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Find out more about our exciting range of contemporary LG Hausys decorative materials for furniture, walls and floor...

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Commercial Use For walls and decorative panels

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3D Forming Veneers For kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture


Luxury Vinyl Flooring For commercial use in high traffic areas

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Fitzroy Park House Stanton Williams Architects: Stanton Williams
 Location: London N6, UK Area: 566.0 sqm Photographs: Hufton+Crow, Edmund Sumner The design strategy takes advantage of the sloping site by creating new additional spaces within the lower garden level. Above this a series of interlocking sculptural forms of glass, timber and stone emerge.

The living area flows into the dining room and kitchen, which in turn rolls back out to the garden. A set of stone stairs leads to a small swimming pool, which resonates with the presence of Hampstead ponds nearby.

The house is surrounded by natural landscape. Its upper level with four bedrooms nestles amongst the tree canopies, with balconies and views to Hampstead Heath and beyond. The position of the new house is set back sensitively from Fitzroy Park with a minimal stone and metal bridge, allowing mature trees to be retained and enhancing its peaceful setting.

Material references for the house reflect its natural setting. Cedar fencing and oiled Iroko balconies contrast with the dark timber envelope. Painted in dark grey, the timber brings additional texture and colour to the limestone on the exterior façade.

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The bridge leads into the heart of the house, which opens up to views over a day-lit six metre double-height volume down to the lower garden level. Large sliding glass doors dissolve the boundary between inside and outside with external stone paving extending into the landscaped garden which gently curves around the house.

The crisp and sharp protective exterior layers give way to softer warm interior spaces, with an extensive oak ceiling and floor laid out in limestone in the main living spaces. Here, a rhythm of neatly arranged recessed lighting trays keeps the ceilings as uncluttered as possible and linear veining to the limestone floors directs views to the garden. For the bedrooms, timber is again brought internally for warmth, while the bathrooms are also clad in limestone. Refined ironmongery on doors and handrails are made in bronze.

Stanton Williams were commissioned to create a new family home in North London within the Highgate Conservation area, replacing a late 1950s house.

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Lighting throughout the house is minimal and generally concealed, washing walls and ceilings with soft warm reflected light. Concealed garden lighting illuminates planting and trees, drawing the eye to the outside and avoiding the effect of a mirrored glass interior. In turn, it enhances the sense of generous open plan living areas connected with their landscaped setting. The addition of further tress and landscaping improves the site whilst also providing a private and secure environment for the family home. The house has a discreet presence from the road and steps down towards the neighbouring property to fully embed it withinthe landscape.

The house designed to be naturally ventilated and well insulated. New sedum roofs also help to blend the house into the surrounding natural setting. The bedroom timber sliding doors are set back from the balcony edge and shaded to reduce solar gain. The bedrooms also feature separate north facing openable slot windows to enable natural cross ventilation. Skylights are strategically placed at various points in the house, bringing in daylight, whilst large sliding doors enable easy access to outdoor areas even at the upper level of the house. Windows to the north have elegant vertical timber slats that allow natural daylight into the house but also provide privacy. These details ensure that the family can engage with nature at every possible opportunity throughout the seasons. Embedded in a unique, rural-like setting, Fitzroy Park House manages to be at once protective and open.

Advantage through technology

ecoHaus Internorm

46dB Sound proofing

Triple glazed uw 0.64

Solar powered integrated blind

Bonded glass

Aluminium clad

Triple seals Southwest Showroom Stroud Rd, Nailsworth. Glos. GL6 0BE Southeast Showroom The Rickyard, Godalming, GU7 2QA 0800 612 6519

Comtemporary Traditional

The Growing Challenge of Project Information Management Engineering and architectural projects today generate more information than ever before. Emails, images, meeting minutes, contracts, specifications, changes to contracts, orders, mark-ups, quotes ... all of this information about a project, or that discusses more than one project, adds to the complexity as each snippet of information may become vital to the success, or failure, of the project. The management, tracking and sorting of project information is a vital skill and one that requires effective management tools and methods.

Industry Challenges – The Many-Headed Hydra of Project Information Management The universe of project information contains models, drawings, emails, mark-ups, submittals, transmittals, meeting minutes, images, contracts, specifications, change orders and other documentation created in the course of designing, building and operating any facility, large or small. Every business project generates an incredible amount of project information; information that will need to be tracked and catalogued if it is to be used to improve current and future business. Addressing the basic needs of organising, finding, tracking, sharing, monitoring and reusing technical project information and communications takes time and effort. People and processes depend on that information. More than being a smart way of doing business, efficient project management is the only way to do business. But more and more, the burden of prima facie information management falls to the individual, and this leads to the serious problems of time-theft, stove-piping, accountability & visibility, the erosion of corporate knowledge, longer lead times for orientating new team members, poor visibility of project issues for senior management, and the possibility of greater exposure to risk from reduced process control.

Why this is of concern – The Costs of Getting it Wrong Managing information takes time; time which once spent cannot be regained. Time spent managing information is time not spent designing, collaborating or planning. Poor information management means excess time looking for or filing project information. Managing information requires processes. Even with company-wide processes, individuality creeps in and the resulting differentiation in file storage, naming protocols, version control, and so on, leads to stove-piping of information – a file emailed to most of the stakeholders for a project is not necessarily the same file that will be used by all stakeholders going forward. Information stove-piping will create a disconnect between vital elements of the project and the processes they need to work effectively – with architects, engineers, construction, owner organisations, and remote team members disconnected from their processes and from their financial and resource data, successful project delivery becomes a near-impossible task.

Losing Control Poor project information management reduces account- ability and visibility, potentially creating a whole host of problems with fraud and, just as importantly, the perception of how potential fraud is managed.

When project information management is not done well, corporate and project knowledge is lost during employee turnovers, and the orientation and assimilation of new team members on any project is made less effective.

Poor project information management obfuscates and makes difficult audit trails, transmittals, submittal and RFIs, increasing the headaches and time costs of doing business.

Process control will be lost without good project information management, leading to increased risk, and senior management visibility will be reduced, removing its ability to influence change and guide a project.

Project Information Management Software – Slaying the Hydra Architecture, engineering, construction, and owner organisations need to be connected to each other; information management systems should make information management easier, not add to the administrative over- head, while still allowing auditing and reliable efficient document searches and cataloguing. Document management is about storing structured information, and many existing systems can meet these needs. Document management systems burden the user with check-in and check-out procedures to document changes and searching is only as good as the metadata applied during these document lodgement procedures. The real problem lies in managing and sharing dynamically changing, ad-hoc information of the sort exchanged every day countless times via emails and document sharing using the hand-held devices used almost habitually and ubiquitously by a tech-savvy industry. Businesses need a solution package that will allows information management to happen smoothly and intuitively, and the industry is beginning to take advantage of on-line, web-based and smart systems for managing project information. “Minimal effort” and “drop-and-drag-ease” are terms spoken of wistfully as engineers, architects and project managers recite their wish-lists for tackling the problems of information management, as is the requirement to use a business’ existing IT environment and so leverage off the existing IT infrastructure and skill sets organic to the business staff. Smart-systems that offer the integration of multiple devices for information input and access, indexing all project files – including emails and their attachments – are able to meet this need, not just in small bites, but in one all-encompassing solution that doesn’t force customers to change the way they do business. The effective solution is one that takes existing business practices and makes what is already present work effectively.

Newforma’s information management software is just such a solution. Newforma’s software allows users to locate up-to-date project information and plans anywhere & on any device. By deep data indexing all files, searches take mere seconds to locate documents without users having to spend time inputting metadata. Newforma software finds search terms in more than 200 industry file formats, including emails and their attachments, as well as in the BIM object properties of DWG and DWF files. Redundant and/or duplicate files are removed across the network to eliminate version control issues. To assist with auditing, Newforma will locate and file project information on a server, even if the project has been active for years.

“Too much information” is a problem almost unsolvable without the right tool. Architects, engineers and project managers need a smart system in order to do effectively manage information and do business. The Newforma Project Information Management software gives increased accountability and visibility, accurate audit trails, preserves of project knowledge, accelerates the orientation and assimilation of new team members, increases visibility to senior management on all project issues, and reduces exposure to risk through project process control. In short, it is the smart system best suited for to meet the complex needs of project information management.

Perforated sheets from RMIG depict a new Golden age for Bang & Olufsen A combination of perforated TECU® Gold panels mounted on LED lights and large glass areas create a sensational building Precision perforated panels from RMIG have helped to create a unique, show-stopping facade for Bang & Olufsen’s (B&O) new flagship store in Herning, Denmark. This new building reflects the audio-visual giant’s new design concept for its stores. The B&O store project was handled under RMIG’s dedicated architectural and construction sector support programme, City Emotion, which assists architects and contractors in realising their urban design concepts and converting them into real solutions for buildings. Further information on City Emotion and RMIG Group can be found by visiting

An Introduction to Laser Cutting From the Experts Cutting Technologies has launched a series of seminars to showcase the vast capabilities of laser cutting and engraving in design, manufacturing and architecture. The laser experts have launched the new, free seminars in conjunction with the Royal Institute of Building Architects (RIBA) in order to show the industry what’s possible when it comes to lasers. The initial seminars will give participants an understanding to how laser cut and engraved items are commonly used in architectural applications. They will learn about the latest materials, how to specify a laser project, as well as an idea of typical costs based on various materials and techniques. There’s also an opportunity to network at the end of the hour long seminar. The first seminar takes place in July. To book your place or check other dates email For groups of 5 architects or more, Cutting Technologies can bring the seminar to a venue of the hosts' choice.

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Affordable AutoCAD group training at your offices    

2-day beginner courses 1-day workshops for intermediate or advanced users Set up of CAD standards & templates Content tailored to suit delegates


Mark Shepherd

email: mob: 079 0606 8518 web:

WOODPRODUCTS.FI Your showcase to Finnish wood products

WOODPRODUCTS.FI is an easy access website for wide range of high quality wood products. You can compare different properties and contact the manufacturers with webforms for distribution and enquiries.

PUUINFO OY, PO Box 381 (Unioninkatu 14, 3rd floor), 00131 Helsinki, Finland, tel. +358 (0)9 6865 450,,

A.C. Special Projects Supplies Traxon LED Solution for Railway Bridge That Lights Up Ruislip Manor A.C. Special Projects Ltd. (ACSP) have supplied and commissioned a dynamic Traxon LED media string system and battens to illuminate the main underside and façade of the Ruislip Manor Station Bridge, turning it into a spectacular gateway to the town centre in West London. As part of a £2 million investment by Hillingdon Council and Transport For London (TFL) to renovate the area - with the help of the Mayor of London's Regeneration Fund - building contractors, FM Conway were hired to restore the run-down railway bridge to its former glory, turning it into a visually impactful feature of the town. London-based lighting designers, EQ2 Light were employed by Hillingdon Council and FM Conway to deliver the project. EQ2 Light specified Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB and Traxon Dot XL 9 lighting fixtures, controlled by Traxon's e-Cue system. EQ2 Light approached ACSP, a Traxon specialist and ‘certified partner’, to supply and commission the solution. Due to the tight project turnaround, ACSP worked with Traxon to deliver the LED system in a shorter lead time than would normally be required to manufacture the number of fixtures needed for the project. The company also provided help and assistance on system implementation - including supplying drawings, schematics and installation guides, as well as over the phone technical support to the installers. “Traxon was ideal for this project and is a great choice for clients who want the peace of mind that comes from Traxon's product support and longevity,” says ACSP’s Director, Lance Bromhead. “The Traxon Dot XL 9 solution used to illuminate the main underside of the bridge features a versatile matrix of 896 separate colour-changing LED pixels. Each pixel is individually addressable, making this durable, scalable solution ideal for vivid accent, text, graphics, and video replay in installations of any size and complexity.”

The IP67-rated Dot XL system is designed to withstand outdoor environments. Suitable for daylight viewing, it shines brilliantly through adverse exterior conditions to boldly communicate messaging or evoke emotion. Mounted on a flexible string, Dot XL is not confined to a rigid, pre-determined form or structure, and can therefore accommodate a variety of irregular surfaces, planes, and configurations. “The Traxon Nano Liner Allegro AC XB linear battens were used to graze the façade of either side of the bridge in white light, emphasising the letters of the station name,” Lance continues. “These fixtures work perfectly for this job - they are a high output, energy efficient, ultra slim linear lighting solution for outdoor environments.” Both Traxon LED products feature a five-year warranty, meaning product support over the long term and guaranteed performance. Installing the fixtures presented a challenge, as the project had restrictions due to the railway bridge remaining open in order to minimise disruption to commuters - so Hillingdon required all works to be carried out at weekends, and when the railway line was closed. In addition to supplying the Traxon system, ACSP provided the associated power and data cabling - which was custommanufactured to order at their premises in High Wycombe - and programmed the lighting. The official switch-on of the Ruislip Manor Station Bridge's lighting display was attended by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Alternatively, contact the company now to see how they can help you to achieve your project aspirations, on +44 (0)1494 838392 / Keep up to date with the latest ACSP news via their twitter page and website:




t.020 7637 2930 f. 020 7637 2931 e. a. Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London SE1 7SJ





la covadonga - 1-8 page ADVERT.pdf




World’s first Integrated Doors win Red Dot Award Centor is celebrating worldwide recognition of its pioneering Integrated Doors after winning a Red Dot Award in the internationally respected design competition. Challenging all concepts of what we know as a door today, Centor has integrated doors, screens, shades and hardware as one, to create a new category of Integrated Doors that connect people with the world outside without the compromises. The innovative built-in screens and shades provide unprecedented versatility,

allowing control of sunlight, M insects and privacy so Y homeowners can enjoy inside-outside all year round. Concealed locks and hardware CM contribute to the contemporary look, while doors move with MY fingertip operation thanks CY to Centor’s patent-pending hardware.


Nigel Spork, Centor’s ManagingK Director, is thrilled with the award: “I’m hugely proud that we can delight people at home by combining beautiful design and phenomenal thermal performance with some mechanical magic.” To experience Integrated Doors, visit to find your nearest Centor Integrated Dealer showroom.

LMB Loft Conversions 167 Shirley Road Croydon, London CR0 8SS

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The UK’s Premier Decorative Laminate & Panel Product Fabricator for the Interior Fit Out Market

Suppliers of: cubicles, fire doors, office furniture, architectural walls as well as bespoke furniture components.

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We are able to produce products from laminates, veneers, plastics and solid surface.

10 year insurance back guarantee Deposit protection guarantee Full design and build package

• • •

Expert helpful advice Quality and approved staff Free estimates and surveys

Call us on 01925 223 965 or visit our website for more details: Telephone: 0800 998 1381 Email: Website:

1:15:52 P

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New STGM Architects head office STGM’s new head office is located in the Beauport borough of Quebec City, adjacent to the Estimauville eco-neighbourhood. It is a 1,000 square metre two-storied structure that puts the focus on eco-friendly, architectural innovation. The building succeeds in offering an exceptional level of comfort to its occupants through the mindful integration of a longitudinal form, orientation to the sun, light wood structure, meticulously selected materials and efficient systems, while producing a low ecological footprint. High performance concrete siding combined with Eastern Cedar creates an impression that is both simple and dynamic, with attention given to the relationship between solids and voids that lend the building an air of elegance that belies both time and fashion.

From the first sketches, the designers sought to attain a high level of sustainability – a principle already at the heart of the firm’s priorities, using creativity to implement the strategies necessary to reach LEED-NC Platinum level. With this objective in mind, comfort, simplicity and coherence were selected as founding principles. STGM’s new offices comprise two vast open-area workshops, closed offices, conference rooms, and indoor and outdoor meeting and rest areas. The longitudinal form, developed north-south, is sober and contemporary. The building integrates innovation and a host of eco-friendly features in view of attaining the highest level of sustainable building certification. A number of features were included to reduce the consumption of drinking water. Through efficient water management, the building decreases the energy requirements of wastewater treatment plants. The strategies employed aimed to reduce the consumption of drinking water through the use of such water-saving accessories as low-flow faucets and shower heads, and rainwater to flush the toilets. An ambitious reduction in energy consumption of over 60% compared with the reference building was sought through an innovative aerothermal design and recuperation of the building’s internal heat to curb demand on the distribution networks. A solar wall was also erected on the south-west façade of the building to preheat fresh air. Several control strategies also mitigated at-source needs by adapting lighting, heating and cooling use to actual occupation and needs. The project designers also focused on the use and management of materials and resources. The building’s ecological signature, for example, is apparent indoors with the use of wood salvaged from old houses in the area. Furniture from the company’s old offices was salvaged and integrated into the new project, without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and regional provenance (local sourcing) were prioritized throughout the process.

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As early as the first sketches, the characteristics of the site itself dictated a minimalist approach to the structural concept. The limited bearing capacity of the ground required minimal structural weight, and so the lightweight ductile wood frame, with a low ecological footprint, proved to be the best solution. With a small percentage of engineered wood and a large portion of lumber, the structure consists of prefabricated small-sized trusses and joists enabling a lighter structure while allowing for wide spans (14 metres) between the posts to create an open work area. The wood roof trusses were integrated as a design element, exposed on the first storey, giving the building its distinctive look.

Positive impacts for users The building’s location has its benefits for users. The dense sector is located on the outskirts of the downtown core, near a busy highway, with public transportation and a variety of services. Two parking lots are reserved for carpoolers and a charging station for electric cars is at the disposal of employees. The south facing terrace serves as a much appreciated rest area with landscaping featuring maintenance free and eatable plantings. Most of the plants are hardy and eatable, such as raspberry, lilies and serviceberry, don’t require irrigation and enable occupants as well as clients to use the outdoor areas of their environment.

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The building offers a stimulating work environment. Natural lighting and outdoor views are elements that are particularly appreciated. Most areas have natural lighting due to abundant windows on the four sides of the building, situated to optimize the different lighting opportunities during the day. Five light wells add midday lighting that is both appealing and varied depending on the time of day. LED fixtures, equipped with light detectors in the two large work areas, complete the indoor lighting needs. Key objectives, in keeping with the premises of comfort and simplicity, were to provide fresh air and to control the immediate environment. A series of windows vents are strategically positioned around the building envelope. In addition, the mechanical systems are designed to efficiently cool and heat the different zones of the building at the same time.

STGM Architects

Demista Quarter Page Ad 137 X 87mm

Linke Line 1/4 Page Advert 2_Layout 1 10/07/2014 16:27 Page 1 wetrooms






A cost-effective, time-saving channel drain for large scale projects

wetrooms wetrooms



52mm 36 Litre


Purus outlet/gulleys






■ Made in England. ■ Purus NOOD gulley 36–72 lit/min. ■ Rigid, heavy 1.5mm stainless (700mm unit weighs 2.5kg.) ■ Timber joist or concrete. ■ Next day delivery singles or quantity.

Made in UK

72 Litre 105mm


72 Litre 1300mm


92 Litre 01629 815500


A winning combination of top quality and amazing affordability














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Cold but beautiful surfaces such as tiles, Proven with a faultless track record for natural stone, marble, hardwood, over 21 years. Universally accepted laminate & carpets can be transformed by Architects, Interior Designers simply into inviting warm floors. & Specifiers as ‘The No1 Mirror demister’. Simple to install Internationally Approved • Low Energy Consumption Internationally Approved 100% Efficient & Maintenance Free 10 Year Warranty Various Sizes & Voltages • Bespoke To Order



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Queensway Industrial Estate Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5QF

TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 • E.


stormer designs Stormer Designs Belfast dedicate our time too bring you a design unique to your lifestyle. We are very much design orientated and committed to your project from initial design brief to the finished project. We work very closely with your interior designer so that certain areas gel with each other. We offer project management from start to finish . Basically we can do as much or as little as your require.

ILVE – The UK’s Best Kept Secret in Kitchen Appliances Based in Italy, ILVE have been making stunning bespoke cookers since 1952. Still a relatively new name in the UK, ILVE is renowned throughout the world for state-of-the-art cooking technology and exquisitely designed freestanding and built-in appliances.

Showroom of the year 2015 Independent retailer of the year 2015. Grand Designs Derry House 2015 [Channel 4] Taste of Ulster TV.

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BKU Finalist in both:

With an impressive collection of rangecookers available in sizes ranging from 60cm – 150cm which are now all equipped with precision digital temperature control and a wide choice of oven and hob configurations; ILVE range cookers can be tailored to suit any individual cooking style. ILVE also builds specialist built-in appliances such as Ice and Water dispensers, pizza ovens and high quality built in hobs, ensuring that there is the perfect ILVE appliance for every kitchen.



A rch i te c t s ,


d e li ve r


cli e nt-f o c us e d

s e r v i ce,

d e di c a t in g

o ur

t im e


p r ov i d e

d e si gn s o l u t i o ns w h i ch a r e a e s t h e t i c , f un c t i o n a l , e co n o m i c a l a n d us e r f r i e n dl y. Pas si o n a te, commit ted and

cr e a t i ve , we a i m t o un d e r s t a n d o ur c l i e n t 始s r e q u ir e m e nt s a n d e q uip t h e m

w i t h t h e b e s t p o s sib l e s o l u t i o n . W i t h e x te n si ve e x p e r i e n ce in a r a n g e of r e si d e nt ia l a n d c o m m e rc i a l p r o j e c t s i n c l u d i n g n e w b ui l d s u s t a i n a b l e p r o j e c t s , we

of f e r a r a n g e of s e r v i ce s

f r o m p la n n in g a n d b uil din g co nt r o l dr a w in gs to inte r i o r d e si gn a n d p r o j e c t m a n a g e m e n t .

31 Kenerne Drive. Barnet. EN5 2NW | 0208 449 5441 . 0780 326 0216 |

At R S Archite c t s , we love to ar ticulate th e

a e s t h e tic




m a t e r ia l s a n d t h e i r r e l a t i o n s h i p to t h e co nte x t . S o m e of t h e p r oj e c t s f e a t u r e d b e l ow r a n g e f r o m in t e r i o r d e si gn

wo r k



r ea r

e x t e n si o n s . Co n si d e r a t i o n was p a i d t o w a r d s a b a l a n ce o f co n t e m p o r a r y d e si gn

w i t h a cl ea r r e s o l u t i o n to

t h e cli e nt 始s n e e ds of sp a ce a n d f un c t i o n .

w w w. r s a r c h i t e c t s . c o . u k




Improved ROCKFON Mono速 Acoustic makes seamless acoustic ceilings and wall linings smoother and whiter than ever before Combining great acoustics with full design flexibility, the new generation of ROCKFON monolithic ceilings give architects it all in one system. Architects are often faced with the choice between acoustics and aesthetics when designing building interiors. While creative visions and modern trends call for seamless, white surfaces and organic shapes, technical requirements for acoustics, fire safety and easy installation can make it difficult to find a ceiling that does both. That is why ROCKFON has now made the innovative Mono速 Acoustic system even better. For product information call: 0800 389 0314 or email us on Website:

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See more of the great outdoors...

Our top quality windows and stunning bi-fold or sliding doors blend in with your home and lifestyle giving you a clear view of your outside space. We are based in Suffolk and celebrating ten years of dedication to our industry. Please visit or call Toby Golding /Antony Jackson on 01359 272646.

Vicaima make it snappy with new doors App

EVOLVE VS ARE EVEN MORE AUTHENTIC FOR CONSERVATION PROJECTS Synseal’s popular Evolve VS sliding sash has been improved with the addition of a new deep bottom rail design option, to provide an even greater degree of authenticity for heritage and conservation project applications. Standard Evolve vertical sliding sash windows feature a slimline bottom rail 60mm in height to maximise glass area and daylight, however a 100mm deep bottom rail has previously been available as a special manufacturing option by combining two extrusions. Now a new ovolo deep bottom rail created from a single extrusion, 100mm deep, is readily available to cater for projects that require authentic timber-mimicking PVC-U sliding sash windows, with the added benefit of improved visual aesthetic appeal.

Deciding which interior door design or finish best suits a particular space just got easier, with the launch of a new mobile application from one of the UK’s leading interior door manufacturer’s. My Vicaima uses readily available Smartphone and tablet camera technology to capture and create a stunning visualization tailored made for the room it’s to be used in. Through the use of My Vicaima it is possible to take pictures of the space where you plan to install a door and then interactively test which Vicaima model or finish best suits the desired décor or ambience you are trying to create, with plenty of scope for individual choice. All the Vicaima products listed are clearly identified with model name, collection and finish and with a simple link to the Vicaima website more information is available if desired. The My Vicaima app also incorporates easy interaction with other platforms, making it simple to save the pictures taken and to share them via social networks or messaging. It’s the perfect tool for a quick, easy to use and mobile way to test your ideas and share them with others. My Vicaima is available for download on Google Play through the link The version for iOS is available from the Apple Store through the link








Synseal is proud to introduce Celsius solid roof – a new and innovative system that employs a structural framework of timber components with environmentally-friendly Envirotile external roof tiles and cappings to create a truly warm solid roof construction, with no possibility of cold bridging. At the heart of the system are thermally-efficient structural insulated panels (SIPs), enabling Celsius solid roof to achieve a pitched roof U-value of 0.18 W/m2K for compliance in England and Wales. The U-value of 0.15 W/m2K for compliance in Scotland is achieved by fitting insulated plasterboard to line and finish the solid roof interior.


Envirotiles are 80% lighter than standard concrete tiles, weighing 8.4kg per square metre in contrast with cement or natural slate roof tile products that typically weigh 50 kg per square metre.

Zero Seal Systems Ltd Units 43-45 Ladford Covert, Seighford, Stafford ST18 9QG United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1785 282910 E-mail:


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rio, the leading manufacturer of interior and exterior folding door and window architectural solutions has provided architects CGT Works with the solution for opening up a Georgian interior in a flexible manner. CGT Works describes itself as an architectural and construction service company operating in London and Italy with over 10 years’ experience specialising in residential buildings and retail premises looking for budget or high-level design solutions. “We are a team of architects and specialised professionals that enjoys the challenge of designing and constructing innovative buildings and interiors alongside more traditional projects,” says CGT Works director and project manager Enrico Trolese. A recent project for the company involved converting a two bed flat in a Georgian terrace in London’s Earls Court into a more flexible living space. It involved knocking down the wall between the living room and the second bedroom to open up the space and let in more light. The owner still wanted the option of closing it off so the decision was made to install custom 3.4m x 8m panel doors – three sliding and one

pivoting. The doors were made by a local joiner and installed using Brio’s top hanging Single Run Zero Clearance hardware system. According to Enrico: “Brio was the only manufacturer that provided kit that suited the requirements for such heavy doors – they weight 100 kilos a panel. You can see the tracks but they are very discreet, set into the ceiling and the floor. It has been so successful we are now using the system on another project in the same building”. Enrico found Brio when researching the project online. “The Brio website is very good. All the details we needed were there and easily accessible plus technical drawings. I also spoke to Brio HQ about some details and the technical department was very good and obviously experienced.” Because these floor to ceiling door projects can present their own challenges when it comes to sliding door hardware, Brio has designed and manufactured its Single Run top hung system with a Zero Clearance option. The Zero Clearance option, available across Brio’s Single Run 80 – Single Run 250 product portfolio, successfully achieves the modern minimalist look with hardware that is discreetly hidden from view.

Single Run Zero Clearance hardware allows minimal gaps between the door panel and hardware, offering a pleasing aesthetic finish to floor to ceiling installations. With no hanger plates or screws protruding above the top edge of the door, Single Run Zero Clearance has been designed to achieve clearances of 3mm between the track and the top of the door. And, to go with the discreet top, the new spring loaded guide and bottom rail can also be concealed within the bottom edge of the door thereby extending Zero Clearance to floor level. “The new Zero Clearance option has already proved popular with architects and specifiers as only 3mm clearance is required between the top of the door and the track. The track can be installed into the ceiling so the door looks as though it is floating as the hangers are difficult if not impossible to see. It is a very aesthetically pleasing effect,” says David Newton, General Manager at Brio UK. For more details on the BRIO product range visit

BRIO’S ZERO CLEARANCE ON SINGLE RUN SLIDING DOORS Brio, the global name in leading architectural sliding and folding door hardware manufacturer, has developed a comprehensive range of hardware for all exterior and interior sliding timber doors. Brio’s Zero Clearance range gives architects and specifiers the freedom to choose the right product for the right finish to a job. Floor to ceiling sliding doors and shutters are increasingly popular in residential homes and all commercial sites such as offices or retail fit-outs need an in-built creativity and flexibility for the best use of any space.

Brio’s extensive Single Run hardware, ideal for floor to ceiling straight sliding timber doors, comes with Zero Clearance option offering a more streamlined finish compatible with today’s uncluttered minimalist interiors. The Zero Clearance option, available across Brio’s Single Run 80 – Single

With no hanger plates or screws protruding above the top edge of the door, Single Run Zero Clearance has been designed to achieve clearances of 2.5mm between the track and the top of the door. And, the new spring loaded guide and bottom rail can also be concealed within the bottom edge of the door thereby extending Zero Clearance to floor level. “The new Zero Clearance option has already proved popular with architects and specifiers as only 2.5mm clearance is required between the top of the door and the track. The track can be installed into the ceiling so the door looks as though it is floating as the hangers are difficult if not impossible to see. It is a very aesthetically pleasing effect,” says David Newton, General Manager at Brio UK. The popular Brio Single Run range was designed for use on interior and exterior sliding shutters and doors in residential or light commercial settings. The application caters for any straight sliding top hung system from room dividers to agricultural and industrial doors – from 60kg to 350kg. The system is suitable

for one panel sliding to one side or two panels bi-parting on a single run of track. Panels can also slide parallel to one another making Single Run suit just about any application. Brio has now introduced a frameless glass system to the Single Run range. Suitable for applications where floor to ceiling sliding frameless glass panels are to be installed. Zero Clearance for Glass is capable of coping with glass panels weighing from 80 to 180KG’s and is ideal for us in Commercial applications such as hotels and offices. All Brio Single Run systems offer quiet finger-tip control through the combination of track profile, precision bearings and appropriately tyred wheels. “We are a global company focused on bringing adventurous ideas to life, converting the conceptual thoughts of our customers into exciting reality and I sincerely believe the Brio range of quality, well-designed product bears this out. We are a solutions company and a world leader in design and quality,” concludes Newton. For more details on the BRIO product range visit

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However, floor to ceiling doors can present unique challenges when it comes to the sliding door hardware, and this has led Brio to design engineer and manufacture its Single Run Zero Clearance range delivering clearances of 2.5mm between the track and top of the door.

Run 350 product portfolio, successfully achieves the modern look with hardware discreetly hidden from view.

Suppliers of high performance doors/windows traditional to passivhaus

Passivlux ltd are the UK partners for Danish manufacturer Vrogum Svarre A/S. Looking after their sales-design, installation and service in the UK market place. Vrogum svarre manufacture beautiful Danish made to measure flush casement windows and doors in engineered slow grown Scandinavian pine which is sourced from sustainable forestry, painted and stained in a choice of Ral colours using non-toxic water based paint systems , giving a design life of over 60 years.

Archetech - Issue 19 [Page 26]

With glazing options suitable for current building regulations through to Passivhaus suitable. Vrogum Svarre offer traditional outward opening flush casement windows/doors, vertical sliding sash, folding sliding doors, lift and slide doors, composite doors and their flagship product Svarre The triple glazed svarre has been designed with low maintenance in mind along with high performing air/water tightness (1800 Pascal’s) and with brilliant looks! The Svarre has a unique glass faced design which is 100% maintenance free externally, due to the glass covering the timber window behind it giving a sleek flush look. The glass face has an 88mm colour band which is offered in four standard colours, with the option for any Ral making it suitable for almost any building.

Svarre is a Danish outward opening timber window/door system. The external face is completely covered in glass, presenting a seamlessly flat surface. Having a coloured band imprinted into the glass, which covers the sub frame behind it With a choice of top / side guided windows, single outward opening doors, outward Double French doors and a two pane sliding patio door. Svarre is the ultimate door and window system with a unique design. Externally toughened glass is part of the triple glazed unit which beautifully protects all the working elements of the unit, including the woodwork. Designed to be the world’s leading high performance, low maintenance window




Window and Door Systems All Glass Exterior

Unique Danish design ... triple glazed .... uw 0.86 1800 Pascal’s weather tightness secured by design certified

Passivlux Passivlux Ltd, 6 The Stour Centre, 22-24 Stour Street Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2NZ Web: Sample on show at The Building Centre WC1E 7BD

Touch Ironmongery Ltd 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea London SW10 9PJ

The Perfect Touch


stablished 33 years ago in October 1982, Touch Ironmongery is one of London’s leading ironmongers. Originally called “A Touch of Brass”, the firm changed their name in 2003 in reaction to slowly advancing market changes in architectural ironmongery which is no longer supplied solely in brass, and to also reflect the broader range of products and finishes that they sell.

Archetech - Issue 19 [Page 28]

In fact today, Touch can supply a wide range of finishes including Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Copper, Bronze -solid and plated, BMA, Antique Brass, Black, Pewter, Ceramic, Leather, Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, and the list keeps growing. Whatever finish you require, Touch can help you get the right look. Touch occupy their recently refurbished showroom at 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea, where they display a vast range of their 5,000 products. With a customer base including Interior Designers, Builders and individuals who are interested in the top end of the

Ironmongery market, Touch mainly supply to residential premises but hotel and office properties also contribute to their vast clientele. The company also have a healthy export market to all corners of the world, namely the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Touch’s owner and founder, Bill Benham, has 33 years’ experience in the ironmongery trade, as do his colleagues Jim Haselup and Alan Blanchard. Saleem Qureshi is the newest member of our team and has 10 years’ experience, meaning their knowledge is unrivalled in this industry. The range of products supplied by Touch date from circa 1640 French (Louise XIV) and cover all subsequent periods (Georgian, Edwardian & Victorian), art deco and contemporary pieces also make up the product ranges. In addition, Touch showcases the very best of British manufacturing; the best ranges are still produced in the Midlands by craftsmen in factories dating back 200 years or more. Touch also sell European manufactured goods

which is considered to be of a very good quality and in recent years they have introduced some of the far eastern made products, albeit in a limited range but cost effective. With trends continuously evolving, new innovative products are constantly under development. Touch understand that keeping up with the fashion-shifts is imperative in order to provide every customer with the best solution for their requirements. Ironmongery can be a difficult and complicated aspect of a building project, as a result Touch aim to take this awkward aspect and make it user friendly and clear to understand by offering an onsite service where they carry out a detailed door by door, window by window, room by room Ironmongery schedule, highlighting all requirements and identifying any items that can be refurbished. Refurbishment is a large part of the business; Touch will undertake complete ironmongery refurbishment projects, and can restore old paint covered door furniture to their former glory, looking as new, at a fraction of the cost to replace.

For more information about Touch Ironmongery or to arrange a showroom visit please call 0207 351 2255 or alternatively visit

OLARIA BARCELONA has now come to London Olaria full range is now available from Touch Ironmongery. Olaria are manufacturers based in Barcelona. Est.1934. Suppliers of luxury hardware to the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona such as Casa Berenguer and Casa Mila of Architect Gaudi, Old Hotel Ritz, Hotel Avenida Palace, Hotel Majestic and many commercial and luxury buildings.

BI-FOLDING DOORS BRING EXTENSION TO LIFE FOR SOUTH YORKSHIRE FAMILY One South Yorkshire family is reaping the benefits of a lighter and airier living space, thanks to new aluminium bi-folding doors from HWL Windows Group. Tom Hebdige lives in a newly extended five-bedroom detached property in Wath-upon-Dearne near Rotherham with his wife and young family and wanted to maximise the light in his larger living area. After being recommended HWL Windows Group by a friend, Tom realised the quality and value of bi-folding doors from the company and contacted the firm to arrange a consultation. The experts recommended a total of five bi-folding doors spanning 4.3 metres to maximise the living area and to help bring the outside in.

Archetech - Issue 19 [Page 30]

The ability to open up the whole of the back of the house was one of the main reasons why Tom chose bi-folding doors for the property. The seamless link between the home and the patio area of the garden will allow Tom’s family to make much greater use of this area as an extension to their living space. To add to the feeling of airiness inside the home and to complement its contemporary aesthetics, Tom chose white bi-folding doors for the property. HWL Windows Group offers a comprehensive range of colour options for its aluminium bi-folding doors, which are available in any RAL colour, as well as the option of different colours to interior and exterior of the doors. Tom Hebdige said: “We are delighted with our new bi-folding doors, they have brought so much more light in and it’s great that they can be folded right back to make a seamless link between the house and garden. We were happy with the service from HWL too, receiving the bi-folding doors and having them fitted within just a couple of weeks. I’d definitely

recommend HWL Windows Group and I would not hesitate to buy from them again in the future.” HWL’s bi-folding doors help to keep energy bills down, as they offer a high level of thermal performance, achieving a u-value of 1.8 W/m2K that meets all Part L requirements. Graham Howatson, Sales and Marketing Director at HWL, said: “Customers like Tom who are renovating their home and looking to add value appreciate the fact that we can manufacture bi-folding doors to meet their exact requirements. This project was perfect for our bi-folding doors which have opened up the whole back of the house, enhancing the living area and lifestyle of the family.” HWL Windows Group pre-builds and delivers its products as a single unit. The company performs pre-checks on all of its bi-fold doors before they are delivered to customers to ensure they are in full working order before installation. Available with as many as eight doors depending on the size of the project, HWL Windows Group’s bi-folding doors have slim profiles for enhanced sightlines and a fold away concertina style for a smooth operation. HWL Windows Group has nearly 15 years’ experience in supplying doors, windows and conservatories for self-build customers and home renovators. The company offers a one-stop solution that includes design, manufacture and installation, along with two site surveys – one that is carried out during the initial quotation and another during the final manufacturing stage. For more information, call 0113 244 9006 or email or visit the website


With over 40 years’ experience of supplying and fitting rainwater systems we have a product to suit your unique requirements.


I March 2013


Brochure available


DWA Rainguard

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T: 0113 279 5854 W: E:

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Suitable for homes without access to mains drainage Discreet solution to on-site sewage treatment 10 models in the range with a capacity up to 50pe CE Marked and EN 12566-3 Certified Uses the extended aeration method to treat sewage 96% efficiency allows a typical 3-5 year emptying interval Visually unobtrusive and odourless 25 year warranty on GRP & 2 year warranty on the air pump Deal direct with the UK Manufacturer

0800 731 9421

5 Real Reasons to Choose Steel We often get questions about comparisons of different materials. Very frequently the choice is between steel versus plastic or aluminum. Our choice at Lindab is, and has always been, steel. We will give you 5 real reasons to choose steel for your rainwater system rather than PVC or aluminum. Most of these arguments go for all steel systems, but we think that we add even more to this fantastic material. We have been processing steel for more than 50 years and we buy over 200 000 tonnes of steel every year, so we feel that we know what we are doing. We also put our products through rigorous testing.

2. Steel stays in shape Virtually all materials are affected by differences in temperature and grows and shrinks as the weather changes. Compared to aluminum and plastic, steel has a lot smaller movement factor. This means that your installation is much more likely to last as connections and fixation points won’t take such a beating as with other materials.

4. Strong as steel Steel is the foundation of all modern construction, and there is a reason for that. Steel is strong. Snow, hail, falling tree branches and other circumstances can easily break a rainwater system made from aluminum or plastic materials. And even though we recommend that you are careful during the installation, a steel system is much more heavy duty than its competitors. 5. Steel is actually cheaper than plastic or aluminum The initial cost for a steel rainwater system is higher. We’re not saying that it’s not. But if you take into consideration the lifespan and maintenance needed for the respective systems, you actually save money. The lifecycle cost for a steel system is considerably lower than any other system out there. For more information contact Telephone 0121 585 2780 or E-mail:

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1. Steel has the lowest carbon footprint of all rainwater systems materials With steel you get a cost effective and environmental friendly installation that is 100 % recyclable. Our Rainline system is made from sheet steel, a raw material that has a natural place in today’s approach towards sustainability.

3. It’s really long lived A rainwater system made of steel can last in excess of 70 years. To aid to the lifespan we rustproof the material with a 275 grams zinc coating. This gives the system a self-healing quality where scratches and cuts are automatically sealed by zinc ions that migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel.

Opening eyes minds and doors

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Every September, come rain or sun, a quarter of a million Londoners take to the streets to explore, engage and debate their city’s architecture through a very simple concept – opening up 800 buildings totally free. The urban fabric of our community has such a strong impact on us every day, but very few people learn about how it is created, planned and managed. The Open House initiative provides residents with the opportunity to offer an informed view and enables boroughs to engage directly with them. It is an excellent platform for showcasing current or planned activity and to celebrate the architectural, environmental and infrastructure assets of any city and this initiative has now been replicated in over 30 cities across the world, giving an opportunity of over one million people to actively engage in the present and future development of their city.

Perhaps equally important, Open House also provides one of the very few forums where built environment professionals informally meet the capital’s residents in person, providing opportunity to discuss and debate architectural issues, explain new ideas, and share knowledge. Direct experience offers a far more complete picture of a building’s reality than photographs, illustrations and descriptions could ever provide. By providing this unique opportunity for the city, Open House has helped the wider community become more knowledgeable, engaged in dialogue and make informed judgements on architecture, and therefore understand the role and legacy of good design in shaping our future city. Evaluation has show year on year that Open House has helped to challenge preconceptions, raise awareness and expectations about what is possible, and see evidence of how new concepts, materials and technologies work.

In essence it advocates a sense of ownership for the city and its neighbourhoods, promotes direct dialogue and understanding with hundreds of professionals explaining what their roles are and how their projects work, promotes greater appreciation of the city’s built environment by including a vast range of examples of high-quality design, from new infrastructure projects to civic buildings, homes offices and schools, amongst many others, inspires informal discussion of ‘what is excellence’? in design, planning and infrastructure, showcases the best of new projects as well as older buildings of architectural merit, and embeds a holistic understanding of the built environment and those who design, manage and build it by highlighting the value of engineering, public space, landscape and infrastructure alongside architectural design. Victoria Thornton OBE, HonFRIBA, Founding Director

Open Open House™ —City London 2015

Open House London 19–20 Sept ™

Order your copy of the Open House London Guide from Revealing great architecture for free

Infrastructure partner

Landscape partner


Landscape Institute

Local authorities in London

Inspiring great places

Open House London is a registered charity

Media partner


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Friends House John McAslan + Partners Friends House lies within the Euston Road Conservation Area is the home of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain. The Grade II building by Hubert Lidbetter won the RIBA Bronze Medal in 1927. The central space is the Large Meeting House, seating 1,200. Designed for Yearly Meeting (the annual gathering of Quakers), it is still used for this purpose once a year.

steps were uneven and cramped, and dated seating made access challenging, while the galleries were not accessible to all. Our design creates a larger flat-floored area at ground floor level with a flexible arrangement of the central area, making it possible to install cabaret type seating with tables, exhibition space, orchestral and dance events in the space as well as the conventional lecture-theatre layout.

Prior to our refurbishment, views of the stage were compromised, seats were uncomfortable and the balcony areas largely unused as they deterred full participation in worship or in secular events. The new scheme now responds to the needs of the Society of Friends, those with disabilities and other users. Our vision was to create a place that expresses the values of the Quakers in Britain and transformed the Large Meeting House into a versatile, accessible and sustainable space.

One of the most striking elements of the reconfigured space is the dramatic roof-light, flooding the internal volume with daylight. The team was inspired by the work of James Turrell, an American artist (and lifelong Quaker) acclaimed for his work with light and space. We have developed the rooflight design with reference to Turrell’s work – the new glass rooflight above the Large Meeting House evokes a powerful interplay, drawing the sky down into the heart of the renewed space.

The outreach and social programmes at Friends House offer a considerable resource to the local community of Camden and the Large Meeting House is hired out to student, community and political groups. The refurbished space removes an insensitively inserted ceiling, and the reconfiguration means that the space is now adaptable to suit a range of outreach work.

Our intention has been to create an atmosphere that reflects and expresses the values by which Quakers seek to live their lives based on equality, respect for the environment, justice, simplicity and peace. The Large Meeting House has been transformed into an inclusive congregation space that is calm and luminous.

Quakers are committed to becoming a low-carbon, sustainable community and the new space is passively ventilated, making the building as sustainable as possible, considering its age. The redesign creates a more coherent space, with unbroken raked seating now creating a more unified gathering space. The scheme facilitates use by those with disabilities – not just wheelchair users but also people with sight and hearing difficulties. The old ramped floor was non-DDA compliant,

40 years

in the making... Founded in 1975, Firman Glass has built a reputation for excellence in architectural glazing. Challenge us with your project today!

✓ Toughened n ✓ Processed n ✓ Laminated n

✓ Decorated n ✓ Fire Resistant n ✓ Sealed Units n

01708 374534 In association with

A High Performance from Remmers

Bespoke Oak Flooring To compliment their recently refurbished showroom, a new ‘high tech’ workshop has been constructed at Charles Hurst Ferrari, the official Ferrari dealer in Northern Ireland. Remmers UK Ltd along with McLaughlin and Harvey Contractors were appointed to oversee the installation of a flooring system in keeping with the Ferrari brand and suitable for a workshop environment.

The existing old concrete floor in the workshop was constructed in several slabs and therefore a high potential for movement existed. The floor required filling and levelling prior to the application of the new flexible surface finish. The system proposed by Remmers was a flexible 3mm visco elastic PUR resin system with a polyurethane seal coat. The seal coat has integral R11 slip rating and a high degree of chemical resistance.

… the perfect finish for any room > Esco engineered oak flooring > Eight colour options > Varied surfaces available - aged, wire brushed

and Harfa rough sawn effect > Pre-finished with Osmo Polyx-Oil Call or visit the web for a brochure.

+44 (0)1296 481 220

Osmo ESCO 123x93.indd 2

23/10/2014 15:28

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Not just Harfa floor with Osmo Tuttoparquet are suppliers and installers of high quality and bespoke hardwood flooring to both residential and commercial high end projects in the UK. Our wide range of products can provide solutions to the most discerning and demanding projects. Underfloor heating compatible floors, antibacterial finishes and highly traffic resistant products are just a few examples of what we can offer. Our Contract Range, for large projects, is competitive without compromising in quality. All our products are 100% environmentally conscious and our installers are factory trained. Give us a call on 0207 435 8282 or go to for more information.

Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, is able to provide customers with a unique looking and aesthetically pleasing wooden floor from ESCO Group as part of their on-going partnership. As part of ESCO’s flooring collection, Harfa flooring has been designed with a rough-sawn treatment and has been enhanced with cross-wise cuts that are grooved in the surface with great care. Ideal for housing projects, Harfa can be combined with many different styles and colours, providing endless possibilities. As with all ESCO flooring, Harfa is finished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, providing optimum protection to the surface, without detracting from its unique appearance. For more information, visit and

Always specify genuine FuranFlex25 available only from the Kompozit’allUK nationwide network FuranFlex25 - the lining solution for guaranteed success Adaptability FuranFlex 25 is the proven solution for lining applications for all types of heating and ventilation. With the very latest proven techniques Kompozit’allUK distributors can solve your requirements quickly, cleanly and guaranteed.

Credibility FuranFlex - invented, developed and manufactured by Kompozitor over the last 16 years. FuranFlex - introduced, tested, certified, listed and guaranteed by Kompozit’allUK Ltd over the last 5 years.

Guarantee Our confidence in our product and our Kompozit’allUK distributors means FuranFlex 25 comes with a unique full 25 year product guarantee. This is only available from Kompozit’allUK distributors whose personnel are annually certified. Our guarantee provides for a full value replacement should a product issue occur. This guarantee is fully transferable and backed by a unique 25 year insurance backed guarantee. Whilst some manufacturers and installers claim to offer a 25 year guarantee they may only replace the liner and even this may be aged over the period, so if the liner has been in use, for example for 10 years, they may reduce their offer to a proportion of the cost of the replacement liner, but nothing towards the cost of re-installation. With Kompozit’allUK if there is a manufacturing fault both the liner and the re-installation costs are completely covered for the full 25 year period. Kompozit’allUK are further able to offer the customer a unique full 25 year insurance backed guarantee at just 2% of the project value for complete peace of mind

Over 3000 successful installations in the UK






Independently tested, certified and CE marked














Over 4 million metres installed in over 29 countries

Diameters up to 1000mm



Kompozit’allUK Limited 9 Birch Crescent Aylesford ME20 7QE t: +44 (0) 1622 717374 or t: +44 (0) 1622 37 0770


A product for ALL applications

from Kompozit’allUK



FuranFlex25 only from Kompozit’allUK. The right choice. APPLICATION

from Kompozit’allUK

The right application

FuranFlex25 RWV

Solid fuel open fire chimney


Solid fuel stove


BioMass boiler


DFE/Gas open fire


DFE/Room heater gas fire


FuranFlex25 Black


Gas boiler


Gas stove



Oil boiler


Oil stove


Kitchen ventilation


Ventilation ducting


Top water pipes


(not for fire protection) v

Other applications on request

The right support

At all installations we will explain: The guarantee benefits (full 25 years). The guarantee terms and conditions. The Insurance Backed Guarantee. The maintenance schedule.

For guaranteed peace of mind: Technical support. Aftercare. Information and advice.


Kompozit’allUK Limited ANFL R


U • G



E •

The right completion

Kompozit’allUK - a dedicated network of professional lining specialists

All FuranFlex25 installation companies will: Provide all equipment for the installation. Use Kompozit’allUK Ltd backup equipment if required. Use the technical panel to ensure the contract progresses on schedule and within budget.



The right installation


The right response

Professional surveying and quotations: All enquiries are acknowledged and visited by qualified fully equipped surveyors who produce clear understandable quotations and are ready to advise and explain.

9 Birch Crescent, Aylesford ME20 7QE Tel: +44 (0) 1622 71 73 74 or +44 (0) 1622 37 0770


Please visit our website: for details of Furanflex25, our approved nationwide installer network and our unique 25 year Insurance Backed Guarantee scheme on all products. FURANFLEX


KOMPOZIT’ALLUK from Kompozit’allUK



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U • G




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In the first instance customers should contact their original installer who will survey, confirm application and maintenance, making a technical report. Please do note that our guarantees cover any defects in materials, and do not provide indemnity against defective workmanship. Any guarantee claims regarding defective workmanship should be addressed to the Chimney Care liquidator.

We are also pleased to announce the arrival of Furanflex25, which carries the same Kompozit’allUK 25 year guarantee, but is also supported by the very best Nationwide distribution network with annual certification, technical support and disciplined installation methods for all heating, ventilation, kitchen extraction and drainage applications.


Chimney Care Limited is in solvent liquidation. Its lawyers have told us that it has ceased to trade some months ago. TRL (TechReline) appears to have bought the trade name of Chimney Care. We would like to take this opportunity to reassure all of our clients that we, as the official importer and distributor of Kompozitor’s products since 2010, will be honoring our product guarantee commitments to all clients, who were supplied FuranFlex BLACK and FuranFlex RWV by Chimney Care Ltd, until 12th November 2014.

Sunflow Ltd - Stunning Breakthrough in Low Surface Temperature (LST) Heating Safety heating, as defined by National Health Service guidelines, dictates that the outside surface temperature of heaters cannot exceed 43°C. Above this temperature the elderly or small children can suffer burns. This means that traditional heaters have to use bulky covers to lower the outside temperature or rely on excessive air movement, usually by using either fans or forced convection. Forced convection occurs when cool air hits an element heated to 1000-1500°C. Sunflow engineers are proud of their consumer/office range of Invincible™ heaters because their design mixes gentle, natural convection and radiant heat to give a high degree of comfort. Sunflow does not rely on forced air convection for its Invincible™ range of heaters because, as well as offering efficiency and economy, the company believes their natural, gentle convection maintains an even temperature, while their radiant heat ensures a very satisfying level of comfort.

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The challenge was to bring Invincible™ comfort to the new range of Sunflow LST heaters, also knowing that noisy fans are not the best for bedrooms. After seven years research and development, the patent-registered ‘radiator enhancement system’ allows for a revolutionary new type of LST heater. This breakthrough allows the use of Sunflow’s low temperature/low input, baked kiln-clay block technology, which embeds an element in each block and limits the temperature of the actual block to 130°C; this has the added advantage that dust cannot burn at these temperatures.All this ensures that the outside of the heater stays below the guidelines set by the NHS whilst the excessive movement of air and pollutants is avoided. The Sunflow LST range will be on the market in early July 2015 and to celebrate the technology, a number of visually stunning ‘Art Radiators’ have been commissioned for release this Autumn (a preview of these is on As a bespoke engineering firm, Sunflow can offer a huge range of colours, finishes and designs, tailoring their heating technology to suit a variety of projects.

Sunflow InvincibleTM Heaters

Slim, powerful & better by deSign in a brilliant range of colourS & finiSheS

Ready Now for life after Fossil Fuels The recent G7 Summit announced to the world that Britain is preparing to cut fossil fuel use by 70% in 2050! Sounds a long way away but to achieve this we have to stop installing gas, oil, lpg and coal heating soon, some say by 2030 and there are some hints it may be as soon as 2025. That is only ten years away so if you are re-thinking your heating you should order the FREE Sunflow brochure now: 0800 158 8270 24 Hr Brochure Line

Why Sunflow InvincibleTM Electric Heating? The Invincible™ range is based on 21st century technology to bring a wonderful heating experience that combines gentle natural convection with radiant heat to produce a unique feeling of comfort. Economy and efficiency come as standard so that Invincible Heaters™ can be used with the new home batteries.

The Sunflow experience is made possible by its construction, design, controls and low temperature technology. We believe our standards are world quality and we back this up with Kite Mark certification. Invincible™ radiators are so well built they are designed to last well beyond 2050. Our new brochure details all the advantages of the Invincible™ range together with an insight on how the future will impact on your home or office.

You should be preparing now as changes are coming fast. Whether for a whole house or for offices, or even just one or two heaters, you can get started by ordering the free brochure or by requesting a free, no obligation quote.

For your FREE brochure call our 24hr Brochure Line on: 0800 158 8270 Questions or FREE no obligation survey? Call Suzanne on 0800 158 8272

Air movement, it comes naturally to us Imagine a Natural Ventilation System that has been tested better than any other. That each of its components have decades of research, knowledge and expertise behind every one. Imagine sitting there today wondering if the room you’re in is allowing you to breathe the best quality air you possibly could. Imagine then, a system that knows what you want to do, knows where you are and considers your indoor and outdoor environment when moving air through your building. Imagine if such a system exists - It does, it’s on its way.

For more information please contact or visit:

There’s a much bigger picture to be found at Ruskin Air Management. Ruskin Air Management


Air Diffusion


Smart Fire UK part of £1m redevelopment in Knightsbridge When interior designer Dominic Parrish wanted a realistic fireplace for his redevelopment of a luxury basement apartment, he turned to Smart Fire UK. The bio-ethanol EcoSmart fire was part of £1M redevelopment of a luxury basement apartment in Princess Gate, Knightsbridge. The project involved excavating an additional floor to the apartment, thus creating a sub-basement. Being a basement apartment with no access to a chimney or flue, the EcoSmart fires were seen as the perfect alternative for heating the room. Having a flat-screen television situated above it, the fire was designed to be the focal point of the contemporary-design room. Because the fires run on bio-ethanol, a clean burning fuel, they do not require any fume extraction devices, meaning they can be installed virtually anywhere.

VANIXA presents: Hypnosis The new exclusive emotional furnishing with the lava effect

The use also has a salutary effect , in fact the warmth that heats the salt crystals pink generates negative ions , which are useful to the improvement of respiratory function and protect themselves from many of the crystals present in the surrounding electromagnetic emissions generated by all dispositvi power that now surround our daily lives. A beautiful object , emotional, helpful , which easily solves the need to be able to easily install and everywhere a "light of fire" , with taste and incomparable beauty. There remains , therefore, that go to see it in person c / o shwroom Vanixa Via Cerva 6 in Milan and choose the color..

SWEETER SMELLING WARM AIR FROM SPECFLUE As an addition to its air pellet stove range, Specflue is now offering the first design diffusers. Branded as MCZ Comfort Air®, the design diffusers can be integrated into any air-vented heating system and contain unique light and aromatherapy functions. The diffusers also allow the room outlets to be freely positioned on the wall, giving architectural and aesthetic advantages. A tank located

inside the diffuser contains water that vaporises when the hot air exits the system, so fragrances and essences can be added to create a scented ambience. The diffusers allow the heat produced by the stove to dissipate rapidly and uniformly, giving a 30% increase in the heat released compared to traditional systems. Visit or call 0800 9020220.

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Hypnosis is a very beautiful object and linear in its simplicity and clean, manages to be the undisputed protagonist of the environment in which it is placed , without being excessive and intrusive. Allows you to furnish an environment combining style, warmth and emotions, becoming an element of discussion and conversation. Entirely designed and built by Vanixa in Italy , is ideal for places and spaces in which the conviviality and beauty play a central role , such as in some luxury spa , hospitality spaces of the most exclusive hotels , yachts, restaurants more renowned . Capture the attention of 4 senses: sight , with the wonderful effect of embers generated by lights and pink Himalayan salt crystals , hearing a slight crackling sound , feel a slight warmth that comes from below the salt crystals , smell through a diffuser essences electronically. Each function is activated individually using a special remote control.

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Space Saving Luxury Pool When can a swimming pool double up as a dance floor? When it’s a moving floor pool. A luxury pool no longer needs to take up permanent residency in a room or garden – a push of a button on the pool’s control panel and a Hydrofloors movable floor glides effortlessly from the base of the pool and locks firmly when it reaches floor level, restoring the room or garden patio to its former glory. When clients think about a luxury pool, they imagine a space devoted exclusively to the pool, however, by installing a pool with a moving floor, clients can reclaim the space whenever they need it for any non-aquatic activity. Bespoke pool design company, London Swimming Pool Company creates this spacesaving miracle for clients, giving them a pool area that can be transformed for multiple use.

The growth in moving floor pools in private residences has been fuelled by the property boom, with overseas investors adding value to their properties with bespoke moving floor pools. At the other end of the scale are clients who desire a pool, but do not have spare space to dedicate to one. A pool designed with a moving floor gives maximum flexibility to switch easily between a pool and a solid floor that blends seamlessly with the surrounding interior floor or outdoor terrace.

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Moving floors were originally designed for public pools to enable operators to offer different types of swimming experiences to adults, children, babies, people having therapeutic treatment and for water sports. The development of solid load-bearing floors that allow people to stand, walk and dance on them with total confidence made them viable for private clients. Today, moving floor pools are the fastest growing trend with clients who want a pool. They are in demand not only for their multi-use feature, but also because of the security that comes with sealing off the pool completely when it’s not in use.

Camilla Interiors

THE BRIEF The Singapore-based owners had purchased the five bedroom property as a UK base, with plans to use it for family holidays plus let it as an exclusive holiday home to capitalise on their investment. The owners brief was to embrace the views and St Ives’ artistic heritage, the integrity of the properties character and proportions, while maximising space to create contemporary and luxurious interiors. The renovation was to be project managed by Camellia within tight constraints on both budget and deadlines.

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THE STORY Knowing the team’s specialism in coastal architecture, design and interiors, they approached Camellia for their management across the whole rebuild and refurb of the house – citing the uniqueness of the area and the diverse colour palette as their main inspiration. The main requirement architecturally was to create a relaxing yet practical environment for holidays. However, the owners were also looking for a flexible internal accommodation option that would prove attractive as an exclusive holiday let.

Archetech - Issue 19 [Page 48]

Design Director of Camellia Interiors, Elaine Skinner, says, “This St Ives property was a major challenge structurally and logistically, although this is just the type of test that the Camellia team rises to brilliantly. Alongside our Cornish builders, we obviously know the logistics of St Ives intimately so our project management team successfully planned to overcome the parking and access restraints of narrow streets. The interiors style had to be fun yet formal – embracing the integrity of the property’s character and proportions, without compromising contemporary living requirements.”

The unexpected discovery of a basement and consequent review of structural work and budget was quickly capitalised on by Camellias’ design team. This extra floor now houses an eyecatching media room and office with cinema-like lighting. This was installed in the staircase leading down and a contemporary feel was created with a large bespoke sofa and neutral-coloured, geometric wallpaper – showcasing the innovative smart lighting. Controlled using a smart phone device, this system can produce an instant atmospheric change, with the memories of builders digging out the basement and carrying it off site by hand in bags, long forgotten. With the clients working and living in a different time zone, all work was scheduled in advance and progress communicated with the clients via email, Skype and conference calls. On the front terrace, lime stone was used in a grey textured finish to complement the Cornish outdoor life style. In the rear yard handy wet suit drying-racks hang ready for use, whilst on the opposite side of the property a large dining table with integral fire-pit now offers a perfect view of the town’s harbour and surrounding coastline.

From an interiors perspective the client was fully appreciative of the town’s charms and therefore briefed the Camellia team to imbue their new home with flourishes of the artistic heritage, the fishing legacy and the mild sub-tropical climate. As a result, Camellia utilised the ‘iconic St Ives view’ juxtaposing it with modern art and key colours from the outlook. The Wow factor was added with black, acid yellow and white, accents of which are repeated throughout the house on artwork, an intentional mix of furniture, and luxurious furnishings – all supplied by Camellia with handpicked accessories from their own range. The fusion of classic, eclectic and luxury coastal elements within a Victorian structure now reflects the evolution of the property from its fishing village roots to a contemporary holiday getaway.

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THE END RESULT The project was completed on time for this very happy clients’ family to come together and enjoy their 2014 summer holiday. It has quickly become one of the lettings agencies top properties in St Ives.


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The project was shortlisted in three separate categories of the prestigious International Design and Architecture Awards 2014 competition and Elaine Skinner says, “As the only Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and one of the only British Institute of Interior Design qualified and accredited practices in Cornwall, we are continually driven by the need to create and deliver exacting industry standards. Entering awards is an exciting way to raise the profile of these standards whilst inspiring us to continually strive for excellence. Within Camellia, we know our design work is a success with our clients, and these awards firmly reinforce that. It’s great to see that our work on this particular St Ives property has been shortlisted in so many categories of these prestigious awards.”

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Photo courtesy of: Hufton + Crow

Veech x Veech designs one of the world’s most advanced production studios for Al Jazeera in The Shard, London Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN) has unveiled its new UK headquarters and broadcast studio in the iconic Shard skyscraper in London. The scheme, designed by Vienna based architects Veech x Veech, has created a pre-eminent broadcast production facility, with a multi-purpose newsroom and revolutionary studio, which breaks the mould of the ‘black box’ studio and re-imagines how broadcast facilities are designed.

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Broadcast design specialists Veech x Veech had the complex task of configuring a fully functioning TV studio within the confines of a predetermined floorplate. Creating such media hubs is highly specialised and requires precision design, using the camera as an additional tool as part of the process – the perspective of the studio appears differently on screen as opposed to the real-life experience. Digital 3D modeling and 1:1 mockups were used extensively to test and accentuate the perspective composition of the news desk and set design to create a dynamic on-air look, framing the panoramic London skyline. Applying their comprehensive experience in this specific area of design, Veech x Veech created a single space that can interact simultaneously with the lighting, the view out to the capital and the digital presentation screens. Veech x Veech were able to turn the biggest design challenge on this project into an asset. Most studios require a minimum ceiling height of 4.5m but at the Shard they were limited to just 2.8m. The problematic low ceilings were transformed into a feature of the on-air appearance, working within and around a complex network of structural beams to create a totally different kind of space that will define the studio’s onair identity. In a world first for 24/7-news programming, fully automated low-level lighting has been integrated into the ceiling and sits amongst acoustic panels to create dramatic curved lines that mirror the shape of the news desk below. By adopting some of the most sophisticated techniques in lighting design and engineering, these fixed units are capable of handling any camera angle or illumination level. Specialist filters have been incorporated into the glass façade and cameras to manage the light exposure from the outside world, further demonstrating the high level of design and

performance of the studio that separates it from the normal ‘black box’ approach. Using design and state-of-the-art technological advancements has seen Veech x Veech take the AJMN brand identity and reproduce it in physical form. Veech x Veech collaborated with project partners MCI Studio Hamburg and MO2, who provided excellent support towards the state-of-the-art execution of the project. MCI Studio Hamburg acted as general contractor and was responsible for technical planning as well as set construction. MO2 created the cutting-edge lighting technology. Veech x Veech were also appointed to create the adjacent newsroom to the studio so there would be a direct stylistic link between the two spaces. Bespoke curved desks echo the newsdesk and contribute to the strong brand identity as the newsroom is also used as a backdrop to the filming in the studio. The visionary approach of Al Jazeera Media Network and Veech x Veech has resulted in the world’s most advanced broadcast facility. Al Jazeera Global Art Director, Patrick Bedeau, and the AJMN Creative Division played a pivotal role in this innovative approach, bridging the gap between programme making and the design of the physical space. Housed in Europe’s tallest building, this new facility, creating content across the global Al Jazeera network, reinforces AJMN’s position as a leading news organisation in the UK and European marketplace. The UK office now provides a vital communications role for AJMN, becoming the European hub linking the time overlap between the headquarters in Doha and the studios in the USA. To date, the project has been awarded an International Design Award and been nominated for a British Council of Offices award.


Live, work and play... We offer the biggest and most varied collection of decorative surface solutions in the UK.

From solid surface, laminates, melamine and veneers to thermoplastic, our portfolio includes some of the most recognised brands in the world, all available under one roof and directly from stock.


To find more about KYDEXÂŽ and to obtain samples call 0113 387 0850 or email

Whatever your budget or project requirements, why not allow our extensive range of products to provide the inspiration.

Call 0116 257 3415 email or visit

Find out more‌.

revolutionary LED lighting system DURABLE has revolutionised the task lighting arena with the launch of LUCTRA®, an innovative and premium quality LED lighting system proven to enhance wellbeing and productivity within the workplace by harnessing the biological effect of light. Using the highest grade of materials and designed in conjunction with the latest scientific research, the LUCTRA® range consists of four floor and table luminaire models in two modern, minimalistic designs and three stylish colour finishes.

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The range, endorsed by Dr Dieter Kunz, an expert in the importance of light for health in light design features superior quality cold white and warm white LEDs that produce an illuminance of up to 1,000 lux. LUCTRA® also features an extremely high colour spectrum between 2,700 and 6,500 Kelvin, which provides an intensity and colour that closely replicates daylight. The natural colour of daylight stimulates the production of melatonin and serotonin that controls the circadian rhythm in the human brain. Lack of exposure to daylight can result in fatigue and at worst depression. The effective targeted changes of light colour provided by the LUCTRA® family of luminaire’s are able to remedy this deficit by stabilising the human biorhythm, ensuring individuals are able to sleep well and feel more rested when carrying out their daily tasks. The VITACORE® electronic system offers users intuitive access to LUCTRA® functions and the ability to control the brightness and colour of the light by simply placing a finger on the glass touch panel. A VITACORE® APP is also available on Apple and Android systems. A personalised 24-hour lighting sequence can be programmed to automatically vary the colour and intensity

of light to simulate natural light through the course of the day. Bluetooth technology allows the luminaires to be controlled from a 10 metre distance and two integrated USB connections enable charging of mobile devices without affecting the life of the LEDs. To achieve the maximum output of the LED technology, the luminaire heads have their own stylish cooling fans which dissipate heat effectively, ensuring an extremely long service life of up to 50,000 hours. The lamp’s long service life is also enhanced by the self-locking joints specially developed for LUCTRA® which operate without the normal locking screws or complex mechanisms. DURABLE are proud to have designed a stylish and sophisticated human centric luminaire range that can be used in numerous settings such as desks in the workplace and home, in libraries and museums or even health care settings. The company prides itself on offering a next day delivery service upon receipt of order which means purchasers will not need to wait the standard 4-6 week lead time that is usual for this highly specialist lighting market. Combined with excellent customer service, LUCTRA® offers a truly unique and highly personalised lighting experience. To receive further information about LUCTRA®, request a brochure or speak to a DURABLE lighting specialist and request a demonstration please call 01202 851130 or email



Auteur & Éditeur.

«Volupté» // quilted leather effect

«Eldorado» // vinyl embossed wallpaper

«Libero» // wallcovering, printed fil à fil

«Nymphe» // fire resistant printed sheer

«Chance» // 3D wallcovering

«Anguille» // vinyl embossed wallpaper

Dare to be bold, innovate, and act as explorers in the field of upholstery fabric and wall covering, this is Élitis’ philosophy. Every year Élitis continues to pursue its creed expressed by relentlessly searching for new materials and textures and inventing an emotional, visual and tactile vocabulary. Patient and passionate about the long process required in the development of new products, Élitis’

creative team is constantly reinventing materials such as linen, raffia, leather, wood, or metal. And because creation never ceases to develop, Élitis regularly offers new textiles and wall coverings using breakthrough technologies. Whether in private interiors, restaurants or hotels around the world, these different atmospheres exude something special, an expression of exceptional sensibility.

Élitis Distributed by Abbott&Boyd 1/22 Chelsea Harbour Design Centre London SW10 0XE t : 020 7351 9985


Wallcovering Mindoro. Add the profound depths of the ocean to your walls.

Auteur & Éditeur.




NEW : Striking decors and designs from EarthWerks速 Our new OP 800 Series seamlessly compliments our best-selling line of Tempo, adding both depth and sophistication. OP 800 has 12 new and refreshing options in fashionable 1.2 m long planks, and a long lasting commercial specification of 2.5 mm thickness, with a 0.55 mm wearlayer. EarthWerks速 Design and Innovation in everything we do. High-quality Dry-Back LVT No internet selling No mass saturation of brand Partnership agreements that truly benefit both customer and supplier EarthWerks速, flooring inspired by nature. Design and innovation - the hallmark of everything we do. Please contact us on our free phone number to discuss these exciting new ranges. Free phone : 0800 689 1657 E-mail : A Proud member of CFA






A very fine and rare Sarrancolin Opera marble chimneypiece in the Baroque manner. English, circa 1900. This chimneypiece has great presence. SNo.13517


TEL: +44 (0) 207 739 8094

picture hanging systems ltd


Engineering and craftsmanship, a partnership in excellence


PURE+ steel storage from Frem Group is built to the highest standard and specification whilst maintaining an elegant appearance. It epitomises exquisite style with clean lines and joint free drawer fronts, doors and flippers. Enjoying an identity of its own PURE+ can be specified to synchronise with any interior, creating a harmonised environment. Available in a wide variety of cabinet sizes and locker configurations.


Fully BIM modelled, PURE+ caters for the needs from the A&D sector.


Available to view at our London Showroom: 20-24 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TS 0845 500 70 35

Oasis specialises in interior and exterior plant displays with more than a decade of experience in the UK. We provide live or artificial plant displays, for purchase or rental, including a comprehensive maintenance service in which a dedicated, highly trained, plant care technician will maintain your planting (watering, feeding, pruning, top dressing, pest control and cleaning). We also guarantee to replace any dead, dying, or overgrown plants, free of charge. We will provide 100% commitment to fulfil your expectations in every respect. Oasis is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and Safe Contractor approved. Offices, Showrooms, Health Centre's, Fitness Centre's, Education Centre's, Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Christmas Trees and many more…

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Visit our website: or call us on: 01270750574

Please contact or 01604 756 567

Welcome to the world of Faber Faber have been designing stunning cooker hoods since 1955. Faber’s Italian designs incorporate the most innovative technology available, coupled with elegant and unique styling. From breath taking island and wall hoods to contemporary ceiling and downdraft extractors, Faber has a huge range of exquisite cooker hood designs. Now available with advanced external remote motor technology, Faber hoods offer flexibility for even the most challenging design projects. With slim-line built in canopy extractors and seamless ceiling hoods, Faber can provide a hood to suit any kitchen design. Using only the highest quality materials, Faber hoods provide your kitchen with clean air and a touch of magic. Using alluring up & down technology, Faber’s range of F-Light cooker hoods have the ability to move towards the hob area during use.

Beaumont Cast Iron Radiators

At Beaumont, we have been manufacturing cast iron radiators in our own foundry for many years, gaining a solid award-winning reputation for excellent quality and service. The projects we get involved in vary from modern studio apartments to centuries-old cathedrals, from barn conversions and new builds to pains-taking restoration projects spanning months or years. We work alongside architects, surveyors, builders, plumbers, heating engineers and DIY enthusiasts, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience of our industry. We supply worldwide with some great shipping rates and lead times to Europe, the US and beyond - call or email us for more information. Using the same techniques and materials as Victorian manufacturers, we produce the finest cast iron radiators remaining as true to the original designs as possible. Every radiator is built by hand to your requirements, then pressure tested before inspection to ensure each one is entirely leak-free. We then finish your cast iron radiators in any colour you choose - from traditional metallic to the latest designer shades. The Rococo Royale and Rococo Classique models can be burnished in either silver, antique gold or copper to add a luxurious depth that will grace any room - from ballroom to small room Beaumont Products Ltd Cleves Farm, Barby, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8TF Tel: +441788 899100

Beaumont Cast Iron Radiators A selection of radiators unique to Beaumont Products Ltd

Why choose cast iron radiators?

Gothic – Inspired by the architectural design and windows of Rugby School we produced this radiator to give striking character to a heating product which would fit in the largest Tudor mansions to cottages and contemporary building designs.

Not only are they extremely efficient retaining their heat far longer than their steel panel equivalents, cast iron radiators add value and character to personalise a home. They are installed in exactly the same way as conventional radiators and are just as easy to maintain.

In an original Pugin style, the Gothic rose and arch design brings a dramatic touch to any room. Available in 663mm height the Gothic arrives completely assembled and ready to fit to your new or existing pipe work.

We can supply a whole range of valves from simple manuals to traditional thermostatic wheelhead and lockshields as well as wall brackets and pipe cover sleeves to complete and accessorise your cast iron radiators.

Rococo Classique – Based on an original 19th Century French design, the Rococo Classique offers a touch of period elegance and an amazing feature in any room within your property. Burnishing is the optimum finish to accentuate the detailed scrollwork where a paste is hand applied over a darker base coat.

Beaumont Products Ltd, Cleves Farm, Barby, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8TF - Tel: +441788 899100

Edwardian – Unique to Beaumont Cast Iron the Edwardian is a

2 column cast iron radiator which will add charm to any room. Its smooth lines and edges combined with the cast iron surface finish gives such a “warm” feel it fits in any property. We have manufactured and supplied this radiator design for many years and it still proves to be one of our most popular designs in two heights, 660mm and 460mm. The Edwardian can be finished in a variety of colours – metallic, Farrow & Ball range, the RAL chart or in primed for onsite painting.

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The Rococo Classique is available in two heights, 810mm and 490mm. Its width from the skirting is only 138mm which is ideal for fitting in a narrow hallway or on a landing.

MANCHESTER FURNITURE SHOW FOR NEW AND STYLISH THIS SUMMER The abundant list of new ideas and products in furniture, home accessories and décor that will be on display at The Manchester Furniture Show 19 - 21 July continues to grow. New products in upholstery, beds, cabinet, lighting, accessories, mirrors, pictures and rugs will be shown by some of the biggest and best names in furniture and accessories from the UK and abroad. The list of great names exhibiting includes Ashley Manor, G Plan Cabinets, Gallery Direct and Nolte Mobel to name just a few. Although The Manchester Show has a unique and relaxed atmosphere exhibitors take it very seriously, many including Baker, Kingstown and Lebus are launching new ranges, as Karl Walker, Managing Director of Lebus said: “We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Manchester Furniture Show again this year following a phenomenally successful show in 2014. We always view Manchester as the ‘spring board’ to launch the start of the crucially important back end trading

period. For this reason the show is very important in our exhibition calendar.” The Show is housed the award winning and iconic Manchester Central building. This former central rail station, with its spectacular arched glazed roof, adds to the unique atmosphere experienced by exhibitors and visitors alike. Unlike many other trade shows, this friendly, but serious show is not rushed. Exhibitors take time to show their latest designs in detail and take the opportunity to listen to their customer and potential customer’s needs, aided by the comfortable surroundings of a well designed, state-of-the-art exhibition centre. To see every style of furniture and accessory from traditional to contemporary, colours from muted to bright and design from retro to funky, visit the Manchester Furniture Show, Manchester Central, 19 – 21 July 2015 this summer. It’s where you’ll find the best new products on the market. For further information visit

'Purest Pewter' My approach Originally a ceramicist, now as a designer maker, I just have to keep crafting and interpreting my art. For fourteen years, as a sole agent, I have used a most beautiful metal – it is pewter. I never imagined I'd be making sculptures out of this after a whole career in education and a family, but I love the creativity and one design just leads on to another… I live and work in Cornwall, in the beautiful Tamar Valley where I am always close to nature and I combine this with profound memories of the time when I spent three years living on a boat. The moods and contrasts remain vivid and I refine these re-emerging impressions alongside the natural forces and movement of the nautical environment, with clean, minimalist lines, employing the philosophy that ‘less is more’ - what has been called a Zen aesthetic. That period particularly influences my art and stimulated by those experiences of sailing the ocean and living a life entirely within the natural world, I interpret into these reliefs, which can hang on the wall or lay on the horizontal plane. What I love to do is make a bespoke piece for a client, aspiring to their concept, or a piece that is designed for a specific situation – that way it becomes integrated with its environment in a symbiosis of ideas and thinking and feeling. ‘Life’, made for Truro hospital, was such a work and felt very special.

Archetech - Issue 19 [Page 64]

The methods that I use create gentle textures and contours reflecting any light. Pewter is a metal alloy, a mixture of tin and small amounts of other metals; it is quite soft, which sometimes is good but sometimes makes it difficult to work. I may use chemicals to darken the surface, to patinate it, and then I might add metal powders to enhance the subtle grey tones with rich autumnal colour. These reliefs are innovative and with their universal abstract language they can be understood in design terms by all cultures – it is my intention to create something of our Zeitgeist, as well as something beautiful and thought provoking. With this fresh approach, illumination animates the sensuous forms and mark-making so that when passing by, light appears on the surface but is gone the next - it moves with the spectator and is ethereal, reflecting the fluid and delicate qualities in the balance of nature. Offices and atriums are a favourite space to hang such visual highlights, which give a contemporary and fashionable air to any environs. With its unique design aesthetic and my personal expression it is a balanced combination of art, craft and design, appealing to the discerning eye of established designers and all sophisticated home lovers. -

Shoffice Platform 5 Architects

Architects: Platform 5 Architects Location: St. John’s Wood, Saint John’s Wood, City of Westminster, London NW8, UK Structural Engineer: Morph Structures Contractor: Millimetre Year: 2012 Photographs: Alan Williams Photography

Archetech - Issue 19 [Page 68]

Shoffice’ (shed + office) is a garden pavilion containing a small office alongside garden storage space located to the rear of a1950’s terraced house in St John’s Wood. The brief required the shoffice to be conceived of as a sculptural object that flowed into the garden space. A glazed office space nestles into an extruded timber elliptical shell, which curls over itself like a wood shaving, and forms a small terrace in the lawn. The interior is oak lined and fitted out with storage and a cantilevered desk. Two rooflights – one glazed above the desk with another open to the sky outside the office bring light into the work space. The project was a close collaboration between Architect, Structural Engineer and Contractor. The lightweight structure, formed with two steel ring beams, timber ribs and a stressed plywood skin, sits on minimal pad foundations. Much of the project was prefabricated to reduce the amount of material that needed to be moved through the house during construction.



The ultimate deck frame system

Break the decades of long installation time and poor quality materials with revolutionising deck construction

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Experience the quality for yourself by requesting a free sample Quote: ARCH15

T: +44 (0)20 3006 6194






ARCHITECTURALLY SPECIFIED METHYLENE CHLORIDE FREE ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFER FORMULATION The Poultice Paint Removal System 7 EASILY REMOVES UP TO 20 COATS of Architectural, Domestic, Industrial and Marine Coatings. No dangerous fumes or toxic particles. New modern alternative for PEELAWAY 1. Does not require neutralising on application.

The Poultice Paint Removal System 1 EASILY REMOVES UP TO 32 COATS of Paints & Varnishes containing Oil, Lead Polyurethane or water. Suitable for Wood, Brick, Stone, Concrete, Marble, Decorative Plaster, Cornices and Plaster walls. Also removes painted wall paper. Water-based Alkaline formulation.

A FREE Peelaway DVD is available on request.

Co-ordinated planters Seating and screens panels. Street design manufacture a full range of Planters incorporating screens and bench seating. Timber can be finished in an opaque colour to match a specific RAL number to match existing buildings, or left natural. Integral benches can be attached to planters to offer easy installation with no ground fixings. Suitable for Roof Terraces, Courtyards, Hotels, Hosing Associations, Hospitals and other Public Sector areas. These are just part of a full range of outdoor planters and seating by Street Design Ltd.

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Namgrass the UK’s leading supplier of quality artificial turf, has launched their new website to coincide with the release of an array of new products. The redesigned site revolves around the brands new positioning, Made for living. The focus of the messaging is to highlight how Namgrass can benefit a wide audience, and how their products deliver a great looking lawn that is effortless to enjoy and maintain. Website users are able to navigate through the site with ease, exploring the product ranges with an abundance of information readily available for their further reading. Potential customers are encouraged to try free samples to see what makes Namgrass so special for themselves, with no obligation for purchasing. Product ranges are comparable with competitor brands with ease, allowing users to see within a click how much they can save with no compromise on quality. Quotations for users own requirements are swift and simple, in addition to a ‘Find your local installer’ function to introduce customers to their nearest Namgrass representative from our existing network. Their national network of approved installers ensures consistency in their deliverance quality and brand standards, and creates a personal touch between Namgrass and customers of which is often lacking with competitors. In addition to the redesigned website, Namgrass has also been working extensively to create an even wider range of luxurious products. They are confident in holding their position as a market leader for their outstanding quality, and now being able to cater for a vast array of artificial grass requirements.

• Artificial Grass •

Made For Living

Life’s too short to be mowing, watering and weeding the lawn. Spend more time doing what matters to you on a realistic artificial lawn that’s always immaculate and usable - whatever the weather.

High Quality Composite Decking Trex decking, the composite decking brand is quickly becoming an increasingly popular choice for architects and builders alike, as its stylish looks and crisp lines, highlight the qualities of outside space. WPC decking can be used all over the building envelope from pool side decking to high rise balconies. It won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter and is fade and stain resistant. The shell on the surface protects it from moisture, UV light and scratching which results in a long lasting service life with 25 years warranty, making Trex a cost effective and eco-friendly choice. Made from 95% recycled materials means no trees were harmed in the production process.

Trex is available from

architects as the only appropriate solution for paint removal, where damage to the surface or risk to the environment is an issue. The chemicals used within the stripping pastes are carefully chosen to minimise fumes and odours and are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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Fast and effective paint and varnish removal. The original, authentic Peel Away® range is now available exclusively through Barrettine Products Ltd and approved Trade stockists. The Peel Away® paint removal system is designed for the complete removal of accumulated layers of paint with up to 32 coats of paint removed in one application. Use will not damage profiles or other surfaces where multi-layers of paint are removed. Peel Away® is available in two different formulations; Peel Away® 1 and Peel Away® 7. Both are Methylene Chloride free (Dichloromethane). The Peel Away® poultice paint removal system was first developed in 1981 to deal effectively with the problems associated with the removal of multiple layers of old lead-based paint, where burning, scraping or sanding would allow lead particles to escape into the environment with the associated health risks caused by such practices. The stripping compound is formulated to turn the lead into lead hydroxide within the paste, so that it can be safely disposed of without endangering the environment or user.

The system is designed to work with the special Peel Away® poultice cover supplied which allows the user to extend the time available so the stripping process can be as complete as possible. This is especially useful where crevices and profiles have allowed the build-up of several times the thickness of the paint compared to flat surfaces. The system will remove paint from many exterior and interior architectural surfaces, including stone, cement, brickwork, plaster walls and ceilings, plain and ornate fibrous plaster cornices, plain and carved or turned woodwork, plain and cast metal work. Automobile, aircraft and marine coatings are also efficiently stripped with the Peel Away® system. The Peel Away® poultice paint removal system has been used for very many high profile restoration projects all over the world. In the UK these have included railings and interiors at The British Museum, ornate plaster ceilings at Greenwich Palace, ironwork on the London Underground and delicate panelling at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The system is frequently specified by




TimberTech / PrimaPorcelain The Architect’s and Designer’s Friend. Greensquares, the UK’s outdoor living experts, offer architects and specifiers a wide range of in-stock stylish tiling, paving and decking solutions that combine elegance, easycare and environmental consideration. PrimaPorcelain 1cm and 2cm tiling and paving is quick and easy to install, looks great and- unlike traditional indoor tiles and outdoor natural stone paving- is maintenance free. PrimaPorcelain is stain and scratch resistant, frostproof and fireproof. TimberTech maintenance-free composite decking offers a range of high density recycled hardwood and polymer boards. New for 2015, Earthwood EasyClean Legacy reflects all of the colour grading and shading contained with natural timber boards but with none of the traditional fuss- and that means warranty against bending, cracking, splitting and fading. All of our core products are in stock and available for UK delivery in a maximum of five working days. Greensquares: 496 Ipswich Road, Slough, SL1 4EP and Hadfield Road, Cardiff, CF118AQ T:02920 803756 E:

Dorset Lifts

Luxury Home Elevator Specialists

240V SUPERMEC3 LIFT New Energy Saving MRL Lift

Respect For The Environment Significant Savings Achieved!! Our Supermec3 Lift with its NEW energy regeneration systen uses 90% less energy than a equivalent hydraulic lift therefore significantly reducing costs ££££. The incredicle succes of this system, with its revolutionary Mec drive system has impressed Architects, Builders and Customers. REGENERATIVE DRIVE SYSTEM TO RECHARGE THE ACCUMULATORS. ONLY REQUIRES A DOMESTIC 240V SINGLE PHASE SUPPLY. POWER FAILURE PROOF, THE LIFT WILL CONTINUE TO OPERATE APPROXIMATELY 150 TRIPS IN THE EVENT OF A MAINS POWER FAILURE- THEREFORE PREVENTING PERSONS BEING TRAPPED IN THE LIFT ONLY 0.7KW MOTOR. FULLY AUTOMATIC IDEALLY SUITED FOR COMMERCIAL OR DOMESTIC PROPERTIES 0.5M/S

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‘A new standard in Elevator design’



Established 1996

Italy’s state of the art regenerative traction drive - the future, today


Sotech push industry boundaries with BSkyB’s Believe in Better Building

The newest addition to BSkyB’s head office campus was clad in Sotech’s signature Optima FC Secret Fix rainscreen system. Sotech, a leading rainscreen manufacturer based in the North East, utilised new manufacturing techniques to provide ACM panels of up to 5.2 metres long which is above the industry standard length, for BSkyB’s Believe in Better Building in London.

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A total of 2500sqm of Optima FC, secret fix rainscreen panels was provided in sunrise silver metallic Alucobond along with 700sqm fascias, soffits and window pods anodised in Sky Blue UA160-0. Working with Arup Associates, Mace Contracts and Glass Solutions, Sotech used over 30 years of experience to develop a specialised carrier rail for their FC system in order for it work effectively with the SIPS panels used on the Believe in Better Building, and within an extremely limited cladzone. Graham Todd, Technical Sales Manager at Sotech, was heavily involved in the project and commented: “This was a fantastic project to work on; it was great to be involved in the panel design for the building, and to be able to provide

such a range of bespoke systems. We’re extremely proud of the finished project.” The Believe in Better Building is to be used as an office and training facility, with a focus on community and creativity. The building was designed around the idea of flexibility, and the spaces are able to be converted into interactive classrooms or corporate event space as required. Sotech has invested heavily in sophisticated design and manufacturing technology and remains the only rainscreen manufacturer to offer a system that is both independently tested to CWCT standards and achieves LPCB Red Book accreditation. The training facility and showroom are open to specifiers and contractors, where all Sotech’s Optima Rainscreen Systems are on display alongside the widest selection of materials and finishes, including pre and post coat aluminium, ACM, copper, zinc, stainless steel, digital print and anodised. For more information on Sotech and their products, visit their site at www. or call their technical line on 0191 587 9213.

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Automist saves the day

Plumis – Automist provides a simple and effective fire safety solution for creating open plan homes.

Finsa – Solutions in FR

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Fire retardant boards are specially recommended for those public places where an improved reaction to fire is needed. All Finsa FR boards have great dimensional stability, low swelling. low absorption and can be machined.

Truffle, London-based developer recently the undertook There’sano denying thatproperty homeowners appreciate the refurbishment of a 3-storey, Victorian, terraced house in freedom, light, and sense of space that go with open plan Hammersmith. Theopen project’s historicorbuilding layouts. Yet many planarchitect projectsand stumble are halted consultant, Peter Powlesland knew that ordinarily, a protected because the layout would create dangerous “inner rooms” fire escape route would have been required by Hammersmith whose only escape route passes through the open area. So Building Control. However, Peters client wanted an open-plan how can you provide open layouts with a safe fire escape lowest floor with no separation at all between the large kitchen route from these inner rooms? living room and the staircase; in other words, without a protected route to the front doorAutomist on the floor and fire thence Plumis is above, a discreet to the street. suppression appliance designed for use in homes. The system activates Building Control was, initially, that a protected route when adamant fire temperatures are detected would be required; however, the buildingHeat control officer by a dedicated Alarm, using a suggested that Peter should investigate Automist as a fine water mist Plumis to restore survivable possible solution to the impasse. The Automist system uses a conditions while occupants escape. high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles Themonobloc product includes nozzles that mounted under a standard mixing tap, standalone on a worktop or on a wall that rapidly suppresses fire and mount on a standard walla plate thereby provides sufficient protection satisfy the which can betomatched to building light control requirements of switches many applications. It’s in connected to and sockets the home, the domestic water supply requires no tank andand a small pump that and can much be less significantly water than traditional sprinklers. need for located inThe a nearby cupboard. The less pipe-work and the prevention of potentially devastating result is almost invisible. home damage in the event of fire by suppressing flames and floor A minimal system can serve upcompelling to 32m2 ofreasons thus limitingAutomist smoke and heat were further area, and theAutomist. system isElite easily 96m2. For for choosing Fireextensible Safety are up theto principal kitchen/diners, alternative contemporary nozzle mounts accredited installers for Plumis Automist in the London area are also available usethe in conjunction with worktops and in this case theyfor fitted system comprising of two and spray-heads in an under-stair pumps, associated hoses andmatch taps, allowing an excellent to the design. cupboard at lower ground-floor level in just one day. In three-storey houses with an open plan ground floor, Automist can eliminate need for boxed-in staircase Peter had never tried the the innovative fireaprotection solution as longbut ashe thesays kitchen is separate anditaagain. suitable fire door before he would readily use “The spraycan be installed at first floor level, adding considerable heads were very discreet and did not impinge on our design. value and contemporary openhappy plan living a loftThe District Surveyor was very with it to and it was very converted AndThe more expansive open layouts may good value house. for money. value of 25 New Kings Road has also be possible the support of a fire engineer review increased a great with deal thanks to Automist which allowed us to and report where Automist may in complete theincluding open planapartments, design, which is currently so much allow bedrooms that sit off In a central living area. demand by property buyers. short, Automist saved the day!” For further information high For further information on on theAutomist Plumis Automist water mist systems range ofpressure water-mist suppression solutions Call Elite Fire Safety on +44(0)207 167 6560 call Plumis on +44 (0) 20 7871 3899, visit or or email

Due to the fire retardant salts used it is advisable to adjust the resin/process to be used in its coating. Finsa offers a type of resin specially developed for this process. All are in compliance with EN 13501 Standard: B-s2, d0. E1 classification and have a low formaldehyde content. Applications – FR boards may be used for indoor wall cladding, partitions, stands for fairs, ceilings and doors. They are also often used in the reception of hotels, offices or public buildings, such as libraries and schools. Contact Finsa on: 0151 651 2400

SECURIKEY LAUNCHES BRAND NEW DIGITAL DOOR LOCKS Leading physical security product supplier Securikey has launched two new models as part of its best selling Keylex digital door lock range. The Keylex 700AR Series for commercial applications and the Keylex 700M Series for domestic use extend the options for customers requiring a high quality, user-friendly and quick to install access control solution. For those requiring information on the new Keylex 700AR and 700M models, or to receive advice on selecting a digital door lock to match specific requirements, Securikey is always available to help. Please contact 01252 311888, email or visit the website at securikey. Securikey Ltd – tel no 01252 311 888, email – & web -

New Wire-free Integrated PA and Alert Sounder System ensures Effective Communication

An effective communications infrastructure should be an integral part of the design of any industrial building, whether it’s a high rise office, a school, a factory or a hospital. Certainly telecoms, broadband and computer networks are standard, but other systems such as synchronised clocks, PA and emergency announcement systems are often an afterthought. To overcome this problem and to simplify and speed up installation Bodet have developed a range of synchronised clock, bell and PA alert systems that operate using either established IP cabling network or wireless technology for wirefree installation. All the systems operate from a central control unit which can be easily programmed using intuitive software on the main computer server. The master clock within the control unit accepts both GPS and radio synchronisation to ensure that all slave clocks throughout the building always show the correct time. Sounders play a range of pre-recorded melodies or voice announcements, to cover start and end of shifts, lunch breaks or emergency alerts for evacuation or lock down. These are stored as mp3 files, and a microphone can be included to facilitate live announcements.

Synchronised Clock, Bell & Public Announcement Systems An innovative & practical approach to ensure your organisation runs on time and is kept informed.


These easy to install systems are ideal not only for schools, large offices, warehouses, shops and supermarkets, but also for multisite organisations such as hospitals, sports and leisure centres, food preparation and manufacturing sites. For more information visit or phone 01442 418800


Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. 01442 418 800

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The systems are very versatile and can be programmed so that alerts or announcements are played simultaneously throughout the building, or restricted to specific zones each having different schedules.

BlazeMasterŽ CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems A sprinkler system that has proven its efficiency in the protection of lives and buildings globally is the BlazeMaster fire sprinkler system, utilising CPVC pipes and fittings. CPVC stands for chlorinated polyvinylchloride and is a plastic material which was developed originally in the 1950’s. BlazeMaster CPVC pipes and fittings are specially designed for the use in fire sprinkler systems and have since their introduction in 1984 gained worldwide recognition, with well over 300 million metres having been installed around the world since. Today BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications and can be found in high-rises, hotels, buildings with educational purposes, healthcare facilities and in domestic dwellings. To understand why BlazeMaster products are enjoying an increase in popularity it is important to understand some of the special features which are inherent to this type of fire sprinkler system:

Approvals and Listings: LPCB red book listed, UL and FM Global approved. Applications: Used on EN12845, BS9251, NFPA 13, 13R, 13D systems. Durability and long service life: No corrosion or Microbiological issues. Fire Resistance: EN13501:1 fire rating of Bs1D0. Limiting Oxygen Index of 60. Superior Hydraulics: Hazen Williams C-Factor of 150. Allows downsizing of pipe. Fast Installations, Easy Handling: Fast solvent cementing process! Easy transport and handling on jobsite, no hot works, clean and quiet on site. Light Weight: One fitter can lift, carry and install the pipe work on his own, even for bigger diameters. Its proven track record for quality, cost effectiveness, light weight, and speed and cleanliness of installation, makes BlazeMaster CPVC the first choice for installers of Domestic, Residential and Ordinary Hazard 1 systems. For enquiries call +44 1280 815 503 or e-mail

BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems For reliability, ease of installation and cost efficiency, contractors choose BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems. and with good reason: ■ ■ ■ ■

Corrosion resistance and less maintenance compared to metal piping systems Occupancy benefits through clean and quick installation Cost effective Easy and fast installation

Installed in over 50 countries since 1984 and with more listings and approvals than any other non-metallic fire sprinkler piping system, BlazeMaster is the most recognized and specified nonmetallic fire sprinkler piping system in the world.

call + 32 2 678 19 11 or visit our website at

BlazeMaster® is a registered trademark of The Lubrizol Corporation © 2011 The Lubrizol Corporation

The Lantern

Fraher Architects ‘The Lantern’ project involved the complete basement, ground and first floor extension and refurbishment
of a Locally Listed Residential Building in South
West London. The Client asked us to transform the existing building into a series of spaces that had a strong reference to Eastern Design influences whilst manipulating daylight and threshold conditions. All the existing floors and walls were removed with the building being stripped back to the existing external walls. The building was essentially rebuilt from the inside out, as well as being extended down and outwards. First Floor Plan A feature American Black Walnut staircase wraps itself up through the building, connecting the habitable spaces through its tree like presence. Half landings, internal openings and unusual apertures encourage the notion of creating internal courtyards of living spaces that are all strongly connected to one another. At the top of the house sits a roof top study for the client, over-looking the four storey central staircase. At the bottom of the staircase the tree like form wraps itself onto the ceiling of the basement rooms
as the roots of the staircase in plywood ribbons, thus connecting this vertical building thematically as well as spatially. The planning process was complex for this building due to the sensitive nature of the site (building of townscape merit), leading to months of negotiations with the
local planning department eventually agreeing with a limit in place to the height of the extension. The brick cladding pays respect to the existing building, whilst be separated away from the historic fabric of the building by a glass slice.

Archetech - Issue 19 [Page 82]

Section The robust sustainability strategy for the building integrates an MVHR system, internal thermal insulation lining, replacement double glazed fenestration, air tight application and increased glazing to benefit from passive solar gain. As such the existing building’s carbon footprint has been dramatically lowered. All the joinery for the project was designed to compliment the design approach for the building. Materials used were natural where possible, with
the presence of timber central to the design of the bespoke cabinetry. Elements float, nestle into recesses and reference back to the staircase. As you climb the building, the joinery and finishes become lighter to reflect the transition towards the sky. This is capped off with the study at the top of the building, where the joinery is darker to reflect the ‘tree house nature,’ of the room. All the joinery was designed, fabricated and installed by Fraher Architect’s sister company (Fraher and Co).

L O W C A R B O N D AY L I G H T S O L U T I O N S F O R Y O U R M E TA L B U I L D I N G D E S I G N Hambleside Danelaw have been manufacturing rooflight solutions in the UK for 40 years. We are market leaders in developing environmentally conscious solutions to improve building energy performance and reduce the carbon footprint through the efficient and effective use of natural daylight.