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January 2013 1

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2 January 2013

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January 2013

Help Those New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Millions of Americans will make New Year’s resolutions about eating better, getting healthier or giving up smoking. But when left to our own devices, the commitment rarely lasts beyond a few weeks. At Gwinnett Medical CenterDuluth, we want you to succeed with those New Year’s resolutions, and we offer tools to help. Resolution: Lose Weight If you’re trying to shed a few pounds – or a lot of pounds – it’s important to eat better as well as eating less. That’s where the Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center at Gwinnett Medical CenterDuluth can help. In the Diet by Design program, a registered dietitian will be your personal coach and design an eating plan to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Learn more by calling 678-312-6040. If you’ve tried diet and exercise, and

find it’s not enough, bariatric surgery may be right for you. Visit gwinnettbar-


A “Traditional” Philosophy – Best wishes for the New Year! Today I want to talk to you about yearly traditions. As we begin the New Year, we offer you and your loved ones our very best wishes. We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. One of your New Year resolutions may be to stay healthy. A healthy mouth leads to a healthy body and overall well-being. I notice a lot of people go through their own “mini-makeovers” this time of year as well. They perform updates on their homes, make hair appointments to spruce themselves up for the New Year, and come in for teeth whitening procedures to erase coffee, tea, and wine stains and brighten up their smile. Yes, that onset of cold weather triggers a lot of activity for all of us. These reminders bring me to a question for you: What triggers your medical upkeep? Do you have certain times of the year that you plan your routine visits to your family doctor, gy-

necologist, and dentist? Are you reactive, only seeing a medical profession-


ADHD – not just in children anymore Adult ADHD is associated with multiple comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other personality disorders. Adult ADHD is a valid psychiatric disorder of adulthood distinct from these other conditions. Adult attention deficit disorder differs from the childhood variant because the hyperactivity in adults may be replaced by other symptoms such as anxiety, impulsivity and inattentiveness. In fact, prior to 2002 there were no diagnostic guidelines, but there have been great advances since. Some of the symptoms that characterize Adult ADHD are:

ADHD is a relatively common psychiatric disorder among adults. The prevalence is thought to be 3.5%-5.3%, which accounts for more than 11 million cases in the United States alone. With increased public awareness, adult ADHD became a topic of great interest so clinicians should be able to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with this disorder. Etiology is still uncertain. Genetics however is believed to play a prominent role, followed in importance by acquired injuries to the brain. ADHD was widely thought to be strictly a disorder of childhood. Now there are numerous scientific papers and clinical trials that acknowledge the existence of an adult version of this disorder, which can be traced back to the younger years. Before this time ADHD in adults was known as Minimal Brain Damage or Dysfunction (MBD).

1. Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in school-work, work or other activities. 2. Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities. 3. Often does not seem to listen when spoke to directly. 4. Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores or duties in the workplace (not due to oppositional behavior or failure to understand directions) 5. Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities. 6. Often avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as schoolwork or homework)Often loses things necessary for tasks and activities (eg. School assignments, pencils, keys) 7. Is often easily distracted by extraneous stimuli. PAID ADVERTORIAL

8. Is often forgetful in daily activities. Some children with ADHD continue to have it as adults. And many adults who have the disorder don’t know it. They may feel that it is impossible to get organized, keep a job, or remember and keep appointments. Daily tasks such as getting up in the morning, preparing to leave the house for work, arriving at work on time, and being productive on the job can be especially challenging for adults with ADHD. These adults may have a history of failure at school, problems at work, failed relationships and traffic accidents. Like teens, adults with ADHD may seem restless and may try to complete several tasks as once, most of them unsuccessfully. They also tend to prefer “quick fixes,” rather than taking the steps needed to achieve greater rewards. Treatment is very rewarding. The first medications to be approved by the FDA belonged to a non-stimulant group of medications: Atomoxetine. The FDA later approved stimulants such as methylphenidate and mixed amphetamine salts. Group delivered cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended in some cases as a supportive treatment. If you or someone you know may have Adult ADHD, call Johns Creek Family Medicine at 770-771-6591 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Zack Charkawi.

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January 2013 3

Curb Your Risk for Cervical Cancer By Penny Daughtery, RN, MS, OCN Gynecology Oncology Nurse Navigator

Cervical cancer strikes more than 12,000 women each year, but thanks to increased use of annual Pap screenings, the incidence and number of deaths from this slow-growing cancer have decreased steadily.

Importance of Screening Most cervical cancer is caused by specific strains of the human papillomavirus, or HPV, which is spread through sexual contact with someone else who has it. Someone can be infected with HPV and not know it, and it may be years after contracting the virus that

cervical cancer develops. Not everyone who has HPV will get cancer. When caught early, cervical cancer is a highly treatable disease. That’s why it’s so important to have annual Pap screenings. In fact, among the women diagnosed with new cases of cervical cancer each year, approximately half never had a Pap screening. Pap tests detect changes in cervi-

cal cells before they turn into cancer and can help prevent the disease altogether.

Reduce Your Risk You can reduce your risk of developing cervical cancer by quitting tobacco use and practicing safer sex. Use condoms and limit the number of sexual partners. For women 26 and under, vaccines are available to protect against some types of HPV most likely to cause cervical cancer. However, vaccines cannot treat the disease or prevent it in women who already have cancer-causing HPV.

Pay attention to your body Abnormal cervical cells rarely cause symptoms until they become cancerous. Pay close attention to your body

and see a gynecologist right away if you experience any of the following symptoms: • Abnormal bleeding or a change in your menstrual cycle that you can’t explain. • Bleeding or pain during sex or when you put in a diaphragm. • Unusual vaginal discharge

Georgia’s Leader in Cancer Care

The Northside Hospital Cancer Institute is dedicated to the treatment and care of all cancer including cervical and other gynecologic (GYN) cancers. By offering innovative and less invasive cancer treatments, Northside is providing better outcomes for patients and offering renewed hope for a cure. For more information about Northside Hospital’s Cancer Institute, visit www.northside. com.

4 January 2013

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5 Healthy Resolutions to maintain in 2013 By Dr. Averel Snyder

1. Drink Water We cannot underestimate the importance of this. People often mistake thirst for hunger.. So next time you feel that hunger urge reach for water first. Water also helps you feel full 2. A Couple Splurges Allow yourself to eat whatever you want 2 meals out of every 21.  This will not cause you to completely gain back your losses and inflict enough damage to subvert your weight loss... You will also feel mentally less deprived. 3. Start with 10% Pick a smaller more attainable goal to focus on initially.  People who do this have the best chance of hitting their goals and ultimate success! 4. Up Your Protein Research suggests that pro-

RS N E W S PAPE u Yo We Connect

Trusted experts delivering the latest in cardiac care Northside is home to a team of talented and experienced professionals specializing in comprehensive cardiovascular services. From leading diagnostic services to angioplasty and pacemaker implantation, Northside’s experts deliver leading cardiac care right in your community. Visit us online at

tein prolongs the feeling of fullness better than carbohydrates or fats do. Many studies found that people who ate a high protein breakfast or lunch were less hungry at their next meal. 5. Stay Away from All sodas in 2013 and

Beyond Soft drinks are a major source of empty calories. If you are truly thirsty.. Reach for Water or Unsweetened ice tea instead of Soda. 

Dr. Snyder is a Board certified Cardiothoracic surgeon and Certified in Age Management Medicine. He Co-founded AgeWell Men’s Institute to help men better manage aging with bio-identical hormone replacement and diet. See their ad for more information or visit their website at

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January 2013 5

How To Lose Weight Achieve your health and fitness goals

It’s that time of the year. New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  But what you may have heard of how to lose weight may be so far from the truth.  The old saying of, “eat less and exercise more”, is not the answer. Starving the body by eating less may work for a little while but then the body will bounce back to its’ original weight (yoyo’ing).  The way to lose weight is not to eat less, but to eat more!  Eating less ends up creating a state of starvation and is considered “stressful” on the body.  The body will respond back by limiting further weight loss.  This is why many people may lose some weight and then plateau. Exercising (physical activity) can be beneficial.  But if you over-exercise, your body will release cortisol (stress hormone).  Again, this is one of the reasons why some people can lose some weight and then plateau.  Why people plateau is very complex and many components

of the way the body work have to be addressed. Eating less also mean you are also consuming less micro nutrients like vitamins, minerals and trace elements; all of which are essential for the multitude of chemical reactions the body needs to lose weight. Exercising has some of the same effect.  Exercising more requires more “building blocks” of protein and micro nutrients.  Exercise does reduce insulin resistance, the primary hormone involved in weight gain. Beyond insulin, other things to consider in losing weight include thyroid status, hormonal imbalance, chronic gut infections, macro nutrition content, too much stress, lack of sleep, neurotransmitter imbalance, excess leptin hormone, and a few other things.  To learn more about how to properly lose weight contact Dr. Doniparthi at SomaNu Advanced Medical Center at 678-242-0204.

For the next few articles I will be focusing on how to achieve your health and fitness goals in 2013. It seems every year people set new health goals in January only to be back to their old ways in 4-6 weeks. There is a reason that lisa tabick cattarulla this happens to most people. The reason quite simply is because willpower and motivation are not enough for most people to make the lasting changes that are necessary to bring them long-term success. You have a better chance at achieving any goal if you have a specific action plan to follow. At Renew health

we will give you that blueprint. A specific plan based on your own genetics, lifestyle and body chemistry. There is not one diet or exercise that works for everyone. We use specific testing to determine which foods brian ouel- exactly lette you need to avoid. Certain foods may cause you to binge and become weight-loss resistant. Also, we can tell you which foods will help to speed up your metabolism and cause cellular healing. Losing weight isn’t difficult when you know which foods are your triggers to overeating and which foods cause cellular congestion. Chronic poor eating habits result in cellular congestion and cause hormonal changes that cause one to become resistant to losing weight. When this happens you will be unsuccessful in achieving your health and weight loss goals despite eating what you believe is a healthy diet, even if you are exercising. Call us today and let’s talk about how Renew Health can help you achieve your goals in 2013! 678-212-5100

6 January 2013

Dear Dr. Joan, Sean, my 8 year old son, has all of a sudden started acting out. He is getting into trouble at school and at home. He has been a quiet child and I have not had an ounce of trouble from him prior to this. He has mentioned a couple of times of being teased on the bus and at school. It is difficult for me to take him anywhere because he has become so unpredictable with his behavior. What could be going on? At Wits End in Duluth Dear At Wits End, There is no doubt that Sean is misbehaving and there are a number of things for you to consider. What programs does he watch on TV? What type of videogames does he play? Is the home environ-

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How To Choose A Chiropractor

ment peaceful? Who does he hang out with at school and at home? His being teased may play a big role in why he behaves the way he does – have you talked to his school authority? Is he overweight? If so, this can be addressed by his pediatrician. Play therapy, which is a type of counseling, is also a good option and can be wonderful. These are a few ways to get at what is really bothering him.

Got news?

Sincerely, Dr. Joan

Email it to us!

Choosing Chiropractic Care for you and your family is an important decision. And choosing the right Chiropractor is just as important. This report has been designed to help you with those decisions. How do you know which Chiropractor is right for YOU? Here are 7 THINGS YOU SHOULD LOOK FOR IN A QUALITY CHIROPRACTOR. 1) A THOROUGH INITIAL CONSULTATION - Your Chiropractor should initially spend time asking questions to determine the probable cause of your condition and to learn of any treatments which may or may not have worked for you in the past. 2) A THOROUGH EXAMINATION - Your Chiropractor should perform a complete examination of your area of concern on the initial visit. You should avoid any chiropractor who suggests you begin treatment without a thorough examination first. 3) A COMPLETE DIAGNOSTIC STUDY OF YOUR PROBLEM AREA – Your Chiropractor should do a complete study of your X-rays, MRI’s, and any other diagnostic tests pertinent to your condition or injury. 4) A COMPLETE REPORT OF YOUR EXAM AND X-RAY FINDINGS - Your Chiropractor should present his findings to you on a follow-up visit. He should review in detail

your consultation, examination, and x-rays/ diagnostic imaging results. 5) A DISCUSSION OF POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES TO YOUR CASE. - Your Chiropractor should tell you about other options of treatment. No one doctor or profession has all the answers for everyone’s problem. 6) ADVISE ON HOME CARE/SELF CARE - Your Chiropractor should give you continuous, on-going advice and instruction on self-help things that you can do for yourself between visits to better your condition and help maintain and facilitate good health. 7) ONGOING TRAINING - Your Chiropractor should, on a regular basis, attend conferences, seminars, workshops and other training to insure up-to-date methodology and techniques are learned and practiced. If you need help finding a Chiropractor in your area, or have any questions or concerns about Chiropractic Care, please feel free to contact Dr. John A. Webster at The Roswell Health and Injury Center. OFFICE 770-442-3343 FAX. 770-576-0152. January 2013 - This CONSUMER REPORT was prepared for YOU by Dr. John A. Webster, Roswell Health and Injury Center, Roswell Ga.

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Perimeter North Family Medicine Perimeter North Family Medicine has been serving the Johns Creek area since 2004. Prior to that, our office was located in Duluth. We are part of a large practice that has 4 offices in the Atlanta area, with another scheduled to open in the spring/summer of 2012. Our hospital affiliations are with Northside Hospital and Emory Johns Creek Hospital. We offer all of the services needed to keep you and your family in perfect health. We believe that it is important to have a family physician who knows you, your family, your history, and all of your current medications. Once you choose your personal primary care physician, you will be starting a relationship that will provide you with specialized care, whether it is a sore throat, or an emergency. All of our physicians are board certified in Family Medicine, and adhere to the highest standards of medical care. We treat both genders and all age groups, including children and geriatrics with or without Medicare. We have Doctors on call 24 hours a day to answer your after hours needs. Our office is open on weekdays from 7:30 until 5:00 pm, and two Saturdays each month. We don’t believe anyone should call and be sent directly a nurse’s voice mail, so we have friendly, knowledgeable patient care representatives on staff to direct your call and help you with your immediate needs. We know that our patients lead

Exactly,….. BIG DEAL! Inflammation is not something to take lightly. Let’s put it this way, if you came across a smoldering fire in your house, you wouldn’t just walk away...would you? I suspect that you would consider this an important matter to tend to, because you know that even a small smoldering fire could quickly become a big rip roaring fire that could burn your house down. Your though process might be something like, “don’t panic, just put the fire out; and put the fire out fast.!” You might even say “Whew, I am glad I caught that fire while it was small, and thank God that I just happened to walk in here and see this.” Yeh, it would be an emotional and financial disaster to lose your home. So what if we were talking about your life? All it takes is ONE fire to cause an event i.e heart attack and stroke. There are many causes of inflammation that can ultimately cause your arteries to be fragile. The arteries can suddenly rupture as plaque pushes through the wall like a volcano. A

A Beautiful Natural Looking, Healthy

SMILE Today it’s easier and more affordable than ever.

busy lives, so we do our part by calling you with a reminder when you are due for a follow up visit or your annual physical. Our central scheduling office is open from 8 am to 5 pm for appointments. They will schedule or change appointments and call you a day or two in advance with a reminder. Central scheduling can be reached at 770-395-1130. We offer: Complete Physicals, Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare patients, Immigration Physicals, Sports Physicals, Well Child Checks, Paps, Immunizations, Travel Immunizations, and Routine Sick Visits. We are located at 4375 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 320, Suwanee, Georgia 30024, 770-623-7576,

So Big Deal, a Little Inflammation By Leslie Gaskill, M.D.

January 2013 7

clot is formed, blocking the flow and BOOM. You have a heart attack or stroke. What causes inflammation? Great question. Stress, bad diet, migraines, autoimmune diseases( like lupus and psoriasis), smoking, cholesterol, insulin resistance, prediabetes, diabetes, PCOS, liver disease, sleep disorders, and, periodongaskill tal disease to just name a few. Don’t get a false sense of security if you are a marathon runner, passed your stress test, calcium score, and even have a phenomenal cholesterol profile. Stay tuned to hear more from us and Plaque Busters in the national arena. If you are serious about your life, and your life is a priority, we can help you before it is too late. We are very experienced in a prevention strategy that works! It is tailored to YOU, your body and your genetics! and Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D., LLC 6290 Abbotts Bridge Road, Ste 201, Johns Creek, Georgia 30097. 770-495-9995.

• Sedation Dentistry – relax through your entire visit • Dental Implants – permanent replacements for missing teeth • Six Months Smiles Cosmetic Braces • Teeth Whitening, dazzling results – ZOOM! now available! • Non-Surgical Periodontal Gum Treatment • Metal-Free, tooth colored white fillings • Porcelain veneers for crooked or stained teeth • Digital X-Rays – 90% less radiation • FDA approved NON-DRUG migraine prevention tion Call Today for Your Complimentary Sedation, Implant or Cosmetic Consultation

678-894-7926 •

Dr. Ushma Patel, D.M.D

6916 McGinnis Ferry Road, Suite 500 • Suwanee, GA

8 January 2013

Alternatives to Hysterectomy Picture this scenario. You are having issues with heavy bleeding at menstruation. You go to your gynecologist and are told you need a hysterectomy. This will require a major surgery, a prolonged recovery time and inability to get back to work and your daily life for quite a while. Is this the only solution? The answer is probably no. We now have many more alternatives to hysterectomy than ever before. In the category of medical alternatives to hysterectomy there is the possibility of oral contraceptives and hormonal Depo-Provera infections. These medications are traditionally used for contraception but are safe for women to use until menopause if no medical health issues exist. They can decrease monthly bleeding substantially and even be manipulated so that there are fewer menstrual cycles. Oral contraceptives can also decrease acne and perimenopausal side effects as well. Another new alternative to hysterectomy is the Mirena IUD. This devise recently received FDA approval for use in managing heavy menses. It can easily be placed in an office visit without anesthesia. After the first few months most patients will have either no menses or very light menses. The device can be left in for 5 years and is very safe in all age groups. If you prefer not to use a medication or are reluctant to use an IUD another alternative would be an endometrial ab-

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Dentistry: Continued from Page 2

lation. This is a procedure that in some cases can be done in an office setting or as an outpatient at the hospital. The lining of the uterine cavity is treated so there is either no menses or very light menses each month. The nice feature with this procedure is that recovery time is very quick. Most people are back to work within a 24-hour time period and the results last for years. So the next time your doctor days you need a hysterectomy, be sure to discuss these options. While the need for hysterectomy still exists in some cases there are more alternatives than ever before. Laura Tsakiris MD Chattahoochee Gynecology

al when you think something is wrong? Or do you keep a regular maintenance schedule for yourself and your family? Hopefully, the latter. It is my philosophy that preventative care is absolutely the most essential way to take charge of your health. I focus on the overall well-being of my patients and, with the help of modern science, I can actually foresee dental issues and circumvent most of them before they become a bigger and more costly problem. Why is this important? Three reasons: Your comfort. Your time. Your money. That’s right. Preventative care is first and foremost, more comfortable for patients. Heading off problems before they begin saves patients from larger dental procedures such as crowns or root canals. While medical techniques allow me to perform these procedures with a higher level of comfort liked Sedation Dentistry for my patients, most

Resolution: Continued from Page 2 for more information and a free informational seminar video. Resolution: Get Fit Whether you want to improve your current fitness level, enhance your tennis/golf game, help with inflammatory disease, or meet another personal goal, Gwinnett SportsRehab offers customized personal training. At rates similar to what you’d pay at a commercial gym, you get the expertise of an experienced, degreed exercise physiologist. Learn more by calling 678-312-2839. Or if you’re a runner, and your 2013 resolution is to improve performance and prevent injury, GMC’s running clinic may be for you. Learn more at 678312-2803. If a group fitness class is more your style, Pilates, yoga and circuit training are offered weekly on the Glancy Campus in Duluth. Visit to learn more and register. Resolution: Help Others Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth loves its volunteers. Adult volunteers are utilized year-round and play a key role in assisting the GMC staff. Additionally, the GMC Auxiliary raises funds for new equipment, while having a good time themselves! With fun events


} connect }


people would still prefer to avoid them altogether if possible. Crowns and root canals are more costly than preventative care, and they take more time in the office to address and fix. With just two visits per year for a typical dental patient, I can keep you in preventative mode over the course of your lifetime. We can head off problems before they start and keep more money in your wallet, increase the overall health of your body and help you spend less time at the dentist. My philosophy is simple: See me on a regular basis to avoid seeing me even more often than you’d like! What system do you have in place for preventative care? Please remember to schedule those routine appointments for you and your family before your body triggers an issue for you that could have been entirely prevented! Call your Dr. Ushma Patel D.M.D with Center For Advanced Dentistry at 770-623-8750 to make your appointment or visit us on the web at for more information. Mention this article and receive a $100 off your next dental visit (New Patients Only)!

like the Ms. Gwinnett Extended Care Center pageant, Breakfast with Santa, and special sales, it’s a great way to serve the community’s healthcare needs. Learn more at Resolution: Learn Something New GMC offers yoga and T’ai Chi classes for seniors through its Prime Time Health program. Both these classes can help with flexibility, strength and balance, and are held in Duluth on the Glancy Campus. For more information, visit If you’re a senior, while driving may not be a new skill, learning defensive driver skills can polish up your prowess on the road. At Gwinnett Medical Center we offer the AARP Driver Safety course, a two-day classroom course for drivers over age 50. Learn more or register at classes. If Internet learning is more your style, you can learn about current wellness topics, and get some delicious and healthy recipes, by following the Gwinnett Medical Center blog at, or our Pinterest posts at Gwinnettmedical. For a chance to win lots of great prizes like t-shirts and tickets, “like” Gwinnett Medical Center on Facebook at

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January 2013 9

New Year,

New You

Gwinnett Medical Center can help you achieve your new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s eating healthy or exercising, GMC has the tools to help you succeed. The Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center offers Diet by Design. A registered dietitian will be your personal coach and design an eating plan to suit your lifestyle. Gwinnett SportsRehab provides fitness and conditioning programs for every level of fitness. GMC also offers weekly exercise classes for your convenience. To learn about all the opportunities offered at Gwinnett Medical Center to achieve your new year’s resolution, visit or call 678-312-5000 to register for a class.

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