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Sunflow InvincibleTM Heaters

Slim, powerful & better by deSign in a brilliant range of colourS & finiSheS

Ready Now for life after Fossil Fuels The recent G7 Summit announced to the world that Britain is preparing to cut fossil fuel use by 70% in 2050! Sounds a long way away but to achieve this we have to stop installing gas, oil, lpg and coal heating soon, some say by 2030 and there are some hints it may be as soon as 2025. That is only ten years away so if you are re-thinking your heating you should order the FREE Sunflow brochure now: 0800 158 8270 24 Hr Brochure Line

Why Sunflow InvincibleTM Electric Heating? The Invincible™ range is based on 21st century technology to bring a wonderful heating experience that combines gentle natural convection with radiant heat to produce a unique feeling of comfort. Economy and efficiency come as standard so that Invincible Heaters™ can be used with the new home batteries.

The Sunflow experience is made possible by its construction, design, controls and low temperature technology. We believe our standards are world quality and we back this up with Kite Mark certification. Invincible™ radiators are so well built they are designed to last well beyond 2050. Our new brochure details all the advantages of the Invincible™ range together with an insight on how the future will impact on your home or office.

You should be preparing now as changes are coming fast. Whether for a whole house or for offices, or even just one or two heaters, you can get started by ordering the free brochure or by requesting a free, no obligation quote.

For your FREE brochure call our 24hr Brochure Line on: 0800 158 8270 Questions or FREE no obligation survey? Call Suzanne on 0800 158 8272

Archetech - Issue 19 2015  
Archetech - Issue 19 2015