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Positive impacts for users The building’s location has its benefits for users. The dense sector is located on the outskirts of the downtown core, near a busy highway, with public transportation and a variety of services. Two parking lots are reserved for carpoolers and a charging station for electric cars is at the disposal of employees. The south facing terrace serves as a much appreciated rest area with landscaping featuring maintenance free and eatable plantings. Most of the plants are hardy and eatable, such as raspberry, lilies and serviceberry, don’t require irrigation and enable occupants as well as clients to use the outdoor areas of their environment.

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The building offers a stimulating work environment. Natural lighting and outdoor views are elements that are particularly appreciated. Most areas have natural lighting due to abundant windows on the four sides of the building, situated to optimize the different lighting opportunities during the day. Five light wells add midday lighting that is both appealing and varied depending on the time of day. LED fixtures, equipped with light detectors in the two large work areas, complete the indoor lighting needs. Key objectives, in keeping with the premises of comfort and simplicity, were to provide fresh air and to control the immediate environment. A series of windows vents are strategically positioned around the building envelope. In addition, the mechanical systems are designed to efficiently cool and heat the different zones of the building at the same time.

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Archetech - Issue 19 2015  
Archetech - Issue 19 2015