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The Badger is a fierce animal, very much respected and honored both in Northern American Native traditions and in European Celtic ones.

A badger will not let go and will continue tenaciously to look for another way to tackle his/her goal, just like a good healer will not let go his/her search until the best solution is found for the person in need. Badgers have their homes underground, so that they can go to the roots of things, the good healer does the same and keeps looking until she/he can find the most profound reason for a dis ease or a psychological issue.

We use the term healer in the very broad sense of somebody who takes care of a another person, be it a MD, a nurse, a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist, a masseuse, a spiritual healer. Whenever there is a person in need and somebody who takes care of her/him, that is a healer.

Sometimes the need is subtler and more profound than a simple medical intervention, the human touch is needed and it really is the Panacea that cures all diseases.

We believe all artistic expressions in their beauty, science for everyday life, spirituality, philosophy, food and the healing arts are beneficial to restoring that balance, health and sense of worth that each and every human being deserves.

We offer you THE BADGER, the persistent healer, all the articles come from experts in different fields, each person has his/her own idea of what a balanced life is, they are here to pass on information, give inspiration, receive your comments, suggestions, contributions.

Each human being holds in his/her hands at least one of the keys, let's continue our quest!


Dear Readers, another cycle is now complete….

When I first started the regular volumes in 2015 (after Number 0 in November 2014). I envisioned that every 4 years some change would mark the completion of one point on the compass:

From 2015 to 2018 we travelled through the door of the East on our medicine wheel, we “danced” through all the aspects of the East with its lightening quality of beginning, clarity of vision and intuition.

From 2019 to 2022 we have travelled through the door of the South, with its intensity of feelings, its beauty and connections to all the people in our lives.

The future 4 years (2023 2026) will help us to dance through actions, our physical engagement in the world, and the wheel will turn again until, in 2027, we will reach the spiritual circle on the north of the medicine wheel (2027 2030).

So now we are halfway through, what a magnificent path it has been so far, how deep is the gratitude I feel for all the authors who have so gracefully written on these pages, thank you from the depth of my heart! Above all thanks to the readers, who have supported and continue to support our efforts.

It has been a good dance so far, let’s continue it together!

Happy Autumn and Winter season, the next BADGER will return for the Summer Solstice in June 2023.

Antonella Vicini


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Francis Rico

Our experiences of life here on planet Earth have recently been profoundly shaped by big waves of coherent harmony - waves that are flowing across our solar system and planet, from the heart of our galaxy.

It’s obvious to the mystics and seers – and we’re all feeling somethingbut it wasn’t so obvious back in 2006, when a profound uncertainty of the future began making everyone uneasy. That’s when visionary Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow – looked into the night sky and saw into the nature of nature:

"While leading a dance in Australia in 2006, I had a vision of a Horn of Plenty in the sky, pouring blessings on the Earth. When I saw the Horn of Plenty, I understood what that meant.

“The message of the Horn of Plenty is that we humans have fooled around long enough, and God is going to take over. From now on, we are going to get plenty of everything we focus on and act on.

“If we focus on conflict, we will get more conflict. However, if we focus on peace we will get plenty of peace. As soon as we focus on a goal, the universe will take us in that direction.”

Joseph Rael

Unlike past “Solstice” and Equinox” moments, of earth’s relationship with our sun, this incoming galactic influence has taken us into a dimension where linear time no longer dictates what is available for you to move into alignment with these incoming waves of blessings.

I can share this with total confidence: you will find your wave, because the course of evolution of our species has brought you to this moment.

The waves are here, and you are here too! And now, it’s your turn to step boldly into the flow of creating a new world here on Earth.

These same intense waves of coherent and harmonious uni polar energy emanating from our Galactic Center that have been catalyzing our awakening have simultaneously been disassembling the compromised structures and exploitive systems that have held our “civilization” together. Essentially, the systems of predation, exploitation and domination that have run our planet have run their course and have become obsolete. The state of our world reflects this collapse.

What isn’t obsolete is you!

What Joseph teaches that once sounded so impossibly mystical that “you are a cosmic being” is the practical reality of this moment. You are the Cosmic One the Vast Self and your inner neurological potential includes the earth, the sun, moon, planets, stars, our galaxy, the far flung galaxies of this universe, the multiverses, and beyond that into the totality of the Vast Self! You are as “far-in” as you are far-out!

Relax into this, OK?

We’re just talking about the nature of nature, and this Galactic Horn of Plenty brings a uniquely evolving opportunity: it is your turn at the helm of Creation.

OK, take a deep breath. When you come into sync with the great synchronicity that is Creation flowering, “struggle” and reactivity evaporate. You naturally become your innately gifted self: agile, feral, creative, resourceful and responsive to Life. Starting with your own!

Let’s get practical.

Surfers paddle out to a spot just outside of where the waves are breaking. For us, this would be the practices that bring us into alignment with flowing energies. Chanting. Dancing. Deepening. For really big waves, like we’re experiencing now, surfers get towed out by experienced watermen and water women on jet skis. These highly skilled individuals position surfers in the optimal spots to catch and ride big waves.

For us, being in the right spot is the gift of “living ceremony”, where our shared intentions, and shared gifts support us together as we enter into alignment with the Holy, the Sacred, the Presence, the Big Flow of Great Spirit.

Living Ceremony is not ritualistic. It’s whatever it takes in the moment to enter into the deep waters of the Vast Self. Pieces of practices, and traditional wisdom can be helpful, but the reality here is that this is about YOU. This moment is about you stepping into a new world.

It’s about you bringing your essential gifts to this time of multiple overlapping emergencies on our planet by emerging as the co-creative and loving gift you are. It’s about you including your family, friends, community and all of life here on Earth. This moment is about you allowing yourself the deep knowing in every fiber of your being that this is your turn.

This is your turn to speak, to create, to share love, kindness, caring and compassion, with respect for all beings we enjoy life with. This is your turn, your moment to take the life affirming step away from exploitation of life to reciprocity, to communion and collaboration with life.

The time has arrived for you to directly experience the gift that you are to catch the wave of your own beauty and Presence, and to become an artist of Spirit.

You are the necessary gift of this moment. And here is an irresistibly amplified invitation from the heart of creation for you to BE here this is your wave!


Do you hear the great YES from the center of our heart of hearts ringing in your ears?

You are here – and alive!

This is all you! And this is your vast vortexing cosmic iridescently frothing multi-verse, with galaxies, “black holes”, super-novas, stars, planets, our sun, moon, earth, all in wild open space.

All of it and all of us spiraling around our own whirling flowering of mountains, oceans, trees, the wind, bird songs, the dark beauty of elusive jaguars, of bright sun lit butterflies, the sparkle of breaching whales, swift foam leaping dolphins, crazy little otters, high soaring eagles, squintyeyed foxes, squawking raven families, rushing rivers, blazing desserts, sleepy dogs, laughing children, and us, all of us here with you are you.

Yes! We’re all in this together. We co-create together. And for sure, we can celebrate together.

So, whenever you gather with your beloveds, with family, with friends, with your community, it is a moment of living ceremony. Acknowledge the sacred. Thank the elders. Let’s thank Grandfather Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow. Let’s thank those who have held our Peace chambers with such love and reverence.

Notice that we stand on Holy Ground together. Listen into the deep silence from which all of this emerges. Like you, it is indescribable.

You are here!! Celebrate! Share the moment!

Love and Blessings



The small sail ship slowly arrives in front of the island that suddenly reveals its treasures: columns, capitals, buildings that once were, so much energy, so much history, so many stories and so many people have gone through here.

This is one of the most important places in the Greek world: the island of Delos. Even its name is famous, in the ancient Greek language it meant light, clear, apparent, visible and this word did not exist before. This was the island where light was born in the form of twin bro thers: Apollo the God of the Sun and Artemis the Goddess of the Moon, even Dawn (Eos) had her home here. In this way daylight and night light started and were honored since archaic times, at the same time darkness became apparent as well.

Both gods are extremely powerful, both gods have great light surrounding them and just as intense are their shadows.

Countless books and articles have been written about both gods and their connection to Delos, so I am not going to add much more here, but I witnessed firsthand the intensity the island carries to this day, even if there are no easily understood traces among the ruins, still the place is intense and moves to ancient memories and emotions.

Seeing the archaic lions still standing guard and in honor of the gods, after so many centuries was moving. They are not defeated, they keep guarding some long lost and forgotten temple, or temenos (the sacred precinct) or the holy lake.

ῥοδοδάκτυλος Ἠώς, the Pink Fingered Dawn, as described in the ancient epic Poems.

The land speaks, despite the intense heat, and the difficult rough terrain, the land sings, it still tells its stories. I wished I could stay longer and listen to the stories, so that I could dive into them, learn from them, perhaps write them. And then come back as a different person.

Many years ago, in a different season of my life, I went to Delphi in mainland Greece, and I had the same feeling of having plunged into such an ancient place, a place crowded with the souls of all the people who had gone through there.

In both places I was touched and moved to tears, perhaps I expected it in Delphi, a place I had studied so much, but I certainly didn’t expect to feel the tears run down my cheeks in Delos.

It is a place of the soul, so I will have to return, and this is just the beginning.

This may be the beginning of a good story; however, the other part of the story is the reflection that time goes by so fast, it flies away, what is famous one day is forgotten another day. We turn into ashes, the memories of what once was, is now lost.

For me, a loving scholar of Classical languages, of everything that is beautiful in any art form, it is hard to realize that very few people understand the preciousness of what our ancestors have left us.

It is painful for me to comprehend this proud ignorance, because without our roots who are we?

Without knowing who came before us, who are we?

Rootless, desperate, and lonely. We don’t have roots in the present and in the past, we certainly can’t have roots in the future.

I am not writing that the past was better, I do not believe that. But I do believe that we can learn a lot from the lessons already learnt by our ancestors. Honoring them in the correct way makes us stronger in the present and with a better future for our descendants.

What is left of an Ionian capital in Delos

Here in Greece the islands were often destroyed by volcanic explosions, earthquakes, so nothing was left, there was only destruction and life moved on.

In our personal life we may have some explosions, some earthquakes, some volcanic event that leaves nothing behind, at least apparently. What is left behind is the bare essential, that we can go back to and use to rebuild our life.

However, if we have clarity on our genealogy, our family tree, if we feel connected to our ancestors, whether they are from DNA or not (our spiritual, cultural, philosophical, emotional families, etc.).

In this way we can find our place in life, in society, our real role. We will be much stronger and able to withstand all the explosion and cracks in our lives. Such as the last 2 years where the entire world has felt the effect of many disruptions….

After such a difficult time we all want to go on with our lives, just as before, but it is not possible, we need to stop, take stock of what is left and how we can best live the next years of our lives. How we can make a difference for ourselves and for the people around us!

We need to remember that we are responsible for our descendants, even if they are not our direct ones, still our experience and presence, as well as guidance (when they want and ask for it), often our example are enough, there is no need for words.

So, even in these changed circumstances, we can give a lot and we can be at our best. But I don’t believe that we can be at our best without deep and strong roots. So, I invite us all to find our roots, find where we belong, that awareness will really help us to be citizens of the world. We will then be able to travel everywhere physically, and mentally, emotionally, spiritually in time and space, knowing new cultures, new languages, literatures, arts.

Two Columns and a Sphynx in Delos

The blue waves of the Ionian and Aegean


Since we know who we are and where we belong, we can be touched by other cultures without prejudices, no closures, in that way there cannot be any wars, because we will recognize that the entire world is our playground.

A playground is never hostile, it is friendly and open, it welcomes us.

I believe that life is wonderful, and it keeps giving us magnificent surprises, even when we think everything is against us.

Remembering our common roots, we can send our loving thoughts to all the people of the Earth, even those we do not like or approve, in this way we will contribute to the actual renaissance of our Earth.

In this way we will really honor the spirit of the ancient ones that treated all foreigners as important guests, we will open our lands and seas once again to cooperation and cultural exchange.

Antonella Vicini


The Planet is being attacked by a small group of very rich people who want to take control of all of us. This is a true statement, but not yet recognized by most of the residents on this amazing globe. Here are some events that may be linked to this plan, as it seems that there are some unexplained things happening in the most unsuspected ways.

Earlier this afternoon I was checking my incoming email and it suddenly failed for no apparent reason… and I have not been able to get it to work.

I tried to contact my very reliable email server to see if they could fix the problem, but when a live agent finally came online I could not hear a word of whatever he/she said, as the transmission was obscured by a static “acoustical” storm consisting of loud crackling sounds. I did my best to get through this interference, but as soon as either one of us started to speak the noisy crunching would resume, blocking all attempts to explain what was happening.

Then it got worse, as any incoming email that I tried to open came up blank, with a notice saying, “This item is no longer on your application.”

All further efforts were in vain.

What to do? I didn’t think that this would happen so fast, even though warnings had been repeated frequently from many sources. All my technical friends had been anticipating an interference attack or breakdown, but not just now, when I needed to write my article for The Badger Magazine’s Fall/Winter Edition!

In my early writing for this journal several years ago, I had to do some research on “Badgerism” and learned that these elegant quadrupeds are quite proud of holding their ground with noble tenacity. (See The Badger Year 1 Volumes 1-4)

So now I knew what to do.

First of all, most people have no awareness of the orderly but hidden conspiracy that I refer to in the first sentence of this essay.

I knew about it as a teenager because I had the rare opportunity to have a father who was a journalist, writing articles for various newspapers in New York during World War Two.

He waited for me to be born, and then took off for Europe in the last phase of the conflict, during which time he began research for a book entitled “Russia’s Europe” which detailed the gradual takeover of the “Soviet Union countries” among which were the wide range of cultures and languages in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Georgia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and several other smaller states, all behind the so called “Iron Curtain”.


My dad returned home 18 months later, and spent considerable time finishing the book, (which was such a “success” that he was ‘unable’ to return to any of those countries for several decades). During that time, I grew up to college age, and was able to take advantage of the many interesting eastern European visitors and refugees who became family friends. Over our dinner table, they told many significant stories about what was happening in all those mysterious places.

In my second year at Columbia University, I was able to get a summer scholarship to France to study with some famous teachers of classical guitar, as well as to improve my fluency in spoken French.

When I returned to New York, my father started taking me to “briefings” for invited members of the press. These were usually held in elegant apartments where we would be addressed by high-level foreign diplomats who would tell us about what their government was planning for the next year. This information was to be held as “confidential” until what was predicted had occurred, after which our new understanding could be used to explain the background behind the newsworthy event.

One of these meetings was led by a genuine German prince, with the grand title of "Prinz Hubertus Von und Zu Lowenstein". He was sent to visit several US cities to give these briefings, and many of the guests were German diplomats who were there to make connections with the journalists. My father pushed me forward to meet with several of these important people, with the result that I ended up with a free round-trip to Frankfurt, as well as a three-month scholarship at the Goethe Institute near Munich where I would be taught my next level of German.

That’s the beginning of a long story, but it showed me how to get things to happen in a crowd of the right people. The result was that I stayed in Germany for a full seven months, traveling to Berlin, where “The Wall” had just recently been constructed, as there were now two Germany’s… one East (Soviet) and one West (non-Soviet).

To get to Berlin I had to hitch hike from Munich through East Germany on the Autobahn, an 11 hour trip, with no way of getting off the freeway until I reached my destination, the great city of Berlin. What remained was an urban island surrounded by a foreign country with a high continuous wall and Soviet soldiers with rifles keeping East Berliners from ever crossing into the microcosm of the West.

I found a room in an apartment near the center and called my father to tell him I had arrived, and that I wanted to go through the single gate into East Germany to see how different things there might be.

His reply was, “Absolutely not! If you go there, you will have to show your passport. If they connect your name to mine, you might never be seen again.”

I guess they didn’t like his book.


Ever since then, I have had a different understanding of how the World is run. There are people who think of themselves all the time, and who feel anxiety whenever they think they are ignored. Anyone could have such feelings, but if their life is only about this, even if they don’t realize it, it is a toxicity that distorts their entire being. And in this intense and suppressed anxiety, they block their awareness of that fear and become controlled by their need to control everything.

These people often gravitate towards the control of money as the drug which makes them feel brave. Throughout history we have seen how they create banks that lend money to opposing armies so that no matter which side wins, these “bankers” prosper. Through this deception, they soon exceeded the wealth of even the so called royal families of the world. They literally finance and bail out the kings and queens of opposing nations, while remaining in the shadows where they are virtually “unknowable” to the majority of society.

(I’m omitting here the family names of these banking trillionaires who, for centuries, have kept the puppet show going with unseen strings.)


But now, technical advancement is creating a new kind of wealth. This is a market that has the potential to leave the moneylenders in the dust, as new ideas and inventions attract a private market of investors focused on practical value rather than money alone. Yes, finance continues to be an important part of the lives of individuals and of new companies, but the network of connections relies more on new technology and new life values than on money as an end in itself.

So now let us name some of the new pioneers who are playing with their own money that has been generated by their daring ideas:

Steve Jobs, Apple; Richard Branson, Virgin Records; Jeff Bezos, Amazon; Elon Musk, Tesla… the list is growing rapidly from these creative wizards. Branson, Bezos, and Musk are already working in Outer Space… Steve Jobs left us too early to play with that game.

So now is where we bring in the Badgers, those uncompromising dreamers who claim and protect their own turf.

Ask yourself the question, “What did I come here to do?” Then write down whatever answers you get. Soon your talent will find you, and the doors will open. Avoid the anxiety of money for money’s sake. Let money come to you as a pathway to something more important… that is, the expansion of human discovery and creativity. You are here for a reason. Let your Badger lead you there.


You are here for a reason. Let your Badger lead you there.

POETRY Autumn Fires

In the other gardens

And all up in the vale, From the autumn bonfires

See the smoke trail! Pleasant summer over, And all the summer flowers, The red fire blazes, The grey smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!

Something bright in all! Flowers in the summer, Fires in the fall!

Robert Louis Stevenson 1885

(From A Child’s Garden of Verses)

A Winter BluJay

Crisply the bright snow whispered, Crunching beneath our feet;

Behind us as we walked along the parkway, Our shadows danced, Fantastic shapes in vivid blue. Across the lake the skaters

Flew to and fro, With sharp turns weaving A frail invisible net. In ecstasy the earth Drank the silver sunlight; In ecstasy the skaters

Drank the wine of speed; In ecstasy we laughed

Drinking the wine of love. Had not the music of our joy

Sounded its highest note? But no,

For suddenly, with lifted eyes you said, “Oh look!”

There, on the black bough of a snow flecked maple, Fearless and gay as our love, A blue jay cocked his crest!

Oh who can tell the range of joy Or set the bounds of beauty? Sara Teasdale 1915 (From Rivers to the Sea)



The radiant power of the Sun, amplified by the heat of the hottest months of the year, has brought new and luminous information capable of destroying all the old formulas where the vibration of Love is not present.

It will also enact the paradigm of the New Era when the Christ light will feed life on Earth. The New Era of Aquarius provides it, and we (if we want) can be its pioneers and promoters.

The change in frequency, now required by this evolutionary process, commits us to free ourselves from the shackles created by our emotional part, which has plunged us more and more into the matter, without giving ourselves the opportunity to raise our minds towards the cosmic spheres, where the soul finds its origin and its inspiration.

At each seasonal cycle, the sunlight (that is so powerful and affirmative in summer) slowly fades into the winter solstice. During these autumn months, the Earth receives daily the cosmic information conveyed by the

light emanating from our star sun in the warm preceding months. It will be manifested and expanded in the following spring.

This is how Nature seems to die every year but, as we all know, it is only an apparent death. The only creature of the four Kingdoms that inhabit this planet, who does not follow and support this process is the human being!

In the three worlds of plants, minerals and animals, this Law is perfectly known and wonderfully interpreted.

Human Beings have completely lost contact with this becoming and no longer know how to react to 'apparent death'.

According to the divine cosmic law, everything is born, dies and is reborn.

To evolve, one must die and be reborn, in this rebirthing there is the potential for new choices, new opportunities, new creations. Dying to oneself means abandoning the old patterns: possessiveness, resentment, fear, judgment, everything that prevents us from vibrating in unison with the universe of which we are a part and which evolves according to this vital process.

The disastrous conditions we are now living in are nothing more than the mirror of what is the inner world of humanity, when it is overwhelmed by the masks of those “who are working for our good”: when it is no longer letting itself be inspired by the inner light reached through loving thoughts, or prayers flowing from our hearts, or acts of solidarity carried out without expecting anything in return.

So, let's give voice to life and let beauty flow with it!

Now it is the time of the autumn equinox that initiates a change of direction. Light and dark are equal, in that instant starts the process of internalizing and revising what we can and must release. It no longer belongs to us because it is no longer in keeping with our evolution.

In our hemisphere, Nature slowly withdraws into itself, it seems to die, after wearing the warmest colors, it drops the foliage and becomes bare, eventually withdrawing from the stage.

But its lymph continues to vibrate within and is transformed to be reborn in a new light at the next spring equinox.

The autumn equinox of 2022 is accompanied by a planetary configuration that affects, once again, the capacity for liberation from our suffering. When pains, states of discomfort, adverse events, are recognized as precious opportunities for redemption, they finally prepare us to place ourselves in the continuous and unstoppable flow of the luminous river of Life.

This is the true miracle of rebirth: nothing is as it used to be, everything is resurrected. Our thoughts can turn to an amplified vision of the horizons, so we can create anew.

At the time of the equinox, the Moon is at the end of Leo, where it offers its unknown and shadowy face to the purifying and energizing solar fire that offers renewed vitality. The lunar expression no longer conveys its nocturnal side, it is full of shadows, but it is satisfied with the crystalline and transparent form that the fiery Leo supplies. Thoughts become bright and crystalline, they transmit energy and renewal in resolutions and initiatives. Each of us has his/her shadows exposed to the purifying fire of Life, which burns them and transforms them into ardor, courage, and farsighted desire for the common good.

The Sun, after entering Libra, reaches Mercury waiting there, their embrace affirms and renews the pact of reconciliation between the ego and the higher Self. They place themselves at the service of the other, while they are still respecting their roles.

Recognizing what is right and healthy for the continuation of our earthly experience that can be improved through this inner reunion.

At this time the Sun is very active, the solar winds have changed the frequency of the terrestrial electromagnetic field and consequently also of our field as its inhabitants, because of the powerful solar storms that reached the Earth during the summer.

The new frequencies, now charged with evolutionary particles, bring about changes, transformations, repositioning, healing for those who welcome this new energy.

Venus in Virgo, from an earthly point of view, represents the emotional contraction and almost spasmodic attention to details, from a cosmic perspective it opens our earthly beings to welcome the precious seeds sent by Neptune in Pisces, to be 'interred' in our purposeful intent that we will have the strength and foresight to keep constant, thanks to the two beautiful trine it receives from Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn.

The turning point is signaled by Saturn, in Aquarius at the end of its second decan. Saturn keeps for some time the perfect square with Uranus, an aspect that has given direction to the profound and inevitable revolution at every level and in every field of life: health, economy, society, but at the same time it lays the foundations for finding new forms of expression.

The trine formed with Mars in Gemini gives a more elastic possibility of manifestation (by lightening the emotional impact and recognizing the thousand facets through which tangible reality can take shape) to the iron laws of construction of tangible forms. Saturn leaves formalism behind in order to enter the creative focus of new expressive forms.

In the astrological aspect of the equinoctial birthday, a very peculiar fact is highlighted: all slow planets are retrograde and refer to Mercury, a fast planet, which is also retrograde. Retrograde planets normally lead back to the past, therefore to events that we have not yet been able to resolve, or we have not yet experienced, so it is suspended, because it is not yet part of our inner learning.

Therefore, we now have the new and immense opportunity to carry out and close the cycle of any painful event that has its roots in our past. In this way, we can cleanse ourselves deeply and forever from any useless waste that prevents us from being reborn.

These retrograde planets seem to want to wait for beauty, kindness, creativity to become our real means of expression.

We can achieve all this future by supporting the strength of non retrograde planets, because they are 'free' to move and operate without bonds or hindrances. Sun and Moon, Mars and Venus, are the two planetary couples that make up the two polar dualities: the male / female and the father / mother. They can now meet and unite to give life to the Son, the new creation, to the new reality.

By harmonizing with Life, we are born as new beings, and we become the new humanity!


This is my Life Reflections

Lida Perry

It has been a few years since I closed my professional practice and entered the "retired lady" phase.

After the first few months of settling in and dealing with the process of settling into my new reality (I had moved from Italy back to the USA) I have found a comfort zone in a daily rhythm and routine that contains and appeases my terror of boredom.

In the routine there are also moments when, in the silence or intimacy of a Reiki treatment, I muse on the passage of time and, as it is in my nature, I try to grasp and give meaning to this perceived speed with which my days flow.

"Only yesterday was Wednesday and today is still Wednesday, a week later, and I didn't notice it. I feel like I haven't experienced the process of time: " where is my life going?"

I don't seem to savor it fully caught up in the vortex of time.

At times I seem to see my future as if it were an indistinct blur. But at certain moments, there is a lucidity and awareness that refers me to a deeper, intimate process, closely connected to this phase of my mature stage of life.

I feel that within me there is a movement toward an energetic alignment between my spirit and my body. This kind of integration between these two levels, sometimes this movement is undetectable, sometimes it is a different, subtle and delicate rhythm, yet it can be perceived as a powerful vibration...

This new vibration appeases me, warms and fills me with the feeling of gratitude that creates fullness and a quiet joy. However, sometimes I feel the expectation emerging that something significant, something great may be around the corner of my future, but there are no visions, insights, or big goals here.

There is only what I do every day and how I am every day.

I go into the same routine every morning. The gym with Yoga, Thai Chi exercises for balance and muscle strength. I feel my legs resisting in the first cardio exercises, then I find that after a while they loosen up and my breathing finds its rhythm. I sense my life energy awakening, beginning to flow, with a feeling of fullness and at the same time inner space that stays with me throughout the day.

Back home, I carry out the usual activities with a new presence, not just an observer of my doing, but a participant, completely inside my actions.

I enjoy taking care of my body and my home. When I open the door, I feel its welcoming arms enveloping and warming me. This house is alive and gives me back all the gratitude I feel for its warmth and welcome.

Creating my quilts, choosing shapes, colors, cutting, composing, sewing, all become a meditation that gives meaning to the hours I spend sewing them. Now the most interesting challenge is to build a quilt without a pattern.

Almost every morning as soon as I wake up a thought emerges when my eyes are still full of sleep and my body sunk into the mattress,

"What day is today and what am I doing today?"

But a few mornings ago, the awakening was different, a new and simple thought emerged and so obvious that it left me almost breathless.

"This day is mine, every day every moment contains my life.”

There is no "one life”, but there is every day that I create.

It was an intense moment of awareness, where I saw everything clearly and sharply.

Gone is the worry of time passing too quickly, dissolved are the expectations of something big or different in my future.

My past is written on my face as a mature person, my present is enriched by my life experiences, and so I prepare to enter my future...

Lida Perry Editing and images by Antonella Vicini


Claudiu Murgau

The Space Pilgrims disembarked on the planet’s northern hemisphere under the mantle of darkness. The land outside the chosen city was arid, flat, and furrowed by ruts carved by the once mighty rivers that had given the planet its purpose and power. Now, only rivulets of timid water coursed through the ancient veins of hardened mud. Before dawn had peaked over the horizon, the visitors’ working drones had paved the road to the edge of the city, and the memory alteration compound had been drizzled over every building within city limits.

No one had to wonder how and when such a magnificent structure had emerged in their vicinity. At least, not until the image was ingrained in local folklore and passed as a written record.

The Federation Council which the Space Pilgrims reported to, had suggested the ship to be morphed into the most beloved architectural icon the people of Earth called a religious sanctuary. It was a place of weekly refuge for all ages, a terse respite of calmness in their chaotic struggle for survival. The visitors morphed the ship, inconspicuously adorning with the peoples’ preferred religious symbols, turning it into the abode of tranquility for which their hearts yearned.

The Space Pilgrims who could easily infiltrate the minds of the locals could not make sense of their entangled, restless thoughts in the sacred space, meaning there was no clear direction for themselves or society as a whole. The mental degringolade also resulted from the fear induced by the decimation of the population of a consequence of the irresponsible struggle over scarce resources, and the launch of the artificially created diseases in diabolic laboratories.

The Space Pilgrims were deeply pained, seeing how the bald patches of land disfigured the surface like the small craters dotting the lifeless planets they had visited eons ago. The abrasive scars gorged over the lush landscape, demonstrating a mindless desire for destruction.

Ancient forests had been decimated. Slick, smelly sludge poured into once-proud expanses of water. The species on the planet had gone extinct at an exponential rate, justifying the Space Pilgrims’ intervention; the beautiful eco-system was in peril.

They tapped into Water’s memory as she called them through nodes connecting multiverse’s energy, a desperate hail for a task she could no longer handle herself.

Millions of years of Earth’s history were unlocked to expose the grit, drama, and abuse. It was these remnants of reticence over which the Federation Council mulled. The tacit witness to the debauchery of Earth, Water faithfully recorded the wisdom and nuances of existence that would otherwise be lost.

The Space Pilgrims were surprised at how often Water had fought back. She couldn’t be harnessed for long. Each time, her awakening threw off the shackles people had put on her, and she made them pay dearly. The Earth was burning from within and without. It was a shattered planet, a piece of broken glass that could only be mended by intervening with peoples’ free will.

The three cultures mingled in the rugged city, each of them idolizing the same Almighty entity in their own ways. Faith and the day of rest gathered all of them again in the sacred space.

The walls muttered the Almighty’s new commandments, preaching restraint for clogging Earth’s arteries with the grease of hate and useless competition.

Drops of love lingered in the religious sanctuary’s shimmering air, trickling down onto devotees who caught them willingly in their open mouths. It was a blessing for the genetically mutated, a throwback to the primary iteration that had taught people how to respect Water, Air, Earth, and life in general. It wasn’t their disobedience that had almost mulched Earth, only their inappropriate use of free will.

Now, charged with the legitimacy of the priests and prophets, the new commandments would spread throughout the land, to every pocket of humanity left, cleansing the global consciousness, and rooting out the weeds of delusion and instant gratification.

The Space Pilgrims announced the mission’s success to the Federation Council, and the morphed ship scheduled its departure. A shell of the religious sanctuary remained behind, brandishing the symbols that had both gathered and segregated people.

Before leaving, the Space Pilgrims left Water in charge; a vigilant steward entangled with Earth as an umbilical cord entangles a mother and her unborn child. Once more, she had saved the planet from the creatures depending upon her. Before flying away, the Space Pilgrims embedded one more message in Water’s molecular structure, along with a specific threshold parameter: “Next time, call us sooner.”

Claudiu Murgan

Images created for this story by A. Vicini using C.Murgan’s words and Midjourney


Roaming, travelling, journeying without a direction.

What is the essence of a journey?

Does the journey have a beginning and an ending?

Is the end the beginning, or the other way round?

Beginning, ending, perhaps an eternal journeying, flowing like water amid the chaos of relics, leftovers from all the people who have come before us.

And what are we going to leave for them to flow through?

Water that is contaminated, cities that have become rubbish dumps, animals that are fast disappearing, plants that are less and less abundant and varied.

Our Mother Earth is scorched by our fires, crisscrossed in her oceans, leaving behind unbearable dirty trails….

This, then, could be one journey: back to the sources of life, to the golden time, the Kṛta Yuga* of perfection, when all beings peacefully lived in the protective womb of Mother Earth.

Later, scattered across the globe, we have forgotten our innate connection, we do not recognize that we are one!

And for this reason, we suffer!

We travel, we go on pilgrimages to special places, hoping to find what can only be re discovered in our inner heart at the end of a long journey from the periphery to the center of our being, our life.

Such a journey is perhaps hinted at by Romerin, the newest exploration into the deepest meanings and nuances of spiritual as well as physical travel, performed once again by NON Company, lead as usual, by Alessandro Pintus. The dancers have regrouped and lead us on an Odyssey, a nostos, a journey back home to ourselves.

With their usual dedication and total concentration, they have walked and danced the streets of Tuscania (an ancient Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance small town), honoring its sites with the intensity of their performances, the depth of their presence and commitment. These ancient streets will never feel the same after such a journey.

The Native People the world over encourage us to Walk our Talk, to be coherent in our practices with our thoughts and beliefs. In the past the western world has been very good at conquering and exploiting the Earth that does not belong to anybody because she is our common parent. This is the time to act in respect and honor of what has given us life and keeps us afloat, despite our countless mistakes and blunders.

Romerin, with its intense beauty reminded me personally to be in tune with the Earth, to respect it daily, to limit my use if its resources. I am in awe of its beauty, I can certainly work with the respect!

At the end, when all the dancers are together in the same welcoming space of assembly, they keep dancing alone for a while, exploring alone, but at the very end, they regroup, or perhaps they seem to indicate to us all that finding others on the path will makes us stronger, that there is hope for an arrival a final destination for this wandering. Perhaps even peace and enjoyment, certainly support!

Antonella Vicini


1. Kṛta-yuga, the Indian equivalent of the Golden Age of perfection.

2. On the video I have created about this performance: While editing I realized that the noises or lack of sound altogether really suited this work: the cars passing nearby, the sounds from the houses, the occasional comments from the involved spectators, even the children crying and the dogs barking, all added to the immersion into reality, the real exploration of the places as well as the inner journey of each performer. The images and videos belong to both days of Romerin in Tuscania, I chose not to add music, nor effects, to let you capture the stark and profound beauty of this journey. A.Vicini


Rustic, low knifework, gluten-free, flexitarian potato and tomato pie

Preheat oven & butter or oil your dish.

Spread potatoes on the bottom then casually arrange any other ingredients on top smashed garlic cloves, scallions (l) and tomatoes were my nearby choices. Cover with cheese.

Cook covered until potatoes are soft then blister the tomatoes at the end with high heat or torch.

Share or don’t….

Workout the next day for best results.

Happy eating, happy living!

Bri Bruce

Please see photos for all stages of this cooking!

1. 2.
3. 4.


Evolutionary Wheels


Chiara Corte

We have now reached the heart: not only as a physical organ, because the word Anahata (Unbeaten) refers both to the organ and to the center of our energy system.

We have arrived in the central core of our most authentic essence, every human being holds there his or her best aspect, the part not affected by the Ego, nor by the wounds of human experience. That part is alive and vital in each of us regardless of anything.

Anahata is the source chakra of the inexhaustible force beating steadily until the last day. When it does not beat in sync, it is because it supports us in our way of life and in the manifestation of our emotions.

Joy is the emotion associated with the heart when it is in balance, pain, its complementary aspect, is also present.

If we observe the functions of the physical heart, we can also understand something of the functioning of the energy center called the Anahata chakra.

The organ is divided into four parts, two receptive and two propulsive and is still divided into two sections right and left. It receives and propels with a regular and perfectly synchronized rhythm in a perfect example of harmonious vital movement.

Anahata is a magnificent and rich place where each of us can find peace and fulfillment, as well as satisfaction and consolation, where everyone can take advantage of the powerful transformation possible in this energetic place. Here, all the pain, the fatigue, the tension, the fear, the worries can be released and transformed into care, protection, gratitude, joy and trust.

When the blood enters the heart loaded with waste, after the necessary work in the lungs, it goes back into circulation in a purified form, thus providing new emotional energetic life. What remains of the traumas and materials that were cleansed and harmonized in the previous chakras, can finally be released to undergo the necessary transformation from pain to joy, from carbon dioxide to oxygen, The processed materials can become new available energy.

When their hearts are free and Anahata is in balance, human beings are ready to breathe deeply, embrace guard and protect humanity, make themselves available to adhere to the divine plan, they can open their arms feeling at one with the rest of creation.

In Anahata our free will, that has been achieved in the third chakra, harmonizes with the flow of creation.

Human action becomes sacred and becomes one with creation.

Wise action matures into inspired action.

The sequence for Anahata is rather short, what is recommended now is testing the depth and breadth of our inner spaces.

This kind of work does not need much motion, but slow movements as well as holding each position for some time.

Our arms are now wide open, our world expands and touches the rest of creation, the rest of humanity because, within Anahata, the space has opened enormously.

The energy flow that comes from below meets with what descends from above and expands in all directions.


(from Gabriella Cella 29.9.2002, lesson SYR)

The gesture that dispels fear or the gesture of courage.

Sitting in a comfortable and correct position with our back straight, we bring the left hand to the center of the solar plexus, the left forearm bends and rises to shoulder height and offers the palm open in the direction of the gaze.

The breathing slows down, we feel the heartbeat under the hand and the chest rise with each inhale.

The action of this Mudra rejects fear and creates a safe space within, where we can immerse ourselves and carry out our work serenely.

The gesture that dispels fear, opens space and establishes peace. In fact, breath after breath, the fear dissipates and we are free to welcome the materials we extracted from the underworld, purified by water and consumed by fire.

Now we are ready to separate the waste from the energy released: carbon dioxide from oxygen, we can recognize the gift contained in those materials and finally we embrace them as our resources without any fear.

It is a process of consecration: what used to trouble us, make us suffer, and thus had been previously segregated in the underworld, is now reborn, it has new dignity, it can now sit at our side as our treasure.

SADHAKASANA (G. Cella “ The secrets of Yoga,, Fabbri Editori, 2001)

Position of the practitioner/pupil.

From a sitting position on your knees, bring your torso forward until your forehead rests on two thumbs. The elbows rest on the ground against the knees and the hands are folded under the forehead.

The practitioner/student, whoever desires healing, bends before the teacher, surrenders in front of the sacred and shows his/her gratitude for the teaching received.

This position favors recollection in oneself and surrender to grace.

We listen to the breath that flows along the column and then under us and encloses us like a protective shell in a sacred almond, so we can listen for a long time.

Twist of the wise Matsyendra

What I show here is the partial version of the position that it is suitable for everyone without contraindications (however, it is not recommended in the presence of disc disease, herniated discs, or pregnancy).

From the sitting position with the legs extended, the right leg is bent with the foot on the ground next to the pelvis, the hands surround the knee. At first, we make sure that we have released all unnecessary tension, that we have the two ischium resting on the ground equally and the back straight. Then the right leg is helped to step over the left, which is extended, so that the right foot is next to the left knee on its outer side and touches the ground well within the whole sole.

We hug the knee and begin to feel the pressure of the thigh against the abdomen. Then the left arm wraps around the right knee bringing the hollow of the elbow in contact with the knee. The right hand reaches the left and squeezes it without applying further force, the body is naturally inclined to rotate to the right. The gaze moves to the right side and completes the position. We remain feeling all the peculiarities of the rotation of the body and our breathing.

We listen to everything that happens in maintaining this position, what happens inside when the body is perfectly still and bound. Then, we slowly let go and repeat on the other side.

Matsyendra, (from the name of one of the 84 tantric saints), is the position that celebrates the first yoga master who learned the discipline directly from Shiva by spying on him from the sea. According to tradition, Shiva invited him to come out of the water and instructed him as a teacher to bring yoga to humanity. It is the living memory of an important phase of our evolution from observer to protagonist.

MATSYENDRA (G. Cella, Yoga Ratna, the Jewel of Yoga, Feltrinelli, 1998)

We are particularly interested in this level of transformation that occurs precisely in Anahata: the student becomes the teacher, he/she learns to govern his/her shadow. The student has faced the hardest trials, he/she had the courage to look within and now he/she is witnessing his/her own liberation, he/she is finally free from ignorance.


The bellows.

From the supine position we bring the knees to the chest to embrace them, one hand grabs the other without intertwining the fingers or crossing the feet. The whole body relaxes and accepts the weight of the legs. The arms use only their weight to hold the legs and rest the shoulders on the ground. The chin is against the throat to stretch the cervical vertebrae.

This position is very suitable to compensate for any effort especially at the lumbar and dorsal level because it allows all the vertebrae to stretch out on the ground and allows all the muscles to rest by stretching. We stay in the position, enjoying the breath that rhythmically compresses the abdomen and pushes the vital energy from the bottom up.


The position of the cricket

From the supine position we bring the bent legs close to the body and the heels in contact with our buttocks.

The arms are extended at the sides and the palms are facing the ground.

On the inhale we lift the pelvis and the back upwards to form a single line between the knees and shoulders, the gaze is turned to the navel to contemplate the rhythm of the breath.

We remain to listen to the inversion of the energy flow that descends towards the heart and towards the throat.

This position helps us to consolidate and seal the contents coming from the lower chakras to the heart. We pay attention to the expansion of the interior space that is created.


We find the sitting position in a form that is pleasant for us (the lotus, siddhasana, or even with extended legs). The important thing is that the back position is upright. We bring a hand on the sternum, and we visualize the flow of the breath that widens from Anahata to the shoulders and then rises to include the throat and the head and then descends back into the circulation to the heart.

We inhale slowly and visualize the breath rising to the head, then before exhaling we hold a few seconds.

We exhale slowly going down and drawing an ideal line from the center of the head passing through the center of the throat to the heart and here we hold back a few seconds before inhaling slowly and starting the cycle again.

We try to give the breathing cycle regularity and calm and contemplate the effects.

This breathing consolidates the positive emotions of joy and gratitude.

I wish you a good practice in the immense space of Anahata.

Edited and Translated by Antonella Vicini


An Angel Has Landed

Antonella Vicini

After writing the 2015 article in the Badger on Edy Uccellini Schiller’s art * , I was left with the desire to organize an art show that included her paintings from different periods of her life. The plan was both to celebrate her life and works, as well as made it known to a younger generation who may have missed her artwork.

During the summer of 2022 this wish has become a reality with a 10 day exhibition of 13 paintings, the location was beautiful Santa Croce (Tuscania), a medieval church rich in history and atmosphere.

The results of the show were really good, keeping in mind the location and the short time allotted; many people expressed their pleasure in finally seeing her paintings, since Edy had always been very discreet about her lifelong passion for art. Many young people appreciated her delicate and feminine touch, a giant of tenderness with her delicate touch.

The way I imagined the show it was a journey led by an angel to all the areas of Edy’s life and art.

Out of this art show, with the title of THE WORLD OF EDY UCCELLINI SCHILLER

3 new videos have sprouted, a short trailer for the art exhibition, a longer interview where the painter tells her story and her lifelong love for painting, and a third one about the actual show and its days in Tuscania.

The last video is entitled An Angel Has Landed, because many of her paintings have a spiritual inspiration, so I imagined that, after invoking angelic presences through her artwork, one angel came to visit her exhibition embracing the beauty as well as the depth of Edy’s art.

I hope you will enjoy this visit as much as I did organizing and being present every day of the show.

When we spend quality time with art, the paintings start telling us their stories, their paths from the first idea to the final realization, they make us walk new roads, learn new steps and embrace new experiences.

Art really changes us, all the visitors to the exhibition were touched and left many messages for Edy, they wanted to witness the emotions touched and released by her art.

I enjoyed every minute of the hours spent in such a company; I hope you will also discover her through these videos.

Please note that most paintings and prints are still for sale, so if you are interested in a donation or a purchase, please contact me at


* orrecte

This is the link to the previous article on Edy Uccellini Schiller.



7 Minutes


22 Minutes


a video on Edy Uccellini Schiller art show : Il Mondo di Edy Uccellini Schiller 9 – 16 August 2022 Tuscania, Italy


Writer and editor of THE BADGER, author of Talking with Gods, Sages, Fairies.... (a novel published in 2014). Steeped in classical and indological studies, I have spent all my life learning from people as well as from the ancient texts that keep revealing their immortal, thus contemporary teachings. I am happy when I can share new visions and face new challenges. I am a professional rebirther and trainer (since 1987), Reiki master since 1991, stress management and leadership trainer, writer and visionary. I also lead workshops on shamanic journeying and soul healing. I am deeply grateful to all my teachers and elders. Badger Medicine Spirit

Fredric Lehrman is one of the original “Wealth Psychologists” who looked deeply into the subconscious habit patterns that may either support or thwart personal financial success. He began teaching these insights in the early 1970’s, and his seminars, articles, and coaching have been the launch point for many of today’s best known experts and authors ever since. Fredric’s personal career has included intensive study with master teachers in many disciplines, and professional success in music, psychology, martial arts, photography, and global entrepreneurship, networking and innovation. He founded Nomad University in 1974 as a way to expand the concept of education as a life long individual path of self directed learning. The ideas he articulated then are now starting to appear in new schools all around the internet-connected world of the 21st century.

Laura Bottagisio is an astrologer and seeker. She started studying astrology at the beginnings of the 80's with Lisa Morpurgo, she later worked with the Cosmos Institute of Milan, where she learnt about the theory and practice of Vibrational Waters. She has attended seminars with gerard Athias and Jp Brebion on new medicine and bio analogy. She shares her discoveries in her blog. She also creates tableaux with recycled materials, in this way she creates images out of emotions and inner worlds.

Lida Lodi Perry

Lida was born in the North East of Italy (Vicenza) after graduating from a teacher Institute she came to the USA, where she continued her education at the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Psychology and later a Master in Social Work. She worked for many years at a drug clinic in the local hospital. In 1984 she went back to Italy to work with abused children as a director of a residential facility. She moved on to work as a supervisor and Psychologist at Milan Cancer Institute where she is still consulting, while having a successful private practice as psychotherapist. She was also cofounder of the Rebirthing Institute with Antonella Vicini, she became a Reiki Master in 1992, she is still active with the local and international Reiki community.

Francis Rico

Musician, feral shaman, and author Francis Rico combines ancient and modern wisdom assisting clients, students and fellow adventurers in awakening to the gift of their lives.
 His book, A Shaman's Guide To Deep Beauty, shares stories and lessons from a lifetime of dedication to the shamanic pathways and teachers of indigenous wisdom traditions. As a guide to the world's sacred sites, Francis brings insight, humor, and music along on every journey. His home lies in Northern California, where he shares the beauty of the wild coastal mesas, cliffs, and ocean.

Claudiu Murgan started writing Science Fiction when he was 11 years old. Since then he met remarkable writers that helped him improved his own trade. Claudiu's experience in various industries such as IT, renewable energy, real estate and finance, helped him create complex but real characters that brought forward meaningful messages. Claudiu is one of the co founders of the Immigrant Writers Association in Toronto, and the Vice President of, the world's only encyclopedia for authors. You can hear the radio and TV interview Claudiu gave in the last 12 months on his website

Chiara Corte is a Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoko system and a Reiki pratictioner since 2005. Yoga teacher of Yoga Ratna school since 2003 and yoga student since 1990. Naturopath of Jean Monnet high school in Bruxells since 2012. In 2006 she published “Yoga and Dance” Editoriale il delfino, Milano. She is the author of several specialized articles in different magazines. Currently she teaches yoga in Italy and in France (since 2001). She also teaches Italian language, literature and History in Italian high school (since 1998). In 1994 she obtained the license for teaching disabled people. She completed her MA in Precolombian American Ethnology in 1991.


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It takes time to create a quilt: for a single bed at least 3 months are needed.

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A Powerful Tool for Transformation

Through these beautiful and unique cards Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) shows us the Path of the RedRoad. A great wisdom teacher, Joseph Rael, imparts a personal message to each of us in the individual revelations of the cards.

Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael) helps us understand through the blending of two languages, two separate realities, that we each come as a gift to life. . . . His use of sound in the practices he offers is very illuminating and special.”

Brooke Medicine Eagle on “Beautiful Painted Arrow”


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