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How Do I Give to the Westover Fund?

WELCOME A MESSAGE FROM JULIE FAULSTICH, HEAD OF SCHOOL Dear Alumnae, Parents, and Friends of Westover, Thank you for all you do for Westover School! Your unwavering support allows us to live our mission of empowering young women to lead lives of consequence. I am grateful for your loyalty in supporting the students, faculty, and staff each and every year. The smart, motivated girls who arrive on our campus depart as confident, connected women because of the generosity of many generations of Westover women who came before them, and a culture of philanthropy that supports the potential in our community to instill a passion for learning and strength of character in each of our students. As I travel to meet with alumnae, families, and students, I am continuously reminded of the power of Westover. Your stories, your connections, and your loyalty to this special school are evident in the pages of this report and in the myriad ways you carry the lessons you learned at Westover into the world. Thank you for keeping Westover close to your heart and for investing in our community and our mission. We could not empower young women without you. Warmly,

Julie Faulstich Head of School


MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Dear Alumnae, Parents, and Friends, As I conclude my tenure as President of the Board of Trustees, I am immensely grateful that these past three years have given me the opportunity to work with our talented Board of Trustees, our deeply committed faculty and staff and visionary school leadership. I am filled with a great sense of optimism and pride for what the future holds for Westover and continue to be inspired by the girls and every member of the community. We are part of a truly remarkable institution. This 2018–19 Annual Report illustrates the unwavering support the School receives from the Westover community. So many parents, alumnae volunteers and donors invest greatly in Westover, making a difference in numerous ways. Your gifts provide opportunities for the girls, enhance their experiences, and demonstrate your faith in the power of women and the power of community. Our tradition of giving highlights our shared values and the joy we find in supporting the next generation of women innovators, explorers, artists and leaders. The Westover Fund raised over $1.6 million during the 2018–19 academic year, setting a new record for the School. At a time when contributions to non-profit institutions of all sorts has softened, this is a singular achievement. Planned giving continues to play a vital


role every year in securing the future of the School and helping us grow our endowment. We are honored to receive such special and meaningful gifts. The learning that happens every day in the classrooms, on the athletic fields, on the stage and in the girls’ daily lives is a celebration of your gifts and your commitment to the School. Thank you for continuing to be part of life at Westover through your involvement and your generosity. I couldn’t be more pleased that my successor is Starr White Snead ’69, who continues her family tradition of service to the School and embodies the spirit of Westover and its community. Sincerely,

Susan Clark ’71 President, Westover Board of Trustees


Lily Hurlimann ’72 VICE PRESIDENT

Lisa Detwiler ’80 SECRETARY

Robin Cruz McClearn ’83, P’18 TREASURER


BOARD MEMBERS Domenick Calabrese P’14 Caroline Demirs Calio ’93 Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82, P’14 William Donovan P’11,’16 Izukanne Emeagwali ’01 Jennifer Gold ’87 Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 James Heus P’06 Jutta Klomburg P’18 Jeannette Matheson Lussi ’82 Emmy Ward Neilson ’81 Molly Parker Carlton Savoye Divya Singh ’83 Starr White Snead ’69 C. Elizabeth Spencer ’79 Maura Tansley ’00 EX OFFICIO MEMBERS Danielle Stewart Knope ’03 PRESIDENT, BOARD OF GOVERNORS


LIFETIME TRUSTEES Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68,’73, GP’97 HEADMASTER EMERITUS Joseph Molder P’80, GP’19

“ It’s as if there is an exchange that occurs as we leave: we take a piece of Westover with us, and in return, a piece of each of us still remains within these walls.” —G ABBY YOUNG ’19

THANK YOU TO OUR LOYAL VOLUNTEERS Volunteer efforts are at the heart of our achievements, as they reflect and inspire a deep commitment to the school and our mission. You are our ambassadors—keeping Westover women connected, leading innovative initiatives, and encouraging classmates and peers to participate in the School’s tradition of giving back. Your time and talents make a positive impact on our students, faculty, parents, and alumnae. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and genuine dedication.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to longtime volunteer Archivist Margaret Clement Green ’65 and volunteer oral history project coordinator Laura English Boogaert ’83, P’17 for their work this year capturing alumnae stories for the archives.




Longtime parent volunteer Di Longley P’17,’19 with daughter Meredith Diamond ’19.





Sonya Kim Heil ’94

Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47

Alicia Lyttle ’94


Ethel Manville Woolverton ’47

Stacy Tattar ’94

Nancy Lee Ballenger ’49

Stacie Cass ’95


Priscilla Cunningham ’54

Xiania Foster ’95

Carol Cameron von Kaenel ’64

Deborah Cook Siegel ’54

Molly Barker Gilligan ’95


Virginia Powell Cheston ’55, P’84

Frances Van Hoose Briggs ’95

Alicia Lyttle ’94

Sheila O’Connor Sevier ’55

Edith Emerson-Dorsch ’97

Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe ’56, P’81

Alessandra Love Simons ’97

Marcy Tench Crimmins ’56, P’83

Magdalena Nunez-Fernandez ’98


Dorie Milner Pease ’57

Victoria Viera ’00

Molly Walker Allen ’85

Deborah French Glynn ’58

Mary DeStefano ’01

Greta Atchinson ’02

Abigail Mason Browne ’61

Sarah Bill Murray ’01

Mary-Helen Velde Black ’84

Katrina Rauch Wagner ’61

Greta Atchinson ’02

Laura English Boogaert ’83, P’17

Elizabeth Markham Nicholson ’63

Lindsay Clark ’02

Susanne Charbonneau Carpenter ’93

Alison Wardrop ’63

Makenzi Hurtado ’02

Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe ’56, P’81

Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64, P’00

Ashley Kalaus Mariano ’02

Linda Williams Cox Heins ’61

Ellen Pollak Powers ’65

Elise Drew León ’03

Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva ’07

Phyllis Dewart Greene ’67

Karimah Gottschalck ’03

Lucy Fenn ’94

Amy Shepard Knight ’67

Julia Isenberg ’03

Dayna Hine ’07

Adeline Gwynne Kurz ’68

Hilary Davis-Kelly ’04

Alyssa Siefert Jarvi ’05

Leigh Keyser Phillips ’68, P’97

Crystal Velez ’04

Deborah Lippincott ’72

Patricia Simonds Taylor ’68

Alyssa Siefert Jarvi ’05

Heather Lundy Macdonald ’85, P’19

Elaine Rundin ’69

Annie Zheng ’05

Kelly Marages ’99

Starr White Snead ’69

Courtney Mulligan Whitelocke ’06

Kelly Agnew Medvigy ’96

Elizabeth Bucknall Petty ’72

Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva ’07

Patrice Peck ’05

Palmer Marrin ’73

Lisa DonDiego ’07

Frances Van Hoose Briggs ’95

Susan Boynton ’74

Hailey Griffin ’07

Victoria Viera ’00

Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75

Alexandra Fonseca ’08

Deirdre Sullivan ’76

Kendall Mulligan ’08

Diane Lewis-D’Agostino ’79

Janet Sykes ’08

Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09

Elizabeth van Luling ’08

Danielle Stewart Knope ’03


LIFETIME GOVERNORS Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 Abigail Mason Browne ’61

Susan L. DeSimone ’80 P’11,’12,’16

Mary Sheehan ’09


Faith Thomson Chandler ’81

Hillary Zeiss ’09

Maria Randall Allen ’42, P’71

Amanda Neilson Kane ’81

Brooke Flowers ’10

Elizabeth Walker Mecke ’81

Jane Funk ’13


Emmy Ward Neilson ’81

Zola Bernardi ’18

Natalie Callender Bagley ’83

Leah Proctor ’18

Cammiel and James Hussey P’20

Laura English Boogaert ’83, P’17


Kecia Walker Ford ’84


Emily Cooke Nolan ’84

Nancy Lee Ballenger ’49

Leigh Vaule Steele ’87, P’18

Priscilla Cunningham ’54

Erica Indelicato Wood ’87

Nancy Watson King ’54, P’79

Neil Patterson King ’88

Louisa Jones Palmer ’54

Iris Rivera-Dunn and Kevin Dunn P’16,’18,’20

Jane Banta Fisher ’89

Deborah Cook Siegel ’54

Melinda and Mark McKenna P’18,’21

Caitlin Corrigan ’91

Mary Maier Walker ’54, P’85

Pia Guido Murphy ’91, P’21

Maria Petrone ’91

Nina Truslow McKee ’59

Eva and Vincent Siefert P’05,’07,’08,’20

Lucy Fenn ’94

Anne Templeton Macaskill ’64

Minerva and David Calo P’20 Kimberly Cartwright P’16, ’19 Marjorie Molder Cook ’80 and Bradford Cook P’19 Dione Longley and Christopher R. Diamond P ’17,’19

Mary-Helen Velde Black ’84




Christine McArdle McGuire ’64

Eleanor Bissell Wilson ’78

Ashley Kalaus Mariano ’02

Carol Cameron von Kaenel ’64

Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09

Karimah Gottschalck ’03

Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64, P’00

Sandra Nichols Nash ’80

Danielle Stewart Knope ’03

Deborah Merrick Brisbane ’69

Victoria Bucknall Silsby ’80

Alison Mills ’03

Gayle Garivaltis-James ’69

Sonja Lindgren ’81

Elizabeth North Boucher ’04

Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69, P’00

Alison Chase Moore ’82, P’11

Heather Pytel ’04

Elaine Rundin ’69

Lee Hammett Peterson ’82

Crystal Velez ’04

Starr White Snead ’69

Natalie Callender Bagley ’83

Iris Castro Rigor ’05

Karen Hall ’79

Mary-Helen Velde Black ’84

Christianne Dawis ’05

Diane Lewis-D’Agostino ’79

Heather Lundy Macdonald ’85, P’19

Jennifer Hart ’05

Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09

Nicole Cintas ’88

Melissa Arsenie ’06

C. Elizabeth Spencer ’79

Neil Patterson King ’88

Ann Cascella ’06

Mary-Helen Velde Black ’84

Shyla Packwood Middleton ’89

Alisa Forney ’06

Kecia Walker Ford ’84

Marra Francis Clifton ’90

Lauren Borkowski ’07

Lucy Lincoln Frost ’84, P’15

Elizabeth Kostojohn ’91

Jacqueline Siefert Cushing ’07

Emily Cooke Nolan ’84

Amanda Darrach ’92

Rachel Basset ’08

Hilary Rice ’84

Jessica Gray ’92

Rebecca Bernbach Graves ’08

Jane Banta Fisher ’89

Dina Madhani

Cyrene Elizabeth Foltz ’08

Lauren Glatzer ’89

Johanna Catherine Cox ’94

Yaishna Santchurn ’08

Laura Major ’89

Ledlie Mosch Pastor ’95

Catherine Hin Moy Ahkong ’09

Johanna Catherine Cox ’94

Kelly Agnew Medvigy ’96

Reia Brown ’09

Lucy Fenn ’94

Martha Woods Yancey ’96

Kayla Howell ’09

Sonya Kim Heil ’94

Katie Marages Schank ’97

Catherine Campbell ’10

Alicia Lyttle ’94

Elise Desjardins Stanford ’97

Anne Donovan ’11

Stacy Tattar ’94

Helen Phillips Trementozzi ’97

Ivana Rodrigues ’11

Kelly Marages ’99

Jennifer Galluzzo ’98

Danielle Simpson-Baker ’11

Brooke Whiteley Weise ’99

Lee-Ann Zarrella Lovelace ’98

Emily Crocco ’12

Elizabeth North Boucher ’04

Jessica Gray ’99

Keelin Sweeney ’12

Hilary Davis-Kelly ’04

Brooke Whiteley Weise ’99

Stephanie Colucci ’13

Heather Pytel ’04

Susan Broomhead Taylor ’00

Julia Friedman ’13

Crystal Velez ’04

Nicole Sieller Warnek ’00

Heather Harris ’13

Catherine Hin Moy Ahkong ’09

Rachel Stock Lesher ’01

Stephanie Crudele ’14

Mary Sheehan ’09

Courtney Yadouga McDonnell ’01

Shannon MacRae ’15

Hillary Zeiss ’09

Greta Atchinson ’02

Rachel Pomerantz ’15

Stephanie Crudele ’14

Aimee Gough ’02

Anna Paolucci ’17

Caitlin Reynolds Marian ’02

Jacquelynn DeSantis ’18

2018–19 CLASS SECRETARIES Beatrice Bronson Garvan ’46, P’72 Nancy Watson King ’54, P’79 Mary Merrill Hoffman ’57 Lavinia Meeks ’57 Martha McCormick Porter ’58 Jane Jackson Trask ’58, GP’12 Laurie Blake Sawyer ’59 Priscilla White Givan ’60 Ann Skelly ’61 Nancy Reeder El Bouhali ’63 Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 Polly Ferenbach Franchot ’64 Laura Maxwell Seaman ’65 Virginia Fox Wagenseller ’65 Beverly Cutler ’67 Gayle Garivaltis-James ’69 Lisa Stockwell ’71, P’11 Robin Tilghman Stevens ’72 Susan Boynton ’74 Susan O’Shaughnessy Warren ’75 Beth Lubrano Dwyer ’76 Anne Spencer Holm ’77



Each year at Reunion Weekend we recognize classes who have achieved outstanding fundraising success in raising dollars and participation from their classes.


The 2018–19 school year saw the completion of the most recent phase of the Sense of Place campus project. In addition to the spectacular transformation of the Study Hall into a new Student Commons—a vibrant and modern space that features study areas, couches, a pool table, and an entertainment area—the project was expanded to convert the Ceramics Quad to an idyllic gathering space, newly renamed the Jane Cook Johnson ’33 Quad. The renovation of the Johnson Quad was made possible through a generous gift from Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63, former Trustee, and daughter of alumna Jane Cook Johnson ’33 who also served as the President of the Board of Governors. Both Nicky and her mother have been loyal supporters of Westover and our mission. The Johnson Quad now features a new pass way connecting the Quad and The Ann S.


THE ADELE Q. ERVIN ’42 AWARD is presented to the reunion class with the most exceptional results in overall fundraising for Westover. Adele’s formidable fundraising legacy included roles as a Governor, Trustee, first Director of Alumnae Relations, and founder of the Alumnae Association. This year the award was given to the Class of 1969, who collectively raised over $240,000 for the Westover Fund. Their gift set a new record for unrestricted reunion giving and was dedicated to the memory of their classmates who have passed away.

Pollina Center for Women in Science and Engineering, creating a safe walkway for students who would otherwise have to walk down a campus street to reach the Pollina Center. The Quad also underwent grading and saw new drainage, gutters, roofing, painting, and beautiful landscaping which has transformed this space into a new favorite spot on campus. This is also another ideal location on campus for gatherings and events. This past spring, the Class of 1969 celebrated their


THE JULIA B. KIRLIN AWARD, named for the long-serving staff member and one of the founders of Westover’s Development program, is presented to the reunion class that has achieved the best results in participation for the Westover Fund. This year the award was given to the Class of 1954, who set a record with 100% participation. This remarkable achievement is an inspiration to the community and a testament to the trust and pride our alumnae have in the school.

50th Reunion with a special lunch with Head of School Julie Faulstich in this beautiful setting. The new Jane Cook Johnson ’33 Quad and other spaces enhanced through the Sense of Place project are a wonderful reminder of the exceptional strength and generosity of our alumnae community. We are grateful for the continued support we receive from so many alumnae and moved by the impact such generosity is having everywhere on campus.


THE ALUMNAE BOARD OF GOVERNORS AWARD is presented to the 5th, 10th, or 15th reunion class with the highest percentage participation to the Westover Fund. This year, the award was given to the Class of 2009 for achieving 59% participation.



WHY GIVE? WHY DOES YOUR GIFT MATTER? Because the quality of a Westover experience and education for young women today depends on it! Westover needs you and the world needs Westover!

43% $1,107 $1,343




WHAT DOES YOUR WESTOVER FUND GIFT SUPPORT? Faculty and Staff Your gift helps maintain a low 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio and allows the school to recruit and retain faculty and staff who are passionate and committed to the mission of the School.

Student Support The Westover Fund helps provide access to a Westover education for a talented and diverse student body representing a broad range of backgrounds.


Why is Participation Important? Your Westover Fund gift reflects that Westover matters to you; you make Westover matter to others. MULTIPLIER EFFECT Every gift has a multiplier effect. Each contribution to the Westover Fund encourages a classmate or family member to do the same.

The Westover Fund supports a robust, creative curriculum, including signature programs such as Women in Science and Engineering, Invest in Girls and global exchange programs.




Last year 97% of students took one or more arts courses, developing skills to see clearly, listen acutely, think critically, and explore creatively so that they can express themselves with confidence.

Prospective families routinely use participation rates to evaluate Westover’s strength and community support.

High participation levels from all members of the community play a critical role when foundations consider grant applications from Westover.

Athletics The Westover Fund supports the entire Athletics program from team sports to yoga and pilates classes that contribute to a culture of intellectual, physical, and personal development.

Student Life Some of the most formative Westover experiences happen outside the classroom. Your gift to the Westover Fund supports clubs and organizations, cherished Westover traditions, and other unique leadership opportunities.

“ Westover empowered me to not only find my voice but to use it. I give back to Westover so the next generation of students can do the same.” —S USANNE CHARBONNEAU CARPENTER ’93



Q&A with Loyal Donor

ANTOINETTE WALKER HAMNER ’69, P’00 Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69, P’00 has been supporting Westover for over 35 consecutive years. Read below about what motivates Toni to continue to support the young women of Westover.



What inspires you to give every year? I was encouraged to start giving right away by my mother, Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45, who believed in teaching the next generation the importance of philanthropy. Serving as class agent for a number of years also really helped. By giving every year, I hope to inspire my classmates and young alumnae to participate in the joy of giving.

What is your favorite Westover memory?

I have so many fond memories that at the time I didn’t think were significant but now have a special place in my heart. Most special, the Lantern Ceremony, when we carried our unlit lanterns up the hill as ‘new girls’ to Seven Sisters fireplace and came back ‘old girls’ under the cloak of darkness. Then bending our belt buckles on the radiators! What must it have looked like to the neighbors on South Street?!



What advice would you give to Westover students today?


How would you encourage our alumnae to support Westover and each other?

Try everything! Your time at Westover is your best opportunity to stretch and grow. Don’t just do what you are already comfortable with. If you play sports, try drama or dance. If you speak Spanish, try French! Be brave! Be a Westover girl!

Meet and gather Westover friends of all ages and develop a community of support among them. I have Westover friends from 17 years old to 95 years old and every one of them adds value to my life. We all have shared life experiences and are one! Encourage each other to give back to Westover as much as we all give back to each other. From left, Charlotte Goodwin Tieken ’69 and Toni Walker Hamner ’69, P’00 during Reunion Weekend 2019.

Westover Forever More!







“ Looking to the future, I cannot imagine an investment more important or that will pay higher dividends than the education of young women throughout the world.” — PATRICIA FOOTE DAVIDSON ’47, P’84



SUMMARY OF GIFTS • 38% Westover Fund


(Unrestricted 29%; Restricted 9%)

• 27% • 21% • 14%

Planned Gifts


Capital Gifts





Giving Day Challenges: INSPIRING TODAY’S DONORS Why have Giving Days when we can easily give to Westover any day of the year? The stats are compelling! Everyone loves a friendly competition. Our lives are busy, including our social media lives. Giving Days offer parents and alumnae a fulfilling and easy way to support Westover, as well as a chance to compete. This year, Westover held three unique and fun giving day challenges, each with its own theme to celebrate some of the school’s beloved traditions:














REVENUE BY SOURCE • 49% Net Tuition and Fees • 28% Endowment Draw • 22% Contributions • 1% Other

EXPENSES • 39% Administration and Other • 31% Instruction • 24% Facilities and Support • 3% Health Center • 3% Food Service

LIGHT THE LANTERN Held December 10, this challenge celebrated our cherished tradition of Candlelight, a festival of nine lessons and carols, as well as Mr. Havery’s 50 years at Westover as Music Director and Co-Chair of the Arts Department.

#LOVEWESTOVER Held during the week of Valentine’s Day, the #LoveWestover campaign is a friendly competition between the rival West and Over spirit teams, giving alumnae and parents a chance to show their love for the school while also giving in honor of a special person, activity, or place at Westover that remains close to their heart. Congratulations to the Wests on their victory!

THE FOUNDERS DAY CHALLENGE Held on April 11 to celebrate the founding of the school, the Founders Day challenge wished a huge “Happy Birthday” to Westover! This year, a generous alumna offered a $50,000 challenge to encourage year-end leadership giving. The celebration also featured a Chapel talk by former Trustee and volunteer archivist Muffie Clement Green ’65, who shared with the students the history of Dorcas, a longstanding tradition of generosity at Westover.







THE COGITARE, AGERE, ESSE SOCIETY In 1994, Westover’s Board of Trustees established this Society to recognize those alumnae and friends who have been exceptionally generous to Westover. It honors those individuals whose cumulative gifts to Westover have exceeded $250,000 and whose support has helped to ensure that Westover continues to provide an exceptional education to young women. NEW MEMBERS 2018–2019

Sarah Mead Hands ’44, P’68 *

Hope Halsey Talbot Swasey ’38, P’62 *

Alison Kimball Bradford ’44, P’70 *

Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 *

Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 *

Adele Q. Ervin ’42 *

Patricia Kelly Healy ’35, P’60 *

Mary Tate ’64 *

Joan Johnson Stott ’59

Jean Van Sinderen Henry ’39 *

Katherine Dixon Thomson ’72

Francene Young ’71

Dorothy Tremaine Hildt ’45 *

C. Rachel Trowbridge 1918 *

Marcia Hobart Howell ’39 P’61, ’65 *

Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68, ’73, GP’97

Helen Corlett Hubbell ’24 *

Edith Ingalls Vignos ’41, P’65 *

Leslie Parker Hume ’65

Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45, P’69, GP’00, ’03 *

Holly S. Kennedy Romano ’74

Louise McKelvy Walker ’32, GP’00 *

Margaret Velie Kinney ’54

Mary Maier Walker ’54, P’85

G. Barrie Hogan Landry ’62 and Kevin Landry *

Sara Belcher Wardell ’60

Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 *

Anne Holmes White ’47, P’69, ’72, ’76, GP’12 *

Joan Dillon Hay Madeira ’41, P’67, ’73 *

Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57

Kirsten Tauck Mahar ’87 and Daniel Mahar

Woodruff Family

Hubert Mandeville P’69 *

Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser ’60

CURRENT MEMBERS Anonymous (5 Donors) Patricia Castles Acheson ’42, P’65 * Hugh L. Adams * Hugh T. Adams * Marianna Johnson Baker ’62 Brooke Brown Barzun ’90 Benjamin and Nancy Belcher P’55,’60,’69 * Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 Mary Hopkins Biddle ’38 * Georgina Miller Bissell ’39, P’64 Martha Lambert Bulkley 1918, P’57 * Rosamond Seidel Clark ’37, P’70 * Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Faith Emeny Conger Nancy duPont Cooch ’37, P’63, ’64 * Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49, P’72 Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 Cynthia Larson Eckhardt ’52 * Estelle Manville Ekstrand ’23 * Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Heywood and Elizabeth Wells Fox ’30, P’57, ’65 * M. Elizabeth Kennedy Funston ’31, P’60, ’64 * Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 and Arthur Golden

Jennifer Martin ’66 Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin Betsy Shirley Michel ’59 Dorothy Soule Milner ’34 P’57, ’59 * Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Edith Cummings Munson 1917 * Candace Benjamin Owen ’47 * Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 Joy Peterkin Rasin ’54 Dorothy Whittaker Reed ’41 and C. Lawson Reed P’64, ’68 * Jay and Nancy Pratt Rhoads ’44 * Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 * Mary Spencer Fuller Russell ’30 * Marion Scott Searle ’73

Dr. Amy P. Goldman P’10

Marjorie McComb Sexton ’29 and Dorrance Sexton *

Margaret Clement Green ’65

Margaret Love Stevens ’49

Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69, P’00

“ Each time you make a gift to the school, you get a much bigger gift back when you see the impact of your support.” —J OY PETERKIN RASIN ’54

* Deceased


LEADERSHIP GIVING SOCIETIES This report represents gifts in support of all fundraising efforts in the 2018–19 academic year. INSPIRING WOMEN SOCIETY $100,000+

Jennifer Gold ’87 W

Linda Armour Kelly ’67 W

Judith LeSage Grassi ’74 W

Jutta Klomburg and Alfred Lechner P’18 W

Anonymous (2 Donors) W

Edith Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 W

Joan Atwood Kunzelmann ’61 W

Hugh L. Adams W*

Pamela Markham Heller ’67 W

Melanie Lazenby ’91 W

Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 W

Ali and Ben Hildebrand W

Beth Lubrano Dwyer ’76 W

Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 W

Meredith Mandeville Hollis ’69 W

Cassandra Van Alen Ludington ’56 W

Leslie Parker Hume ’65 W

Ann Bedell MacRae ’65 W

Cammiel and James Hussey P’20

Jeannette Matheson Lussi ’82 W Jennifer Martin ’66 W

Dona and Gordon Crawford

M. Dale MacDonald Jensen ’57 * and Richard W. Jensen W

Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69, P’00 W

Kirsten Tauck Mahar ’87 and Daniel Mahar W Jennifer Robbins Manocherian ’56 W

Robin Smith Melvin ’80 W

Hope and David L. K. Jeffrey Louise Hands Murphy ’68 W

Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin W

Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68,’73, GP’97 W

Harvey McChesney Jr. W

Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57 W

Robin Cruz McClearn ’83 and Cameron C. McClearn P’18 W


Francene Young ’71 W

HEAD’S SOCIETY $25,000+ Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 W Cynthia Larson Eckhardt ’52 * Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 and Arthur Golden W

Joseph and Beth Molder P’80, GP’19 W Hilary Higgins Parker ’71 W Shelley Sagar Payer ’71 W Rebecca Luger-Guillaume Poindexter ’01 W Jane Watson Stetson ’71 W Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 * and Thomas Sweeney P’12 W

Nina Truslow McKee ’59 W Betsy Shirley Michel ’59 W Caroline Watson Morong ’72 W Esther and Craig Navias P’17 W Cora Rust Owen ’28 W* Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 W Eliza and Michael Paolucci P’17,’20 W Charlotte Radcliffe ’08 W Marion Scott Searle ’73 W Eva and Vincent Siefert P’05,’07,’08,’20 Alessandra Love Simons ’97 Divya Singh ’83 W

The David, Helen & Marian Woodward Foundation

C. Elizabeth Spencer ’79 W

Margaret Velie Kinney ’54 W

Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 and Graham Walker P’00 W

Cindy Coggeshall Trask ’69 W

G. Barrie Hogan Landry ’62 W

Gail Funston Wasson ’64 W

Elizabeth Coleman Mooney ’44 * and Richard E. Mooney W*

Sarah Carleton Wechsler ’71 W

Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser ’60 W

Margaret Clement Green ’65 W Diana L. Hanford *

Jane McMillen Morrison ’39 * and John W. Morrison W* Emmy Ward Neilson ’81 W Starr White Snead ’69 W Joan Johnson Stott ’59 W Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63 W

LANTERN SOCIETY $10,000+ Anonymous (1 Donor) Eleanor Acheson ’65 W

QUADRANGLE SOCIETY $5,000+ Anonymous (2 Donors) Lindsay Anderson ’69 Lucie Taft Bard ’42, P’74 W Nancy MacColl Beckwith ’44 * Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh ’71 W Virginia Powell Cheston ’55, P’84 W Marjorie Molder Cook ’80 and Bradford Cook P’19 W

Claire Theobald P’20 Carole Hayes Williams ’62 W Susan Zuckerman and Mark Broude P’19

SALLYPORT SOCIETY $2,500+ Molly Walker Allen ’85 W Laura English Boogaert ’83, P’17 W Ellen Boyd Linda Beard Brandi ’65 W Abigail Mason Browne ’61 W Caroline Demirs Calio ’93 W Mary Kelly Campbell ’02 W Judith Lawrence Carmany ’62 W

Brooke Brown Barzun ’90 W

Christine Muldowney Dahl ‘82 and Nils Dahl P’14 W

Georgina Miller Bissell ’39, P’64 W

Hilary Davis-Kelly ’04

Margaret W. Casey W

Susan Clark ’71 W

Susan Brown Denious ’55 W

Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 W

Pamela Gordon duPont ’70 W

Natalie O’Brien Conklin ’44, P’68,’70,’85, GP’89,’11 W

Mrs. Richard S. Conger W

Diana Drew Harbison ’70 W

Lisa Detwiler ’80 W

Deirdre Healy Henderson W

William and Lisa Donovan P’11,’16 W

Jinlong Hou and Zheng Qin P’20

Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 W

Lily Hurlimann ’72 W

Julie Faulstich W

Sarah Jeffords P’08 W

Alison Barbour Fox ’43 W

Kelly Keenan W

* Deceased | W symbol indicates 5-year consecutive giving to Westover.

Colleen O’Rourke Carson ’71 W

Katherine Hamner Cooper ’00 W Thomas and Susan Cronin P’17,’20 W Wenping Dai and Qun Wen P’22 Margot Trotter-Davis ’70 W Caroline Campbell Edwards ’66 W Schuyler Wilson Field ’61 W


Jianmin Gao and Tian Qing P’20

Mary Harris Clark ’38 W

Holly Lewis Lentini ’63 W

Ian Gordon P’19

Deborah Lippincott ’72

Jane Rovensky Grace ’35 W

Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe ’56, P’81 W

Francine LeRoux Haskell ’51 W

Sarah Walley Colbert ’98

Anne Chickering Hill ’53

Gretchen Handy Comstock ’72 and Harwood Comstock P’07 W

Linda Musco and Donald Lostritto P’02 W

Gail Grueninger Hill ’74 Lesley Bissell Hoopes ’64 W Jialin Xie and Xiding Jiang P’22 Anne Richardson Johnson ’54 W Amy Shepard Knight ’67 W Deborah Howell Kurd ’65 Diane Lewis-D’Agostino ’79 W Hilary Carpenter Lynch ’85 W Elysabeth Higgins Miller ’63 W Dorothea Moore ’70 Elizabeth Markham Nicholson ’63 W Katharine Murphey Pell ’59 W Barbara Braun Pettit ’69 Jane Belcher Phinney ’69 Susan Colket Rakestraw ’46 W Mary Rockefeller Runestad ’68 W Masaaki and Megumi Sakakibara P’21

Elizabeth Conger ’80 W Susie Skidmore Coxe ’45 W* Nancy Higley Cudd ’63 Priscilla Cunningham ’54 W Edlira and Robert Curis

Heather Lundy Macdonald ’85 and Robin T. Macdonald P’19 W Lolly MacMurrayCooper ’63 W

Daphne Drake ’51 W Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76 W Izukanne Emeagwali ’01 W Mary Jo Leatherdale Emfield ’84 Carol and Peter England P’95 W Lynda Erbs ’00 W Mary Bush Clement Estabrook ’48 W Richard and Ann Faulstich W Anita and Colin Fenn P’94 Lucy Fenn ’94 W Kecia Walker Ford ’84

Harmony Clement Spongberg ’64 W

Alisa Forney ’06 Joan Peterkin Foxwell ’49 W

Maura Tansley ’00 W

Andrea Manzi Frank ’78 W

Elizabeth Uhl ’78 W

Mary-Clark Seymour Garfield ’59 Beatrice Bronson Garvan ’46, P’72 W

Elsie Walker ’65 W

Olive Warner Geehr ’70 W

Mary Maier Walker ’54, P’85 W

Katharine Howe Gildersleeve ’59

Yu Wang and Hua Wu P’22

Anne Newbold Godfrey ’46

Susan Logan Whitman ’68 W

Anne Templeton Macaskill ’64 W

Susan L. DeSimone ’80, P’11,’12,’16 W

Ellen Pease Sole ’70 W

Ariane Yassukovich Wellin ’51

Alicia Lyttle ’94 W

Susan Willcox Mackay ’64 W

Edward and Ginger Fennell P’12 W

Carol Cameron von Kaenel ’64 W

Lauri Ellen Lynn ’81

Jean and Ralph Delbuono P’22

Carlton Savoye

Mimi Sternlicht

Laurie Lisle ’61 W

Janet Reed Goss ’64 W Elizabeth Green ’69 W

Benjamin J. Williams W

Phyllis Dewart Greene ’67 W

Cindy Murdock and Armand Wolff P’21

Jennifer Burlington Hague ’87 Hae-Soon Hahn ’78 W

Michela Manocherian Anne Newhard Martin ’62 W Katharine Tarbox McLeod ’66 W Margaret Butler Miles ’63 W Sherrill Williams Mills ’59 Margaret Moon Minor ’57 W Elizabeth Swift Mitchell ’69 W Lizanne and Arthur Mulligan P’06,’08 W

Pamela Birkins Swift ’71 W

Fang-Wei and Szu-Ting Cheng P’20

Suzanne Cattier Taliaferro ’64 W

Louise O’Rourke P’71

Baylah Tessier-Sherman ’94

Lilla Matheson Ohrstrom ’83

Katherine Dixon Thomson ’72 W

Gillet Thomas Page ’52

Charlotte Goodwin Tieken ’69

Molly Parker W

Danielle Tubiana

Eleanora Patterson ’59 W

Miki Ueda and Hajime Ueda P’21

Dorie Milner Pease ’57 W

Emily Uhl ’72 W

Sloane and Charles Pendleton P’20

Katrina Rauch Wagner ’61 W

Elizabeth Bucknall Petty ’72 W

Martha Rooney Webb ’87 W

Brooks Whitney Phillips ’85

Marjorie Weinstein-Kowal P’19

Leigh Keyser Phillips ’68, P’97 W

Carolyn Wilson ’85

Feng Qian and Yu Tang P’20

Monica Hilgarth and Richard Wilson P’21

Elizabeth Hartmann Rand ’59 W Joy Peterkin Rasin ’54 W Elizabeth Emeny Renkert ’62 W

Anne-Marie Ziegler P’02 Stephanie Stunzi Zuellig ’48 W

Marcia Clay Hamilton ’67

Ann Whitfield Roberts ’53 * and John H. Roberts


Jane Meanor Hastings ’56 W

Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 W*


Christine Goodman Hayworth ’54 W

Lee and Andre Roussel P’06 W

Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 W

Anonymous (2 Donors)

E. Kirtland Abeles Heald ’61 W

Kate Munson Rowe Archer ’60 W

Jeanne Edmonds Anderson ’64 W

Audrey Smith Abbott ’71 W

Sonya Kim Heil ’94 W

Anne Sammis ’59 W

Mary Stewart Baird ’56 W

Laura Treman Almquist ’52

Lily Russell Heiliger ’59

Laurie Blake Sawyer ’59 W

Christina and Andre Benoit P’20

Alisa Berger and Samuel Moyn P’22

Lindsey Holder ’10 W

Laura Maxwell Seaman ’65 W

R. Caroline Thompson Benson ’65 W

Wendy Anderson Bianchi ’59

Grace Huffman ’70 W

Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09 W

Joan Ross Bolling ’47, P’70

Diana Jewell Bingham ’54 W

Elizabeth Huidekoper ’70 W

Lynn Sheldon ’78 W

Susan Boynton ’74

Joanna Uihlein Bratt ’55

Nevitt Nugent Jenkins ’67 W

Devika Singh ’90

Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley ’57 W

Deborah Merrick Brisbane ’69

Roxana Schulke Kaufmann ’46 W

Dorinda Miles Smith ’59 W

Patricia Brown ’75 W

Anne Chalfant Brown ’54

Holly S. Kennedy Romano ’74 W

Ellen Arnoff Sonis ’69

Sheila Jackson Brown ’71 W

Susanne Charbonneau Carpenter ’93 W

Adelaide Kent ’69

Lili Sun and Dr. Junling Li P’22

Abigail Collier Buhrman ’03 W

Danielle Stewart Knope ’03 W

Laurie Robertson Sweet ’73

Heather Burke ’98

Sewng and Soh Y Choi P’21

Annis Gilbert Kukulan ’68 W

Helen Schmidt Claire ’56




Frederic and Terri Clark P’11 W

Samantha Conklin Moro ’89 W Marion Thompson Murfey ’68 W


Madree Ferguson P’19

Alyssa Smith Cochran ’06 W Mary-Rose Hickey Cooney ’57 W

Melissa Musarra ’84 W

Maria Randall Allen ’42, P’71 W

Martha McCahill Cowden ’64 W

Cecile and David Newberg P’03 W

Marj Summit Anzalone ’84

Christine Zufelt and Brian Fetherstonhaugh P’05 W

Dianne Crary ’72

Jane McPherson Nickerson ’58

Barbara Aordkian P’86, GP’17 W

Elizabeth Fitzgerald ’00

Markey Culver ’04 W

Christopher Norris P’16,’19 W

Adeline and Danilo Asase P’11

Karina Landegger Fitzpatrick ’79

Leeza and Michael Desjardins P’ 18

Stephen Norris P’19

Damali Asase ’11

Polly Ferenbach Franchot ’64 W

Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49, P’72 W

Kathryn Klopfer O’Brien ’72

Sandra Soule Ashley ’54 W

Ellen and Richard Freeman P’19

Cynthia Kroll Dwyer ’68

Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86 and Daniel Pelaez P’17 W

Greta Atchinson ’02 W

Kendra and Jeff Galusha P’18

Nancy Lee Ballenger ’49 W

Gayle Garivaltis-James ’69

Karen Kjorlien Phillips ’71 W

Katherine Barnes

Suzanne Spencer Garvin ’48 W

Susan Simmons Phillips ’60

Alexandra Prentice Barrett ’70

Marcia McCuaig Geer ’53

Susan DuVal Phipps ’63 W

Barbara Cates Baynard ’52 W

Pamela Miller Gerard ’52 W

Alexandra and Edward Gittines P’20,’22

Margo Dean Pinson ’55 W

Richard J. Beebe P’10 W

Joan Gerster ’72 W

Priscilla Stevens Polk ’69 W

Sarita Bhandarkar ’94

Elizabeth Gilbert ’77 W

Deborah French Glynn ’58 W

Suzanne Wardwell Prescott ’63 W

Mary-Helen Velde Black ’84 W

Priscilla White Givan ’60

Carol Goldburg ’80 W

Ann Clark Priftis ’96 W

Karen Bogen ’79 W

James Gotlieb P’08

Thomas and Jennifer Gorman

Helen Behr Sanford ’68 W

Wendy Smith Brainerd ’55 W

Debra Gartzman Gottlieb ’77 W

Aimee Gough ’02 W

Peggy and Anthony Sciotto P’88, GP’22 W

Irene Sedgwick Briedis ’62 W

Germain Graves ’67 W

Emily Webber Brown ’84 W

Judith Blair Green ’49 W

Suzan B. Beard Bryant ’51, P’77

Laura Pratt Gregg ’63 W

Megan Mann Burlington ’02 W

Susan Palmer Griffin ’91

Pamela Handy Shepley ’75 W

Domenick and Dawn Calabrese P’14 W

Nancy Handy Grogan ’73 W

James and Kathleen Shields P’00

Minerva and David Calo P’20

Jessica Haggerty ’03 W

Tracy Nashel and Andrew Siegel P’16 W

Coila Worley Campbell ’78, P’10 W

Karen Hall ’79 W

Nicole Sieller Warnek ’00 W

Renee Carnes-Rook and Eric Rook P’21

Alice and Terry Hallaran P’02 W

Catherine Baird Smith ’58 * and Gordon Smith W

Macaire Carroll-Gavula ’93 and John Carroll-Gavula P’22 W

Angelica Spykman Harter ’52 W

Leslie Walbridge Smith ’69

Lauren Fikslin Castagnola W

Sharon Anderson Smith ’57 W

Christopher Childs

Katherine Solley ’13 W

Soo-Min Cho ’03

Nicholas and Pamela Solley P’13 W

Lindsay Clark ’02 W

Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58 W

Sabra Packard Cleveland ’49

Blair Stambaugh W

Stacey Coates ’65

Susan Handy Stover ’70 W

Elizabeth Coffin ’92 W

Lorissa and Paul Summermatter P’14

Gretchen Rogers Colby ’65

Anita Burroughs Fahy ’58, P’82 W Frances Fifield ’71 Anne Simmons Finley ’45 W Caroline Chickering Fish ’50 W

Ann Fisher Green McComish ’59 Emily Overholser Gruber ’03 W Gretchen Holverstott Haight ’59 Christine Chang Hanway ’79 Grace Harvey ’65 W Melissa and James Heus P’06 Louise Clark Hood ’65 W Peyton Chapman Horne ’58 W Cherina Hughes-Proctor and Terrance Proctor P’18 Mary Ann Hurlimann ’69 Erin Zyko Hussein ’88 W Selden Dunbar Illick ’58 W Annette Eustis Jarman ’59 Alyssa Siefert Jarvi ’05 W Susan Hicks Jernigan ’71 Virginia Jewiss ’81 Ann Markham Judd ’68 W Amanda Neilson Kane ’81 Elizabeth Kaufman ’82 W

Sarah Sciotto-Gavigan ’88, P’22 W Carolyn A. Scott ’82, P’13 W Catherine Scribner ’85

Lane Newton Summers ’93 W

Jane Foote Kruse ’41, P’69

Paul Sutherland W

Rosamund Firth Kummel ’98

Janet Sykes ’08 W

Adeline Gwynne Kurz ’68 W Jean Ames Lamphere ’51

Ann Bradlee Tauchert ’55, P’77, ’80 W

E. Linda Baruch Leon ’67 W

Phebe Thorne ’59

Constance Clement Leslie ’50 W

Frances Van Hoose Briggs ’95 W

Tracy Levine ’69

Marie T. van Luling P’08

Mary-Hoe Tyler Love ’59

Victoria Viera ’00 W

Jean Bronson Mahoney ’48

Kathleen Vojack P’06

Marion Markham ’73 W

Virginia Fox Wagenseller ’65

Douglas and Mindy Marr P’17

Zaohui Wang and Yuhong Fang P’19

Virginia Ramsburg McElman ’57, P’81 W

Brooke Whiteley Weise ’99 W

Christine McArdle McGuire ’64 W

Caroline Elliott Williams ’56

Hollace Roe Mejer ’69 Pamela Jayne Miller ’49 W M. Birch Hincks Milliken ’57 W Frank P. L. Minard P’87 W

Barbara Crowell Wheeler ’49 W Rosa Gatling Williams ’77, P’06 W Catherine Witry ’94 W Miriam Kubiska Zahn ’89 Lisa Zorn ’91 W

* Deceased | W symbol indicates 5-year consecutive giving to Westover.

Treda Collier Dickenman Nancy duPont Cooch ’37 * Tonette L. Cookson Caitlin Corrigan ’91 W Mary-Elizabeth Coolidge Cost ’54 Elinor Ladd Craver ’65 W Marcy Tench Crimmins ’56, P’83 W Sarah Cugini ’00 W Ann Pew Curran ’52 W Dawn Curtis P’06 W Dorothy Macy Damon ’60 W Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva ’07 W Eliza Taggart Davies ’50 W Aldys Chapman Davis ’54 W Miriam DeCosta-Willis ’52 W Penelope Dillon ’68 Emilie Dufour ’04 Edith Emerson-Dorsch ’97 W Honore Ervin ’93 W

Edward J. Ferns P’99 W

Roxanne Guesnon ’87, P’13

Charlene Claypool Hansen ’64 W Nancy LeSage Hellmuth ’70 W J. C. Heminway W Heide Hendricks ’86 W Helen Heard Hetherington ’68 W Barbara Edwards Hicks ’57 W Sandra Ray Holland ’62 Patricia Stone Holman ’69 Jane and Richard Hunter P’20 Susan Birge Isetor P’56 W Adrienne Jones ’03 W Jennifer Jones ’60, P’88,’90 W Tanya Kazanjian ’71 W Gretchen Hill Kingsley ’57 W Lisa Zheng Kirsch ’01 Lori Kopsick ’89 Jane Lancaster ’48 W Barbara Whiting Lee ’47 W Elizabeth Schneidman Lindsay ’71 Susan Lloyd ’69 Thomas and Brenda Lloyd P’09 Carrie Loyd ’05 Gloria Lundy P’85, GP’19 Anne Montgomery MacDougall ’74 Alecia Magnifico ’96 W Martha Beretta Mainiero ’81 W Linda Cook Maloney ’81 Kelly Marages ’99 W Tracy and Peter Mariano P’20


Alexandra Conway Marks ’91 W

Mary Runnells ’73 W

Melinda Aiudi P’21

Sarkis and Giselle Boyadjian P’12 W

Deborah Massey ’68 W

Margo Stratford Russell ’59

Kathryn Albee W

Camilla Bradley ’94

Amy Franklin McCoog ’82, P’15

Emily Pomeroy Schneider ’03 W

Mary Albl

Jennifer Brent ’90 W

Elizabeth Green McCutcheon ’58 W

Jeanne Campbell Sedgwick ’68 W

Katherine Aldrich ’00 W

Hannah Claire Brimelow

Rachel Minard ’87 W

Sheila O’Connor Sevier ’55 W

Catherine Curtis Allard ’43 W

Katherine Bristol ’87

Clara Combs Moore ’60 W

Meredith Shirey ’91 W

Heather Allen ’71

Christina Warner Mulligan ’70 W

Florence Lincoln Short ’57

Mary Anne Langdon Almquist ’54

Nancy and Stanley Brittingham P’98 W

Luigi Horne Mumford ’49 W

Melissa Zimyeski Short ’04 W

Elizabeth Alper ’04

Rand Najjar ’02

Angela Siefert ’08

Shawn Caldwell Alshut ’74 W

Susan Marie and Brandon Nappi P’22

Morgan Siller ’07

Edwin and Barbara Altamirano P’21

Kate Proctor Brooks ’71 W

Shelby Mastroianni Neal ’00

Susan Silver P’10

Heather Donaldson Amato ’89

Lucy Wood Brotman ’59

Robert E. Skerritt Jr. W

Christopher and Robyn Ames

David & Melissa Brown P’95

Lillian Milner Smyser ’59 W

Margreta Kroll Ames ’62

Elinor Brown ’69

Joan and William Anthony P’95 W

Elizabeth Froment Brown ’56 W

Catherine Stewart ’76, P’03 W

Marissa Famiglietti Apland ’00

Fionnuala and Christopher Brown P’21

A. Blair Brickman Stuart ’81 Susan Scott Webb ’61 W Lisa and Dennis Sykes P’08 W

Juliet Boyd Patterson ’48 W Jeannie Pearce ’72 W Marda Perry Phelps ’63 W Sarah Glennon Pietragallo ’93 Somanathan and Sreedevi Pillai P’19 Bonnie Drake Poloner ’58 W Martha McCormick Porter ’58 W Cynthia Titus Powers ’62 W Priscilla and Steven Price P’06 W Amanda Roberts ’81 W Jean Ackerman Robinson ’53 W

Miriam Ayoo ’07

Carolyn Brunelle

Nancy Bacon ’58

Meghan Buchanan

Mary Turner Tackett ’63 W

George and Phebe Banta P’89

Janann Baker ’83 Simone Barabasz ’01 Dianne Barker

Patricia Bugg ’04 Heather Bullard ’86 Shelley Conzelman Burger ’86 W

Anne Savage Barnum ’47

Adelene and Craig Burlington P’87 W

Emily Renz Barron ’78

Carrie Forbes Burns ’94

Barbara F. Farwell Bayley ’52

Julie Burton ’68

Catherine Marsland Baytosh ’85

Karen Bush ’82

Carolyn Bean

Anne Schulhof Butler ’66, P’06

Margot Gismondi Todaro ’80 W

Cornelia and Ernest Beaulieu P’14,’17 W

Wendy and Lee Butler W

Susan Behr Travers ’60 W

Lindsay Yannielli Bedoya ’04

Marla Truini P’09 W

Mary-Arthur Doolittle Beebe ’58

Bart Geissinger and David Tuttle W

Lindsay Bell ’03

Lucile Hannan Vaill ’63 W

Mary Bell ’70 W

Beatrice Frelinghuysen van Roijen ’62 W

Pam Whittemore Bell ’64 W

Katherine Walker ’00 W

Lila Leslie Foster Berris ’72

Robin Tilp Mcmanus ’70

Jane Scheerer Parkes ’75 W

Kathleen Brown-Carrano ’77 W

Elizabeth and Gregory Buckles P’10 W

Mary Kuryla Thompson ’66

Kyla Reynolds P’an ’91

Melissa and Victor Brown P’22

Mackenzie Buchanan Callahan ’06 W

Jane Castles Thompson ’72

Nana Owusu ’09

Elsie Padilla-Ayala and Jorge Ayala P’19

Irene Brown ’64 W

Natalie Callender Bagley ’83

Robert Tessier P’94

Amma Osei ’01 W

Elisa Ayala ’19

Cathy and Richard Szanto P’03 W

Patricia Simonds Taylor ’68 W

Magdalena Nunez-Fernandez ’98

Melissa Ashton ’07

Katherine Bader ’66

Denise and Scott Taylor P’22

Marie-Pierre Norris W

Eliza Wolcott Brown ’90 W

Janet Haskell Spalding ’57 W Clinton Savage Standart ’68

Diana Tench Stovall ’52

Laura Mullins Nolen ’89 W

Christine Gamble Brooks ’78 W

Jeanne Harvey Anderson ’81

Gail Miller Stoddart ’54 W

Emily Cooke Nolan ’84 W

Sarah Bronko ’03 W

Elizabeth Pratt Wax ’66 W Nora Lapham Wendel ’67 W Marie Bowman Wengert ’54 W Monica Rueda Williams ’89 Eleanor Bissell Wilson ’78 W Suzanne Dyer Wise ’62 W Neil Yarhouse P’87 W Annie Zheng ’05


Jeannette Byers ’69 W Lauren Caldwell ’76 Ellen Harrington Campbell ’73 W Victoria Campbell ’94

Shengzhu Bernardin P’21 Lois Boots Berry ’49 W Jodi Bialik P’19,’22 Anne Bieluczyk ’04 Catharine Bill ’04 Martha Burdett Billings ’48 W Heidi Bioski ’91 W

Lauralyn Bellini Cannistra ’78 W Laurie Canty Janice and Michael Carey P’02 Tricia Carlson ’94 W Aimee Caron ’95 Amy Fiore Carroll ’99 Anne-Louise Baker Carroll ’47 W Maureen and James Carroll P’93,’95, GP’22 Kimberly Cartwright P’16,’19

Marie Fino Birnbaum ’97

Elizabeth C. Casey ’89 W

Barbara Morgan BishoP’61

Iris Castro Rigor ’05 W

Allison Blancato ’02

Lynne Johanson ’94

Jody Bates Bliss ’81, P’14 W

Anonymous (2 donors)

Nancy and Howard Bliss P’79, GP’09,’14 W

Paula and Jason Abate P’21

Katherine Blum ’08 W

Nancy Gerrity Achilles ’69 W

Lire Bolden ’19

Emma Morel Adler ’48 W

Heidi Bosek ’96

Dorothy Taft Ahlgren ’64

Grace and John Bottino GP’16,’20

Rachel Portesi and Eric Aho P’21

Elizabeth North Boucher ’04 W

Sarah Cave ’04 W Gurali and Burbuque Cenkolli P’20 Barbara Chadwick ’68 W Faith Thomson Chandler ’81 Catherine Maroney Chase ’54 Belinda Miles Chen ’60 W Joseph L. Chestnut




Thyrza Upson Christel ’48

Jacqueline Siefert Cushing ’07

Amanda Durand ’04 W

Evelyn Mervine Gauntlett ’02 W

Ellen Durham Christensen ’65 W

Beverly Cutler ’67 W

Richard Dyer P’19

Lyedie Geer P’21

Marietta Christie ’68

Gladys Merrick Cutler ’51

Elizabeth Bowen Dziarmaga ’04

Mary-Clement Gelezunas ’84 W

Lindsay Chromik ’05 W

Amy Benson Cutting ’72 W

Elizabeth Meyer Eaton ’74

Christina Renda P’98 W

Emily Church ’82

Allan Dabkowski

Sheila Grainger Edee ’49 W

Elizabeth Goddard Gentry ’67 W

Nicole Cintas ’88 W

Julie Slocum Dahlgren ’63

Edith McLane Edson ’44, P’68 W

Jennifer Geoghan ’90, P’18 W

Margot Clement Clark ’67 W

Margaret Carr Daniel ’55

Lucy Huidekoper Edson ’66 W

Alane Gerdau ’57 W

Vanessa and Elvin Clayton P’11

Minda Putman Daniell ’65 W

Meg and Glen Eggert P’12,’16 W

Bonnie Davis Gerrard ’56

Lauren Collins Cline ’96

Amanda Darrach ’92 W

Nancy Reeder El Bouhali ’63 W

Molly Barker Gilligan ’95 W

Coriana Close ’02

Michele Cavallaro Dasse ’84

Jodie Ellis

Maria and Francis Giordano P’19

Barbara Massey Clothier ’51 W

Larissa Davidowitz ’19

Melissa and Jeffrey Elmer P’15

Shayla Glasgow P’21

Alexandra Chappell Cole ’57

Sylvia and Jay Davidowitz P’19

Marcia Haight Erickson ’61 W

Lisa Glickman ’91

Cynthia Perry Colebrook ’68 W

Patricia Foote Davidson ’47, P’84

Elissa Evanauskas

Katherine Goddard P’67 W

Pamela Shepardson Coleman ’62

Blythe Burgan Davis ’80

Elizabeth Goodenough ’65 W

Cathy Bushkoff Collins ’76

Leslie de Bretteville ’57 W

Gael Evangelista-Uhl and Christopher Uhl P’15 W

Lindsey Shuford Collins ’91 W

Catharine Miller de Koning ’66

Laura Ridder Evans ’57 W

Thomas Deeds

Lucille Rundin Evans ’56 W

Emily Gordon P’18

Andrea Combes ’84 Constance W. Combes W

Kaitlin DeFrancesco

Jennifer Eveland ’84

Louise Bailey Connor ’63 W

Katrina Hoadley Delude ’53 W

Elisabeth Wahlers Connors ’84 W

Andrew Demake

Phoebe Pier Fairburn ’59 W

Carlyle Claypool Conrad ’70

Brunilda and Arben Demiraj P’20

Amanda Kloc Fallon ’04

Mallory Merriman Constantine ’64

Cathy Demiris

Louise Webber Fallon ’82 W

Elizabeth Cook ’19

Margaret Evans Dennis ’46 W

Priscilla Scholle Farfan ’69

Tammy Cook ’87

Sarah Knowles Dent ’80

Lida Cook Fay ’84 W

Douglas Cooney

Michelle Deslauriers ’98 W

Hillary Huggins Fehsenfeld ’84

Jessica Gray ’92 W

Mary DeStefano ’01 *

Jaime Feinman ’02

Carrie Appelbaum Gray Buchmann ’88

Christina Fahy ’82 W

Susan Tarbox DeStefano ’69, P’01

Catharine Barclay Fender ’68 W

Elizabeth Preston DeVos ’85 W

Rowena Summers Fenstermacher ’76 W

Joanne Dexter W Margaret Perry Diack-Wilson ’60 Dione Longley and Christopher R. Diamond P’17,’19 W Meredith Diamond ’19 Christina Ruschp Dickinson ’66 W Ian and Emily Diedrich W

Berengere Goodman Ann Gorycki P’88 W Karimah Gottschalck ’03 W Susan and James Gough P’02 Christie Krementz Graham ’63 Susan Root Graham ’70 Felicia Grant P’05, ’07 Robin Reath Grave ’63 Andrea Soule Graves ’57, P’83 W

Ann Green Jennifer Green

Ann Ferguson ’61

Caryn Cluett Gregg ’68 W

Silvia Jaramillo Fernendez ’87

S. Ellen Greulich Coco ’72

Claire Fetherstonhaugh ’05

Anne Farquhar Griffin ’47

Barbara Hampton and Howard Fielding P’14 W

Hailey Griffin ’07

Danielle Filipiak P’21 Rosemary and Robert Finnegan GP’18

Mary Hayward Griffith ’63 Danielle Leeser Grzan ’99

Nancy Moyer Dingman ’65

Rebecca Finnell ’65 W

Alexandra and George Guanci P’13 W

Hien Hguyen and Hoc Doan P’21

Arthur and Patricia Fino P’97

Brita Patten Gwinn ’58

Trang Doan ’21

Ruth Barnes Fiordalis ’62 W

Emma Dobrovich ’22

Carolyn Lincoln Fisher ’61

Jamesette and Adam Dobrovich P’22

Jane Banta Fisher ’89 W Lee Billings Fletcher ’54

Pamela Dodge-Peterson ’70

Cyrene Elizabeth Foltz ’08 W

Elizabeth Charlston Dolan ’87

Alexandra Fonseca ’08 W

Lisa DonDiego ’07 W

Frank and Teresa Fonseca P’07,’08

Deanna Dorkins ’94

Donna Foss W

Rachel Douglas ’08

Xiania Foster ’95

Anne Downey ’81

Caroline Barhydt Francis ’79 W

Jill MacDonald Downs ’61

Jillian Evans-Beauchamp Franciscovich ’90 W

Monique Corbat Brooks ’66, P’97 W

Magda and Thomas Drew P’03 W

Ann DiGiorgio Costigan ’60 W

Elise Drew Drew León ’03

Mariana Cotten P’94

Anne Lloyd du Pont ’71

Johanna Catherine Cox ’94

Amanda Williams Dube ’84

Mary Brereton Frost ’58 W

Linda Williams Cox Heins ’61

Susan Dubin ’76

Terry Shrady Fry ’52

Carol Davidson Cragoe ’84

Lindsay Du Gan ’73

Cavarly Berwick Garrett ’86 W

Louise Hicks Crispin ’50 W

Jana and William Dunbar P’18,’22 W

Tammara Gary

Richard and Mary Cronin GP’17 W

Iris Rivera-Dunn and Kevin Dunn P’16,’18,’20 W

Patricia Frey-Gattinoni and Flavio Gattinoni P’19

* Deceased | W symbol indicates 5-year consecutive giving to Westover.

Elizabeth Froeber ’08 W Lucy Lincoln Frost ’84, P’15 W

Jessica Hagen P’19 Paige Haley ’93 W Jean and Dean Hall P’12 W Lynn Hamilton ’58 Sally Handy ’81 Ann Shettle Hansen ’80 Anne-Nicole Hanus ’02 W Guiqiang Hao and Li Liu P’19 Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 * Ashley Harlow ’19 Lindsay and Christopher Harlow P’19 Jennifer Hart ’05 W Mark and Mary Beth Hart P’19 Nancy Hoft ’79 W Norman R. Harvey P’85 W Whitney Neville Harvey ’68 W Nancy Nicholas Hatfield ’56 W Joan Havens P’91 Robert and Bonnie Havery W


Catherine Devine Hayden ’49 W

Tom and Lee Juvan P’19 W

Jessica Lillian ’02

Judith Malone Hayne ’58

Dayna Kaltman ’89

Nancy Lillie P’95

Rosemary McDermott-McCormick and Brendan McCormick P’96 W

Julie and Pryce Haynes P’88

Ann Cluett Kaplan ’79 W

Earl and Annelise Lindgren P’77,’81

Kelly Cruz McCullers ’86

Sarah Sperry Hehman ’92 W

Allison Kase ’86

Kristin Lindgren ’77 W

William & Gene Henderson P’02

Mary Kasper P’20

Sonja Lindgren ’81 W

Katharine Clarkson McDonald ’39, P’66

Sharon Hennessey P’89,’99

Caroline Keggi ’83

Janet West Lloyd ’51

Nancy Kent Henry ’64

Nicole Schude Kehoskie ’95

Priscilla Machold Loeb ’58 W

Sylvia Hibbard Herbstritt ’59

Hannah Keklak ’07

Eileen Lonegan ’04

Louise Munson Herring ’58 W

Sarah Keklak ’05

Karen Lostritto ’02 W

Sarah Carroll Herring ’58 W

Nicole Witkin Keldsen ’88

Susan Terbell Hersey ’55 W

Marina Kelley ’73

Barbara and Alan Loveridge P’75, GP’07

Erin Herzeelle ’99

Ana and Miguel Kelly P’11 W

Cathie Gemino Hillian ’99 W

Kathleen Kelly ’52 W

Dayna Hine ’07

Nora Lovotti ’07 W

Annie DiSesa McHugh ’72 W Melinda and Mark McKenna P’18,’21 Barbara Twichell McKeon ’68 W Veronica McMahon W Galen Savage McWilliams ’67, P’07 Elizabeth Walker Mecke ’81 Kelly Agnew Medvigy ’96 W

Patricia and Anthony Lovotti P’07 W

Lavinia Meeks ’57 W

Kristin Kelly ’07

Susan Loyd Turner P’05 W

Cynthia Oakes Meketa ’65

Jessica Sieller Hines ’97 W

Anne Edmonson Kerr ’76 W

Deborah Morgan Luquer ’58, P’81

F. Kimberly Sartorius Mel ’66 W

Katherine Kennedy Hines ’77

Jonathan M. Keyes

Heidi Luquer ’81 W

Paula Schulke Menefee ’54

Connie Rafferty and Todd Hoffman P’21

Judith Button Keyes ’55 W*

Elizabeth Hausman Lycke ’81

Alyssa Menegat ’01 W

Annie Scott Lynch ’73 W

Victoria Menegat ’07

Mary Merrill Hoffman ’57 W

Shamsun Khanman and Shaiful Talukdar P’22

Tracy and Zachary Lytle W

Anna Mergen P’96

Sarah Welinsky Hoffman ’03

Danielle Khorsandi

Ilona and Girvan Lyttle P’94 W

Serena Hogan ’19

Lorraine King ’80

Suzanne Scoble Macklin ’54

Wendy Hill Merriman ’54 W

Katharyn and Howard Hoke P’04

Nancy Watson King ’54, P’79 W

Karen and Richard Magin P’03

Lauren Metz ’06

Catharine Holden ’63 W

Neil Patterson King ’88 W

Gwendolyn Fischer Magnan ’85

Sarah Michaelson

Sharon K. Holladay W

Alexandra Hutchinson Kline ’84

Berrell Mallery ’60 W

Madeline Cantwell Miller ’94

Sally Howard Hollaman ’45, GP’01 W

Lynn Loveridge Kling ’75, P’07 W

Carla Skinner Malstrom W

Jannie Whitcraft Mills ’61

Anne Spencer Holm ’77 W

Sarah Cook Klinkon ’51

Jane Mason Manasse ’50 W

Melissa Whitcraft Mintz ’65

Rebecca Paolino Holshouser ’01 W

Kathleen Craig Knight ’48

Lyann Marie Mannella ’79

Lisa Moisan P’16

Nancy Bristol Homer ’62 W

Amber Knowles

Sarah and Dak M. Mannella W

Marcia Monagan

Susan Bicknell Hoopes ’57 W

Elizabeth Kostojohn ’91 W

Morton Howard III W

Laetitia Koyen ’76

Deborah and Robert Marages P’97, ’99 W

Dawn and Kyle Howe P’19

Creigh and John Krin P’00 W

Sarah Wasbes Howell ’95 Lyubov Hrishina and Andriy Hrishn P’22

Elese Smith and Jeremy Montambault P’21

Tina and Steven Krygowski P’14 W

Ashley Kalaus Mariano ’02 W

Marisa Montanari Manley ’01

Madlen and Selim Kurutan P’22

Tracy Mariano

Katherine Montgomery ’76 W

Lisa Overly Markham ’60 W

Elizabeth Montgomery Zimmerman ’76 W

Selena Kurutan ’22

Katie Perkins Marko ’01 W

Elizabeth Kveton ’03 W

Nathaniel and Jayne Huggins P’84

Mikayla Labissiere ’20

Rebecca Chase Hughes ’81

Carolyn Robbins Laflin ’55 W

Patricia Evans Humphreys ’54

Antonia Bissell Laird ’50 W

Carol and John Marsland P’80,’85 W

Tilde and Thomas Hungerford P’00,’01 W

Jennie LaMonte ’78 W

Barbara Martin ’69

Caitlin Lampman ’00

Shannon Martin ’19

Chantal Hurtado ’05 W

S. Elizabeth Patterson Lancaster ’58 W

Thea Marx P’21

Makenzi Hurtado ’02

Louise Beebe Laundon ’59

Billie and Milton Massey GP’10 W

Lowry Igleheart-Keach ’69

Shanell Littlejohn Lavery ’02 W Deborah Lawrence ’64 W

Stephen and Mary Ann Mastroianni P’00 W

Kimberly Lawrence ’74

Catherine Mauk Mather ’64

Mihae Lee ’76

Lauren Mathieu ’08

David Jean

Melissa Rode Lefebvre ’93

Joan Davies Jefferys ’70

Kristin Hartley Leithiser ’76

Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell ’57, GP’12 W

Dorothy and Andrew Jeffrey P’00,’04

Elisabeth Woods Leonard ’81

Kirsten Jeppesen ’84

Katie Chamberlain Leone

Julia Isenberg ’03 W Maura Coleman Janiszewski ’99 Beverly Johnson Jaques ’68 W

Jennifer Lynne Marra ’99 W Palmer Marrin ’73 W

Catharine Cavanagh Maslow ’61 W

Catherine Morales ’04 Claudia Rawal Morris ’78 Piper Perry Morris ’59 W Bourne Gafill Morris-Buss ’54 Francesca and Michael Morrissey P’16 W Elvira Morton P’20 Mary Reynolds Moser ’53 Kendall Mulligan ’08 W Anne Gullquist Mullin ’83 Penn Willets Fullerton ’62 Linda and Peter Murphy P’10

Anne Benedict McCarthy ’73 W

Catharine Murray ’84

Judith McCarthy P’75,’80, GP’11,’12,’16 W

Eugenia Jessup Murray ’81 Sarah Bill Murray ’01 D. Michele Dubois Neff ’59

Katherine Jolly ’07

Lilian Manger Lewis ’59

Margaret Day Jones ’59

Emelie Liebendorfer

Yvonne Cooke-McClain and Scott McClain P’17

Nancy Kellogg Lightbody ’64 W

Margaret McClellan ’81 W

Taber Lightbourne ’04

Eileen McCormack W

David Lillian P’02,’06,’09

Laura McCormack ’98

Mollie Jurewicz ’96

Deborah Bennett Moore ’52 W

Pia Guido Murphy ’91, P’21

Dorina Doran Leslie ’85

Chelsea Dostaler Joyce ’08 W

Alison Chase Moore ’82, P’11

Deborah Melum McBee ’69

Richard R. Johnson

Jean Rowland Joslin ’70 W

Susan Sterling Monjauze ’59 W

Caitlin Reynolds Marian ’02 W

Christine Renchard Huffman ’59

Judith Kuryla Huntington ’65 W

Katrina Mergen ’96 W

Meredith Medina Murray ’61 Lucy Lisle Murray-Brown ’58 W Sylvia Nestor ’71 W Varick Katzenbach Niles ’57 W




Megan and Kendrick Protzmann P’19,’21

Kate Seyboth W

Jessica Tabak Jacqueline Rowland ’00

Joan and Christopher Norfleet P’11

Ann Quarles ’67 W

Camilla Vance ’69 H. Donnan SharP’56 W

Regina Tamés ’94

Elizabeth Norment ’05 W

Annette Hall Quezada ’76

Margaret and Michael Sheehan P’09

Gwendolin and Alvin Tan P’22

Melissa Norment P’05

Katharine Angstadt Rahe ’71

Maame Sheppard P’22

Stacy Tattar ’94

Ken and Bonnie Norris GP’16,’19

Mark and Ellen Brett Raisbeck P’20

Susan Berger Sheridan ’55

Amy Tauchert ’77 W

Dorothy West and Peter North P’04,’06 W

Ellen Bird Reda ’02

Elanah Sherman P’94

Kathryn Taylor W

Jessica Chilton Redman ’81

Margaret North ’06 W

Judith Swanson Redway ’59 W

Deborah and Karl Shurberg P’15 W

Mary Taylor Melissa Taylor ’70

Lucy Noyes ’57

Ann Tomlinson Reed ’40, P’65 W

Deborah Cook Siegel ’54 W

Heather Mannella Nuzzo ’91 W

Marie and John Sieller P’97,’00 W

Mai-Ning Thayer ’83

Caroline Burpee Rees Davies ’94

Joan Dominick O’Brien ’56 W

Pamela Potter Reeves ’66 W

Jackie Simmons P’01 W

Margaret Thayer ’81

Amy Machson O’Connor ’87 W

Georgia Kendall Sisson ’57

Amanda Newberg Thomas ’03 W

Elizabeth Halsey Register ’65

Ann Skelly ’61 W

Judith Fretz Thomas ’54

Megan O’Keefe ’06

Sara Reid

Jessica Smith ’05 W

Karin and David Thwaits P’10

Elizabeth Joy Oberdorf ’64

Meredith Renda ’98

Martha Talbot Oberlander ’62 W

Lane Fryberger Smith ’54 W

Eloise Lipscomb Reynolds ’79

Sally Wade Smith ’59

Joanne and Werner Tiedmann P’09 W

Jane Rawlings Odenweller ’55

Jeannette Stone Reynolds ’63

Alison Wickwire Olivieri ’64 W

Rhiannon Rhodes ’00 W

Deanna and Mitchell Smooke P’14

Courtney Altschul Olsen ’91

Pamela Heymann Ricciardi ’67 W

Joanne Johnson Olson ’60 W

Hilary Rice ’84 W

Christina Coleman Owen ’77

O’Shaughnessy Rice ’87

Nancy Schroeder Snyder ’55 W

Helen Potts Palmer ’58, P’91

Claire Richards ’82

Amanda Thacher Soares ’81

Carmela Pandiscia P’20

Elisa Migel Richards ’59

Kathleen and Alexander Tournas P’12 W

Anne Allison Park ’69

Helen Richards ’58 W

Norma and William Solberg P’00 W James and Christina Sorrels P’14 W

Jane Jackson Trask ’58, GP’12 W

Dorothy Patterson ’91

Barbara Ringe Ritter ’54

Elise Thayer Patterson ’61, P’88 W

Chay Costello Sosin ’93

Cynthia Travis ’74

Jane Gillespie Robbins ’60

Helen Phillips Trementozzi ’97 W

Isabella Sommerhoff Patty ’57

Susan Robbins ’65 W

Taylor Southworth ’02

Jerone Godfrey Paul ’47 W

Susanne Roberts ’62 W

Sonia Allen Spalding ’42, P’72 W

Maria Trevino P’22

Carol Marshall Paumgarten ’62 W

Susan Lapham Spalding ’53

Gail Owen Troutman ’58 W

Stacy Wardrop Roe ’69

Vanessa Spang ’82 W

Michelle Kubiska Tscheppe ’91

Patrice Peck ’05

Hilary Rose ’81

Regina Pedersen P’02 W

H. Ripley Ross ’70 W

Virginia Cheston Spencer ’84 W

Aya Erica Tsuchimochi-Cruz ’94 Diana Kappel Turner ’69

Rachel Nevas Peled ’98

Martha Allen Ross ’57, P’86 W

Katherine Sredl, Ph.D ’91 W

Alice M. Tweedy P’86 W

Cecile Pemberton ’97

Sarah Ross-Bailly ’86

Monica St. James and John Kveton P’03

Angelina and Artur Pereira P’08

Barbara Moore Rumsey ’53

Elise Desjardins Stanford ’97 W

Elaine Rundin ’69 W

Gigi Bradford Stanford ’70 W

Victoria Tzotzkova ’95

Charlotte Perrine ’81 Patricia Day Perry ’64 W

Sarah Tauchert Rushing ’80 W

Robin and Justin Stanziale P’ 18

Barbara Rands Valente ’88

Jennifer Jankowski Persico ’95

Constance Hewitt Ruth ’69

Sandra Starbuck

Kate Peterson P’11,’15 W

Mary Elizabeth Ruwell ’66 W

Michele Montgelas van der Kieft ’62 Elizabeth van Luling ’08 W

Samantha Peterson

Jane and Mario Sabatini P’93

Catherine and Danny Stebbins P’17 W

Maria Petrone ’91 W

Jennifer Sabatini ’93

Leigh Vaule Steele ’87, P’18 W

Catherine Walsh Petrosky ’78

Robin Tilghman Stevens ’72

Linda M. Pierce W

Barbara Sabia and Andrea Angera P’20 W

Linsley Pietsch ’69

Gina Nelson Samson ’96

Margaret Harty Stickney ’94

Adeline Bradlee Polese ’51, P’80 W

Jeanne Sandrib

Lisa Stockwell ’71, P’11

Carita Kruse Polin ’69

Bhajun and Kaveeta Santchurn P’08 W

Barbara Clement Stoever ’64 W

Judith Peterson Sappington ’65 W

Charlotte Strick ’91 W

Ellen Grimes Noble ’49 W

Elizabeth Pollina ’03 W Emily Pollina ’00 W Elisabeth Scott Porter ’60 Caleb Portfolio W Sara E. Poskas P’21 W Scott and Amy Pottbecker P’21 Sarah Poulin ’04 Ellen Pollak Powers ’65 W Stacy Gevry Prall ’88 John and Barbara Pretto P’12 Mary Clark Price ’81 Brigid Protzmann ’19

Kally Klonaris-Smthye ’94 D’Arcy Snodgrass ’08 Margaret McClave Snowden ’63

Laura and Kenneth Stewart P’03,’05

Wendy Stout ’80

Jan Bicknell Sargent ’60

Kathryn Stuart ’04

Kimberly and Guenter Sauter P’20

Allison Perry Sullivan ’94 W

Danielle Diaferio Scaringi ’94 W

Deirdre Sullivan ’76 W

Koo Guion Schadler ’80

Diane Blackey Sullivan ’76 W

Katie Marages Schank ’97

Jodi Summit ’79 W

Anne White Schoenhuber ’84

Jeanne S. Sutherland GP’06,’08 W

Mary Ballentine Scott ’84 W

Patrice Semenza Swanson ’65 W

Marie Louise Sibley Scudder ’55

Christopher Sweeney W

Sonja and Mirand Selenica P’21

Elizabeth Feeney Sweeney ’01

Karen Ross Senich ’86

Sarah Schipul Swift ’00 W

* Deceased | W symbol indicates 5-year consecutive giving to Westover.

Joan Shiland Tilghman ’48, P’72, GP’10 Annie Hunter Tingley ’82 Jean and Allan Tomasco P’19 Katherine Ide Tompkins and Christopher R. Tompkins P’15 W

Kornelia and Dobrin Tzotzkov P’95 Laura Uhl ’67 W

Alison Lemkau Vaughn ’59 Karl H. Velde, Jr. P’84 W Crystal Velez ’04 W Ann Vileisis ’85 Megan Vojack-Weeks ’06 Roberta West Waddell ’52, GP’09 Kimberly L. Wadman P’09 W Josephine Eaton Wagner ’50 W Elizabeth Hansburg Waisanen ’94 Janet Costikyan Waite ’73 W Amy and Thomas Walker W Cheryl Walker P’01 Tamara Bettcher Walker ’76 Rachel Bross Walsh ’85 W Jessica Gorycki Walton ’88 W Fangyi Wang ’19 Alison WardroP’63 W Katherine and Robert Warren P’19


Jodi Wasserstein W

Sierra Blazer ’13

Lizzie Heisler ’16

Mariah Pelaez ’17 W

Deborah Roberts Watson ’60 W

Courtney Bliss ’14

Bridget Hinz ’09

Elizabeth Peterson ’11

Susan Russell Watson ’61 W

Callie-Marie Boogaert ’17

Abigayle Hodson ’17

Lindsay Petricca ’13 W

Ann Atlee Webber ’55

Megan Boucher ’12

Kayla Howell ’09

Cristina Pretto ’12 W

Pamela Weiss ’65 W

Elizabeth Brigham ’12

Molly Hubbard ’09

Leah Proctor ’18

Vanessa Wenzell ’68

Isabelle Byusa ’09

Madison Hurtgen ’18

Hyun Seung Pyo ’09 W

Barbara Fearey West ’69 W

Paige Calabrese ’14

Alexandra Kagan ’17

Catharine Rowley ’09

Julia MacLaren West ’57 W

Christine Callahan ’09

Gretchen Kinkel ’14

Jiberly Sandoval ’18

Pamela Eakins Wharton ’59

Ivy Castro ’09

Katherine Krygowski ’14

Holly Seamans ’09

Antoinette Lapham Wheeler ’60 W

Jenny Chen ’09

Cassandra Lechner ’18

Mary Sheehan ’09 W

Deborah Trench Wheeler ’67

Ji Yoon Choi ’10

Frances Lemay ’14

Bethany Simmonds ’12

Duffield White and Isabel Guy P’06

Christine Clayton ’11

Marion Lemay ’16

Danielle Stratton ’12

Nancy Green White ’64

Joana Compere ’09

Betsy Lillian ’09

Evelyn Summermatter ’14

Tessa White ’96

Stephanie Crudele ’14

Alice Lloyd ’09

Keelin Sweeney ’12 W

Virginia and Wayne Whiteley P’99

Carolyn Dahl ’14 W

Maira Malapad-Trentalange ’14

Alisa Yu Tiong ’13

Courtney Mulligan Whitelocke ’06 W

Devon DeSimone ’11 W

Tegan McBride ’18

Minh To ’15

Pamela Whitman ’64

Genna DeSimone ’12 W

Mia McClain ’17

Amanda Trabulsi ’12

Lisa Tagney Whitney ’83 W

Kira DeSimone ’16

Katherine Scott McClearn ’18

Kate Truini ’09

Lori Kinniburgh Whittaker ’84

Claire Donovan ’16

Emma McGovern ’14

Adeline Visscher ’17

Ann Dugdale Wick ’62

Jyne Dunbar ’18

Lauren McLean ’13

Emma Volovski ’12

Noel Wicke P’17 W

Anna Eggert ’12

Veronica McMorrow ’15

Meadow Wicke ’17 W

Emily Thomson Williams ’68 W

Chloe Eggert ’16

Kayla Meduna ’09

Hillary Zeiss ’09

Lata Bhopale Williams ’81

Shelby Farnham ’13

Arianna Moniodes ’14

Alexis Zimmerman ’12

Laura Whitney Williams ’70

Alexandra Fielding ’14

Madison Moore ’11

Nancy Burkham Williams ’65 W

Elizabeth Flanagan ’09

Meredith Moore ’18

Judith Herdeg Wilson ’80, P’08

Brooke Flowers ’10

Emily Morris ’13

Sandra Wilson

Julia Friedman ’13 W

Sarah Navias ’17

Polly Wingfield ’65 W

Jane Funk ’13

Katherine Norfleet ’11 W

Patrice Gans and Howard Winston P’10 W

Aditi Ghatlia ’14

Caitlin O’Reilly ’14

Victoria Graham ’16

Alexandra Pape ’12

Wilder Dominick Witt ’69

Gracey Greco ’17

Kerri and Peter Wolcott P’12 W Constance Heckscher Wood ’51 Erica Indelicato Wood ’87 W Abby Woodworth

Emily Macdonald ’19 Molly Kate McKenna ’09 Melissa Hall ’12 W Parley Hannan ’15

Ethel Manville Woolverton ’47 Judy Wotten and Raymond Hogan P’19 Mary Denny Scott Wray ’57 W Alyssa Stewart Wruck ’05 Veleska Hinds Wyatt ’91 Joan Wetmore Yahn ’82 Jessica Rabinowitz Yankulin ’02 W Marilyn and Todd Yerks P’16 Sandra and David Young P’19 Elizabeta Zaku Robert and Kim Zdon P’10,’13 W Theodosia Burr Zeleznik ’78 W Susanne Dericks Zoch ’91


Alumnae having graduated in the past ten years Catherine Hin Moy Ahkong ’09 Holly Anderson ’09 W Nicole Lowe Arnold ’09 Emma Beaulieu ’14 Zola Bernardi ’18 WESTOVER SCHOOL REPORT IN PHILANTHROPY 2018–2019 | 23

2018–2019 GIVING BY CLASS Recognizing our generous alumnae through their comprehensive giving to the school in the 2018–19 academic year.



CLASS OF ’45 . . . . .

Sheila Grainger Edee

Gillet Thomas Page

Cora Rust Owen *


Joan Peterkin Foxwell

Diana Tench Stovall

Anne Simmons Finley

Judith Blair Green

Roberta West Waddell

Sally Howard Hollaman

Catherine Devine Hayden

CLASS OF ’35 Jane Rovensky Grace

CLASS OF ’46 . . . . .



Margaret Evans Dennis

Nancy duPont Cooch *

Beatrice Bronson Garvan


Anne Newbold Godfrey

Pamela Jayne Miller

CLASS OF ’53 . . . . .

Luigi Horne Mumford

Katrina Hoadley Delude

Ellen Grimes Noble

Marcia McCuaig Geer

Barbara Crowell Wheeler

Anne Chickering Hill



Mary Reynolds Moser

Roxana Schulke Kaufmann

CLASS OF ’50 . . . . .


Anne Corkran Nimick


Jean Ackerman Robinson

Mary Harris Clark

Susan Colket Rakestraw

Faith Emeny Conger

Barbara Moore Rumsey

Louise Hicks Crispin

Susan Lapham Spalding

CLASS OF ’38 . . . . .

CLASS OF ’39 . . . . .


CLASS OF ’47 . . . . .


Georgina Miller Bissell

Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss

Katharine Clarkson McDonald

Anne Savage Barnum

Jane McMillen Morrison ’39 *

Joan Ross Bolling

CLASS OF ’40 . . . . .


Ann Tomlinson Reed

CLASS OF ’41 . . . . .


Jane Foote Kruse

CLASS OF ’42 . . . . .


Maria Randall Allen

Patricia Foote Davidson Anne Farquhar Griffin

Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42, P’70 *


CLASS OF ’54 . . .

Antonia Bissell Laird


Constance Clement Leslie

Mary Anne Langdon Almquist

Jane Mason Manasse

Sandra Soule Ashley

Josephine Eaton Wagner

Diana Jewell Bingham


Anne Chalfant Brown

Barbara Whiting Lee

Suzan B. Beard Bryant

Mary-Elizabeth Coolidge Cost

Jerone Godfrey Paul

Barbara Massey Clothier

Priscilla Cunningham

Ethel Manville Woolverton

Gladys Merrick Cutler

Aldys Chapman Davis

Daphne Drake

Lee Billings Fletcher

Francine LeRoux Haskell

Christine Goodman Hayworth

Sarah Cook Klinkon

Clara Hoover Hendin

Jean Ames Lamphere

Patricia Evans Humphreys

Janet West Lloyd

Anne Richardson Johnson

Adeline Bradlee Polese

Nancy Watson King

Ariane Yassukovich Wellin

Margaret Velie Kinney

Constance Heckscher Wood

Suzanne Scoble Macklin

CLASS OF ’48 . . . . .


Thyrza Upson Christel Mary Bush Clement Estabrook Suzanne Spencer Garvin

Sonia Allen Spalding


Caroline Chickering Fish

Calista Lincoln Harder *

Martha Burdett Billings

Adele Q. Ervin *

Eliza Taggart Davies

CLASS OF ’51 . . . . .

Emma Morel Adler

Lucie Taft Bard

CLASS OF ’43 . . . . .

Anne-Louise Baker Carroll

Ann Whitfield Roberts *

Kathleen Craig Knight Jane Lancaster


Catherine Maroney Chase

Paula Schulke Menefee

Catherine Curtis Allard

Jean Bronson Mahoney

CLASS OF ’52 . . . . .

Alison Barbour Fox

Juliet Boyd Patterson

Laura Treman Almquist

Bourne Gafill Morris-Buss

Joan Shiland Tilghman

Barbara F. Farwell Bayley

Louisa Jones Palmer

Helen Angier Trumbull

Barbara Cates Baynard

Joy Peterkin Rasin

Stephanie Stunzi Zuellig

Ann Pew Curran

Barbara Ringe Ritter

Miriam DeCosta-Willis

Deborah Cook Siegel

Cynthia Larson Eckhardt *

Lane Fryberger Smith

Terry Shrady Fry

Gail Miller Stoddart

Pamela Miller Gerard

Judith Fretz Thomas

Angelica Spykman Harter

Mary Maier Walker

Kathleen Kelly

Marie Bowman Wengert

CLASS OF ’44 . . . . .


Nancy MacColl Beckwith * Alison Kimball Bradford *


Natalie O’Brien Conklin

CLASS OF ’49 . . . . .

Edith McLane Edson

Nancy Lee Ballenger

R. B. Humphrey

Lois Boots Berry

Elizabeth Coleman Mooney *

Sabra Packard Cleveland Suzanne Searle Dixon

* Deceased

Deborah Bennett Moore

Wendy Hill Merriman





CLASS OF 2019 For 100% participation in the Westover Fund through your class gift and other gifts throughout the year! Together you raised funds to purchase an apple cider press and an apple tree for campus. Your hard work will provide delicious apple cider to the community for years to come! Elisa Ayala

Ashley Harlow

Avi Bialik

Emilie Hart

Lire Bolden

Ryan Heard

Caroline Broude

Serena Hogan

Barbara Carpenter

Kamille Howe

Jasmine Chung

Emma Juvan

Elizabeth Cook

Kayla Kowal

Lailai Dai

Maya Kumar

Larissa Davidowitz

Emily Macdonald

Lydia Davidowitz

Shannon Martin

Meredith Diamond

Naomi Massoud-Orosco

Sophia Dyer

Athulya Nath

Opal Edmiston

Maddie - Claire Norris

Alexis Fortugno

Dylan Norris

Liza Freeman

Sophia Pernerewski

Bridget Gattinoni

Alex Pierson

Jessica Gelfand

Brigid Protzmann

Mia Giordano

Ali Saperstone

Sarah Gordon

Teresa Shi

Whitney Hagen

Yihan Shi

Judy Hao

100% 97% 86% 83% 82% 78% 75% 74% 69% 68%

AGENTS: Priscilla Cunningham, Nancy Watson King, Louisa Jones Palmer, Deborah Cook Siegel, Mary Maier Walker


AGENT: Dorie Milner Pease


AGENT: Nancy Lee Ballenger


AGENTS: Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss, Ethel Manville Woolverton


AGENT: Nina Truslow McKee


AGENTS: Elaine Rundin, Starr White Snead

TIE: 1956 + ’58

AGENTS: Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe, Marcy Tench Crimmins, Deborah French Glynn


AGENT: Anne Wigglesworth Walker

TIE: 1976 + ’84 + ’91

AGENTS: Deirdre Sullivan, MaryHelen Velde Black, Kecia Walker Ford, Emily Cooke Nolan, Caitlin Corrigan, Maria Petrone

TIE: 1955 + ’65

AGENTS: Virginia Powell Cheston, Sheila O’Connor Sevier, Ellen Pollak Powers





Varick Katzenbach Niles

Lilian Manger Lewis

Schuyler Wilson Field

Wendy Smith Brainerd

Lucy Noyes

Mary-Hoe Tyler Love

Carolyn Lincoln Fisher

Joanna Uihlein Bratt

Isabella Sommerhoff Patty

Nina Truslow McKee

E. Kirtland Abeles Heald

Virginia Powell Cheston

Dorie Milner Pease

Betsy Shirley Michel

Joan Atwood Kunzelmann

Margaret Carr Daniel

Martha Allen Ross

Sherrill Williams Mills

Laurie Lisle

Susan Brown Denious

Florence Lincoln Short

Susan Sterling Monjauze

Catharine Cavanagh Maslow

Susan Terbell Hersey

Georgia Kendall Sisson

Piper Perry Morris

Jannie Whitcraft Mills

Judith Button Keyes *

Sharon Anderson Smith

D. Michele Dubois Neff

Meredith Medina Murray

Carolyn Robbins Laflin

Janet Haskell Spalding

Eleanora Patterson

Elise Thayer Patterson

Jane Rawlings Odenweller

Julia MacLaren West

Katharine Murphey Pell

Ann Skelly

Margo Dean Pinson

Diana Strawbridge Wister

Elizabeth Hartmann Rand

Susan Scott Webb

Sandra Sheppard Rodgers *

Mary Denny Scott Wray

Judith Swanson Redway

Katrina Rauch Wagner

Elisa Migel Richards

Susan Russell Watson

Marie Louise Sibley Scudder


Sheila O’Connor Sevier

CLASS OF ’58 . . . . .

Susan Berger Sheridan

Nancy Bacon

Anne Sammis

CLASS OF ’62 . . . . .

Nancy Schroeder Snyder

Mary-Arthur Doolittle Beebe

Laurie Blake Sawyer

Margreta Kroll Ames

Ann Bradlee Tauchert

Josephine Merrill Eastman

Dorinda Miles Smith

Irene Sedgwick Briedis

Ann Atlee Webber

Anita Burroughs Fahy

Sally Wade Smith

Judith Lawrence Carmany

Mary Brereton Frost

Lillian Milner Smyser

Pamela Shepardson Coleman

Deborah French Glynn

Joan Johnson Stott

Ruth Barnes Fiordalis

Mary Stewart Baird

Brita Patten Gwinn

Phebe Thorne

Sandra Ray Holland

Elizabeth Froment Brown

Lynn Hamilton

Danielle Tubiana

Nancy Bristol Homer

Helen Schmidt Claire

Judith Malone Hayne

Alison Lemkau Vaughn

G. Barrie Hogan Landry

Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe

Sarah Carroll Herring

Pamela Eakins Wharton

Anne Newhard Martin

Marcy Tench Crimmins

Louise Munson Herring

Lucille Rundin Evans

Peyton Chapman Horne

CLASS OF ’60 . . . . .

Bonnie Davis Gerrard

Selden Dunbar Illick

Belinda Miles Chen

Carol Marshall Paumgarten

Eunice Strong Groark *

S. Elizabeth Patterson Lancaster

Ann DiGiorgio Costigan

Cynthia Titus Powers

Jane Meanor Hastings

Priscilla Machold Loeb

Dorothy Macy Damon

Elizabeth Emeny Renkert

Nancy Nicholas Hatfield

Deborah Morgan Luquer

Margaret Perry Diack-Wilson

Susanne Roberts

Susan Birge Isetorp

Elizabeth Green McCutcheon

Priscilla White Givan

Michele Montgelas van der Kieft

Cassandra Van Alen Ludington

Lucy Lisle Murray-Brown

Deirdre Healy Henderson

Beatrice Frelinghuysen van Roijen

Jennifer Robbins Manocherian

Jane McPherson Nickerson

Jennifer Jones

Ann Dugdale Wick

Joan Dominick O’Brien

Helen Potts Palmer

Berrell Mallery

Carole Hayes Williams

H. Donnan Sharp

Bonnie Drake Poloner

Lisa Overly Markham

Suzanne Dyer Wise

Caroline Elliott Williams

Martha McCormick Porter

Clara Combs Moore

Auldlyn Higgins Williams

Helen Richards

Joanne Johnson Olson

CLASS OF ’63 . . . . .

Catherine Baird Smith *

Cynthia Burdick Patterson

Louise Bailey Connor

CLASS OF ’56 . . . . .



Margo Stratford Russell



Penn Willets Fullerton Martha Talbot Oberlander


Mary Tremaine Soutendijk

Susan Simmons Phillips

Nancy Higley Cudd

Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley

Jane Jackson Trask

Elisabeth Scott Porter

Julie Slocum Dahlgren

Alexandra Chappell Cole

Gail Owen Troutman

Jane Gillespie Robbins

Nancy Reeder El Bouhali

Kate Munson Rowe Archer

Christie Krementz Graham

Jan Bicknell Sargent

Robin Reath Grave

CLASS OF ’57 . . . . .

Mary-Rose Hickey Cooney


Leslie de Bretteville

CLASS OF ’59 . . . . .

Laura Ridder Evans

Wendy Anderson Bianchi

Susan Behr Travers

Laura Pratt Gregg

Alane Gerdau

Lucy Wood Brotman

Sara Belcher Wardell

Mary Hayward Griffith

Andrea Soule Graves

Phoebe Pier Fairburn

Deborah Roberts Watson

Catharine Holden

Barbara Edwards Hicks

Mary-Clark Seymour Garfield

Antoinette Lapham Wheeler

Holly Lewis Lentini

Mary Merrill Hoffman

Katharine Howe Gildersleeve

Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser

Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper

Susan Bicknell Hoopes

Ann Fisher Green McComish

M. Dale MacDonald Jensen *

Gretchen Holverstott Haight

CLASS OF ’61 . . . . .

Gretchen Hill Kingsley

Lily Russell Heiliger

Barbara Morgan Bishop

Elizabeth Markham Nicholson

Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell

Sylvia Hibbard Herbstritt

Abigail Mason Browne

Marda Perry Phelps

Virginia Ramsburg McElman

Christine Renchard Huffman

Linda Williams Cox Heins

Susan DuVal Phipps

Lavinia Meeks

Annette Eustis Jarman

Jill MacDonald Downs

Suzanne Wardwell Prescott

M. Birch Hincks Milliken

Margaret Day Jones

Marcia Haight Erickson

Jeannette Stone Reynolds

Margaret Moon Minor

Louise Beebe Laundon

Ann Ferguson

Margaret McClave Snowden

* Deceased


Margaret Butler Miles Elysabeth Higgins Miller


Mary Turner Tackett

Ann Bedell MacRae

Penelope Dillon

Leslie Walbridge Smith

Lucile Hannan Vaill

Martha Bacon Martin

Cynthia Kroll Dwyer

Starr White Snead

Alison Wardrop

Cynthia Oakes Meketa

Catharine Barclay Fender

Ellen Arnoff Sonis

Nicky Johnson Weaver

Melissa Whitcraft Mintz

Caryn Cluett Gregg

Charlotte Goodwin Tieken

Ellen Pollak Powers

Whitney Neville Harvey

Cindy Coggeshall Trask

Elizabeth Halsey Register

Helen Heard Hetherington

Diana Kappel Turner

Dorothy Taft Ahlgren

Susan Robbins

Beverly Johnson Jaques

Barbara Fearey West

Jeanne Edmonds Anderson

Judith Peterson Sappington

Ann Markham Judd

Wilder Dominick Witt

Pam Whittemore Bell

Patrice Semenza Swanson

Annis Gilbert Kukulan

Irene Brown

Virginia Fox Wagenseller

Adeline Gwynne Kurz

CLASS OF ’70 . . . . .

Mallory Merriman Constantine

Elsie Walker

Deborah Massey

Alexandra Prentice Barrett

Martha McCahill Cowden

Pamela Weiss

Barbara Twichell McKeon

Mary Bell

Polly Ferenbach Franchot

Nancy Burkham Williams

Marion Thompson Murfey

Carlyle Claypool Conrad

Janet Reed Goss

Polly Wingfield

Louise Hands Murphy

Margot Trotter-Davis

Leigh Keyser Phillips

Pamela Dodge-Peterson

Mary Rockefeller Runestad

Pamela Gordon duPont

CLASS OF ’64 . . . . .


Charlene Claypool Hansen



Nancy Kent Henry

CLASS OF ’66 . . . . .

Lesley Bissell Hoopes


Helen Behr Sanford

Olive Warner Geehr

Deborah Lawrence

Katherine Bader

Jeanne Campbell Sedgwick

Susan Root Graham

Nancy Kellogg Lightbody

Anne Schulhof Butler

Clinton Savage Standart

Diana Drew Harbison

Anne Templeton Macaskill

Monique Corbat Brooks

Patricia Simonds Taylor

Nancy LeSage Hellmuth

Susan Willcox Mackay

Catharine Miller de Koning

Vanessa Wenzell

Grace Huffman

Catherine Mauk Mather

Christina Ruschp Dickinson

Susan Logan Whitman

Elizabeth Huidekoper

Christine McArdle McGuire

Lucy Huidekoper Edson

Emily Thomson Williams

Joan Davies Jefferys

Elizabeth Joy Oberdorf

Caroline Campbell Edwards

Alison Wickwire Olivieri

Jennifer Martin

CLASS OF ’69 . . . . .

Patricia Day Perry

Katharine Tarbox McLeod

Nancy Gerrity Achilles

Christina Warner Mulligan

Harmony Clement Spongberg

F. Kimberly Sartorius Mel

Lindsay Anderson

H. Ripley Ross

Barbara Clement Stoever

Pamela Potter Reeves

Deborah Merrick Brisbane

Ellen Pease Sole

Suzanne Cattier Taliaferro

Mary Elizabeth Ruwell

Elinor Brown

Gigi Bradford Stanford

Carol Cameron von Kaenel

Mary Kuryla Thompson

Jeannette Byers

Susan Handy Stover

Anne Wigglesworth Walker

Elizabeth Pratt Wax

Susan Tarbox DeStefano

Melissa Taylor

Priscilla Scholle Farfan

Robin Tilp Mcmanus

Gayle Garivaltis-James

Laura Whitney Williams

Gail Funston Wasson

CLASS OF ’67 . . . . .

Nancy Green White Pamela Whitman



Jean Rowland Joslin Dorothea Moore

Margot Clement Clark

Elizabeth Green

Beverly Cutler

Antoinette Walker Hamner

CLASS OF ’71 . . . . .

Elizabeth Goddard Gentry

Alison Hoagland

Audrey Smith Abbott


Germain Graves

Meredith Mandeville Hollis

Heather Allen

Eleanor Acheson

Phyllis Dewart Greene

Patricia Stone Holman

Kate Proctor Brooks

R. Caroline Thompson Benson

Marcia Clay Hamilton

Mary Ann Hurlimann

Sheila Jackson Brown

Charlotte B. Beyer

Pamela Markham Heller

Lowry Igleheart-Keach

Colleen O’Rourke Carson

Linda Beard Brandi

Nevitt Nugent Jenkins

Adelaide Kent

Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh

Ellen Durham Christensen

Linda Armour Kelly

Tracy Levine

Susan Clark

Stacey Coates

Amy Shepard Knight

Susan Lloyd

Anne Lloyd du Pont

Gretchen Rogers Colby

E. Linda Baruch Leon

Barbara Martin

Frances Fifield

Elinor Ladd Craver

Galen Savage McWilliams

Deborah Melum McBee

Susan Hicks Jernigan

Minda Putman Daniell

Ann Quarles

Hollace Roe Mejer

Tanya Kazanjian

Nancy Moyer Dingman

Pamela Heymann Ricciardi

Elizabeth Swift Mitchell

Elizabeth Schneidman Lindsay

Rebecca Finnell

Laura Uhl

Anne Allison Park

Sylvia Nestor

Margaret Clement Green

Nora Lapham Wendel

Barbara Braun Pettit

Hilary Higgins Parker

Elisabeth Smith Golden

Deborah Trench Wheeler

Jane Belcher Phinney

Shelley Sagar Payer

Linsley Pietsch

Karen Kjorlien Phillips

Carita Kruse Polin

Katharine Angstadt Rahe

CLASS OF ’65 . . . . .


Elizabeth Goodenough



Grace Harvey

CLASS OF ’68 . . . . .

Edith Glassmeyer Heilman

Julie Burton

Priscilla Stevens Polk

Jane Watson Stetson

Louise Clark Hood

Barbara Chadwick

Stacy Wardrop Roe

Lisa Stockwell

Leslie Parker Hume

Marietta Christie

Elaine Rundin

Pamela Birkins Swift

Judith Kuryla Huntington

Cynthia Perry Colebrook

Constance Hewitt Ruth

Sarah Carleton Wechsler

Camilla Vance

Francene Young

Deborah Howell Kurd





Marianne Barbino Dubuque

CLASS OF ’80 . . . . .

Lila Leslie Foster Berris

Rowena Summers Fenstermacher

Elizabeth Conger

Claire Richards

Gretchen Handy Comstock

Anne Edmonson Kerr

Marjorie Molder Cook

Carolyn A. Scott

Dianne Crary

Laetitia Koyen

Blythe Burgan Davis

Vanessa Spang

Amy Benson Cutting

Mihae Lee

Sarah Knowles Dent

Annie Hunter Tingley

Joan Gerster

Kristin Hartley Leithiser

Susan L. DeSimone

Joan Wetmore Yahn

S. Ellen Greulich Coco

Beth Lubrano Dwyer

Lisa Detwiler

Lily Hurlimann

Katherine Montgomery

Carol Goldburg

CLASS OF ’83 . . . . .

Deborah Lippincott

Elizabeth Montgomery Zimmerman

Ann Shettle Hansen

Natalie Callender Bagley

Annie DiSesa McHugh

Annette Hall Quezada

Lorraine King

Janann Baker

Caroline Watson Morong

Catherine Stewart

Robin Smith Melvin

Laura English Boogaert

Kathryn Klopfer O’Brien

Diane Blackey Sullivan

Sarah Tauchert Rushing

Caroline Keggi

Jeannie Pearce

Deirdre Sullivan

Koo Guion Schadler

Robin Cruz McClearn

Elizabeth Bucknall Petty

Cassandra White Sweeney *

Wendy Stout

Anne Gullquist Mullin

Robin Tilghman Stevens

Tamara Bettcher Walker

Margot Gismondi Todaro

Lilla Matheson Ohrstrom

Judith Herdeg Wilson

Divya Singh

CLASS OF ’72 . . . . .

Jane Castles Thompson


Katherine Dixon Thomson

CLASS OF ’77 . . . . .

Emily Uhl

Kathleen Brown-Carrano

CLASS OF ’81 . . . . .

Elizabeth Gilbert

Jeanne Harvey Anderson



Alison Chase Moore


Mai-Ning Thayer Lisa Tagney Whitney


Katherine Kennedy Hines

Jody Bates Bliss

CLASS OF ’84 . . . . .

Ellen Harrington Campbell

Anne Spencer Holm

Faith Thomson Chandler

Marj Summit Anzalone

Lindsay Du Gan

Kristin Lindgren

Anne Downey

Mary-Helen Velde Black

Nancy Handy Grogan

Christina Coleman Owen

Sally Handy

Emily Webber Brown

Marina Kelley

Amy Tauchert

Rebecca Chase Hughes

Andrea Combes

Annie Scott Lynch

Rosa Gatling Williams

Virginia Jewiss

Elisabeth Wahlers Connors

Amanda Neilson Kane

Carol Davidson Cragoe

Elisabeth Woods Leonard

Michele Cavallaro Dasse

CLASS OF ’73 . . . . .

Marion Markham


Palmer Marrin

CLASS OF ’78 . . . . .

Anne Benedict McCarthy

Emily Renz Barron

Sonja Lindgren

Amanda Williams Dube

Mary Runnells

Christine Gamble Brooks

Heidi Luquer

Mary Jo Leatherdale Emfield

Marion Scott Searle

Coila Worley Campbell

Elizabeth Hausman Lycke

Jennifer Eveland

Laurie Robertson Sweet

Lauralyn Bellini Cannistra

Lauri Ellen Lynn

Lida Cook Fay

Janet Costikyan Waite

Andrea Manzi Frank

Martha Beretta Mainiero

Hillary Huggins Fehsenfeld

Hae-Soon Hahn

Linda Cook Maloney

Kecia Walker Ford

Jennie LaMonte

Margaret McClellan

Lucy Lincoln Frost

Shawn Caldwell Alshut

Carla Skinner Malstrom

Elizabeth Walker Mecke

Mary-Clement Gelezunas

Susan Boynton

Claudia Rawal Morris

Eugenia Jessup Murray

Kirsten Jeppesen

Elizabeth Meyer Eaton

Catherine Walsh Petrosky

Emmy Ward Neilson

Alexandra Hutchinson Kline

Judith LeSage Grassi

Lynn Sheldon

Charlotte Perrine

Catharine Murray

Gail Grueninger Hill

Elizabeth Uhl

Mary Clark Price

Melissa Musarra

Holly S. Kennedy Romano

Eleanor Bissell Wilson

Jessica Chilton Redman

Emily Cooke Nolan

Kimberly Lawrence

Theodosia Burr Zeleznik

Amanda Roberts

Hilary Rice

Hilary Rose

Anne White Schoenhuber

Amanda Thacher Soares

Mary Ballentine Scott

Karen Bogen

A. Blair Brickman Stuart

Virginia Cheston Spencer

Karina Landegger Fitzpatrick

Margaret Thayer

Lori Kinniburgh Whittaker

Patricia Brown

Caroline Barhydt Francis

Lata Bhopale Williams

Christine McIntosh Coffin

Karen Hall

Lynn Loveridge Kling

Christine Chang Hanway

CLASS OF ’82 . . . . .

Jane Scheerer Parkes

Nancy Hoft

Karen Bush

Catherine Marsland Baytosh

Pamela Handy Shepley

Ann Cluett Kaplan

Emily Church

Elizabeth Preston DeVos

Diane Lewis-D’Agostino

Christine Muldowney Dahl

Dorina Doran Leslie

Lyann Marie Mannella

Christina Fahy

Hilary Carpenter Lynch

Lauren Caldwell

Eloise Lipscomb Reynolds

Louise Webber Fallon

Heather Lundy Macdonald

Cathy Bushkoff Collins

Sarah Bliss Seamans

Elizabeth Kaufman

Gwendolyn Fischer Magnan

Susan Dubin

C. Elizabeth Spencer

Jeannette Matheson Lussi

Brooks Whitney Phillips

Jodi Summit

Amy Franklin McCoog

Catherine Scribner

CLASS OF ’74 . . . . .


Anne Montgomery MacDougall

CLASS OF ’79 . . . . .

Cynthia Travis

CLASS OF ’75 . . . . .

CLASS OF ’76 . . . . .

* Deceased





CLASS OF ’85 . . . . .


Molly Walker Allen



Jillian Evans-Beauchamp Franciscovich

Sonya Kim Heil

CLASS OF ’99 . . . . .

Rachel Bross Walsh

Alicia Lyttle

Carolyn Wilson

Jennifer Geoghan

Amy Fiore Carroll

Madeline Cantwell Miller

Devika Singh

Danielle Leeser Grzan

Caroline Burpee Rees Davies

Erin Herzeelle

Danielle Diaferio Scaringi

Cathie Gemino Hillian

Kally Klonaris-Smthye

Maura Coleman Janiszewski

Ann Vileisis

CLASS OF ’86 . . . . .



Heather Bullard

CLASS OF ’91 . . . . .

Shelley Conzelman Burger

Heidi Bioski

Margaret Harty Stickney

Kelly Marages

Cavarly Berwick Garrett

Lindsey Shuford Collins

Allison Perry Sullivan

Jennifer Lynne Marra

Heide Hendricks

Caitlin Corrigan

Regina Tamés

Brooke Whiteley Weise

Allison Kase

Lisa Glickman

Stacy Tattar

Kelly Cruz McCullers

Susan Palmer Griffin

Baylah Tessier-Sherman

Elizabeth Kostojohn

CLASS OF ’00 . . . . .

Nancy Aordkian Pelaez

Aya Erica Tsuchimochi-Cruz

Sarah Ross-Bailly

Melanie Lazenby

Katherine Aldrich

Elizabeth Hansburg Waisanen

Alexandra Conway Marks

Marissa Famiglietti Apland

Karen Ross Senich

Catherine Witry

Katherine Hamner Cooper

CLASS OF ’87 . . . . .


Katherine Bristol Tammy Cook Silvia Jaramillo Fernendez Jennifer Gold Roxanne Guesnon Jennifer Burlington Hague Kirsten Tauck Mahar Rachel Minard

Pia Guido Murphy Heather Mannella Nuzzo

Erica Indelicato Wood


Nicole Cintas Carrie Appelbaum Gray Buchmann Erin Zyko Hussein Nicole Witkin Keldsen

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Kyla Reynolds P’an

Caitlin Lampman

Molly Barker Gilligan

Dorothy Patterson

Shelby Mastroianni Neal

Sarah Wasbes Howell

Maria Petrone

Emily Pollina

Nicole Schude Kehoskie

Meredith Shirey

Rhiannon Rhodes

Jennifer Jankowski Persico

Katherine Sredl, Ph.D

Nicole Sieller Warnek

Victoria Tzotzkova

Charlotte Strick

Sarah Schipul Swift

Frances Van Hoose Briggs

Jacqueline Rowland

CLASS OF ’96 . . . . .


Katherine Walker

Elizabeth Coffin

Simone Barabasz

Kelly Agnew Medvigy

Amanda Darrach

Mary DeStefano

Katrina Mergen

Jessica Gray

Izukanne Emeagwali

Ann Clark Priftis

Sarah Sperry Hehman

Rebecca Paolino Holshouser

Gina Nelson Samson

Lisa Zheng Kirsch

Tessa White

Katie Perkins Marko


Sarah Sciotto-Gavigan

Susanne Charbonneau Carpenter

Barbara Rands Valente Jessica Gorycki Walton

CLASS OF ’97 . . . . .

Lori Kopsick


Alyssa Menegat Marisa Montanari Manley

Marie Fino Birnbaum

Sarah Bill Murray

Macaire Carroll-Gavula

Edith Emerson-Dorsch

Amma Osei

Honore Ervin

Jessica Sieller Hines

Paige Haley

Cecile Pemberton

Rebecca Luger-Guillaume Poindexter

Melissa Rode Lefebvre

Katie Marages Schank

Elizabeth Feeney Sweeney

Sarah Glennon Pietragallo

Alessandra Love Simons

Jennifer Sabatini

Elise Desjardins Stanford

CLASS OF ’02 . . . . .

Chay Costello Sosin

Helen Phillips Trementozzi

Greta Atchinson

Lane Newton Summers

Dayna Kaltman

CLASS OF ’98 . . . . .


Megan Mann Burlington

Samantha Conklin Moro

Heather Burke

Mary Kelly Campbell

Laura Mullins Nolen

Sarita Bhandarkar

Sarah Walley Colbert

Lindsay Clark

Monica Rueda Williams

Camilla Bradley

Michelle Deslauriers

Coriana Close

Miriam Kubiska Zahn

Carrie Forbes Burns

Rosamund Firth Kummel

Jaime Feinman

Victoria Campbell

Laura McCormack

Evelyn Mervine Gauntlett

Tricia Carlson

Magdalena Nunez-Fernandez

Aimee Gough

Lynne Johanson

Rachel Nevas Peled

Anne-Nicole Hanus

Johanna Catherine Cox

Meredith Renda

Makenzi Hurtado

Brooke Brown Barzun Jennifer Brent Eliza Wolcott Brown



Allison Blancato

CLASS OF ’94 59%

CLASS OF ’90 . . . . .


CLASS OF ’01 . . . . .

Alecia Magnifico

Caroline Demirs Calio

Jane Banta Fisher

Victoria Viera

Mollie Jurewicz

CLASS OF ’92 . . . . .

Stacy Gevry Prall

Elizabeth C. Casey

Maura Tansley

Lauren Collins Cline

CLASS OF ’93 . . . . .

Heather Donaldson Amato


Heidi Bosek

Neil Patterson King


Lynda Erbs

Xiania Foster

Lisa Zorn

Martha Rooney Webb

Sarah Cugini

Courtney Altschul Olsen

Susanne Dericks Zoch

Leigh Vaule Steele


Aimee Caron

Veleska Hinds Wyatt

O’Shaughnessy Rice

CLASS OF ’89 . . . . .

CLASS OF ’95 . . . . .

Michelle Kubiska Tscheppe

Amy Machson O’Connor

CLASS OF ’88 . . . . .

Vanessa Subotic Milewski


Deanna Dorkins

Shanell Littlejohn Lavery

Lucy Fenn




Karen Lostritto

Carrie Loyd

Elizabeth Flanagan

Caitlin Reynolds Marian

Elizabeth Norment

Molly Kate McKenna

Ashley Kalaus Mariano

Patrice Peck

Bridget Hinz

Rand Najjar Najjar

Jessica Smith

Kayla Howell

Ellen Bird Reda

Alyssa Stewart Wruck

Molly Hubbard

Taylor Southworth

Annie Zheng

Betsy Lillian

Jessica Rabinowitz Yankulin

CLASS OF ’03 . . . . .


CLASS OF ’06 . . . . .


Lindsay Bell

Alyssa Smith Cochran

Hyun Seung Pyo

Sarah Bronko

Alisa Forney

Catharine Rowley

Lauren Metz

Holly Seamans

Soo-Min Cho

Margaret North

Mary Sheehan

Elise Drew Drew León

Megan O’Keefe

Kate Truini

Karimah Gottschalck

Megan Vojack-Weeks

Hillary Zeiss

Emily Overholser Gruber

Courtney Mulligan Whitelocke

Jessica Haggerty


CLASS OF ’10 . . . . .

Sarah Welinsky Hoffman

CLASS OF ’07 . . . . .

Julia Isenberg

Melissa Ashton

Brooke Flowers

Adrienne Jones

Miriam Ayoo

Lindsey Holder

Danielle Stewart Knope

Jacqueline Siefert Cushing

Elizabeth Kveton

Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva

CLASS OF ’11 . . . . .

Elizabeth Pollina

Lisa DonDiego

Damali Asase

Emily Pomeroy Schneider

Hailey Griffin

Christine Clayton

Dayna Hine

Devon DeSimone

Katherine Jolly

Madison Moore

Amanda Newberg Thomas

CLASS OF ’04 . . . . .


Hannah Keklak

Katherine Norfleet

Kristin Kelly

Elizabeth Peterson

Lindsay Yannielli Bedoya

Nora Lovotti

Anne Bieluczyk

Victoria Menegat

CLASS OF ’12 . . . . .

Catharine Bill

Morgan Siller

Megan Boucher


CLASS OF ’08 . . . . .

Sarah Cave

Katherine Blum

Anna Eggert

Markey Culver

Rachel Douglas

Melissa Hall

Hilary Davis-Kelly

Cyrene Elizabeth Foltz

Alexandra Pape

Emilie Dufour

Alexandra Fonseca

Cristina Pretto

Amanda Durand

Elizabeth Froeber

Bethany Simmonds

Elizabeth Bowen Dziarmaga

Chelsea Dostaler Joyce

Danielle Stratton

Amanda Kloc Fallon

Lauren Mathieu

Keelin Sweeney

Taber Lightbourne

Kendall Mulligan

Amanda Trabulsi

Eileen Lonegan

Charlotte Radcliffe

Emma Volovski

Catherine Morales

Angela Siefert

Alexis Zimmerman

Sarah Poulin

D’Arcy Snodgrass

Melissa Zimyeski Short

Janet Sykes

CLASS OF ’13 . . . . .

Kathryn Stuart

Elizabeth van Luling

Sierra Blazer

CLASS OF ’05 . . . . .


CLASS OF ’09 . . . . .


Carolyn Dahl Alexandra Fielding Aditi Ghatlia Gretchen Kinkel Katherine Krygowski Frances Lemay Maira Malapad-Trentalange Emma McGovern Arianna Moniodes


Shelby Farnham Julia Friedman

Catherine Hin Moy Ahkong

Jane Funk

Holly Anderson

Lauren McLean

Lindsay Chromik

Nicole Lowe Arnold

Emily Morris

Claire Fetherstonhaugh

Isabelle Byusa

Lindsay Petricca

Jennifer Hart

Christine Callahan

Katherine Solley

Chantal Hurtado

Ivy Castro

Alisa Yu Tiong

Alyssa Siefert Jarvi

Jenny Chen

Sarah Keklak

Joana Compere

Caitlin O’Reilly Evelyn Summermatter

CLASS OF ’15 . . . . .


Parley Hannan


Veronica McMorrow Minh To

CLASS OF ’16 . . . . .


Kira DeSimone Claire Donovan Chloe Eggert Victoria Graham


Lizzie Heisler Marion Lemay

CLASS OF ’17 . . . . .


Callie-Marie Boogaert

Genna DeSimone

Iris Castro Rigor

* Deceased

Stephanie Crudele

Elizabeth Brigham

Patricia Bugg

Crystal Velez

Paige Calabrese

Ji Yoon Choi

Elizabeth Alper

Elizabeth North Boucher

Courtney Bliss

Kayla Meduna Nana Owusu


Emma Beaulieu

Alice Lloyd

Mackenzie Buchanan Callahan

Abigail Collier Buhrman

CLASS OF ’14 . . . . .

Gracey Greco Abigayle Hodson Alexandra Kagan Mia McClain Sarah Navias Mariah Pelaez Adeline Visscher Meadow Wicke

CLASS OF ’18 . . . . .



Zola Bernardi Jyne Dunbar Madison Hurtgen Cassandra Lechner Tegan McBride Katherine Scott McClearn Meredith Moore Leah Proctor Jiberly Sandoval


SUSTAINING DONORS SUSTAIN THE STREAK! Thank you to our Westover Fund Sustainers who support the Westover Fund through recurring giving. Your commitment supports the people and programs that make the Westover experience remarkable. By choosing to make a recurring donation, you belong to a special group of donors who know that their ongoing support sustains our fundraising efforts throughout the year. Kathryn Albee

Brooke Flowers ’10

Katherine Aldrich ’00

Cyrene Elizabeth Foltz ’08

Molly Walker Allen ’85

Kendra and Jeff Galusha P’18

Melissa Ashton ’07

Thomas Gorman

Greta Atchinson ’02

Robert and Bonnie Havery

Richard J. Beebe P’10

Ali and Ben Hildebrand

Laura English Boogaert ’83, P’17

Gail Grueninger Hill ’74

Heidi Bosek ’96

Lindsey Holder ’10

Sarkis and Giselle Boyadijan P’12 Abigail Mason Browne ’61

Cherina Hughes-Proctor and Terrance Proctor P’18

Carolyn Brunelle

Thomas Hungerford P’00, ’01

Heather Burke ’98

Alyssa Siefert Jarvi ’05

Megan Mann Burlington ’02

Tanya Kazanjian ’71

Christine Callahan ’09

Danielle Khorsandi

Lauralyn Bellini Cannistra ’78

Neil Patterson King ’88

Susanne Charbonneau Carpenter ’93

Danielle Stewart Knope ’03

Lauren Fikslin Castagnola

Katie Chamberlain Leone

Christopher Childs

Diane Lewis-D’Agostino ’79

Lindsay Clark ’02

Deborah Lippincott ’72

Coriana Close ’02

Carrie Loyd ’05

Barbara Sabia and Andrea Angera P’20

Elizabeth Coffin ’92

Susan Loyd Turner P’05

Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09

Treda Collier Dickenman

Hilary Carpenter Lynch ’85

Mary Sheehan ’09

Joana Compere ’09

Lauri Ellen Lynn ’81

Melissa Zimyeski Short ’04

Tonette L. Cookson

Alicia Lyttle ’94

Angela Siefert ’08

Caitlin Corrigan ’91

Heather Lundy Macdonald ’85, P’19

Morgan Siller ’07

Linda Williams Cox Heins ’61

Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63

Taylor Southworth ’02

Marcy Tench Crimmins ’56, P’83

Sarah and Dak M Mannella

Robin Stanziale P’18

Edlira Curis

Kelly Marages ’99

Leigh Vaule Steele ’87, P’18

Dawn Curtis P’06

Stephen and Mary Ann Mastroianni P’00

Lisa and Dennis Sykes P’08

Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva ’07

Kelly Agnew Medvigy ’96

Suzanne Cattier Taliaferro ’64

Kaitlin DeFrancesco

Susan Marie and Brandon Nappi P’22

Maura Tansley ’00

Michelle Deslauriers ’98

Shelby Mastroianni Neal ’00

Kathryn Taylor

Dione Longley and Christopher R. Diamond P’17,’19

Emily Cooke Nolan ’84

Mary Taylor

Christopher Norris P’16,’19

Victoria Viera ’00

Penelope Dillon ’68

Magdalena Nunez-Fernandez ’98

Megan Kochiss Vojack-Weeks ’06

Anne Downey ’81

Heather Mannella Nuzzo ’91

Carol Cameron von Kaenel ’64

Meg Eggert P’12,’16

Amma Osei ’01

Brooke Whiteley Weise ’99

Honore Ervin ’93

Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86, P’17

Antoinette Lapham Wheeler ’60

Julie Faulstich

Brooks Whitney Phillips ’85

Catherine Witry ’94

Jaime Feinman ’02

Amanda Roberts ’81

Hillary Zeiss ’09

Lucy Fenn ’94

Jean Ackerman Robinson ’53

Annie Zheng ’05

Elizabeth Fitzgerald ’00

Catharine Rowley ’09

Visiting artist Mohamad Hafez with students and faculty in the Schumacher Gallery.


WESTOVER FUND GIVING CURRENT PARENTS Thank you, Westover parents, for your support of the Westover Fund this year, as we reached 63% parent participation! The Westover Fund is the School’s top fundraising priority each year. Your support recognizes the importance of this fund and inspires our faculty and staff as they commit to an exceptional experience for our daughters! —CAMMIEL AND JIM HUSSEY P’20, CO-PRESIDENTS OF THE PARENTS ASSOCIATION CLASS OF 2019 PARTICIPATION 70%




Elsieadilla-Ayala and Jorge Ayala

Christina and Andre Benoit

Paula and Jason Abate

Alisa Berger and Samuel Moyn

Jodi Bialik

Minerva and David Calo

Rachel Portesi and Eric Aho

Jodi Bialik

Kimberly Cartwright

Gurali and Burbuque Cenkolli

Melinda Aiudi

Melissa and Victor Brown

In Jae Chung and Seoung Won Kang

Thomas and Susan Cronin

Edwin and Barbara Altamirano

Brunilda and Arben Demiraj

Shengzhu Bernardin

Macaire Carroll-Gavula ’93 and John Carroll-Gavula

Marjorie Molder Cook ’80 and Bradford Cook

Iris Rivera-Dunn and Kevin Dunn

Fionnuala and Christopher Brown

Wenping Dai and Qun Wen

Jianmin Gao and Tian Qing

Renee Carnes-Rook and Eric Rook

Jean and Ralph Delbuono

Alexandra and Edward Gittines

Sewng and Soh Y Choi

Jamesette and Adam Dobrovich

Jinlong Hou and Zheng Qin

Hien Hguyen and Hoc Doan

Jana and William Dunbar

Jane and Richard Hunter

Danielle Filipiak

Alexandra and Edward Gittines

Richard Dyer

Cammiel and James Hussey

Lyedie Geer

Lyubov Hrishina and Andriy Hrishn

Madree Ferguson

Mary Kasper

Shayla Glasgow

Jialin Xie and Xiding Jiang

Ellen and Richard Freeman

Suliman and Zuhour Khalifeh

Connie Rafferty and Todd Hoffman Yeonsuk Yang and Hankwon Kim

Shamsun Khanman and Shaiful Talukdar

Patricia Frey-Gattinoni and Flavio Gattinoni

Tracy and Peter Mariano Ricardo Martagon Aguilar

Karen and Pasquale Mancini

Maria and Francis Giordano

Elvira Morton

Thea Marx

Ian Gordon

Fang-Wei and Szu-Ting Cheng

Melinda and Mark McKenna

Jessica Hagen

Carmela Pandiscia

Guiqiang Hao and Li Liu

Eliza and Michael Paolucci

Elese Smith and Jeremy Montambault

Lindsay and Christopher Harlow

Sloane and Charles Pendleton

Pia Guido Murphy ’91

Sarah Sciotto-Gavigan ’88 and Brad Gavigan

Mark and Mary Beth Hart

Feng Qian and Yu Tang

Sara E. Poskas

Maame Sheppard

Dawn and Kyle Howe

Mark and Ellen Brett Raisbeck

Scott and Amy Pottbecker

Mimi Sternlicht

Tom and Lee Juvan

Barbara Sabia and Andrea Angera

Megan and Kendrick Protzmann

Lili Sun and Junling Li

Heather Lundy Macdonald ’85 and Robin Macdonald

Kimberly and Guenter Sauter

Masaaki and Megumi Sakakibara

Gwendolin and Alvin Tan

Sonja and Mirand Selenica

Denise and Scott Taylor

Brian and Tina Martin

Eva and Vincent Siefert Claire Theobald

Miki Ueda and Hajime Ueda

Maria Trevino

Dona and Gordon Crawford Sylvia and Jay Davidowitz Dione Longley and Christopher R. Diamond

Christopher Norris Stephen Norris Somanathan and Sreedevi Pillai Megan and Kendrick Protzmann Jean and Allan Tomasco Zaohui Wang and Yuhong Fang Katherine and Robert Warren Marjorie Weinstein-Kowal Judy Wotten and Raymond Hogan Sandra and David Young Susan Zuckerman and Mark Broude

* Deceased

Monica Hilgarth and Richard Wilson Cindy Murdock and Armand Wolff

You Jin Kim and Han Ho Lee Madlen and Selim Kurutan Susan Marie and Brandon Nappi Hoa Nguyen and Hung Thanh Nguyen



Monique Corbat Brooks ’66 and Steven Brooks P’97

Sharon Hennessey P’89,’99

Linda and Peter Murphy P’10

Barbara Aordkian P’86, GP’17

Melissa and James Heus P’06

Esther and Craig Navias P’17

Adeline and Danilo Asase P’11

Mariana Cotten P’94

Katharyn and Howard Hoke P’04

Cecile and David Newberg P’03

George and Phebe Banta P’89

Marcy Tench Crimmins ’56, P’83

Sally Howard Hollaman ’45, GP’01

Joan and Christopher Norfleet P’11

Cornelia and Ernest Beaulieu P’14,’17

Richard and Mary Cronin GP’17,’20

Nathaniel and Jayne Huggins P’84

Melissa Norment P’05

Dawn Curtis P’06

Ken and Bonnie Norris GP’16,’19

Richard J. Beebe P’10

Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82 and Nils Dahl P’14

Cherina Hughes-Proctor and Terrance Proctor P’18

Nancy and Howard Bliss P’79, GP’09,’14

Patricia Foote Davidson ’47, P’84

Tilde and Thomas Hungerford P’00,’01

Dorothy West and Peter North P’04,’06 Louise O’Rourke P’71

Jody Bates Bliss ’81 and Daniel Bliss P’14

Susan L. DeSimone ’80 and Sal DeSimone P’11,’12,’16

Sarah Jeffords P’08

Regina Pedersen P’02

Dorothy and Andrew Jeffrey P’00, ’04

Laura English Boogaert ’83 and Erik Boogaert P’17

Leeza and Michael Desjardins P’18

Ana and Miguel Kelly P’11

Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86 and Daniel Pelaez P’17

Grace and John Bottino GP’16,’20

Susan Tarbox DeStefano ’69 and Peter DeStefano P’01

Jutta Klomburg and Alfred Lechner P’18

Angelina and Artur Pereira P’08

Sarkis and Giselle Boyadjian P’12

William and Lisa Donovan P’11,’16

Creigh and John Krin P’00

Nancy and Stanley Brittingham P’98

Magda and Thomas Drew P’03

John and Barbara Pretto P’12

Tina and Steven Krygowski P’14

David and Melissa Brown P’95

Meg and Glen Eggert P’12,’16

Priscilla and Steven Price P’06

David Lillian P’02,’06,’09

Suzan Beard Bryant P’77

Melissa and Jeffrey Elmer P’15

Lee and Andre Roussel P’06

Nancy Lillie P’95

Elizabeth and Gregory Buckles P’10

Carol and Peter England P’95

Jane and Mario Sabatini P’93

Earl and Annelise Lindgren P’77, ’81

Adelene and Craig Burlington P’87

Gael Evangelista-Uhl and Christopher Uhl P’15

Thomas and Brenda Lloyd P’09

Bhajun and Kaveeta Santchurn P’08

Linda Musco and Donald Lostritto P’02

Peggy and Anothony Sciotto P’88, GP’22

Barbara and Alan Loveridge P’75, GP’07

Carolyn A. Scott ’82 and Rod Neff P’13

Domenick and Dawn Calabrese P’14

Kate Peterson P’11,’15

Coila Worley Campbell ’78 and Scott Campbell P’10

Anita and Colin Fenn P’94

Janice and Michael Carey P’02

Edward J. Ferns P’99

Maureen and James Carroll P’93, ’95, GP’22

Christine Zufelt and Brian Fetherstonhaugh P’05

Patricia and Anthony Lovotti P’07

Margaret and Michael Sheehan P’09

Susan Loyd Turner P’05

Elanah Sherman P’94

Virginia Powell Cheston ’55 and Charles Cheston P’84

Barbara Hampton and Howard Fielding P’14

Gloria Lundy P’85, GP’19

James and Kathleen Shields P’00

Frederic and Terri Clark P’11

Deborah and Karl Shurberg P’15

Vanessa and Elvin Clayton P’11

Rosemary and Robert Finnegan GP’18

Ilona and Girvan Lyttle P’94 Karen and Richard Magin P’03

Tracy Nashel and Andrew Siegel P’16

Richard S. Conger

Arthur and Patricia Fino P’97

Natalie O’Brien Conklin ’44, P’68,’70,’85, GP’89,’11

Frank and Teresa Fonseca P’07,’08

Edward and Ginger Fennell P’12

Lucy Lincoln Frost ’84, P’15 Kendra and Jeff Galusha P’18 Christina Gentile-Renda P’98 Jennifer Geoghan ’90 and Robert Finnegan P’18 Katherine Goddard P’67 Emily Gordon P’18 Ann Gorycki P’88 James Gotlieb P’08 Susan and James Gough P’02 Felicia (Keklak) Grant P’05, ’07 Alexandra and George Guanci P’13 Jean and Dean Hall P’12 Alice and Terry Hallaran P’02 Norman R. Harvey P’85 Joan Havens P’91 Julie and Pryce Haynes P’88 William and Gene Henderson P’02

Deborah and Robert Marages P’97,’99

Marie and John Sieller P’97,’00

Douglas and Mindy Marr P’17

Susan Silver P’10

Carol and John Marsland P’80,’85

Jackie Simmons P’01,’01

Billie and Milton Massey GP’10

Deanna and Mitchell Smooke P’14

Stephen and Mary Ann Mastroianni P’00

Norma and William Solberg P’00

Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell ’57 and John Maxwell GP’12

James and Christina Sorrels P’14

Judith McCarthy P’75,’80, GP’11,’12,’16 Yvonne Cooke-McClain and Scott McClain P’17

Nicholas and Pamela Solley P’13 Monica St. James and John Kveton P’03 Robin and Justin Stanziale P’18 Catherine and Danny Stebbins P’17

Robin Cruz McClearn ’83 and Cameron C. McClearn P’18

Leigh Vaule Steele ’87, P’18

Amy Franklin McCoog ’82 and Tom McCoog P’15

Lisa Stockwell ’71, P’11

Rosemary McDermott-McCormick and Brendan McCormick P’96 Anna Mergen P’96 Frank P. L. Minard P’87 Lisa Moisan P’16 Joseph and Beth Molder P’80, GP’19 Alison Chase Moore ’82 and Charles Moore P’11 Francesca and Michael Morrissey P’16 Lizanne and Arthur Mulligan P’06, ’08

Laura and Kenneth Stewart P’03,’05 Lorissa and Paul Summermatter P’14 Jeanne S. Sutherland GP’06,’08 Thomas Sweeney P’12 Lisa and Dennis Sykes P’08 Cathy and Richard Szanto P’03 Robert Tessier P’94 Karin and David Thwaits P’10 Joanne and Werner Tiedmann P’09 Joan Shiland Tilghman ’48 and Richard Tilghman P’72, GP’10




Katherine Ide Tompkins and Christopher R.Tompkins P’15

Kornelia and Dobrin Tzotzkov P’95

Yu Wang and Hua Wu P’22

Kerri and Peter Wolcott P’12

Marie T. van Luling P’08

Duffield White and Isabel Guy P’06

Neil Yarhouse P’87

Kathleen and Alexander Tournas P’12

Karl H. Velde, Jr. P’84

Virginia and Wayne Whiteley P’99

Marilyn and Todd Yerks P’16

Jane Jackson Trask ’58 and Frederick Trask GP’12

Kathleen Vojack P’06

Noel Wicke P’17

Robert and Kim Zdon P’10,’13

Roberta West Waddell ’52, GP’09

Rosa Gatling Williams ’77, P’06

Anne-Marie Ziegler P’02

Marla and Joseph Truini P’09

Kimberly L. Wadman P’09

Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68,’73, GP’97

Cheryl Walker P’01

Judith Herdeg Wilson ’80 and William Wilson P’08

Mary Maier Walker ’54 and Willard Walker P’85

Patrice Gans and Howard Winston P’10

Alice M. Tweedy P’86

FACULTY AND STAFF . . . . . . . . . . . . 100% PARTICIPATION! Kathryn Albee

Joanne Dexter

Carrie Loyd ’05

Jeanne Sandrib

Mary Albl

Ian and Emily Diedrich

Susan Loyd Turner P’05

Kate Seyboth

Christopher and Robyn Ames

Jana Dunbar P’18,’22

Tracy and Zachary Lytle

Jackie Simmons P’01,’01

Cornelia Beaulieu P’14,’17

Meg Eggert P’12,’16

Sarah and Dak M. Mannella

James Sorrels P’14

Richard J. Beebe P’10

Jodie Ellis

Stephen Mastroianni P’00

Robin Stanziale P’ 18

Sarkis and Giselle Boyadijan P’12

Elissa Evanauskas

Veronica McMahon

Christopher J. Sweeney

Hannah Claire Brimelow

Shelby Farnham ’13

Sarah Michaelson

Jessica Tabak

Carolyn Brunelle

Julie Faulstich

Marcia Monagan

Kathryn Taylor

Meghan Buchanan

Kendra and Jeff Galusha P’18

Lizanne Mulligan P’06,’08

Mary Taylor

Laurie Canty

Tammara Gary

Shelby Mastroianni Neal ’00

Marla Truini P’09

Lauren Fikslin Castagnola

Thomas Gorman

Marie-Pierre Norris

David Tuttle

Christopher Childs

Jennifer Green

Magdalena Nunez-Fernandez ’98

Megan Vojack-Weeks ’06

Treda Collier Dickenman

Lindsay Harlow P’19

Heather Mannella Nuzzo ’91

Jodi Wasserstein

Tonette L. Cookson

Robert and Bonnie Havery

Regina Pedersen P’02

Sandra Wilson

Edlira Curis

Ben and Ali Hildebrand

Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86, P’17

Abby Woodworth

Dawn Curtis P’06

Thomas Hungerford P’00,’01

Samantha Peterson

Elizabeta Zaku

Thomas Deeds

Tom and Lee Juvan P’19

Caleb Portfolio

Kaitlin DeFrancesco

Danielle Khorsandi

Sara E. Poskas P’21

Cathy Demiris

Katie Chamberlain Leone

Sara Reid


Richard and Ann Faulstich

Richard W. Jensen

Dianne Barker

Donna Foss

Richard R. Johnson

Joseph and Beth Molder P’80, GP’19

Katherine Barnes

Bart Geissinger

Kelly Keenan

Richard E. Mooney *

Carolyn Bean

Berengere Goodman

Jonathan M. Keyes

John W. Morrison *

Ellen Boyd

Ann Green

Amber Knowles

Linda M. Pierce

Wendy and Lee Butler

Thomas J. Groark III

Emelie Liebendorfer

John H. Roberts

Margaret W. Casey

Alice and Terry Hallaran P’02

Michela Manocherian

Robert E. Skerritt Jr.

Joseph L. Chestnut

Diana L. Hanford *

Gordon Smith

Constance W. Combes

Sharon and Hal Holladay

Douglas Cooney

Morton Howard III

Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney ’37 * and Harvey McChesney Jr.

Allan Dabkowski

David Jean

Eileen M. McCormack

Benjamin J. Williams

Andrew Demake

David L. K. Jeffrey

* Deceased

Malcolm Miller

Sandra Starbuck Thomas and Amy Walker


GIFTS IN KIND A special thank you to the following alumnae, parents, and friends of the School who donated items or services to Westover during the 2018–19 school year. Molly Walker Allen ’85

Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 and John Eastman

Ricardo Martagon Aguilar P’20

Kathleen Vojack P’06

Minerva and David Calo P’20

Brian and Tina Martin P’19

Judith Lawrence Carmany ’62

Ian Gordon P’19

Auldlyn Higgins Williams ’56 and E.T. Williams, Jr.

In Jae Chung and Seoung Won Kang P’15,’19

Suliman and Zuhour Khalifeh P’20

Hoa Nguyen and Hung Thanh Nguyen P’22 Jeranil Nunez and Tommy Thach

Jean and Ralph Delbuono P’22

Yeonsuk Yang and Hankwon Kim P’21

Delmar Electrical

You Jin Kim and Han Ho Lee P’22

Kimberly and Guenter Sauter P’20

Iris Rivera-Dunn and Kevin Dunn P’16,’18,’20

Karen and Pasquale Mancini P’21

Charlotte Strick ’91

Jennifer Robbins Manocherian ’56

Jerry Van Voorhis

Ethel Manville Woolverton ’47

Carmela Pandiscia P’20


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Eleanor Bissell Wilson ’78 JUSTINE UPSON ARNOLD ’46 *

Middlebury Historical Society Carolyn Bean Roxana Schulke Kaufmann ’46 Emelie Liebendorfer Sandra Starbuck CAMILLA BOYD BARRETT ’95 *

Nancy Lillie P’95 EILEEN TATEO BEEBE *

Sarah Walley Colbert ’98 Elizabeth Kostojohn ’91 O’Shaughnessy Rice ’87 MEGHAN BEEBE ’10 *

Berengere Goodman Lindsey Holder ’10 Chelsea Dostaler Joyce ’08 Catharine Rowley ’09 Margaret and Michael Sheehan P’09 Janet Sykes ’08 Karin and David Thwaits P’10 Robert and Kim Zdon P’10,’13 ELIZABETH SMITH BENSON ’44 *

Amy Benson Cutting ’72 ALLEN BEYER ’61 *

Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 DIANE CARROLL JONES BLOW ’53, GP’11,’15 *

Veronica McMorrow ’15 JEANNETTE BROWN P’75,’77 *

Patricia Brown ’75 MELINDA BURBANK P’04 *

Simone Barabasz ’01 Hilary Davis-Kelly ’04 David Jean Lisa Zheng Kirsch ’01 Melissa Norment P’05 Elizabeth Peterson ’11 Elizabeth Feeney Sweeney ’01 Annie Zheng ’05 CAROL SMITH CAMERON ’41 *

Carol Cameron von Kaenel ’64 ESTHER DELGADO CHESTNUT ’46 *

Joseph L. Chestnut EMILY CHRISTOPHER ’90 *

Jennifer Brent ’90 Allan J. Clark * Molly Parker

* Deceased


Jean Ackerman Robinson ’53 CLASSMATES OF ’58

Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 CLASSMATES OF ’61

Abigail Mason Browne ’61 CLASSMATES OF ’69

The Class of ’69 50th Reunion BARBARA REBMANN COATES ’42 *

Stacey Coates ’65 TERESA CONNORS JOHNSON ’70 *

Nancy LeSage Hellmuth ’70 Richard R. Johnson KATHRYN BOOTH COONS 1911 * AND JUDITH BUTTON KEYES ’55, P’83 *

Dorie Milner Pease ’57 ELIZABETH BARNUM CURTIS ’41 *


Elizabeth Markham Nicholson ’63 MARGARET DUGDALE ’61 *

Susan Simmons Phillips ’60 ADELE Q. ERVIN ’42 *

Heather Allen ’71 Maria Randall Allen ’42, P’71 Abigail Mason Browne ’61 Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Marcia McCuaig Geer ’53 Susan Birge Isetorp ’56 Katharine Clarkson McDonald ’39, P’66 Blair Stambaugh Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68,’73, GP’97 ELIZABETH KEYSER EVANS ’73 *


Frances Fifield ’71 HELEN TREMAINE GREGORY ’64 *

Charlene Claypool Hansen ’64 Amy Shepard Knight ’67 EUNICE STRONG GROARK ’56 *

Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 Christine Chang Hanway ’79 PIERRE GUESNON P’87, GP’13 *

Roxanne Guesnon ’87, P’13

SALLY AND PARKER HANDY P’70,’72,’73,’75,’81 *

Sally Handy ’81 GAIL HARVEY *

Norman R. Harvey P’85 JEAN VAN SINDEREN HENRY ’39 *

Georgina Miller Bissell ’39, P’64 Sharon K. Holladay TRICIA HOFFMANN ’86 *

Cavarly Berwick Garrett ’86 Christopher Sweeney ABIGAIL BRILL HOOPES ’58 *

Helen Richards ’58 SUSAN MCINNES HOWARD ’56 *

Mary Stewart Baird ’56 Morton Howard III M. DALE MACDONALD JENSEN ’57 *

Jill MacDonald Downs ’61 Richard W. Jensen SHEILA BROMLEY KELLOGG ’59 *


Jane Lancaster ’48 FAUN BERNBACH LUCAS ’76 *


Jaime Feinman ’02 Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 JOAN DILLON HAY MADEIRA ’41, P’67,’73 *

D. Michele Dubois Neff ’59 SAMANTHA MALLETTE ’09 *

Eversource Energy Foundation Christine Callahan ’09 Kayla Howell ’09 Betsy Lillian ’09 Catharine Rowley ’09 Margaret and Michael Sheehan P’09 Mary Sheehan ’09 Kate Truini ’09 Kimberly L. Wadman P’09 JOAN MARHEFKA ’73 *

Laurie Robertson Sweet ’73 EDITH RIEGEL MILLER ’52 *

Terry Shrady Fry ’52 Jean Ackerman Robinson ’53


Richard E. Mooney * MUFFY WHITE DWYER ’72 *

Dianne Crary ’72 EDWINA LOUISA MUNSON ’51 *

Louise Munson Herring ’58 ELIZABETH M. NEWTON *

Carita Kruse Polin ’69 CAROLYN WENDE NILES ’57 *


Susanne Roberts ’62 CLARE SMITH NOYES ’31 *

Lucy Noyes ’57 JONATHAN B. O’BRIEN *

Joan Dominick O’Brien ’56 ROBERTA PERROW ’82 *


Piper Perry Morris ’59 ANN S. POLLINA P’00,’03 *

Lauren Caldwell ’76 Markey Culver ’04 Hilary Davis-Kelly ’04 Michelle Deslauriers ’98 Amanda Durand ’04 Alexandra Fielding ’14 Jane Funk ’13 Mary-Clement Gelezunas ’84 Danielle Leeser Grzan ’99 Sonya Kim Heil ’94 Alyssa Siefert Jarvi ’05 Lisa Zheng Kirsch ’01 Creigh and John Krin P’00 Lauri Ellen Lynn ’81 Jennifer Martin ’66 Rand Najjar Najjar ’02 Emily Cooke Nolan ’84 Margaret North ’06 Amma Osei ’01 Cecile Pemberton ’97 Maria Petrone ’91 Sarah Glennon Pietragallo ’93 Elizabeth Pollina ’03 Stacy Gevry Prall ’88 Cristina Pretto ’12 Keelin Sweeney ’12 Amanda Newberg Thomas ’03 Mary Maier Walker ’54, P’85 Annie Zheng ’05




Vanessa Wenzell ’68 THOMAS REYNOLDS P’02, ’05 *

Caroline Chickering Fish ’50 JULIA SIMONDS ’91 *

Caitlin Reynolds Marian ’02

Susan Palmer Griffin ’91 Vanessa Subotic Milewski ’91 Katherine Sredl, Ph.D ’91




Robert E. Skerritt Jr.



Louise Webber Fallon ’82 Gordon Smith Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58

Richard and Mary Cronin GP’17,’20 CHARLOTTE MACY SAVORY ’64 AND DOROTHY GANNETT WEST ’38, P’60,’64 *

LINDA SMITH P’85, ’82 *

Jennifer Lynne Marra ’99 Veleska Hinds Wyatt ’91

Dorothy Macy Damon ’60 TOM AND TASSIE SCHUDE P’95


Robin Tilghman Stevens ’72 and Byam K. Stevens, III SUSAN STOCKMAN ’69 *

Anne Allison Park ’69 Diana Kappel Turner ’69 SARAH ALEXANDER SUMMERS ’02 *

Greta Atchinson ’02 Megan Mann Burlington ’02 Taylor Southworth ’02 Lane Newton Summers ’93 CANDY WHITE SWEENEY ’76, P’12 *, MUFFY WHITE DWYER ’72 *, AND ANNE HOLMES WHITE ’47, P’69,’72,’76, GP’12 *

Keelin Sweeney ’12

Nicole A. Schude ’95


Kristin Hartley Leithiser ’76 EMILY DETWILER UHL ’41, P’67,’72,’78 *

Elizabeth Uhl ’78 Laura Uhl ’67 EMILY DETWILER UHL ’41, P’67,’72,’78 * AND RICHARD R. UHL P’67,’72,’78 *

Elizabeth Uhl ’78 Emily Uhl ’72 CHRISTIANE CORBAT WESTLAKE ’63 *

Laura Pratt Gregg ’63 MARY EDMONSON WHITE ’69 *

Anne Edmonson Kerr ’76 MARY SCHWARZ WHITE ’34 *

Priscilla White Givan ’60


Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82, P’14 MARY GRACE ARENTS ’20


Tanya Kazanjian ’71 ELISA AYALA ’19

Elsie Padilla-Ayala and Jorge Ayala P’19 TRUDY AND ROGER BARNES

Anne Lloyd du Pont ’71 CAMILLA BOYD BARRETT ’95

Molly Barker Gilligan ’95 RICHARD J. BEEBE P’10

Noel Wicke P’17 CAROLINE BROUDE ’19

Susan Zuckerman and Mark Broude P’19 MEGAN BROWN ’95

David and Melissa Brown P’95 MARTHA FERGUSON BULLER ’63


Adelene and Craig Burlington P’87 NATALIE CALO ’20

Minerva and David Calo P’20 Amber Knowles MATILDA CANTWELL ’88

Madeline Cantwell Miller ’94


Monica St. James and John Kveton P’03 CLASS OF ’09

Marla Truini P’09 CLASS OF ’19

Madree Ferguson P’19 CLASS OF ’20

Minerva and David Calo P’20 CLASS OF ’57

Mary-Rose Hickey Cooney ’57 CLASS OF ’65

Deborah Howell Kurd ’65 CLASS OF ’67

Nora Lapham Wendel ’67 CLASS OF ’68

Julie Burton ’68 CLASS OF ’69’S 50TH REUNION

Barbara Braun Pettit ’69 Constance Hewitt Ruth ’69 CLASS OF ’76

Diane Blackey Sullivan ’76 CLASS OF ’81

Elizabeth Hausman Lycke ’81 CLASS OF ’86

Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86, P’17 CHRISTINE CLAYTON ’11

Vanessa and Elvin Clayton P’11 BRUCE COFFIN P’92

Bethany Simmonds ’12 LOUISA DE HEER ’01

Cheryl Walker P’01



Jean and Ralph Delbuono P’22 LOUISE B. DILLINGHAM

Marcia McCuaig Geer ’53 ELISE VICTORIA DREW ’03

Magda and Thomas Drew P’03 GRACE LOUISE BUCKLES EATON ’10

Elizabeth and Gregory Buckles P’10 SHEILA GRAINGER EDEE ’49, P’74

Judith Blair Green ’49 NAOMI FILIPIAK ’21


Elizabeth Joy Oberdorf ’64 JUDITH LESAGE GRASSI ’74

Anne Montgomery MacDougall ’74 ANN CHARLTON GREULICH

S. Ellen Greulich Coco ’72 SOPHIA GUY-WHITE ’06

Duffield White and Isabel Guy P’06 EMILIE HART ’19

Mark and Mary Beth Hart P’19 BOB AND BONNIE HAVERY

Heidi Bioski ’91 Lane Newton Summers ’93


Paula and Jason Abate P’21 Rachel Portesi and Eric Aho P’21 Heather Donaldson Amato ’89 Holly Anderson ’09 Marissa Famiglietti Apland ’00 Greta Atchinson ’02 Miriam Ayoo ’07 Dianne Barker Lindsay Yannielli Bedoya ’04 Alisa Berger and Samuel Moyn P’22 Zola Bernardi ’18 Heidi Bioski ’91 Mary-Helen Velde Black ’84 Katherine Blum ’08 Megan Boucher ’12 Jennifer Brent ’90 Suzan B. Beard Bryant ’51, P’77 Mackenzie Buchanan Callahan ’06 Heather Bullard ’86 Megan Mann Burlington ’02 Jeannette Byers ’69 Lauren Caldwell ’76 Minerva and David Calo P’20 Tricia Carlson ’94 Aimee Caron ’95 Maureen and James Carroll P’93,’95, GP’22 Colleen O’Rourke Carson ’71 Gurali and Burbuque Cenkolli P’20 Ji Yoon Choi ’10 Tammy Cook ’87 Johanna Catherine Cox ’94 Thomas and Susan Cronin P’17,’20 Allan Dabkowski Tatiana Fonseca DaSilva ’07



Sylvia and Jay Davidowitz P’19 Brunilda and Arben Demiraj P’20 Susan L. DeSimone ’80, P’11,’12,’16 Trang Doan ’21 Claire Donovan ’16 Anne Lloyd du Pont ’71 Emilie Dufour ’04 Jyne Dunbar ’18 Iris Rivera-Dunn and Kevin Dunn P’16,’18,’20 Anna Eggert ’12 Chloe Eggert ’16 Meg and Glen Eggert P’12,’16 Lynda Erbs ’00 Edward and Ginger Fennell P’12 Claire Fetherstonhaugh ’05 Alexandra Fielding ’14 Jane Banta Fisher ’89 Alexandra Fonseca ’08 Kecia Walker Ford ’84 Alisa Forney ’06 Elizabeth Froeber ’08 Jennifer Geoghan ’90, P’18 Susan Palmer Griffin ’91 Paige Haley ’93 Anne-Nicole Hanus ’02 Lizzie Heisler ’16 Dayna Hine ’07 Bridget Hinz ’09 Abigayle Hodson ’17 Jane and Richard Hunter P’20 Erin Zyko Hussein ’88 Julia Isenberg ’03 Beverly Johnson Jaques ’68 Mollie Jurewicz ’96 Nicole Witkin Keldsen ’88 Danielle Stewart Knope ’03 Katherine Krygowski ’14 Tina and Steven Krygowski P’14 Selena Kurutan ’22 Mikayla Labissiere ’20 Jennie LaMonte ’78 Mihae Lee ’76 Kristin Hartley Leithiser ’76 Jessica Lillian ’02 Sonja Lindgren ’81 Deborah Lippincott ’72 Heather Lundy Macdonald ’85, P’19 Jennifer Lynne Marra ’99 Stephen and Mary Ann Mastroianni P’00 Lauren Mathieu ’08 Yvonne Cooke-McClain and Scott McClain P’17 Kelly Cruz McCullers ’86 Veronica McMorrow ’15 Kelly Agnew Medvigy ’96 Rachel Minard ’87 Claudia Rawal Morris ’78

* Deceased

Lizanne and Arthur Mulligan P’06,’08 Anne Gullquist Mullin ’83 Susan Marie and Brandon Nappi P’22 Sarah Navias ’17 Shelby Mastroianni Neal ’00 Elizabeth Norment ’05 Heather Mannella Nuzzo ’91 Courtney Altschul Olsen ’91 Kyla Reynolds P’an ’91 Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Mariah Pelaez ’17 Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86, P’17 Cecile Pemberton ’97 Sloane and Charles Pendleton P’20 Scott and Amy Pottbecker P’21 Hyun Seung Pyo ’09 Ellen Bird Reda ’02 Hilary Rice ’84 Helen Richards ’58 Kimberly and Guenter Sauter P’20 Catherine Scribner ’85 Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09 Eva and Vincent Siefert P’05,’07,’08,’20 Katherine Sredl, Ph.D ’91 Danielle Stratton ’12 Keelin Sweeney ’12 Sarah Schipul Swift ’00 Maura Tansley ’00 Emily Uhl ’72 Barbara Rands Valente ’88 Victoria Viera ’00 Ann Vileisis ’85 Tessa White ’96 Lori Kinniburgh Whittaker ’84 Meadow Wicke ’17 Noel Wicke P’17 Lata Bhopale Williams ’81 Erica Indelicato Wood ’87 Sandra and David Young P’19 Anne-Marie Ziegler P’02 Susanne Dericks Zoch ’91 CATHERINE DEVINE HAYDEN ’49


Marie and John Sieller P’97,’00 BEEBEE HOWLAND

Victoria Campbell ’94 CAMMIE HUSSEY ’20

Cammiel and James Hussey P’20 QINGYU JIANG ’22

Jialin Xie and Xiding Jiang P’22 JESSIE C. KAUFFMANN

Polly Wingfield ’65




Sylvia and Jay Davidowitz P’19 KATHERINE KRYGOWSKI ’14

Tina and Steven Krygowski P’14 SELENA KURUTAN ’22

Madlen and Selim Kurutan P’22 CASSANDRA LECHNER ’18

Jutta Klomburg and Alfred Lechner P ’18 JESSICA LILLIAN ’02, JENNIFER LILLIAN ’06, AND BETSY LILLIAN ’09

David Lillian P’02,’06,’09 SAVANNAH SAGE LODGE ’15

Melissa and Jeffrey Elmer P’15 KAREN LOSTRITTO ’02

Linda Musco and Donald Lostritto P’02 HEATHER LUNDY MACDONALD ’85, P’19



Michela Manocherian KATHARINE CLARKSON MCDONALD ’39, P’66

Anne Schulhof Butler ’66, P’06 ROXANA WILLARD MENEFEE

Paula Schulke Menefee ’54 SHELBY MASTROIANNI NEAL ’00

Alexandra Kagan ’17 KYLA REYNOLDS P’AN ’91



Deborah and Karl Shurberg P’15 LEAH PROCTOR ’18

Cherina Hughes-Proctor and Terrance Proctor P’18 ELIZABETH MCMILLAN RINGER ’42

Nancy Heimbach Claypool ’42, P’64, ’70 Carlyle Claypool Conrad ’70 Chay Costello Sosin ’93 ANNEKE ROTHMAN

Laura English Boogaert ’83, P’17 Joan Wetmore Yahn ’82 SALLY SCRIBNER P’85

Catherine Scribner ’85


Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09 SARAH BLISS SEAMANS ’79, P’09, HOLLY SEAMANS ’09 AND COURTNEY BLISS ’14

Nancy and Howard Bliss P’79, GP’09,’14 HARPER AND BLAKE SHATTIE



Eva and Vincent Siefert P’05,’07,’08,’20 JILLIAN SILVER ’10


Alexandra Pape ’12 Somanathan and Sreedevi Pillai P’19 SALMA TALUKDAR ’22

Shamsun Khanman and Shaiful Talukdar P’22 MAURA TANSLEY ’00

Andrew Demake ANN BRADLEE TAUCHERT ’55, P’77,’80

Sarah Tauchert Rushing ’80 KATHLEEN JEWISS VANDER EYK P’81

Virginia Jewiss ’81 ANNE WIGGLESWORTH WALKER ’64, P’00

Thomas and Amy Walker ALISON WARDROP ’63

Constance W. Combes LILY WARREN ’19

Katherine and Robert Warren P’19 BELDINE ATIENO WASONGA ’22


Alisa Berger and Samuel Moyn P’22 EMILY AND ELMORE A WILLETS, JR.

Penn Willets Fullerton ’62 MORGAN WINSTON ’10

Patrice Gans and Howard Winston P’10 RACHEL YERKS ’16

Marilyn and Todd Yerks P’16


MEDTRONIC WISE SCHOLARSHIP The Medtronic Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship, made possible by Becca LugerGuillaume Poindexter ’01, has been established at Westover for a student who has shown a passion and aptitude for science and engineering and who has a desire to pursue a career in one of these fields. Since Becca first began her studies in engineering, she said, “I found myself at school—and later at work— looking around and realizing that I am often the only woman within my group.” Becca wants to help change that experience, not just for women who want to have careers in science and engineering but to enhance the fundamental work pursued in these fields and their potential benefits for society. For more than 14 years, Becca has worked as a software engineer, systems engineer, and now program manager at Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology. A year ago, Medtronic designated Becca as a Technical Fellow, an honor that recognizes employees who are distinguished in their field for their expertise and leadership. In addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, Technical Fellows are entrusted with inspiring and driving innovation, collaboration, and the technical success of Medtronic. This often includes organizing and running Medtronic’s annual Science and Technology conference, mentoring others, and funding projects to keep innovation alive. “As a Technical Fellow,” Becca explained, “I receive a stipend as a tool to promote innovation in engineering. It seemed intuitive to me to follow up with Westover,” where she had first been introduced to the field while a student in the School’s Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) program. So, she worked with the Alumnae Development Office to establish the Medtronic Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship with the goal of inspiring a new generation of engineers and cultivating the pipeline of future employees.

“Westover gave me the opportunity to explore areas within the WISE program that I otherwise wouldn’t have,” Becca said. “I wouldn’t have thought to apply for an engineering program in college if I hadn’t done WISE. It really changed my path. I know there are a lot of girls who don’t have that kind of support or that safe space to explore those fields in school.” After Westover, Becca studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering. She later earned an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota while working at Medtronic. If Becca could have a conversation today about choosing her career path with her younger self, she would say, “This is going to be hard, but stick with it. You are going to run into challenges, but you can do it anyway.” But, she added, “If I had told my younger self what my career path would have been, it would have ruined a lot of the fun,” because so much of the process meant she explored and experienced a variety of opportunities along the way, which have now led her to a challenging but fulfilling career.




• 22% • 33% • 45%



Capital Gifts


Planned Gifts












GIFTS TO ENDOWMENT Anonymous (1 Donor)

Edith Glassmeyer Heilman ’65

Esther and Craig Navias P’17

Eleanor Acheson ’65

Pamela Markham Heller ’67

Lilla Matheson Ohrstrom ’83

Charlotte B. Beyer ’65

Deirdre Healy Henderson

Leigh Keyser Phillips ’68 and Peter Phillips P’97

Ellen Boyd

Louise Clark Hood ’65

Mary Rockefeller Runestad ’68

Domenick and Dawn Calabrese P’14

Leslie Parker Hume ’65

Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79, P’09

Caroline Demirs Calio ’93

Judith Kuryla Huntington ’65

Elanah Sherman P’94

Margaret W. Casey

Ann Markham Judd ’68

Divya Singh ’83

Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82, P’14

Amy Shepard Knight ’67

Starr White Snead ’69

Minda Putman Daniell ’65

Joan Atwood Kunzelmann ’61

Paul Sutherland

Susan Brown Denious ’55

Beth Lubrano Dwyer ’76

Pamela Gordon duPont ’70

Hilary Carpenter Lynch ’85

Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 * and Thomas Sweeney P’12

Cynthia Kroll Dwyer ’68

Deborah Massey ’68

Patricia Simonds Taylor ’68

Carol and Peter England P’95

Harvey McChesney Jr.

Elsie Walker ’65

Adele Q. Ervin ’42 *

Robin Smith Melvin ’80

Susan Logan Whitman ’68

Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 and Arthur Golden

Clara Combs Moore ’60

Carole Hayes Williams ’62

Elizabeth Goodenough ’65

Nancy Burkham Williams ’65

Nancy Handy Grogan ’73

Jane McMillen Morrison ’39 * and John W. Morrison *

Francine LeRoux Haskell ’51

Louise Hands Murphy ’68

Benjamin J. Williams

ENDOWED FUNDS BOARD DESIGNATED Adelaide Kernochan Raise Now to Westover Fund Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Fund Alison Ward Burdick ’31, P’60 Raise Now to Westover Fund Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45, P’69, GP’00,’03 “Walker Room” Fund Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69, P’00 “Walker Room” Fund Berrell Evans Street ’38, P’60,’71 Fund

Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Raise Now to Westover Fund

Margaret Clement Green ’65 Raise Now to Westover Fund

George Loening Raise Now to Westover Fund

Margaret Evans Dennis ’46 Fund

Georgina Miller Bissell ’39, P’64 Squash Court Fund

Marion Scott Searle ’73 Athletic Center Fund

Gussenhoven Raise Now to Westover Performing Arts Fund

Martin Foundation Fund for Faculty Sabbaticals

Martha Lambert Bulkley 1918, P’57 Fund

H. Edward Manville P’1923 Scholarship Fund Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68,’73, GP’97 Fund Helen Corlett Hubbell ’24 Fund

Mary Heffelfinger Morrison ’24, P’45,’47, GP’68 Scholarship Fund Mary McCreath Godley ’38, P’62, ’67 Performing Arts Fund

Betsy Shirley Michel ’59 Fund

Heywood Fox P’57, ’65 Endowment Fund

Beverly Heminway P’74 Fund

Hilary Hoover Luther ’50 Memorial Fund

Mary McCreath Godley ’38, P’62, ’67 Scholarship Fund

Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Maine Scholarship Fund

Hugh Adams Fund

Mollie Pratt Barringer ’38 Fund

Isabell Woodruff ’22 Fund

Nancy duPont Cooch ’37, P’63, ’64 Fund

Charles and Sarah Mills Harball ’47 Scholarship Fund

Jackson Family Foundation Fund

Nancy May Rennell ’35, P’60 Poetry Fund

Janet Poskas CT Community Foundation Fund

Nancy Pratt Rhoads ’44 Fund

Jennifer Martin ’66 Raise Now to Westover Fund

Owsley Brown P’90 Squash Court Fund

Joan Dillon Madeira ’41, P’67,’73 Fund

Patricia Castles Acheson ’42, P’65 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Charlotte Beyer Fiveson ’65 Fund Class of 1954 50th Reunion Schumacher Gallery Fund Class of 1955 50th Reunion Fund Diana D. Wister ’57 Fund

Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 Athletic Center Fund

Percy Chappell ’56 Fund

Dorothy Whittaker Reed ’41, P’64, ’68 Fund

Katharine Tarbox McLeod ’66 Raise Now to Westover Fund

Polly Goodan ’40, P’66, ’68 Fund for Care & Preservation of Grounds

Dorothy Soule Milner ’34, P’57, ’59 Fund

Kathryn Cosgrove Netto ’46 Fund

Rosamond Seidel Clark’37, P’70 Fund

Elizabeth Kennedy Funston ’31, P’60,’64 Scholarship Fund

Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Fund

Sarah Mead Hands ’44, P’68 English Faculty Fund

Elizabeth Keyser Evans ’73 Athletic Scholarship Fund Elizabeth T. Williams 1911 Fund Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Challenge Fund

Marcia Hobart Howell ’39, P’61, ’65 Scholarship Fund Margaret Clement Green ’65 Facilities Endowment

Sally Zeckhauser ’60 Fund Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 Fund Sarah Mead Hands ’44, P’68 Raise Now to Westover Performing Arts Fund




Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49, P’72 Performing Arts Fund

Marion Scott Searle ’73 Faculty Chair in honor of Anneke Rothman

Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49, P’72 Scholarship Fund

Martin and Brown Foundation Fund

Florence Marvin Hatch 1915, P’38, ’39, GP’70, 71, GPP’08 Fund

T. Truxtun and Durbin Emerson P’97 Fund

Martin Fund for Senior Faculty Summer Development

Georgina Miller Bissell ’39, P’64 Scholarship Fund

Mary McCreath Godley ’38, P’62, ’67 Faculty Support Endowment Fund

Holly Kennedy Passantino ’74 Scholarship Fund

The Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Scholarship Fund Wetmore Fund William G. McKelvy Fund

Mary Walker ’54 Fund for Faculty Support


Patricia Castles Acheson ’42, P’65 Sabbatical Fund

Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45, P’69, GP’00, ’03 Fund for Needlework

Patricia Kelly Healy ’35, P’60 Fund for Natural Sciences

Chapel Fund

Sally Hands ’44, P’68 Fund for Faculty in English

Christine Goodwin Hayworth ’54 Fund for Math and Technology

The Endowed Fund for Faculty Support in Honor of Trustee Leadership

Duncan Music Fund

The Mary Trumbull Adams Westover School Fund

Environmental Stewardship Program Fund

The Pamela Markham Heller ’67 Endowed Fund for Faculty Support

Georgina Miller Bissell ’39, P’64 New Girl Orientation Fund Margaret Clement Green ’65 Fund for Technology Louise M. Walker ’32, GP’00 Fund for Special Programs

The Walker Allen Fund William Warren Barbour and Elysabeth Barbour Higgins ’40 P’63, ’71 Memorial Fund

Estate of Mary Tate ’64 Fund

Joseph C. and Lillian H. Molder GP’80, GGP19 Scholarship Fund Lucy B. Pratt Fund Mandeville Daughters of Teachers Scholarship Fund Manville Scholarship Fund Margaret Creighton Williams ’27 Scholarship Fund Margaret Scott Kennedy 1905, P’31, GP’60, ’64 Scholarship Fund Mary McCreath Godley ’38, P’62, ’67 Fund Mary Starr Griscom Holmes 1919, P’47, 50, GP’69, 72, 76, GGP’12 Fund Mary Townsend Hamill ’59 Memorial Fund Nancy Belcher Davis ’55 Fund

Margaret Love Stevens ’49 Chair for Moral and Ethical Education


Nancy Gile Gehlke ’68 Memorial Music Scholarship Fund

Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney ’37 Music Fund

Mandeville Maintenance Fund

Nicholson Scholarship Fund

Mary McCreath Godley ’38, P’62, ’67 Garden Fund

Sexton-Walker Award Fund

Muffy White Dwyer ’72 Memorial Arts Day Fund

Walker Family Campus Stewardship Fund

Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49, P’72 Scholarship Fund

Nancy May Rennell ’35, P’60 Poetry Speakers Fund



Osborn Art History Fund

Alden M. Young Scholarship Fund

Alison Ward Burdick ’31, P’60 Fund

Rudolph S. Rasin Center for Global Justice Fund

Angier Athletic Fund

Amy Lee Roberts ’66 Fund

The Martin and Brown Endowed Fund for Blended Learning

Angier Athletic Scholarship Fund

Anne Holmes White ’47, P’69,’72,’76, GP’12 Fund C. Lawson Reed P’64, ’68 Fund

The Tabitha Fund

Barbara Cushing Paley ’34, P’62 Scholarship Fund

The Westover Endowed Chair in Honor of Music and the Human Spirit

Barbara Rebmann Coates ’42, P’65, ’68 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Fund

Tremaine Fund for Art History

Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Maine Scholarship Fund

Frances Wick Sherwin 1920, P’43, ’46 Fund

Virginia Dixon Buhse ’28 - Ethel Dixon Fletcher ’32 Book Fund

Catherine Nyce ’26 WISE Scholarship Fund

Woodbridge Music Fund

Class of 1939 50th Reunion Scholarship Fund


Class of 1941 50th Reunion Tuition Enhancement Fund

Ann S. Pollina Endowed Fund for Faculty Support

Class of 1942 40th Reunion Scholarship Fund

Benjamin M. Belcher P’55,’60, ’69 Fund for Faculty Benefits

Class of 1943 50th Reunion Scholarship Fund

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Class of 1950 50th Reunion Scholarship Fund

E.E. Ford Fund for Senior Faculty Course and Study Grants

Class of 1968 Open Fields Scholarship Fund

E.E. Ford Senior Faculty Summer Sabbatical Fund

David Helen and Marian Woodward Fund

Class of 1944 50th Reunion Scholarship Fund

Class of 1951 50th Reunion Scholarship Fund Cruz Family Fund for Scholarship

Edith Cummings Munson ’17 Fund

Dewitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund, Inc.

Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Faculty Fund

Elisabeth Golden ’65 Financial Aid Fund

Louise Harkness Ingalls ’17, P’41 Chair in History Fund

Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts Fund

Marim Pew Hamilton ’47 Faculty Fund

Elizabeth M. and Joseph L. Molder P’80, GP’19 Scholarship Fund

* Deceased

Elizabeth K. and G. Keith Jr. Funston Trust Fund

Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 Fund Flora Jackson Ramsey ’45 Fund Isabel Rockefeller Lincoln 1920, P’45,’47,’56,’57 Fund Jon Corzine P’88 Fund Margaret Peet Anderson ’64 Fund Margaret Velie Kinney ’54 Fund Martha Lambert Bulkley ’18, P’57 Fund Mary F. Russell ’30 Fund Mary Spencer Fuller Russell ’30 Fund Mary Stackpole Detweiler ’40, P’72 Fund Pauline deTours Savage Furness 1921 Fund Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Fund Woodruff Family Fund


THE HILLARD SOCIETY Founded in 1992 by the Board of Trustees, the Hillard Society honors those alumnae and friends who have included Westover in their estate plans. Our deepest gratitude goes to the over 300 members who have chosen to support Westover through legacy giving. NEW MEMBERS

Cynthia Choate Bjorlie ’66

Cynthia Fulenwider Denham ’56

Elizabeth Taylor Greer ’68

Nancy MacColl Beckwith ’44 *

Robert and Marlene Blalock P’89

Margaret Perry Diack-Wilson ’60

Mary Hayward Griffith ’63

Aldys Chapman Davis ’54

Victoria Blewer ’78

Evelyn Dodge 1916 *

Stephen Gurney

Jennifer P. Gold ’87

Theodore J. Bostroem *

Helen Dodge 1919 *

Karen Hall ’79

Eunice Strong Groark ’56 *

Alison Kimball Bradford ’44, P’70 *

Barbara Benjamin Dorrance ’45, P’67, ’69 *

Benedicte Jones Hallowell ’85

Milton and Josephine Bristol P’87

Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76

Samuel M. Hamill Jr.

Mary M. Duncan ’77

Abigail Mason Browne ’61

Marim Pew Hamilton ’47 *

Russell P. Duncan *

Madeleine Pagon Brownell ’67

Virginia Stanton Duncan ’42 *

Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69, P’00

Mary Wainwright Lelewer ’50 *

Martha Lambert Bulkley 1918, P’57 *

Pamela Gordon duPont ’70

Parker Handy P’70,’72,’73,’75,’81 *

Heather Lundy Macdonald ’85, P’19

Martha Hollister Burdett ’22, P’48, ’55 *

Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58

Diana L. Hanford *

Cynthia Larson Eckhardt ’52 *

Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 * Deborah Schust Harding ’55, P’82 *

Jane Meanor Hastings ’56 Pamela Markham Heller ’67 Elizabeth Huidekoper ’70 Amy Shepard Knight ’67 Jane Foote Kruse ’41, P’69

Divya Singh ’83

Ann Cluett Burroughs ’31, P’58, GP’82 *

Sheila Grainger Edee ’49

C. Elizabeth Spencer ’79

Patience Merritt Campbell ’53

Edith McLane Edson ’44, P’68

Elizabeth Folk Tracey ’59

Harriet Simonds Carr ’29, P’55 *

Estelle Manville Ekstrand ’23 *

Suzanne Jackson Cartier ’56

Phyllis Scott Eliot ’42 *


Mary Proctor Case 1919 *

Adele Q. Ervin ’42 *

Patricia Castles Acheson ’42, P’65 *

Allan J. Clark *

Henry W. Estabrook *

Susan Clark ’71

Elizabeth Keyser Evans ’73 *

Courtney Letts Adams 1918 *

Alice Clement ’34 *

Lucille Rundin Evans ’56

Hugh L. Adams *

Lucia Ewing ’45, P’68 *

Hugh T. Adams *

Margaret Bush Clement ’18, P’48, GP’64,’65,’67, GGP’92 *

William Adamson Jr. *

Norman P. Clement Jr. *

Nancy May Field ’35, P’60 *

Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47

Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe ’56, P’81

Anne Sammis ’59

Elizabeth Warner Allen ’29 * Heather Allen ’71 Jeanne Edmonds Anderson ’64 Margaret Peet Anderson ’64 * Greta Atchinson ’02 Marianna Johnson Baker ’62

Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Jessie Batcheller Cogswell ’45, P’75 *

Muriel Tuttle Eden 1912, P’36 *

Helen Minton Farley ’44 Kathleen Fletcher Alison Barbour Fox ’43

Mary Townsend Hamill ’59 *

George and Martha Harrington, P’73 * Carol Agar Harris ’41 Bonnie and Robert Havery Marian McComb Hayward ’31 * Patricia Kelly Healy ’35, P’60 * Edie Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 Deirdre Healy Henderson ’60 Clara Hoover Hendin ’54 Alison Peake Henning ’36, P’62 * Jean Van Sinderen Henry ’39 * Geraldine Lee Hess ’28 *

Elizabeth Wells Fox ’30, P’57,’65 *

Elysabeth Barbour Higgins ’40 P’63,’71 *

Cornelia Dodge Fraley ’40 *

Dorothy Tremaine Hildt ’45 *

Katharine Nicholson Coleman ’46 *

Sara Struthers Frothingham ’40 *

Robert and Mary Cay Hill P’78

Abigail Congdon ’68

M. Elizabeth Kennedy Funston ’31, P’60,’64 *

Birch Warner Hincks ’22, P’45,’57, GP’70 *

Patricia Parker Gadsden ’36 *

Nancy Lee Ballenger ’49

Adeline Simonds Congdon ’33, P’61,’68 *

Margaret C. Bannerman, P’51 *

Louise Bailey Connor ’63

Mary-Clark Seymour Garfield ’59

Cynthia Kimball Hoagland ’42, P’69 *

Lucie Taft Bard ’42, P’74

Nancy duPont Cooch ’37, P’63,’64 *

Rosemary Ford Gault ’43 *

Mary Merrill Hoffman ’57

Elizabeth Barstow ’63, P’83

Marie McKee Correll ’38 *

Mary Crocker Hogg ’43 *

Wallace Moore Bartlett *

Susie Skidmore Coxe ’45 *

Florence Anderson Gibson ’41, P’68 *

Alicia Sterling Beach ’87

Elizabeth Raftery Crawford 1912 *

Elizabeth Perry Gleason ’39 *

Elizabeth Bristol Bell ’35, P’64,’70 *

Judith Crawford 1917 *

Anne Newbold Godfrey ’46

Sally Howard Hollaman ’45, GP’01

Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65

Lesley Bissell Hoopes ’64

Mary Blair Goodbody ’26, P’50 *

Frances Thorne Horne ’22, P’49 *

Cynthia Gould ’68

Peyton Chapman Horne ’58

Virginia Hutchinson Gray ’25, P’51 *

Marcia Hobart Howell ’39, P’61, ’65 *

Margaret Clement Green ’65

Helen Corlett Hubbell ’24 *

Gail McNealy Greene ’54

Leslie Parker Hume ’65

Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 Mary Hopkins Biddle ’38 * Phoebe Taylor Biddle ’47 * Helen Demarest Bilhuber 1914 * Diana Jewell Bingham ’54 Georgina Miller Bissell ’39, P’64

Marcy Tench Crimmins ’56, P’83 Margaret Myers Cumming 1913 * Robert Ensign Darling * Patricia Foote Davidson ’47, P’84 Louise Wylie Delacour ’34 * Dana Demange Rooney ’98

Sharon and Hal Holladay




Tilde and Thomas Hungerford P’00,’01

Nina Truslow McKee ’59

Jean Ackerman Robinson ’53

Jessie Cogswell Tichko ’75

Katharine Tarbox McLeod ’66

Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 *

Alison Burns Tidmarsh ’93

Catharine Montgomery Hunt *

Lavinia Meeks ’57

Lily Hurlimann ’72

Elizabeth Briggs Merry ’32, P’65 *

Elizabeth Wilder Rundin ’31, P’56, ’69 *

Joan Shiland Tilghman ’48, P’72, GP’10

Suzanne Chapman Hutchins ’56 *

Katherine Baehr Meyer ’55, P’81 *

Margo Stratford Russell ’59

Jane Jackson Trask ’58, GP’12

Sarah E. Ingram *

Margaret Butler Miles ’63

Mary Spencer Fuller Russell ’30 *

C. Rachel Trowbridge ’18 *

Susan Birge Isetor P’56

M. Birch Hincks Milliken ’57

Harriet Hayward Sanders ’25 *

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Jenkins

Jannie Whitcraft Mills ’61

Merriam Packard Sargent ’39 *

Helen Angier Trumbull ’48, P’68,’73, GP’97

Virginia Jewiss ’81

Dorothy Soule Milner ’34, P’57,’59 *

Maud Hill Schroll ’22, P’62 *

Emily Detwiler Uhl ’41, P’67,’72,’78 * Sarita Van Vleck ’51

Anne Richardson Johnson ’54

Frank P. L. Minard P’87

Joan Schullinger Seabrook ’45 *

Margery Scott Johnson ’53 *

Helen Church Minton ’19, P’40,’42,’44 *

Sheila O’Connor Sevier ’55

Esther Dodge Vetterlein ’43 *

Jennifer Jones ’60

Ann Skelly ’61

Adelaide Brown Viall ’15, P’47 *

Tanya Kazanjian ’71

Anita Packard Montgomery ’47, P’74,’76, GP’09 *

Sarah Rawlings Skidmore ’60

Victoria Viera ’00

Alice Baker Kean *

Joseph Morrill Jr. *

Catherine Baird Smith ’58 *

Karla Lawrence Keating ’72

Julia C. Morrill *

Starr White Snead ’69

Elinor Tomlinson Virden ’42, P’70, GP’08 *

Marina Kelley ’73

Mary Morris ’30 *

Virginia Anthony Soule ’45 *

Linda Armour Kelly ’67

Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58

Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45, P’69, GP’00,’03 *

Miriam Little Kenly ’35 *

Mary Heffelfinger Morrison ’24, P’45,’47, GP’68 * John W. Morrison *

Sonia Allen Spalding ’42 and Irwin Spalding P’72

Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64, P’00

Gretchen Hill Kingsley ’57 Hope Kingsley 1917 *

Edith Cummings Munson 1917 *

Caroline Spang P’82

Suzanne Perrin Kloman ’39

Edwina Louisa Munson ’51, P’74 *

Esther Spaulding ’53 *

Alice Valle Knight ’39, GP’92 *

Kathryn Cosgrove Netto ’46 *

Caroline English Stancliff ’42 *

Hetty Euwer Knox ’49 *

Elizabeth M. Newton *

Gigi Bradford Stanford ’70

Jennifer Korenblatt ’89

Joan Dominick O’Brien ’56

Winifred Anthony Stearns ’45

Joan Atwood Kunzelmann ’61

Jane Rawlings Odenweller ’55

Morgan Henning Stebbins ’62 *

Jean Ames Lamphere ’51

Elizabeth Harnischfeger Ogden ’39 *

Margaret Love Stevens ’49

Gloria Prudden Lange ’47, P’68,’71 *

Anne Northrop Ott ’47 *

Robin Tilghman Stevens ’72

Laurie Lisle ’61

Candace Benjamin Owen ’47 *

Martha Sherwin Stewart ’46 *

Margaret McClintic Love ’19, P’49 *

Cora Rust Owen ’28 *

Henry S. Stone *

Beth Lubrano Dwyer ’76

Beaumont Packard, P’39,’41,’46,’49 *

Jean Richmond Stone ’36, P’63,’72 *

Cassandra Van Alen Ludington ’56

Barbara Cushing Paley ’34, P’62 *

Joan Johnson Stott ’59

Carolyn Jamison Lynch 1914 *

Louisa Jones Palmer ’54

Diana Tench Stovall ’52

Anne Holmes White ’47, P’69,’72,’76, GP’12 *

Hilary Carpenter Lynch ’85

Lorena Novak, P’98

Berrell Evans Street ’38, P’60,’71 *

Elizabeth White ’25 *

Marcia Neidley Lynch ’74

Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60

Paul K. Sutherland

Ann Dugdale Wick ’62

George C. Lyon, P’86 *

Charles Patterson, P’88

Mary Wise Wight ’60 *

Maud Gillette MacDonald ’33, P 57, ’61 *

Dorie Milner Pease ’57

Hope Halsey Talbot Swasey ’38, P’62 *

Carole Hayes Williams ’62

Margaret MacLaren 1910 *

Leigh Keyser Phillips ’68, P’97

Cassandra White Sweeney ’76, P’12 *

Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63

Janet Tanner Poskas *

Joan Dillon Hay Madeira ’41, P’67, ’73 *

Katherine Prescott ’30 *

Leila Patterson Peck ’56

Susan Colket Rakestraw ’46

Katrina Rauch Wagner ’61

Mary Maier Walker ’54, P’85 Helen Hatch Warner ’39, P’70 * Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63 Fraffie Welch ’56 * Ariane Yassukovich Wellin ’51 Dale Simonds Wells ’68 * Martha Byrnes Wells ’20, P’47 * Ruth Simonds West ’43 * Christiane Corbat Westlake ’63 * Dr. Robert J. Westlake Anne Winter Wetmore ’39 * Elizabeth Allen Wheeler ’53 *

Mary Stine Wilcox ’34, P’63 *

Elizabeth Clark Taft ’15, P’42 *

Elizabeth Williams 1911 *

Elaine McAlpin Tate ’24, P’51 *

Frances Williams 1913 *

Mary Tate ’64 *

Margaret Creighton Williams ’27 *

M. Elizabeth Read Taylor ’22 *

Katherine Neuhaus Wilmerding ’30, P’60 *

Carla Skinner Malstrom ’78

Joy Peterkin Rasin ’54

Jennifer Robbins Manocherian ’56

Judith Swanson Redway ’59

Jennifer Martin ’66

Louise Mead Resor ’34, P’65 *

Elizabeth Batcheller McCahill ’37, P’64 *

Fredrika Steif Tench ’24, P’52,’56, GP’83 *

Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42, P’70 *

Mary Lamb Thompson ’29 *

Isabell Woodruff ’22 *

Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney ’37 *

Emily Bannard Thomson ’43, P’68 *

Woodruff Family

Anna Ingersoll Roberts ’39 *

Phebe Thorne ’59

Elise Sweet Wylde ’61 *

Susanne Roberts ’62

Melissa Taylor ’70

Suzanne Dyer Wise ’62 Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57

* Deceased




Marcia Monagan

Lauren Castagnola






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HOW DO I GIVE TO THE WESTOVER FUND? GIFTS OF CASH Gifts of any size can be made by check payable to Westover School and sent directly to the Development Office. You may also make online donations at westoverschool.org/donate.

MATCHING GIFTS Many employers and companies will match gifts made by an employee or a spouse. It is a wonderful way to double your support.



A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and Westover. In exchange for a gift of $10,000 or more, Westover agrees to make payments to you, and/or other beneficiaries of your choice, a guaranteed fixed amount every quarter for life. This gift also allows you to become a member of our Hillard Society.

LIFE INSURANCE To make a gift of an existing life insurance policy, you simply change the owner and beneficiary of the policy to Westover and qualify for an income tax deduction as well as become a member of our Hillard Society.








A bequest to Westover is a statement in your will that you wish to leave a gift, an asset, or percentage of your estate to Westover. This gift intention allows you to become a member of the Hillard Society, Westover’s society of legacy donors.



Securities are stocks and bonds. Direct gifts of appreciated securities offer a significant advantage to donors as you receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the security when you donate it to Westover. Your brokerage or bank can assist you.




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