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THE BADGER is a fierce animal, very much respected and honoured both in Northern American Native traditions and in European Celtic ones. THE BADGER is the prototype of the persistent healer: the one who keeps looking for remedies, whether they are physical or not. At THE BADGER we believe that the arts in all their beauty, science for the good of everyday life, spirituality, philosophy, food and the healing arts proper are beneficial to restoring that balance, health and sense of worth that each and every human being deserves. We offer you THE BADGER, the persistent healer, all the articles come from experts in different fields, each person has his/her own idea of what balanced health is, they are here to share information, give inspiration, receive your comments, suggestions, contributions. Each human beings has at least one of the keys to well being, let's continue our quest!



Our new issue is richer and longer than the previous ones, our readers are more numerous and we feel blessed by these developments. There is much to celebrate in this season of re-birth and renewal, time to take stock of our past and boldly face the present, so that our future can shine ahead and look at us proudly. We welcome many new authors this time, many voices from different walks of life and different countries, Every change is good, so that we keep walking along the edge of the road, right there, near the woods, where the birds hide their nests, the blossom smells so sweetly and life is full of promises and mysteries. Thank you for walking with us in this issue of THE BADGER. You will find the links to our previous issues at the end of this magazine. AV Editor Antonella Vicini Graphic Consultant Patrick Zuidema

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Antonella Vicini Photos by Luis Vasconcellos

The myth that has accompanied my entire life is, without a doubt, the long journey of Odysseus in order to return home. The intricate stories, steeped in ancient mysteries and shrouded in the veils of antiquity, have always been alive for me, just as it had happened a few years ago, not thousands of years ago in a non specified place on planet Earth. The stories of the wandering hero who will find peace and solace only at the end of a perilous, almost deadly journey, have been the best companions for the human race: from the times of the huge and dangerous mammals to the discoveries in far away lands, to the wonder of space.

At the moment I am eagerly following the first Italian woman in space by reading her blog, her no nonsense attitude is refreshing and enticing at the same time, as if all the information she has accumulated all along her life were readily available to us all. I know such wealth of knowledge is not so easy to understand, but I feel good knowing that such a caring person is flying above us, in order to help us understand more, and then? What will happen when we know more? What journey awaits us? In the last few months a movie has given our human race the seed of a new Odyssey: Interstellar by Christopher Nolan (November 2014). I would like to spend some time reflecting on the ideas contained in this film and its connections to other important visual milestones, because images reach deeper into us and encourage memories of other lives, or other possibilities of life, in a direct and unobstructed way. This beautifully written movie tells us many layers of stories giving hope to humanity. During its development we can see touches that reminded me of the great sci-fi epic movies of different decades: the humming monolith of 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968) becomes here a chirpy and acute robot with a sense of humour, the oceans of Solaris (1972) with its creations are evoked after their first landing in order to find a new home for humans, the interconnectedness of all beings (Avatar 2009) is present in the actual choice made by the protagonist and his daughter who saves the earth by hauling all its inhabitants across

time and space, the difficulties and problems of deep space together with the reflections on Gravity (2013) are the essence of this story.

There are more elements that called other images to memory, but I would not want to give the idea that this film is not original, because its depth and scope are genuine and heartfelt. Besides, this is not an article on movies, it would be impossible for me to recall all the visual memories that Interstellar has brought back to my awareness; nor it is a film critique, since this is not my field, or my interest: I have too much respect for the labor of love that each movie is. This is my honest attempt at understanding what is out there... (just to quote popular tv fiction!).

Perhaps in order to go forward we need to go back to our human roots, in order to embrace the immense magnitude of cosmos, we have to embrace the infinite depths of our souls. This seems to me the most profound message of the movie Interstellar, even in its title, by using words coming from an ancient language that ring so true and contemporary we open our hearts to hope, so that our small, individual lives can be touched by greatness, they are in fact made of greatness, so we only need to re discover it.

For this reason I am glad that people keep reading the ancient poems, it doesn't matter what part of the world they are from, these stories are everywhere on our mother earth, the names and local facts may change, but the inspiration is common: in order to grow to our full potential we need to expand our awareness well beyond our present knowledge, far away from what is familiar. Sometimes this requires a sacrifice, again an ancient word too often misunderstood, since its original meaning was sacrum facere = literally making sacred a moment, a place, an event. The ancient people who offered sacrifices to the gods were making sacred a moment in time/space thus making it eternal. The people who nowadays sacrifice some of their time on a spiritual quest, for voluntary work, looking for donations to support a selfless cause (just to give a few examples), these people are all making time/space sacred and eternal also for those who cannot or don't want to, or perhaps don't know how to do the same. The epic journey across space and time told by Interstellar makes sense when at the end the protagonist realizes that help is coming from the future people, those far ahead in time who are willing to help those in need back in the past. He had left his own planet, his life, his loved ones in order to save all of humanity, thus sacrificing himself for this quest, in return he can see that there is salvation for the human gender and he can contribute to it via his daughter. It is true that the Earth has been destroyed by humans themselves, so hopefully they will have learnt their lesson and will not repeat the same mistakes on their new abode.

Nevertheless, he really is the knight in shining armour who leaves the castle of Camelot in order to find the Holy Grail, he may be wearing a space suit, but his attitude is the same: selfless sacrifice of personal comfort and the will to continue the search forever if needed. However, once the search is over, he is not happy with a tranquil old age of serene day, accompanied by much public acknowledgement, he is still eager to cross the stars again in order to be the bridge between his time and the future of humanity in a far away galaxy. He will be among the progenitors of those future ones who will eventually help them. In his last journey he is again Odysseus taking to the sea to discover what lays beyond the horizon. Thus this movie is a perfect example of story telling: a series of circles of stories that start at the very beginning of the movie and spiral until they reach the completion at the very end. Dante Divina Commedia Inferno Canto 26

1304 - 1321

"O frati", dissi "che per cento milia perigli siete giunti a l'occidente, a questa tanto picciola vigilia d'i nostri sensi ch'è del rimanente, non vogliate negar l'esperienza, di retro al sol, del mondo sanza gente. Considerate la vostra semenza fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza''.

“Brothers – I said- who for countless thousands of dangers have reached the west all the way to this small hour of what is left of our senses, do not deny yourselves the experience behind the sun, of the world without people. Consider your origin you were not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge”

After quoting Dante's hymn to human endeavour, I believe it is fitting to complete my article with the most appropriate video and music, a real space rendition of a classic by David Bowie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaOC9danxNo You can find SamanthaCristoforetti's adventures in space at the links below: https://plus.google.com/+SamanthaCristoforetti/posts in English http://avamposto42.esa.int/ in Italian This is the website for the movie INTERSTELLAR http://www.interstellarmovie.net/ I want to thank Luis Vasconcellos for these great photos that perfectly capture the spirit of the article.

I also want to thank you readers for allowing me to share with you one of my oldest passion: sci fi, a genre I have always considered the mythology of today. I remember that, when I was an adolescent, I went straight from the epic poems to sci fi novels and sagas, where I found the same stories spun in different environments, yet still recognizable, but certainly as gripping and as full of mysteries. I often had the impression of living in different worlds at the same time, just like some of the recent movies show us, Interstellar especially, little did I know then that those deep reflections on life are also the core of many spiritual paths. Blessings on your paths. Antonella Vicini


In order to celebrate Spring and our Mother Earth AJ has gifted us again with another piece of great music:

Gaia's Lullaby (instrumental): https://ajmichael.bandcamp.com/track/gaias-lullaby

This is food for our souls, we can just relax and listen, mindful of our place in the Universe.


ANDREA EXO “… There are invisible builders , who incessantly lay bricks in the project we call Life......”

There are 2 main elements in the recipe “life” that forge each living being: raw material and who work on it. Everything is born out what is really small; human beings, guided by their need to know, have always played the game of knowledge by observing, listening, dreaming and -above all- copying. Just as nature has its “cell project”, where minute builders work step by step in order to create it by using small fragments called atoms, in the same way human beings have their “project home”, where much bigger workers move bricks in order to build it. Nevertheless, a simple cell, like a house, needs to be completed.

The recipe needs to be handed down and contained in a living organism that will function as a container for the recipe itself. This transmission allows us to give a first definition of what is alive: “...Alive is anything that can reproduce and transfer the recipe that has generated it...” While it is clear who are the builders, how they work and what is their goal, what do we know of “the workers of life”? “ ….There are million kilometres long snakes, while others are so small that you cannot see nor hear them. They coil and uncoil, they flex and divide, they unite and their dance creates life...” Visible light doesn't contain all the answers and this implies that what we see is not enough to satisfy our hunger of the succulent dish called knowledge. Many years were needed in order to understand the mechanism of the billions of snakes contained in the life forms we master. Their workings are simple and complex at the same time: working the raw material in order to build the molecular structures that can complete the miracle of existence. Human beings have called these snakes DNA, after long observations and measurements, but quite surprisingly their existence had been known for thousands of years by any tribe on earth. Both art and literature give us infinite artworks where we can find them: from the snake in Genesis, to

the Greek Pantheon, to the Egyptian tombs, to the rock paintings, to the shamans textures in South America: the snake is a powerful symbol for humanity. Human beings made DNA visible without a microscope: creating organized sequences of strings with pearls that we call bracelet or necklaces, weaving textures, painting snakes, observing the creepers and lianas, creating ropes. We only need to look at the objects in our houses in order to see how the magical archetype is everywhere! Let's look now at some exemplary stage in the origin of life. The snake is united and rests: DNA is in its helicoidal structure in a dense matter within the cell. The snake divides: DNA opens and is divided by helicase in order to allow generation. The snake generates: DNA is now divided and couples with the basis in order to return to unity that will allow it to repeat the entire process later on. Does this remind you of anything in daily life? Solitude, division, union, generation........ To be continued.... Andrea Exo Translation by A.Vicini

Badger Medicine 3 by


As we learned last time, the Badger has the temperament of a “Ronin� or wandering Samurai, not beholden to a clan leader or overlord who offers him or her patronage in exchange for soldierly duties. In other words, the Badger is self-employed and swears loyalty only to a purpose that includes one’s own deep values, one of which is a total commitment to the code of warrior honor. Hospitable yet fierce, friendly yet self-sufficient, discreet yet quick to do what is needed, brave yet humble, the badger is to be respected and internalized.

There are as many variations of how this code is to be expressed as there are individual badgers, but because we see them as wearing a uniform that distinguishes them from other animals, such as hedgehogs or dogs, we may not appreciate that to badgers, every other badger is unique, and would never be mistaken for a skunk. So while a badger recognizes that another species may share badger colors or patterns in some aspects, badgerhood is neither skunky, catlike, nor magpiesque.

So contemplate the soul of the badger, and the next time you are in a moment of doubt, ask yourself, “What would Badger do?” © Fredric Lehrman - March 2015


The garden is a laboratory for multidisciplinary research with distinctive scientific, cultural and pedagogic aspects. Our desire is to comprehend what is beyond the visible part of human beings. The garden is also a path of 7 energy points aimed at psychophysical well being, meditation, vibration and introspection. Our usual senses cannot perceive all the aspects of reality surrounding us: parallel dimensions, worlds unknown to logic. The Universe we live in is an almost infinite manifestation of phenomena. Some of them are closer to our daily dimension, some are more distant, yet they have actual effects on us. The garden is in the Comune of Paciano in Umbria, Italy.

WHY A GARDEN Since time immemorial people and cultures on earth have lived with the idea that energies and mystical places could support well being and help human beings. This concept, already described by archaeologists, historians and anthropologists is at the basis of the many complex geometric and architectural buildings found in every culture and historical period all over the globe. The ancient learned priests of the different historical cultures actively analysed the movements of Sun and Moon, as well as the planets and all the celestial bodies. In their temples, on parchments, or on stones they collected their knowledge as well as the secrets of such ancient understandings, often times lost in the waves and evolutions of time. Up to this day the archaeologists, just like any tourist, admire the ancient remains thinking of the deep and profound respect that all the architects and engineers of those times had for the powerful energies rooted in the earth. The works they built are in fact a clear demonstration of such attitude. In order to unravel these mysteries often times we use psychic archaeology.

SYNCHRONIC LINES The main difference between scientific knowledge and esoteric knowledge is mainly the attitude towards its diffusion: science is based on experiments, objective data, open to verification and control by everybody, a scientific experiment can be repeated. Esoteric knowledge is not open to everybody, it is accessible only by few initiates who share the access to a certain aspect of knowledge or an experience, therefore it cannot be repeated. Scientific then, is synonymous with objective, esoteric is subjective. However, the latest discoveries in Quantum Mechanics have emphasized the role of the conscious subject to such a degree that nothing can exist beyond the subject's perception. This new perspective reduces science (as it is usually understood in the western world) to a mere esoteric belief in the primacy of matter. Therefore the scientific approach is only one of the many methods to study reality, on par with the many avenues developed by human beings all along history.

THE GARDEN The Garden is placed in a context of esoteric-symbolic knowledge. Every living thing on earth has its etheric counterpart above the earth, so that if the part on earth acts, its counterpart will also react to it. The garden is connected in a synchronic and radionic way to 4 sites of archaeological, geographical and symbolical importance in order to be in the shape of a sword. These places are : A marble Pyramid at Passignano on the Trasimeno lake (PG), the Queen's Spring (Siena) and Pieve a Caiola (PG), the tip of the sword is in Blera (VT) ( in the Etruscan archaeological site). The shape of the sword is a cross, so it represents the four elements: air, fire, water, earth, united in the centre. The centre of the Cross (Paciano) melts, amalgamates, mixes the elements in a balance from which life comes forth: it is the Alchemical Work The sword is connected to water, the Lake Trasimeno.

NOTE In European traditional lore the sacred sword is kept in a clear and calm pond. Excalibur, its real name is Calibur, was guarded by the Lady of the Lake, an ancient goddess only visible in clear and clean ponds. The lady of the lake gifted the just man with the sword, he was the only one who could use it for the well being of his people. What happened if the man once considered just turned selfish blinded by power lust? Since the lady could not take it back, the sword was taken away by Nature: the weapon was attracted by the earth and it was held there tightly. In the western esoteric tradition we find the sword in the rock, or sometimes swords in caves up impervious mountains, often guarded by mythological animals or monstrous beings. Only a man of pure heart would dare extracting it from the rock, or wandering in the caves in its pursuit. Reading the legends, often times we find women guarding the sword. In our tradition the earth is the mother, the cave can only be accessed via tight tunnels, all these images recall the woman's womb. To be continued....

Paolo Benda Translation by A.Vicini

POETRY TITI LVCRETI CARI DE RERVM NATVRA LIBER PRIMVS Aeneadum genetrix, hominum divomque voluptas, alma Venus, caeli subter labentia signa quae mare navigerum, quae terras frugiferentis concelebras, per te quoniam genus omne animantum concipitur visitque exortum lumina solis: te, dea, te fugiunt venti, te nubila caeli adventumque tuum, tibi suavis daedala tellus summittit flores, tibi rident aequora ponti placatumque nitet diffuso lumine caelum. nam simul ac species patefactast verna diei et reserata viget genitabilis aura favoni, aeriae primum volucris te, diva, tuumque significant initum perculsae corda tua vi. inde ferae pecudes persultant pabula laeta et rapidos tranant amnis: ita capta lepore te sequitur cupide quo quamque inducere pergis. denique per maria ac montis fluviosque rapacis frondiferasque domos avium camposque virentis omnibus incutiens blandum per pectora amorem efficis ut cupide generatim saecla propagent. quae quoniam rerum naturam sola gubernas nec sine te quicquam dias in luminis oras exoritur neque fit laetum neque amabile quicquam......... Rome 50 BCE

Mother of Rome, delight of Gods and men, Dear Venus that beneath the gliding stars Makest to teem the many-voyaged main And fruitful lands- for all of living things Through thee alone are evermore conceived, Through thee are risen to visit the great sunBefore thee, Goddess, and thy coming on, Flee stormy wind and massy cloud away, For thee the daedal Earth bears scented flowers, For thee waters of the unvexed deep Smile, and the hollows of the serene sky Glow with diffused radiance for thee! For soon as comes the springtime face of day, And procreant gales blow from the West unbarred, First fowls of air, smit to the heart by thee, Foretoken thy approach, O thou Divine, And leap the wild herds round the happy fields Or swim the bounding torrents. Thus amain, Seized with the spell, all creatures follow thee Whithersoever thou walkest forth to lead, And thence through seas and mountains and swift streams, Through leafy homes of birds and greening plains, Kindling the lure of love in every breast, Thou bringest the eternal generations forth, Kind after kind. And since 'tis thou alone Guidest the Cosmos, and without thee naught Is risen to reach the shining shores of light, Nor aught of joyful or of lovely born..... (Translation by William Ellery Leonard)

Hints of poetry without comments from us, let us know what you would like to see here, or if you want to add your own verses. Thank you AV

READERS' CORNER This page is dedicated to you readers, it will be filled with your poems, writings, inspirations, whatever you will want to contribute to THE BADGER. We look forward to this space.

#livetoday Miracles bound to graceless anchors Spellbound and casted into doom Hope built on feathers and emptiness From the bottom, it consumes Force fed ids and egos The image has no room It's beauty fades unnoticed It's heart gave in too soon Nothing works out as it should Even if for the greater good Some say do it anyways Some say do it anyways And though I'm often misunderstood No one understands being lost in the woods I lift my hands above and say All I have is right now Live Today Crossroads and endings apparent The tenses of time loom Gradually creating a dust cloud The tempest of time moves Caught in it's whirlwind And breathing to it's groove The moment has captured you And to it you swoon

Nothing ever works out as it should Even if for the greater good Some say do it anyway Some say do it anyway All my life, I've fought the feud Wandering and lost in the woods I lift my eyes to the sky and say All I have is right now Live today No positive feeling can brace the realism Of self-induced anti-nihilsm I want what I want, and so I long Particular and specific with great alarm Miracles upon anchors without grace Mercy beams from sights yet faced I want what I want, and so I long For one to give my all and charm Nothing as works out as it should Even if for the greater good Some say do it anyway Some say do it anyway Going against what I know and should I still give my heart to the greater good I lift my spirit to the world to say Nothing is promised Live Today

AJ Michael Š AJ Michael March 2015

HEALING WITH WORDS Antonella Vicini The turrets and bastions shine in the light of dawn. Many flags flap in the wind. The air is full of shouts and the whinnying of the heavily armored war horses. The knights begin to exit from the castle. Their armors make them rigid and ominous. Their heads are still free from the helmets, with long hair, shaved skulls, covered in tattoos, they look very different from each other. Some are young, almost children, some are old and weather beaten, yet they all have the same indomitable spirit. When the lord of the castle arrives they all bow in respect, at his gesture all helmets are worn. The lord addresses them now: “Today you leave your shelter to fight for knowledge, not power. Think well before leaving the castle. Your quest will lead you far and wide. Your need for knowledge will grow, it will be forever unquenchable, until you find the pure spring of wisdom or die in the quest. Think well, knights, for there will never be a return from such a mission.” The knights listen standing rigidly near their horses. One of them advances, bows to the lord, then to the other knights and speaks: “Each of us has reflected upon your words, my lord. We are all aware of the dangers and pitfalls of the quest. We do not even know the form of what we are looking for. But we are determined to leave. “

All knights nod in silence. “ What we are looking for is the essence of life itself. A more noble and worthy cause could not be found on earth. Our determination will not falter. We are ready. We were born for this task�. The lord gives them his blessings. The long line of knights leaves the castle. As soon as they reach the plain below, they disperse in all directions, bidding each other farewell and good luck on their paths. From Talking with Gods, Sages, Fairies...... a novel by Antonella Vicini

Those were the days! Perhaps.... I think these are the days, Spring is upon us with its promises. After the long icy winter, now we begin to see hope of renewal in nature and begin to feel the ancient stirrings towards life in the open air, meeting our fellow human beings, as well as animals and creature of all kinds. Spring is the right time for cleansing, emptying the cupboards of our lives and head into new discoveries. Spring calls us to action and a quest is perfectly placed at this time. In the classical world spring marked the return of commerce, of safe sailings, of dramatic contests, of wars as well as games. What is our spring about? We can spend some time reflecting on this season within and without. It is not just the spring of these 3 months, but the spring of day, the beautiful dawn with its clear light, it is the spring of our lives: our youth that shines in our hearts, whatever age we may be, it is in fact the attitude of spring: being open to renewal and change. If I look at my life with the eyes of spring I immediately feel grateful for the first softer breezes, for that small flower that has chosen today to bloom, for the new ideas hatched in my mind by the seeds of the older year, now taking shape and becoming new projects. Above all spring is a good time to celebrate the resurrection of life after winter time, it is not by chance that the Christians chose this time for Easter. So I invite you to find reasons for joy in all the aspects of spring life, allow the earth, the trees, the birds, the sky and even the spring showers to feed your soul with new ideas, new directions, new beginnings. This is the time to find new seeds to sow, so that the cycle can be repeated again. Happy Spring and happy trails!


FROM THE STARS Light 2015 by

Laura Bottagisio 2015 has been proclaimed by UN and UNESCO the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF LIGHT. Light is connected to the entire development of science, if we think of the galaxies we know their light allows us to study the history of the universe. Understanding the nature of light has always worked together with science from the relativity theory, to quantum physics, to laser beams. (Massimo Inguscio) Seeing with eyes of Light: this is the key for a deep contact between our human and divine parts, like the union between Heaven and Earth from which the New Child may be born. This birth will enable the new human beings to transform their DNA, so far a double helicoidal structure, adding the part so far called “trash� in order to live with 12 helicoidal structures. By presenting the 12 zodiac signs linked to the 12 senses, I intend to activate a deeper perception that can free the real potential already present in every human being. The Creation is what makes itself visible, it is the Idea of Cosmic Light that becomes matter, this is its project advancing in Time, taking on continuously evolving forms.

Nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed, this is the eternal Law of Life that rules the Universe. Therefore, we are condensed light, holding its form for a certain amount of time and covered by what we choose along our paths. How much do we let our light shine in our everyday lives? The more we allow it to flow freely, the more we are connected to the Source from which the Light comes.

“Seeing with eyes of light� is like seeing with an angel's eyes: observing ourselves and life with an open heart, listening and giving words of warmth and vitality.

Letting go of our personal ballast (past experiences, fixed ideas, wounds...) and transforming it into active energy, we can see and conceive the world in a new, crystal clear light. We can change the world around us by dissolving the thick fog produced by our fears, so that the inner energy nucleus can heal us and our world. The current situation on planet earth is a reflection of the movements of the slow planets, that didn't allow the “quantic jump�, that is the acknowledgement of the Divine Laws and their transposition on a different level of consciousness, where a new era of light and prosperity can happen (Golden Age). Wherever heart and thought are warmed up, every archetype finds its place and its splendour. This sentence explains how Pluto, Neptune and Uranus (the slow planets, archetypes of deep evolution) work on us during this time of change. We embody the true joy that comes from recognizing our nature of light beings, sons and daughters of the same mother and father in perfect unity.

Uranus is the main agent of this new way of feeling; by entering in Aries on March 12th 2011, Uranus has manifested as a new force, capable of starting a revolution in those “principles� that give stability to social life, so that we are pushed into a path of deep knowledge of ourselves with a complete change in our vision of life. Rules need to be destroyed by Uranus in Aries whenever they suffocate creativity and inner innovation. During its transit in Aries, Uranus has been confronted by Pluto in Capricorn, so that the myths of the consumers' world have fallen.

We live in a transition, where the old ideas cannot be adapted to what is coming: the squaring of Uranus and Pluto sheds light on all the underground manoeuvring, both at personal and social level, because now it is important to promote what is true and ethical. Uranus and Pluto open the doors to the fresh, active waves of the new Feminine (now active due to Neptune in Pisces), that is now working within us, in our daily thoughts and perceptions. These three planets decline responsibility on the results, so that Saturn (planet of the personal will) is needed in order for us to make the correct choices in alignment with Cosmic Will. When we recognize that we are one with the Light and we awake it inside, our perceptions are richer as soon as we become aware of all our 12 senses and their connections to the 12 signs of the zodiac.



THE 12 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC Walking on the Sky path has always been part of human nature, a deep need to be in tune with the rhythms of the Earth and its cosmic counterparts. Our ancient forefathers knew very well the movements of stars and planets, as well as their cycles, from the fast Moon track to the thousand year long precession of the equinoxes, or the even longer one of our solar system rotating around the centre of the galaxy. Sacred buildings, sometimes entire cities, were built according to these movements that still constitute the basis of becoming, since nothing is static, but all is in constant motion. Our Earth, and we are part of it, participates in this eternal dance that keeps creating worlds, where microcosm and macrocosm mirror each other, thus preserving life. Immersed in technology we sometimes forget this connection, we feel a sense of separation, as if we had been abandoned, but this is not real, since we have only interrupted the constant connection with our celestial part. Myths, legends, fairy tales have handed down across the millennia the ancient astronomical information, today often confirmed by science, that connect us to the cosmos. They also show us, using a symbolic language, how much we participate in this constant flux and how much of it lives inside us. By observing the incessant movement of the planets within the zodiac grid, we can interpret the unfolding of our physical, spiritual, psychic life thus making sense of the events we experience. The Zodiac is a Greek word that literally means the cycle of the animals, since many animals represent the signs and that can be also translated as “ Wheel of Life�.

The Sun walks along the entire Zodiac during the sun year made up of 365 days. Therefore, the path of the Sun, corresponding to the 12 signs from Aries to Pisces, represents Nature in its annual cycle of 12 months; from the observations on the seasonal changes in nature and the associated animals come the characteristics of each sign. The most important moments in the year are the 2 solstices and the 2 equinoxes. They indicate the changes of seasons, they are the axis of the annual Sun cycle and they also represent the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, these elements proceed in a spiral motion creating the Quintessence, the Invisible Force that nurtures everything. The Four Elements work through the Zodiac according to the seasons, each sign is connected to a specific month, a specific element, one of the 12 senses. Yes, there are 12 senses and it is extremely important to become aware of them in this historical period of great changes, since we need them in order to widen our perception. Through this wider range of perception we will be able to develop more strands of our DNA, thus following the divine plan, the Project of the Grand Architect, who foresees our evolution as part of the solar system and the entire cosmos we belong to, just like one of our cells belongs to our body. The combination of the 12 Zodiac signs to the 12 senses is based on the ANALOGY principle, a symbolic approach to the interpretation of the connection between visible and invisible. In the analogic process both sides of our brains are operational, both intuition and rational mind give body and voice to what could not be understood nor clarified otherwise.

I would like to underline here that the pairing of zodiac signs and human senses is the product of my own personal, human and astrological experience.

PISCES - SIGHT Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, for this reason it looks out towards infinity, here we have a chance to see the beauty of the universe and its magnificence. In the natural development of our life journey there is a beginning and and end, according to a circular motion in which the extremes touch. We may have lost the vision of our coming to the light here in the three dimensional reality, thus we cannot “see” our exit from our time on Earth as a natural step. Neptune is now travelling through Pisces and will remain there until 2025, signalling a period of great changes both individually and socially. Neptune will give voice to our souls transforming our vision of the world. I have connected the Pisces with our sight because our physical eye sight is not sufficient anymore in our evolution which leads us towards “ascension”, this will be a quantic leap that will reveal our true multidimensional nature and will allow us to transcend within matter. Etheric sight can uncover secrets about our divine nature, it can reveal to us that we are part of the whole and the whole is in us. By activating this new sight we will be able to “see” or perceive all the energetic movements, the aura, the elementals in nature, the infinite archetypal images, our Guides, since their colours are between infrared and infra violet rays, therefore beyond physical eyesight. We will not be afraid anymore, nor will we fear death, since we will have the certainty of our constant connection to Life.



Aries, it's a sign of great strength and vital force! How much energy we find in this sign that starts the seasons! We are at the point of balance between light and darkness, at a suspended moment in time, such as it happens at dawn when the darkness is dissolved by the rising sun. At every spring equinox Nature receives an initiation, it leaves a phase of sleeping and silent non identity, in order to fulfil the Earth desire for renewed life, where each being pushes in order to be in its own specific way. In the human body Aries is the head, with the head we come to the world at birth, thus announcing our presence in the incessant flux of life. Therefore the Aries has in itself the sense of identity and, for us human beings, the Sense of I. The change underway in our perception of ourselves is due mainly to this sign, where Uranus has been in transit for some years already. This planet is obliging us to change deeply, since many dynamics with other people don't work anymore and produce only conflicts or misunderstandings. In the evolution of consciousness, Uranus in Aries is leading us from ego to the essence, transforming entirely our sense of I. It shatters all the walls built by our ego to protect enemy attacks, it will open the door to the discovery of who we really are, our true identity so far hidden by the many layers of conditioning. From warriors fighting in fratricidal wars to Light Warriors: we are essence of evolving light, this new sense of I will allow us to comprehend and enjoy this reality.

Laura Bottagisio Translation by A.Vicini

All original artwork by LAURA BOTTAGISIO

AROMATHERAPY ROSEMARY Dynamic Spirit RenatoTittarelli We start our exploration of the Alchemical Path in its use of herbs via their universal aspects, we will study the “stories” of different plants in order to achieve an understanding of the archetypes contained in each one of them. Every plant is a conscious sentient being that facilitates the direct and live contact with the divine within and without. We will hear the plant “talking” to us, we will witness the wondrous deeds of an aromatic essence in its splendour and during its ascent towards the Light.

These “stories� are metaphors of the soul on its path of individuation and discovery of its secret and real way. Our next step will naturally lead us to get to know the plants in nature, or contacting it via its smells and its essential oil. Myths, history and reality Rosemary was known by Egyptians, Latins, Etruscans who used to burn its branches in rooms with diseased people in order to purify the air. In ancient Rome the students used to study with garlands of rosemary on their heads, especially for tests, in order to reinforce their memory. It is a vital and warm essence which was considered sacred to Aphrodite and to the gods, very effective for health and Eros: in fact it was used during weddings and funerals to indicate the continuity of life. In ancient Greece, the great philosopher and botanist Theophrastus in IV BCE suggested using it for its antiseptic, stimulant, digestive and preventing putrefaction properties in preserving and cooking meat.

In the Middle Ages Rosemary was well known, so much so that Charles Magne obliged his farmers to have it in their vegetable gardens. Its virtues were appreciated by the Arab Alchemists who distilled its essential oil in the XIII century in Spain. During epidemics branches of rosemary were kept in pockets or on sticks in order to inhale its essence in infected areas.

Rosemary is part of ancient healing or cosmetic recipes, in the XVIII century the essential oil was used to prepare many cordials, digestive liquors and balsams against rheumatism. More recently it has been used in cosmetic products: in tonic waters as distilled water, in hair lotions, in toothpastes. The plant Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial spontaneous shrub from the the Mediterranean shores, even if now it can be found everywhere on different soils and up to 1.500 meters of altitude. Its name derives from Latin and it means sea dew, because its flower looks covered in dew and its colour recalls the sea water.

In the kitchen It is one of the most used aromatic plants, when used for cooking it helps the digestion and helps to use less salt. Therapeutic properties This plant is associated since antiquity with vitality, courage, joie de vivre, these qualities correspond to the sun which is situated in the heart, according to the alchemical tradition. Therefore the rosemary has been considered such a universal panacea, with special cardiotonic, sight reinforcing and memory supportive properties. It is a stimulant for asthenia and general weakness, it alleviates stress from physical or mental overwork. Rosemary is also antidepressant, can stimulate the menstrual cycle, it is anti neuralgic and analgesic, it has a good effect on flue and temperature, it calms the breathing when asthma or coughing are present. Rosemary also works on the digestive system as cholagogue (by increasing the production of bile), it helps the digestion in the stomach and facilitates the peristaltic movements. Essential oil The essential oil can be made from the flowers or from the entire plant in steam. The best essential oil is made with the flowery top branches. But most of the oil comes from the fresh leaves and new branches. The aroma is strong, it is fresh, wooden and herb like, like a clean grove. The colour goes from absence of colour to pale yellow to greenish. SAFETY NOTE It is to be avoided during pregnancy, in children under 6 years of age and for people with epilepsy. Also caution should be used when the skin is sensitive or damaged.

Common Uses in Aromatherapy For all Baths melt the essential oil in honey or apple vinegar, add to the bath just before bathing: Detoxing Bath: 6 drops of rosemary essence, 6 drops of lemon essence, 6 drops of bitter orange essence. Stimulating Bath: 4 drops of rosemary, 4 drops of lemon, 2 drops of vetiver essences. Against constipation due to travelling Mix the essences to be massaged on the abdomen with a circular movement: 50 ml of jojoba oil, 10 drops of rosemary, 10 drops of marjory, 5 drops of fennel essences. For studying to be used in a light for aromatherapy, this mix helps to overcome tiredness, increases memory, improves studying. 4 drops of rosemary, 4 drops of basil, 2 drops of lemon essential oils. Rosemary salt Dry some soft rosemary leaves, crush them in a mortar with a pestle together with salt according to the 1 to 1 proportion. Place it in an hermetically closed glass jar, adding 3 drop of rosemary oil for every 100 grams of aromatic salt. Š Renato Tittarelli - Saturday March 21st 2015 Translation by A.Vicini

FOOD IS OUR ALLY VEGAN Eat well and healthy by DANIELE SAMPALMIERI VEGAN HISTORY The word vegan is a contraction from vegetarian, with this new term, created in 1944, Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson indicated a form of cooking and eating healthier than vegetarianism since it supports the complete absence of animal derived products. On November 1st 1944 Donald Watson founded in London the Vegan Society, which is is still celebrated yearly as the World Vegan Day. VEGAN IS ETHICAL Veganism is a philosophy of life that eliminates any form of use or cruelty against animals, avoiding the use of any animal products in food and clothing, performances, experiments.

VEGAN IS A HEALTHY CHOICE The food we eat is the most important aspect of our well being. Veganism is both an ethical choice and a lifestyle where we choose our food in a healthy, conscious and methodical way. Many diseases can be prevented with a balanced vegan diet, mainly centred on: vegetables, fruit, cereals, legumes, sprouts. By choosing whole products from organic farming, we have the correct daily intake of mineral salts, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids. For these reasons veganism is the best choice in order to promote well being and longevity.

Since this may be for you a new path towards balance, it is very important to learn from an experienced trainer who can check and control your state of being, thus giving you the correct indications for your health, especially creating a good balance between Acid and Alkaline types of food, such balance is the basis for our well being. In the next articles these subjects will be shared in more details.

Recipe Every issue I will add a new recipe of Vegan Fusion cuisine, mixing different ingredients from all parts of the world, today I start with: ZUCCHINI ROLLS WITH SOFT RICE CHEESE AND JULIENNE VEGETABLES This recipe is simple, tasty and easy to make; it can be eaten as a tapas or as hoers d'oeuvre. Ingredients: zucchini/courgettes soft rice cheese red pepper yellow pepper carrots or cucumber Instructions: Cut the zucchini in long stripes spread the soft rice cheese along the sliced zucchini on one side place the julienne vegetables (see photo) roll up the zucchini slice add a decoration to your liking The dish is now ready and Bon Apetit! Daniele Sampalmieri Vegan Chef Diploma metodo Acido-Base ( Lakshmi Accademy ) Photography by D.Sampalmieri Translation by A.Vicini


Antonella Vicini

If you have already met Luis Vasconcelos' photos you know how beautiful they are and how well made they are. So I can concentrate on other aspects of his work. I have never met another artist so totally present in the moment, yet devoid of ego. What he produces is alive in that instant, truly written in light. The same applies to the Crystal series that I am honoured to have in my article. Here are the very few words I was able to extract from him about his photos: My photos were taken as an art project, interacting the pieces of quartz with alternative sources of light. The light sources were small cubes of light. I truly see the quartz crystals as a very powerful source of healing energy. I work with them in my Reiki sessions. When I was producing and taking these photos I really experienced a deep sense of Peace, and Joy. I felt like a child playing with lights and shapes, and that was such a good feeling. Well, this is the idea: the sense of playing like a child during the photography process. I wish for you all readers to feel the beauty, harmony, radiant power of these images, so that you can immerse yourselves in them and allow their ancient knowledge to percolate in your lives.

AT HOME IN THE UNIVERSE The Cosmic Cavern by

Gigi Capriolo Caves have always had a symbolic role in mythologies and philosophies since the most ancient times. Human life unravels under the cosmic canopy, a "cave" in itself. I want to talk about the cave of the Nymphs (mentioned in Odyssey Book XIII). Here we find 2 doors, they represent the doors of the solstices: the northern door opens to humans, it is the human door; the southern door is the divine path, the gods' door. The first door opens to the northern wind, according to Rene Guenon it is connected to the sun at the summer solstice and in winter it refers to the heavenly equator. This is the door of genesis, of individual manifestation, of the souls' descent into the cosmos-cave. This is the door accessible to humans who can enter and exit through it. The second door looks at the south wind and refers to the position of the sun at the winter solstice, when it is south of the heavenly equator. The southern regions of the sky used to be the place of the immortals, where people went to return to the gods.

The two doors give access to the cycle of the zodiac, split into ascending and descending halves. The 2 solstices (from the Latin sol sistere) indicate the 2 moments of the year when the sun seems to be stopping: the summer solstice when the sun starts descending, after reaching its highest northern point on the heavenly equator; the winter solstice when the sun starts again its ascending path, after reaching its most southern point on the heavenly equator. The 2 solstice doors, already present in the Greek tradition, represent the way in (human door) and the exit (divine door): all beings can enter, but only gods can exit.

According to Neoplatonic philosophy (Porfiry) the Naiads, river and lakes Nymphs, therefore connected to waters, represented their vital seeds from which life itself came, therefore they are symbol of the souls descending from the sky and incarnating into human bodies. The tradition of these opposite doors in the Zodiac can be found also with Latins. In fact double faced Janus was the guardian of the 2 doors. He could open and close the doors (januae) with a golden and a silver key. The two doors are the solstices: Janua Coeli, winter solstice, and Janua Inferi summer solstice. The two faces of Janus represent the past and the future, between them we find the present. He is the lord of time, the one opening and closing the annual cycle of the sun, it is not by chance that the first month of the year takes its name from Janus (January), this is the time when the sun is ascending after reaching its lowest point. In the Christian tradition the ancients solstice days in honour of Janus have become St.John Baptist (June 24th )and St. John Evangelist(December 27th) these days are very close to the summer and winter solstices.

According to Guenon, the word hanan (which has the same root as the word Jahanan = Johan/John) in Hebrew can mean "God's Mercy" and also "Praise to the Lord", the former can be connected to the Baptist, the latter to the Evangelist. Mercy is descending, praise is ascending, just like the position of the sun in the yearly cycle. Janus is associated with Saturn, the lord of Capricorn in the Zodiac, therefore he is the warden of the Gods' door at the winter solstice. Karmic astrology defines Saturn as the lord of Karma. In the middle ages the solstices were associated to crying John (asking for mercy= summer= the Baptist) and laughing John (praising the Lord= winter = the Evangelist).

There is a revealing sentence in the Gospel, when John Baptist (born at the summer solstice) speaks to Jesus (born at the winter solstice): He needs to grow and I need to decrease. The human door looks north and is connected to the Cancer sign, while the Gods' door looks south and is connected to the Capricorn. The symbols connected to the solstices, with its connections to the cosmic cave, indicate the chance that each human being has at being initiated into knowledge.

According to Guenon (as well as the classical Indian texts EdNote), the being, after its human incarnation will reach a higher level of manifestation that will facilitate the eternal evolution. After such a transformation there will be no need for further earthly reincarnations. Thus the door of the gods can be considered as a final exit from the eternal return (Samasara due to karma Ed Note). The human door is an entry way, thus we go through it many times over. The gods' door is also a voluntary entry for the beings who have already reached a different stage of evolution, they are the avatar (literally beings who go across time/space in order to incarnate for the highest good of human kind Ed Note)

The astrological sing of Cancer is connected to the Moon, symbol of birth and manifestation, it is a water sign, representing the collective unconscious that gives life to individual forms. The passage to the Capricorn represents symbolically the chance that each being has of completing his/her karma, the chance to be re-united with the divinity we come from. Through Saturn, lord of Capricorn, there will be a chance to realize the divine plan, with a true sense of responsibility towards our own life, thus freeing ourselves from the collective Karma. Gigi Capriolo Translation by A.Vicini

Deep Within by Jose Maffina CREATIVE VISUALIZATION Our first discoveries in life relate only to our bodies: when we are little we nibble our hands or toes, in such a way we discover the world through our physical response to it. Our reflection in the mirror makes us discover our image and our first perception of ourselves. When we grow up the many relationships with other people involve also our emotions: during our teen years we often feel misunderstood by the world, as if we were an estranged element. Sometimes we accumulate inner wounds that we may not even acknowledge as such, since they are automatically covered with plasters or impenetrable armours. We build defences all around ourselves, so much so, that they become our inner walls. One day, we may feel the desire to dive deep into ourselves in order to understand and answer the question: who am I? This strong drive leads us to an inner journey, a profound experience that needs all our courage.

We need many tools and techniques along this path towards ourselves. One of the most practised avenues is meditation with its many branches. One of the methods I have found very congenial to western mentality is Creative Visualization. The external leading voice guides us on a precise course through the evocation of images, this method thus helps our minds in silencing the inner voice of our thoughts. This kind of meditation has two effects: one is revealing and the second one is transforming. I have been working with creative visualization for many years both in meditation groups, individual sessions and seminars; I have also written 2 books on the subject. From this wealth of experience I have understood the importance of the revealing aspect of this technique, perhaps the least studied one. I am always amazed by the images surfacing during the experiences, since so often the person in front of me has received revelations about his/her life by making contact with his/her deepest self in this way.

Every visualization starts with the words Close your eyes...

In a relaxed state, we begin to “walk” in an unknown world, made up of images evoked by the guiding voice. Many practitioners are incredulous, some are anxious, so what really matters here is the respect of three clear rules: trusting, suspending our judgement, welcoming any image from our depths.

When we close our physical eyes we activate our inner vision that shatters the veils of the soul and allows us to discover what is buried deep within. We may be surprised by what we see, since often times its interpretation can be difficult.

In my books I give some keys in order to decode these visual messages, for example the water we cannot drink and the sea we cannot reach may indicate our fear of emotions, our need to keep them far from us and our preference for relationships without passion. The frail tree without its roots, shows us our lack of stability, since we have a hard time putting down “roots”, thus being grounded. Visualization becomes then a revealing test: it shows us the areas in our lives that need attention and energy. That's why it is so important that the images are not forced, nor changed, but simply observed and welcomed.

Guided meditation is an efficient method and is available to everybody, so that we can discover our inner world. If we allow ourselves to be carried by creative visualization, abstaining from rational judgement, we can access our deepest truth, since there is no cheating here.

The inner journey is always an adventure: we need to be fearless explorers in order to complete our mission.

Jose Maffina Translation by A.Vicini

WARRIOR GODDESS Where have all the heroes gone? by

Gabriella Campioni When life seems to be going the wrong way, our mind may be crossed by a sudden thought: we would need a hero, someone capable to pop out of myths and fictions to fight the “dark side” … So, what is a hero? and what does it take to be one? Actually, all cultures have heroes in their history or legends, and they are very different. Here I would like to look at a particular kind of heroes, but first let me spend a few words on their “name”. Not all etymologists agree on the origin of the word hero, but I find very intriguing a connection with the name of the Greek god Eros. We tend to associate him with sex, or with Cupid, the winged creature who hits people with his arrows in order to make them fall in or out of love. Besides, wings symbolize his ability to fly everywhere, heaven included. Actually, Eros represented much more than that if, in some versions of Hesiod’s cosmology, he was the only presence assisting Gea when she created everything: he existed before our world was born. Some myths give the idea that Eros is the force that makes one out of two, which justifies his involvement with sex, since in the intercourse the two become one in flesh. This is a tremendous force implying the death of the individual per se, although just for a moment. Not by chance the orgasm is sometimes called “little death” and Eros himself is often associated with Thanatos, death.

By extension, Eros appears as the force that allows us to transcend duality by overcoming the concept itself of what we call “opposites”; under his influence, light and dark, good and bad, matter and spirit, and so on, are an inseparable “One”. Some of the Greek heroes were born from a woman (earth, matter) and a god (heaven, spirit, although limited to the Olympus). They perform “outof-the-ordinary” deeds after which they are welcomed among the gods… or almost. Their human and divine parts are now mixed together and will never be separated as it happens when a “common” person dies.

Heroes become immortal, yet a part of their earthly nature remains in a grave so that people can remember, glorify, worship them and benefit from their energy; while in their new, divine status they sometimes end up in the sky as a constellation.

True immortality means conquering a new, lighter and “enlightened� body that lives forever, a perennial youth, which implies the defeat of death, but in order to do that, one needs to face death in its own kingdom, the netherworld. We have quite a few mythological examples, such as Orpheus who tried to bring back to life his wife Eurydice.

What pushes heroes to perform such deeds? Sometimes it is just their fate deriving from their being half humans and half gods, but they love it, they never complain and nothing will ever stop them. Sometimes heroes have an ideal and care for their fellow humans. This is the case with Greek Prometheus, who is sometimes even considered the creator of mankind. He stole the fire from the gods and gave it back to men, he was harshly punished for this, but eventually he was freed and became immortal.

At times heroes may act out of love for a woman that has been imprisoned by a dragon or a cruel wizard or a king. This can be seen in more recent stories, such as those of the cycle of the Round Table. King Arthur’s knights had to solemnly swear to protect the weak and the women and to equally practice the arts of Mars (as warriors) and of Venus (what is called “courtly love”). However, these knights (they were not actually called heroes ) were not from a human-divine lineage and thus they didn't reach immortality. Quite often, in order to be helped in performing their deeds, heroes are endowed with some magic tools – or “super powers” - by a god or goddess, or, in the case of King Arthur’s knights, by a woman.

What does it take to be heroes? Courage, of course. And what’s courage: is it the opposite, i.e. the absence of fear? I don’t think so. The absence of fear is recklessness, thoughtlessness.

The “real” hero accepts and feels his fears, but he uses them in order to avoid the risks that would prevent him from reaching his goal. He rules his, rather than being ruled by his fears. In other words, he “marries” a bit of fear and a bit of recklessness: this is courage. And what allows him to marry these two opposites is the love and passion for his deed, for his fellow humans, for the damsel in danger: the workings of Eros. Not by chance, in its Latin origin, courage comes from the heart (“cor”): think of Richard the Lionheart.

Going back to my introduction, where have all the heroes gone, especially at a time when we need them most? I am convinced that we are all heroes. Our “dragons” and “mean characters” do not live in a secluded cave or castle, but in our roads, workplaces, public offices and sometimes in our families… Their deeds may appear less “exciting” or “glorious” than those of mythological heroes, but they last longer, they require daily commitment and sometimes herculean labours. They certainly require as much courage. This does not mean we need to pretend we're not afraid or have no flaws, but we shall use our fears and wounds as an ally in order to prevent unnecessary risks. So, let’s go out there, wherever this is and whatever this means for each one of us… with our fears on a leash. Do I have to repeat that the fuel we need is love, passion – Eros – for what we do, for our relationships, for this world? We may not reach immortality, but our immediate environment will be affected by us. We may not be glorified in any book, but our inner glory will come from the awareness that we are here, that we face what we have to face without withdrawing, that we will get up every time we fall down… although we may get some wounds or bruises… They are not failures, they are our medals! What you do may be a drop in the ocean, but the ocean will never be the same with that drop. (Mother Theresa) Gabriella Campioni Translation edited by A.Vicini

UNDER THE SKIN how body and psyche communicate through our skin Dermoriflessologia速 by

Samantha Fumagalli and Flavio Gandini Dermoreflexology is an holistic discipline and reflexology technique that uses the skin as a mirror of our psychosomatic well being. It was conceived and formulated in 2004 by Samantha Fumagalli and Flavio Gandini, after 10 years of studies and research, following the lead of neurologist Giuseppe Calligaris (1876-1944). Emotions and thoughts produce answers in the body, while physical conditions also influence thoughts and emotions. This strong connection is reflected on our skin, where we can detect ad recognize the streams of energy and the memories crystallized in the body and in the energetic systems. Trough the skin we can send signals to the body and psyche in order to bring back balance, self healing, stimulate positive feelings and higher faculties. Dermoreflexology is based on two main laws: the Threefold Correspondence which establishes a precise connection among psyche body and skin; the second is the Laws of Complementaries which identifies the opposite energies in order to re establish balance. The areas of the skin (due to the Threefold Correspondence) are hypersensitive when there is a physical or emotional issue, therefore they represent the control panel showing us what kind of issue we are called to face. Then, the Law of Complementaries will supply us the intervention panel, so that we can act towards recuperating our well being.

The map of all the skin zones is due mostly to Giuseppe Calligaris, the genial Italian neurologist, who worked in the first part of the XX century, researching and mapping the skin and its thousands of reflective points with their somatic and emotional connections. He was the light and a yet inexhaustible source of inspiration for Dermoreflexology, even if the discipline, the technique and the applied methodology were devised by Gandini and Fumagalli.

Let's look at our hands: on the palm there are 10 primary lines that tell us what we want to know about our physical conditions, while on the back we can find out about our mood.

On our body there are small circular areas (about 1 centimetre in diameter) called age cutaneous patches: each one of them holds the link to the memories of one year in our life. If we had a problem or went through a trauma at a certain age, the corresponding area of the skin will show hypersensitivity in order to “tell� us that we are carrying on an unresolved issue. There are patches for each of our feelings and emotions, patches for dreams, for our human and spiritual faculties, as well as those beyond such as clairvoyance, telepathy, dowsing, and so on.

The entire universe within and without is reflected on our skin, that's why we can have an effect on what is happening to us trough the skin: we can facilitate self healing, improve our self knowledge, discover new talents. Therefore if we feel sad, demotivated, discouraged we can have a direct influence on these feelings by stimulating the skin in order to activate optimism, enthusiasm, joy and happiness. If we discover that an organ is in trouble, we can help it so that it can restart its dynamic function with efficiency.

The same skin stimulation works for extrasensory perceptions, altered states of consciousness, vision of the auric fields, contact with spirit beings and all kinds of dream experiences. The alchemical process that has been so much loved by all the true seekers in every era and place on earth is actually hidden inside each one of us. We are the true alchemical laboratory, Dermoreflexology gives us its methodology and tools in order to start the transformation both in the world we see and in the spirit one.

Samantha Fumagalli and Flavio Gandini Translation by A.Vicini

You can find more information on these websites: http://www.dermoriflessologia.it http://www.vega2000.it http://dermoalchimia.blogspot.it/ http://gevcoraggiodelleidee.blogspot.it/

TRAVELLING A Postcard from the Big Island of Hawaii


Judy Hayes

Discovering the Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii was completely serendipitous. I chanced upon this quiet, tranquil gem of a botanical garden. Being an avid gardener, I am always drawn to gardens, but this one has so much more to offer. According to its mission statement, the garden was created “to offer a sanctuary for the advancement of individuals toward peace and harmony”. While visiting, I not only experienced a profound sense of calm and tranquility, but I also learned a significant amount about how various cultures and traditions visualize the human desire for oneness with our world. I was particularly drawn to the sanctuary’s medicine wheel. Previously, I had heard mention of the Medicine Wheel concept, but never really understood its significance. Paleaku’s image gallery gives an excellent explanation of the wheel:

The medicine wheel at Paleaku was constructed in 1997 by a group of women engaged in a year long process. It was created from Pele's (Hawaiian Volcanic Goddess) cinder quarry of many colors and seasculpted coral sand. The Center axis pole representing the connection of Heaven and Earth is a sandalwood tree from the upland Forest. As a symbol of wholeness, it is found in worldwide cultures, and is especially utilized by almost all the Native people of North and South America. As an Earth mandala or circle, it is used to display and inspire the wisdom of our inner and outer teachers. The heaven above, the Earth below and the four compass points bring the winds of different qualities and elements into our lives.

For me, this medicine wheel seemed to capture the very essence of Hawaii. I loved the fact that the four compass points were created from the lava and the coral, two of the most important elements of the island itself. The pole at the center reminded me of the great mountain, Mauna Loa, with its summit in the star-studded heavens and its base submerged approximately 8 km below sea level. Boundless sky and sea and here we mortals are--caught in their vastness!

I also admired the exotic plants surrounding the wheel, the majority of which the indigenous people of Hawaii used long ago for healing purposes. Their inclusion in this garden reminded me of the wisdom of all those who have lived in harmony with the land. Another intriguing feature of the garden was its labyrinth. Walking the labyrinth is an ancient practice used by many different faiths for spiritual centering, contemplation and prayer. Indeed, for me, walking this particular labyrinth made of red and black lava was a deeply spiritual exercise. Slowly moving toward the center encouraged me to focus on my own center and consider what I might find when I finally arrived there. The peace and quiet of the setting enhanced the mood of reflection. An awesome experience!

While the medicine wheel and the labyrinth beckoned to me and drew me into their circles, I found two other circles that forced me to stand outside in order to be engaged.

In a quiet pavilion were two sand mandalas created by Tibetan monks from the Dzongkar Choede Monastery in southern India in 2009. This group of disciplined monks fashioned two amazingly complex and colorful sand mandalas, one representing healing and the other compassion. While I did not understand the intricate symbolism, I certainly appreciated the beauty and harmony of the whole. In creating a sand mandala the monks begin by sketching out the geometric designs and then, using a funnel, tubes and scrapers, as needed, they apply the colored sand to the design. This process generally requires several weeks from start to finish. It is traditional to ritualistically dismantle such a mandala as an expression of the impermanence of all things. However, a special dispensation was obtained to leave these particular mandalas in place as a source of blessing for the sanctuary and its mission.

I have been writing about some of the individual shrines and spaces within the Paleaku Peace Gardens, but probably the most breathtaking of all was the view that greeted me as I stepped through the entrance into the garden proper.

A long stretch of lawn with exotic plants and trees on either side draws the eye and the visitor toward a dazzlingly white Stupa set against the azure backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. How fitting that the background is the Pacific, since the name, Pacific, derives from the Latin word for “peace�!

The inscription beside the Stupa gives a very accessible description of its iconography: A Stupa is like a generator sending blessings of harmony and peace in all directions. The shape of the Stupa represents the Buddha, crowned and sitting in meditation posture on a lion throne. His crown is the top of the spire, his head is the square at the spire’s base; his body is the Dome shape, his legs are the steps of the lower terrace; and the base is his throne. The Stupa also symbolizes the five elements and their relationship to the enlightened mind. The base of the Stupa signifies earth and equanimity; the dome, water and indestructibility; the spire, fire and compassion; above the spire, wind and all-accomplishing action; and at the very top, the jewel represents space and all-pervading awareness. The Stupa is a mandala, or sacred arrangement, containing all of these enlightened qualities.

At the beginning of this postcard, I mentioned that all of these shrines are set in a beautiful botanical garden, carefully designed and cultivated to create a peaceful sanctuary. It is the site of the world’s only Galaxy Garden, researched and designed to emulate the Milky Way.

Following the paths of flowers and hedges, one advances deeper and deeper into the vortex of the Galaxy, finally arriving at the black hole that is found at the center. Here a fountain takes in water and spits it out again, depicting the action of a black hole. The design of the garden is based on current astrophysical data. What a clever and imaginative way to put into perspective the magnitude of our Galaxy and the pinpoint size of our own Earth in relation to the whole!

As you can probably tell, the visit to Paleaku Gardens Peace Sanctuary touched me in many ways. I hope that someday all of you will have an opportunity to visit this oasis of beauty and peace.

Article and photos by Judy Hayes

March 2015

NAMASTE by Giosie Colagrossi My first trip to India was in 1983, it was THE JOURNEY of my life. During the first days I could not speak, nor shake off the astonishment I felt. Then Love came, together with a feeling of Home. The first teaching I breathed there : If you walk in trust and serenity, a carpet will be unrolled on your path, that is: what you have inside, that you will see and find outside. This is exactly what has happened so far in my life. I had been wanting to go on such a journey for many years, I almost didn't know why, I just felt some kind of nostalgia. I had started practising Yoga in 1976 with Luis, a Peruvian teacher, who was teaching both Yoga and scientific astrology with passion, dedication and, above all with coherence. I also followed other teachers in Italy, such as Wolfgang and Rosanna from the Yoga Academy in Rome. However, here I was at last in the Home of Yoga: India. (Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the stem yuj=unite, in fact Yoga in all its many forms promotes the conscious union of all aspects of life in the unity of spirit. Editor's note)

For 6 years I walked my path with meditation (Dhyana), purification (Krya) visits to ashrams, meetings with Indian and non Indian teachers (I especially remember the dear Shivshankarji Madki). I was later sent by my main teacher, Swamiji Ravi Shankar, to lecture and give classes in many different cities of India on The Art of Living and Yoga. His second teaching was : Don't worry, you only have to offer your voice. I could learn from what I was talking about. The third teaching is : Sincere intention. This attitude starts with the first gesture of welcome, the traditional Indian greeting: NAMASTE (it can also be Namaskar or Namaskaram). Namaste is a compound of two Sanskrit words: Namah= bowing and Te = in front of you.

Bowing the head is accompanied by the action of uniting the hands raising them to the heart. This is a peer exchange that acknowledges the essential unity of beings: If you express the energy in you and I express the energy in me, you and I are one thing ,Namaste. According to yogic tradition we can identify the essence in each one of us as streams of energy: Ida on the left, Pingala on the right and Sushumma in the centre. In the Namaste gesture the same system is represented by the left and right hands joined at the heart in order to generate a sublime feeling of conscious union with Essence. Namaste shows us Truth, because truth is one, two hands are brought together as one over the one heart in one-self. In this state of feeling, when the self is surrendered in thought, word and action, still only One exists and That is the Truth recognized and conveyed to each other in Namaste.

Every Yoga session begins and ends with Namaste: the acknowledgement of our own and other people's divinity, the same unique essence. Giosie Colagrossi March 2015 Translation by A.Vicini


Antonella Vicini Writer and editor of THE BADGER, author of Talking with Gods, Sages, Fairies.... ( a novel published in 2014). Steeped in classical and indological studies, I have spent all my life learning from people as well as from the ancient texts that keep revealing their immortal, thus contemporary teachings. A teacher at heart, be it in school or workshops, I am happy when I can share new visions and face new challenges. I am a professional rebirther and trainer (1987), Reiki master since 1991, stress management and leadership trainer, writer and visionary. I am a Badger!

AJ Michael young and vibrant AJ is an artist in life, his interests go from the classical antiquities to the most contemporary scenes in L.A. Where he lives at the moment. He is mostly a musician/healer with sounds.

Andrea Exo Composer, pianist, Italian teacher. Andrea "EXO" Garella began studying piano ay 9 years old under the guidance of Walter Ferrato who shared with him the art of improvisation and composition. Between 16 and 20 he reaped the fruits of his studies with long concert tours. In everyday life he works in educationa and training in the field of safety. He is also a licensed designer for mechanical and thermotechnical projects. He has always been interested in occultism and esoterism. He is about to publish a book where he will delve into these studies connecting such Masters as H.P. Blavatsky, Wolfgang Pauli, C.G. Jung, A. Einstein, Jeremy Narby, C. Castaneda,Rick Strassman, Jean Dubuis and more. Here you can find some of his musical pieces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FmaMRyjF6o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipkSwwfrgxo

Daniele Sampalmieri born in Ancona, Italy. After technical studies, he spent several years studying Yoga, Integrative Rebirthing, Meditation, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Nutrition and Cooking. He has lived in many countries because of his work in the food and beverage field. His home is in Kenya, he has been exposed to many cultures and even had the chance of living with some tribes. In the last 2 years he has devoted his attention to the Alkaline nutrition and Vegan cooking.

Fredric Lehrman

http://www.nomaduniversity.com/biography.htm is one of the original “Wealth Psychologists” who looked deeply into the subconscious habit patterns that may either support or thwart personal financial success. He began teaching these insights in the early 1970’s, and his seminars, articles, and coaching have been the launch point for many of today’s best known experts and authors ever since. Fredric’s personal career has included intensive study with master teachers in many disciplines, and professional success in music, psychology, martial arts, photography, and global entrepreneurship, networking and innovation. He founded Nomad University in 1974 as a way to expand the concept of education as a life-long individual path of self-directed learning. The ideas he articulated then are now starting to appear in new schools all around the internetconnected world of the 21st century.

Gabriella Campioni

www.deaguerriera.it Gabriella Campioni is a counselor with 30 years experience in symbology, mythology, psychosomatic approaches and healing techniques. Her favorite fields are the study of the ancient civilization of the Goddess and the functioning of our minds. She gives classes and public lectures, she is also a volunteer at Humaniter, Adult University Foundation in Milan. She translates and writes articles and books, her latest one is La Dea Guerriera (The Warrior Goddess), a symbol of the union of male and female energies, a much needed synthesis of tradition and innovation.

Gigi Capriolo

http://www.istitutocosmos.it/ is an architect with 40 years experience in the field of human and nature well being. All living beings call for his attention. His main fields of exploration are water with its vibrations and environment: from our homes to the universe. He is the president of the Institute Cosmos.

Giosie Colagrossi after some years in England and Germany, she discovered India, where she lived and worked for 6 years. In 1988 she became a Yoga teacher in India with the Master Svamiji Ravi Shankar, there she taught in various schools and universities such as Sholapur - Bangalore – Gulbarga – Trivandrum – Simla –New Dehli -Calcutta – Puna. Upon her return in Italy, she continued her studies with a degree in naturopathy and iridology (2003 Rudy Lanza Free University). She currently lives and works in the province of Viterbo, so rich in natural and artistic beauty.

Jose Maffina was born in Milan on July 1st 1948, she is naturopath and rebirther, with a Master in Psychosomatic and Flower therapy. She is experienced in channelling. Jose holds a column in Italian in the magazine Esthetitaly, as well as a daily program on the web radio www.newliferadio.it . She leads meditation groups using creative visualization, she is also member of the Research Institute Cosmos in Milan. Jose has written books and CD about her work.

Judith Hayes has both her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Latin and has taught for an entire career at the secondary level, and briefly the university, in the United States. She also has taught Latin for two years in Viterbo, Italy as faculty of the School Year Abroad program. She made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2013 and last summer joined an archaeological excavation in the Galilee region of Israel.

Laura Bottagisio

www.laurabottagisio.com is an astrologer and seeker. She started studying astrology at the beginnings of the 80's with Lisa Morpurgo, she later worked with the Cosmos Institute of Milan, where she learnt about the theory and practice of Vibrational Waters. She has attended seminars with gerard Athias and Jp Brebion on new medicine and bio analogy. She shares her discoveries in her blog. She also creates tableaux with recycled materials, in this way she creates images out of emotions and inner worlds.

Luis M Vasconcelos I was born for Life in 1952, and in 1974 I was born for Photography, when my country, Portugal, was born for Democracy. I began my career as a professional photographer and photojournalist, in April 25, 1974, when our democratic revolution took place after 40 years of a dark fascist regim. Freedom was born for us, and my photographic dream was born for me. Since then I have been working as a professional photographer and photojournalist, first, in a daily newspaper, and since 1990 as a freelancer photographer in different projects, such as books, magazines, comercial photography and personal projects. In 2004, I also followed the call for a deepest journey into my personal discovery and growth, learning meditation and Reiki. I got the degree of Reiki Master in 2006, in the traditional Reiki Usui System. Now, after 40 years of work, I have began to enjoy my (active) retirement. I have the

privilege to OWN my Time, and dedicate it to the ones I love, and to what I always loved to do: Photography and traveling. Being a grandfather of two beatiful grand daughters, is also some of the Best things I have in Life and, yes, I am in love with Life !

Paolo Benda Born in Perugia in 1953, he has experiences in electronics, home automation, informatics, he is webmaster, web designer, researcher, writer and publicist. He is an independent researcher with specific interests and specialization in radionics, biology, biotechnology. He is the inventor and builder of machinery for radionics applied to non conventional medicine.

Renato Tittarelli www.risoessenza.it www.renatotittarelli.it is a spiritual seeker and holistic practitioner. He has been teaching and sharing about non conventional medicines for the last 30 years: integral yoga, shiatsu, meditation, spiritual healing, numerology, alchemy, naturopathy, aromatherapy and massage. From 2000 has started to divulge more of his work in Italy and abroad working on the scientific as well as alchemical and hermetical aspects. He is the founder of SOAM (School of Holistic Aromatherapy and Massage), Didactic director or the Professional School of Aromatherapy in Livorno.

Samantha Fumagalli and Flavio Gandini

http://www.vega2000.it/ have been researching for over 20 years in the field of psyco-alchemy. They are the creators of DermoReflexology and DermoAlchemy. In 2000 they founded the Association Vega for the study and publication of the new discoveries. Their professional course in DermoReflexology has been acknowledged by ASI/CON since 2012 as part of the natural and holistic arts.

Patrick Zuidema


lives and works in Holland with his wife and young son. He is the creative force behind the changes in the lay out, his advice was invaluable! He also creates websites.

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THE BADGER Year 1 Volume 2  

THE BADGER is a persistant healer. At THE BADGER we believe that the arts in all their beauty, science for the good of everyday life, spi...

THE BADGER Year 1 Volume 2  

THE BADGER is a persistant healer. At THE BADGER we believe that the arts in all their beauty, science for the good of everyday life, spi...