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The Harmonettes‌Go Into Orbit (photo: Neil Kendall)

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WELCOME Buffalo Gals

Dear audiences, welcome to the autumn 2013 season of shows from Arts Alive!


In Concert Buffalo Gals’ intoxicating style, incorporating Appalachian, Blues, Gospel, early Bluegrass, and novelties from the heyday of early country music, is punctuated with the stunning and thrillingly syncopated step-dance that has become one of their trademarks. The visual and musical delights of their performances, as well as their off-beat humour and rapport with audiences, have made the band a favourite among aficionados of oldtime country music and those completely new to its charms.

As arts cuts bite deep, Arts Alive is delighted to continue to bring you an exciting and varied programme of live events sprinkled with global visitors, perennial favourites and local heroes. Arts Alive is proud to present a range of shows, from crowd pleasers to the more quirky. The arts have to become less dependent on public subsidy, which for us means selling more tickets and finding more sponsors. If you value this service please make the most of these top quality performances in informal spaces, and tell your friends and neighbours too. Arts Alive often brings you work from companies that you may not have heard of, but that we know is excellent – so why not try something new – you may have an interesting night out! Professional performances hosted by local people, creating memorable events for communities; the parking is easy, the atmosphere relaxed, the tickets are reasonable, the performances are great – please spread the word and don’t keep it a secret!

Fri 13 Sep 7.30pm Fownhope New Memorial Hall HR1 4PW Tickets 01432 860221, £9/5/28 Sat 14 Sep 7.30pm Cawley Hall, Eye HR6 0DS Tickets 01568 615836, £10/5/25 Sun 15 Sep 7.30pm Alveley Parish Memorial Hall WV15 6JT Tickets 01746 780478, £9/5/25

Sian Kerry Co-director, Arts Alive Are you a tweeter? If so please mention us and follow us @artsaliveevents – help more people find out about Arts Alive events! How was it for you? It’s easy to send us your feedback and reviews via the website – 10 words or 10 pages? Happy to read either. Or contact Lift sharing: Why not share an outing with friends? The ideal way to halve the travel cost, reduce carbon emissions and enjoy company; why not see if anyone wants to come along with you to an event?

design: Design Umbrella (01497 821221) print: Imprint (01686 624137)



The Life and Loves of Mary Webb

New look to our web site

Drawing on the life and words of Shropshire writer and nature mystic Mary Webb, Beguildy – Janie Mitchell and Anne Marie Summers – perform song settings of her poems, revealing her passionate, melancholy nature and evoking the spirit of the Shropshire landscape. Moving yet humorous biographical anecdotes chart the narrative of her short and eccentric life.

To launch the new season we have spent time investing in a revamp of our website (it’s been ten years!) We think it’s fresher, clearer and snappier – hope you agree! Now when you view it on your iPad or phone it will be formatted correctly. Do sign up for free email alerts: a weekly reminder to make sure you don’t miss out.

Great acoustic music with interesting insights into a fascinating literary figure. With vocal harmonies, harp, dulcimer, guitar and clarinet.

Can you help us to reach the rural corners? Can you distribute a few brochures for us? With the high cost of postage and fuel we struggle to distribute to all the rural corners of our counties, so if you can spread a few in your area please email and we will be in touch.

Fri 27 Sep 8pm The Edge Arts Centre, Much Wenlock TF13 6NB Tickets 08448 700887, £8/5; enquiries 01952 728911




OCTOBER New Rope String Band

Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston An indefinable confusion of music, comedy and circus that manages to please absolutely everybody. Their musicianship would be enough to grab the crowds, but they combine it with original humour and wit, back-chat and general larking about that makes everybody smile. Book early, they will sell out! Great fun for age 7+ The rare fusion of double bass & mandolin makes for one of the most exciting new pairings on the acoustic roots scene. Miranda and Rex interweave timeless, well-chosen covers with one or two Preston originals.

In Concert

In Concert

Their backgrounds (Miranda is well known as part of Show of Hands & Rex is a leading light in a new wave of British bluegrass musicians), as well as skilful instrumentation and warm engaging vocals have shaped their unique sound.

Fri 4 Oct 7.30pm Snailbeach Village Hall SY5 0NX Tickets 01743 791327, £10/5/28 Sat 5 Oct 7.30pm Weobley Village Hall HR4 8SN Tickets 01544 318322, £10/6

Fri 11 Oct 7.30pm SpArC Theatre, Bishops Castle SY9 5AY Tickets 01588 630321 / 638038, £10/6

Fruit of Paradise Fruit of Paradise is a unique blend of songs, music, poetry and history, celebrating the amazing journey of the apple along the ancient Silk Road, through the golden apples of mythology, to our modern orchards. Traditional wassails, hints of monastic plainsong, reels with Eastern promise and heartfelt ballads embrace the Tien Shan Mountains, Victorian pomologists, cider, Henry VIII, apple crumble and the Isle of Avalon in one fell swoop! Throughout the show the audience is asked to raise their glasses and, while sampling the best brewed local cider or apple juice, to toast the prolific varieties of English apples, Apple Day and the renaissance of our British orchard heritage. The combination of traditional wassails alongside newly composed songs and music, narrative by poet and cider expert James Crowden and a virtuoso quartet (composer/ clarinettist Karen Wimhurst, singer/songwriter Emily Portman, accordionist Paul Hutchinson and violinist John Hymas) offers a performance full of exuberance, merriment and the unexpected. Fri 11 Oct 7.30pm Lingen Village Hall SY7 0DY Tickets 01568 770920, £8 Sat 12 Oct 7.30pm Chelmarsh Parish Hall WV16 6BA Tickets 01746 862850, £10/7

Tangram Theatre Company

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking Ever wanted to travel back in time? Ever been interested in what actually happens in a black hole? Ever needed to get a 20m spaceship into a 10m garage? Ever looked at E=mc2 and thought… what’s that all about then? This show has all the answers and much more! A musical comedy, with gloriously bad puns alongside proper explanations of the science and some rather surprising revelations into the great man’s personal life. An hilarious and thoughtprovoking answer to everything you ever wanted to know about Einstein but were too afraid to ask! Suitable for 11+ “Highly original and brilliantly performed” (Sunday Times) Fri 11 Oct 7.30pm Goodrich Village Hall HR9 6HY Tickets 01600 890502/890609, £10/6



OCTOBER Karen Simpson Productions

Twelve Miles from Nowhere “My dad had this farm, passed down from his dad and it’ll stay in this family. No way they’re getting their greasy hands on it.” Since Michael and Emily’s mother left, time has stood still for them. Their father James is struggling and can’t see a way forward. The farm is in a bad way and going under… Then Craig arrives with enough charisma, charm and ambition to bring the birds from the trees. But is he really the answer to their dreams? Twelve Miles from Nowhere is a stunning new play about life on the edge, set against a gritty rural backdrop, that will appeal to teenagers and adults. Fri 18 Oct 7.30pm Pentabus Theatre, Bromfield SY8 2JU Tickets 01584 856564, £10/6/30 Thu 31 Oct 7.30pm Brilley Village Hall HR3 6JZ Tickets 01544 327227, £8/5/25

The audience gave a standing ovation at the end of the performance. They all wanted more next year! (Pop Up Opera in Don Pasquale at Clun)

Sonia Sabri Company

Ekalya Ekalya (meaning ‘solo’ or ‘the one’) is a beautifully intimate crafting of dance and live music from Sonia Sabri, a leading light in the world of Indian dance. Kathak is one of the most exhilarating dance experiences to be had: an astounding display of precise footwork with a thrillingly complex relationship between the dance and the music. This stunning production features evocative live music from the worldrenowned maestro Ustad Sarvar Sabri on tabla. Sat 19 Oct 7pm Wem Town Hall SY4 5DG Tickets 01939 238279 £9/7/5

OCTOBER Osiligi Maasai Warriors

In Concert With Arts Alive for the first time, the totally authentic Osiligi Maasai Warriors Troupe returns to the UK after last year’s hugely successful tour, culminating in an outstanding performance in a packed Exeter Cathedral. Their vibrant performances are sensational to watch, with all ages being enthralled and excited by their natural harmony of song and movement; their jumping, for which they are famous, is something to behold! All performances are introduced and narrated. The tours help raise money for the members of the Troupe and their local community. Mon 21 Oct 7pm The Edge, Much Wenlock TF13 6NB Tickets 08448 700887, £10/5; enquiries 01952 728911 Thu 24 Oct 7pm SpArC Theatre, Bishop’s Castle SY9 5AY Tickets 01588 630321/638038, £10/6 Fri 25 Oct 7.30pm St Peter’s Centre, St Peter’s Church, Peterchurch HR2 0RT Tickets 01981 550372, £10/5 Sat 26 Oct 8pm The Market Theatre, Ledbury HR8 2AQ Tickets 01432 383663 (out of hours 07967 517125) £13/8

Sofie Krog Theatre

The House A comedy thriller for teenagers and adults from a Spanish/Danish company. Houses are like museums which collect the actions and memories of those who live within their walls. A highly original performance, The House is a little jewel of glove puppets – a thriller told by a house in which a crime has been committed… a beautifully designed and ingenious invention which allows for a surprising twist. Yes it’s puppets – but not as you know them! One of those shows we get a rare one-off chance to offer to our audiences – don’t miss it. “A comedy thriller which is outstandingly good and professionally crafted.” (Danish review). Thu 24 Oct 7.30pm Steiner Academy Birch Hall, Much Dewchurch HR2 8DL Tickets 01981 540221, £9/5/25






Cat Weatherill

Wrongdoings and Wake-up Calls

Boo & Bang! Marshmallows or sprinkles? Pizza or chips? Sometimes you just want both! Cat brings you both her famous Spooky Ghost Stories and her funny and wondrous interactive Whacky Science Show, so you can laugh and shiver and go WOW all at the same time. Brilliant! Sarah and Jonathan wake up together in a Las Vegas motel room with pounding headaches and only vague recollections of the night before. Suddenly, the discovery of something sinister in the bathroom suggests that last night they did something they never thought themselves capable of. Distrust grows as they attempt to piece together the facts from clues and hazy memories. Could they be the victims of a horrible joke? A mob plot? An inside conspiracy? Or something much more disturbing…?

Cat is a bestselling children’s author and one of Europe’s most famous storytellers. Highly entertaining for all those aged 8+ (scary!) Wed 30 Oct 2pm The Talbot Theatre, Whitchurch SY13 2BY Tickets 01948 660660, £5/5/20 Thu 31 Oct 2pm SpArC Theatre Bishop’s Castle SY9 5AY Tickets 01588 620321/638038, £7/5/25,

Part detective drama, part dark farce and bursting with their trademark energy and humour, Owdyado’s plot twists, turns, perplexes, excites and mesmerises, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Will appeal to teens and adults. Fri 25 Oct 8pm Farlow & Oreton Village Hall DY14 0TS Tickets 01746 718642, £8/6 Sat 26 Oct 8pm Longden Village Hall SY5 8EX Tickets 01743 861100 / 07724 106847, £8/5

Best event we have ever been to at the village hall in 30 years of living here (Urban Folk Quartet at Pontesbury)


In Concert Spiro create acoustic instrumental arrangements that are intricate yet full of momentum. Signed personally to Real World Records by Peter Gabriel, they are unique, moving, unexpected. “Like Detroit techno played by a travelling band out of a Hardy novel – or Steve Reich playing the cider-scented backroom of a village pub. Intense and minimal… you feel your heart lift a few inches above its normal resting place” **** (The Word) Fri 25 Oct 7.30pm Wem Town Hall SY4 5DG Tickets 01939 238279, £11 until 11 October; £12 thereafter

Multi Story Theatre

Every Mother’s Son Chrissie is in the kitchen baking cakes to take to her soldier-son’s send-off for Afghanistan. Doug is in the cellar with his computers refusing to accompany her. They communicate by Skype between kitchen and cellar, Doug beaming-in images from the net and family archives, as they struggle to resolve their differences. Enjoy Chrissie’s baking and Doug’s video-mixing in this wryly amusing and deeply affecting take on parenthood, creatively-staged and movingly performed: a family faced with love and war. Suitable age 14+ Thu 7 Nov 7.30pm The Talbot Theatre, Whitchurch SY13 2BY Tickets 01948 660660 £8/6/7/25




NOVEMBER Debbie Tracey

Noisy Oyster

Death of a Beauty Saleswoman

The Three Billy Pigs A mash up of two classic tales, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff, with beautifully crafted puppets, light-hearted storytelling, live music and a little bit of piggy-style eco-awareness. Three Little Pigs meets Grand Designs, featuring a misunderstood wolf and a grumpy creature who lives under the bridge. Will be enjoyed by everyone over the age of three. beauty_saleswoman Welcome to the extreme, ridiculous and downright hilarious world of Jacqueline Jones – saleswoman extraordinaire for Tropic Beauty International. This larger than life character inhabits an incredible world of her own making and will have you in hysterics as she tells (and sings!) all about her extraordinary life in this brand new comedy. “I’m sure this is very un PC, but all the better for that.” (Reviewsgate) Suitable for age 12+

Wed 13 Nov 11am and 1.30pm SpArC Theatre, Bishop’s Castle SY9 5AY Tickets 01588 630321/638038, £5/4, Thu 14 Nov 10am The Edge Arts Centre, Much Wenlock TF13 6NB Tickets 01952 728911 /08448 700887, £5 Fri 15 Nov 1.30pm and 4.30pm Wem Town Hall SY4 5DG Tickets 01939 238279, £6/5

Sat 9 Nov 7.30pm Little Wenlock Village Hall TF6 5BN Tickets 01952 505888, £8

Sat 16 Nov 11am Oswestry Library SY11 1JN Tickets 01691 677388, £5

Christine Tobin

A Thousand Kisses Deep Upstairs at Kingsland’s gorgeous 16th Century black and white Angel Pub will be an intimate jazz club setting for renowned singer Christine Tobin’s soulful interpretation of the songs of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Rufus Wainwright. The Guardian’s John L. Walters writes “Her 24 carat voice and captivating arrangements are spellbinding, ploughing the depths and expressing the poetry of his lyrics with unalloyed soulfulness”. In addition to experiencing Christine and her band close-hand, the audience will be able to enjoy award-winning real ales, and delicious food. Sat 9 Nov 8.30pm Upstairs at The Angel, Kingsland HR6 9QS Tickets 01568 709579/ 07905 589830 £30 (includes food)

Caroline Horton and Company with China Plate

Mess “Comes perilously close to genius and announces Horton as a major, major talent” **** (Time Out). “An honest and uproarious play” **** (The Stage) ****(EveningStandard), ****(FinancialTimes), ****(Metro) Josephine is putting on a play – Boris and Sistahl help. It’s about anorexia but don’t let that put you off. Obsession, addiction and not wanting to get out of bed: a play with songs, from Caroline Horton, creator of You’re Not Like Other Girls Chrissy. Suitable age 13+ Funded by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award and Arts Council England Thur 14 Nov 7.30pm All Stretton Village Hall SY6 6JR Tickets 01694 723378, £8/5/25 Sat 16 Nov 7.30pm Steiner Academy Birch Hall, Much Dewchurch, HR2 8DL Tickets 01981 540221, £9/5/25

Simply amazing, brilliant performance; humorous, well-acted, thoroughly enjoyable (The Kosh in Café Chaos at Steiner Academy, Much Dewchurch)




NOVEMBER The Harmonettes

Rocket Theatre

Oscar Wilde’s Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime

The Harmonettes Go Into Orbit A gripping tale of love, honour, duty, fortune-telling and murder! Lord Arthur takes his marriage vows extremely seriously, but when he has his fortune told just weeks before the wedding his destiny simply cannot be ignored… this hilarious retelling of a classic story revels in the wit of Wilde. A wicked black comedy that positively fizzes with fun. Join Lord Arthur and his valet for an evening of ludicrous indulgence. Suitable for age 11+ A brand-new 1950’s musical comedy jam-packed with all your favourite hits of the period in 3-part harmony! Take three girls… three very different girls. The Little Rich Girl who’s going to the bad with her teddy-boy boyfriend (“Don’t tell Daddy!”), The Not-So-Rich Girl (“I haven’t even got a daddy”) who dreams of science, space and a place at college, but has to graft for her living. And The Newly-Wed Girl (“Never mind any of that, have you seen my new kitchen?”) whose only ambition is to make the perfect trifle. But they all have one thing in common; they love to sing.

Fri 22 Nov 7.30pm SpArC Theatre, Bishop’s Castle SY9 5AY Tickets 01588 630321 / 638038, £9/6 Sat 23 Nov 7.30pm Wigmore Village Hall HR6 9UW Tickets 01568 770337, £8

This is an evening that will plunge you into the post-war, end-of-rationing world of winkle-picker shoes and bootlace ties; bobby socks and sticky-out skirts; beautiful ballads and rock n’ roll. Great singing and fabulous frocks, all wrapped up in a good story. Fri 15 Nov 8pm Bodenham Parish Hall HR1 3LB Tickets 01568 797404, £8/5 Sat 16 Nov 7.30pm Aston on Clun Village Hall SY7 8EH Tickets 01588 660893/660493, £8/5/25 Sun 17 Nov 7.30pm Shipton Village Hall TF13 6JU Tickets 01694 771790, £8/5/25 Fri 29 Nov 7.30pm Welshampton Parish Hall SY12 0PH Tickets 01948 710586, £8/5/25 Sat 30 Nov 7.30pm Kingsland Coronation Hall HR6 9SQ Tickets 01568 709579/07905 589830, £10/5/28

The Old Dance School

In Concert Duelling fiddles, soaring brass crescendos and foot-stomping grooves – The Old Dance School’s brand new show draws on three widely-applauded studio albums and five years together that have taken the band from cowshed rehearsals, to remote lighthouses, to main stage appearances at international festivals. Championed by BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris, the band’s provocative songs and expansive, cinematic sound have received plaudits throughout the country. This will be a hot ticket, so don’t delay! “Classical quality, jazz imagination, folk sensibility, rock/roots energy... Masterful.” **** (The Scotsman). Fri 15 Nov 7.30pm Kimbolton Village Hall HR6 0EJ Tickets 01568 610772, £10/5 Sat 16 Nov 8pm Pontesbury Village Hall SY5 0QD Tickets 01743 790165, £10/6


Tashi Lhunpo Monastery UK Trust

The Power of Compassion – Golden Greats Tour Tibet – a sacred world filled with the chanting of Buddhist texts, the ringing of bells, the clash of cymbals, the booming of the great long horns and the beating of drums. Eight Tibetan monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in India offer a dramatic presentation of their unique sacred dances, music and prayers, with colourful traditional costumes and ceremonial masks. “A psychedelic whirl of chanting, dancing, drums, cymbals…” (The Times) Sat 23 Nov 7.30pm Cawley Hall, Eye HR6 0DS Tickets 01568 615836, £10/5/25



JANUARY Orichalcum

Clive Carroll

Brassy Christmas

1000 Years of Music with Clive Carroll When the music press describes someone as ‘Probably the Best and Most Original Young Acoustic Guitar Player and Composer in Britain’ and ‘Peerless,’ they’re worth looking out for! Booked by Madonna for her private party, and now performing in your hall! With his breathtaking mastery of techniques and antecedents from Benjamin Britten to Nick Drake and from Renbourn through Gordon Giltrap to Pat Metheny, join this stunningly virtuosic guitarist on a joyful fairground ride of instrumental styles spanning the fields of traditional, classical and jazz with inspirations running from newgrass and fusion jazz to Irish stylings. A fun family show of seasonal favourites played on a dazzling menagerie of brass instruments from tiny piccolo trumpet to huge bass tuba. The programme covers a wide variety of styles from jazz to classical and even gospel, all in highly original and imaginative arrangements, from serious to silly, from Handel’s Messiah to All I want for Christmas is a Bass Trombone. Featuring the virtuoso multi brass instrumental skills of ex Black Dyke cornet player James Stretton, ably assisted by the Professor of the Keys – Iain Jackson.

Fri 29 Nov 7.30pm Lingen Village Hall SY7 0DY Tickets 01568 770920, £9 Sat 30 Nov 7.30pm Chelmarsh Parish Hall WV16 6BA Tickets 01746 861593, £9/6

Sat 14 Dec 3pm Peace Memorial Hall, Meole Brace SY3 9EX Tickets 01743 247664, £8/5/25 Sun 15 Dec 7.30pm Chetton Village Hall WV16 6UE Tickets 01746 768822/ 789257, £9/6

Proteus Theatre Company Fleurs de Lys

The Spirit of Christmas Past Early music ensemble Fleurs de Lys join forces with historian, singer and story-teller Thor Ewing to bring you a rollicking festive programme of medieval music and song, traditional folk carols, local Wassails and fascinating yuletide anecdotes. Songs of feasting and celebration, spirituality and devotion performed with exquisite vocal harmonies and accompanied on authentic instruments such as hurdy gurdy, medieval fiddle, harp and pipes. Previous Arts Alive promoter feedback includes: “very entertaining – wonderful music”, “very seasonal. People left in high spirits”, “If Medieval music can rock, this did! We had a fantastic time!” and “Festive perfection!” Sat 7 Dec 7.30pm St Faith’s Church, Dorstone HR3 6AW Tickets 01981 550451, £10/5/28 Thu 12 Dec 7.30pm Clee St Margaret Village Hall SY7 9DT Tickets 01584 823609, £8/5 Fri 13 Dec 7.30pm Steiner Academy, Much Dewchurch HR2 8DL Tickets 01981 540221, £9/5/25

Alice in Wonderland “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Proteus cordially invite you to follow them down the rabbit hole to Wonderland for amazing adventures – oh, and tea, of course. Bringing their trademark fusion of music, physical theatre, circus and puppetry, creating an anarchic, magical and mad-as-a-hatter version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tales Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. No storm in a teacup, this show promises to provide all your six impossible things a day, and whatever you do – don’t be late! For families and children aged 5+ Thu 16 Jan 6pm The Talbot Theatre, Whitchurch SY13 2BY Tickets 01948 660660, £8/7/6/25 Fri 17 Jan 7pm Severn Centre, Highley WV16 6JG Tickets 01746 860000, £8/5/25 Sat 18 Jan 7pm Goodrich Village Hall HR9 6HY Tickets 01600 890502/ 890609, £10/6/28






by Lydia Adetunji and Frances Brett 1 Sound Designer: Jon McLeod Visual Artist: Sophia Clist

Textures Tones and Traces

Look Differently. Hear Differently. Be IN THIS PLACE

…is a collaborative project between Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Craftspace and Arts Alive. At the heart of the performance are new works by composer Howard Skempton and textile artist Matthew Harris, created using maps as a starting point for inspiration – with Skempton’s music performed by four stunning players from BCMG (oboe, violin, viola and cello). The evening will also include a fascinating pre-performance film documenting the creative journey from first inspiration to what you see and hear, and performances of Oliver Knussen’s delightful Cantata. Matthew and/or Howard will be present at performances.

This project from acclaimed Pentabus Theatre offers you a thrilling new way to explore the Shropshire Hills.

Textures Tones and Traces premieres on 8 March at Wem Town Hall, then touring.

Experienced through headphones whilst following a circular walk from the Bog Visitor Centre, this new play immerses you into a world of stories and events connected to the landscape. Based on real women’s stories, this is a compelling and inspiring experience about what shapes our relationship to where we are.

Funded by Arts Council strategic touring fund and supported by Elmley Foundation.

Wednesdays and Sundays throughout September: Sunday 8th Sunday 15th Wednesday 18th Sunday 22nd Wednesday 25th Sunday 29th Pre-booking essential – tickets £6/£5 For more info and performance times visit or call 0845 680 1926

Live Satellite Screenings These have been a great innovation for our rural audiences, giving people a chance to access performances from world class companies – the National Theatre, Royal Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company, Globe Theatre, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet and Glyndebourne. It’s not quite like being there, but it’s much better than not being there! The atmosphere is infectious, the pre-show chats are insightful and you do feel like you are part of the audience. Why not give it a try? You get a great view for a fraction of the original theatre price and it’s so much cheaper than going to London!

Walk starts and ends at Bog Visitor Centre Stiperstones SY5 0NG. Visit for directions.

Available variously in the following venues: The Market Theatre, Ledbury 01432 383663 The Edge Arts Centre, Much Wenlock 01952 728911 /08448 700887 SpArC Theatre, Bishop’s Castle 01588 630321/ 638038 Aston on Clun Village Hall 01588 660493 All details of shows, venues, times and prices on our website

Wednesdays and Sundays throughout September Tickets £6/£5 To book or for more info visit

Fancy a longer day out? Take the Shropshire Hills Shuttle bus service: For all other queries call Pentabus on 01584 856564 In This Place is supported by the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership’s Sustainable Development Fund and the Bishops Castle Local Joint Committee.




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SHREWSBURY Meole Brace 15

Pontesbury 12

Longden 8 Snailbeach 4

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LUDLOW Wigmore 13 Eye 3,13 Kimbolton 12

Dorstone 14

Advance booking is recommended as many shows sell out – please don’t be disappointed.

Ticket prices vary – the minimum is £8 (shows for young children are cheaper). However ALL events are subsidised and we do our best to keep prices affordable whilst not compromising on quality or range. As our prices are so reasonable, most venues do not offer concessionary rates for pensioners. Ticket prices are indicated thus: £8 (adult) /£5 (child) /£26 (family).

If anybody would like a large print version of this brochure please email or ring the Arts Alive office on 01588 620883

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... and of course to all our local promoters, without whom these events couldn’t happen!

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