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PUBLISHER'S NOTE Today’s woman recognizes her true talent and goes after their dream job with top results. When you feel and know you look good, you are more confident, more poised, which will result in positive concentration on your dreams and goals. What I am most excited about in this issue is beauty, style and fashion. Fashion is so important in today’s society that it dominates the world more now than ever. Fashion can change from one day to the next, but what never changes is the passion for fashion lovers. This issue also highlights, promotes and support women in leadership.

I am very grateful that I came along during the early years of creating and designing fashions when there were A-lines, gathered skirts, V-necks and cowl necks. There were few choices, short or long skirts and long dresses before the mini or maxi-dresses. I now have a more meaningful appreciation for fashion and hair styles for today’s woman. We have unique wigs in all colors, length and styles, weaves, extensions, braids and the natural woman trending hair styles. If I could give advice to anyone it would be to follow your dream and know that the fashion and entertainment world will always have a door of opportunity open to you; but you must have the courage to find it and walk through it.

The Cover magazine will provide you with its compelling content of beauty, fashions, entertainment, real life issues, healthy lifestyles, celebrity news, rising stars and dreamers. The Cover magazine has also been produced to market and promote business owners; especially women own businesses.

It is our sincere hope that you are inspired and motivated to become one of our advertisers, subscribers, fans, supporters or contributors who enjoy reading and dreaming of dreams that can be made a reality. For more information about advertising and subscribing to The Cover magazine or the Publisher/Producer, Anner J. Echols visit us at or call (901) 650-4955.


Toya’s outgoing personality and love for family has played a huge part in her success.

Sexy Denim, One-Piece Bell Bottom Jumper with Spaghetti-Straps Swept Away Fashions Designer Collection



Posing and feeling confident

St ayss

e l r a e F

Credits: The Cover Beauty and Style Bar

Styled by: Anner J. Echols Swept Away Fashion Designer

Professional Photographer: Crystal Harris



That's what Michelle Leigh’s fans have dubbed this North Carolina born Force of nature. Michelle’s distinct voice and style makes her a stand-out in the male dominated genre of Southern Rock, but she has no problem running with the “big dogs." She pulls no punches with her songwriting, Michelle feels this honest, plain-spoken approach gives the Southern Rock genre and it's history the respect it is due.

Photos: Compliments of Michelle Leigh

Tina Turner was her Top Influencer If you ask her who influenced her as a performer, her answer will certainly surprise you. She lists Tina Turner at the top, followed by Bobbi Gentry, Dolly Parton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Travis Tritt, and……yep, Cher! She is a veritable musical mosaic.

Michelle has worked with some of the finest in the Country Music & Southern Rock businesses': Jamie O'Neal, Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), Jimmy Mattingly (Reba McIntyre), Billy Nobel (Tim McGraw), Charlie Kelley, David Fowler and many more. She has shared the stage with Greats such as Ted Nugent, Black Oak Arkansas, Confederate Railroad, Kentucky Headhunters & Colt Ford, Greg T. Walker from Blackfoot, and Barry Lee Harwood & Derek Hess of Rossington Collins. Michelle has been described as having Tube Amps vocals. (Guitar players, you understand) She always prefers "male" rough n’ tumble songs and a driving beat over the smooth, sometimes sad, longing songs from the ladies. Michelle is carving a deep path and making indelible marks in the Southern Rock world. She has taken home many awards in both Southern Rock & Multi-Genre over the past few years. However, she's quick to tell you that the pinnacle (so far!) was to be inducted into the Recording Academy (GRAMMY® Awards) as a voting member June 28 2021. In Michelle’s first year being a voting member and a contributing artist, she garnered 6 considerations on the first voting ballot for the 64th annual GRAMMY®Awards. This year, she has 5 considerations on the first ballot. Michelle is both honored and humbled to be counted among the great talents in this organization.

AWARDS 2013 Charlotte Women in Rock Winner 2015 Josie Music Awards Southern Rock Artist of the Year 2016 Josie Awards Southern Rock Song of the Year- Somebody's Someone 2016 Josie Music Awards - Southern Rock Artist off the Year 2017 Josie Music Awards Video of the Year - Devil Music 2018 Josie Music Awards Video of the Year-Blood Water 2018 Josie Music Awards Southern Rock Entertainer of the Year 2019 Josie Music Awards Video of the Year "Lightning in a Bottle" 2019 Josie Music Awards Southern Rock Entertainer of the Year 2020 Josie Music Awards Song of the Year “The Legend” 2020 Josie Music Awards Female Entertainer of the Year 2021 GRAMMY ® Awards/Recording Academy Member 2021 Josie Music Awards Album of the Year “ENIGMA” 2021 Josie Music Awards Multi-Genre Entertainer of the Year 2022 Josie Music Awards Southern Rock Artist of the Year 2022 Josie Music Awards Best Performance in a Music Video (female) "Jesus Thinks I'm Beautiful"

Michelle's band consists of very seasoned musicians, who have backgrounds in Country, Rock, Classical and theater. Thanks to Robby Buff (bass), John Ledford (Guitar), Timothy Hawkins (Drums) Peter Gallinari (Keys).

You can keep up with Michelle Leigh at Photos: Compliments of Michelle Leigh


Turquoise Tiered Cocktail Evening Dress with a cluster of rhinestones elegantly designed in the waistline. Swept Away Fashions #AJE Collection

A native of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Toya is 5’7” tall, she's and inspiring print model with an outgoing personality, very attractive with a pretty smile, glowing skin, and lots of pizzazz. she is currently employed at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences and has worked there for over 18 years. She is the mother of two sons, Joseph and Jeremiah.

Turquoise Tiered Cocktail Evening Dress with Evening Duster and/or sheer wrap Designer Collection: Swept Away Fashions

"She Has A Passion For Fashion"

Different ways to transform your cocktail evening dress. You can become the most beautiful lady at the party. Latoya "Toya" Wofford....She's got the "Look" to launch!



Can you see the vision? It's in Black and White.


Houndstooth Black and White Jumpsuit Belted With Lantern Sleeves

FOXY, FEARLESS AND FABULOUS "I love to travel, shop and dine out" .

In the future, Toya would like to pursue becoming a print model as her full-time career. The Cover: If you can "Dream It" we can help you achieve it.


Accessories: Black Belt and Black shoes. Toya is also wearing red Jewelry; eye catching handmade necklace and earrings that makes everything pops!

FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER Professional Photography is one of Crystal Harris greatest inspirations, which began in 2006. Modeling was her first interpretation of visual arts – Her experience began as a professional model and her love for taking beautiful images of the world and everything in it inspired Crystal to transition from in front of other professionals’ lens to behind the lens of her own creative eye.

Event photography was her first medium of working as a professional photographer at her home in Memphis, TN. She features new models with aspirations in fashion photography and editorial print. Her love of nature and landscape photography allows her talents and skill to blossom.

As of 2023 she has become a recognized professional cinematographer. Her professional photos along with photos featured in The Cover Magazine showcase her work in print, music performances and digital televised platforms.

Crystal’s goal is to be amongst the greatest talents to win a Pulitzer Prize for photography – along with owning her own photo gallery championing global peace. Captioning the right moment is her known skillset as a professional photographer, telling a story with each picture- a mental sensation of art and time. There's always an entertainment feature or special event to acquire her services. (901) 567-1142

Will you be my Valentine I cannot get you out of my mind I think about your beautiful smile all the time I know you were hurt by your last man He didn't give you a dime I don’t want to waste your time Just give me a chance to make you mine You’ll keep that smile on your face for a lifetime Will you be my Valentine I just want to make you mine I don't want to control you at any time I want to hold you I want to kiss you I will show you how it feels to be with a good man I will love you like the Bible said with no added demands Will you be my Valentine I cannot get you out of my mind I think about your smile all the time I want to make you happy and call you mine I’ll like to hold you in my arms I will not cause you any harm I will give you lots of charm Will you be my Valentine

Author: Brenda Davis Worrles

Recessions: How To Keep Your Money Safe The U.S. has gone through several recessions and if you’re reading this article, you’ve probably gone through one or two yourself. So, what is a recession? Two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP). “A significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and lasts more than a few months.” Let’s look at the most recent recessions of 2000: 2022 – Due to two quarters of negative (GDP). 401K balances dropped 22.9% and the S&P was down nearly 20% (according to Fidelity & CNBC).

2020 - Covid-19: February 20th to April 7th was the biggest drop in the Dow Jones (according to Forbes). 2007 - The Great Recession, the real estate market was in trouble. One fourth of households lost at least 75% of their net worth, while more than ½ lost at least 25%. It lasted from December 2007 to June 2009 and took 10 years to recover. 2000 - The Dot-com bubble burst in March. The Nasdaq hit its lowest point October 2002, 80% down from its peak in March 2000. It recovered in 2015. So how can you keep your money safe during a recession? I’m glad you asked.

Annuities! An annuity is a guarantee to receive income for your entire life, a specific time or it’s used to grow your money without stock market loss. Unlike a pension and social security, when you die, any money left in your annuity goes to your beneficiary. Who can benefit from an annuity? Do you have money in the bank that you just like looking at? You can put it in a 3 or 5 year MYGA (multi-year guaranteed annuity).Receive more interest than the bank.

Do you have money in the bank to gift to a grandchild? How about funding an annuity to save for their college or retirement plan. Are you a business owner in need of a retirement plan? You can set up your personal pension and start receiving payments as early as age 50. Use an annuity to purchase a ROTH, a SIMPLE or a 401K. Minimum monthly is $100.00 up to the annual maximum limit. Have you saved in your 401K or the stock market for retirement and now need to take income from it? Buy income and invest the difference!

You’re retiring and not sure what to do with your 401K. Roll it over to an IRA, Individual Retirement Annuity for safety and growth. You need long-term-care coverage but can’t qualify. Purchase an annuity to maximize your money.

Any amounts over $1M requires company approval. Sandra Quinn Bailey, Women Financial Power 901-617-1139

FUMANA INTERNATIONAL WINES Angela Foxworth aka AFox of the Angela Foxworth Show and Isabelle Doll-Ngcobo of Isabelle Doll Media were on the scene reporting live at Fumana International Wine Masquerade Ball in Atlanta, GA for The Cover Magazine. Fumana Wine’s mission is to provide exquisite South African wines on demand to wine distributors and wine establishments across the United States the opportunity to offer world class South African wines to their consumers—at prices you can afford and quality that is guaranteed.

Top L: (Red Gown) Gretchen Henkel,VP (center in Black) Moira Henkel, Founder/ Row 2/L-R: AFox/Media Host interviewing Founder Moira Henkel

As a women-owned and family operated business, Fumana Wine sources our wines exclusively from boutique and artisanal family wine estates in South Africa. FUMANA International was founded in May 2002 by Moira Henkel, a South African-American. For more detailed information about Fumana International visit:

Photo Credit: Isabelle Doll Media Group


Camouflage natural color printed/belted jackets can go with almost anything in your closet.

Toya is wearing a black fitted faux leather skirt with black booties with a camo jacket. Accessorized with a stylish black brim hat with a camo band.

" I Can See Clearly Now"

"Express yourself"

Heat up the Runway with a pair of Swept Away Designer Shades


Toya: "I looked in the mirror and I am loving on me" The COVER: What prompted you to choose the medical field? It was my love for people who are sick and need assistance. I enjoy making a difference in the lives of others; making them smile with tender care. Toya is styling in her fashionable off white, sexy pointed toe cowboy boots, wearing a seafoam green dress. Seafoam green is a soft green that represents innocence and youth. This dress has a flare, it's fun to wear with its versatile collar and stylish puff sleeves. Accessories: Hand made stylish green/with animal print earrings and matching necklace.

The Cover: Yes, it's ok to wear fashionable cowboy boots with a mini or midi dress.

BEAUTY AND STYLE "Not your traditional look"

Having Fun with it......Looking good is a no brainer MUA Credit: Make Up Artist, Tiyonna Lashee IG: Tiyonna_lashee (501) 992-6627


Color: Faux leather/camel dress with layers of /box pleats with front zipper Toya stepped out on the wild side with her matching suede boots and accessories.

TRAIL BLAZER Gale Jones Carson is the Vice President of Community & External Affairs for Memphis Light, Gas & Water, the largest three-service municipal utility in the nation. She is responsible for Economic & Community Development, Regional External Affairs, local government relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, employee and public communications programs, customer communications, media and community relations, marketing communications, crisis communications, social media, website management, graphic arts, printing, mail services and distribution operations, and the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone operations.

Currently, Ms. Carson is serving as the Board Chair of the Memphis & Shelby County Film & Tape Commission. She is a member of CHIEF, an organization designed for women in the C-Suite, senior executives, and accomplished VPs to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way to bring others with them.

Ms. Carson serves as a Vice President on the Executive Committee of the NAACP Memphis Branch’s Board of Directors; Vice President of Communications for the National Women's Political Caucus (formerly the Vice President of Membership); CAAP (Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program) Inc. Board member, IWF/TWF/MWF (International Women’s Forum/Tennessee Women’s Forum/Memphis Women’s Forum), Overton Park Conservancy Board Secretary, University of Memphis Journalism & Strategic Media Alumni Club member, serves on the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis Board and also has served as a Coach for the national organization Leaders of Color.

Ms. Carson, a past president of the River City (TN) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated, now serves as the Communications and Nominations committees Chair. She formerly served as the organization’s Parliamentarian, Chair of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee and member of the Central Area’s Nominating and Communications committees.

When elected as Chair of the Shelby County Democratic Party, she was the first female to run for that position and the first female to chair the local party. She served on the TN Democratic Executive Committee for 24 years and as the Secretary of the TNDP, she was the first African American elected as a constitutional officer, a position she held 21 years making her the longest serving officer for the TNDP. Ms. Carson has served on the boards of several organizations, including the National Civil Rights Museum and the Museum’s Advisory Board, the Rock 'n' Soul Museum (former Board Chair), the Community

Foundation of Greater Memphis Board; the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau, Memphis In May, the Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission, Shelby County Historical Commission, Memphis Housing Authority and many and have lead the way in many other local organizations.

Among the many professional, civic, and political awards she has received, her most cherished are the Memphis Business Journal’s 2017 Super Women in Business Award; the Girls, Inc. "She Knows Where She’s Going" award; the April 4th Foundation’s H. Ralph Jackson Trailblazer Award; the NBA Grizzlies’ Community Heroes Award; the Silver Star Achievers Award; Who's Who in Memphis Twitter; the Ruby R. Wharton Outstanding Women Award for Public Awareness; the 2015 Keepers of the Dream Award; the 2015 Kindle Award; the NBA Grizzlies’ Community Heroes Award; the Girl Scouts Heart of the South’s One Smart Cookie Award; and the University of Memphis Alumni Association Journalism and Strategic Media Outstanding Alumni Award. Ms. Carson has also received numerous professional awards related to her work.

A native of Memphis, Ms. Carson is a graduate of the Leadership Memphis Class of 1998, graduate of New Memphis Leadership program and of the University of Memphis where she earned a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. Ms. Carson, is a member of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, Gale was blessed with two sons and two granddaughters, Bryanna and Jasmine.

Photos: Compliments of Gale Jones Carson

QUEEN OF THE AIRWAYS DJ Alpha Whiskey Soaring high and spreading her wings, Ashley Wimbush, has become known as “Queen of the Airways”. Born and raised in Danville, VA, Ashley moved to Memphis Tennessee in 2014 to become an Air Traffic Controller and Disc Jockey (DJ Alpha Whiskey). Ashley is a 2006 graduate from George Washington High School and a 2010 graduate of Hampton University (Hampton VA), where she received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Airport/Air Traffic Control Management. Her career in Air Traffic Control spans over ten years as she received a FAA Spotlight Award for saving an aircraft. Ashley also serves as “Top Female DJ of 2022”, receiving The Southern Entertainment Award in May. She is known for providing a musical vibe that will take you away to your next vacation destination. Known by her stage name, DJ Alpha Whiskey, is an experienced entertainment specialist offering a unique and unmatched disc jockey skill set. Alpha Whiskey’s mastery of the craft earned her the reputation of being one of Memphis's most highly sought-after female Disc Jockeys. Her robust knowledge of diverse musical genres equip her with the ability to transform any environment, virtual or in-person, into a personal oasis for her clients. DJ Alpha Whiskey entered the professional entertainment scene in 2017 after consulting with local DJs; DJ Tilly D, DJ B-Stupid, & DJ Toya. However, her passion for mixing music and making people fall in love with music started at a young age. During her tenure at George Washington High School she joined GWHS Marching Eagles Band, playing the Clarinet and Bass Drum. Self-taught, DJ Alpha Whiskey possesses an uncanny ability to blend and mix tracks in an evocative way transporting listeners to different worlds. Her past clients include, but are not limited to, Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Chamber of Commerce, Soul In The Horn (NYC), Phillip Ashley Chocolates, Hampton University, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and FedEx. DJ Alpha Whiskey is also one of the Official DJ’s for the Allen Iverson Classic hosted in Memphis, Tennessee and the Memphis Rebounders (University of Memphis). She also DJs weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and has been featured in the Daily Memphian and Voyage ATL. In 2018 she co-founded "She DJs," a female DJ collective that host female DJ events for current and aspiring female DJs.

Given her own experiences in two different male-dominated fields, DJ Alpha Whiskey strives to empower women and youth around the world to unrelentingly pursue their dreams and passions. DJ Alpha Whiskey volunteers her time mentoring aspiring young children interested in aviation or entertainment. This year DJ Alpha Whiskey partnered with The Luke Weathers Flight Academy in Olive Branch MS taking over 50 girls flying for free. She believes, "Women can do anything they set their mind to and have the power to change this world for the better!" DJ Alpha Whiskey has future plans to continue to help mentor youth about the Aviation and Music industry. In 2018 she started Alpha Whiskey International LLC, a Memphis based Consulting/Entertainment company. She is the daughter of John and Ola Wimbush.

To learn more about DJ Whiskey and her journey visit her social media (Instagram/Facebook/TikTok: @DJALPHAWHISKEY) and website to learn more about her journey and to book DJ services. Catch her radio show Flight Risk every Thursday from 6pm-8pm on WYXR 91.7 Memphis.

Photos: Compliments of DJ Alpha Whiskey


A Memphis transplant by way of Beaumont, Texas, Ena graduated from Millington-Central High School and then matriculated to LeMoyne-Owen College, where she was a Dubois Scholar, president of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, and Miss Lemoyne Owen 2000. Ena holds her MBA and has worked in Corporate America in planning, procurement and marketing. She is also married with children. Ena Esco has been in the radio business for over two decades and has worked in various roles such as producer, voice-over talent, morning show co-host, mid-day and weekend talent. She has graced the microphone for media powerhouses such as Cumulus, Citadel and iHeartMedia. In October of 2020, Ena added a little R&B spice to the programming at Crosstown Concourse’s new radio station WYXR 91.7FM on Sundays from 5-7p with “Musically Effective.”

Known for its forward-thinking, high-quality production, as well as its reach and influence, Ena is the founder of Ivy Multimedia LLC. Ivy Multimedia produces the most engaging podcasts across the digital world, edited with a rare commitment to perfection. It also nurtures fresh talent in the podcast sphere. The company has also launched a quarterly event coined “PodBox” where local Mid-South podcasters build community, learn from multimedia experts and share best practices. Ena partners with her Alma Mater LeMoyne Owen College to conduct a multimedia Masterclass series with students to teach the inner workings of podcasting, radio and social media strategy. She has also been chosen as an Innovator in Residence for the new Cossitt Library located in Downtown Memphis to carry out podcast programming to the public starting February 2023. The Verbally Effective Podcast received a huge honor in 2023 by being selected as an honoree for the Memphis Grizzlies HBCU Empowerment Award.

Through her gift of communication, Ena created a platform to spotlight the people and stories of those who are at the forefront of ushering in a new era in Memphis. In January of 2018, Ena started Verbally Effective which is a topical, interview-style podcast that intersects art, culture, politics and entertainment. Each week she is joined by a featured artist, entertainer, elected official or young professional with roots in Memphis. Verbally Effective delves into each guest’s personal journey to uncover the incredible stories fueling their purpose, the highs and lows of their pursuits, and how through their passion they are moving the culture forward. You can hear Verbally Effective podcast on all streaming platforms in addition to the show airing on WYXR radio station every Tuesday at noon. For more information about Ena, visit


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