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Christiaan Huijg, World Trade Center Amsterdam

‘As Goldpartner of the Zuidas Run, I think it’s a good thing that the money we collect circulates within Zuidas’ TALENT SPECIAL

Berlitz: ‘It is important for managers to understand cultural differences in order to communicate effectively’

IN ZUIDAS THIS SUMMER Five food & drink stands KIRSTEN VAN DEN HUL The State of our Union ZUIDASDOK Mahlerplein Metamorphosis

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Romy Lange Editor-in-chief Hello Zuidas r.lange@asega.nl

Von Kopf bis Fuß Zuidas In mid-April, something special happened at Zuidas,

Though WTC Amsterdam itself may not yet be

with the largest transaction ever concluded in the

in German hands, this building is one of the most

Dutch office market. The German Union property

popular office locations in the area. The cover of

investment firm paid a total of €244 million for the

this issue features Christiaan Huijg, Director of

ITO Tower on Gustav Mahlerplein and the Som

the WTC complex. We talked to him not about

Building on Gustav Mahlerlaan. Current tenants

real estate and square metres, but about the

of the two towers include Houthoff Buruma,

Zuidas Run set to take place on 25 May. This is a

Amsterdam EXPO and G&S Vastgoed. Are the

hugely important event, which injects local office

Germans planning to take over Zuidas? Within the

life with energy and activity. With a work visit to

last year, almost all area offices that were on the

Berlin coming up, I’m curious to see if the area

market have been acquired by German investors.

around Potsdamer Platz has that same sense

Not only Symphony, Viñoly, The Rock and UNStudio,

of dynamism that Zuidas is striving to capture.

but also office locations that are still under

On page 39 you can also see photos of our

construction for AkzoNobel and Stibbe. Indeed, a

sideline event, the Suits&Stilettos Run.

substantial portion of this business district is now

This issue includes a special section on Talent,

in the hands of our eastern neighbours. Prices here

with extensive features on Berlitz and the


are low compared to London and Paris, and Zuidas

Rotterdam School of Management.

The next issue of

is still in full development. And, of course, all this spells great investment potential.

Hello Zuidas is scheduled

Happy reading!

for the 1st of July

Mapmakers have a curious tendency to put their own region or country at the centre of the world. Even in Zuidas, we’re only human. Unfold the cover of the Zuidas Sustainability Report, and you’ll see what we mean. In his speech at the presentation of the new report, Wabe van Enk (PropertyNL) took care to point this out to the large crowd of listeners, citing the US President’s speech during his visit to the Netherlands. Obama lauded the quintessentially Dutch notion of “gezelligheid” – a soft value that also defines Zuidas, alongside sustainability and temporary initiatives. In striving for these values, Zuidas has set itself apart from other international business districts, Van Enk said. Olivier Otten, Managing Director of Hello Zuidas


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With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions.


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The world’s best soloists RIGHT IN THE HEART OF AMSTERDAM

Opera —


Opera —

Ballet —

Opera —

May 10 – 27, 2014

June 3 – 8, 2014


THE TEMPEST June 18 – 29, 2014

September 3 – 6, 2014

Ballet —

Opera —

Opera —

Ballet —


May 14 – 20, 2014


June 7 – 30, 2014


September 2 – 23, 2014


HET ZWANENMEER September 14 – 28, 2014

News Flashes


PHOTOGRAPHY FROM A TOWER CRANE Tower crane operator Erik Bouw (of Dura Vermeer) takes the most incredible shots from his cab, 65 metres up in the air. ‘Photography has long been a hobby of mine. We’re always out at these great locations and I love taking photos of the work we do. But it's only recently that I started posting them on the Internet and Twitter, which has brought a huge positive response. The best time to shoot is in the morning, at sunrise. You get beautiful pictures of the horizon.' Erik is currently working on Beethovenstraat, where the office complexes for AkzoNobel and Stibbe are being constructed. See more of his photos on www.hoogpunt.nl and Twitter @Bouwkraan. Photographs: Erik Bouw @ Bouwkraan

INTEROFFICE PECKING March this year saw the arrival of 200 chickens, now happily pecking around the perimeter of Zuidas. Part of an initiative by the Rondeel® egg brand and the Natuur & Milieu and Wij Krijgen Kippen organizations, this sustainable poultry farm celebrated its official opening with TV personality Jort Kelder. ‘This is the world’s very first mini-Rondeel farm’, says farmer and manager Timon Brandsen. ‘It’s completely unique. Large-scale chicken farming in a city, and on such expensive building property to boot, is unheard of.’ Businesses can use the expo spaces for sustainable energy, food and food production, whilst visitors can walk around the area and purchase top-quality fresh eggs from the egg dispenser.’ Photographs: miniRondeel ‘t Ei-land

STUDENTS DEVISE BIKE PARKING SOLUTION Every day, thousands of cyclists make their way to Zuidas. As part of a project organized by Academie van de Stad, students have been exploring ways to make sure the Zuidas bike park continues to meet cyclists’ needs in years to come. Academie van de Stad’s Myrthe Rijken explains, ‘160 AUAS/HvA students enrolled in the Management of Creativity and Innovation minor were assigned to come up with a solution to the looming bike parking shortage. On 27 March, nine groups presented their creative plans to our jury. Bikepoint came out the winner. Basically, Bikepoint is a pillar where eight bikes can be stalled vertically in a way that’s easy to use and saves space’. www.academievandestad.nl

WATERWORKS AT VUMC At the new VUmc building on the corner of Amstelveenseweg and De Boelelaan, work is underway on a manmade pond spanning 2,200 m2. According to municipal landscape architect Ton Muller, ‘The pond is part of the Zuidas district’s comprehensive water system. As a reservoir for rain and groundwater, it will help to keep our feet dry. It will also have a fountain, needed to preserve the water quality. We’re still working on the design, but this artwork together with the pond will provide a stunning entrance to Zuidas.’ To learn more about the Zuidas district, visit our website: www.zuidas.nl. Want to stay up-to-date? Sign up to receive the Zuidas Newsletter, on www.zuidas.nl.

Dienst Zuidas

If you have any tips for the editorial team, email them to: hellozuidas@asega.nl


WTC Amsterdam Director Christiaan Huijg & VUmc Kinderstad ‘stadhouder’ Marijke Peer.


Community, Health and Charity: the Zuidas Run is back! With the annual Zuidas Run not far off, quite a few area locals are literally gearing up for the starting blocks. On 25 May, over 3,000 participants will be finishing at Gustav Mahlerplein. The event features 4 and 10-mile runs, as well a special Kids Run for youngsters. As always, the Zuidas Run is supporting various charities. Participants in the 4 and 10-mile events will be running in support of the VUmc Rehabilitation Medicine Department’s Amsterdam Virtual Reality Lab. Very young professionals entered in the Kids Run will be supporting VUmc Kinderstad. Hello Zuidas met with WTC Amsterdam Director, hard-core runner and Zuidas Run Gold Partner Christiaan Huijg and VUmc Kinderstad ‘stadhouder’ Marijke Peer to talk about the event.

The Zuidas Run is taking off in just a few weeks.

could enjoy some time with each other. Ajax, Spyker, KPN,

Are you both taking part, and how’s it going

Endemol, Radio 538 and Schiphol are all big sponsors of this

with training?

initiative and have each set up their own areas with all sorts of

Christiaan: ‘I’ve run every edition of the Zuidas Run and this

features. They also organize various activities for the children

year have even gotten most of my family to join in. I’m running

here. For us, that combination is fantastic’, says Marijke.

the 10-mile run and my wife and two daughters are doing the 4-mile event. As well as helping my youngest daughter train,

Have you ever visited VUmc Kinderstad, Christiaan?

I’ve been running two to three times a week, with a long-

What’s your impression as you look around?

distance run of around ten miles on Sundays.’

‘As it happens, I was here yesterday for a meeting with the

Marijke: ‘Ah, so you’ve already got the 10-mile down!’

Zuidas Run partners. I’d heard about it, but couldn’t really

‘Absolutely!’ Christiaan rejoins. ‘I take part in lots of races as

picture it in my mind. I’m really impressed; not only by the

I enjoy keeping physically active. I’m often home late and

facilities, but also by the volunteers helping out. It seems

lugging off to the gym after that isn’t really my thing. A quick

like a great place for the children to take a break with their

run from home whenever time permits works best for me.’

families, so they aren’t constantly thinking about their illness.

Marijke: ‘Until this morning, I’d actually only been planning to

It’s wonderful a place like this is available for them.’

sign up my daughter for the Kids Run – she’s two. But now I feel spurred to do more... I’m going to do my very utmost to

WTC Amsterdam has been a Gold Partner in the

run in the 4-mile!’ ‘Fantastic!’ Christiaan responds, relieved.

Zuidas Run from the very start. What does that entail?

‘So’, says Marijke, ‘I’ll be sacrificing my weekly hour of

Christiaan: ‘I was appointed director of the WTC Amsterdam seven

spinning for running. I’m going for it!’

years ago and it was one of my ideas to set up a sporting event like this. We finally decided on a running event for all our WTC tenants.

Marijke, could you explain what VUmc Kinderstad is

At another event hosted by the WTC Amsterdam Business Club

and who exactly benefits from this initiative?

soon after that, I heard that Accenture was considering something

‘VUmc Kinderstad opened in February 2008. Basically, the

similar. I immediately contacted them to see if we could join forces.

idea is to give kids at the children’s clinic a chance to unwind

Accenture set up the Zuidas Run and WTC Amsterdam became

and forget that they’re ill. Often, all attention is focused on the

a Gold Partner in the event. Accenture is also in charge of the

sick child. But we feel it’s also important that their siblings are

organization, which they’ve subcontracted to Trefpunt-PRISM,

encouraged to come to the hospital and made to feel welcome

a sports events agency. So Accenture and Trefpunt-PRISM direct

here. This is an initiative that originated within the VUmc.

the event and we’re a silent partner who sponsor the run with a

Last year we even celebrated our first five-year anniversary.

substantial contribution. From the outset we’ve had lots of WTC-

The hospital wanted to create a space where the whole family

ers taking part, with more people joining every year.’

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


Christiaan Huijg & Marijke Peer

The Kids Run is a specific part of the Zuidas Run

How will you be using the proceeds from the Kids Run?

that supports VUmc Kinderstad. Why is it

Marijke: ‘We’d like to put the money towards our craft workshops.

important to support this initiative?

It takes €15 a day to organize a craft workshop for all the kids.

Christiaan: ‘I think it’s a really good thing that we’re

In total we’d need around €5,500, so we hope to achieve that

supporting this and other initiatives through this run,

amount!’ ‘That’s a great use for it’, Christiaan chimes in.

and that the money we collect circulates within Zuidas.

‘You’d be set for the whole year.’

VU University Amsterdam and VU Medical Center are an important part of Zuidas, and what could be better than

What times do you hope to achieve in the Zuidas Run?

finding a local cause to support with this event?

Marijke hesitatingly reckons, ‘Four miles, so that’s just over six

Community, Health and Charity are three pillars of the

kilometres…’ Christiaan jumps in, ‘Then you should be shooting

Zuidas Run and fit perfectly with the Virtual Reality Lab

for around 30 minutes!’ ‘You’re not serious!’, says Marijke, taken

and VUmc Kinderstad’.

aback. Are you?’ ‘Of course I am!’ Marijke shakes her head: ‘I’m going for 45 minutes.’ ‘You’ll easily make that’, Christiaan

Marijke, why is it important to have sponsor support

responds. ‘But I’m totally out of shape and don’t have much time to

for Kinderstad?

train!’ As for Christiaan: ‘Last year, my time was 1:17:47. My goal

‘Because we don’t receive any public funding, we’re wholly

for this year is around 1:15, but I don’t know if I’ll make it.’

dependent on donations and sponsors. Fortunately, there are

‘Best of luck with your training, Christiaan’, Marijke says, ‘I’m sure

lots of sports events that support us, and the children’s

I’ll see you during the run!’ ‘You too, Marijke. See you on the 25th!’

schools also set up plenty of initiatives to aid Kinderstad. If there’s anything we need, a single email is often enough

The Zuidas Run aims to professionalize and reinvent itself

to get it done. Products are fairly easy to come by, but getting

each year. What’s new in 2014 is the ‘battle of the professions’

financial resources is trickier. We have overhead expenses

between different domains in Zuidas, as well as real bleachers

like any organization, and that means we need money.

for the Suits&Stilettos Run. This is just one of the initiatives

Many people (and particularly children) want to hear

the WTC has led in recent years. As well as establishing Hello

about all the things we’re doing with that money, but it

Zuidas, the WTC is a partner in the Green Business Club and

doesn’t sound so impressive when we say it’s for things

also runs its own Business Club. For further information

like replacing light bulbs. Luckily, there are also plenty

about the Zuidas Run, see: www.zuidasrun.nl.

of tangible things we can spend the money on.’


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ZUIDAS – Zuidas remains the absolute prime location to

ZUIDAS – Zuidas recorded seven land allocations in the

rent office space in the Netherlands. The general trend of

second half of 2013 with a total ground value just short of

declining rental prices seems to have skipped over the

€65 million, according to the Zuidas second half-year report

market in Zuidas, with 2013 seeing a slight rise in rents in

for 2013. This concerns the following land allocations:

the top segment, according to the Office Space Across the

Beethoven: allocation for Stibbe car park

World report, published by Cushman & Wakefield

Fred Roeskestraat: allocation for All-In Real Estate pavilion

international property consultants. Despite a slight rise in

Gershwin: Allocation of lots 14+16 and 1a+2a

rental prices, Amsterdam slipped from 22nd to 23rd place

Top of Zuidas: allocation for hotel and education venue

in the year’s ranking of most expensive office locations

RAI: allocation for RAI Amtrium

worldwide. Rents rose just over 1% in Zuidas, as opposed

This brings total revenues for 2013 to slightly

to the global average of approximately 3%.

over €66 million.

Source: PropertyNL.com Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features the latest Zuidas-related property news. Send your property news to redactie@propertynl.com



ZUIDAS – Gelderlandplein owner Kroonenberg Group has

SCHUIPHOL – The implementation of the latest set of

recently leased several new spaces of this shopping centre to

tightened regulations for building plans (height

existing tenants. Hema moved into brand-new premises at

limitations) in a wide radius around Amsterdam

Gelderlandplein earlier this year, with a second entrance on

Airport Schiphol, have been moved up from 1 July 2014

A.J. Ernststraat, while Jamin has just opened the doors of its

to 1 February 2015 at the earliest. Municipalities fear

new shop across from the Rivièra Maison. The space formerly

massive claims. Zuidas may also be affected.

occupied by the Hema is being split up into several units,

According to a recent study, this limitation affects 70

making it possible to create more retail space for Kruidvat

plans for high-rise buildings around Schiphol. There is

next door to the new Jamin shop. This shop opened in April.

a risk that if lenders and developers think building

ICI Paris XL will relocate to its new premises this summer.

permits will not be granted, they may opt out early in the planning phase. Municipalities now fear massive claims and are calling for provisions to be laid down in


the zoning plan, rather than having to apply for exemptions for each individual development plan.

ZUIDAS – With its purchase of the SOM and ITO buildings, German-based Union Investment has become an even more dominant presence in Amsterdam Zuidas. The German acquisition seems motivated not so much by a calculated strategy to dominate this top location, however, as by a simple lack of suitable investment products in the Dutch market.

Photography Erik Bouw @Bouwkraan



Trending topics Zuidas Run @zuidasrun Vandaag loopt paspop Bas naar @NHHotelesNL waar de partnermeeting plaatsvindt voor de Zuidas Run op 25 mei. #ZAR14 | Maartje Strijbis @MaartjeStrijbis zo 27 april Lekker Literair met @PattyStenger over haar debuut #Zuidas incl. Koningsdiner, nog een paar plekken vrij! | Karina Peña @karinap05 Wat kan je als #community voor #duurzaamheid doen? Dat horen we vandaag in #zuidas !!! @hellozuidas @GBCZuidas @DienstZuidas | Marc Hameleers @MarcHameleersNL Bijgepraat met @KeesNoorman, dir @oram_amsterdam, over belangen van ondernemend Amsterdam mbt haven, Schiphol, Zuidas en bv ook kredietunies | Stad-Forum @stad_forum Bouw 400 Beethovenstraat begonnen #Zuidas | Tony Wijntuin @WYNEstrategy Zin in een uitsmijter Zuidas RT @AT5: De Zuidas gaat plek bieden aan 200 stadskippen die wel van wat reuring houden | glamourmanifest @glamourmanifest Gezelligheid als onderscheidend vermogen Amsterdam tov andere grote wereldsteden :) Column @PropertyNL op #Zuidas | Pauline Westendorp @paulinewes 500 mensen #020zuid zijn treurig genoeg klant van #voedselbank. Fijn om met bedrijven #zuidas oplossing te helpen vinden #Zuidasduurzaam2014 | Jaap de Vries @JaapJDeVries Tegenover #VU-hoofdgebouw is n #postzegelpark verschenen. Bij eindpunt 16&24. Minder omlopen naar #StationZuid via #olifantspaden #Zuidas | Kiiroo @Kiiroo We’ve set up office on the Claude Debussylaan in Amsterdam #WTC #ZuidAs #Haptic #Tech enthousiasts can come by for coffee! Maurice @Kiiroo.com | Genieke @Genieke Adviseren over slim en succesvol pitchen! Hoe bouw je je presentatie op? #Zuidas | VVD Amsterdam @VVDAmsterdam Gisteren voerde VVD #Amsterdam lijsttrekker @ericvanderburg met minister Schultz van Haegen campagne op de #Zuidas. | Menno Ploeger @mennoploeger Opening @TheTailormates George Gershwinplein 4 #Zuidas. Echte mannenwinkel met pakken, koffie, gadgets en barbier. | Manhattan Lounge Bar @Manhattan_STH Cappuccino Martini! A challenge for your Taste buds. #amsterdam #zuidas | Chris Buijink @chrisbuijink Goedemorgen #zuidas! Vandaag 2’sessie Young Financials #financielerevolutie


Daniel van der Ree @danielvanderree Vandaag eerste paal geslagen voor Motel One aan de #Zuidas | Remco Groenhuijzen @Groenhuijzen Goede opkomst bij de participantenbijeenkomst van #hellozuidas @NovotelAdamCity | GotchApp @GotchApp #GotchApp action today in #Amsterdam at the #zuidas. Difficult to recognise the spies with all those dresses...| Boevenvangen NH @Boevenvangen_NH Scholier met Rolex weet te ontkomen aan berover. Verdachte staat op beeld. Wie is de Rolexrover? #Amsterdamzuid Roberto @iHardloper Vanavond training geven in het Amsterdamse Bos aan de gevorderden lopers van de 10EM tijdens de Zuidas Run. (cc @runnersworld_ab @zuidasrun) | Restaurant Nine @RestaurantNine inspiratievolle vergaderruimte @Zuidas #meeting #healthybreak met heerlijke smoothies & home made muesli repen | StanHuygensJournaal @stanhuygens meesterkok René Brienen van Brienen aan de Maas (*) in Well kwam kistje asperges brengen naar #restaurant Bolenius aan de Amsterdamse Zuidas | Bastiaan van Dongen @BastiaandeKok Ben nog steeds op zoek naar een kamer in Amsterdam Zuid / Zuidas. max 600 p/m en gezellige huisgenoten natuurlijk :-) RT is lief | Joost Brinkman @joostbrinkman Vet cool. De zuidas heeft een bomentuin een moestuin .... Om maar te zwijgen van de kippenren voor verse eieren! @GBCZuidas @DienstZuidas | Eline Hoogendijk @ElineAmsterdam Zuidas Amsterdam geeft ruimte aan vijf nieuwe food & drink-concepten @FoodClicks | Dienst Zuidas @DienstZuidas Kom je ook van het uitzicht genieten? Vandaag Open Torendag Amsterdam met ABN AMRO en de VU kapel. #zuidas #otd14

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The state of our Union If Brussels were a brand, it would be filing for bankruptcy

simply for signing an attendance sheet, not to mention the

soon. Customer loyalty is low, the brand’s image has never

louche lobbyists with their dubious double agendas.

been worse. Indeed, if Europe were a business, I think its chief operating officer would have been fired a long time

All valid points, to be sure. But what is the alternative? Should

ago. Because let’s be honest: what company would move its

we simply dissolve the Union and continue as 26 independent

headquarters every single month (at a cost of 200 million

states, each with its own currency, its own market, its own

euros per annum)?

trade agreements? I can already hear the US, China, Russia, India and Brazil chuckle.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that after a steady decline over the past decades – from 65% in 1979 to 43% in 2009 –

When something is broken, you either throw it away or you fix

the turnout for the upcoming European elections is expected

it. From the perspective of return on investment, I’d prefer the

to hit a historic low. A staggering 70% of all European citizens

latter. Why? Because Europe is our best bet to remain relevant

don’t feel they are being heard in Brussels, and more than half

in a rapidly changing world, from Brussels to Budapest, from the

of the population wants less Europe – or no Europe at all.

City to Zuidas. So rather than giving up on Europe and filing for bankruptcy, I suggest we invest in making it work. That means:

I’ve heard a lot being said about the state of our Union.

leaner and meaner institutions, less bureaucracy and, most of

That all Europe does is create restrictions, rules and

all, more vision.

regulations. That the Eurocrats in Brussels are killing our economy (or what’s left of it). That they should have better

On 22 May, we, the stakeholders in Europe Inc. have the

things to do than discuss olive oil labels or the curvature of

chance to do something and make ourselves heard. I’d like to

bananas. That Brussels is the playground for stick-to-their-

call on everyone here in Zuidas to – please – use that chance.

seats politicians who get exorbitant fees and per diems,

The stakes have never been higher.

Kirsten van den Hul speaks, writes and works on the crossroads of culture, communication and change. She works as an independent change agent for Dienst Zuidas, and writes a weekly column for Dutch daily AD. In 2011 she was appointed as UN Women’s Representative. Her motto: “Without change no butterflies”. For more information, visit www.thechangeagent.nl, or follow @thechangeagent on Twitter.



Mahlerplein Metamorphosis 16.


In his plan for Amsterdam’s southern district, known as Plan Zuid (1914), urban planner and architect Hendrik Berlage provided for a broad, tree-lined avenue with a green strip running down the centre. This was Minervalaan, which would be extended to Mahlerplein by the Municipality of Amsterdam a century later. Municipal landscape architect Ton Muller explains current plans for the square’s redesign.

This is a space that defines the character of

they also provide a natural counterpoint to the

the area. For visitors, Mahlerplein is the gateway

surrounding steel, glass and stone.’ Both sides of

to the southern part of Zuidas. But because of

the walled park are set off with ten-metre wide

its windiness, it’s not really a pleasant place

strips of pavement: ‘for anyone who wishes to

to linger. The construction of an underground

cross quickly to the other side’. Muller has used

bicycle storage facility, offering 3,000 spaces,

ramps to resolve the one-metre difference in

has led the initiative to transform the square into

level between Amsterdam Zuid station and the

a sheltered gathering space, creating an oasis

Gustav Mahlerlaan. ‘The square is accessible for

of tranquillity amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

everyone, including wheelchair users. There will only be one set of stairs: three steps leading from


the station down into the park.’

Extensive polls were conducted among area users and residents to gauge support for the


plans. Responses to the idea for a park-like

All conditions permitting, the new Mahlerplein

space where people could stop and sit, were

will be completed in the course of 2016. But first

very positive. The plans meet the explicit call to

the current square will make way for a building

preserve access to the square from all directions,

site during the construction of the bicycle park.

while also respecting the existing outdoor

Construction is slated to start in early 2015.

terraces. Indicating his design drawings, Muller

‘The construction and the design of the bike facility

explains, ‘As you can see, there is a rectangular

and the square are all part of the engagement

central seating area, bordered by a low stone

which we hope to award to a contractor this

wall.’ Paved paths lead along raised grassed

summer,’ Muller says. ‘This project will also

areas to converge at two central spaces, both

include the creation of a 750m3 underground

also bounded by stone walls perfect for sitting.

water reservoir, as well as facilities for cables

Large trees offer protection from the wind

and pipelines. The Mahlerplein metamorphosis

and direct sunlight, but also let the light filter

really spans the whole square, both underground

through. ‘As well as giving shelter from the wind,

and above ground.’

Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde | Text Eric Burgers


Finance Source: Het Financieele Dagblad

Every edition of Hello Zuidas magazine features financial news related to the Zuidas district, Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Send your financial news to hellozuidas@asega.nl.




ZUIDAS – The property development company is

ZUIDAS – Paint manufacturer AkzoNobel is expecting an

complex. In March it sold its most expensive apartment

upturn in the European housing market, said Ruud Joosten,

in no time and, at $10.5 mil. (€7.5 mil.), at a price which

head of the company’s decorative paints division, during an

far exceeded the anticipated $8 mil. This American foray

investors’ day in London. While the company notes there are

has certainly whetted the company’s appetite, according

still few people relocating – meaning paint purchases for

to Director Lesley Bamberger (48). Kroonenberg has

home refurbishment remain low – housing markets in

already sold all 52 smaller apartments in the prestigious

several countries are showing signs of recovery, and that

building, even though it’s still six months from

trend is set to gain force. ‘Lots of people have put off home

completion. Just two weeks ago, six penthouses,

maintenance’, Joosten said. ‘But the housing market will

described as ‘ultra-luxurious’ in the company’s

pick up again either this year or the next, entailing a good

promotional brochures, were put up for sale by the

potential for a strong European growth market.’

property agent, who will be receiving a 5% commission.

converting an old office building into a residential



ZUIDAS – Together, the partners purchased stakes in seven

competitive countries when it comes to attracting large

US shopping centres, totalling $2.1 bil. But these investment

companies to locate, according to a biennial study

giants have nowhere near slaked their thirst for real estate.

conducted by KPMG. Multinationals opt for the

In spite of rising prices, the Dutch pension investor APG and

Netherlands because they offer the cheapest rates for

its American counterpart Tiaa-Cref will be continuing their

office and industrial space, as well as various tax

collaboration, with the acquisition of regional luxury

incentives for R&D, among other things. While rents

shopping centres in the US. ‘Our size gives us enormous

in cities like Paris and London are astronomically high,

leverage in this market’, explains Tiaa-Cref Investment

a location in Amsterdam is not more expensive than in

Manager Philip McAndrews, who is investing $564 bil.

other Dutch cities. All this has put the Netherlands in

from academics clients and others. ‘Our interests run

third place on the list of the top ten most important

parallel’, he says of his Dutch partners.

economies, ranking it with the US, Japan and Germany.

ZUIDAS – The Netherlands is one of the world’s most

NEW MANAGING PARTNER AT THE HELM OF EY ACCOUNTANCY ZUIDAS – Giljam Aarnink, Managing Partner of EY’s accountancy division, will be stepping down and handing over his position to Michèle Hagers. This will make EY the first major Dutch accounting and consultancy firm to have a woman at the helm of its accountancy division. In addition, Hagers will automatically be taking Aarnink’s seat on the management board of EY Netherlands and Belgium. Hagers (b. 1966) has worked at Ernst & Young – last year officially renamed EY – since 1989, where she has held various positions. After six years as managing partner, Aarnink will return to focusing wholly on clients. The position of managing partner at EY is subject to a maximum term of six years, although this limit is not set in stone.

Photography Veronika Bačová



Five food & drink stands in Zuidas this summer! From this month you’ll find food & drink stands at five locations across Zuidas. The Zuidas Development Office has granted five operators permission to set up temporary stalls over the summer. With a wide array of business plans submitted before the March deadline, the jury received as many as 83 fantastic initiatives, only five of which could be selected. Over the next few months, you can visit the stands yourself!

ICOON: THE ‘PENTAGON’ (FOOTBALL PITCH BETWEEN PRINSES IRENESTRAAT & STRAWINSKYLAAN) Welcome to the mobile bread bar! Operating from a quintessentially Dutch greenhouse, ICOON serves up oneof-a-kind organic COONwiches – sandwiches in the shape of an ice cream cone. Our COONwiches are baked fresh on site and filled with artisanal produce grown in a fully selfsufficient sustainable greenhouse. With solar panel-powered refrigeration, green gas for the oven and a large water tank, ICOON has no need of fixed electrical or water facilities. For additional info, visit: www.icoonpopup.nl


PUBLIC SPACE JUICE AND SALAD: GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN The initiator behind Juice and Salad is a bona fide farmer! We serve freshly prepared salads and veggie and fruit juices, and much of our organic produce comes straight from his farm. Established on Amsterdam’s Vijzelstraat for more than two years now, Juice and Salads knows exactly what customers are craving. Come sample one of our tasty juices or delicious salads today!

BULLS & BEARS: GUSTAV MAHLERPLEIN Bulls & Bears invites Zuidas to experience the responsible lunch. Whilst paying homage to the stock exchange, our name signals that good-quality, healthy food can also be enterprising. This location features a robust slow-cooking wood oven where responsible burgers, sausage rolls and sandwiches are made to order. Traders needing a fix for a financial hangover are sure to welcome a proportionate price drop in the weekly special, or else cash in on the celebratory mood when the index rises (in other words: the price of the weekly special depends on the previous day’s AEX index).

FRESH FROM THE MAASS KITCHEN: GERSHWINPLEIN Not in the mood to cook? At ‘Uit de keuken van Maass’, open from 8am till 8pm, you can choose from a variety of delicious and healthy entrees, lunch or dinner salads, soups, desserts and organic juices, made fresh and ready to eat. All ingredients are organic and sustainably produced. Check out our video clip to see where products are sourced and find out exactly what’s on your plate. Located on Veemarkt, ‘Uit De Keuken Van Maass’ has sustainable food down to an art form. For additional info, visit: www.uitdekeukenvanmaass.nl.

STEWART & SALLY: VU TRAM LOOP ‘Slow-cooked fresh food’ is what Stewart & Sally in Zuidas is all about. Sure to appeal to the modern student and hardworking professional alike, Stewart & Sally serves a varying weekly menu of entrees and luxury meal salads from a converted shipping container. S&S also has an all-day range of stews for a quick and healthy meal option. Want to order online? Your order will be ready to pick up on your lunch break or after you leave the office.

Text: Romy Lange


Summerparty Zuidas FRIDAY, 27 JUNE 2014 Zuidplein, 4.30pm - midnight Come and enjoy a free open air concert at 5.15pm, performed by the VU-Orchestra, while feasting on culinary delights and drinks provided by Zuidas restaurants. Later on, stay put to see sizzling DJ’s and live performances by top artist Wolter Kroes and others, compliments of Blauwe Engel. Great food, sultry beats – what better recipe for the perfect summer afternoon… to be followed by a spectacular party! The VU-Orchestra, which has over a 100 members, will perform ‘Sheherazade’ by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. This will be a great outdoor opportunity to meet colleagues, neighbours and friends. We look forward to seeing you there!

PROGRAM 4.30 pm Opening Zuidas Concert & Culinary 4.30 pm 17 restaurants of Zuidas will present lovely food and drinks! 5.15 pm VU-Orchestra @ Zuidplein 6 pm DJ FemmeTastic @ Zuidplein 7 pm till midnight Summerparty WTCafe de Blauwe Engel Do you work for a Hello Zuidas participant? Free coins for the first 100 registrations at sevicepoint@hellozuidas.com.


Concert & Culinary

Photography Miryam Faken



The right solution for your building

Amsterdam Zuidas is a prestigious location and here, more than anywhere else in the Netherlands, the façade of your building is your calling card. We specialise in the cleaning and technical maintenance of building façades. Thanks to our innovative systems and 250 professional staff, we have led the way in the sector for over 35 years. Our Total Façade management programme ensures the right solution for your building maintenance needs.


T. 045 - 522 38 00 F. 045 - 522 84 70


The largest professional network for General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers in The Netherlands. GCN builds relations and shares knowledge: the only professional network exclusively for ultimate responsible in-house lawyers.


join us

Christel Boeljon

Zuidas welcome at the Deloitte Ladies Open golf tournament For the second year in a row, the stunning golf course at Amsterdam’s The International will be hosting the Deloitte Ladies Open, on 23-25 May 2014. In honour of the relocation of its Amsterdam offices to new monumental premises at The Edge in Zuidas, Deloitte will be organizing a number of tournament-related events, where all of Zuidas can get acquainted with its new neighbours.


After the official play, the public can also have a

As a fun tribute to the Deloitte Ladies Open,

‘swing’ at the course (to register, send an email

Zuidas itself will furnish the course for an Urban

to: deloittegolf@deloitte.nl).

golf tournament on 15 May. Totalling four holes, office buildings in the heart of Zuidas, with play


beginning and ending on Gustav Mahlerlaan.

In the following week, on Friday, 23 May, Deloitte

Instead of actual holes in the ground, golfers will

will be organizing a special networking reception

be aiming for distinctive targets using special

during the Deloitte Ladies Open. From 5pm

‘almost golf balls’. Participants in this unique

till 7pm, readers of Hello Zuidas are invited to

golf challenge will include management board

enjoy drinks and snacks in the VIP lounge at

members of tournament sponsors KLM, ABN

The International. Guests are also welcome

AMRO and Deloitte, as well as several golfing

to come in advance of the reception to enjoy

champions such as the Netherlands’ top golfer

a spectacular round of play by the ladies golf

Christel Boeljon. Joining them will be a number

professionals, and there’s also the possibility to

23-25 May 2014

of Dutch celebrities, who will be teeing off on

stay on afterwards for a sizzling party (cash bar).

Deloitte Ladies Open

behalf of the DON national diabetes research

To register for the networking reception, simply send


foundation. Each of the four main flights will have

an email, stating ‘Zuidas networking reception’

a single place reserved for one Zuidas golfer.

in the subject line to: jasper@tigsports.nl.

the course has been staked out amongst the


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam SATURDAY, 17 MAY 2014 Olympia neighbourhood architecture walk Olympisch Kwartier branch library start 1pm











P S109


Information market on Zuidas and Zuidasdok, WTC foyer 4pm-7pm Curious about progress at Zuidasdok? Want to find out if there are works planned over the summer? Or curious to see what the Mahlerplein will look like… Want to know just what all those cranes are doing? Or interested in living at Zuidas? For answers to these and other questions, visit the Zuidas and Zuidasdok information market at the WTC. No registration necessary.






Road closures on Europaboulevard between De Boelelaan and Amsterdam RAI Due to rail and road works around Amsterdam RAI station, there will be a number of road closures in the evenings, nights and weekends during this period. The weekend closure from 8pm on Friday, 23 May until 5am on Monday, 26 May is expected to have the greatest impact on traffic, with large sections of Europaboulevard closed to cars. Europaboulevard west will be partially closed to cyclists and pedestrians traffic, with a diversion via Europaboulevard east. For full details, see: www.zuidas.nl (under current works) or www.prorail.nl/ov.saal. NOVOTEL















19 MAY - 4 JUNE

Asparagus at Bolenius During May and June, Bolenius will once more be serving up the very best asparagus. Delivered fresh from the farm, and bringing a bit of Limburg to Amsterdam.















Crowne Plaza, Amsterdam 6pm – 8pm Is your company holding a summer event, a networking event or another kind of event? Looking for a Zuidas venue that’s different from the usual bars and cafes? Crowne Plaza Amsterdam has the perfect solution: your own company BBQ, held on our Waterfort Terrace. For arrangements, please send an email to: marjan.elgersma@ihg.com.

Urban Golf @ Zuidas On 15 May, Zuidas is hosting a special event in honour of the Deloitte Ladies Open on 23-25 May, with a four-hole golf course featuring unique targets and cutting straight through the buildings. The course begins and ends on Gustav Mahlerlaan, where players will tee off using special ‘almost golf’ balls. Participants will include executive board members from Deloitte, KLM and ABN AMRO, world-class golf star Christel Boeljon and a number of Dutch celebrities.

Adjoining architect Jan Wils’ monumental 1928 Olympic Stadium is Amsterdam’s ‘Olympic Quarter’. With 969 new homes, it’s the largest new-build location inside the A10 ring motorway. Lafour & Wijk architects opted for a style that dovetails with that of the surrounding Amsterdam School architecture – part of Berlage’s famous Plan Zuid, which also features on this walking tour, along with a number of stunning building complexes. Registration required: olk@oba.nl. Weekend works: Tickets €10 / €5 for OBA members

MAY - JUNE 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 1st of July. Send your agenda to hellozuidas@asega.nl before the 6th of June.


WEDNESDAY, 21 MAY 21 SUNDAY, 25 MAY 2014 Kunstvlaai | Platform for Experimental Art Spaces Amstelpark 8am – 30 minutes to sunset Come enjoy this multi-day celebration of art(ist-run) initiatives in the Amstelpark. This 10th edition of Kunstvlaai – themed: ‘From Safety to Where, I Love The Feeling of Being Slightly Lost’ – promises to be an exciting place to visit for art lovers, artists, Amsterdam locals and world citizens alike. Admission is free. Find the full programme on: www.kunstvlaai.nl.

SUNDAY, 25 MAY 2014 Zuidas Run 25 mei 2014 Gustav Mahlerplein 10am-5pm On Sunday, 25 May 2014, theNederland Dé Business Run van Netherlands’ one-and-only Business Run is coming to Gustav Mahlerplein in Zuidas. Races during the Zuidas Run include the 4 EM, 10 EM and the Kids Run. Participants will be running in support of the VUmc Virtual Reality Lab and VUmc Kinderstad. Register now at: www.zuidasrun.nl.

OPENS THURSDAY, 29 MAY 2014 Exhibition: The Art of the Brick Amsterdam EXPO This fantastic exhibition – proclaimed one of the world’s ten must-see exhibitions by CNN – features large-scale sculptures created entirely from LEGO® bricks. Many of them are human figures, but there’s also a T-Rex skeleton constructed from more than 80,000 LEGO bricks and measuring over six metres in length. These one-of-a-kind LEGO sculptures are the work of US artist Nathan Sawaya. The exhibition includes an Interactive Zone, inviting younger (and older) visitors to explore their creativity, using the iconic bricks. For more info, see: www.amsterdamexpo.nl.

WEDNESDAY, 28 MAY 2014 23-25 MAY 2014 Deloitte Ladies Open From Friday 23 May through Sunday 25 May, the golf course at Amsterdam’s The International will be hosting the Deloitte Ladies Open. With Deloitte gearing up to relocate its offices to Zuidas this November, the company will be inviting all its new neighbours to a networking reception on the first day of this prestigious international tournament. The networking reception will be held from 5pm till 7pm at The International. To have your name added to the guest list, please send an email to Jasper@tigsports.nl, stating ‘Zuidas networking reception’ in the subject line.

BROADWAY BABIES XIV Boulevard Theater, Amsterdam start 1pm

The Frank Sanders Akademie voor Musicaltheater’s graduation show Broadway Babies is an annual Dutch theatre tradition, when graduating students put on a final group performance. Now in its 14th year, this is where the stars of tomorrow make their debut before a Dutch audience Broadway Babies, edition XIV, promises a full evening’s entertainment, with Tim Burton’s film Big Fish providing the inspiration for a unique musical theatre performance. Reservation required: jaar3@franksandersakademie.nl.

JUNE 2014 RSM Executive Education courses offered in Amsterdam start 17 June: RSM Diploma Programme in Business Management and Leadership: 10-day open enrolment programme, with five 2-day modules on Leadership, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, and Business Improvement Plan. www.rsm.nl/bml * start 19 June: Coaching for improved work performance: 2-day open enrolment programme. www.rsm.nl/cp


Agenda Zuidas Amsterdam

THURSDAY, 5 JUNE, 2014 TUESDAY, 3 JUNE 2014 RSM’ Executive Education seminar ‘Gender-balanced leadership: creating value’ Join us at the third RSM Erasmus Business Series and explore: • understanding gender bias • what the advantages of genderbalanced leadership are • the power and consequence of networks Dr Dianne Bevelander will inspire you to further develop your business and personal skills to boost your business and empower women. www.rsm.nl/ebs

Open day Duisenberg school of finance Duisenberg school of finance 5.30pm-9pm This open day will consist of a minimaster class brought to you by Prof. Florencio Lopez de Silanes and focusses on questions such as: why are banks always bankrupt? That banks around the world are fragile has been proved yet again by the recent financial crisis. But what makes banks inherently weak?

FRIDAY, 6 JUNE 2014 Unveiling of statues at Europaplein On 6 June, in the late afternoon, six unique, large statues will be officially installed and unveiled at Europaplein in front of the RAI. Such a large square naturally calls for large-scale and spectacular art. Curious? Come to the opening! Check the website www.zuidas.nl for more information.


THURSDAY, 5 JUNE 2014 Free lunch concert: Musical entertainment with a French twist Central Hall, WTC Amsterdam 12.30pm-1.30pm Rie Kimura (baroque violin), Robert Smith (viola da gamba) and Guillermo Brachetta (harpsichord) make up the Fantasticus ensemble. The name refers to the Stylus Fantasticus of the late 17th century, a gloriously unfettered way of composing music that fits in with the sense of adventure and joie de vivre typical of the age. For more info, see: www.wtcamsterdam.com/events.


Street football tournament Calvijn against Junior College, Amsterdam Duisenberg School of Finance 12am-5pm For the sixth year in a row, Zingeving Zuidas and De Nieuwe Poort have teamed up to put on the Straatvoetbaltoernooi, our annual street football tournament for a good cause. Join the ranks of ‘FC Zuidas’ as it plays ‘VV Slotervaart’, with lawyers, consultants and bankers from Zuidas facing off against secondary school students from Slotervaart and De Bijlmer. Over the years, some 30 big companies in Zuidas have joined in the Straatvoetbaltoernooi. It’s fun, uplifting, and you may just have more in common with each other than you’d think. www.denieuwepoort.org

TUESDAY, 17 JUNE 2014 Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam 5pm – 8:30pm WTC Amsterdam Business Club is visiting the Van Gogh Museum on 17 June. The visit is outside regular opening hours and will include exclusive guided tours. This is a members-only event. Please register via businessclub@wtcamsterdam.com.

MAY - JUNE 2014 Next magazine will be published @ 1st of July. Send your agenda to hellozuidas@asega.nl before the 6th of June.

SATURDAY, 21 JUNE 2014 LGB Boat Challenge 2014 On 21 June, LGB events is organizing another edition of the LGB Boat Challenge – a barge rally for which everyone can sign up with their own canal-worthy boat. The kick-off takes place at the StrandZuid restaurant behind the RAI in Amsterdam. The finish and announcement of the winner will take place at StrandZuid, followed by a BBQ and party. The price for participation is €69.50 per person, which includes boat registration, limited drinks and admission to the evening’s festivities. Got a boat – or boated friends – and want to join? Send an email to: bookings@boatchallenge.nl to register or to get more information. www.boatchallenge.nl 

SUNDAY, 29 JUNE 2014 Viva Las Vegas Old School Amsterdam Start: 2pm Calling all meat-lovers, meat-reducers and meat-avoiders! On Sunday, 29 June 2014, the Viva Las Vega foundation is organizing its fourth annual Food Festival, sure to tempt all left and right-wingers, greenists and greyists alike. With delectable cooking workshops, a food market featuring gourmet vegetable tastings, an extensive programme of films and interesting speakers, this promises to be a fascinating day out for the entire family. This year’s festival is at Old School, near the Amsterdam RAI. www.vlvfoodfestival.nl

THURSDAY, JULY 3 2014 Hello Zuidas meeting (members only) Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Fred. Roeskestraat 96 11.30am – 2:00pm Hello Zuidas welcomes its members for the annual participants summer lunch meeting. Organized at the inspiring atmosphere of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie we present you our future plans and inform you about the recent Zuidas developments. Presentation by urban strategy consultant Kai van Hasselt. Registration: servicepoint@hellozuidas.com

FRIDAY, 27 JUNE 2014 Zuidas Culinary & Concert meets Zomerfeest Blauwe Engel, Zuidplein 4.30pm – midnight On 27 June, Zuidas will once more be showcasing its rich culinary arsenal of restaurants, lunch counters and cafes during Zuidas Culinair & Concert – which for the first time this year will be in association with Amsterdam’s Zomerfeest festival. Sample drinks and bites from a diverse range of Zuidas eating establishments, while enjoying a free open-air concert by the VU Orchestra. Later on, stay put to see sizzling DJ’s and live performances by top artist Wolter Kroes and others, compliments of Blauwe Engel. Great food, sultry beats – what better recipe for the perfect summer afternoon… to be followed by a spectacular party! For further information, see: www.vu-orkest.nl



Wabe van Enk (PropertyNL), Klaas de Boer (Dienst Zuidas), Melanie van der Horst (Green Business Club Zuidas), Marjolein van Lingen (Dienst Zuidas), Timo Huisman (Green Business Club Zuidas) & Olivier Otten (Hello Zuidas)

Could we be leaders in sustainability? Join the discussion on ‘polder’ roofs, energy, waste, water, chickens, geothermal heating, electrical charging stations and a myriad of other themes during OldSchool Amsterdam’s presentation of the second Zuidas sustainability report. In cooperation with the Zuidas Development Office and the Green Business Club Zuidas, Hello Zuidas has once more managed to compile a valuable collection of data in an appealing format. Klaas de Boer (Director of the Zuidas Development Office ), Timo Huisman (Chair of Green Business Club Zuidas) and Olivier Otten (Director of Hello Zuidas) met with Melanie van der Horst (Programme Director of the Green Business Club Zuidas and event moderator) and an audience of over a hundred guests, to discuss their latest findings on sustainability.


finance towards a mix of legal advice, property

The afternoon’s theme was ‘The Circular City’.

and HR, plus an increasing share of residential

Today, we try to limit the quantity of raw materials

housing’, he says. ‘On a local level, an occupancy

we take from the Earth and to ensure those we do

rate of one per cent yields €6,000,000. This

extract are used sustainably and in a manner that

means that every euro invested here generates

promotes regional self-sufficiency. It all sounds

€15 for the local economy.’

great, but, according Klaas de Boer, the concept


is really a fallacy. ‘We all have the ambition to be


self-sufficient, of course, but that goal is still a

Urban sustainability and the use of resources are

long way off. The big focus now is on sustainable

a worldwide concern. After all, half of the world’s

urban development. Considering the density

population lives in cities. According to Timo

and diversity of this area, Zuidas is really highly

Huisman, Zuidas is poised to play a pioneering

sustainable.’ Olivier Otten also cites the mix

role. ‘By joining forces, we can streamline

of users. ‘We’re shifting from being a centre of

sustainable projects and showcase concrete


The presentation of the second Zuidas sustainability report.

The afternoon’s theme was ‘The Circular City’.

Agreeing with Huisman, Klaas de Boer adds,


‘A few years ago my focus in directing Zuidas

According to the men, Zuidas still has some

was mainly about which contracts we had,

strides to make where accessibility is concerned.

where we should build, identifying opportunities

Too many people still commute by car, for example.

for expansion and so on. But over the last few

‘At the same time, Zuidas is setting a great example’,

years, we’ve seen an increasing shift in emphasis

Olivier says. ‘Around 47% of people come by

towards the “softer” side. That means we’re

public transport, 32% by car and the rest of them

focusing more on facilitation within the area,

come by bike. With the area attracting more and

on the community and on sustainable projects,

more people, parking has become an increasing

like the tree gardens and the chicken farm.

problem, and it will be important to come up with

It goes without saying that the soft side is

new ways to reach Zuidas.’ ‘Employers can play

much more fun than the hard side.’

a vital role here’, Huisman adds, ‘for example by

examples such as the polder roof at OldSchool.’

incorporating public transport chip cards, bicycle

‘The soft side is much more fun than the hard side’

schemes and incentives for electric car use into their terms of employment. For next year, we hope to see more results in these areas as well.’

You can watch Zuidas live! And not just the buildings, but also the A10 motorway. See for yourself whether to expect traffic jams or if it’s plain sailing, on: http://zuidas.webcam.nl/. Last year, Accenture organized the Low Car Diet – a programme which allowed employees to trade in their car keys and opt for electric cars, car pools, trains, buses, trams, the metro, public transport bikes, taxis and station-based working and meeting facilities instead. All office buildings at Zuidas have to achieve a BREEAM-NL sustainability rating of ‘Excellent’ at the very least. Buildings that meet these high sustainability requirements are by definition very energy efficient and require only a minimal external supply of energy. Curious about the sustainability report? You can browse through the report on http://issuu.com/asegamedia/docs/duurzaamheidsverslag_2013_zuidas You can also pick up a hard copy at the Hello Zuidas Servicepoint in the WTC.

Text Romy Lange | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde


SEMINAR PRESENTATION DRINKS FAREWELL PARTY FÊTE Unique location in Zuidas Flexibility in everything Symphony’s bar Brasserie I restaurant I terrace George Gershwinlaan 22-28 1082 MT Amsterdam 020-6464 703 info@symphonys.nl www.symphonys.nl

Act Global, Consume Local Many people in this area wish to create as well as retain a lively atmosphere in Zuidas. That’s why we rely on our local restaurants, bars and small entrepreneurs, all of which you can find here!

InXpress: High-quality document and parcel shipping at wholesale rates. Working with top carriers like DHL and UPS, we guarantee outstanding service. Need assistance or advice? And how about a tasty treat to go with your coffee? It’s all included! For further information or a brief personal meeting (no obligations!), please contact:

Breezed through another brainstorming session? Next time…

Jos Nefkens



Claude Debussylaan 2-8 | Viñoly Zuidas

06-54 656 992 www.inxpress.com

denieuwepoort 32.

HAS MOVED! Our new location in Zuidas: Amsterdam WTC,

T: 0299 - 468545 E: info@kembra.nl


Strawinskylaan 43, 1077 XW Amsterdam, Central Hall, Tower A Here you can browse through our entire collection. Art loans and sales for private and business clients. To receive news and updates, or if you have any questions, please contact us: www.galeriemodern.nl

Also keep an eye on our site for the date of our Grand Opening!

info@galeriemodern.nl 020-2218 136 06-47 266 179

KEMBRA: INTERIORS & PRODUCTION Are you planning to refurbish and do you want to create your dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom? Call us and pay a visit to our showroom, so you can see all the possibilities on offer. If you wish, we can also arrange for customized furniture and fittings, or a complete interior designing project headed by a design consultant. Also visit our shop-in-shop at Season Flowers in Zuidas! Showroom Van IJsendijkstraat 162a, Purmerend 0299-468 545 info@kembra.nl www.kembra.nl

Season Flowers’ flower and interiors shop is now available for hire as a venue for various events on Saturdays (all day/half a day). Set aside a Saturday in your diary


and invite all your friends for your own event in our shop! An expert stylist will visit you beforehand to take

Zusters Liefde (‘Sister’s Love’) prepares healthy meals, using

measurements and talk about the desired interior.

fresh regional and seasonal products. We don’t use additives.

Want to find out more? Feel free to call us: 020-3307571

All our ingredients are as natural as they come and preferably

We hope to see you soon,

organic. Top up on healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and

The team at Season Flowers

good quality proteins. Orders are delivered free of charge in

Gustav Mahlerlaan 401-403

Zuidas, so there’s no need to interrupt your work or to shop


for groceries on your way home. See what we have to offer on:





st r a at Bee th ov en Leo S mitstraat


in and around Zuidas. All are publically accessible and many are to be found inside parking garages • With as many as 20 charging stations in their garage, VU/VUmc comes top of the list Zuidas.


laa n

• You can also have a charging station installed on your Vijverhoef


Van d . Boec horst str.


• There are already more than 70 electric charging stations


Tei linge n

Van Nijen rodeweg


De kamp

De kamp

Assumb urg

Nijenrod e-

bur g

Eg elenbg.

Cro nenbg .

Bosb aa n weg

NieuwerElectric mobility highly doable in read why! Van Zuidas: hoek






d aal burg

Slange n -

van Weldamme-




BUITENVELDERT Gijsbrecht van I J selste instraa t Kiefskam p


ba a

bu rg



Electric charging stations have been popping up all over Zuidas. This map features all of them! Cannen-







Asingaborg hof






rnsl o ot

Bos -

Bee tho vens t raa t

T u y ll


Van d er

Weld am




Arent Janszoon Ern ststraat


Cannen -


He rinkha ve




Amstelveen seweg


Arent Janszoon Ernststraat


Rosy Wer theim str .

L. Bernsteinstr .

G ershwinGeorge Gershwinplein


Bu itenve ld ert selaan Buitenveldertsela an


Overijss elweg

Tw i k k e l

ba an we g


weg Hen ri Zag wijn str.

Prinse s Ma rijk e-

E . v.

Aaro n Cop land str .

l a an P . Sch atstr.

Ams tel ve en s ewe g




Sch o kkersp a d

Sc hu be rts

t s tr a a Watt e a u -

do orn str . Parna ssu s-



D. Ap pel-


J as o ns tra at

a te lliLoc

nS ta d i o

S ta d io


Gustav Mahlerlaan

Gustav Mahlerplein

De Boelelaan



Tjo tter s-

Bo eie rs-

Boechorsts traat B o e le

Gaff elaar sp.

at nove str a


we g-



Chri st

Bee th

Amstelv e e

Z uidplein

B p

A1 0



Pr a menpa d


Holbein straat

M ahler-


G ustav



De Boelelaan


W illem L a ndrést r .

Ar no ld Schönb erglaa n Be njamin


en -



A1 0

J a c h th


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W illem Pij per s traa t

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Peter van Anro oy -

Stadio nkade

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own premises – like Accenture, Boekel De Nerée, Houthoff, Kempen & Co, WTC and ABN AMRO.

• Even subsidies are subsidies available. For details, see this website: www.amsterdam.nl/parkeren-verkeer/ amsterdam-elektrisch/opladen/subsidie/


Van Nijen


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Electric charging stations








rke rk e rd ijk

pJ . V ro e g o e l s in g







Electric charging stations for bikes and motor scooters



Audi Shared Fleet (www.sharedfleet.nl) Electric charging stations garages (indoor)

r d ij k

ld ij k


Electric charging stations in Q-Park

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Ou d


Nijenr odew e g


Van • Various websites provide the exact locations of Ron de e l



eg ewBUITENVELDERTr od OOST jen Ni n erVa y st Be

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G . v. Aemstelpark

Pre si de nt Ke nn ed ylaan



W ee rdestein






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Dra k enstn.

Europaboul evard







Hof v. Groenen





Al m st r .

Pee lstr aa t



Fast charging stations burg

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Van Leijenberghlaan




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Am ste l di jk

A rent Janszoon Ernststraat




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Klenc ke



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Wint erdij k-

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H ogewerf



boul e vard


De Krooswijkhof Mateness e hof

Tomm aso

Ba rbara Strozzilaan




Albino nistraa t

Vivald i-

Domenico Scarlattilaan



laa n

Zu id e lijke W a n d elweg

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Gri ftst raa t





Alb lass traa t



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Eur op a-



Eur opa ple



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p l ein



Bern isse straa t


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Roomp otstraat

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lde he Sc Scheldeplein

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Ee nd r ach tstr


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Gr e v elin ge ns

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Kra mm ers tra


Ha rin gvl iet str



Her m an He ij e rm


url oo -




Roya ards straa t

G ez el le s t r.



Donges t ra a t




Din te l-




d ar



Die ze s tr a a t




Be rn










e gn

Gagel donk

Wam- http://www.amsterdam.nl/ berg charging stations. See:


parkeren-verkeer/amsterdam-elektrisch/opladen/ • This site also tells you if the charging station is available and which type of vehicle can be charged there (including bikes and motor scooters): www.oplaadpalen.nl • Also available are apps that direct you to the nearest e-charging station. One to check out is the Love to load app.

Map maps4news.com


Fancy a company BBQ on our sunny waterfront Terrace? Let us arrange it for you and get a free reception drink





Restaurant & Cooking NINE Arnold Schönberglaan 9 1082 MJ Amsterdam restaurantnine.nl

Hotel fax: +31-20-504 3626


BRUSH UP YOUR ENGLISH! Doing international business? Why not let Taalcentrum-VU help you brush up your English? Our range of courses includes:



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an (33), Based on: man (35), wom 000,-. annuity mortgage: € 290. 000,-, € 290. unt: amo red insu NHG l 1 2014. s. Reference date: Apri year period of fixation: 20

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Taalcentrum-VU: the number one Zuidas agency for your international communication needs.

De Hypotheker Amsterdam Zuidas WTC Toren B Level 14 - Strawinskylaan 1427 (020) 662 14 11 Completely independent. And everything is well taken care of.

Chef Jeroen Bruinsma & Alexander Kluit, General Manager of the Wyndham Apollo hotel.

Bravura in Amsterdam Zuid Now that the summer’s in sight, the terrace at the Wyndham Apollo hotel is getting busier by the day. It’s also a popular spot for people who work in Zuidas to come and unwind. ‘Particularly at this time of year, the Zuidas crowd like to come here for a drink’, says Alexander Kluit. As Area General Manager, he holds overall responsibility for Apollo Hotels & Resorts’ three hotels in Amsterdam, including the Wyndham Apollo Hotel, the Ramada Apollo and Apollo Museum Hotel.

A GOOD HAMBURGER According to Alexander, lots of local professionals

the Middle East, the Caribbean islands and

book a table for lunch at the Wyndham when

the Mediterranean’, says Jeroen. ‘But seasoned

meeting with potentially important clients. ‘I think

with a touch of Amsterdam bravura.’ He uses

they like the fact that we’re not right at the centre

regional and seasonal products where possible.

of the business district, but still within easy

‘Even though strawberries or green peas are

distance. Plus, that makes it less likely they’ll run

available during winter, it goes against my

into colleagues, which may be awkward’,

philosophy. As a chef, I feel I have a duty to

he explains. The lunch menu mainly features

be an ambassador for nature’, he says.

familiar dishes. ‘Our lunch guests tend to want something they recognize’, Chef Jeroen Bruinsma


says. ‘Hamburgers, a club sandwich and a Caesar

As well as conference rooms and board rooms,

salad are basics you just have to have on the menu

the Wyndham also offers a private spa

– but then prepared to perfection, using good

where visitors can enjoy a range of treatments.

quality meat, good buns and all fresh products’.

What better way to renew your energy after a long meeting than a relaxing massage?

AMSTERDAM BRAVURA The hotel’s à la carte restaurant, ‘La Sirène’, is a seafood restaurant with a cosmopolitan menu. ‘Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures, and that’s reflected in our dishes. You’ll see influences from

Text Jori Spitz | Photography Jalisa Oudenaarde

Contact details Apollolaan 2, +31 (0)20 570 5375 www.wyndham-amsterdam.com


Roderic Evans Knaup, Jan Paternotte, Eric van der Burg, Marjolein Moorman, Marijke Shahsavari Daniel Peters & Rutger Groot Wassink.

Vera Backer, Rick Louwerse, Manja Rietjens Eric van der Burg, Jan Paternotte & Daniel Peters & Astrid Janssen

Peter Tabernal

John Veerman

PARTY LEADERS’ DEBATE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS Roderic Evans Knaup , Eric van der Burg , Marijke Shahsavari , Jan Paternotte, Marjolein Moorman, Daniel Peters

Suzanne Kooijman & Daan Hendrix

Tuesday, 4 March 2014 4pm-6.30pm @ WTC Amsterdam • The debate was moderated by Hella Hueck, presenter at RTL Z and reporter for RTL Nieuws. • All Amsterdam municipal council members were present. • The central topic was the election manifesto released by Amsterdam’s business community, titled ‘Let the economy thrive! No welfare without wealth’. • What are the parties planning to do about the heavy regulatory burden in the period ahead? How can we make Amsterdam the most appealing business location for new and existing companies? These were a few of the issues discussed.

Jan Paternotte & Daniel Peters

Chris van Hattum, Alex van der Baan & Daniel van der Ree

Hella Hueck & Godfried Schölvinck

Eric van der Burg

Left: Erwin Remeeus - Right: Rob Ellermeijer & Hans Haarsma

Right: Christiaan Huijg

Like us on Facebook & find more photos in our gallery Party, opening, reception or farewell drink @ Zuidas? Send an email to: hellozuidas@asega.nl


Monique Bouman, Linda Mulder, Lianne Middeldorp & Kelly Vink

Frans Krul & Bernard Lindner

Bart van den Hauten & Guido Luhrs

Linda Tomassen & Birte Kersten

Alex Heikamp, Ghalem Reggani & Arnold van de Water

Selma Duinkerken (Tubino), Anna Kucherino (Accenture), Elise Wijma (Accenture)

Saskia Boonzajer Flaes, Anna Kucherenko, Birte Kersten

Luc van Emmering, Frans Krul, Erwin Meijer

SUITS&STILETTOS RUN Thursday, 24 April 2014 – 12.30pm-1.30pm @ Gustav Mahlerplein • The Suits&Stilettos Run is a stunt race organized to help promote the Zuidas Run. • None other than Jort Kelder hosted the event. • Consultants, bankers, lawyers and civil servants ran a heart-stopping heat on the 50-metre track. • The men ran suited and tied and toting their briefcases, whilst the women sprinted over the red carpet in heels at least 9cm high.  • Registration for the Zuidas Run is open until 14 May on www.zuidasrun.nl.

Luc van Emmering & Jort Kelder

Birte Kersten & Jort Kelder

Saskia Boonzajer Flaes

Right: Daan Hendrix

Photography Julie Blik

Bas Cornelissen, Robert Kooijman & Robbert Ooms



TALENT DUTCH UNIVERSITIES RATE HIGH ON QUALITY In 2013, The Times Higher Education University Rankings conducted an extensive study on all universities worldwide. Overall, it found the level of Dutch universities to be very high. Twelve universities in the Netherlands even number among the top 200 of the The Times Higher Education University Rankings, which bases its analysis on a total of 13 aspects. These include the classroom environment and volume of research output. After eight years in first place, Harvard University was displaced by the California Institute of Technology in the 2013 rankings, followed by the University of Oxford at number three.

BEST UNIVERSITY IN THE NETHERLANDS While Eindhoven University still topped the list of Dutch universities last year, the latest ranking shows a new line-up, with Utrecht University in first. In an Elsevier survey of Dutch universities, Utrecht likewise came out first in quality of education, and has also been ranked in the world’s top 100, together with Wageningen University, Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam. The remaining Dutch universities all made the top 200, with the exception of Tilburg University. Dutch Education Minister Jet Bussemaker said she was pleased with these results, which only go to show once more how a small country can make it big in the worldwide education arena. Source: Dutch universities & The Times Higher Education University Rankings



ZUIDAS HAS ITS OWN MASTER’S! The Master’s in Business Law in Zuidas has been around since 2008, but did you know it’s taught at VU University Amsterdam? Students in the programme are trained for careers at top law firms in the area. The emphasis is on business law and financial law. The Master’s is organized in conjunction with 14 large law firms in Zuidas. Zuidas is an international business hub with the highest concentration of law firms in Europe, and with the VU University Amsterdam campus at its centre.


VU CAMPUS EXHIBITION: EDUCATION ON COURSE What is neuropsychologist Erik Scherder’s trick to make his massive lecture course so awe-inspiring? Why is the VU unlike anywhere else , when it comes to studying mathematics? Anyone taking a stroll across the VU grounds can read the pieces presented in the campus exhibition Education on Course, featuring boards where lecturers explain in concrete terms how they embody VU’s vision on education and where alumni show what their vision has brought to fruition. Lecturers and alumni who share their voices include Jochen Bretschneider, Taco Dibbits, Nathalie Dijkman, Halleh Ghorashi, Mirella Kleijnen, Ronald Meester, Erik Scherder, Nico van Straalen, Jorim Tielbeek, Ad Verbrugge and Kilian Wawoe.

• Evening classes and flexible terms to fit your schedule • Unique small class sizes • Online options • International student body, faculty, and staff

The American University in the Netherlands

• The biggest Alumni Network in the world

Join the American University in the Netherlands with

• Internationally recognized American degree

students from all over the world. Our small class sizes and

• The leading global university with campuses

diverse student population gives you a unique personal

and multi-cultural education.

• Faculty practitioners

in 4 continents, 8 countries

Part-time Master or MBA

Webster Amsterdam - WTC Amsterdam Strawinskylaan 57, Tower D Level 2 1077 TX Amsterdam

Visit our website: www.webster.nl or call us for more information: Amsterdam: +31 (0)20-3795697 Leiden: +31 (0)71-5168000


‘Communication is essential for talent development’ In 1878, Maximilian Berlitz opened a language school in New Jersey. Nowadays, there are 550 Berlitz centres in 70 different countries. ‘With the globalized world it’s just not enough to speak the same language. In order to communicate effectively you need to understand the culture’, says Mario García de León, Language Centre Director at Berlitz Amsterdam. This is why, 25 years ago, Berlitz started offering intercultural

Berlitz addresses global cultural awareness in its leadership

training programmes. ‘Frustration and conflicts between

training. According to Mario, modern-day leadership depends

employees easily arise through misunderstandings about

on more than just a few ‘classical’ leadership skills. ‘In a global

each other's cultures. Our intercultural training helps

workplace like Zuidas, it is very important for managers to

employees understand the social and business etiquette of

acknowledge and understand cultural differences in order to

the new country they’re living in’, Mario says.

communicate effectively.’



Mario García de León, Language Center Director

Linda Annokkee, International Mobility

at Berlitz Amsterdam.

Manager Danone

‘Frustration and conflicts between employees easily arise through

You work with the expats who come to the Netherlands to work and take part in the trainings here. Can you give examples of stumbling blocks and

misunderstandings and a lack of

of how the training helps them deal with these?

knowledge about each other's cultures’

efficient. But when they are confronted with the municipal

‘Many people expect the system in the Netherlands to be very services for one reason or another, they come up against a wall of

However, communication remains Berlitz’s core business.

bureaucracy. At Berlitz they learn to understand the Dutch culture,

Often, participants are young, talented executives who

saving them a lot of frustration. The fact that the trainings are

have great technical skills, yet struggle with effective

customized and keyed to nationality, makes them very effective.’

communication. But, as Mario says, ‘In just a few weeks, they can gain the communication skills and language

Your international employees and their families also

competences they need.’

take language courses. What was the reason for choosing Berlitz?

Danone is an important client for Berlitz. The company

‘In many cases, our employees’ partners already speak a

directs its worldwide workforce to take Berlitz language

little English, but not fluently enough to be confident about it.

and intercultural trainings. Hello Zuidas talked to Danone’s

Berlitz puts a big focus on talking and interacting – it’s very

International Mobility Manager Linda Annokkee.

practically oriented. This helps learners to overcome their shyness to communicate, once they’re on their own.

Talent development is a big focus at Danone.

They end up enjoying their stay in the Netherlands

What role does understanding other cultures

a lot more, which is really important to us.’

play in cultivating professional talent? ‘To build a career in an international company like Danone, you have to be able to understand other customs. And if you really want to move up our company ladder, you’ll also have to be willing to work abroad. That’s why we have our expats around the world do intercultural trainings with Berlitz.’


‘You can have all the talent in the world, but if you can’t channel it properly in different cultures, then there’s only so far you can go at an international company’


‘In Japan we have a saying: “Business is people” – meaning that Yoshihito Kazama, Executive Director of Corporate Strategy at Travel Plaza Europe (part of the JTB Corp).

the greatest asset for corporate growth is human capital’

Every year, the JTB Corporation helps Berlitz set up a three-

You have been working with Berlitz for five years now.

day Global Leadership Training for its European area leaders

What do you value about this partnership?

in Amsterdam. Yoshihito Kazama, Executive Director of

‘They understand our philosophy and our group code.

Corporate Strategy at Travel Plaza Europe (part of the JTB

They don’t simply put you in a fixed programme with

group) tells us about this training.

whichever instructor is available. Berlitz offers a programme tailored to your company. For example, because we are

Why is this training important for JTB?

a Japanese company, our trainer at the Global Leadership

‘JTB’s global strategy is that we need to communicate in

Training lives in Japan and has built up a relationship of

different companies and countries. The training helps us

trust with our parent company. Therefore, he understands

with this and helps promote the growth of our employees.

our corporate culture. That is very important.’

They learn to improve their communication skills. In a company like ours, with so many brands and nationalities, this is very useful. And the exchange of knowledge taking place during the training is also very valuable.’ Does the company benefit from the training? I believe that, in the long run, this programme will have a


positive effect on our global strategy. In Japan we have a

T: +31 20 622 13 75

saying: “Business is people” – meaning that the greatest asset

W: www.berlitz.nl

for corporate growth is human capital. In order to grow, you

Contact Promo Code:

need to invest in your people, and that’s what this training is

Hello Zuidas (5% off)

about. So, in effect, it helps our company grow as a whole.

Text Jori Spitz | Photography William Maanders



Dr Dianne Bevelander, Associate Dean of MBA programmes at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

Women mean business Gender-balanced leadership has proven to be successful. So why are women still underrepresented in leadership positions in the work force? Dr Dianne Bevelander says one of the reasons is second-order biases: not biases you can observe directly, but biases that are just as real and are being felt – views about the roles of men and women in society and about how they should behave. The consequence? Workplace practices and cultures continue to favour men, in spite of the efforts that are made to include women.

‘We’re underutilising wonderful talent. Women are needed


in top positions,” says Dr Dianne Bevelander, Associate Dean

Bevelander believes that structural and cultural issues relating

of MBA programmes at Rotterdam School of Management,

to gender must be addressed. ‘People aren’t born thinking

Erasmus University (RSM). “Research shows that companies

what their roles should be on professional and personal levels.

with women on boards tend to do better both financially and

But we see mainly men in top positions and we’ve been led

in terms of corporate governance. Women are equal to men,

to believe that men are more capable and more powerful,’

and this should be reflected in organisation hierarchies.’

she says. ‘When a woman acts as a leader, it makes people uncomfortable because they aren’t acting to type – this is a

In the EU women on average have a higher level of education

second-order bias.’ Both men and women should become

than their male colleagues, yet they represent only 16.6 per

aware of the issues around gender bias and second-order

cent of board members of large listed European companies .

biases alluded to above.


Dr Bevelander adds that only 13 out of the world’s 500 largest corporations had female CEOs in 2010.



European Commission’s database on women and men in decision-making in 2013


HEROIC SELF-SACRIFICE In spite of the changes that have occurred with the increase of women’s participation in the labour market, women continue to bear most of the responsibilities for the home; the care for children and other household members. Worldwide, it appears that women spend at least twice as much time as men on unpaid domestic work. ‘Many women do not put themselves first,’ says Bevelander. ‘I believe that the heroic self-sacrifice, made when women with valid professional career aspirations stay at home because society suggests they are not good mothers for working, is questionable – for the women themselves, for their families and for our broader societies. Such sacrifices aren’t expected of fathers.’

‘Research shows that companies with

SAVE THE DATE: TUESDAY, 3 JUNE 2014 Do you know which unique advantages women can add

women on boards tend to do better both

to business? Dr Dianne Bevelander will lead a thought-

financially and in terms of corporate

leadership as part of the RSM Erasmus Business Series in

governance. Women are equal to

provoking and highly interactive seminar about women in Amsterdam Zuidas.

men, and this should be reflected in

SEMINAR Gender-balanced leadership: creating value

organisation hierarchies.’

LOCATION Boekel De Nerée (in Viñoly Building)

DATE Tuesday 3 June, 16:00-18:00

For more information visit: www.rsm.nl/ebs

MAKING CHANGES Talented women should know they have choices,


Bevelander concludes. ‘They shouldn’t allow external

Viñoly Building, 1st floor

pressures to make them feel guilty because of a legitimate

Claude Debussylaan 46

desire to pursue a professional career. And they should not

1082 MD Amsterdam, The Netherlands

allow society to suggest they cannot be wonderful mothers


and role models for their children.’ Men and women need to be aware of their own behaviours, and of existing structures and biases in society that are impeding women from reaching the top. As Bevelander suggests, ‘business is missing out on a lot of talent and diversity. We have to make changes. When there is significant diversity and equity at an organisation’s top level, everyone wins.’

Text Dorine Schreiner | Photography Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


Get your company fit in 20 minutes a week Reduce absenteeism, increase employee productivity

David Lenahan, owner and personal trainer fit20.


partner with The Changery: ‘A complete

Get in shape and stay that way, in a twenty

precious when you have a busy work schedule

minutes a week session without sweating and

and a demanding family at home. The entire

having to change your outfit. It’s the ideal workout

Changery team participates in the fit20

for Zuidas employees who see their fitness

personal training program. Our own personal

aspirations undermined by their busy schedules.

trainer encourages us to push just beyond our

But it’s possible: for more than a year, fit20,

comfort zone, which clearly generates results.

situated in the WTC Amsterdam, has successfully

The Changery has been following the fit20

offered individual programs for Zuidas employees.

program for over 9 months and we all have

While dressed in your daily clothes, you will do a

become stronger & fitter.’

workout in 20 minutes is perfect for us. Time is

short but intense workout under the guidance of your personal trainer. The exercises are intense,


but performed in a controlled motion, in a studio

David Lenahan: ’We value quality over quantity.

where the temperature is around 17 degrees.

Traditional company fitness programs take up

This prevents sweating, so showering and

too much time, interrupt the workflow and

changing clothes afterwards isn’t necessary.

rely on employee self-discipline, resulting in

In less than half an hour you’ll be ready for your

an average participation rate of just 13%.

next business meeting.

Despite its intensity, fit20 is accessible to


employees from all fitness levels. With fit20,

World Trade Center,


employers will experience higher participation

Tower A, 5th floor

Employers and employees form an important

rates, resulting in a reduction of absenteeism


fit20 target group. Several Zuidas companies

and an increase in productivity. Fit20 in the

(020) 820 36 77

like Michael Page, Reachlocal and The Changery

WTC has proven successful and now we


are already experiencing the benefits of the fit20

want to expand, so we may take on clients


company fitness program. Mariette de Bruin,

from the entire Zuidas!’


Memo board TARGETED SEARCH FOR LAW FIRMS, EXCLUSIVELY FOR BUSINESSES You’re looking for a good lawyer to handle a specific type of case. TopAdvocaten.nl is a new site where businesses can select lawyers by case type. It retrieves a list of suitable law firms that can be refined by using relevant filters, thus making it easier to scope out the legal playing field. Initiator Michiel van Straaten explains, ‘Ours is the only platform that makes it possible to select firms in an efficient way. Plus, the site only includes firms that are primarily focused on the business market’. For further information, visit: TopAdvocaten.nl.

AGED 30 OR UNDER? CONSIDER JOINING YIP ZUIDAS! In April, YIP Zuidas organized its second drinks reception at Restaurant NINE. YIP stands for Young Interested People aged up to and including 30. YIP Zuidas is now established as a foundation in which employees and businesses can get involved. The programme for June features a fun and informal barbecue at Zuidas! Interested to learn more about YIP Zuidas? Send an email to: info@yipzuidas.nl.

THE DUTCH & THEIR BIKES What is it like to live in a country where cycling is a way of life, and just why do the Dutch cycle so much? American photographer, author and long-time resident of the Netherlands Shirley Agudo shows us in her fascinating new collection of almost 700 images, titled The Dutch & their Bikes: Scenes from a Nation of Cyclists, presenting an inspiring visual testament to the incomparable Dutch bicycle culture. Available from booksellers, www.hollandbooks.nl and Amazon.

MIJNGELDZAKEN.NL BREAKS OPEN FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY MARKET In March, Zuidas saw ordinary citizens square off against the banking establishment in a fierce tug of war, in which citizens grabbed the opportunity to claim their right to honest and independent advice. The competition was an initiative of a new platform: MijnGeldzaken.nl. This revolutionary website gives consumers all the information they need to gain a full and detailed picture into money matters.

WIN PRIZES IN RESTAURANT NINE’S GIVEAWAY! To celebrate its first year in Zuidas, NINE is giving away fantastic prizes! A great location for lunch or dinner, NINE can also organize fun cooking workshops for you and your friends or colleagues. All you need to do is like NINE on Facebook (www.facebook.com/restaurantnine), share this campaign and you’ll be in the running for one of the following prizes: 1st prize: cooking workshop of your choice for 10 people, 2nd prize: Friday afternoon drinks for 10 people, 3rd prize: a bottle of fine champagne. The winners will be announced on Monday, 2 June.

MASTERS IN ZUIDAS Is your organization looking for the latest academic knowledge and a fresh perspective? UniPartners Amsterdam is a non-profit academic consultancy based in Zuidas and specialized in connecting Master’s students with organizations. Working on a project basis and at a reasonable price, UniPartners solves organizational challenges for various industries. Facing a challenge in your organization and interested to learn about the advantages of working with students? Visit the website: www.unipartners.nl/amsterdam.

E-mail your memo’s to hellozuidas@asega.nl.



Sector: Facilities services

Number of employees: 120 Link with Zuidas: We provide facilities management and facilities services, including receptionist services, security, cleaning and driver services. A growing number of companies in Zuidas contract us to take care of facilities at their offices. Bouwens Groep is relocating from Rokin to IJsbaanpad to be closer to our clients. The company will occupy premises in the quieter part of Zuidas adjoining the Olympic Stadium. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas participant: We want to make a real contribution to the development and preservation of Zuidas as a pleasant and safe environment to live and work in. With our expertise in facilities management, Bouwens Group hopes to make an active contribution both to the management group for facilities managers and construction managers and to the safety platform for security managers. Company: Ingeborg Douwes Centrum

Sector: Healthcare

Number of employees: 5 Link with Zuidas: We’re located in Zuidas, on IJsbaanpad. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas participant: We want to stay better informed about current issues in Zuidas and, at the same time, get acquainted and start working with other companies based here. Ultimately, we want to build up our network in this area. Company: Partou Kinderopvang

Sector: Childcare

Number of employees: 15 Link with Zuidas: We’re located in tower D at the WTC Amsterdam. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas participant: We’re eager to promote our business in the area and show our commitment. Hello Zuidas offers a great medium for demonstrating that commitment. Company: Caffè Belmondo

Sector: Catering

Number of employees: 6 Link with Zuidas: In March, Caffè Belmondo celebrated six wonderful years at the heart of Zuidas, at the base of the WTC. And this year we’ll be opening a second cafe in Zuidas, in the UNStudio Tower. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas participant: We feel at home here. If there are any important issues affecting Zuidas, naturally we want to be among the first to know, and Hello Zuidas can make sure that we will be. Company: Buisness4Bees

Sector: Non-profit

Number of employees: fewer than 10 Link with Zuidas: Several Zuidas-based businesses have contacted us to sponsor one or more of our beehives. Reason for becoming a Hello Zuidas participant: Our goal is to set up four to eight B4B beehives in Zuidas. We also hope to forge links with other companies here in order to help combat the current high levels of bee mortality.


Members Hello Zuidas – May 2014

If your company isn’t on this list, please contact servicepoint@hellozuidas.com

COLOPHON Foundation Hello Zuidas Strawinskylaan 61 - 1077 XW - Amsterdam, NL + 31 (0)20 333 7441 - servicepoint@hellozuidas.com www.hellozuidas.com www.facebook.com/hellozuidas www.twitter.com/hellozuidas Our goal: With an excellent business climate, world-renowned educational institutions within reach, and leading companies in many sectors from many countries, the Zuidas has huge potential. The foundation Hello Zuidas contributes to the Zuidas by realizing a well functioning area. The goal is to promote a district that has international appeal, and high quality working and living conditions. Magazine Hello Zuidas is issued by ASEGA Media: Parnassusweg 819, 9 th floor - 1082 LZ - Amsterdam (UN Studio-gebouw, Zuidas) Goirkestraat 90 – 5046 GN – Tilburg, NL P.O. Box: 9202 - 5000 HE – Tilburg, NL +31 (0) 20 820 3976 - + 31 (0) 13 545 3298 info@asega.nl - www.asega.nl Editor-in-chief: Romy Lange Management/Sr. Sales: Bob Oostelbos Sales executives: Romy Lange, Karin Starreveld, Nicole Pak Art Director & Graphic Designer: Mieke Verberkt | Imageau Translation: Taalcentrum-VU Final Editor: Ellen Josée Westrik Editors/contributors: Milou Peeters, Jori Spitz, Kirsten van den Hul, Romy Lange, Eric Burgers, Audilla Voorn & Renny Kootstra Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde, Erik Bouw, Veronika Bacova, William Maanders, Miryam Faken & Julie Blik Editorial advisory board: Sasja Albersen, Jeannette Driessen, Olivier Otten, Eline Hoogendijk Thanks to: Christiaan Huijg, Marijke Peer, Dienst Zuidas, ProperyNL, Kirsten van den Hul, Het Financieele Dagblad, Wyndham Apollo Hotel, Deloitte, Berlitz, The Rotterdam School of Management & fit20 Printed by: Gianotten Printed Media Do you have a message for the editorial team or would you like to place an ad? Send us an e-mail at hellozuidas@asega.nl Print run each edition: 20.000 copies Circulation: It’s a free magazine for Zuidas. Each edition comprises 20.000 printed copies. It will be distributed by promo teams, loose circulation, HRM departments of companies op Zuidas to guarantee reaching the (sub) target groups of Zuidas, Amsterdam and Schiphol. Frequency: Six times a year, (bi-monthly) Copyright: © 2014 ASEGA Media. All rights reserved. Nothing appearing in this magazine (information, pictures, images) may be copied or reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, unless explicit permission has been given in writing.

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72. MultiCopy Nederland B.V. 73. NDI ICT Solutions 74. NEWNRG 75. NH Musica 76. Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (NVB) 77. Nijkerk Holding 78. NL Real Estate 79. NMC-Nijsse International Executive Search 80. Novotel Amsterdam City 81. Oliver’s 82. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam 83. ORAM 84. Oranje-Nassau Energie B.V. 85. Partou Kinderopvang 86. Pathé 87. Phisage Beauty & Wellness 88. Platform Beter Benutten 89. Poelman Advocaten 90. Property NL B.V. 91. Puramis Consultancy 92. Qbic Hotels 93. Q-Park Nederland 94. Rabobank Amsterdam Markt Zuid 95. RBS 96. Regus 97. Restaurant Nine 98. RGA International Reinsurance Company 99. RSM Erasmus University 100. Russell Reynolds Associates 101. Schiphol Real Estate 102. SCOR Global Life SE 103. Season-Flowers 104. Securitas 105. SINGAZ 106. SLFMD Tailoring 107. Spaces 108. Stadsdeel Zuid 109. Stibbe 110. Stichting Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion A’dam 111. Stichting ZuidasRun 112. Sushi Time 113. Symphony’s 114. Taalcentrum - VU 115. Tandartsenpraktijk Van De Veer 116. The Bank of New York Mellon 117. The Basket 118. The Change Agent 119. The Office Operators 120. The Oyster Club 121. The TailorMates 122. TopJobs Consultants 123. Transcore Management 124. TREC 125. Triple Ace 126. Valid Express 127. Vimpelcom 128. Visser Communicatie 129. Voxius 130. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 131. VU Connected 132. VU Medisch Centrum 133. Wagamama 134. Webster University 135. Wieringen Prins 136. World Trade Center Amsterdam 137. WTC Amsterdam Business Club 138. WTCafé De Blauwe Engel 139. Your Assistant 140. ZuidasTravel.nl 141. Zuidschans



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Hello Zuidas 13  

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