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Why are we here? Everything we create is for the community, Its for all robloxians to read and enjoy what we create. We try and gather the latest topics and events going on in roblox and deliver them to for the community to enjoy, Because they are the reason we do what we do. - Archive Magazines Founder, Shadowed_Snake

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What are we? Archive Magazines is a Monthly Roblox Magazine dedicated to the Roblox community and its works, our sole purpose is to provide fun, informative, and useful content for all of the community to enjoy, while showcasing the talented and sometimes overlooked members and groups in the community.

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Favorite Breakout Game: Jailbreak Favorite Updated Game: Welcome to Bloxburg Hardest Roblox Game: Escape Room Best Single Player Game: Bendy and The Ink Machine Best Team-Based Multiplayer Game: Flood Escape 2 Best Free-For-All Multiplayer Game: Epic Minigames Best Art Direction In A Game: Dance Your Blox Off Best Tutorial: Restaurant Tycoon Quirkiest Game: Eat Or Die Favorite Showcase: Apartment 23 Favorite Map: Prison [Flee The Facility] Best Lobby: Murder Mystery 2 Best Original Character: Asimo3089 Best Showcase Render: Zyleth & FamedChris MAD Paintball Best GUIs: Robloxian High School Best Video Channel: EthanGamerTV Best Comedic Video: Top 5 Jailbreak Fails Best Action Video: Steampunks Best Music Video: TryHardNinja (Create) Best Fan Art: Jailbreak Render (id0nthaveause) Best Tweet: Meep City AlexNewTron Best GIF: PolyHex Favorite Live Streamer: Bereza Favorite Game Trailer: Vehicle Simulator Best Custom Items: Welcome to Bloxburg Best Original Music Score: Director1406 (Heroes of Robloxia) Best Game Logo: Epic Minigames Best Clothing Company: Boho Salon Best Social Group: Hilton Hotel Best Twitter Channel: ItsFunneh Best Avatar Render: iDontHaveAUse Best Roblox Developer Toy: Asimo3089 Studio of the Year: Badimo Builder of the Year: DieSoft Video of the Year: Alone Mobile Game of the Year: Meep City Best Xbox Game: Design It Game of The Year: Jailbreak Most Concurrent Desktop/Mobile: Jailbreak Most Concurrent Mobile: Meepcity Most Concurrent Overall: Jailbreak Highest Average Playtime: Kingdom Development Tycoon Games You've Spent The Most Hours Playing: Jailbreak Highest Rated: Welcome to Bloxburg

Most Returning: Welcome to Bloxburg Most Visits: Desktop/Xbox: Jailbreak Most Visits: Mobile: Meepcity Most Visits Overall: Jailbreak Most Improved: Vehicle Simulator Most Social: Water Park Community Excellence Award: Wild Revolvers Technical Achievement Award: Meepcity Lifetime Achievement: StickMasterLuke

Best New Dev Studio: Novaly Studio Best New Breakout Game: Adopt Me Best use of physics/constraints: Gravity Shift Most VIP Servers: Jailbreak Builderman Award of Excellence: JAILBREAK

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By @Mike atSU C

Credits Physx0044 - Lead Artist, 2D Design Ep1cDrew- Lead Artist2D Design AwfullOffa- Writing, Editing AustinZailo- Product Review Team Turpichu4321 - Writing zoom1220- Editing HolyPeanutt- Renders Lolthespy- Editing FireExodus- Renders Nexus_RBLX- Page Design hollamypeeps12- Page Design Shadowed_Snake - Page Design and Writing

"Adios" "Au revoir" "さようなら" "До ско́рого" "Goodbye!"

Till we meet again! '

Archive Magazines Issue 4  

Archive Magazines back at it again with our Issue 4 Magazine Release! This issue was created during the months of February-March. In this is...

Archive Magazines Issue 4  

Archive Magazines back at it again with our Issue 4 Magazine Release! This issue was created during the months of February-March. In this is...