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Marc Christian  Matias  Lopez  

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2 BSM  AMF  

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Math Applications  


ESSAY. Explain  in  100  words  or  less  why  you  want  to  run  for  the  position  and  your  vision  for  AMS.     Aside  from  my  deep  fascination  towards  math  applications,  I  want  to  head  the  Math  Applications  department  to  further  push   the  efforts  of  AMS  on  raising  mathematics  appreciation.  I  want  to  create  more  avenues  for  deeper  engagement  with   mathematics,  beyond  the  academic  approach.  Through  projects  centered  on  the  discovery  of  new  dimensions  of  math   applications,  members  will  hopefully  find  their  niche  in  the  organization,  as  AMS  further  defines  and  expands  its   competencies.  My  vision  for  AMS  is  for  it  to  form  math  enthusiasts  who  are  grounded  on  solid  math  appreciation  and  well-­‐ equipped  with  the  ability  to  use  mathematics  with  social  relevance.                              

PLEDGE     I,                                      Marc  Christian  M.  Lopez                                                    ,    have  read  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  and  attest  to  the  facts  contained  in  this   Certificate   of   Candidacy   and   in   all   other   documents   required   by   the   Electoral   Board   of   the   Ateneo   Mathematics   Society   (AMS).   By   signing  this  pledge,  I  certify  that  I  have  had  consultation  with  the  incumbent  officer  and  I  thereby  give  permission  to  evaluate  the  facts   contained  in  all  the  documents  I  have  submitted  to  the  AMS  Electoral  Board.     I  swear  to  uphold  the  rules  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code  and  by  the  AMS  Electoral  Board  with  full  awareness  that  the  violation  of   the  said  rules  would  result  to  possible  sanctions  as  stipulated  in  the  AMS  Electoral  Code.       It  is  my  sincere  intention  to  promote  a  free,  honest,  and  clean  election.    

                                                     Marc  Christian  M.  Lopez                                                                                                                                                                                      December  09,  2013                                                                                                                      

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Marc Christian M. Lopez 0917-816-1081 |


Ateneo de Manila University BS Applied Mathematics, Major in Mathematical Finance (March 2016)


First Place, 63rd Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, Kabataan Essay Category (September 2013)


Ateneo Mathematics Society Programs Core Committee Member for Math Conference 2013 (November 2013- Present), Secretariat Core Committee Member for Camp Math 2013 (June- August 2013), Secretariat Core Committee Member for XMath 2012 (November- December 2012) • As Programs Core Committee Member for Math Conference 2013, currently part of a team that brainstorms for possible topics, and invites speakers to share insights on the applications of mathematics to their respective fields. • As Secretariat Core Committee Member for Camp Math 2013, became part of a team responsible for contacting different schools for possible participants, writing and sending letters and invitations for prospective participants and speakers, supervising the registration, and collating data from evaluations. • As Secretariat Core Committee Member for XMath 2012, became part of a team in charge of supervising the registration process and collecting evaluations from participants. Ateneo Statistics Circle Research Director (June 2013-Present), Research Analyst (2012-2013) • As Research Director, supervised the design and initial distribution of questionnaires concerning the A-Fair. It aimed to identify general perceptions on the event, assess the attitudes of the stakeholders towards A-Fair 2013, and present possible action plans to its organizers. • As Research Analyst, became part of a research team that produced studies for clients inside and outside Ateneo, which include an exploratory market research for Mogu-Mogu, an FGD Guide for the needs assessment and program restructuring efforts of Kaingin, and an elections study for the Ateneo Task Force. Council of Organizations of the Ateneo Team Member- Organizational Strategies and Research (June- October 2013) • Organized the data from the consultations of OSR with organizations under the Science and Technology Cluster.


Heights Ateneo Staffer of Bagwisang Filipino (June 2013-Present) • Member of a staff that discusses and picks among the Filipino submissions, for publication.


Participant, Ateneo Mathematics Society Leadership Training Seminar 3: Coalesce (October 2013) Fellow (Tula), 18th Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop (August 2012)


I can communicate well in both written and spoken English and Filipino. Reading and writing poetry and nonfiction works has always been my passion. I am genuinely interested in a wide range of fields such as the humanities, sociology, and the sciences. I enjoy reading and watching features on history, the universe, cultural studies, and discourses between science and religion.

III. PLATFORM You  are  not  allowed  to  have  more  than  three  (3)  Main  Points.  USE  PROPER  FORMAT.  Strictly  ONE  (1)  LINE  ONLY  for  each  Main  Point  and   NO  MORE  THAN  SEVEN  (7)  LINES  for  the  Details.  Use  only  Cambria,  10  Font.   Note:  A  sentence  does  not  automatically  correspond  to  one  line.  

MAIN  POINT  1:  Strengthen  Math  Applications-­‐related  member  formation     Systematic  and  reinforced  Training  Seminars  will  be  provided  for  the  TNT  and  CMJ-­‐Research  Pools,   especially  before  project  implementation.  The  practice  of  workshops  on  math  applications  will  also  be   introduced.  These  will  be  regular  (at  least  thrice  per  month),  student-­‐driven  sessions  on  practical  and   interesting  math  applications,  divided  into  modules  such  as  Research,  Personal  Finance,  Programming  and   even  the  arts.  Whenever  relevant,  a  speaker  will  be  invited  for  introductory  and  plenary  sessions  on  the   field  in  focus.  While  primarily  targeting  member  formation,  these  efforts  also  aim  to  increase  quality   member  involvement  in  the  department  and  in  the  organization.     MAIN  POINT  2:  Explore  alternative  forms  of  raising  mathematics  appreciation   The  Crazy  Math  Journal  (CMJ)  and  the  Research  Pool  will  be  integrated  into  a  single  pool  for  efficiency.  A   blog,  which  will  be  published  either  on  the  AMS  website  or  on  a  separate  page,  will  serve  as  the  main   project  of  these  pools.  The  blog  will  contain  weekly  features  on  math  news,  breakthroughs,  applications,   and  personalities  among  many  others.  The  CMJ-­‐  Research  Pool  will  also  be  in  charge  of  conducting  and   posting  interviews  with  personalities  who  could  share  insights  about  math  applications  or  about   themselves  as  mathematicians-­‐  a  project  similar  to  the  TED  talks.       MAIN  POINT  3:  Establish  tie-­‐ups  specifically  for  Math  Applications  projects     Connections  will  be  established  with  organizations  within  and  outside  Ateneo  for  Math  App  projects,  most   especially  for  Camp  Math,  Mathsaya  and  MathCon.  Partnerships  will  be  offered  to  other  organizations   holding  projects  with  similar  objectives  as  that  of  AMS  (and  Math  App),  e.g.  CFA  talks,  investment   seminars  and  career  fairs.  This  exchange  of  competencies  will  open  doors  to  a  wider  span  of  involvement   in  raising  math  appreciation,  while  bringing  in  new  ideas  for  the  growth  of  the  Math  Applications   department  and  of  the  entire  AMS.  It  will  also  usher  the  expanding  relevance  of  mathematics,  through   AMS,  in  the  Loyola  Schools  community  and  beyond.        


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