Utrecht, NL

I started Art by Nature Magazine as a way to find new insights for my own work. For me, nature stands for transcending to another world, a world without the stress of daily life.My sources of inspiration are artists who step from behind the curtain and share how nature feeds their imagination. I communicate directly with them and let them tell their creative journey in their own way. As a passionate story­teller I bring readers and artists together. Art by Nature provides in-depth creative understanding from artists around the world. Artists featured in Art by Nature Magazine use my platform to show their original, professional and creative journey on a personal and meaningful level. Every edition features content series such as: Behind the Scenes, Through the Eyes of, Inspired by Nature, Photodoc, Gallery Special, Design by Nature, Nature’s Wannahaves and DIY, as well as seasonal content. Don't want to miss an edition sign up for my newsletter