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Extra Virgin Olive oil with citrus fruits


Italy, Culture and Stylish Food

THE “AGRUMATO OIL” The lemon “Agrumato Oil” is one of the most antique culinary traditions of Abruzzo, the greenest region located on the middle of Italy near the Adriatic Sea, into the South Europenan Park, the biggest of Europe. For many years, families who owned a “Frantoio” (olive mill to make olive oil) have produced a small quantity of “Agrumato Oil” for their own use and for close friends. To make “Agrumato Oil” one needs to understand and be a part of this tradition. The process is very tedious and labour-intensive. The olives are harvested entirely by hand and the organically-grown lemons are carefully picked at the perfect point of ripeness. These olives and lemons are then crushed together in a traditional granite mill used

for making extra virgin olive oil. The resulting paste is immediately pressed with a lowpressure machine over a long period of time to extract the “Agrumato Oil”; a very rare and precious extra virgin olive oil. The intense green colour dotted with yellow, and the strong fruity aroma of lemons and olives make the “Agrumato Oil” a product without peers; a condiment which cannot even be compared or be imitated by any other oils nor ‘vinaigrette’. In 1991, the RICCI’S FAMILY made this rare product available to a limited clientele. Today, new versions of “Agrumato Oil” are made as well, pressed with blood oranges, tangerines, citrons and a special Agrumato with Lemon infused with Herbs (garlic and origanum). The new different flavours give a new twist to the traditional extra virgin olive oil and to its use on creative or classic mediterranean cusine.




HOW TO USE THE “Agrumato Oil” The “Agrumato Oil”, used by some of the best restaurants in the world, is the ideal condiment and seasoning for any dish. It is a “ready to use” product, which will render a new flavour to the many dishes it can be used with: to drizzle on top of antipasti or grilled vegetables, or to dress salads without using vinegar; to use as a dip for crudites, to baste any roast or barbecued chicken or fish; to top any vegetable soup, pasta or risotto: the uses of the “Agrumato Oil” are endless! A highly Mediterranean and unique fla-

•Arugula and orange salad with lemon “Agrumato Oil” •Pumpkin risotto with orange “Agrumato Oil” •Steamed string beans with lemon “Agrumato Oil” • Linguini with roasted shrimps and “Agrumato Oil”

You can taste the “Agrumato Oil” at these famous restaurants: CHEZ PANNISE, Berkely, California “Roasted chicken with Agrumato Oil”

vour you can add to your meals that will let you add a new twist to the daily pleasures of the table.

Some simple suggestions: • Bresaola or prosciutto, shaves of parmesan cheese, pepper and a drizzle of lemon “Agrumato Oil” •Grilled asparagus with lemon “Agrumato Oil” •Grilled salmon with orange “Agrumato Oil”

ZUNI, San Francisco, California “Smoked trout salad with Agrumato Oil” RED SAGE, Washington D.C. “Bean salad with chillies, yellow tomatoes, capers and basil and Agrumato Oil”



Lemons, Tangerines and Lemons with herbs



A COMPANY WITH A PHILOSOPHY Italy, Culture and Stylish Food

These standards include: • Stringent selection of raw materials of which the biological characteristics are under a continuous quality

OUR MISSION Any cuisine and ingredients used for its dish is an expression of the culture and history of the area in which it matured, and the tastes and fragrance of its soil on which its vegetables and herbs are grown. The Mediterranean region is one of those areas that have built world fame for its refined cuisine, with its large variety of exquisite dishes and ingredients that reflect the rare beauty of its environment and the culture and passion of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, in today’s fast moving world, quality and authenticity are often sacrificed for mass volume and low cost production methods. Old recipes and traditional ways of preparing dishes get either completely lost or they are only still used by artisan families. It is the mission of ESPERIDIA to recover those recipes, methods and products that have made the Italian

P. Matvejevic

Mediterranean region famous. The products that ESPERIDIA produces and/or commercializes reflect this mission and the Company’s objectives.

control; • Traditional production methods that guarantee the right quality of

finished products and at the same time facilitate volume production; • Guaranteed absence of preservatives or any other artificial chemical substance; • Compliance with the highest sanitary standards.



ESPERIDIA currently offers:

1. Define a new quality standard for Mediterranean products of artisan make.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “AGRUMATO”

Our flagship. A unique product: extra virgin olive oils, pressed with either lemon or orange during production.

2. Recover those products and recipes that truly reflect the Mediterranean cuisine, and commercialize and promote them under the brand name ESPERIDIA srl

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “GRAND CRU”

High quality extra virgin olive oils based on one single type of Abruzzo olive: Lecino, Olivastro or Gentile

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “APRUTIUM”

Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil “from the frantoio (olive mill)” rigorously based on Abruzzo olive varieties

3. To make sure that products selected, produced and/or commercialized reflect the most stringent quality standards in order to attribute a “Certificate of Origin” guarantee (to be compared to the French “Denomination d’origine controllee”).

(From : “MEDITTERANEO” of Pedrag Matvejevic)


Italy, Culture and Stylish Food

growing olives.

IS EVERY EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL OF THE SAME HIGH QUALITY? For those who know extra virgin olive oils, this product differs in terms of quality and organoleptic characteristics related to its place of origin, quality of the olives used and production methods. These factors determine qualities like taste and aroma. One selects a certain brand based on personal taste for the preparation of specific dishes on which the oil has a determining influence. For this reason ESPERIDIA has developed “Grand Cru” extra virgin olive oils , for which characteristics like place of origin, the quality of olives used, production methods and organoleptic characteristics are controlled and guaranteed in time. The Grand Cru oils therefore represent a precise point of reference for all gastronomic experts. Italy is without any doubt the country where the extra virgin olive oil holds its most ancient roots. And among the various regions where this precous food is produced, Abruzzo is widely recognised as holding a top position. In fact, the favourable geographic position in the centre of Italy, its territorial characteristics - gentle hill formations wedged between the sea and mountainsand its stable and moderate climatic conditions make Abruzzo an ideal area for

“GRAND CRU” FURTHER DEFINED The following characteristics define a “Grand Cru”: (1) Absolute guarantee on the products’ geographic place of origin The Grand Cru are produced only using olives from top cultivations, of which the geographical location is declared and guaranteed. The critical determining factor is therefore that none of the olives used are imported either from abroad or other Italian regions. The Grand Cru are very high quality extra virgin olive oils with the guarantee to have a certain type of olive from a predetermined area of cultivation and is therefore particular in taste and flavour. (2) Absolute guarantee of the variety of olive used Each Grand Cru is produced using a single variety of olives accurately selected by place of origin, degree of ripeness and integrity of the fruits. Also the methods of cultivation are monitored and controlled. (3) Absolute guarantee of the organoleptic characteristics The Grand Cru have well defined characteristics in terms of taste, aroma and chemical-physical specifications, supported by laboratory analysis. These qualities remain stable over the years.








fect. Therefore, this Grand Cru is ideal for white meats and delicate types of fish, and as a condiment for green salads.

(2) Grand Cru Torculum variety Gentile

(1) Grand Cru Torculum variety Leccino The extra virgin olive oil Torculum borrows its name from the Latin word meaning “press”. This oil is therefore associated with the old traditional method of crushing the olives with a hand press to extract oil from the olive paste. In fact, Torculum is obtained using traditional production methods. The variety of olive used for this Grand Cru is called “Leccino”, harvested at the exact moment of ripeness when the initially green olive turns slightly brown in order to ensure the predefined organoleptic characteristics. The resulting extra virgin olive oil has a green tint, a mild taste of olives, and a sweet and delicate flavour with traces of apple. The “Torculum variety Leccino” is the ideal condiment for dishes where the oil should have a mild and discreet ef-

The variety of olive used for this Grand Cru is the “Gentile”, which is typically found in the coastal area of Abruzzo. The Gentile is harvested slightly earlier in the ripening process in order to process the olives when they are still intensely green coloured. The extracted oil has a green colour with a golden gilt. It has a dominant aroma of olives with traces of herbs and a harmonious flavour with a fruity taste of almonds. The “Torculum variety Gentile” is the ideal condiment where a distinct but at the same time mild flavour of olives is required. Therefore, we suggest using this Grand Cru with dishes based on boiled as well as roasted meat or fish.

Fresco of Ercolano with olive meal




secular three of Olivastro variety

(3) Grand Cru variety Getsemani Getsemani is the most precious in the line of Grand Cru’s of ESPERIDIA: a combination of the best that Nature offers and the absolute dedication of men. The name “Getsemani” is associated with one of the most profound concepts of the extra virgin olive oil culture: its historic roots and the thousands of different ways extra virgin olive oil is present as an indispensible staple in the Italian cuisine.

Nowadays in Abruzzo, the oleastro tree has become a rare species, and the plants, hundreds of years old, bear only a limited quantity of fruit every year. The olives are small in size and difficult to harvest because of the sheer size of the plant. The quantity of olive oil the oleastro renders is much less than other types (8 - 10 kg per 100 kg of olives versus an average of 15 - 17 kg per 100 kg for other varieties).

Getsemani is based on a very rare variety of olive called “Oleastro” (now called Olivastro). This is the type of olive that grows in original wild olive plants. From the “Oleastro”, in fact, stem all the presently existing varieties of olives. One thousand years old oleastro plant still exists on the hills near Jerusalem where Jesus Christ used to pray.

However, the oil extracted from the oleastro is of an extraordinary quality. The oil has a yellow colour tinted dark green. It has an intense fruity aroma of pure olives, and a distinct taste of olives with traces of almonds and herbs. The Getsemani Grand Cru will enrich any dish with its unique flavour.

Jesus Christ entrance in Gerusalem of Giotto - Fresco: Cappella of Scrovegni; Padua (particular)



Extra Virgin Olive oil with citrus fruits

ESPERIDIA Italy, Culture and Stylish Food

Commercialized by: ESPERIDIA S.r.l. Province of Origin: Abruzzo, Italy Varieties of Olives Utilized: Gentile, Leccino, Corniola, Dritta, Cucca Geographic Location of Olive Groves: Chieti Region, Abruzzo Harvesting Method: Traditional, hand-picked Pressing Method: Traditional granite olive mill, Cold-Pressed Acidity: Between 0,2% and 0,4% Aprutium is the Latin name for the region from which this extra virgin olive oil orginates: Abruzzo. This Italian region is characterized by its favourable geographic and climatic conditions: gentle hill formations wedged in between mountain areas and the Adriatic sea which guarantees stable climatic conditions, crucial for high quality olive cultivations, especially in those areas situated near to the sea.In fact, this region is famous for its numerous olive-groves which produce a

number of different varieties of olives of which the “Gentile” is the predominant quality together with varieties like the “Leccino”, “Cornaiola”, “Dritta” and “Cucca” that are characteristic for this area of production. Parasites which may have a detrimental effect on the quality of olives are rarely found here due to the climatic conditions of the area and the great care used in cultivation. The Aprutium extra virgin olive oil is exclusively based on the above mentioned varieties of olives and, together with the traditional methods of harvesting and pressing, controlled by ESPERIDIA, guarantee a very high quality extra virgin olive oil. Its taste is fruity and balanced with an intense aroma of olives. The sweet and harmonious flavour make it the ideal condiment for a wide variety of dishes: both crudities and cooked dishes; meat, fish as well as vegetables.

Abruzzo’s ancient map of Filippo Cluverio (1600)




ESPERIDIA Il giardino delle


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