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Published by the Australian Chamber of Commerce-South China

Issue One 2012

Interview with Ms.Cher Jones


Reasons to Set up Business in Guangzhou



Discover Guangzhou

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Preface 卷首语

Message From President

Dear Members and Friends of the Chamber:

I trust you are all enjoying a good start to the new year of 2012! Welcome to the new phase of Horizons Magazine because we have started the new year with a new team, led by Edward Cheuk, to handle the very challenging task of publishing this ever-improving medium for the Chamber. The previous team, led by Gordon Tse, significantly raised the standard of what was previously a newsletter to its current well-deserved status of magazine for the Chamber. I would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to Gordon and his team for their sterling efforts with this very important medium of communication for the Chamber.

With the clearer structure of Horizons, the Chamber magazine is designed to meet the needs of the readers from the point of view of people with strong China-Australia ties, whether they are located in China or Australia. These include Australians based in China for employment and business reasons, Australians who are in China only on short-term bases, Chinese people who have or would like to have investment or business interests in Australia, and Chinese people who would like to or have already been educated in Australia.

We hope that you will enjoy the new format of Horizons. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to let us know.







At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, I travelled between Hong Kong and Guangdong and was overwhelmed by the big crowds of people crossing the border. The very vibrant atmosphere was very obvious, particularly for the retail and hotel industries in Hong Kong. I even heard that the hotel charges in Hong Kong increased to 3 or 4 times their normal rates during the peak Christmas and New Year period.

For those who have been in China a long time, I am sure we agree that China is a very vibrant country with strong economic growth and excellent prospects. The standard of living and quality of living have been steadily increasing throughout China, but need more of the necessary resources to achieve the relevant objectives.

Australia has much to offer to satisfy the insatiable appetite of China for these needs. With us being located in China, we are closest to the opportunities that arise from time to time.

We trust that you will all continue to make good use of the resources that the Chamber has to offer and to take advantage of them as your platform to further create and extend business opportunities.

Good starts in all things bring good momentum! If the very busy activities across and at the Hong Kong border is a sign of things to expect in the near future, we will be having a very prosperous year of 2012!

Best Wishes for an excellent year of 2012!

Alfred Leong President Australian Chamber of Commerce – South China 4 January 2012





H orizons Information 会刊资讯

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H orizons


orizons Information 会刊资讯


Imperial Traders Hotel

293 Guangzhou Road Central, Guangzhou, China, Tel:020-87371288  Fax:020-87380001/87371688

Room 401-403,3A Floor,Morgan Business Center North Tower,Full Yingli Plaza.No.3 Hua Qiang Road Pearl River City,Tianhe District,Guangzhou. Tel:(8620)38013254

Guangzhou Wan Zhi Medical Services Centre Room 2502, CITIC Plaza, No. 233 Tian He North Road, Guangzhou Tel: (8620) 2223 0233

05 03





H orizons Information 会刊资讯

Aviation Silk Air (Singapore) Pte Ltd ADD: Rm.2710, Kerry Centre, No.2008 Ren Min Nan Road Shen zhen Tel: 86-755-82366106 Fax: 86-755-82300032

s & Clubs 赤道1°东南亚餐厅 ADD:NO.19Tian He Dong road. TEL: 020-87540386、 87005126、 18902499687

MOMENT Bar: 1/F, Case Riva Hotel, No.32-34 Yu H a n R o a d, B i n J i a n g D o n g, Guangzhou

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H orizons

Information 会刊资讯

Contents 目录 Preface

Horizons Information New Comer Honorable Editorial Board Members:


Mr. Alfred LEONG

Welcome New Corporate Members

Event Review

Mr. Kevin LI Mr. Craig SMITH

08 AustCham 2011 Christmas Party in Grand Hyatt Guangzhou 14 Australia Day 2012

Mr. David CHAN Mr. Gordon TSE

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Great Deal


Interview with Ms.Cher Jones




Point of View

Circulation Executive: Vicko LI

26 重新洗牌:高星级酒店将要面对的问题 28 Hotel Financing in Macau 32 36

掘金澳大利亚 Reasons to Set up Business in Guangzhou


And Cultural Concept Ltd.

Leisure Time

Publication Headquarter: Rm1714-15, Guangdong International Building,

41 葡萄藤下的芭萝莎 43 澳洲反季节游 寻找南半球的夏天

339 Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou, China.

Postcode: 510098.

Enjoy Guangzhou

Tel: (8620)-2237 2866 Fax: (8620)-8319 0765

Editorial Department Email Address:

46 56 58

Famous Tourist Spots of Liwan District Big Games Discover Guangzhou

Sales Department Email Address:

Official Website:



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New Comers


Welcome New Corporate Members

Servcorp Servcorp Limited (ASX: SRV) is a Public Company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange which provides serviced office and virtual office products to markets in Australia, New Zealand, China, South East Asia, Japan, Europe, The United States and the Middle East. It was founded by Alfred Moufarrige in 1978 and is viewed as being the leader in premium workspace locations interconnected by one technology platform. Telephone: 8620 2801 6005 Address: Level 54 Guangzhou IFC No.5, Zhujiang Road West, Guangzhou 510623

Oakwood Premier Guangzhou Located in the heart of Tianhe Commercial Business District and adjacent to the Pearl River New City CBD, Oakwood Premier Guangzhou, the first Oakwood Premier brand in China is about 40-minutes ride from the Baiyun International Airport and an easy access to the East Railway Station which provides express train services to Hong Kong. Oakwood Premier Guangzhou offers 225 bright and spacious serviced apartments ranging from studio to one, two, three and four bedroom units. All of the apartments are beautifully furnished and fully equipped with linen and kitchenware. You can simply move in and start your living like you are at home. Telephone: 8620 3883 3883 Address: 28 Tiyu Dong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510620, China

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New Comers


Welcome New Corporate Members

And Cultural Concept Ltd. 亦文化推广有限公司 亦文化推广有限公司在香港注册,主要业务是承办活动及出版刊物,目前主办的活动包括 2009-2011 香港校园寻踪大赛, 主办的刊物包括《People & Properties》(第一至第十期),详情请登录 查看。业务洽谈请发邮件至 gm@ 联系! 公司地址:香港德辅道西 295-305 号天兴大厦五楼 E 座





07 2012-2-19


Event Review


AustCham 2011 Christmas Party in Grand Hyatt Guangzhou AustCham South China and Australian Consulate-General Guangzhou celebrated the Christmas with our entire members and friends at Grand Hyatt Guangzhou at 2:30pm-5:30pm on 11 December 2011. Mr. Grant Dooley, Australian Consul-General to Guangzhou, made the welcome speech at the event. More than 300 adults and children participated and enjoyed a lot of fine food, unlimited drinks and lucky draw. Santa delivered many gifts and there was a live band.

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Event Review




09 2012-2-19


Event Review

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Event Review




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Event Review



请根据从左至 右的顺序填写相 中人的正确名字 ( 中 英 文 均 可), 并 把 答 案 于 2012 年 3 月 28 日 前 交 到商会或电邮至, 3 名 答 对 的 读 者, 将 有 机会被编辑部抽中, 并获得惊喜的礼品。

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Event Review




13 2012-2-19


Event Review


Australia Day 2012 On 14 Jan 2012, Australian Chamber of Commerce South China, in conjunction with the Australian Consulate-General Guangzhou, the Australia China Alumni Association, the Aussie Sheilas, Wallaby Teds and the Guangzhou Scorpions organized an Australia Day event for our members, Australian community, families and international friends. It was a great day, there were many activies during the day, including Aussie footy game, tug of war, gum boot & thong toss for the kids, a bit of cricket and face painting. The BBQ went into full-operation mode with great burgers and sausages. There were also great pies, Aussie beers and wine. There was a bake sale, great raffle prizes and more... Lots of fun and a good day was had by all while raising money for charity.

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Event Review




15 2012-2-19


Event Review

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Event Review


Photos courtesy of Vicko Li



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E xclusive Interview 人物采访

Interview with Ms. Cher Jones Reporter:Edward Cheuk Artworlk:Stella Zhang Photo:Alin Ma

Ms. Cher Jones is the Senior Representative, New South Wales Government for South China and Hong Kong. Her main role is to identify opportunities and offer facilitation services to overseas investors and technology collaborators who are seeking to grow their business and ventures into New South Wales, Australia.

Cher has a postgraduate MBA degree from the University of Michigan and undertook a Master Degree of Public Policy with the Australian National University. She speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. She is Australian, and was borne and raised in Hong Kong.

What is the pillar industry of the New South Wales State? NSW’s business infrastructure is particularly strong, with open and well regulated legal and banking systems. Of the top 20 global banks, 19 have operations in Sydney. Sydney is also the head office of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and the Australian Security Exchange. NSW is also a significant producer of low cost mineral resources and a major world supplier of coal. Sydney is home to cutting edge manufacturers of advanced technology product from medical devices to defence and aerospace. The high standard of products and services in NSW means that many companies and organizations are well placed to meet China’s growth and industralisation plans. China and NSW have developed extensive trade and investment links in agriculture, environmental protection, financial and legal services, education, tourism, architectural design and building product, biotechnology services and telecommunications.

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E xclusive Interview


What kinds of business transactions are mostly taking place between the New South Wales State and the Guangdong Province? Guangdong accounts for 20% of Australia’s trade volume with China – it is Australia’s 2nd largest export market and also 2nd largest source of imports. (Source:

NSW enjoys a sister state relationship with Guangdong (Sydney and Guangzhou are sister cities),

Major Australian exports to Guangdong are petroleum gas (E.g. LNG trade supplied by Northwest Shelf worth of

AUD1B/yr for 25 years), aluminum, zinc, steel, copper, coal, and scrap and recyclables. Increasingly, wine and other food product.

Australian imports from Guangdong are garments, accessories, computers, televisions, aluminum bars/rods,

household appliances, and communication equipments.

Guangdong has only recently become more active in outward investments to Australia mainly in the mining sector.

There are a number of SOEs and large local corporations invested in the mining and energy sector, white goods manufacturing, and telecommunication in NSW.

The province is also one of the largest markets for NSW’s education industry and the largest number of tourists into


What is the role and responsibility of Australia, New South Wales Government, Guangzhou? The office was opened in 2009. The NSW Government also has business offices in Shanghai, Mumbai and Abu Dhabi. The role is to:

maintain and grow sister-state relationship between NSW and Guangdong Province.

strengthen NSW’s international business presence and develop market and trade opportunities in the Southern China

and Hong Kong regions,

build and leverage strategic relationships with key business and trade connections,

identify suitable inbound investment and other business opportunities for NSW,

assist in managing projects aimed at identifying opportunities to promote economic development and growth for NSW,

prioritise industries and markets for export ventures,

work closely with universities and other educational institutions to promote NSW as an educational, business and

tourist destination.

How does your office help the mainland Chinese of the AustCham-South China to explore business opportunities in Australia?

Introductions to potential business partners, universities and training institutions, property agents, management, legal

and financial services firms, regulatory and government authorities

Business statistics benchmarking Sydney and NSW against other locations

Advice on registering a business in Australia



19 2012-2-19


E xclusive Interview 人物采访

Market visits in Sydney

Meeting facilitation to help recognize investment opportunities

Other assistance on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please visit and

As the Senior Representative of Australia, New South Wales Government, Guangzhou, what kinds of experience are you very proud of? NSW is the largest state in Australia by means of GDP. As a representative of such a significant jurisdiction, maintaining and growing the sister-state relationship between NSW and Guangdong Province is of highest priority. Our new Premier Barry O’Farrell visited Guangzhou in July 2011 within his first six months into the position, was very well received by then Governor Huang Hua Hua. This has achieved to cement and further strengthen the relationship and it was a proud moment.

What kinds of Australian affairs are worthwhile to promote to the mainland Chinese? Our promotion effort will align with NSW’s five industry action plans. Our key sectors with innovation value creation include advanced manufacturing, professional services, digital economy, tourism and events. These focuses will also share synergy with the 12th Five Year Plan set by the PRC Government.

What Chinese things will arouse the interest of the Australians? Evidence on economic growth through 1) Visible new infrastructure such as the new opera house, venue of Asian Games opening ceremony, the new TV Tower,etc; 2). Technological advancements such as space project, traditional Chinese medicines and supplement, telecommunications, etc.; 3) Cultural advancements such as world renowned pianist, artists, etc.

What are your expectations of the AustCham-South China? Resources for economic data, statistics, market intelligence, and policy and regulatory news.

What kinds of columns and contents are needed to introduce to the <Horizons> in order to attract the readers? News related to Australia and China connectivity such as 1) profiling Australian companies in Guangdong and Guangdong companies in Australia; 2) major events involving ministerial visits and conferences.

20 NSW.indd














酋长的宫殿 迪拜八星超豪华黄金酒店 迪拜,向来是奢华的代名词,在这个享乐主义者天堂里各大酒店更是奢华新异,令人叹为观止。 今期,我们将通过摄影师吴家豪先生的镜头一窥这个被誉为八星级酒店的阿联酋酋长皇宫酒店。

吴家豪 中国国家高级摄影师 豪华酒店点评专家 美食点评家 虚拟空间展示制作专家 个人微博: 电子邮箱


位于阿拉伯联合酋长国的首都阿布扎比市的阿布扎比海滩,北面和西面临海。坐拥 85 公顷园林和 1.3 公里黄金海岸,是一座 从沙漠中拔地而起的宏伟宫殿,也是一座古典式的阿拉伯皇宫式建筑,更是世上唯一的八星级酒店。酒店最初是为海湾合作委员 会首脑来到阿布扎比参加会议而耗资 30 亿美元修建的,其顶层即是首脑们所专属的总统套房。



23 2012-2-19


Photos 视觉享受

24 interview,.indd








25 2012-2-19


Point of View 观点 孙铤哲 凤凰酒店顾问执行董事 个人博客: 微博: 电子邮箱

重新洗牌 高星级酒店将要面临的问题 有一段较长时间没有“提笔”写博客了,可能是现在的“面

的回报预盼(expected returns),这还需要时间来验证。从




6 成多)。据 STR 2011 年半年报告,苏州在 15 个主要酒店市

时候不能超过 140 字。

场比对一年前的增长倒数第三(只在上海、杭州之上),有的 酒店近三年的出租率居然只有三成(我手上的案子就是其中例

今天是(北美的)感恩节,自己刚到了苏州,感觉跟香港 与其它有大量美加侨民的国内一线城市相比,这里的节日气氛

子)。理性地考虑一下,真的有“刚性需求”支撑那么多的豪 华五星级酒店吗?

不是特别浓厚。这次到苏州主要是要处理一家业主准备更换酒 店管理公司的案子,心情上并没有委托方的一片踌躇,反而自







了一个很怪的现象:就是周末周日在购物区旁的酒店都会“爆 满”(这可能跟京沪不同,一般一线城市得益与商务客的支持

这两年,苏州高星级酒店增长非常快,据统计,截止 2011


年 10 月底为止,苏州已经落成或者在建的五星酒店总量是 26

到 100% 以上的,从前在学校时候老师解释过就是:一间房间

家(10 月 20 日,香港地产巨擘新鸿基地产与四季酒店(Four

出售超过一次;在国内只在 80 年代时候较为普遍。

Seasons)在苏州工业园区金鸡湖签订有关合作协议),是京 沪以外最多的。

踏入 2010 年,之前多年的延续性 M2(广义货币)超发提 供了太多的“流动性”或资金已经在大程度搅乱了酒店的供需

最近园区里有家洲际酒店(Intercontinental)刚刚开业, 好评不寡,然而有关的“前期掌声”是否能转换成并符合之后

26 interview,.indd


平衡,尤其是房地产被纳入“支柱产业(pillar industry)”后。 由于供应过多,市场需求一下子无法跟上,2010 年行业高星



Point of View


级酒店的出租率不到 60%(STR 报告),就是说有 40% 的房

并无法随之增加 50%。国资背景的房产企业有相当的资金链不






电邮问我是否可以介绍融资渠道。惊讶的是:为什么中央实行“调 控”政策后,他们才想到广开门路这举?是否国内企业除了跟 不高的出租率(只有 60% 左右)同时也对本来就“疲弱”

的房价附加压力,STR 的报告内展示了 15 个主要市场内有 9

地方政府与政策银行保持良好关系将“财务杠杆(leverage)” 最大化外,就无需作出财务上对风险的规避及针对管理?

个城市的(每晚)平均房价都是少过 100 美元(约 635 元人民 币)。635 的平均房价 X 60% 等于 380 元的实现房价(RevPAR;


实际每房收入),每年为 13.9 万。如果每房造价(不含地价)

2010 年中国星级饭店经营平均房价为 295.10 元,平均出租

每房为 100 万元(非常便宜,且未任何包餐饮设备),营业毛

率 60.27% ,每间可供出租客房收入 177.87 元,经营毛利率

利率为 40%(已经很高),每房的毛利为 5.55 万,这种 5.5%

46.33%。全员劳动生产率 13.234 万元,人均实现利润 0.301


万元,人均实现税收 1.1029 万元。

业的 WACC(加权平均资本成本)。如果资金是全靠银行的支 持,WACC =商业银行贷款利息(应该是 7% 左右)。不过在



意义的信息:为什么“人均实现税收”是 “人均实现利润”的

“缺口”需以其他渠道解决的话,WACC 肯定就有可能是 10%

3 倍多。将数字这样比较,如果有意投资酒店的人还看不出问



超过 60% 年利率。 这一轮“调控”对酒店行业的调控,笔者的看法是:健康 近 5 年来,HOSPCA(综合房产项目)大行其道,酒店的



的客房超供乱局是之前 M2 超发惹出来的祸,而在真正的市场


动态(Market Dynamics)从来就是为淘汰未对竞争作出充分



能产生相应的经济效益:房间大了 50%,可是营收或经营利润



27 2012-2-19


Point of View 观点

José Lupi Legal Consultant & Head of Business Development MdME|Lawyers|Private Notaries

Hotel Financing in Macau Who guarantees and who supervises in Macau? Both banking and insurance industries have achieved remarkable growth in Macau over the past decade as a result of the establishment and development of the regulatory framework and increasingly sophisticated practices. The regulatory and supervisory authority of the financial markets in Macau is the Autoridade Monetária de Macau (“AMCM”), which regulates the licensing and activity of banks, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, finance companies, cash remittance houses, moneychangers and other financial institutions. It is also responsible for monitoring the external solvency of the local currency, the pataca (MOP), and ensuring the currency's full convertibility. Powers of the AMCM include: a) advising and assisting the Chief Executive in formulating and applying monetary, financial, exchange rates and insurance policies; b) guiding, co-ordinating and overseeing the monetary, financial, foreign exchange and insurance markets, guaranteeing their smooth operation and supervising the actions of those operating within them according to the terms established in the regulatory statutes governing each respective area; c) monitoring the internal monetary stability and the external solvency of the local currency, ensuring its full convertibility; d) exercising the functions of a central monetary depository and managing the territory's currency reserves and other foreign assets; and e) monitoring the stability of the financial system.

28 articles.indd




Point of View


In other words, the AMCM functions almost as a central bank with powers to supervise the financial system of Macau, namely, through: (i) preventive actions; (ii) controlling and highlighting particularly prudential rules for entry requirements; (iii) monitoring the suitability of qualified shareholders and managers; (iv) consolidating supervision of new operating risks and financial groups; (v) providing licenses for the incorporation of credit institutions in Macau; (vi) opening of branches in Macau of credit institutions incorporated overseas; (vii) setting up of subsidiaries and opening of branches and representative offices overseas by credit institutions incorporated in Macau; and (viii) setting up of financial intermediaries and financial institutions other than credit institutions, excluding those regulated by special legislation. Nowadays, there are 28 banks in Macau, out of which 12 are locally incorporated (including the postal savings office) and 16 are branches of overseas banks. With the exception of two offshore banks, all the banks in Macau are retail banks with full banking license. As we know, either through subsidiaries or branches, most of the main Chinese and international banks with specialized real estate finance departments, such as Bank of China, ICBC, CCB, HSBC and other international financial institutions, are incorporated in Macau offering a highly competitive financing market for such a small jurisdiction. To recap on the Hotel investment options in Macau, it may be done through (i) the acquisition of land for development by an application or direct acquisition of a land lease concession; (ii) the acquisiton of an existing Hotel property (hotel property or owner/operating company); or (iii) a management agreement with the owner.

Standard Hotel Financing in Macau As in most of the jurisdictions worldwide, financing in Macau ultimately leads to the question: “What guarantees do I need to provide in order to get the financing I need?” As such, Hotel financing in Macau through the banking system is all about securities. Which security to use, the financing structure and the commercial terms of the deal will depend, first of all, on the credit worthiness, negotiation leverage and financial muscle of each player. The role of the securities is crucial: as safer the money is, the easier it will be to get the loan, especially now in Macau, where banks are using an increasingly higher and more complex number of securities. Moreover, Macau, as China, is a codified law jurisdiction which, as such, sets out its relevant securities precisely in its Civil and Commercial Code. There, we may find some guarantees which may be more or less familiar namely: • mortgages; • pledges of (i) account, (ii) rights, (iii) assets and/or (iv) share pledges; • guarantees on first demand;



29 2012-2-11


Point of View 观点 • floating charges; and • assignments of credits or proceeds. The regulations on guarantees are complex enough to cause the writing of dozens of articles, although pledges and mortgages clearly stand out as two of the most commonly used hotel financing guarantees:

Mortgage, a genereal overview In Macau, as in most of the jurisdictions, mortgages grant their creditors (Mortgagees/financial institutions) the right to receive payment over the proceeds of the sale of a hotel belonging to the debtor (Mortgagor/hotel owner) with preference over other unregistered creditors. In other words in case of default by the debtor, the mortgagee is entitled to enforce the mortgage by executing the property, i.e. promote its sale in order to collect its debt. In Macau, mortgages must be registered with the Buildings Registrar and must be created by means of a public deed whenever it is attached to assets which must be transmitted by public deed (as most of the real estate transactions are) under a penalty of total unenforceability even between the parties. However, mortgages can be modified at the request of the Mortgagee whenever there is reasonable risk that the mortgaged asset may be forfeited or depreciated due to cause not imputable to the creditor. As for the payment that extinguishes the Mortgages, the Macau law sets out the possibility for the purchaser of the mortgaged asset to extinguish the Mortgage, by paying the Mortgagee in full the underlying obligations. Any stipulation whereby the Mortgagee shall be entitled to retain property of the mortgaged assets in the event of default shall be null and void under Macau law. In similar terms, stipulations precluding the Mortgagor’s right to sell the mortgaged assets are also null and void. Notwithstanding, it is possible to stipulate the immediate maturity of the obligations underlying to the Mortgage in the event of sale of the mortgaged assets by the Mortgagor. Regarding extinction of Mortgages, Macau law sets out the possibility for the purchaser of the mortgaged asset to extinguish the Mortgage, by paying the Mortgagee in full the underlying obligations.

Pledges In Macau, pledges are distinguished between pledges of assets (including shares) and pledges of rights. The pledges of assets entitle the creditor (“Pledgee”) to receive preferential payment over the proceeds of the sale of the shares belonging to the debtor/shareholder (“Pledgor”). As such, the Creditor will have a legal obligation to: • safeguard and administer the pledged asset as a dutiful owner, and to be accountable for its existence and conservation; • not to use the pledged asset without authorization from the debtor, except if said use is essential to the conservation of

30 articles.indd




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the pledged asset; and • return the pledged asset once the pledge is extinguished. Once the secured obligations become due and payable, the Pledgee immediately becomes entitled to preferential payment over the sale of the pledged shares which can be sold for payment of the obligations secured by the Pledge of Assets by judicial or extrajudicial sale. In practical terms the pledgor must deliver to the custody of the pledgee the assets or the documents that would grant the pledgee the exclusive control over the said assets. The delivery can be waived by expressively determining that the pledge is executed without possession as per certain requirements which include but are not limited to mandatory registering at the Macau Commercial Registry.

A practical example An example of a major hotel financing in Macau, through the banking system, is the Grand Lisboa hotel and casino, currently the flag property of Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (SJM). At the time, only SJM, of the remaining active gaming operators in Macau, was not listed on the stock exchange, which blocked the company’s access to financing outside of the banking system. The solution was a consortium headed by the Seng Heng Bank, ICBC, Bank of China and BNP Paribas which signed a deal for an HK$5 billion loan with SJM. This loan involved ten banks, and had a maturity of five years in order to gather funds for construction of the Grand Lisboa hotel/casino. China’s four largest state banks – Bank of China, ICBC, China Bank of Agriculture and China Construction Bank – were involved in granting the facilities. The loan’s interest rate was indexed to the Hong Kong Interbank Offer rate (HKIBOR) and was considered the lowest ever achieved in the market by the company at that time. Although being undisclosed information, for a loan of this nature and magnitude, the securities included not only a mortgage, but certainly other which are being increasingly used in the Macau banking market.



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G reat Deal 商机无限

掘金澳大利亚 悉尼是澳大利亚的门户,悉尼有强健而多样化 的经济体系、可靠的基础设施以及百里挑一的生活 方式。

悉尼是您进行贸易和投资的首选 悉尼不仅仅是一个繁荣的商业中心,亦是一座国际化的城市。新南威尔士州(简称新州)的首府悉尼以其理想的地理位置成为 澳大利亚与亚太地区的门户。

悉尼的优势 悉尼有良好的教育背景 57% 的在职人员受过高等教育,这是澳大利亚各州中所占比例最高的。 新州的经济规模大于香港特别行政自治区、马来西亚或新加坡,约占澳大利亚全国生产总值的三分之一。而本州的标准普尔 和穆迪评级均为 AAA 级。 悉尼提供比全球其它主要商业中心更多价格优势的办公地点。目前已有超过 600 家跨国公司选择了悉尼作为地区公司总部, 享用悉尼高学历、多语种的人力资源。 悉尼开放且效率高的管理环境使您能更加轻松地开展您的业务。 加入成功队伍的行列。把您的业务带到悉尼来。欲了解更多悉尼所提供的服务,请联系新州政府办事处或发送电邮至

要点: ·新州是澳大利亚最大的州经济体。2009 年 -2010 年新州的生产总值 为 4,069 亿澳元,占澳大利亚全国生产总值的 31.7%。 ·本州超过 57% 的就职人口受过高等教育,是全澳所有州与领地中所占 比例最高的。 ·美世的 2010 年全球城市生活质量调查结果显示,悉尼在 221 座被 调查城市中排名第十位。

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Great Deal 商机无限

悉尼是澳大利亚强健、繁荣的经济体系之商业与 金融中心。 ·经商环境 悉尼是澳大利亚强健、繁荣的经济体系之商 业和金融中心,是越来越多国际企业的理想选择 地。 * 强健、稳定以及开放的政府 新南威尔士州(简称新州)有强健

而多样化的经济体系——占澳大利亚全国生产总值的 32%。 澳大利亚是一个有稳定的政治和经济的民主国家,提供低风险的 经商环境。澳大利亚有灵活、负责的金融程序、开放的制度以及透 明的政策。 澳大利亚的法律系统是普通法与法规相结合的。本地与外国公司在法律面前是平等的。澳大利亚对知识产权的保护在亚太区名 列第二。

* 时区优势 悉尼的时区,比格林威治标准时间快十个小时,连贯北美股市收市时间与欧洲股市开市时间,让您可以不间断地进行商业运作。

* 优良的税制 澳大利亚的公司所得税率为百分之三十,没有任何关于资本流动、利润汇款、资金遣返、转账、版税以及与贸易相关费用的限制。

* 有竞争力的商业支出 悉尼有价格适宜的国际化城市办公地点,较首尔、东京、香港、伦敦、巴黎及新加坡等城市为便宜。 作为亚太区的商业基地,悉尼的优势包括较低的工资相对高技能的人力资源,以及经济化的运作和基建成本。

* 世界级的基础建设及通讯技术 悉尼和新州有可靠的通讯、交通、公用事业、商业支援服务及高级商业楼宇,在价格方面较其它亚洲商业中心更具竞争力。 州政府亦采取了各种措施使在新州其它地区对投资者更具吸引力,包括为地区企业削减能源费用、改革铁路运输、减少港口 费用以及改善土地使用计划批核过程。



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G reat Deal 商机无限 悉尼有世界级的电讯设施。澳大利亚国内网络包括有光导纤维、无线、 卫星以及微波系统。光导纤维是一项尖端技术。主要网络建于致密波分 割成多路复用的基础上以利于将来的简易升级。

崭新的悉尼 ·高教育程度的人力资源 悉尼以及周边地区是多语种、高学历劳动力的集中地。本州超过百 分之五十七的就职人口受过高等教育,是澳大利亚各州中所占比例最高 的。 超过一百二十万居民在家中使用非英语的其它语言。这些语言技能 为以澳大利亚为基地的公司在亚洲经商提供了极大的方便。 ·生活方式 悉尼与新州的生活方式无与伦比,有各式各样的文化、体育、悠闲 活动供您选择。 ·商业及技术移民 澳大利亚的移民系统可允许专业人才以临时或永久性身份进入澳大 利亚填补本地工作市场或通过培训无法聘请到的职位空缺。 新州欢迎有意来此开展业务或投资的商业移民。请访问商业、技术及新州地区移民网页以了解更多资料。

在悉尼进行投资 作为亚太区首屈一指的商业金融中心之一,悉尼为有意扩展全球业务的企 业提供了大量的商机。 悉尼有非常牢固的商业基础建设、公开和运作良好的法律与银行系统以及持 久的政治稳定性。在成熟的服务经济运行之下的悉尼民众具有各方面的商业和 技术才能。


·信息通讯技术业 澳大利亚的信息通讯技术(ICT)市场在亚太区位居第四。新南威尔士州(新 州)占了澳大利亚 ICT 受雇人员总数的 37%,以及澳大利亚电讯、电脑和信息服 务出口总额的 51%。 悉尼是澳大利亚 ICT 行业的中心,76% 的澳大利亚 ICT 总部和操作中心设于 新州。

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Great Deal 商机无限 ·金融服务业 悉尼是全球公认的主要金融中心。金融以及保险是新州最 大的行业,占了全国本行业总收入的 46%。

·清洁能源业 新州致力于建设一个可持续的未来。政府、企业、教育和 研究机构以及各团体都显示出在实行可持续性措施方面作出的 努力。这些努力促进了各相关行业的发展,其中包括清洁能源。

·农业综合经营以及食品加工业 新州清洁、环保的生长环境是世界闻名的。因位处南半球, 新州成为在北半球冬季时为亚洲、欧洲及北美生产并提供食品 的理想地区。新州的食 品范围广泛,包括谷类、乳制品、水果、 蔬菜、肉类以及海鲜产品。

·矿产资源 新州盛产低成本的金属和矿物,包括煤、金、铜、银、铅、 锌及宝石。新州亦是煤、金、锌、铜、钢和铝的主要出口地。

·制造业 制造业是新州大型产业,占澳大利亚全国生产量、营业额 和就业率的三分之一。新州在制造业方面的优势包括:重视设 计与工程解决方案、创新研究与开发以及强大的工程技术与制 造能力。

·建筑与基础建设 建设与基础建设是新州经济的重要发展部分。2009-2010 年新州的建筑业占了新州总产业价值的 7.5%,并占了全州就 业总数的 8.5%。 预计未来的十年内,建筑业将从新州第四个最有价值的产 业跃升到第二位。

·悉尼的国际会展及娱乐区域 悉尼政府计划在达令港创建悉尼国际会展及娱乐区域,以 重新夺取作为举办大型国内与国际活动首选城市的领先地位。 总面积达 12 公顷的区域将通过在国际会展及娱乐区域扩建、改造及翻新,为悉尼举办各种各样的会展及娱乐活动提供世界级 的设施。新南威尔士州政府已发出意向书邀请私营企业参与这些设施的建设及运作。此项目预计于 2016 年完工。




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G reat Deal 商机无限



l. General Information With the great success of the 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou has demonstrated its great achievements and unlimited charm to the world. Asian Games has brought new concept, new life and new image to Guangzhou, and remarkably upgraded the international influence of the city. As the gateway of South China, Guangzhou, with a total land area of

7434.4 square kilometers and a resident population of over l0 million, is one of the five central cities of China. lt's been ranked the third for 22 consecutive years in terms of economic strength in China. As an international city, Guangzhou has attracted more than l0 thousand foreign invested companies, including 411 companies which were invested and established by 172 Fortune 500 companies. In 2010, the combined volume of imports and exports of Guangzhou reached USD 100 billion and also in the same year, Forbes named Guangzhou first among the Best Commercial Cities in Mainland China. 2. Business Environment Huge Market Potential In 2010, Guangzhou's per capita disposable income of urban residents was RMB 30, 658. The Pearl River Delta, which is also called the factory of the world and has a rich population of 40 million. In 2010, Guangzhou's total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 24.2% and reached RMB 447.638 billion, ranking the third in China for 23 consecutive years. Guangzhou is also a world class international trade center. Canton Fair is the largest comprehensive international exhibition. The value of goods exported from Guangzhou amounts to as much as USD 50 billion annually and products of many foreign companies are sold here from Guangzhou to foreign markets. Perfect Infrastructure Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport is one of the three pillar airports in China. There are 90 international air routes and 107 aircraft parking bays so far. With passenger

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Great Deal 商机无限 volume reaching 40 million in 2010, it is now an air hub radiating China, Southeast Asia and Middle East, and connecting Europe, US, and the Pacific regions. Guangzhou ports reaches more than 300 ports in over 80 countries and regions. In 2010, it surpassed its annual cargo throughput of 400 million tons, ranking the sixth among the world. Its container handling capacity reached 12 million TEUs, which further strengthens Guangzhou as a modern hub port in South China. Guangzhou has over 255 kilometers of metro line, ranking the second in China. It runs through the downtown as well as the newly-developed areas. Guangzhou South Railway Station is one of the four pillar railway stations in China, as well as the biggest high-speed railway station in Asia where high-speed trains can reach other major cities in China directly. Guangzhou is not only one of the three main exporters for national telecommunication but also one of the three core national Internet nodes exporters. It is also one of the three national Internet exchange centers. The Internet access service has been provided in offices and residential zones and the wireless network service is available in most urban areas in Guangzhou after the Asian Games. Rich Human Resources By the end of 2010, there were over 25 thousand talented people who had overseas studying experience, l.8 million people with a junior college background, 1.65 million people with technical skills and 200 thousand people with practical rural skills. Guangzhou has an abundant resource of high-level and experienced talents as well as skilled workers. Currently, there are 76 institutions of higher learning with 796 thousand students; top in Guangdong province. Integrated Industries In the 39 categories of industries, 36 could be found in Guangzhou. Guangzhou has formed a cluster of competitive industries such as automobile, auto-parts and electronics. For every manufacturer, demands for all the components could be met in the Pearl River Delta. Legal services, accountant services and consultation services are highly internationalized and efforts will be made to develop the business convention and exhibition industry. All these contribute a lot to create a sound environment for investors in Guangzhou. Enjoyable Living Conditions Guangzhou is a city suitable for both business and living. It has won many titles such as "Flower City", "International Garden City" , and the "Most Favorable Tourism City in China for Europeans" . Every year, Guangzhou International Tourism and Culture Festival and the International Food Festival attract a great number of tourists both near and abroad. Guangzhou lies adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and it takes only three or four hours from Guangzhou to reach major cities in south-east Asia by air. Guangzhou is dedicated to further developing its international exchange and cooperation, an all-dimensional, multi-

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G reat Deal 商机无限 tiered and wide-ranging international cooperation pattern has been taking shape in Guangzhou. So far, Guangzhou has established sister city relationships with 15 cities across five continents. 3. Key Industries Automobile Industry Auto industry is one of the three pillar industries of Guangzhou. Honda, Nissan and Toyota have settled in Guangzhou. In 2010, the auto production volume reached l.3584 million, ranking the second for two years. By 2015 Guangzhou will strive to produce 3 million vehicles. As the national demonstration city for new energy vehicles, Guangzhou has actively introduced pure electronic vehicles, plug-in hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen vehicles and dimethyl ether vehicles. Focus will be put on introducing advanced technologies including automobile safety, theft prevention, environment protection and energy saving. Utilization of foreign investment on automobile industry will mainly go to key technologies such as automobile electric chips, control platform, driving platform, information platform, sensor platform, execution platform, automobile mould manufacturing and design of the whole motor. Electronic Information Industry Electronic information products manufacturing sector is one of the three pillar industries. The year 2010 witnessed an output value of RMB 180.275 billion in electronic product manufacturing sector, with a growing rate 32.8%, ranking the top among all the industries of Guangzhou. In the forthcoming three years, Guangzhou will put efforts to enhance the high-end and clustering development of the electronic information industry. Great efforts will be made to further develop the three high-growth industries such as flat panel displays, new generation wireless broadband communication and modern information service industry. The development of strategic industries of great potential including integrated circuits, communication terminal equipment and computer manufacturing industry will be highlighted. Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Currently there are over 1400 pharmaceutical enterprises in Guangzhou, 23 of which have an output value of over RMB 100 million. Leading enterprises like Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited has been established. The bio-industry has been listed in the key development sectors of high-tech industry in Guangzhou by the Guangzhou Municipal Government.

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Great Deal 商机无限 Great importance will be attached to the development of five areas such as bio-pharmaceutical, modern traditional Chinese medicine, bio-agriculture, bio-manufacturing and bio-service. With Guangzhou Science Town Bio-pharmaceutical Industrial Park and International Biological Island as the core, Guangzhou will build a batch of bio-pharmaceutical industrial parks with industrial foundation including the Guangzhou International Health Industry Town located in the Maofeng Mountain area of Baiyun District of Guangzhou. Finance Industry In recent years, Guangzhou finance industry development achieved a steadily expanding of scale and an improvement of efficiency. Guangzhou' s position as the regional finance center has been enhanced. In the year 2010, the added value of the finance industry in Guangzhou was RMB 65.55 billion, growth rate being 8.2%. There are totally 191 financial institutions and nearly 3000 financial bank outlets, ranking top of the big cities in China in terms of density. Guangzhou will further improve financial service system, set up and bring in venture capital funds; it will also establish financial creation research so as to better serve financial institution's back office services. It will undertake outsourcing business from HK, Macau and the international market and encourage the development of intermediaries. Also, Guangzhou will support the development of professional insurance services, encourage foreign insurance companies to enter Guangzhou by setting up WOFE or JV and encourage insurance companies to set up data processing centers in Guangzhou; insurance brokers companies with good reputation will also be introduced and fostered in Guangzhou. Convention and Exhibition Industry China Import and Export Fair, commonly known as the Canton Fair, is held in spring and autumn in Guangzhou. With a history of over 50 years, it has become the largest fair in Asia, whose exhibition area ranks the top in the world. Guangzhou International Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 340,000 square meters, is the largest exhibition center in Asia and the second largest in the world. Logistic Industry As a national tier one city, Guangzhou is a city of six hubs, highway, railway, air, sea, river and information. In 2010, the total value of cargo transportation of Guangzhou reached 575 million tons, with an annual increase of 9.4%. Guangzhou will gradually improve its infrastructure supporting modern logistic industry, building a high-end modern composite logistic base consisting of airport, seaport and railway, with complete logistic function, extensive information network and the back-up of Baiyun

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G reat Deal 商机无限 International Airport, Guangzhou Nansha Port and Guangzhou Bonded Zone. There is a great demand for logistics service among manufacturers in Guangzhou and its neighboring cities. The perfect infrastructure of airport and seaport and the development of E-business will contribute to the formation of a rationally-distributed logistic purchase and delivery system with sound function. It is planned that by 2020 Guangzhou will be built as the regional international logistic center in South China. Culture Creative Industry Guangzhou has formed an integrated creative industry with designing and consulting the two most important components and software, animation and industrial designing being best developed.So far, the industry has created 360 thousand jobs and a total annual output of RMB 7.1 billion. According to the development strategy, online games, animation and cartoon industries will be regarded as the new economic growth engines. RMB 150 million is allocated to software, animation and cartoon every year for their development and a series of policies have been put forward to support the creative industry. Outsourcing Industry In 2007, Guangzhou was recognised as the China Outsourcing Base City. In 2009, the State Council approved Guangzhou as one of the "20 China Outsourcing Model Cities". In 2010, the contract value of the outsourcing industry exceeded RMB 15 billion and the offshore outsourcing contract value reached USD l.5 billion, with a 150% annual growth rate. The offshore executive value exceeded USD l billion, growing by 200% annually. More than 20 famous enterprises including HSBC established service centers here. There are four outsourcing model zones in Guangzhou, namely, Guangzhou Development Zone, Nansha Development Zone, Tianhe Software Park and Huanghuagang Technology Park. Information provided by:The Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou city Special thanks to Alvin Ma for compiling this article.

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L eisure Time 乐在其中

葡萄藤下的 芭萝莎

学问不单写在书上,也可藏于一杯酒 里。喝过一口美酒,萌起想到酒乡走走的 念头,发掘背后的故事,追寻来自芭萝莎 (Barossa)的葡萄香。有时,旅行就是 这样开始。

文字:由 TravelQnA 提供 图片:由南澳洲旅游局提供



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L eisure Time 乐在其中

只要你是葡萄酒国的子民,对芭萝莎这个名字不感陌生, 著名品牌如杰卡斯(Jacobs's Creek)、奔富(Penfolds)、 禾 富(WolfBlass) 都 孕 育 于 此, 这 小 镇 距 离 阿 得 莱 德 (Adelaide)仅一个小时车程,座落了大大小小 60 多间酿酒厂。

既为酒乡,放眼所见自然尽是葡萄 园,每户人家都弥漫着葡萄香,在向 导引导下,漫步葡萄藤下的画面不再 止于旅游书,再配上落日黄昏,此情 此景真的如诗如画,你更可学到辨别 葡萄种类以及种植葡萄的知识。

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L eisure Time 乐在其中

走累了,尽管随地找间山上餐厅,餐厅会按照 你点的地道佳肴,为你精选相配的葡萄酒,再以窗 外的葡萄园风光佐餐,所谓“写意”就是这个意思。 吃饱了当然要舒展筋骨,就在奔富酿酒厂的实验室 里当个酿酒师,经专家指点就可凭喜好随意混酒, 第一瓶由你命名的葡萄酒就此诞生,这样有纪念价 值当然要珍藏。

若 你 以 为 芭 萝 莎 只 有 酒, 那 就 会 错 过 其 他 好 地 方, 例 如 回 音 壁(Whispering Wall)、芭萝莎农夫市集(Barossa Farmers Marker)、 林 道 薰 衣 草 农 场(Lyndoch Lavender Farm)、 麦 姬 比 尔 农 场 商 店 (Maggie Beer's Farm Shop)


想 知 更 多, 可 直 接 上 官 网 http://www.。


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L eisure Time 乐在其中

澳洲反季游 寻找南半球的夏天 线路特色 ★前往南半球最大海鲜批发市场—悉尼渔市场,自由享用最新鲜的渔获 ★畅游澳洲著名国家公园之一的悉尼蓝山国家公园,欣赏如梦幻般大分水岭景观 ★探访海洋中的瑰宝大堡礁,在五颜六色的珊瑚海中自由畅泳 ★探索澳洲原始热带雨林中原汁原味的土著文化

精彩行程 第一天 香港 - 悉尼 搭乘豪华航班飞往澳洲第一大城市—悉尼。

第二天 悉尼 外观悉尼歌剧院,游览岩石区、情人港、麦爵理夫人的座椅等,独家安排前往澳洲供应新鲜鱼类 的世界级市场悉尼渔市场,您可在这里尽情享用各式美味海鲜。之后前往蓝天碧海黄沙的邦迪海滩。 其后参观免税店。傍晚搭乘情人港亮点豪华游轮 SHOW BOAT 畅游悉尼海港,欣赏悉尼美丽的海景,并 于船上享用正宗的西式晚餐。

第三天 悉尼 - 蓝山国家公园 - 悉尼 - 布里斯本 - 黄金海岸 前往澳洲最状丽的蓝山国家公园,观赏由加利树 释 放 气 体 积 聚 形 成 一 层 的 蓝 色 薄 雾, 游 览 高 达 海 拔 一千三百公尺的茂密丛林、奔泻瀑布、沙岩峡谷,感受 辽阔无涯的大自然图画。之后搭乘国内航班飞往澳洲第 三大城市布里斯本,抵达后送往黄金海岸。 第四天 黄金海岸 - 布里斯本 - 黄金海岸 前往充满浪漫情调的布里斯本,车游市政厅、世博 会旧址南岸公园、故事桥,游览袋鼠角。之后乘车前往 著名的海滨旅游胜地黄金海岸,这里是著名的冲浪者天 堂,您将有充裕的时间流连在充满阳光的洁白海滩。

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L eisure Time 乐在其中 第五天 黄金海岸 - 天布伦山 - 黄金海岸 前往著名的天布伦山,眺望黄金海岸市貌,您可以在商业街淘到当地 居民亲手制作瓷器、木雕、刺绣等精美手工艺品,或者在咖啡厅感受澳大 利亚式轻松惬意的生活。之后游览天堂农庄,观赏喂食袋鼠、鸸鹋等小动 物以及澳洲特色剪羊毛等表演。其后观参观澳必看的澳洲宝石加工厂,五 彩斑斓的宝石将让你目不暇接。 第六天 布里斯本 - 凯恩斯 游览林荫满道的凯恩斯,前往热带雨林区乘坐水陆两用战车“ARMY DUCK”,穿越充满神秘色彩的热带雨林。之后在 KURANDA 村继续寻觅古朴“真迹”,流连于精致的工艺品商店。 第七天 凯恩斯 - 绿岛 - 凯恩斯 搭乘豪华游艇前往位于东北海岸珊瑚海大堡礁的绿岛,特别安排坐在玻璃底船把海底七彩缤纷的鱼群和色彩斑斓的珊瑚美景尽

收眼底,在神奇无比的海底世界,探访数不胜数的珊瑚礁、热带鱼、海龟、海星、贝壳及许多不可思议的海洋生物。您可以躺在 美丽的白沙滩上享受纯净的自然,也可以自行参加潜水、浮潜,或乘坐直升飞机俯瞰大堡礁之美景。之后返回凯恩斯。 第八天 凯恩斯 - 香港 搭乘国际航班飞返香港,结束愉快旅程。




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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州

Famous Tourist Spots of Liwan District Edited: Grace JI Tracy CUI Photos:

Lizhi Bay Technically Lizhi Bay is not an isolated river but the collective name of the criss-cross drainage on the riverbank wetland of west downtown in the old days and Liwan Road, Zhongshan Eighth Road, Huangsha Avenue (north section), Doubao Road (west section), Longjin Xi Road today. It consists of the former residences and gardens of historic figures, places of interests of a thousand years, used to be known as “No.1 sight in Lingnan”. The places of interest here include Lizhi Bay, Liwan Lake, Renwei Temple, Wen Tower, Liwan Museum, former residence of Jiang Guangnai, small painted boat studio, sea-hill house, former residence of Chen Lianbo, Liang Clan Temple, historic block of Xiguan food, Cantonese opera and other old Guangzhou culture symbols, hence the nickname of Small Qinhuai ( 小秦淮 ) in the past.

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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州 The Chen Clan Academy——a pearl of Lingnan architecture art Also known as Chen Clan Temple and built in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, it is the ancestral temple of the Chen clan of the seventy two counties in Hainan and Guangdong. The Academy in grand size features a majestic hall, elegant yard, artfully incorporating Guangdong wooden carving, stone carving, brick carving, ceramic sculpture, plaster sculpture, wall painting, iron cast

and various techniques, which is a manifest of Chinese and foreign visitors. Outside the Academy unfolds the largest traditional history and culture plaza of Guangzhou where profound perception of traditional Lingnan architecture, folk handicraft, Clan culture, literature atmosphere amid downtown and local leisure and folk customs can be found.

Wen Tower—Feng Shui Pagoda As the scholarly honor tower survived in Guangzhou downtown, the Ming Dynasty structure is named after the local practice that villagers pray for good luck with scholar career and enshrine and worship the Chinese god of literature here. Legend has it that whomever gets picked out by the god of literature with a pen will come off well in the imperial examination, therefore the tower is in a shape of an upward positioned pen and believed by folks to be a geomantic tower.



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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州 Liwan Museum (Former Residence of Chen Lianzhong, Jin Long Traditional Chinese Music Museum, Xiguan Folk-custom Museum) It is the first district level museum in Guangdong and the former residence of Chen Lianzhong, comprador of HSBC of English merchant located in Shamian Island. The perfect integration of Lingnan courtyard and western villa contains interesting sights, Stone Mountain and flying Banian called Riding on the Crest of Success, which is a masterpiece of Lingnan garden. The residence now houses and exhibits historic and cultural items of Liwan. The

first floor of the main instruments from all over the world collected by Fang Jinglong, a master of Chinese national folk music and beside the hall stands the Xiguan Folkcustom Museum that recaptures the pattern and style of Xiguan mansions, one of the famous Lingnan architectures and exhibits the old Xiguan traditional local practices and lives that brings people back to the Xiguan Family.

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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州

Lingnan Architecture Chen Lianbo Residence

This is a modern structure modeling after European style and consisting of a French semi basement and a larger spiral staircase so luxurious and impressive that is rarely seen in Guangzhou. The owner, Chen Lianbo (18841945) was one of the most influential Chinese financiers at the turn of the Qing Dynasty and Republican period in the world who used to be the comprador of HSBC and chairman of general chamber of commerce of Guangdong, head of Guangdong Merchant Corps. The residence was the venue of Liwan Club where senior officials of Cantonese clique and Guangxi clique socialized. In 1993 it was set as one of the culture relics under municipal protection by Guangzhou.

Shamian European Tourism Subregion The famous European style tourism island, with Pearl River in the south and water surrounding it, shadows of old trees, the beautiful Baier Tang by the bank, is a picturesque place of rich history, profound accumulation, and exotic glamour. In the middle of the 19th century, this place was conceded to be the British and French settlements but one hundred years did not see any rundown of the European style classic architectures integrating neoclassicism, romanticism, eclecticism, and modernism. The unique architecture style of Shamian was listed as a key cultural site under state protection in 1996.



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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州

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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州

Cantonese opera, or formerly known as Guangdong opera and originating from Southern drama, is an art integrating singing, acting, recitation and acrobatics,

musician accompaniment, stage costumes, abstract body shape,

etc. Being the most dominant one in

Guangdong, Cantonese opera is derived from the pure, fresh and

soft singing in Cantonese without

music of eight civil musical instruments class. Cantonese

Opera is popular in Guangdong,

Guangxi, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and Chinese

communities in America and Canada,

so Cantonese opera is the first local opera to see ever

gaining ground, therefore it is described

as “where there is Cantonese, there is Cantonese

Opera”, Premier Zhou Enlai put it as

the ‘’southern red bean”. Cantonese Opera,

including a lot of outstanding songs

and numerous famous masters, is very

popular and makes itself the shining

pearl among the Lingnan cultural

treasures. Xiguan, the birthplace

of Cantonese Opera is a household

thing, which is why the Bahe Guild

Hall, the world’s Cantonese opera

ancestral hall is chosen to be located here.

Miss Xiguan In traditional sense, Miss Xiguan mainly refers to the fair ladies of wealthy families in Xiguan in the later Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. Coming from a rich family, receiving a good education, imbued with Chinese and Western culture, fair and polite, knowledgeable and fashionable, they are the representative fusion of traditional and fashion, also the most attractive unique cultural landscape in Guangzhou.



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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州

Flower parade (行花街) Also known as “Flower Tour” and “Great Luck”, the flower fair is held three days before the Chinese New Year and crowds of people come to the fair to buy flowers signaling good luck and great success.



The phase of “eating in Guangzhou”

Liwan, inheriting traditional cuisine,

goes worldwide and according

has developed its own food culture.

to historical records,” Xiguan of

There are numerous time-honored and

Guagnzhou, is a place of meat forest

famous brands of catering, even a small

and wine ocean that going on day and

refreshment house is particular about

night regardless of season.” Therefore,

described it as “You will surely find an

the saying of “eating in Guangzhou,

eatery within ten steps ”

tasting in Xiguan“ has been accepted

So many foods a nd so parti cular

since ancient times, proving that

about taste here, to see what “eating

Xiguan is the origin of Guangzhou

in Guangzhou” is like , you have the

traditional gastronomy, and thus to

following methods.

find the essence of food and origin of Guangzhou food, one can not miss Xiguan.

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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州

Have morning tea People in Guangzhou have tea in the morning, afternoon and evening, of which the morning tea is most popular. Old people like to go to tea houses (now restaurants) to have tea at around 7 in the morning, while young people around 8,9 o’clock. Typical order is “one cup and two kinds” (a cup of tea and two kinds of snacks) or you may order whatever you like on the menu to taste the South flavor of life. Main offerings include buns with barbecued roast pork, shrimp dumplings, steamed pork dumplings, rice porridge, wonton noodles, chicken's feet, and so on.

Have night snack Guangzhou people lead an enriched nightlife, many restaurants are open then for business until late at night, some restaurants, snack shops, stay open until 2 am or even overnight. Since Guangzhou people have the habit of enjoying night snacks, many restaurants introduce night tea and snacks after 8:30 pm with open flame boilers so that snacks, which mainly are foods that smell good but keep an unfilled appetite, can be freshly steamed when they are ordered.



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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州

Under the hot and humid climate in Guangzhou, Guangzhou people like to have soup, like “nutritious slowly cooked up soup” which are cooked, over a long time, with specially selected ingredients varying

Drink soup

great importance to the soup and introduce traditional seasonal soup, so –called “regular soup ”, such as in a hot day, they may serve “Stewed Fish with Nasturtium Montanum Wall”, and in spring rainy days “green and

with season. Guangzhou people have

red radish with pig’s feet”. So as you are in

the habit of having a bowl of soup before

Rome, do as the Romans do, enjoy authentic

meals to improve digestion and sharpen the

Cantonese cuisine with a pot of soup to see

appetite, therefore the restaurants attach

how it is.


seafood Seafood in Guangzhou is so inexpensive that seafood restaurants are very popular, it is a common sight that by restaurant entrances there are a large fish ponds of various aquatic products which are alive and kicking, like Napoleon Wrasse, Thai shrimp, grouper, Australian lobster, clam… with a signboard reading “live seafood”. It is this pattern that has now spread all over the country.

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E njoy Guangzhou 逍遥广州 Xiguan snacks are especially famous, some describe it this way –if you eat one kind a day, you can do it for a month. Famous snack buffets are found at various street corners, such as rice rolls with Soy of Yin Ji, stewed milk beancurd and ginger milk, as well as Liwan Tingzai porridge, offal, silver noodles…a lot of them have been

Taste snacks

appraised as “famous Chinese snacks”.

Thanks for Liwan Tourism Bureau of Guangzhou.



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请根据左图的形式写出其余图片中展示的菜式名称。 2012 年 3 月 28 日,将答案交至广东国际中心澳洲 商会办公室,或。 幸运者将有机会得到广州富力君悦大酒店 G 烧烤餐 厅现金券。

菜名: 俄式炒牛柳

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答案及惊喜尽在 广州富力君悦酒店 G 烧烤餐厅

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Discover Guangzhou 发现广州



, 本期编辑部从广州 3

个不同地点拍摄了 8 张照片,如下图。请有兴趣参与活动的读者朋友找出下 列照片的准确位置,并在这些地点“摆 pose”留影,在 2012 年 3 月 28 日前 将您拍摄的 8 张照片 email 至,编辑部将选出 3 位 幸运者,各赠送一份神秘惊喜礼物。 The following 8 pictures are taken from 3 beautiful places in Guangzhou. Please find them and take a photo, send them back to the Editorial Board of Horizons through before 15th March 2012, 3 lucky participants will be drawn and presented with great prizes.

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D iscover Guangzhou 发现广州




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