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Letter From The Editor Hello everyone! Welcome to my world....the world of GrinderZZ. My name is Angie Christine, C.E.O of GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV. I am a mother, an author, a writer for Fuzionz Magazine/TV, actress and soon to be talk show host of my very own show titled "The Ultimate Surprise Show". When it comes to being a hard worker, I always strive to come out on top. I decided to create this magazine to applaud and to recognize all of the Grinders across the world who are out there doing their thing. These people come from various backgrounds, work trades, even different religions, but the one thing that makes them all the same is that they are hard workers. It takes a special person to become one. You have to eat, drink, and sleep your skills, your talents, and become that head honcho. I know you all will be very pleased at reading the different interviews and articles inside this special magazine. I would also love your feedback. If you would love to drop me a message, please send all inquiries to Take care, and keep grinding! (If you dream it, make it happen) Editor and Chief - Angie Christine Assistant Editor – Shenoba Kinsey


Grinderzz Interviews Johnny "The Juice" Rosado

Grinderzz spent a day in upstate New York and hung out with Johnny "The Juice" Rosado. This young man has left a mark and is continuously leaving a legacy in the hip hop world today. Check out our interview with the infamous DJ: Grinderzz: Welcome to GrinderZZ 24/7 Johnny....please tell us a little something about yourself. Johnny: Peace, my name is DJ Johnny Juice. I've been professionally recording since 1986 but have been a DJ for a lot quite a few years before that. I am the VP of the first all Latino Rocking (Breakdance) Crew, The Bronx Boys (established in 1975.) I am also a former member of the Bomb Squad and Public Enemy. Grinderzz: You were born and raised in the Bronx New York City, where to me hip hop began. At what age were you interested in music? Johnny: As a Puerto Rican growing up in The Boogie Down Bronx in the 70's, music was always a part of our culture. The sounds of Fania All Stars, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, and many more were blasting from our house. But, we also listened to Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown, Santana, Mandrill, War, The Stylistics, Motown, Stax, 5

you name it.

I couldn't help but be interested in music. It spoke to me.

Grinderzz: Coming from the Bronx there were a lot of hip hop groups that were out. Who were you favorites? Johnny: Growing up in the BX, my favorites were The Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, The Fantastic Five, and the Funky Four. Of course, I always dug the Fearless Four (shout out to Tito!), Lovebug Starski, and Kurtis Blow. Grinderzz: Back in the 80's there were a lot of house party's that were going on. Did you ever spin at any of them? Johnny: I used to go to house parties all the time in the 70's and 80's. I was a boy, so I used to rock in the cyphers. When I moved to Long Island in 1982, I ended up gravitating towards DJing so I would attempt to get on the set every time I got to a house party. The DJs would never let me get on, so my strategy was to challenge them to a battle. They couldn't turn down a battle without looking soft, so I eventually got on. Word spread of the short Puerto Rican dude who was running around battling everyone (and surprising them when I won) so I gained a reputation for being dope (great!) but also for being a cocky bastard. Eventually I started DJing parties both on my own and with my partners DJ Will and DJ Higg (Charlie Brown of LONS older brother) and became the house party king of Uniondale, Long Island (home of Leaders of the New School) throughout the mid to late 80's. Grinderzz: I also learned that you have a military background. At what age did you enlist, and for how long were you in? Johnny: I joined the US Navy right after high school. I had just turned 18. I was in for 6 years. 1988-1994. I was fortunate to have traveled the world not only as an artist and DJ, but also as a member of the US Armed Forces. Grinderzz: Being a composer/producer you have worked with the best in the business. One of my favorite groups is Public Enemy. You were their righthand man. Please tell us all when you got to collaborate with Chuck D and the gang? Johnny: I was introduced to Spectrum City (the group who would later become Public Enemy) in 1986 during a DJ/MC battle they organized. At the time, I had formed a Rap Group with KBMC (later named Charlie Brown) and MC Chill O Ski (later named Busta Rhymes) called the Bumrush Crew. DJ Higg was informed by his friend (future Bomb Squad member) Eric Sadler that there was a contest in Hempstead, NY calling for MCs and DJs. Higg told his younger brother KBMC and then I was called. Me, KBMC, and a homie 6

from school named Daquan went to Hempstead to battle. I won the DJ contest. The result was a group was formed called The Kings of Pressure. We were signed to Next Plateau records, managed by Chuck D and Hank Shocklee, and released a song called You Know How to Reach Us/Give Me the Mic. It did pretty well. During this time, Chuck asked me if I would like to add scratches to his album that he was working on with his new group Public Enemy. I said yes and found myself at INS Studios in NYC laying the scratches for the album Yo! Bumrush the Show. This was the start of my 30year long association with Public Enemy and Chuck D. Grinderzz: How did it feel to get your first award? Johnny: My first award was an RIAA Gold Album for the album Yo! Bumrush the Show and was followed by the RIAA Platinum Album for It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Over the years, I have added new skillsets to my foundational DJ base. I learned to program drum machines, play keys, read and write music, arrange songs, produce records, etc. As my skillsets accumulated, so did my accolades. I have been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for my work on Ali Rap for ESPN. I was nominated for 2 NAACP Image Awards for Best Album and Best Duo/Group/Collaboration for my work on Kareem Abdul Jabbar's "On the Shoulders of Giants." I was fortunate to have worked with some giants on that project including Chuck D, Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis,, and Bill Conti. I was also inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2008 and then the big one, on stage during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2013. Grinderzz: If you had the chance to go back in time and give the young Johnny Rosado some advice, what it be? Johnny: Don't forget to have fun. Life is short, and it can be easy to get caught up in work. I am a workaholic and I have been guilty of this. I am always working. Having fun, experiencing life, and taking breaks from stressful activities is what inspires people to do great things. I wish I did more of that. Grinderzz: Are you currently working on any new projects? Johnny: Absolutely. I just finished a song that was included on the Puerto Rican Benefit album put together by Taina Asili. I produced a remix for a song called New York Rules by the Boogaloo group Spanglish Fly featuring the legendary Joe Bataan. I am working on a few albums with my groups XVandals and The Oddysy. I am working on a documentary of my boy crew, The Bronx Boys/The Bronx Girls with my partners Darryl Neverson and Bob McCullough. I am mixing songs for a few new artists as well. Not to mention the solo Johnny Juice album. 7

Grinderzz: Is there any advice that you would like to give to someone that's just starting out? Johnny: Learn your craft. Become great at what you do. Don't settle. Nothing comes easy so develop the tools you will need to be successful. And, of course, HAVE FUN!!! Grinderzz: How can your fans get in contact with you? Johnny: I can be reached at My website is and it is currently receiving a facelift. I am on Twitter @johnnyjuice and on Instagram @djjohnnyjuice. I can also be found on Facebook Grinderzz: Any last words.......any shout outs...... Johnny: I would like to thank everyone I have ever met in my life. You have provided me inspiration in some way whether it be negative or positive. I would also like to thank my family. The greatest family in the world. If you've met them, you would agree. Peace, love, and respect to the Bronx for molding me, Strong Island for refining me, the military for training me, college for educating me, and life for keeping me humble. Grinderzz: I want to thank you once again Johnny "Juice" Rosado for chatting it up with us here at GrinderZZ 24/7.


Johnny "Juice" Rosado Emmy & Image Award Nominated Composer Producer/Musician/Turntablist/Engineer Long Island Music Hall of Fame - 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 2013 Twitter: @JohnnyJuice Instagram: @DJJohnnyJuice Skype: DJJohnnyJuice Music Submissions:

Global Vice President The Bronx Boys/Girls Global Inc. Est. 1975 The Bronx Boys/Girls Official Site Twitter: @TBBTBG1975 Instagram: @TBBTBG1975 PRODUCER/DJ/ENGINEER 9

The Radio's Afraid to Play a Hand Grenade Twitter: @XVandals

(Photo Credits: Courtesy of Johnny "Juice" Rosado)


The “Diamond Diva�

Grinderzz stepped into the world of The Diamond Diva, Carolyn W. Ballard. The Houston resident shared a piece of her world with us in a very noteworthy interview. My name is Carolyn W. Ballard but known across social media as The Diamond Diva. I reside in Houston, TX As a Wife, Mother, Glam'ma, Sister and the CEO/Host to the popular Internet Radio station, Diversity of the Minds Blazin Heat Radio. I am a first-time published author under Diamond Kut Publication, with a book out on the market called "A Life Taken to Save Two" available on and I love being a first time published Author. But my real passion is radio broadcasting. Which I have shed blood sweat and tears into expand and improve this company, and my role within it. Going as far as having a reputation for being EXTREMELY vocal when you come for me, or my company in a disrespectful manner. But overall, one of the hardest working women in this industry with heart of gold, So yeah, I'll be honored to wear that title.(wink) Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed helping and providing opportunities to those who wish to achieve success with their business, by opening the doors of Diversity of the Minds Blazin heat Radio, where Artists, Business owners, Singers, Authors & etc., may be given that chance by using our platform to share their personal stories and promote their brands over the airways. Which we have successfully achieved for the pass 2+ years, till this day. So, for the haters, you might not like me, (Just put some respect on that name) I would say it's 11

been earned, wouldn't you agree? That part! I started broadcasting shows in 2015 with a business partner, at the time. We hosted shows on Blog Talk Radio for about four months together until I wanted to venture out on my own to broaden my ideas of creating more of a diverse setting. (Meaning) I wanted to expand the minds of listeners by introducing something that wasn't available, after extensive research on the industry. Which was airing diverse programs with diverse hosts, 7 days a week. Those shows were very unique because each one catered to a different audience and in return, bringing our daily stats through the roof. Our line-up was Talk shows, Cooking tip shows, Spoken Word/Poetry/ Celebrity talk, Politics, VERY diverse music shows(meaning) New school/Old school Rap, Jazz, R&B, POP/Rock, Ry-them & Blues, Country, Zydeco, Reggae, Funk, & Gospel shows, which always received huge ratings! Also, I wanted every host to be themselves on the airways, Meaning, they could show the real them without fear of judgment. Which is what we as people face today. Rather that would be giving the word profanity a new name, to exploding on the airways in heated conversations, which happened a lot. Nevertheless, I wanted to give our listeners that kind of entertainment that you don't get from those robot-ed stations we listen to today...LOL Now coming up with the idea and name for the station was very easy to do; however, the biggest challenge was finding the right talented IDGAF type of people to come under the station and help bring the project to life. With the tools and technology of social media, extensive networking and promoting day and night, I was able to put together a team of eight hosts, including myself and husband DJB-1, after pitching the ideas to them, Diversity of the Minds Blazin Heat Radio started their engine for what would then become one of "THE" most popular, uncensored, unscripted, controversial and entertaining radio stations on internet radio, today! Although many of the hosts who started with us have now moved on to other projects, and more have come and gone since them, I will always be grateful from having met, learned and grown from such brilliant people. They have given me the tools needed to take this station to the top of the industry! Which is what we strive every day to do! For the most part, DJb-1 and I have a good working relationship, whereas the station is concerned. We both bring a different flavor to the airways when hosting shows together, are separately. With me being the CEO, I have to manage the day to day functions of the station to keep us on the airways, and the fans and supporters and sponsors coming back. Djb-1 being the COO, is pretty much behind the scene a lot until we need to collaborate on projects, etc. Think of us as a two-headed monster in this industry. With me, the Diamond Diva having the biggest head! Lol!


Johnny Rosado, Public Enemy's DJ was a lot of fun to interview. The guy is a Musical Instrumental genus! With talent and wisdom beyond his years- Might I add, he's very open and down-to-earth, too. Which is always a plus when you’re a guest on our station. My Mother was my first and biggest supporter to the station. I can clearly remember the day I brought the idea of starting my own station to her, she said without hesitation, I can't believe you waited this long to do it. I didn't quite understand that statement, so I asked her to elaborate a bit further, she said baby, your talent and voice is AMAZING! You have a calling to touch as many lives as God will allow you to. Your experience and ability to make people feel good, is something most folk can't do. “Girl, you have that "IT" factor!” she continued with her giving me blessings to break through the doors of this industry by "ANY" means necessary! They will receive you just as you are, which is REAL & genuine! From that moment on, I went into fighting mode. My promise to her was to never give up until I reach the top! She would call into the shows daily, just to show us love on the airways. All who knew her understood just where my personality came from. (LOL) Anyways, her most memorable line was, (Ya'll sure curse a lot on this "DAMN" show) ... the entire crew thought that was SO funny! Unfortunately, she passed away after a brief illness on December 31, 2016, which has changed the way I view life and the importance of living everyday as if you have a second left on earth, to do it... Here this day, and gone the same. That part! Nevertheless, I find comfort in knowing that the dead may be absent from the body, but not the mind. So, Margie Ann Wilson will live on through her family, till our last breath! P.S. She always told me when I got caught up in my feelings by what everyone thought of my shows, & etc. Her words were, “If they’re not talking about you, good or bad, you’re not making enough noise. Keep’em talking.” I stick to that, to this day #RipMargie #Mommy #Bestfriend I see Diversity of the Minds Blazin Heat Radio broadcasting 24/7, Globally! Bringing you the most diverse radio station you've ever listened to in your life. With a staff that will cater to every entertainment need you've wished for, and more. That my friend, is where I will leave it. Only cause a true boss don't tell all of their secrets. Just a few(Wink)! The number one rule is to make sure you have tough skin in this business. If not, you will not make it far. Radio is a fast pace competitive billion-dollar industry. But at the same time, a fun business to be a part of, you’re willing to put in the work. However, to stay afloat and on top of the game, you MUST do constant research of what the listeners want to hear when the they tune into your show. So please make research AND networking with daily promoting, your best friend. On and off social media. Networking with people who are into what you are, will eventually link you up with


the right person who can take your business to the top. Note: Watch out for them anacondas. Cause there are MANY in this industry. And they are waiting to take a bite out of you if you make the wrong move. (Meaning) Never reveal everything you know. Your ideas can become someone else's blue print! Nevertheless, have fun, be creative & competitive. Followed by a wiliness to learn from everyone you meet. Which comes from paying attention. Remember, every piece of advice or criticism you receive is in place to help you grow to your fullest potential, in ANY business. Don't take it personal, but rather add it to YOUR, blueprint! Hey, that was a Nugget drop (Wink)! There is definitely another book coming in the near future. But for now, I'm focused on getting Diversity of the Minds Blazin Heat Radio on the map. I do however would like to give a special thanks to my Diamond Kut Publications family who I'm currently signed with. CEOs, Jesse Sanders(aka) King Diamond & Tracey Knight (aka) Silent Storm and the entire crew, has shown me so much love and support during this process. They are the "BADDEST" in the game! Period! Look them up on Facebook! I can be reached on all social media outlets. Starting with Instagram @ diversityofthemindsblazinheat. Twitter @Athoressb You can find us on Facebook by looking up, Authoress Carolyn W.Ballard. You can also follow us on our global page @ LinkedIn @ authoress-carolyn-b Google+ @ Authoress Carolyn B To check out our shows, you can




I would like to give a major shout out to the man that makes it all happen, Our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus! Without His constant guidance in my life, I would not be in this position. My mother Margie, keep watch ova us down here grinding to reach our fullest potential. I will continue to break down every wall built to stop me, in order to reach that place you've always believed I could get to. Thanks for raising me to not allow anything nor anyone to get in the way of what was achievable in my life. I will make sure you didn't die in vain. Your legacy continues, mom! #RipMargie. To my Sister, Authoress Angie Christine, thank you from the debts of my soul for granting me with this amazing opportunity to share my brand with the world! You and I have a bond that is and forever will be, unbreakable. Grinderzz 24/7 Magazine/tv is already a success in my book. And I'm so 14

very honored to be featured amongst such talented and successful individuals. This is definitely the opportunity of lifetime. I love you baby! To my family, (Meaning) Husband, kids, grandkids and brother, thank each of you for believing in this brand and never falling short of your ability to keep me encourage through the highs and lows of my life and journey as a radio broadcaster. With everything our close net family has faced in recent months, have given me the drive to push as hard as I ever have, to achieve the dream. Each one of you play a significant part in my life. Parts that nobody else could play. And for that reason alone, I'm blessed beyond measures to have such a strong family by my side. I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you guys to the moon and beyond! To the staff and Authors @ Diamond Kut Publications, I thank you all for excepting me into your literacy family with open arms. I couldn't be no more honored to be a part of such a winning team. Jesse Sanders(aka) King Diamond and Tracey Knight (aka) Silent Storm, are the hardest working CEOs in the publishing business. And I for one will ride with you guys till the tires come off. And even then, we gone still roll on the rims. By any means necessary, we "WILL" get there together! Love you all! To Diversity of the Minds Blazin Heat Radio fans/ supporters/ close friend, and Yes, Haters too, thank you for believing in the vision enough to stick around as long as you have. It is because of your taking time from your schedules to plug into our shows, to sharing our work and spreading the word, rather good or bad about our station, has caused us to become well known in and around social media for running one of the most entertaining and informative radio stations, on internet radio. Thank you thank you Thank you! To Ms. Zel Owens (Mama Zel), thank you for standing by this station after the death of my mother when so many others walked away. You will always and forever have a spot at my table. I love you! To anyone else I didn't mention here, I appreciate the parts you have played in my life. Rather good or bad, I learned from some of the best! Peace! The Diamond Diva


Chatting it up with JJ Fad

GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine/Tv had the pleasure of chatting it up with hip hop artist group JJ Fad. They were in town to perform at the Old School hip hop tour that was held at the Orleans Arena here in Vegas on October 21, 2017. I was able to sit down with the ladies before they hit the stage. Grinderzz: How old were you guys when you first signed on as JJ Fad? JJ Fad: Baby Dee -15, McJB – 21, and Sassy C – 21. Grinderzz: You guys were blessed to be down with Ruthless Records, and having the late Easy E as your boss. How was it like working with him E, and how was the group first introduced to him? McJB: Working with Easy E was amazing! We also were able to hang with him and chill when we weren’t working. Grinderzz: There were 3 other members that were in the group that left because of management disagreements…Cash, Shahead, and Lee. Do you guys still keep in touch with them? Baby Dee: They were never in the group, they were just writers. We don’t know of Cash whereabouts, but they do stay in contact with the others 2. Grinderzz: When did any of you know you wanted to be in the entertainment industry? Baby Dee: When I was younger, I would sing the song “Sarah Smile,” and my parents knew I would make it in the business. I used to do a lot of talent shows, as well. Sassy C: God didn’t put her here for cooking and cleaning…… LOL Grinderzz: You ladies were under the guidance of the one and only Dr Dre. How was it like working with him?


McJB: It was hard, he’s a perfectionist, but we def do owe Dre a lot. Baby Dee: It was very hard, but it all paid off in the end.

Grinderzz: A lot of our audience didn’t know, but JJ Fad stands for Just Jammin Fresh and Def. Who was the brain child in coming up with the name of the group? McJB: We all did, everyone had input in choosing the name of the group. Grinderzz: You guys split in 1992 to come back together in 2009, and now are touring the country with different other artists. How does it feel to be back on the road? 17

Baby Dee: We never split up. We all started having families. We had children, but our group always remained together. Grinderzz: Your hit “Supersonic” sold millions and every young teenage girl wanted to be you guys, including me…lol……What was the first thing you all purchased with your first check? Baby Dee: A car, Jewelry, and a Gucci bag. McJB: Jewelry. Sassy C: Jewelry. Grinderzz: I know you all now have families. Are any of your children following in your footsteps? McJB: HECK TO THE NO! Right now, my children are star athletes in their schools and I’m very proud of that. Grinderzz: Can we expect any new music from JJ Fad in the near future? McJB: Right now, we are having fun doing old school shows, but if the right producer came around, we might consider. Grinderzz: How can your fans reach you guys? McJB, Sassy C, Baby Dee: JJ Fad on Instagram, and Twitter at JJ Fad. Well there you have it, ladies it’s been a pleasure talking with you all, and I know you’re about to rip up the stage in 5 minutes. Again, we here at GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine/Tv appreciates each and every one of you guys to do this interview with us on a busy schedule. God bless you all.

(Photo Credits: Courtesy of JJ Fad)


Pure Platinum Media Founder, Terrence Sharrock, On the Grind

Terrence Sharrock is the founder of Pure Platinum Media LLC, an independent film-media and audio production company based out of Hampton Roads Virginia. Besides being a business owner and dedicated father, Terrence has become an advocate for the empowerment of inner city youth. His Clients Include: • Parish Smith (EPMD) • Project Pat (Three Six Mafia) • Grand Hustle Entertainment • Fuzionz Magazine and TV (BET Awards Red Carpet) • Devyne Stephans (Konvict Music) • Dacapo (2006 Stella Award Nominee) Before Dedicating his life to his company and community, Terrence spent years in the music industry. He was brought in by HipHop legend and mogul, Parrish Smith, to be the head producer of Lil Raz, who would go on to sign under Maybach Music. Terrence would go on to study studio music engineering 19

at Omega Recording Studios and spend several years in Washington, DC distressed communities, working with different Non-Profit Organizations that had a heart for helping the inner-city youth. While there, he began experimenting with video production. Terrence would go on to study Digital Cinematography and film at FullSail University. He quickly developed his passion for writing and video production. Terrence rediscovered his passion for working with the innercity youth when he partnered with community Activist /Journalist, Tetaun Mofett, on the Operation Black 2 The Light Docu-Series. Terrence is currently in production of his first full length feature film titled “In Love on the Run” which is set to go into production soon. Terrence is currently working on multiple short film projects including his own web series that he has written, directed and produced. Its titled “The Black Pages.” It is a soap opera dealing with girls in the escort business. In The next five years, Terrence’s goal is to expand upon his independent film company, and take on larger scale projects.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Terrence Sharrock)


Toni Steelz Raps With Grinderzz Magazine What's up? It's Ur Favorite Hoodchic Toni Steelz. A little about me...born & raised in Brooklyn, East New York. My parents are of Garifuna Descent a tribe of folks by way of St. Vincent who were migrated to Honduras, C.A. This, I believe gives me my edge. I love music. I am a multi award winning hip hop artist for Best Female Rapper of the Year, also as part of a Male/Female duo BLACKSTEELZ for Hip Hop Duo of the Year. For more info visit I chose rap because my story could be told. It's me talking to you in song and being able to express myself in a way I'm unable to any other time. Music moves me. Music lead me to other areas of entertainment. I fell in love with acting. I've been fortunate enough to work with other talented creatives in productions such as 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' with the Gallery Players of Brooklyn and 'Of Mice & Men' at The Mint Theatre. I am currently casted in a drama filled thriller tv show Vish Merrick written, produced & directed by Jermaine Smith. I am playing a corrupt detective named Smith. She's firm yet vulnerable...tough but generous. I'm having a great time and enjoying watching other creatives get busy. For more on Vish Merrick visit I just released a record on ITunes named "Don't See No Good". This is a special record for me...stay tuned you may get the full story behind it. But, make sure you purchase that! Any who, anymore you want to know about 21

Ur Favorite Hoodchic come check me out at the links below. U Already Know #ItsAGOâ„¢ ð&#x;˜˜ ToniSteelz on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/ITunes/YouTube #ItsAGOwithToniSteelz on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Mixcloud/YouTube (Photo Credits: Courtesy of Toni Steelz)


Caelan… The newest and hottest hip hop artist in Las Vegas Nevada by Angie Christine

GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine/tv had the pleasure of meeting up with Caelan Wood here in the studio in Las Vegas Nevada. He is def one of the newest hip hop artist that’s out here doing his thing in Sin City. Caelan goes by the name “Cato Caelan”. Caelan is originally from Springfield Ohio, and all his life he had a passion for performing. Throughout his childhood and teen years, Caelan was in a choir, band, and performed in school musicals. After high school, Caelan became more serious about his music. Caelan has performed at Masque in Dayton Ohio every other Monday and Tuesday. He was also honored to be a part of Drauma Fashion Show in Columbus Ohio in 2015, performing alongside with his good friend, Charles Zappedin. In addition, during 2015, Caelan and Charles collaborated and released “Survivin”. In 2016, Caelan decided to take a risk and traveled 1,975 miles from Ohio to Las Vegas Nevada by car to pursue his career in music. At that moment in his life he felt determined to do what’s best and to chase his dreams. Caelan knew he wanted to make his dreams a reality. From 2016-2017, he’s performed at places such as Sauce, and Neche, in Vegas. The video 23

“Survivin” was also shot here and is up and running on Youtube. Caelan just released his first single “Chase it” on April 29, 2017, on Sound cloud. Caelan say’s with his music he wants the entire world to “vibe with it; it’s music that will make you hype, feel free, and mostly have you dancing up a storm.” If you would like to chat it up with Caelan, you can reach him on social media @catocaelan on Instagram and @catocaelan on Twitter.

(Photo Credits: Courtesy of Caelan) 24

Ken “Big” Blake, A Grinder at His Best by Angie Christine

Ken Blake is an example of a grinder. Born and raised in Chicago, Ken always knew he would be on top, and wouldn’t have any excuses not to get there. He graduated from Lake View high school with top honors, and went on to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps. With over 25 years and counting with his business endeavors and realty company he manages, Ken is always working hard every day to continuously stay on top of his game. Ken has traveled around the world and has participated in lectures, lending helping hands to those who needed advice with credit counseling, to helping families with a non-profit and assisting home owners with affordable payments for them to purchase a home. 2007, Mr. Blake founded Think Big Radio, which is a stepping stone for people to be heard and to speak about their businesses. From authors to politicians and to anyone in the business, Ken has given them all an open invite to speak on his radio show. In 2014, Ken launched Think Big Academics where he gives free business and finance training. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ken Blake)


Rashad Sweeney, Grinding at His Best

Rashad Sweeney was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, and now resides in Hampton Virginia as of 2010. Father, son, humanitarian, young aspiring model, and actor, this grinder is always working 24/7. Rashad has always been the center of attention, and one day someone told him he should take up modeling. Rashad started taking everyone’s advice seriously. In 2016, he started his craft and is modeling for “Valuable Brand Clothing line.” His dream is to one day appear in a Beyonce, Katy Perry, or Rihanna music video. Rashad also told us he loves Tyler Perry and would, someday, love to be an actor in one of his upcoming movies and plays. We, at GrinderZZ 24/7, asked Rashad is his inspiration and who makes him want to follow his dream as a model. His response was, “Tyson Beckford and Naomi Campbell.” His ultimate dream, in three years, is to one day walk on the runway in New York City and Paris France. When talking to Rashad, I also couldn’t help but to notice that he is also very humorous. Whatever happens and whatever direction Rashad will go, the one thing I definitely can say is, he will have a name for himself, in this industry. Rashad Sweeny, we, at GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV, salute you! Contact info: Facebook: Shad the Model Facebook: Rashad Sweeny IG: Mrputitdown04 (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rashad Sweeney)


All Hail to the Queen! by Angie Christine

“I am the real China Doll” is the answer you will get when you speak to this beautiful Queen who is always on her grind 24/7. Actress, Comedian, entertainer, and activist, there’s nothing this female is shy of doing. Her radio show “The Real” is always keeping it real with her audience. You can catch her weekly radio show on Amps 7pm EST / 6pm CST. China has also taken her services overseas. From working with the United States military, and also working with other countries like Korea, Japan, Germany, Amsterdam, and Hawaii. China has appeared on the TV shows B.E.T Comic View and the Bay Area Black comedy show. She has also worked alongside Cedric the Entertainer, D.L Hugley, Rickey Smiley, Rodney Perry, Bruce Bruce, and with Wayman Tisdale, on an H.B.O special. This Queen has also done commercials for Mastercard, Goodwill, Indiana Live Casino, Eli Lily & Company and the Indiana Visitors Association. Her standup comedy has taken her to Caroline’s on Broadway, Comics on Fire, Laffapooloza and Bud Light Ladies of Laughter. China is also involved with a youth organization that’s dear to her heart. “Ballen” is the name of the program and it stands for Building a life lifting educated nation. To listen this phenomenal woman, on her show “The Real,” the dial-in number is (317) 796-4201. To reach out to China, send an email to: (Photo Credits: Courtesy of China Doll)


Authoress Terry E. Lyles

Authoress Terry E. Lyle is a PROLIFIC WRITER, INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER, RADIO HOST AND BIBLE SCHOOL TEACHER. always SEEKING A WAY TO SHARE WISDOM AND THE WORD OF GOD. HER PASSION IS BEING A GUARDIAN FOR CHILDREN, HER COIN COLLECTION AND ARTS AND CRAFTS. Always starting her day with a smile and looking for the rainbow in our lives. A prolific writer who has written 10 books and ghost wrote a few for other people. Her latest and 10th book Broken she also had turned into a script because she knows that God wanted her testimony told to save other souls.


Terry’s website is and her radio show Unmasked can be found by going to and the call-in number is 347-945-6003 each Friday at 7:30pm EST. To know Terry is always a plus because she’s always willing to help others in need. The motto that she lives by is “If it ain’t about relationships then it ain’t about nothing,” so she encourages others to put more stock in building good interactions between people instead of chasing the all mighty dollar. Follow Terry on FaceBook and LinkedIn as Authoress Terry E. Lyle and Sweetfire01 on Twitter. Click the follow button on Unmasked via; and catch me on my personal website at or Sound Cloud. Authoress Terry E. Lyle Globally known Authoress Terry E. Lyle entices her readers with real-life situations told in her lyrical transparent writing style like Robert Frost and Billy Collins.

(Photo Credits: Courtesy of Terry E. Lyle)


DJ Bro-Rabb Exclusive

DJ BRO-RABB aka MR LAWD HAVE MERCY was born PHILLIP BELL III on October 7th in the city of Durham NC also known as “THE BULL CITY” or “THE CITY OF MEDICINE”. From the time Bro-Rabb was a child, he quickly developed a strong passion for music & a fascination for ‘vinyl”, largely due to his parent’s large vinyl collection. Bro-Rabb quickly caught the “DJ” bug around the age of 8, when his mother took him to a company party for the children of the employees, where there was a DJ set up with two turntables, a mixer, & crates of records. Bro-Rabb was Intrigued by the sounds of different songs being “MIXED” together, the nonstop flow of music & the loudness stop flow of music & the loudness of system. Bro-Rabb Bro-Rabbfirst first of the the sound system. tried his hand on the turntables fresh out of school, djing for a tried hismiddle hand on the turntables local hip-hop group which consisted of a childhood friend. He managed fresh out of middle school, djing for a localto start djing small gigs around the Durham area & started to develop hip-hop group which consisted of a childhood a following as this young DJ who knew music well beyond his years. friend. He managed to start djing small gigs around Over the years, DJ BRO-RABB went on to open, and shared the stage with the Durham area & started to develop a following HIP-HOP/R&B legends such as FLOETRY, RAKIM, KID CAPRI, NAS, KRS-ONE, BIG as this young DJ who knew music well beyond his BOI (Outkast), RAHEEM DEVAUGHN, ANTHONY HAMILITON, ERIC BENET, BIG DADDY years. others. He has also developed KANE, TALIB KWELI, SPECIAL ED, & countless a strong reputation as being one of the best crowd/party rocker DJ’s around. Bro-Rabb also landed spots as a college mix show DJ the radio stations at DUKE UNIVERSITY & NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY located in Durham NC. He rocked as a mix show DJ for both radio stations from 1997 to 2006. DJ BRO-RABB is also part of a DJ crew called THE WORLD FAMOUS BUTTA TEAM, a group of DJs that also do studio production & promotions. As being part of the BUTTA TEAM, Bro-Rabb worked on a critically acclaimed documentary called WELCOME 2 DURHAM, which went on to win numerous independent film awards & a segment on ABC World News. The documentary was followed by a soundtrack/album produced by THE BUTTA TEAM. The leading single from the soundtrack was also called WELCOME 2 DURHAM which featured hip hop legend


BIG DADDY KANE & underground hip hop group LITTLE BROTHER. The track was produced by Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder (Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child, Mary J Blige). DJ BRO-RABB is currently touring with Legendary Hip Hop Duo KID “N” PLAY on the I LOVE THE 90’s TOUR along with SALT “N” PEPA,TLC,ROB BASE,TONE LOC,NAUGHTY BY NATURE,BIZ MARKIE,& others.DJ BRO-RABB is also back on the radio waves everyday MON-FRI at NOON (EST) on the BACK IN THE DAY BUFFET MIXSHOW on FRESH 97.9FM.A live stream can be heard daily at BRO-RABB also travels up & down the east down playing in various clubs & DJing shows & concerts. DJ BRO-RABB “MR LAWD HAVE MERCY” is the definition of a TRUE DJ, A REAL DJ, & MASTER OF THE CRAFT & most importantly, a SURVIVOR. His Respect, love, & passion for the art of DJING has helped him exceed ALL expectations, overcome obstacles, and maintain his dominance & relevance. Seeing DJ BRO-RABB LIVE in an EXPERIENCE that you will always remember.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of DJ Bro-Rabb)


GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine/TV Interviews with Special Ed

I had a chance to sit down and get candid with Special Ed, the Brooklyn born hip hop artist. I know you all are hyped to hear what Ed’s been up to, and also reminisce on some old times. Check out my interview:

Grinderzz: Mr. Archer, or shall I say Special Ed, tell the world and us here at GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine/TV a little about yourself. Special Ed: I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, alongside of my 4 older brothers. In 1988, at the age of 16, I recorded my first hit record and album. Grinderzz: Growing up in Brooklyn, I know you were influenced by a lot different hip hop artist. Who are some of your favorites? Special Ed: There’s so many, but if I had to name the top ones, they would be Melly Mel, The Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Jimmy Spicer, Run Dmc, and Whodini. Grinderzz: Back in 1989 you released your album “Youngest in Charge” when you were still in high school. What was that experience like? Special Ed: Back in 1989, it was a great experience achieving success at that age. I saw things through the same eyes, but I was able to navigate without getting lost. Grinderzz: Your song “I got it Made” sold a half a million copies. What did you do when you first heard your song on the radio? What was the first thing you purchased with your big check? 32

Special Ed: It felt really good. It was a sense of accomplishment. When I received my check, I went out and bought a car and 2 Co-Op apartments. Grinderzz: Your songs I Got It Made, Think About It, and The Magnificent were all produced by Hittman Howie Tee. What was it like working with him? Special Ed: It was a great experience! I learned a lot about production with him, and what it takes to be patient. Howie is a true genuine person. Grinderzz: I remember watching the episode of the Cosby Show when you played the rapper JT Freeze. How was it like working with the cast? How was it like working alongside of Dr. Bill Cosby? Special Ed: The cast was great. They all welcomed me with open arms, and showed me a lot of love. Mr. Cosby was cool, as well. It was a great learning experience. He taught me about TV production. Grinderzz: Your last album in 2004 was titled “Still Got It Made.” Are you currently working on anything new? Special Ed: I’m always working on music. I may sometimes take a break, but I’m always working. I have a passion for music. Grinderzz: You also had a cameo in the movie “Juice”. How was it working alongside the cast, and also working with the great Tupac Shakur? Special Ed: Hanging with everyone on the set of Juice was cool. I really wasn’t supposed to be in the movie. Tupac was a good friend of mine and he asked me to come and hang with him on the set and chill. Tupac was the one who got me that cameo in the film. Grinderzz: Rick Ross had you appear in his video, “Magnificent”. Was He inspired by you and your song “Magnificent”? Special Ed: Absolutely! Rick Ross said it in an interview he had, that it was based on my song. Everything from the vibes, to the feeling of the song made him want to do it. Grinderzz: How do you feel about music today, and do you feel lucky to still be involved in it today? Special Ed: Music has come a long way, and I’ve been fortunate to enjoy doing it for a living, and that’s a real blessing. Grinderzz: How could your fans get in touch with you? Special Ed: Twitter – Special Ed @ Special Ed, and Special Ed Music on Instagram. I want to thank you Special Ed for chopping it up with us,at GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine/TV. Continue grinding Ed! (Photo Credits: Courtesy of Ed “Special Ed” Archer)


(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carlos Outten)


SPOTLIGHT: Entrepreneur / Radio Personality Samantha Robinson

Samantha Jasmin Robinson was born on June 26, 1992, in White Plains New York. The daughter of Sam and Beverly Robinson, Samantha was born to be in the spotlight. At an early age, her parents recognized her talent of holding an audience and making people laugh. Around the holidays when all the family was around, Samantha always had them laughing around the dinner table. Samantha graduated with her GED from Dobb Ferry high school. During high school, Samantha would call into the different radio stations in New York to win tickets to concerts and to also to put in her two cents on topics of the day they would discuss. It got so addictive that Samantha decided with the help of her friend to put together their very own radio show in 2007. "Black Barbie Radio" was her name and the name of her show. Samantha was having the time of her life with her new role as radio personality. Later on, that year, she became a promoter and then artist management for a hip hop group called KHM, which stands for Killan House Musik. As manager of the group, Samantha Robinson was able to have the group compete in a talent showcase in 2011, and KHM won 1st place. In 2013 Samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Rahiem Goldsmith Jr. She was so overjoyed because she always wanted to have a son. In 2014 Samantha moved to Las Vegas with her baby boy to pursue bigger dreams. She met with and befriended author Angie Christine in 2016, and the rest was history. Loving the positive energy Samantha gave off Angie Christine, alongside of Shenoba Kinsey, CEO of Fuzionz Magazine gave Samantha a chance to attend the red carpet event at the 2016 Soul Train awards that was held at the Orleans arena here in Las Vegas Nevada. Samantha worked the camera and also worked her way to India Arie's heart when she belted out the chorus of her song "Video" while her makeup artist was making her up for her interview. Since covering the awards, Samantha decided she wants to get back into the swing of things with starting a new radio show here in 35

Las Vegas. She's currently working on that project. Her influences are P Diddy and Remy Ma, who she actually got to meet at the Soul Train awards. Samantha has one phrase she constantly repeats and that is "Dare to be different." As long as she continues to put God first, nothing but greatness will continue to come to Samantha Jasmin Robinson.

(Photo Credits: Courtesy of Samantha Robinson)


GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV Gets Cozy with Scott La Rock Jr.

If you’re a lover of real music, if you’re an old school hip hop fan, then you should automatically know who I’m speaking about when I say the name DJ Scott La Rock. La Rock aka Scott Monroe Sterling was born March 2, 1962 in the Bronx New York City and was tragically taken away from us on August 27, 1987, at the tender age of 25 from a senseless shooting. He was a part of the legendary group BDP (Boogie Down Productions), alongside member and best friend, Kris Parker. GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV had the privilege to sit down and talk to the son of this tremendously talented DJ. Grinderzz: Scott La Rock Jr., tell us and the people in the world a little about yourself. Scott: Well, my new is Scott La Rock Jr. I'm 30 years old and I'm from the Bronx New York. I am the C.E.O of SLR Music Group, which is the company I started in honor of my father. 37

Grinderzz: How is it being the son of a famous DJ that everyone loved and adored so very much. Scott: I didn't live my life growing up telling people that DJ Scott La Rock was my dad, so I honestly can't tell you. I didn't grow up easy, there was no silver spoon. Grinderzz: Right now, I have goosebumps talking to you, because I am a huge fan of your fathers. How old were you when he was murdered? Scott: I was 9 months old when my father was murdered. Grinderzz: Your father left a big legacy behind, and you can still hear a BDP song played on the radio. When you were old enough to realize who your father was how did it make you feel? Scott: I realized his impact on hip hop the older I got. I'm still learning new things about him all the time. It's dope! Grinderzz: Are you currently following in his footsteps? Scott: Those shoes are too big to fill. My father kind of made it tough for me to follow up. Hopefully, I'm not too far off. Grinderzz: Recently I saw on the news that they honored your father by giving him his very own street. “DJ Scott La Rock Blvd” in the Bronx. How was the ceremony? Scott: The ceremony was incredible. It was a huge honor for my family and me. Grinderzz: You’re now a manager/producer working with numerous of artist. What can we look out for in the coming months? Scott: Right now, we have the "Ride out" from Player K, 2 singles from SOS Bishop, and a project in the works from Alonzo Fury, as well as my second compilation project. Grinderzz: I know some of the ladies out there would like to know are you single? Looking? Scott: I don't think they really want to know that answer.......I prefer to remain a mystery. Grinderzz: How can someone get in touch with you? Are you on any social media outlets? Scott: You can reach me on Instagram @Scottlarockjr, and Twitter @ slrmusicgroup.


Grinderzz: If you had to pick one artist in the game right now to work with, who would that be and why? Scott: Nas Grinderzz: Any final words? Scott: I really do appreciate the time you all gave me here at GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV. Hope to do another interview with you all in the future. We, at GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV, would like to thank you Mr. Scott La Rock Jr. for sharing your story with us. Please don’t be a stranger. God Bless.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Scott La Rock Jr.)



Troy Mitchell A.K.A (Big Baby), Producer/Rap artist, was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. From a very young age, he always had a passion for music, Hip Hop in particular. But for a young boy growing up without the guidance of his father, life was hard and the dream of being somehow involved with music was a far-fetched notice. When he was eight years old, to provide a better life for him and his siblings, his mother moved the family to Chesapeake, Virginia. But, life in Chesapeake’s Holy Cove neighborhood was not as peaceful has the Mitchell family had expected. In Holy Cove, Troy went from hearing about the street legends to later becoming one himself. To prevent Troy from becoming another statistic, his older brother John E. Mitchell decided that he needed to step in and push his younger brother’s life in a totally different trajectory and have Troy focus on his passion, MUSIC. That was the moment that Hip Hop became a driving forceful in his life. Troy’s brother John would later be incarcerated, which left him once again without guidance. So, Troy gravitated back to the streets where money came fast and where he gained the reputation of being a “Bad Ass”. Although the street life, afforded him immense financial rewards and the respect of fellow street hustlers, Hip Hop music had already taken a hold of Troy and wouldn’t let him go. Thus, Troy decided that he would leave the streets for good and make his brother proud by continuing both of their dreams of becoming successful Hip Hop artists and producers. When John was released from prison, he and Troy formed a group called “3 Feet”. The group would move to New York City and quickly establish themselves, accomplishing dreams of working as producers and performing as artists. Their work includes performing with artist Salt & Pepa (the music industry's hottest female rap duos at the time). 3 Feet contributed to the background vocals on one Salt & Pepa’s biggest and 40

most celebrated hits, “What a Man” and 3 Feet were also featured in the “What a Man” video. The greatest experience 3 Feet had during the run with artist Salt & Pepa was a live performance on Saturday Night Live. 3 Feet was then signed to London Polygram Records, managed by "Hurby (Azor) Lovebugs" Idol Makers management. Troy Mitchell himself has worked with many of the music industry’s top producers, but his work with super-producer Teddy Riley (one of the industries greatest talents who paved the way for all Virginia producers) was one of his most remarkable moments in his life and career. Through their collaborative works, Troy and Teddy Riley would eventually become great friends; a friendship that lasts until this day. During his time working with Teddy Riley, Troy’s name began to spread in the music industry and as a result, he captured the attention of musical virtuoso Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley through a good friend Melvin “Magoo” Barcliff offering “Magoo”. It wouldn’t be long before Troy and Timbaland would begin to collaborate on some of the most innovative music of the time. Troy’s first collaboration with Timbaland was on his freshman album "Timbaland & Magoo". The song was titled “Writing Rhymes” and it was the first record to be released by "Timbaland & Magoo. He would later go on to produce and perform his own songs featuring Timbaland. Song like "Brangin It" on Timbaland’s compilation album "Life in da Basement" featured Timbaland on the chorus. Other songs like "Fat Rabbit" gave well known rapper "Ludacris" his big break. Troy’s last collaboration with Timbaland was on his album "Indecent Proposal" and the song was titled “Beat Club” which was actually the introduction of his newly created record label “Beat Club”. The song “Beat Club” featured his old pal “Magoo”, Troy Mitchell as “Jason Alias” (now known as “Big Baby”), Sin and Timberland’s brother Sebastian. That album also featured one of the music industries greatest icons “Jay-z”. Thoughout the years Timbaland has aided Troy Mitchell is his development as a producer and as an artist, to which Troy is eternally appreciative and thankful. So, you see, Troy Mitchell has been around the music industry for quite some time, and he feels if giving the right opportunity he will be the next BIG THING. From his experience over the years, Troy Mitchell his given and gained the respect of some of the biggest name in urban music today and it is that reason why he has decided to start my own record label Gorilla Music Group; “WHY NOT”? Through the grace God and the support of his family and friends Troy will inevitably realize the full potential of his talents and his dream to help other artists and producers get their big break in the music industry. This is what inspired Troy Mitchell. “BIG BABY" My Passion is my Pain!!!!

(Photo Credits: Courtesy of Troy Mitchell)


Love Is In The Air On February 14, the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day. In this country alone over 1 million balloons, chocolates, and roses will be given out to people to express the love they feel for each other. Cards fly rapidly off the shelves, and strawberries and whip cream bottles are ghost in the supermarkets. Whatever you guys decide to do in this special cupid love day, make sure you make a long-lasting memory of it, buy capturing your special day with pictures. There’s nothing like looking back 5, 10, and even 20 years on those special moments. Cheers to love!




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