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October / Octubre 15, 2013


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NEWS Community Bulletin | Boletín Informativo para la Comunidad | Woodbridge, VA | Vol. 2, No. 21 tification Committee had been holding multiple clean-ups each year, pulling trash and debris from roads and rivers in Woodbridge. It wasn’t long before she was appointed to chair a new committee on litter prevention. She later reached out to two non-profits, The Alice Ferguson Foundation and Keep Prince William County Beautiful. (The Alice Ferguson Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission includes encouraging personal environmental responsibility, particularly as it applies to the cultural heritage of the Potomac River Watershed.) Now the WPCCA is working in partnership with these two agencies in a campaign to reduce litter in PW. They are producing educational posters in both English and Spanish to be placed in businesses, laundromats and restaurants, as well as bumper stickers. BThrifty has agreed to print 500 posters to support this important campaign. WPCCA is in the early stages of their Litter Prevention Program to improve the Woodbridge community. All residents of our area as well as businesses benefit from their continued efforts towards litter pickups, landscaping, and investments in local parks.

By H. Dale Keeton, Ph.D. A few years ago Myrna and Duane Youngberg were getting out of their car in a parking lot and noticed a man who was eating lunch in his truck drop a banana peel on the asphalt. Duane, who is physically handicapped and sensitive to safety issues, walked over and reminded him that some individual might slip on the banana peel and cause a physical

injury. The man responded, “If you don’t like it, then you pick it up.” Duane, stooping from his cane, picked up the banana peel. This incident fueled Myrna’s activist energy toward cleaning up the environment. As a new member of the Woodbridge Potomac Community Civic Association (WPCCA: www.newwoodbridge. org), she knew that the WPCCA’s Beau-

To help cover the cost of the beautification committee’s expenses, WPCCA chairman, John Karhnak, recently announced that the Association has been awarded a “95 Express Lanes Community Grant” provided by the Fluor-Transurban consortium. (Fluor Enterprises and partner Transurban Group are responsible for the financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Capital Beltway HOT lanes on Interstate 95.) Mr. Karhnak said, “This grant will allow for the expansion of the existing programs of the beautification committee and will also help fund new initiatives, like the Litter Prevention Campaign.” B-Thrifty strongly endorses the work of WPCCA and its leaders, and feels honored to have a small part in the support of their efforts toward litter prevention.

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Su Basura está cerca de Casa Hace unos años Myrna y Duane Youngberg estaban saliendo de su coche en un estacionamiento y se dio cuenta que un hombre que estaba almorzando en su camioneta dejó caer una cáscara de plátano en el asfalto....

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Mantenga Prince William Hermoso es una organización ambiental sin fines de lucro que sirve a Prince William County a través de la asociación con los residentes, las empresas privadas y el gobierno local para educar e inspirar a la gente a ser guardianes del medio ambiente y mantener Prince William hermoso.

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Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association (WPCCA) The purpose of the WPCCA is to engage the issues of land use, community beautification, transportation and economic development in the Woodbridge Magisterial District.

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Page 2 | | October / Octubre 15, 2013 cáscara de plátano.

By H. Dale Keeton, Ph.D. Hace unos años Myrna y Duane Youngberg estaban saliendo de su coche en un estacionamiento y se dio cuenta que un hombre que estaba almorzando en su camioneta dejó caer una cáscara de plátano en el asfalto. Duane,

quien es físicamente discapacitado y sensible a las cuestiones de seguridad, se acercó y le recordó que un individuo puede deslizarse en la cáscara de plátano y causar una lesión física. El hombre respondió: “Si no te gusta, entonces recójala usted.” Duane, inclinándose desde su bastón, tomó la

Este incidente alimentó la energía militante de Myrna hacia la limpieza del medio ambiente. Como nuevo miembro de la Asociación Cívica Comunitaria de Potomac-Woodbridge (WPCCA :, supo que el Comité de Embellecimiento del WPCCA había estado llevando a cabo varias limpiezas cada año, tirando basura y escombros de las carreteras y ríos en Woodbridge. No pasó mucho tiempo antes de que fuera nombrada presidente de un nuevo comité de prevención de basura. Más tarde se extendió a dos sin fines de lucro, la Fundación Alice Ferguson y mantener Prince William County Beautiful. (La Fundación Alice Ferguson es una organización sin fines de lucro cuya misión incluye fomentar la responsabilidad ambiental personal, especialmente la referente al patrimonio cultural de la Cuenca del Río Potomac.) Ahora el WPCCA está trabajando en asociación con estas dos agencias en una campaña para reducir la basura en PW. Están produciendo afiches educativos en inglés y español para ser colocados en empresas, lavanderías y restaurantes, así como calcomanías. B- Thrifty se ha comprometido a imprimir 500 carteles para apoyar esta importante campaña. WPCCA está en las primeras etapas de su Programa de Prevención de basura para mejorar la comunidad de Woodbridge. Todos los residentes de nuestra zona, así como las empresas se benefician de sus esfuerzos continuos hacia recolecciones de ba-

sura, áreas verdes, y las inversiones en parques locales. Para ayudar a cubrir el costo de los gastos del comité de embellecimiento, el presidente de la WPCCA, John Karhnak, anunció recientemente que la Asociación ha sido galardonada con la “95 Express Lanes Community Grant” proporcionada por el consorcio Fluor - Transurban. (Fluor Enterprises y socios del Grupo Transurban son responsables de la financiación, diseño , construcción, operación y mantenimiento de los carriles expresos en la carretera interestatal 95) Karhnak dijo, “Esta donación permitirá la ampliación de los programas existentes del comité de embellecimiento y también ayudará a financiar nuevas iniciativas, como la Campaña de Prevención de basura”. B- Thrifty respalda firmemente la labor de la WPCCA y sus líderes, y se siente honrado de tener un pequeño papel en el apoyo de sus esfuerzos hacia la prevención y recolección de la basura.

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Keep Prince William Beautiful

To learn more about how to prevent litter or to schedule a cleanup for your organization or community, contact Anna at 571-285-3772 or amcintosh@ For more information visit

Mantenga Prince William Hermoso (KPWB, por sus siglas en inglés)

Keep Prince William Beautiful (previously known as Prince William Clean Community Council) is a non-profit environmental organization that serves Prince William County through partnering with residents, businesses and government to educate and inspire people to be environmental stewards and keep Prince William beautiful.

KPWB offers six programs spanning the issues of litter removal and education, recycling education, and water quality. The programs vary from interactive classroom lessons to hands-on community activities. Through these programs, individuals are engaged to take greater responsibility for improving their community’s environment. KPWB’s goal is to offer solutions that create clean, beautiful public places, reduce waste and increase recycling, generate positive impact on local economies and inspire generations of environmental stewards. By partnering with WPCCA and Alice Ferguson, KPWB hopes to increase awareness about the effects of litter. Not containing the litter and allowing it to be shuffled by traffic into gutters,

lawns and landscaped areas decreases the stability of the environment by impacting water quality, affecting soil erosion rates, harming wildlife necessary to the habitat and allowing toxins to seep into the soil. Whereas, a litterfree community is not only environmentally friendly, but improves community appearance and quality of life while discouraging crime and vandalism. The best option is to prevent litter from happening, but once it starts, a cleanup is essential. Litter is a human impact on the environment and therefore requires human intervention. For over 30 years Keep Prince William Beautiful has been that intervention for Prince William County. From direct litter removal along roadways and in natural areas, to conducting classroom education, KPWB’s goal is to change attitudes about litter; resulting in long-term behavioral changes. The organization aims to provide individuals with knowledge about the problem, and then opportunities and tools to do something about it. Litter prevention and community cleanups benefit not only the 400,000+ residents of Prince William County, but also the local businesses, government and tourists. Litter is a problem which affects everyone in the community and only as a community can we put a stop to litter. Together we ensure that Prince William County is a premiere community that attracts residents, businesses and tourists; that has a strong community engagement and pride; and creates a clean, beautiful, sustainable environment for future generations.

KPWB Programs Adopt-a-Spot - Through the Adopt-a-Spot program you can take charge of the health of your neighborhood, block or even your favorite nature spot. Community Cleanups - Community cleanups are a great way to meet liked minded people and make new friends without having to sign up for the latest social networking site. And after introducing yourself to other volunteers, you can get to work cleaning, re-

Mantenga Prince William Hermoso (anteriormente conocido como Consejo Comunitario para un Prince William Limpio) es una organización ambiental sin fines de lucro que sirve a Prince William County a través de la asociación con los residentes, las empresas privadas y el gobierno local para educar e inspirar a la gente a ser guardianes del medio ambiente y mantener Prince William hermoso. KPWB ofrece seis programas que abarcan los temas de eliminación de basura y educación, educación de reciclaje y la calidad del agua. Los programas varían desde lecciones interactivas en el aula hasta la práctica de las actividades en la comunidad. A través de estos programas, las personas se dedican a asumir una mayor responsabilidad para mejorar el medio ambiente de su comunidad. El objetivo de KPWB es ofrecer soluciones que crean lugares públicos limpios y hermosos, reducir los residuos y aumentar el reciclaje, generar un impacto positivo en las economías locales e inspirar a generaciones de guardianes del medio ambiente. Al asociarse con WPCCA y Alice Ferguson, KPWB espera aumentar la conciencia sobre los efectos de la contaminación. Sin contener la basura y permitir que se arroyen por el tráfico en las canaletas, el césped y zonas de jardines públicos disminuye la estabilidad del medio ambiente por el impacto en la calidad del agua, incrementa las tasas de erosión del suelo, dañando la fauna necesaria para el hábitat y permitiendo que las toxinas se filtren al suelo. Considerando que, una comunidad libre de basura no es sólo un bien ecológico, sino que mejora la apariencia de la comunidad y la calidad de vida y ayuda a disminuir

pairing or revitalizing neglected or vandalized areas of the community. Litter Survey - The Litter Survey is a quarterly litter survey of 22 key areas of Prince William County. Those who volunteer for the program, receive training and then spend the morning riding around the county (in an air conditioned van) rating the amount of litter they see using a 1 to 4 litter index scale. Shopping Center Program - Participants in this

la delincuencia y el vandalismo. La mejor opción es evitar que la basura se acumule, pero una vez que comienza, la limpieza es esencial. La basura es un impacto humano sobre el medio ambiente y por lo tanto requiere la intervención humana. Por más de 30 años Mantenga Prince William Hermoso ha sido el programa de intervención del Condado de Prince William. Desde recoger basura directamente a lo largo de las carreteras y en áreas naturales, a la realización de educación en las aulas, el objetivo de KPWB es cambiar las actitudes acerca de la basura, lo que resulta en cambios de comportamiento a largo plazo. La organización tiene como objetivo proporcionar a las personas con conocimientos sobre el problema las oportunidades y las herramientas para hacer algo al respecto. La Prevención y las limpiezas de basura en la comunidad no sólo benefician a los mas de 400.000 residentes del Condado de Prince William, sino que también a las empresas locales, el gobierno y los turistas. La basura es un problema que afecta a todos en la comunidad, y sólo como comunidad podemos poner fin al problema de la basura. Juntos podemos garantizar que el condado de Prince William es una comunidad de primer nivel, que atrae a los residentes, negocios y turistas, que tiene un fuerte compromiso con la comunidad y el orgullo de pertenecer a ella, y crear un ambiente limpio, hermoso y sostenible para las generaciones futuras. Para obtener más información acerca de cómo prevenir la acumulación de basura o para hacer una limpieza de su organización o comunidad, comuníquese con Anna en el 571-285-3772 o amcintosh@kpwb. org. Para obtener más información, visite

program use a 32-point survey to inspect the property and report on their findings. From every-thing to whether they have recycling, to trash that might be filling the parking lots and common areas, volunteers go out quarterly and survey the shopping center and report those findings to us. We then use that data to help shopping centers minimize the impact their actions have on our environment. http://www.

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Salon: 703-910-6164 Cell: 571-438-4627

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Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association (WPCCA)

The purpose of the WPCCA is to engage the issues of land use, community beautification, transportation and economic development in the Woodbridge Magisterial District. The Association is a non-partisan organization that reviews new development projects in the area, and provides a venue for anyone who wants to bring a project or idea before residents of the community. The WPCCA meets on the third Thursday of the month, September through June, with the exception of December. There is information about getting on our email list for meetings and joining the WPCCA at the end of this article. Over the past several years WPCCA has focused on understanding planned business and development activities in the area. This includes interaction with county planning staff, business owners and developers to define and build a new

and improved community. In 2013 development projects presented to the WPCCA included the Featherstone Square project, Potomac Shores update, and a proposed Caton Hill Comprehensive Plan amendment.

neighborhood cleanup day in the spring, where citizens can bring unwanted items to county dumpsters stationed at a local school. They have recently launched a major effort to publicize the need for litter prevention and control, placing posters in many local businesses, and soon expanding to schools and bus stops.

• Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center for improvements made to their medical campus, providing a serene healing environment to complement world class health care.

In addition to participating in local cleanups, the WPCCA recognizes businesses or residents who make substantial contributions to the beautification and enhancement of the Woodbridge Magisterial District, with its annual Beautification Awards.

• Hendrick Honda for its clean property and attractive landscaping along the Route 1 corridor.

This past June, the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association (WPCCA) gathered at historic Rippon Lodge to present the 2nd Annual Woodbridge Beautification Awards, and announce the receipt of a $5,000 grant from Transurban-Flour. Local elected officials, Woodbridge Supervisor Frank Principi and Mayor of Occoquan Earnie Porta were on hand for an evening of refreshments, tours of the historic home, and the awards presentation.

Each year, WPCCA sponsors a meeting with the State legislators, usually in March or April, in which they describe of their successes (and sometimes frustrations) in the recently completed legislative session. Other featured programs include public safety (including the Police and Fire departments and animal control), the County budget (January or February), presentations by the County’s Neighborhood services department, as well as updates from both County and State Transportation departments. WPCCA also helps sponsor cleanups and beautification projects. They sponsor a Neabsco Creek cleanup in March, and a

The winners of the 2013 Woodbridge Beautification Awards include:

• Lustine Toyota for the Garrison flag and attractive landscaping along the Route 1 corridor.

• Stonebridge Potomac Town Center for landscaping and aesthetic projects at a site of major new economic development. • Meadows Farms for contributions to local beautification projects. • Russell and Janelle Bryant for expending incredible personal time and energy caring for and watering the WPCCA gardens along Route 1 in North Woodbridge. The 2012 winners were Arban & Carossi, Koons Kia, Shearscapes and Vulcan Materials. Another highlight of the evening was the awarding of a $5,000 TransurbanFlour grant to the WPCCA. Mike McGurk of Transurban-Flour, the private partner in the I-95 Express Lanes project, noted that the grant is part of a community investment program that supports initiatives like the WPCCA’s neighborhood clean ups and Route 1 redevelopment efforts. You are invited to Join the WPCCA at no cost and learn how you can help improve the quality of life in Woodbridge! You can get more information about the organization at our Facebook page at also at the web site:; then click on “Civic Association” in the upper right corner.”

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Woodbridge News - October 2013  

Local news in Woodbridge, VA

Woodbridge News - October 2013  

Local news in Woodbridge, VA