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Early 20th-Century Art Jewelry Showcased rt Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Jugendstil, Skonvirke. These are the names of decorative arts movements that included jewelry which sprung up in countries around the world at the turn of the 19th century into the 20th. “Art Jewelry” which differs from the mainstream jewelry of this late Victorian/early 20th


Brooch, Louis Aucoc, French. Gold, enamel. P r i v a t e Collection.

nation. It was at once a reaction against the present, a look forward to the beginning of a new century, and often incorporating a reference to the past. Jewelry, like all of the decorative arts, departed significantly in this movement from mainstream tastes. The new art jewelry was initially meant to be worn and appreciated by a s e l e c t group of people with artistic tastes but as its

century period, had diverse influences and styles in each country, yet there is also a thread that links popularity grew them together. An exhibicommercial vertion that opened at The sions were proForbes Galleries, New York duced thereby making City, on October 29, shows them more widely available. striking examples of the variToday, even the more commercial ous movements side by side. output is recognized for its ele“International Art gant design and is widely collectJewelry: 1895-1925” ed. includes almost 200 pieces of The historical, political and jewelry and related decorasocial events which signaled the tive arts objects by seventychange in design direction diffive artists, that illustrate the fered in each country as did the connection between the jewelry materials, techniques, and movements to each other and to motifs that were employed. the corresponding decorative arts And yet there is an invisible in this time period. thread running through art The guest curator for the exhijewelry of the early 20th bition is Elyse Zorn Karlin, cocentury that ties the director of the Associa- Necklace, individual countries’ tion for the Study of Frank Gardner movements together. Jewelry & Related Arts Hale, American. Referred to by a and the publisher/exec- Gold, moonnumber of difutive editor of stone, Montana ferent names: Adornment Magazine. Arts & Crafts sapphire. Elyse is a noted lecturer Siegelson, New ( G r e a t and author whose pubBritain, York. lications include: USA), Jewelry and Metalwork in the Glasgow Style Arts & Crafts Tradition and (Scotland), Art Imperishable Beauty, Art Nouveau (France, Nouveau Jewelry (co-authored Belgium, USA), with Yvonne Markowitz, Rita J. S k o n v i r k e , Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan, ( S c a n d i n a v i a ) , Curator of Jewelry at the Jugendstil and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston). S e z e s s i o n s t i l Her most recent curatorial project (Germany, Austria), was “Jewelers of the Hudson Stile Liberte or Stile Valley” at The Forbes Galleries, Florale (Italy), this past April through June. M o d e r n i s m e “International Art Jewelry: 1895- (Spain), there are as 1925” remains on view through many similarities March 17, 2012. and cross-references to In her Introduction to the be found as well as exhibition, Elyse traces the dif- clear differences. ferent jewelry design movements The Arts & Crafts showcased in the exhibition. Here Movement, born in Great are some of her observations. Britain, was more than anyTowards the end of the 19th thing else a reaction against century and in stark contrast to the mass production of jewthe dark and heavily ornamented elry and other goods. Spurred world of the Victorian era, a new by designer and social reformer design aesthetic emerged. It was William Morris, the artistic tenants to survive for roughly 30 years of influential art critic John Ruskin, until the rumblings of the Art artwork of the Pre-Raphaelite Deco period overshadowed it. painters (all of them revived This new artistic direction images of Renaissance times) dress emerged in many countries reform, and empathy for the around the world although the Suffragist movement, it was also impetus for it varied in each created with a desire to make

objects and jewelry affordable by all with aesthetic taste. Arts & Crafts jewelry was seen as an antidote to the design “malaise” caused by hundreds of the same brooches or necklaces being stamped out of sheets of metal. It was an attempt to return to the working jeweler’s roots…not only crafting, but also finishing, a piece by his own hand without a machine. Art Nouveau jewelry, which origiNecklace, nated in James Cromar France and Watt, Scottish. Gold, enamel, sapphire, pearl. Abbe Sands Collection.

Belgium, was created for a different market…for wealthy aesthetically minded individuals including the notorious women of t h e

P a r i s demi-monde, the courtesans kept by wealthy men. It had its roots in the dream-based Symbolist movement in art, literature and music, in a revival of the Rococo period in architecture and the decorative arts, and in a desire by the government to re-establish France as the leader in luxury goods. The country had suffered a humiliating defeat in the FrancoPrussian war and h a d fallen

cious materials, sometimes mixing them with those that were unusual like horn, as their clientele was both artistically minded and financially welloff. In some of the new art jewelry in other countries we see a melding of influences of both the English movement and that of Art Nouveau… sometimes being produced side by side, and at other times combined into a single piece of jewelry. In Germany and Austria, there were two schools of thought. Some of the jewelry followed the highly original and inventive, more geometric Austrian Seccessionist style of the Wiener Werkstatte, while others followed the curvilinear style of French Art Nouveau. But it should be recognized that the artists of the Wiener Werkstatte had interaction with and were influenced by Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Macintosh and his wife Margaret MacDonald. They are today considered part of the Arts & Crafts genre. Even master jeweler René Lalique was exposed to English Arts & Crafts while exhibiting in

working in a vacuum, ideas were exchanged, read about, and viewed even beyond Europe. American artists traveled to England, read The Studio Magazine, (published in London but with international distribution) and the German magazine Jugend, and attended lectures by important British artists who visited the States. The name Georg Jensen is best known to us from the Danish skonvirke (aesthetic work) movement but there were many other Danish artists who did important work like Mogens Ballin. He trained as a painter in Paris where he surely was exposed to the works of the Symbolists. Ballin opened a workshop in Denmark later in his life to make beautiful everyday objects of metalwork, based on the ideals of William Morris and John Ruskin. It was he who hired the young aspiring sculptor Georg Jensen, who had previously apprenticed as a goldsmith, and allowed him to find his calling of creating highly sculptural jewelry. And we can see the influence of Lalique in some of Jensen’s earliest pieces as well. While certain aspects of a country’s oeuvre might be dominant in the work its artists produced, it is by no means sacrosanct. For example, the technique of plique a jour (enamel with no back that allows light to pass through it) was used predominantly by French and Belgian Bracelet, Leila Tai Shenkin, American. Gold, plique-a-jour. Courtesy of the Artist.

jewelers and Limoges enamel is more often found in English pieces. Yet Englishman Fred Partridge created plique a jour pieces that some might say are akin to those of the master French jeweler René Lalique and additional English jewels created with plique a jour can be found. Recently the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston acquired an important plique a jour brooch (converted from a hair comb) designed by the Guild of Handicraft, among the first makers of Arts & Crafts jewelry in England. This piece is certainly atypical for the Guild but shows the crosscurrents between movements and countries. The Forbes Galleries is located at 62 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 12th Street in New York City. Visit the website,, for hours, etc. For more information on the exhibition or about her other projects, contact Elyse Zorn Karlin by e-mail, at

behind England, the United States, and Germany as an industrial power. London, and Art Nouveau design also the famed English enamellist clearly reflects a strong con- Alexander Fisher studied in flict in the Frenchman’s psy- Limoges, France. The point is that che regarding the role of no one was women as they struggled for the right to go to institutions of higher learning, work outside the home, and to no longer be considered simply as an adjunct to men. The jewelry differed most noticeably from Arts & Crafts Movement jewelry because for the most part this genre was the work of accomplished goldsmiths. They had apprenticed to established shops and were then able to segue into creating fantastical and exotic Art Nouveau jewels. Their work as experienced jewelers allowed them to create pieces of staggering beauty and imagination. They also differed from Arts & Crafts pieces in that the French makers Brooch, Riker Bros., American. Plique a jour, gold, diamond. The Newark Museum Collection. did not shun the use of pre-


2 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011

Inaugural World Series Pr ogram Estimated Up To $100,000 At 8th Annual Live Auction three day auction event will believe this is one of base- the 2004 “curse ending” seabegin on Thursday, ball’s most significant publi- son and one from the 2007 November 10th, with the auc- cations ever offered,” said season estimated at $20,000 tion preview and complimentary appraisal fair. “Hunt Auctions is thrilled to present this amazing program from baseball’s first World Series. We are aware of only one other copy of this 1903 World Series program, and that copy resides in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. We

David Hunt, President of Hunt Auctions. “The program remains in well-preserved condition with the bound edge fully intact. The inside features pictures of Pittsburgh Pirates stars such as Hall of Fame shortstop Honus Wagner.” In addition to the 1903 Program, the Hunt Auctions live auction event will also feature an early World Series program collection from 1905-1930 estimated at $100,000 plus. The scarce collection of about 50 programs is a near perfect run of programs from that era. Some are the only World Series program known to exist from that particular year. Other World Series and championship items included in the sale are a Boston Red Sox World Series Ring from

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$15,000), a Yogi Berra professional model catcher’s mitt (estimate $30,000 to $40,000), and a Babe Ruth autographed baseball attributed to his 54th homerun of the 1927 season (estimate $40,000 to $60,000). The auction will also feature a set of AL and NL All-Star autographed workout jerseys which will benefit the MLB Assistance Team (estimate $200 to $2,000 each). Historical Letters Relating to Proposed 1910 All-Star Game - Late Addition Lots Hunt Auctions is pleased to announce the discovery of a significant cache of autographed correspondence and general ephemera relating to a proposed baseball All-Star Game Tour to have taken place in 1910. Cincinnati promoter Daniel A. Fletcher (DA) had set out to conduct a series of post season barnstorming All-Star game

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to $30,000 each. A group of Philadelphia Phillies World Series and National League Championship Rings from 1980, 1983, 1993, 2008 & 2009 should realize $50,000 plus. A 2011 Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton and a CJ Wilson autographed American League All-Star Game Workout Day Home Run Derby Jersey should sell for $300 to $400 each. A 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Matt Holliday and a Lance Berkman autographed

National League All-Star Game Workout Day Home Run Derby Jersey should sell $300 to $400 each. Additional main attractions in the auction include a pristine Cy Young signed baseball estimated at $15,000 to $25,000 and a Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig dual signed baseball estimated at $20,000 to $30,000, Pete Rose’s 4,000 hit baseball (estimate $25,000 to $50,000), a unique Roberto Clemente professional model Pittsburgh Pirates hat (estimate $10,000 to

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between numerous Major League Baseball players. Fletcher offered the players between $500 to $1,000 each to appear in the series inclusive of some of the biggest stars in the game such as Johnson, Cobb, Lajoie, and Mathewson. Organized base-

ball was outraged at the prospects of their star p l a y e r s engaging in these games for fear that they would tarnish the glamour of the World Series and increase the risk of player injury. As such, the National Commission whose threepart membership was formed to protect the interests of the American and National Leagues set forth a ban of all organized baseball stadiums to allow Fletcher’s games to be played within. Furthermore, the Commission threatened to ban any player who took part in Fletcher’s series from participating in the World Series. The Commission eventually squashed the series and players were asked to return any checks they might have received. This particular series of events clearly illustrated the players’ continued disdain for ownership’s regulation of their rights. Just a few short years later the players would, in part, further succeed in their efforts of protest with the formation of the Federal League in 19141915. The auction is open for online pre-bidding until (Continued on page 5)

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Hunt Auctions, a sports memorabilia auction company based in Exton, Pennsylvania, will offer an exceedingly rare World Series Program from the inaugural series in 1903 expected to sell for upwards of $100,000 as part of the 8th Annual Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory Live Auction and Appraisal Fair on Saturday, November 12th in Louisville, Kentucky. The

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Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 3


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I quickly found that the mystery chairs were examples of French Canadian 19th-century furniture. So how did it end up being repainted and resold in Pennsylvania in the 1970s?

Some years back I wandered into an antique co-op in Lancaster County and spotted a magnificent wardrobe. It had beautifully carved diamonds on the doors and was quite magnificent. It was being sold as a rare Lancaster County antique until I happened to notice that lining the bottom of the piece was a French language newspaper. This piece, along with these chairs, is part of the great “migration” of painted rural Canadian antiques that came to the United States during the 1960-1980 period to feed the demand for rare “American” furniture. Just like today - with exporters shipping container loads of Wades and Ginger beer bottles from England, or


Back when I was in college, we watched a fascinating documentary on the life of an antique as it made its way from a country sale near M c A l l i s t e r v i l l e (Pennsylvania) up the food chain through various dealers until a collector in Brimfield (Massachusetts) purchased it. It was a great story and one that has always intrigued me as I still watch the seemingly endless movement of stuff from one place to another. A few weeks back I was asked to review for a client a set of painted chairs that had been purchased in Lancaster County back in the 1970s, or thereabouts. A quick look at the paint revealed they were total redos. The overtly bright and modern color palette, the heavily stylized birds and tulips, the cream ground, and the lack of wear were easy tip-offs that the decoration was not period, and in fact reflected the redecorating techniques that were popular

wrong. I quickly pulled out my copy of Jean Palardy’s The Early Furniture of French Canada - the standard work on the subject and


Peter Swift Seibert

in the 1960-1980 period. Popular magazines like Early American Life, along with the access to Dover P u b l i s h i n g ’s books of stencils meant that lots of folks were trying their hand at chair decoration. What intrigued me most about the chairs, however, was not the decoration. Rather it was the form itself. They were definitely not your typical angel wing crest, bootjack back splat, plank bottom chairs. Instead they had lots of turnings on the back and the legs. They were sturdily made, but the aesthetic was

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4 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011


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. nce 92 180


Early 20th-Century Art Jewelry Showcased (Continued from page 1)



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Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 5


(Continued from page 2) appraised during this time. On Friday evening November APPRAISAL FAIR 11, the Hunt Auctions will be Louisville holding a preview exhibition and free appraisal fair at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory on T h u r s d a y , November 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MARKETPLACE EST and Friday, November 11 from 9 In Frederick, Md. a.m. to 4 p.m. Bidders will be able to view live all items on sale at the auction and have their own items Slugger Museum and Factory will present the ) Living Legend Award to Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Antiques & Bench. Live bidding for the Collectibles auction will begin on Saturday, November 12, at 10 Furniture a.m. EST. Information for the Art & Prints auction festivities is available Advertising • Textiles online at

Attention DEALERS! 5151 Clearshade Drive Rt. 56 East,

Get Special Pricing On EVERYTHING! (Regardless Of The Price) Fostoria, Candlewick, Belleek, Haufbaurer, Waterford, EAPG, Corelle, Fenton, Imperial, Westmoreland, Etc.

Windber, PA 15963

DENVER, PA 17517

Need A “Picker�? Call me at 717-464-0202

ROUTE 422 S720182

(717) 867 1595



Thurs., & Fri. 10-5; Sat. & Sun. 12-5 Closed Mon., Tues. & Wed.

We Buy and Sell (814) 467-8539

Hometown Antiques 59 S. Main St., Red Lion, PA 17356

(717) 244-8126 OPEN 7 DAYS • MON.-SAT. 10-5; SUN. 12-5 10,000 Sq. Ft. - 2 Levels Of Quality Antiques & Collectibles Special Events & Sales Throughout The Year! Over 50 Dealers

HOLIDAY TOUR - SAT., NOV. 26TH • 1O-5 Light Refreshments • Drawings

(717) 667-9093

Quaker Antique Mall

Gift Certificates Available.

70 Tollgate Rd., Quakertown, PA

Largest Selection Of Good Antique Furniture In Central PA

(215) 538-9445


17 Anniversary Celebration th

Sunday 8-4

Also Glassware, Dolls, Books, Linens, Crocks, Clocks & Many Other Unique Collectibles. 30 Miles East Of State College Intersection Of Routes 322 & 655

Don’t Miss It!


5309 Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville, PA For more info & directions, call or visit our web site! Weekdays 717-792-1919 Weekend 717-792-9751




20% OFF Or More Storewide Sale Regular Hours: Mon., Thurs. & Sun. 10-5; Fri. & Sat. 10-6

Saturday 8-4

42,000 Sq. Ft. FARMER’S MARKET 8,800 Sq. Ft. ANTIQUE GALLERY Up to 350 FLEA MARKET Vendors


Refreshments • Door Prizes Layaways & Gift Certificates Available



OPEN THURSDAY THRU MONDAY 10 A.M.-5 P.M. 717.533.1662


200 feet east of route 309

10,000 Sq. Ft. Of Shopping Enjoyment Ample Parking Space (Closed Feb. & Holidays)

Angie’s Country Corner





2152 North Reading Road,


Ask For Booth “PKS�


Located On The Adamstown Antique Strip at “THE GERMAN TRADING POST� (Open Daily 10-5)


6 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011

Need Cash Flow!





38 Dealers 2 Somerset Street

A Richmond Tradition Since 1980 Open Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. 10-5; Closed Mon.-Tues.-Wed.


Hopewell, NJ 08525

P.O. BOX 500



Specializing in Signed

Flemington, NJ 08822


“20 Great Dealers In A Casual, Friendly Atmosphere”



Jewelry, Sterling, Toys, Glass, Art Pottery, Coins, Furniture, Textiles, Trains, Fine Porcelain


Haddon Heights Grist Mill Antiques Center Antiques Center Clements Bridge Rd. & E. Atlantic Ave.

All Star Diamond Buyers, Inc.


Pennsylvania Location Pennsbury Antique Mall Rt. 1 ~ 1.6 Miles South of The Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford Thurs.-Mon. 10-5

580- 5th Ave., Ste. 1818A, New York, NY 10036 We specialize in Popouts, Breakouts, Knockouts and Melee®

Call us today. 631.871.8983

• 212.537.4669

*Minimum Melee requirements 25cts.


~ ~

Open Daily 11 A.M.-5 P.M. Closed Tuesdays

80 Dealer Co-Op


Delaware Location 84 Governor Printz Blvd. Claymont, DE 19703 302-798-8696 Mon.-Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-4



110 Broad Street


All Shapes, Sizes, Qualities Needed.

215 East Pleasant Street

Hammonton, NJ


Wide Variety Of Antiques & Collectibles

still on the “SHORE”

413 Allen Avenue, Allenhurst, NJ 732-531-4466 732-814-1450

Limited Space Available Route 616, 127 Hanover Street Head east on Rt. 38; turn left at light after Rt. 206 intersection

SHORE ANTIQUE CENTER ✫ “Where the Dealers Shop”


Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Antiques off the Bellevue

11-5 Daily • Call For Directions

Open Wed., Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 10-6 Sun. 12 Noon Till 6

609-270-7185 Visit Us On Facebook


SHOP GUIDE EDITOR Open Daily 10-5, Sun. 11-5



or write

We buy up to 10 ct. sizes


Phone (717) 653-1833

Located on U.S. 1, 61⁄2 miles north of Richmond and I-295. Take Lewistown Rd. exit off I-95. Right on Rt. 1 north.

Signs • Old & New Clocks • Depression Glassware • Toys • Kitchenware • Baskets • License Plates • Coins • Jewelry • Tools • Crocks • Baseball Cards • Bottles • Dolls • Occupied Japan • Tobacco Tins • Oil Lamps & Shades • Old & New Furniture


For information:

Turn your unused or unwanted Diamonds into Cash!



“Bring in Ad for Discount”

(856) 546-0555 (609) 726-1588





From Heart to Hearth




Point Pavilion Antique Centre





PHONE: (732) 349-5764 VISA/MC ESTABLISHED SINCE 1969 ★ 12 Quality Dealers Under One Roof ★

Antique & Vintage Furniture • Jewelry • Sterling Silver Fine China • Crystal • Coins • Books • Dolls • Trains Decorative Paintings • Fine Art • Glassware • Figurines • Pottery Quilts • Rugs • Linens • Bottles • Tools • Musical Instruments Sports Memorabilia • Vintage Clothing • & Much, Much More.



6 46 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey


Just minutes from Exit 102, Garden State Parkway


1 Mile S. of Historic Smithville Village and 9 Miles N. of Atlantic City

732.774.8230 MON - SAT. 11 TO 5, SUN 12-5

16,000 Sq. Ft. of Unique and Exciting Antiques and Collectibles

Select Dealer Space and Showcases Available E411409



Antique and art dealers of fine European and American furniture, art, bronzes, statuary, porcelain, glass, china, silver, primitives, jewelry, clocks, decorative items, linens, collectibles, and much more!

de Antique l O f C o s Come Spend The Day! e

er nt


Open Every Day 10-6

“We’re Bigger Than We Look”

Da y

Antique Emporium of Asbury Park





608 Arnold Ave. Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

2 Floors 2 Explore



OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. The Jersey Shore’s Largest Co-Op



Exit #82 Garden St. Parkway Rt. #37 East

First Light right 1/2 mile on Main St. Dealer Business Welcomed

King’siRow AntiquesiCenter


Point Pleasant Antique Emporium Displaying the Largest Selection of Fine-Quality Antiques and Collectibles in the State

In Historic Salem, New Jersey

Mullica Hill, NJ

46 N. Main Street, 08062 Easy Access From NJ Turnpike, I-295 And Rt. 55

Hours: Wednesday Thru Saturday 10 A.M. To 5 P.M. And Sunday Noon To 4 P.M.

Multiple Dealers In A Historic Country Store Setting

125 Booths Filled With Unique Specialties:

“Where Dealers Love To Shop”

OPEN EVERY DAY 11 A.M.-5 P.M. king Par Rear In

Antiques And Collectibles At

(856) 478-4361

Victorian Furniture Pewter Cut Glass Dolls/Toys Quilts

For Info. Call:

(856) 935-6699

A Multi-Dealer Co-Op featuring Americana, Primitive, Victorian & Early 20th Century Furnishings, Clocks, Jewelry, China, Silver, Books, Toys, Textiles, Paintings and so much more!

Visit Us On


Help America Recover … Buy Antiques





Vintage Clothing Paintings Silver Porcelain Jewelry

Clocks Rugs Primitives Stoneware


Open 7 days a week, 11 am to 5 pm Free Parking POINT PLEASANT BEACH / NEW JERSEY 08742 800-322-8002 / BAY & TRENTON AVENUES / (732) 892-2222


& Lodging Directory


Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 7

All ads in guide are listed in zip code sequence within each state. All other ads have zip codes. To find out where advertisers are located, check the first three digits of the zip code against the locator list below. The first three digits tell you which part of each state the advertiser is located in. (We suggest you circle in advance the advertisers you plan to visit. Then locate and mark the towns on your driving map). CONNECTICUT 060-1-2 Central & Northeastern 063 Southeastern 064-9 Southwestern

19711 Newark 302-454-8007 AUNT MARGARET’S ANTIQUE MALL 294 E. Main St. Mon- Sat. 10-5, Sun 12-5. 2 floors. Antiques, collectibles, primitives, much more. 19711 Newark 302-733-7677 MAIN STREET ANTIQUES, 23 Liberty Plaza. Open Mon-Sat. 10-8, Sun. 11:305:30 Over 45 Showcase & Room Dealers selling Quality Antiques & Collectibles. 19933 Bridgeville 302-337-3137 ART’S ANTIQUE ALLEY, Rt. 13 South. 60 dealers. Open 7 days 9am-6pm. 20,000 sq.ft. Collectibles, Fenton dealer. A/C, restrooms, snacks 19958 Lewes 302-645-2309 HERITAGE ANTIQUE MARKET, 16168 Coastal Hwy. (RT1), 2mi. N. of Five Points, Lewes. Roseville pottery, furniture, books, dolls, china, glass, jewelry, art & more from 49 dealers! Always looking for new Dealers in the Beach Resort. 11-5 daily. 19963 Milford 302-424-1288 RIVERSIDE ANTIQUE MALL 34 N. Walnut St. Mon-Sat. 10-5. Featuring diversified antique dealers sure to satisfy any collector. Civil War, Lionel Trains, Quilts, Glassware, Furniture, Jewelry, etc.

21028 Churchville 410-734-6228 YE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, Route 22 & Aldino Rd. Minutes from I-95. Oak furniture, advertising, toys, militaria, glassware, general line. Hrs daily 10-4 21028 Churchville 410-734-6267 DENNY’S OLE CALVARY POST OFFICE 1100 Calvary Rd. Purveyors of hard to find items. Antiques & Collectibles, yarn & handmades, preserves & jelly, fresh baked pies. Hrs. Mon.-Fri. 7-7, Sat. 7-5. 21043 Ellicott City 410-465-4444 TAYLOR’S ANTIQUE MALL, Historic District. Cor. of Frederick Rd & Old Columbia Pike. 16,000 Sq.Ft. of Antiques & Collectibles. Mon.- Sat. 10-5 & Sunday Noon-5. 21078 Havre de Grace 410-942-0701 SENECA CANNERY ANTIQUES, 201 St. John St... Largest Mall in Havre de Grace with 50+ quality dealers. Open 7 days, M-S 10-5, S 11-5. Wide Selection of antiques & collectibles. 21157 Westminster 410-857-4044 WESTMINISTER ANTIQUE MALL 433 Hahn Rd 25,000 s.f., furn., military, toys, silver, coins, comics, glassware. Generally open 7 days/ week Mon. - Sat. 10-6; Sun. 12-6. 21901 North East 410-287-8318 5 & 10 ANTIQUE MARKET, 115 S. Main St. Daily 10am-6pm. Cecil County’s largest! Buying/ selling antiques & collectibles. Gourmet chocolates & coffee.

DELAWARE 197-8 Northern 199 Southern D.C. 200-205

MARYLAND 215 & 217 Western 210-12 Northern 214 & 206 Southern 216-218-219 Northeastern

21921 Elkton 410-398-0954 IRON BRIDGE FARM, 2953 Appleton Rd. Antiques and collectibles. Three full floors. Seven days week, 10-5. Rush & cane chairs. Mins. from I-95 near Fair Hill area.

07701 Red Bank 732-224-0033 MONMOUTH ST. EMPORIUM, 27 Monmouth St., Multi-Dealer, vintage furniture & accessories, jewelry, home decor, lighting, art, glassware, shabby. Open 7 days/ week. Space available. 07701 Red Bank 732-842-7377 MONMOUTH ANTIQUE SHOPPES, 217 W. Front St. 40 Dealers located in the Antiques District of Red Bank (6 Lg. Multi-dealer shops). Open 7 days 11am5pm. 2 blocks from RR. 1.5 miles off Garden State Parkway ext. 109. 07801 Dover 973-989-4470 DOVER ANTIQUE CENTER Corner of Warren & Bassett. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, toys, glass, books, records, clocks, art, trains, coins W 11-7, F/Sat 11-5, Su 10-5. 07874 Stanhope 973-347-7373 BLUE HERON ANTIQUES, 34 Main St. Roseville Pottery, Perfumes, Art Glass, Lamps, Jewelry, Paper Weights, Watches, Clocks. CLEARANCE SALE. Open Wed.- Sun. 10-6. Tues. by chance. 07901 Summit 908-273-9373 SUMMIT ANTIQUES CENTER, 511 Morris Ave. 2 floors, 60+ dealers. Antiques, collectibles. Smalls to furniture. Open 7 days 11-5. Free parking. 07930 Chester 908-879-7836 CHESTER ANTIQUE MALL, 30+ Dlrs, no reproductions. 427 Rt.510 (old RT24) between Mendham & Chester, Tues -Sat 10:30-5:00, Sun. 11:30-5:00. Furniture, primitives, glass, jewelry, art, etc. 07940 Madison 973-796-6628 MADISON ART & ANTIQUE CENTER 20 Cook Plaza off Central. Hrs. 11-4:30 Tues. - Sat. Closed Sun. & Mon. MultiDealer. Antiques, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, etc. Free Parking. 08006 Barnegat Light 609-361-8039 THE SEAWIFE, 1901 Bayview Ave. at Viking Village. Country primitive antique furniture, quilts, folk art, architecturals & garden. Open weekends. 08033 Haddonfield 856-429-1929 HADDONFIELD ANTIQUES CENTER, 9 Kings Highway East. Multi-dealer co-op, Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4. Antiques, collectibles, vintage merchandise, art, books, brass, copper, furniture, glassware, jewelry, pottery, silver, toys, etc. 08310 Richland Village 856-697-2170 SHORELINE VINTAGE, 1343 Rt. 40. Antique Furniture & More, Open Thurs. thru Sun. or by appt.

and Eastern Shore 207-8-9 GreaterD.C. MASSACHUSETTS 010-016 Western& Central 017-019 Northeastern

020-027 Southeastern NEW JERSEY 070-079 Northern 085-089 Central 080-084 Southern

18951 Quakertown 215-536-4547 ANTIQUES AT 200 EAST, Rts 212 & 313. Multi-DLR shop; EAST BROAD ANTIQUES, 141 E. Broad St. 215-5364408. One Stop 2 Fantastic Stores. Shop Where Dealers Buy! Open 7 days.

08831 Jamesburg 732-521-9055 BARBARA’S UNIQUE ANTIQUE BOUTIQUE, 35 East Railroad Ave. Wed.Fri. 10-5:30, Sat. 11-3, Sun. & Tues. by chance. Antiques, collectibles, glassware, fine gold, cameo, jewelry. 3 miles east of Exit 8A, NJ Tpke. Periodic Auctions- visit

18080 Slatington 610-767-8400 BUS STOP INDOOR FLEA MARKET 8281 RT 873, every Fri., Sat., Sun. 9am-5pm. Crafts, Antiques, & Flea Market items. Former Keystone Lamp Factory. New vendors welcomed.

18962 Silverdale 215-453-1414 THE FACTORY ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES, 130 West Main St, Rt 113, Bucks County. Featuring over 40 fine Buck’s County Dealers. Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10am to 5pm.

18251 Sybertsville 570-788-1275 HAL’S ANTIQUE FLEA MARKET, 732 State Rte. 93, Exit 256 off I-80, take 93 S. or Exit 145 off I-81, take 93 N. Sundays 9am-4pm.

19128 Philadelphia 215-482-1033 KITCHENIQUES 646 Roxborough Ave. Antiques, collectibles, specializing in kitchen, dining & restaurant decor, Chef’s tools, etc. Hrs. Thurs.-Fri. 116pm, Sat. 9-4

18327 Delaware Water Gap 570-903-8786 OLDE BUGGY MRKTPLC/ KC’S TREASURE CHEST 49 Waring Dr. behind Historical Castle Inn. 10-5 Thurs.-Mon. Dealers Welcomed. Monthly bid board. Local Art- Strauser, Savitsky and much more.

19343 Glenmoore 610-458-8964 VILLAGE EMPORIUM, Ludwigs Village Shoppes, Rts 100/ 401. Antiques, lighting, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, local artists. Tues.-Sat. 10-5. Sun 12-5

18337 Milford 570-409-8636 OLD LUMBERYARD ANTIQUES 113 7th St. 2 large Multi-Dealer Shops, 10,000 sq. ft. Mon., Thur-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5.

19355 Frazer 610-651-8299 FRAZER ANTIQUES. -Best kept secret on Phila. Main Line- Open daily 10am5pm. 2 mi east of Rte 202 on Rt. 30.

08876 Somerville 908-218-1234 ANTIQUES EMPORIUM, 29 Division St. Open 7 days 11-5. Everything to Sell!

16159 W. Middlesex 724-528-2490 ANTIQUE & FLEAMARKET & AUCTIONS OF W. MIDDLESEX RT18 S. Open Wed., Thur., Sat., Sun. 9am-5pm. Monthly Auctions. Largest Antique Market in Western Pennsylvania. 16686 Tyrone 814-684-5088 I-99 ANTIQUES, conveniently located off the Tyrone Exit of Interstate 99, 1222 Pennsylvania Avenue. Quality antiques & collectibles. 40 dealers. Open Daily 10-5, Sun 12-5. Dealers welcome. 16801 State College 814-238-2980 APPLE HILL ANTIQUES, Rt. 26N to 169 Gerald Street. Distinctive antiques in a gallery setting. Over 60 dealers. Open daily 10 to 6. Wide variety. 17020 Duncannon 717-834-9333 OLD SLED WORKS 722 N. Market St. Books, Furniture, Glassware, Jewelry, Postcards, Primitives, Records, Tools, Toys. Open Wed.- Sun. 10am-5pm 17025 West Fairview 717-732-7680 WE DABBLE, 73 2nd St. (on Rt 11-15) . 3500 sq.ft. We buy/ sell for you. Marbles wanted. 17045 Liverpool 717-444-7550 THE FACKTORY STORES 101 Chestnut St. Collectibles, crafts, furniture, glassware, jewelry, antiques, toys, tools, plumbing supplies. Hrs. Mon-Fri. 10-? Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5. 17062 Millerstown 717-589-7810 STITCH IN TIME ANTIQUE & GIFT MALL 43 N. Market St. Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Quality Handmade Crafts & Gifts. Open 7 days 10-5, Fri. til 8. Millerstown exit off RT322. 17090 Shermans Dale 717-582-3457 HEARTS DESIGN AT NEEDFUL THINGS RT34, 5800 Spring Rd. Open 7 days/ week 10-6. Antiques, Gifts & Custom Embroidery, Green Mt. Coffee, Yankee Candles, FIND US ON FACEBOOK 17552 Mount Joy 717-653-9026 STONE BARN ANTIQUES, 21/2 miles east of Mount Joy, on Chiques Road, across from Liederkranz. Oak & pine furniture & general line. Call for appointment.

Pennsylvania, offering Humor, Art & Music; Colophon Books of Layton, New Jersey, offering Early Science, History and Scientific Instruments; and Compleat Dog Story of Port Washington, New York, offering books on Dogs. These and many other fine exhibitors will be found only at this exceptional show. Adult Admission is $6, Students and Young Collector’s 12 to 21 are $3, under 12 free with adult admission, and plenty of free parking. Hours are Saturday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Fair is in the Student Center Multi Purpose Room (101) of Hofstra University, 200 Hofstra Drive, Hempstead,

18360 Stroudsburg 570-424-7474 BROWSERY ANTIQUES 51 N. Third St. Open Fri., Sat., Sun. 10-6. Something for everyone primitives to contemporary. Monthly bidders board (silent auction). Top dollar paid for gold & silver. 18657 Tunkhannock 570-836-8713 APPLE WAGON ANTIQUE MALL, Rt.6, 5 miles west of Tunkhannock. Primitives, furniture, glassware, pottery, toys, books, linens & coins. 25+ vendors. Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. 18914 Chalfont 215-997-3227 BUCKS COUNTY ANTIQUE GALLERY, 8 Skyline Dr. Just off Rt. 202, S of Rt.152. Antiques & more. Old/ new accessories, consignment furniture. 12,000 sq ft. of Bucks County’s Best. Tu.-Sa. 10-5, Sun 12-5 18930 Kintnersville 610-847-1966 GRISTIES ANTIQUES AND ODDITIES, Rt. 611 near Rt. 32. 30 Dealers. Smalls and primitives to fine furniture. Open every day 11-5. Free parking.

19446 Landsdale 215-361-7910 THE ARCHIVE, 725 W. 2nd St. 1000’s of used & antique books, magazines, postcards, ephemera, coins, records, furniture, antiques, collectibles. 21,000 s.f. Tues.-Fri. 11-6, Sat.-Sun. 10-6, 19492 Zieglersville 610-287-9923 CREEKSIDE ANTIQUE CENTER Rts. 73 & 29. 3 mi. S. of Perkiomenville F.M. Across from WAWA. Multi-Dlrs. Full general line. Big Inventory Reduction Sale up to 50% off open Wed-Sat. 11-5, Sun 12-5.

19522 Fleetwood 610-207-2702 THE SHOPPES AT KIRBYVILLE RT 222 between Kutztown & Reading minutes from I-78. 10,000 sq.ft 3 story barn. Antiques, collectibles, furniture, unique items. Thurs.-Sun. 9-4 or appt.

AT T E N T I O N Shouldn’t your SHOP or B&B be listed in this guide?

CALL 1-800-428-4211, ext. 2561 or

717-653-9848 Monday- Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

FAX 717-492-2566 24 hours a day Your ad will be processed on the next business day

E-MAIL Submit your ad to us at Deadline: Wednesday 4:00pm for Fridays edition

Call today for your F R E E sample copy

18940 Wrightstown 215-598-8837 NOSTALGIC NOOK, Rt413, Carousel Village at Indian Walk. China, Stangl, Pennsbury Pottery, Glass-Cut & Pressed, Silver, Primitives, Furniture, Frames, Lamps. M-Sa 10-6. Sun 11-5. 18944 Perkasie 215-257-3564 TREASURE TROVE, 6 S. 7th Street. Estate jewelry, furniture, linens, vintage clothing, glass, china, books, toys, kitchenware, advertising, postcards. Primitives to Deco. Dealers Welcome. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. “Since 1980.”

18947 Pipersville 215-766-7145 BUX-MONT CONSIGNMENT SHOPPE ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES, 6719 Easton Rd. Accepting Consignments Now! Store hours Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 9-5. Indoor booths loaded with crafts, antiques, collectibles & more!

New York 11549. Hofstra is located on Hempstead Turnpike, about 1 hour from

and find out how you can have

Antiques & Auction News to give away in your shop.

New York City by car, and a short cab ride from the Hempstead station of the Long Island Railroad.

It’s a great traffic builder and a “gift” your customers will enjoy receiving!

1-800-800-1833 , ext. 2541


History; Gilann Books of Darien, Connecticut, offering Decorative Arts; Gordon Books; Iconic Postcards of Smith of Upton, New York, Salem, Massachusetts, offering exceptional Postcards & Ephemera; Charlotte Stone of Williston Park, New York, offering odd & eclectic ephemera; M & M Books of East Northport, New York, offering Regional History and Civil War; Harrogate Books of Brightwaters, New York, offering Modern Firsts and Classics; Prints Charming of New York City offering fine, rare Prints; Lee & Mike Temares of Plandome, New York, offering Juvenile Series, Limited Editions, Illustrated & offering World’s Fair colArt Books; George Irving of lectibles; Walk A Crooked New York City offering Mile Books of Philadelphia, Autographs and Black (Continued from page 4)

WEST VIRGINIA 254 Northeastern 260-268 Northern 247-259 Southeastern

17810 Allenwood 570-538-1886 BALD EAGLE ANTIQUE CENTER, Rt. 15approx 10-12 mi. N of I-80, Exit 210B or 9 mi. S of Williamsport, PA. Full general line. Dlrs Welcome. Open Saturday & Sunday 10-5 Closed snow days.

17745 Lock Haven 570-893-1650 MARKET HAUS & GROVE, U.S. RT 220 Lock Haven, PA exit RT 120. Open Thurs. - Sun. 9:30-5. 22,000 sq. ft. of antiques, crafts, collectibles, furniture & such. A trip you’ll always remember.


VIRGINIA 220-229 Northern 230-239 Southern 240-246 Southwestern

08525 Hopewell 609-466-9833 TOMATO FACTORY ANTIQUE & DESIGN CENTER 2 Somerset St. We Have It All! Open Mon. thru Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. We have 38 Dealers.

08505 Bordentown 609-298-1424 SHOPPE 202, 202 Farnsworth Ave., Exit 7 NJ Turnpike, 206 N-1 mile. Antiques, custom framing, collectibles, art & furniture. Tues. thru Sat. 11-6, Fri. till 8.

21911 Rising Sun 410-658-8100 COUNTRY BOY ANTIQUE CENTER 1320 Rock Springs Rd. Come visit Cecil Co. Multi-Dealer Antique shop. Wide array of antiques, furniture, jewelry, coins & collectibles. Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5.

PENNSYLVANIA 190-1 Philadelphia 189-196 Southeastern 100-109 Metropolitan 180-188 Northeastern 110-119 Metropolitan 170-171 Central NEW YORK & Long Island 172-179 South Central 140-149 Western OHIO 166-169 North Central 130-139 Central 120-129 Northeastern 437 & 455 East Central 160-165 Northwestern 441 East North 150-158 Southwestern & Eastern Central


8 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011

SHOWS & MARKETS Spring Garden Indoor Antique & Vintage Flea Market

Fri., Nov. 11, 2011

Now Every Saturday, Nov. thru April 28th


Sat., Nov. 12, 2011 9am-5pm

Zion Lutheran Church

SHOW GOERS Many show ads contain a coupon or message that entitles you to a reduced admission cost. Be sure to look for these, clip them out and take them along with you to the event.


Center City Philadelphia 8 A.M. til 4 P.M. But Early Birds Welcome!

Free Parking / Free Admission ATM / Food Court / Handicap Accessible

215-625-FLEA (3532) /

Featuring: • Discounts and Door Prizes Galore • A chance to win every half hour • Over 300 Dealers to Shop From • 4 Large Buildings • Wide selection of crafts, antiques, and collectibles • Outside Vendors • Scroll Saw Artwork demonstrations Saturday • Lots of Good Food

Use 820 Spring Garden Street, 19123 For GPS Directions

THE MAIN LINE ANTIQUES SHOW a benefit for surrey services for seniors

N O V E M B E R 12 & 1 3 2 011


215.463.FLEA (3532)



For more information call 484 580 9609

19145 S714861

Bloomsburg Antique Show & Sale NOVEMBER 12TH & 13TH, 2011


Sat. 10am - 5pm, Sun. 11am - 4pm

BBloomsburg Fairgrounds Gate #2, Industrial Arts Building ding 5RXWH:0DLQ6W%ORRPVEXUJ3$ %XFNKRUQ([LW,QWHUVWDWH, $GPLVVLRQ ZLWKWKLVFRXSRQ



o 570-323-5108


M. Butche’ Promotions America’s Favorite

Treasure Hunt! ATLANTA EXPO CENTERS Atlanta, Georgia

November 11, 12 & 13 December 9, 10 & 11 2012 Shows January 13, 14 & 15 February 10, 11 & 12



Scott Antique Markets


Presenting Sponsor

1600 S. Warfield Street

Visit Us On The Web:

555 Sproul Road (Route 320) | Villanova, Pennsylvania

Every Saturday & Sunday

Philadelphia, PA

N OV E M BE R 11


Philly’s Largest Indoor Market New Management New Vendor Mix

4 Miles East of I-81 Exit 16 on Route 30 18 Miles West of Gettysburg on Route 30

SATURDAY 10 am – 5 pm | SUNDAY 11 am – 5 pm O P E N I N G N I G H T PA RT Y,

Pennsy Flea Market


More Than 60 Vendors Featuring Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Furniture, Jewelry, Glassware, Pottery, Primitives & Much More!



9th & Spring Garden

Directions: 3 miles East of Atlanta Airport on I-285 at Exit 55 (3650 & 3850 Jonesboro Rd.)


Call: 740.569.2800

November 26 & 27 December 17 & 18

P.O. Box 60, Bremen, OH 43107

Directions: I-71 Exit 11 (17th Ave.) to the Ohio Expo Center (Ohio State Fairgrounds

All Facilities are Heated & Air Conditioned Luxury Shuttle Buses & Showcase Rentals in Georgia Table & Chair Rentals Available in Georgia & Ohio

World’s Largest Monthly Indoor Antique Shows!



35 W. Potomac St./Rt. 11 Historic Williamsport, MD 21795 For Info: 301-223-7834

November 12th November 13th

AAN 11-11

1st Annual


Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 9

“Ask Joe� - U n c o v e r i n g T h e V a l u e O f Y o u r A n t i q u e s & C o l l e c t i b l e s


DELAWARE 11/04-06/11, WILMINGTON, FRI 11 AM-8 PM SAT 11 AM- 6 PM SUN 11 AM-4 PM, Antiques, on the Riverfront, Chase Center FLORIDA 11/04-06/11, WEST PALM BEACH, FRI 12 PM-5 PM SAT 9 AM-5 PM SUN 10 AM-4:30 PM, Antique Festival & Modernism, 9067 Southern Blvd, The Americraft Ctr at the South Florida Fairgrounds GEORGIA 11/11-13/11, ATLANTA, , Antiques & Collectibles, , Atlanta Expo Center 12/09-11/11, ATLANTA, , Antiques & Collectibles, , Atlanta Expo Center ILLINOIS 11/04-06/11, ROCK ISLAND, FRI 5 PM-9 PM SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-4 PM, Antique Spectacular, 2621 4th Ave, QCCA Expo Center

11/20/11, WAYNE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, N Cove Rd off Rt. 23, Wayne PAL 11/26-27/11, FLEMINGTON, SAT 9 AM-4 PM SUN 10 AM-3 PM, Antiques, 84 Rt 31, Hunterdon Central Field House 12/04/11, WAYNE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, N Cove Rd off Rt. 23, Wayne PAL 12/18/11, WAYNE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, N Cove Rd off Rt 23, Wayne PAL NEW YORK 11/05-06/11, CHAPPAQUA, SAT & SUN 10 AM-5 PM, Antiques, 25 Granite Rd, Westorchard School 11/05-06/11, GARDEN CITY, SAT 12 PM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-4 PM, Book & Ephemera Fair, 295 Stewart Ave, The Field House 11/06/11, NORTHPORT L I, SUN 10 AM-4:30 PM, Antiques, , Laurel Avenue School OHIO 11/26-27/11, COLUMBUS, , Antiques & Collectibles, , Ohio Expo Center 12/17-18/11, COLUMBUS, , Antiques & Collectibles, , Ohio Expo Center

MASSACHUSETTS 11/06/11, STURBRIDGE, SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Rt 20 W, The Sturbridge Host Hotel

PENNSYLVANIA 11/05-06/11, NEW HOPE, SAT 10 AM-5 PM SUN 11 AM-4 PM, Antiques, 182 W Bridge St, New Hope-Solebury High School

MARYLAND 11/06/11, ELKTON, SUN 9 AM-2 PM, Bottle & Collectibles, Rts 279 & 213, Singerly Firehall

11/05-06/11, PHILADELPHIA, SAT & SUN 9:30 AM-5:30 PM AUCTION EVERY SAT 11AM, F/M & Auction, 1600 S Warfield St, Pennsy Flea Market & Country Auction

11/11-12/11, WILLIAMSPORT, FRI 3 PM - 8 PM SAT 9 AM-5 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, 35 W Potomac St Rt 11, Zion Lutheran Church NEW JERSEY 11/05-06/11, FLANDERS, SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Christmas Sale, Main St, Flanders Knights of Columbus Hall 11/06/11, WAYNE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, N Cove Rd off Rt 23, Wayne PAL 11/18-19/11, ALLENDALE, FRI 6:30 PM-10 PM SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Depression Era Glass, China, Pottery, 320 Franklin Tpke, Guardian Angel Church Auditorium


11/05-06/11, POTTSTOWN, SAT 9 AM-5 PM SUN 8:30 AM-2 PM, Antique Gun, 1613 High St, Sunnybrook Ballroom 11/05/11, ALLENTOWN, SAT 9 AM-3 PM, Toy, Dolls, Miniatures, Comics, Trains, Books Etc., Agricultural Hall 17th & Chew Sts, Allentown Fairgrounds 11/05/11, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antique & Vintage F/M, 9th & Spring Garden Sts, Spring Garden Indoor F/M 11/06/11, YORK, SUN 10 AM-3 PM, Doll, Toy, Teddy Bear, 334 Carlisle Ave, York Fairgrounds Old Main Bldg

11/12/11, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antique & Vintage F/M, 9th & Spring Garden Sts, Spring Garden Indoor F/M 11/19/11, MANHEIM, SAT 9 AM3 PM, Christmas Open House, 705 Graystone Rd, Root's Country Market & Auction 11/25-26/11, LANCASTER, FRI 10 AM- 6 PM SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Postcard, 1383 Arcadia Rd, Farm and Home Center VIRGINIA 11/05-06/11, CHANTILLY, , DC Big Flea, 4320 Chantilly Center, Dulles Expo 11/11-13/11, ALEXANDRIA, FRI 11 AM-7 PM SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Fine Art & Antiques, 101 Callahan Dr, George Washington Masonic Memorial

NOW OPEN Sat. & Sun. Through Dec.





ES N D S PA C A S E L B TA 2 for $$18


Delaware Valley’s Largest Flea Market ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES


Winter Hours Until April 1st: Thurs. 10am-6pm; Fri. 10am-6pm; Sat. 10am-6pm; Sun. 9am-5pm Over 1500 Vendors Rt. 206 South, Columbus, NJ

609-267-0400 1'$QQXDO


Show and Sale 1RYHPEHU 



Hunterdon Central Field House 57)OHPLQJWRQ1HZ-HUVH\

MORLATTON POST CARD CLUB INC. 36th Fall Postcard Show Farm and Home Center 1383 Arcadia Road Lancaster, PA 17603 (off Manheim Pike Rte. 72)

Friday, November 25, 2011 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Saturday, November 26, 2011 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Door Prizes No Pre-Show Buying Admission $2.00 (50 Cents Off With Ad) For More Information Call Kay Feight, (717) 263-1638 Leon Rowe, (610) 444-0641

N. Cove Rd.

Santa Visits âœŚ Toy Train Display âœŚ Door Prizes Every 10 Minutes Unique Gifts For That Special Someone âœŚ Free Admission & Parking Collecting Food For Manheim Food Bank

• Vendors Welcome

(Off Parish Dr.) (Off Rt. 23)

WAYNE, NJ Adults $1.00 Children Free Over 140 Dealers


Sunday 9 am To 3 pm For Information Call S720005

Market Every Tues. 9 A.M.-8 P.M. (717) 898-7811 Building #6 & #9 (2 Floors)

w w w. r o o t s m a r k e t . c o m

11/12-13/11, VILLANOVA, SAT 10 AM-5 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antiques, 555 Sproul Rd Rt 320, Radnor Valley Country Club


NOV. 6 TH & NOV. 20

SATURDAY, NOV. 19TH, 2011 9 A.M.-3 P.M.

705 Graystone Rd., Manheim, PA 17545

11/12-13/11, ELVERSON, SAT 10 AM-5 PM SUN 11 AM-4 PM, Antiques, 4897 N Twin Valley Rd, Twin Valley High School

Have an antique or collectible you would like to know more about? E-mail your questions and high resolution images to: dmsater@antiquesandauc

Wayne PAL Indoor TH

7th Annual

Call (717) 898-7443

11/12-13/11, BLOOMSBURG, SAT 10 AM-5 PM SUN 11 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Industrial Arts Bldg Rt 11 W Main St, Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Gate #2

(973) 595-5041


CALIFORNIA 11/06/11, SAN MATEO, FRI 11 AM-8 PM SAT 11 AM-7 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antiques, , San Mateo County Event Center

similar. The value of these is fairly modest. It would be greater if we could identify the name of the maker from the initials woven into the factory, but at this time, we cannot. At auction, if this piece is in excellent condition, it would probably sell in the $50 to $75 range and retail for around $100 to $200 dollars.



Dear Joe: My mother is still alive but does not know anything about these two small textiles. They are both tablecloth size. She likely purchased them at an estate sale in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where

since the early Middle Ages. Pieces using this weaving technique were being made as early as the 9th century, but the word did not appear in Europe until the 14th century in France. From the 14th century, damasks were being woven in

ing a satin finish and the other being more matte. In many instances gold was used as the contrasting color and in some instances, metallic threads were used. Damask tablecloths are still being made and they can be found in a wide variety of styles and colors. This one is charming with its farm animals and contrasting ecru and white coloration and was probably made during the second or third quarter of the 20th century. However, I do not know the size and this will restrict my ability to value it accurately. But if it is a good size and in excellent condition, it should sell for about $100 at auction and maybe in the $175 to $250 range at retail. If a set of 12 napkins is present, that would cause this price to double - at least. Now on to the homespun, which is also “tablecloth size� but may have been intended to be a bed covering of some sort. It was woven on a small “four harness� loom, probably by a housewife or her servant. The fabric is probably flax (linen) for the warp and wool for the weft. These materials were probably raised on the home farm and converted to thread or yarn on the family’s spinning wheel. It was colored at home with natural dyes and then woven into the cloth seen here. The date of manufacture is probably pre-1840 and may be as early as about 1820.

The pieces were sewn together because home looms were not large enough to make wider widths of cloth - and most housewives could only throw the shuttle so far during the weaving process. Then two lengths of cloth were sewn together to be used on a bed, but many makers were careful not to allow the pattern to match exactly. To do so would have allowed all the luck to run out of the piece, and this needed to be avoided. The pattern on this piece is reminiscent of one called “Pine Bloom� but is probably just somewhat


Some Text On Textiles

Italy and they were generally a single color with a satin pattern against a duller ground. Eventually, two color damasks were made with one color hav-


Please Note: Values given in this column are for insurance replacement purposes. “Fair market value� is significantly less than insurance replacement value in most cases.

The name “Damask� is derived from the Syrian city of Damascus, and it is one of the five basic weaving techniques employed by Islamic weavers


Joe L. Rosson

she lives. I think they are both linen and the damask piece has never been laundered. It is very beautiful and shows images of different farm animals plus wheat and flowers. The homespun piece was done on a narrow loom and hand stitched together. It is initialed in red. Could you please tell what you know about these and what they might be worth should we decide to sell. Thank you, N. A. Dear N. A.: Let me tackle the damask tablecloth first, and the first question I have is whether or not N. A. has the matching napkins. These add a great deal to the value, and if missing, they detract significantly from the overall worth. Damask can be made from silk, cotton, wool, linen, or synthetic fibers. It has a pattern developed in the weaving process with one warp yarn and one weft yarn that form a contrasting (sometimes very subtle) design in the finished product.

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Starting At 4:00 P.M.

HOWARD COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS West Friendship, MD 1500+ Lots Sold Every Week! Briggs Auction, Inc. Rt. 491 @ Rt. 261, Booth’s Corner 1315 Naamans Creek Rd. Boothwyn, PA 19061 610-566-3138 / 610-485-0412

Selling Large Amount of Antiques, Collectibles & Household Goods From Local Homes & Estates Office: 610-274-8525 Jim Hill: 484-576-6368 For Sale Schedule & Highlights Visit:

Lic.# AU-003580-L

COSTEA’S AUCTION SERVICE Camp Hill, PA (717) 737-0000 Specializing In Antiques

5 miles W. of YORK on Rt. 30




Every Saturday at 11am


105 Chapel Street

LEBANON, PA 17046 Auctions Thurs. 1 P.M. For Information Phone (717) 272-7078

Amoss & Freeman, Auctioneers Bel Air Auction Gallery Consignment Auction Every Fri. 6:00 PM Monthly Antique Auction First Sat. Of Each Month 13 Ellendale St., Bel Air, MD 1-800-451-BIDS

Pennsy Auction 1600 S. Warfield Street

Auctions Held 2nd Thurs. Of Every Month At UKRAINIAN CULTURAL CENTER 135 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ Member Of The NJSSA For More Info. Call



3000 Lots Sold At Every Sale 2 Auctions Simultaneously Buy, Sell, Consign, Appraise

INDIANA 11/11-12/11, SHIPSHEWANA, FRI 9 AM-9 PM SAT 8:30 AM2:30 PM, Tractors, salesman samples & patent models, farm primitives, rare butter churns, kitchen primitives, country store items, toys, advertising signs etc., 890 S Van Buren St, Chupp Auctions & Real Estate, LLC KENTUCKY 11/12/11, LOUISVILLE, SAT 10 AM, Sports, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory 800 W Main St, Hunt Auctions


7:00 AM - Glassware & Outside 10:00 AM - Furniture Large amounts of oak, walnut, mahogany, glassware and collectibles

MARYLAND 11/05/11, GREENSBORO, SAT 10 AM, Antiques, collectibles, furniture, tools, 1994 Chevy S-10 Blazer, 308 N Main St, A. Curtis Andrew Auction, Inc.

NEW 15,000 Sq. Ft. Building with very large loading dock. LOW COMMISSION RATES CONSIGNMENTS ALWAYS WELCOME 15% Buyer’s Premium 356 Swedesboro Avenue

11/05/11, NORTH EAST, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, art, furniture, Bally Arcade, tools, 2741 Biggs Hwy Rt. 274, Jim Racine


NEW JERSEY 11/05/11, ISLAND HEIGHTS, SAT 10 AM, Vintage unopened model kits from 1960's-1980's, kitchen collectibles, sheet music, furniture, linens, costume jewelry, vintage Christmas, pottery, Stangl, postcards, Elvis items, Lionel trains/access. etc., Island Heights Fire Hall 15 Lake Ave, Jerry Manganello 11/07/11, BURLINGTON, MON 5:30 PM, Trains, coins, jewelry, ephemera, musical instruments, Barbies, dolls, etc., Roma Club 739 Lincoln Ave, C & M Auctioneers 11/12 & 11/26/11, POINT PLEASANT, SAT 9:30 AM, Antiques, collectibles, glassware, pottery, clean used furniture, jewelry etc., 1125 Arnold Ave, Concepts 1 Auction House 11/5/11, FLORENCE, SAT 10 AM, Furniture, pottery, china, misc., Real Estate Noon, OnSite 220 E 2nd St, Chris Doerner NEW YORK 11/5/11, CANDOR, SAT 10 AM, Antiques, 1121 Rte 96, Bostwick Auctions & Gallery PENNSYLVANIA 11/04/11, COOPERSBURG, FRI 3 PM, Box lots, glass, 1950's collectibles, cast iron, primitives, oil lamps, collection of antique buttons, furniture, lighting, clocks etc., Lower Milford Fire Co 1601 Limeport Pike, Somers Auctioneering, Inc.




We specialize in the very best in BASEBALL COLLECTIBLES. If you don’t check with us before selling – you won’t know what the market will bear. Let us tell you what we think of your baseball collectibles.

Start 4 P.M.

We offer complete auction services, as well as free appraisals and comprehensive information about your material. We will not try to buy your material. We are not dealers. We are strictly an auction house – with unparalleled integrity, knowledge and experience in the field. We will give you the information you need to make the most intelligent decisions regarding your significant and valuable baseball material. When Barry Halper, the world’s greatest baseball collector, sold his legendary collection, he insisted that Robert Edward Auctions oversee the historic sale of his Twenty-Six Million Dollar Collection.

Mullica Hill, NJ E361017

Consignments Wanted

• • • • •


Baseball Cards Babe Ruth Items Tobacco Cards Uniforms Lou Gehrig Items

• • • • •

Buttons Autographs Documents Display Pieces Gum Cards

• • • • •

Photographs World Series Items Pre-1900 Baseball Posters ETC., ETC….

Please Note: Item pictured will be sold in a future REA auction. E485101

Hatfield, PA 215-393-3000

344 Valleybrook Road,

Chester Heights, PA 19017 S714615


(610) 358-9515

ROBERT EDWARD AUCTIONS P.O. Box 7256, Watchung, NJ 07069, 800-766-9324

11/05/11, DOUGLASSVILLE, SAT 9 AM, Real Estate, antiques, coins, furniture, 464 Old Philadelphia Pike, Ron Rhoads

11/07-08-09-10/11, HATFIELD, MON 3-5 PM TUES NOON WED 10 AM-NOON THURS 10 AM, 11/7 - Real Estate open house @ 1753 Westwood Rd., Reading, Pa, 11/8 - discovery & illustration art; 4 pm toys & trains, 11/9 - open appraisal day, 11/10 - estate auction including African masks/art, furniture, furnishings, jewelry, sterling, books etc., 501 Fairgrounds Rd, Alderfer Auction & Appraisal

11/05/11, HUMMELSTOWN, SAT 8:30 AM, Antique tools and related antiques, 1550 Sand Hill Rd, Ziegler Auction Co.

11/07/11, CHAMBERSBURG, MON NOON, Antiques, automobiles, vintage decor, modern furniture, collectibles, personal property, Gateway Gallery Auction 643 Kriner Rd, John F. Kohler, Jr.

11/05/11, CONESTOGA, SAT 8:30 AM, Antiques, collectibles, S&P's, cast iron & china bells, lamps, agateware, cast iron toys & door stops etc., 91 Hilltop Dr, Probst Family Auctions

11/05/11, KEMPTON, SAT 8:30 AM, Antiques & Collectibles including primitives, WWII items, Nazi items, kerosene light collection, minders lights, RR lanterns, furniture, violins, banjo etc., Kempton Community Ctr 82 Community Dr, Arner Auctioneers, LLC 11/05/11, LEWISBURG, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, books, paper, toys, guns, coins, 134 Ard Rd, Hassinger & Courtney 11/05/11, NEW BLOOMFIELD, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, furniture, guns Christmas, glassware, toys, comic books etc., 328 Brady Rd, Bendinsky & Co. Auction Service

11/07/11, LEESPORT, MON 1 PM, Furniture, collectibles, glassware, clocks, paintings, prints, coins, stamps, guns, jewelry, fishing, sports, gas powered bikes etc., Leesport Farmers Market Rt 61, Pennypacker's Auction House 11/07/11, MOHNTON, MON 1 PM, Gruber Wagon, 1929 Model A Ford Truck, Green Hills Auction Ctr 794 Kurtz Mill Rd Rt 568, Samuel & Philip Ferraro 11/07/11, YORK, MON 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, furniture, glassware, china, coins, firearms, tools etc., 240 Hatchery Rd, Toomey Auction Service, Inc. 11/08/11, ASTON, TUES 1 PM, Glassware, collectibles, household, antiques, furniture, trains, toys, Hi Fi, radio collection, 2500 Market St, Uniques & Antiques Auction Sales

11/08/11, PLAINS, TUES 5 PM, Furniture, antiques, holiday items, dollhouse supplies, HO trains, toys, Dept. 56, glassware, pictures etc., 29 E Carey St, Cook & Cook Auctions 11/09/11, KINZERS, WED 10 AM, Asian arts, porcelains, jade, rare & first edition books, clocks, primitives, furniture, sterling, sports, musical instruments, weapons, jewelry etc., 5336 Mine Rd, The Gap Auction 11/10/11, LANDISVILLE, THURS 1 PM, Furniture, antiques, glassware, sterling, diamond ring, toys, guns etc., 241 Stanley Ave, Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers LLC 11/11-12/11, BLUE BALL, FRI & SAT 8 AM, Button, Blue Ball Fire Hall Rt 322, Rich Harry (Putt Auction) 11/11-12/11, DOWNINGTOWN, FRI 6 PM SAT 9 AM, Antiques, 463 E Lancaster Ave, Pook & Pook , Inc. 11/11-12/11, MCVEYTOWN, FRI 4:30 SAT 9 AM, Gold coins, antiques, crocks, milk bottle collection, local advertisers, glassware, primitives, signs, furniture etc., 50 Sawmill Dr, Chesney Auction Barn 11/11/11, SPRING GROVE, FRI 8:30 AM, Furniture, shelf clocks, woodenwares, crocks, jugs, toys, dolls etc., Porters Fire Co 1199 Porters Rd, PA On-Site Auction Co. LLC (Continued on page 20)

9:00 A.M. 464 Old Philadelphia Pike

DOUGLASSVILLE, PA 19518 ANTIQUES & FURNITURE: Cherry 2-piece Architectural Corner Cupboard with 16 Lights, Oak Large Lion’s Head and Claw Foot Bowfront China Cabinet, Oak 3-door Icebox, Early Jelly Cupboard, Butcher’s Block, Unusual Marble Top Chest with Glove Boxes on Mirror, Fancy Victorian Chocolate Marble Table and other Entire Rooms Full of New and Old Wicker, Several Walnut and Oak Extension Tables, Round Drop Leaf and Square, Many Occasional Tables, Mirrors, Pictures, Racks, Sideboards, Sets of Chairs, Glassware, Country Accents, attic full of 1960’s toys, books, and much more. COIN COLLECTION: Many U.S. Silver coins, U.S. Currency including $10 Gold and Silver certificates, German Notes, Other U.S. coins. Call for full listing.


Robert Edward Auctions offers the largest circulation of any auction devoted to sports collectibles in the world. Robert Edward Auctions always has millions of dollars available at a moment’s notice specifically for cash advances. We specialize in the very best in all areas of baseball collectibles. This includes:




For over 30 years no one has consistently helped more sellers realize more money for their quality BASEBALL MATERIAL than Robert Edward Auctions. Offering an unparalleled tradition of integrity, knowledge, and professionalism, and an extraordinary national client base.


Rt. 77 5 Mi. S. Of

Since 1911 Auctions Every Wednesday Starting At 3 P.M.




Wilson’s Auctioneers & Appraisers

A&AN AUCTION CALENDAR DELAWARE 11/12/11, REHOBOTH, SAT 10 AM, Jewelry, coins, furniture, art, rifles, collectibles, sterling silver, 2004 Mercedes ML 350 Inspiration Edition, 330 Rehoboth Ave, Stuart Kingston, Inc.

Bodnar’s Auction Sales

Sales Every Mon., Wed. & Every Other Sat. Phone (717) 764-5403 - 792-3837 Auctioneers: Jack & Sheryl Hooks


Phone Us Today For Details! 1(800) 800-1833 Ext. 2541 Members Of AAM & NAA




ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS In The Antiques & Auction News Auctioneer Directory


Estate Liquidations & House Cleanouts.


Auctions every other Thurs. & Fri. Starting 9 A.M. Preview 8 A.M.

Philadelphia, PA


Exit No. 17, Interstate 295 PHONES: (856) 423-6800 OR 423-6801

1465 New London Road

Landenberg, PA 19350


Stephenson’s Auction Antiques - Residential Contents Auctions Every Friday - 4 P.M. In Our Gallery 1005 Industrial Blvd. Southampton, PA 18966 (215) 322-6182

Ron Rhoads 383 Ben Franklin Hwy. W., DOUGLASSVILLE,

610-385-4818 WEB: WWW.ECHANT.COM


AU 002045L

Eileen Rhoads AU 003750L


Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc.

Estate Antique & Fine Furnishings Country Antiques • Decorative & Fine Art Jewelry • China & Glassware • Collectibles Weekly Listings & Photos, Directions:


2501 E. Ontario St., Phila., PA 215-425-7030 ESTATES & CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME






Information Call: 215-788-6700 or 215-499-7023 (Cell) 10% Buyer’s Premium 5 Min. Off I-95 or Exit 358 of PA Turnpike


WEEKLY ESTATE ABSOLUTE AUCTION Every Friday Evening, 5:00pm Preview: Fridays, from 9am on



Estates Welcome - Over 150 Flea Market Vendors, Indoors & Outdoors




(302) 734-3441

Route 512 (11 miles North of Route 22)


Celebrating 75 Years

Find An Auctioneer In These Pages!

550 S. New Street, Dover, DE 19901

BRISTOL AUCTION EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT Doors Open 2:30 P.M. Arcade Sale 3:15 P.M. Gallery Sale 4:30 P.M. ANTIQUES VINTAGE COLLECTIBLES: Glassware, China, Jewelry, Toys, Artwork, Ephemera, Furniture. Always a nice assortment of Unusual Smalls. Quality-Antique Sale Third Tuesday Of Every Month 216 Mill Street (Rear Entrance)


Tues. & Fri. - 1:00 P.M. Flea Market Every Tues., Fri. & Sat. 7:30 A.M.


Richard L. Dotta Auction Co.


Adjacent To Black Diamond At The Schuylkill Mall FRACKVILLE, PA Monthly Bid Board Auctions 570-622-3089



Spence’s Auction & Flea Market Auction Every





Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 11

Cordier To Hold Fall Auction In New Facility In Harrisburg, PA

PUBLIC AUCTIONS Furniture, Antiques, Glassware, Sterling, Diamond Ring, Steiff Dog, Prints, German Doll, Buddy L Truck, Lionel Trains, Matchbox & Toys, Cast-Iron Doorstops, Guns

Cordier Auctions & since entering the auction and silver. A Appraisals will be holding business. They currently collection of their Two Day Fall Antique & have 20 employees, includ- 90 plus lots of Fine Art auction in their new facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on November 5 and 6. The 12,000 square foot facility, located at 1500 Paxton Street, will house the company’s salesroom, offices and storage facility. The early 20th century brick structure provides ample parking and easy access from Interstate 83. The top two floors are home to the Central Penn Business Journal. Cordier had been in the antiques business for over thirty years when they began conducting auctions, about six years ago. Cordier

THURS., NOV. 10, 2011 • 1 P.M. 241 Stanley Ave., LANDISVILLE, PA --------------------------------------------

Furniture, Antiques, 80+ Hummels, Sterling, Big Little Books, Toys, Duck Stamps, Christmas Houses, Longaberger®, Sports Memorabilia, Black Phantom Bike

SAT., NOV. 19, 2011 • 8:30 A.M. 412 Twin Elm Rd., STRASBURG, PA -------------------------------------------See Web for details. No out-of-state checks, credit cards accepted.

MILLER & SIEGRIST AUCTIONEERS, LLC (717) 687-6857 • AU-1723L •



William R. Booth Estate

Large 2-Day Auction

Friday, Nov. 11th At 4:30 P.M. Cromwell crown, 1695 high grade US William III crown and a 1687 and English James II crown. Among US coins will start coins will be 37 gold pieces the auction. including a 1911-D Indian Highlights of $2.50 quarter eagle and 190419th century Flemish carved ivory tankard English coinage S and 1927 Liberty head $20 (estimate $10,000-$15,000). include a 1658 double eagles. 1.83 carat VVS2 diamond soli- ing three full time licensed taire with side diamonds (esti- auctioneers and three certimate $5,000-$10,000). fied appraisers. They also employ numerous specialist Auctions holds auctions with consultants. a focus on art and antiques, David Cordier stated, firearms, coins and jewelry, “We are looking forward to estates, and real estate. They moving into the new location will continue to maintain in the city of Harrisburg. offices in Camp Hill. Consolidating our main operA regional auction com- ations will increase our effipany, Cordier Auctions also ciency, and the proximity to conducts onsite auctions Interstate 83 for client accesacross Central Pennsylvania sibility is an added bonus.” and has conducted auctions The first auction to be as far away as Buffalo, New held in the new location will Durgin sterling tea set (estimate $9,500-$18,000). York. Cordier has experi- be Cordier’s Two Day Fall enced considerable growth Antique & Fine Art auction on November 5 and 6. Highlights of the 675 plus lot sale include a 19th-century Flemish carved ivory tankard, two Baccarat chandeliers, and a circa 1919 Cartier diamond wristwatch in addition to a collection of US & English coins, silver, jewelry, furniture, and fine, Asian, and deco1940 Pittsburgh Pirates teamed rative arts. signed ball (estimate $1,500Saturday’s sale is 1658 Cromwell crown & 1911-D slated to offer coins, Chinese Qing Wucai dragon $2,000). Indian head $2.50 quarter eagle. collectibles, jewelry, jar (estimate $2,000-$4,000). Among collectibles will be a 1940 Pittsburgh Pirates team signed ball and a framed “HORST AUCTION CENTER” display of 1961 New York Yankees team signatures, both with JSA letters of authenticity. Several lots of


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2011 AT 9:00 A.M. Sale To Be Held At The Horst Auction Center, Located At The Corner Of Rt. 322 & Durlach Rd. (Approx. 21⁄2 Miles West Of Ephrata)

at 9:00 A.M.

Preview Thursday, Nov. 10th 5 P.M.-7 P.M.

Chesney Auction Barn

McVeytown, PA

50 Sawmill Drive, 17051 (Rt. 322 to Rt. 522S west of McVeytown, turn on Little Brick Rd.) Gold Coins, Antiques, Crocks, Milk Bottle Collection, Local Advertisers, Beautiful Glassware, Primitives, Signs & so much more Gold Coins: 1898 $20.00 Gold coin, 1907 $10.00 Gold coin, 19041908-1909-1912-1880-1887 $5.00 Gold coin, 1910 $2.50 Gold coin, 1856 $2.50 Gold coin on gold chain, Stoneware: McCormick-Deering 2 gal. crock, 3 gal. Cowden & Wilcox decorated jug, Thomas Bros. Huntington crock, JH Dipple, AGC Dipple, Stoneware chicken & peep waterers, AGC Dipple peep waterer, 5 gal. crock w/ears, Hat mold, Hawthorn Pottery Co. crock, 11⁄2 New Bethlehem crock, FH Cowden jug, Many other crocks & jugs, Atlantic Motor Oil porcelain sign, Farquhar-Iron Age Farm Machinery porcelain sign, Wolf Motor Oil tin sign, DeKalb signs, Jamesway Equipment tin sign, V-C Harvest King tin sign & blackboard, Brookland Mill Inc. (Purina) sign, Blue Ribbon Cigar sign, Co-op Black Hawk tin thermometer, Tractor seats (Deering - Champion - Adriance - Evans), Motor Oil 2 gal., Clover Penn PA oil can, Sunoco, Saphire motor oil, Valor Texaco, Gulf Supreme, PA Motor Oil, Sinclair, Rugby, Red Bell, All State, Supreme, Actol, Medalist & Many more, Essence Sphinx oil can (Vacuum Oil Co.), Misc.: Dovetailed blanket chests (several), Hamilton & Burlington Pocket Watches, Men’s Diamond Ring. Kit Stoner paintings & ornaments, New York Line Railroad lantern, Fordson toolboxes, Advertiser tins (many), Dietz lantern & others, Granite pans/pots/ coffeepots of all colors, Brass steam whistle, Brass fire extinguisher, Bamboo fly rod & others, Rug beaters, Prairie Planter, Washboards, Wooden wringer washer top, 4’ alum. Christmas tree (NIB), Taylor & Boggis summer girl burner, Butter churn, KaVee/Zook can, Clarks Florence Chocolates bucket, Keystone Peanuts wooden box, Wooden tobacco box, Unused punch boards, DeLaval can, Political pins, Fishing license pins, 1953-1955 Bike licenses, E.E. McMeen & Co. school fair ticket, Papier-mâché Santas, Celluloid animals, Glass tree topper, PA Railroad key fobs, Oil Co. key fobs, Adv. metals, Local postcards, Vance School 1933 McVeytown miniature flash book, White’s Garage calendar, Booth Funeral Home adv., George Miller & Son adv., Oil bottles w/spouts & caps, Oil jar carriers, 1935-36 Penna inspect sticker, Buggy whip holder, Cast-iron dog (H&Z?), Nabisco Biscuit box, Sterling silver candlesticks, German Kugels, Cigar box glass covers, Butter churns, German metals, Large candy jar, PRR calendars, Universal #25 churn, Mason jar churn, Miniature lanterns, Butter pats, Cast trivets, PRR inkwell, Roseville child’s plate, Planters Peanuts papier-mâché pc., Various Roseville pcs., Bear bank w/metal lid, JB Sayer box call, Halfpenny call, Clover Farms Store items, Plus an incredible amount more! Milk Bottles: Collection of approx. 50 bottles, Guns: Savage 30-30 model 99, Winchester 16 ga. model 12, Savage 22 over 410, Crossman Medalist II pellet gun pistol, Terms of sale: Cash or good check, Food stand, Bring chairs. Auctioneer or Seller not responsible for accidents. All verbal information day of sale takes precedence over written ads (photos) This will be a very Large AUCTION. Chesney Auctioneering, LLC PH. #(717) 899-7661 Don Chesney #AU005039, Bill White Auctioneers.




To Be Held At The BLUE


BLUE BALL, LANCASTER CO., PA (Along Rt. 322 East, Exit 298 Of PA Turnpike), 3 Blocks From Intersection Of Rts. 23 And 322).

This Auction Has All Types Of Buttons For The Collector And Dealer. 18th Century, Nice Livery, Paris Backs, All Types Of Metal, Buckles, Clear, Colored And Black Glass; Loads Of Poke Boxes, Books, Plus Loads Of Other Types Of Buttons.

For Photos For Information On Button Auction Call (717) 859-2254 RICH HARRY, AUCTIONEER AU-0021183-L DARYL L. SHUPP, APP. AUCTIONEER AA-018931





Saturday, Nov. 12

(Selling Signs, Oil Can Collection, Milk Bottles, Rosettes, Local Advertisers, Christmas Decorations, Guns, PRR items, Tractor Seats, Glassware, Stoneware, Primitives, Gold Coins).

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Preview - Friday, November 11, 1:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Catalogs are available by sending $4 to Horst Auction Center, 50 Durlach Rd., Ephrata, PA 17522, or may pick up at Horst Auction Center for $2. Catalog listing along with photos are available on our website, OVER 450 CATALOGED LOTS OF ANTIQUE TOOLS -- 9:00 A.M. Wooden Planes: Complex & simple molding, bench, Cooper’s & other specialty planes (E.W. Carpenter & other Eastern PA makers); Transitional bench planes. Metal Planes: English style Infill planes; Stanley Bailey #2 - #8 bench planes, Bedrock #605 jack, #62 low angle, #39 series dado planes; #112 adj. scraper, #45, #50 & #55 combination molding, #79 side rabbet, #40 scrub, #A-18 & #A-78 aluminum frames; blocks, etc.; Sargent #1080-P combination w/box; Millers Falls & other maker bench planes; iron block planes. Edge Tools: Axes - Goosewing, Broad, Felling, etc. (Some PA made); Hatchets; Cooper’s & carpenter’s adzes; Slicks; Bench, carving & firmer chisels; Drawknives & spoke shaves; Routers; Case XX bush-knife; Tanner’s knife. Measuring Devices: Fine collection wooden & metal levels incl.: Davis Patent inclinometer & other openwork iron levels; Helb Patent “Grade Finder” wooden inclinometer & other fine wooden levels; Surveyor’s compass & transits; Engineer’s Wye levels; Folding rules (wooden & ivory); Wooden marking gauges; Bevels & squares; Trammel points; Wheel travelers; Machinist’s precision tools. Woodworking: Handsaws (Disston Victory series & others); Bow & fellow saws; Miter & other backsaws; Claw hammers; Push drills & spiral screwdrivers; Braces, bits & other drilling devices; Tapered reamers. Metalworking Tools: Anvils (180 lbs.-250 lbs.); Blacksmith’s tools; Jeweler’s stake anvils; Cooper’s stake anvil; Tinsmith’s stakes, brake & machines. Primitives: Native American stone axe head; Beam boring machines; Tulip design waffle iron & other kitchen primitives; Flax working tools; Farm tools; Hatter’s tools. Hardware: Hand wrought latches & hinges; German elbow locks; German box locks; Collection Victorian era hardware (locks, hinges, pulls, shelf brackets, window hardware, etc.); Padlocks; Wagon hardware. Garage Area: Starts at 10:00 A.M. - Leg vises; Copper apple butter kettle; Shop equipment & power tools; Tool parts & restoration projects; Hardware; etc. *Note this only a partial listing of items on this sale. Accepted Payments: Cash, PA check, credit ORST AUCTS., AU1767L cards, and debit cards. No out-of-state Tel. (717) 738-3080 checks without prior approval. 3% Auction T. Glenn Fax (717) 738-2132 Timothy G. House fee will be added to all invoices and Thomas A. “VOICES OF EXPERIENCE” will be discounted to 0% when payment is T. Brent made with cash or approved check.

(Selling Furniture, Some Glassware, Some Primitives, some Christmas decorations, some Wooden crates/boxes, etc.) th


Large 48 light Baccarat Zenith chandelier (estimate $25,000-$50,000).

12 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011


Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 13

463 East Lancaster Ave. Downingtown, PA 19335 Phone (610) 269-4040 Fax (610) 269-9274

The Collection of Lester and Barbara Breininger Session One November 11th at 6pm Session Two November 12th at 9am 1





5 2







1. Pennsylvania redware dog. 2. Fine Jasper Lost Lake point. 3. Important Philadelphia pewter coffeepot, attributed to William Will. 4. Sampling of extensive collection of Native American artifacts. 5. Large grouping of Peter Derr lighting and utensils. 6. Jacob Maentel, portrait of Anna Seltzer 7. Pennsylvania redware figure of a gentleman. 8. Ben Austrian, ‘Chicks in the Pumpkin Patch’. 9. Johann Conrad Gilbert, vibrant ink and watercolor fraktur birth certificate. 10.PA redware crock, dated 1816, attributed to Solomon Grimm, Rockland Township, Berks County. 11. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania sgraffito redware charger, attributed to Henry Roudebush. 12. Pennsylvania oil on board profile portrait of Conrad Weiser III. 13. Berks County, Pennsylvania Chippendale cherry tall case clock, Henry Hahn, Reading . 14. Pennsylvania stoneware batter jug, Cowden & Wilcox Harrisburg, PA. 15. Pennsylvania redware two-handled jar.


Exhibition November 5th & 6th, 12pm to 5pm November 7th - 10th, 10am to 4pm November 11th, 10am to 6pm November 12th, 8am to 9am S719074


12 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011


Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 13

463 East Lancaster Ave. Downingtown, PA 19335 Phone (610) 269-4040 Fax (610) 269-9274

The Collection of Lester and Barbara Breininger Session One November 11th at 6pm Session Two November 12th at 9am 1





5 2







1. Pennsylvania redware dog. 2. Fine Jasper Lost Lake point. 3. Important Philadelphia pewter coffeepot, attributed to William Will. 4. Sampling of extensive collection of Native American artifacts. 5. Large grouping of Peter Derr lighting and utensils. 6. Jacob Maentel, portrait of Anna Seltzer 7. Pennsylvania redware figure of a gentleman. 8. Ben Austrian, ‘Chicks in the Pumpkin Patch’. 9. Johann Conrad Gilbert, vibrant ink and watercolor fraktur birth certificate. 10.PA redware crock, dated 1816, attributed to Solomon Grimm, Rockland Township, Berks County. 11. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania sgraffito redware charger, attributed to Henry Roudebush. 12. Pennsylvania oil on board profile portrait of Conrad Weiser III. 13. Berks County, Pennsylvania Chippendale cherry tall case clock, Henry Hahn, Reading . 14. Pennsylvania stoneware batter jug, Cowden & Wilcox Harrisburg, PA. 15. Pennsylvania redware two-handled jar.


Exhibition November 5th & 6th, 12pm to 5pm November 7th - 10th, 10am to 4pm November 11th, 10am to 6pm November 12th, 8am to 9am S719074



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phonographs and roller organs will be offered as will a fine 19th century tin trade sign for a book printer (estimate $500 to $1,000). Among toys will be a Marx Ring-a-Ling Circus and a 19th century Black Americana jigger toy. Over 75 lots of silver will be offered including tea sets, flatware sets, pitchers, boxes and more by such companies as Tiffany, Stieff, Kirk, Gorham, and Towle among others. Highlights include two large seven piece tea sets by William Durgin and Reed & Barton as well as a large parcel gilt and sterling silver nef. Of note is an 18th-century American silver tankard attributed to Joseph Richardson, Philadelphia,

1746 Oxford Furnace fireback, New Jersey (estimate $1,000$5,000-$7,000). $2,000).

PACM gets the word out to ephemera and country store collectors. Call Richard at 800-800-1833, ext. 2538 or 717-492-2538




SAT., NOV. 5, 2011 AT 8:30 A.M.

Located at the Kempton Community Center, between Reading and Allentown on Rts. 78 & 22 at the Krumsville Exit, take Rt. 737 N. approx. 5 miles to 82 Community Dr.,



LOOK FOR AUCTION SIGNS. TERMS - CASH OR PA CHECKS. NO OUT-OF-STATE CHECKS ACCEPTED. NO BUYER’S PREMIUM. NOTE: This Auction Is From A Private Residence With Many Quality Antiques And Collectables. Selling 2 Auctioneers Starting At 12 Noon. For Full Ad And Pictures Go To ID#5574. ARNER AUCTIONEERS LLC AUCTION ORDERED BY: AY-002071 FAY SHOEMAKER Refreshments Lehighton, PA 18235 Phone 570-386-4586 S720605


Saturday, November 5, 2011 Auction 10 A.M. - Preview 9 A.M.


Island Heights, NJ 08732


Items for Sale to Include, Approx. 200 Vintage Unopened Model Kits from 1960’s Through 1980’s, Kitchen Collectibles, Collection of Sheet Music, Eastlake Corner Chair, Oak Slant Front Lady’s Desk, Linens, Estate Costume Jewelry [Some Signed], Vintage Christmas [Many Santas], Pottery, Large Collection of Stangl, Postcards, Collection of Elvis Items, Lionel Trains/Accessories, Nodders, Political Campaign Pins, Hallmark Barbie Ornaments, Camera [Cannon T90/Accessories], 1960’s Playboy Mags, Vintage Labels, Paper Items, Vintage Razors/Blades, Vintage Negative Slides, Comics, Baseball Cards, Vintage Hats, Collection of Precious Moments, Perfume Bottles [Some Fenton], Depression Glass, China Kitchen Collectibles, Paintings, Lamps, Edison Cylinders, Comics, Vintage Fishing Poles, Radios, Pop-Up Minnie Mouse Book [1933 Walt Disney Enterprises], Currier [James Buchanan, Democratic Candidate for President], Vintage Paper Items, Vintage Silhouettes, Vintage Lighters, WWII & Nazi Items, Motorcycle Mags. 1960’s/80’s, Murano Glass Bells, Beer Steins, Dolls [Shirley Temple, Ginny, Little Miss Revlon, Nancy Ann], Doll Clothes, NASCAR Items, N.Y World’s Fair Items [1939 & 1964], Photos, Lead Soldiers, Marx Figures & Accessories, Still Banks, Boy Scout Items, Old Books. Still Unpacking Boxes. Lots of Great Estate Merchandise With Too Much To List. Upcoming Auction - New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012, Island Heights Firehall, Island Heights, NJ 08732. Directions: Garden State Pky. Exit 82, Rt. 37 East [Island Heights], to West End Ave. Make Right, To Lake Ave. Make Left, Firehall on Left. Terms: Cash, NJ Check. 15% Buyer’s Premium. No Out-of-State Checks Unless Accompanied by Current Bank Letter of Credit. Food by Ladies Auxiliary. Plenty of Parking.

Jersey Shore Auction Service

Jerry Manganello - 732-341-0575 Web Sites - & #3034


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2011 at 10:00 AM 308 N. Main St., GREENSBORO, MD

at 1753 Westwood Rd., Reading, PA This well-built 3 BR/1.5 bath brick ranch house in Colony Park; Spring Township features hardwood floors, ceramic tile bath, oak kitchen, full basement, patio and porch. Convenient location to schools, shopping, dining and Routes 422/222.

TUESDAY , NOVEMBER 8TH 8:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Preview Noon:


An eclectic collection of 200+ American and European paintings, illustrations and fine prints. Artists to Include: Harold Altman, Louis Bosa, Giuseppi Carelli, Danielle De Mers, Clarence I. Dreisbach, Ray G. Ellis, G. Harel, Samuel S. Heller, Arthur Hoefler, Simon N. Karczmar, Edwin H. Kiefer, John Frederick Lewis, Jim Palmer, Richard Gilson Reeve, M. Saltmann, H. Schafer, Shaoul Smira, Marcel Stockmans, Albert Sway, Joyce Walker.

Bid Live or Online here: 4:00 P.M.:


Including brass HO, Mantua 2-6-6-2 logging mallet, 9 brass HO locomotives, Bowser 4-6-6-4 Challenger. G-Scale: Southern Crescent ABA and seven passenger cars. Large quantity of HO scale trains, structures, rolling stock, locomotives, by Rivarossi, Athearn, Walthers, and much more! Additional G-Scale items! Lionel Postwar approx. 150+ lots including 64-64 boxcars, 2191W empty set box, 397 coal loaders, milk car and cattle car sets, ZW Transformers, 64-64-300 Rutland boxcar, assortment of steam locomotives, and tenders. Toys: Large quantity of Die-cast toys, Franklin Mint, Hot Wheels Redline, some mint on card. Matchbox, lead soldiers, Marx play set figures, large quantity of Ertl Texaco die-cast. Model Ships: Large quantity of model ships orig. boxes, Trumpeter, Tamiya, Heller, Dragon models. All original boxes! Other Upcoming Train Auctions: Dec. 6th (Single Owner Collection: Large Quantity of Lionel Trains.) & Dec. 28th.

Bid Live or Online here:


Selling from the home of Elsie & Brud Embert, after many years of collecting, are relocating and will sell the following items:


FURNITURE: Marble top washstands, Victorian love seat - side chairs - armchair, Empire style bench, pine tables, Empire style coffee table, plank bottom chairs, twin rope beds, blanket chest, several chest of drawers, pine stand, rope bed, ladderback chairs, pine wall table, old school desk, trunks, cane rocker, Ant. card table, hall rack, (2) Amish stools, kitchen cabinet, chest freezer, love seat, bar stools, recliner, port. television & stand, rocker, and many other items. COLLECTIBLES: Large collection of Antique tools, sleigh bells, sailboat weathervane, Ironware, child’s sleighs, scales, doll cradle, traveling butcher’s kit in wood case, wood pulleys, stone jugs, anchors, mantel clocks, blue & white china, cruets, salts, glassware, crocks, case clock - wood works, old telescope, Aladdin lamp, cow bell, wood box, miniature lamps, dome clock, dresser dishes, several model boats, swan decoy, doll trunk, pitcher & bowl, brass doll bed, floor lamp - boat prop. Base, brass tub, Roseville pottery, oriental style rug, foot warmer, shoe lathes, kerosene lamps, brass bucket, coffee grinder, pictures, milk cans, iron pot, sundial, birdbath, 7-Up sign, and many, many other items. TOOLS/VEHICLE: 1994 Chev. S-10 Blazer 4 Dr., AT, 4x4 (111,240 miles), 10 ton wood splitter, port. sandblaster, air compressor 1 hp., EZgo 21 Golf cart, table saw, drill press, bench grinder, workbench, small safe, shop vac, woodstove, canoe, small sailboat, wood lathe, anvil, c-clamps, bar clamps, pipe clamps, ladders, bicycles, and many other items. TERMS: Cash or approved check with current letter from your bank guaranteeing funds, unless you are known by the Auctioneer. All items sold “AS-IS,” “WHERE-IS” with no guarantee. No Buyer’s Premium. OWNERS: Elsie & Brud Embert

A. CURTIS ANDREW AUCTION, INC. 410-754-8826 / 410-479-0756 •

Don’t miss getting the best bids for any ephemera items you may be auctioning for your clients.

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MULTI-ESTATE AUCTION Island Heights Firehall, 15 Lake Ave.,

Hey Auctioneers!

10:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Preview • 10:00 A.M.-Noon (Open Appraisal Day)

THURSDAY , NOVEMBER 10TH 8:00 A.M. Preview 10:00 A.M.:


African Masks/Art, 11 figures from Papua New Guinea from the Sepik River Villages (Collector in 1974), Libation Collection, Furniture/Furnishings, Jewelry, Sterling, Books, Artwork, China & Glassware, Collectibles and more!

501 Fairgrounds Rd., Hatfield, PA 800.577.8846 ext. 3023

Unable To Attend Our Auctions? Bid Online At: CHECK US OUT ONLINE AT: ALDERFERAUCTION.COM AUCTIONZIP.COM ID #4273 Follow Us On Twitter!



E702850 Pennsylvania circa 1770 to 1780. Saturday’s session will conclude with fine jewelry and watches. Among diamond jewelry is a 1.83 carat VVS2 diamond solitaire set in platinum with side diamonds (estimate $5,000 to $10,000) and a 3.14 ctw French diamond and platinum bracelet (estimate $2,500 to $4,500). Several diamond wristwatches will be offered including a lady’s Art Deco Cartier wristwatch circa 1919 (estimate $5,000 to $7,000). A Vacheron and Miniature painting on ivory of Columbus (estimate $1,500-$3,000). Constantin 18K gold Sunday’s session will Asian and decorative arts. pocket watch (estimate $800 include furniture and rugs, Furniture will offer several to $1,000) is a highlight clocks, lighting and fine, American period cased among several gold pocket pieces including a diminutive watches to be offered. Pennsylvania Hepplewhite chest of drawers. Other pieces of note include a large Victorian over mantle mirror, an Italian secretary desk and an inlaid table attributed to Herter. Several pieces of fine Middle Eastern inlaid chests and seating will also be offered. A key lot of the sale will be a 19th century Flemish carved ivory tankard. Estimated at $10,000 to $15,000, the tankard features carving of Bacchanalia with a figural handle and lid surmounted by putti. Other highlights in decorative arts will be Sevres urns and a 1746 Oxford Furnace, New Jersey Lady’s Cartier Art Deco dia- cast iron fireback (estimate mond wristwatch (estimate

14 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011


Public Auction

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2011 - 9:00 A.M.

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 at 9:00 A.M. 2741 Biggs Highway (Rt. 274), North East, MD 21901



Located at 1805 York Haven Rd., 17370 Directions: Take Newberrytown Exit from Rt. 83 Follow Rt. 382 to sale approx. 1.5 mile from Rt. 83. SIGNS POSTED. FURNITURE: Sofa; Chairs; Coffee & end tables; Oak library table stand; washstand; Windsor Chairs; Ladder back chair; Cedar chest; NICE HEYWOOD-WAKEFIELD BEDROOM SUITE & DINING ROOM SUITE; rope bed; spinning wheel; Real Nice Desk w/lock top and pigeonhole inside, very unusual; Curio Cabinet; Table lights; bar stools; Globe on Stand; Trunk; display case; Wall & Shelf clocks; Heart-shaped chairs; old shipping box; poster bed; wd. drop leaf table; York Safe; patio furniture; sewing machine; APPLIANCES: Maytag Washer & Dryer; Upright freezer; refrigerator; elec. stove; coffee maker; microwave; DISHES/COLLECTIBLES: Germany Berry set; Russel Wright dishes; Noritake; Fostoria; Handblown glass; salt dips; sadirons; Carbon light; lg. crocks; jugs; Wagner #11 & #12 skillets; Avon pcs.; Meat grinder; vases; jardinière; deco lamp; Majolica pitcher; oil lamps; slag lamp; canners; jars; roasters; child’s tea set; old toys; old books; Christmas decorations; Lionel train set in boxes and track; BEAM Train set Grant 1872 w/track; Beam Woodie, Duesenberg Model J car, Bulldog Mack plus more; Michters decanters; Danbury Mint items; Winross trucks; Salem Brothers light; Models to incl. wd. boat w/box; Austria Moose heads & vases; Costume Jewelry; Gone w/Wind style lamp; quilts; Corelle; Pyrex; Erector set; canteen; nest bowls; pots; pans; utensils; old wd. mill; nice pictures; antique car creeper; TOOLS/ETC.: Honda EM1800 generator; 1973 Rupp 440 Snowmobile; Honda pwr. mower; lawn cart; picnic table; reel mower; sleds; 2-man & buck saw; jack; wd. snow scraper; sprinkle cans; tongue & groove subflooring; oil; hand & garden tools; shop vac.; kero heater; NOTE: Only a very partial listing, still unpacking. Nice selection of Antiques. Terms: CASH or GOOD PA Check. Not responsible for accidents.

Antiques - Art - Furniture - Bally Arcade - Tools

Mahogany writing desk circa 1820, Kitchen cabinet pie safe circa 1910, square oak table, round oak Lions claw foot table, bookcases, oak hutch, dressers, beds, blanket chest, 200+ pieces kinds of Art - paintings -watercolors - etchings - posters - photos - mirrors - frames - includes local art and listed artists, costume jewelry, sterling, 2 Arcade nickel slot machines, slate top pool table, crocks, country collectibles, lanterns, many sets of china, Hull, McCoy, Japanese floor vase, mixing bowls, Fenton, cut glass, crystal, Milk bottles, Matchbox fire trucks, trains, Revell & AMT models, pedal car, Avon Porcelain dolls, Vintage dolls, fishing rods, Yard Machines riding mower, snow throwers, toolboxes, flexible ladder, novelty items, home furnishings, household and more. Doors open 8 A.M. day of sale

Jim Racine Auctioneer


Selling for Paul K. Beshore Estate



MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 ~ 5:30 P.M. Roma Club, 739 Lincoln Ave., BURLINGTON, NJ


TRAINS: 1939 Lionel #229, #603; #2657 #603; A.F. transformer; Lionel Club printing set; flashing signal. 2655; #2661; saddles; Jewelry: COINS (starting 5:30 P.M.): Canadian/U.S.; ephemera, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: 1920’s smoking table; 2 1907 bayonets, 2 brass handled swords 1888; 1930’s Cathedral radio, Halloween masks; dress sword with chains & sheath, Lennon Sister’s paper dolls; marbles; toy taxi; submarine models; Barbies, dolls, clothes & cases; Baseball, signed photos, COA. All regular auctions are held indoor at the Roma Club at 739 Lincoln Avenue in Burlington, NJ. All items are sold as-is/where-is with no implied guarantee. Owner & auctioneers are not responsible for accidents on premises. 7% New Jersey sales tax without tax ID. Terms: Cash or check with two IDs. Check for details/pictures. 609-216-0383. Accepting consignments. Next scheduled sale Friday, Nov. 21st S720377

Premiere Pose (Fair Model) 1937, Print Etching (Hand Colored) by Louis Icart (1888-1950), Signed, 19"x11"

China Bells, All kinds of Antique Lamps, Agateware, Cast-iron Toys & Doorstops, Wood Carved Items, Ephemera, Conestoga Wagon Bed (Only)

Collection of Jewelry

SAT., NOVEMBER 5, 2011 CONESTOGA, LANC. CO., PA (Dir.: From Lancaster take Rt. 324 S., in New Danville take New Danville Pike to Main St. Conestoga, at Post Office, veer L on River Corner Rd., L on Hilltop Dr.). Great Diversity Sale!!! Lot Pics. at

Probst Family Auctions

English Georgian Mahogany Sideboard, ca.1810-1830

Antique Estates Auction SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH “NOTICE New Day & Time”


1121 Rt. 96, 13743 Between Binghamton & Elmira. Worth The Drive

1,200+ Lots - 2 Auctioneers At Once Bring Friends * Great Food * Delivery & Pick-Up Available * Familes Welcome * Preview 8 A.M. Sale Day Terms: Cash or Credit Card ~ “13% Buyer’s Premium” ~ 3% Discount With CASH or Approved Check. 100s of Photos & Other Info. At

Collection of Lionel Trains & Accessories

The French Village by Jessie Mackay 16"x13" Victorian Oak Curio Cabinet ca. 1880

Waterford Crystal Lamp Game Table & Silverplate Tea Set

Collection of Swords & Knives

Collection of Rifles & Shotguns

Collection of Jewelry: (Partial Listing) 18KWG Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond Ring 54Br=.78cts., 4Sapph/Em=2.44cts.; 14KYG Cab Ruby, Pearl, Lapis & Quartz Bracelet; 18KYG Diamond Bangle Bracelet 4Br=.16cts., 29.84gm by Penny Preville; 14KYG Natural Pink Pearl Necklace 8.5x9mm; 14KWG Diamond Chandelier Earrings 1ct.; 18KWG Ruby & Diamond Deco Style Bracelet 48R=7.10cts, 192D=.74cts; 18KYG Ruby & Diamond Ring, Oval Ruby=6cts, 2Br=.90cts; 18KWG Golden Sapphire & Diamond Ring, Emerald Cut Sapph=5.14, 2 Trillion Cut Dia=.53; 18KWG Sapphire & Diamond Twin Stone Ring 2 Sapph=3.05, Dia=.55cts; 18KWG Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet 294Br=1.37cts., 26 Sapph=3.18cts; Br=3.02cts., I/SI1, EGL Certified; 18KYG Roberto Coin Necklace, 77.59gm, 49.91dwt; 18KYG Roberto Coin Earrings, 13.51dwt; 14KYG Diamond Tiffany Watch 36 Dia= .75cts, G/VS1; 14KYG Charm Bracelet w/ 8 Charms Collection of Coins: (Partial Listing) 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar; 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar; Hungary 20k Silver 1846B Coin; (2)1925 US Peace Dollar; (2)1922 US Peace Silver Dollar; California 1/2c Token; 1951 & 1959 Franklin Half Dollar; 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar; (56) 1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar


Call Now To Consign

or www.




Selling for the Estate of Barbara MacKenzie, Late Of Long Valley, NJ, Sample Items To Include: Galle Perfume Bottle, Oak Double Box Wall Phone, Coffee Grinder, Clark's Spool Cabinet, Washstand, Set Hitchcock Chairs, Corner Cupboard, Putnam Dye Store Dispenser, Ferry Seed Box, Rolls Racer "Tot" Wagon, Texaco "N. Dakota" Model, Britains, Celluloid And Other Animal Miniatures, Steiff Animals, Breyer Cows O/B, Dolls And Doll Furniture, 1909 Gyroscope, Toy And Mini Sewing Machines, 100s Ant. Sewing Collection, Old Buttons, Clocks, Poultry Crate, Butcher's Kettle, Minstrel Show Posters, Postcards, Gold & Sterling Jewelry, Fans, Linens, Civil War Belt Buckles, Ammo. Pouch Plate And Breast Plate, Encased CW Images (Some Named), (6) CW Letters, Outstanding Mod. 1860 E&S Cavalry Sword, (5) Vol. "Hist. Of The PA Volunteers" (Bates), CW Enlistment & Discharge Papers, A. Jackson And G. Cleveland Signed Documents, 19th C. U.S. Coins And Stamps, PA Grange Badge, CI Pitcher Pump, CI Penny Matchbox Vending Machine Ca. 1915 (Ferdinand Gutmann & Co.), Joseph Gottchalk Photography Collection, Primitives Of All Kinds, Inkwells, Books And More. For GPS Directions, Listing, Photos And Online Bidding Catalog (Half Of Auction), Visit www. (Auctioneer ID#4958). Door Open 8:30 A.M. Auction Day.


Collection of Revolvers & Automatic Pistols

Collection of Sterling Silver


Eric R. Probst (717) 464-3700 AU-1856-L


Antique Carved Jade

Stained Glass Panel

Auction by Tom Grassel & Leon Appel

(607) 659-4842

Pair of Antique Meissen Lamps

1932 South African Silver 2 1/2 Schilling

AT 8:30 A.M. Loc.: 91 Hilltop Drive,

Laurie Bostwick


Hereke, Turkey 5.6x3.6 Signed Ozipek

Of Antiques, Collectibles, Lot S&Ps, lot Cast-Iron &


AUCTION BEGINS 10AM • DOORS OPEN 9AM 18K Roberto Coin Jewelry & Tiffany Watch

Public Auction

AT 10 A.M.


Furniture & Art: (Partial Listing) English Georgian Mahogany Inlaid Circular Extending Dining Table w/ 5 Leaves; 8 English Georgian Mahogany Side Chairs & 1 Armchair; Drop Front Secretary/Bookcase; Antique Baltimore Settee, ca. 1790-1820; Burle Maple Queen Anne Dresser/Desk; 18th Century French Wingback Armchair; Cherry Keyhole Desk, ca.1910; Still Life, Oil on Canvas by Pauline Jones King; Point Lobos by Bethanne Kinsella Cople, 13.5"x15.5"; Mispillion Inlet by Julie Baxendell; Abstract by Lawrence Rothbort (1920-1963), 26"x19", Oil on Board; Fast Asleep by Itzchak Tarkay, Litho 16"x21"; "Sacred Ground" by Bev Doolittle Collection of Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers & Automatic Pistols: (Partial Listing) Ruger 20 Gauge Red Label, Over/Under, USA, Very Good/Mint Condition #400-03715; Beretta 12 Gauge, Side/Side, Italy, 3" Mag. Shells, Fancy Scrollwork, Mint Condition; Colt .44 Special, Single Action Army, Original Box, CT, Cowboy Pistol, Blue Steel, Mint Condition #40045SA; Colt Officer's .38 Special, 6 Shot, CT, Ivory Handle, Blue Steel, Mint Condition; Smith & Wesson .44 Mag, Blue Steel. Springfield Mass., Mint Condition; Browning .375 H&H Mag., Bolt, Belgium, Mint Condition, Original Box, #62385L71; Mauser Luger, .30/9mm, Germany, Iterarms of Alexandria Virginia, New/Mint Condition #11005634; Weatherby Mark V .270 Mag, Bolt, Germany, Mint Condition, #P57438; Winchester Model 70, .375 H&H Mag., Bolt, USA, Mint Condition, #788653 Collectibles: (Partial Listing) Davy Jones Signed Acoustic Guitar, The Monkees; Framed Guitar, Signed by Pete Best from The Beatles; Farewell to the Open Final Swilcan Bridge Salute, Jack Nicklaus, July 15, 2005 & Signed Autograph from 1970; Large Collection of Hunting Knives, Gutting Knives, Military Knives & Swords; Signed Document from Richard Nixon, April 13, 1983, Hand Written Letter to Louise Ansberry; Autograph of Charles Chaplin, 1932; Bronze Sculpture "Lovers I" Limited Edition by W. Aribu, 34"wx31"dx50"h; Large Collection of Hummel Figurines Sterling Silver: (Partial Listing) Black Star & Gorham Sterling Plate, 20oz.; 6 Sterling Gorham Monogrammed Plates & 1 J.E. Caldwell Sterling Plate, 23oz.; 8 Sterling Silver Soup Spoons, 14oz.; Six Sterling Forks by J.E. Caldwell, 10oz.; Schofield Sterling Silver Sugar & Creamer on Paw Feet, 13oz.; International Sterling Bowl, 17oz. Automobile: 2004 Mercedes ML 350 Inspiration Edition, Fully Loaded, 70,732 miles Terms: 12% buyer's premium with cash or check; 15% buyer's premium with all major credit cards. Prompt removal required day of sale.

One Grenoble Place • Rehoboth Beach, DE • 19971 Call (302) 227-2524 •


Inspection Fri., Nov 4th, 3 P.M. to 5 P.M.


Preview online for updates & photos

Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium. 3% discount for payments in Cash or check. Visa/MC accepted.

Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 15



Michael Karberg Joins Morphy Auctions As Acquisitions Associate

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH, 2011 - 9:00 A.M. Located in Perry Co., 328 Brady Rd., NEW BLOOMFIELD, PA 17068

Just S. of New Bloomfield on Rt. 34 near Wayne’s Transmission turn onto Roth Rd. Go 1 mi. to Royer Rd. Turn right & go 1 mile to Brady Rd. Turn left.


Michael Karberg, newly appointed Acquisitions Associate at Morphy Auctions. Visit Morphy Auctions online at www.morphyauc

GUN: EMF Hartford model Colt 45 lever act. Rifle, Cumberland County PA, No. 2 of 10 made w/display, orig. box, Etched Bowie knife, & papers; LOCAL ART: Frank Traut Shermans Valley Railroad complete set 8 prints + others; ANTIQUES: 1 gal. J&E Norton (VT) stoneware jug w/bird dec.; 35+ Stoneware crocks & Jugs to incl. ES&B, & Cowden, some in 4, 5, & 6 gal. sizes; Mechanicsburg Post office leaded glass windows; Lg. Coca-Cola store cooler; Butter bowl; stoneware & yellowware mixing bowls; brass bucket; 10 early purses; nice select hatpins; Vict. doll pull wagon; tin ABC plates; sm. root beer keg; Lg. oak splint baskets; Enameled teapot; cast-iron griddles, pans, Gypsy kettles, & Marietta 2 qt. bean pot; Beacon poultry feeders; butter churn; wooden rake (sgnd. Young), & 3-prong fork; permanent wave machine; Fisher anvil w/eagle; floor model Coca-Cola elect. cooler; quilts; wood bucket; CHRISTMAS: 2 boxes German feather tree “evergreen hedge”; “monowatt” Christmas reflectors; Vict. tinsel ornaments; figural lightbulbs; FURNITURE: Massive quartersawn oak sideboard w/claw feet; ornate marble top stepback hutch w/game carving; drugstore back bar lg. display cabinet; Vict. marble top mirrored dresser nice cond.; oak bowfront china cabinet; 3 early blanket chests; 3 & 5 dwr. oak dressers; jelly cabinet; candlestand; treadle sew. mach.; walnut hall table; child’s paint dec. rocker & chair; Eastlake rocker; Cobbler’s bench; cradles; modern “Ashford” spinning wheel (lk. new); gun cabinet (for 7); COLLECTIBLES: German Nazi etched WWII Klass bayonet; Lg. brass artillery shells; Vandenschen O/C water buffalo; Stoneware water-cooler; 25+ Longaberger® baskets (sold by 2nd auctioneer at 11:30 A.M.) 125+ Little Golden books; kitchen primitives to incl. wire pie rack w/heart, choppers, tin scoop, graters, shavers, etc.; Weymann & Son mandolin; ”Victory” clarinet; copper teapot; stirrups; bucksaw; wagon jack; 3 washboards; F&F mold Mammy S&Ps, creamer & sugar; cookie cutters; Little Bo Peep baby dish; button baby shoes; children’s books incl. little Black Sambo; German ocean liner money pouch; real photo postcards incl. New Cumberland, & Carlisle; WWI 1916 Co. H 325 INF France photo; Mechanicsburg adv. pcs. from Brandts, Meader’s, Lighty & Hershner; Battle Mountain Sanitarium book; 60’s Silver Springs Speedway programs & yearbooks; New Cumberland items; Irwins Camp Hill 1⁄2 pt. milk bottle; lg. block & tackle; Bollenbach banjo Barometer (mod.); Seth Thomas wall clock (mod.); Oriental lacquer wall clock; Arron Willard Boston Banjo clock (mod.); Ridgeway wall clock (batt.); GLASSWARE: Lg. selection of clear pressed & pattern glass; pink & green Dep. pcs. to incl. basket, veggie, divided candy; TOYS: English patent German tin litho windup horseless carriage; NY 1918 tin litho windup car; Biehweide 3 Meifterarbeit German pasture fence w/box; celluloid animals; 3” ceramic dolls; paper cutout village w/box; Strombecker Dollhouse furniture w/orig. box; Cherilea lead soldier set 2/box; American Flyer gas airplane w/box; Pollyanna & Parcheesi games; Automatic Toy Co. Tin Litho “Auto Speedway”; Tin Litho windup train “Honeymoon express”; Chein windup duck; “TM” windup butterfly; Pathegrams cine’vue w/19 views; Fisher-Price Pluto; friction jet & motorcycle; early tin dump truck; COMIC BOOKS: One owner lifetime collection of approx. 1,000 comics (sold by second auctioneer at 1:00 P.M.). Categories to incl. classics, jungle, Golden Age Romance, super heroes such as Avengers, Ironman, Katmandu; Thor, Spider-Man, & Fantastic Four, humor, & western. Special mention Spiderman #36, Daredevil #131, Jonah Hex #1, Daring Love #1, & Power Man #1. AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Partial listing, large auction. NO BUYER’S PREMIUM. Doors open at 7 A.M. Please visit for photos & updates - Auct. #19321. Terms - Cash or PA check. Bendinsky & Co. Auction Service AU005565 717-756-8276

Pennypacker’s Auction House MON., NOVEMBER 7, 2011 Starting at 1:00 P.M. Located at Leesport

Rt. 61 (6 miles N of Reading),

Antique, Modern, Collectible

2011 Show & Sale Show Times 10 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

York Expo Center 334 Carlisle Avenue York, PA 17404

Early Bird Admission 9:00 A.M. $10.00


Sunday, November 6, 2011 Advance Registration Only 8 Ft. Tables Free Parking

NOTE: All Show Times 10:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. SHOW LOCATION: York Fairgrounds Old Main Building. Rt. 74 South Off Rt. 30 Early Bird 9:00 A.M. $10.00


Info Ron and Sue Funk 3045 W. Meadowview Drive Gordonville, PA 17529 (717) 687-8101 Eves.

Approx. 200 Tables

Farmer’s Market


610-507-6943 or 610-413-5025

YORK DOLL, TOY, TEDDY BEAR Admission $5.00 With Ad $4.00 Children Free


Karberg said. “I helped him several times with packing up estate contents and delivering them to the gallery in Pennsylvania. That’s how I became aware of Dan’s tremendous work ethic. It’s the same ethic my father taught me, and I’m very comfortable with it.” In addition to selling antiques to his private clientele, Karberg collects “workwear” advertising, including signs for Levi Strauss and OshKosh B’Gosh. He is also a collector and accomplished restorer of old bar-back statues, countertop figures and point-of-purchase displays. “With his extensive knowledge and experience and his great rapport with people, Mike is going to be a real asset to our team,” said Dan Morphy. “We’re already organizing a list of shows where he will be representing us, and the dates are reaching well into next summer. Mike will be all over the Midwest, meeting with collectors who might have questions about consigning to Morphy’s.” To contact Michael, call (219) 201-1640 or e-mail


FURNITURE: Cherry D/R Suite w/6 chairs and extra leaves & china cabinet, Spinning wheel, Marble top table, Corner cabinet, Depression 5 pc. Bed. Suite w/pink side mirrors, 2 Mahogany tier tables, Early pine farm w/one drawer, Empire & Mahogany tall stands, Wood decorated chest… COLLECTIBLES: Art Deco bronze lady dancer on light on marble base, 150+ collector plates, Sterling ink pen & other ink pens, Bakelite w/matching holder, Sterling thimbles, Ornate cast inkwell, Bride’s basket w/ornate silver holder, Collections of marbles, Lot of lighters, Collection coated bronze Lady of Liberty Bust, 1952 Aladdin thermos dec. w/fishermen & asst. fish, Steiff bear & monkey, 1917 Reading Motorcycle watch fobs, 2 lg. gas powered airplanes w/remote & extra motors, 1907 & 1919 PA License plates, Daguerreotype pictures tin and glass … GLASSWARE: Roseville, McCoy, Nippon, RS Prussia, Paperweights, Redware, Depression … CLOCKS: Miniature banjo clock, Banjo clock, Child’s Mastro banjo decorated w/Robt. Lee Riverboat & Black Sambo … PAINTINGS & PRINTS: V. Shearer (1937), Angstat, Nancy Rowland, Minor, Painting on Ivory, Gossip w/Caption “Satan Came Along,” Randy Rowe, Deco 3-D of nude lady full tiger mount wrapped around her, Clown (signed), many prints … COINS & STAMPS: 100 sets of mint & proof sets all in boxes, very lg. stamp collection, Old to New stamps consisting of bands, birds, legends, cartoon books, 1st edition singers, space, Olympians and more, over $600.00 face value … GUNS: Mossberg, DH Davenport, Stevens, Hopkins & Allen and more. JEWELRY: Gold & Silver, many lots of good costume like Miriam Haskell, Cora, Monet over 1,000 pcs., S.C. Beaded purse w/orig. hook hanger … GAS POWERED BIKES: 1900’s Solex 1 cylinder with handle engaging system Model Z 3800. FISHING & SPORTS: Mixed lot of all sports cards, Old Glove signed, Old fishing lures … For a full listing go to #28383 Auctioneer: James A. Pennypacker Sr. AU-000706L


Dan Morphy, CEO of Morphy Auctions, has announced the appointment of antique advertising and character toy expert Michael Karberg to the position of Acquisitions Associate. Based in “Chicagoland” (the Greater Chicago tri-state area), Karberg will represent Morphy’s at various shows around the Midwest, including the Indy Ad Show, Chicago Toy Show and other events popular with collectors of antique advertising, comic books, coinops, pop culture and vintage toys. Married with two daughters, Karberg has been a full-time antiques dealer for the past 20 years. Prior to setting up his own business, he worked for his father’s excavation company. He holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Columbia College in Chicago. Karberg became acquainted with Dan Morphy and his team on the show circuit. “We would set up at a lot of the same shows, and over the course of the last 15 years, Dan and I became friends,”


16 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011


Fashion Queen Barbie #870 w/Orig. Outfit & 3 Wigs

Two Public Auctions

1966-67 Japanese Ash Blonde In Original Swimsuit



NAZARETH AUCTION CENTER, 330 W. Moorestown Road (Rt. 512),


AT 10:00 A.M. - DOORS OPEN AT 8:30 A.M. Preview: Friday, Nov. 11th from noon to 7:00 P.M. Come join us for two fantastic auctions! Both auctions begin at 10 A.M. DOLL AUCTION consists of 400+ lots of acquisitions from local estates and private collections. Dolls include vintage Barbies, Barbie train case, Madame Alexander, Mary Hoyer, Ginny, Character dolls, Googlies, Composition, cloth, antique china head dolls, approx. 100 antique bisque dolls, doll furniture, boxes of antique & vintage doll bodies & parts, and so much more! LONGABERGER® AUCTION consists of 275+ lots of baskets, pottery pieces (many marked USA), wrought iron stands, bags, assorted liners/lids/protectors/tie-ons, and so much more. There’s something for everyone at these auctions! 330 W. Moorestown Road, Rt. 512 See website for detailed catalogs and photos -

Several Wrought Iron Stands


Large Assortment Of Baskets

Terms: 13% buyer’s premium, 3% discount for cash/good check. We are now accepting quality consignments for our next Doll Auction scheduled for May 2012.

Nazareth, PA 18064 (610) 759-7389 / 433-7555 Fax: 610-759-3992 PA Lic. #AY-1950-L Web Site: E-mail:

Mary Hoyer 18 In. Gigi

Antique Bisque 9 In. Googlie

2002 Sm. Whitewashed Easter Basket

Sewing Basket w/Four Interchangeable Lids

Antique Bisque 23 In. Girl

Large Selection Of Pottery

2007 Christmas Collection Sweets & Treats Basket


Antique Bisque 11 In. Gebruder Heubach Baby

AUCTION SALE BILLS CORDIER conclude with clocks and lighting. A key lot in clocks will be a Hamilton Model 22 cased chronometer (estimate $800 to $1,200) while lighting will offer two large Baccarat Zenith chandeliers, a 36 light estimated at $15,000 to $30,000 and a 48 light estimated at $25,000 to $50,000. A full online catalogue of the two day auction is available by visiting Questions can be directed to Cordier Auctions & Appraisals at auctions@ or by calling (717) 731-8662.

(Continued from page 14)

$1,000 to $2,000). Sunday’s sale will feature over 70 lots of Asian arts including palace sized Rose Medallion vases and fishbowls, Chinese Export, ivory, cloisonné, Satsuma, moriage, and more. Of note is a Chinese Qing Dynasty wucai dragon jar and a small Tongzhi longevity bowl. An early Chinese miniature coromandel screen will be offered as will a cased pair of famille jaune eggshell vases and a pair of Chinese enameled wine ewers. Sunday’s auction will conclude with fine art including paintings, bronzes, prints and photography. Among paintings is a fine miniature on ivory painting depicting Columbus on his ship holding Pair of Chinese famille jaune eggshell vases (estimate $4,000a map. Signed “A. Horn”, the $6,000). painting is estimated at $1,500 to $3,000. Another highlight is an oil on canvas entitled “Bright Gloucester Morning” by Emile Gruppe (American, 1896-1978). Art will include several lots of fashion photography from the estate of a Harper’s Bazaar employee including photographs by Edward Steichen (American, 1879-1973), Richard Avedon (American, 1923-2004) and Andrew Kertesz (American, 18941985). Sunday’s auction will Small Chinese longevity bowl Tongzhi (estimate $200-$400).


CONCEPTS 1 AUCTION HOUSE 1125 Arnold Avenue,

Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 EVERY 2ND SATURDAY & LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH AT 9:30 A.M. Lots Of Antiques, Collectibles, Glassware, Pottery, Clean Used Furniture, Jewelry, Etc. Herb Atkins, Auctioneer Buyer’s Premium. Major Credit Cards Accepted

Next Auctions: November 12 & November 26 Phone: 732-892-6040 Fax: 732-892-4610 More Info. On Our Web Site At S720240



At 5051 Pine Hill Rd., 17315 From Rt. 74 In Weigelstown Take Davidsburg Rd., Left (CVS Pharmacy) Approx. 3.5 Mi. & Turn Left Onto Pine Hill Rd. (Cedar Lake Campground Sign).

ANTIQUES - PRIMITIVES - COLLECTIBLES - GUNS Tall Case Grandfather Clock Dated 1805, Joseph Taylor, Yorktown; (2) Glass Front China Closets; Dry Sink w/End Drawer; 4 Ice Cream Parlor Chairs; Marble Top Stand; Oak Washstand; Oak 4 Leg Dinette; Dovetailed Blanket Chest w/Bottom Drawer; 1 Door Blind Cupboard; 6 Leg Dinette Table; Small Painted Camelback Trunk; Cradle; Caned Chairs; Old Clothes Dryers; 3 Clothes Trees; (2) Cuckoo Clocks From Germany; Child’s Rocking Chairs; Child’s Buggy; Youth Chair; Vict. Style Chair; Drop Leaf Table; Old 2 Door Cupboard; Leader 4-Wheel Wooden Wagon; 4-Wheel Goat Wagon; Jelly Cupboard; Wooden Icebox; Sideboard w/Beveled Mirror & Gingerbread Design; Dec. H.B. Pfaltzgraff #2 Crock; Var. Crocks & Sippin Jugs; Shredded Whole Wheat Box; Wooden Wheelbarrow; “Glove Brand Rubbers” Wooden Inlaid Box; Morton Coffee Co. Wooden Adv. Box; Mrs. Stewarts Liquid Bluing Bottle; Powder Flask; Child’s Photo In Ornate Frame; Brass Transit & Tripod w/Inlaid Box; Small Braided Mats; Linens; Knotted Quilts - One Having “Bessie” 1901; Old Carnegie Adv. Box; Small Butter Churn; Child’s Dresses, Bonnets & Shoes; Unusual Tobacco Canister; Shaving Mirror; Hurricane Lamp; Collect. Of Approx. 50 Oil Lamps, Var. Sizes & Shapes; Large Planters Peanuts Jar; Lance Cracker Jar; Cherry Box & Girl; Peanut Butter Glasses; (2) Black Art Dolls; Cast Boot Scraper; Cast-Iron Bulldog Bank; Coffee Grinder; Ornate Perfume Bottle w/Purple Tops; Min. Washboards; Aunt Jemima & Uncle Mose Wall Hangers; Eisenhart Bros. Pint Size Milk Bottle; Bill Weidner Adv.; Green Hedge Serv. Station Adv.; World War II Knife & Hand Carved Sheath; Approx. 75 Pcs. Of Blue Graniteware; Hoosier Jars; Shirley Temple Glass & Cream Pitcher; Small Adv. Tins; Many Porcelain Dolls; Modern Dec. Pottery; Assorted Longaberger® Baskets To Include: 1983 Picnic Basket; 1983 Christmas Bell; ‘86 Candy Cane; ‘81 Christmas Candle; J.W. Miniatures; Pottery & Wrought Iron; Sprinkling Cans.



Parker Bros. 12 Ga. Dbl. Barrel; Parker Flintlock; Win. Mod. 1894, 32 Cal. Lever Action w/Scope; Win. Mod. 70, 30-06 Cal., Bolt Action With Bushnell Scope; Rem. Mod. 70, 270 Cal. w/Bushnell Scope (Nice Design); Rem. Mod. 11-48, 12 Ga. Pump; Rem. Mod. 870, 12 Ga. Pump Slug Gun With Simmons Scope; J.C. Higgins Mod. 20, 12 Ga. Pump; Ruger Mod. 10/22 Carbine, 22 Rifle; Rossi 20 Ga. Single Shot; Rods & Reels. TERMS: CASH Or GOOD CHECK With Sufficient Funds. Any Statement Made Auction Day Supercedes All Printed Material. Not Responsible For Accidents. AUCTIONEER: MIKE STERMER, #AU-002959L OWNERS: FLOYD & DELORES STERMER’S AUCTION SERVICE SHOEMAKER East Berlin, PA 17316 Ph.: (717) 292-2855 Photos: or ID#6681 S719221

Tim Houser & Son Doug Houser & Son 106 Ridge Cup Road 4645 Penn Hills Drive New Ringgold, PA 17960 Schnecksville, PA 18078 570-386-2191 610-799-2396 SERVING YOU WITH THREE GENERATIONS OF EXPERIENCE! REAL ESTATE - ANTIQUES - PERSONAL PROPERTY - FARM & CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AND APPRAISALS AUCTIONEERS #AU-000446L




SAT., NOVEMBER 12, 2011 Location: 5412 Colony Dr. , BETHLEHEM, PA


9:30 A.M.

(from Rt. 329 between Northampton & Bath take Weaversville Rd. to Colony Dr. - WATCH FOR SIGNS) Full ad/pics. at WWW.HOUSERAUCTIONEERS.COM Doug/Tim Houser Aucts. AU-000446L Sale by Est. of Sally Rahn Jason/Nathan Houser - Assoc. Aucts. Exec.: Todd Rahn 610-799-2396 or 570-386-2191 Atty.: David Shulman

Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 17

ANTIQUES, AUTOMOBILES, VINTAGE DÉCOR, MODERN FURNITURE, COLLECTIBLES AND PERSONAL PROPERTY Will sell, for the Harold S. Hoover Estate, for the George Jones Estate and others at GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION located at 643 Kriner Road,



This is a large collection from Dr. Stevenson with a wide selection.

FURNITURE: WVA corner cupboard; 2 pc. step cupboard; painted washstand; blanket chest; Morris chair; slant front desk; Lesher BR suite; 1 drawer stand; drop leaf table; Lesher Grandfather & Grandmother clocks; leather sofa & recliner; floor lights; dry sinks; iron clothes tree; side chairs; Nichols & Stone (2) seat bench; oak plant stand; rd. oak table w/claw feet; (4) oak chairs; dinette suite; maple BR suite; maple table/chairs; oak claw ball rope twist stand; Cochrane cherry finish sideboard; Bassett BR suite; Waterfall chest; deco kitchen cabinet; porcelain top table & (6) chairs; LR furniture; mahogany game table; Chippendale style desk; Cloverleaf stand; Deacon’s bench; maple DR suite; cedar chest; Victorian sofa; 20’s style love seat & more. AUTOMOBILES: 2005 Buick Lacrosse LS w/59,000 miles (from Hoover Estate); 1998 Lincoln Continental 4.6 L engine w/48,877 miles (from Shippensburg Estate). VINTAGE/COLLECTIBLES/DECORATOR ITEMS: Oak kitchen clock; ironstone; transferware; set blue pattern china; butter churn (cylinder); (8) pc. place setting amber Madrid; asst. green Depression glass; yellowware bowls; Princess House; costume jewelry (Elgin pocket watch, Hamilton wristwatch, etc.); CHS Echo’s; rayo lamps; hooked/braided rugs; toys (many farm toys, Tonka toys, cars, ladder truck, etc.); frames/prints; Stella guitar; crocks/jugs; sheep/cow/ sleigh bells; pressed pattern glass; RR & barn lanterns; postcards; mini. Lamps; books (Shirley Temple); asst. military buttons/patches; Western prints; horses & horse clocks: Sunshine Beer print; wine press; CI skillets; coffee grinder; (2) early pull wagons; measurers; Sawyer crystal blue wood box; wall card listing; New Holland pedal tractor; brass fire extinguisher; quilts; Fenton; Japanese kimono & more. PERSONAL PROPERTY: Laughead piano/bench; patio furniture; Promo M41 scooter; garden tools; air compressor; (2) mowers; Homelite XL chain saw; fishing poles/lures; kitchen/household items; snowblower; camping items; golf clubs; hunting items (blind); Electrolux sweeper; upright freezer, etc. AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Lots of quality items for every need. Sale begins with general household/tools in Back Gallery, then onto Budget (modern) furniture at approx. 3 P.M., with Main Gallery showcased items beginning at 4 P.M. Automobiles sold at 6 P.M. Better furniture at 7:30 P.M.

SAT., NOVEMBER 5, 2011 8:30 A.M. Doors open at 7:00 A.M. 1550 Sand Hill Road,

HUMMELSTOWN, PA 17036 PLANES: Stanley No. 45 O.B.; Stanley No. 4; Stanley No. 607; Stanley No. 605; Stanley No. 5; Stanley No. 4; Stanley No. 6; Corrugated planes; Molding planes; Rabbet; Sergeant Plow and Rabbet; Many More. TOOLS: We have many items in Large quantities. Drawknives; Scribes; Mortise Gauges; Rules; Hammers; Levels; Carving Chisels; Braces; Spoke Shavers; Bucksaws; Grinding Wheels; Saddle Clamps; Wood Clamps; Stanley Sweet Hearts; Broadaxe; Early Wedges; Froe; Bark Peeler; Posthole Axe; Slick; Oil Cans; Solder Irons; Wooden Clamps; Sausage Stuffer; Meat Grinder; Assortment Of Toolboxes; Mortise Drill Press; Water Pump; Beveled Square; State Museum Sample Display Cabinets; Stirrup Clamps; Auger Bits; Drill Braces; Brass Torches; Block Planes; C Clamps; Squares; Awl; Scrapers; Traveler; Blacksmith Vise; Two Man Saw; Anvil. MISCELLANEOUS: Butcher’s ladles; Meat cleavers; Butcher’s knives; Pulleys; Old cameras; Barn lanterns; Trunks.

Remember, if you don’t look you’ll never know! Preview SUNDAY, November 6 from 1 to 4 P.M. and sale day from 9 A.M.

View our web site for photos and more details.

WWW.AUCTIONZIP.COM ID #1042. TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. Ten percent (10%) buyer’s premium. Statements made day of sale take precedence.

Full terms and condition posted on our web site.

GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION LLC Announcements auction day take precedence over printed material

Our Service is the Difference JOHN F. KOHLER, JR. AUCTIONEER



ZIEGLER AUCTION COMPANY Lic. #AH081-L 717.533.4267


Phone (717) 263-6512, (800) 315-3265, Fax (717) 263-0188, RH120-L


18 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011

The Collection Of Lester And Barbara Breininger November 11 And 12 At Pook & Pook Pook & Pook, Inc. will sell the collection of Lester and Barbara Breininger of Robesonia, Pennsylvania, on November 11 and 12. The Breininger’s have been vibrant and active members of their Berks County community since 1960. As ninth generation Pennsylvania Germans, they spent the greater part of

their lives promoting the accomplishments of other Pennsylvania Germans and their decorative arts. As avid collectors and researchers, their scholarship was evidenced in the knowledge that Lester would impart to friends and acquaintances. Lester was also well known for his redware reproductions and teach-

ing groups of young student potters. Over many years, the Breiningers amassed a huge collection of local pottery, paintings, textiles, fraktur and pewter. The 940 lot sale is a rich variety of these pieces. Go to www.pookand for more information or call (610) 269-4040. See More Photos on page 22

Desirable oil on canvas by Pennsylvania artist Ben Austrian titled “Chicks in the Pumpkin Patch”. Austrian was well known for his paintings of chickens and chicks. This piece retains its original Newcomb Macklin frame (estimate $15,000 to $25,000).

Jacob Maentel worked in Pennsylvania between 1778-1837. He is thought to have painted over 200 portraits before moving to Indiana in 1837. This portrait for Rael Feifer is typical of his work depicting full-length figures or a single figure set in a rolling landscape and often a young child will be holding a basket or flower bouquet (estimate $4,000 to $8,000).

A very attractive redware pie plate attributed to the Diehl Pottery, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This plate is one Important birth certificate by Johann Conrad Gilbert for of several pieces in the sale Eliesabeth Kunckel in 1815. Characteristics of Gilbert’s art made by this potter (estimate included folky male angels in boldly colored robes as seen in this $3,000 to $5,000). prime example of his work (estimate $15,000 to $25,000). This piece is pictured in “The Kunkel Family Fracturs” by the Reading Museum. Another terrific Ben Austrian painting, a dog trying to make friends with a cat (estimate $20,000 to $30,000).

One of over 50 Pennsylvania j a c q u a r d woven coverlets, mostly Berks County, in the sale (estimate $300 to $400). Pennsylvania hand-molded redware dog, probably Berks County. A dog holding a basket in its mouth was a design produced in a number of potteries including those of Daniel and Joseph Henne, Joseph Feeg and Willoughby Smith (estimate $5,000 to $8,000).

An unusual redware pipe holder and tobacco jar made at the Fahr Pottery in Berks County in the second half of the 19th century (estimate $3,000 to $5,000).

This pleasing landscape was painted by Mary B. Leisz and is dated 1926 (estimate $2,000 to $4,000).

Cowden & Wilcox is a popular Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, stoneware maker. This is a rare batter jug with the unusual cobalt man-in-the moon decoration (estimate $3,000 to $5,000).

Auction Sales

ASTON, PA Local Estates Plus Trains And Toys And Hi-Fi/Radio Collection TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1 P.M. 2500 Market Street (Rt. 452 at I-95),

PUBLIC AUCTION -Downsizing Bonanza-


Selling Antiques, Collectables, Books & Paper Items, Toys, & Guns


KENNETH E. HASSINGER 330 Hassinger Way McClure, PA 17841 (570) 658-3536 : AU-001532-L

NEIL A. COURTNEY 3442 Heister Valley Road Richfield, PA 17086 (570) 539-8791 : AU-002651-L


DIRECTIONS: From Lewisburg travel west on Route 45 for approx. 4 miles. Auction on the left just behind Ard’s Farm Market. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: Exceptional Period Walnut 4 Drawer Chest with Original Hardware, Bone Escutcheons, French Feet, Line Inlay, Champhered Fluted Corners, Top Overlays Case by 11⁄2”, 36” high , 38” wide, 213⁄4” Deep; Oak Hall Seat; Stepback Cupboard, 891⁄2” High, 50” Wide; Eby 1 Gal. Whiskey Jug; Cast Inkwell Royersford 1883; Dry sink with Top 781⁄2” High, 441⁄2” Wide; 3 Pc. Marble Top Walnut Bedroom Suite; Stickley Bros. Sofa #3567; Plank Bench; Dreisbach Church Painting, by Shirk, 1 of 2 known; Bisque Musical Doll; Columbian Cookstove; Dutch Cupboard 89” High, 451⁄2” Wide; 1 Pc. Corner Cupboard Made in Harleton by Mitchell 77” High; Oak Blanket Chest; Large Dough Tray; Oak Side-by-Side; Pine Blanket Chest; 4 Pc. Bird’s-Eye Maple Bedroom Suite; Paint Decorated Blanket Chest; Crocks and Preserve Jars; Doll Highchair; Cherry Drop Leaf Table; Ogee Mirror; Tramp Art Style Frames; Plank Bench; Brass Table Lamp w/ Carnival Shade; Fenton; Several Exceptional Framed Prints; 30” Composition Doll; Sugar Bags; Carom Board; Champ Hat & Box; 1⁄2 Bushel Measure; Flesh Fork; Mack Truck Dogs; Marbles; Hershey Pasteboard Container; H. Anna Youngman Strong Box; Porcelain Beechnut Tobacco Sign; 16” Crockery Churn; Scythes; Corn Sheller; Mush Kettle w/Lid; Camel Themo; Studded Wall Rack; Swedish Horse; Piano Rolls & Player Piano; DeLaval Cow; Birdcage Stand; Ticking and Long Johns; Braided Rugs; Holmes/Edwards Flatware; Tobacco Tins: Honeymoon, Stag, Twin Oaks; Tin Litho Clock; Fink & Siddalls Soap Ad; Lancaster Co. Tap & Die; Ella Herman 1914 Comfort & Crazy Quilt 1892; Hand Painted Water Set; Rose Bowl; Transfer Dishes; Sq. Flue Covers; Shaving Mug; Cheese Cutter Rocker; 61⁄2 Spindle Planks; Wood Rat Trap; Coffee Grinder; Apple Peeler; Early Chair Factory Phone Chair; Carnival Glass Water Set; 10+/- Pieces of Harker Pottery; Green & White Porcelain Cookware; Cranberry Glass; Folk Art Reverse Painting Hunting Scene; Small Beachnut Porcelain Sign; Large Oak Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet w/Jars; Flour Bin & Bread Box; Game Table; Duncan Phyfe Game Table; Ornate Oak Parlor Stands; 4 Walnut Ornate Parlor Chairs. BOOKS & PAPER ITEMS: Diseases of Cattle; The Great Rebellion 2 Vol.; Big Little Books: Barney Baxter, Jungle Jim, Tim Tyler, Up Dead Horse Canyon, Capt. Midnight, Tail Spin Tommy and More; 40 + Photo Cards, mostly of Western Union County and Eastern Centre (sold at 1:30 P.M.); World’s Fair; Story of the Wild West; Trade Cards; Time, Post & Life Magazines; Holstein Friesen History 1930; 1 Year ‘74 Sports Ill./O.J. Simpson; Agriculturist; Titanic; Johnstown Horror; Trapping Guide 1935; Valentines Stand Up & Mechanical. TOYS: Fisher-Price Toys; Sunnyfield Farms Barn; Auto Bird Target; Marksman Target Game; Plastic Army Figures; Doll Cradle; Tonka Motor Transportation & Mixer w/Box; Marx Road Grader; Airplanes; Ships; Lots of Farm Toys; Tinker Toys; Johnny Lightning 500 Track Set w/Box; Nylint; Hot Wheels; Matchbox; Dinky; Tootsie; Zylmex; Limpberg; Lindstrom Marble Shooter; Farm Trucks; Army; Racing and More. GUNS (1:00 P.M.): Pre 64 Winchester MD 70 30-06 Std.; Pre 64 Winchester MD 70 270 FWT; Pre 64 Winchester MD 70 30-06 Std.; Winchester MD 70 270 Cal; Winchester MD 1890 33 Cal; Winchester MD 53 25-20 Cal.; Winchester MD 1892 32 WCF; Weatherby PAO8 Upland 12 Ga. 28” Barrel; Remington Md. 33630-30; Large 2 Pc. 12-Gun Gun Cabinet & Display 821⁄2” H, 581⁄2”W; 3x9 Bushnell Scope; 33 Winchester Soft Point Ammo in Original Box; Winchester Thermo; Cap Rifle; Well Saw 400. COINS (3:00 P.M.): 30+/- Morgan Silver Dollars, Some Unc.; Silver Halves; Indian Head Pennies; Flying Eagle Cents 1857 & ‘58; 1828, ‘51, ‘52, ‘58 Large Cents; $20 Bill, National Currency, First National Bank of Forest City; $10 Silver Certificate, 1934-C; $5 Red Spot; 1861 Indian Head Penny, Union Forever; 1900 Unc. Indian Head Penny; 1893 Columbian Exposition Coin.

FADA Radio


1 P.M.: Tables of glassware, collectibles, household items and antiques. 2 P.M.: Furniture: Estate furnishings from mahogany to contemporary. Bedroom, living room and outdoor furniture and much more. See the website for hundreds of pictures. 5:30 P.M.: Lots of Sets of Lionel Trains, American Flyer, HO Trains, transformers, Buildings, Robot tin toys, lead soldiers, Dolls, Tootsietoys, and more, Toys, Selling at least 2 hours of toys and trains. Also later in the evening approx. 6 P.M.: Large Collection of Radios and Hi-Fi Equipment, YAESU Ham Radios, FADA Catalin Radio, Sencore testing equipment, lots of parts and tubes, Amplifiers, speakers, Motorola items, much more still arriving (Large warehouse collection arriving late). Check the website for 100s of pictures. For More Info. Call (610) 485-7400 INSPECTION: MONDAY, November 7, 3-6 P.M. & From 10 A.M. Day of Sale. TERMS: 12% Buyer’s Premium (Discounted to 10% for Cash or check in full day of sale), VISA/MC, Known checks, Lic. #AH64L

10 Sets Of LIONEL And American Flyer Lots Of Radio Parts

Robot Toys And Tin

Sencore Testing Equipment (Electronics)


for Ray & Nancy Ard, 134 Ard Road,


Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 19


Over 500 Advertising Signs!

Over 2,000 Lots!

CHUPP AUCTION LOCATED: North of U.S. 20 on SR 5 1 mile in Shipshewana, IN


S. Van Buren Street,

Friday 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. ~ Saturday 8:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. 7 IHC Farmall tractors restored • Salesman’s Samples & Patent Models • Farm Primitives • Rare Butter Churns • Kitchen Primitives • Country Store Items • Toys • Lots & Lots of Great Advertising Signs • Dairy Related Collectables • Seed Corn Signs • Rare Hand Corn Shellers & Other Shellers • 90+ Cast-Iron Seat Collection • Petroleum Items • Steam Engine Models • Water-Cooled Engines • Crocks • Pocket Watches • Pedal Tractors • Horse Drawn Farm Primitives Lots of Drink Signs & Thermometers • Collectable Garden Tractors.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS Early working scale model steam engine w/sawmill & water wagon - WOW! Rare museum quality horse drawn Deere & Mansur 2-row wooden planter Primitive Dr. & Jr. Hamilton’s Little Giant wooden handle plunger type corn sheller - RARE!; Studebaker & Climax goat wagons; early cast-iron barber pole w/lighted glass top; 1912

John Deere Plow Co. catalog #1 - RARE; 26” tall mid 19th century plaster & wooden eagle; porc. 7”x20” Kreugers Delicious Drinks sign - only 1 known!


IHC FARMALL TRACTORS 1938 F-14; 1947 Farmall Cub; 1945 Farmall A; 1945 Farmall B; 1953 Farmall Super C; 1954 Farmall Super H; 1954 Farmall MTA diesel w/torque amplifier. This is simply a teaser ad. For large ad with 600+ photos visit with auctioneer ID # 11841 No buyer’s premium. Sales tax will be charged. VARIOUS CONSIGNERS - OWNERS

Chupp Auctions & Real Estate, LLC We Specialize In YOUR Auction • 574-536-8005 Lyle Chupp #AU08800826 Dale Chupp #AU19800030 Daryl Chupp - Chupp Auctions Contact Person 260-499-0526


Salesman’s Sample “Oliver”


11:00 A.M.

Auction Gallery at Merchants Square Mall

1901 So. 12th Street,


Selling the one owner Inventory/Collection of noted PA Dealer/Collector Harold Burton. Approx. 80,000 postcards in 450 lots without reserve or minimum: to include 100s Real Photo Postcards (to include: 400+ PA, Stagecoaches, Sports Teams, Shaker Village, Main Streets, Motorcycles, Automobiles, Horse Drawn Wagons & Sleighs, Occupational, Restaurants, Children & Rocking Horses, Children w/Pedal Cars, Military, Romance, etc.), 100s Artist Signed (to include Wain, Kirschner, Clapsaddle, Rockwell, Outcault, Schmucker, Boileau, Fisher, Griggs, Christy, etc.), 1,000s Topicals (to include Mechanicals, Pop-Ups, Santas, Thanksgiving, Feather, Silks, Occupationals, Stamps on Postcards, Patriotic, Golliwogs, Native American, Black Americana, Military, Nudes, Political, Postmarks, Movie Star, etc.) 1,000s U.S. States A-Z & Territories, 1,000s Foreign, Curt Teich Archives Linens and so much more. For directions to our facility & hotel accommodations in the area visit our web site at

Preview: Friday, Nov. 11th, 12-8, Sat., Nov 12th, 10-6 Can’t make it? Bid Live Online at Auctionzip Live. Register to bid at For complete catalog & images go to auctioneer #1405.

Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium (discounted 3% for cash & certified funds), Visa/MC/Discover

PA LIC. AU003253L

(610) 797-1770 S719256

Rare Deere & Mansur

Some Highlights of Salesman’s Samples: Oliver model 53 2-way walking plow; horse drawn side delivery rake; wooden windmill w/carry case; horse drawn sulky plow; Charles J.C. Peterson horse drawn sickle mower; racing sulky w/brass; field baby cradle Michigan City, IN; hand corn planter; wooden silo; printing press; timber sawmill; & lots more …

Salesman’s Sample

AUCTION CALENDAR (Continued from page 10)

11/12/11, BALLY, SAT 2 PM, Antiques, collectibles, Castleton china, Royal Doulton, Fenton, Westmoreland, Stangle, Hummel, Disney, furniture, records, two jukeboxes, train lanterns, railroadiana etc., Shoppes @ Bally Brooke 20 N Third St, Tom Lorah Auctions, LLC


20 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 11/12/11, BETHLEHEM, SAT 9:30 AM, Antiques, modern oak furniture, wall clocks, primitives, glass, fishing items, costume jewelry, boat, cars, motorcycle etc., 5412 Colony Dr, Doug & Tim Houser 11/12/11, BRODHEADSVILLE, SAT 10 AM, Galle perfume bottle, oak double-box wall phone, coffee grinder, Clark's spool cabinet, wash stand, clocks, dolls, doll furniture, Mod. 1860 E & S Cavalry sword etc., The West End Fire Hall, Jack Hamblin

11/12/11, DOVER, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, primitives, collectibles, guns, Cedar Lake Campground 5051 Pine Hill Rd, Stermer's Auction Service 11/12/11, EPHRATA, SAT 9 AM, Tools, Cor of Rt 322 & Durlach Rd, Horst Auction Center 11/12/11, NAZARETH, SAT 10 AM, Doll, Longaberger basket, pottery, Nazareth Auction Ctr 330 W Moorestown Rd, Dotta Auction Co, Inc.

11/12/11, OTTSVILLE, SAT 9 AM, Furniture, country collectibles, accessories, advertising, books, ephemera, tools, etc. Real Estate for info 215-7990655, 8708 Easton Rd Rt 611, Robert H. Clinton & Co., Inc. 11/12/11, YORK HAVEN, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, trains, Beam collection, household, furniture, etc., 1805 York Haven Rd, Hardy's Auction Service

11/13/11, ALLENTOWN, SUN 11 AM, Postcards, Auction Gallery @ Merchants Square Mall 1901 S 12th St, K.D. Smith Auctions 11/19/11, MIDDLETOWN, SAT 2 PM-5 PM, Beer Stein, Spring Garden Conference Ctr 901 Spring Garden Dr, Ron Fox Auctions

VIRGINIA 11/12/11, MOUNT CRAWFORD, SAT 9:30 AM, Catalogued Auction of Americana, Antiques, & Decorative Arts spotlighting Virginia & the south, 2177 Green Valley Lane, Jeffrey S. Evans & Assoc.

11/19/11, STRASBURG, SAT 8:30 AM, Furniture, antiques, Hummels, sterling, big little books, toys etc., 412 Twin Elm Rd, Miller & Siegrist Auctioneers, LLC



8708 Easton Rd. (Rt. 611),



Advertising Calendars

(In the Event of Severe Bad Weather, Auction Will Be Rescheduled) (An Alternate Date Will Be Posted Online) Full Auction to Include: Antique Furniture: Softwood dovetailed box - old brown finish, Chippendale blanket chest w/3 drawers original unrestored cond. (1 ft. missing), unrestored jelly cupboard, Vintage Oak: Framed newspaper rack, BR pcs., DR ext. table, dbl. door bookcase, highchair/stroller; softwood washstand w/spool turnings, Empire chest of drawers, etc. Country Collectibles: “Baby face” cream top milk bottles - Parkland Dairy - Washington, NJ, numerous other milk & cream bottles, stoneware incl.: Brown glaze chick waterer, crocks sgd. Hawthorne Pottery Co. - Hawthorne, PA & New Brighton; antique paint dec. firkin w/wing handle - yellow/brown mustard paint, older cookie cutters; antique pottery pie plates, cast-iron pans, refrigerator dishes, Enterprise #25 fruit press/sausage stuffer w/stencil dec.; Textiles: Older patchwork quilts, handmade braided rugs done by decedent, quantity of embroidery, lace, quilt parts, etc. Accessories: Early 1900s iron table lamp marked Salem Bro. #23, nickel-plated oil lamp by B&H w/milk glass shade, Art Deco satin glass BR lamp - Saturn motif, Nouveau type BR lamp - nickel-plated, Marigold Carnival bowl w/fish motif & other Carnival glass, Depression glass in various colors, late Victorian knife box, extensive collection of salt & pepper; numerous items, much more. Also: 1930’s era Atlantic Refining electric gas pump - unrestored cond., Ford flathead V-8 eng., antique West Bend trolling motor, antique red express wagon, Structo 66 tank truck - Toyland Oil Co. w/orig. box, mini - Lindy Build & Collect Series cars & trucks in orig. boxes, 2 Wallace Nutting hand-colored photographs, vintage bamboo fishing pole w/tiny reel by Congress, Penn Peer fishing reel #209, Great Lakes fishing reel w/engraved landscape design. Advertising, Books & Ephemera: Glass humidor for L.A. Palina “The Quality Cigar,” antique Planters Peanuts Pennant Brand Salted Peanut tin (dented but orig. dec.), yardsticks, wide selection of tin, paper & cardboard advertising relating to gas stations & general stores; numerous antique children’s books, 2 sets - Library of Games (miniature playing cards) Eric Sloane’s America History of Pennsylvania, The New Doane Book, & more. Tools incl. John Deere Model 240 tractor with mower deck, floor jack, Ames metal lathe, older auto repair tools & parts, quantity of hand tools, etc. Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium * Major Credit Cards Accepted * 3% Discount w/Payment in Cash or Approved Check * Partial Listing * Items Too Numerous to List - Full Auctioneers & Appraisers & Interesting Auction * 3 Auctioneers Selling * P.O. Box 29 • Ottsville, PA 18942 View


610-847-5432 • AY-000093-L 19+/- Acres with Old Farmhouse with Concrete Block Garage, Primarily Open Level Land, Extensive Road Frontage to be offered by The Traiman Auction Co. at 11:00 A.M. Refer to for Real Estate Terms, Conditions & Property Info. or call 215-799-0655; PA Lic. AY-000040-L


for Detailed Info. & Photographs

Numerous Children’s Books



717-442-8529 OR 302-438-1217 E-MAIL ID#4741



10 A.M.

FURNITURE AT 10 A.M.: Oak Double Glass Door Bookcase With Key Lock And Rolled Feet, Rare Oak 4 Glass Pane 5’8” Tall 78 Record Cabinet, Tiger Oak Lady’s Slant Front Desk. Bird’s-eye Maple Washstand, Bird’s-eye Maple Child’s Chair, Old Covered Cradle, Eastlake Mirrors. 2 Pane Painted Kitchen Cupboard, Large English Dark Oak Blanket Chest With Box Lock And Key And Strap Hinges, Dovetailed Wood Dome Top Trunk With Grain Painting. CLOCKS: Magnificent Ansonia Open Escapement Platform Clock With Shakespeare Seated To The Right Of The Urn Topped Clock. Ingraham Oak Gingerbread Clock. Reproduction Willard Banjo Clock. ***Very Rare 1940’s “BULOVA WATCHES” Red Neon Sign In Working Order!!! ASIAN ARTS: Over 75 Pieces Of Fine Chinese Porcelains, Oriental Jade Jewelry And Carvings, Hand-drawn And Painted Asian Artworks. Table Screens, Famille Rose, Bangles, Soapstone, Brush Pots, Rhino Horn Carvings, Horn Cups, Incense Burners. Exquisite 19th Century Carved Ivory Vegetable (In The Shape Of A Hollowed Out Tomato) With A Minute Fishing Village Carved Within. Masterful Detail And Craftsmanship! Large Blue Oriental Floor Vase With Dragon Handles And Dramatic Hand Painted Bird Designs. WEAPONS: Mid 19th Century Belgian Made 54 Caliber Boot Gun (Pistol), Single Shot Percussion, Nicely Engraved, With A Hand-carved English Walnut Handle (Grip), With Folding Trigger And Screw-off Barrel With Unusual Turnings. A Wonderful Example Of A High Caliber Handgun Of This Period. An Early 20th C. Indonesian Kris Dagger. Double Barrel Shotgun (Wall Hanger). FIREHOUSE ITEMS: Four Brass Fire Nozzles And Connectors, Fire Boxes With Timers. 100 Pieces Of Yale University Press 1925-29 Magic Lantern Slides From The Series “The Pageant Of America”. Gilchrist No. 31 Ice Cream Scoop, Nickel Over Brass. Old, Handmade Folk Art Water Wheel Painted In Reds, Yellow And Black. Early 19th Century Brass Teapot With Hinged Lidded Spout, A Large Size With Dovetailed Base. Early Wood Red Wagon, Old Wicker Baby Stroller, Nice Restored 50’s Pontiac Style Pedal Car. Cast-Iron Black Memorabilia Ashtray With A Black Baby Sitting On A Pot With Its Mouth Open. FINE HAND PAINTED PORCELAINS, STONEWARE, REDWARE, AND POTTERY : Blue Decorated 4 Gallon Crock With Stencil Design. Henry H. Hewell (1866-1939) Winder, Georgia, Signed, Large Redware Storage Jar In An Albany Slip Glaze With Dog Ear Handles. See Mr. Hewell’s Listing In “Brothers In Clay” The Story Of Georgia Folk Pottery By John A. Burrison, 2008. COLLECTION OF PORCELAIN FIGURINES: Royal Doulton “Pretty Lady” Figurines Incl. 1. Midnight Premier, Special Wishes, Especially For You And Gift Of Love. Royal Doulton HN2588 Terrier Puppies In A Basket, HN2587 Terrier Pup In A Basket. Beswick, Alice Series, White Rabbit. Beswick, Three Beatrix Potter Rabbits And One Royal Doulton, 1972, Buntie Bunnykins. Beswick, Beatrix Potter, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman. AFRICAN MASKS: Eleven Pieces Of Masks From Kenya And Other Countries, Fertility And Ceremonial Masks. Many With Shells, Metalwork And Braided Textiles. STREET SIGNS FROM COATESVILLE, PA: World War II Books On The 5th

Army, Salerno And Rome. Leather Cartridge Belts, US Army Belt With Canteen, Bayonet And Shovel. Three Brass Victrola Horns, Old Handmade Folk Art Child-Size Wood Fireplace Mantel. Child’s Early Toy Horse Drawn Cart With 2 Straw Filled Horses On Wheels With A Red And Yellow Painted Cart. RARE MILITARY : Civil War Veteran’s Top Hat With Massachusetts Militia Emblems. STERLING: 3 Pcs. S. Kirk & Sons Sterling Berry Spoons, 2.64 Troy Ozs. 1 Pc. Whiting Sterling Sugar Tongs, 1 Troy Oz. 1 Pc. S. Kirk & Sons Sterling, Repouse Cake Knife. RARE AND FIRST EDITION BOOKS, From The Collection Of Dr. Martin W. Barr, Elwyn, PA And Middletown, De And Other Consignors. POSTCARDS AND GREETING CARDS: A Great Collection Of 1920’s-30’s Postcards, Christmas And Valentine’s Cards. Many Of The Valentine’s Cards Have Moveable Pieces! FINE ART AND BRONZES: Anker Hoffmann (1904-1985) Denmark, Bronze Girl’s Portrait, 1963. Lizzie Thyssen (1925-) Denmark, Artist’s Tile Dated 4-76. Anthony Ciambella, Professor, Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Art, Incredible Mummy, 6 Ft. 6 Inches Tall, Made Of Mummy Tar, Seashells And Animal Jawbones On A Wood Base. This Mixed Media Artwork Is Approx. 6-8 Years Old And One Of A Kind! You Won’t Believe It!!!!! Tadahiko Nakayama (1935-) A Pair Of Original Watercolors Of A Man And A Woman, Signed, Circa Late 1940’s-Early 50’s. Seitei Watanabe (1851-1918) “Snake Gourd,” Kano Naonobu (1607-1650) Aka Shumei Isshin-Jitekisai. Luigi Tagliani, Jan Kagie Jr. (1907-1991) Currier & Ives 1878 N.C. Wyeth Print, Titled “The Giant,” Dennis T Minch, D.T. Minch Print, Wallace Nutting, W.J. Harris, Ausable Chasm. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Late 19th C. Violin, European, In Wood Case With Bow. Cleveland French Horn In Case. German Kugel Glass Christmas Ornaments. World War I Large Trench Art Lighter With “Verdun 1917” And Dammark 1918” Hand-Engraved On The Shell. Early Stitched Leather Saddlebags, Child’s “Choice” Toy Stove With Accessories. Nine Pieces Of Ornate Cast-Iron Painted Fencing Used For Dollhouses Or Train Setups. SPORTS: Hand Signed New York Yankees Don Mattingly “Hit Man” Bat. Autographed Photographs Of: Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Muhammad Ali, Ernie Banks, Dan Marino, Chad Henne, Sandy Koufax, Ted Williams, Derek Jeter, Reggie Jackson, Willie Mays, And Joe Montana. Signed Willie Mays Baseball. FINE JEWELRY: 14k Gold Diamond Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Set, Gold And Sterling Jewelry. G Juvet, Geneva, Pocket Watch, Key Wind, Silver, Closed Case With Cylinder Escapement Movement Circa 1870’s PREVIEW TUES., NOV. 8, 2011 12 NOON-4 P.M. AND FROM 9 A.M. UNTIL THE START OF THE AUCTION. PA AUCTION LICENSE AY001987




“Beer Stein Auction�

SEEKING VINTAGE SPORTS CARDS AND MEMORABILIA As the World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer, only Heritage Auctions can supply the market strength to provide the highest possible ďŹ nancial return for your vintage trading cards and sports collectibles. Cash advances, ďŹ nder’s fees and outright purchase offers are always available for quality material, and we are happy to provide free appraisals. And Heritage has never been late with a single consignment settlement check in our thirty-ďŹ ve years in operation.

Saturday, November 19th Open to the Public

Live Auction by RON FOX AUCTIONS (License#0564)







Pre Auction: 10:00 am to noon Stein Speakers and lunch, but you must register in advance for the morning event and lunch, go to: (click on 25th Anniversary Celebration to register)

Contact Derek Grady for more information at 800-872-6467 x1975 or email

Free catalog and The Collector’s Handbook ($65 value) for new clients. Please submit auction invoices of $1000 + in this category, from any source. Include your contact information and mail to Heritage, fax 214-409-1425, email, or call 866-835-3243. For more details, go to

Sunday, November 20th :

Annual Sales Exceed $700 Million | 600,000+ Online Bidder-Members

PA Keysteiners 25th Anniversary Party

3500 Maple Avenue | Dallas, Texas 75219 | 800-872-6467 | 22318


DALLAS | NEW YORK | BEVERLY HILLS | SAN FRANCISCO | PARIS | GENEVA TX Auctioneer licenses: Samuel Foose 11727; Robert Korver 13754; Andrea Voss 16406. This auction is subject to a 19.5% buyer’s premium.

Cost for party $30.00; go on web site for details. Email:

Auctioneers, Appraisers, Brokers, Consultants & Collections Management

The 8th Annual Live Auction at Louisville Slugger Museum and FactoryÂŽ

Semi-Annual Catalogued Auction of Americana, Antiques & Decorative Arts


Rare and important 1903 World Series program, at Pittsburgh ($50,000-$100,000)

Auction Location: Spring Garden Conference Center 901 Spring Garden Dr. Middletown, PA 17057 Phone: 717-939-4003 Noon – 2:00 pm: Auction Preview 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Auction

That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.


Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011 - - 21



Spotlighting Virginia and the South November 12, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. – Featuring deaccessioned material from the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA); part one of the Dorothy and Marshall Jenkins estate collection of Culpeper, VA; consignments from Shenandoah Valley families & estates; Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee private collections; plus others. Comprising a large selection of Virginia Extremely rare and important Augusta Co., Virginia stove plate from Bird and Miller’s Mossy Creek Furnace, 1775. Descended in the Hanger family of Augusta Co. and other Southern decorative arts; 18th & 19th c. American furniture; fraktur and folk art; samplers and other textiles; folk pottery; a large collection of ironware; antique firearms; Southern silver; 18th & 19th c. English and Asian ceramics; &c. Preview: Nov. 9-11, 10am-6pm daily. Visit for details and schedule of upcoming auctions. The complete detailed catalogue will be posted by November 2.

Very ďŹ ne Cy Young single signed baseball ($15,000-$25,000)

2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series ring ($15,000-$25,000)

The Jerey S. Evans & Associates Fall Lecture Series November 11, 6:00 p.m.



256 Welsh Pool Rd., Exton, Pennsylvania 19341 • 610.524.0822 •

2177 Green Valley Lane | Mt. Crawford, VA 22841 | 540.434.3939 |


The featured speaker will be Catherine B. Hollan, author of Virginia Silversmiths, Jewelers, Clock- and Watchmakers, 1607-1860, Their Lives and Marks. The lecture and book signing is free and open to the public.

More Photos on pg. 23

Only six urn shape coffeepots by William Will are known. His high level of skill is evidenced in this magnificent piece with its graceful form, beaded bands and gooseneck spout (estimate $40,000 to $80,000).




Saturday, November 5, 2011 10 A.M. 220 East 2nd Street, Florence, NJ 08518

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 STARTING AT 8:30 A.M. SHARP Auction to be Held at Porters Fire Co.

Preview 8:30 A.M. Furniture: Hitchcock table, secretary, mirrors, chests, leather chairs, end tables, marble topped chest & washstand, dining table w/chairs, Mission oak chair, drop leaf table, etc. Glass: Cobalt, Cranberry, Depression, stems, Fenton, Lalique, oil lamps, large glass jugs, Pyrex,++. Pottery & China: Czech, Staffordshire, Toby/Pub Jugs, Wedgwood, Delft, reticulated plates, T-cups, Quimper, Flow Blue, Gaudy Welsh, Berry Set, Chocolate Pot, Hatpin Holder, Noritake, red transfer dishes, etc. Misc.: 1960’s Barbies + Access., Silver plate, Sterling, few toys, books, Masonic Bible & 1900 History of Masons, Wood Tool chest, some tools, Local Florence memorabilia, 1954 European scrapbook, 45s, Royal Family memorabilia, Military, Vint. Christmas, needlepoint bag, VHS tapes, electronics, dachshund collection, CI doorstops, cabinet cards, old industrial photos, plus more. Jewelry: Platinum & diamond ring, sterling/gold, pocket watch, designer costume, Masonic rings & medals. Still unpacking. Real Estate sold (with reserve) 12:00 Noon. Lovely Restored Vintage Home. Hardwood floors, 9’ ceilings, 2 gas FPs, 2nd level laundry, Custom kitchen, butler’s pantry, stainless appl. 6 BR, 21⁄2 bath. Soundproofed adj. wall. 2,000 sq. ft. home. Close to train, NJTP & 295. Terms of real estate: $5,000.00 nonrefundable cash/certified check deposit due at knockdown. Closing within 45 days. Realtor & homeowners will be on-site. Directions from Rt. 130 N. Left on Neck Rd. Neck becomes River Rd. River becomes Front. Right on Chestnut (1 block past Broad) 1st left onto East 2nd St. From 130 S. Right on Neck. Follow above directions. Signs posted. Food by Hog Day Afternoon Bring chairs. PAJ available. Terms: Cash or Check w/proper ID. No Buyer’s Premium. Questions? 609-877-6843, E-mail to Day of sale 609-560-3247. Auctioneer not responsible for accidents.

Rare pewter flask by Johann Christoph Heyne, a Lancaster, PA pewterer (estimate $8,000 to $12,000).




21 st Century Antiques

PA 18705

HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2011 Two Floors Of Merchandise With 2 Auctioneers

PREVIEW 3:00 P.M. AUCTION 5:00 P.M. Loads of furniture, antiques, holiday items, dollhouse supplies, HO trains, toys, Dept. 56, glassware, pictures, small industrial tools, Quasar big screen TV, entertainment center, woodstove, Mercury outboard motor, lawn & garden, exercise equipment AND SO MUCH MORE.

CHRIS DOERNER AUCTIONEER auct. ID #1049 for pics. & more details

This is an auction you don’t want to miss! We are loaded with merchandise. Keep watch on for further updates. AUCTION BY:


1199 Porters Rd., 17362 Directions: From Hanover Sq. follow York St. - Rt. 116 E. approx. 5 miles. Turn right onto Porters Rd. Follow approx. 1 mile to Firehall on left. From York, PA from Rt. 30 W. turn left onto Rt. 116 W. Go approx. 8.2 miles. Turn left onto Porters Rd. Follow approx. 1 mile to firehall on left. BRIEF LISTING: Large selection of antique & vintage furniture, old parlor furniture, 19th C. hutch bench table, early settle bench w/late paint decoration, very nice antique Weaver York, PA walnut pump organ, antique wicker furniture, old metal porch & lawn furniture, antique shelf clocks, antique woodenwares, antique iron items, crocks & jugs, old toys & dolls, old metal toy cars & trucks incl. Hubley - Buddy L & Tonka, Lionel Bicentennial train set complete w/boxes, antique Standard model A Victrola talking machine w/horn, 2 antique radios, Van Briggle pottery vase, few antique quilts & coverlet, few old braided throw rugs, antique & vintage ladies’ clothing & access., few old sports items incl. footballs basketballs - tennis racket & others, plus much more. To View Hundreds of Pictures of Items to be Sold & Full Sale Listing Visit our Website at: Sale Preview - Porters Fire Co. - Thursday, Nov. 10 - From 5-7 P.M. Auctioneers: Randy Dickensheets #AU003539L & David Auchey #AU005198 SALE TERMS: 10% Buyer’s Premium & 6% Sales Tax will be applied. Cash, Visa, MC or PA Local Checks Only. For More Information Call (717) 630-9349 or (717) 451-5999


Pennsylvania redware jar with vibrant yellow and green slip tulip decoration (estimate $10,000 to $15,000).

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22 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011


AH-001892 • 570-270-9239 Vi s i t O u r R e t a i l S h o w r o o m or ID#20298




★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2011 at 9:00 A.M.


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Located east of York, PA, take Rt. 30 east to the Hallam Exit, go south to traffic light and turn left. Go thru Hallam Boro to Accomac Rd. on left. Turn left and go 1 mile to Hatchery Rd. on right. Signs posted. Check our website at or #1893 for listing and photos. Preview: Sunday evening from 7 to 9 P.M. Coins sell at 3:00 P.M., Furniture at 4:00 P.M., Tractor, ATV & Trailer sell at 6:30 P.M., Firearms at 7:00 P.M. Reminder: Outstanding Black Friday Antiques and Collectibles Auction, Nov. 25, 2011 at 9:00 A.M.


794 Kurtz Mill Road (Route 568),

MOHNTON (ALLEGHENYVILLE), PA 19540 “Days Gone By” GRUBER WAGON - Many Of The Original Stenciling Designs Remain. This Wagon Is In Great Condition. Made At The Gruber Wagon Works In Mt. Pleasant, PA. Franklin H. Gruber Began His Wagon Works Business In 1882. (To Be Sold With Reserve). 1929 MODEL A FORD TRUCK - This Truck Was Completely Restored And In Running Order. CONDITIONS OF SALE: 10% Deposit Day Of Sale. Balance On Or Before Friday, November 11th. 10% Buyer’s Premium Charged.

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Samuel & Philip Ferraro or #5527

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240 Hatchery Road, York, PA 17406 ★ ★ Frederick L. Toomey, CAI Mark A. Toomey AU-1297-L Phone (717) 755-6105 AU-3266-L Phone (717) 840-1193 ★ ★ Auction Center Phone (717) 252-0289 “The Trusted Name In Auction Services” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


For Photos Go To:



Train and Antique Auction at the

Tom Lorah Auctions Sat., Nov. 12th 20 N Third St., Bally, PA 19503

Providing an Honest and Professional Auction Service



Auction starts at 2:00 P.M. with antiques and collectibles from a local dealer who is liquidating his inventory with names like Castleton china, Royal Doulton, Fenton, Westmoreland, Stangl, Hummel, Disney and too many others to mention. Beer and whiskey related items include a full set of 8 Budweiser endangered species tankards as well as over one hundred whiskey decanters from Beam, Ski Country and others. Furniture will be fit in as items are sold off of them. Thousands of LPs as well as hundreds of 45s to be sold along with two Ami/Rowe jukeboxes. Train lanterns and other railroadiana will start at 4:30 P.M. to accommodate dealers in town for the Allentown Train Meet. Terms: Cash or PA check with proper ID. 6% sales tax. No buyer’s premium.

Auction 3 P.M. (Preview 2 P.M.) Location: 1601 Limeport Pike,


Tom Lorah Auctions, LLC PA License # AY-002103


18036 (Lower Milford Fire Company,) Limeport, PA: From Rt. 309 1 ⁄2 mile S. of 1-78, turn W. onto Saucon Valley Road for 1⁄2 mile, turn left onto Limeport Pike, travel 3 miles to location on right. 3:00 P.M. - Large Assortment of Quality box lots and Misc. items 4:00 P.M. - Carnival glass (stag) other, Depression glass (all colors), sugar shakers, pressed, 1950’s collectables, Jadeite, cast iron, primitives, oil lamps, coffee mill, crocks, Noritake, Limoges, Occupied, Hall, Lladro, sterling, collection of purple glass, Art Nouveau dresser set w/clock, old lighters, marbles, Willowware, Delft, Ironstone, Large collection of Antique buttons and other, Linens, 8+ Quilts, hankies, 20 German porcelain pipes, 1864 Civil War history book (Henry Bill) 12+ tables. Various not listed 6:00 P.M. - Furniture 180+ lots; oak bowfront china cabinet, oak 2 part sideboard w/bear foot feet/mirror back, other oak furn., bird’seye maple bedroom set, Hoosier-like cabinet, wooden wheelbarrow, hand pumps, wooden barrels, feed box, Puritan Victrola, Edison cylinder record player, player piano rolls, Empire washstand, 5 + vintage tabletop radios, Mahog., wicker, furn. Artwork, mirrors, Antique Lighting, 1920’s (Penn State) parking lot post lamps, Iron hanging lamps & other fixtures, various Quality Tiffany style lamps, Clocks, Victorian era wall clock with musical works, marble face (damage) and with brass and Mother-of-Pearl inlaid case, Regulator, Seth Thomas, other. Various not listed. TWO AUCTIONEERS 4-6 HOUR AUCTION For more details please call 484-375-8410 or see or Terms and Conditions: 10% Buyer’s Premium, Cash, Check (with valid ID), MC, Visa, and Discover. Auctioneer: Greg P. Somers AU00398IL

Shoppes at Bally Brooke


Inspection: Sun., November 6th 4:00 To 6:00 P.M. Sale to be held at the GREEN HILLS AUCTION CENTER,

Have Something to Sell? Looking For Something? Have a Service to Offer? Let us show you how to reach 60,000+ collectors & dealers in the EAST! Call Arlene in Classified Sales 717-492-2561 or 1-800-428-4211 x2561

ART- OLD OIL PAINTINGS wanted, any condition, New Hope School artists, PAFA artists, gold leaf frames and mirrors. 20 years experience. Immediate payment. Call 215-348-2500.

BOTTLES, OLD MILK containers from Jacob H. Rohrer (Spring Mead Farm, Lampeter, PA) or J.L. Swarr Jr. (Cedar Hill Dairy, RFD, Mount Joy, PA) Any size, any quality wanted, top dollar paid. Call Judy or Tom 717-653-6189.

HUMMELS! HUMMELS! Get the best prices for your Hummels, Lladro & Swarovski Crystal by calling John Rokicki 610-213-2361.

ALWAYS BUYING PHOTOGRAPHS, Archives, Albums, Snap-shots, Collections. Call Jim 800-872-9990. AMERICAN INDIAN OLDER Items, particularly pre-1940 pottery (which is typically unsigned) and baskets. I buy and sell. Please call Lou at 610-647-7198. ANTIQUE/ OLD GUNS WANTED Collector buys old muzzleloaders, pistols, shot guns, Kentucky rifles, knives, swords, hunting licenses & photos, animal traps, hand forged & bear traps, old ammo, antiques, military items. One piece or collections. House calls made. PO Box 83, New Tripoli, PA 18066, 610-298-3180. AUTOMOBILE OWNERS MANUALS Wanted most years and models. Also sales brochures, service manuals, etc. TMC Publications, 6308 Deer Park Rd., Reisterstown, MD 21136. 410-526-4495. AUTOMOBILES WANTED. LOOKING to buy old foreign cars, especially British. Will purchase in any condition, also buying parts. Call Ed, 856-816-7321. BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE CLOTHING 1800’s1950’s Men, women & children, hats, shoes, purses, jewelry, old frames & paintings, call Suzie at 610-913-7415 or Renningers Adamstown, door 65 on Sundays.

CARNIVAL, CIRCUS, FREAKS, Sideshow, Fairs, Amusement Parks, Coney Island, AUTO, TRUCK and Motorcycle: catalogs, Nude Photos, Fireworks, Pinups, brochures, manuals and any showroom Strippers, Burlesque, Auto Thrillshow. related items. Ron Ladley, 210 Stone Nostalgia Enterprises, Box 300, Rd., Barto, PA 19504, 610-584-1665. Lockport, NY, 14095. 716-433-9418. COMIC BOOK COLLECTIONS. Contact me for FREE Appraisals if you wish to sell your comics or just determine their current value. I’ll provide you honest recommendations based on three decades experience and will assure you receive the fairest and highest prices whether it’s 1 book or a 1,000. Call Ed 215-351-5392 or email

Place Your Classified NOW! Questions? Call 1-800-428-4211 POSTCARDS, POSTCARDS, POSTCARDSActively buying old postcards- albums, collections, etc. Top $$. Postage paid. Gary Ronk, 6247 Cove, Roanoke, VA 24019 540-562-2368.

To place your classified ad Call 1-800-428-4211

DUCK DECOYS WANTED Describe & price. Give name of Carver, if none give Company name. Allen Greenwald, 106-15 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY11375 I BUY ANTIQUE & Vintage Sewing Button collections. Also Military and Uniform buttons, top prices paid, call 717-344-4506 I BUY RUSSIAN & Polish Samovars 301-919-2798 Please email with photos and asking price. ICE CREAM SCOOPS: Unusual, oddshaped. Also Ice-cream tip trays & 3in. diameter metal menu holders. Gus Brunner, 2209 Township Rd., Pleasant Valley, PA 18951. 610-346-6650.

KEYSTONE TELEPHONE COMPANY of Philadelphia Wanted. Telephones and related items, signs, telephone books. Call Andy, 732-986-2637 or

WANTED: MUSIC BOXES, slot machines, old Wurlitzer Juke boxes, any cond. Call or write Frank Zygmunt, PO Box 542, Westmont, IL 60559. 630-985-2742.

FOR SALE- Variety of Vintage Photographica: photographs, early photography magazines, 8mm projectors and cameras, slides, and more. Phone 717-625-4310

OIL PAINTING by Richard George Hinchliffe, British, 1868-1942, 20x30 inches. Flapper era girl, nude, outdoors. $750. Phone 717-625-4310

MILITARY & SPORTING FIREARMS- all periods Wanted, Bucks Co. Collector will pay more for single items or collections. Call 215-340-9465 or email Will travel. OCEAN LINER MEMORABILIA china, glassware, silver, paper, souvenirs, posters or models. Cunard, French Line, White Star Line, Italian Line, etc. 607-625-3947 TIFFANY DESK PIECES, lamps, glass. Bill Holland 610-470-5925 or Renningers Sunday Antique Market, Booth A-53, Adamstown, PA 8am-1pm. email TOP DOLLARS PAID for Carbide Cap Lamps, oil wick/ lard lamps, blasting cap tins, scatter tags, carbide lamp parts and small mining artifacts needed in my collection. Larry Click 703-241-3748 or email

CASH FOR 78 RPM records! Send $2 (refundable) for illustrated booklet identifying collectible labels, numbers, actual prices paid. Docks, PO Box 780218, San Antonio, TX 78278-0218. GUITARS, VIOLINS, MANDOLINS, banjos, early brass & woodwinds. We buy, sell, & appraise. In business since 1974. Vintage Instruments, Philadelphia, 215-545-1100. HAMMOND ORGANS WANTED. Leslie speakers & console pianos. Pottstown, PA 610-495-5234 or Also Orlando, FL Area. MUSIC BOXES WANTED Buying and Selling Cylinder & Disc Music Boxes, Bird Cages, Bird Boxes, Phonographs, Automatas. Specializing in all Antique Resortation Services for over 60 years. Ask for Gerald Wright. Rita Ford Music Boxes, 1253 Springfield Ave. #304, New Providence, NJ 07974, 908-377-3225, 212-535-6717. MUSIC BOXES WANTED, highest prices paid. Gems to junkers- we buy, sell, repair. Chet Ramsay Antiques, 2460 Strasburg Road, Coatesville, PA 19320. 610-384-0514

AARON TO ZWILLING, Autographs to Uniforms, Vintage Baseball Items Wanted. Jim Murphy 610-623-8077 ADVANCED COLLECTOR PAYS Top Prices. Older Better. Toy Trains, Bats, Gloves, Uniforms, Trophies, Photo’s, Balls, All Sports, Philadelphia Athletics, Yankees, Ruth, Cobb, Cards, Whole Collections. Tom Kaczor, 267-243-2379. SPORTS CARDS AND other sports related items. Publications, pins, pennants, tickets, etc. Pre-1975. Philadelphia items especially wanted. Ellis, 158 Stratford Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19115, 215-934-5618.

FOR SALE: BOOK COLLECTION. Wide variety of subjects and dates, from mid-19th century to 1940’s. To be sold as a collection. Phone 717-625-4310

VINTAGE SHOWCASES, ELECTRIFIED 48’L frontloading, sliding glass doors, 7’ tall, ready for shop or collection, $2,800, Pottsville, 215-275-2365.

OLD TELEPHONES OVER 85 different 1892-1979. Payphones, woodwalls, candlestick, kits, Danish, parts, refurbishingwiring, character phones. Payphone History Book $29.95. Free Catalog. 608-582-4124.


TIRED OF EBAY? Sell your Sports Cards and Memorabilia to a Collector. Ken Domonkos 848-448-4709,

1800-1970 SELL YOUR ANTIQUE TOYS, TRAINS, SPACE TOYS & ROBOTS FOR THE HIGHEST PRICE! No one will pay you higher for Tin Toy Collections! 856-547-5521 ANTIQUE TOYS WANTED of every description. 1800’s-1950’s. One piece or collection. Write for free 3 page illustrated want list. Bruch, P.O. Box 121, Mountaintop, Pa 18707. Call toll-free 800-549-8697.

I BUY OLDER TOYS & TRAINS please call Marty 301-753-4959 11560 Magnolia Ct., Swan Pt. MD 20645 MATCHBOX CARS WANTED If you’re interested in selling your collection, call, fax or write, ask for- Larry, 830 Fulton Ave., Lansdale, PA 19446. 215-855-1962 or fax 215-368-9684. PURCHASING CLOSE-OUTS- Please call Barry McKeon Cell: 610-506-5961, or email:

SHEET MUSIC WANTED, any era. Sandy Marrone, 113 Oakwood Drive, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, 856-829-6104 E-mail WANTED OLD RADIOS, Tubes, Hi-Fi Equip., Amplifiers, Speakers, Ham Radios, Tube Testers & related items. Large and small collections. Call Rich 484-948-8044, Pottstown, PA.

MARBLE & GRANITE for tables, sculptures, bronzes, beveled edges, tomb stones, etc. Call Richard H. Bailey, Sculptor, 302-399-9777. Buy & Sell.

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SOLID MAHOGANY 1920’S Breakfront, very good cond., Doyles Auction Co. evaluation $900, must sell, resquesting only $300. Have 2 or 4 drawer metal cabinets $35 ea. 2 modern slide-out drawer cabinets only $50 ea. 732-449-6559.

1880 TO PRESENT MOVIE POSTERS, Highest Prices Paid for Lobby Cards, 1-Sheets, Window Cards, Glass Slides, Dwight Cleveland, PO Box 10922 Chicago, IL 60610-0922 Fax 773-525-2969, 773-525-9152,

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FOR SALE: Large Collection of Italian Pottery pieces. Plates, vases, souvenirs, etc. Want to sell as collection. Call for more information. 717-625-4310

Ext. 2561

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Christopher High Shearer was one of the Breininger family’s favorite artists and this particular painting is one of 8 in the sale. This oil on canvas landscape with mill is dated 1907 and measures 62 inches by 69 inches. Shearer was known for his large canvases (estimate $3,000 to $5,000).

Want To Know The Value Of Your Antiques? Ask Joe! See Page 9

Peter Derr brass and wrought iron kettle lamp, one of 15 examples by this metal worker whose family forge was located in Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, PA (estimate $3,000 to $6,000). Derr is best known for his many standing and hanging fat lamps fabricated with iron that he purchased from the nearby Charming Forge and copper and brass bought from Joseph L. Stichter in Reading.


24 - - Antiques & Auction News — November 4, 2011

Alderfer’s Autumn On-Site Sale Was A Bountiful Harvest Of Treasures On October 12th, 2011, the Alderfer Auction Company auctioned off the Estate of J. David Miller of Doylestown. In accordance with Mr. Miller’s last will and testament and with great insight, it was Mr. Miller’s wish to have his collection sold in Bucks County. Alderfer’s selected the Eagle Banquet Hall in New Hope, Pennsylvania, to hold the sale. Mr. Miller was an avid collector of Americana, frak-

Works, and the Mercer Museum. At the time of his death, he had a 1787 jointer plane (sold for $3,575 to the Mercer Museum) in the Winterthur exhibit “Paint, Pattern & People, Furniture of Southeastern Pennsylvania,” a Chippendale tall chest from the Ridge Family of Bucks County (sold for $11,000) on display at the Mercer Museum, and the painting

Monumental Pictorial Sampler.

award of merit with a mermaid that realized $10,450, a pictorial sampler and John Drissel writing box that each sold for $9,900, a John James Audubon barn owl that sold

John James Audubon Barn Owl.

istered bidders and over half a million dollars in sales. Alderfer Auction will also be selling Mr. Miller’s properties, his gorgeous 6 bedroom home in Doylestown,

David Kulp, attributed to, Hymnal Bookplate.

tur, needlework, folk art, Mercer and Moravian pottery, artwork, books, and period furniture especially pieces from Pennsylvania and Bucks County in particular. His collection was so exceptional that some of his pieces have been featured in museum exhibitions. This sale brought out family and friends of Mr. Miller as well

“Union Soldiers in Combat 1895” by William T. Trego (sold for $13,200) was a part of the “William T. Trego Catalogue Raisonne” at the Michener Museum. The Delaware Valley walnut lowboy with the Peter Trego family provenance went to a buyer in Florida with Bucks County roots and hammered down at $31,900. Based on the research Mr. Miller had on the families that owned the piece, the buyer believes it may have passed through a branch of their family. The

Delaware Valley Lowboy with Peter Trego family Provenance.

for $16,950, and a Chester County architectural corner cupboard that realized $15,820. Overall, it was an exciting and successful day. Alderfer’s saw over 400 reg-

Pennsylvania, and his rustic retreat in Pipersville, Pennsylvania, on November 2nd, 2011. Please contact Brent Souder and visit for more information.

Ridge Family Chippendale Tall Chest attributed to John Lear.

Mermaid Award of Merit.

as long-time collectors, prominent antique dealers and institutions such as the Mennonite Heritage Center, the Mercer & Moravian Tile

Mercer Frog Fountain Spout.

William T. Trego, Union Soldiers in Combat, 1895, Oil on canvas.

Ridge Family tall chest and the Trego painting also went to the buyer from Florida. The Mercer & Moravian Tile Works won many pieces for its museum including the very rare frog fountain spout that realized $1,921 and a Mercer tile-top table that hammered down at $1,356. Some other standouts Paint Decorated Writing Box were a David Kulp bookplate 1787 Jointer Plane from Tinicum Township, Bucks County, attributed to John Drissel. that realized $23,100, an Chester County, Pennsylvania, Architectural Corner Cupboard. Pennsylvania.

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