Catholic Academy of Bridgeport Annual Report 2015

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2014–2015 Annual Report

St. Andrew Academy

St. Ann Academy

Four campuses, one mission The four campuses of the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport provide a Christ-centered, academically rigorous learning environment where cultural diversity is welcomed and celebrated. Students are nurtured, encouraged and challenged in preparation for a successful life of leadership and service.

St. Augustine Academy


St. Raphael Academy

“ Our children have grown in a fun and caring environment that is not only academically strong but one that is helping to instill in them fundamental values and morals that will guide their whole lives.” —ST. ANN ACADEMY PARENTS JOE AND MICHELLE FORMATO

The promise of something more. TRULY REMARKABLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING WITHIN OUR FOUR CATHOLIC ACADEMY SCHOOLS. Singly and collectively, each and every day, our schools display growth, promise and glimmers of brilliance. Our students show talent, resilience and gratitude through hard work, service to others and a tremendous sense of school spirit. Opportunities abound. Dedicated teachers nurture and challenge our students to grow and develop in meaningful—and often measurable—ways. They make the most with less and draw on their own resourcefulness to unlock the potential in each child. They sow the seeds of lifelong learning and teach lessons that shape lives.

Strength in numbers

A haven for holistic education

By bringing together the strengths of our four schools under

For so many families, the Catholic Academy campuses are a safe

one umbrella, we have become stronger as a whole. By sharing

haven for learning and enrichment, a respite from the sometimes

resources, talents and curriculum, we’ve been able to increase

bleak secular environs that surround them. Even in lean times,

efficiency and reduce operational spending, while still maintaining

our families make sacrifices to send their children to the Catholic

high academic standards.

Academy because they’ve had a lesser experience and know

Despite undergoing these changes over the past year, our student enrollment has been stable overall. However, achieving these

what’s missing. They’re looking for higher standards, stronger values… something more.

enrollment numbers required significant funds for financial aid.

Thank you for making a meaningful education possible for

If not for the many generous donations from the individuals and

deserving children. Please join us in fulfilling our promise for a

organizations listed on the following pages, as well as from the

strong future and a sense of hope, faith and possibility for every

newly launched Bishop’s Scholarship Fund, this would simply not

child entrusted to us.

have been possible. Within these pages you’ll read stories from an accomplished alumnus, a dedicated board member and a devoted parent, all of whom shed light on the remarkable impact of our school community. Together we are all united by a common goal: to provide deserving children with the academic and spiritual foundation they need to achieve their potential—now and throughout their lifetimes.

ANNUAL REPORT 2014–2015 | 3

It all starts with a strong foundation. When I was installed as the Bishop of Bridgeport over two years ago, I spoke of the need to build spiritual bridges among believers and people of good will. I believe that our Catholic Academy of Bridgeport does this in a unique way by serving young people of all faiths, providing excellence in education, and guiding the spiritual, moral and intellectual development of our children. Our schools are integral to the mission of the Church, connecting people in ever-greater unity and assisting our young people in their spiritual journey to the Lord. I am very proud of our students and all that they achieve academically each year, and I am even more encouraged by their life of faith and virtue supported by our learning communities. The quality education provided by the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport provides a vital bridge towards future economic opportunity and personal advancement for our students. Education is their pathway to success in life, and we want to share the gift of Catholic education with as many children and young people as possible. Those whose names are listed in this report have made a commitment to provide a superior, quality education to the children of Bridgeport. They have also worked diligently with me and the Board of Directors, principals and teachers of the Academy in the education of 949 elementary school children.


Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has taught us to see that when the faith is lived well, then it is being preached well—and I believe our schools meet this challenge by serving as vibrant, faith-filled learning communities that nourish and sustain our children. Your generosity assures that their education is not only excellent by academic standards, but will give them the moral character and religious faith essential to help them navigate every bridge they meet in their lives as they become future leaders and faithful citizens. I thank you for your generous support in our efforts to further strengthen our schools and help them continue to grow in the future, and I invite you to join me in continuing the great work of the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport for the children entrusted to its care.


Reflections and many thanks The past two years since our last annual report have been filled with hard work, generosity, new endeavors and extraordinary fidelity to our mission and our students. We thank especially Bishop Caggiano for his unswerving commitment to our school, his confidence in our former Advisory Board to transform us into a true Board of Directors and the daily dedication of that Board. The principals and faculty have followed the call of Christ to go forth and teach in His name and with little worldly recognition; they labor to raise the future citizens of our Church and our world. Our 949 students honor us by the academic progress they make which allows them to all apply to fine Catholic, private and public high schools and then to pursue a college or advanced degree. But best of all they honor us by their living out the moral principles and religious values they learned during their formative years of faith and academic formation at the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport.

To those who find their name in this report, as well as the many others who care, pray and support our students, I say thank you. Your support touches my heart and enables us to live the Gospel adage, “Those to whom much is given, much is required.” We never take your generosity for granted.


ANNUAL REPORT 2014–2015 | 5

Academic strength.

Success beyond measure. While many public schools across the state continue to struggle with standardized tests, as evidenced by the recent low passing grade results of the state’s Smarter Balance Assessment (SBAC), students in grades 3–7 at each of our Academy schools sat for the TerraNova, a similar achievement test administered to ensure our students are learning at the same level as other students around the country. Performance results are in, and collectively, Catholic Academy of Bridgeport performed at or above the national average in Reading, Language and Mathematics.

collaboratively with principals to evaluate teacher performance, testing, curriculum and professional development for faculty.

It is with the help and guidance of our faculty and staff that our students are able to make great advancements, both developmentally and academically. We recently hired a full-time Director of Instructional Leadership, who will oversee the entire academic program, work

Additionally, we provide students with the best possible instructional support and personalized learning opportunities though Catapult Learning and other teacher-based learning remediation.


More accolades

“ Dear Young People, The Church expects great things of you and your generosity. Don’t be afraid to aim high!” —POPE FRANCIS

Humanities Students from St. Ann’s and St. Augustine’s were recently named winners in Fairfield University’s “Poetry for Peace Contest”—the most winners from any schools in Bridgeport or Fairfield. With more than 1,000 entrants, this contest was a cause for celebration.

Service Leadership St. Augustine Academy received an Award for Exemplary Service Programs from Fordham University’s Executive Center For Catholic School Leadership and Faith-Based Education. The award, which recognizes outstanding service contributions to local, state and national organizations, noted our school’s participation in 15 different initiatives. Last year a student at St. Ann’s raised $200 in medical supplies for Sacred Heart University’s medical mission trip to Guatemala.

Green Energy & Science St. Raphael’s was also honored with two first-place awards in the annual statewide green energy poster/ essay contest called “eesmarts,” sponsored by Energize Connecticut, Eversource and the United Illuminating Company (UI). Raphael placed first in both the Grade 1 and Grade 2 categories—topping more than 700 contest entries!

Math Achievement St. Raphael’s won a Platinum Award from Mathletics, the nation’s leading online math achievement program. Additionally, St. Andrew’s students in grades 6–8 completed over 50,000 math programs through IXL, the most comprehensive practice site available for grades K-12.

High School Matriculation After receiving their diplomas in June, 100% of Catholic Academy of Bridgeport’s 8th grade graduates went on to high school to continue their studies. Notable placements include: Fairfield Prep (8 grads), Lauralton Hall (8 grads), St. Joseph’s (11 grads), Notre Dame (16 grads) and Kolbe Cathedral (30 grads). All other students matriculated at local public and technical schools.

More Enrichment In July 2015, more than 70 students in grades 4–8 participated in a “Jump Start” summer enrichment program on the campus of St. Augustine. Along with academically challenging activities focused on numeracy, literacy and test preparation, the program included field trips, daily music classes, weekly art workshops, and twice daily opportunities to pause and pray. Jump Start was made possible thanks to generous grants from the Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities and the Society of the Sacred Heart. Pre-and post-assessment tests showed remarkable improvements for all students who participated.

Higher Standards In August we welcomed a new Director of Instructional Leadership for our four campuses. Wendy Vaca, who brings 15 years of experience with the Archdiocese of New York, will work to maintain and improve students’ level of academic achievement. She will demonstrate results to parents, donors and the Board of Directors.

ANNUAL REPORT 2014–2015 | 7

Education for the greater good Tom Gaudett, Alumnus AFTER GRADUATING FROM ST. AUGUSTINE’S A DECADE OR SO AGO, Tom Gaudett went on to Fairfield Prep and then Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude in 2014. From there he applied to Teach for America and immediately landed a job—as a fifth grade public school teacher back in Bridgeport, where he grew up. He felt an impulse to teach, he said, to give back to the community, to pay it forward and provide others with the type of education that shaped him most. When asked which institution made the biggest impact, you

“As a young kid I didn’t always want to study. My mom sensed I

might be surprised by his answer. He named St. Augustine’s,

needed something different. She resisted the pressure to send

where he spent his elementary and middle school years, as the

me to public school like everyone else, even though it was

most formative by far.

inconvenient and a financial sacrifice. Now, looking back, I can see

“Through Fairfield Prep and Harvard I got a world class education.

her decision definitely changed my life.”

They helped me to excel academically, without any doubt,” he

At St. Augustine’s the teachers gave him the inner tools, the

says. “But who I am and what I believe and what I will do in my life

beliefs and confidence to move forward productively in his life, he

is mostly attributable to St. Augustine’s.”

says. “They laid a great foundation academically and in character

Gaudett says it was the emphasis on holistic development that made all the difference.

formation, preparing me for college and for whatever else I’ll face in the years to come.” Now in his second year of teaching at the Hall School, Tom says he loves his job and intends to stay for a while. “There are many

“ Wherever life takes me, I’ll be ready to serve.” —TOM GAUDETT


things I want to do, but teaching is definitely high on my list. Wherever life takes me, I’ll be ready to serve.”

Giving back, for a lasting impact Dennis Boyd, Board Member DENNIS BOYD IS A FORMER CATHOLIC ACADEMY of Bridgeport Board member who keeps on giving back, even though his own children are now grown. About 10 years ago, he began serving on the finance committee,

working hard to

where he became actively involved in a program developed called

grow this valuable

Leaders of Tomorrow.

program,” he explains.

The concept of Leaders of Tomorrow is simple: the monies raised by individual benefactors go directly to pay for the tuition of individual students. The program gives donors the opportunity to sponsor a student for an academic year—or, in the case of Boyd, for several academic years. Dennis is proud to sponsor a young girl named Maria, currently in the third grade. He has been supporting her tuition for several years, and plans to continue supporting her through the eighth grade. The two have a nice relationship and enjoy conversations about schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and all the fun things going on at the busy St. Andrew’s campus. (Kids can choose from

“ We’re working hard to grow this valuable program.” —DENNIS BOYD

“It’s very rewarding for all involved. We’re also working to grow the endowment of the Academy and to really use it to advance the schools and to continue to support tuition.” As President of a real estate investment management firm in Southport, Connecticut, Dennis has a busy schedule but always finds time to serve in the community. There is a lot of poverty and need in Bridgeport, he notes, and this is what youngsters and families are up against. “The Academy keeps tuition as low as they can but it’s tough.”

Band, Choir, Piano, Karate, Girl Scouts, Cooking Club, Newspaper

Boyd has a vision of growing the program even further, pushing

Club, Fashion Club, Get Fit Club or Crochet Club in the after-

it out to more families in more neighborhoods. For now, if you’d

school program alone!)

like to get involved or learn more, please contact Susan Cecere at

Having seen Leaders for Tomorrow grow steadily from day one,

203-362-2990 or by email at

Boyd was thrilled to experience the impact in person. “We’re

ANNUAL REPORT 2014–2015 | 9

The search

“ I now realize that the sacrifice is worth it.”

for something more


Kim Cavallo-Daniele, Parent WE ALL WANT TO DO WHAT’S BEST FOR OUR CHILDREN, but sometimes it’s hard to know just what that means. In the case of Kim Cavallo-Daniele, it turns out that means following your instinct, or mother’s intuition. Kim sent her first son Steve to St. Andrews and watched him grow and thrive. He went on to Notre Dame High School in Fairfield, then to UConn, where he is currently an engineering student in his junior year. Since she and her husband loved St. Andrew’s for Steve, they

As Kim tells it, her daughter desperately missed St. Andrews, as

didn’t hesitate to enroll their youngest daughter Kaylee there

did she, and so one day they made another family decision—to

for PreK. “It’s like a family,” she says. “I loved the home feel, the

make the switch back to St. Andrew’s. As a surprise for Kaylee’s

warmth of the teachers, the strong emphasis on values, character

birthday, Kim wrapped up a St. Andrew’s sweater. When she

development, and academics.”

discovered they were sending her back to St. Andrew’s, Kaylee

But after a year or two they made a family decision to move out

was filled with joy.

of Bridgeport up to Trumbull, a suburb recognized for its great

“I now realize that the sacrifice is worth it,” says Kim. “I’m not

schools. And since they were now paying for college, it made

going to buy a coffee every day and it’s a bit of a drive. But it’s

sense to enroll Kaylee in the Trumbull schools.

where we want to be.”

Things were okay. “We weren’t displeased,” she said, “It just felt

Things are now better than ever. Kim is now a coach at St.

like something was missing.”

Andrew’s, and her daughter is in 6th grade. Now it’s a home away from home for them both.


Financial summary Our financial profile for 2014–2015 found below reflects a year of sustained enrollment, major commitments to scholarship, generous fundraising, growth in endowment and a strong commitment to preserve and enhance the academic program. Our average tuition is $4,500. In 2014–2015, 65% of our students

families by offering scholarships that are guaranteed each year

qualified for financial assistance. We are very fortunate to have

that the student remains in our schools. Our Leaders of Tomorrow

several foundations partner with us in our mission of providing

program, also in it’s 5th year, pairs our donors with individual

a safe environment and educating the inner city youth in

students and encourages both financial and emotional support

Bridgeport. We receive scholarship funding from The Inner City

for the child. Donors receive report cards and letters from their

Foundation for Charity and Education, the Raskob Foundation,

students and are able to communicate with the student if they

the CEO Foundation, the Kremer Foundation and the William

choose. The students benefit greatly by knowing there is another

Pitt Foundation. We also have a New Student Initiative Fund in

adult in their lives who believes in the value of their education.

it’s 5th year. Generously funded each year by individual donors,

Altogether, over $2,000,000 is raised each year in scholarship for

the New Student Initiative Fund recognizes the struggles of our

our students.

Ordinary Income/Expense July 2014 To June 2015 INCOME Family Contributions Scholarship Funds

2,873,542.00 981,639.00



Board Fundraising Activities


Other Contributions TOTAL INCOME

785,251.00 5,769,395.00

EXPENSES Compensation and Benefits


Other Expenses






ANNUAL REPORT 2014–2015 | 11

Tom Chadzutko


Chair of the Advisory Board


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Brasa

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Addeo

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Breault

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ahern

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Breeden

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Alban-Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Brennan

Mrs. Linda Nykaza Albanese

Mrs. Dorothy A. Broderick

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Albright

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brosnahan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Alexander

Miss Theresa A. Brown

Mrs. Maria M. Alicea

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Almeida

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Altier

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Browne

Ms. Maria R. Altieri

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brusco

AS CHAIR OF THE BOARD of the Catholic Academy of

Mr. Joseph Alves

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Brusco

Bridgeport, I want to thank you personally for your on-going

American Century Investments

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Brusco

support and commitment to Catholic education. Our focus,

Mrs. Lucinda I. Ames

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Bryk

as a Board of Directors, is to make sure that the Catholic

Mrs. Frances C. Anastas and Ms. Diane M. Ginty

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Bumgardner

Ms. Linda Anderson

Sr. Grace Butler, rscj

Ms. Mary E. Anderson

Ms. Nanette J. Buziak Lexow

Mr. Raymond V. Andruskiwec

Ms. Paula H. Byczko

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Antidormi

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Cabot, Jr.

Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut

Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano

Academy has the necessary tools and resources to bring forth the best in the students and families entrusted to us. They have chosen our school because of the values, strong academics and commitment to the mission of Catholic education. This past year our Board has been strengthened to become not merely an advisory board but a Board of Directors with responsibility for the governance of our Catholic Academy of Bridgeport. St Ann, St Raphael, St Andrew and St Augustine will continue to receive the full dedication and support of our 12 member Board of Directors. We represent a variety of expertise and talents, all at the disposal of 949 students in the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport. The photo above represents several Board members at the events we sponsor to raise the needed funds to be fiscally responsible for the vitality of our school. The academic and personal achievement of our students assures us they will graduate well on their way to becoming women and men of courage, faith, compassion and academic excellence.

Board of Directors

Armstrong Prickett & Associates Mr. Leonard G. Armstrong Mr. Jose Arreguin Mr. and Mrs. Perrin Arturi Mr. and Mrs. Carlos J. Aspillaga At Home in the Heights LLC Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Avery Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bailey Ms. Cheryl Baity Mr. and Mrs. Marcus D. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Balzano

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Burke

The Louis Calder Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Caliendo Ms. Caitlin E. Callaghan Mrs. Catherine S. Callagy Mr. and Mrs. John M. Callagy Mr. and Mrs. John D. Callahan, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Cammisa, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo C. Campo Mr. and Mrs. Danilo Cantil Mr. Anthony C. Canuel Mr. Michael J. Capozziello

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Barragan

Mr. Declan P. Carbin and Ms. Elizabeth L. Halpin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Card

Mr. R. Scott Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carey

Ms. Lisa Creatura Beers

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Begley

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Carino

Mr. James L. Bailey

Sr. Joan Magnetti, rscj

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Benard

Mr. Joseph P. Carlucci

Mr. Daniel Bumgardner

Mr. Henry Rondon

Mr. and Mrs. James Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregoire Caron

Dr. Thomas Chadzutko

Mrs. Marylou Queally Salvati

Mrs. Renee H. Bigler

Mrs. Maria A. Carosella

Mr. Marc Delmonico

Mr. Andrew Schulz

Reverend Francis X. Bilung

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Carpenter

Mr. Bradford Evans

Mr. Sergio Toni

Ms. Terese Marie Bilyard

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carpenter

Mr. John J. Kennedy

Mrs. Wendy Vaca

Bishop’s Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Carriero

Ms. Carol A. Blauvelt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Carroll

Ms. Nancy E. Bond

Mr. Anthony Carrono

The Bonfire Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John Cartolano


Catholic Mutual Group

Mr. Ron Bouffard

Mr. Zachary Cecere

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Boyd

The CEO Foundation

Rev. Peter Lynch


Most Rev. Frank J. Caggiano Msgr. William J. Scheyd, P.A. Sr. Mary Grace Walsh, A.S.C.J.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Chakar

Ms. Diane E. Davin

Ms. Lorraine A. Faiella

Mr. Keith E. Grisell

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Chaudoin

Ms. Anne M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Fair

Mr. and Mrs. Hector M. Guillen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cheever, III

Ms. Carole T. Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Falk

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Guman

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Chiappelloni

Day Pitney LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Farley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Guman

Children’s Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Marcial Daza

Mrs. Mary Anne Farrone

Ms. Mary Ellen Guzewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Cieszko, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paolo M. De Alessandrini

Mrs. Kathleen Feeney

Mrs. Breisy Guzman

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Cipriani

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Debano

Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson

Mr. Christopher Cipriano

Mr. and Ms. Craig Decker

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ferguson

Mr. Joseph Hadley and Ms. Anne Marie Reilly

Ms. Sheila J. Clancy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. DeConcini

Mr. and Mrs. Vito J. Ferrante

Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Hampl

Clarfeld Financial Advisors, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Carmine J. DeFeo

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Fessler

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Hanley

Mr. James P. Cleaver, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Pedro F. Delgado

Mrs. Maura Fiacco

Mr. Keith J. Hanrahan

Ms. Janet Cling

Mrs. Josephine C. DelMonaco

Ms. Clarissa L. Fildes

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hansen

Mr. Robert Cloutier

Mrs. Jean F. Demshak

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Finn

Ms. Elaine Harding

Ms. Lisa A. Colavito

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. DeNicolais

Ms. Michele Rees Finn

Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers L. Harper

Mr. Richard Colbert

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Denkus

Mrs. Peter Finnerty

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hascher

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Coles

Mr. and Mrs. William J. DeRiso

Mr. Joe Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hauptman

Mr. James A. Colica and Ms. Katherine Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Deschapelles

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Fitzgerald

Mrs. Rita S. Hayes

Ms. Jennifer DiBella

Dr. and Mrs. William I. Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Heines

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald DiGhello

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fitzgibbons

Heineken USA

Ms. Jayne A. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dilenschneider

Reverend Giandomenico M. Flora

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Henaghan

Ms. Daisy Colon

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Dinger

Mr. and Mrs. John Fodor, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Henson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Colum

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. DiPalma

Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Fonseca

Ms. Joyce Hergenhan

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Condon

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Diver

Four Seasons Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Congdon

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doherty

Mrs. Hildegard M. Fratturo

Mr. and Mrs. Ismael R. Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Conlisk

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Frazao

Ms. Nikola M. Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs.Michael G.Considine, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Donoghue

Mrs. Frances C. Freer

Ms. Judy O. Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Conte

Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Donovan

Mr. Ronald M. French

Mr. Tommy Hilfiger

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Corapi

Mr. John Doolan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fuller

Mrs. Rebecca Hoefer

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Corgel

Mr. and Mrs. James Dooling

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ganassini

Ms. Jan Hollerbach

Mr. John M. Corsak

Miss Frances Dowling

Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Holzschuh

Mrs. Raquel M. Cotto

Mr. Kevin Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Geary

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hopper

Ms. Audrey Cozzarin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Dreyer

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Gelhaus

Ms. Joan E. Howard

Mr. Donald L. Creatore

Mrs. Ann R. Driscoll

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Gigliotti

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hynes

Mr. Joseph D. Cremin

The Duchesne Fund for Ministry

Ms. Amy A. Gildea

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Iassogna

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Creveling

Mrs. Alice H. Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Gingras

Mr. and Mrs. Marc E. Ioli

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Cristino

Mrs. Louise Meire Dunn

Virginia and Joel Giuffre

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Critelli

Mr. Sean Dunn

Ms. Kathryn Glagowski

The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education, Inc.

Mrs. Patrick C. Crossin

Ms. Donna M. D’Urso

Glenville Liquor

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Crossley

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Dwyer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Goergen

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Crowell

Ms. Loretta Dym

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Goldsmith

Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Cuomo

Ms. Mary Jane Edwards

Ms. Heather J. Gombos

Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo D. Curra

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick F. Ehrsam, Jr.

Gonzalez & Associates

Mr. Benjamin Cuttitta

Mr. Luis H. Eliosa and Mrs. Migdalia Roldan

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Sidney E. Goodfriend

Mr. Stephen I. D’Agostino

Mr. Didier E. Elizondo-Castillo and Ms. Sandra Rojas-Valverde

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. D’Amico, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Eneh

Mr. Barry Dandrea

Dr. Ann Errichetti

Mr. and Mrs. Peter DaPuzzo


Darien Bank & Trust

Reverend Monsignor Ernest T. Esposito

Dr. and Mrs. David Cyganski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. D’Agostino

Mr. and Mrs. Fernando M. DaSilva Mr. and Mrs. Luciano L. DaSilva Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Davatzes Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Davidson

Ms. Beverly Evans Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Evans Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fabbri

Ms. Victoria Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Sydney L. Gordon Mrs. Mary N. Gormley Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Gost Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gowland Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Gralia Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Grande Ms. Barbara F. Grasso Mr. and Mrs. Michael Greene Mr. and Mrs. James Greenwood

Mrs. Katherine D. Jacullo Mrs. Marilyn Jamroz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jasminski Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Jeanette Mr. and Mrs. John Joaquim Mrs. Barbara Johansen Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Jones Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Antony S. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Julian Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kabulis Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Karl, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Katter Miss Virginia A. Kazzi Mr. and Mrs. John Keating Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Keenan, III

ANNUAL REPORT 2014–2015 | 13

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Keller

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lovito

Mr. and Mrs. William E. McKernan

Ms. Antoinette Odoardi

Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius J. Kelly

Mr. Mark J. Lubas

Mr. and Mrs. John R. McKittrick

Ms. Joan O’Grady

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent T. Luciano

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent K. McMahon

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. O’Grady

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kennedy

Ms. Patricia W. Ludgis

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McNulty

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan J. O’Halloran

Mr. Robert E. Keogh

Ms. Cheryl M. Lui

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. O’Hare

Mr. Kala Khounphixay and Ms. Leah Puttusodd

Mr. Robert J. Luth and Mrs. Catherine S. Callagy

Mr. Humberto Mecatl and Ms. Amelia Aca Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Meichner

Mr. and Mrs. James K. O’Neill

Mrs. Anna H. Kim

Mr. Ford R. Lynch

Mr. Peter A. Melhado

Mr. and Mrs. John J. O’Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. King

Reverend Peter Lynch

Ms. Elizabeth V. O’Neill

Mr. William J. King

Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Lyons

Mr. Fidel Mendizabal and Ms. Maria Meza

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kinsley

Mrs. Shirley A. Macejko

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Merritt, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Kirmser

Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Mackesy

Mr. John F. Metzger

Ms. Karen M. Kissling

Ms. Joan A. Macmillan

Ms. Sharon Micalizzi

Mrs. Janet Klaassen

Mr. Richard A. Magliari

Michaelangelo of Greenwich

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Klein

Mr. and Mrs. Renato Magliocco, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Mihalek

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Knag

Sr. Joan A. Magnetti, rscj

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Miko, Jr.

Mrs. Thomas S. Knight, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Magyar

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Miller

Mr. Richard J. Koch and Ms. Beth Eaton

Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Mahar

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Miller, III Mrs. Lucille S. Miner

Mrs. Mary S. Koehm

Deacon John W. Mahon and Dr. Ellen M. Mahon

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Kolar

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Maida

MML Capital Partners

Mrs. Mary A. Kowelski

Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Maiese

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Mocco

The George and Mary Kremer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Makara, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Modugno

Ms. Mary P. Malafarina

Ms. Jeannine Molle

Mr. John M. Kriskey and Ms. Veronica Staplefield

Mr. Luis A. Maldonado and Mrs. Yolanda M. Zuniga

Ms. Courtney Monahan

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kudlow

Manfredi Jewelers of Greenwich

Reverend Sean R. Kulacz

Mrs. Jill S. Monroe

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Mangieri

Miss Barbara E. Kunisch

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Montecalvo

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mannello

Mrs. Carmen Labrador

Mr. Frank R. Mori

Mr. and Mrs. Donat Marchand

Ms. Joanne M. Laffan

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morley

Ms. Julie C. Marcus

Lanese Construction, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Morrissey

Ms. Michelle A. Margo

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lanese, Sr.

Ms. Anne Morrow

Mr. and Mrs. John Marin

Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Lantier

Mr. Robert T. Morton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Marona

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Larkin

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moura

Ms. Elizabeth T. Marren

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lauer

Mr. and Mrs. James Moye

Ms. Helen Martinez

Mr. and Mrs. Ned C. Lautenbach

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Muench

Mr. Matthew Mason

Mrs. Margaret S. Law

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mulligan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mastrianna

Mr. Filippo Pistone and Mrs. Sheila Quinn

Dr. and Mrs. Victor J. W. Lawrence

Mr. Thomas A. Mulligan

Dr. Claire Mastromonaco

William H. Pitt Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Nora Leary

Mr. Kevin Mulrenan

Mr. Frank Mastronardi

Ms. Janet T. Plumb

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Leibrock

Mr. Peter Muriana

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. McAuliffe, Jr.

Polpo Restaurant

Mr. and Mrs. Louis LeJacq

Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McCafferty

Mr. and Mrs. David Porado

Mrs. Ida Leonardi

Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul A. Musicco

Mrs. Marilyn E. McCarthy

Dr. Roc Positano

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Leopold

Ms. Donna Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Prato

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Leslie

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Myers

Mr. Edward McCormick

Mr. David Price

Mr. and Mrs. John Leverty

Ms. Suzanne H. Najman

Mr. Daniel J. McCoy, Jr.

Mr. Steven B. Prickett

Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Levin-Epstein

Mr. Joseph Vincent Nardo

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. McCrory, Jr.

Drs. Paul and Mary Pronovost

Ms. Elizabeth A. Linehan

Mr. and Mrs. Denis Nayden

McDade Family Foundation

Mr. Brent Puff

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Liscio

Mrs. Maryanne F. Neary

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McDermott

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Queally

Ms. Julie Lohner-Fleming

The New York Yankees

Mrs. Susan Mara McDonnell

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Queally, Sr.

Ms. Nancy Lojano

Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse R. Noe

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGavick

Mrs. Maureen C. Quick

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Lombardi

Mr. and Mrs. Raj Nooyi

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGettigan

Mr. Pedro Quintero

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Longo

Mr. Domingo M. Obregon

Mrs. Carolyn M. McGrath

Ms. Patricia A. Quirk

Mr. Peter D. Loughlin

Ms. Suzanne Marie O’Connell

Mrs. Irene McInerney

Mr. and Mrs. John Rackliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Romy D. O’Daniel


Mrs. Susan S. Mirza

Mrs. Ursula M. Monahan

Mr. John D. O’Kane

Order of Malta American Association Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Rourke Mrs. Tina Pagano Mr. Joseph A. Pagliaro, Jr. Mrs. Anne Marie Paine Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Pallai Mr. and Mrs. Dmitri L. Paris Mr. Chang K. Park Mrs. Peggie Parrott Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pasini Mr. Robert Patchen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Pavia People’s United Bank Mr. Peter Perroni Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Peslak Mrs. Joan R. Peterson Ms. Tara B. Peterson Ms. Fabie Petit-Homme Mr. Milan Petracek Mr. and Mrs. William J. Phelan Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Pia Mrs. Antoinette M. Piantedosi Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Pietras Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Pisani Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Pisani Mr. and Mrs. Roger V. Piscitelli

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Rafferty

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Sama

Mr. and Mrs. J. Alford Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Turbak

Mr. and Mrs. Danny Rainho

Mr. and Mrs. Germain R. Sanchez

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Sommer

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Urban

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Raiti

Mr. and Mrs. Jardany Sanchez

Ms. Michele M. Sorensen

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Urriola

Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities, Inc.

Mr. Jose L. Sanchez

Miss Rosemarie Sotomayor

Ms. Cira-Joy Vaccarino

Ms. Lucille Sanetti

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Vale

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Read

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Santa

Dr. Kirk E. Sperber and Dr. Cristina Brusco

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Regan

Ms. Louise A. Santangelo

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Sprague

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Vallillo

Mr. Michael J. Reilly

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Santangelo

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stafstrom

Mr. and Mrs. Albertus van den Broek

Restaurant Research, LLC

Ms. Theresa Santoro

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Steadham

Mr. David K. Van Vlack

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic D. Ricci

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Sargent, Jr.

Ms. Mary M. Stenger

Mr. and Mrs. James Vanderlugt

Ms. Sandra L. Richeimer

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Sargent, III

Mrs. Yolanda Storilassi

Mrs. Jenny Vargas

Ms. Marilyn Rienecker

Mrs. Myra Sava

Mr. Bruce Stott

Deacon and Mrs. David J. Vaughn

Mr. and Mrs. Hector L. Rios

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Savino

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Stragazzi

Ms. Andrea Velasquez

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Ripp

Mr. Ronald Schauwecker

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Stram

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Verrastro

Mr. Eusebio Rivera

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stuart

Mr. and Mrs. James A. von Klemperer

Mr. Raymond Rizio, Esq.

Reverend Monsignor William J. Scheyd, P.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stuart

Ms. Kathleen Wade

Mr. and Mrs. Steven V. Roberts

Ms. Beth Donna Schlesinger

Stuart Family Foundation

Mr. Arthur A. Wagner

Ms. Mary Rogan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Schulte

Mr. Richard Suarez

Ms. Shirley A. Wakin

Mrs. Wanda Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schultz

Mrs. Donna A. Sugrue

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ronan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schulz

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Rondano

Schulz Development Group, Inc.

Dr. Scott J. Sullivan and Dr. Rosa A. Fini

Mr. Henry Rondon

Mr. Daniel Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Rooney

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Scopa

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sullivan

Mr. Robert G. Rooney and Dr. Lisa B. Rooney

Mrs. Marietta Seymour

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shafer

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Talbot

Mrs. Oren Root

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tannian

Ms. Maria L. Rosa

Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick Shaughnessy

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rosa

Mr. and Mrs. David V. Sheehan

Ms. Paula M. Tarczali

Miss Victoria Rossi

Ms. Maureen Sheehan

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Tarde

Mr. Christopher M. Royston

Mrs. Rosemary Sheehan

Mr. and Mrs. Rowan G. P. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ruane, Esq.

Sr. Rosemary Sheehan, rscj

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Tenenbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Rummelsburg

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Shepard

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Testani

Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Russo, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Sherin

Dr. Anthony Timpanelli

Ms. Nancy B. Sabol

Mr. Frank V. Sica

Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Toni

Ms. Andrea H. Sack

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Siciliano

Mr. Thomas Toohey

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sadler

Mr. John J. Sidorow

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Torres

Saint Luke Parish

Mrs. Kathleen Siket

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Torres

Saint Thomas More Parish

Ms. Marianne R. Siket

Mr. and Mrs. Lazaro Tovar

Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish

Ms. Karen A. Simmons

Mr. Paul Tramontano

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Salice

Ms. Susan G. Simone

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Traver

Richard S. Salvaggio, Esq.

Mr. Joseph Sincavage

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Trombley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Salvati

Sisters of the Sacred Heart

Mrs. Marie Trotta

Ms. Karen Salzarulo

Ms. Christine M. Smey

Mr. Olivier L. Trouveroy

Mr. Chris S. Tanu

Mrs. Marnie L. Vallely

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Walsh Mr. Michael J. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ward Mrs. Theresa Ward Mr. and Mrs. William E. Welsh, Jr. Mr. Edward C. Wetmore Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Weymann, III Mr. Andrew Wheeler Mrs. Courtney Wilson Monahan Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Wilson Mrs. Deanne H. Winokur Mr. Guy Wisinski Mr. and Mrs. Artur Witek Mr. and Mrs. Donald Worthley Mr. and Mrs. David Wuchek Mr. and Mrs. Merle E. Yoder Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Young Mr. and Mrs. Gaston D. Zabala Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Zalbrzykowski Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zalik Mr. Joseph Zapatka Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zincola

Special Thanks to the Following Corporate Matching Donors American Century Investments

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Diageo Matching Gifts Program

Pitney Bowes Corporate Matching Gift Program

Doty Family Foundation

United Technologies (UTC) Matching Gift Program

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Verizon Foundation

General Electric Foundation (GE)

Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program

General Reinsurance Matching Gift Program (Gen Re)

This list contains names of donors from July 2014–October 2015. We have tried to include all names. If we inadvertently omitted your name, please pardon us and contact us at or (203) 362-2990. ANNUAL REPORT 2014–2015 | 15

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