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VOL. 44, NO. 52 FRIDAY DECEMBER 27, 2013

Home For The Holidays: A Baby Boomer’s Christmas “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays, ’Cause no matter how far away you roam, When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze, For the holidays, you can’t beat home, sweet home!” “(There’s No Place Like) Home for the Holidays” Al Stillman & Robert Allen, 1954

By Donald-Brian Johnson

he turkey’s in the oven. The ornament-bedecked tree is knee-deep (at least) in brightly-wrapped packages. Festive stockings, stuffed with Santa’s bounty, overflow the mantel, and cascade to the hearth. On the stereo, Bing croons a carol. Glowing candles and twinkling lights bathe the room in holiday sparkle. And, each and every table, shelf, and ledge is filled with seasonal décor items. Coy ceramic angels and jolly spaghettiware Santas jostle for elbowroom with heirloom Nativity sets and light-up plastic carolers. There are soap-stencils on the windows. Mistletoe lies in wait over every doorway. Is there any doubt about the holiday in question? Of course not: it’s Christmas! “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Yes, it’s Christmas, as babyboomers like myself knew it in the 1950s and ‘60s, and Christmas as many still observe it today. Nostalgia never tugs more tightly than during the holiday season. It all begins just around


Thanksgivingtime, as we scrounge through basements and attics, closets and garages, in search of decorations stored oh-socarefully away last January. But memories are short, and the search seems endless. How on earth could we misplace a tree? (After all, it’s a tree!) And weren’t we going to put everything in one place last year? Or at least make a list? (Oh yes, we did make a list. But we packed it.) And there’s where we hid that last chocolate Easter egg no one could find. Hmmm. Not bad. As we unpack each box of cherished decorations, we also unpack a multitude of memories. The years melt away, as we unwrap and marvel over each “old friend.” There’s that Madonna with the broken halo. Remember when, in the excitement of opening a particularly longed-for present, a stray arm sent her flying from the coffee table? A little “Elmer’s” though, and she was “just as good as new” (or so Mom said). And, there’s the well-worn “Santa” hat. Dad always donned it when doling out presents, proclaiming the gift inscriptions with great gusto (“From Santa and the Missus”; “From Rudolph and the Elves”). The more anticipated the gift, the more drawn-out its presentation. Was that by chance? Probably not!

All these memories, and many more like them, form your own, your very special and specific, holiday heritage. And Christmas is the time to celebrate that heritage. . .those uniquely-yours family traditions. Christmas is the time to remember. “The Merriest Christmas Ever!” After World War II, “decorating for the holidays” became big business. Dad took care of the “outside work,” braving the elements to string colored lights along the eaves-troughs, then hoisting an unwieldy plywood Santa up to the roof, there to be safely tethered against the chimney. Mom’s domain was indoors, and there were plenty of homemaking magazines eager to help her dazzle with “the best Christmas ever.” Most augmented their regular issues with holiday edition “specials,” trumpeted as “The Most Memorable Christmas Issue Ever Produced!” and “The Most Famous Christmas Issue Of All!” Here are just a few of the topics featured in the December 1955 American Home: “Start With What You Have at Christmas” “‘Expensive’ Decorations From the Dime Store!” “No Space Too Small for Christmas Spirit” “A Christmas Crèche Is a Beautiful Custom” “The Fireplace That Says ‘Won’t You Stay?’” “Look - A Shiny Red Tree!” “Verily, Merrily, Our Christmas Tables” “Christmas With a Country Flavor” “This Christmas Will Be Different!” After being worn to a Christmassy decorating frazzle, Mom could then move on to

“A Child Is Born to Us”: the Nativity, captured in clay by Minnesota artist Jean Strange. $400-$500.

American Home’s baking and doit-yourself projects. Among them: “Christmas Cookies with Your Own Hands;” “Make a Merry Mouse Doorman;” “Create a Ladyapple Wreath;” “Work Magic With Gold Paper;” and “Knit a Sock of Christmas Cheer.” Outside, up on the roof, Dad had an easier time of it. American Home only threw one decorating tip his way: “How Does Your Driveway Glow? Try Light-Reflective Lawn Decorations!” “Deck The Halls” Although the magazine hints were multitudinous, the basic

Milk glass hobnail epergne, decked out with a wreath ring and plastic candy canes. 10-by-11 inches, $200$250.

elements of holiday décor varied little over the years. Among the baby-boomer perennials: The Tree. According to legend, the Christmas tree was a Martin Luther brainstorm. Sparkling stars, seen through the limbs of a forest fir, prompted Luther to place candles on the branches of a tree at his own home, recapturing the starry effect. For baby-boomers, three treetypes of the 1950s and ‘60s elicit warm feelings: • Traditional Towering Green. Limbs laden with tinsel, dripping (Continued on page 2)

Gurley candle carolers, 6 inches tall. $10-$15/pr.

“Noel” quartet. Japan, tallest piece 4-1/4 inches high, $40-$50/set.

Plastic snowman light (7-1/2 inches Ornament-bedecked glass tree, Six-piece ceramic caroler set, marked high, $15-$20), and ceramic snowwatched over by a snowman. 8-1/2 “Briggs-Holland Mold.” Tallest sec- men salt-and-peppers (Japan, 3 What might have been inside those brightly wrapped packages: a selection inches high, $50-$75. inches high, $10-$15/pr). of must-haves from the Toy Guidance Council catalog, 1950. tion, 10 inches high. $75-$100.

2 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013

Home For The Holidays or realistically tree-like. But, under a rotating color wheel, it looked terrific! The Lights. In 1917, Albert Sadacca, (15 at the time), invented the “safety Christmas light,” prompted by a candlelit tree tragedy in New York. Albert’s invention became the cornerstone of the NOMA Electric Company, the world’s largest supplier of holiday lighting. Another baby boomer favorite: “bubble lights,” tubes of fluid attached to globular plastic lighted bases. Introduced just after World War II, “bubblers” have fallen in and out of favor, (early tubes sometimes leaked, or refused to produce bubbles), but less troubleprone modern versions have enjoyed a resurgence. The Holly, The Ivy, & All That Other Green Stuff. In medieval Europe, cold and wintry Christmas weather was the norm, just right for the unfriendly spirits rumored to prowl the countryside. But,

Let the unwrapping begin! It’s Christmas morning, and finally time to open the presents! Reynolds Aluminum ad, early 1960s.

A baby boomer pair eagerly await Christmas Eve. The author and his sister, 1950s.

holiday knick-knacks remain extremely affordable, primarily because they were produced in such vast quantities. After the restrictions of World War II were eased, decorative Christmas items by such importers as Lefton, Napco, and Enesco flooded the market. Like individual sparkling “Stained glass” Nativity set, five piece. Tallest section 5-1/2 inchsnowflakes, they recapture-at es high, $15-$20. least for a moment-the nostalgic appeal of a more innocent time. “Home for the holidays.” It means something different to each of us. For a baby™ Cut glass serving dish, brimming with holiday greenery. 12 inch- boomer like myself, “home es long, $150-$175. for the holidays” means

DonaldBrian Johnson is the co-author of numerous Schiffer books on design and collectibles, including “Postwar Pop: Memorabilia of the MidTwentieth Century.” He’ll be home for Christmas, in Chatfield, Minn. Please address inquiries (or holiday greetings) to:

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Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, The Museum of American Glass, located at 230 Main Ave. in Weston, W. Va., has published “A Glass Lover’s Cookbook” that is just right for the glass lovers and food lovers on your gift list. This unique and attractive spiral-bound cookbook measures 6 by 9 inches and has 295 pages and over 240 recipes contributed by the museum’s friends from across the United States and Canada. The book

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has full-color illustrations of over 100 pieces of glassware from the museum’s collection. Each of the 12 sections is introduced with a relevant color photo. For example: a pitcher and tumbler for the breakfast and brunch recipes, a centerhandled server for the appetizer recipes, a covered butter for the bread recipes, a place setting for the entrée recipes, and a divided relish for the condiments and sauce recipes. To learn more, call 304-269-5006 or visit


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“where the memories are.” Good ones. I hope yours are, too. Merry Christmas!

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with ornaments and ungainly colored NOMA bulbs, were the hallmarks of the ‘50s “green tree.” Artificial trees were first introduced in 1950 by the Addis Company. Their other best-seller: toilet brushes. • Flocked. A staple of the 1960s, the intended overall effect of a snow-covered tree in the moonlight was enhanced by hundreds of tiny twinkle lights peeping through artificial snow. White flocking was the norm, but eerily phosphorescent blue trees and Pepto-Bismol pink trees also had their fans. For the especially ambitious, home flocking kits were available. • Aluminum. The silvery aluminum tree with its pompom branches came with built-in disadvantages. It couldn’t tolerate electric bulbs and wouldn’t hold many ornaments. The aluminum tree was more a modern-age “idea” of a tree, rather than anything remotely Mexico, Joel R. Poinsett. Like flocked trees, poinsettias came in an assortment of colors, from ivory and blue, to multi-hued and glitterenhanced. But, for the true baby boomer, a poinsettia is, and always will be, red. The Knick-Knacks. Who knew there could be so many variations on a theme? After all, over the years the cast of holiday characters has remained fairly constant. There’s the Holy Family (with, of course, accompanying angels, Wise Men, shepChristmas Eve, and the carol- herds, and livestock). Santa. ers are in full voice. This Day Mrs. Santa. The elves and the cover, December, 1953. $5-$10. reindeer There are choruses of carolers, from Dickensyno matter how bitter the tem- elegant, to winsome, scarfperature, holly stayed green bundled urchins. Mix in such year-round. Could it be relative Johnny-come-latelies magic? Well, just in case, it as the Grinch, Frosty, never hurt to “deck the halls” Rudolph, the Little Drummer by placing a few holly boughs Boy, and the “Charlie Brown” over the front door to keep the gang in full holiday mode, banshees at bay. and the seasonal circle is As for all those wreaths, complete. garlands, and other indoor But oh, the variety! greenery? They served as During the 1950s and ‘60s, natural air fresheners during the interpretations of this gloomy winter days before standard cast of characters the age of Glade. were seemingly endless. They The Poinsettia. were featured on holiday Impossible to spell correctly, candy dishes. Holiday ash these richly colorful plants trays. Holiday tea towels and have been equally impossible drinking glasses, cookie to miss, from 1950s plates, salt-and-peppers, and Christmases right up to the candleholders. The Nativity present. They’re named after was re-envisioned by artisans the man who, in 1828, intro- as diverse as Lladro ceramists duced them to the United and Zulu tribesmen. States: Ambassador to Today, baby boomer

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Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013 - - 3

SHOPS & CENTERS Collector Anecdotes And Antics name at least four television shows that I will watch this week alone on the subject of antiques and collectibles (“American Pickers,� “Antiques Roadshow,� “Pawn Stars,� and “Toy Hunter�). Whether or not I agree with how these shows portray the monetary fascination of the objects shown does not matter. What does matter is that never before in the history of the trade have younger generations been so passionate about the future of the antiques and collectibles market. I consider shows like “Toy Hunter� and “Pawn Stars� to be a representation of this trend. Furthermore, I came of age at a time when the Internet was just beginning to transform not only the way we buy and sell the objects we hold so dear, but also how we choose to interact with fellow collectors and enthusiasts alike. I graduated high school in 1995, which is the same year a

“Where the Past is Always Presentâ€? 2524 SR 29 South, Monroe Twp., PA 18657 Buying • Selling • Wholesale • Retail Furniture • Toys • Advertising Glassware & More!


(717) 473-3261

Located 5 Miles East Of Hershey At The Intersection Of Route 322 & 117 On The Corner In Campbelltown

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Tues. & Thurs. 9-5, Wed., Fri. & Sat. 9-3, Sun. & Mon. By Chance or Appointment

Open Sundays 12 Noon-5 P.M. Through December

to write about topics like speculation versus investing, the mindset of younger collectors and why they matter, what may become collectible in the near future and why, and a look at the state of the market as a result of the influence my generation has on the market overall. I will also take the time to talk about myself in greater detail and my experiences within the trade that allow me to connect with so many fellow enthusiasts. Until that time, I thank you for reading!

Regular Hours: Thurs.-Mon. 10-5 Summer Hours: June, July, August: Open Seven Days A Week 10-5

THE MILL PROPERTY ANTIQUES After Christmas Storewide Super Sale! Dec. 26–31

Things of Old Antiques & Collectibles

Bob Minotti - Phone 570-417-0144 E-mail -

unique startup company called AuctionWeb graced our computer screens and allowed my generation to buy anything from vintage Atari 2600 video games to rare PEZ dispensers and hard-to-find action figures at 3:30 in the morning while wearing our favorite superhero-themed pajamas. Today, you know this company as eBay; whether you love it or feel it is an unnecessary evil within the trade, no one can deny its impact on the way we buy and sell. In future columns, I plan

Over 50 Dealers Featuring... Primitives • Glassware • Jewelry • Pottery • Furniture Music Memorabilia • Milk Bottles • Coins • Sports Cards Postcards • Comic Books • Dealer Supplies • Vintage Clothing


Welcome to Collector Anecdotes and Antics! This is my very first column for Antiques and Auction News, and I want to take some time to thank the editor, Karl Pass, for giving me an opportunity to write for this fine publication. This is a very special column for me, and one that I feel very passionate about. It

the vital experiences and viewpoints shared from those post-baby boomer generations who will carry on the trade long after the current generations are gone. One of my primary goals for writing this column is to bridge the gap between past and present generations by defining what and how younger generations collect, why we buy, and how we view the overall market. Analyzing the collecting habits and influences from my generation is the key to understanding, not only where the overall market is headed, but also why and what we choose to collect. This in turn will greatly help other generations learn what items appeal to us most and also understand the pseudoscience and reasoning behind why we choose to buy certain objects instead of others. (Note: it isn’t always because of passion or nostalgia.) As I write this column, I can easily


By Shawn Surmick

is my sincere hope that readers will enjoy this column just as much as I enjoy writing it. At first glance, this may seem like just another ongoing column about the state of the antiques and collectibles trade, but I assure you that it is not. When I first approached Karl about doing this project, I emphasized that this column would be about my experiences within the trade, as viewed from the perspective of what most historical pundits would consider to be a by-product of the post-baby boom generation commonly known as Generation X. At 37 years of age, I am part of the generation that embraced the digital age, helped define the term e-commerce, and made Nintendo a household name. In my opinion, one of the most important influential aspects missing from most publications focused on antiques and collectibles is


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4 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013

J. Levine’s New Year’s Day Auction Features Controversial Feininger Painting, Orientalia, And More



Antiques. Collectibles. Coins. Jewelry. Glassware. Consignment Furniture. Candles. Baskets. Wrought Iron. Decorations. Etc. HOURS: 9AM TO 5PM 3625 – 3653 Lincoln Way East Fayetteville, PA 17222

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J. Levine Auction & Appraisal is gearing up for its 5th Annual New Year’s Day Auction. A highlight includes a controversial painting by Lyonel Feininger that Josh Levine, owner and auctioneer, said could go for $10,000 or $10 million. The painting, “Untitled: Figures in the Street,� has been debated among art experts as to whether it is real or fake.



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For the fifth consecutive year, J. Levine Auction & Appraisal is hosting its popular New Year’s Day auction. Doors open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 1, with bidding starting at 11 a.m. The public is also invited to preview items from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 31. J. Levine Auction & Appraisal is located at 10345 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale, Ariz., (southeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Shea Blvd.). “We’re featuring the ‘best of the best’ with a focus on fine art, bronzes and sculpture, Orientalia, estate jewelry, 18thcentury silver, and more from affluent estates throughout Arizona. Many are high profile, museum-quality offerings you would not expect to see in Arizona. It’s truly a rare opportunity to attain fine items like these on the open market,� said Josh Levine, owner of J. Levine Auction & Appraisal. Items expected to cause a bidding frenzy include a controversial painting by Lyonel Feininger that Levine said could go for $10,000 or $10 million. The painting, “Untitled: Figures in the Street,� has been debated among art experts as to whether it is real or fake. Levine went to great lengths to prove its authenticity and while the jury is still out regarding its value, the highest bidder will receive all of his research documents. Other items include a signed copy of the Gadsden Purchase (estimated value between $15,000 and $20,000); a rare amethyst and diamond cross dating to the late 18th century, and passed down purportedly by descendants of the Austrian Royal Habsburg family (valued between $10,000 and $20,000); a Chinese spinach jade marriage bowl dating to the late 19th or early 20th century (valued between $8,000 and $12,000); and more. Live online bidding will be conducted through or


Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013 - - 5

Frazer Antiques Attention The Best Kept Secret On The Main Line Advertisers! ISSUE DEADLINE:

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Open Mon.-Fri. 10AM-4PM, Sat. 10AM-5PM & Sun. 12-5PM

Exit #82 Garden St. Parkway Rt. #37 East


First Light right 1/2 mile on Main St. Dealer Business Welcomed



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Join us this weekend for great specials and refreshments

Located At The “Crossroads” Of Rts. 743 And 322 825 Cocoa Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033



Walter Baum, Winter Snow, oil on panel, 6 x 9 inches

Antiques • Furniture • Art • Jewelry • Collectibles since 1974

We’ve Moved! Visit our new location in

HISTORIC GARNET VALLEY, Pennsylvania (formerly Boothwyn) We purchase single items or entire estates.

Abstract • Ashcan School • Brandywine School California Impressionists • Cape Ann • Florida Scenes Genre Scenes • Hudson River Valley Modernists • New England Painters Newport, Rhode Island Painters • Pennsylvania Impressionists Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Philadelphia Ten • Revolutionary War Scenes • Western

Over 125 Friendly Dealers inside a 100-year old machine shop in Downtown Stroudsburg IN NOW R Dealer Space Available OU AR


Quality European works are of interest, as well

Hrs.: M-F 12-5; Sat. & Sun. 10-5


62 North Third Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Investment is a Fine Art™


68 S. Main St., Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 348.2500 / Wed. through Sat. 10 - 6, Sun. 12 - 6, and by appointment



ARDMART ANTIQUES 1102 Naamans Creek Road, Garnet Valley, PA 19060 610-558-4411 • 610-789-6622 Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Ardmart Antiques is a multi-dealer market with shops & showcases



I-80 Exit 307 to Main St. to Third Street. Convenient off street parking.



& Lodging Directory


6 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013


All ads in guide are listed in zip code sequence within each state. All other ads have zip codes. To ďŹ nd out where advertisers are located, check the ďŹ rst three digits of the zip code against the locator list below. The ďŹ rst three digits tell you which part of each state the advertiser is located in. (We suggest you circle in advance the advertisers you plan to visit. Then locate and mark the towns on your driving map). CONNECTICUT 060-1-2 Central & Northeastern 063 Southeastern 064-9 Southwestern

19711 Newark 302-454-8007 AUNT MARGARET’S ANTIQUE MALL 294 E. Main St. Mon- Sat. 10-5, Sun 12-5. 2 floors. Antiques, collectibles, primitives, much more. 19711 Newark 302-733-7677 MAIN STREET ANTIQUES, 23 Liberty Plaza. Hrs. Mon-Sat. 10-8, Sun. 11:305:30 Over 45 Showcase & Room Dealers selling quality antiques/ collectibles. 19809 N. Wilmington 302-792-0555 THE ZEPPELIN & THE UNICORN AT THE RED BARN, 400 Silverside Road, Sun., Mon., Wed. 12-5, Closed Tues., Thurs. thru Sat. 10-6. Antiques, unique items. 19933 Bridgeville 302-337-3137 ART’S ANTIQUE ALLEY, Rt. 13 South. 60 dealers. Open 7 days 9am-6pm. 20,000 sq.ft. Collectibles. A/C, restrooms, snacks 19958 Lewes 302-645-2309 HERITAGE ANTIQUE MARKET, 16168 Coastal Hwy. (RT1), 2mi. N. of Five Points, Lewes. Roseville pottery, furniture, books, dolls, china, glass, jewelry, art & more from 58 dealers! Always looking for new Dealers in the Beach Resort. 11-5 daily.

DELAWARE 197-8 Northern 199 Southern D.C. 200-205

MARYLAND 215 & 217 Western 210-12 Northern 214 & 206 Southern 216-218-219 Northeastern

07874 Stanhope 973-347-7373 BLUE HERON ANTIQUES, 34 Main St. Roseville Pottery, Perfumes, Art Glass, Lamps, Jewelry, Paper Weights, Watches, Clocks. CLEARANCE SALE. Open Wed.- Sun. 10-6. Tues. by chance.

08037 Hammonton 609-567-1889 ANTIQUE MARKETPLACE of Downtown Hammonton, 109 12th St. Tues-Sat. 10-6, Sun. 11-5. 15,000sq.ft full of antiques, collectibles, used furniture.

21157 Westminster 410-857-4044 WESTMINISTER ANTIQUE MALL 433 Hahn Rd 25,000 s.f., furn., military, toys, silver, coins, comics, glassware. Generally open 7 days/ week Mon. - Sat. 10-6; Sun. 12-6.

07901 Summit 908-273-9373 SUMMIT ANTIQUES CENTER, 511 Morris Ave. 2 floors, 60+ dealers. Antiques, collectibles. Smalls to furniture. Open 7 days 11-5. Free parking.

08525 Hopewell 609-466-9833 TOMATO FACTORY ANTIQUE & DESIGN CENTER 2 Somerset St. We Have It All! Open Mon. thru Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. We have 38 Dealers.

21901 North East 410-287-8318 5 & 10 ANTIQUE MARKET, 115 S. Main St. Daily 10am-6pm. Cecil County’s largest! Buying/ selling antiques & collectibles. Gourmet chocolates.

07930 Chester 908-879-7836 CHESTER ANTIQUE MALL, 30+ Dlrs, no reproductions. 427 Rt.510 (old RT24) between Mendham & Chester, Tues -Sat 10:30-5:00, Sun. 11:30-5:00. Furniture, primitives, glass, jewelry, art, etc.

21921 Elkton 410-398-0954 IRON BRIDGE FARM, 2953 Appleton Rd. Antiques and collectibles. Three full floors. Seven days week, 10-5. Rush & cane chairs. Mins. from I-95 near Fair Hill area.

08005 Barnegat 609-698-3020 BAY AVENUE ANTIQUES 349 S. Main (Route 9). Open Tues.-Sun. 10am-5pm. Book Seller: New Jersey Books, Maps, Prints, Civil War, Baseball, Chess, Cookbooks, Non-fiction, Titanic, Postcards.

08530 Lambertville 215-300-1058 BIBLIOTHEQUE Shop #110 - Golden Nugget Antique Market, 1850 River Rd. Vintage and Antique Cameras, Rare and Out-of-print Photobooks, Cookbooks, Pens. Open Wed, Sat. and Sun 8am3pm Visit/ Like us at

07701 Red Bank 732-842-5400 RIVERBANK ANTIQUES 169 W. Front St. located in antique district of Red Bank. Open Mon. thru Sunday 11am5pm. Like us on FACEBOOK.

08006 Barnegat Light 609-361-8039 THE SEAWIFE, 1901 Bayview Ave. at Viking Village. Country primitive antique furniture, quilts, folk art, architecturals & garden. Open Fri.-Sun. 08033 Haddonfield 856-429-1929 HADDONFIELD ANTIQUES CENTER, 9 Kings Highway East. Multi-dealer co-op, Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4. Antiques, collectibles, vintage merchandise, art, books, brass, copper, furniture, glassware, jewelry, pottery, silver, toys, etc.


110 Dealers

• Open Daily 10-5, Sun. 11-5



Antiques & Collectibles


istoric urlington Antiques and Art Emporium

Furniture Art & Prints Advertising • Textiles      Records • Pottery • Civil War Items

424 High Street Burlington City, NJ 08016

609.747.8333 open 7 days 609.747.8333 11 am to 5 pm open 7 days 11 am to 5 pm

65 antiques dealers 65 antiques dealers 65 14 antiques 000 ftdealers 14,000 14,000sq. sq.ft. ft. 55min. min.from fromNJ/PA NJ/PATpks. Tpks. free freeparking parking MasterCard MasterCard/ /Visa Visa voted votedBurlington’s Burlington’sBest Best

301-662-9173 5862 Urbana Pike (Rt. 355 So.) Frederick, MD


D ay S pend the D S with U s.

A Fun Place To Shop For Over 20 Years!

Antique Emporium of Asbury Park Open Daily 10-6 “Late� Thursdays ‘til 8 pm



Hopewell, NJ 08525




OVER 15,000 SQUARE FEET OF DEALER SPACE! 35,000 Sq. Ft. Over 130 Booths


Everything From Antiques To Collectibles

6 46 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Just minutes from Exit 102, Garden State Parkway

(301) 447-6471


Open Daily 10-5 P.M. 1 Chesapeake Ave.

MON - SAT. 11 TO 5, SUN 12-5



(Off Main St.)

Emmitsburg, MD


Antique and art dealers of fine European and American furniture, art, bronzes, statuary, porcelain, glass, china, silver, primitives, jewelry, clocks, decorative items, linens, collectibles, and much more!

16801 State College 814-238-2980 APPLE HILL ANTIQUES, Rt. 26N to 169 Gerald Street. Distinctive antiques in a gallery setting. Over 60 dealers. Open daily 10 to 6. Wide variety.

VIRGINIA 220-229 Northern 230-239 Southern 240-246 Southwestern

WEST VIRGINIA 254 Northeastern 260-268 Northern 247-259 Southeastern

17225 Greencastle 717-593-9990 THE SHOP 144 E. Baltimore St. 1/2 mi. off I-81 Exit 5. Antiques, Collectibles & Decorative accessories. Open Wed. thru Fri. 10-5, Sat. 10-4. 18080 Slatington 610-767-8400 BUS STOP INDOOR FLEA MARKET 8281 RT 873, every Fri., Sat., Sun. 9am5pm. Crafts, Antiques, & Flea Market items. Former Keystone Lamp Factory. New vendors welcomed. 18251 Sybertsville 570-788-1275 HAL’S ANTIQUE FLEA MARKET, 732 State Rte. 93, Exit 256 off I-80, take 93 S. or Exit 145 off I-81, take 93 N. Sundays 9am-4pm. 18337 Milford 570-409-8636 OLD LUMBERYARD ANTIQUES 113 7th St. 2 large Multi-Dealer Shops, 10,000 sq. ft. Mon., Thur-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. 18930 Kintnersville 610-847-1966 GRISTIES ANTIQUES AND ODDITIES, Rt. 611 near Rt. 32. 30 Dealers. Smalls and primitives to fine furniture. Open every day 11-5. Free parking. 18940 Wrightstown 215-598-8837 NOSTALGIC NOOK, Rt413, Carousel Village at Indian Walk. New lg. bldg. China, Stangl, Pennsbury Pottery, Glass-Cut & Pressed, Silver, Primitives, Furniture, Lamps. M-Sa 10:30-5:30. Sun 11-5. 18944 Perkasie 215-257-3564 TREASURE TROVE, 6 S. 7th Street. Estate jewelry, furniture, linens, vintage clothing, glass, china, books, toys, kitchenware, advertising, postcards. Primitives to Deco. Dealers Welcome. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. Since “1980� 18947 Pipersville 215-766-7145 BUX-MONT CONSIGNMENT SHOPPE 6719 Easton Rd. Over 75 vendors with Antiques, Collectibles & Consignments. Ladies & Gentlemen something for everyone. Open Daily 9-5 closed Tues. and Wed.

18951 Quakertown 215-536-4547 ANTIQUES AT 200 EAST, Rts 212 & 313. Multi-DLR shop; EAST BROAD ANTIQUES, 141 E. Broad St. 215-5364408. One Stop 2 Fantastic Stores. Shop Where Dealers Buy! Open 7 days. 18962 Silverdale 215-453-1414 THE FACTORY ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES, 130 West Main St, Rt 113, Bucks County. Featuring over 40 fine Buck’s County Dealers. Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10am to 5pm. 19355 Frazer 610-651-8299 FRAZER ANTIQUES. -Best kept secret on Phila. Main Line- Open daily 10am5pm. 2 mi east of Rte 202 on Rt. 30.

AT T E N T I O N Shouldn’t your SHOP or B&B be listed in this guide?

CALL 1-800-428-4211, ext. 2561 or

717-653-9848 Monday- Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

FAX 717-492-2566 24 hours a day Your ad will be processed on the next business day

E-MAIL Submit your ad to us at Deadline: Wednesday 4:00pm for Fridays edition

More Than 2,200 Coins Ready For Heritage’s NYINC Auction

In Frederick, Md.

38 Dealers 2 Somerset Street

16686 Tyrone 814-684-5088 I-99 ANTIQUES, conveniently located off the Tyrone Exit of Interstate 99, 1222 Pennsylvania Avenue. Quality antiques & collectibles. 40 dealers. Open Daily 10-5, Sun 12-5. Dealers welcome.

17062 Millerstown 717-589-7810 STITCH IN TIME ANTIQUE & GIFT MALL 43 N. Market St. Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Quality Handmade Crafts & Gifts. Open 7 days 10-5, Fri. til 8. Millerstown exit off RT322.



16159 W. Middlesex 724-528-2490 ANTIQUE AND FLEA MARKET OF WEST MIDDLESEX RT18 S. Open Wed. thru Sun. 9am-5pm. Monthly Auctions.

17025 West Fairview 717-732-7680 WE DABBLE, 73 2nd St. (on Rt 11-15) Buying Antiques/ Vintage Marble Collections.

07801 Dover 973-989-4470 DOVER ANTIQUE CENTER Corner of Warren & Bassett. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, toys, glass, books, records, clocks, art, trains, coins W 11-7, Fri., Sat. and Su 11-5.

21028 Churchville 410-734-6228 YE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, Route 22 & Aldino Rd. Minutes from I-95. Oak furniture, advertising, toys, militaria, glassware, general line. Hrs daily 10-4


020-027 Southeastern NEW JERSEY 070-079 Northern 085-089 Central 080-084 Southern

21078 Havre de Grace 410-942-0701 SENECA CANNERY ANTIQUES, 201 St. John St... Largest Mall in Havre de Grace with 50+ quality dealers. Open 7 days, M-S 10-5, S 11-5. Wide Selection of antiques & collectibles.

07701 Red Bank 732-224-0033 MONMOUTH ST. EMPORIUM, 27 Monmouth St., Voted Best Antique Store in Monmouth Co., Multi-Dlr 5,000 s.f. shop. Open 7 days/ wk. Space available.

20758 Friendship 410-286-5932 FRIENDSHIP ANTIQUES 3 W. Friendship Rd. In an 1806 Parsonage offering a wide range of Antiques, Art, Jewelry, Glassware, Collectibles, Fossils and Minerals. Thurs.-Sun. 11-5.

and Eastern Shore 207-8-9 GreaterD.C. MASSACHUSETTS 010-016 Western& Central 017-019 Northeastern

PENNSYLVANIA 190-1 Philadelphia 189-196 Southeastern 100-109 Metropolitan 180-188 Northeastern 110-119 Metropolitan 170-171 Central NEW YORK & Long Island 172-179 South Central 140-149 Western OHIO 166-169 North Central 130-139 Central 120-129 Northeastern 437 & 455 East Central 160-165 Northwestern 441 East North 150-158 Southwestern & Eastern Central

Six valuable and diverse world coin collections will all be vying for primacy in Heritage Auctions’ World and Ancient Coin Signature Auction, taking place at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan, in conjunction with the New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) on Sunday and Monday, Jan. 5 and 6, 2014. “This is as striking and varied an auction as I can remember,� said Cristiano Bierrenbach, vice president at Heritage Auctions. “It’s a perfect storm of collections that, taken together, represent some of the very best international and ancient coins in existence.� The RLM Collection, Part III - of Brazilian Gold - is the third and final part of Dr. Roberto Monteiro’s impressive Brazilian coin cabinet, presented in its own section under Brazilian coins. Part III of the collection spans the Empire to Republic period of Brazil, covering 100 years of Brazilian history. A classic rarity, the 1822 Coronation 6400 Reis of Pedro I kicks off the collection and a 1922 10000 Reis, of which only six were minted, closes it. The Hans Cook Collection of British Gold, beginning with Edward III (1327-1377) and ending at George VI (1937), represents every monarch of the

600-year span (as well as the Cromwell and Commonwealth issues). The collection illustrates the history of British coinage in gold. “This is an incredible accomplishment,� said Warren Tucker, vice president of Heritage. “Many of the coins represent the finest known of their type, with several other rare varieties that will entice collectors of British numismatics worldwide.� The Isaac Rudman Collection of Guatemala is one the finest grouping of Guatemalan rarities to ever be sold at auction. Rudman’s set surpasses legendary collections such as Norweb and Eliasberg. While many pieces in the collection are only known to exist in quantities numbering less than 10, perhaps most notable is the 1824 8 Escudos issued under the Central American Republic. “The Hammel/Rudman 8 Escudos of 1824 is a masterpiece of numismatic art and widely regarded as the most beautiful coin of Latin America,� said Bierrenbach. “The combination of the design and condition makes this a legendary piece.� Canadian coin collectors are abuzz over the offering of

The MacLeod Collection of Canadian Dollars, the finest collection of Specimen, Proof and Prooflike Dollars ever assembled. Many examples qualify as the finest known for their respective dates, such as the key 1947 George VI Specimen Dollar, Blunt 7 graded Specimen 68 by PCGS. Rarities from more than 20 countries populate the impressive Collection of Donald E. Bently, being sold for the benefit of The Bently Foundation. This offering is a small piece of the Bently Collection, which is one of the largest collection ever consigned to Heritage. Collected by type, highlights include multiple ducats of Poland and Transylvania as well as a simply remarkable British 1701 “Fine Work� 5 Guineas, graded MS64, a certain candidate for the finest known of its kind. The Formosa Collection is a painstakingly assembled grouping, which took more than three decades to put together and is hotly anticipated by type collectors. Business strikes, proofs and pattern coinage of all metals make this diverse trip through numismatics. With many highlights to its credit, a particular noteworthy item is a unique 1862 Indian silver type set in gold. The set, once in the collection of King Farouk of (Continued on page 7)


Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013 - - 7

SHOWS & MARKETS Locati Auctions of Maple Glen, Pa., held two online auctions in the month of November. The first was a general estates and collections sale, which ran from Nov. 4 through 18. The other was “All About Cats: The Collection of Gertrude Zeehandelaar, Foujita, Tsuguharu, 1886-1968 “A Original movie poster for Stan Laurel in “Oranges and Pt. 3” which featured Book of Cats.” Realized: $55,000. Lemons.” Realized: $1,400. over 1,000 cat-oriented rare books. Co-owner Michael Locati commented, “We always enjoy putting together our eclectic monthOrientalist school, 19th century, ly auctions, but specialty oil on panel. Realized: $3,900. sales from good collections are a real treat to produce.” Although bidding takes place exclusively online, Chinese Qing Dynasty rhinocLocati auctions have eros horn libation cup. monthly previews in their Realized: $22,000. 6,000-square-foot restored stone barn. “We encourage

“The Cat Inside” by William Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) S. Burroughs, with drawings Chief of the Desert, silver by Brion Gysin. gelatin border print. Realized: Realized: $700. $2,500.

$2,200, and a damaged Qing Dynasty libation cup Two 19th-century versions of original movie poster for “Oranges and Lemons” and realized $22,000. “A Book “Les Chats.” Realized: $850.

ANTIQUE SHOW & FLEA MARKET CALENDAR GEORGIA 01/09-12/14, ATLANTA, THURS 12:45 PM-6 PM FRI & SAT 9 AM-6 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo Center 02/06-09/14, ATLANTA, THURS 12:45-6 PM FRI & SAT 9 AM-6 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo Center

02/02/14, WAYNE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, N Cove Rd, Wayne PAL Indoor OHIO 01/18-19/14, COLUMBUS, SAT 9 AM-6 PM SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Antique Market, Ohio Expo Center PENNSYLVANIA

MARYLAND 12/29/13, TIMONIUM, SUN 9 AM-4 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, Off of I-83, Maryland State Fairgrounds

01/04/14, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antique & Vintage Flea Market, 9th & Spring Garden, Spring Garden former Fed-Ex Warehouse

MAINE 01/01/14, AUGUSTA, WED 10 AM-3 PM, Antiques, 179 Western Ave, Augusta Amory

01/17-18/14, YARDLEY, FRI 11 AM-6 PM SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques, 64 S Main St, Yardley Community Centre

NEW HAMPSHIRE 01/01/14, PORTSMOUTH, WED 10 AM-3 PM, Antiques, Rt 1 Bypass, The Frank Jones Center

01/18/14, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antique & Vintage Flea Market, 9th & Spring Garden, Spring Garden formerly Fed-Ex Warehouse

NEW JERSEY 01/04-05/14, WHIPPANY, SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antiques, 111 N Jefferson Rd, Birchwood Manor 01/05/14, WAYNE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, N Cove Rd, Wayne PAL Indoor 01/19/14, WAYNE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antiques & Collectibles, N Cove Rd, Wayne PAL Indoor

Heritage (Continued from page 6)

Egypt, must be considered one of the true treasures of Indian numismatics and is certainly one of the most compelling coins in the entire sale. The ancients section features a number of high-quality and rare items that are certain to draw considerable collector attention. One of the highlights of the

02/01/14, PHILADELPHIA, SAT 8 AM-4 PM, Antique & Vintage Flea Market, 9th & Spring Garden, Spring Garden former Fed-Ex Warehouse 1/31-2/2/14, YORK, FRI & SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antiques, 334 Carlisle Ave, York Fairgrounds Convention & Expo Ctr Memorial Hall East

entire auction is a gold solidus of the short-lived Western Roman Emperor Priscus Attalus. “Coins of Attalus are very rare,” said David Michael, director of Ancient Coins at Heritage, “but this particular type is one of only two known, and the only one in private hands. The other specimen is in the French national collection.” For further information, visit

Early Owego Antique Center Underwrites Screening Of “The General” The Early Owego Antique Center is pleased to announce it is underwriting the Broome Theater Organ Society’s presentation of the silent film classic “The General.” Produced in 1926 and starring Buster Keaton in one of his most strenuous and comedic roles, “The General” was the most expensive film made at the time. It cost roughly $750,000 to make the film, and it was loosely based on the famous Civil War locomotive chase, which included an actual steam locomotive and cars that plunged off a bridge. The film will be shown on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 29, at 2 p.m. at the Forum Theater in Binghamton, N.Y. Adding to the excitement on the screen will be the authentic accompaniment of master theater organist Jim Ford, playing on the Forum’s 1926 Robert Morton 24-rank theater pipe organ.

Join the fun this holiday season and take advantage of this opportunity to experience “The General” on the big screen. With a live theater organ providing the sound effects and highlighting the emotions and comedy onscreen as only a huge and mighty instrument can, the event will be a treat for young and old alike. The Broome Theater Organ Society is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and presenting the Theater Organs of the Southern Tier of New York State. The Early Owego Antique Center is a multi-dealer antique extravaganza hosting over 80 dealers on 21,000 sq. ft. of clean and well lit space in the heart of downtown Owego, N.Y. For more information, visit www.earlyowego, or to buy tickets, visit www.bingham

As the upcoming 75th anniversary of the film “The Wizard of Oz” approaches, Alderfer Auction and Appraisal Company of Hatfield, Pa., held their fall doll auction titled “Traveling Abroad Part II” on Nov. 6. In the auction was the second half of a private collection of “Wizard of Oz” items from well-known Pennsylvania collectors. The couple retired and relocated out West to be near their children. Of special note from this sale were two particular lots. The first was a 17-inch unmarked 1939 cloth mask face “Scarecrow” doll (attributed to the Ideal Toy Co.) with The scarecrow toy doll from a pre-estimate of $500-$600. It 1939, the year “The Wizard of Oz” was released, sold for sold for $1,074. A $1,074 (est. $500-$600). 13-inch tagged plush “The Lion” Snow, and John R. doll made by M. Neill. There were a Hardy of New variety of other collecYork, with a pretable items including estimate of $50early pins, photos, $100, sold for dolls, McDonald’s $6,380. Happy Meals figures, Other items various ephemera and included many more. Most of the early books, items, especially the some first edibooks, were sold to tions, by L. Frank This lion toy doll Internet bidders. Baum, Ruth made by M. Hardy For more informaP l u m l y sold for $6,380 (est. tion, visit www.alder Thompson, Jack $50-$100).

SPRING GARDEN INDOOR ANTIQUE & VINTAGE FLEA MARKET Center City Philadelphia’s Only Winter Indoor Vintage Marketplace Former Fed-Ex Warehouse/9th & Spring Garden

8 A.M. til 4 P.M. - But Early Birds Welcome!

Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Furniture, Estate Jewelry, Pottery, Primitives, Artwork, Great Food and Much More!

Saturdays January 4th & January 18th February 1st & February 15th March 1st & March 15th

Free Parking/Free Admission/ATM/Food Court/Handicap Accessible Use 820 Spring Garden Street, 19123 For GPS

215-625-FLEA (3532)

19 th Annual HOLIDAY


Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. (EARLY BUYERS 7-9)





★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★ ★ SPECIAL ADMISSION ★ ★ $3.00 GENERAL ADMISSION ★ ★ $5.00 EARLY BUYERS ★ ★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL PERIOD All spaces heated & air-conditioned 30 thousand shoppers per month New building dedicated to all antiques Marshalls Creek, PA Route 209


I-83 North of Baltimore

FREE PARKING HOLIDAY PROMOTIONS Bill & Jo Thomas P.O. Box 845 (410) 538-5558 Abingdon, MD 21009 NEXT BAZAAR SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 2014 DEALER SPACE 10’x10’ - $90.00


Circa 1920 Markneukirch en violin. Realized: $1,800.

of Cats” with prints by Foujita sold within estimate at $55,000. A total of 1,910 bidders from over 40 countries registered for the two auctions. For more information, call 215-619-2873 or visit

Stan Laurel that realized $1,400, and a circa 1920 Markneukirchen violin that sold for $1,800. An Edward S. Curtis photograph “Chief of the Desert” sold within the estimate at $2,500, a Caldwell bronze and marble lamp base sold above the high estimate at


Caldwell bronze and marble lamp b a s e . Realized: $2,200.

all bidders that live within driving distance to come to our preview events,” continued Locati. Highlights for the two sales included an unsigned orientalist school painting from the 19th century that brought a strong $3,900, an

Alderfer Auction Company Sells “Wizard Of Oz” Collection


Locati Auctions November Sales Attract Attention

8 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013



NAZARETH AUCTION CENTER Richard L. Dotta Auction Co. Route 512 (11 miles North of Route 22)

Providing a “Multi-Channel” sales approach so you get the best price for your items.


Consignments Wanted For Our Resale Store & Biweekly Auctions S817710

LEBANON, PA 17046 Auctions Thurs. 1 P.M. For Information Phone (717) 272-7078 E392824


Spence’s Auction & Flea Market Auction Every

Bel Air Auction Gallery


Estates Welcome - Over 150 Flea Market Vendors, Indoors & Outdoors








BLUM’S AUCTION Adjacent To Black Diamond At The Schuylkill Mall FRACKVILLE, PA Monthly Bid Board Auctions 570-622-3089


Auctions Held 2nd Thurs. Of Every Month At UKRAINIAN CULTURAL CENTER 135 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ Member Of The NJSSA For More Info. Call





Camp Hill, PA (717) 737-0000

Sales Every Mon., Wed. & Every Other Sat. Phone (717) 764-5403 - 792-3837 Auctioneers: Jack & Sheryl Hooks

5 miles W. of YORK on Rt. 30






1465 New London Road Landenberg, PA 19350

Auctions every other Friday & Saturday Starting 9 A.M. Preview 8 A.M. Selling Large Amount of Antiques, Collectibles & Household Goods From Local Homes & Estates Office: 610-274-8525 Jim Hill: 484-576-6368 For Sale Schedule & Highlights Visit:


NEW 15,000 Sq. Ft. Building with very large loading dock. LOW COMMISSION RATES CONSIGNMENTS ALWAYS WELCOME 15% Buyer’s Premium 356 Swedesboro Avenue Exit No. 17, Interstate 295 PHONES: (856) 423-6800 OR 423-6801


Specializing In Antiques

7:00 AM - Glassware & Outside 10:00 AM - Furniture Large amounts of oak, walnut, mahogany, glassware and collectibles

Stephenson’s Auction Antiques - Residential Contents Auctions Every Friday - 4 P.M. In Our Gallery 1005 Industrial Blvd. Southampton, PA 18966 (215) 322-6182





3000 Lots Sold At Every Sale 2 Auctions Simultaneously Buy, Sell, Consign, Appraise

AUCTIONEERS/APPRAISERS Visit Our Website For Dates 2501 E. Ontario St., Phila., PA 215-425-7030 ESTATES & CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME


Bodnar’s Auction Sales



Hatfield, PA 215-393-3000 AU-1105L

Auctioneers & Appraisers Since 1911 Auctions Every Wednesday Starting At 3 P.M. 344 Valleybrook Road,

Chester Heights, PA 19017 Phone:

(610) 358-9515



MARYLAND 12/28/13, NORTH EAST, SAT 8:30 AM, Art, furniture, sterling, pottery, clocks, decoys, jewelry, toys, hunting, tools, household items etc., 2741 Biggs Hwy, Jim Racine

NEW JERSEY 01/01/14, BURLINGTON, WED 1 PM, Artwork, textiles, primitives, jewelry, coins, Native American & Military artifacts, paper, ephemera, pottery, glass etc., Burlington VFW 159 W Pearl St, Chris Doerner Members Of AAM & NAA


(302) 734-3441


Consignment Auction Every Fri. 6:00 PM Monthly Antique Auction First Sat. Of Each Month 13 Ellendale St., Bel Air, MD 1-800-451-BIDS

DELAWARE 01/01/14, LINCOLN, WED 9 AM, Antiques, furniture, glassware, collectibles, guns, automobiles, Delaware license tags, state fair & Harrington Raceway stock, estate vehicles, estate jewelry, gold coins etc., Rt 113, Wilson's Auction Sales, Inc.

12/29/13, RISING SUN, SUN 10 AM, Antique furniture, marble top furniture, antiques, art pottery,fine glassware, carnival glass, Fenton, fine china, toys, pictures, crocks jewelry, coins etc., Gibney's Auction Center Rt 1, George L. Gibney

Amoss & Freeman, Auctioneers

Tues. & Fri. - 1:00 P.M. Flea Market Every Tues., Fri. & Sat. 7:30 A.M.

550 S. New Street, Dover, DE 19901


105 Chapel Street



Starting At 4:00 P.M.

Located at 1311 Newport Gap Pike Wilmington, DE 19804 302-668-7309 Delaware Estate Sales, LLC



Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc.





Advertise Your Business in the Antiques & Auction News

Auctioneer Directory Phone Us Today For Details! 1(800) 800-1833 Ext. 2541

01/04/14, WEST CREEK, SAT 10 AM, Toys, trains, decoys & South Jersey lure, signage & ephemera advertisements, pottery, soapstone & glass, sports memorabilia, household, furniture, art, folk art, primitives, collectibles etc., Eagleswood Fire Hall 219 Railroad Ave, Legacies Old & New, Inc. NEW YORK 01/01/14, PHOENIX, WED 10 AM, Antiques, collectibles, furniture, primitives, paintings, prints, collectibles, china, glassware etc., 2052 Lamson Rd, Brzostek's Auction Service, Inc.

01/04/14, MAYVILLE, SAT 11 AM, Antiques & Estates including quality lighting, carved Victorian & original surface country furniture, artist signed paintings, estate jewelry, coins, sterling silver, art pottery, collectibles, primitives, vintage toys etc., The Chautauqua Suites 215 W Lake Rd Rt 394, United Auctions and Antiques

12/28/13, SELLERSVILLE, SAT 10 AM, Vintage & Modern Toys, 220 N Main St Suite A, Sellersville Auction LLC


12/29/13, HARRISBURG, SUN 10 AM & NOON, Automobiles, rugs, lighting, collectibles, sports, books, house & home; jewelry & furniture noon, 1500 Paxton St, Cordier Auctions & Appraisals

12/29/13, CAMP HILL, SUN 11 AM, Featuring local estates & quality additions., 2228 Gettysburg Road, Lower Allen Plaza, Costea's Auction Gallery

01/01/14, ANNVILLE, WED 11 AM, Furniture, antiques, 08' Chevy Cobalt, 2 John Deere riding tractors, Ford 801 Tractor, tools etc., Auction Gallery 659 N State Rt 934, Roy D. Shirk

12/29/13, TYLERSPORT, SUN 11 AM, Quality antiques & collectibles including primitives, advertising, furniture, paintings, prints, sporting goods, toys, trains etc., Gallery 97 Ridge Rd, Rook Auction & Appraisal Service LLC

01/01/14, DALLAS, WED 11 AM, Antiques & Collectibles including furniture, lighting, glassware, pottery, porcelain, jewelry, artwork & bronzes etc., Travers Auction Barn 56 Dorchester Dr, Travers Auction Company

12/30/13 & 1/02/14, HATFIELD, MON 3 PM THURS 9 AM & 1 PM, 12/30 - Online only off site door auction; 1/2 - Estate antiques & collectibles including jewelry, artwork, books, glassware, china, marbles, advertising etc., Furniture 1 pm, 501 Fairgrounds Rd, Alderfer Auction & Appraisal

01/04/14, CHAMBERSBURG, SAT 10 AM, Glass collection including pitcher sets, Fenton, opalescent, pressed/cut & art glass, Gateway Gallery Auction 643 Kriner Rd, John F. Kohler, Jr 01/04/14, FRACKVILLE, SAT 11 AM, Bid Board including firearms, furniture, jewelry, mining & RR, trains, glassware, china, vintage, collectibles, etc., Schuylkill Mall I81 & Rt 61, Blums

12/31/13 & 01/01/14, EPHRATA, TUES 8 AM WED 10 AM, Antiques & Collectibles, smalls sell 12/31 and furniture sells 1/1, 33 n Farmersville Rd, Farmersville Auction, Inc.

01/05/14, PHILADELPHIA, SUN 10 AM, Musical instruments, memorabilia, vintage TV's & radios, estate furnishings etc., 2501 E Ontario St, Barry S. Slosberg, Inc.

VIRGINIA 12/28/13, WIETZ, SAT 11 AM, American History including Civil War, 18th & 19th period furniture, antiques, primitives etc., 634 Jubal Early Hwy, Whitman Sink

01/11/14, DENVER, SAT 9 AM, Firearms, 2000 N Reading Rd, Morphy Auctions

Metropolis Towers Over Manhattan The Winter Vintage Book & Ephemera Show Returns To New York City Flamingo Eventz, AAB Productions, and Perry White have take a leap of faith to announce the return of the Winter Vintage Book & Ephemera Show to New York City. A long-time favorite of both exhibitors and customers, and missing from the show circuit for a number of years, the promoters are very pleased to announce that the show has been revamped, modernized, improved, and is ready to go in its original location, Metropolis. The Vintage Books & Ephemera Show will be held on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 18 and 19, 2014. It will take place at the 69th Regiment Armory, located at 68 Lexington

Ave. (between 25th and 26th St.) in Manhattan. The hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is $12 for an adult; $6 for ages 12 to 21; and children under 12 with a paid adult will be admitted without charge. The show is a kickoff event for Bibliography Week in New York, a weeklong celebration of book history, and it will present some of the finest vintage and rare book and ephemera dealers in America and Canada. The show will offer an incredible book and ephemerarelated adventure weekend. Members of ABAA, ILAB, MARIAB, MABA,

and other prominent exhibitors will gather to present an outstanding array of fine, rare, and unusual old books, as well as poetry, prose, political, social, historical, children’s series, maps, postcards, autographs, prints, posters, World’s Fair, and much, more. Collectors, scholars, students, dealers, and decorators flock to this event for the best selection, wonderful finds, and rare treasures that can only be found at this event. For additional information, call 603-509-2639 or visit www.Flamingo; or call 802-464-1142 or visit

Burnt Chimney Auction Gallery

ROOK ANNUAL HOLIDAY AUCTION SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29 11:00 A.M. 97 Ridge Rd., TYLERSPORT, PA 18971 Directions: From RT. 563 exit of RT. 309( Lawn Ave) South of Quakertown. Left on RT. 563 (RIDGE RD.) for 3 MI. From RT. 29 take RT. 563 East. Use TELFORD, 18969 FOR GPS & Internet Maps. Quality Antiques & Collectibles including primitives; advertising; furniture incl. Dough box, Spinet desk, boxes, trunks, secretary, 1 drawer stand, bookcase, asst. chairs, Jelly cupboard, more; paintings & prints; sporting goods; Toys & Trains incl. Pre & Postwar Lionel, Marx, Flyer, Hubley; Textiles & Quilts; Military; Jewelry; Glass & Pottery; Lighting; and much more. NOTE: Preview Sat. 3-5 P.M.; Sun. 10 A.M. Absentee bids w/CC. Visit #1916 for updates and photos.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28TH TIME: 11:00 A.M. DOORS OPEN 9 A.M. SNOW DATE: JAN 1 11 A.M. 634 Jubal Early Hwy., WIRTZ, VA 24184 ST

Featuring: A Local Life Long Collection of Confederate & Union Civil War Relics of a Local Civil War Historian Manassas Battles 1 and 2, Amazing Auction, 18th, 19th C. Period Furniture, Antiques, Primitive, Rare and Unusual Collectables to include Guns, Swords, Collection of Civil War Buttons, Civil War Bullets, German Figural Clock, Belt Buckles, Samplers, Local Franklin County Ephemera Civil War Period, Folk Art, Tin Type, Grandfather Clock, Blue Decorated Crocks, Decoys, RJ Horner Table, Advertising, Cast Item, Estate 100% Wool Rug EC, Much more Full House. Special Previews: Friday, Dec. 27th 4-6 P.M., Or by Appointment This Special Event Auction will be Featured Live on Proxibid, if you can’t make it to the Live Auction you can Bid Live online visit our website for details.


10% BP. VISA, MC, Cash, or Check.


Featuring the Estate of a Local Civil War Historian

540-420-0933 or 540-721-6051 Or Visit our Web site for Driving Directions.

Fax: 215-453-7665

Merry Christmas From Rook Auctions!






Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013 - - 9

Firearms Sale January 11th 2014 Auction Starts at 9am

Featuring: t Over 50 Colt Semi Automatics t Over 50 Colt Revolvers t Over 50 S&W Revolvers t Over 50 Military Rifles

Holland & Holland Single Shot with Matching Scope

t High Grade Shotguns t Winchester M70 Pre-64’s Henry Repeating 1860 Silvered

t U.S. Springfield Shipping Crate w/ 20 Trapdoor Rifles t Walther, Remington, Browning,

Marlin 1894 Deluxe Factory Engraved

Webley, Detonics & many more New Haven Arms Volcanic

Colt 1910 U.S. Trials – Serial: 1

Colt 1909 U.S. Trials – Serial: 11

Springfield Shipping Crate- Includes: 20 Trapdoor Rifles from Montana National Guard

Springfield 1903 Rod Bayonet

Singer Mfg. Co. 1911-A1 Serial: S800106

Colt 1911 – Serial: 10

Springfield 1911 “NRA”

North American 1911

Stevens M53 Scope Target

Vickers-Armstrong Pederson Self Loader

Winchester 1876

Winchester M42 .410 Skeet Cased Engraved by Angelo Bee Colt .45-.22 Conversion Unit w/ OB

Winchester M12 Skeet- Bing Crosby

Winchester M12 Trench

Please Contact Kris Lee for more information 717-335-4570 or email

Colt SAA “Cattlebrand” Engraved by William Bledsoe

Colt Sheriffs Acorn Pattern Engraved by Howard Dove

Colt SAA Engraved Colt Bisley Flat Top Target Colt Air Crewman U.S.A.F.

Mauser 1896 Broom Handle w/ OB

Michael Vice – Firearms & Militaria Specialist

2000 N. Reading Road, Denver, PA 17517 USA Tel: 1- 717-335-3435 | Fax: 1-717- 336 -7115

20% Buyer’s Premium 2% Discount Cash/Check AH001884



Colt Bisley Flattop Target

Webley “WG” Model Cased Major J.B. Woon


10 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013

Original Curt Swan Auction Comics Cover Art Of Superman And JFK As Clark Kent Steals The Show At Hake’s

Harding and Coolidge ‘real photo’ campaign jugate, $29,601.

An extraordinary treasure to comic art collectors, Swan’s eye-filling cover art for Action Comics #309 is believed to be the only surviving original art from the issue DC Comics tried to recall in the week following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Coincidentally, the issue’s storyline, which included all of the members of the “Superman family,” focused on The Man of Steel’s friendship with President Kennedy, disguised as Clark Kent. “While there was nothing at all disrespectful about the comic book’s portrayal of JFK as Clark Kent, a comic book is still entertainment, and its release might have seemed inappropriate at a

time when America was grieving over the death of its president,” said Hake’s General Manager Alex Winter. “Although DC Comics did its best to recall the issue, the distribution process was already too far along for it to be stopped. As a result, Action Comics #309, and the cover art we sold, will always have a connection to history.” In claiming top lot honors, the Swan cover art became the second-highestpriced item ever sold by Hake’s. On September 27, 2007, the Pennsylvaniabased firm auctioned a pair of rare, giant display dolls of Walt Disney’s Mickey

Curt Swan cover art for Action Comics #309 featuring Superman family and JFK, $112,015.

Disney and comic character toys. Over a 40-year period, the acclaimed children’s book author/illustrator had acquired many of his best pieces through Hake’s. After Sendak passed away in May 2012, Hake’s was entrusted with a selection of his toys to be auctioned Saalheimer & for the benefit of Strauss (Germany) the Maurice Sendak Mickey Mouse tinplate mechanical Foundation. bank, circa 1930Bidders recognized 1936, $28,750. the toys’ rarity and bid aggressively to and Minnie Mouse own them. for $151,534. A 1930s The November Saalheimer & 19 to 21 auction Strauss tin-litho also featured a mechanical collection of bank depicting a toothy, approximately 50 of the late widely smiling Mickey, Maurice Sendak’s favorite whose tongue thrusts forward to accept a coin when his right ear is pulled, was bid to


Richly visual, historically significant, and unique in the dictionary sense of the word, the original Curt Swan cover art for Action Comics #309 helped rewrite the record books at Hake’s when it closed at $112,015 on day three of the company’s Nov. 19 to 21 auction. The sale achieved $1,346,848, making it the highest-grossing Hake’s auction since the company’s launch in 1967.

(Continued on page 13)

TWO AUCTIONS! Jewelry - Automobiles Furniture

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29 Preview: 9 A.M. Thru Auction One-sheet sci-fi movie poster for R. Crumb original portrait of the classic 1951 film “The Day Frank Zappa created for The The Earth Stood Still,” $13,891. New Yorker magazine, $5,060.

Vintage & Modern Toy Auction! Saturday, December 28th at 10 A.M.

220 N Main Street Suite A,

Sellersville PA 18960


View Listing & Photos at Vintage Toys & Action Figures from the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s Incl. G.I. Joe Vehicles & Figures, Star Wars , Transformers, Jem, Strawberry Shortcake, He-Man, Sectaurs, Johnny West, Big Jim, Super Powers, Mego Figures, Great Garloo, Aurora Model Kits & More! Modern Toys & Dolls w/ Disney Designer Fairytale Belle, Character Dolls, Barbie, Madame Alexander & More! Large Assortment of LEGO w/ Many Sealed Kits, Bulk Parts & Built Sets. Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium w/3% Discount for Cash/Check Sellersville Auction LLC AH001943


CONSIGNMENT AUCTION AT 10 A.M. ESTATE VEHICLES (11 A.M.): 2000 Corvette Convertible 19,000 miles, 5.7L, 6 Speed, Loaded! 1988 K-5 Blazer (odometer 4,055 miles), V-8, 4WD, auto trans; 1978 Camaro Z-28 79,422 miles, V-8, auto trans. FURNITURE (12 P.M.): 100+ Lots Antique & Modern. Dining Sets incl. Mahogany with Shield Back Chairs; 1920’s; Wingback Chairs; Cedar Chest; 1920’s Living Room Suite; Leather Top Drum Table, Coffee & End Tables; Desk; Antique Oak Bedroom Suite; German Grandfather Clock; Hoosier Cabinet; Bedroom Sets: Modern with 4-Poster Bed; Maple w/Pineapple Bed; French Style Arm Chairs; Victorian Sofas; Tandem Table; Marble Top Table; Ladies Drop Front Desk with Inlay; Deacon’s Bench; Curio Cabinet; Mirrors; 24+ Footlockers; RUGS: Room Size and Small; LIGHTING: Floor & Table Lamps; Brass; Waterford; Victorian; Slag Glass; Italian Chandelier; Emeralite Banker’s Lamp. COLLECTIBLES: Large & Varied Collection. Paperweights; Pocket Knives; Tootsie Toys; Jewelry; Thermometer Collection including Wall & Table; Russian Boxes; Ephemera; Lenox; Lighters; Sewing & Buttons; Ceramic Bird Collection; Ashtrays; Quilts; Banks; Lunchboxes; Hydro Thermograph; Sports including Colts Nodder, Bat Pens; Space Related; Medical Instruments; Games including Board, Checkers, Chess, Cards; Longaberger® Baskets; Pendelfin Bunnies; Wedgwood; Antique Mantel Clocks; Canton Ceramics; Fraktur. BOOKS: Large Assortment. Collectible & Readers including Pulp Fiction, Science Fiction, Slavery/Black History; Comics; Sheet Music; Yearbooks; History; Children’s; American Literature; Magazines & Periodicals including Life, Post, Boy’s Life, Look; War/Military; Poetry. HOUSE & HOME: Ruby Glass; CDs; Franciscan China; Royal Albert “Dimity Rose”; Copper Cookware; More!


JEWELRY AUCTION AT 12 P.M. JEWELRY (350+ Lots): 300+ Cataloged Lots. 100+ gemstone rings incl. diamond; ruby; sapphire; topaz; pearl; carnelian; tanzanite; peridot; citrine; smoky quartz; amethyst; jadeite; lapis; garnet & more. Gemstone earrings & bracelets incl. pearl & jade. Gold earrings; bracelets; rings; slides; Victorian locket necklace. Designer incl. David Yurman & John Hardy; 100’s sterling fashion rings & pendants; 14K cameo pendant; Mexican sterling; costume pins; 50+ pcs. amber incl. necklaces & bracelets; stickpins; scarabs; Sterling incl. 61 pc. Gorham “Lyric;” more. Followed by 50+ Uncataloged Lots incl. sterling; costume; large lots; display cases, more.


Sunday, December 29th, 2013

1500 Paxton Street,

11:00 A.M.


LOCATION: 2228 Gettysburg Road, Lower Allen Plaza,


17011 DIRECTIONS: Going North Or South On Route 15, Exit At Highland Park. Auction Is On Left Side Of Road.

Featuring Local Estates And Quality Additions


w #1832 For Updated Photos

Phone 717-737-0000 TERMS: Cash, Visa/MasterCard, Checks. 13% BUYER’S PREMIUM (Discounted To 10% w/Check Or Cash). AUCTIONEER: Michael Costea AU-1759-L Telephone (717) 737-0000



Visit for photos & more details.

10% Buyer’s Premium. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out-ofstate checks w/prior approval. All major credit cards accepted. Food concession. Located off of Interstate 83 between 13th Street and 17th Street exits.

David Cordier, AU005321



Harrisburg Magazine Simply The Best Auctioneer


Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013 - - 11

21st Century Antiques Presents



Glass Collection: Pitcher Sets, Fenton, Opalescent, Pressed/Cut & Art Glass

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 2014 Burlington VFW, 159 West Pearl St.,

BURLINGTON, NJ 08016 Preview 11:30 A.M. Auction 1:00 P.M. Artwork: Lucien Delarue oil in gold gilt frame, other Oil & Canvas works, early Prints inc. hand-tinted 1880 quail, Asian Watercolor w/chop mark, Miniature paintings. Textiles: Hand-woven silk scene Baroque Aristocrats. Hand stitched quilts. Child’s Baseball uniform-1955, Roy Rogers & Tonto cloth costumes. Original canvas painted banners from Broadway’s Barnum. Primitives: Early Folk Art checkerboard, Authentic Federal Period Andirons, Stoneware Crocks & Jugs, massive Rolling Pin, early tools, CI other primitives. Jewelry & Coins: Spectacular silver, gold, fine & designer-over 200 pcs.- Mandalian purses, 14-18 Kt Cocktail rings, Victorian, Bakelite, figural Pins, bracelets, necklaces. 40 pc. pocket-watch collection some gold. Native American & Military Artifacts: Carved stone figural Beaver pipe. Paleo Axes, scrapers, Native paint pots, arrowheads, war clubs, early powder horns, trade beads, Indian, Rev. & Civ. War weapons inc. boarding pike, cartridge box, swords. 1880 Cowgirl leather gloves, Beaded-fur-leather boots, 1930 Indian Tourist items. WWII Japanese Personal silk rising sun, medals, tokens more. Paper & Ephemera: Autographed HB Langston Hughes “Not Without Laughterâ€?. Halloween & other postcards, Halloween paper mache box 1948, Snickers Candy box w/premium, Candy Containers. Pilot Mechanical Valentines, Vict. die cut Scrap & trade cards, Political, Advertising +. Pottery & Glass: Raku Vase, Flow Blue, Transferware, Weller, Shawnee, Dragonware, Morgantown Ruby golfball stemware, EAPG, Fenton, Imperial figural candy dishes, Cranberry, carnival, stunning art glass, Waterford crystal‌Items of Interest: Large Victorian toy safe, German mohair pig candy container, Schuco Bellhop Chimp Liquor Flask, nrmt Marx Zorro Playset OB- 97% complete. Deco figures, CloisonnÊ’, African Antelope hide foot-stool, animated mantle clock, 1910 Clockwork mech German doll on tin sled, 12c Action Comics, Head Vases, Fishing Lures, 1955 Wall map New Hope-PA. Willcox & Gibbs ant. sewing machine, Boston marked CI Forged Stirrups, Folk art sailboats, Harvard presentation chair, Bakelite crib toys, Pepsi Vendor Cooler, Hickory shaft golf clubs, CI Moorestown NJ Business sign, Remington Bronzes, 1910 Game used BB Bat, much unlisted. Directions: from North-Rt. 295 S. to Burl/Mt. Holly Exit. 541 N/W to Burlington. Once in Burl City, 541 becomes High St. Continue on High into City. Cross Rt. 130. Left on W. Pearl-last left you can make. VFW-2 blocks on right. From Phila: 95 N. to Betsy Ross Br to NJ. Take Rt. 130 N about 10 miles. Left on High St (Rt. 541). Follow above directions. Signs posted. Food available. Terms: Cash or Check w/proper ID. NJ sales tax collected w/o valid resale number. Questions? 609-877-6843 email to Day of sale 609-560-3247 Auctioneer not responsible for accidents.

Will sell, for Mrs. Genevieve (Dee Dee) Lewis at

GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION located at 643 Kriner Rd.,

CHAMBERSBURG, PA 17202 on: SATURDAY, JANUARY 4 AT 10 A.M. GLASSWARE: 300 cataloged lots including 80+ lots of pitcher sets - Victorian to Modern as well as Fenton, pressed/cut, rose bowls, art glass & more. AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Wonderful collection with an eye towards color. Complete catalog listing available online or by phoning (717) 263-6512. Absentee and phone bids accepted. Online bidding available.

Preview Friday, January 3 from 3 to 6 P.M. and sale day from 8 A.M. Snow Date: Monday, January 6 at 10 A.M. TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. Thirteen percent (13%) buyer’s premium discounted by 3% for cash and acceptable check will be applied to all winning bids. Buyer’s utilizing online bidding will be charged an 18% buyer’s premium + all shipping costs. Statements made day of sale take precedence.

GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION, LLC Our Service is the Difference Phone (717) 263-6512, (800) 315-3265, Fax (717) 263-0188, RH120-L JOHN F. KOHLER, JR., AUCTIONEER HEATHER KOHLER FOWLER, AUCTIONEER

Chris Doerner, Auctioneer

10% Buyer’s Premium to benefit organizations serving the Greater Philadelphia Area Visual Arts. auctioneer ID #1049 for pics & more details



Visit Us On Our Website To See More:




As the World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer, only Heritage Auctions can supply the market strength to provide the highest possible ďŹ nancial return for your vintage trading cards and sports collectibles. Cash advances, ďŹ nder’s fees and outright purchase offers are always available for quality material, and we are happy to provide free appraisals. And Heritage has never been late with a single consignment settlement check in our thirty-ďŹ ve years in operation.

Eagleswood Firehall, 219 Railroad Avenue,

WEST CREEK, NJ 08092 Featuring but not limited to: TOYS & TRAINS Lionel & Rail King Trains, Tin Toys, 1920’s Ohio Rail Tricycle, Simon & Halbig German Doll, Pathfinder & Wyoming Wooden Wagons, NASCAR. DECOYS & SOUTH JERSEY LURE: Paintings by Dennis C. Seeley, Sr. (West Creek), Barnegat, Brant Beach & Tuckerton Theatre Pamphlets; Pennyland on the Boardwalk Souvenir (Seaside Heights ca. 1938); Noyes Museum Decoy Poster; Atlantic City Steel Pier Poster & Pamphlet and Hadden Hall Pill Container; S. Jersey Postcards; Patriotic Order Sons of America West Creek Fobs with Ribbons; local Tuckerton & Southern Ocean County Decoys; Fishing Poles & Reels. SIGNAGE & EPHEMERA ADVERTISEMENTS: Sunkist & Coca-Cola Santa Ring Toss Premiums, framed Restaurant Menus, Cheerios Premium, Lone Ranger and the Story of Silver, ca. 1954, Hunt Bros. 3-Ring Circus Flyer, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster & Magazine, Ali & Frazier Fight of the Century Poster & Program, Woodstock Poster, WWII Photographs. POTTERY, SOAPSTONE & GLASS: Roseville, Stangl, Lenox Fenton, Hull, KPM, French Limoges, McCoy, Wedgwood, Art, Waterford, & Depression Glass. SPORTS MEMORABILIA: 1949 Autographed NY Yankees Team Baseball, Mickey Mantle, Duke Snider Willie Mays & Frank Robinson Autographs, 1933 Goudy Gum Co. Baseball Cards, The Sporting News 1938/39 Record Books, Babe Ruth Boy’s Club Member Coupon/Contest Stubs. HOUSEHOLD, FURNITURE, ART, FOLK ART & PRIMITIVES: Oak Ball/Claw Round Table, mid-century Ice Cream Parlor Table & 4 Chairs, Steamer Trunks, Cedar Chest, French Doors, 10�x8� Tramp Art Frame, Clocks, Radios, Jugs & Crocks, Stained Glass. LADIES’ & GENTLEMEN: COACH Bag with Tag, Barlow Nantucket Basket, Hats & Ties, Fur Coats, Perfume Bottles, German Silver Mesh & Evening Bags, Costume Jewelry. COINS: 50 States Commemorative Quarter Series, Foreign Coins. COLLECTIBLES: Huge collection of Santas & Christmas Carolers by Vaillancourt, Lynn Haney, Pipka, Byers Choice, and Schaller/Christopher Radko. NAUTICAL: Scrimshaw, 1940’s Polaris & Negus Boat Compasses, Naval/WWII Portholes & Ship’s Compass, Maritime Clock, Running Lights, Giant Clamshell. MISCELLANEOUS: Sterling Silver Salvador Dali Easter Christ, Civil War NCO Sword, Powder Horn, hand-painted Tiles, 1900’s Republican National Convention/Philadelphia Fob, Musical Instruments, large collection of Sadirons.

That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.







Call 800-872-6467 to discuss opportunities Free catalog and The Collector’s Handbook ($65 value) for new clients. Please submit auction invoices of $1000 + in this category, from any source. Include your contact information and mail to Heritage, fax 214-409-1425, email, or call 866-835-3243. For more details, go to

Visit website for a detailed list of items and view hundreds of pictures & Live/Real Time Catalog. FOOD provided by Chef Rich. In the event of severe weather visit website for updates or call 609.618.7216. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO RETURNS, ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED THE DAY OF SALE. 15% Buyer’s Premium for Cash & Approved Checks; 18% Buyer’s Premium for Credit Cards; 7% NJ Sales Tax; Phone Bidders Welcomed.

Annual Sales Exceed $800 Million | 700,000+ Online Bidder-Members 3500 Maple Avenue | Dallas, Texas 75219 | 800-872-6467 | DALLAS | NEW YORK | BEVERLY HILLS | SAN FRANCISCO | PARIS | GENEVA 23601 Auctioneer #5103 or S759130

TX Auctioneer licenses: Samuel Foose 11727; Robert Korver 13754; Andrea Voss 16406. This auction is subject to a 19.5% buyer’s premium.

609.294.3122 or 609.618.7216 or




12 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013

The Annual New Year’s Day Auction At Nadeau’s Auction Gallery copy of Melville’s “Moby Dick” are just a few items slated to be auctioned Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014 at Nadeau’s. Nadeau’s Auction Gallery’s annual New Year’s Day auction will be held in the firm’s gallery, located at 25 Meadow Road in Windsor, Conn. In all, more than 600 lots will cross the auction block. Internet bidding will be provided by (the new

name for A buffet will be served. The nine Audubon prints are around 38 inches in height, the biggest made at the time and known in the trade as “double elephant” folio prints. Five of the nine are of large American birds; six still have their original Kennedy Gallery labels en verso, with Whatman

was born to French parents in what is now called Haiti in 1785. From his earliest days he had an affinity for birds, saying, “I felt an intimacy with them, bordering on frenzy, that

must accompany my steps through life.” His “Birds of America,” compiled between 1827 and 1839, is still considered a masterpiece volume. (Continued on page 14)

HOLIDAY EVENT AUCTION Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013 at 8:30 A.M.

Art-Furniture-Sterling-Pottery-Clocks-Decoys-Jewelry-Toys Hunting-Tools-Household Items and more Located at 2741 Biggs Hwy., North East, MD 21901

A palace-size late 19th-century Sterling silver tea services will Sultanabad ivory rug is in come up for bid, including this excellent condition, measuring Tiffany 15-piece set with tray. 12 by 20 feet.

Nine bird prints by the renowned American ornithologist John J. Audubon (17851851) will be sold on Jan. 1.

This Paris street scene by the French painter Edouard Cortes (1882-1969) is one of many original artworks in the auction.

watermarks, which are important to collectors. The prints are from the estate of Ms. Augusta Smith. John J. Audubon (real name: Jean-Jacques Audubon)

This is one of two drypoint and Here is a page from a 1620 sandpaper ground etchings by manuscript of the Persian renowned artist and printmak“Shah Nemeh” (or Book of er Martin Lewis (1881-1962) in the sale. Kings).

Selling the Estate of Grace Ann Beckwith and others plus an array of quality items from personal collections and consignors for this holiday season auction Very Partial Listing: A.F. King o/c still life attic find, O. G. Wales o/c still life, 2 Miniature paintings on ivory Portrait of John Hancock by B. Small & Portrait of Louis XIV artist signed, o/c “Boy in Thought” on step original frame, Karel Appel abstract litho, Jim Spitzer pen & ink, Stephen Hughes litho of Edward Village Train Station, Sacha Moldovan pencil of a man plus many other listed artists works of art, Ruth Milles Bronze bust of Dutch Girl, o/c boy with birds original gilt frame 19th c., Asian watercolors, Signed John Kefover portrait Drawing Fells Point, Very Rare Mammy’s Rocking Settee Bench for 2 infants, Mahogany Slant Front Desk with inlay French bracket feet, Mahogany Butlers Desk ca1840, Henkel-Harris QA style writing desk, Mahog. Corner Cabinet, Oak Arts & Crafts Grandfather clock, 2 PA House BR Sets, PA House DR set, Cherry Teacart, Chippendale style Sofa, Wingback chairs, Sheraton style game table, 8’ Eastlake Walnut Peer Mirror, English Chip. Style tilt top table, Drexel DR set, Mastercraft sofa, Wrought iron patio furniture, Kimball Spinet piano, Oak Victrola, 2 Singer Featherweight Sewing Machines, Spinning Wheel, Letter sorting cubical from Nottingham, PA Post Office, Ansonia marble mantel Clocks, Doranlo au Havre French Bronze Mantel clock, Ansonia Jeweled Carriage Clock, Rare Mar Shaw Radio Baltimore MD, Zenith Shortwave Radio, Important Civil War Laflin & Rand Powder Co., Keg from The Roulette Farm, Antietam Battlefield 1862 w/Notarized letter of Provenance dated 1968 by William Grafton Roulette (grandson), MD Eastern Shore CW Soldier photo, Rogers Group “Taking the Oath”, Vintage Custom Walking Sticks, 25" Carved Eagle, Wilkes BP Rifle, Bedford PA BP Rifle, Tower BP Pistol and more, 19th c practice gun, Swords, Daggers & Bayonets, gun holsters, Black powder horns, gun scopes, Hercules powder Keg, Lg. Fish net weaving needle, PA Fishing license, tackle boxes, sinker molds, binoculars, Swan Decoy lamp & 1952 Canvasback decoy by R. Madison Mitchell, Sink box decoy by J. B. Graham, D. Rhoads 1968 Shorebird, Stoneware Jugs & Crocks, Roseville Pinecone Wall Pocket, Weller Aurelian Line Clock, Van Briggle Native American Three Face Vase, Van Briggle Native American 3 Face Vase, Van Briggle bowls, Rookwood drip glaze lamp attributed to S. Toohey, 1936 Rockwood Pelican, Rookwood squat bowl, Majolica Vase, Roseville Jardinière, Rare Victorian Incised Porcelain basket, Chinese figural paperweight, Japanese terracotta calligraphy pen rest, 2 Famille Celadon 23” vases repaired ca 1830 w/stands, Jack’s Pot Game, Oak Machinist chest, Coin-op wooden Soldier seesaw, Lionel trains, 1955 Davy Crockett lunchbox, Windup Marx tin race cars & track, 2 Sterling Flatware Sets, Serving utensils, Compotes, Candlesticks, Canoe Brook CC trophy plate ‘53, gold & sterling jewelry, costume jewelry. folding opera glasses, Silver plate, 6 Guitars, 1⁄2 size Cello, Banjolele, Trumpet, Clarinet, 2 Sax’s, Tuba, Lenox & Spode china, Hummel’s, Royal Crown Derby Teapot, 50+ Stuart Crystal stemware set, Waterford, John Seven OMA toy Machine gun, Die cast airplanes-cars-trucks, Beer Neon Advertising, Baltimore Brew Iron figure Bar light, B&O RR Lantern, Primitives, Oil Lamps, Shark teeth, Industrial air compressor, wood planes, planers, drills, sanders, toolboxes Beer steins, NASCAR Items, Boy Scout items, Longaberger® baskets, Penknives, Hunting Knives, Coca-Cola items, Dolls, Sports Memorabilia, Bobble heads, Stainless Steel pans, Household items plus many last minute items not listed.

**Be sure to Preview online for detailed listing & photos Doors open 8 A.M. day of sale Inspection Fri., Dec 27th 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium, Payment cash, check w/ID’s, Visa or MC

Jim Racine Auctioneers 410-658-9720


Gallery Auction SUNDAY, JANUARY 5TH, 2014 at 10 A.M. 2501 E. Ontario St., PHILADELPHIA, PA 19134

Musical Instruments: Huge Selection Of Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars, Banjos, Violins, Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones, Trombone, Trumpets, Bassoon, Amplifiers, Mixing Boards, Keyboards, Cello, Mandolins, Speakers, Drum Sets, Snare Drums, Zildjan Gong, Congas, Bongos, Harmonicas, Autoharps & More! Brand Names Include: Fender, Martin, Gibson, Taylor, B.C. Rich, Danelectro, Gretsch, Guild, Ibanez, Ovation, Yamaha, Cortez, Silvertone, Hohner, Univox, Buescher, Buffet, Conn, Bundy, Selmer, Evette, Armstrong, Signet, Gemeinhardt, Vito, Emerson, Farelsa, Ramsa, Korg, Peavey, Ampeg, Crate, Epiphone, Kustom, Marshall, Shure, Crown, Acoustic, Vox, LP Percussion, Slingerland, Tama, San Francisco Drum Co., Premier, & More! Memorabilia: Grateful Dead, Dylan & Other Concert Posters, Rare Limited Edition Signed Lithographs, figures, collectibles, Vintage LP’s, Cookie Jars, Prints & More! Vintage TVs & Radios: Console & Tabletop Models By: Motorola, Philco, Emerson, RCA, Sonara & Others! Estate Furnishings: Furniture; glass, china; jewelry; graphics, silverware; ephemera; housewares. More! Vehicle: 1997 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van. Inspect: 9 A.M. Terms: Cash/Credit Cards, 15% Buyer’s Premium. Photos on web. Musical Items & Collectibles On Live Auctioneers.




Nine large James J. Audubon bird prints from the 1820s and 1830s, a 1620 manuscript of the Persian “Shah Nemeh” (or Book of Kings), two important etchings by the renowned artist and printmaker Martin Lewis (1881-1962), and a rare first-edition 1851


Hake’s (Continued from page 10)

the midpoint of its estimate range at $28,750. Another classic, a circa-1930 Distler Mickey Mouse Organ Grinder wind-up toy with extraordinarily rare graphic box, was assured a premium price due

three-dimensional memorabilia, was the cornerstone of one of the featured sections of the sale. The political Americana offering was topped by two very rare jugates, campaign buttons featuring

Distler (Germany) Mickey Mouse organ grinder wind-up toy with original box, circa 1930, $28,750.

Needleart Mickey and Minnie Mouse feltlike stuffed dolls with original manufacturer’s cardboard hang tags, early 1 9 3 0 s , $25,047 the pair.

to its complete, 100-percent original condition. It swept past its $10,000-$20,000 estimate to settle at $27,830. Coming from another Disney collection, a pair of early 1930s Needleart stuffed Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls with original hang tags on their wrists raced past their $5,000-$10,000 estimate to a final auction price of $25,047. The premier Julie Powell collection of political Americana, including pinback buttons, textiles and sought-after jugates, sold Scrooge #61, which sold for near the top of its estimate $16,215; a boxed, circa-1935 range at $29,601. Wells O’London Minnie A one-sheet sci-fi poster Mouse pushing a pram with for the classic 1951 20th Disney passengers Century Fox film “The Day The Earth Stood Still” exceeded expectations, commanding $13,891; while a 1960s Nomura battery-operated

Volkswagen “Space Patrol” toy with original box had a close encounter with its high estimate, landing at $9,488. Other notable lots included Carl Barks’ original fullpage art from the 1966 comic book Uncle images of both a presidential and vice-presidential candidate. A 1932 jugate from the Powell collection featuring photo images of Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis and the warning, “The Crisis Is Here!,” made $13,030. From a different consignor, a Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge photo jugate, regarded by collectors as one of the rarest and most

(ex. Maurice Sendak collection), $14,375; a 1966 Japanese plastic Batmobile car on original card, $8,476;

Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013 - - 13

and an original R. Crumb course of an auction. In the drawing of Frank Zappa, end, we were thrilled with the $5,060. results. The combination of “We knew this auction rarity and condition were the was loaded with one-two punch that propelled outstanding this auction to never-beforeitems, and we attained heights in our nearly 47-year history,” said Alex Winter. “Assembling each of our auctions is an arduous process, but it is always rewarding when the results are successful and we leave both the winning bidders and consignors happy. Never has this been more the case than with auction number 210.” View the fully illustrated catalog from Hake’s Nov. 19 to 21 auction, complete with prices realized, at For more information, call 866-404-9800 or 717had high expectations, but 434-1600. you just never know how All photos courtesy of things will evolve over the Hake’s.



PA 17522




Furniture Sells



For over 30 years no one has consistently helped more sellers realize more money for their quality BASEBALL MATERIAL than Robert Edward Auctions. Offering an unparalleled tradition of integrity, knowledge, and professionalism, and an extraordinary national client base. We specialize in the very best in BASEBALL COLLECTIBLES. If you don’t check with us before selling – you won’t know what the market will bear. Let us tell you what we think of your baseball collectibles. We offer complete auction services, as well as free appraisals and comprehensive information about your material. We will not try to buy your material. We are not dealers. We are strictly an auction house – with unparalleled integrity, knowledge and experience in the field. We will give you the information you need to make the most intelligent decisions regarding your significant and valuable baseball material. When Barry Halper, the world’s greatest baseball collector, sold his legendary collection, he insisted that Robert Edward Auctions oversee the historic sale of his Twenty-Six Million Dollar Collection.

Approx 500 Lots Of Furniture. Approx. 1,500 Lots Of Smalls Too Much To List! QUALITY CONSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED



Baseball Cards Babe Ruth Items Tobacco Cards Uniforms Lou Gehrig Items

• • • • •

Buttons Autographs Documents Display Pieces Gum Cards

• • • • •

Photographs World Series Items Pre-1900 Baseball Posters ETC., ETC….

Please Note: Item pictured will be sold in a future REA auction.


• • • • •


Robert Edward Auctions offers the largest circulation of any auction devoted to sports collectibles in the world. Robert Edward Auctions always has millions of dollars available at a moment’s notice specifically for cash advances. We specialize in the very best in all areas of baseball collectibles. This includes:

ROBERT EDWARD AUCTIONS P.O. Box 7256, Watchung, NJ 07069, 800-766-9324


PA 18612


Wednesday, January 1 , 2014 Inspection: 9:00 A.M. Start: 11:00 A.M. LOCATION: Dallas, PA -- 1/4 Mile South of Rtes. 415/309 Junction -- Turn off Rte. 309 onto Dorchester Dr. (between the Blue Hydrangea & Sunoco Gas Station), 300 Yards up hill on right -- From I81 take Exit 170B onto Rte. 309N -- From Northeast Extension (PA Turnpike) take Wilkes-Barre Exit 36 (mile marker 105), then left on Rte. 115 to 309N, follow signs to the Back Mountain/Dallas - at the 8th traffic light (on Rte. 309N), make a right onto Dorchester Dr. (Sunoco Gas Station on your right hand side), approx. 300 yards up hill on right. WE SAVE THE BEST ALL YEAR LONG FOR THIS ANNUAL EVENT - ALWAYS THE BEST AUCTION OF THE YEAR IN NE PA!!! AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: WE DO NOT POSTPONE OUR AUCTIONS UNLESS THE PA STATE POLICE CLOSE THE ROADS! PLAN ON ATTENDING REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER! PLEASE CALL IF UNCERTAIN! BLIZZARD DATE WOULD BE THE FOLLOWING DAY, THURSDAY, JAN. 2, 2014. A FEW INCHES OF SNOW WILL NOT BE CAUSE FOR CANCELLATION/POSTPONEMENT!! WE WILL BE SELLING FROM MANY NE PA. ESTATES INCL.: ANTIQUE FURNITURE - the most heavily carved furniture we’ve ever sold!! sideboard w/tall carved back and addition splash carved with intricate scenes, people and more, incredible!! most likely German late 1800’s in origin, we also are offering a matching somewhat smaller server and a library table as well as a drop front desk all from the same estate!!! - pr. of carved Lion’s head chairs - extra large oak curved glass china w/ crown top - at least 2 tall case Grandfather clocks - oak stacking bookcase - circa 1910 walnut carved dining room table w/refractory style end pull out leaves + 12 (that’s right 12 matching chairs plus a sideboard and server as well as a blind china with Indian head in door by Karcher & Rehn Co. - marble top drop center Victorian dresser w/ mirror - marble pedestal - oak counter top display case - sm. oak 30 drawers hardware store cabinet - oak mirrored hallseat - 29” 1800’s tilt top table - pencil inlaid commode - walnut Victorian lockside chest w/bonnet top -early cherry chest of drawers w/splash - mah. drop front desk w/blind bookcase top - at least 2 early “D” inlaid game tables oak mirrored coat rack w/carved dragons - country primitive 3 shelf bucket bench - country blanket chest over 2 drawers - 2nd country blanket chest - country open top 1 door cupboard - nice selection of blue & white upholstered country parlor furniture inc. a high back settee, 3 high back winged chairs, country sofa & country loveseat Eastlake armoire w/large mirrored door & tiles (attributed to Meissen) - marble top Victorian dresser w/matching washstand - Mission oak rocker -COLLECTIBLES sterling silver flatware set plus more sterling silver flatware and hollow ware (large, heavy, ornate .925 Mexico bowl marked by designer Viguerus) & more - 4 barrel garter pistol marked C. Sharp 1859 - Samurai sword - Civil War era sword - blue decorated stoneware - antique toys inc. wind ups, cast iron & pressed steel - antique clocks inc. 1850’s weight driven w/paintings - plus much much more!! MID CENTURY - rare artist signed and dated (E. Nason 1968) murano glass vase w/stylized bulls - Paul McCobb globe on stand - Noguchi floor lamp - shell chairs (2) Eames - Herman Miller padded chairs + 1 wire Eiffel Tower base - Kessler mirror & table lamp - lucite chairs - set of 6 chairs attributed to Laverne - plus more mid century items!! LIGHTING - Bradley & Hubbard caramel slag table lamp w/frog shaped feet - Bradley & Hubbard fancy base & caramel slag shade - pair of candlestick metal lamps w/threaded shades attributed to Quezal + an extra shade - pr. of candlestick lamps w/decorated cylindrical shades marked Classique - plus other desirable table lamps, banquet lamps and fixtures! GLASSWARE POTTERY & PORCELAIN - signed Hawkes cut glass - pr. of Carlsbad tall hand painted covered vases - Victorian very tall pink glass vases w/hand decoration - at least 2 nice pcs of art glass attributed to Loetz - RS Prussuia berry set w/ pond lily decor - Baccarat - Lalique and other fine glassware and porcelain JEWELRY - outstanding selection of 2 dozen pieces of jewelry inc. a platinum diamond ring (1.20 ct) - 14k gold 2.5 TDW diamond ring w/ marquise certified center stone - 14k 1.5 TDW diamond ring invisible setting (Princess w/baguettes) - a 2nd platinum diamond ring - platinum baquette & rd. eternity band - 18k Tiffany & Co. pendant w/ chain - 14k vintage 6 cameo bracelet - 14k sapphire & diamond pin - Tiffany sterling necklace - extra large 14k cameo pendant - 18k emerald & diamond ring - vintage 18k Tiffany & Co. ruby & diamond pin (orig. box over 11 grams) - vintage Rolex Speed King Wristwatch - gent’s 14k gold concord wristwatch - other gold watches - coin silver & other pocket watches - plus more fine jewelry!!! ARTWORK & BRONZES many fine bronzes inc. Stag w/two deer (inkwell) signed Otto Kainz - Archer signed Kuchler - deco style woman unsigned - signed Spartan Warrior - rectangular bronze wall hanging scene signed B&H - round wall hanging Mother w/child - tall marble bust of woman - large bronze bust marked Schweizer - large bronze & marble bust marked R Evans - many paintings incl. listed artists!! - maritime OonC marked AP Chase Capt. Wm Blye - Oon C still life signed Karl Gotz - portrait signed Nicolo Cortiglia - Morris Katz Oil on board -OonC signed Chief Beaver - plus other desitable artwork!!!! + MUCH MORE!! Check out our website: or ID # 2280 for more information.

Travers Auction Barn: RH926 Travers Auction Company: AY97 Auctioneer: Steve Traver AU3367L Telephone-570-674-2631 be patient 8 rings to voice mail!! TERMS: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover. We will only accept checks if known to auction co. or w/bank letter guaranteeing the funds and if pre-approved before purchases are made. Statements made sale date take precedent over previously published info. Food/refreshments available. 10% Buyer’s Premium S824626

14 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013



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The “Shah Nemeh” is a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowski, sometime between 977 and 1010 A.D. It is the national epic of Iran (Persia) and the Persianspeaking world and contains some 50,000 verses, telling the mythical and historical past of the Persian empire. It is of central importance in Persian culture, even today, and is regarded as a literary masterpiece. The early 17th century manuscript of the “Shah Nemeh” being offered by Nadeau’s is not only desirable for its age and historical significance, it also features 27 handilluminated plates, making it a beautiful document as well. It is expected to draw interest from collectors of antiquarian books, as well as art aficionados and

Annual New Year’s Quality Antiques & Estates Auction SATURDAY, JANUARY 4TH

The collected works of Mark Twain, published in 1897 and signed by the author, whose real name is Samuel Clemens, will be sold.


PREVIEW EXHIBITION 8AM (SATURDAY ONLY) (New Location) Held At The Chautauqua Suites (New Location)

215 West Lake Road - Rte. 394, MAYVILLE, NY 14757

collectors of Middle Eastern history. Martin Lewis was born in Australia but moved to the United States at a young age and lived in New York City most of his life. He was multitalented, exploring human activity and relationships on canvas and executing nearly 150 graphic works as a

Conveniently located At The Beautiful Chautauqua Suites Expo Center - 215 West Lake Road (Route 394) Past the Chautauqua Institution off Interstate 86 (old 17) Exit 9 only 7 miles. Watch for Auction Arrows off Exit Ramp. 30 Miles East of Erie, PA • 55 Miles South of Buffalo, NY • 60 Miles West of Olean, NY (And only 20 miles from past Frewsburg location) United Auctions and Antiques is pleased to announce their Premier 2014 Annual New Years Quality Antiques & Estates Auction. Plan to attend another fabulous auction of hand selected quality Antiques & Collectibles being brought to the market and sold unreserved at live public auction. This years showcase will feature a large variety of items from The Godlove Family Trust of Point Chautauqua as well as several other prominent Estate selections from Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Oil City, Erie-PA, Westfield, and Buffalo, NY.

- Large Selection Quality Lighting - Carved Victorian & Original Surface Country Furniture - Numerous Artist Signed Paintings - Estate Jewelry - Coins - Large Quantity of Sterling Silver - Art Pottery - Collectibles - Primitives - Stoneware - Clocks - Oriental Rugs - Vintage Toys - Coin Operated, Music Boxes, & Slot Machines - Sports Memorabilia - Collection of Early Samplers - Country Store Displays & Advertising - Petroliania - Military Uniforms & Artillery - & So Much More -

(Continued on page 15)

Coke Advertising Plate

Start The Year Off Right! Don’t Miss This One! See 700+ Photos And Complete Details & Auction Terms On Our Website


Or Call (716) 307-3405 for Free Brochure Absentee & Phone Bids Accepted - Hotel Accommodations Available Plenty of Large Truck & Trailer Parking - Loading Assistance Available Large Premium Auction

‘Like’ Us On Facebook -



Center - Rt. 1 At The PA/MD Line,

SATURDAY, JANUARY 4TH, 2014 Located At The Schuylkill Mall, FRACKVILLE, PA 17901


Directions: Interstate 81 & Route 61

FIREARMS: German Steyr 8mm Carbine, Moisin Nagant M-9130 7.62x54 Rifle w/Bayonet, Savage Stevens Mod. 87A .22 Cal. Rifle, H&R Topper 88 16 Ga Shotgun, Savage Bolt Action Repeater, Winchester Mod. 1902 .22 Cal. Rifle, Marlin Mod 60 .22 Cal Rifle, JC Higgins Mod 20 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun, Cobra 38 Special Derringer, Jimanez Mod JA-380 .380 Semi-Auto Pistol, CAI Shooters Arms .45 ACP Pistol, Bryco S/A Mod. 25CA .25 Cal Pistol, Lorcin Mod. L22 .22 Cal. Semi-Auto Pistol, Flintlock Pistol. Ammo, Scopes, Reloading, Etc. JEWELRY: 14K Rings, 10K High School Ring & Necklace, Sterling Jewelry incl. Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Etc. Hat Pins, Cameos, Charm Bracelets, Wrist Watches, Costume Jewelry incl. Demi Sets, Tray Lots & Estate Lots. And MUCH MORE! FURNITURE: Ethan Allen Maple: China Cabinet, (2) Tables w/4 Chairs Each, Tea Cart, Chest of Drawers w/Wall Hanging Mirror, Desk w/Bookshelf Hutch, Stereo Cabinet, Sewing Cabinet, Curio Cabinets. Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, Oak Bowfront Chinas, Ornate Carved Upholstered Chairs, Serpentine Clawfoot Desk, Bassett Cherry Bedroom Set, Antique Cupboards, Brass Bed, Deacon’s Bench, Cherry Coffee Table, Commodes, Oak Rockers, Leather Top Mah. End Tables, Marble Top Washstand & Coffee/End Table Set, Cedar Wardrobe, Floor Lamps, Granite Top Dinette Set, Porc. Table w/Chairs, Oak Clawfoot Pedestal Table, Jewelry Armoire, Bakers Racks, Pub Table w/Sectional Seating, Leather Sofa, La-Z-Boy Overstuffed Chair w/Ottoman & Dual Reclining Sofa, Metal Patio Set & Bar, Wicker Patio Set, Power Lift Chairs. MILITARY: WWII GERMAN: Collar Tabs: Pr of Early Panzer, Red Luft Flak Major, Brown Luft Signals Capt; SS-Streifendienst Gorget, Maker Marked SS Ring, Officer’s Dagger. U.S.: Pins, Helmets, Bayonets. MINING & RR: Many Miners Lamps, incl. Charging Station w/Lights & Batteries, Detonator, Carbide Tin, RR Lock Keys & Lantern. TOYS: Hartland Horses & Riders: Paladin, Cochise Brave, Cheyenne, Eagle Chief, Thunderbird, Wyatt Earp, Matt Dillon, Dale Evans. Doepke Fire Truck, Wyandotte Greyvan Lines Tractor Trailer, Marx Roy Rogers Rodeo Set, Park’s Guided Missle Set, Matchboxes in Orig. Boxes, Skediddle Kiddle Anabelle (MIB), Skediddler Charlie Brown & Goofy (MIB), Hess Trucks incl 1980 & 1986 (MIB), Lead Soldiers, Plastic Vehicles, Erector Set, CI “Lindy” Airplanes, Cap Guns, Cast-Iron Trucks & Banks, Ungar, Motorific GTO & Aurora Racing Sets, Marx Army Headquarters, RC Helipcopter, BB Guns, Model Vehicle Kits incl. Archie’s Jalopy, Emenee Saxophone, Barbies incl. GWTW, Talking Baby First Step, Marie Osmond Dolls. TRAINS: Lionel: “Outfit No. 178” Set w/Original Boxes, 3410 Helicopter Car, 3470 Target Launcher Car, 6650 IRBM Rocket Launcher, 3519 Satellite Launching Car, Remote Control Switches; Marx Train Set, HO Trains, Plasticville, 16 Wheel Molten Metal Car. GLASSWARE & CHINA: Carnival Glass, Depression Glass, Roseville Vases, Hull, Fiesta, Jadite, Hall’s Poppy & Autumn Leaf, Avon Cape Cod, Crestwood China, Pfaltzgraff, Polish Pottery. VINTAGE: Oak Ship’s Wheel, Spinning Wheels, PA RR 1957 Calendar w/Insert (In Packaging), CI Bean Pot & Stand, CI Stoves, Kaier’s Mahanoy City Jug, Beaver Top Hat, Early Hobby Horse, Black Americana, Brass Scales, National Cash Register, Local Brewery & Milk Bottles, Steamer & Camel Back Trunks, Ledgers, Magazines & Books, 1950’s & 1960’s Comic Books, Diagram Bradley Stencil Machine, Glass Door Handles, Sour Cream & Character Glasses, Copper Horse Weathervane, Radios, Chalk Pig Bank, Stereoscope, Radiotican Projector, Yellowware Mixing Bowl, Records incl 45’s & LP’s, Elvis Picture Records & Magazines, Local 1940’s Football Programs, Advertising Crates, Sheaffers Pen Display Cabinet, Sheet Music, Piano Rolls, Blowmolds, Copper Boiler, Sled. COLLECTIBLES: Carousel Horse, Many Longaberger® Baskets, Beatles Pin & Magazines, Lighters incl Zippos, Vintage & Collector Knives & Swords, Coke Items, Many Sports Cards incl. Rookies & Autographs, Autograph Actor Photos, Franklin Mint Model A, Dept 56. BEER ITEMS: Yuengling Schnitzelbank Poster, Neons, LIghts, Signs, Trays, Ashtrays, Caps, Tap Handles, Coasters, Bottle Openers. Instruments: Wurlitzer Organ, Trumpets, Acoustic Guitars, Violin, Mandolin, Trombone, Tambourine. OTHER ITEMS: Antique Copper Bathing Tub, Popsicle, Stiffel & Stained Glass Lamps, Machete Fishing Lures & Rods, Compound Bows, Binoculars, Cameras, Knights of Columbus Sword, Mack Bulldogs, Display Racks, Ornate Framed Mirrors, Many Prints and Paintings incl. Local and Signed. CHECK US OUT AT OUR NEW SCHUYLKILL MALL LOCATION PREVIEW HOURS: THURS., FRI., SAT. 11-9 OR SUNDAY 11-5 13% BUYER’S PREMIUM WITH 3% DISCOUNT FOR CASH - GUN REGISTRATIONS DONE ON SITE

Antique Furniture - Marble Top Furniture - Antiques - Art - Pottery - Fine Glassware - Carnival Glass - Fenton - Fine China - Toys Pictures - Crocks - Jewelry - Coins - Oil Lamps - Collection Cow And Moose Creamers - Vintage Collectibles - Jewelry - Dolls - 50+ Hummels And Plates - Antique Tools Terms- Cash Or Check 10% Buyer’s Premium

Food Available In Snack Bar



PA#AU002534E • Phone 410-658-5649 FOR INFO! Auctioneers Note - This Auction Will Consist Of Several Very Unusual Items - Also Antiques Consignors Have Been Holding Back All Year For This Auction. Smalls To Be Sold At 10:00 a.m. And Furniture At 3:00 p.m. Check out ID#1806 WE SELL EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN for updated lists and pictures daily!



659 N. State Route 934,

ANNVILLE, PA 17003, Lebanon County, PA

FURNITURE: Sterling House 4 pc. maple bedroom suite; 5 pc. cherry Moosehead bedroom suite in excellent condition; cherry grandfather clock; oak secretary desk; secretary desk w/closure lid & hutch top; 2 door jelly cupboard; good grain painted blanket chest; dining hutch; hanging pie safe; Sony 32" flat screen TV; modern sofa; steamer trunk; rocking chairs; oak table w/4 leaves & lots more. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: Cowden Wilcox jug w/blue grape pattern; several other Cowden crocks w/blue designs; spongeware bowls & water pitchers; Planters 5 cent glass peanut jar; Edison home phonograph w/horn; pink depression; old German doll; 2 copper apple butter kettles; 10 good quilts; Victorian mantel clock; F.S. Wertz biscuit box from Reading; several pieces of cast iron skillets & muffin tins; Coca-Cola 25" soda machine; lots of graniteware; NASCAR TRK. glass case; gumball machine; Reading Line Train Sign; Fire engine pedal car; old style tricycle; wooden coke sign; 50’s Buddy L; Big Stop Light; RT. 66 Gas Pump; Flow Blue dishes; Buddy L dump truck; Victorian mantel clock; Good mantel clock; Many old advertising pieces from Linglestown; Old replica high wheel; Sky King tricycle; Fire truck pedal car; & much, much more. EQUIPMENT & TOOLS AUTOS: 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt LS w/only 12,200 miles; like new automatic 2008 Ford Focus SE, 59,100 miles, automatic, alloy wheels & more. AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Come spend the day with us. We will have 2 auctioneers selling all day. Everything will be sold indoors. Some great pieces, equipment is in wonderful condition. The tractors & Chevrolet sell absolute regardless of price. CONDITIONS BY: Minnie Grub Estate, Charles Symanski & other local estates. TERMS: Cash or good PA check, most major credit cards accepted, DIRECTIONS: From Rt. 422 in Annville go North on Rt. 934 for 2 miles to property on the left OR from Interstate 81 take Exit 85 & take Rt. 934 S for 5 miles to property on the right. Please visit or ID# 4656 for more photos & full listing.

#AH-001946-L - PHONE 717-269-0654

AUCTIONZIP.COM AUCTIONEER #1161 VOTED BEST AUCTION IN SCHUYLKILL COUNTY 4 YEARS IN A ROW!!! “Proven Reliability for Buyers And Sellers” AU005754 Schuylkill Mall AUCTIONEER: TOM HENDRICKS AH001820 MANAGER See Our Web Site: CAROLYN FRY Phone: (570) 622-3089 • (570) 874-1651 Fax: (570) 874-1653 S824706






S824416 or AuctionZip ID #1731

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Museum Of The Shenandoah Valley Acquires Rare Shearer Desk Desk Made In 1808 By John Shearer Was Previously Unrecorded And Features Hidden Note The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (MSV) in Winchester, Va., has purchased a rare 19th-century desk made by one of the Shenandoah Valley’s most recognizable and eccentric early artisans. Crafted in 1808 by John Shearer (active ca. 1798-1818), the desk was acquired by the MSV on Nov. 16 at Brunk Auctions in Asheville, N.C. This desk by John Shearer was recently acquired by the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. Photo courtesy of Brunk A u c t i o n s , Asheville, North Carolina.

According to MSV executive director Dana Hand Evans, the desk is a fine example of John Shearer’s work, and it perfectly tells the quirky cabinetmaker’s story. Shearer, who is known to have worked in Martinsburg, Va., (now West Virginia), typically signed his name multiple times on his objects, and he also often inscribed them with political sentiments or other thoughts. The elaborately carved MSV desk is no exception. Signed, dated, and inscribed in numerous places, the desk also features a hidden note that Shearer wrote and pasted into a tambour compartment. The note documents the desk’s story and references characters in Shearer’s life. There may be as few as 54 known objects by Shearer in private and museum collections, including those of Colonial Williamsburg and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA). The desk just acquired by the MSV was previously unrecorded. In the family of Charles H. Folwell of Mount Holly, N.J., during the 1930s, the desk may have descended from the original owner (Philip Stuber) through the Neill family of Hagerstown, Md. At the MSV, the desk joins a circa 1818 Shearer walnut sideboard, the only one by the artisan that is known to exist, which the MSV acquired in 2010. Prior to their acquisitions by the MSV, both the Shearer desk and the sideboard were in private collections and not accessible to the public. The desk’s inlaid details include a shield, chains, anchors, and medallion. One inscription reads, “Lord Nelson and Victory.” Another inscription on the underside of the newly acquired desk reads, “Made by Shearer Joiner from Edinburg 1808 in the fall.” An inlaid panel on a drawer panel reads, “By Shearer to Stuben.” The desk is inscribed “Martinsburg” in several places.

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printmaker between 1915 and 1945. His etchings, highly prized, are an offshoot from his work as a commercial illustrator. The two etchings in the auction are both drypoint and sandpaper ground. One is titled “Bay Windows” (1929, Edition 104) and shows a snowy Manhattan street scene. The other, titled “Stoops in Snow” (1930, Edition 115), also shows figures walking in New York’s

The lengthy note reads: “I made this desk for an Honest Dutchman of the name of Philip Stover in Frederick County Maryland Close by the River in the year 1808 - the same year that I made John Mitchell’s desk close by Late’s [?] Mill [?] in the same County, but a biger Rascle as well as fool Is not to be found in this county than this John Mitchell. The running doors that is in this desk was made for this very Rascle’s Desk Jno. Mitchell My Name is John Shearer joiner from Edinborough North Britan Not forgetting a Sarha Skags the Bigest Whor in this county lived there at that time.” According to MSV director Evans, the MSV has established an endowment for the sole purpose of presenting exhibitions and building the museum’s collection. Evans notes that while the MSV is young and lacks the purchasing power of many larger, more established institutions, this careful planning has made possible such significant acquisitions as the Shearer desk. These acquisitions are milestone achievements for the museum, says Evans, for they bring important objects of valley history home and place them on display in the MSV, where all may view them. “The MSV is focused on acquiring objects that have a solid provenance, are relevant to the valley’s history, and tell engaging stories,” comments Evans. “This desk was a home run on all counts, and we couldn’t be happier.” Following minor conservation, the desk will go on view in the MSV as quickly as possible. Those who visit the MSV to see it may also be interested in a book, “The Furniture of John Shearer, 1790-1820,” which is available for purchase in the MSV store. Written by Elizabeth A. Davison, the book was published by Alta Mira Press in partnership with the MSV, MESDA, and the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum. The MSV is located at 901 Amherst Street in Winchester, Va. The MSV complex, including the museum, the Glen Burnie house, and six acres of gardens, is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The museum is open year round, the gardens are open April through October. The house is now closed until 2014 for a comprehensive preservation project. For additional information, visit snowy streets. Both are pencilsigned by Lewis. Assorted artwork, estate jewelry, sterling silver, 20 bronze sculpture, Oriental rugs, two baby grand pianos, music boxes, rare books, and various other decorative accessories will be offered, as well. A wide variety of English and American furniture of numerous styles and from numerous time periods will be in the sale, too. For more information, visit or call 860-246-244.

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16 - - Antiques & Auction News — December 27, 2013


ANTIQUE AUCTION Antiques, Furniture, Glassware, Collectibles, Guns, Automobiles, Live Low Digit Delaware License Tags, Delaware State Fair & Harrington Raceway Stock, Estate Vehicles, Estate Jewelry, Gold Coins & More

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 2014 - 9:00 A.M. Location: Wilson’s Auction

Sales, Inc., Route 113,

LINCOLN, DELAWARE - In the “Gallery” Building. 9:00 A.M.: GWTW lamps- White satin w/cherub angel faces & others, Mary Gregory glass, Copper Lustre, Bohemian glass, cranberry opalescent swirl, Faberge eggs, Stradivarius violin w/case, early violin w/case, Delaware glass, 5 piece pitcher & bowl set, Ironstone chamber pot w/lid, bride’s basket, Blue Willow, cut glass, wicker birdcage, Royal Doulton figurines & miniatures, Large collection of Hummel figurines. An Assortment of Carved Decoys: Blue Bill hens by Pat Vincenti, H. Megargee, & others; Canvasback hens by Capt. Harry Jobes & others, Canvasback hen painted by Charlie Joiner, Black Ducks by Herter; carved shore birds, Chesapeake Bay decoy; pair of Ward Brothers decoys, signed and dated 1939, & others not listed. Delaware books, assorted Longaberger® & other collector baskets, a selection of Fenton, American & Colony pattern Fostoria, Slipware plates, early brass cooking items, 18-century iron fireplace utensils, early American glass, Limoges china, Canton china, English porcelain teapots, set of 4 transfer plates, reproduction Chinese export tea caddy w/clipper ship, Flo blue platters, Delaware church plates, large green demijohn, lead toy soldiers, set of 4 handmade toy cars by Richard Timmons - Dagsboro, DE, old tools, Beers Atlas of the State of Delaware-1868, Beers Atlas map of Milford, DE•1868. A Selection of Framed Art: Vicky Montesinos “A Woman Remembered” 261/300; Mary Vickers “Only In My Dreams” 254/325; Mary Vickers “All Good Things”; Lillian Shao “Flora” 134/300; Lillian Shao “The Gold Threaded Robe” 149/300; Murf “Ladies Night” 47/1000; Barrett’s Chapel Print; Fox & Fox Hunting Prints; Watercolors; Early portrait of a Quaker lady by Delaware artist Bass Otis; Illustration by Brandywine artist Gayle Porter Hoskins and more art not listed. A collection of porcelain dolls with accessories, Cabbage Patch doll, sleigh bells, decanters, VC Fertilizers sign, agate & cast-iron cookware, Ironstone, glass baskets, copper lustre, carnival glass, tea services, Lefton china, porcelain Nippon, three piece Oriental tea & coffee service, souvenir glass, Noritake, compotes, cruets, crystal, bone dishes, salts, silver-plated serving pieces, a selection of lamps, assortment of early & other candlesticks, Sterling Silver: 14 piece Lunt flatware “Modern Victorian”; (5) W. Moir forks; tea strainer; candle stick holders; serving pieces & more silver not listed. Antique iron items, crocks, pressed glass, milk glass, pottery, Lenox, Waterford, demitasse cups & saucers, covered soup tureen w/ladle, brass items, sadirons, crocks. Victorian & other frames, crystal decanters, stemware, salts, linens, vintage clothing, and many more items not listed. 11:30 A.M. - Guns: Custom .243 bolt action rifle w/Leupold scope & others not listed. Estate Jewelry: 14k 2.5 ctw diamond ring; 10k gemstone ring; 10k amethyst ring; 10k blue topaz & diamond ring;14k lavender topaz; 10k .50ctw diamond ring; 14k tanzanite & diamond ring; 14k citrine ring; 10k 1ct sapphire; 10k 1 ctw diamond cluster ring; 14k blue topaz; 14k sapphire & diamond; 10k blue topaz necklace; 10k bracelet w/diamonds; 14k diamond & amethyst ring; 10k double horseshoe ring; jade bracelet; jade earrings; 14k opal, diamond & emerald ring; 14k pyramid shaped 1 ctw diamond cluster ring; 14k filigree .75ct diamond ring; 14k opal & ruby ring; costume jewelry and more. Gentlemen’s Rings to Include: 10k 1.75 ctw diamond;10k diamond cluster;14k .90ctw diamonds; 10k w/diamonds; sterling with large tiger eye; sterling with turquoise; sterling horse rings & others. Visit our web site for select color photos. Coins to include Gold coins, several silver dollars, and more. 1:00 P.M.: Live Low Digit Delaware License Tags: 2782; 5829; 6455; 8569; 9084; C950; C5232; C5525; FT803; 40689. We are still accepting tags for this auction. Check our website for late tag listings. Delaware State Fair Stock: 3 Shares. Harrington Raceway Stock: 16 Shares. Estate Vehicles: One owner 2001 Buick Century w/approximately 59,750 miles; One owner 1984 Olds Toronadow/ approximately 70,850 miles showing. 3:00 P.M.: Walnut Victorian sofa & chairs, Walnut English sideboard, cherry drop leaf table, walnut marble top washstand w/splash & teardrop pulls, Willet 3 piece cherry bedroom suite, 3 section Barrister bookcase, cherry silver chest. Children’s Furniture: Trunk; drop leaf table w/2 chairs; rockers; desk & chair; pine blanket chest & more. Martha Washington sewing cabinet, walnut w/burl marble top stand, carved walnut Victorian hall mirror, hat rack, blue velvet wing chair w/b&c feet, mahogany tea table, dove tailed blanket chest, 10’x20’ Oriental rug, wrought iron candle stand, velvet upholstered chair, wing back chairs, wall mirrors, Husqvarna programmable sewing machine, and more furnishings not listed. PREVIEW: Tuesday, December 31, 2013, from 11:00 A.M. til 4:00 P.M. Terms: Payment in full on the day of sale with cash, approved check, debit card or major credit card. 5% clerking fee on all sales which will be discounted entirely for customers paying with cash, approved check or debit card. Announcements made the day of sale supersede all advertisements. Absentee & phone bids will be accepted. No Buyer’s Penalty. Auctioneer’s Note: Mark your calendar and make plans to attend. You can’t afford to miss this First Important Auction of 2014 which has so much to offer, featuring items from several Delaware Estates, a nice selection of Antiques, Live Low Digit Delaware License Tags, Jewelry, Guns, and so much more. Three auctioneers will be selling throughout each day, so bring a friend. Announcements made day of sale supercede all printed material. Visit our web site to view several color photos of items in this auction. Start the New Year out right at Wilson’s Auction by paying No Buyer’s Penalty on your auction purchases. “WHAT YOU BID IS WHAT YOU PAY”. Good Food & refreshments will be served by Marilyn’s Catering. There is plenty of parking, No sales tax, and No Buyer’s Penalty.

Wilson’s Auction Sales, Inc. “Professionals On The Move” Dave Wilson, Auctioneer & Sales Manager K. Wade Wilson, Auctioneer & Customer Service Representative (302) 422-3454 Fax (302) 422-0462


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The Most Widely Read Collector’s Newspaper in The East.