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Money Savers And Revenue Generators In a category where the competitors all offer essentially the same giant white box of water, the Aquatic Training Vessels™ (ATVs) from Marquis have dramatically reshaped the look and direction for the industry

Products to help improve efficiency and save money are important for all pool owners, but especially for those in the commercial sector. For many of them, equally as important are the products that maximise the use of existing facilities and attract more of the paying public. Our ‘money savers and revenue generators’ is a must read for anyone operating a commercial pool By Jon Wadeson


unning a successful commercial swimming pool has never been an easy or cheap task, but thankfully we live in times where technology, innovation and choice are helping more than ever before. Budget pressures mean commercial operators need to be aware of all the available options to always save money or increase revenues but thankfully, with the right advice, there are always solutions on offer that will assist. Whether it’s to enhance facilities, improve green credentials or optimise efficiency, this issue, we take a look at five products that can help commercial operators improve their ‘bottom lines’ in the years ahead.

Certikin’s OC-1 filter media significantly reduces running energy costs whilst still filtering to the equivalent standard as it can be used with a smaller pump or a variable speed pump or controller

1) CERAMIFLO – BUILD AND RUN A COMMERCIAL POOL FOR LESS! was to ensure that its water treatment system was capable of providing the best quality water for the five new pools, plus any future increase in demand, but it also needed to be water, chemical and energy efficient, and be contained within a small plant area. The Ceramiflo system, designed and installed by Provital Solutions, with its compact design and modular construction was the perfect solution. With ceramic microfiltration membranes, Ceramiflo was able to filter the water to 3 microns, with an impressive turbidity of 0.2 NTU. Its fully automated backwash requires 30% of the water required by traditional sand filters, a significant saving in water and energy costs. In addition, the ceramic membranes do not require renewal like traditional filter media, ensuring consistently exceptional water quality over the long term. Its fully automatic cleaning capabilities, along with remote monitoring and control, minimise operator time, providing savings on staff costs too. “We wanted to build the most modern and energy efficient The Ceramiflo system, with its compact design and modular construction was the perfect solution for the Randers Leisure Centre in Denmark swimming pool in Denmark. The Installing a Ceramiflo microfiltration system not only delivers significant cost savings during the construction phase, it continues to save money throughout its use due to its significantly lower use of energy, chemicals and water compared to traditional filtration systems. The remarkably small footprint required by the Ceramiflo saves on plant room space, enabling revenue generating floor space to be maximised. All this, whilst providing the cleanest and clearest water you’ll ever see! Ceramiflo was selected for the newly built Randers Leisure Centre in Denmark. The main objective for the centre design team 65-67_SPN_Aug_16_Commercial_Pools.indd 65

project was originally specified with regular sand filters, but when we came across the ceramic filters from Provital Solutions we were immediately convinced that this was the right solution for us. The compact design of the filters allowed us to downsize the basement area and save a lot of construction costs, but the decisive factor was the low consumption of water and energy,” said Anders Skak, CEO of Gribskov Gruppen A/S. Exclusively distributed in the UK by Total Pool Filtration, Ceramiflo is suitable for both new and retrofit projects. Total Pool Filtration 01829 740290

2) CERTIKIN’S OC-1 FILTER MEDIA REDUCES RUNNING COSTS Since Certikin announced its worldwide exclusive distributorship of the ground breaking OC-1 in January, the filter media has acquired a growing fan base and is now being used and tested in over 40 countries worldwide. Unlike traditional methods that use entrapment, OC-1 works through settlement and harnesses advances in pump technology and variable speed pumps/controllers.

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) August 2016  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) August 2016  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...