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Christmas is better with friends, family and food, and Alosra happens to have them all. Celebrate the festive season with Alosra’s range of gifts and delicious food.

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First of all... It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This is why we have filled this issue with ideas to embody the holiday spirit in full swing. The December issue is fun-packed with festive offerings and fantastic ways to come together for the season. From tasty treats to exciting activities, we’ve got you covered! We would like to wish you a happy holiday season as 2020 draws to a close. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages, see you next year!

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December 2020 Issue 214

10 24 Land of Greatness: Celebrating Bahrain’s 49th National Day

YAZI: Craftsmanship in Fashion


Features & Interviews


Land of Greatness: Bahrain’s 49th National Day


Leading Women in Bahrain Interviews


Story of Hope: Interview with Erylle Hidalgo


A Culture of Care: Dr. Haidar Fayyadh


Interview with Sofitel Bahrain’s Director of Sales & Marketing



YAZI: Craftsmanship in Fashion

Going Out


Hotel Review: Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk


Alosra: Christmas Offers


Where to dine in Bahrain during the Festive Season


Elite Group: December Offers



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Land of Greatness: Celebrating Bahrain’s 49th National Day


n December 16, 1971, Bahrain gained its independence from the United Kingdom and Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa became the first ruler of the country. During his 38-year reign, he was able to lead Bahrain into its national economic transformation, which by then made Bahrain an important financial center in the region.

History The name "Bahrain" is derived from the Arabic word “bahr”, meaning “sea”. The name may reflect the archipelago’s position between two seas, approximately 24 kilometers east of Saudi Arabia’s sea board and a little further from the north west coast of Qatar.

10 Bahrain Confidential December 2020



Credits: Dr Khalid Khan



National Day Celebrations Commonly referred to as the “Pearl of the Gulf,” Bahrain commemorated over 6,000 years of history. Bahrain usually celebrates the occasion with an array of cultural events that includes art, music and historical heritage. This is in addition to the adornment of red and white colors on buildings, numerous flags in the streets and car parades. Bahrain’s 49th National Day celebrations began with a dazzling display of fireworks that lit up the skies over the Kingdom. Although the past year has been a whirlwind, the people of Bahrain were still as enthusiastic as ever. The residents’ patriotic fervor was on full display with national flags flying high across several locations in the Kingdom. Roads, trees and buildings were beautifully decorated with hues of red and white. Landmark sites were also lit up to mark the occasion.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy National Day!

Credits: Sanal Raghundhanan

Credits: Mohammed Usama


Bahrain Confidential December 2020 11




Bab al Bahrain

Bahrain’s transport vehicles


NOW 12 Bahrain Confidential December 2020



Transformation of Bahrain Bahrain Airport


American Mission Hospital


1960 NOW Bahrain Confidential December 2020 13


Transformation of Bahrain

HM the King became Crown Prince on June 27, 1964

Gulf Hotel


14 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Bahrain's first bank – The Eastern Bank Ltd – opened in 1920


Happy National Day Kingdom of Bahrain

His Majesty the King Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa His Highness the Crown Prince & Prime MInister Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the people of Bahrain.

We pledge our continuing support to the King, his Government and people, and look forward to our contributing to the prosperity of the nation both now and in years ahead.

P O Box 26810, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Tel. +973 1782 2388 Fax. +973 1772 1722 e-mail: info@ArabianMagazines.com www.ArabianMagazines.com

Transformation of Bahrain



NOW Manama Market

Muharraq Market


1973 16 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Unlock Tomorrow Experience an American-style University right here in Bahrain.

As Bahrain’s first American-style University, our approach fosters interaction and collaboration among students, faculty and the professional community. AUBH Students are presented with opportunities to realize their professional and personal goals, through an engaging student-centric environment, aiming to equip them with the skills and knowledge to unlock their tomorrow.

For a lifetime of success. | Apply now: +973 7799 9997 | aubh.edu.bh | #AUBH

Leading Women

Don’t give up on your dreams and aspirations just because the finish line seems out of present reach.

Yara Salman CEO of Hospitalia By Yara, YBL and Haute Health


ara Salman is the CEO of several companies in Bahrain including Hospitalia By Yara, Yara Beauty Lounge and Haute Health.

Inspired by her business-oriented parents, Yara started running a business at the age of 17 right after graduating from St. Christopher’s School. “My father is the powerful example of old fashioned entrepreneurial hustle, he taught me how to navigate the business world and also taught me the good old classic firm handshake when I was a little girl. My mother is also incredibly hardworking and successful in her medical field. She taught by example and showed me that it is very possible for women to lead and succeed, without any help.” Yara has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from the University College of Bahrain and she recently graduated with a Master’s (MSc) Degree from RCSI Bahrain. According to her, she has been balancing hunkering down in the library and running a business from a young age. In her businesses, Yara strongly believes in a democratic leadership style “where there is an interactive and open communication process, an environment of mutual trust and cooperative planning done by the entire staff”. She added, “The success of the company heavily relies on team work. Why would I not value each employees’ perspective

18 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

and input on important matters, for they each have a unique outlook on things that deems very valuable to me”. As a female executive, the biggest challenge for her in her career is blazing her own path in a high-level business world dominated by men. “Not only am I a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, I am also considerably younger than competitors in my field. It was certainly a challenge and struggle to be taken seriously, however, you grow thicker skin with each passing day and slowly you realize that people will always have an opinion of you, and it’s only your opinion of yourself that matters”, she commented. If there’s one advice Yara would like to give to women aspiring to be successful leaders, it’s to “fall down seven times and stand up eight”. She said, “It sounds cliché but wiser words have never been spoken. Being a woman already means the odds are against you. You’ll be met with bigotry along your journey and it’s your responsibility to not let it phase you. You only fail when you stop trying. Don’t give up on your dreams and aspirations just because the finish line seems out of present reach. They may be out of present reach but they should never be out of sight, and do what truly excites you, not just what makes others happy” n

Leading Women

No matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world.

Wafa Alobaidat CEO, Obai and Hill


afa AlObaidat is the founder and CEO Obai and Hill, an award-winning agency in Bahrain offering bespoke creative services and solutions in the areas of PR, design, marketing and digital. Over time, Wafa also created successful brands like Sukkar, Barrel & Drum, Milk, among others. As an executive, Wafa leads on the frontlines and gets her hands dirty with the team, “I make a sincere effort to have a more coaching approach towards leading the team and empowering them to discuss how they would do things before weighing in on anything with my perspective. I believe that with each passing year my leadership style has evolved and I’m agile towards adapting it”. “One of the toughest decisions I had to take was prioritizing the company’s needs before my own and for the first couple of years I did not pay myself. There was a positive and tremendous learning curve through this and I’m proud to see how we’ve scaled and grown as a business over the past 10 years”, Wafa shared. Wafa initiated and spearheaded a lot of empowering initiatives for women including a podcast that is topping charts and a platform where women learn from shared experiences. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential and empowering women”, she said.

Her biggest career inspirations are Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington and Melinda Gates. However, she also finds motivation in the grit and determination of many women she has grown up around, worked with and networked with. After ten years of building and scaling a successful communications agency, Wafa shares that her experience and passions combined was a strength. She advises women who want to lead to bring their whole selves to the table if they want to thrive in today’s world – “That includes your unique set of gifts, your personality, your sense of humor and most importantly, your heart”. “I believe that whether you run your own business or not, a creative and entrepreneurial approach is critical to fully blossom in the modern world and to experience the happiness and fulfillment you deserve. No matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world”, she added. Wafa enjoys “10 pages a day of reading across multiple books”, daily morning workouts, spending time with her son and catching up on podcast episodes or masterclass lessons she’s watching. “I’m always on the lookout for more inspiration and information to absorb that would help me and my team grow”.n

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 19

Leading Women

The most fulfilling part of my job is when I conduct and publish research that makes an impact in the healthcare industry.

Prof. Ghufran Ahmed Jassim Associate Professor in Family Medicine at RCSI Bahrain Consultant Family Physician


rofessor Ghufran Ahmed Jassim is a Consultant Family Physician, and Associate Professor in Family Medicine at RCSI Bahrain. She is practicing at King Hamad University Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women and Children and AlSalam Specialist Hospital. As a strong advocate of women’s health, she pioneered in setting up the first women’s health clinic in Bahrain. She was the first to introduce women’s health in the curriculum of undergraduate non-medical students and was also the first woman appointed as the chief editor of the Journal of Bahrain Medical Society. “The most fulfilling part of my job is when I conduct and publish research that makes an impact in the healthcare industry by influencing the introduction of new policies or changing existing ones. This is especially evident in the area of women’s health where I explore culturally sensitive topics that are considered taboo”, Professor Ghufran said. Speaking of which, the professor was recently awarded as one of the winners in the 'Innovation and Creative Award in Therapeutic, Clinical and Medical Research’ category of the first edition of the prestigious Bahraini Doctors' Award. When asked about the greatest risk she has taken, Prof. Ghufran shared that it was when she decided to quit her job at the Ministry of Health to move

20 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

to the academia. “The risk was demonstrated in leaving a secure clinical job at the public sector with a well-established pension and promotion system to an academic post in a private facility with more challenging pathways for promotion”, she added. Prof. Ghufran’s strategy when it comes to engaging her students is through employing new teaching methods while adding local context and maintaining international standards. She says that she also promotes conflict literacy, self-awareness, reflective practice and leadership skills among her students. She continues supporting them through supervising their research and encouraging their publications in peerreviewed journals. Professor Ghufran advises women who want to become successful in their chosen fields to know their strengths and use these as much as they can. “See if you can modulate your life and work so that your key strengths are being routinely expressed”, she commented. On her free time, Prof. Ghufran regularly attends Zumba fitness classes. She is also interested in fashion which is reflected through her style and aura. n

Leading Women

I was never afraid of taking the responsibility and bearing risks. That’s how you make changes in your life and your world.

Dr. Fatima Albalooshi Chairman/Co-Founder of Bahrain Trust Foundation


r. Fatima Albalooshi is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Bahrain Trust Foundation. As the former Minister of Social Development and the longest serving female minister in the Bahraini Government, Dr. Fatima pioneered in the empowerment and development of the society. In the years 2010 to 2012, she also served as a minister for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Human Rights – making her the first minister to hold these offices at the same time. According to Dr. Fatima, the most fulfilling part of her job is seeing the satisfaction in the eyes of the people she serves or works with. “As a minister, it was the services I created for the people, such as the child protection center which is a first-of-its-kind in Bahrain. As a philanthropist, it was creating the first hospital school in Salmaniya”, she said.

fourth most influential woman in government in the Middle East. “Throughout my life, many women inspired me – this includes my mother, grandmothers and later on, those of whom I interacted with throughout my university years abroad. In my professional life, HRH Princess Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa had a great impact on my career. It was from her that I learned being precise, disciplined, and respectful in listening to the people around us”, Dr. Fatima commented. As a leader, Dr. Fatima believes in the combination of team work, trust, delegation, creativity and time management as an effective strategy in empowering her team. Her advice to women who want to lead is to treat their teammates with respect and dignity. On her free time, Dr. Fatima unplugs herself from work by doing relaxing things like gardening. n

When asked about the greatest risk she has taken, Dr. Fatima said that every important decision in her life was considered risk taking. “Whether that decision was right or wrong, I was never afraid of taking the responsibility and bearing that risk. That’s how you make changes in your life and your world”, she added. Dr. Fatima is a passionate humanitarian and an active advocate for women’s rights and community empowerment. In 2014, Forbes named her the

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 21

Leading Women

You are stronger than you think. You are unstoppable and able to take on the toughest challenges – just believe in yourself, your capabilities and demand what your right is.

Sonya Janahi CEO & Founder of Maya La Chocolaterie, Maya Delices, The Living Concepts Board Member of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry Board Member of Social Insurance Organization


onya Janahi is the founder and CEO of Maya La Chocolaterie, Maya Delices and its parent company, ‘The Living Concepts’ which is a hospitality and F&B consultancy. Sonya boasts a distinguished career that spans over two decades working in the banking and telecom industries, and with specialised know-how in the areas of retail, investment, oil & gas and real estate.

Sonya advises female leaders in male-dominated industries to believe in their capabilities and to demand their rights. “You are stronger than you think. You are unstoppable and able to take on the toughest challenges – just believe in yourself, your capabilities and demand what your right is. We can definitely do more by believing in our capabilities”, she commented.

In March 2018, Sonya won a board seat at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry and her role is focused on supporting the F&B and hospitality sector of Bahrain. In August 2018, King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, issued an official decree appointing Sonya as a board member of the Social Insurance Organization (pension fund).

When asked about the woman who has inspired her the most, Sonya shares that it was her mother: “My mother was my mentor, friend and press secretary. Her guidance throughout my life has been invaluable in all aspects. I am who I am today as she made me fearless against all challenges and opportunities”.

As an executive, Sonya says that her leadership style is a mix between transformational and visionary. When faced with doubts at work, she says that communication and respect for each other’s opinion are vital as these factors strengthen the achievement and success rate of the team. As an enabler of change and an advocate for the SME sector in the region, Sonya is widely commended for her entrepreneurial spirit. She is using her own story of achievements to stimulate progress in the realm of entrepreneurship as well as to empower women.

22 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

“You will always learn. Whether the situation is a success or failure, it is still a learning opportunity and you must never decline an opportunity to do good for your others and yourself”, a message from Sonya’s mother that has always directed her throughout her career. Sonya is a loving mother to her two daughters. Over and above her passion for chocolate, she enjoys exploring new countries and cultures, mentoring and the art of cooking. n

Leading Women

I believe that women will continue to take charge of their own successes and break their own glass ceilings.

Latifa Mohammed Al Khalifa Social Education Entrepreneur


atifa Mohammed Al Khalifa is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clever Play, a purpose-driven startup with a mission to inspire, educate and empower children with future-relevant education. Latifa is a two-time STEM Certified professional and a certified National Geographic Educator. She has a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Webster University, UK, and a Bachelor's Degree double majoring in Politics and International Studies from Monash University in Australia

Latifa shares that her two biggest inspirations are: Walt Disney for his imagination and vision and Sir Ernest Shackleton for his courageous leadership. She also considers the strong female figures in her family to have played an important role in her career: “My grandmother, mother and sisters taught me that no woman should be held back from realizing her dreams just because she is a woman. It has been proven time and again, that empowering women and girls has a multiplier effect, and helps drive economic growth and development”.

In 2018, Latifa co-founded her startup Clever Play which has been chosen as one of the 100 meaningful companies worldwide dedicated to combine profit and purpose to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, she was named as the Bahrain Female Entrepreneur of the Year as well as Bahrain’s Top Female Influencer, among others.

“Self-imposed limitations are often times of our own undoing and expectations of what’s possible for us. I believe that women will continue to take charge of their own successes and break their own glass ceilings”, Latifa said.

As a leader, Latifa actively empowers her team through mentoring, inclusion in the decision-making process and recognition when they are effective. She also encourages her team members to experiment even if that means there’s risk of failure. “I find ways to help each member develop and contribute using their strengths, allowing each member to take on additional responsibilities, making them feel valuable and competent”, she added.

Latifa advises aspiring women leaders to keep the vision of why they want to lead and not what they want to lead towards. “Keep articulating the vision for the work to your team. That is what makes the difference between a manager and a leader. Make sure that you really want to go the extra mile to become a leader”. When she’s not working, Latifa enjoys unplugging from tech use and reading widely to unwind. She spends her afternoons out in nature almost everyday and also enjoys training/working out to de-stress.n

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 23


Craftsmanship in


YAZI is a Bahraini women's accessories brand founded in 2005 by artist Yasmin Salahuddin. Just recently, we had the chance to interview her about her brand YAZI, her new Autumn/Winter collection and more! 24 Bahrain Confidential December 2020



an you tell us a bit about yourself? What motivated you to become a designer? My name is Yasmin Salahuddin, a Bahraini graphic artist, businesswoman, mother, and the founder of YAZI label. I remember being fresh out of Art School in London. What motivated me was the idea of creating pieces of art that can also be ready-to-wear and accessories – hence, the YAZI brand was born in 2005.

I believe that art and architecture have a deep connection and complement one another. What was the inspiration behind your latest collection? Being a graphic designer/artist, I draw inspiration from my surroundings and things that ignite my passion such as diamonds, gemstones, animals and cities I've visited throughout the years. I then translate those inspirations to pieces of wearable art. Usually in my

designs, you will see a combination of those elements making it intriguing to the eye. We have learned that you are the granddaughter of pioneering architect Salahuddin. How does this connection translate to your craftsmanship? Yes, my grandfather was a pioneer and has set the ground work for many landmarks in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the early 1900’s; it was his eye for avantgarde design and being a visionary that I strongly connect with. I believe that art and architecture have a deep connection and complement one another; for architecture is a form of artistic vision that has come to life in a space. As an ode to my late grandfather, I introduced two scarves honoring his designs: one is an abstract piece of Bab Al Bahrain and the other is the Manama Skyline. What messages do you convey through your creations? I basically let the scarf do the talking, each piece has many intricate details that one discovers every day - these are then worn as a statement accessory elevating a person’s ensemble.

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 25


What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change? I would like to see more conscious consumerism in the fashion industry, where the buyer would opt for quality over quantity investing in pieces that would last longer in your closet. We practice this approach at Yazi, where we focus on quality and using the finest cashmere-soft wool that would last for many seasons to come. What advice can you give to young designers? Creating and building a brand has many ups and down my advice would be to have determination, stay focused, and have passion for what they do. No matter what comes along the way you can always overcome it. Which piece is your favorite and why? I love all my designs, but I have a to say that the Bab Al Bahrain scarf is the closest to my heart as it’s a tribute to my late grandfather Architect Salahuddin who designed this great landmark back in 1948.n

26 Bahrain Confidential December 2020


I would like to see more conscious consumerism in the fashion industry, where the buyer would opt for quality over quantity investing in pieces that would last longer in your closet.

YAZI Autumn/Winter 2020 collection is inspired by the beauty of the Middle East with intertwined prints of colourful palm trees, Arabesque patterns inspired by the doorways of Morocco and Hamsa Eyes famously known to ward off negative vibes. These scarves are made from finely spun lightweight wool weaved into jewel toned backgrounds of Malachite Green, Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue. YAZI is available online and at Saks Fifth Avenue, Middle East

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 27


Story of Hope This Filipina breast cancer survivor in Bahrain shares her story of hope.

28 Bahrain Confidential December 2020



reast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, impacting 2.1 million women each year, and also causes the greatest number of cancer-related deaths among women. Today, we are sharing our conversation with Erylle Hidalgo, a breast cancer survivor, about her struggles and her story of hope. Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what are you doing in Bahrain? I am Erylle dela Rosa Hidalgo, a Filipina resident in Bahrain. I am a single mom of three who came to the Kingdom to sustain my children’s education and future.

As a regular wage earner, I am already struggling enough financially with my responsibilities so I did not have money to pay for the procedures.

When did you first learn that you had breast cancer? What stage were you diagnosed with? I was detected with breast cancer in March 2020 at 43-years-old. During the 2nd or 3rd week of that month, I felt a small mass on my right breast. At first I did not mind, thinking it was only something normal like fibroids.

Since I was working at a medical center during that time, I had the chance to check with our gynecologist wherein she advised me to get a mammogram and an x-ray. It took me a while to undergo in an MRI and screening as the procedures were a bit expensive for me. After a while, the test results came. I was confused with the number of medical jargons but the phrase that stood out the most from the result was “highly suggestive of malignancy – 95%”. I was referred to another hospital to help me interpret my screening results and get a biopsy procedure. The biopsy showed that I had an “Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Grade 2” – a cancer that began growing in a milk duct and has invaded the fibrous or fatty tissue of the breast outside of the duct. I underwent another biopsy because there was another cyst found near my axilla and unfortunately, the results showed that it was also positive with cancer cells. What was the biggest challenge you have experienced during this battle? My experience with breast cancer was really tough especially when I was already advised to do chemotherapy. The biggest challenge for me was the financial burden breast cancer entails. As a regular wage earner, I am already struggling enough financially with my responsibilities so I did not have money to pay for the procedures. I tried asking help from my friends and colleagues but due to the pandemic, they were also struggling. I remember thinking that it was better for me to die here in Bahrain at least my family will get financial compensation when worst comes to worst.

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 29


We cannot imagine how tough your battle with breast cancer was. How did you handle it in Bahrain? Where did you get the support? At first, I cried knowing that I had cancer. I immediately accepted it soon after because I know that crying will not change the fact that I have it. I surrendered everything to God and tried my best to live as positive as I can. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have done it alone. I have supportive nurses like Ms. Divina Tungol and doctors like Dr. Wadie Yousif, who didn’t even let me pay for the screening procedures. I have friends like Famel and Shane Fields, who were the first people to support me in paying for my tests. Finally, I have my guardian angel, Mr. Michael (name changed for privacy purposes), who helped me in everything without any hesitations. I am also blessed with people who are continuously praying for me especially my family, friends and

30 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

extended family here in Bahrain. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to answer any of these questions, let alone survive the entire experience. What would you like to say to anyone who’s battling breast cancer right now? A cancer diagnosis makes you feel very out of control. Acceptance is the key in our case as this is something beyond our control. But there will still be things in your life that you can control so focus on that. I would also like to tell everyone who is battling cancer to always pray for guidance and wisdom as well as to trust that God has a plan for us. Stay positive, avoid stress and take care of yourself. Find comfort and support in your friends and family. Most importantly, never give up. Let’s keep on fighting until we win our battle! n Note: Mr. Michael’s name has been changed for privacy purposes.


A utumn F e st

Elite Seef Residence & Hotel Elite Grande Hotel

Elite Resort & Spa

BD 33 Net

BD 39 Net

Single / Twin Bedroom Suite

Single / Twin Bedroom Suite

BD 60 Net

BD 60 Net

2 Bedroom Suite

2 Bedroom Suite

• Rates are in Bahrain Dinars and Inclusive of taxes and service charge. • Inclusive of packed breakfast in the suites • Inclusive of Wifi Internet connection • Above rates are applicable till end of December 2020 * Terms and conditions apply

Call: +973 17 558 200




A Culture of Care Learn More About Natural Beauty Medical Center and Muna Dental Care Center.

Dr Haidar Fayyadh


atural Beauty Medical Center and Muna Dental Care Center offer a wide range of dental services and soon, a dermatological department will add more variety to their expertise. According the centers’ owner and dentist Dr. Haidar Al Fayadh, they pride themselves on their patient-centered practice. “We do everything possible to make our patients’ visits pleasant and to create positive experiences for them”, Dr. Haidar commented. “We continually strive to earn the loyalty of our patients and expect that we will see second and even third generations”, he added. Dr. Haidar has over three decades of experience as a healthcare professional specializing in implants, advanced dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry. He has completed his BDS, advanced training and specialization at the University of Baghdad. He also has a specialization in Implantology from Freiberg, Germany and a Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry from the San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy.

32 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Muna Dental Care Center Location: Riffa

Muna Dental Care Center is dedicated to a totally comprehensive dental care approach that focuses on treating people, not only teeth. The center provides a vast array of services including preventive, cosmetic, restorative and reconstructive dentistry. For more information: +973 1777 3037

Natural Beauty Medical Center Location: Adliya

Natural Beauty Medical Center is an advanced center located in the heart of Bahrain. They provide optimum dentistry services using top-of-the-line equipment. The center will be launching a derma department soon. n For more information: +973 1700 4009


Foolish things I have done Reflection is an activity that is quite commonly used in coaching. There are several ways to do it, I came across this technique which helps you reflect and also have fun along with it. It helps you take yourself lightly as well. This was a technique described in the book “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living” by Dale Carneige Most of us will agree that when we think of ourselves few years back we would always say OMG I was so stupid, so angry and so many things. This never stops. 10 years from now we will say those same things to our present selves. So why not make it fun?!

Cafe Belge You have to stop by this ‘grand’ café when visiting Dubai!


Make a folder and write all the things till now that you have realized you have made an error in. Be bluntly honest and keep maintaining this over a period of time. When I get out folder and re-read the criticisms I have written of myself, they help me deal with the toughest problem I shall ever face. Reviewing can take time and not very pleasant at first. Sometimes I am astonished by my own blunders. Of course, as the years have gone by, these blunders have become less frequent. This system of self-analysis over time has done more for me than any other one thing I have ever attempted

ocated at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre, Café Belge is the first “Grand Café” of its kind to open in the region. The café is known for its vibrant design and gourmet roots proudly set in 1920s Brussels which celebrates the grand style and elegance of this golden era.

You can even do this on a daily basis. Most people will notice these faults which are commonly wasting time, stewing around over trifles, arguing and contradicting people. Eliminating these will gradually help us become better.

From the moment guests sweep through the ornate iron doors of Café Belge, an exceptional journey begins. Art Deco and Art Nouveau design elements are richly reflected in the décor, from the decorative carvings on the columns, to the ornamental chandeliers and mirrors, to the array of bold geometric pictures that adorn the walls, further complemented by marble floors and tables, two rich wooden bars and signature high ceilings.

‘The small man flies into a rage over the slightest criticism, but the wise man is eager to learn from those who have censured him. Walt Whitman says: "Have you learned lessons only of those who admired you, and were tender with you, and stood aside for you? Have you not learned great lessons from those who rejected you, and braced themselves against you, or disputed the passage with you?"

Outside on the terrace, the restaurant continues in equally grandstyle, and a separate bar provides the perfect spot for those seeking an alfresco tipple. Here, you can enjoy Belgian dishes prepared with fine ingredients. The café’s menu shares Belgium’s love for seafood – the must try here is the lavish Café Belge Seafood Platter, and Doversole à l’Ostendaise, served with mussels, King crab and grey shrimp bisque sauce. Of course, meat lovers wouldn’t want to miss their topnotch cuts too!

So battle these and keep a record of the days when you won. Elbert Hubbard said: "Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day. Wisdom consists in not exceeding that limit." This is my favorite extract from the book:-

Instead of waiting for our enemies to criticize us or our work, let's beat them to it. Let's be our own most severe critic.’ Let's find and remedy all our weaknesses before our enemies get a chance to say a word. Try this simple technique and write to me on how you found it! n

Desserts offer something for every sweet tooth, including Sugar Pie from the renowned Ardennes region, and traditional Brusselsstyle Belgian Waffles with Speculoos Ice Cream. n For more information: www.facebook.com/cafebelgedifc


li Bhansa

CA Riya Bhansali is a life coach and corporate trainer who has trained more than 3000+ people both in the Gulf and India. Riya Bhansali


Bahrain Confidential December 2020 33


Pushing the Boundaries Bahrain Confidential interviews Mr. Emre Kirazci, Director of Sales & Marketing at Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa.


ow do you think is the current situation of hospitality in Bahrain? Globally, the hospitality, travel and tourism are amongst most impacted industries due to the pandemic. It has negatively affected the international tourist arrivals globally as well as locally in Bahrain. It has most certainly transformed the way industry operates, however, due to the proactive measures taken by the Ministry of Health and local authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the situation has been well managed. The medical personnel have shown great bravery by fighting on the frontlines while the residents have faithfully observed all protocols laid out by the government.

34 Bahrain Confidential December 2020


Mr. Emre Kirazci

Although the hotels’ occupancies have dwindled, hotels nationwide are now witnessing a gradual pick up. The King Fahad Causeway is still closed and we are eagerly anticipating its reopening as early as 2021 Q1, as Bahrain heavily relies on big touristic influx, around 85 per cent, from our Saudi neighbors. With the drop in new cases and steady reopening of restaurants and cafes, normalcy is slowly returning to the local hospitality industry. Professional sanitization techniques have been employed by all business within the industry as a new norm with all hotels highlighting their enhanced safety measures regularly.

Welcoming, safeguarding and taking care of others is at the very heart of what we do and who we are. How has Sofitel Bahrain manouevred through the new circumstances brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. Welcoming, safeguarding and taking care of others is at the very heart of what we do and who we are. Sofitel Bahrain, in line with directives from Accor, has successfully implemented the ALL SAFE Cleanliness and Prevention Label. Accor’s global cleanliness and prevention standards have been developed and vetted by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspections and certification.

Sofitel Bahrain has fully applied these standards throughout the hotel and third-party auditors; Bureau Veritas, have audited them to receive the new ALLSAFE label. As we welcome our guests, friends, family and community back to Sofitel Bahrain, please be assured that we are also looking ahead, through and past these trying times, to ensure that our valued guests and team members will always be looked after with the highest degree of safety, care and comfort. As the health and safety of customers and staff become adherently important, what ways are you promoting safety at Sofitel? Sofitel Bahrain has consistently highlighted the safety measures undertaken at the hotel since the very start of the pandemic. Being one of the first hotels in Bahrain to receive the highly acclaimed Bureau Veritas and ALL SAFE certifications, the hotel actively shared all this information with all our guests, shareholders and teams via regional press releases and aggressive social media advertising. Furthermore, the hotel has also adopted the revamped global hashtag #SafeIsTheNewChic with the proactive roll out of Sofitel’s global safety campaign as well as highlighting the successful ALL SAFE label implementation. The hotel has frequently collaborated with top tier influencers, briefing them on all the safety measures and advising them to publish their experiences on social media. Our in-house marketing team has produced videos and high quality assets that have been published on Sofitel Bahrain’s digital platforms to ensure consistent flow of communication and enhanced visibility.

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 35


What has been the biggest lesson for you as the Director of Sales and Marketing in 2020? To continue pushing the boundaries no matter how dire the circumstances. As change is the only constant, if you are not able to adapt, you will drop out of the race. The commercial team learned to focus on our priorities, which we have control-over. We have connected with Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority and Ministry of Health representatives with an objective to initiate social event guidelines, sharing some of our best practices from Accor ALL SAFE Cleanliness and Prevention Label.

To continue pushing the boundaries no matter how dire the circumstances. As change is the only constant, if you are not able to adapt, you will drop out of the race.

While we were ensuring to maintain our social distancing protocols, we looked for alternative ways to conduct our day-to-day businesses. The traditional meetings turned into webinars and

36 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

virtual site inspections. In collaboration with various key stakeholders of Bahrain’s tourism and travel industry, we have conducted educative live webinar sessions, whilst also sending uplifting messages to our customers. We have put together digital efforts to entertain our community with live cooking classes and workout sessions, giving back to the digital community as well. Last but not the least; we truly learned to stay united and connected as a team. What’s the most important advice you can give to those who are struggling to keep their customers engaged during this period? We would suggest keeping communication channels active during this period. Maintaining transparency as a top priority, as guests appreciate full disclosure and are looking for enhanced safety measures before booking their stays. Advertise smartly as budgets are constrained and advertise in digital mediums with effective targeting, segmentation and positioning strategies that yield in positive return on investments. Reinforce the safety message and incorporate this into the brand DNA, as going forward, this is the most important feature your guests would expect prior to booking a staycation at your property. Use an experiential approach and highlight your property’s USPs with enhanced photography, mix of user-generated content along with a dash of smart influencer marketing tactics. n

Lana Peters, Osteopath N.D. (Dip. in Naturapathy). Grad Dip (Animal Chiropractice) A.A.O.A. (Registered Osteopath). M.A.V.C.A

Relief from back pain, joint or muscle pain, sports injuries

+973 7730 0600 about osteopathy and how we can help you, visit our website:

w ww.backonthemove.com Email: enquiries@backonthemove.com


HV Holistic Health -

Stress and Exercise What’s In It For You?


n today’s society many of us will experience a form of stress. Unfortunately, it has become the norm to live with stress but, it is how we deal with it that makes a difference.

We often find ourselves taking on more than our minds are prepared to handle, in most cases we can’t help the workload that gets placed on our shoulders. Stress can effect a variety of things, such as frequent headaches, upset tummy, elevated blood pressure, chest pains, sleepless nights, to name just a few.

Continued elevated stress levels can lead to unhealthy choices to find a way to alleviate, or take your mind off the stress.

Add exercise into your schedule, even a 10-15 minute stretch can make a difference. You may feel demotivated, and unwilling but, the body is designed to move. The time you spend exercising shifts the focus back on to you, allowing you to recenter. Use meditation, or a podcast. Try to find a moment in each day to breath in and out, and call to mind one thing that makes you feel grateful. Book a 30 minute stress busting Infrared Sauna at HV, where you can burn calories and take the opportunity to unwind. Find an activity to indulge your senses, whether it be something physically tactile, or mentally challenging. This opportunity brings you back into your body. Set up an at home spa day. Light a candle, take a warm bath, and enjoy a soothing face mask. Just remember, if you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for you illness.n

Continued elevated stress levels can lead to unhealthy choices to find a way to alleviate, or take your mind off the stress. Alleviating stress is all about the small changes. Try HV’s top five tips to reduce your stress levels

38 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

For more information on how we can help contact HV Holistic Health. on 1777 5544, @hvholistic or info@hvholistichealth.com

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Facebook Fans

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Numbers matter. 1 million views every month, and still going strong! Your business deserves to be here.



Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk


n November, Accor has opened its largest Sofitel property in the Middle East and Africa region, with the unveiling of the Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk. The luxury hotel which is attached to the WAFI Mall, provides guests with timeless elegance and sophistication. We’ve recently experienced it with a short staycation during our visit to Dubai. The design of the 230-meter property was inspired by the Luxor Obelisk in Place de La Concorde in Paris. Its building is adorned with a golden pyramidion and in the shape of an obelisk, reminiscent of the said hotel in Paris. We stepped into a magnificent Franco-Egyptian ‘gateway’ on arrival – impressive displays (including a 9x4 meter golden falcon) and luxurious art deco greeted us at every corner. The interior was the most eye catching and spectacular of any hotel we’ve ever been in; which is a lot to say for Dubai, because you know how glitzy and glamorous it is there. The property boasts 498 luxury guestrooms and suites as well as 97 furnished and serviced apartments. Each room is designed for discerning tech-savvy business travelers and leisure seekers. Our room was lush and comfortable, providing a much-needed escape from the urban bustle of the city.

40 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Feature Specially crafted experiences are also a highlight at Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk. Their spa, in collaboration with renowned French brand L’OCCITANE en Provence bring the most relaxing retreats. The spa includes eight treatment rooms (including the couple's treatment room), female and male indoor and outdoor relaxation rooms and Hammam facilities. We tried the deep tissue massage during our stay and it was amazing!

Brasserie Boulud We didn't miss our chance to take in a French brasserie experience so we dined at one of the hotel’s outlets. Brasserie Boulud is a new concept by Daniel Boulud, Michelin star chef and owner of several global award-winning restaurants. Inspired by the French art de vivre, Boulud’s very first restaurant in the Middle

The design of the 230-meter property was inspired by the Luxor Obelisk in Place de La Concorde in Paris.

East offers French contemporary cuisine, rooted in tradition. Our taste buds indulged in an array of enticing dishes paired with grapes by the expert connoisseur. The service was fantastic and the ambiance just completes the whole experience. Whether you’re staying in the hotel or just visiting Dubai, we definitely recommend trying out this place!

Bijou Patisserie We had breakfast at the hotel’s patisserie, Bijou. It is an elegant, sophisticated French patisserie set in the hotel lobby, serving playfully delicate pastries and light dishes with the option to grab and go. Apart from the scrumptious menu, the chefs catered our strict dietary requirements while executing it perfectly. Overall, Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk is not only a stunning destination in both architecture and design but also in its gastronomic offerings and exquisite amenities. What truly sets the hotel apart, however, is the level of attentive service it is offering. n

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 41

Going Out

This is a must-visit supermarket for your Christmas

shopping in Bahrain!


his year has been challenging in more ways than one, with a “new normal” in place and uncertainty around us. Nevertheless, Alosra is here to bring you another stress-free Christmas. Explore their festive range and fill up your stockings with delicious treats!

Here are why this year’s holidays should be enjoyed with Alosra Supermarket:

They have a festive feast made to order! Whether you want to satisfy your cravings or bring home some comfort food for the family, Alosra has got you covered! Until the December 20, you can preorder cooked mains, trimmings and sides. You also have the option to order your ingredients if you prefer to cook your favorite Christmas dishes at home. What we really like about Alosra’s made to order option is is that you can tailor it to your preferences. From cheese, cakes and pies to turkey, salmon and ham – you are sure to have a memorable meal with your loved ones.

42 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Going Out

BBQ Kit steaks, buns, rubs and sauces to take you to flavor town! You can make your kit as bountiful as you want, all you have to do is check their website. Image of BBQ kit

They have a hassle-free ordering system Alosra makes ordering easy through their straightforward Christmas order form which you can fill out online. Once you have selected your items, you can schedule a pickup time and date at the nearest branch to you. Alternatively, you can pick up a sealed form from the closest Alosra branch, fill it out and hand it over to a Customer Service Supervisor.

You don’t have to worry about safety Their Christmas hampers are pretty awesome! Nothing beats the cheerful surprise of receiving a Christmas hamper at your doorstep. Alosra’s version of these hampers are sensational yet affordable – each hamper is packed to the brim with foods, snacks and sweet treats. You can choose from three predefined hampers with prices that suit your budget. Every single product in the Christmas hampers have been hand-selected so you’ll find many of your favorite brands like SuperValu! Definitely the perfect festive gift for family, friends and colleagues!

You can get an awesome BBQ kit! Alosra has everything you need to get grilling so you can responsibly host an outdoor family feast: striploins, burger patties, lamb cutlets, marinated

If you’re concerned about safety, rest assured that you can celebrate with no worries with the physical distancing measures and preventive protocols that are still in place at each of Alosra’s branches. Furthermore, Alosra’s standards are evident with the ISO certifications that they have been awarded. The certificates recognize their improved performance, quality service, safety measures and operations. If you think that’s all, you’re wrong! As an added treat, you can enjoy a 16% discount on over 1,000 products when you shop at any of their branches. n Stay up-to-date with Alosra’s latest news and offers by checking their www.alosraonline.com @alosrasupermarket /alosrasupermarket

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 43

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Festive Feasts

Where to go and what to do during the holiday season

44 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Going Out

ART Rotana Festive Stay Timings: 19th to 30th December Price: From BD49 Net Book your family escape with ART Rotana’s festive stay offers available from the 19th until 30th December 2020 with daily complimentary activities for the kids. Enjoy an outstanding 3 days getaway in their spacious classic room overlooking the sea with your loved one for BD 149 Net. The long getaway includes breakfast and lunch/dinner for two, along with access to all the available recreation facilities in the resort. Or you can have a quick escape for a day from the bustling city and its noises to our tranquil oasis to leave you all invigorated. Stay with your loved one in a classic room with breakfast for BD 49 Net only or you can stay at one of the lavish classic suites with breakfast for only BD 99 Net.

Christmas Eve Dinner at Choices Timings: 24th December, from 7 pm to 10:30 pm. Price: BD 20/BD26 Net Treat yourself and your loved ones with an astounding buffet bursting with international dishes and all your Christmas stables at Choices restaurant where you will be able to enjoy live entertainment for the evening. BD 20 Net for non-alcoholic drink package and BD 26 Net for unlimited premium drink package. Kids below 6 years old dine for free & those between 6 & 12 dine for BD 10 Net.

being setup outdoors around their infamous dancing fountain to insure all safety measures are implemented while keeping the spirit sparkling and joyful. Enjoy a festive feast with live entertainment and complimentary presents for the kids. For more information, call +973 1600 0111

Christmas Day Brunch Timings: 25th December, from 12:30 pm to 5 pm. Price: BD42/BD52 Net Celebrate this blissful occasion worry free with your loved ones at ART Rotana’s Christmas Day Brunch, where everything is

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 45

Going Out

Downtown Rotana to deliver a traditional family dining experience while maintaining a sophisticated atmosphere and service. Prepare for an evening full of all your favourite Christmas dishes starting from roasted turkeys, delicious pies and of course mulled wines.

Christmas Day Brunch at Flavours on 2 Timings: 25th December Price: BD22/BD33 Net

Roast Turkey to Go Timings: Available until 8th January 2021 Price: BD28/BD34 Net Savour a hassle-free traditional Festive dinner at the comfort of your own home with our mouth-watering whole roast turkey. Your choice comes with a wide range of traditional trimmings and can be complemented by an indulgent selection of Christmas favourites. All Roasts are served with Brussel sprouts, roasted pumpkins, chestnut and goose fat roasted potatoes. BD 28 Net for 4-6 people |BD 34 Net for 8 to 10 people.

Christmas Eve Dinner at Teatro Timings: 24th December Price: BD15/BD26 Net On the evening of 24th December, visit Teatro restaurant at Downtown Rotana for a cosy Christmas Eve Dinner that promises

46 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Take your loved ones over to Flavours on 2 Restaurant in Downtown Rotana on 25th December, where you are guaranteed to an indulgent Christmas brunch with a wide selection of Christmas dishes and desserts, along with the best steak cuts in town to be prepared as you desire. The festive celebration is never complete without a visit from Santa with plenty of gifts and treats, accompanied by a magician to keep everyone entertained.

New Year’s Eve Dinner at Teatro Timings: 31st December Price: BD35 Net Say goodbye to 2020 at Teatro Downtown’s dinner bash that promises an electrifying experience with plenty of drinks, delicious food offerings from around the world and hefty beats by a renowned DJ.

New Year’s Day Brunch at Flavours on 2 Timings: 1st January 2021 Price: BD22 Net Celebrate 2021 and start the new year fresh with your family and friends at Flavours on 2 Restaurant on 1st January 2021. Relish in a sumptuous spread of all your heart can desire from the lavish buffet setup that surely will leave all your family members satisfied and happy. For more information, call +973 1311 9999

Going Out

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay Christmas Brunch at Bahrain Bay Kitchen Timings: 25th December, 1PM to 4PM Price: BD44/BD55 Net Rekindle the wonder of the Christmas spirit with an extravagant buffet brunch at Bahrain Bay Kitchen featuring a taste of tradition along with festive twists. Turkey, wagyu beef, orange glazed barbary duck, fresh oysters, seafood and festive dessert live stations await. Little ones will be treated to a surprise visit from Santa Claus, all can enjoy live entertainment by Band DUO.

Christmas Brunch at CUT by Wolfgang Puck Timings: 25th December, 12:30PM to 3:30PM Price: BD32/BD44 Net A holiday themed brunch at CUT by Wolfgang Puck featuring traditional American and European favourites including mince meat pies, Yorkshire pudding, and croquettes await along with great music, fun vibes and of course the traditional Christmas specialties guests look forward to each year.

New Year’s Eve at CUT by Wolfgang Puck Timings: 31st December, 7PM onwards Price: BD40/BD60 Net Ring in the New Year with live music and an enhanced menu that includes special delicacies such as beluga caviar Italian and chestnut agnolotti. The best part? Guests get to craft their own dining experience with an a la carte menu of their choosing. An optional special four course set menu curated by Executive Chef Brian Becher is also available on request.

New Year’s Eve at Bahrain Bay Kitchen Timings: 31st December, 8PM to 2AM Price: BD49/BD60 New Year’s Eve is a grand affair at Bahrain Bay Kitchen as the

team of chefs prepare a fabulous feast that includes stations of ceviche, foie gras, specialty roasts of the finest grade and more. Start off with a complimentary glass of bubbles and countdown to midnight with the live Band DUO and DJ tunes to continue the celebrations after the stroke of midnight.

New Year Brunch at Bahrain Bay Kitchen Timings: 1st January, 1PM to 4PM Price: BD30/BD43 Net A lavish buffet hosts a wide variety of seafood specialties as well as a butcher’s corner. Enjoy live entertainment by the resident Band DUO while younger guests will be delighted to discover an endless choice of kid’s activities to join in on. For more information, call +973 1711 5000

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 47

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InterContinental Regency Hotel

Intimate Festive Dinner at Medzo Timings: Booking from 1st to 24th December Price: BD18/BD28 Consider an unforgettable family Christmas dinner as you indulge in a specially curated selection of festive delicacies and delectable dessert buffet on your table. Live Entertainment available upon request. Minimum 10 people are required.

Intimate Festive Brunchism at Legendz Steakhouse

Marriott Executive Apartments Christmas Eve Dinner Timings: 24th December Price: BD16++ Indulge in a festive celebration on Christmas Eve at Crossroads. Bring your friends and family for scrumptious international dishes.

Christmas Day Lunch

Timings: Booking from 1st till 24th December Price: BD24/BD34

Timings: 24th December Price: BD16++

Enjoy an exclusive festive steak Brunchism by the pool with your family or friends filled with fine tastes as the chefs unveil lavish and decadent dishes perfect for festive season. Live Entertainment available upon request. Minimum 15 people are required.

Looking for a great venue for your Christmas day celebration, with delicious food for the whole family and a stylish place to enjoy? Crossroads is the perfect place for you.

The Presidential Christmas Timings: 24th to 26th December, 12:30PM to 4PM Price: Starting at BD32 With the hustle and the bustle of Christmas shenanigans, you can either book the restaurant exclusively for your family and friends or join our lavish Christmas party in any of the hotel’s restaurants and spend precious and joyful time on this special day with chef's festive creations. For more information, call +973 1722 7777

48 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

New Year’s Lunch Timings: 1st January, 2021 Price: BD15++ Start your year off right by celebrating it at Crossroads! The New Year’s Lunch will bring you some of the most scrumptious menu offerings by the expert culinary team. For more information, call +973 1736 3999

Going Out

Movenpick Hotel Bahrain

The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Traditional Turkey Takeaway Timings: Pre-orders required by 20th December Order from The Gulf Hotel’s Traditional Turkey Takeaway Menu and let them take care of all the cooking and allow you the luxury of enjoying Christmas at the comfort of your home. Minimum order of 6kgs og turkey. Free delivery is available for advanced orders. For pre-orders, call +973 1774 6425.

Christmas Eve Dinner with Chef Tala Bashmi Timings: 24th December, 7PM to 11PM Price: BD32++ If you have been waiting for Christmas to try out Fusions by Tala, well it’s here now! Christmas Eve dinner with a view plated by the hotel’s very own MBC TOP Chef, Tala Bashmi.

The Grand Christmas Brunch at Pool Garden Timings: 25th December, 12:30PM to 4PM Price: BD28/32 Net A Christmas brunch that has it all, a place filled with cheer, live stations, live band, a jolly Santa Claus with gifts for kids and kid’s activities. BD 28 net per person for Prestige Club Members, inclusive of free flowing beverages. Price: BD 32 Net per person, inclusive of free flowing beverages.

Boxing Day Roast at Sherlock Holmes Pub Timings: 26th December, 12:30PM to 4PM Price: BD15 Net

Christmas Brunch at Silk’s Restaurant Timings: 25th December, 12:30PM to 5PM Price: BD43 Net Exchange season’s greetings with loved ones over a lovely Christmas Brunch. Savour an incredible festive feast, while chefs will be on hand to rustle up your favourite dishes, delivering a perfect culinary experience.

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party Timings: 31st December, 8PM to 2AM Price: BD59 Net Start your New Year off incognito while ending this current year on a high note in one of a kind Masquerade party. Live a carefree while dancing and partying to everyone’s favourite hits, while simultaneously meeting other people in disguise having the time of their lives. For more information, call +973 1746 0017

Enjoy a traditional Boxing Day Roast Lunch by Chef Marc Ouden at Bahrain’s favourite pub and watch all Premier League Boxing Day fixtures. Special Happy Hour prices on beverages from 12pm to 7pm. Only 30 seats available. For more information, call +973 1771 3000

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 49

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The Westin and Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain

Christmas at Your Home Timings: 20th to 26th December Price: BD90 Net Enjoy a box full of Christmas dishes and goodies. Order from 12noon to 10pm. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. Box serves up to 8 persons.

Christmas Brunch at Salero Timings: 25th December, 12:30PM to 4PM Price:BD28/BD36 Net

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Christmas Day Brunch at La Med Timings: 25th December, 12PM to 4PM Price: BD40/BD49 Net; BD25 per child Get excited for a festive celebration of culinary delights showcasing our chefs’ most fabulous creations - from live cooking and carving stations, a large seafood and prime rib corner to a delectable array of heavenly desserts. The grand occasion elevates with live musical entertainment, festive activities, and a special visit from Santa Claus.

New Year’s Eve Dining

Enjoy a festive brunch at Salero Restaurant with an array of delicious Spanish cuisine.

Timings: 31st December

New Year’s Eve Dinner at Baharat

Cantina Kahlo: 5-course set menu and two beverages at BD 50 per person

Timings: 31st December, 7PM to 1AM Price: BD30/BD40 Net

La Plage: Live stations and two beverages at BD 50 per person

This New Year’s Eve, indulge in a wide selection of international favorites, traditional dishes and more at Baharat.

Primavera: 4-course set menu at BD 49 per person

For more information, call +973 1717 1441

Celebrate New Year’s Eve and welcome 2021 with an exciting array of extraordinary culinary offers from each of the hotel’s award-winning outlets.

Thai: Live stations and two beverages at BD 50 per person Plums: 4-course set menu at BD 49 per person Nirvana: 4-course set menu at BD 39 per person

New Year’s Day Brunch at La Med Timings: 1st January, 12PM to 4PM Price: BD40/BD49 Net; BD25 per child Celebrate the New Year in style and enjoy a festive buffet of international specialties at La Med. Be entertained by the sounds of La Med’s musical duo as you enjoy the first day of the New Year with family and friends. For more information, call +973 1758 0000

50 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

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Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Festive Treats & Takeaways Timings: Available until 26th December Price: Varies Spread Christmas joie de vivre this year at Macaron Shop or order traditional festive treats from home. Savour a delightful array of freshly baked Christmas desserts, French patisseries along with international, hot favourites to offer a wholesome gastronomic affair that will satiate all your holiday season cravings.

Magnifique Christmas Eve Brunch Timings: 24th December, 7PM onwards Price: BD36 Net Add a sprinkling of Christmas magic under the glittering lights of Saraya and Fiamma Restaurants with our first-ever alfresco Magnifique Christmas Eve Brunch on the 24th of December from 07:00pm onwards.

Grand Christmas Day Brunch Timings: 25th December, 12:30PM onwards Price: BD49 Net Embrace Art de Noël with the return of Sofitel Bahrain’s iconic Grand Christmas Day Brunch on 25th December and indulge in the Kingdom’s most beloved festive affair to truly spike your holiday spirit. Brunch starts from BD49net inclusive of selected beverages. Exclusive brunch and rooms packages for two also available starting from BD149net.

beach dinner event; New Year’s Eve Fusion Bonfire Night, featuring an extraordinary line-up of live entertainments and decadent meals, sure-fire to ring in 2021 with a bang! Enjoy special surprises at the stroke of midnight and an unforgettable event fuelled with revelries, top gastronomy as well as good cheer, all starting from BD60net.

Galette des Rois Timings: 3rd January, 3PM onwards Price: Varies

Timings: 31st December, 8PM onwards Price: BD60 Net

Celebrate the traditional Epiphany event on the 3rd of January 2021 as Sofitel Bahrain unveils its trademark biggest homemade Galette des Rois in Bahrain at Macaron Pastry Shop in the hotel’s magnificent lobby. All families will be treated to a delightful afternoon, full of delicious surprises by our pastry team to offer you a sweet start to the New Year.

Toast to the New Year with style at Sofitel Bahrain’s supercharged

For more information, call +973 3888 5789

New Year’s Eve Fusion Bonfire Night

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 51

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An Elite Celebration Elite Hospitality Group invites you all to celebrate Christmas and New Year with festive offers and promotions!


ike every year, the team at Elite Hospitality is planning to get you in the holiday spirit with an extravagant holiday and lots of cheerful events for you and your family. Elite Resort & Spa, Elite Grande Hotel and Elite Seef Residence have lined a list of exciting family activities.

Kids will definitely enjoy a fun filled activity program by playing games, puzzles and a spectacular chance to win great prizes. Also, they will get to spend a couple of enchanting minutes with Santa Claus and shall receive a special Christmas present from him.

52 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Going Out

Elite Resort & Spa Elite Resort & Spa will start the month by celebrating with a rich course of set menu for the Christmas brunch at Al Naseem restaurant by the poolside and at La Brasserie coffee shop. An international brunch with four course menu is available for at BD 18++ per person and BD 30++ per couple. Book in advance by calling +973 3888 4415.

Like every year, the team at Elite Hospitality is planning to get you in the holiday spirit with an extravagant holiday and lots of cheerful events for you and your family. New Years Eve dinner will be hosted at Al Naseem pool side. The celebration will feature a live entertainment band and standup comedy show. The menu will consist of four courses served with drinks and cocktails at special rate of BD 14 net per person. Special prices for kids and group bookings. The hotel also has great discounted rates for all monthly and yearly guest requests and inquiries. The

offer will be extended till end of May 2021. For bookings, call +973 1758 8200.

Elite Seef Residence & Hotel Elite Seef Residence & Hotel will start December by hosting at Captain Jacks special promotions every day from 11AM till 2AM. Enjoy finger bites, sandwiches along with special house promotion on house wine at BD 2 net per person. Ladies night is also back every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Three free coupons for each lady will be offered on selected cocktails and House wine. For reservations you can call, +973 1758 3388.

Elite Grande Hotel Elite Grande Hotel will celebrate December with a treat for every guest wishing to book and stay in Bahrain. Enjoy a real escape at the hotel’s one bed room suite at BD 30 net per room per night Including all taxes, service charges and breakfast.

Christmas Tree Lighting Elite Seef Residence & Hotel and Elite Grande Hotel will be expecting Santa and Mrs. Claus to check in on the 24th Dec 2020 to celebrate with the in house guest at the hotel. An array of special activities and promotions for both hotels will be offered to all the guests on all outlets and restaurants. n To view more on the hotels, please visit: www.elitegrouphotels.com

Bahrain Confidential December 2020 53



Eman Allawi

Profession: Marketing Manager - Alosra

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Nationality: Bahraini

Personality Profile Can you provide a brief background on your education and career? I have a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing with a versatile background of over 15 years. I also have an extensive experience in the field of Digital Marketing Strategy & Social Ecosystem. What is your leadership style? Participative (democratic) leadership. As a female executive, what has been the biggest challenge and lesson you have learned so far? Knowing my own limitations is key. We live in a world that celebrates self-belief, but it is far more important to have self-awareness as a wife and a mother in the corporate world striving to climb up the leader.

54 Bahrain Confidential December 2020

Throughout your career, who were your biggest inspirations? Hard to point one over another; my Mom I would say. What do you think are the biggest challenges ahead for the next generation of female leaders? To elevate other females! What message would you give to women aspiring to become successful in their chosen fields? Know yourself, value yourself, trust yourself and love yourself. You are what you believe. How do you relax yourself from work? That is a secret.n

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Bahrain Confidential December 2020  

Bahrain Confidential December 2020