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Vol. 25 • March/April • 2015

from artist to artist - market, promote, succeed

Rosy Lofer

EVE'S FOREST. Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30"

oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Patricio Moreno Toro

MUDDY WATERS II. Mixed Media on Paper, 40" x 26"

CURRENT ART GROUP USA … a division of Contemporary Art Projects USA


ONE THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS ART FAIR IN THE USA We handle all the details to provide you with a high quality exhibition

Executive Director: Tata Fernandez

Curated by Silvia Medina

OUR BOOTH # 315 SIZE 500+ Square Feet Located at the VIP Area

SHOW INFORMATION Opening Night Preview Thursday April 23rd | 4pm – 7pm Thursday (Trade Only Day) April 23rd | 12pm – 7pm Friday April 24th |10am – 7pm Saturday April 25th |10am – 7pm Sunday April 26th |10am – 6pm

LOCATION Pier 94 711 12th Ave (55th Street & the West Side Highway) New York, NY 10019-5399

PIER 94 - “THE ART PIER” Pier 94 enjoys a prime location and established prestige in the New York convention and special event landscape. Over the past several years, Pier 94 has quickly become a recognizable event space in New York City, utilized for high end shows and large scales events

FOR MORE INFORMATION Current Art Group USA A Division of Contemporary Art Projects USA Email: Telephone: 786-262-5886 Current Art Group USA Artists during Spectrum 2014



point of interest OPUS EVENTI | EXCLUSIVE ART FAIRS 2015

Where Art Meets GLAMOUR...!


pecializing in producing and managing events from every angle of both entertainment and artistic industries, Opus Eventi caters its esteemed services to English, Hispanic and French markets from every corner of the globe. It focuses on the production, management and coordination of large-scale events in the world of visual and performing arts. Concentrating on the clients' needs of the best and most sophisticated of services, the company strives for the unforgettable. A high profile and eccentric guest list of VIPs is always a must. Nevertheless, the main objective of Opus Eventi is to create meeting points and platforms to promote cultural exchanges; to exhibit, buy and sell art; to increase the network and to help develop new businesses opportunities for all participants by gathering the best of the art industry such as galleries, art dealers, collectors, art critics, artists and cultural institutions. In 2015, – under the direction of the international event promoter Johnessco Rodriguez – Opus Eventi has the honor to present, as part of its repertoire (on production), three of the top events: the sixth edition of ART MONACO; the special edition of ART IBIZA; and the first edition of MC ART Miami. We all know the number of contemporary art shows has increased in the past two years worldwide. Unfortunately, not all emerging shows are capable of providing value in both sales and prestige to the exhibitors and partners supporting them. That is why ART MONACO and ART IBIZA focus on keeping an exclusive by invitation policy. An international exposure, however, guarantees the participation of VIP personalities, potential buyers and exhibitions. From July 9 to July 12, 2015, a new sumptuous venue will be created right in the middle of the business district, known as the “playground of the rich and famous”. The Principality of Monaco will artistically transform 5,000 m2 into a contemporary and modern art show Art Monaco’15. Monaco is one of the most prestigious places in Europe and one of the most coveted markets in the world. With its prosperous lifestyle, ceaseless flow of golden champagne and multi million pound yachts gleaming in the Monte Carlo harbor, Monaco breathes glamour. That is why Art Monaco is all about quality rather than quantity and is renown today as THE ONLY international attended contemporary art fair in the French Riviera. Its own style and image differentiate from the other 275 art shows produced worldwide since 2009. During this four-day event, the city-state will serve as host to more than 70 select galleries from around the globe. The fair will welcome 10,000 exclusive visitors and benefit from a visibility in over 52 countries. A VIP reception will kick off the event, followed by three full days of vernissage-style exhibits open to the public with a few private showings. This July promises to be more grandiose than ever with Art Ibiza occurring from July 16 to July 19. Surrounded by some of the most pristine waters in the Mediterranean and fine white sand beaches, the island of Ibiza is certain to expect a worldwide attendance of important individuals with great buying power, art collectors and celebrities flocking the event with style. Dedicated to showcasing contemporary and modern art in an elegant and glamorous flare, this special edition of Art Ibiza is

surely not to be missed. Art and culture enthusiasts will find themselves being enchanted over outstanding artwork that will take your breath away. To be held in one of the most splendid centers of the island, the art fair will be presented in a form of high class and luxury exposition. Art Ibiza’15 will be a special opportunity for those wishing to buy or sell art collections or those who simply wish to be taken aback by one of a kind inspirational art creations presented in a variety of styles. “Our shows are not for the faint of heart (or light of wallet).”, says Opus Eventi C.E.O. & art fairs’ director Johnessco Rodriguez, “We focus to attract art collectors, art creators and art lovers with a higher buying power (UHNWI), that will add value to our VIP guest list year after year”. Art Monaco, for instance, has welcomed Royalty such as H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Empress Farah Pahlavi, S.A.R la Princess Marie Gabrielle de Savoie, T.R.H. Prince and Princess Charles of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, Madame la Baronne Danièle Courcelle von Prohaska, Baron & Baronne Renald de Meester de Betzenbroeck, Baron et Baronne Roland Gillion Crowet, Baronne de Masy, H.S.H. Prince of Montenegro and other personalities that such as Mme Jaleh Khosravani, Mr. Giovanne Randonini, Charles et Catherine Napoleon, M. Paul Sarkozy, Lady Monika Bacardi, Didier DesChamps and some Hollywood stars, just to mention a few. Aiming to offer a greater value to all participants, our three events will also serve as film sets for the up-coming Hollywood movie «The Curator» as part of the Platforms for large corporations, business leaders, international media, renowned galleries, established and emerging artists, as well as art collectors and art lovers. Art Monaco, Art Ibiza and MC ART MIAMI will share the same value for both entertainment and culture that are catered only towards those who enjoy living with the pleasure of exclusivity and luxury. IMPORTANT DATES: ART MONACO VI ART IBIZA Special Edition MC ART MIAMI

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July 9 to 12, 2015 July 16 to 19, 2015 December 3 to 6, 2015

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from artist to artist

by Debbi Chan

(continued from January/February issue)

Let 's talk

Sumi N

OW. I continue. I think the popularity of Sumi painting has caused change anyway you look. Teachers are easier to find. Many Western art supply stores now carry an area for Sumi supplies or one can Google and get a list of suppliers.. I can go to my tablet play store or iTunes and purchase Chinese books, lessons, or about anything I want. I can buy Apps that teach the painting. So it was inevitable that this would emerge as a popular class for aspiring art students.

GOING TO SIENA FOR IL PALIO ALBUM. Watercolor and ink, 22"W x 30"H

If you do want to learn Sumi I have a few thoughts. And by the way. It is an art where the end painting does not look like a photo. The actual painting process is relaxing. Since in ancient Asian thinking nothing is perfect, if a young student such as high school or younger hears that their painting isn't supposed to be perfect, they can begin to just relax and enjoy the experience. We are raising generations of children who think they must be and have perfection. Weight is a good example. Of you are not thin, model thin, there is imperfection in you. If you choose to be a baker despite your lawyer parents insisting that "college is the only way", I would say, ONLY WAY TO WHAT? I do believe in immersing oneself in to more than the just the six weeks plus of class time. It was not until I took language from them FACES OF both and read everything I could on the culture, religion, etc. that my work began to look traditional. I was seeing a richness in my art that was not there before. And one thing led to another which is what life itself tends to do. the calligraphy helped the paintings. The characters allowed me the ability to translate an English sentence to Chinese so I could carve the chops as they were meant to be. And my brain gets a huge workout. Don't need a brain exercise course.....

MASTERS AND THEIR BIRDS ALBUM. Watercolor and ink, 22"W x 30"H

paint the picture, carve the chop, write the calligraphy, and mount the finished piece. So even back that far in history, the artist specialized . By the way. Sumi or Sumi-e is the Japanese word meaning a monochrome painting done in ink....

Painting, or any art, is more than just a six week class where one comes out thinking they know it. Art should be a process of learning. A lifetime of learning. One should never stop.

I did not study Japanese painting and although paintings in ancient Asian art use similar methods they are not the same. Just as a few Japanese characters are the same or similar to Chinese characters the simularity ends there.

My teacher told me something I have not forgotten. In ancient China, there were only a few artists, a small number, that could

I hope Sumi students get more out of their classes after reading this article. There is always more to improve on. • 7

Vol. 25 • March/April • 2015

art&beyond Art & Beyond Magazine is a bridge between the artists and the art world. It is an essential marketing and promotional tool every artist needs to possess when exhibiting their work, whether at art shows, art expos, or small exhibitions. In This issue: Art & Beyond is continued to publish a series of articles titled "From Artist to Artist" where artists share their experiences working in the chosen medium, interesting stories from their life and career, leaning and teaching tips. In this issue of Art & Beyond Magazine we have published a second part of the article written by Debbi Chan titled "Let's talk Sumi". Also we would like to bring your attention not to miss the great articles about passed and upcoming exhibitions under our Point of Interest columns. In the March/April issue you will find a beautifully conducted Interviews by Justin Hoffman with member of Art & Beyond Publications Gabi Domenig on p. 15. We would like to congratulate the following winners published in this issue for their amazing work: Congratulations to Rosy Lofer her artwork “Eve’s Forest” was chosen as March/April Art & Beyond issue Front Cover Competition winner. The Inside Front Cover was awarded to Patricio Moreno Toro for his beautiful artwork “Muddy Waters II”.


Point of Interest

Art Monaco 2015 5 Bridging our Differences by Lilianne Milgrom 10

From Artist to Artist

Let's talk Sumi by Debbi Chan 7

Fine Art

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Back Cover

Rosy Lofer

Hilarie Lambert

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Patricio Moreno Toro

Evelyn Walg

The Back Cover was awarded to Hilarie Lambert for work “Cancan” and the Inside Back Cover has been awarded to Evelyn Walg for “Happy under the Sun”. We would also like to congratulate those artists who have been chosen as Publishers Choice Award winners in this issue for their outstanding artwork: Eva Rimsky, Yulia Altas, Rainer Englisch, Gayane Karapetyan, Tetyana Matkovska, Jane Ellen Murray, Natalya Parris, Tatiana Roulin, Irina Vysotskaya, Raquel Rub, John Chimon, Anabela Ferguson, Rafaela Shporer, Paul-Jürgen Weber with One Page article and Fukuko Harris and Vered Galor with Two page article. We thank all of the amazing and talented artists who participated in the competition and wish you all great success in your journey. Publisher Art Director Interview Editor

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point of interest

Lilianne Milgrom is an international artist, curator and writer on the arts





t is difficult to believe that the catalyst for the terrorist attacks that recently stained the City of Lights with blood was a series of lampooning cartoons. Aside from blasting the issue of freedom of speech to the forefront, these tragic events also underscore two other important facts: The first being Art’s capacity to unleash enormously powerful passions and the second being the ever widening rift between East and West and their respective religions and cultures.

Yasser Rostom.

In the wake of the recent events in Paris, the exhibition that opened at Paris’ historic Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés could not have come at a more timely moment in the city’s post-traumatic healing process. Entitled The Bridge (Le Pont), this interfaith exhibition gathered together 47 premier visual artists of Middle Eastern Arab, Persian and Jewish backgrounds whose paintings convey their individual and unique interpretation of what ‘bridges’ us together and how we can forge a future of understanding and mutual respect. The Bridge is organized by CARAVAN, an international peace-building arts NGO that originated in Cairo and is now based in Chicago. This is the seventh exhibition launched by CARAVAN. By using the Arts to spread the message of amity between faiths and cultures it is the hope of CARAVAN’s founder, the Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler, that dialogue will ensue and unexpected friendships will blossom. Past exhibitions organized by the foundation have shown that the Arts can serve as an effective medium for fostering tolerance and building bridges of trust and understanding. I am honored to have co-curated this stunning exhibition of truly unique visionary works together with Paul-Gordon Chandler. Following its Paris debut, the show will travel for eighteen months throughout Europe as well as Cairo and the United States. In order to reach as large an audience as possible, CARAVAN has chosen a variety of venues ranging from cathedrals and government buildings to museums and interfaith centers. I believe that during these difficult times we must fight the urge to alienate ourselves even further from others of different faiths and creeds. By bringing together forty-seven outstanding artists of Muslim, Christian and Jewish backgrounds, The Bridge acts as an encounter point for diverse communities. The exhibition is a metaphor for the myriad and infinite ways in which peace and co-existence can be imagined and ultimately, realized. It matters not that these paths differ one from the other – it matters only that each of us be prepared to cross that bridge towards the other.

Marie Boralevi. FIRST DAWN

10 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

Iranian video artist Shirin Neshat has been quoted as describing greatness in art as “art that transcends all differences, despite where an artist is from.” By definition, therefore, one could describe The Bridge as one of the greatest collections of art ever exhibited! The works in this exhibition fill me with hope. They are a reminder that although we may not always be marching in step, we are still capable of taking a step at a time together towards a brighter future.

Marc Goldstain.

LILIANNE MILGROM: ARTIST STATEMENT ON ‘NARROW BRIDGE’ “The whole world is a narrow bridge. The main thing to remember is not to be afraid.” Rabbi Nachman of Bratislav (1772-1810)

Within minutes of being invited to participate in The Bridge exhibition, the words of a popular Hebrew song began playing in mind: Kol ha’olam kulo gesher tzar me’od, v’haikar lo lefached. (The whole world is a narrow bridge. The main thing to remember is not to be afraid). I was surprised to learn that these words are attributed to the rabbinical sage, Rabbi Nachman of Bratislav, born in Ukraine in the 18th century and the great-grandson of the founder of Hassidism, a mystical branch of Orthodox Judaism.

Lina Mowafy.

These few words have survived intact over the centuries yet they capture the essence of this exhibition. If ever there was to reach across cultures, religions, borders and peoples in order to pull the world back from the brink, it is NOW. My painting ‘Narrow Bridge’ is a crude reminder that in order to bridge our differences we must conquer our fears and reach a hand across that narrow bridge without looking down.

Guirguis Lotfi. • 11

fine art

UNDERWATER. Ink on paper, 16" x 16"

Yulia Altas Russian-born artist Yulia Altas was one of a handful of international artists chosen to exhibit her artwork at “La Grande Exposition Universelle” held inside the Eiffel Tower, “Gustave Eiffel” Hall and Louvre in Paris in October 2014. "Art - it is a life ... It for everybody and everyone finds something that is closer to his heart ..." - Yulia Altas. Altas’ works has been showcased in New York at the Caelum Gallery in 2012; Spanish Society Benevolent Gallery in 2012 and 2013, she was one of a handful of international artists that exhibit in 2013 at the Miami Iron Side - endorsed exhibition entitled “International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, IBAEM,” an event produced by The Art Marketing Mind, LLC.; at the Elena AB Gallery Tribeca in NY, July and September in 2013; at the Chelsea Eye Gallery in NY in 2013. For a whole year (2014) MONTSERRAT CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in Chelsea, New York, proudly presents her artworks in public showroom for international group exhibitions and for sale.. In July 2014 she was one of a only a few hand-picked international artists who was chosen to exhibit her name and work on 25-story-tall video billboard above the American Eagle right in the heart of Times Square, Broadway, New York City, exhibition entitled “See Me take over Times Square” art show endorsed by See|Me Group, Inc.

12 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

Two of her artworks were been selected for the 2nd International Biennale of Art of Palermo. PALERMO (SICILY) - FLORENCE (TUSCANY). The historical Palace Sant’Elia and some exhibition halls of the Museum “Reale Albergo delle Povere” will become the exhibition Place for International Artists. They are two of the most important exhibition venues of Palermo. Florence (February - March, 2015) inside the exhibition space of gallery “Casa di Dante Alighieri.” This edition will boast the presence of 3 famous Art Critics: Vittorio Sgarbi, Philippe Daverio and Paolo Levi. An events produced by ASSOCIAZIONE SOCIO CULTURALE EA EDITORE, gave her opportunity to participate her art in Tokyo Gallery NIW, Japan in 2015, an event produced by Fine Arts Chair New York Realism Fine Art. Altas’ formal classical education is revealed in her colorful mixmedia paintings depicting elements found in nature that are filled with picturesque features which are characteristic of a combination of a well-lived and nurtured childhood in addition to the explicit graphic details learned during her college years. Her works are tender and emotional and she finds many opportunities in the open air to recreate her inspiration with the total energy of life that would be later used when she sets the theme to craft a particular motive or creation.

ANNOUNCING. Acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12"

Maruka Carvajal I was born in Bolivia, and I am a naturalized Spaniard. I have lived in Brazil, Singapore, Colombia, and currently in Washington DC. I was educated to be an architect but my passion led me to dedicate myself to the visual arts instead. I enjoy painting so much! It is a chance to get involved with my thoughts, my memories and my feelings; it's my moment. When I start a painting I always choose colors first; without thinking maybe it's just intuitively or sometimes based on my mood. In my art I like to explore the abstract secrets of cities I have lived in, cities I have passed through, and cities I hope to visit. I bring out the similarities between cities around the world, capturing their true nature. Using different shapes, lines, and vibrant colors I interpret onto my canvas the emotions that cities awaken inside of me. I recall my experiences in different cities that have impacted me and I look into that past at the feelings that came over me in those moments. Some artists inspire me, especially Hans Hoffman because of his exuberant use of color, the relationship between them, and the spatial tension.

I use different acrylics in different to express myself. My strokes reflect my visual language and respond to the impulse to fill the canvas. Using geometric shapes adds structural order to how freely I use colors. In addition, I like to use both paint that is slightly watered down and pain that is thicker. To me this combination of shapes and my free use of colors along with varying viscosities of paint is the most appealing part of my creative process. The colorful nature of my painting makes them stand out and appear bright. Vibrant colors are very powerful tools and I am able to manage their effect on a composition. I am fascinated by cities because they are short-lived but form a long lasting memory. I think my paintings serve the purpose I intended and convey what I want them to. My goal is to make the viewer curious about the meaning behind my painting. I expect my work to represent the places that I have had the fortune to visit or have lived in and I hope it shares these places with the viewer inviting them to take an emotional journey where their spirit can drive free. • 13

fine art

CIAO ITALY ALBUM. Watercolor and ink, 15" x 22"

GOING TO SIENA FOR IL PALIO ALBUM. Watercolor and ink in a folding album, 22"H x15"W

Debbi Chan Born and raised in the metropolis of Houston where the glare of sunlit skyscrapers the landscape I was most familiar with did not stop the smooth transition to a landscape of pines and snow in Idaho. What the surprise move did was open my creative mind and allow me to expand and my art to grow. I took up three new mediums and set my schedule to allow for art to be the focus of my time. The mediums were new but I managed to keep to the traditional Chinese style which I took up almost 15 years ago. Days for me are all about art . Making it keeps me busy and rarely does a day go by without it. If not painting I am gathering for it. Looking out my windows I see the vastness of nature about me and watch wildlife romping that I previously could only have seen in a zoo behind bars. My tight drawings loosened and the subjects I once was afraid of painting flow across the leaves of 70 ft. Continuous story paintings in jumbo folding 14 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

albums, my newest passion. They are being shown currently at Magnuson Gallery in Kendrick Idaho while awaiting a future home hopefully with WSU in their art museum. After completion I now publish each album as a wordless magazine and make them available to the public. And now the albums are coming to life in galleries you can carry in your pocket. The amazing 3-D app EXHIBBIT allows me to have entire albums on the wall. I have two shows open to the public now and a third will be open any day. You will most likely run into my blogs as well. Hopefully the albums will find their way to a permanent museum that appreciates story telling with art and without words. My time is still about making the art. If you don't make it you have nothing for others to see.

Art & Beyond Interview with

Gabi Domenig by Justin Hoffman

Born in Lienz, Austria, Gabi Domenig describes her art as “a language without words.” From an early age, she aspired to be an artist and as an adult has taken classes in color theory, drawing, nude painting, and composition. Today she focuses mainly on painting. She has been in recent exhibitions in Austria, Brazil, France, the United States, and Italy, with upcoming exhibits in the United Kingdom and Portugal as well. Q. How would you describe your artwork to someone who has never seen it? A. My artwork is through and through figurative. I paint mostly with acrylics and I concern myself primarily with the representation of man and especially of women. My characters send out varied emotions such as pride, pain, love, sadness, loneliness, joy, and longing. They are sensuous, strong, vulnerable, thoughtful, dreamy, seductive, promising, and cautious. For the most part, the figures are located in a particular environment cutout. Flowers, plants, animals, patterns, and landscape sections provide decoration, but are usually situated in the background. I try to capture moments and strive to build up emotional tensions. The viewer should feel at least some of my passion when I paint. For me art should be life affirming and beautiful, touching and connecting.

Q. As an artist, what would you say your ultimate goal is? A. : First of all, I am very happy to get wonderful feedback about my art! It is a pleasant and beautiful feeling when people tell me that they are touched by my work. Increasingly, and more recently, I have been told that I have a distinctive style. Ultimately, my artistic goal is to find the right audience. Specifically, I wish that each of my artworks would find their lovers. It would be great if I could live from my art, which would allow me to paint even more. I would love to travel to some special places to stay there for a while to paint my pictures - pictures, which are just waiting for the possibility to appear on the canvas at last.

Q. How do you promote yourself? A. I promote myself in many ways. Some years ago I created my website which I always try to improve and make more informative. I am also represented on some art platforms on the Internet. In recent years I have organized regular exhibitions in my own art studio. I have also participated in many national and international exhibitions, and I have been featured in art books and magazines. I have produced promotional items featuring my artwork such as postcards. And two years ago I started painting on T-Shirts and at the currently I am working on having bags for sale.

Q. Who, or what, are your greatest influences? A. My greatest influences are people, magazines, photos, music, movies, and videos - almost everything that is around me. Life itself is my influence. I use my thoughts and feelings to inspire my pictures, and I often draw ideas from this “collection” in my mind.

CATWOMAN PURPLE. Acrylic on canvas, 40 cm x120 cm • 15

fine art

JAPANESE GEISHAS. Acrylic, 100 cm x 80 cm

Rainer Englisch was Born on 27 August 1950 in Dresden Germany. Powered by his parents he made first attempts with oil paintings in the 50´s, mainly with landscape motifs. This was followed by textile painting of flowers in the wild 60´s and ink as well pencil drawings in the 70´s during travelling studies. Experiments in glass painting came in the 80´s, added before he joined in the 90´s to expressionist Plaka and acrylic paintings. Since mid 2011 he became a freelance painter in his own studio in Haselünne/Germany. Awarded with "Sandro Botticelli Preis" 2015 Florence/Italy. THE GIRL WITH THE LOTUS FLOWERS. Acrylic, 90 cm x 70 cm

16 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015


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fine art

DRIFT. Aacrylic, paper, fabric and mesh on canvas, 66” x 50”

LETTER A. Aacrylic, mesh screen and code on canvas, 17” x 14”

Fukuko Harris I was born and raised in Tokyo. I am an abstract painter and a mix media artist. I work and live in New York City and Montauk, NY. My work is based on objects and spaces in my daily life, that I manipulates abstractly in my paintings. I also work in watercolor, oil, and mono printing. I received an Associate Applied Science degree from Parsons School of Design in New York, Bachelor of Arts from Mary Mount College in Tarrytown, NY and MFA from New York Studio School for Drawing, Painting & Sculpture. 18 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

EARLY BLOOMING. Aacrylic, plaster and fabric on canvas, 18” x 14”

FORTUNE TELLING. Aacrylic and fabric on canvas, 24” x 18”

WABI SABI MAYBE. Aacrylic on canvas, 24” x 18”

I also studied at Student League of New York City and Parsons School of Design in Paris. Last year, I participated in an art residency, La Porte Paintre in Noyer, France. I have shown my work numerous times in galleries and museums throughout the US, including the Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts Inc., Plantation, FL, Watermill Museum, in Watermill, NY, and the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Nevada, LV where paintings are in their permanent collection. I am a recipient of Hoenberg Award at New York Studio School in 2014. • 19

fine art

NIAGARA RECKLESS RUN. Acrylic, 30" x 20"

world and phenomena. The intent is to show the captivating power of colour of the landscapes and seascapes, light refractions in the texture of flowers, mysterious fluctuations of water and deviational patterns of the moving natural forms.

Gayane Karapetyan (GAYA) Gaya (Gayane Karapetyan) is an independent contemporary artist. She is painting in acrylics with a focus on abstract artwork. Gaya’s paintings can be described as continuous abstract variations on the theme of the beauty of nature. They associatively correlate and thematically complement each other. From the pure abstraction perspective, she pursues to introduce colours as unconventional identifiers of the nature themes. The common theme of her creation infers the artist’s abstractive reflection on, and interpretation of, the natural

20 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

The overarching cultural concerns and social message of Gaya’s work focus on demonstrating beauty and power of the nature as a cradle of humanity and intransigent essence of our lives. The nature is a value on its own which should be preserved and not compromised. Environmental context includes the harmony within the nature as well as in the human interaction with the nature. Music is that powerful source of inspiration which induces the emotional background to free the imagination and to reach the point of abstractive expression at which Gaya creates.

THE FORKS OF AUTUMN. Acrylic and Pinot Noir Wine, 24" x 30"

Jim Lively is an attorney who left the practice of law to pursue his passion full-time as a contemporary figurative and abstract artist. His works have been recognized in numerous juried competitions and publications. He was named to the 2013 and 2014 list of Art Tour International Magazine’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art (www.arttourinternational. com). In addition, he has participated in several group and a solo exhibitions across North America and in Europe. Jim has published four books containing images of his art including two novels. Selected 2012 - 2014 Credits • Named to 2013 and 2014 list of Art Tour International Magazine’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art www. • Selected to represent Southwest Artists and appear in Art Portfolio Magazine, 2014 Northeast Artists vs. Southwest Artists Edition

THREE TAKES ON AUTUMN. Acrylic and Merlot Wine, 24" x 30"

• Placed Second in the Abstract Category in 2013 American Art Awards for “Layers of Civilization” and First in the Humor Category for “A Second Cup of Coffee” (www. • Art and Beyond Magazine, March/April 2014, Publisher Selection for “Butterfly Effect” and “Breach” from the “Red Wine” series of paintings

• A rt Portfolio Magazine, Editor’s Selection Landscape Competition for “Five for Fall”


2013 • • 21

fine art

AUTUM IN THE PARK. Oil on Canvas, 40" x 30"

Rosy Lofer - Argentina/USA Rosy Lofer was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After moving to Miami in the mid 1980’s, Rosy developed a deep appreciation for art, and her passion was kindled by Miami’s rich cultural community. This passion for art, soon grew into a desire to not only appreciate fine art, but to create it from her own heart.

feel when they look at my paintings”. Today, Rosy’s work can be found in private collections in many countries, including Israel, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Canada, London and in many US States.

In 2003, Rosy started to recognize her own talent for painting. She began her formal art education in 2004 with artist, Carlos Augusto Pereira at HeArt Studio. Under the direction of this internationally known artist, Rosy’s talent in artistic expression has been taken to new heights. Her magnificent and imaginative paintings captivate the viewer with their rich tones, vibrant color, and inspired themes.

Rosy Lofer will be participating at Art Expo New York 2015, Current Art Group USA a division of Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth #315. APRIL 23-26, 2015 | PIER 94

In discussing her work, Rosy says, “Creating each painting brings to me an incredible feeling of peace, tranquility, and positive energy. I believe these are the emotions that others 22 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

For more information please contact: Tata Fernandez, Executive Director Contemporary Art Projects USA Phone: 786-262-5886

FLIRTATION. Oil, 36" x 24"

Hilarie Lambert Oil painter Hilarie Lambert will tell you she enjoys painting the familiar: vintage toys, notable architecture, or coastal scenes, but nothing about her work is “ordinary.” Through the filter of light in an egret's wings in flight, or the way a newspaper crumbles under just-caught blue crabs, Lambert reveals the beauty in what we might have forgotten or gotten too busy to notice – the magic of the every day. The world in Lambert's paintings is seen through her sense of humor and love of whimsy. She paints the rainy day in Paris, not the sunny one, the forgotten radio on the shelf, or the boy feeding pigeons in St. Mark's Square (instead of the majestic basilica), all illustrating her joy in the edges of things, the

side streets, the back doors. The paint is laid down in what seems to be quick, loose, but strong brush strokes usually with a very generous amount of paint. This style gives the viewer a definite sense of the artist’s hand and vision at work in the finished piece, and deepens the feeling of connection between subject and artist. An award winning painter, both nationally and internationally, she travels extensively in Italy and France, where she also teaches in the summers. She resides with her husband John, in Charleston, and has established a new studio and gallery at 749 Willow Lake Road, James Island. • 23

fine art

CASTLE IN THE MOUNTAINS. Oil on canvas, 20" x 24"

Tetyana Matkovska was born and raised in Ukraine. As a child she always liked to draw, but took it seriously at her 40s. Tetyana a self-taught artist. "Art is my life, my fun. I like to work with different mediums — oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel." - stated Tetyana.

24 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

PREPARING FOR A PARTY. Tempera, oil pastel on watercolor paper, 22" x 28"

RED SAILS. Oil, 36" x 24"

SAFARI. Oil, 36" x 24"

Jane Ellen Murray In her senior year at Vassar Jane Ellen won a special award for creativity in the Vogue Prix De Paris Contest sponsored by Conde Nash.

After studying at the Palette & Chisel, she was invited to show her oil paintings at the Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea in Florence Italy.

As a Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson, she won a Clio (the Oscar of the Advertising Business) for art direction in a campaign for Pepsi International.

She is listed in International Contemporary MASTERS IV.

She was named Advertising Woman of the Year and elected President of the Women’s Advertising Club of Chicago. • 25

fine art

PASSION. Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36"

Natalya B. Parris is a strong believer in contributing to the community by promoting art awareness and education. This is why she likes to display her artworks at agricultural fairs, community centers, and public libraries. By visiting those places, children from a very young age have an opportunity to see diverse art media and learn that the world is very colorful with many unique ways to express yourself such as writing books or creating an artwork. Ms. Parris teaches art classes for children at the Arts Barn, Gaithersburg, MD and through the art she explains her students that there is a place for every individual to express their inner world; there are as many options as there are souls. Ms. Parris hopes her artworks encourage each adult to look at the world around them as they did when they were children; to be very open-minded and curious about new things. Perhaps, within their souls, they can find a hidden door to

26 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

the room where they locked all their childhood fantasies and dreams. Ms. Parris will teach Russian Folk Art classes for teens and adults where students will learn the basic elements that identify specific types of art; learn how the knowledge of centures' old traditions of folk art can influence the creation of modern contemporary artworks and create a unique artwork from their own imagination. Ms. Parris will teach with examples of her own art and original folk objects from her private collection. Ms. Parris believes, if her artworks help the viewers accept new art forms, encourage them to be creative, help them to see the world from a different angle or make someone happy; then it is worthwhile for her to create it.

AMERICA 1. Mixed Media on Canvas, 24" x 24"

Eva Rimsky - Chile I started painting at a later stage in life as a way of coping with the pain of a second emigration. As time went by, the awareness of discovering this new tool, this new language with which to express deep and personal feelings and experiences has become a true life passion‌.. Today, painting is a fundamental element in my life. Blending colors, mingling textures, trying out combinations and at the same time being able to free and phantasize my visions is what painting truly is to me.

Eva Rimsky will be participating at Art Expo New York 2015, Current Art Group USA a division of Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth #315. APRIL 23-26, 2015 | PIER 94 For more information please contact: Tata Fernandez, Executive Director Contemporary Art Projects USA Phone: 786-262-5886 • 27

fine art

FRUITS WITH CREAMER. Oil on museum board, 8" x 10"

Tatiana Roulin is an award-winning, internationally renowned New England representational painter whose primary mediums include oil, acrylic and pastel. She is a juried member of the Oil Painters of America and Pastel Society of America. She is also a member of many art associations in New England such as North River Arts Society, Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, Mansfield Music And Art Society, Attleboro Arts Museum to name a few. Roulin’s approach combines the classic atelier training, largely based on techniques used by the Old Masters, with her own personal style expressed through the harmony of design, color and light. Her art is in many private, corporate and public collections worldwide. A few major collectors in Massachusetts include: Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center; Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office of Boston; The Department of Youth Services. Roulin has won many prestigious art awards, has had several one-person exhibitions, and has participated in many juried

28 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

group shows in the U.S. and abroad. Her paintings exhibited internationally in America, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, England, Brazil and Russia. The artist has been selected to appear on the “Arts in the Spotlight” cable TV show. She has also been featured in several magazines such as Local RI Magazine, East Bay RI Magazine, Visual Language Magazine, Still Point Arts Quarterly Magazine, ArtScope Magazine, and South Shore Living Magazine. Her art has been published in art books and she is listed in the "Who is Who in America 69th Edition", “Who is Who in Visual Art” and “New Faces in Arts & Design” European art catalogs. Currently Roulin’s art is represented by the Gina M. Woodruff Gallery in Long Beach, CA, and Hope Gallery in Bristol, RI. She currently lives and maintains her studio and gallery in Sharon, MA. More information about the artist is available at

fine art

SNAILS DANCE. Mixed Media on Paper, 40" x 26"

Patricio Moreno Toro Toro was born in Santiago, Chile in 1943. A self-taught painter, at the age of 19 he won a Chilean national competition for watercolor and his art career took off. His first solo exhibition was in 1963 at Taller 13 in Santiago. At the age of twentytwo, he left Chile on an ocean voyage to Europe, arriving in Barcelona, Spain in the summer of 1966. He traveled and worked in Spain, France Germany and Italy, finally settling in Sweden where he found his voice as an abstract expressionist and flourished. It was in Sweden where he began to paint his 30 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

trademark large-scale canvases. During his five decades as a professional artist, Toro has lived and shown his work in many places in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. After moving to the United States in 1978, he became a fixture on the San Francisco Bay Area art scene. At age 70, he now divides his time between Oakland, California and Concón, Chile and continues to paint prolifically.

COMMUNICATE. Mixed Media on Fabric, 58” x 37”

Evelyn Walg - Venezuela Evelyn Walg was born in Belgium to Dutch parents. Because of the war and anti-Semitic expressions in Europe, her parents escaped to Spain with the intention of travelling to the Dutch Island of Curacao, but due to circumstances, they had as final destination Caracas, Venezuela where Walg lived most of her life. As a professional in the art field, curator, art critic and professor of art, I highly recommend Evelyn Walg's work. She is an award winning artist with worldwide exhibits in Caracas, Venezuela, South Florida and Israel. "In her works Evelyn discusses the interactions between human beings in a sharp vision of society. Current themes include unity and friendship. Each of her paintings is

worked with a personalized touch giving the individuals in her paintings individuality, personality and life like energy." By Milagros Bello, PhD. International Curator. Evelyn Walg will be participating at Art Expo New York 2015, Current Art Group USA a division of Contemporary Art Projects USA Booth #315. APRIL 23-26, 2015 | PIER 94 For more information please contact: Tata Fernandez, Executive Director Contemporary Art Projects USA Phone: 786-262-5886 • 31

fine art

FAMILY – THREE GENERATIONS. Oil on Canvas, 70 cm x 90 cm

Irina Vysotckaya was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has the rating level “4B” (“experienced professional artist, demanded by the art market"). She organized in St. Petersburg 15 personal exhibitions. The main theme of her work is “the quaint flower line". The flower paintings are made in different techniques, mostly with gouache and pastel. Irina also paints portraits and landscapes. The works of Irina Vysotckaya were sold or donated (including VIP-persons) in 25 countries - in U.S.A., Russia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, as well as in U.K., Poland, France, India. Irina Vysotckaya is an enthusiastic photographer (more than 150 Web Albums in Picasa). 32 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

Irina is a member of the following public cultural institutions: - House of Scientists of Maxim Gorky (Russian Academy of Sciences) - Department “Books and Graphics” and other; - American (2005-2010);






- Christmas Art Fair (St. Petersburg); - Cultural circle of Kronberg (Germany). Irina Vysotckaya teaches adults applying her approach. She grounded in St. Petersburg the art school "Quaint Flower Line".

publisher of

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sculpture • jewelry

This is a Jade Bracelet from my Child Hood. I loved it. However could no longer wear it as it was way to small. The center is a Jade Piece from New Zealand that was given to me by someone Very Special in my life. The Gemstones are Jade and Sterling Silver. Now I can enjoy for many years to come.

Pendant is a great piece done by a Tuareg Artisan. They live in the Sahara and use nothing but old implements. Such as pins, nails, screwdrivers. The Silver is .999. They are considered the best Silversmiths in the world. Surounding Gemstones are Carnelian and Sterling Silver.

So don't throw out those momentos, they can become your Favorite Piece of Jewelry.

Center of Pendant is Carnelian as well.

Sandy Den Hartog Sandy has had an interest in stones since childhood. Wherever she went, even as a young person, whether it was picnics, vacations, or field trips; she always made sure she had a cup along to collect rocks which were precious to her at the time. Once in high school she took numerous classes in gemology and geology. Then she graduated, got married, and had children. Rocks and gems had to be put on hold for a while. However, she was still able to attend gem shows and art shows when she had the opportunity. She was looking and learning and eventually was able to travel the globe and reignite her interest in gems and minerals. She was struck by how much stones, rocks, gems, and minerals change

34 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

from country to country. In bringing back Ethiopian Crosses from Africa, she made her daughters and granddaughters necklaces with the crosses. She was once again hooked with a creative passion for what she could now do with these artifacts. Sandy’s work has been exhibited at Palace Hotel in San Francisco and the James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. She has also been a part of several juried shows winning a first place medal in 2010 and 2012 with a Award of Merit in 2012.

MY RED BIKE. PVC, 30" x 19" x 13" Red is the color of extremes. It’s the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal forces - and most of red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.

Raquel Rub was born and raised in Lima, Peru in 1937. Her interest in art began as a young child. She studied Oil and Acrylic Painting at Brooklyn College, New York in 1955-1956. Back in Lima, Peru, Raquel continued her studies in Pastel and Oil Painting at the Academy of Suarez Vertiz in 1957. She earned her degree in Interior Decoration at the Escuela de Decoración Interior de Miraflores in 1968. Relocating to Miami, Florida in 1975, Raquel continued to take art classes and workshops with Peter Rubino, Susan Luery, Paul Lucchesi, Judy Williams, Wayne Pelke, and currently Robin Katz amongst other artists. Raquel also obtained a Real Estate Broker License. Traveling to different parts of the world, Raquel used to love to touch the sculptures.The desire to understand the art of sculpting, prompted Raquel along with her daughter Anabel, to pursue studies in stone sculpting with Salvatore Zagami, through this medium her spontaneity, creativity and fascination with her work, materialized piece after piece… “When I work with the stone, I feel what the stone needs, and it is as if ‘voices of the stone’ are telling me what to do.” Raquel earned her first award in 1967 for an oil painting exhibited in Lima, Peru. She then won an award for a Menorah

bronze sculpture in 1972 in Lima, Peru, this piece is part of the permanent collection of the Jewish Museum in Miami Beach, Florida. Raquel has earned many awards on her ceramic and alabaster pieces and continues to showcase exhibitions in the Greater Miami and Broward County in South Florida. Raquel is also a humanitarian and philanthropist. She is an active participant in the Jewish community. She served as the president of Eshet Chayil Cultural Group in Peru from 19731974. Following in her late mother’s Masha Stern footsteps, Raquel was the president of the Na’amat OR Chapter from 1983-2005. Since 2005 to the present day, Raquel serves as the Na’amat South Florida Regional President and serves on the Board of Directors of Na’amat USA. Raquel is also a member of the Board of the Hillel Second Generation as well as Israel Bonds who honored Raquel as their “Woman of Valor” in 1993, and honored Raquel and her late husband Dr. Moises Rub again in 1999. Raquel is also a member of Art Serve and Broward Art Guild Florida. She is a mother of five and actively involved in activities with her grandchildren whom she instills the arts. • 35

photography • digital art

SAN SIMEON PIER. San Simeon, California Long exposure + flashlight.

GRAFFITI PIER. Balboa Beach Pier, California Long exposure + laser light.

John Chimon John spent his early years in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Beirut, Lebanon, where he developed a love for the beauty of urban landscapes, mountains and the sea. His photographs capture the unseen movement and joy in

36 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

everyday life, evoking the experience of seeing something for the very first time.



ANABELA FERGUSON Anabela is a third-generation impressionist artist, having grown up surrounded by art. She had a unique opportunity to enjoy painting all her life, being able to take part in her grandparents’ exhibitions.

Lately she decided to explore the world of photography and created series of work depicted beauty of the nature, cityscape and land shafts around the country. • 37

photography • digital art

ABSTRACTED MIRAGE. Digital Art, 48" x 36".

Vered Galor has been involved with the fine art world as an artist, curator and educator for over thirty years. She received her BA and MA in Fine Art from California State University in Northridge in 1975 and 1978. Mrs. Galor started her career as glass sculptor. In 1981 she established a business doing curatorial projects and consulting in Contemporary Fine Art. She lectured, participated in

38 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

discussions and wrote art programs to encourage the collaboration of Art and Architecture. Since 1989 Mrs. Galor has been concentrating on photography. She has been creating her own work, teaching photography and showing with galleries.

ENCHANTED DESERT. Digital Art, 48" x 36".

“My photographic collages are layers of my reflections and observations,being personal, political or historical. Like our life experiences, these thoughts accumulate on top of each other, to create my feelings and emotions that get expressed in the artwork. The layering process coincides with the synthesis of creating visual pieces that invites one to investigate and explore the given information.

Like in previous works of mine, made on glass, the technique and the transparencies, of the digital process are an important part of the art, they emphasis the build-up process and the blending which creates the images. When photographing in Israel, the amount of history, archaeology, culture, faith and natural beauty of the country overwhelms you. In my Israel portfolio/gallery I combine the Archeological, Historical, political and my Emotional relation to the subject”. • 39

photography • digital art

PIECES OF METAL. Photography/Digital Manipulation, 24” x 48”

Arthur Jacob Through a journey of discovery Arthur Jacob explores shapes, colors and movement. The colors and shapes in his work reflect his emotions at that moment, while form and movement reflect his attitude. He has received recognition on a local, national and international level with his photographic art, including awards of excellence from the Medial Museum in London, to solo exhibitions including one in Santa Monica,

40 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

California to Best in Show in Naples Florida. In addition his work has been featured in several forms of media including HGTV, Million Dollar Homes and Luxe Beat Digital Magazine in New York City. •

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photography • digital art

Elisa_D_5-17-14--12AC. H 17.76” x W 20.00”

Dan McCormack studied Photography from 1962 - 1967 at the Institute of Design in Chicago and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1967 to 1970. I began photographing the nude with Wendy, my wife, while in graduate school. Then for over forty years I explored various techniques and processes while photographing the nude as a central theme. In 1976, I joined the Board of Directors of the Catskill Center for Photography and served as Vice President of the Board for ten years. One of my responsibilities was the installation of every show during those formative years.

oatmeal box pinhole camera to make 8x10 inch B&W negatives. With its extreme wide angle and distortion, the camera gives me results that are constantly a surprise. I develop the B&W negatives, scan them into Photoshop, and then colorize the image by pulling curves in each of the channels. I make an images rooted in 16th Century pinhole optics juxtaposed with 21st Century digital print manipulations. These newest photographs of mine are a hybrid of Photography and Digital Printmaking.

I have taught photography at Purdue University, Pratt Institute, SUNY New Paltz, Bard College, Ramapo College and Mercy College before I came to Marist College twenty years ago. I currently head the photography program at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

From January to February 2010 I had a solo show at the Photography Center of the Capitol District in Troy, NY. I showed over fifty images from ten diverse series made from 1990 to 2010. And in May 2013 I have a solo show, “Nude at Home”, twenty-six images made from 2003 to 2012 at the Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.

In 1998 I began to work with pinhole photography. I use an

42 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

publisher of

Art & Beyond Publications

art beyond &



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photography • digital art

HAPPINNES. Digital Art.

REFAELA Rafaela is an internationally known Artist. Rafaela creates her art to be rationality-free and then her art becomes automatically intuitive to art lovers, Created from a trans-meditative state, she works color with total emotional engagement and only after intellectual reflection does she then complete and highlight the dynamic visual images created. Through this creative process, she is free to create her paintings with joyful colors allowing the viewer to appreciate the bewilderment and uncertainty of her past experience with their own heart and soul. Dr. Dalia Hakker-Orion, Curator and Art Critique stated "Rafaela does not only use brush strokes, but she also touches, caresses her paintings and with her fingernails scratches the upper layer of the color. Through her paintings, she dresses her wounds from the past and paints them with cheerful colors. This creative process enables her to reconcile with herself."

44 • Art & Beyond • March/April 2015

MAGIC FOREST. Digital Art.

JÖKUSARLON 38. Photography, 24" x 16"

Paul-Jürgen Weber Weber lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Art works since 1968, at first painting and assemblages, since the 1980ies primarily photography. He feels particular photographic reference to Ansel Adams, Harald Mante plus Bernd Becher. Up to know the photo works are preferentially focussed on landscapes in a broad meaning, that is to say „natural finished" as even „man-made“ environments. Source to his photo works is the world’s visible reality as it is. Nature as well as human activities are all in all an endless domain of endemic art basics. His particular feature is to discover, select and process the intrinsic essence from the huge diversity and variety of forms, substances and situations with a discrete power of attraction to be converted into creative artwork. Only a different vieweven on well known items is able yet to provoke this kind of quality of art. Wilfried Wiegand calls this the ’detected beauty’, which has been already existing but has to be bared and recollected. But finally it is no matter of words and reasons to get access

HERDUBREID 26. Photography, 24" x 16"

to this kind of artwork. The key is to realize it subjectively by the individual beholder and his respective perception. In this sense Weber's artwork wants to touch people and at the best to fascinate and to inspire. • 45





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Evelyn Walg

HAPPY UNDER THE SUN. Acrylic on Canvas, 40" x 30”

Hilarie Lambert

CANCAN. Oil, 36" x 24"

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