplan is opening a new location in Zuidas in August 2015. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Het Zwarte Fietsenplan sees Hello Zuidas as a great initiative for boosting local activity and the overall appeal of Zuidas, and we’re eager to contribute.

COMPANY VITALPEOPLE SECTOR WELLNESS AND VITALITY NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 10 Link with Zuidas: VitalPeople is located in the Sportas neighbourhood of Amsterdam. The philosophy behind VitalPeople is that the vitality of your employees plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Our approach focuses on individuals as part of an organization, of which there are quite a few in Zuidas! Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Employers who have partnered with Hello Zuidas all have one thing in common: vitality – in the broadest sense of the word. VitalPeople wants to contribute to making Zuidas a place bursting with inspiration and vitality, and Hello Zuidas can help us to spread the message!

COMPANY LIANDER SECTOR POWER COMPANY NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 7,000 Link with Zuidas: As a grid manager, we’re inextricably linked with our region. The work we carry out in managing the grid, the City’s plans for Zuidasdok and of course the constant evolution of businesses at Zuidas, make this a key location for Liander. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: As a grid manager, we play a key role in facilitating everyday processes, and in order to do that well, it’s essential for us to have a rapport with all the relevant stakeholders. By being a part of the Hello Zuidas platform, we hope to gain an even better picture of the interests at play in Zuidas.

COMPANY ROB PEETOOM HAIR + MAKE-UP SECTOR BEAUTY NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 300+ IN TOTAL Link with Zuidas: This is a location with broad appeal for businesses, residents, students and visitors alike. Also, its innovative and pioneering qualities are a good match for a company like Rob Peetoom. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: With 14 successful salons in the Netherlands, including two in Amsterdam, we knew that if we opened another Rob Peetoom, it would have to be in Zuidas. Both Zuidas as it is now and the plans for the future make this an ideal location for us, with great long-term potential.

COMPANY VS-THERAPY SECTOR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 1 Link with Zuidas: VS provides high-quality psychological products to support the personal development of individuals in the workplace. Operating from our stunning location on Minervalaan, we help the leaders of today and tomorrow boost their performance. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: To build and share knowledge with all the wonderful companies and individuals in Zuidas, as well as to contribute to the overall happiness and wellbeing of our community. 





Hello Zuidas

COMPANY EDELMAN SECTOR COMMUNICATION, MARKETING, PR NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES AROUND 65 Link with Zuidas: After nine years in the Ito Tower on Gustav Mahlerplein, in June 2015 Edelman relocated to The Edge – the most sustainable office building in the world, and a fantastic, inspiring place to forge our creative ambitions and welcome clients. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: Edelman feels at home in Zuidas. We’re eager to get more involved in the Zuidas community and to join forces to make the local business and residential climate better than ever. We have lots of clients and partners in Zuidas and look forward to connecting with even more companies.

COMPANY MONDZORG PRAKTIJK ZUIDAS SECTOR HEALTHCARE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 9 Link with Zuidas: Our dental practice has been established at the Zuidas WTC since 1991. After a recent partial takeover, we’ve changed our name to MONDZORG PRAKTIJK ZUIDAS. Alongside aesthetic dentistry, our practice is now placing an additional further emphasis on preventive oral care. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas member: We hope this will help us build strong ties with our neighbours and to enable them to get acquainted with MONDZORG PRAKTIJK ZUIDAS – and to experience the convenience of having a dentist and dental hygienist close to work!

GENERAL COUNSEL NETHERLANDS General Counsel Netherlands is a fast growing professional knowledge network for General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers and other executive lawyers of companies and organizations in the Netherlands. Our Partners are professional executives who support our common goal - helping successful General Counsel to grow and operate efficiently. More info on how to become a Partner in 2016 and/or advertise in the General Counsel NL Magazine (publication December 2015) see or



Zuidas, help make the Food Bank food drive a success! On 12-16 October the Green Business Club Zuidas will be organizing a major food drive to benefit the Food Bank Amsterdam Zuid. We need all the non-perishable food items we can get! Last year’s campaign was aresounding success, resulting in more than 330 crates filled! This year, we hope to do even better. Can we count on your help? For further info, visit or send an email to Every bit(e) helps!


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COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL +31 (0)20 333 7441 - Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Parnassusweg 819, 9 th floor - 1082 LZ - Amsterdam (UN Studio-gebouw, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 820 3976 - +31 (0) 13 545 3298 - Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Mieke Verberkt | Imageau Translation: Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Romy Lange, Ruben van Zwieten, Eric Burgers, Maartje Oome, Angela Nijland, Kika Samsom & Katja Tremio Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde, Tommy de Lange, Wouter van Ierssel, Jesse Kraal & Ingrid Arnou Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Kenneth Goedhart, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk & Bob Oostelbos Thanks to: Frederieke Leeflang, Ruth Jansen (Phisage), Zuidas (Gemeente Amsterdam), Bouwinvest, Amsterdam RAI, Gezond Geboren, Kroll Ontrack, Webster University, Zwarte Fietsenplan, Rotterdam School of Management & General Counsel Netherlands, De Kersentuin, Wens Business Events, TopJobs, Saro Recruitment & OTSO. Printed by: Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly) Copyright: © 2015 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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90. MBO College Zuid 91. Mech Make & Take 92. Miles Building 93. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas 94. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 95. Nationale Postcode Loterij 96. NDI ICT Solutions 97. NEWNRG 98. NH Amsterdam Zuid 99. Nijkerk Holding 100. NL Real Estate 101. Novotel Amsterdam City 102. NS 103. Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken 104. NVD Beveiligingsgroep 105. Oliver’s 106. Openbare Bibliotheek A’dam 107. ORAM 108. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 109. Partou Kinderopvang 110. Pathé 111. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 112. Platform Beter Benutten 113. Pit4Business 114. Property NL B.V. 115. Puramis Consultancy 116. Qbic Hotels 117. Q-Park Nederland 118. Rabobank A’dam Markt Zuid 119. Ravel Residence 120. RBS 121. Regus 122. Restaurant Nine 123. RGA International Reinsurance 124. Rob Peetoom 125. Ronald McDonald Huis VUmc 126. RoyalCast 127. RSM Erasmus University 128. Russell Reynolds Associates 129. Schiphol Real Estate 130. SCOR Global Life SE 131. Season-Flowers 132. Securitas 133. SLA 134. SLFMD Tailoring 135. SMC Fysiomed 136. Spaces 137. Stadsdeel Zuid 138. Stage Entertainment 139. Stibbe 140. St.Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion A’dam 141. Sushi Time 142. Symphony’s 143. Taalcentrum - VU 144. Tandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer 145. The Bank of New York Mellon 146. The Basket 147. The Change Agent 148. The Office Operators 149. The Oyster Club 150. The TailorMates 151. Ticketpoint 152. TopJobs Consultants 153. TREC 154. Treftpunt-PRISM 155. Trigion 156. Triple Ace 157. Unicucine 158. Valid Express 159. VimpelCom 160. Visser Communicatie 161. VitalPeople 162. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 163. VS-Therapy 164. VU Connected 165. VU Medisch Centrum 166. Wagamama 167. Webster University 168. Wieringen Prins 169. Wineboutique & Spirits 170. Wonam 171. WTC Amsterdam 172. WTC A’dam Business Club 173. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 174. Your Assistant 175. Zuidas gemeente Amsterdam 176. 177, Zuidschans 178. Zwaan II


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