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Projects inspired by TREES 14

Make & Stay Calm



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Add Your Add PersonalYour Expression Personal Expression with these 3D with these 3D Decorative Effects Decorative Effects in Sewing Mode! in Sewing Mode!

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Laser Pictogram Stitches* * Laser Stitches with Pictogram the built-in laser create new

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Embroideries featured in this ad were done on the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 machine.

sewing machine

*When compared to Babylock Crescendo, Brother Innovis BQ3050, Brother Luminaire XP1, Bernina 770QE, Bernina 880 Plus, Janome Memory Craft 15000. **Optional accessory needed. Only compatible with the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 machine. VIKING, EPIC, DESIGNER EPIC, JOYOS ADVISOR and MYSEWNET are trademarks of KSIN VIKING, KEEPING THE WORLD SEWING, EPIC, DESIGNER EPIC, DESIGNER RUBY, DESIGNER SAPPHIRE and BRILLIANCE are trademarks of KSIN Luxembourg II, Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. HUSQVARNA and the “H” Crown Device are trademarks of Husqvarna AB and are used under license. ©2021 KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. All rights reserved.

S.a.r.l. HUSQVARNA and the “H” Crown Device are trademarks of Husqvarna AB and are used under license. ©2021 KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. ® of KSIN VIKING, KEEPING THE WORLD SEWING, DESIGNER EPIC, DESIGNER RUBY, No DESIGNER SAPPHIRE andatBRILLIANCE are trademarks II, All rights reserved. All pricing decisionsEPIC, are at the sole discretion of the retailer. prior purchases. Valid authorized HUSQVARNA VIKING® Luxembourg retailers in Canada. ™ S.a.r.l.*Laser HUSQVARNA the “H” Crown Device areDESIGNER trademarksEPIC of Husqvarna and are used under license. ©2021 KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. Pictogramand Stitches only available on the 2 sewingAB and embroidery machine. ® All rights reserved. All pricing decisions are at the sole discretion of the retailer. No prior purchases. Valid at authorized HUSQVARNA VIKING® retailers in Canada. * Laser Pictogram Stitches only available on the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine.


sewing and embroidery machine sewing and embroidery machine



How trees talk to each other | Suzanne Simard

It’s not surprising then I would dedicate an Issue to the topic of trees. I love what our contributors have created from different perspectives and using different techniques.


Trees help our planet breathe by turning carbon dioxide into clean, pure oxygen, as you’ve heard, but I won’t get into a dissertation on trees just yet! Rather, I will mention that a few years back I discovered Suzanne Simard and her presentation on TED Talk that expanded my appreciation for trees, as if that were even possible! You’ve got to listen to her talk, she has such a light in her eyes when she explains, “Trees are the foundation of forests…” and how “…underground there is this other world, a world of infinite biological

pathways that connect trees and allow them to communicate with one another creating a single organism.” And “Trees talk in terms of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and water, defense signals, chemicals…”. It’s explosive to know everything that goes on underground! See more on YouTube about what she has to say about this fascinating organism. Dr. Simard is a professor in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences and teaches at the University of British Columbia. She received her PhD in Forest Sciences at Oregon State University. By serendipity, she has just released her latest book called Finding the Mother Tree May 4, 2021, the same week I’m writing you this letter.


I have been in love with trees all my life. I was a tree hugger before I even knew there was a name for loving trees. I’m entranced when I see the sunshine glistening through the leaves and my ears perk up when I hear the breeze rustling through them. Over three decades I asked my dad to plant several trees around the house: 2 cedars, 2 crabapples, 1 blue spruce, and 1 birch, nestling the house just so.

Stay Calm

ditor's letter

Sitting amongst the trees, engaged in some form of needlework, is to be in good company. As always, stay safe and stay calm.




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3 Editor’s Letter 6 Mark Your Calendars! 6 Advertiser Index 8 Heather McArthur

The Quilter's Connection How to Make an Award Worthy Quilt

10 Heather McArthur

56 Cynthia MacDougall

quilting Oh, Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

in every issue

Knit Together Bringing Trees into Knitting

14 Cathy McClean

67 Knitting


quilting Canadian Fall Colours Placemats

Standard Abbreviations & Terms

20 Betty Biberdorf

98 Business Directory

quilting Swing into Spring Wall Hanging

30 Lynn Swanson


quilting Family Tree Wall Hanging

34 Clodagh Coker

quilting Cardinal Woods Quilt

38 Olesya Lebedenko

foundation paper piecing A Tree for Every Season Quilt Blocks

Special Features 49 More Joy, Less Overwhelm The Seed and Your Personal Growth as a Quilter Brandy Maslowski


A Close Look at Couching Ana Buzzalino


Spectrum QAL 2020

42 Paul Léger

quilting The Pixelated Tree Quilt

46 Elaine Theriault

quilting Under the Canopy Quilt

59 Cynthia MacDougall

knitting Tilted Maple Leaf Henley

63 Lorraine Gregory

knitting The Importance of Stitch Markers

64 Nancy Lekx

knitting Pinecone Scarf and Headband

68 Nancy Lekx

knitting Orchard Blossoms Shawl 70 Lorraine Thompson knitting Thoughful Soles Series Gingham Apples Socks


50 54 Deep Rooted Heike Blohm



Ar t i s t re v i e w s

Summer in the Forest Sharon Johnston

74 Charles Voth

crochet Crochet Bohemian Cardi

78 Jo Gatenby

cross stitch Elemental Fractal Series EARTH Part 1 of 4

84 Iryna Varabei

cross stitch The Folktale of Baba Yaga

94 Kathy Andrews

needle felting Painting My Forest With Wool




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When I was a child, my family lived in a post-and-beam house in the country, with 14-foot ceilings in the living room. At Christmas, my dad and brothers would go out to dad’s trapline, cut down the tallest tree they could find, and haul it home. The tree-top reached the ceiling, and our entire family got involved in the decorating. One year, our cat decided to climb the tree, and of course the tree toppled over, breaking most of my mother’s cherished heirloom glass ornaments. From then on, we made sure to tie the tree to the staircase railing so it wouldn’t fall over! Christmas has always held special family memories for me, and that’s why I’ve created a holiday advent calendar for this issue. Don’t be intimidated by the 3-D flying geese - they are very easy to make. This project does not have to be Christmas themed, either. Simply swap out the red fabric for an additional green batik, add some more green buttons, and you can use this wall hanging any time of the year! – Heather

Oh, Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Photos by Heather McArthur




issue 55


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issue 55


Canadian Fall Colours





issue 55

The instructions to all 12 Spectrum QAL Blocks in 3 different fabric lines have all been published on QUILTsocial.com. You can access these by clicking on the Spectrum badge on this page or found also on our QUILTsocial Home page any time! We'd love to see how you made your quilt! Share a photo to your TheSewGoesOn Facebook Page or on your Instagram page with

#TheSewGoesOn We are so proud to share the finished Spectrum Quilts!

Claire's quilt design using Anthology Fabrics

Little Girl in the Blue Armchair Collection

Photo by Paul Léger

Paul's quilt design using Benartex Fabrics

Wave Texture Collection Photo by Elaine Theriault

OUILTsocial.com Photo by Claire Haillot

On… 

September 2020 to April 2021

Join us!


Elaine's quilt design using Riley Blake Designs

Blue Stitch Collection



issue 55


Swinginto Spring

Wall Hanging

Considering a project that reflects TREES the first thing that came to mind was the swing we had on an old cherry tree in our backyard. The tree and swing have long been gone but the memories live on! While on one of our morning walks, I found the perfect tree to use as inspiration for my wall hanging. To create the pattern for my wall hanging I used my favourite new method for tracing patterns. I have an LED projector mounted to my ceiling. The picture is projected from my computer (or tablet/phone) to my sewing table where I can easily trace my patterns or, in this case, the tree for my wall hanging. Once my tree was traced it was simply a matter of adding the background and swing to create my master pattern. The instructions are a guide for using these techniques to achieve your own unique wall hanging and no pattern pieces are included with these instructions. – Betty




issue 55

Creativity Creativity starts starts here. here.

7000 7000


Family Tree

Wall Hanging

I believe that a tree is a symbol of generations of a family. A tree sprouts from the ground, grows, branches out and then creates new growth and leaves, just like a family. You may have a large family with many leaves or a small family with just a few leaves. Celebrate your family by creating a family tree wall hanging.




issue 55

– Lynn

Light Years Beyond

Presenting the Luminaire 2 Innov-ís XP2. Brilliant new quilting innovations and app-based features available from your mobile devices let you find perfection in every stitch.


Enjoy StitchVision technnology and see your designs projected on fabric before you begin to embroider.

Experience the comfort of sewing on 65 square inches of workspace, the largest of any Brother machine.

The Luminaire 2 has the magic of 192 built-in Disney embroidery designs and 10 decorative Disney stitches.

Stop your stitch in the perfect place just by placing the Snowball End Point Sticker on your project.

Large 10.1” HD LCD touchscreen display with capacitive technnology.

Enjoy 2-colour quilting sash designs, built-in hexagon shapes for auto split sash, single or triple stitching, and more.

Visit an authorized Brother dealer today to find out more! brother.ca/en/XP2 Photos are for illustration purposes only. Brother and its logo are trademarks of Brother Industries, Ltd., Japan. All specifications are subject to change without notice. All registered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective companies. ©2021 Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd. 1, rue Hôtel de Ville, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec, H9B 3H6. 05/2021-2021-1222


There is nothing more beautiful than the stark contrast of the Red Cardinal against a bright winter sky. The inspiration behind this piece are the pair of cardinals that nest in our trees every year. The male cardinal would sing from the treetop with a loud clear and very distinctive whistle to mark his territory. The Moda Gradients Holiday fabric was the perfect backdrop for this piece and proved to be a fabulous guide for the free-motion quilting done to enhance the trees. – Clodagh







issue 55

A Tree for Every Season

I can talk hours and hours about my love of nature. I always try to share this love through my work with fabrics and threads. Musing over this issue’s theme, I remembered Stanley Horowitz's saying, "Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all". I clearly saw four different tree blocks in my head: a pine tree bent by the winter wind, a tree in spring with its first juicy blooming leaves, another in the summer with its lush green leaves, and one in the autumn with its mosaic of brilliant orange and red colours. – Olesya Photos by Olesya Lebedenko




issue 55

T he Pixelated Tree

In 2016 I had the pleasure of attending a quilting retreat about improvising and composition hosted by one of my mentors, Ricky Tims. Ricky smiled when he saw me there being that our styles and process for making quilts are totally opposite of each other. When I start a quilting project, I have a rather good idea of what the quilt will look like even before the fabric is purchased. Ricky on the other hand has the ability to start a project with no vision of the completed quilt. He lets the project guide him throughout the entire process of creating his quilt. Ricky knowing my style knew my attending the retreat was going to make me explore a side of my creativity I had never tapped into before. It was a good week.




issue 55


When I was asked to contribute to this issue of A Needle Pulling Thread, I quickly realized I would need to go back to what I learned at the 2016 retreat and let the process guide me to the end. I will admit that when I started thinking about this quilt, I had an image in my mind. The image was blurry, but I knew it would get clearer with time. With an image in mind, I needed to select fabrics. This was probably the easiest part of making this quilt since I was going to use scraps. Every time I complete a project, I immediately cut up all my scraps to usable sizes. I cut these pieces as small as 1½” x 1½” squares or up to 8” x 8” squares as well as 2” or 2½” strips. Then I add them all to the appropriately labelled bin. Photo 1

Christine Baker & Nellie Holmes

613-865-7299 uppercanadaquiltworksstudio@gmail.com

Your online, CANADIAN source for felted wool, wool kits, punchneedle supplies, wire hangers, buttons, books, patterns, Valdani embroidery floss and MORE.


Join our maker community! Receive exclusive access, preferred rates, and engaging news Enjoy a subscription to Canadian Quilter. Access recent feature articles and patterns online in the Member Only Studio. Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet by Barbara Baker

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issue 55






Can you see the forest for the trees? Initially, I was going to make a replica of a tree in some fantastic technique. After paying close attention to the trees on my daily walks, I saw some beautiful patterns on the tree trunks. More walking and daydreaming, and the concept of using the bark pattern as the quilt design emerged. The colours represent fall colours. The seams are wonky, as are branches in real life. Now wouldn’t you want to make a quilt fort using this quilt? – Elaine




issue 55


& the young at heart

Photos by Alessia De Fusco

Photos by Cynthia MacDougall

Designed for the young

Tilted Maple Leaf Henley A NEEDLE PULLING THREAD


issue 55


Pinecone Scarf & Headband




issue 55

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issue 55



Photos by Alessia De Fusco


I live in apple country, so I take a drive in the countryside every spring to see the trees in blossom. Find the right spot and you have blossoms in the foreground, with the escarpment sloping down to the blue of Georgian Bay in the background—beautiful! This generously sized shawl features eyelet motifs that resemble round, open blossoms with six petals in the central section, tighter buds in the smaller side panels, and a mesh border that represents the spent petals that fall to the ground after fertilization occurs and fruit begins to form. – Nancy skill level Intermediate finished measurements One size: 70” wide at top edge x 28” deep at center back [178 x 71cm] materials yarn • Fibra Natura Donnina, 100% superwash extra fine merino, 1.75oz [50g] / 180yds [165m] ball • 5 balls Pink Whisper colourway needles • US 6 [4mm] circular knitting needle, at least 32” [80cm] long, or size required to obtain gauge other • 4 stitch markers (additional stitch markers can be used to identify pattern repeats) • yarn needle for weaving in ends • rust-proof pins for blocking




issue 55

Sock 1 APPLE PIE Sock 2 YUM! YUM!

Although I knit these socks from the top down, they are best described as a tree from the ground up. Toe The black yarn is the rich soil for the roots. Foot Two shades of brown look like the bark of the trunk with the words on the sole scratched in. Heel and Turn The pin is for fragrant blossoms and yellow for bees. Leg The red and white apples remind me of a gingham apron. Cuff I used a blue/ green mix to top off the tree with loops for leaves under the sky.

– Lorraine

Gingham Apples 70



issue 55


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Thoughtful Soles Series

Welcome to Thoughtful Soles Series by Lorraine Thompson! This is a zany collection of knitted sock patterns to tickle your funny bone every time you wear them.












issue 55



When I think back to my first memories of Boho crochet, I see the hemp bags, and cotton bralettes that the flower children would wear in the ‘70s. Music festivals in farmers’ fields, and a new awareness of the environment fed that style. I was too young to attend those cultural events then. 40 years later, I thought it’s time to revisit the sentiment and the feel of Bohemian crochet, but with updates. This vegan yarn, cotton and linen, hand-dyed in non-allergenic dyes and the leafy trim are a nod to a celebration of nature. The loose fit and casual netted fabric are perfect for a modern layering piece for spring and summer evenings. – Charles




issue 55

Elemental Fractal Series Part 1 of 4





issue 55

e avec learn with us pour apprendr • • • • • • • • •

Barbara Gilbert & Peggy Kimble

Colleen Darling

surface embroidery pulled thread metal thread counted thread canvaswork Hardanger Deerfield Schwalm blackwork

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broderie de surface broderie à fils tirés broderie avec fils métallisés broderie à points comptés la tapisserie Hardanger ou broderie norvégienne broderie Deerfield broderie Schwalm blackwork ou broderie noire

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t soyez des nô • • • • • •

prix & bourses communauté partage échanges cours revue Embroidery Canada réservée aux membres

s discover morpeour en savoir plu eac-acb.ca  •  info@eac-acb.ca


Janice Routley ● 

issue 55


The Ontario Hooking Craft Guild is all about the fine art and craft of traditional & contemporary rughooking, with 60+ branches all over Ontario, plus one in Québec. Canadian membership is $40*; with a full colour quarterly magazine. US members: $45*. We have many teachers, some now offering Zoom workshops! *HST included

‘‘Rooster Calling’’ Designed & hooked by Judy Kielczewski. Pattern will be in our Summer OHCG magazine, free for members. 10’’ by 24’’

Find us on Instagram and Facebook





issue 55

Crochet Designs by NanaRuth 416-754-0998 www.NanaRuth.com NEW! Downloadable Book! Main focus is traditional designs in crochet and knit for children. All garments are designed and/ or handmade with discerning attention to comfort and finishing. Baptismal sets, dresses, suits, blankets and shams, cardigans, hats and other items. Hardanger House designs by Betty Stokoe Oldham bettyoldham53@gmail.com, 403-742-2749

Betty incorporates traditional hardanger embroidery in her contemporary designs. From small quick-to-stitch gift ideas to larger pieces for your home decor, you'll find lots of variety in the Hardanger House line of embroidery patterns & kits. View them all on Etsy: etsy.com/shop/HardangerHouse

Lowery Workstands

The Strong Steel Workstands from England


Available in Canada from Tygarth Enterprises at 519-956-9632 or email to: tygarth@cogeco.ca

Rypan Designs 416.247.1993 www.rypandesigns.com NEW! Downloadable Patterns! Maria Rypan is an international designer, researcher & instruction book publisher recognized for her ‘Gerdany’ beadwork and projects for many publications. Since 1995 Maria teaches, produces a kit line and presents on beading & global folk arts.

Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Conference Conference Saskatchewan

Stitches Stitches Conference Conference

Proud Pro u ud d Pro Proud Spons Spo n ns os or srors Spo s Sponsors



May 27Pro-u dJune 5, 2022 Spo nAbbey, sors St. Peter’s Muenster & for more information call




626 Main Street

Humboldt 626 Street 626Main Main Street 306-682-0772 Humboldt Humboldt 306-682-0772 306-682-0772


Fabric and yarn you won’t find just anywhere!

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issue 55


T he Folktale of Baba Yaga What better story to highlight for

Cabin, turn your back to the forest

as a rudder sweeping the tracks

the trees theme than the folktale of

and your front to me", and the cabin

behind her using her magic broom.

Baba Yaga? It’s a Belarusan folktale,

will spin around creaking with blood-

She collects skulls for her the posts of

set deep in the massive forest, that

curdling screeches and eventually come

her palisade that surrounds her cabin.

has been used to spook children over

to a stop to face the visitor, where it will

She’s also a shapeshifter who appears

dozens of centuries in an attempt to

lower itself down on its chicken legs

so scary and then at times can be

get them to behave!

and throw its door wide open!

a wise woman that helps the most

Among the snaggy trees lives the

Children are warned not to go alone

brave, hard-bitten heroes!

ferocious witch Baba Yaga in ‘The-

deep into the forest for Baba Yaga will

Anyway, that's how the spooky story

Cabin-On-Chicken-Legs’, and this

grab them there!

goes; I guess it all depends on how

cabin is said to possesses magic

The story continues that Baba Yaga

much you want to scare the children...

powers. The incantation goes, “Cabin,

flies in a mortar and uses the pestle

– Iryna Photo by Iryna Varabei




issue 55

Painting My Forest wi th Wool Every time I sit in my studio, I look out the window and see something new to paint, only now I don’t paint with oil or acrylics, I paint with wool. The forest surrounds our little home, it shelters us from the cold north winds. It gives us shade on the hottest days. It makes us feel alive in spring with the sounds and scents of new life all around us. It lulls us with beauty and peace in autumn’s glorious colours. Every tree is unique, they bend and twist and are full of unusual shapes and textures that can be made with bits of wool to recreate a vision of what I see outside. A lot of my artistic inspiration comes from the art of The Group of Seven, and many other fine Canadian artists who focus on forest landscapes. I have painted many trees, but my favourite is the pine tree. I wanted to do a project here that simplified the beauty of a tree. I used only green and brown for the tree, a simple layering of blue and white in the background to represent a windy sky, and a grey base for the rocks to hold my tree down to the earth. You can use any blues or greens that appeal to you, even using two or more shades of the same colour. The most important part of any project is to have fun and enjoy the creative process, and happy stabbing! – Kathy




issue 55


To list your business in this space please call 1.866.969.2678.

CANADA Brampton Sew & Serge 289 Rutherford Rd S, Unit 7, Brampton, ON L6W 3R9  905.874.1564   bramptonsewnserge.com  monique@bramptonsewnserge.com Welcome to Your One Stop Sewing Centre! We are authorized dealers of Baby Lock, Husqvarna Viking, and Singer sewing machines and sergers. We also offer a full schedule of sewing classes for everyone. Brandon Sewing Centre 821 Princess Ave, Brandon MB R7A 0P5, 204.727.2752 Bytowne Threads - Ottawa, ON  1.888.831.4095   bytownethreads.com  mlj@bytownethreads.com Featuring Aurifil thread from Italy. Long staple Egyptian cotton threads - 270 colours in 12, 28, 40 and 50 wt; 88 colours in 80 wt. Polyester Aurilux - 240 high sheen colours. Wool threads 192 colours. Many kits available. Check our website! Canadian National Fabric - Brampton, ON  https://canadiannationalfabric.com/  info@canadiannationalfabric.com We are an online fabric shoppe offering a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, books and notions for all your sewing needs. Flat rate Canada wide shipping of $5. Shop in person available by appointment! Carellan Sewing Centre 1685 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg MB R3N 0J8 204.488.2272, facebook.com/CarellanSewingCentre Country Concessions 35 King Street N, Cookstown, ON L0L 1L0 (new address) 705.458.4546, countryconcessions.com Gitta's 271 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8  905.274.7198   gittas.com  questions@gittas.com Nestled in the east village of Port Credit, Gitta's is the place where stitchers meet with their stitching friends, shop for stitching supplies and see the new stitching designs from Europe and the United States. Hardanger House, designs by Betty Stokoe Oldham PO Box 1623, Penhold, AB T0M 1R0  403.742.2749  bettyoldham53@gmail.com   tnplisting.com/hardanger-house Hardanger embroidery charts and kits. Designs feature contemporary adaptations of this traditional cutwork embroidery from Norway. Shop online at etsy.com/shop/ HardangerHouse. Some digital downloads available. Haus of Stitches 626 Main Street, Humboldt, SK  S0K 2A0  306.682.0772 or toll-free 1.800.344.6024  hausofstitches.ca Our one of a kind store offers everything you need for sewing, quilting, knitting, rug hooking and needlework. Authorized dealers for Janome and Elna. K & A Quilt Studio 90 Samnah Cres, Ingersoll ON N5C 3J7 (New Location!)  519.425.4141  kaquiltstudio.com Where friends and creativity meet! Authorized distributor of Husqvarna VIKING sewing machines, and a Kimberbell Certified Shop. We stock full collections of quilting fabrics, featuring Northcott and Moda, plus lots of patterns, books, and samples to inspire you! Kelly's Creative Sewing 804 Main St, Dartmouth, NS B2W 3V1  902.435.7380   kellyscreativesewing.ca  kellyscreativesewing@gmail.com We offer sales and on-site service of high-end domestic embroidery, sewing machines and sergers, as well as a variety of educational programs. Ottawa Sewing Centre 1390 Clyde Ave, #107, Ottawa, ON K2G 3H9  613.695.1386   ottawasewing.com  ottawasewing@gmail.com Authorized Dealers for Brother, BabyLock, Elna, Q'nique & Grace quilting frames. Specialize in sales, parts & servicing for all makes & models of quilting/embroidery/sewing/serger/ overlock machines & cabinets by Sylvia Design.




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Sew Inspired 375 Daniel St S, Arnprior, ON K7S 3K6  613.623.0500   sewinspired.ca  info@sewinspired.ca Your Ottawa Valley PFAFF® Authorized Dealer. We have a large supply of quilting & sewing supplies, knitting supplies, as well as in stock PFAFF® sewing machines. We also have a listing of sewing and quilting classes. Sew With Vision 480 Parkland Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1P9 902.479.2227,  sewwithvision.net Stitch By Stitch 550 Days Rd Unit 1, Kingston ON K7M 3R7 613.389.2223, stitchbystitchkingston.com That Sewing Place 16610 Bayview Ave #10, Newmarket, ON L3X 1X3 905.715.7725,  thatsewingplace.ca The Quilt Store / Evelyn's Sewing Centre 17817 Leslie St, Unit 40, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8C6  905.853.7001 or toll-free 1.888.853.7001 The Quilt Store West 695 Plains Rd E, Unit 6, Burlington, ON L7T 2E8  905.631.0894 or toll-free 1.877.367.7070  thequiltstore.ca Now with 2 locations to serve you, we are your Quilt Store Destination! The staff here at The Quilt Store is always on hand to provide Quilt Wisdom, Quilt Inspiration and most of all we pride ourselves as the place to make... All Your Quilt Dreams Come True! The Stitcher's Muse Needleart #101 - 890 Crace St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2T3  250.591.6873    thestitchersmuse.com  info@thestitchersmuse.com A divine little shop with supplies for all your hand stitching needs! Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff. Cross stitch, canvaswork, needlepoint, embroidery, counted thread, lace making & more. Books, patterns, fabric, threads, tools. The Yarn Guy 15 Gower St, Toronto, ON M4B 1E3  416.752.1828 or toll-free 1.800.836.6536  theyarnguy.com   info@sewknit.ca See us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter! Knitting machines, sewing machines, repairs, parts for Passap, Studio, Singer, Silver Reed, Superba, White. Sewing notions and supplies, books, ball yarns, coned yarns, TAMM yarns, Paton's yarns, Bernat yarns, Phentex yarns, Bernat kits & crafts. Upper Canada Quiltworks – Quiltworks Studio 37 Perth St, Brockville, ON K6V 5C3  613.865.7299; Open 10-4, Tuesday-Saturday  uppercanadaquiltworks.com  uppercanadaquiltworksstudio@gmail.com Quilt patterns and books, fabric and notions, felted wool, wool kits, punchneedle patterns and supplies and Valdani embroidery floss. Workshops in quilting, punchneedle, wool applique, rug-hooking, sewing, sign painting & more! UNITED STATES A Quilter's Folly 8213 Brodie Ln #100, Austin, TX 78745 512.899.3233, aquiltersfolly.com A-1 Singer Sewing Center 1012 S Oliver St, Wichita KS 67218 316.685.0226, a-1singer.com American Folk Art and Craft Supply 1415 Hanover St, West Hanover, MA 02339 781.871.7277, americanfolkartonline.com Charlotte Sewing Studio 1109 Tamiami Trl Unit 2, Port Charlotte FL 33953 941.235.3555, charlottesewingstudio.com Close to Home Sewing Center 277 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury CT 06033 860.633.0721, closetohomestores.com Cottage Quilts * Sew Creative Studio 1310 Center Dr Unit A, Medford OR 97501 541.500.8071, cottage-quilts.com Discount Fabric Warehouse 933 Kanoelehua Ave, Hilo HI 96720 808.935.1234, discountfabricwarehouse.com

El Cajon Sew & Vac 1077 Broadway, El Cajon CA 92021 619.442.2585, sewezr.com Hursh's Country Store 2425 W Main St, Ephrata PA 17522 717.721.2575, hurshscountrystore.com Jessamine Quilt Shop LLC 1301 Old Cherokee Rd, Lexington SC 29072-9047 803.490.1031, jessaminequiltshop.com JS Linen and Curtain Outlet 1250 Northside Dr, Statesville NC 28625 704.871.1939, jslinenoutlet.com/js-quilt-shop Just Sew Studio 51 Third St NE, Waite Park MN 56387 320.654.1580, justsewstudiomn.com Keeping You Sewing 226 4th Ave S, Clinton IA 52732 563.242.6135, keepingyousewing.com Lone Star Quiltworks 4301 S Texas Ave, Bryan TX 77802-4360 979.595.1072, lonestarquiltworks.com Maryland Vacuum and Sewing Center 26845 Point Lookout Rd (Rt 5), Leonardtown MD 20650 240.309.4019, mdvacsew.com New England Sewing 501 Hartford Rd, Manchester CT 06040 860.647.8119, nesewing.com Options Quilt Shop 102 E Commerce St, Jacksonville TX 75766 903.586.9546, optionsquiltshop.com Paramount Sewing & Vacuum 3960 Rickey St SE, Salem OR 97317 503.990.8186, paramount-sew-vac.com Pick Your Stitch 6701 Manlius Center Rd, East Syracuse NY 13057 315.437.0962, pickyourstitch.com Quality Vac and Sew 1213 Gilmore Ave Ste E2B, Winona MN 55987-2632 507.452.2203, qualityvacandsew.com Quilter's Attic Sewing Center 118 Maple Ave, Pine Bush NY 12566 845.744.5888, quiltersattic.com Quilters' Corner @ Middlebury Sew-N-Vac 260 Court St Ste 4, Middlebury VT 05753 802.388.3559, middleburysewnvac.com Quintessential Quilts 940 East Main St, Reedsburg WI 53959 608.524.8435, qquilts.com Select Sewing 2415 East 65th St, Indianapolis IN 46220 317.255.6332, selectsewingservice.com Sew Special 688 W Main St, Uniontown PA 15401 724.438.1765, sew-special.biz Sew What? Fabric Shoppe 7 W Front St, Addison NY 14801 607.359.4308, sewwhatfabricshoppe.com Sewing Solutions 1505 S Glenburine Rd, Ste G, New Bern SC 28562-2689 252.633.1799, sewingsolutionsnc.com Sierra Sewing, Quilting, and Vacuums 8056 S Virginia St Ste 6, Reno NV 89511 775.823.9700, sierrasewing.com Singer Factory Distributor 4914 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago IL 60641 773.545.6834, singerfactorydistributor.com Suddenly Sewing 5850 Kroger Dr Ste 110, Fort Worth TX 76244 817.741.5400, suddenlysewing.com Thimbelina's Quilt Shop 118 North B St Ste B, Livingston MT 59047-2662 406.222.5904, thimbelinasquiltshop.com Wise Monkey Quilting 501 Hwy 39 N, Denison IA 51442 712.393.7979, wisemonkeyquilting.com

Take your projects from pattern to perfection If it’s your dream to create breathtaking quilts, the Innov-ís BQ3050 is the sewing and quilting machine to make it happen.


Designed for the expert quilter! Sew Straight™ Laser Vision Guide helps you sew straight lines when quilting, piecing, pin tucking and more.

Automatic Height Adjuster™ (AHA®) delivers consistent stitch quality on different fabric thicknesses.

5” x 11.25” Workspace comfortably accommodates large quilts and big projects.

Enjoy precision and quality with the Quilter’s Accessory Bundle – included with the purchase of every BQ3050 machine • Dual Feed Open Toe Foot • Dual Feed Stitch-in-the-ditch Foot

• Dual Feed 1/4” Quilting Guide Foot • Dual Feed Quilting Guide

• Dual Feed Couching Foot • 2-spool Thread Stand

Visit an authorized Brother dealer today to find out more! brother.ca/en/BQ3050 Photos are for illustration purposes only. Brother and its logo are trademarks of Brother Industries, Ltd., Japan. All specifications are subject to change without notice. All registered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective companies. ©2021 Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd. 1, rue Hôtel de Ville, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Québec, H9B 3H6. 05/2021 2021-1222


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A Needle Pulling Thread Issue 55 Sampler  

Join us as we explore the beauty of trees through the fascinating realm of needlework. Our dedicated contributors have created outstanding p...

A Needle Pulling Thread Issue 55 Sampler  

Join us as we explore the beauty of trees through the fascinating realm of needlework. Our dedicated contributors have created outstanding p...

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