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Agenda Course Introduction: Arch 5185 me

Design Expectations Workload Assessment Tasks Weightings Project Brief Site Recording Student pix ... Break allocate group tasks.

+ costs: $3 for tour.

Architecture v Building Design Design Language Books

week 3


Vernacula Discussion initiated by AR. (45mins)


Vernacular task started in class to be completed for homework (90mins)


Break (15-20mins)


Brainstorming Design Concept Castlemaine. 1.

Resolve conceptual framework from Brainstorming Session.


Resulting homework. Plan 1:100 East Elevation 1:100 Ver 1.0 (alpha) ie proof of concept.

Presentation of all Homework items start of class week #4.



the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people of a country or region. architecture concerned with domestic and functional rather than public or monumental buildings. Low Architecture

regionalism vs globalism

Resources: Illustrated lectures on Vernacular Architecture A Pattern Language: Christopher Alexander Architecture without Architects Bernard Rudofsky ways of seeing (1972) John Berger.


Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit. (Art in the age of mechanical reproduction) by Walter Benjamin 1936D. 1968 E.

task select a suburban streetscape via google streetview images should be clear, avoid fences, cars and trees where possible. street should be reasonably consistent in form.

heterogenous vs homogenous

analyse elements of architectural syntax, list common traits. >

determine the most typical house



(if possible is the odd one out and why).


determine if the site has a heritage overlay (planning schemes online)


determine if the typical building has any underlying proportional system.


create a figure-ground study of the area.

artist david hockney photo studies are not necessarily about perfectly aligned or merged panoramas. The eye views the world more like above, it is our brains that stitch the scene into a seamless continuity. Images highlight key elements.

articulation and composition of elements based on underlying mathematical principles.


commonalities: single or no visible chimney timber clad walls. steel roof cast iron verandah posts and decorative filigree off street parking setback 1.5m from street approx. elevations generally identical slight variations of colour scheme (town planning constrained?) no or minimal landscape side path to rear, (south side of property.) North wall on property boundary. largely intact streetscape no recent works. Narrow street

workers cottages Park Street Abbotsord

figure-ground study via google maps

week #4

suggested reading: The Crit. An Architectural Students Guide to Presenting.

2013 Design Class Notes  

notes via smartboard

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