AHA Summer 2022/23 Program

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Ascham Holiday Academy

SUMMER 2022/23

General Information

For Prep to Year 7 (in 2023)

Location—Fiona Campus

Entry via 188 New South Head Road, Edgecliff

Enrolment in the 2022 Summer AHA program opens for Ascham families on Friday 18 November and external students on Wednesday 23 November 2022.

Week 1

(Bookings close 7 December, 2022)

Wednesday 14 December Wednesday 21 December 2022

Week 2

(Bookings close 14 December, 2022)

Monday 9 January Friday 13 January 2023

Week 3

(Bookings close 4 January, 2023)

Monday 16 January Friday 20 January 2023

Enrolment for all programs is via TryBooking https://www.trybooking.com/eventlist/aha

General Information

Age guidelines

A student’s age/year group is taken as of the current calendar year. Activities will be split into age-appropriate groups (numbers permitting). Prep programs are for students aged 4 and older who start Kindergarten in 2023


Procedures are in place to support both students and staff during this time

Students may be subject to temperature checks on arrival, program numbers are limited and any students who present with cold or flu symptoms will not be permitted to attend the AHA


All holiday programs take place at the Fiona Campus of Ascham School Entry is off 188 New South Head Road, Edgecliff.

Drop off and pick up

All students attending the programs should enter the School via the New South Head Road gates and proceed around the carpark. A car line will operate from 8 30am (for drop off) and 3 30 4pm (for pick up)


AHA programs run from 9am 3 30pm daily Coaching clinics (such as Tennis) run from 9am 1pm Please ensure participants arrive, check in and are collected on time. Please note there is no Camp Australia aftercare available at this camp Students must be collected by 4pm.

Medical conditions

Medical conditions should be disclosed at the point of booking and action plans, or relevant documentation, forwarded to the AHA Manager.

What to bring

All participants are to wear appropriate clothing, including a hat for when outside, and closed in shoes. All children must bring their own morning tea, lunch and drinks. Additional required items will be advised the week prior to your child’s activities.

Photo permission

Photographs may be taken by AHA staff and may be used for Ascham publications, on the website and social media If you do not wish your child’s photograph to be used, please notify at the time of booking.

Week 1 activities Wed 14 Wed 21 December Bookings close 7 December AHA Summer 2022/23
Christmas Extravaganza Years 4 6 Wed 14 Dec Years 2 3 Thurs 15 Dec Years K 1 Fri 16 Dec $135 Gingerbread, Craft & Games
2 3 Wed 14 Dec Years K 1 Thurs 15 Dec
4 6 Fri 16 Dec $120 StorySquad Elf School
K 1 Wed 14 Dec Years 2 3 Fri 16 Dec $90 StarTime Stop Motion Animation
K 6 Mon 19 Dec 9am 3 30pm $105
Santa Squad
4 6 Thurs 15 Dec $90 StarTime Building Battles with Minecraft
K 2 Tue 20 Dec
3 6 Wed 21 Dec
3 30pm $105
the activity you would like to enrol your child in.

AHA Summer 2022/23

Code Camp YouTube Creators

Years 3 6

19 21 Dec

9am 3 30pm $390 (3 day camp)

Week 1 activities

Wed 14 Wed 21 December 2022

Bookings close 7 December 2022

Code Camp Jurassic World Animation Camp

Years K 2

19 & 20 Dec

9am 3 30pm $260 (2 day camp)

Tennis Clinics

Years K 6

Wed 14 Dec

Thur 15 Dec Fri 16 Dec Mon 19 Dec Tue 20 Dec Wed 21 Dec 9am 1pm $65

Select the activity you would like to enrol your child in.

Week 2 activities Mon 9 Fri 13 January 2023 Bookings close 4 January 2023 AHA Summer 2022/23 Wizards & Witches Triple Play Years K 6 Mon 9 January 9am 3 30pm $90 Magic Musicals Workshop with Rachael Beck Years K 6 Tue 10 Jan Thurs 12 Jan 9am 3 30pm $285 for the 3 day camp package MultiSports Outdoor Adventures Years K 6 Tuesday 10 Jan 9am 3 30pm $90 Let Your Inner Artist Bloom Triple Play Years K 2 Wed 11 Jan Years 3 6 Thur 12 Jan 9am 3 30pm $90 Junior Olympics Triple Play Years K 6 Friday 13 Jan 9am 3 30pm $90 Select the activity you would like to enrol your child in.
Week 3 activities Mon 16 Fri 20 January Bookings close 11 January AHA Summer 2022/23 Can We Fix It?! Workshop Years K 6 Mon 16 January 9am 3 30pm $90 Scientist For A Day Workshop Years K 6 Tue 17 January 9am 3 30pm $90 StarTime Live to Sing & Dance Years K 6 Wed January 18 9am 3 30pm $105 StarTime Animated Art Years K 2 Thur 19 January Years 3 6 Friday 20 January 9am 3 30pm $105 Select the activity you would like to enrol your child in.