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Highgate House by SHH

SHH had designed the clients’ previous home quite a few years previously, but the clients decided it was time to move on, as they wanted more lateral living with their children, maximising light and daytime spaces on one level. They were therefore on the lookout for a new property, which SHH helped them find, to re-create according to their vision for their ideal next generation home. The client on this project was a family: husband and wife with two children aged 9 and 3. Other members of the household include a live-in housekeeper and additional day-time staff. The family has a very active lifestyle – eg gym, swimming, cycling and walking - and also have pet dogs. He works in banking, whilst she runs the home and family.

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The overall project: A six-bedroom detached family house, rebuilt from scratch with a retained 1970s neo-Georgian façade, which had to be retained as a planning stipulation.

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The brief from the clients was to create a home where they could live with their young children and also entertain, all on one level. The home also had to maximise light and provide useful daytime spaces. The property also features a swimming pool in a new glass extension to the rear, as well as a half-acre garden and a new subterranean plant spaces where the services for the pool and the house are located. The brief was also to be as eco-friendly as possible, with ground-source heat pumps; insulation that is double the statutory requirement; rainwater harvesting and a large bank of solar panels across the south-eastern extension, which look like ordinary roof tiles and which furnish the home’s hot water and pool heating.

The kitchen: The client asked for a practical, working family kitchen. This was absolutely not a ‘show kitchen’. For easy family living, the kitchen area spills over into the breakfast area and also runs alongside the children’s playroom, with the children and pet dogs kept containable in this part of the ground floor by a bespoke sliding screen, which shuts this area off at night (by retracting into the kitchen units) when the clients are entertaining and using the reception and formal dining space. These rooms all open up within a sequence, each with its own style and yet connected visually to the others in the single open-plan space – as a modern interpretation of an enfilade. A utility area also leads off from the playroom. This area, with underfloor heating beneath the stone floor, also serves as a wet room for showering the pet dogs, as well as for housing vacuum cleaners and other major household items (although there is also a dedicated linen utility room on the first floor). The clients’ lifestyle was the main driver for the design, along with a desire for the kitchen to be both sleek and practical, whilst robust enough to take heavy daily use. The dark anodised aluminium finish put in by Bulthaup absolutely fulfills both of these criteria. The kitchen has a very contemporary look overall, with a fairly masculine, sleek feel created using robust, high-quality materials.

The materials used include reconstituted stone flooring, which we had cut in huge 3.2 x 1.2m slabs, so that there were as few joints showing as possible. The flooring was all laid prior to the kitchen going in, so that the kitchen itself could be changed if required at some future point without the client having to replace the flooring. The counter tops are in white reconstituted stone. Splashbacks are in white, back-painted glass. Cupboards are a mix of dark wenge veneer and brushed, anodised aluminium. Lighting is predominantly formed from a black ceiling strip with lights set within it, including directional lights and downlights over the counter space, plus additional lighting on the extract itself.

Living Spaces: The whole ground floor is open plan, with the kitchen leading into an informal dining space, followed by a lounge and finally by a formal dining area, which features one of the scheme’s major design features – a monolithic 3.5m wide and 1m thick floor-to-ceiling limestone fireplace, which acts as a dividing wall on the ground floor between the lounge and the formal dining areas, with the fire visible on both sides. The structure was treated with resin to fill any gaps, before being fully polished with the end result indistinguishable from a single block of stone. Extension: As the property had a large garden, there was easily enough space for a pool, which is housed together with a spa, toilets and changing area in a rear glass extension with surrounding terracing, which is directly accessible from the double doors of the dining room. The clients were South African and so very used to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. They are also very sporty and therefore wanted easy access to the garden and a series of fitness facilities, including a gym area, which forms the first part of the pool extension, with the pool itself and the other facilities a half-flight of stairs further down. The pool also opens completely on the south side to make the best use of available sunlight.

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The extension also had to take account of a huge, listed copper beech tree, whilst planning permission stipulated that the roof of the pool complex had to be the same height as the garden fence. This in fact created an advantage for the scheme as the wind was thereby shut out, creating a great sun trap. The upper pool area flows out into a pond and the view from the dining area is of the upper green roofing. Upper floors: The master suite and children’s bedrooms are on the first floor for easy access, with guest and staff accommodation (for the client’s livein housekeeper) on the second floor.


Holiday Lodges benefit from some Flex love‌.. Dalby Holiday Lodges called on pipe specialists Flexenergy to take charge of the distribution system for domestic hot water and central heating at their holiday cottage complex in East Yorkshire, using their eco-friendly Flexalen 600 material. The all year round complex comprises a main house and four lodges equipped with central heating, double glazing and all furnished to a high standard. The site owner, chartered environmentalist Andrew Cowley, was looking to replace the individual LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) heating systems within each cottage and in the main house with technology that would not only be less expensive to run, but also eco-friendly. So he opted to change to a central wood-burning Biomass Boiler, with heat exchangers in each cottage and in the main house, with the help of Flexenergy.

Pointing to a Winning Solution Center Parcs holiday villages are well known for their sympathetic style of building, reflecting the landscape around them. Working together with Wood & Wood International Signs Ltd, Powdertech (Corby) Ltd optimised the design of over four hundred and fifty steel posts for galvanizing, and coated them with Powdertech Wood Finish (PWF), Sherwood Oak, to meet Center Parcs’ aesthetic criteria and requirement for maintenance-free durability. Using Powdertech PWF combines the natural look of wood with the strength of steel and a life expectancy in excess of fifteen years. Powdertech has recently launched PWF Roughwood, extending the range to give textured wood effect finishes for internal and external applications across a range of markets, from retail, signage to architectural. For further information on Powdertech (Corby) Ltd and the benefits of powder coating please call 01536 400890, visit or email

HAVER & BOECKER Architectural Wire Mesh Architectural wire mesh produced by HAVER & BOECKER offers a broad range of possibilities to realize your ideas for semi-transparent façades, ceilings, walls or other design applications. The metallic appearance of stainless steel mesh solutions gives your project a unique character, playing with transparency and opacity. Our knowledge and experience of wire weaving and ready to install wire mesh elements enables us to act as a reliable partner at every stage of your project: from the initial concept right through to an on time installation of our metal mesh. Projects can completely be transformed by the aesthetic and technical features of H&B Architectural Mesh. It enhances a building and gives it immense individual character combining light reflection, contrasting materials and high functional values. Email: URL:


Au Naturel

Sioo – leaders in wood protection Landscape architect and author, Michael Littlewood, outlines the benefits of converting to a natural swimming pool – healthier, eco-friendly and infinitely more picturesque

The good news is that converting a conventional pool is usually possible – and much easier and cheaper than starting from scratch. Natural swimming pools stay clean without any chemical treatment; instead, they emulate the ecosystem of a healthy pond. or Telephone 01460 75515.

Sioo Wood Protection AB are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They are the developers 55 of a break through wood protection process using silicon technology providing a unique combination of benefits for the care of timber. The Sioo products are in wide spread use across Scandinavia for all types of timber. Words & Photography courtesy of Michael Littlewood


The Sioo treatment is totally environmentally friendly and provides a beautiful smooth natural finish, strengthens the surface fibres, kills and prevents algae formation and insect attack, retards water and provides long life. The Sioo products are being specified by architects and customers across the UK.

The Principal’s Lodge at Newnham, one of the 31 colleges at the University of Cambridge has received a major upgrade of its existing corrugated aluminium roof in order to improve installation properties and aesthetics. The new roof now includes 500sq m of Sika Sarnafil single ply roofing system, installed by leading flat roof specialist and contractor Cambridge Polymer Roofing. To ensure that disruption to staff and students was kept to a minimum, Buildings Manager at Newnham College worked closely with main contractor Cambridge Polymer Roofing to manage the project appropriately.

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Converting a conventional swimming pool to a natural one is easier than you’d think. Imagine a swimming pool, and what do you see? A slab of sterile blue water, surrounded by tiles? It doesn’t have to be like that: imagine instead a pool of fresh, clear water, fringed by native plants and visited by dragonflies. Plenty of people are doing just that – the upsurge of interest in natural swimming pools, which I have been working on in the UK since 2000, has convinced many owners of conventional pools to aspire to a natural one.

Sika Sarnafil Specified for Newnham College, Cambridge

Stone & Stonework Hanson sets new sustainability targets 2020 …the drawings satisfytowards on many PETER MAGYAR

levels, they provide questions and solutions at the same time. The lines tell the story; they effectively frame the narrative and consequently become ‘thinking lines’. As a result, this is where analysis and speculation meet…

Hanson UK’s 2013 Performance and sustainability report shows many on-going positive achievements in the company’s sustainability performance against a backdrop of falling production volumes and a tough operating climate.

Dr. Kendra Schank Smith, Author, Chair of the Department of Architectural Sciences, Ryerson U.

The report covers the calendar year 2012 and reports on performance against five clear themes – people; …he draws like carbon; water and biodiversity, waste a clairvoyant… and raw materials and systems. It to gradually was an important year for Hanson in complete the terms of measuring its sustainability complex form performance as many of the targets set when the business became fully that seems only integrated exist in Peter in 2008 had December 2012 as the end-point.

Paul Lacey, Hanson UK’s head of sustainability, said: “We have been able to Magyar’s mind... review and monitor our performance over the last four years and set new Wilfried Wang, O’Neil Ford professortargets to take us towards 2020. challenging

of Architecture – University of Texasmessage in “The clear to emerge is that we have done well, despite having Austin experienced the toughest few years the industry has seen for more than a Former Director of the generation. German ArchitectureInevitably some key targets were missed as our efforts were Museum, Frankfurt hampered by the continuing fall in production volumes which meant many of

Ashley Baxter Stonemasonry

our sites were working below full capacity, reducing their efficiency.

“But lost time injuries have fallen significantly, the amount of waste being His world is incredibly ascetic and wonderfully homogenous, eminently sent to landfill is down by 35 per cent since 2009 and our target to divert from applicable manifest hisby-pass lucidly articulated thoughts. landfill attoleast half the dust generated by cement production has also Dr. been Adam Sylvester, Architect, former President of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects met.”

Glebe Cottage, Bishopstrow, Warminster, Wiltshire ba 129 hn Tel/Fax

01985 212424

mob 07887 691008

Email: Web: Enq. 220

Home Comforts at Kielder Await for Sky Den Visitors

Whatever your building plans, Caithness Stone sensational ....inside and ....outside

The environmental, financial and build-time benefits of timber frame construction have contributed to its soaring popularity. Neither does this option stone require compromise design material options or build Caithness is any an attractive andinresilient that hasquality. been Recent inspirational examplesfor of nearly timber250 projects extensively used worldwide years.include the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth and the Tower of Love in Blackpool, and meriting Stonethis Industries has line-up been inisproduction over 20Sky Den aCaithness position within acclaimed the recentlyfor unveiled atyears Kielder withPark. an average annual output of over 100,000 tonnes.

The quarrying process, as unique as the material itself, is carried

In 1984 Kielder Water and Forest Park was the second centre to open in out by experienced local craftsmen who decide where and when the Calvert group and now attracts 5,000 visitors per year. The Trust was to cut into Caithnessinlandscape. founded by the Johnrugged Fryer-Spedding 1978 and was inspired by a vision to enable people with disabilities to benefit activities Caithness Stone Industries employs the from latestoutdoor techniques in thein the countryside. Having received the prestigious Best Tourist Experience production of the stone, allowing it to breach both internal and Award in England for 2013, Kielder was an obvious home for George externallatest markets. It produces a vast range of products from laser Clarke’s creation.

Hanson’s 2013 report has been prepared under the internationally All four books are listed in Amazon, available at recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and can other stores be viewed online at

Enq. 221

David Harber has gained an international reputation over the last 25 years for his extremely high quality workmanship and elegant designs. Traditionally known for placing work in garden spaces, his Classic Designs can now be found indoors and out in hotels, corporate headquarters, Royal palaces and private collections around the world. Designers are increasingly seeing looks the benefit of using David’s turnkey service for their projects. David takes great delight in working with his clients to create a truly unique piece perfectly tailored to its setting. With a complementary blend of David’s innovative artistic vision and practical engineering knowledge, commissions range from interior pieces to monumental works of public art - always retaining David’s uncompromised approach to making beautiful things of the highest quality. No matter how weird and wonderful your request, try us, you might be surprised!

Archetech - Issue N17 [Page 10] Refurb & Renovation ews

etched murals and signage, decorative water jet cut designs to


Now in its second series, George Spaces traditional cropped cobbles andClarke’s paving Amazing setts, all of whichshowcases can be creative solutions, Stone focusing on small builds such as camper vans, viewed design at the Caithness website. beach huts and a double decker bus. Often pursuing long held pipe The company is no stranger to the carrying prominent work for of dreams on a shoestring budget seriesout also follows the progress George’s own creation conjunction with Designer, William Hardie. esteemed clients, as it in has supplied stone to the Scottish Parliament

and the British Memorial Garden at Ground Zero in New York. Mr

Tantalisingly revealed over each episode of the series, the design of Sutherland explained “We also provided roofing slates, flooring George’s treehouse is based on a simple concept of three shapes; a and vanities for the of Through Mey and the recently made a plaque for cylinder, triangle andCastle square. creation of multifunctional Historic Scotland in memory of the Scottish mercenaries furniture and an innovative optimisation of space, the unitskilled are at transformed inspirational the battle ofinto Alamo in Texas.” living spaces melding comfortably with the stunning surroundings of the forest.

But it is not just commercial clients and special commissions JW

Sutherland Ltd Stone Industries carries out, also The big reveal inT/A the Caithness final episode of the series disclosed theit finished tree house in its woodland Availablemarket. for the general makes andresplendent supplies bespoke products setting. for the domestic public book, visitors sure toand enjoy the wonders of Kielder in this Theseto include kitchenare worktops breakfast bars, shower most distinctive of settings. walling and trays, and a range of flooring that works brilliantly with under floor heating

JW Sutherland Ltd T/A Caithness Stone Industries The Shore, Wick, Caithness KW1 4JW T: 01955 605472 F: 01955 605907 E: W: Enq. 222

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Kawneer systems go the Quartermile in Scotland

Glazing systems from Kawneer feature on the redevelopment of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Glazing systems by leading architectural aluminium supplier Kawneer feature on one of the largest and most comprehensive regeneration schemes in Scotland.

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Kawneer’s AA®110 curtain walling and AA®4110 doors feature on a total of four new-build blocks of apartments at the multi-awardwinning* £500million Quartermile development. Kawneer-approved specialist subcontractor Charles Henshaw and Sons has installed them on blocks Q20 and Q21, is currently (February 2014) installing them on block Q22, and will be installing them on block Q23 for main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine. The Kawneer systems involved are AA®110 SSG (Structurally Silicone Glazed) mullion-drained and AA®110 zone-drained curtain walling with 65mm sightlines, AA®603TE tilt slide doors, AA®4110 sliding doors and AA®100/AA®110 concealed window

vents. Formerly the home of the historic Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, the 19-acre site is located within a conservation area on Edinburgh’s Victorian fringes and includes nine listed buildings. It lies between the heart of the city and the parkland of the Meadows and falls within a central area of Edinburgh that was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. Master planners Foster and Partners’ scheme for its renewal for developer Quartermile Management Services extends the practice’s investigations into the creation of sustainable, mixed-use urban communities. The infirmary was originally open and accessible but a cumulative series of additions had the effect of rendering it impenetrable, isolating it physically and visually from the surrounding city. The starting point for the regeneration scheme therefore,

was to open up the site, creating a network of pedestrian routes and landscaped public spaces that drew the park directly into its heart, creating a strong sense of place and reinforcing pedestrian connections to the centre, allowing it to become an integral part of the city once again. New construction is combined with the selective refurbishment of the historic buildings, with the new woven carefully into the grain of the old. When complete the development will provide 900 apartments, 350,0002ft of Grade A office space, a five-star hotel, and 55,0002ft of retail space including restaurants, cafés and shops. The apartment buildings are located at the quieter edges of the site, while offices and shops are concentrated in the centre. The commercial buildings frame a new square, shaded on three sides by colonnades and animated by the exposed glass lifts of Quartermile Two, a seven-storey office building.

Silver Kite Architectural Ironmongery Tel: 01494 774779

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Arbor Range

SIKA LIQUID PLASTICS SUITS ICONIC LIVERPOOL COTTON EXCHANGE BUILDING A Sika Liquid Plastics waterproofing system has proved to be the perfect fit for one of Liverpool’s most historic office buildings, The Cotton Exchange. Registered Sika Liquid Plastics contractor and national concrete repairer, Grade 2 Specialist Structural Repairs, based in the North West, were specified for the job after the company applied to go on a Liquid Plastics contractor scheme. Part of the process Grade 2 had undertaken was to put three projects forward, The Cotton Exchange being one of them. Grade 2 were briefed to carry out isolated concrete repairs to wall areas along with restorations to all the decoration works to the exterior of the property. The Cotton Exchange also required a Sika Liquid Plastics product that was watertight, ensured longevity and was aesthetically pleasing to the human eye; this led to the specification of the Sika 618 and Sika Reemat premium being installed. “The building is designated by English Heritage as a Grade II listed building; it has a very unusual looking roof, it looks a bit like an air-raid shelter,” Grade 2’s operations manager Steve Parry comments. “The shape of the roof caused a few problems for us, especially when the application of the first coat had been completed as we kept slipping off it when applying the final coat, due to the unusual contour of the roof. However, working with a liquid applied membrane certainly made the job a lot easier.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 14]

“It was finished on time, on budget and the client is very pleased with the outcome of the repairs so it has been a very successful project for all involved.”

LEE JAEHYO 31 October - 13 December 2014

The joy of the art of Lee Jaehyo is the unassuming manner in which he shares his profound and wide philosophical understanding of life in novel and at times prosaic forms, employing in the process, a rich array of materials to realise objects of great beauty. Dr. Iain Robertson Head of Art Business Studies Sotheby’s Institute of Art veiw the exhibition online at

49 Albemarle Street London W1S 4JR +44 (0)20 7499 1616

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Juniper Wood 0121-1110=1140810 85 x 104 x 105 cm (33 x 41 x 42 in)

Linke Line 1/4 Page Advert 2_Layout 1 10/07/2014 16:27 Page 1 wetrooms






A cost-effective, time-saving channel drain for large scale projects

wetrooms wetrooms wetrooms

Wired to our proven Bathroom Switch Sensor Pads, which can be placed behind most materials such as Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals, users can create switches or dimmers in virtually any shape and situation. Tiles covering Sensor Pads are adhered with silicone allowing access should it be necessary. In Bathrooms, these Sensor Pads can even be placed behind tiles reachable from the bath or shower (zones 1&2) and thus allow safe switching and dimming. The new Bathroom Switch controllers can be activated from up to 12 low voltage (5vdc) Sensor Pads, so for example a Dimmer Controller can be operated from a Sensor Pad by the door and then the lights dimmed by touching a tile whilst in the bath.



72 Litre 1300mm


A winning combination of top quality and amazing affordability

92 Litre 01629 815500 wetrooms








Sensorbility Ltd. Tel: 01548 511498 or scan the QR Code



72 Litre


MX UNVEILS NEW THERMOSTATIC MIXER SHOWER RANGES Following hard on the heels of the recent launch of its new QI electric shower range and its new Expressions shower tray range with the hidden wastes, leading bathroom and shower business MX Group has unveiled its latest offering to the bathroom sector, an impressive new range of thermostatic mixer showers and shower valves offering its usual combination of incredible quality, great looking product, excellent warranties and keen pricing. So confident are MX of the quality of their new Thermostatic Mixer Showers, that they offer a three or five year guarantee. All materials used in these products are WRAS approved and Phthalate free where applicable. There are 22 choices in the Atmos and Options ranges with all Atmos options complying with TMV2 regulations. For more info visit or call 01684 293311 or email for a brochure.

The variations of the new controller include simple on/off switching, ramp-up dimming, ramp-down switch-off and time delay switch-off.



Feature Bathroom lighting is becoming more desirable, but until now the choices of switching have been severely limited. (Pull-cords, PIRs or outside switching). Sensorbility, has therefore developed the NEW Bathroom Switch controller, with Dimmer and Timer variants; thus allowing bathroom designers far more flexibility when it comes to lighting design and operation within bathrooms.




52mm 36 Litre


Purus outlet/gulleys



■ Made in England. ■ Purus NOOD gulley 36–72 lit/min. ■ Rigid, heavy 1.5mm stainless (700mm unit weighs 2.5kg.) ■ Timber joist or concrete. ■ Next day delivery singles or quantity.


Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 16]

Bringing sense to lighting










DBB714051 Sensorbility QP:RRN Quarter Page Template

Most types of lighting can be operated by the Bathroom Switch; this includes incandescent bulbs, halogens (mains and low voltage), LEDs and low energy bulbs.



WASHROOM SOLUTIONS FROM LATHAMS As part of its new range of washroom solutions, James Latham is now offering moisture resistant, high performance melamine faced chipboard (MFC) as well as a range of matching compact grade laminate (CGL). The moisture resistant MFC incorporates two decorative melamine surfaces which are bonded to both sides of the high density chipboard under high pressure and temperature. They will be offered in 10 different decors.

Both of these new range additions will be colour coordinated with Latham’s existing range of high pressure laminates (HPL) and 2mm thick ABS edgings.

James Latham’s washroom solutions package includes: Moisture resistant MFC in panel sizes; 2800 x 2070 x 18mm, Compact Grade Laminate in sizes; 3660 x 1830 x 12mm and High Pressure Laminate in sizes; 3050 x 1310 x 0.8mm. In addition, 3660 x 1530 x 0.8 mm is now available directly from stock at all nine of James Latham’s nationwide panel depots. James Latham also offer a large range of MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) to order. For more information on Latham’s extensive product range please phone 0116 257 3415, e-mail or visit

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Also available, is a selection of matching compact grade laminate (CGL) in 14 different decors. Compact grade laminate offers the ultimate performance in the most demanding environments. The panels are extremely resistant to impact and have surfaces and cores that are totally impervious to water.

James Latham’s Group Product Champion for Melamine, Paul Morson, commented, “These latest additions, of both moisture resistant MFC and matching compact grade laminate mean that we can now offer a true ‘one-stopshop’ washroom solutions package to our customers.”

Bella Figura: High-end boutique hotel J.K. Place opens its first site in Rome

Baths and shower surfaces made of superior Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm underline exclusive interior design concept

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 18]

St. Ives, September 2014. – The J.K. Place, one of the most prestigious boutique hotels in the world, has now opened a 5-star establishment in the heart of Rome. Located centrally at the Via Condotti, it offers its guests a vibrant city centre atmosphere combined with the private ambiance of a high-end hotel. The rooms of the historic building, which dates back to the 17th century, are furnished with an exceptional sense of style. Equally as much emphasis on exclusive design and superior quality “made in Germany” was applied to the bathrooms of the J.K. Place Roma, which feature baths and enamelled shower surfaces made by Kaldewei. With its superb city centre location and incorporated J.K. Café, the third opening of the prestigious J.K. Place hotels co-owned and co-founded by Ori Kafri has the potential to develop into a trendy hangout in Italy’s capital. As a member of the “Leading Hotels of the World”, a collection of international luxury hotels, the J.K. Place Roma blends individuality with premium quality at 5-star level. The design of the establishment bears the hallmarks of renowned Italian architect Michele Bönan, who already

designed the glamorous J.K. Place Capri and J.K. Place Firenze for Kafri and his partners. Bönan created the new luxury boutique hotel in the old School of Architecture of one of Rome’s universities with great attention to detail. The combination of modern and antique design elements with exclusive works of art makes the hotel a cut above the rest: 30 individually styled rooms and suites with wood panelling and achingly beautiful bathrooms featuring classic Carrara marble are inspired by the pleasures of a sweet life – the “dolce vita”. Stylish bath interior from Kaldewei offers pure relaxation The high-end interior of the bathrooms at the J.K. Place Roma feature Classic Duo baths alongside Conoflat shower surfaces made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm as the perfect basis for a personal retreat. Both designs were created by the Italian design office Sottsass Associati. The Classic Duo bath radiates timeless elegance and comfortable functionality. Two ergonomically shaped backrests make it ideal for sharing in ultimate comfort. The shower areas of the J.K. Place Roma are also appointed with Kaldewei quality products. The Conoflat derives its characteristic design from the central enamelled waste cover, which blends absolutely flush with the shower surface made of Kaldewei steel enamel. Providing equally as

comfortable a shower experience with floor-flush access and elegant design, the Superplan and Superplan Plus models integrate harmoniously with the appealing bathroom concept of the boutique hotel. Kaldewei – bathroom design of the finest Hoteliers, architects and interior designers worldwide opt for Kaldewei products “made in Germany”, as their perfect synergy of functionality, superior quality, cost effectiveness and premium design have stood the test for decades. All baths, shower trays and enamelled shower surfaces of the premium manufacturer are made of superior Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm, a uniquely durable and robust material that shows no signs of wear even after years of intensive use and therefore meets the stringent requirements of a high-end hotel. Along with exceptional hygiene properties, Kaldewei steel enamel also excels in other areas including quick and easy cleaning making chemical detergents unnecessary and steel enamel products the ideal choice for any hotel. As a result, Kaldewei provides hotels and investors with product solutions that are both aesthetic and reliable – guaranteed for 30 years. Further information and illustrations are available from Kaldewei’s virtual press office:

Twyford’s new Energy Collection is rich with features and benefits Twyford has launched its new Energy Collection, offering a range of ceramics, furniture and shower enclosures that cater for a wide range of projects, customers and budgets. Ideal for the commercial, social housing and domestic sectors, the Energy Collection gives scope and flexibility for designers, architects, specifiers and contractors. The stylish e500 is a fashion-forward range designed to hit the market sweet spot for great design, quality and value. Design-wise, it reflects the latest trend for slimrim washbasins, which are available in round or square designs. Complementary and versatile furniture is also available in high gloss white or grey. The e200 range recognises the growing need for spacesaving designs and is packed full of clever features to bring bigger-bathroom benefits into compact spaces. Corner basins, short projection washbasins, integrated towel rails and space saver furniture are just some of the features that make this range ideal for the smaller bathroom. e100 has been designed and developed to provide all round style and quality at great value prices. The versatile range includes washbasins in both round and square contemporary designs and an extended choice of toilet

designs, adaptable to all applications to suit all sectors, including toilets and washbasins that cater for people of all ages and all levels of ability to support multi-generational living. Two shower enclosure ranges, es200 and es400, which have the added-value benefits of anti-limescale treatment and 6mm safety glass as standard, complete the collection. All of the ranges come with the trusted quality of the Twyford heritage brand. There are 57 new products in total, developed to combine fashionable styles and excellent value for money. And backed by a 25 year guarantee for ceramics and a lifetime guarantee on shower enclosures, Twyford is assuring customers of quality and purchasing confidence. The Energy Collection is available now and can now be downloaded from the unique SpecMaster on-line specification tool by architects, designers, specifiers and contractors. It’s also available on Twyford’s newly upgraded website, with a new suite of literature. For further information on Twyford, contact Tel: 01270 879 777 or visit

The e500 range hits the market sweet spot for quality, design and value and reflects the latest design trend for slim-rim washbasins.

The super-value e100 range, including products for the less-able

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The e200 space-saving range packed with clever ideas to deliver bigger bathroom benefits.

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Lifetime Wet Rooms – The Perfect Shower Space For Life

In the early 1990s the idea of Lifetime Homes was developed by a group of housing experts. They were concerned that many homes were inaccessible and impractical for a significant section of society, including the elderly and those in wheelchairs. They wanted to see homes that were designed with the flexibility to create an inclusive and comfortable place to live for all generations and abilities throughout their lifetime. The bathroom is a key area of a Lifetime Home and On the Level has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of wet rooms with easy, barrier-free level access. In fact, a wet room is by its very nature suitable for all ages and abilities because it can offer wide, safe access and also wheelchair access. On The Level’s patented Birch ply wet room formers easily take the weight of a wheelchair and the company offers numerous accessories to create a comfortable wet room for those with reduced mobility. A wet room can be practical, luxurious, minimal, functional – whatever design you choose, your wet room will provide a safe and flexible shower space to be enjoyed for life. For more information visit

Bathrooms & Kitchens

QUARTZFORMS QUARTZFORMS engineered solid surface is the evolution of stone into a perfect form, going one step further than natural stone. Our product is the result of the most cutting-edge technological development, manufactured with precision engineering, innovation and quality using the exclusive Bretonstone速 process. Its versatility, resistance, aesthetic performance, hygienic quality and easy maintenance have won the trust of architects and designers worldwide. Owned by an Italian family but located in Germany, QUARTZFORMS offers Italian design flair combined with German precision engineering. Exclusively available in the UK through QF Distribution Ltd, stocks over 50 designs/colours in the thicknesses of 12, 20 and 30mm in three finishes, Polished, Spacco and Opaco, are ready for dispatch. The QUARTZFORMS slabs benefit from many worldwide industry certifications which result in a 10 year warranty being offered relating to the performance of the surface. QUARTZFORMS enables their customers to benefit from the scratch, heat and stain resistance that comes with every QUARTZFORMS product. QUARTZFORMS will be available through selected national and regional fabricators and stonemasons, ensuring the highest standard of fabrication and surface for both domestic and commercial projects.

QUARTZFORMS Veined Michelangelo

QUARTZFORMS Absolute White

QF Distribution Limited 01245 243929 | |



Dumbarton Academy Breaks All Records Dumbarton Academy has opened the doors of its impressive new school building, costing a cool ÂŁ15.5 million and has won the title as the quickest secondary school ever built in Scotland! Tobermore, the world class paving and walling manufacturer supplied a vast expanse of paving for the immaculate scheme. Dumbarton Academy is a nondenominational, co-educational comprehensive school in the heart of the town of Dumbarton, which is situated on the banks of the river Leven. The Academy has a long and proud history receiving its royal charter over an astonishing 500 years ago. The new school building has welcomed approximately 700 pupils into 57 modern classrooms on a campus measuring 10,518 square metres.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 22]

Designed by Keppie Design, the amazing new building is used for vocational classes. Pupils will benefit from having a hairdressing studio and construction area on site, preventing young people from travelling to separate colleges to learn these skills. The site includes a stunning 'Walk of Life' timeline of the school's history etched into

the entrance path, a fitness trail around the playground featuring outdoor gym equipment, a music garden outdoor performance area with seating for 30-40 people and a school garden offering outdoor dining areas. This is in addition to two flood-lit all-weather pitches, a grass pitch and a 100m running track. The incorporation of these elements speaks volumes of the type of education facility Dumbarton Academy is, in promoting choice and for young people to fulfil their potential in whatever area they see best. The main contractor on this scheme was the brilliant BAM Construction who used twin wall precast concrete to build the school instead of steel and brick. As well as increasing the quality of the structure this building method also saved time and enabled the school to be built in just 62 weeks! Dumbarton Academy is also on target for a BREEAM Excellence Award for promoting the use of energy saving measures such as solar panels. The building is environmentally responsible and energy efficient with the inclusion of a number of renewable technologies such as photo voltaic

cells, solar / thermal hot water heating and a biomass boiler. Tobermore's world class paving was the ideal choice of landscaping materials for the grounds of the pristine new school building at Dumbarton. Tobermore's Hydropave Pedesta in the warm tones of Heather and soft Natural is featured; With all the versatility of Tobermore's standard and most popular paving products, Hydropave Pedesta is a permeable paving product with a rectangular profile which allows the creation of distinctive hard landscaping designs while reducing the risk of flooding and pollution. As flooding has become more common across the UK in recent years, new developments must now be designed to minimise any increased surface run-off. These innovative landscaping products from Tobermore were laid by Advance Construction. For more information on Tobermore’s world class paving and walling collection, call 0844 800 5736, email or visit

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RDF Building Services is a Yorkshire based principal contractor that undertakes renovations, refurbishments and new builds as well as having extensive experience on listed buildings and within the conservation sector. We are able to deliver projects through our directly employed labour thus controlling costs, H&S, timescales and quality. This is proven through us winning a LABC Building Excellence award and also achieving a Silver ROSPA award. We also have our own joinery workshop that can complete separate joinery packages on a supply or supply & install basis. The joinery manufacturing team can match existing profiles as well as creating new bespoke pieces. We manufacture our own design of traditional lead weighted sliding sash windows and Yorkshire sliders as well as standard casement windows. 0113 231 9910

ArtHouse alternating and stacked balconies choose Schöck Structural thermal break units from Schöck continue to feature strongly in significant projects that involve the thermal partitioning of balconies and other cantilever connections. One of the latest completed projects being ‘ArtHouse’, part of the King’s Cross Central Regeneration project, just north of St Pancras International and Kings Cross stations. It offers 143 high quality one, two, three and four-bed residential apartments; 29 of which are for affordable housing. ArtHouse is an intriguing design. The façade utilises part glazed terracotta tiles and there are four residential clusters with interconnecting towers finished in polished stainless steel. The combination of towers and private roof terraces form an interesting castellated roofline to the building – with a further unusual feature being the incorporation of alternating and stacked balconies. The prevention of thermal bridging was an early design consideration. Not only to minimise any resultant heat and energy loss, but to prevent condensation and mould growth forming.

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The Isokorb type K from Schöck, for concrete-to-concrete connectivity, is incorporated into the ArtHouse development. In addition to providing an efficient thermal break between the varied connection profile and the concrete structure, it also transfers bending moment, stress and shear forces. The type K provides BBA Certification and LABC Registration, as well as comfortably exceeding the requirements of BRE IP1/06 and Part L of the Building Regulations. Here the temperature factor used to indicate condensation risk (fRSI), must be greater than, or equal to, 0.75 for residential buildings. A stipulation comfortably exceeded by incorporating the Schöck product into the design.

The UK’s Premier Decorative Laminate & Panel Product Fabricator for the Interior Fit Out Market

Fire and Smoke Protection A Complete Solution from Aluprof Aluminium remains the most widely specified material for commercial windows, doors and curtain wall, so it should come as no surprise that leading European systems company, Aluprof, offer a comprehensive range of fire rated systems.

Suppliers of: cubicles, fire doors, office furniture, architectural walls as well as bespoke furniture components. We are able to produce products from laminates, veneers, plastics and solid surface. Call us on 01925 223 965 or visit our website for more details:


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Inspirational Decor Panels

 Fashionable Feature Panels - easy to use, easy to cut

 Available in over 300 finishes & profiles  Sheets can be supplied with a self-adhesive or magnetic backing  Endless design possibilities including bespoke imaging t: 01276 406901 e:


Until a few years ago, material choices were limited to timber and steel systems, but with advances in design and materials, aluminium framed products are now quickly becoming the specifiers choice. Aluprof have designed each of their fire rated products to perfectly complement their standard systems. So for any part of any screen, window, door or curtain wall aluminium framing can be fire rated and can still retain the slim sight lines of standard systems. Some solutions are unique to the industry and available only from Aluprof such as the fire rated, silicon joint curtain wall system MB SR50NEI Efekt tested to EI60 class. The company’s new brochure entitled, 'Fire Rated and Smoke Exhaust Systems', explains in detail each product and rating. Aluprof systems offer some of the highest fire protection ratings in Europe, some reaching EI120 - that's two hours fire and smoke protection. Each system has been tested according to UK industry standards with various specialist glasses and all are fully covered by the UK's 'Certifire' certificate of approval. Frames are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained companies across the UK. Aluminium frames using a combination of machined plasterboard slips, ceramic cores, stainless steel clips and intumescent strips, ratings can be adjusted to suit any application. Further information is available on the companies website at and specialist advice is available from Aluprof on 0161 941 4005.

Are basement leaks your fault?

Probably. Leaks in new basements are caused by poor workmanship and poor workmanship often starts in the design office. The more levels of defence against water ingress, the more each specialist team of installers can rely on another specialist team and cut corners themselves. Result? Leaks. Why? Because neither the client, the designer nor the main contractor ensure anyone does their work properly. A building control officer was recently overheard saying that, when he worked for a water authority, it took months to stop all the leaks in brand new reinforced concrete water tanks – because the workmanship was always terrible. Yet the UK's Concrete Society found that membranes had a limited life and that the simplest way to build a waterproof basement was with properly waterproof concrete and good workmanship. However they stress the need for supervision. The problem in the UK is that poor workmanship is more competitive than better workmanship and that is the fault of clients, designers and management. It is all very well saying that, as well as membranes, internal drainage will deal with leaks, the client has lost a lot of money and valuable real estate and hundreds of people employed to do a good job have run away, paid well for a bad job.

If he wants tapes in the joints he can pay for them. If he wants others to put on membranes he can pay for them. If the basement needs internal drainage later he must pay for it.

Is this far-fetched? No. It happens with increasing regularity already in the UK. Is it costing more? No, it is costing far less. It might add a week to a month-long contract but when these basements are finished they are finished. Unlike most that are not waterproof till months later. Why is this better than a BBA certificated water-resisting admixture? Because the suppliers of these admixtures insist that a C35A concrete mix is used and BS 8007 states that such concrete properly placed etc. will not visibly leak. They only guarantee the sound concrete which never needs repair. They repair, at extra cost, the leaks through dirt, voids and cracks. None prove they make concrete impermeable. In fact none improve C35A by very much. 15 years or so ago, the Japanese created a product that makes concrete completely waterproof. We stock it and supply it from the biggest producer in Beijing. It is an extremely powerful plasticiser that disappears when the concrete begins to set, the effect is very much denser concrete that has no capillary network. Nothing can get through. We get proof at every project that absolutely, completely waterproof concrete was delivered. So clearly if there were ever any leaks it would be the fault of workmanship, either of design or on site, and only the culprit would pay not the client. Sample certificates can be viewed here www. This basement by a self builder is completely dry from the concrete alone.

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What we do for our clients is prove to BS EN 12390-8-2009 that their concrete is fully waterproof and we offer training and supervision to the workforce. If this is rejected we make notes throughout each pour. At the tender stage the sub contractor needs to understand that fully waterproof concrete will be delivered and that what he does to or with the concrete to create leaks is down to him to repair.

Sub contractors who know they must repair all the leaks stop causing leaks and become more competitive saving many thousands of pounds and months of work later.

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Terminal 2A Heathrow Luis Vidal + Architects

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The new Terminal 2A at Heathrow Airport, when it opens its doors on 4th June 2014, will give a sense of delight and ease to passengers which has been missing from air travel for too long. Designed by luis vidal + architects (LVA), the new terminal makes generous use of natural light, enhancing the passenger experience. Navigation is much more instinctive than is usual and, in addition, for the first time in a major UK airport, passengers will have immediate access to the gate areas, which will be within sight of the retail and catering facilities. This should reduce passenger anxiety and make travelling a more pleasant experience. Luis Vidal + Architects has achieved this with a design which is bold in concept and rational in execution and

this delightful experience has been created in a project that has satisfied stringent requirements for timescale and budget. The undulating roof maps the passenger journey through the terminal into three zones – check in, security and departures. The unique design uses simplistic repetition in its elements, making it both fast and economical to build. The use of the natural lighting from the northern facing windows is diffused and reflected within the terminal by the use of a fabric roof lining. This is yet another first for HAL (Heathrow Airport Limited) and is just one element of an environmental strategy which aims to reduce the CO2 generated by the terminal by 40 per cent. While the idea of the undulating roof with its vertical

Architects: Luis Vidal + Architects Location: Terminal One, Heathrow Airport (LHR), Hounslow, Greater London TW6 1AP, UK Team: O.T. Ferrovial Agroman, Fhecor, Cg Proyectos, Solventa, Hoare Lea Consulting, Davis Langdon Schumann Smith, Warrington Fire Research, Reef Associates, Siemens-Vanderlande, Immodo, Carma, Euroestudios, Merebrook, Fractal, Gleeds Area: 210000.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of LHR Airports Limited

start. This provides the best quality of light in the northern hemisphere – the one with the least heat gain and the least dazzling.

Part of this was because the fabric soffit that has been used on the roof interior was not one that had been used at Heathrow previously, except in one minor application. ‘We had to go through endless analyses to prove that it would work,’ said Luis Vidal. ‘We had to show that it could be cleaned, and that the acoustic properties were suitable.’

This is why artists’ studios are traditionally angled to use north light, and why saw-tooth factory roofs have the vertical lights facing north. It was important to ensure that at all times passengers had a comfortable experience, so the architect carried out detailed computer simulations and also built mock-ups at the Bartlett school of architecture.

Even more important, the architect had to demonstrate that the combination of the geometry and the reflective properties of the fabric would allow a good quality of light – bright but not glaring. Using north light was a good

In addition the architect devised a lighting system for the roof using subtle colour-changing LEDs. The lighting makes the roof form appear to float, adding to the sensation of lightness.

[Page 29] Issue 17 - Archetech

north lights has remained virtually unchanged since the early days of the concept designed by LVA, a great deal of detailed work went into proving and refining the concept.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page ***]

The temperature of the colour of the LEDs changes gradually through the day. This means that although the passengers will not be aware of the changes, they will be in a lighting environment that echoes the effects of a typical sky – warm colours at sunset and sunrise, a cool blue at midday, and an indigo blue at night. This should help to prevent some of the disorientation that comes with international travel, and will complement the actual sky which, unusually for air terminals, departing passengers will be able to see at all times. The sequence of the roof, and the view of the final destination, will lead passengers through the terminal in a manner that is as instinctive and natural as possible. There will be no chicanes, no dark corners – and passengers will be able to see the departing aircraft as they progress through the terminal, both helping them with navigation and bringing back some of the excitement of air travel which has tended to vanish in the last few decades. The continued commitment to sustainable construction on Terminal 2 began before any of the new building had been erected, with the demolition of its predecessor. More than 90% of the demolition material was reused. Terminal 2A has been designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. In addition to the use of natural light, there are large overhangs to provide shading on the East and West facades, so minimising solar gain. On the South façade there is a brise soleil consisting of aluminium solid tubes and metallic louvers. In addition, there are a number of elements that will reduce the use of fossil fuels on the terminal. There are photovoltaic panels on the south facade, and there is a combined heat and cooling power plant set up to operate either with biomass or with gas. Rainwater from the roof will be collected and used for non-potable uses.

P h o t o g r a p h y LHR Airports Limited

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In addition, there are water abstraction bore holes both to provide water for flushing the WCs and exchanging heat with the power plant and the chalk aquifer in the subsoil. In fact, Terminal 2, will be the world’s first airport terminal to be awarded BREEAM rating for its sustainable building design.

A window at the seat of learning As part of the extensive remodelling and improving of schools across the London Borough of Islington, Reynaers aluminium systems have been installed throughout Islington Arts and Media School in a multi-million pound scheme that has turned the school into a vibrant, modern learning facility.

Transformation of the school was completed after new building, extensive renovation and remodelling of the entire site took place as part of the schools improvement programme within the Borough. A Foundation Trust, Islington Arts and Media School saw the impressive scheme, designed by architects BDP, carried out in association with Balfour Beatty’s Transform Schools initiative, A critical part of the scheme was the substantial new build delivering state-of-the-art facilities with new science laboratories, ICT suites, arts, dance, drama, media and music classrooms and practice rooms, new sports hall and a dedicated theatre. Bold sweeps of Reynaers CW 50 curtain wall feature on both the new main entrance and the expansive new facilities adding large expanses of glazed areas bringing natural light right into the heart of the school. Strategically located runs of Reynaers Brie Soleil offer sun screening, minimizing the effect of solar gain and glare, while allowing the ingress of daylight. Installed within the fenestration all through the new building are Reynaers CS 77 parallel opening windows. They combine ease of operation with highly efficient ventilation, compared to top hung windows, along with optimised safety and security. Facilitating greater internal air movement they allow the effective passage of stale air out of the classroom, refreshing and enhancing the learning environment by helping to reduce the concentrations of carbon dioxide which can build up in specific areas of a classroom. Reynaers Vision 50 door systems are installed on the major thoroughfares within the new building and are also on the main entrance area. Suitable for high usage in busy areas they offer stylish design combined with excellent performance and low maintenance. Main contractor on the project was Balfour Beatty and architectural systems fabricator was M. Price Ltd.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 32]

For full details contact: Reynaers Limited, Tel: 0121 421 1999, Fax: 0121 421 9797 or Email: Website:

Number one choice for platinum projects Rutland’s TS.9205 DDA is one of the world’s most efficient door closers.

Product specified: TS.9205 DDA


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The Wellington Hospital, HCA – London’s No.1 private hospital group

SCHUECO FIRE-PROTECTION SYSTEMS BENEFIT FROM INDUSTRY UPTURN According to leading aluminium systems supplier Schueco UK Ltd., the continuing upturn in activity in the UK building industry – particularly in respect of commercial properties – has led to an increasing demand for all types of their fire-protection products One of the few companies in the UK with a truly comprehensive range of fire-protection systems for façades, doors and windows, Schueco is constantly refining its offering to ensure that, whatever the application, it can offer a complete solution at a competitive price. All but indistinguishable in appearance from standard products, Schueco fire-protection systems have been independently tested to EN 1364/1634, meeting all the necessary criteria for Integrity (E) – the prevention of the spread of flame – and Integrity/Insulation (EI) – the prevention of the spread of flame and the provision of a barrier to heat. The Schueco fire protection range includes single and double Schueco ADS 80 FR doors which can be specified with either a 30-minute integrity or 30/60 minute integrity/insulation rating and, like every system in the range, they meet the performance classification of EN 13501. To upgrade from a 30-minute to a 60-minute specification, special heat insulation material is introduced into the aluminium profiles and the glazing is uprated accordingly. Doors and screens that meet an EI90 rating (90-minute) are also available.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 34]

The doors are offered with a variety of tested side and top lights including radiused and angled shapes, allowing a wide range of approved design options. While more commonly employed internally, Schueco fire doors can be supplied for external applications as well. All types of doors can be specified with either face-fitting or barrel hinges and standard or EN 1627 burglar-resistant locking options. In addition to fire doors, Schueco UK also offers aluminium fire protection façade systems (designated FW 50+ BF and FW 60+ BF) and skylight systems with 30- and 60-minute protection, all tested to EN 1364. Also available is a Schueco AWS fire window offering up to 30-minute integrity/insulation (EI). To complement its fire products offering, Schueco UK runs specialist training courses at its Milton Keynes HQ. On completing the SAFE course, a successful trainee gains official certification as a Schueco-Approved Fire Expert. For further information about any aspect of Schueco’s comprehensive range of fire-protection systems, please email

NEW FULL HEIGHT SOFFIT OPTION FOR GLOBAL SUMMER A full height soffit is now available as an internal design option for Synseal’s best-selling hybrid orangery, Global Summer, in depths of 300mm and 450mm. Launched in May 2012, Global Summer has proven popular with UK consumers and offers a “shelf-style” orangery soffit as standard, 300m in depth and 140mm in height, to provide a perimeter ceiling detail and house downlights or audio speakers. The full height orangery soffit has been designed to be fitter-friendly as possible. The kit comes with everything required to install on site with the exception of plasterboard and features an easy to fix galvanised steel framework, foam strip to stop ingress of insects into the soffit void and discreet privacy film can be applied to roof glass to conceal the soffit void when viewed from an upstairs window.

SYNSEAL GOES ON EVOLVING WITH TRIPLE–READY SYNERJY Synseal has added a 36mm triple glazing option to its innovative SynerJy system to accommodate triple insulated glass units. The company has responded to the growing consumer demand for energy efficiency when it became one of the first suppliers to achieve the recently introduced BFRC A+ and Certass A* ratings, not just for SynerJy but all of its window systems including Legend, Shield and Evolve VS designs. Synseal has also gained BBA approval for the use of Plastic Thermal Reinforcements in its foiled profiles in place of steel, enabling even lower U-Values to be achieved. SynerJy is the youngest of Synseal’s stable of three window systems and has won acclaim from day one for its elegant ovolo curves and easy-glazing j-bead, breaking the mould of all fully sculptured systems before it. Designed for both the new-build and replacement markets, it is not only stylish in looks and strong on performance but also easy and trouble-free to fabricate as its users will testify. Alongside SynerJy are the original and ever-popular Shield, a chamfered system with clean-cut lines, reflecting a traditional PVC-U window style, and the versatile Legend system, originally introduced to give installers greater access to the much sought after commercial market but since then also becoming a firm favourite in domestic retrofit. All three PVC-U window systems share the same 70mm front to back dimensions so each can be found playing their part in every sector of the industry.

All of these market-leading products are backed up by full marketing support including a wide range of specification and retail literature, ensuring not only the right technical advice but also aspirational selling materials to present the correct professional image to the consumer. Mark Schlotel concluded: “With such a broad range of products and services, we genuinely believe there is no other system supplier that can come close to us in providing everything that a fabricator or installer could ever need.”

[Page 35] Issue 17 - Archetech

Synseal may be unique on offering such a range of complete window systems but even that is only part of the overall picture, which also includes hardware, Global Glass, the Evolve range of fully-manufactured and CE Marked sliding sash windows and bi-fold and patio doors, the best-selling Global conservatory roof system – including hybrid Global Summer and Capella designs to add orangery styling at a more affordable price – the proven K2 roof and the Venetian, Rio, Integra and Modena true orangery solutions in traditional or contemporary styles.

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Dynamic new residential project reinterprets historic Manchester canalside Ian Simpson Architects’ Tariff Street given go-ahead Planning has been granted for a new 11-storey building designed by Ian Simpson Architects. This residential development, for Town Centre Securities PLC and GMI Construction Group, will provide 91 new homes, and forms part of the wider Piccadilly Basin regeneration scheme. Overlooking the Rochdale Canal and marina, Tariff Street will comprise a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments and will start on site in 2015. The building is comprised of three distinct volumes, folded and cranked to create a layered composition. A modern reinterpretation of the local area, the first tier of the three layers responds to the scale and materials of the neighbouring Grade II* Listed Jackson’s Warehouse employing red brick as a reference to the surrounding context. The second volume is clad in aluminium and oriented to reinforce the line of mill buildings that are located along the canal’s edge. Resting on top of this is a cantilevered glass volume that will provide unrivalled views of the surrounding waterways and city centre. Ian Simpson Architects has developed the design through consultation with English Heritage to help shape a project that responds well to its immediate context. The announcement of Tariff Street marks another landmark building for Ian Simpson Architects in Manchester. Others include the Beetham Tower, Urbis and No1 Deansgate, all of which are projects completed in the city where the practice originated.

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Saint-Gobain PAM UK launches new range of cast iron shower drain kits Saint-Gobain PAM UK, part of international materials company SaintGobain, has launched a new range of complete cast iron shower drain kits, adding to its innovative range of VortX drainage products. Supplied boxed, each kit features a VortX shower drain body, bottle trap and stainless steel grating, which is available in a standard finish, or can be polished to order. The shower drain bodies are manufactured in cast iron and are grey epoxy coated. The shower gullies are available in 110mm OD vertical spigot and 60mm OD vertical and horizontal spigot options. The VortX bottle trap is removable and incorporates a twist lock fitting of dip tube and cup. Manufactured in ABS for high chemical resistance, the bottle trap features a fastening operation that is both simplified and robust. Each shower drain can be connected to any pipework material with a 110mm and 60mm OD. There are four grating options available; a 150 circular grating for vinyl floors, a 150 circular decorative grating for vinyl floors, a 150 square grating for tiled floors and a 150 square decorative grating for tiled floors.

Enq. 100

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Ecological waste water and sludge treatment Advanced Aeration Ltd offer a full range of sewage treatment systems for domestic, commercial and Industrial waste water applications and also for major water utilities. The environmentally friendly Bio-Bubble system produces a very high quality effluent suitable for re-use or, without any further treatment being applied, can discharge to a watercourse. Also, sludge waste production is far lower than conventional forms of treatment meaning far fewer tankers. Over the years, Bio-Bubble have continued to offer a robust solution to environmentally sensitive and specialist sites. Unit L, Fishers Grove, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 1RN

T: 023 9220 0669 E:

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XXL siphonic drainage system The latest XXL high-bay warehouse of French wine wholesaler Les Grands Chais de France in Landiras, Bordeaux towers a massive 37 metres into the air. The siphonic drainage system which removes rainwater from the 3,045 square metre flat roof in DĂŠpartement Gironde which is heavily influenced by the Atlantic climate is quality German workmanship, made in Rheda-WiedenbrĂźck.

There is a great likelihood that wine bought by a large German discount chain comes from this high-bay warehouse. One of the largest logistics centres in the French wine trade has been growing here for decades on a site measuring 72 hectares amidst the pine landscape typical for this region. Les Grands Chais de France has a workforce of over 500 people who prepare around 1.3 million bottles every day in the small 2000-strong community of Landiras. Founded just over 35 years ago by Alsace-born Joseph Helfrich, the group of companies is now the second-largest dealer in France and the largest wine exporter in the country. The company now wants to almost double its storage capacity of 22,000 pallets as soon as possible. At the end of March 2014 another section was added to the enormous logistics centre - a new high-bay warehouse reaching 36.75 metres into the sky covered by a massive flat roof. Franco-German collaboration Just as the Germany love French wine, the French developer appreciates German craftsmanship. He engaged Hammersen Elementbau GmbH based in Osnabr端ck in Lower Saxony to act as general contractor. In turn Hammersen brought V-Tech Lochmann & Semmelmann GbR on board, an installation company with international experience in high-bay logistics. Rolf Semmelmann: "Cross-border projects require lots of advance planning as a result of the bureaucracy involved, for example every employee and vehicle has to be registered." Estimated rainfall "There is no such thing as the Kostra Calaogue or data from the German Meteorological Service in France to provide information on local rainfall figures", says Thomas Glunz from V-Tech Lochmann & Semmelmann GbR. "The roof drainage systems therefore had to be calculated using standard values. A figure of 300 l/s was used to estimate the rainfall volume r(5,5) whilst 600 l/s was used for the once in a century rainfall event r(5,100). The entire siphonic drainage system was calculated and designed on the basis of this calculation.

Tel : (44) 01732 847320

Long pressurised pipeline An effective siphonic drainage system is based on the pipelines being completely filled, in other words a fill level of h/d = 1.0. This is why DSS outlets which are fitted as standard with SitaAirstop are used, to prevent the ingress of air caused by the "Coriolis Effect". Freed from water and air eddies the completely filled pipeline system can develop the desired vacuum and high suction force which make DSS systems so effective. Function without a collapse in the flow is based on a different view of all outlets and pipe sections in which, for example, parameters such as fall height, pressure loss from friction and flow resistance are also used in the pipeline. The longer a pipeline, the greater the pressure loss. To ensure that the physical conditions can be satisfied, sizes must be selected which have a low pipe friction pressure gradient per metre. The alignment of the 130 metres of flow routes in Landiras required a relatively large size gradient. Whilst the longest flow route was designed to be relatively large, the individual connecting pipelines for the shortest flow route had to be designed in a very small size. To generate suction effects in a siphonic drainage system, the vertical fall pipe, for example, must at least have a size which is less than the horizontal manifold pipeline. On this basis of these hydraulic calculations, a total of 600 metres of PE pipes in diameters from DN 200 to 40 were installed in Landiras. The two drainage pipelines deliver the collected rainwater down on the southeast side of the logistics building. The rainwater from the main drainage system goes into the network of ground pipes, the fall pipes for the emergency drainage system end 100 centimetres above the ground where they allow the water from a once in a century rainfall event to flow freely onto areas which

can be flooded safely. Pipe installation like a circus high-wire act As a result of the height of the building, the construction of the wide-ranging pipelines under the insulated trapezoidal steel roof was similar to a high-wire act in a circus. As with any high-bay warehouse, the building shell and roof were install once the skeleton of the building had been erected. Thomas Glunz: "The erection of a high-bay warehouse is like playing with Lego, but on a gigantic scale." For the erection work the installation team were able to use the basket systems which the logistics team had already installed in the 12 m wide corridors between the high-bay shelving. The cavities between the shelving, measuring approx. 3.4 m in height, were also used as platforms and the erection work was completed by trained industrial climbers who were protected with safety harnesses. Strong fastenings Rolf Semmelmann: "Five metre long PE pipe elements, connected to a fall pipe plunging a good 30 m downwards - that all makes the fastenings extremely important.. Beforehand the system was calculated based on the weight which would be achieved when all the pipes were full. Consideration was also given to the special forces which act on DSS systems. The clips to hold the pipes on the wall were then designed on this basis. They were secured to threaded plates, thick steel plates with a one inch or half inch thread into which threaded rods were screwed. These are special fastenings. We have proof that these clips will hold the system in place even when exposed to the most extreme load case, in other words when the pipes are completely filled." The installation work at great height was made easier by the Site fastening system which enables the DSS PE pipes to be installed on a prepared rail system to save time. This system for fastening to a building is also designed to absorb the stresses and movements of a siphonic drainage system and dissipate them safely into the building and roof structures. Because when the water flows into the pipeline system due to the vacuum, siphonic drainage systems tend to develop their own dynamic by oscillation. "Strategically" positioned fixed points at the start and end of each manifold pipe compensate for thermal changes in length - expansion and contraction as the temperature changes. Summary The incessant heavy rain which prevented the installation work in the first four weeks demonstrated how important an effective flat roof drainage system is in the seaside location of Landiras. But the perfect interaction between the various contractors and the systematic construction of the various system components meant that building project was completed just in time.

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Small number of outlets for lots of rain 12 SitaDSS Profi outlets were used for the main drainage system to protect the flat roof which measures 29.58 m wide and 102.84 m long against the French rain in the Atlantic. As a result of the efficiency of the siphonic drainage system, which operates on the basis of the pipes being filled and creating a vacuum, this rather small number of outlets will be enough to provide the calculated total drainage volume of 90 l/s in the main drainage system. Each main drainage outlet will drain approx. 8.5 litres per second into the ground pipeline almost 37 m below. And if a once in a century rainfall event occurs, a battery of 12 additional outlets of the same type are available, fitted with yellow Sita retaining elements for emergency drainage. Each main drain has an emergency drain next to it which comes into play at a defined retaining height of 55 mm so that the

emergency drainage system can remove a further 90 l/s in the event of very heavy rain. The six pairs of outlets, in other words 12 outlets per side, were positioned at the lowest points on the two sides of the flat roof. Sealed Sita retaining units were used to bridge the 120 mm thick heat insulation of the steel trapezoidal plate roof. The planner selected the outlet version with the desired connecting sleeve to provide a secure connection to the 1.5 mm PVC roofing membrane. To ensure that German craftsmanship could be provided here too, personnel from a German company which is active throughout Europe worked on sealing the flat roof. Martin Bonn, Managing Director of Helmut Schmidt GmbH: "The outlets were supplied to the site with connecting sleeves which had been specially manufactured for the roofing membrane type and were then welded by us using hot air to produce a homogeneous material. From our long experience we know that outlets with a foamed membrane flange provide particularly secure connections. In view of the exposed location close to the sea where high winds are prevalent, this is definitely an important additional safety factor."


With over 40 years’ experience of supplying and fitting rainwater systems we have a product to suit your unique requirements.

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I March 2013

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DWA Rainguard

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The Leadenhall Building / Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

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The building comprises a number of distinct architectural elements that provide clarity to the composition both as a whole and as a legible expression of its constituent parts. These elements include the primary stability structure, the ladder frame, the office floor plates, the northern support core, the external envelope and the public realm.

tower containing all passenger and goods lifts, service risers, on-floor plant and WCs. Three groups of passenger lifts serve the low, mid and high rise sections of the building, and are connected by two transfer lobbies at levels ten and 24.

The structure aims to reinforce the geometry defined by the development envelope, which in turn creates the distinctive tapering form, and takes the form of a perimeter braced ‘tube’ that defines the extent of the floor plates. The ladder frame contributes to the vertical emphasis of the building, and encloses the fire-fighting cores that serve the office floors. The frame also visually anchors the building to the ground.

The position of the northern support core relative to the office areas means that the structure is not required to be over-clad with fire protection, allowing the whole to be designed and expressed as visible steelwork. This articulated steel frame provides clarity to the whole assemblage.

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The office floors take the form of simple rectangular floor plates which progressively diminish in depth by 750 millimetres towards the apex. Office floors are connected to the structural ‘tube’ at every floor level without the need for secondary vertical columns at the perimeter. The northern support core is conceived as a detached

The highly transparent glazed enclosure makes manifest the structure and movement systems within; its physical presence is a striking and dynamic addition to the City and a unique spectacle for the enjoyment for passers-by. The building is designed to express all the constituent elements behind a single glazed envelope. Facades to the office areas require the highest comfort criteria in relation

to heat loss, daylight, glare control and solar gain. Here, the facade is supplemented with an internal layer of doubleglazing, forming a cavity which incorporates the structural frame. The external glazing incorporates vents at node levels to allow outside air to enter and discharge from the cavity. Controlled blinds in the cavity automatically adjust to limit unwanted solar gain and glare.

Architects: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Location: 122 Leadenhall Street, London EC3V 4QT, UK Photographs: Richard Bryant – Courtesy of British Land/Oxford Properties, Lee Mawdsley, Paul Raftery

The lower levels of the building are recessed on a raking diagonal to create a large public space that opens up to the south. The spectacular scale of the semi-enclosed, cathedral-like space is without precedent in London and will create a major new meeting place and a unique destination in itself. Overlooking the space are generous terrace areas within a bar and restaurant that provide animation and views into the public space and beyond. This enclosure is open at ground level to give access from all directions. The public space is fully accessible by means of a large, gently raked surface connecting St Helen’s Square with Leadenhall Street.

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Project Team:

Aaron Massingham, Aleksandrina Rizova, Amy Learmonth, Andrew Yek, Andy Young, Andy Bryce, Ben Nicholls, Benjamin Darras, Carmel Lewin, Charles Meloy, Christine Geneste, Colin Moriarty, Daniel Behr, Daniel Lewis, Daniel Wright, Dirk Krolikowski, Eleanora Bressi, Jack Newton, Jacqueline Yeung, James Chapman, Jan Guell, Joanna Pencakowski, Jo-anne Cowen, John Mcelgunn, Justin Lau, Kairo BadenPowell, Louise Palomba, Mark Gorton, Mark Hallett, Maurice Brennan, Nic Mitchell, Patricia Sendin, Rory Kofoed, Russell Gilchrist, Serena Croxson, Simon Davis, Simon Tonks, Stephen Light, Tim Mason, William Thorne, William Wimshurst, Zoe Webber Design & Build Contractor: Laing O’Rourke Structural & Services Engineer: Arup Landscape Design: Edco Design London Quantity Surveyor: DL Aecom Project Manager: WSP Strategic Planning & Consultation Strategy: M3 Consulting Planning Consultant: DP9 Townscape Consultant: Francis Golding Cdm Coordinato: Bovis Lend Lease Building Inspector: Corporation of London DS Office Cad Software: Bentley Microstation

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Thames Wharf Rainville Road London W6 9HA United Kingdom Tel +44 (0) 20 7385 1235 Fax +44 (0) 20 7385 8409 General enquiries Student enquiries

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Quality Driven by Remmers Established in 2004 and formally known as Blackhorse Car Sales, Lex Autolease Car Select in Oldbury has over 500 cars displayed in their showroom. The 2000m2 showroom space along with the 600m2 workshop space required a high gloss smooth finish flooring to upgrade the executive used car sales operation. The existing old liquid polymer screed floor surfaces were badly cracked and damaged and needed refreshing and upgrading to better withstand the frequent and abrasive movements of the cars. Capeland Industrial Flooring took on the challenge, which involved repairing, levelling and finishing the existing flooring with a slightly flexible floor topping that complemented the high end motor car sales. Remmers Epoxyflex PH SL was chosen for its ability to provide additional protection from reflective cracking. Three different shades of grey were employed throughout the buildings for demarcation and to highlight safe pedestrian routes. The works were completed within a stringent timescale and budget much to the clients satisfaction.

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TOUGH IN ANY CLIMATE Jaymart, who are renowned for their safety credentials, ever evolving product range and breadth of product experience, have recently added to their vast specialist flooring and matting portfolio. Jaymart’s tough and versatile Remp ZERO synthetic rubber flooring range boasts high performance characteristics. On an eco note, all products in this range are environmentally friendly, inherently anti-bacterial so ideal for hygiene sensitive environments, and can be easily recycled. Where slip-resistant safety, comfort, noise reduction, low maintenance, hygiene and durability, and of course quality, are key requirements, Jaymart’s Remp range meets all the criteria in the brief. For further information visit or contact T: 01985 218994, or E:

Unit 17 Stirling Industrial Centre, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, WD6 2BT

0208 616 0575 Freephone 0800 644 4733

UKT – Pioneers of an Innovative Heating and Air Conditioning Technology The brand UKT (United Klima Technologies) has been pioneering the development of heaters and air-conditioners without an external unit for 18 years. In 1999 UKT introduced its own “Single Hole Technology” to the market. This novel technology eliminates the impact of visible parts on a building exterior, restoring the architecture of the urban areas currently devastated by old style air conditioning devices that are incompatible with their surroundings. UKT air conditioners do not have a bulky box installed outside, whirring and rusting over time unlike conventional Split or PTAC systems.

A cross section of the 8” diameter duct showing air flow.

UKT’s patented ‘Single Hole Technology’.

As the inventor of this technology UKT guarantee a number of advantages gained from using the system: low installation costs, ease of maintenance, high energy efficiency, high performance, uncompromising design and low noise levels. UKT’s success is formulated by a creative and unorthodox approach to engineering. A combination of components miniaturisation, integral heating with a heat recovery/exchange system that boosts cooling efficiency, the latest state-of-the-art noise reduction technology, high end materials such as stainless steel and aviation grade aluminium come together to create a diversely adaptable range of products. This exciting technology has already been supplied throughout Europe for use in hotel chains, residential, commercial, industrial and offices, luxury yachts, railway locomotives and engineering infrastructure projects such as tunnelling and other construction applications. UKT has years of unrivalled experience offering a bespoke consultancy, design and manufacturing service for various clients including: developers, architects, civil engineers and military. With 16 different air conditioners and 100 customisable variants it means UKT offer the most diverse and adaptable product range in the world. If you require a project specific climate control solution there is a high chance you will find what you need at UKT. Now based in Kent at their high specification manufacturing facility, UKT is fully independent, harnessing technology to swiftly transform concept in to creation. For more information on UKT go to:, email:, call: +44 (0)1797366889

The ‘Vertical’ Air Conditioner. A slim line all-in-one heating,  cooling, ventilation and dehumidification system. UKT’s units installed in apartments. Just a discreet 8” diameter  grille visible on the building exterior. The grille can be colour coded to match the surroundings.

TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS SPELL OUT HEAT PUMP BENEFITS IN USERS OWN WORDS Mitsubishi Electric has launched a series of testimonial videos which help convey the benefits of Ecodan renewable heating in the words of the people using it on a day-to-day basis. The four videos – part of an on-going series, feature the views and experience of a selfbuilder couple from Gloucestershire; social housing tenants from the Isle of Wight; the developer of new, executive homes and one of the homeowners, from Hertfordshire. Ecodan is the UK’s market leader in heat pumps and is available as both a monobloc and split system in capacities from 4kW upwards. Large commercial air source systems can offer up to 688kW and the new CRHV Ecodan ground or water source heat pump can extend to 960kW of renewable heating.

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For further details on the Ecodan range, telephone 01707 278772 or visit

Fondis double sided woodburning inset stove with vertical lift door just one of the elegant fires created by Fondis

0845 226 5754

FuranFlex .. versatile hi-tech solutions for all lining applications Over 2400 successful installations in the UK. Over 3 million metres installed in over 29 countries. Take a look at a selection of our case studies here - many more online. Project

Problem Very Large Stately Home in Derbyshire Leaking chimneys in a listed building, damaging fixtures and fittings.

Leadenhall Street (office block) New condensing boilers fitted to existing twin wall chimney, condensates leaking into building.

University College London Darwin Building - U ducts Chemical duct from chemical cabinet leaking. Duct located in service riser with no access on floors in building.



To seal and repair chimneys, maintaining cross sectional area to ensure fireplaces can be used without chimney fans. Chimney dimensions 350 x 300mm.

Lined with 370mm diameter FuranFlex RWV, maintaining cross sectional area of flues giving smooth interior to increase efficiency of chimney. All fires working on natural draught.

To reline three 42m x 200mm chimneys maintaining cross sectional area, waterproofing chimneys, maintaining heating during installation.

One chimney lined each day with FuranFlex Black leaving 2 x boilers working. FuranFlex only reduced diameter by 5mm, leaving a smooth one-piece lining, totally waterproof and gas tight.

Reline duct without need to access ductwork through the building.

Duct relined with FuranFlex Black. Access only required at each end of duct. Works completed in 5 hours in finished building with minimal disruption.

Ensure maximum area of chimneys with waterproof and gas tight lining system.

FuranFlex Black installed in one day for each chimney leaving square chimneys suitable for condensing boiler plant.

Already had quotes for replacing U Ducts with Stainless Steel, huge disruption to all flats, lengthy works. Electric heating would require sub-station and all wiring to be updated.

Each U Duct was lined with FuranFlex Black, All boilers removed from duct. Lined next day and suitable new boilers fitted commissioned and working following day. Access only required for lining at base and terminal of ducts.

Maintain cross sectional area of chimney and ensure gas and water tight.

FuranFlex Black liner of correct dimension installed. Gas and water tight. Installation on time and in budget

Mater Hospital New Condensing Boilers fitted, ensure maximum cross sectional area of existing chimneys and ensuring no condensate of combustion gas leaks.

New Crane Wharf Gas U Ducts 21 x U Ducts leaking, several different boilers fitted to same duct.

City tower New condensing boilers, using existing concrete lined sectional chimney needed to maintain cross sectional area but seal all joints to stop condensate leaking.

Features and benefits FuranFlex specialist lining systems offer the lowest whole life cost, risk free solution to all lining applications. FuranFlex products are certified and guaranteed to the highest standards. Technically knowledgeable installers ensure the job is completed on schedule and is ‘right first time’. Diameters from 50mm to 1000mm and lengths of up to 100 metres are available.

Always specify genuine FuranFlex for guaranteed success





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t: +44 (0) 1622 717374 or t: +44 (0) 1622 37 0770


advanced lining solutions


KompozitallUK Limited, 9 Birch Crescent, Aylesford ME20 7QE

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Bathing in Warmth VASCO kick-starts the Autumn with a new compact designer radiator - Cocos Plus

Had a hectic day? There is nothing more heavenly than walking into a luxuriously warm bathroom to take a relaxing shower or bath. Vasco is launching its new designer radiator “Cocos Plus” which is perfect for those in search of instant warmth in the bathroom. This super-compact new kid on the block is ideal for limited spaces and it is quite a dazzler when it comes to clever design.

New Vasco Cocos Plus radiator with integral towel rail

The bathroom is the focal point of wellbeing and serenity in our homes. Constructors and renovators are constantly in search of solutions that combine the comfort of warmth with the stimulation of our senses. To achieve this, Vasco set up a complete innovation programme ( where Vasco designers and scientists combine eye-pleasing design, high heat dissipation and smaller volumes.

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Designer radiator with punch The new super-compact heavyweight Cocos Plus has a unique design which transforms it into a jewel in your bathroom. The radiator is made up of smooth horizontal tubes that form hoops, neatly finished with a vertical cover plate running down one side. The contrast of the horizontal lines and the sleek vertical strip creates a contemporary design that will stand out in any room with the clever shaping seamlessly combining radiator and towel rail in one device. Also, thanks to its limited size, Cocos Plus complements the growing trend for compact building design. There are lots of new features, allowing resident designer Wim Segers to prove once again that Vasco is and remains the reference in the world of designer radiators. “Cocos Plus is a real ‘heat cannon’. We’ve never been able to get so much warmth out of so compact a volume”, says Johan Jame, Product Manager at Vasco. “By the way, powerful doesn’t necessarily mean wasteful. This generation of radiators is extremely energy-efficient and suited to low-temperature heating systems.” Cover plate: for an even sleeker look and rock solid mount The vertical collectors are concealed by a flat cover plate which makes the entire radiator look more contemporary, but also makes it safer because the cover hides the radiator’s sturdy wall mount. Development of the connections and wall mount systems has resulted in practical installation and safe and efficient use. Cocos Plus is available in a broad range of RAL, natural and metal colours. Dimensions: width 500 or 600mm and height 1002mm, 1302mm, 1542mm or 1842mm Prices start from £ 559.00 incl VAT

monza aluminium column radiator Ideal for low temperature renewable systems Ideal for high pressure systems The latest patented european technology A unique aluminium radiator design Half the weight of steel 82 vertical and horizontal sizes Delivered within 3 working days ECODAN DEVELOPER AD - 7289_Layout 1 17/09/2013 08:36 Page 2

Need to take the heat out of planning Ecodan air source heat pumps legislation? provide a proven, energy efficient way of heating UK homes all year round.

Recognised as a renewable technology, Ecodan can achieve level 4 of The Code for Sustainable Homes and even higher when used in conjunction with other improvements. To find out how Ecodan can help you realise your environmental, legal and economic targets:

For information on attending one of our free Ecodan Seminars please contact us at

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Call 01707 278666 email or visit

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Central London’s new ‘home of film’ completes – BFI headquarters reopens The British Film Institute (BFI) has completed the redevelopment and refurbishment of its central London headquarters on Stephen Street. Designed by Ben Adams Architects (BAA), the BFI is providing a welcoming new facility for the film industry in the heart of the West End. Following the relocation of the BFI Reuben Library to its South Bank venue, the BFI has refurbished the screening rooms and rethought the vacated spaces to host a range of functions, including industry launches, meetings for partners from across the UK coming to London and educational workshops.

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The completed works have reinvigorated the existing 1950s building, including a complete overhaul of the ground floor space and reconnecting the offices to the street. BAA has worked closely with Softroom Architects, who are responsible for a new Benugo’s restaurant also on the ground floor. Known as the Stephen Street Kitchen, this new eatery will further enliven the relationship between the building and the streetscape while seamlessly ‘bleeding’ into the open-plan reception area.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 56]

A new canopy has been purpose-built at the entrance, while at the rear of the building a new planted, terrace space has been installed to create a social space in a previously neglected part of the site. Also covered by a canopy, this area can be enjoyed throughout the year. Inside the office building, the reception and waiting area has been redesigned and spaces have been opened out to accommodate new events and activities, as well as accessible meeting places. This area has now been better connected to the basement level, creating a light-filled entrance to the lower level screening rooms. Ben Adams, architect: “The key space created by the new build is the well-designed restaurant and terrace areas, which are open to the film industry and members of the public alike. The deals done and cultural discussions about film that take place in these spaces could help set the course for the British film industry in the coming decade.” Founded in 1933, the new BFI headquarters underlines the growth of the organisation’s activities in supporting the film industry and creating more opportunities for people to enjoy and engage with film.

picture hanging systems ltd




Special wallpaper for colorful, powerful, playful and lovely interior design, designed by the Norwegian designer Helene Jellestad, is now available for purchase from the webshop: The first three wallpapers from wallpaper series: Lovely Devil, was launched during the London Design Festival in 2014. The series are based on one pattern/design but in different color versions. In the period leading up to Christmas it will be launch several new color variants. Lovely Devil is a powerful visual tool available to any decor lovers with a passion for decorating of characterful room with a seductive atmosphere.

YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 0845 500 70 35



Nanotechnology allows Thermal healing of scratches, Supermatt surface with anti fingerprint technology, Antibacterial, Fantastic colour choices available Multi-Sensory Rooms, Soft Play Areas, Interactive Projection and more…

T 01270 766660 E W

materialPREIS – Stuttgart - Winner Design category Dwell on Design – LA, USA - Winner Best Design Material


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Rhino UK continue to provide sensory solutions and therapeutic resources with a fastidious reliable service to the Healthcare, Education and Private Sectors. Rhino UK are experts in the manufacture, design, installation and provision of Multi Sensory Rooms (Snoezelan Rooms), Soft Play Areas, Sensory Gardens, and Interactive Motion Controlled Projection and Lighting. Rhino UK prides themselves with providing you with solutions not just products, to fit with your specification, to meet your client’s requirements, budget and design themes. Let Rhino UK bring your clients sensory dreams to reality! Rhino UK offer a complete service to architects from designs, electrical specifications, costings, and specification writing to the final installation of sensory resources. Please contact Rhino UK by phone or email to discuss how they can help you in your project.

FENIX NTM is the smart surface material suitable for different interior design applications: kitchen, hospitality, healthcare, washroom, wall panelling, furniture (tables, bookshelves, partitions, chairs, etc.).

DBB914030 Solus Ceramics Ltd QP:RRN Quarter Page Template

besso ceramique


handmade in France

Combining the latest pioneering tile cutting technology with innovative design expertise, Solus Ceramics are able to produce stunning bespoke tile features for your client’s projects. From delicately etched patterns to complex mosaics and detailed water jet cut shapes- porcelain, natural stone, metal and even glass can be fabricated into almost any conceivable tile design. Solus Ceramics’ experienced design team can work closely with you to provide free drawings to visualise ideas and can even reproduce existing designs for approval and pricing. For more information please contact our sales team. T: 0121 753 0777 E: W: CAN YOU DEAL WITH A GARAGE FLOOR THAT IS BOTH DAMP AND DUSTY?

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 58]

Damp and dust, both floor problems that seem to occur in semi outdoor premises, such as garages, showrooms, commercial workshops, warehouses etc. These are practical and functional working areas with a job to do and it is important to have the right flooring for the job. Damp occurs usually when there is no damp proof course. Dust when the concrete surface is not sealed or 'power floated'. This scenario often occurs in domestic garages and in some other basic buildings such as agricultural sheds which have then been converted or upgraded to another use. Sometimes not having a damp proof course under the floor is not a problem as in the domestic garage which is designed and built so that the concrete is meant to be the floor surface. If damp is coming up from underneath, then the concrete needs to be able to breathe and for most garage floors this is not a problem.

OVERMANTELS has been designing and handcrafting exquisite mirrors in England for almost 30 years, earning an unparalleled reputation for their craftsmanship & bespoke service. Overmantels now offer TV Mirrors: the reflective mirror transforms into a pixel-perfect TV screen at the touch of a button! It is the ideal way to conceal the prominent black TV box and reclaim the focal point in the room. For more info please visit or call 0207 223 8151



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Looking for Sculpture for your next project? Second Life Products Wales Ltd are a leading manufacturer and National distributor Britain’s of 100% recycled Try most plastic products. Our low maintenance outdoor recycled comprehensive collection of over 6000 to plastic products include Street furniture, fencing, lumber, choose from and hundreds of artists to signage, bollards and sheeting.


Our products are DURABLE, CANNOT ROT, require NO treatment and are easy to use. Our standard 100% recycled plastic sheet options are available in 8ft x 4ft - from 2mm-19mm, and are suitable for a wide range of applications, offering customers the long term economical alternative. DBB314009 Everedge Half Page ad:RRN Half Page Template

The 14:51 recycledPage sheet1material can be used in outdoor 31/3/14

applications such as hoarding and garden applications. 01639 830617 /

Villaggio Verde

UK’s Specialist Olive Tree Growers & Suppliers

You Can't Beat Natural Stone Paving... Can You?

Archetech -- Issue Issue 13 17 [Page [Page 56] 60] Archetech

Our Stunning Range of Porcelain Tiles & Paving are Ideal for the British Climate. Why?

Villaggio Verde

Tel: 01886 888 011 Mob: 07768 318 917 Email:

• • • • •

No maintenance required Stain, scratch and slip resistant Does not fade Frostproof Lightweight - ideal for roof terraces, balconies and public areas, for both residential and commercial use

• Beautiful architectural finish • Easy to self-install without grout • Combine 1cm tile with 2cm paving slab for a seamless look from internal to external living space • Available in a range of 7 styles/colours

Order your free sample at or call 029 2037 1584

Merchant Square Footbridge

Knight Architects

Conceived by bridge specialists Knight Architects and structural engineers AKT II following a limited design competition in 2012, the 3m wide cantilevered structure spans 20m across the Grand Union Canal and is raised using hydraulic jacks with an action similar to that of a traditional Japanese hand fan.

This creates a kinetic sculpture whose silhouette is both legible and extraordinary and which is well suited to the position next to the canal. The five fabricated steel beams forming the deck open in sequence, with the first rising to an angle of 70 degrees and the last achieving the required clearance over the canal of 2.5m tall by 5.5m wide at mid channel. Shaped counterweights assist the hydraulic mechanism and reduce the energy required to move the structure. The bridge balustrades are formed from twin rows of inclined stainless steel rods, overlapping to form a robust yet filigree and highly transparent structure.

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night Architects: Merchant Square footbridge Paddington, London London’s newest movable footbridge, at the heart of Merchant Square, the mixed use waterfront development at Paddington Basin, has opened to the public this month.

The handrail houses a continuous low energy LED downlight which will provide excellent and uniform functional illumination of the walking surface and the edge, as well as offering an attractive lighting feature. The bridge forms part of the overall regeneration masterplan of Merchant Square that will create a new focus for Paddington based around a new waterside garden square featuring a dedicated event space and water maze. When the whole regeneration project is complete Merchant Square will comprise six buildings. The three remaining buildings include 1 Merchant Square, an iconic 42 storey skyscraper incorporating apartments and a boutique hotel. In total, Merchant Square will provide over 600 residential units and 500,000 sq ft of office space. Richard Banks, CEO of European Land, the developer of the Merchant Square scheme, said: “Bridges are a crucial element of the built environment at Merchant Square and, therefore, it was important for the new footbridge crossing the Grand Union Canal to enhance the public realm, not only practically but visually. Knight Architects have achieved this by introducing vertical movement to the design to create a bridge that is highly visible and dramatic. Old Metalworks 10 Queens Road High Wycombe Bucks HP13 6AQ

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01494 525 500

Credit Photos Edmund Sumner Peter Cook

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NEW PREMIUM PLATFORM LIFT RANGE Lyfthaus have a heritage dating back to 1964 designing and manufacturing bespoke one off platform lifts for special environments. After extensive development the much anticipated launch of their first full standard range of DDA platform lifts has arrived in the shape of myLyft. A series of highly adaptable BS6440/2011 compliant low profile, single, double and triple scissor mechanism lifts with innovative frameless glass barriers and gates, all beautifully detailed and expertly crafted in the inspiring location of Steeple Bumpstead, England. Lift heights from 800mm to 3000mm are available, all have impressive 500Kg capacities which are tested to +100% overload ensuring class leading raised height stability. myLyft is a contemporary styled design – a statement fashioned in stainless steel and glass. Elegant, refined and discrete, myLyft is intended to compliment your creative ideas and enhance the built environment – the result of close liaison with wheelchair users, architects and passenger lift industryexperts who have all influenced the final design. A premium product intended for prestige locations such as fine hotel lobbies, city office receptions, restaurants and retailers. Lyfthaus Limited, Steeple Bumpstead, CB9 7BN T.01440 731111

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Sound Masking for better office acoustics IRU EHWWHU RIĂ€FH DFRXVWLFV

Open plan and cellular offices benefit from Sound Masking 2SHQ SODQ DQG FHOOXODU RIĂ€FHV EHQHĂ€W IURP 6RXQG 0DVNLQJ

CAD, Technical Drawing & Design Supplies With 39 years experience, 22000sqft warehouse and ISO9001 & ISO14001 accreditations you can be assured that ‘customer service’ isn’t just a department, it is our ethos!

Achieve better speech privacy with Sound Masking

Sound Masking is a cost effective solution to the problem of improving speech privacy in today’s modern office environment. PRGHUQ RIÀFH HQYLURQPHQW Best installed during office fit out but often installed %HVW LQVWDOOHG GXULQJ RIÀFH ÀW RXW EXW RIWHQ LQVWDOOHG as retrofit, Sound Masking from AET has improved the DV UHWURÀW 6RXQG 0DVNLQJ IURP $(7 KDV LPSURYHG WKH office environment for many international companies RIÀFH HQYLURQPHQW IRU PDQ\ LQWHUQDWLRQDO FRPSDQLHV throughout Europe over the last 20 years.

Interested? Call 0800 013 2514 & quote ARCHETECH to claim FREE

plotting plancopying print room printer copier drafting


graphics studio equipment planfiling SODQĂ€OLQJ survey design office GHVLJQ RIĂ€FH

Office Acoustic Solutions 2IĂ€FH $FRXVWLF 6ROXWLRQV Tel: 0044 (0)8453 700 400 AET.GB. Ltd., 9 City West, Millbrook Road East, Southampton SO15 1AH Sound Masking Masking is is also also known known as as sound sound conditioning conditioning or or white white noise noise systems systems Sound

Free trial

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Work smart, not hard With RollerMouse RED and RED-PLUS you are taking the strain out of using your computer 8 hours a day. Not only do they look great in brushed aluminium, they also fit any workplace design. RollerMouse gives you a good working posture and eliminates the awkward reaching for a traditional

With RollerMouse RED and REDPLUS you are taking the strain out of using your computer 8 hours a day. Not only do they look great in brushed aluminium, they also fit any workplace design. RollerMouse gives you a good working posture and eliminates the awkward reaching for a traditional

Simply Beautiful‌ Glass Writing Boards from Casca

mouse placed next to the keyboard which often leads to hand, arm and shoulder issues. Work smart by using 2 hands in front of you instead of working hard using one hand outside the Optimal Work Zone. Prepare to be amazed, try a RollerMouse today.

mouse placed next to the keyboard which often leads to hand, arm and shoulder issues. Work smart by using 2 hands in front of you instead of working hard using one hand outside the Optimal Work Zone. Prepare to be amazed, try a RollerMouse today.

Come and try RollerMouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair 4-8 February 2014.

To see our full range of boards visit Or call 0845 519 4995



DETAILS Little things make big things happen


The OKI C931 is your perfect partner ensuring you never OKI C931

for two separate requirements.

waterproof/ tearproof paper and more!

Four (CMYK) colour

Print speed

A4: 50ppm colour, 50ppm mono; A3: 28ppm colour, 28ppm mono

Print resolution

ProQ2400 Multi-Level technology, 1200 x 1200dpi

Paper capacity

Standard 530 + 300 sheets, additional trays up to 2,950 sheets

Memory RAM

Standard: 2GB; Maximum: 2GB

Hard Disk Drive

Optional: 160GB

Paper sizes/weight

SRA3 to B5; Custom banner up to 1321mm and weights up to 360gsm

For more information visit



Print Smart. Print OKI

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Offering paper handling capability from A6 to SRA3 and banner lengths up to 1.3m for essential signage. The OKI can print on a wide


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GEZE Pod is the Perfect Solution for Places For People

A gloomy unappealing entrance at The Pavilions in Preston has been transformed with the installation of a light, spacious and draught proof curved lobby from GEZE UK, the UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems. GEZE’s Slimdrive SC curved sliding automatic doors were specified by architects Summers-Inman to create a stunning focal point and welcoming entrance in the extended reception at the Places For People Group’s headquarters.

Places For People also wanted to control access to the building so the outer doors allow visitors into the lobby, while the inner doors are

Kaz said: “Summers Inman wanted to create an unusual and stylish entrance, but one that would also be both modern and practical. Installing curved doors can increase the size of the entrance by up to 40 per cent compared to sliding doors, making them ideal for entrances with controlled access, as visitors are able to enter the lobby area yet don’t feel cramped.” The entrance was specifically designed to complement the shape of the building, which is angled with the entrance positioned at its heart, as well as allowing for pedestrian traffic flow. The doors and leaves are formed from GEZE’s ISO Slim profile sections and powder coated in RAL 5013 cobalt blue and glazed with 10mm clear laminated safety glass. In addition, glazed side screens are positioned on each door. Both sets of doors are powered by GEZE’s energy-efficient Slimdrive SC, a curved automatic door operator

which is both sleek in appearance and extremely quiet in operation. Part of GEZE’s popular Slimdrive range, the operators are just 7cm high so they can be mounted almost invisibly, making them the ideal choice for this stylish new entrance. They have also been designed and tested to meet the requirements of all relevant standards and regulations, including Building Bulletin 93, Approved Documents B and M, as well as assisting with the vigorous demands of the Equality Act. Speaking about the new entrance, Dan Tipping, Building Surveyor at Summers-Inman said: “As well as looking dated the original reception had manual doors meaning staff had to get up to let visitors in, and it was cold in winter and hot in summer. The new circular lobby has created a stylish modern entrance that compliments the design of the extension and perfectly meets the company’s needs.” For more information about GEZE UK or the Slimdrive SC curved sliding automatic doors visit or call 01543 443000.

[Page 69] Issue 17 - Archetech

The property management firm commissioned the entrance as part of the refurbishment of its Preston offices. The spherical shaped lobby is designed to maximise space and light and features two sets of automatic bi-parting curved sliding glass doors. As well as aesthetics, one of the primary aims of the project was environmental control; a key benefit of a lobby is that it maintains air temperature providing a comfortable environment for staff, while meeting the highest efficiency standards.

activated by the company’s reception staff. Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director of GEZE UK, explained that Summers Inman chose an elliptical entrance because it provided the perfect solution for access control.

Öko Skin: Textured Concrete Planks A New Approach to the Appearance of Concrete Facades Öko Skin is a cut to size, ready to fix, concrete plank. Öko Skin façade panels surpass many other building materials in terms of durability and sustainability and look great! Öko Skin opens up a new approach to the appearance of concrete facades. The slats are suitable for any external and internal façade application.

The concrete panels are 1800mm long x (125 or 147 or 302mm high) and are 13mm in width, plus they’re available in 10 matt natural colours with a textured finish. The panels can be screw or rivet fixed with matt colour matched fixings, or bonded for a concealed fixing. Can be fitted back to vertical timber battens or aluminium rails.

Pura Facades is a specialist supplier of natural concrete facade cladding panels of all sizes for large scale developments and high end residential projects. We offer building envelope solutions to architects and designers from raw natural materials. Öko Skin is approved as a rain screen façade application in the UK. Visit: Email:

• •

• •

Öko Skin is quick and easy to install. The planks are easy to trim and fix on site. Completely maintenance free: Öko Skin provides the ideal alternative to wood facades. A versatile and flexible product: Öko Skin is suitable for applications such as; Office or residential facades, porches, conservatories and terraces. Naturally fire resistant. Very tough and impact resistant – to withstand the harshest weather conditions, popular in mountain and coastal locations. A varied textured plank surface creates the randomised ‘look’ across the façade.

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RigiSystems CladScreen – the new face of Greenwich

anysize anycolour anyspace anywhere Bespoke canopies for all occasions Newdawn Conservatory Roof Systems Homestyle Canopies & Carports School Canopies Commercial Canopies Contemporary Door Canopies Glass Door Canopies

Around 10,000 sq m of RigiSystems CladScreen façcade system have now been installed on block 1 of London’s prestigious new Greenwich Square development. While utilising the CladScreen system, most of the panels were custom engineered in order to fit in with the architect’s vision for this unique development in London’s heartland. Greenwich Square sits on the vacant brownfield site of the former Greenwich District Hospital.

Living Space (UK) Ltd | 12a Earlstrees Road | Earlstrees Industrial Estate | Corby | Northants | NN17 4AZ

t. 01536 446980 | f. 01536 446981 | e. | w.

The new scheme contributes towards the ongoing regeneration of the area by providing new homes, a public destination and a community hub.


Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 72]

UNIFOLD Call Us For Free

Impartial Advice.


01384 252777.

The residential provision comprises five blocks containing a range of dwelling types including apartments and town houses. A total of 629 new homes will be provided, while other amenities include a leisure centre with two swimming pools, dance and exercise studios, a fitness suite, a library, a residents’ service centre, a crèche and cafe, and a healthcare clinic. Architect is Make, and the CLadScreen installation was managed by Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium. For more information contact RigiSystems Ltd on 01905 750500, email

EQUITONE Helps Create Futuristic Hospital by Keppie Design

EQUITONE [natura] has helped create a striking futuristic facade on the £16 million BREEAM ‘Excellent' rated Pathology building at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. The fibre cement material creates a tactile, smooth surface that allows the natural variegation of the fibre cement finish to be seen through the semi-translucent coating. This contemporary architectural aesthetic was also felt to complement the glass curtain walling used around the stairwell on the South elevation of the new pathology building. David Holt, Director at Keppie Design, said: "We specified a fibre cement facade for the new pathology building to create a uniform, matt finish appearance in a dark colour to contrast with the existing surrounding buildings and make a visual statement.” He added: “The material met with the team’s environmental performance standards as well as creating a striking contemporary facade. The rainscreen facade was very easy to specify and we found the help provided by the Marley Eternit’s commercial team and availability of colour samples extremely useful.” The fibre cement facade panels are fixed to an aluminium support framework using a structural adhesive which helped retain the visual purity of the fibre cement panels by creating a sheer, smooth facade. The facade design incorporates 100mm of rainscreen insulation and the walls achieve a U value of around 0.2 W/m2K.

Archetech Archetech- -Issue Issue17 17[Page [Page***] ***]

For further information on EQUITONE from Marley Eternit just ask ME at: or call ME on 01283 722588. You can also follow ME on Twitter @MarleyEternit. If it matters to you it matters to us, that’s why with ME it’s all about you.

Are you searching for a long lasting faรงade solution, that will give you ultimate design flexibility and will fit your budget?....

...Yes, then use Vitrabond! or call

01278 428 245

l More than 60 standard finishes l Low maintenance l Robust and durable l Long warranty l Large stocks l Natural metal finishes available

For Vitrabond UK Contact: Valcan Ltd

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Well established in the market, Vitrabond is globally recognised by Architects, Builders and Installers as the superior ACM rainscreen cladding panel solution. With large stock levels, vast colour range and continual product development, Vitrabond is readily available to meet your requirements. The composition of Vitrabond is extremely rigid and yet easily formed into many shapes to suit any design requirement.


Elliott has completed the £5.9m design and build of the Staff Accommodation Block at Peterborough City Hospital in just 22 weeks from delivery of the final module.

that the building has been created in a modular design because that means it will be easier to extend in the future, if necessary.”

Utilising its innovative modular construction system, Elliott handed over keys to the four storey building on time and within budget.

Elliott has incorporated a wide range of sustainable and eco features into the design, such as increased levels of insulation, low-energy lighting, energy efficient heating systems, water-saving technology and high levels of natural daylight.

Medical students, nurses and other hospital staff are currently moving into the 111 single en-suite rooms.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 76]

An Elliott modular solution was selected for this development principally because of its appealing modern aesthetic and bespoke design capabilities, combined with a high quality, state-of-the-art fit-out. The aesthetic appeal and quality of the completed building was felt to be an effective way of attracting more medical students to work in the city in the future, ultimately benefiting the population in and around Peterborough city. Elliott’s innovative design and build modular solution maximised efficiencies by quality controlled manufacture and a reduced on-site installation time, helping achieve the value for money criteria on this project. Caroline Walker, acting chief executive at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The new accommodation block offers our staff good quality accommodation at the City Hospital site. We like the fact

The building has a 60 year structural design life with a 25 year structural warranty. Bernard Quenot, Managing Director of Elliott, said: “We have a long track record of providing high quality building solutions on time and within budget. More customers are choosing our modular solutions first and foremost because they look appealing to potential occupants as well as the fact they perform over the long term.” Elliott has over 50 years’ experience of delivering innovative design and build solutions and is able to help clients achieve the highest environmental ratings and carbon neutrality. The company is able to act as concept designer and Principal Contractor to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation. For more information on Elliott, visit www.elliottuk. com or call: 0800 085 8231. Alternatively, email:



. . . more than just a sunblind DISCRETE

Variety of colour and material options available allows integration with any decor


Can be fitted to sloping or unusually shaped windows; upstroking option available for rooflights

Reflex-Rol is a proven bespoke solar shading system offering state-of-the art solar heat control SOLAR HEAT REFLECTION



Laboratory tests show that Relex-Rol blinds reflect up to 87% of incoming solar energy*

Reflex-Rol blinds use semi transparent metallic polyester foils, giving excellent internal glare control

Reflex-Rol’s thermal properties not only keep heat out but also help to keep it in, so saving on heating costs

Call now for your free brochure

Reflex-Rol (UK) Insulating Solar & Glare Control Systems

Reflex-Rol (UK), Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU Tel: 01989 750704 Fax: 01989 750768 Email: Online: * Accredited data reports from Sonnergy of Oxford - copies available on request

Reflex-Rol is a division of De Leeuw Ltd

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Tel: 01989 750704 •

Bombay Sapphire Distillery

Heatherwick Studio

The gin-maker Bombay Sapphire commissioned the creation of the company’s first in-house production facility, which will also be open for members of the public to visit. Formerly a water-powered paper mill, the site contained more than forty derelict buildings, many of historical significance, which have been regenerated and restored as part of Heatherwick Studio’s master plan. Central to the development of the master plan is the River Test, which was previously almost invisible, contained within a narrow high-sided concrete channel and largely covered over as the site had intensively developed over many years. The river became the central organising device to make sense of the complex site and this accumulation of facilities. The river has been widened and its banks opened out and planted in order to transform it into a route that draws visitors through the site to a newly defined courtyard at its centre, surrounded by historic buildings. To make the water visible and valuable once more the river has taken on more than twice its original width and its banks reshaped with planted foreshores.

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 78]

The original project brief included provision of a separate visitor centre. However the design team believed this not to be necessary, preferring to allow the public a more authentic experience by getting closer to the distillation process and seeing the sculptural copper gin stills in use. Heatherwick Studio’s master plan proposed the creation of two new glasshouses to grow specimens of the 10 exotic plant species used in the Bombay Sapphire distillation process. These glasshouses, one of them containing a humid tropical environment and the other a dry temperate Mediterranean climate, emerge from the northern still house to sit within the waters of the widened river. The connection to the still house allows waste heat from the distillation process to be recycled to maintain the warm climates for the plant species to flourish. The fluid geometry of these new glass buildings was influenced by recent advances in glass technology and by Britain’s rich heritage of botanical glasshouse structures. This new botanical distillery has achieved a BREEAM ‘outstanding’ rating for sustainability; the first facility in the drinks manufacturing industry to be awarded this rating. Architects: Heatherwick Studio Location: Laverstoke, Whitchurch, Hampshire RG28, UK Project Team: Thomas Heatherwick, Katerina Dionysopoulou, Eliot Postma, Alma Wang, Ville Saarikoski Area: 4500.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Iwan Baan, Courtesy of Heatherwick Studio



t.020 7637 2930 f. 020 7637 2931 e. a. Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London SE1 7SJ





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The UK’s leading planning and design consultancy, Barton Willmore has created an interactive presentation space for employees and visitors in their new Head Office in the centre of Reading using British Gypsum’s innovative Thistle Magnetic Plaster. When designing the new space, Barton Willmore recognised the need to create an interior which really furthered and encouraged creativity and collaboration amongst its team members. The firm wanted to move away from noticeboards and glass or metal panels, as it felt these were too restrictive and provided limited opportunity for interaction, so specified British Gypsum’s Thistle Magnetic Plaster in five rooms, including the studio, conference rooms and breakout area. Romy Panesar, Architectural Associate at Barton Willmore, said: “Our clients really value our creativity and imagination when they approach us for new projects, so it was vital that our offices could enhance this and offer a fun, inspiring space, where the whole team can collaborate on new designs.” Jason Silcox, Managing Director at Ideal M&E, the principal contractors for the project, added: “To give Barton Willmore the space it required, we needed innovative interior design solutions that could open up the entire office as a blank canvas for creativity, rather than limiting themselves to just a computer or small noticeboard. Thistle Magnetic Plaster gave the client precisely what was required.” The magnetic plaster, from British Gypsum’s ‘Rooms Made For You’ range, is a finish coat plaster specially designed to attract magnets. The plaster turns the entire wall into a fully interactive surface without the risk of damage from drawing pins or other tools, making it ideal for helping the Barton Willmore team to work together to create imaginative building designs for clients. It also provides a smooth, high-quality finish that blends seamlessly with other surfaces in the room, and can be decorated as standard without any loss of magnetic effect. In addition to the space which Thistle Magnetic Plaster gives for interaction and collaborative working, the material was also easy for local sub-contractors, H&L Ceilings, to apply, without any need for specialist tools or preparation. Darren Hopkins, Director at H&L Ceilings, commented: “We were able to apply the new plaster in exactly the same way as a standard product, with no fuss or mess. “This kept the time we spent plastering the rooms to a minimum, helping us to deliver the quality finish we expect from our work and meet the tight six-week timeframe required by Ideal M&E and Barton Willmore.”

“As a result, instead of simple room dividers, Barton Willmore has walls that act as additional work surfaces, maximising the value of the new offices, both to the firm and to its team members.” For more information on Thistle Magnetic Plaster, please visit

[Page 81] Issue 17 - Archetech

Graham Lloyd, Project Specification Manager at British Gypsum, concluded: “The solutions we proposed for Barton Willmore’s offices gave the architects more space for creative thinking, as well as the flexibility to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Designing for durability The Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA) is offering a material sourcing service where it will contact potential suppliers on your behalf to generate a list of those willing and able to meet your specific needs for individual projects. This and designing for durability are common themes in the daily stream of enquiries received by the TDCA. In response, the organisation is urging specifiers and users of timber to tighten up on specifications by detailing the durability required in line with relevant standards, particularly for support structures as these can be overlooked. Sourcing accredited materials will help in the pursuit of acquiring durable products; DeckMarkTM and CladMarkTM are the quality accreditation schemes operated by TDCA for its members. Broadly speaking you have a choice to design to 15, 30 or 60 year desired service

life for external timbers; 15 being the default for decking and 30 years for cladding. The service life is achieved through good design detail coupled with selecting materials of the right quality.

Photo courtesy of Metsa Wood

A common misunderstanding relates to natural durability; durability classes apply to heartwood only; put simply heartwood comes from the central core of the tree whilst the sapwood is from the periphery or the outer section of the tree. The sapwood of all species is non durable and should

either be enhanced by a suitable means or excluded (suitable means includes pressure impregnation with preservative or wood modification). With pressure treated timber, the TDCA stresses the importance of obtaining evidence of treatment which includes confirmation of the standard of treatment and the conferred desired service life. TDCA online resources covering this and other subjects are designed to help specifiers, designers and installers alike to design for durability. There you will find technical help and publications free to download and if you can’t find what you need, you can use the association’s enquiry service. Find the TDCA decking website at Find the TDCA cladding website at

Selection, specification, Selection, specification, Selection, specification, Selection, specification, sourcing use sourcing and use

Archetech - Issue 17 [Page 82]

sourcing sourcing and and use use

Online resources resources have toto help you Online havebeen beendeveloped developed help you Online resources have been developed to help you design and build durability design and buildfor for durability Online resources have been developed to help you design and build for durability design build for durability Help source appropriate materialsororinstallers installersviavia Help to toand source appropriate materials Help to source appropriate materials or installers our sourcing sourcing service –– just or with your our service justcall call oremail email with your via Help to source appropriate materials orwith installers our sourcing service – just call or email your via requirements requirements our sourcing service – just call or email with your requirements requirements Independently accredited accessories, Independently accreditedmaterials, materials, accessories, Independently accredited materials, accessories, designers and via CladMark designers andinstallers installers viaDeckMark DeckMarkand and CladMark Independently accredited designers and installers viamaterials, DeckMarkaccessories, and CladMark designers and installers via DeckMark and CladMark Independent inspection services Independent inspectionand andexpert expertwitness witness services Independent inspection and expert witness services Independent inspection and expert witness services

Decking: Decking: Decking: Cladding: Cladding: Decking: Cladding:|| 01977 01977 558147 558147 | 01977 558147 | 01977 558147

Photo courtesy of Richard Burbidge Ltd Photo courtesy of Richard Burbidge Ltd Photo courtesy of Richard Burbidge Ltd

Look out for Look outCladMark for TM and TM DeckMark TM and TM Look outCladMark for DeckMark It’s yourTMsign of quality TM DeckMark andofCladMark It’s your sign quality It’s your sign of quality


PHOTO 2 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 2 Photo courtesy of Hoppings Softwood Products


@TDCAJanet Photo courtesy of Silva Timber Products

What starts on paper, doesn’t have to stay there. Livescribe smartpens bring your words & ideas into your digital world. Turn Your Words into Action. With the Livescribe 3 smartpen and the Livescribe+ mobile app, simply write on paper and watch it instantly appear on your tablet or smartphone. With just a few taps of your finger, notes become more useful when they are tagged, organized, searchable, converted to text and used in your favorite apps.


APX-00016: Livescribe 3 smartpen APX-00017: Livescribe 3 smartpen Pro Edition


Your Words. Your Ideas. Any Time, Anywhere. Automatically and wirelessly transfer your recorded notes and audio to your Evernote® account for access on nearly any digital device.

APX-00014: 4GB Livescribe Wifi smartpen


Capture it. Replay it. Send it. Echo connects to your computer by USB cable to transfer your interactive notes. Search, share and replay your notes with the Livescribe Desktop app.


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Livescribe Desktop

APX-00008: 2GB Echo Smartpen

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LIVESCRIBE and ECHO are trademarks of Livescribe Inc. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Copyright ©2007–2014. All rights reserved. Rev. A4-ANZUK1310

ร ko Skin: Textured Concrete Planks Create a Natural Faรงade with a Contemporary Look Pura Facades, 99 Victoria Road, London, NW10 6DJ Email: Phone: 0203 269 2052 Fax: 0203 269 2011