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What EXACTLY are we? Archive Magazines is a Monthly Magazine that releases magazines and content for the Roblox Community.

We cover the entirety of the new news, updates, and special events that may be going on in the Roblox community. We also focus on the development community, shining a light on famous and unnoticed talented developers. We feature cool creations and artwork that has been posted in the community and is worth being shown in our magazine. Other things such as the Roblox economy, comics, and development tutorials or How to's are also shown in our magazines.

The end goal is to continuously create magazines and content that helps, inspires and informs the community and its members.

What can we do?

Archive Magazines is spreading its wings constantly, every day we work on new approaches to broaden our content type and audience reach. We aim to create videos, comic series, development lessons, interactive games and more in addition to our magazines.

Our main reach currently stems from our Magazine Publications and Twitter. Other Sites such as Roblox itself, Twitch, and Discord are also places we have a reach on. We also are working on Hardcopy versions of the magazine issues to print and sell.

In our magazine, we advertise and sponsor ones that purchase one of our advertisement plans or sponsor plan. In return, an advertisement is either placed or custom created for the customer. Due to our large and ever-growing reach, the advertisements are exposed to more and more people which will never cease due to it being a permeate advertisement.

THE STATISTICS. As Archive Magazines' audience continues to expand, so does our statistics.

The statistics are actively studied by us and used to create more appealing content and learn what kind of content our audience enjoys.

Since we cater to the community, it is crucial that we gather information to increase the mass appeal to our wide audience, from social media to direct interaction, every piece of feedback we receive pushes us forward with growth.

Statistics also help the standing with our customers as they bring in more impressions for the ads we display in our magazines and in our content as well.

Our statistics and data provide a vital role in not only subliminal council, but also gives us a sense of direction when it comes to what we need to do to grow the company as a whole.

500,000+ Impressions

1,500+ Reads

Rapidly growing audience and Fanbase

ADVERTISEMENT. Advertisement plans offer a page sized ad in our magazine, with higher plans offering more than the lower ones.

Advertisements are a great way to grow and establish legitimacy for a game, product, or service! It can help build a reputable player base and recurring customers. It will also expose your game, product or service to thousands of people.

One form of revenue stems from magazine advertisement or sponsorship. We have 3 advertisement plans that one can choose from, offering page sized advertisements in our magazine.

Our artists and design team will create an appealing and creative advertisement to display in the magazine, we can also create the advertisement in multiple versions for ulterior use.




1,500 Robux

4,000 Robux

7,500 Robux

SPONSORSHIP. Sponsorships are another way one can be featured in the magazine, this comes with a variety of perks and advantages.

Unlike advertisements, Sponsorships are more of the direct and closed-door deals, which perks vary based on the situation and or people. Sponsorships offer a minimum of 3-page advertisements, Shoutouts on our platforms, and a spot on our special sponsor page.

Sponsorships can last over the course of 1 issue release, to a maximum of an entire year. The payment can either be paid in full upfront or done in a recurring matter.

*Archive Magazines reserves the right to cancel Advertisements and Sponsorships at anytime

Exclusive privileges

Increased exposure

Additional Advertisements

Thanks for reading! For more information, contact, DM us on twitter, or reach out to Shadowed Snake#9194 on Discord.


Archive Magazines Information Packet  

An Informative outlook on our company and insight on what we can do. For more information, contact, DM us on twi...

Archive Magazines Information Packet  

An Informative outlook on our company and insight on what we can do. For more information, contact, DM us on twi...